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t ' "withi.. 7B 1 8in*le
oUiy i« »l Wlniw of tbta poper
W 0. SMITH. Climriorte. K. C.
Rboft «rt«po»J.n« of of in^
U> ihc public bi wllciwd but p««»t» murt not
be diJi^-jintod if they ^
• - in oor colnmw. We ■!» w* rwpoririWe
the view* of eorwspondaiite. inonymnoe
eoniuuiulatlooego to tlie waete boiket.
tie mbit u ini« nra. Tbt colored
mea of Uiii State «ni elect him e
dela^tcat Urge wbfa the State mb-
TwSoa%eifi.aa wa wiU be wi^(
to h|t»him iKd a. Aerman dellga-
♦tfff m to cart o# ratea tar the ebtioe
of the delef atioB."”
H05. W. P. CA5AD1T.
Since the Southern Proleclioni,
which eemos to have been eUrted to
protect Ihq dcmocratio party agaiort
.what Bcein* ita final doom in
State, haa aaid w ihuch agaioat' Mr.
Oanaday, wc will »ay in a few >orda
why Mr Canaday ahonld be tmated
in preference to Mr. Dockery. The
Frotecliouitt chatgca Mr. Canaday
with appointing demoorato to office
and with being disloyal to the party.
That ia the old cry of “stop thief.
The Profcrfloniaf needs only to he
read to show whether or not it w
disloyal to the parly and tho history
of the editor may be cnjairedtiifo to
learn vtUat he has ever done for the
party, and if the paper baa done more
than abnae and speak disparagingly of
republican leadcra. and if the editor
has ever done more than hold a good
paying office in the party given him
hiB father’s name, and rwmved the
honors of Ih'o party four years ago of
election as delegate by the re«iueal of
' bis father, and bore hia father’s name,
wo have yet to learn of it. The 1’
frrfjoiu'rt, in its coarse will do the
rcpnblicani more horm and the deiuo-
rrats more good than any two demo
cratic paficrs could do by fighting
straight in that party.
Now why did Mr. Canaday appoint
democrats to office?
A few years ago while Sergcant-al-
srms of the Semite, and the ropnbli-
cans only one majority, j'appointmcnta
were taken from the majority and the
ofiiecs coming under the Sergeant-at-
arms were divided among all the
Senators, and democratic Senators as
well as republicans could have their
■ friends appointed. When a Senator
; bad an office, Mr. Canaday could do
ni) more than appoint the man
nalL-d. The principal officers of the
Senate arc elected by that body,
it was a common Ihing for Mr. Cana
day to appoint democrats to office, why
• don’t Mr. Dockery name more than
one, of the hundreds of wen he has
given places since he has been
influential man in tho departments
and with the administrations
Mr. Canaday needs, no defense at
our hands, lie is too well known
this Stale and country. While mayor
of Wilmington ho showed that he had
the broadest shoulders and the biggest
heart of any man that baa ever filled
that office. His administration was a
success and a living monument espe
cially to the colored people. When
he was made collector of that port, he
went further and stood firmer by the
colored man than any while man has
ever done in North Carolina. Ilia
chief deputy was a colored man and the
only one ever holding a similar posi
tion in the State. A rosjorlly of his
employees were colored and hia in-
spoetors, &c., were treated like men.
When Mr. Canaday went to Wash
ington bo did uol do aa many other
men. He still held inflaeneo and did
not forgelLis party and friendi. He hat
given to colored men more places
Washington City than any man, 1
ing or dead- At the oloao of the r^
pabUoan adnioislTaUea. taoro colored
men held placea in Waohington credit
ed to Hr. Canaday than to all other
repoblicans from the State combinod.
lie has spent more money for tho party
than any man in the State,
friend to a friend and will stand
by him and fight for him when
Duniiisirj There is not a truer and
mors loyal inan to ths repnblieta
party tlM Boa. W. P. Canaday.
Hs ia a bold, wise, tme and aafs
^ leader.
t .Per thane and ottsr
rapahlicw bava benortd Hr. Casa-'
SATnres about eaubco.
The wsather has been quite mild,
but at this writing the cold wave is
isidng ns.
Last Monday night 2d inst. a severe
stonn arose aceompanied with load
peals of thnnder and lightning
The Normal Literary Society, which
b presided over by Prof. O. H. Wil
ms, wc learn is progressing rapidly.
Mr. E. L.v.Thornton, of Tarboro,
. C., was in town a few days ago.
Mr. John Holloway, of Wilming
ton, N. C., paid ns a short visit last
The Golden Star Lodge held
tival in Masonic hall last Wednesday
and Thursday night.
Vacation days will soon be here,
and perhapb the little boys and girb
will welcome them.
The grand rally for the ebnreh bell
at Kvan’a cbapel will come ofl^ next
Sunday, 15th. It U hoped that every
oy will do bis and her dnty. Our
pastor, Rev. J. M. Hill, is working
Easter was strictly observed at Zion.
The chnrcb was handsomely deeorated
with green shrubs and white tarlton.
Flowers were very scarce. The pas
tor preached one of his rich, flowing
sennont. In the afternoon the Holy
Sacrament was administered. The
choir rendered several anthems which
bad been prepared for the occasion.
Mr. 0. C. Scnrloek spent Easter
Sabbath in Maxton. Hois constantly
travelling now in the interest of the
Tetoperanco canse.
A few wiieks ago fire broke out in
store occupied by Mr. F. P. Willis-
It was not long before the whole
town was niuiDlnated. A good num
ber of his goods were saved, though
the real Iom u not known by many.
Mr. A. W. Whitfield writes that ho
ia highly plansad with his new moun
tain home—Asheville. He u very
much missed, especially on Oillispie
The revival meetings at Zijui have
closed, after a continuation of eight
or ten weeks. About eighty persona
were happily converted. It can truly
be said that tho “Holy Ghost” was
in the midst of God's people Wo
only give a aynopsia of the doings at
Zion, as another copy will appear
relative to this nod Easter services.
As the editor gave os'suchauice
diet on long manuscripta a few weeks
ago wc must cut our uolea down very
short. Wc never like , to make largo
debta. You will hear from ns again
soon, readers. Maav.
Kayettovillc, April 12lli.
The peopl* qronnd and abaht the
^taMty are in 1^ *4^ ^ aIrdH
xit&ent over the thu vm-
g ft the two fraEdhleX banll ofi-
fitab, Croes and %hi^ from the
boodler'e paradbe. Canada. Before
their leave of tbb ley elime many
donbtt were maintaiood ^kbeobiMU
of their return to thb oonntry. After
all it b through their own ooorlesy
that they are at the demands
court. Dbtriet Attorney Bnsbeo
igned an agreesaent that they would
only be tried for three forgeries, abd
not for having in enetody atolan money.
Tot these men have stolen more money
than all the ninety-six of those Ne
groes in the State of North Carolina
together. The State Bank b com-
pletely gone, and on iU door ean be
seen the sad inscription, etoaed, A
stranger not cognisant of the Cact in
passing might think it was a national
or Stole holida^ and tho officials
ont on a bird hunt.
The editor of the OtUlook, W. B.
Hnntor, has tendered hu rc^natlon
to the manager of the OufiooA, which
has boon aeoepted, and he will no
longer be responsible for what appears
io its editorial columns.
The teachers are moking extensive
prcparalioDB for the reception of the
teachers from tho different pelts of the
State, who will attend the State
Teachers Association.
Politics are aontewbat on a boom in
the different wards of the city, and
each political loader is olosiog up his
columns for tho grand contest, which
II soon bo in our midst.
Wo notice in the last issne of the
Wilmington BidUlin a very severe
criticism on tho editor of the Cape Fear
Adpoeal' While thb may bo true
about hb dceeilfuloess (and your
humble servant would dare say not),
it seems that when wo see one of our
race possossiog such prinrijjr as pub
lished by the BulUiin, instead-of push
ing him down the hill, wc should en
deavor to elevate him. Remember the
Negro has already. 43,(>00,000 of An
glo-Saxons behind him, and against
him, cither politically or socially,
is proper to go to tho man—not write
him up In such a mannt.T Wi
sorry to sc^^ucb nobio mind
editor of the BuUeii'n possesses stoop
to notice such articles as often sppears
in the Cafx Fear Advocalr'.
Tbo Charlotte Messxnobr is hailed
at the Capital as ouo of the greatest
Negro journals in the country. Smith
indeed, u a powerful editor—not only
editor, but a financier in
paper business.
Wc hope Prof. E. K. Smith is satis
fied, having received that recognition
so iiincU desired by him. He has been
a candidate for tbo Mission since the
days of Hopkins. Success to him.
Hope Taylor’s flees wil’ not lim
KalciRh, S. tAprilO, 1»».
BilTW Slur Band. Good Tymphn.
Haxton Guards, and 5 good
le» an int olwortr whA
they frU to get iU tidings.
Toura in every good work.
0. W. Bitafuen.
Wc, your committee, do report as
“Aootber baml U beokontag ns,
Another eall w given ;
And gk>ws once mose with angal-etepa
na path which reaehse Heaven.
“Our young and gentle friend, wboee smile
Hade hrightcr siimme|,hoari.
Amid the frocU of antumn time
Baa left.ns with the flowera:
“No paling ot the cheek of bloom
Forewarned us of deeay;
No fhadow from the Silent I«nd
Pell round our risler’t way.
"The light o! her young life went down.
As rinks behind the hill
The glory of a setting star—
Clear, suddenly, and sUlI.
We miss her in tbo place of prayer.
And by the bcarth-fire'sqight;
We pause boride her door to bear
Once more hersweet •Oood-night.' ”
With what force and reality come
these lines of the poet!
How sbooking and yet how sugges
tive are the dispensations of Provi
dence I
His dispensation has been among
UB. Our ranks have been despoiled.
Another gentle and sweet soul gone—
a powcrfnl personality is silent. Thfr
grave holds her fist. Death Aas
claimed her for his own. Mrs. hfar
Dc Sinclair is no more. The tactfity
and students of Livingstone College
do resolve;
Ist. That in her denth is lost, to
the Institution, a devoted, effioient,
and untiring worker in the promotion
of ita intcresta ; to tbo instructors
igenial and noble associate ; to the
students an accomplished and exem
plary teacher.
2dly. That while wc bow in humble
submission to the will of Him who
“doclh all things well,” we feci a
profound sadness in the loss of our
as,ooiato and teaober.
.Idly. That wc extend to tho be
reaved husband tendcrest expressions
of condolence, and pray God that be
may be sustained in this his hour of
deep grief.
fietolrrd, furthn. That this report
be published in the Star uj Zion, the
CitAitLorre MBseesdxii, and the Ten-
nrniec Star.
Respectfully submitted,
E. Mookb, Cbairinau.
8. 0 Atkiss, Sec’y.
Committee; Miss Jennie C. Junes,
isa Fannie 0. Petty. Miss Gertie S.
Holracs, R. H. Stitt. Edward Fields,
T. T. Richardson. J. D. Bibb. Mi
Baltic Riddick. Miss Dusky HamLlto
We are prepared to furnish everything iu the Undertaking Line.
Everything New. Open at aU houTS.
Charlotte Undertaking Co.,
14 S. Tryon Street, opposite Central Hotel.
at lOc.. 12ic., 16c.. 20e-. 8te- and up- 1" '*** "cwfat sltarW.
i Shadca. at C8 cento per yard. i
•nto rarh. Tbeseatand navnnwaxvl. I
10 Hliadrs, at 66 crots per yanl.
al 26 cents a pair. Perfect fluing.
CHEMISE at 25 cents and up.
DRAWERS at 25 cents and up.
CORSET COVERS at 25 centa and np.
SHIRTS, full long, 30 cents ami up.
CORSET COVERS 25 cents and np.
Gentlemen’s Olothing
has arrived. NO SHODDY GOODS.
AT 48 cento you boy a man's onlanndried
Drew Sliirt, lluen boaom. re-inloTccil lack
and Trent and Patent Seams
Regulator of Ixiw Prices.
C- B- Miller opened a
Iu 1885, on Easter Sunday morn
ing, there were four meu and
women io tffc guard-honso from tbo
influence of whiskey. This being
1888 there bos been a great change.
The path to the guard-honsc is oov-
over with green grass. Bat w
arc sorry to say wc have the terrible
evil to fight ag^nst again. We are
glad that we bare it to ^ght, bat
fight it With boldness. VTe have
selected General Jeans for our Captain
and therefore we do not fear.
Pleaae encoorage all yonr readeni
of thb paper in our behalf. Some of
weak-kneed ehrittians say it makes
money mtUere hard, bat w» know
that it pleases God, and therefore we
fight on.
Mr. Editor, I have been waiting on
■e other parties who aaid they were
going to send whew I did—bnt find
enolosed one dollar. H. Tcanu.
Biftrlet OmflsrcMe.
PleoM allow me to «y to tbo pnblle
throngb yonr paper that onr Bistriet
Confismee of the Wilmington Dbr
triol will eoae off here at Lanrithnrg
on the 18lh of April, and nlip tbo
SnndajHMbool Convention will oonM
off on lbs tint nnd eloM fftd. Ber.
J. B.' ChMpUtt. Pr^iding Bdw of|Mn)s Itolon will b« Uftod.
[ tba WIMt^ton OistrM, wfU pfiMdt.
Pmi fir lff> Ant Ood' any Ums ein
MriigAlllfitai. Yomlnlg,
ewnny le^wp* —w ■■■■..
school in Maxton, Monday, Apiil 2d.
Miss L. D. Lee is still teachiug at
Alma. Reports eomiiig in from there
gives much credit to our young teach
er of Lumbertou.
Mr. G. C- Scurlook, Grand Lecturer
and Organiser of Good Templars in
he Stale. Icctnrod here in the M. E.
Chnrcb to a large congregation.—
Twenty-six took the obligation.
Thanks to our many frienda for
paat assiatance to build a church at
John station. Please don’t stop.
'e are where help b needed. The
frarap b np and we desire to use the
ebnreh by the first of Jnly.
I adminbtored sacrament last Sun
day to ninety-seven eommonicants.—
Four new membera Joined ebareh.
Our Snaday-schools are in a better
oondition. and has mere literature
than for yean past. ^ Bnnday-sebool
eanvention in eonneclinn with Wil
mington Bistriet Gonfereoee nt Lan-
rinborg April 18-20.
The' Maxton Ukiem printing pren
has been moved in onh room over H.
MeNair'n rtoro—nropared for Y. M.
Borry to o«r aged biher,
Stophea Mdfbtib. Is Ml expevled to
live, wM l)«art IronblM,
If good ooeietiei will erMte good
bava #. U. 0- 0. O. Mtowt, Indo-.
KaIgMffOf HpMT, ffriandt off 1W
Hos the laiynt .-uiil Mont Coni|iMr Stock of
In North Carolina.
Pianos and Qrgans
Ofllic Iksl Makifi oi
AccommoJaliuns funiialied iravrim at
reasonable rales. ComTuriable beds ami
renms. Home locatea Iu the cmtral and
businenrartoT the cilv. Table fimibibeil
wiUi the Ixat oTtbcuisrkcl. Meals stall lionn.
J. M. GOODE, - Propbibtor.
Ohickering Pianos, Arion Pianos,
Bent Pianos, Mathnshek Pianos,
Mason & Hamlin Pianos.
Mason & Hasilin Organs, State
Organs, Packard Organs,
E. M. ANDREWS, : Trade Street, Chabwttr, N. C.
111 MKAl »0l,
LnmbertoB, N. C-,
will begin ita TiitanxitTn eeaslon for
six months on Monday, April 9,1688.
Having been edneated ilk a Nxw
ExobAUD Nouial ScupOL, and having
had aiitecn yean oxperienec in the
■ehool-room, the Prinoipal b prepared
to do mneb for tboee who are seeking
a school where they may be aided
daring Ibe snaner Thorongh drills
given daily in ill the branches r^
inired to be tangbt in the Pnblie
lehools, and written examiontiona on
pnetieal questions given weekiy.
Forpnrtiealsts, eend fbr drenlara'to
LnmbertoB, N. C,
— T H HI —
is published every Saturday at
in the interests of the
It is the only Republioan paper in the
Western end of the sixth
Oongressional District
n, BVBlai P-VU—IB I-
Subscription, $1.60 ]
W.O. Si
I. T. A..
8£tof.aod Pntprietoi)
Irlottc, N. C.

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