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antMiaiap«L(ZteJ.j«t^aA ii
S [>. n. «M It (>. m. 8wMla* iScboul
sit. It. n. iftb VrsiBi,
— Fsator.
I'n shjUruin Cliurub. «sresr 7lli «od
ri)llfiu)8tn*tBt B^rvicM st 3 p. ID. sod
|i 111. ttiiiHlsy SrJiotl St 10a. m.
Kkt. K P. WvrnB, Psslor.
Sl Mirhsrl (P. K) Cliureb, MtnlSt.
BTi-vK-n sl 6 p. m. Sasdav rclNNil st 4
U III. Rkv. Qi'iNN, pMsiiir.
M. R. Church, suuUi Ombam slniel,
Mfvictai sl it a. tn, 3 p. iDand 3 p. n.
Sunday ScbiHil stfi a. m.'
Rkv. G. W. Pkick, Pastor.
Tlw »ext MMc of ^ kcsmroD Satardaj, Jofy lat, afkar
which U will be iseoed Sat
North Carolina, Grand United Or
der of O^d PellowB, meets in O^ar-
iotte Au^et the lot.
First Baptist Chnrcfa, south Church
street, servirtw at II it. id.. 3 p. in. and
^ p. m. Kkv. R. Easlib, Pastor.
Seoobd IlspUst Church, ra»t 4lh Bt,
nerriees st 11 a m, 3 p. m. and B p. n
Sunday School at 1 p m.
Rbt, Z. HAVOirroN, Pastor.
Masonio—Ihuil I>rsTtoa Lodge. No.
7, meets tlrat and tbiro Mottday nights
in ssiA BwwiUi. 6. T. Tools,
Wm.SiDlUt.Srcntary W. U.
G. N.O. of 0. F.-IUitl« Ster. No.
iiK6.nMals bhwetldy, Tbarbdajr night.
Odd ysllows Hall. —' •
J. W. Ruktkr, H. 0.
star of Hope. No. I^ea.
^kly. Tuesday jil||H^0dd F(^lowi
T. N.DaTidsoo.p.&
. Ghibii. N. O.
Pride of Sharon. Na maeU bi
weekly, Friday night. Odd Fellows
ilsli. Sandy MoKeb, 1.0.
T. J. Weddington, P. &
Water was tamed into the stand
pipe iasl Tuesday.
Our country friends will do well
to bring in their butter and chick-
ene, as these artiriee aroveiy soarte
just now and bring good priees.
The colored firemen are to have
a grand time here on the 4tb oi
July, and visiting firemen are ex
pected from all parts of tho
For ice-cedd soda-water, go to 4-
W. Calvin’s, and there you will get
the best In the city.
Only fifteen or twenty young
men went over from Charlotte to
the Scotia commencement, bat quite
ft crowd ftt thp to *00 Ww
girls pass on Thursday afternoon.
The fbUowtng is a list of the rep
resentatives to the Grand Lodge
from the Cbariotte Lodges. The
Grand Lodge moote here nevt Tues
Excelsior Lodge, No. 26.—Oreene
H. Henderson, Hnftis T. Wedding-
ton, P. C-.Hall, Yli^l Johnston Btid
James Smi^.
Queen Grandee Lodge, No. 37.-—
Mary ICabo,- Hannah Walker, Tie-
let Jones, Amanda ICossly, Harriet
Bell View liodgOi tfi,—Sarah
Bethel, Julia White, Pfacebe Tor^
rence, Lucinda Sparrow, Jennie
Prince of Fence Lodge, No. 47.
Kelly Low, Jesse Walker, Cartdine
Thompson, Elisa Bland.
The Good Samarilans meet in
Grand Lodge session in this city on
Tuesday next. Extensive prepara
tions have been made and a large
number of visitors is expected.
Qn tl;e eyeping flf ttio 8th inat,
about fifty BspaUieons mst in the
9rd Ward and oiganiaed a Bepub-
lioan campaign club, with R. T.
Weddington, Preeident, W. H.
Hagler, Secretary.
Big time next week with the Sa
maritans. They claim 196 lodgOR
in Hif S««f. nnil mjwi
ftooh. Th^ will parade the
streets cm Thursday and be od*
dressed Col. 0serge T. WoMom,
of the Goldsboro Star, at Zion
Judge B. P. Disk, has been M4'
Ing Vnltpit Pwti* tn* IW*
and Mr. J. N. Stoplea oct^ 'jm At-
t9meyf& the government ~
CUntM Chnpid has one of the
largest Sabbath SohooleinUie Stato,
among tbe colored poopia. Miss
Sarah P. Toung, tbe delegate to Mf
MtMMnliml PnnrniMnB hi VII-
n>hwh>n. w tu antk dt(ir,
kfT Ngort ii tin brt SalMlaf.
She reports a large smabar of dele-
^otsa preeeat from the Hast, hwt
mUw fhw the Wont, wi Mgposg cm
'••Mtlrtoflbnili-hHies. -
•The Indaotriol Fair la to some
^ pomethae ip Oelobar. We pot
borsairdownanoae of Bs fttoidi,
and will, eomatlmi in Sdnsn, try t#
show the peepla ofthb anetlM why
they sbontd patronUs H.. We hope
tosesspssial tndnn ma^^ass Chaa>-
fiS hoDi poiA fto BtWfh
IR OettM
Jehiviif^veRMfiataaefM, •
Colored men slill bunker after
Cungrvssiunal honors. Besides col
ored a^irants in Eastern North
Carolina, we boar of them looming
up in Virginia and Kansas.
This issue of tbe UxstENOca is
sent to a number of our friends, and
it is hoped that each of them will
subscribe and induce their friends
to do so.
' 'HI^p J.W. Hood, isowip^piB
ICaraacbusett* fadldiDg couIhretMo in
his new floM.
Hr ' BioliopT-tJ. Lomax, has taken
nrt n TT_.i_j r\. change of bls now field and is now
traveling in South Caridioa.
I)r. Mott is again churman of tho
Ropublieso Stale Executive Com
mittee. '
J udgo Bail, llussell wus tumpora-
r>' chairman, and Judge W. A.
Hoore permanent chairman of tbe
late Republican Convention.
Hr. William Hall roproaentod tbe
colored- firemen of this city in tbe
State Convention of firemen which
met in Raleigh last Wednesday.
Henry MoDufie baa sold the
Laurinburg Enterprise, to a com-
pany that will pubiisb a Liberal
paper, to be edited by J. C. Troy.
Both these young men are from
Lisbon P. Berry, Bsq., of Fay
etteville, is in our oity, the guest of
Mr. J. K Battlsy. Mr. B. is a fbr-
mer student of Biddle, but during
bis stay in Fayetteville, has read
law, and at the sitting of tbe Su
preme Court in January, he was li
censed to practioe law. Ho has
been urged upon to “bang oat his
sbingie” in Charlotte, but has green
er pastures in view. He went to
the commencement at Scotia, of
conrse. He was a delegate to the
General Assembly in Springfield,
Snccen to him.
Thu colored graded schoc^s of the
city closed yesterday. The schools
have proven a sueoess under the
offleient Principal, Mr. J. B. Rattley.
Tbs other teachers wore Mn J. T.
Williams, Misses Mary Lynch, Sol-
lie Hall, Sarah Johnson and Mary
Hayes. Of these teachers, tbe
principal is a gradnate from Biddle;
Mr. Williams from tbe State Nor
mal at FayetteYiIIe; tbe ladies all
from Scotia. There wore enrolled
850 scholars.
We suggest to Dr. MattoQp tod
ktr. D(trlftP4i tha propriety of mak
ing special aiTOngenentJ with the,
railroad oompaay to havetheyo>Dg
ladies baggage cheeked from Can-
oord, and if possible, have passed
over the roods at redpeed rotas. It
is very inconvenieot tar flfry or
more ladies to rurii out of tht aprs
to hove their Buggoge cheeked and
transfhired fVom one par to nnvthrr
w^lh only fire or ten minutes to
find, oheok and ttnaote iL We
think it would sore much worry to
both passenger and company to in-
fbrm tbe agent at Conoo^ with the
number going to eoeh point, and let
him bare tbe cfaeeki uithMid. We
WitMRW4 the ooafbelon at the de
pot lost nuraday when the train
was about three houn tote, bnny-
Ing to make up time.
We were unoUs to attend the
oommeooement exertHses «t aoolia
last Wedpeadftj, h«t kam from
fiftenda who were ^eeesit that there
was a large namber of risHpre in
nttswinye, and ^ QtiQ7fid.^e.R&-.
^bm' for )>e^^ their onticipo-
tione. There were two grndaatee
irmn the higher eouree and seron-
toen jkom tbe teachers course; nioe-
to^in on.
^T^s pumbpr of gi«d«at«a mods
VfOgmmm* aeosaaorily long,
but the oxesUsBcy of rsnditioo stale
awe^ all doMre Rir tbe end of U.
Ws ore glad to fcaow that tho ki-
MBOS of this Inorttaitfan 4a ot^
growing.- The sgswlaw ire aoifllt
thlifRfff thw WIRl dBooeonntiif
th» woik to he done npM the
it is hopodto
than bsftNW tims Mr sshsal taonhe
The reoHntionp w«n wsHdiat-
^Nod, andtiNwMo sniaBiRA
> wtmmm w.
Mr. Samuel N. Hill, one of the
quill-drirera of the Wilson News, is
in our city in the intsreet of his pa
per, also as a delegate to the 6^
Samaritan Grand Lodge. He re
ports tbe Jfau in a flourishing eoo-
dition. We are prond to see tbe
colored prem of the State represent
ed by SBch able young men. Among
other representatirea of the press
expeoted, is Col. Waesom, of the
GoIdMwio iSKur, G. A.
the Enterprise, and A. S, Blohard-
800, of Nlor qf Mss.
CeoiiiiassiHsat at Uddlstiaivorrily.
Commencement ezereiseB oome off
at Biddle Uairmeity on Wedoes-
day the 7th. A large number of
our dtixena were out and all were
well pleased with the exercises of
tbe day whioh oonoteted of spesehee
frrom the graduates of the eoUsgiote
department, and an oddreoe ftom
Rer. Dr. Nelson, of Genera, N. Y.
There were fbur gradoates fkam
the college department and two
ftnm the theologioal deportment,
bat in oonoeqaanee of thsirnbseeoe
from school ibr a week or so they
were ezoosod AMa speaking,
theological gradootos oi^ D. B.
Sti^as, North OoroRno, hnd Adam
Prayer, South CoroUna. The uol-
iege grodnotas ore, David Brown,
Saliobwy, N. a, B. MtHon Alexan
der, Ooneord, N. 0„ Jno. T. K.
Simpoon, Oernpty, B. B. Creig,
mens, S. C.
The Toledlctiory was by Mr. Cn$A
All tbe iqieokere acquitted thorn-'
oslrea oreditabiy. Mr. David Brown,
A typical AMoMjssemrtohewna Of
those born orotan, and is ftaienhiti*d
to (Ustingaish himoslf oajwhere.
Dr. Nslaon AbCtsswI on Me ad
dress (d OR hQ«» and ten ntinataa,
whkA was loiisd to with mnrked
. Bs dwslt at sosoa langtii
opon rioqoeaoe, and how to
obtain It”
The dipiomas wore thea doUrared
by Dr. Mirttoon, ofbor whleh, beam-
dlqtkm wis onaounoed Igi |>r.
.Wbodt of the city.
X^on tlw piatfbvfi wa notiood
Isno. Wuodo, Pries ood Wyohe, of
tng. ; Sem Dorfond, Roiniiy,
flandoro, Hapsaiatiaflint Wollsr,
Mimi. WilliR^Mj, Bonrongar
sad athi. AB la4 wal- ffimwad
with the sMrehNn Hi^
mof Mmi, 1. ^ WBUnma, of
ffaftonboRih wadtasdat Mro-lM-
frpB wMh him, wWs wa nftpm
•TyowRg hite who wtwtawiiaBaa
the Mat of the hoys fee nrseosbta.
It is a costom with ear l*Nabyt»
rioa f^Sends to girt an eotortala-
meat ou the night after eonunence-
mcDt^r the students. Upon this
occasion a dime reading was given
in tbe Presbyterian Church and a
fair in the yi^. We are pleased to
say this proved to be much more
interesting and socceeefril than tho
ordinaiy feetivaL Mneh is due Mr.
W. H. Coleman for tbe suoeees of
this entertoinment. Saccess to Bid
BT nxv. s. W. SUITE.
Tbe fourth oommandment in tbe
sacred decalogue lays upon ns two
distiDot obligationa: it impoeee la
bor no leas expressly than in enjoins
a holy rest. days shdtt thou
laiorand do all thy loorA” Hence,
it is a Just and fidr inference, that a
lift of Tolnniory idleness is a H/e of
disobedienoe to tbe law and will of
Heaven. If qf your own clHriea,
you spend the six weririgg days idly
you ore os verily a trnn^veosor of
the moral laW as you wouM be in
disregarding the day that is conse
crated. And bedMea, we are tbe
better fitted fbr the duties of the
Mbbath by means of our industry
in “providing things honest” during
the rest of tbe week; while on tbe
other band, he Uiat idles away tbe
six days of labor, is very ill pre
pared for the sacred day of rest.
Tbe idle body, who, nerertbelees,
appears oocasionolly deront, sepa-
ratca what God hath j^ed togother;
for he that said, “Bemember tbe
day to koep it holy," hath also
“Kz days shalt thou labor.” WslI
direotod industry is a morel and
Christian dnty, a acriptwel duty,
which none Ihot ore cipaUe of it
can dispense with sod ha guUUeas.
iNeitber .wealth, oer rasik, nos sex,
ean excuse a person in goi^ beaMh,
and of ooaq>etent foooHies, frrosa all
and every kind of uoaftil labor,
eitteL.of-body. or jnind, AT both^
Mere amusement is for Utile ehil-
dreo. . Employment, usvibl employ
ment, is for men and women. And,
indeed, os little is there graotod us
Uw Uber^ ctf doing no good with
our fiscnlUee, os of emptying them
in doing evil and mischi^. Labor
is either mental, or bodily, or mixod.
There ore none whoee labor it.*
graotor “wearineia of the ftesb," os
well as oi the aoblmr port d bumom
ity, than men of oleoe and reaaitlsaB
otody; mod there are none wbeoe
industry is more usefril to manktnff.
Tbs roan of talent, who in spHtuile^
and pcibapsin neglected porsriy,l
employs discreetly the fhonlUes of
his mind, to enlighten and instniot
^is fellow beings ia ihsir imosortal,
even their mortal intersots, is a
benefhotor to a oommonity reth-
w than a bordea. Nevnrthsism,
eren As em woefrdly, if he neg
leets to exersise Us body. It is
TameotsMe to see how many omb of
Btody. bnW many pcomislDg youths
wootf away their airsngth, ia^oir
^eir oooaUuutoos, and bring upcs
themreiros inournfak Alajmcea and
prematauF* itath, oo^y for'^uroi
a prepsr mbrtnre of bbdily oxeseiae
with the. sUmnwa labors of their
minds. In tbs proud and fostidioua
times in wUsh ws Urn, monaal la
bor of the us^kMU
thing too mlgorfor thoaaafthn
bsttoroori. Many a youag gsatls
would fool Ui
by dotog onytUng anM msrk; and
many a yeang lady would bhiMi to
be flmod smidayed in.on oeenpatioo
really nsidbl; arsu t bough in sir-
cqmsiaae»s*ipps«ntivMy dosMailbg
thoir inAistry. la this rsopoei^ lha
maanmt of aoedsty hart ouftrad a
depiesahls ohaaga, Tha ttes
bosn whoa labor wot bold in'
omoag area tha i4eh sad (he i
whoa area ladki of (hr Mghaot Ibm
M *Mgbt H aot be
ta worik
wHhtbiir honda >aiiBlfwy,^
M»d, «hMad flujsia^p** rehlM
toifiaf^ - . * -
port of her tifo«Ad -aaidle wurir.'”
Tho man, whd JT oUAht (msHran
wosthim war ‘Idnt iui vfor, Art in
pooeo, asri firoi-id the booHa UPhis
oountiynen,” m/m nolea|rsidi^-
ble for industry than for his wisdom
and integrity. Happy were it if
tho youths of AmeHu would, in
this respect, copy after tiie example
of one wboBo memory they so de
light to boftor.
Few thin^ are impoasHde (0 in
dustry skiUlhlly direetbd. By M
men of but 'nftddling toienis rise
sometimes to deeerred ominanee;
by it the man of “small tbin^” ex*
ponds himself by Uttie and Uttie,
’tilt be comes at lost to ooenpy a
respectable space is eoe{ety;'airf by
it the fhee of tbe living worid is fl*
lorained and gladdened. What dif
ficulties have been overoome, what
wonders have been wrought, nod
what iasmenso benefits barn bean
procured by tbe indootrioos
oatioa of tbe mental sad earporoal
powereofnaat On the other hand
no gifts of nature, or of fortune can
oapfreede tbs neoesrity ibrladMAiy.
Sftolh is a rust, that eats op the fin*
eet ingredients of gsniim and
and consumes tbe grestsat of for*
tunes. He that la slothftil of Mlad,
loseth bis mind; ioateadMsalarg>
ing, it oontroets sad diariniriMO os
be increases in yean. He that is
slothftil ia hnslnsas, win at lost bore
neither bisineas to do, nmr onytiiiag
to sustain kis deeiiotng age. In
abort, a downright sleg, whether ih
high life or low, veydatm rather than
h'ws. Habitual indolence is one of
tbe worst of symptoms In youth; a
fover is less hopeless than a leth*
County Line, N# 0.
Sometimoe a short story will eoiw
tain more meaning than a long ser- -
moo. It all depsads on what tbs
story is about. Here, for instsaoe,
is a brief story, but the morel is
A goat, wbteb was noted for H*
eombotorirsasHi, WaswafhhMoad
poudhmt wiator ia aneMfbbtia^
town, whmi he ooemto a h^ to the
ioe mode by some fishemeD, and
espied^ bis faos in the water.
Thinking that he saw one of his
fellows, he coDolnded that this woo
an cq>portnnity- not to be lost, and
at once prepiuwd for his nsnolot*
tack. Drawing bacA a fow loel, he
lowered his bead, shook Us
appendage sposmodSoaUr, sad at a
tremeodoDs poea rushed upon his
shadow. But the old follow went
into tbe hole out of sight under the
ioe in a - twiskHng, nor hotf be tinoe
M«reL->Mer«rraeh into anything
withoa^gini^ tbe sah|^ due oon*
ItU aeld that the evMleaa ef IxMb
teu^ aratags oat tbsaisnl ^
fc- W”
CoLtiMoi.oinok JOM u-K»«aT.
PoUnrs orXswOrteMi
Toxx, Joa
NXW Yauc. Ji^l^Tlja msiatH
pnsn report that Eatibr A OmdasK
■ •MV
lUxonTAOMA Jm u^.to. B.
firuBkre \ -■ ■

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