North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. IV. NO. 38.
Charlotte Meaaonger
Every Sciturda.j'^
. tb* of th* Oolotod r«oplo
AMeaart mfl-kBowa wrKon will eeoMb
me to H* fran SiSwoM Mrto of tha
eooBtoy, and It wlD eotitolii thiglatort Ooa
•csl Now* of tbo day.
Tn UMaMon l« a ftito rlw uato***'
■Bd wfll wt aDow panoBal abato is Hi eel-
t Itk DM a
. bst
iitJopwidwit—doaltsf Cairi7 bj all It
MrTW the rlfbt to gftfclia tbe ewtccRiiSKi
of an 'poUle oSdaU—ooouMDding tbs
wortby, aad laooauaeiKUBg for elacttos mcta
mio at is Hi opinioB ara bast nitad to an-ra
the taitctaats of tha paanla
It ia istaeded to Mlty7 Iba long Mt saed
of a aawwaper to adVoeato the rtabta and
dataid (be later.ato of (be Kegto-Amrlcan,
oapedaUj in the Pledttwt aacUon of the
(Ahoova la Advanet.)
Stogie Copx
W.C. SMITH Charlotte N«.
Two jouQd women samed Draper
cany os a tneoeaefttt farm at AubarDdale,
Na«., aboot dghtren milet from Boatoo.
Two or three yean age they weie teach
ing echool, which oecopatioD ibey gave
op (0 ace whet they cosld do ae farmeta.
They owoed their place, ao they began
to carry oot their plene aa aooa aa decided
apoo. They began by ralilog chickene,
aad their egga ara famooa the coantry
rouod. To prove ttiat they are freeb
•oeb egg ie (tamped with the date of ita
birth, and for thla gnaranteo their cne-
tomen ere williog to pey double the
market price. Everything they raiae ta
of the beat, aed is made to appear to the
beat adrantage. To attain aucceea they
are obliged to work hard, and it la not
gnnaual for them to begin their dey'a
work at 8 o'clock in the morniog.
Carroll D. Wright, Chief of the United
ftatee Barren of Labor Siatlstlca, saya
in llloitratioe of the inaptitode of well-
iofonned peopla to eattmate properly,
tbatarailroad Prcaident andieveral con-
■nrvadve bue'neta men recently gave it
u their deliberate opinion that three
tbooeand men wan out of employment
in Lnwrenee, MWachttactU, a city of
thirty, thoneand HihaMtanU. Careful
•nrch by the Board of l^bor could Sod
aniy thm hundred men who wanted
work, eifo calls attention to the
foot that the State Board of Cbaritke of
HawachuMUs officially annonoced that
tbn;e were daty-two Ihoumod trarapa in
the Btete. An accurate cenaut dlscov-
arad only o*e thousand one hundred.
Owen Jones, general merchant
Oo., ganml merchant*
of Itobertonvllle, Xartln eovnty, have
made an aaaignsMA for the hoieflt of
their creditors; liebiUtiee, $7,000.
The exriung libel euit of 3. W. Hem,
editor of the Wadcabem Intelligencer, | *’’’
came to an end in BaleM by the Jnry **—'
returning ar^ a veHietTb twfis^'mln-
utea of not ghilty.
Dr. BeaJ. Melnane. Jr., fMannay
■orgeou, after a cnreSal iniiaUgnUciu of
tha dtsenM aaoH tte bcaram nhoot Rodt
HDI, coanea to OEe ccocloafam thad it i»
not the ffnheye bait * onMrrhnl fever.
n« disease ie not noeaeeariiy dweeroun,
and he meomMBda sod OMtuetloa,
plen^ of anally daab abiUm, good
mining aad plenty of food, and tnnkn
thennad then hahM little epprihan-
don about luoovery. QuiahM m deacn
of tve grahu gfuren tsriee a day In
noommenaed M ta eacelkit tonic.
Marely place the quinine on the hoise'a
aad he will sarallow It
OBOM Am wn or balbok
The ir*t eonepiraeiM agalnd the life
nf Alaiandor ML. of RoeaX were dia-
eoeeaud by the poHee bdore they eould
baearriedoni Such ara* the Anichkov
patooe ooMpIrney In IBM aad the No-
voteherfcask oon-i^rncy In IBM. Tbt
Kiateece of both arm denied point-
bUak by the oBclel prete when they were
reported abroad. Out tuch conapirnciaa
did niat oererthdna The annivaraary
eonepiracy, Marc* mi-tbe sanl-
rertary of the killiag of the prwent
Ctar'a father—arae the 0»t wktoh camia
nenr toeeeading. Since that date there
have been almoat nsintarmplod aeriee of
tanmuneamrato of tha dinoovary by the
paUee «f new plota.
W. R. Brooke, wbof ormerly reaidad
at Rockingham, area beaten on the hnid
aritb a cleb by Jamcn Norton, aad cua-
tained fatal injnriea. The dlflcnlty oc-
curted near Springfield, in Richmond
The road from Monroe to Atlanta,
known as the Georgia Carolina and
Northern, baa been completed from Mon
roe to the South Carolina line, nine
miles. The convicta engaged in grading
have been removed to the Cape Fear and
Yadki^ Valley road.
In ^blnson county, a few nights past,
a dance was gUco at the bouee of a
negro named William Hoot While it
was in progreai a piatol ihot was beard.
It was round that a negro named Martin
Campbell bad suddenly disappeared.
There wm a great mystery about the
whole affair. It has now been terminated
by the finding of Campbell's body In the
woods, a quarter of a' mile from the
place where the daoce was held. The
Dody was beside a road, and in one hand
was a revolver. The coroner has held
an inquest, which revealed a remarkable
crims. R^lte Campbell waa in the yard
of Hunt's faoute a white man came up
and shot him dead. The white man and
aome neynoes bwUly took the body of
Campbell and carried it to the place
wheiv it waa found. Thov took a re
volver froifi the pockets of Campbell and
placed it in hie hand, in order to create
the impreasioD that it was a caae ef sui
cide. The white man concerned haa
This season Marion ha* shipped 11,7M
bale* of cotton, against 8,SBl Iaat season.
It is claimed that $63.M0 i* spent
every year at Marion for faories and
Lut year Hr. 3. A. Brooks, of AUbe-
rllle. made aix bales of cotton on iem
than four acre* of land.
The poatofflees at Torkville and Ben-
nettaviile have been raised to the rank of
Presidential office*. ^
The smallest mortgage filed in the
Picken's clerk's office ao far is for $9.
with aootber for $3.30 pushing it close
for the prise.
A negro named Brownlee, who waa
accidentally shot by another negro named
Ellison at reiser, has died at Donald's,
Abbeville oountv.
Mr. Henry T. Fellers, of Newberry
county, has been appoint^ special agent
of the law dep^mcot of Ihe Richmond
and Danville Kailraad.
Prof. F. C. Woodward, of Wofford
College, has accepted an invitation to de
liver the annual addresa before the lit
erary societle* of Newberry College.
George Evan*, one of the n^roe* em
ployed I7 Contractor Deal, whole work
ing a force of bands 00 the Oeor^a,
Carolina and Northera Railroad, a few
tnilea from Chester, was killed while
A nrgro man named Gay Rowland,
who waa in the rmpl^ of Tanner A Co.,
and at work on the Carolina, Knoxville
and Western Railvad, near Greenville,
dropped dead while going to hi* work,
lie wt* examined by a ^ysic^, who
prooouDced death from heart dir
A few dan ago the wife of William
fiparka, of York county, wa* Utten 00
tM foot by a small black spider. Very
soon the foot bogao to swell, and there
very alarmmg symptoms, compell-
iog the lady to take to bra and call in s
pbyaicUn. At last account* her condi
tion wa* aenons, but hopes are enter
tained that she will not die.
Yousc Ooodlet, who disappeared from
the Reedy River oeigbborboM, ha* re
turned in • half inaaae eoaditioD. Be i*
natble to give any account of himself or
Us waadennga, and appears to be suffer
ing from terioQ* abenwtioa of mind.
Mr. R. 0. Patrick, ton of 3(Ab
. Patrick, of the Aaderaon MlUlaiy
Academy, and at preaeat a student «
the Baptist Theological SemiDary at
I^bville, haa aocapted * call to the
nastorata of the BapM church of York-
' Th* Jrmf amf 2fw OnrnlU says
" Tbara ia a movameat oe foot amooi
(ha moat ialloenUal peataof Iha Grand
Araay of tba Rapublw to patitloa lhagov-
eraMttopwahaaaa larg* tract of toad
on th* top ^ Lookout Veiwtoi* for 1
atiioMi poik. What more appropriato.
overtoekiH fftooud* of Chltkam**
ga, NMoa Ridge aad
wber* ware faa^ tha dacMaa battlaaal
the gnat civil warf What aaald flw
gevsramant Ao that would ka
gratifylag to tha ptaseutatm* ** ^
eomiag ganaraQiu* Ihaa to anetauA
park her* aa tha AMAiag ll«o thHf
tb* two great ^hoBOMi to • MNaMlt
thavolarof iuemvaiM ooMdloato
the patriotic dr'MiM aai mnm W tti
Newberry h Martlod ht th* oaaooaco-
meot of the robbery of lb* Nunhaiiy
poatotBca by JCr. JnlmHawkiaa amMmat
portaaator. Mr. HawklM oa to*
i^pf March to vWi, aa he mM, fak:
mother taOntogefauro, bofU wia Ah-
covered ia a few dayauiat hohad rahbad
th* posfofflee to the amooot *f about
$500, as far a* baa yet doreloptd.
Cspt 3, W. Brunaon, nf Bpartaabrng,
has been appoistod daputv coiloctor for
the State at large. The antic* of Oapt.
Brunson will be to look after the illlnt
distilien and wagon peddlera. This w-
point has ' been authorixed within the
past few days by the Interasl revune de
partment. The recant troubles in the
Qlamy Mountain section of Greenville
county caused the department to deter
mine upon having * l*rm force In this
State. Mr. Brunson will bavethe power
to summon pnasee* whan it may be
Dcceaaary to capture illicit distiller* or to
make raids.
There w a remarkable outbreak 0
measle* at th* town of Mancheater, In
Cumberland county. Tbe population
consists almost entlrolyof factory opork-
tivcA u some Urge cotton manufartur-
catea there. Nearly every operative U
sick, some dangerously ao, and all the
mills have been forced to shut down. In
Ihe trial of tha enit of David %. Foth-
eriagham agalost tbs Adams Bxprem
GompaBy and Robert A. Ftakerton, for
$$fi,Wd*^agM for tale* Usprisoumeut
aad eecnidg hh hidktiDent 00 faUe
charge*, haa Mguu ia Bt. Loula. Poth-
evtogfaam wa* thw ■ammger of the
■Adam* KawamOompaay who wa* robbed
ou toe BL i-ngU aoA 8u Praodeeo
lUUro^, not far from St. Loiti*, euAht
night of October W, 10M. aad wa* la-
dktoa tw robbery aad tried aad ae-
Buhay WAdlatoB, a colored boy,
!fi ymuu, Uvlag la Bmufnrt «B—
peteeuiil lu»^ by Aihtoiag a etol of
madldae peepafuA tor, agroera paiaaa.
DMth MaaS^ a few hear* after toe
toMMhC ’IhnmeAkhmwaehafmlamla
mtoAea*. ami IwMaao peacantiaa
haAbM Bhea to >urtat Hympayr
dition very daogeront. Aid is being
pven by the kind people of thstscclkin,
Such an outbreak of this disesM was
□ever before known in this State.
Algernon Love)oy, a young man in tha
employ of Barnes A Co., was killed near
Hnm|mreys, Clinch county, by a falling
r. O. P. Ritcb, of SilverCreek, while
dig$ioK around for Iron ore a few days
sgo, excavated ani blasted oot a ledgi
of ora that weighed 65 tons,
A yearold negn^told died ia Calhoun
from being dteoc^m with coal oil by
some other negro children, while tbe
mother waa away from home.
Mrs. Michael Doogberty, living near
Rocky Ford, committed raicide By tak
ing strychnine.
A. L. Benjamin, book-keeper of the
crockery house of E. B. Taylor A Co., of
Richmond, Va*. has goM to Canada with
$15,(MO of tbe firm's money.
Ons hundred head of stock were bara-
I iu a barn near Paris, Ky. Tbe bnitd-
g wu fired by lightning.
Forty persons were killed end about
five hundred injured by a tornado
Dacca, India.
Tbe Bmlington Road hs* rastoTv-.|
rate* 00 freight. This mean* ■- en'
the freight rate war.
At Terra Haute, Ind., the State Nor
mal School building was burned to the
ground. Lota, $1ot,000.
O. D. AlIenABroe., large land and
cattle owners of Uartlaod, Kansas, have
failed. liUbtUUea, $100,000.
At Bristol, Tena., tbe large planing
and manufacturing mills owned ny But-
fum A Co. have been burned, txa*,
$35,(XM; insurance, $5,000.
Thomas Riole*, who with U* brothers
rns a number of grocery stores thr^gli'
out New York City, and ia renuted to
be wealthy, wa* •entenced to toe ^i-
tentlary for three month* for selling
Two nraroea, whose name* could net
be Icareed, fought a duel with pocket
knives near Blnuingham, AIa.,* at a rail
road camp. One of them wa* fatally
•tabbed and the other ese^ed.
Charlaa S. Cram aad Samuel C. Whila,
tha ahMoading aresideat awl cashier of
NMtoaal Baak/^ Rsleidt.
ihom* is oswtody of Chies^
PatiM Heartt aad Dapaty Rogers. Tw
party srers drtveu qidrtly to the jdl.
Vary few people ware aa ne lookout, as
it rad baaa aasouacad that Crem and
WUta woidd oot arrive uatU later la
toe day.
Ob tMitarrival at toe jail toe prisoner*
me lotoad up. fhey wer* permitted
.j sea a (aw iwtivea. Ihree hrothera-
iailaw «f White aad two of his chureh
Meads called. To one of tbe latter
White said that amidst all hiatroublM
he had Bot lost his reHgioa. Re was told
that* week »go hi* Sunday school dass
of young lames bad prayed for him.
Whito remarked that the {Hunderadbenk
ought, with proper management in
clea^ it up, pay from seventy to ninety
mts on the dollar.
Orom declaiea that the brak was broke
alltopiccee wher he went in as presi
dent two years aao, and that thej^ple
in the bank knew it to bt so. He said
further that when the trial came off, and
he went on the stand a* a witness, all
this would be revealed, and a great deal
more. Be asserted that some people here
are sorry to see him and White Mck in
Ralei^. He declared that he and'White
would prove their assertion* by the books
of the bank.
The're was no trouble whatever
bringing the prisoners beck. They did
not require handcuffs. There was talk
* a compromise by which they agreed
retorn. This was all wrongly stated.
They returned lust at if extruited, tc
be tried upon (he three ndictmeots of
forgery found against them by tbe grand
Jury of Wake county, which were filed
wito the Department nf Slate at Wub-
ington. They merely saved tbe trouble
' extradition. That was all.
'The bond of each was fixed by ilndpe
,jipp, of Wake Superior Court,
teen thousand dollars. Effort*
made to secure the requisite bail, but
ere unavailing.
Home persons express a belief that they
can't ^ convictod of forgery, but tbr
majority say th* evidence, is direct and
overwhelming, and their conviction
certainty. No reporters
A has^ of rie* wal|^ BOO prands.
Tbe first steal pea wm made ta IBM.
A 9*8 is ton and seven-eighto inehM.
Italy dgnlfis* a country of pil^ bum
U* ykldmg grsto qnandtie* of Uack
A haadsoma Maltese cat, taken frost
Norfe^ Va, toSiaaaton, tnvrtsdbeek
homa 3,6 miles, by. itiialf, in a few
— ■‘ta
.. Tax** paper mn that a somiam-
bulist went out aad hitched op hto laam
and plowed nMriy half an acre bofor*
b* woke sp.
A hugh black fish ow t'airlj-fisp feto
la length was seen in tbe watm os the
bay aear Whatcom, Washington Tmi-
tory, recently.
Parte te tbe city of cats. They live in
colonic* near the market* and war on
d bank nsletn of
the United States was organised Wbruaiy
25, 1863, to give netfoTBity to the paper
currency and Ike banking laws 01 th*
In 1526 Wales was ineorporatod wito
England, and the Englteb lavrsand liber
ties were graotod to its inbsbiunta. Ire
land wa* raised lo the dignity of a king
dom in 1543.
Illinois hs* a law prohibiting the ml*
of tobacco in any shape to children
under eighteen yean of a^ra and tbe
Ksyor of Chicago has set ^ut rigidly
enfor^ng it.
TMe relitive dtetaores of the sun and
Ole muon were first calculated, gra-
! the prisonen, Counsel for tbr
lattor laid that they bad ao statomants
to make, and would make none until thr
trial WM held.
wtrically, by’^Aristafehua, who ateo
giaiotained tbb atability of the *ttn»,
about 280, B. C.
The fruit of the cherry laurel increases
at the rate of ninety per cent, at night
and cnly ton per cent: by day; while *^
pies iitcreases eighty per cent, at aignt
and twenty per cent. In tbe daytime.
Had not Ibe wife of an Englteh papur-
maker accidenily leta blue bag fall into
a vat of pulp, bine laid paper, the inven-
tioa which brought a fortune lo Ihe paper-
maker, might have still to be invented.
Arthur Rchlemio, of Baoford, Fla.,
kllM a rattlesnake Ibe other day, and
(onnd in it a tarn rabbit. The animat
bad evidently me swallowed only a
ibort time before, for it waa etlll warm.
A colored man in Anderson eenniy, 6.
C., found a live net in tbe middle of Ibe
“ j trunk of a huge pine tree which be felled,
admittcrl | • sirall cavity in the ceoSerof
A ttaoagla Xmwyar Cli
tto*. eawvraad.Van af Hto (I
Ham Joan ittaeked.
A decided searnttos wa* created li
ligiou* oirOlea *t Wllkesbarre, Pa. Bam
Joaea, the evaageltet, lectured there,
tad aa uaual waa p^use In his broad
aoyiags. The moniiirg paper make* a
blUac attack on Jones. Itmys; “After
runnlug toe nuntiet between aemi-
aobrieto aad dmlrlnm tremeas, he biacad
p antf exhiMtod himself a* a bright ex-
nple, Joaea now wallows in coersf
ingoage and wit of a losy toee. Hk
lyiaga leave a had taste la The mouth
M seem mcreligkru*. He makes a bur-
aqM of rejigtoaL, Bratlmr Oardaer, of
M Uma Kin Olab, abonid get hold *f
OBCs aad azUldt Uai.*'
Tks Alieraer Geevral af Kealh Carallae
(Mves aa IssssHaal neelslaa.
A question as to the proper manner of
assessing bank slock and banking capi
tal’ for taxing having arisen in Bnulh
Carolina, the matter was referred by the
Comptroller-Oeaeral to Attorney-General
Earle, who rendered the following im
portant decision, which, from the fact
that it decUrn* United States bonds not
exempt from State taxation, causes con-
■idersble consternation among banking
people generally. The Altorney-Oen-
era] mys;
“My opinion te that the there* of the
.harebolaets in any bank or banking
amociarion should Iw listed egaiust them
individually at their tnie value in money,
and tote value should include all surplus
or extra money, capiUl and every species
of personal property of value owncrl -
in the poseesaloD of any such bank,
matters not that such surplav or capital
may have been Invested in United Btalc*
bond*, or other noo-taxsbie securities.
Under se^on 5319 of the ravteed eUtutee
it ie declared that nothing in stnintos
1^1 prevent all the tharee in eny asao-
ciation from being included in Ihe per
sonal property, or the holder of such
share* in aaisesing toxca imposed by the
authority of the state wilbin which Ibe
SMOctemn te located, etc. My opinion
te tort under tlite s^ion, when con
strued with (be other United Hlatcs
baokiog laws, the Bute ha* the authority
to impose a Ux upon tbe aclunl value in
money upon tbe toarcs of tbe abare-
bolders without any refereace to (he
character of (he eecuritim In which the
otpital or aurplu* of any bank nuy be
inveatod. Van Allen re. tbe Aiaesac—
8 vol., 695.”
Comptroller - OeoenI Verncr I
lastrnctod all the county auditors to >
toad tbe infonaaGoo above rtven to 1
hank* aad baaUag ibsUlututB*, and
quire all soda oorpontiuni to revise
turns Boa^ Yij tbm, taking care lo as-
oertain, '
the tree made there by chipping the pine
when small.
A farmer of Sumpter county. Ark.,
iwapped hi* homestead of 160 acres for
fire acres of land, twenty bushels of po
tatoes, one tow, four pigs, fire gallons of
lynipi four hens, two eggs, and a ^“"e
:liew of tobacco.
Samuel Merriton, who died In Indlan-
ipolb recently at the sge of ninety, was
the oldest-born Indianian. His father
was a Kevnlutionsry soldier who settled
on the present site of Aurora, Indiana, in
1708, tbe year of Bamnel Morriion'e
A Buffalo man hungbiiwitchat night
'er a pan of dougb in tbe kitchen, and
.ue next morning it wa* missing. He of
contee thought it had bean stolen, end
iDsjdernbly ttirpriaed at supper time
the lost timepiece roll out of a loaf
of bread hi* wife wu cutting.
A peculiar feature of Long Lake, in
Wexford County, Micblnn, I* that it
gralually rtece and subside* once every
few yaari. H hu been rising for the past
four or five year*, aod tbe Grand Renld*
A Indinoa Kailwiy bat been obliged to
abandon it* old railway along the thora.
Roberta, of llsrtwell, Georgia,
rooster which swelled op to aa
snoatural alee tbe other day. Out of
curlositj Jim nunctnrtd Ih* fowl's skin
wito BfMnkDiie to find out if It* great
bulk were dne lo air beneath tbe skin.
The roo-tor *1 once colUpsed to ita nor*
Btal ri-^e aod te now all right.
Becrnt af tha Hphlax.
Aa undertaking hu been begun which
ought to yield results of speciu intorust.
ThU U tte reraq|rt of aud from round
the tphioz. TiKphinx occuplet a po-
kltion whure tbe emroortimant of toe
desert te most conspicuous. At the
preMnt day nothing Is to ba seen of the
nnimal except iUhMd aed neck; bnttb*
old Bnptlan monumenia on which K U
figucad show not only tha entire body
down to the paws, but ateo a large
•quare plinth beaeath,covered wUhonta-
manls. Binr* the time of tha Greeks,
K ibapa, even slac* Ibe ra'go of Oeorn
toil pllath hu dluppeared baaealh
th* eaod aad H* vary axteuae* had beaa
Hmute a b% aad gaatdaa ssauttna Ur
Bonto CaroHaa.
A young Georgian, aad aa adttnr M
that, uaued throagu Augarta *■ kU,.
way to Alkaa, 8. C., to bcfla h towault
for toe recovary cn Iba aatbt tawte.
Thiak of Alk^ (be graetaat imut Ik -
Ilia Soo^ md th* tiehirt of to* ami
cUie* la OatoUna, all eWaed 19-a
The young man te JidlM B. BodfUli;^
one of the raitora and th* buslnaM atoa-,.'
agerof the Maoon Evenlttg Nawu. Ha'
wu bora jte'Wayvmboro, aeor Aufurtn,
and une* leaviim eoUeg* in Maeoa aoM
yean sgo he hu been engaged in juuinm-
ism in that city. He waa married about
two years ago to a lovaly Georgia '
and they have a bright little boy, whom
they will rechrtetoa Lord of Aiken, If
they recuvw that beauGful town.
A reporter interviowed Hr. Rodgenaa
be wu waiting for the Aiken train, aad
he feels coaBdent of eatabHshlng Ui
churn. Die attorneya In Aikea era CeU
A. G. Hammoad and John Gary BvaoSk
and they have examined tbe leunto of
Aiken and adjoining countie* of. Bn- .
well aad Ed^etd, and inform hhn that'
they have ample evidence to begin Ur
suit. They have urged hi* preeaaea U
Aiken before Wedaeaday, aod thajhiBa-
thereby to raeover a laage part of Oa
property without contoat, m oa totfi day
certain leases expire, which, if Hr.
Rodgera putt in objection*, it wU hs
legally Impoauble tn raMw. H* te now
in Aiken eonsuiting Mcmr*. Hammoad A
Evans, and they wilt begin Ibe euIt at
It seem* that many year* ago BodgetO*
grandfather, Beverly M. Rodgeia, of Au^'
gusts, purchased sb^t 700 screa of land
ID aed around tbe elevation ttnon.wkich
te DOW built toe town of Aikm. Be
bought it u a speculatien and deeded
certain lots to the South Carolina Read,
provided tbe company would ostaMIto a
station and town. ». Rodger* diqd
very suddenly, and hH affaitt ware eoa-
siderably mixed. His children were all
small, aad when the father of tbepreasut
Julien Rogers took charge of affatea ^
dee^ were lost, aod the bare fart tort
hi* father held some land in Carotiaa
wu all that he knew of tbe putobase.
Meanwhile eenlers toito poeamakia of
Aiken aod it grew to be a town. Fie-
tiUou* sale* aeem to have been effected,
and whila the deed of tbe rtder Rodgen
wu recorded, there eeemed to ba ao
record of deed* from him to puruhaaen
of much of tbe land Uiat te now iano-
ccotly held by real buyers. The Rodgera
family elept oner their rights imtn ra^
cently, when m aunt in TexM wrote to
Jnlicn advillng him to look up the oU
record* He took hold of the mattto,
and tbe lawyers have discovered a pretty
warm trail In tbe way of evidence, toav-
Ing tort at least two bnadcod acres ia
a^ around Aiken have never prapetly
passed out of the noeeemloa of (he
hodgen family. Mr. Barney Dunbar, a
promiuent and wealthy cittaeo of Au
gusts, who is related to the Rodgne
family, teem* to bare called tha mattm
to mind, and u he te an old rreidat aad
familiar with- Carolina, he wrote to Wa
reUGue In advbing (bat (he oW*
ter be lookM into, with what etfert awy.
be seen aad with whrt icaulta tbe Gua-
Una court* will show.
Mr. Rodgen doe* not know ai vet'
what part of Aiken te affected by ate
claim, but hie information te that tha
whole town te included, and if am toa
little city will ba oondderrtdy rfmltoa
up. It te an important and aeltow mat
ter to Aiken, and it te also qiton
tant to Mr. Rodgera Re wya tort tina
of hi* family will ebarc wito hfaa whrt-
ever h* can lecuver, aad he will (whlha
euit for all it te worth. Thte meaae thrt
huadred* rtid hundred* of thaumaim «
dollan of property in Aikea are rt
Bcariy ae they pomibiy can. It te generally eoppoaedthrtthasphh i
oney valiM di Im ih*ie* in; U hewn out of a Urge, Isolated rock
ttlons, InclndinglheirenrpliM, whito overlooked the p'aln; but M.
■ V c.. >-^pera'* resaarebe* euggert that it te a
'k atlll mora atupenoea*. H* ha*
•nch ImlitaUoBi, Inclndlng (heir
srltheot r^erenee lo the chancter of the
•eciirtUea to which th* capital or aurplos
My be iavntod.
AUaakiag tin Cmu,
A ifactel from lU., nya
“Q" aofiae, asaaaed byj now men. waa
apanatofag tha dty ijkr toe Weston
ladteBB tnefei tremJW anathweat. At
47to ■treat a erowfflhnw rtaan thnngb
toa ato wladaw, when Ch«te* ffcaipre,
aa* of-lhoenv, drew a wridvm, aad
IriagSt rt to* eaavd, otnto Jaaws Boy.
tea. Afaukdrymrt, to the kae*. AtMfb
rtrort toe aapae rest the *uh npatetea
fremJkotoar crowd, and Buinri agafn
a Wrtto.* Wi
rrtMhrtrttoare, Into*
hhmdrtiHy. AaWMrt
A Claae Winra far Rli life.
Thabarben'aiatetoatoof KaplM, Iialy,
were out on* strike. A rich Bagltefa-
■aa artiriag' atra hotsi uked Tor a bar-
bar. Maff iafurmid ef tha etitt*, hut
heat upou maktag hi* vteii* without de-
toy, b* offered $li>9 for a ebavu. That
..... llV ahflv.
proved that the spUax occiMies Ihs ---
tor of an ampbithutrt, formiag n kiad
of 10^ basin, to* apper rim of whkh to
about oaataval with m head nf tha aal-
nuL Tbe wall* of tote amBhitheatni
wMaever visible, an eat tv we haad ef
msa. It scam* prohabla, tharatora, that
is to* bagtaniag (hare wot a aalform
•arfaea of rock to which aa artWeial nl-
iM hm buaa axcavitad, m •• to teaoa to
to* mMdte a block eat of wUto th*
by thav- sahlsx wm finally hem. Th* aatova-
ioaaRdv team for tweira tematot rt i tioai nowbalagoarriadoawUl(■•oMirt
l&tek It te^ arteatehtag; tharafort, rtrifr toa txMeace of tha jMath toown
dZTmaaww faaod wiU^ to hraak oa tto old palattoga,
tM ralm of too uatoa aad joitoot oaa ovUoae*, by (ho oreaanatrttea of Iho
yertb salary by OBOshar*. fact ba- rtlath, ef th*lm ng^thoMnrt^.
roartkamtahteedteaiiiMa. hawovor, fi. Maaparo te teeSod ta am^teWa
{STaaaMedrd to attaak to* apartato vory crest MUlHty~pe^
wSk jSteil^ n* «M takaa to toe thaa (S* aarif dnartiat—Ite
Mto taartyreoua amiare. tbairet “
The Soatoan ProM.
The Bootharn Piam Amootettoa, to
annual aeiBioB rt New Orieaair
to* foUowlng oflioen: Preehfaat, U B,
Jocea. Jaeksoaville TImes-Unhm; rtoa-
preridoat, W. W.- Beraws, Muatywriy
Adrerttear; ncrotan sad inaMnr,
Adolph a. Odm. Cbatlaaooga Ttertk
Direetora, J. H. X*t^ Bannaah Nowai
H. C. Haaaaa. Odumbas Raqolsor-laat
E. P. Howell, Atteate QuaaUtuttea;
Pstfkk Wateh, Angurta Arorteto; J.
W. Lmbert, Natcbn Detaoerrt-, QareM
H. Nichotooa, New Oricnaa Plwnan.
H. K. Ellteoa, IHcbmead Dtepatto: T.
W. Oawaon, Charteotoa Nawn. eai
Courier, aad PaguM. Baker, |few fte-
teuw ‘IteMO-Democnt.
Tb* amietetioB te to mart BUrt y*af rt
Tbe mimkrti lalt the dty oaqouM
treia on to* Loatevlll* aad Nawrffte
Bolhuad. Aftar calHag on Mr. Onto rt
Daaavotr Ibuy will uneuad ta ftrt
Chrtettea, whan to* rktonwRlh*a»
tertntoad rt n dtaaor glvan by Iho «m-
brti of tW Naur (teteia* Preaa. .
Nrd Wartli Haattoalag.
ToeHlir- Nter(who hn JartM'a
Wr-aMtadatoBT*y-.-“Av. hew miT
te Itr, *
trtW—“Taaalj iiauaBl^Mt.*
TMm Hr. ■rtf—**Atr, daaa toil

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