North Carolina Newspapers

^ VOL. IV. NO. 37.
Tm iij {S' luD. sia On i ccA
Charlotte Meeeenger
Everv Saturday,
In tbe Int*r««ta of tho Colorod Poo^
of the Country.
Alilfl enil wellAmowo wrftan will owtrib
ute u> it« coioraM tnoi diffooiit pert* of the
rouDtrj. end tt wU! aeatoln th^lstert Om.
nml Neot of UMdey.
Tns MaiSBiion ie «iInt-eUa tuvepepar
end wUl not ellow imoeieJ eboee Is ite od*
e Hie
. but
iail7im-leQt—deeliss Ceiriy by ell. It
no^'M the right to crtttdaa the tboftcoming*
of ell poblio oAdele—oomiBwdJBg the
worthy, end rwommwiding for eleetlon mch
men e« in ite o^nioo ere beet raitad to terre
TELEGRAPHIC TICKS- ““ raoKimoLi uvr cat. they bqTH SKIPPED, ”““®
rhr execntire committee of the North
CeroUneAgncultuml eoeiety met et Re]-
eigfa (nd fixed October 16 tolSsedete of
next etAte feir.
The g^d jury in Waite Saperior
Court found true bills agmintt Sperry W.
Heem, of Wedeeboro, end J. p. Ceetoa,
of Anson county, for criminal libeL The
case bee eo for ittrected wideepn^ at
tention. Hearn ta editor of the W^ce-
boro Intelligencer. Suit is inetltuted by
j. L. Btohe, of ReteiglC who eellt whet j $100,000.
C—ere—leeel ea4Other Mawe.
The Senate has confirmed the nomina
tion of S. M. Stockslager to be Commis
sioner of the General Land Office.
It ia eatimsted that the decrease in the
public debt for the month of March will
amount to nearly $10,000,000.
The Birmingham public building bill
reported to the Mnate appropriates
$^,000. sod the Oreenriile, d. C., biU
The Pretldnttt nnd Cnshier Bun Oft
With the Ponds.
Qr—it BnlcemsBlIa ihaCaMtsl at the OI
Nerth Btare Feente BK HarJ far
asS Ra«v-Vhe DaTaalura TSeacht
are known as Zephyr cotton seed.
At Sparta, Allef^eny ominty, Joeeph
Lee was informed that Oeorgd W. ^x
ton had gone before the grand jury as a
witness against him. Be walked b^nd
Lm find fired two balls from a pbtol into
him, both of which passed entirely
through bis body. Lee fled, but was
captured by the aberifl and a posee and
placed in jail. Sexton u deaL At flrat
there was apprehension that Lee would
be lynched. This has now paased sway.
The condition of Cbsirmnn Milli, of
the Ways and Means Cominittee. is not
so favorable. There la nothing alarming
in his condition, ||hut hia physician says
he needs alMolute rest.
News has reached Raleigh of the kill
ing. in Union county, of Will Rorie, col
ored, by a young white mao, Alvin Mor
gan. It is said that Alvin's brother Witt
was^cessnry to the killing. The parties
bad^a dispute about a dhbt, and e fight
ensued. Alvin Morr"" ^’
The President has nominated to be
C tmasten John L. WHUanuon, Colum-
, Toon.; M. D. L. Martin. Water Val
ley, Miss., and John M. Brown, medical
director, to be chief of the Naval Bureau
of Medicine and Surgery, with the rela-
ive rank of Commodore.
The President has sent to the Senate
the following nomination: Bzeltiel E.
Smith, of North Carolina, to be Minister
resident and C.onml General of the United
States at Liberia.
■'-j I .Senato paased, with amendments.
to secure their arrest. oentennial in Wmbiogton in the
On the 13th inst., at Coppa Hill gold spring of 1889.
—In Mecklenburg county, William I
the mtensts Of tha peo^
(AIiNiRi ia AdeaaBe.1
Uuontht •
Single Copy
61 SCI
• 90
Ad drum,
W.C. ftMITM Ch«rlett«NC>
llien is a great store of gold in Corea,
'but an entire leek of proper mechanical
^devices for mining. The production of
.gold last year was $5,000,000. Thai
lobject of the Coroan Embassy to this
‘Gorernfflenttsuadnetoodtmbe to Inter-
■eit the citizens of this connC^ ia the do-
.velopmcat of Corean retourcet.
The visit of the Sultan of Morocco tc
Algim in order to communicate by cable
■with his representative at the Madrid
Conference Issn dveot of some historical
importance, declares the Arymaut.
years the Sultan opposed the laying of
this cable, as he did not wish to bring
.Europe uy nearer to his domain. It is
fifty years nearly since a Sultan of
Morocco has deigned to set foot in Tan-
giers, a seaport town polluted by the
presence of many Europeans.
At lbs Bnbblet Rnte.
Sir Walter Scott, when walking along
the banks of the Yarrow, saw Mungo
Park throwing stones into the water and
anxiously watching the bubbles that
aucceeded. In reply to Scott'a inquiry
aa to the object of his occupation, the
great traveler aald be waa thinking bow
often he had thus tried to sound the
rivers in Africa by calcnlatibg bow long
a lime bad elapsed before the bubbles
roee to the curfeca. This waa a slight
circumitance, but the travaler'a safety
frequently depended upon it.—CAw»-
Tbe new Japaneee Minuter at Waab-
iagton is a man with a history.
same is Muteu Munemitan and he la one
of the greatest statesmen of Japan.
Hpondent of the New York World
bod a long talk eoneeraing him with Mr.
Sbiro Akabans, and from Urn got the
foUowing interestiii; facts: ‘The new
Biniater has fnr yean been connected
with JapaneM politics. Be Is noted
ftnancicr and be was chief of the Bureau
which rerised the tariff some years ago,
putting it on the basis of Evopaan
money. Be has been Governor of Toko*
h«.«- and Chairman of the Senate, which
b a position mnch liko (hat of the Presi
dent pro tern, of the L'^ted Btatea
Sena-c He waa accused of being con-
aecied with Gen. Salgo's rebellion of ten
peers ago, which was to overtnra the than
Gabinet. 1 do not tUnk that it ra
proven that be waa OM of the rebela. bat
be was arreatad as a political offender
and imprisoned for five yeara Durmg
bb imprieonmsnt be bad a house for
himself, but there were guards bafota
Its doors, aod be was andar military sor-
veilsooe. Be stodied Engtbh while so
imprisoned, and is now a good SngUah
scholar. After ba was rrieewd from
priiOB be mado a tour of tba wsitd, aad
aappi^nantad tba knowiadga of Englbh
aequired from books aad tba Jtpanms
taacbers by a restdeaca of a year ia Loa>
don. ud ba alto spaat sow tlw' ia
Prance aad Oermasy. Ba tbea weat
back to J^M, itadylaf IhaTarioasgpv*
anmaata at ba pHsad Ihraagh thtiL and
ba k aU told, oaa ar tha
B. McKJino instantly killed Leroy Elliott,
with whom he was quarreling, by strik
ing him iu the forehead with a plow
share. Both were white men, young and
well known. McGinn fied at once, and
it was thought bad taken refuge in South
Carolina Governor Scales offered two
hundred dollars reword for him. Pur
suit was at once made, and he baa been
captured in Gaston county by J. C.
floCTH caRoLtna.
The poatotfiecs at Yorkvillc and Bcn-
netavitle have been raiaed to the rank of
Prceidential otScea.
A burglar forced open the front door
of Mr. Chas. Sewit's jewelry shop, in
Barnwell, and carried away o dozen gold
watchee, of which four were gold; loss,
6500. 'Twnof the gold watches wereen-
graveil with the owners' names, O. Dun
can Bellinger aud T. J. Simons. A third
watch was marked D.
A conspiracy by eighteen or twenty of
the moro desperate prisoners in the Dis
trict jail, who are under sentence to Al
bany penitentiary, to murder the guards,
if necessary, release their fellow-prisoneis
and make their escape was discovered
and frustrated,
The Governor has offered a Rward of
$150 for the appRbension, with proof to
convict, of the person or petson-s who
murdenNi John Wnton. at the Broad
River bridge, on March lUh. jpus
makes $9.>U which is awaiting tha'^ap-
tUR of the murderer of Penton and the
assailants of the bridge-keeper aod bis
.At Greenville several hoiisos wc?e
blown down, sod four cbltdreu. who
were in one of them, narrun-iy ocajM-d
death, being r-ompletely covered up by
the falling drhiis ('bus. 'Willianu was
also b:u1ly crippled. The storm was
goiug in u ai>rtheastcro directiou, its
-k being a>M/ut one buudrud tanls
ic. It did its work in ii moment and
I over. It is feared that great damage
has been done which lias nut yet been
In a communication transmitted to the
Senate, in answer to a resolution of that
body. General Duane, chief of engineera
says that there has been no garrison sta
tioned at Fort Moultrie, Charleston har
bor, since tbe war. He estimates that
$4.5,000 will bo needed for the erection
of quarters and barracks outside tbo fort
for the accommodation of tbe garrison of
United States troops. “To place Fort
Moultrie in the highest state of strength
for defensive purposes," be arys. “would
require an einenaiture of $200,000." It
is estimated that a propersvstc'm of mod
ern works to protect Cb-vleston would
cost $222,000.
Treasurer Hyatt has adopted a new
seal for tbe usc^^ United i^tstes notes
and eertifleates.^K is similar in design
to tbe large one used on the old 620
note, with tbe addition of a small loci
border with many |>oints in geometric
lattice work. It U light pink in color,
circular in form and nearly two inches in
diameter. Heretofore a separate seal was
usel OB notes and gold and silver certifi
cates, Tarying in sire and design accord
ing to the character and denomination of
the note. Hereafter the new seal will be
U8C1 exclusively on all paper issue. The
i-bangi- In size and design is said to l>c in
the nature of nn additional aafeguord
og-dinst counterfeitiug.
Ralei^ is m a state of extreme excite
ment over agreat bank defalcation which
has just been made publii|
Preaident Charlea E Cross and Cashiet
Samuel E White have absconded with
. 649.000 of the bank’s funds, and have
I fied to Canada It is believed that they
have rehypothecated large amounts of
the bank’s paper in New York, aad that
the total loss will reach 6900,000, aod
possibly 6350,000.
When the news of the trouble was
known to the beak directors, a speclai i
meeting was held at a late hour. The
Uft qnarterl^ atatement of the bank,
made in February, ihowed that there
were 6305,000 of deposits subject to
check. It was shown to the directora
that tbe sum due depositors wai 622,000
dua the Park Bank of New York 6611,-
000;duc two banks here. 61-1.000. II
was shown further thot the bank ought
to have the following assets: 6^.000
in notes aad 675,000 in mortgages on
real estate. How manyof the notes were
rehjrpothecatcd is not known.
The defaulteri left 615,000 in cash to
deceive the teller. Both White and
Cross had lately been in Canada ostensi
bly on the busineu of the bonk, ^th
hu also been in New York. On Thun-
day they asked a bank at Richmoud and
a bank at Baltimore to tend them6l0,000
each, saying they would give drafts on
the ^rk Bank to cover this smounL On
Friday night they got620,000 fromthi
banks by express. White got it
never put it in bank at all. On 8ati
afternoon both men laft, At Oreensboi
they were seen on Sunday morning, i
A conductor who knew both well re>
marked: “You two look like you were
bound for Canada." That was the last
seen of them. i
The bank was closed with a notice that
it was closed by order of the directors.
The State had 614.000 on deposit of its
general fund, and 63,500 of a fund for
the deaf and dumb and blind iostitu-
tios. Recently 66.000 of money from
tbe Hatch bill for the State Agricultural
and Mechanical College been de
posited there by W. 8. Primrose, presi
dent of the trustees of that college.
People far sod near have been bitten
hard by the failure. Itstruck all classes
here. People have great confidence in
tbe other bonks in the city, aod there
was DO run on them. Both Cross and
White were connected with the church,
tbo tatter very prominently. Cross was
young, and was for yean a clerk in the
State Auditor's office. He bad been
E resident of the bank two years. White
ad been cashier ever since tbe luiok was
established, nearly tvtcuty years ago.
Tbe bank's capital was 6'20'o,(100.
The Late Chief Jeeslee BerleS with Ah*
hvesriat* Cere«eatet os Die
Bene Is Ohte.
AH business was suspended and the
dtjr was crowded with strangers, sod
bnUdiDgi, public aod privsta, were cov
ered w^ mourning emblems, when tbe
mcihl train bearing the remrins of Chief
Justiee Waite arrived. Tbe casket con
taining the body was removed at once
from the special car and placed in a
hearee. and the funeral cortege movedup
Summit street in the following ^cr:
Squsd of police, Toledo Bar Assoctatioo,
board of trade, city council, tnayor and
other dtv officials, tbe hearse with a
guard of lionor, composed of tbe Toledo
cadets. Justices of the Supreme Court in
carriages. Senate and House committees,
*‘t!zeDs on foot and in cairtagea.
The procession marched to the resi
dence of tbe Hod. Richard Waite, brother
of the deceased, where tbe remaina were
deposited in order that Mrs. Waite end
other memben of the family might ob
tain a private view. After the private
view by the famUy the remaini were car
ried to the Guild room of Trinity church,
where they were viewed by thouaands,
when tbe coffin was closed and removed
tbe Justices of the Supreme Court of the
United States and their matehal, the
committees from the United States Sen-
Foraker and staff, tbe Supreme Court of
Ohio, National and State officers frem a
distance, Lieutenant Governor Lyons and
a committee from the State Senate, the
of the House and the House
imittee, members of the Ohio Legis
lature, the bar of Lucas county and visit
ing judges and lawyers, officers of tbe
city government and the board of tni-ie.
Representatives of the press from a dis
tance, accompanied by the local press,
occupied seats at the front and extreme
left of the church.
Tbe services in tbe church consisted of
the regular funeral services of the Pro
testant Episcopal church. At tbe con-
olusionof tbe regular services the Rev.
Dr. H. B. Walbridge, former rector of
Trinity cburcb. ana now of New York
city, delivereii a fitting and tender ocl-
dreu that was very impressive. After
the servicet at tbe church ibe remains
were placed in tbe hearse, and the pro-
RcasioD formed sad wended its way to
Forest Cen.etery.
Did yen ever aotiee that a man gom
to a lawyer and to a phytictaa for pr»
eisdy tbq aame purpooe—to recover.—>St
d&OAj Jtettonqor.
We stop the pram to anaoaeeo tba
startling newt that “tan-colored Ud
slippers go with goirno of any color.—
MianapoHt ^
To'apuk appear! to bo tbe iaet d^
ipairing effort of Europeans to pravemfij
English from becoming tbe nnlveiml'
language.— Omaha Worid.
Old Mother Fetor, she went to tba
meter to see bow much gas she bed
burned; she danced a ootiUlon when a)^
read seven million, aad her mltM> ww
forever o'ertunied.
Landlord—“Mta. O'Boolibaa, I’m
thinkiag of raising your renL" Hn.
O’Hooli^an—“Begorrah, I’m glad of
that, {n I can’t raise it myself, at all,
atalL’’—Nisirosio JoitntaL
At a Musicals He—"Shall I bring
you an ice while Mus Tellfort is aiogiagt
Pray take aametbing.” Bhe.(a rival td
Miss Y.)—“Thanks, no. If I took taj-
thing it wnnld beetber.—At^«.
“Ob, pal pal" exclaimed Lucy, as bor
father returned to the parlor after throw
ing the young man out, “how could yoot
That waa my Bill.” “Well," returned'
the irate parent, 'Tva aetded iL"—JAm
Tori: ffwn, >J
He was taUdog to an Arkansas audi-
once on the subject of the tariff. Said'
he: “Takewbisky, for instaoca,’’when
every man in tbe audience arose with tha
remark: “Thank you; don't care if I
do," aod the lecturer had to stand treat
r die.
She Weds nn Indian.
The world's visit!': supply of cotten b
2,0'10..590 hales.
The Hope InS'iraTjre Company, of Ne:
Grlvans, lias gone into Itqnidation.
The Internstional Sugar Coaference
will reassemble in London on April 5.
The New York benks now hold in
serve 62,145,-557 in exceaa of legal
quifementa. «
The euspenaion of S. T. Russell has
been announced on ths New York Cot
ton Exchange.
Two white men and a negro were
killed by the explosion of a boiler st tbe
Lucas mill, in Cookeville, Teno.
Walter T. MHIer A Co., the oldest cot
ton brokerage house in New York, who
recently failed, have ennounced that they
will settle in full in a few days.
Dr. J. Beasels, tbe arctic explorer, who
acted as physician on the Afflurican ship
Polaris in 1871. has died st Stuttgsrdt of
apoplexy. '
A Pittsburg dupatrb says that the
Hon. David N, Wnite, formerly editor
the Pittsburg Gazette, and founder of
the Republican party, died at his 1 *
at Scwickly, Pa., ag^ 83.
NotM of Pregraw la tbe Moatb,
There are promeu of a knitting fac-
torr being atarted at Charlotte, N. C.
A movement has been started in Iron-
dale, Ala, for the erection of a furniture
fartwy. A stock company is to b
ones organized.
CharlotW. N. C., b formiuacoapany
to start arandv icdcracker&lory. The
cnpital stock wfli be ebout 610,000.
X. H. We^ of FnakUn, N. C., b in-
vastigating tiw eorandura depocita on hb
aw will probobly begin develop
ing mme tn a ebort rime.
The Willett Tohfcco Company will
build a tobacco factory af Loubvllle, Ky.
A fruit and vegetable canning factm
b to be etar^ to Bosm, Oa. Tha ft-
duitry wfll gin employment to 100
The Pioneer Pottery Woilu will por-
cbme innd e^bufiff Urge works to aan-
ufactan nlaU kn$ daoorued white Iran-
ntone Aina nt . Ala TMr
enpttal eloek b tTSfOM ^
Mr. J. 8. Lornsr and his bride pAssed
tbioiisb Atlanta yestenlay.
Their marriage u full of romanre. ,
Tlie newspaper! Ihrotigb the coil’- irv
hAve ban a great deal to sa) .boi:' . L,
marriage of Miss Fellows to u ba!f-br>-el
Indiaa, but here is a Georgia girl who
has wodded a Cherokee Indian.
The bride is Miss Emma D. Sims,
daughter of Mr. Thomas Sims, one ol
Morgan county's substantial farmers.
The grqom, as stated above, u a Cherokw
Indian, bb homo being at Vinita, Indian
The ceremony was performed yester
day morning nC the residence of tbe
bride's father, near Madison. Rev, W,
E- Vaughn, of Misabslppl, 'oow of Braory
College, performed the ceremony, and
Hr. B. M. Landrum, of Vinita, elM a
student of Smoiy, acted as tbe “best
man" for the groom.
Miss Sims, a hsndsome young lady,
has visited Oxford quite frequently.
During one of theee vWta the met iiu.
lamar, who b a member of the senior
class at Emory, and as their acquaintance
ripened into frieodship, the young man,
one of the moet enligbtai^ of hb race,
fell deeplv in love imb her. songfat her
band, and was accepted; Rod yesterday
their vows were made sacr^ tiefore by-
men'i thtone.
Hr. and Kra. Lamar left at once for
their far off boms in Indiaa Territory,
pamiog. through Atlanta on their way.—
AllaiUa Cffu/Sation, Jfareh 29.
Cruked by a Cyeioae.
A special from Kansas City, Mo., says:
Word has just been receivM of the al-
ffloat utter deetruction of fihe town of
NlnneMah, In Kingman county. Koaeas,
on Saturday evening by a tornado. I^hod
been iwnlng nil day, aad as evening ap-
proachod the econn was seen coming
from tbe aouthwest. It atruck the town
and dectroyed everything In iu path,
leariag only three boueea standing ia the
whole place. Two ghiuchea, five stores
end fifteen dwollingsl were ton to
pieces, and the fiyiog timben killed
three persons and jnsimsd seventeen
The rictlaie are Mrs. J. C. WHIIsas,
with her iafent, kUled: Oeom 8. Bar*
dariy, killed: Jas. Williams, both legs
broksa aad several brubea, will probably
die: Chartsi OotdoB, iBlnrsd la tba
badc^aaMMaadtobe htaliy. ’Tbaotbets
faitaM lim only BiBor kortA Tha
haaey faU atf nta, which haa naafilauad
A special from Toronto, Ont., aars
Tw') men. one apparently in middle life i
and th- other quite young, whu bnve.
been stopping in msgoifiei-nt style at tbe !
Albion hotel, with u colored lackey iu i
attendance, were susi)ected of being the I
defaulting cashier aod president of the I
Stab- Niilional Bank, of Ralcigb, N. C., |
aod OD the strength uf it tcU-grsin from '
the chief of jiolice at Raleigh, charging I
them with forgery, were arrested io their'
rooms and taken to tbe Central Kutinn.
When they were questioned they de-
clsretl they come from New Orleans and
were not the men wanted. On being
examined. 615.25.5 was found in tbe cost
of Samuel C. White, tbe cashier, and
69,356 in that of Cbarlee E. Cross, the
president, secreted inside tbe lining,
making in all a sum of 624,714, |nO0 of
which was unsigned currency bills.
Bills of indictment for forgery have
been found against them, and it U prob
able that the gentleraen will be escorted
back to their native city ahortly.
(laeshst ssS Kaffs Wsssis PsseS Is tbs
RsSf eribs DsaS Hai
At Harrison, Os., smoking and smol
dering amid the ashes and coals, lay tbe
chatTM remains of a dead man. Tbe
dead man was lying fiat on his back.
Hii feet and legs were entHely consumed
snd his anas were buret to tbe thoulders.
A drawing-knife lying beside the body
indicated foul play, and Immediately it
waa whispered about that the deceased
bad been foully murdered and then the
house hsd been set on fire to cover tbe
Meantime tbe coroner areived, and im
mediately summoning a jury b«gu tbe
autopsy. A physician waa callM io to
make u examination of the corpse to as
certain if there were any tracra of vio
lence on tbe body He soon came across
a large buckshot just back of tbe neck.
Then examining from tbe opposite side,
be found an upening UDdCT tbe jight
collar-bone, and following it up he soon
found a heavy charge of “BB" and
buckshot lying against tbe vertebral
This told the awful tale of murder and
arson tuboequentiy to hide tbe crime. A
number of witsceoM were sxnmined, and
all testified that Robert Jenkins, colored,
lived in the house now burnt down; that
he wee alone io tbe bouse tbe night of
tbe murder: that two guoabota were
bearl in qniek luceeertoa in tbe diroc-
tioo of me bouse between 10 and 11
o'clock, knd that eobeaqueotly they saw
a the diracUo* of tba boose of de-
Tlius Dothina was brought net by tbe
inquaat throwing any U^t npon this
terrible murder, and tba ptry returned a
vecdlat tiMt tha daosMad waa kiilad br a
Thtrrv Ttsw Cvtiet AsS Wvalsi Fsetarl**
HIsca JaaaArv lal. aaSBIsSis MIs
WaaS-Warhtas Bllla.
The Trodaman, of ChnttanoogiiL,
Tudd., reports new indu-stries actually
urgitnlzed and erected in the 8outb since
January I, I88S, indicate no abatement
in its industrial growth. The repuits
show ereat activity in cotton aod woolen
factories. Withiu the post month tbirtr
Di-w companies have been furmed. ooi'l
in most cases all the nvccssarY' stock bits
been eul>8cril>ul. There Is also much
activity in mining operatiuns, the total
number of mining and ouarryiug cum-
IHtoics foniicd in the duuto since Janunry {
I iK-iog fifty six. In wiHid-workIng'
branc'nrs. however, the deveiopmeat has :
been greatest, the whole niiu)lH.-r of new [
pianU io three months being eigbty-six. j
il-|)orti> also show tbiU doutnern timber
lands arc in demand, rbiefly by lumber- I
men from thu Northwest. Over 500,000 .
acres have l>eec aulil aince January 1. i
Northwestern manufacturers are aruetiag I
mills in various douthern States.
Bogley (after the ball}—"Did you find'
Miss Recherche of Boston as cold MX
usual to-digbtl'’ Bailey—"Cotdt Well,'
if that young woman were to go West
and accept tbs position ol thermometer
in a blizzard she'd be just in her element.
“Well,"said a wep-known memberof
Congress, as he burned round and,
reached out of the bedclotbes fora gin
cocktaiL “They say two beads are' -
Dettcr than one, but I wouldn't have two
like mine this mocaing for apension.—'
Af-te yurt hhreury, |
Tbe Baltimore Manufacturers' Record
will publish this week its quarterly re
port of the South's industrial progress,
giriog name, location and character of
business of every maaufacturtag enter
prise organized m that section since.
Jsausry I. The report shows that while'
there were somewhat fewer targe mauu-
fseturing and mining companies organ
ized during tbe last three months thsa
for the same time of 1887, there vss a
large increase in the number and diversMy
of small industries.
The Record reports that all over the
South small industries are springing up
to supplement tbe great iron works whicn
are now under construction. During the
second half of tbe year about fifteen or
twenty of the immense iron furasees,
which were commenced in tbe early part
of 1887, will go into bloat. Tlie number
of new enterprises reported during the
Ant quarter of 1888, compared with the i
same time in 1887. wa 1,075 for tbe'
former and 933 for tbe. latter. Tbe
amount of capital and capital stock rep
resented by these new enterprises are:
Alsbomss 64,098.000; Arkansas, 61,950,-
000; Florida, 61.316,000: Georgia, 62,-
793,000: Kentucky. 65.400.000; Louisi
ana, 61,233,000; Maryland, 62.009,000;
miscellaneous, 6401.000; N'irthCarolina,
63,006.000; South Carolina, 61,644,000;
Tennessee, 63,019,000; Texas, 60,424.-
000; Virginia, 62,9W.0(>0; West Virg'nia,
61,477.000. Total, 638,608.000.
Itam bakoowB jRMk
• UsawBbo«Ht6»ithe
Kt Captmd tbs Pirn
A street merchant who believes in the
old saying of “See a pin and pick it up
aod all tbedsy you'll have go^ luck."
•aw a pin in front of tbe postoScs tbe
other dgy, aod while stooping to capture
it Us bat fell off and rolled out Into
tbestrrot, twosnapender buttons gave
wny. Us collar tpllt open, tad bis store
teeth, which coot 6» «h«i new, fell
ont and broke oa tba walk. Be picked
Bp the pin. hewetet. __
Life’* Brightest Hear.
Not long sicce I met a gcotlcman wbe
is assessed for more thao a million.
Silver was ic his hair, care upon bis
brow, aod bo stooped bonealb his burdee
ol wealth. f\Ve were speaking of that
period of life when wo bad realized tfat
most perfect enjoyment, or, rather, wbei
wc had found the happiness ouirest ts
being uoallovc.l. 'Til tall you." said
tbe millionaire, “wbeo was the happicil
hour of my life. At (he age of onc-snd-
twenty I bad saved up 6800. I wet
•arnieg $500 a year, and my father did
not take It from me. oaly requiring that
I should pay for my board. At the sgi
of twenty-two I bod secured t prettj
cottage just outside of the cl’y. I wm
able to pay two-thirds of the value dews
and also to furoisb it respectably. I was
married on Sunday—s Sunday in June—
st my father's hoaae. My wife hsd comi
to me poor in puree, but rich in tbi
wealth of her womanhood. The SabbBtk
and tbe Sabbath night we passed beneath
my father’s roof, and on Mond^ mon-
iog 1 went to my work, leaving ia|
mother and sister to help ia prepariog
my homo. On Monday evenii^ wbM
the labMS of tbe day were don^ I went
not to tbe pSIerosl shelter,u in the pest|
but to my own hoase—my own bomb
,Tbe holy atmoipbere of thist hour eromf
te surround me oven now inthemcinory.
I opened the door of my cottage sod
entered, 1 IMd my hat upon the lUtli
stand in tbe ball, and passed on to tbe
kitchen—our kitchen and dining-rooa
were all one then. 1 pushed open tfat
kitchen door aod was—in heAvea I Tfai
table was set against tbo wall -die cvere
log meal was ready—prepared by tbs
bands of her who had come to be toy
helpmeet In deed as well at In Dame;Bo4
by the table, wieba ihrobbing.aipectasti
look upon her lovely and loving tacR
stood my wife. I tried to speak, and
could aoL I could only clasp the welt
log angel to my iKNOm, thus showing tt
her (he ecatatlc b'..rdeo of my hurt
Tba years have pataed—long, long yean
—4nd worldly wealth has fleared Inupos
me, and 1 am honored and envied; tan
—••true at bMven—I would give it si
—every dollar—for tbo joy of the bew
of that June eveniag in the long. !ob|
ago!"—JVmv rw3 Oommartiai AJartimr.
Tbe fnrabbing of gold and sOver ban
for maaBtaetBring parpesai b afrowtag
bBilBsn at tba Oovanoteat may affirm
Ib New TortL Doriog tba past paat
thaw baiR to tha value of 6>Q.«00,IIM,
ban ban wid fbr uaa Ib arti and maam-
faotBraa, ao Uarnia ef $%00A0M onr
ny pwTlna ynr. __

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