North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. IV. NO. ,'59. CHARLOTTE, N. C., SATURDAY. APRII. 21, 1888.
Tn. $U0 ler ium sme On i (ok
Charlotte Messenger, a t.i
18 rTTBL18HKL>
Everv Saturday,
In the Interests of the Colored People
of the Conntiy.
Able end wetl-kDows writore- will conCrtb
ute to Ita rolamat from diffemit perbi of tbe
'■ouolrr, end it will motelo ihe^laM Oeo
«,Til 5i‘w» of the def,
Tfix Unsnon la a Oret-ciaB oewipatier
aad wlU not allow panottaJ abiue la lU ool-
The Budden Beath of Secretary ofj
State Zieltner.
1 or pertlau. but
indrpradent—daallDK fairly by alL ll n-
nTToi the lifbt to criUdae tbu ibortromingi
of all [public ofDdal*—oommeBdinc a*
worthy, and recomiMadlng tor election fuch
meo ai in ita oplaioo are beat roiled to eer'e
the intereet* of the people.
It u mtended to rapply the Jobk felt owd
of e oewepapo- to adVocate the riabte "id
defend the inler.ite of the negro-Atnerii
Tiedznoot •ect'— "*
MIteov* t*^ Adraiwe.)
-W.C. SMITH Charlotte HC,
A yew York iperial Mya: Mr. Conk-
ling diel at 1 ;50 Wedneaday morntag.
At ti o'clock last night reports from
Mr. Conkling's bedside were coodicting.
The riimor of his death which had been
circulated seems to have been gi»cn out
by a hotel porter. Colonel Fred Conk-
ling conic out of the bouse and aaid posi-
Iirely that bis father wiis not dewl, but
that be could not lire twelve hours.
This WAS ‘the first official anooiincement
from the bouse since the mmorwas float-
' ' out through the porter.
Drs. Barker and Sands left the sick
chomher at 9:%-1. Dr. Barker denied
that Mr. Conkiing was dearl. but said he
was sinking ratiidly, and would
probability die before morning. I
tem is giving way rapidly, and he
ve^ weak and be bad lust all conscious
Dr. Barker called at 10;.10 o'rlock last I
aight and remained until! I o'clock. He p„j(,
said that Mr. Conkiing was failing rap-r y XjUg, a college-mate and
idly. Ills extremities were »H-coming) friend of the sccretaiw, was instantly
cold. His legs were .luite cold. He was ,en,-(„r. and in a few minutes was upon
pulscli-s.v llis respiration wa« very.|uick I ,be upot, hut u»>on his arrival life was
He ail not think Mr. Conkiing eonUl gjjjjm.t. Miijoi fy-ituer died of paralysis
live mueh longer. In fact he did not : ,i,p hert. The ntLark, as it alwavs
think he would live two hours. He was | ■^„ Iq i,„^rt disease, was sudden and
Buffering from general failure of nervous ' »tvere.
system. [ Ht-crelary of State William Z. Leitner
At the l«-dsideof the dying man were I „„ pnrn in Fairfield countv, near
Mrs. Conkiing, -iudge ji'o*. Dr. Auden [ ^-innslwrn, on Septembers, IMO. and
•r a paralodaB Caalf b* Wwared.
The Hoa. Z. W. Leitner, Secretary of
State, died suddenly at his residenre in
Columbia. The news will give as great
a shock to the people of South Carolina
w it does to those of Columbia, who
have Iteen among the warmest friends of
the secretary. He sat down to breakfwt
‘ ate ven sparingly. Alter breakfast
walked out to the State House
grounds and converted for a little while
with friends, and then returned to the
’ ^ ! house, lajfn^uwn on a aofa In hb sitting
' I room while hii family were preparit
go to church. A few minutes e
wards, when one of the household re-
j turned to the room, Major Leitner was
a tbc floor convulsed with
What ear aesr Law Blahera ar, Dslas. NORTO CARtr.tHA.
C»a«res.lsaalaaSOia«^a*w.. Heiibroner * Bro., of Tarboro,
The President has oomiosted Thomas have made an assignment for the benefit
T. T. Tunstall, of Mobile, AIa, to be | of creditors. R. L. Lang is assignee.
L'nited StatM consul at Ban Salvador. | The liabilities are fUfi.OOO. Assets etti-
The bouse which was purchased in' • * -
Washington for ^e widow of General
Hancock has betW presented to her by
the chairman of the ceftomittee. Stllson
Hutchins. It is a four-story brown stone
The Comptroller ol Currency has de
clared the first and final dividend of one
hundred per cent and interest in full,
lyable on and after tbc leth instant, in
...vor of the croditois of the Metropoli
tan Natiunal Back, of Cincinnati. D.
The President has appointed Fred
erick B. Coudert. of New York; Frank
lin MaeVeigh, of Hiioois; Alex. C. Has
kell, of South Carolina; M. A. Hanna,
of Ohio, and James W. Savage, of Ne-
hraskA as goTcrnmcnt directors of tbc
n Pacific Railway Company.
Tlicre is s movetnenc on foot in Mexi
co to encourage the emigration of Ger
man (srraeri and to increase the produc
tion of cottoa in the norlbeattern jiart
of the Rcgublic^^__^__^_
Mr. R. H. Scott jfeceotly delivered a |
lecture on British and Atiantic weather [
, Mm. tlakhani c Mr.Conkling'n iliiugh-
terj and a professional nunc. Mr. Cook-
hug iia.-uvif away w ithout moving a limb.
He lookml as though [leacefiilly aicqiing.
There were a iiiiinl>cr of jn-rBiins outside
on the street waiting to catch the last re
port. Wiihiti doom there were between
forty and flftv ])ersons, also wailing to
hear the worst. Tney w-i-re coui[Bisecl
chiefly of represents! Ives of the press and
friendB of tbc de-y) Senator,
TTie Rev. Sam. Jones preached a few
days ago at Euiim-nce. Ry.. with a new
i-omjKitiiou—the boy preai-her, Pascal
ted a M
venile i
I the London institution. After
interesting remarks on the eSecl of dif-
ierence of height upon vapor, tbs ds
pendencs of our weather on the upward
or downward movement of the atmo-
•pl-ere in cyclonic and aoti-ejclonic
systems, and oa the cause of fogs, be
discussed the utility of the present
American reports in forestalling storms,
based OD a consideration of their mave
menu as shown by the Atlantic weather
•charu lately published by the metero-' and dn-.-iH o
logical council. These charu ihowed [ *>'-• fv*l ihi
that only a small proportion of storms i
-traveled across the Atlantic. The track ' .v.uw
as preached, and who is coming t
.ouisville with Mr. Jones in a few uayi
I'uscal Porter is a handsome clevc
ear old lad. Dressed in knickerlwckei
nd plaited blouse, a jaunty little bi
nd high button shni-n, he makes n
on the casual ol>iu-rv
therefore in bis Mith
terrtl the Soutb Carolina College in 1K47
and was graduated In the class of liMtl.
In he was ndmittol to the Isvr.
Devoted to bis |>eople and to the for
tunes of Ills State, be entered the mili
tary .service of South Carolic.a in tbc
Camde-n Volunteers on .April 8. IS61, and
was present at the bombardment of Fort
Sumter. After the surrender of the fort
he went to Virgin'^ wh?re 1
gaged in most of the battU-s fought by
the- army of Nbirthrro Virginia.
Gettysburg his right leg was shatter
below the knee by graiK-sbot aui «
During the war and immediately after
the sear be was elected to the Legisla
ture from Kershaw county at the bead of
the ticket. He w;ls also elected District
.ludge and held that imsiijon until the
District Courts woro set aside by the
during the
truclu.n pe
In IxTIllie
1 the Den
iitiny will show the observer
that there is someChiag unusual about
the iad. This iuipressiou is made when
on^ looks at his large, brown eyes, that
have in them an expreuion bcyiind boy-
Uo«al—a Ibougbiful light that indicatc-s
ili-velopi-l iiilelipct. His niunner. also,
while eiiiincnily boyish. itTso full of ner
vous force us to at once impress a close
In Ibi- pulpit he loses all of hb boyish
manaerisui. ami if he bad ant tbc form
and dre.sH ..f a child the audience could
lanof wonderful inlcliect
iidiiressing them,
ai- SUV that Pascai's s.t-
LS defeated
e. In 1HH4 be
:e Senate froir.
■ed In that body
A car loail of cotton in transit, con-
ligttcd to the HenriettA milt, was ilis-
rovered ac fire four miles from Shelby.
The train was run to a tank and the fire
extinguished without great d-aniage.
Pieces of exploded pyrotechnics were
s|H'ct to the memory of the bonorci
dead, the State and Federal flags were
displayed during the day at half-mast
from tbc St.le, and all 'of tin
State offices were riosed. Sixty incm
bers of the Survivom' Association ol
Richland couatv, of which Major l.eit
ner had l>cen a vice president, aasemldol
at till- residence "f the dei-eased and
formed a guard of honor for the remains
Eaeh wore abiue bodgi-and a knot oi
m the ‘
By a unanimous vote the House ootn-
mitte^on Eleetionsdecidcd the contested
election case of Nathan Frank vs. John
M. Glover, in Ike Ninth Miasouri db-
trict. In favor of Mr. t^lovcr, the sifting
member. The two Republican memln-n
of the committee were absent from the
Senator Hampton, while out horsi--
back riding n few [inys ago. met with an
iiccidant which has conflneil him to his
iijartnieDt ever since. The horse stumbled
and fell, the Senator breaking his yH>-
ticini leg and bruising hb hand^ the
fall. Hb injuries arc by no tn^s seri
ous, and he expects to be out ^aio in a
few days. p
The secretnry of the ■Washington Asso
ciation of the Alumni of the Hliiversity
of Virginia has received dis|Kitcbes fn
New Yoik. New (Jrleiins, Oolvi-lton. I
Louis and iaz> Praneisco stating that
large and i-nthiLsiAstic meeting of the
Alumni in those places were b«Vl Friday
to celebrate the anniversary of the birth
day of Tliomas JcflenioD.
The Secretary of the Tre-asury has ap-
|K>intcci PostmAsier Mowry dbliiirsing
ageul for the new public building •
Cbiirleston, S. t’. The romiiensiitu
which is ;t-H of 1 per cent of the amoi
disbursed, was so small that no di-sira
person coiilil Iw foiBid who was willing
to uccrpt the designation, roosci|iieuilj
Mr. Muwrv was -elected hi discharge lUi
dutii-H in cuunectiun n-ith the |HJBtmusIi’r
1C weather-crop bulletin, iasii-o bv |
dglial offic.-*, MVS The went!
*.-ck hiLs been favorable for gi
H in all agrii tiltiinil disi
of Ibcdcpresaions is determined by the |„ry to In- accounted for on the tin
dbtribiilion of presmre over the ocesn, ' th' sbno'rmst devHopment of any iutel-
and of tbb distribution wu ere ignorant Icetuiil faculty, siiire of ne.-i-s-i!y it
, . , . u r . 7 _ wiiuM tike nimli more tune than he has
at tbe time of despatch 'e'efff*'"’' had far Jiim ro have learned the language
fromAmericA Tbe lecturer sUted that . H.-wever that may be. the
in their present incomplete form the tele- , voungsler nreacbed sermons of wonderful
gtsms were of no Assi-Uoce to thr I eio.|uen.'e'and l!ueiiry. .|iioting ri-iuiily
meteorological office in b. 'ing sioto wL]'lr?i-el-'wirii him, sirs
warnings^ | ,i„. faculty sh'iwcl itself in the little fi
the flit
III- has
M'hixil scholars at hb
ii-hicg regularly now
I Jeffers
The the organ of the Ami
-ornithologistA >■> an article condemning ' hi> fell-
the wanten killing of birds of plumage '
for ornstnental purposes, ssyi that ’‘the
lovely wooden blan'is off tbc gulf coast ijiii
-of FloridA where only a few years ago j family'*1iv
the roseate spoonbill, the reddish egret. ' near Mudbou.
all the common species of herons, and , - —
the while ibb ociicd in myriads, never The Biggest Bobrat In .America,
to be fo-gotten by those who had visited - There arriveii in B-mgor on .Monday
the favored snots, arc now almost entire- Bight by the Amrr can Express,
1, d.Kn-i. .'k-h f-n-.r h,,. : of
•' - . . .t I >r bom-als. ever w-eo »n Maine
iog been almost exterminated by the upright he stood as high
plume hunters. To so great an extent i jp town' and, in length and
bas this'bifd-murder, pcqietratci to pan
der t > the fashion of women appearing
like Ihii jackdaw of the fable in bor
rowed plumes, prevailed, thst one dealer
alone st Fort Myers regularly employed
from fi-rty to sixty gunnefs.paying them
ai aa average of forty
length and groeral
■nakc up, waa/nr more powerful than a
wolf. In length he measured, from tail | 7
u> snout, three feet, while from | *
aiod fool up the leg and to tbe ! .
fore foot tbe length was four and ; '
I half feet. The legs were as | V'
arge tround as the calf of an a-erage
nsD. and the beail was net unlike that
panther. In the exact centre of ilio
tbc reBidciicc on Peiiate street
•ml procession moved to Wnsli-
itrci-t Methodist church, of wbifh
•BBeci was ii member. The sur-
Methodist church u'- iv coed- •cd by il
Ucr. William Martin, ass--. ,-.1 by tl
Rev. Mr. Uii-bardson, the pastor of tl
chufi-ti. Mr Martin's prayer wa-- cl-
ipieiit and touching.
Leuving thei hurch for the place i
iutermcul, the fuueral processi-m movi
in the same oriler to Elmwoml cemetcr
where the service at the grave was co
ducted by the Rev. Mr. Jlarlin. It w
• piilc dark la-fore the lust w'onls we
s(K)ken, aiul the remains of the gaUa
their ijuiet resting place.
Losses by Fire.
(Ire dcstroveii a half block in tl
heaiii-f the business pirtioii of (fives
boro. Ky. The water works comiwi
hail shut down without notice to t
nud the fire dc|iartinent wa« f ir
mat School building was burned to the
ground. Lorn. 9169,000. s'
The uiMr MiMimippi and iU tribu
taries in Wisconsin sna Minnesota are at
flood tide, and doing a good deal of mlo-
Sam Wolff, of the firm of B. Wolff A
Bro.. tbe largest firm of furniture deal
ers ^in Montgomerv, Ala., committed
At Bristol. Tenn., the largd* pfSing
and manufacturing mllU owned by Buf-
fum A Co. have been burned. Loot,
ISo.OOO; ineurance, 95.000.
J. S. Simon, the defaulting ex-trcao-
urer of Drake county, Ohio, has been
sentenced to six years in tbe penitentiary
and to pay a line amounting to about
948,000 sod coets.
Two negroes, whose names couh) uot
\)u’t" j” I be leameiT fought a duel with pocket
knives near Birmingham, Ala, at a rail
road comp. One of them was fatally
st-iblied and the other escaued.
Thomas Sholcs, who with his brothera
owns a mimber of grocery stores tbrougb-
imt New York City, and is rcDuled to
i)e wealthy, was sentenced to the poni-
tvntiary for three months for sclLog
Matlbew Arnold, the noted (wet,
si-Uolar, critic and thcologcao, whose
article on ■•Civilixalion of the L'nitevl
Slates" atwocted marked iiltenlion. died
suddenly iu Liverpool, Eng., of heart
Thomas Kennedy, a son of Mifflin
Kennedy, one of the wealthiest railroad
and cattle men in Texas, was shot and
killed St Brownsville by Deputy ShcriiT
Jose Maria I)e Esparro. a well-to-do
ninchero. Kennciy hail Iwen paying
marked attention for some time to Dona
•nemy of Dr. Shiniock, and ■ Elivera De Esparzo, wife of the deputy
among other things they said: ‘'We sheriff,
gave it to his old barn." This led to i ^
their lieing suspected of having burneil I A TE.NNESSEE SYSTERT.-
the barn. They are now in jail at Con- j
have struck for sn increase of 35 per
cent in wages. The railroad authorities
offered to allow the
mandeil twelve hours work instead of
D, AS heretofore. Meanwhile work is at
standstill ponding negutiations.
There was a destructive fire at Reids-
lle. The loAscs are estimated at
000. and are a- follows G. S. Kenodle,
insuranre 9''>.00i). Wil-_
liamsoo Bro. & Co., stock of merchaa-)
disc, 913.000, iosiiraoi-e ID.OOO; H. J.
Martin, liverv stable. 91,000, insurance
$401); Reid.sville Times office 91..’>00, in-
nipec 9400. Several small building*
In Cubarrus county, some lime ago,
the bnrn belonging to Dr. Rufus T.
Shimpixrk wa* set on fire and hiirne«i
ith much valuable forage and corn, lo-
S ther with rcupeni, mower* and other
mi machinery. Tbe loss was heavy.
Henry Glover, a while man fifty years
old, and hi* son, ng-ed twenty-one, were
talking with a mao whom they thought
I Cowan
twenty days lute in tbe N-irthwc
heeding is progruABiug sl-iwly.
Tbc House committw on the
Marine aiilborixed a favomlile
the Diiuii bill inukiog it Lawful
zensof the Cniled Hliite* to bi
built in whole or in [lari ii. an;
country. im|>ort them free of
other c-luirgi-H and have tbein r
a* veaielh of the Lolled Btnies.
i-ntiili-d to all the nglil* and *ul
IV lha:
I'lit. bL* oldest son was in
:>r where he wah plowing,
;ut off ncridentally. lUn i
ueh prostrated by grief
KOCTn -aB«»i.i>i
ib-verni-r Itii-llnrd>u.D b*!-
Col J. tj. Marshull riei-riUarv
till tbe vacanov caAied by’t
the Hon. W. Z, |,cituer.
A few day* ago Mr. Rol>cri
The Amarican'* TuHniioma (Trno.)
special says that Col, Audersou givea the
(acts known concerning the disiippear-
iiiiu- ance of .Iiihn W. Neal and hi* relation-
were *hip with Maude St. Pierre, the alleged
>ene- woman of wealth. Thri-c ye.ars ami ten
n,c-k months ago Maude St. Pierre pn-fended
talc- 1'* have great wealth, and wanted to buy
ishe* all of Jhc-v4t ningin of mineral laud in
PI,., ' that •ertion* She ri-pre*enteti that -lohn
. Neal wa* her tirivatv secretnry. It
'oed out, however, that her lirst cheek
....■ ♦I.-IUO was diahonoml. that Neid
ihul ilennuni iremeu* uudthtt he hod
I wandered away in one of these fit* and
I got lost in n thicket, where he died and
I where his rcmidu* w-t-rc found a few days
appointed ; ;,p, i,qJ Identified by piirtiODH of hi*
of State, to ; (.(nihio" Tbc rumor that he wah muf-
le deuih of , acred is untrue. Hi* Ixvdv wn* found
I just one mile from hi* l**l cli*ap|iearjnoe
Gifford, of: from bumaii eye* The lady v' ‘
iiselea*. allov
: Ih-
There wa* a joinr im-cting of the Sinle
Board of Agficullure and the trustee* of
the- Agricullur.-il and MecLiiiiical Collegc-
iit H-ilcigh, w-hick -A-ai. very iniiH.rtaiil in
the materi*l and niouey uwxi. The
u**elB of the collige were eliown to
amoiiul to 921,000. There' wa* iu the
sniA-ihi'd State NiiHuual Ihmk 9S,;100 of
the college's fund*, lu this tin- amount
eally tlin
n Florlilii.
n Ihi* 1
,iui instantly killed,
n hi* residenre. He leav-
nd a large i-ircle of friend*.
, the
10 the
! niile»
A Coliccilou of Crown*.
•titral Road. -
lie the smasbiog of
HU face wa* badly I
> last
skin, the resu't bemg i foreh^id wa* a bullet bole, showing that
that at one breeding place of the biauli- I ffi,, marksman, whoever he was. wa* a
' fellow of uerve and a sure shot. Such
J,, ; ID animal a« thU one was cmild easily
, . , .L i nave pulled downanylivingtbing In nor
shot off their nest* in the zs e a bear or a i>orcopine .and it
r their young to perish mU- - ,• foriuuaie fo> our luioliermen that fel-
lows of hi* tort sre not plenty. The cat
•riU to mounted betA
erablyof slow starvation, and from two -
hundred of tbe-a wretched remain* tho ,
lovely black plnmcs only had b'en lorn I
away. Acoihcr imall island in tbe gulf |
coo'aincil a colony or 'rookery.’a* It U'
tli-ie termed, of pelicao*. This wa*
i>i I'ccti-d by lbs owner, with the intea-
I be
On (be Field of Battle.
An army officer tcil-v thl* elory: “At
iiaitloof Geiiysbiirg. heavy fighting
going oa at thv front. The wouiiif-
1.-.. -ti-.-ied
, . .. J .w ' *u III greit number* were being
t..,u of iwfiuitung the bird* to rear their ^ moment
young, but one day an old French one'a backbone needed all the
■lea er carte with a boat and deliberately ^ hreciog posaible. 1 aaw on a tree, some
ki'icd off al'out one h'lndretTand eighty- .little diataiiee from me, a paper whicii
, .. _ / _j, Iooke*l »o innch like a nonce of a borse-
«.d I birds a* they were feeding their ^ ,!,« I left my pwl-
y-ung. which, of cotirae. died of storva- Hob and rode up to read iL " I'bansy
lion Hurbare otortly a f^ instoacea ; felloka." os Vcliowplush says, when
of iheexirralDatioD that U being cob-! I nm-J the folloeing: " Bodies of offi-
. I. .^.i.Tasn. ;?er*carefull» amlialmed and forwarded , ,
a truly Americoft ac^s la* re ^ eijrreoa to their friends for fifty iwanty
The losK is place
SU.'lOft; iiu-uraiice. fT.i.OtMl.
A un- at llamlM-rg, 8. I', di-slroycl all
1- wiioden |iarl of Main sln-ct. D's*
buildings, 9l 1.4-10; iniuruiirc. 94.400.
esunaiiK'k and other jicrtonal prop-
:v. 910.4.10; iwiirance. fx.4-1(1.
At IVoria, III.*., the City brewery,
owned by l-eysty Bn-ii., wa* entirely di-
■trnved bv fire. Loss. 9''-1.000; Insiir ^
atiCL-. 90.1.00(1. rioi
At East Cairo, Kv., fire destroyi-vi the
Mobile and (Ihi-i rouDd-h' ami three |
loromotivcii. Total li>*» probably Thnt n>miilitli-e i«|K>*i-« oi
0(8). w ri Primri.w-, rluiirnian, A. Li-osit.
The tYhecling, JYest Virginia, (aclorv | ^ n j_ b,,,! h e
and it* contents were burned-cause, j |..ri,,B The first biiildiog I- !»• creeled
natural gas. , , will la-of lir^c*. three »lorii-* high, and
At .New Haven, f^onn '
gulled the large thri-c-
Phllip Kresenio* i rion* so-
the Riilcr b'm*t. barn and sc
bull ing*. I/oss. 91-T0.'8Hi.
94(),i«J(). Fire sujpMJscd to lu- ! „,„i if ,-xm-ndi-l U-for'i- the end of thi
Tho next room to tbe ihi
the Kreniiin Palace, in liimiA con
tains probably the ficesl collection of
jewels in the world, ereu more valuabla
thsn tho«e of the holy synod, but not
10 rare ao'l curiou*. Here it an aa-
Ao.. Ai.i-iL-Il iiu.ti*..-. icinblage of crown, most of them I oming
>uQly He and ii white man | Horn the palace* where the thrones
which siid.icnH-caieiixi-d aniMbri-wlmt^h foj-*' . 1cMwns of Poland
.ut Thuwhitemaii swam to the shore > Hcorg.s, Icrth and
l.u( the ui-gro soon sank. "'h;;" »™ ‘pb-ndid- l-'ieC covered
" , . rx - . *"h tome of the largest and mott
A ni-grii namiai Albert Daas, in ' preciout stones known — "crownt
icinptiiig to jump from dredge t- a tug, ' „ crown*, ocean* of [earU, river* of
near Purl Rt-yul. niiwil hi* fcKiling, fell j .iiamondt,'' a one writer ha* expreued
lM-tween_lhc boats ana wa* i riisliei. aovl 1Bevond them are thenar lent crown*
Ivefore aid could reai-h him fell into the . i-,*-* the double ore for Peter
water and sank. Ilia body Iia* not been j ,i,c Great and hi* half-witted brother
recovered. i living the m >*l curi-j;.*, and it sit* be-
All insane negro named Ward 3tartin. t fore a doutile (hrone. wiih a pl.-iee bo-
who wn* lodged in the jail of ri|] hind the (Irspery where their sUler
burg County preparatory tolicing brought [ M*pbli
tr the lun.lic asyliiui. committed sui- whut
1 ide by bi-allng hi* brains out ngninsl the I ceremi
wall “f his i i-ll. He had l>evn iu jail
only a few hours.
in the estimate, althoiigli the bank ex
aminer ihiuks it will pay more ll i*
iwliniatcd lluil other fund* will lie ri-al-
ixed from tbe Board of Agriculture to
ioereA-u* llic amount uvaitabir iluring the
present fiicnl war. ending NiivciiiImt :JU.
viheu tbc new- approprinti.m* will iK-giii.
It was decided to prueeeil with tin- rivc-
' the eollcse biiilding. and nil this
1 the m-Jiter wa. l.-fl to the i-Xci-u-
.niniillec (.>r its immi-lialc atten-
Thiit I ■ ■
'wing*. It will Iw the mi
buildiug. nud is to cost '
: dollar* The money in U
ring the i-urri'iit yei
i-X}«-nili-il iK'fur
si smaller -
iglit necessary to take preeautloii
against suicivlc.
At disiriinks, one negro was killed *18
two negroes and a white man wer
woundi-d. i-nler it was learned that L
Lee Ji ffcoo; w-os retniling whiskey t
iiegT.wi on the roail, when they wei
fired into from ambush. One negro ws
killed uud three noiiodcd. JeffcuOl
hit b
icu thi.^c.^w^aii^
tiic affray.
Chatles P. Hoffman, poi.tniasler at
ninhe«-.H,d, wa* brought before the
Lulled Stale* C'oiumiiisiuncr at Coliimbii
chiirgi'd n ith detaining and drstroyiiig
mail iiiatler left for delivery. He wa.jeouo
Iround over to ap]K'iir at court for trial. I on e
ll i* alleged tliul oo the occaalon sp.-i i j the
eoslliert crown in the entire col
lection was made i-y lb ' order of Peter
(he Great lor the 8w-e.lish peaaaat girl,
who became his wife and the Empn**
Catherine I., tbe numlier of d amoodsin
it )>eing 3’1;‘>', all of them large itawlcsa
(tone* of th" first w.xicr, with the larg
est and finest ruby in the world a* a
crest. Tile ciown of Ivan the Terrible
bas some of the larcil .tones, vey l-Xrgt
end perfect tti-Tuoises an! «api'h'roi of
great purity tnd value In lhi‘ room i*
» large ea-ket of *>li I goal, whi heon-
;*iii* the c kIs of the Czjr AlovU.—
t -VtfJ.
An Ancient CnUrellA.
An umbreila that wa. brought to thi*
eiiimrv from Huoaod iu 1 >.-0 bis l>eea
I IU Albiii
ith o
year, work will be susiwnded until the
— 1 “ — .new Bpproiiriallon Ik-cuuics available.
TV Npeeil of Flab. ; Arrangcnieuis were luaile fur a vi/pirou.
It i»ftrtf!ler»tood tliat for short dl«- j proareiiliou of the work on the farm
lance* the wlmon i* the awiflett of fish, wblrli surround* the collge. Much work
It iia* been calculated that its aitecd. at 'has already lieeii dune on this. Great
nigh pratHire. or under eba*e. it from ' intcreat i* manifeatc! in the colleg*-.
iweaty totwanly-flve mile* an hour. It 'Valuable aid bas l•e(D aSurded by the
It calcnlatoil that iharka-arb capabit of
(eepfng op a tp^ of front (errate«n‘~
. . i t>T eafiT eipTM* to their Irienas lor fifty iwantj^“'I** “ , 'Hj* »bal*, whin
ga-'U iu thoroughoo**) |or Ih* iappiy I AoiUfA IL R—The bodies of prlvaWi hard pr«wtd. cob moke tboat ftlieen
of article* reijotrcd by th* eiigeBcieeof |•thalf-prie». * —, L'Bderfaker* oillei oi bwr, though iU u«*l apeed
the female ftehioB of the day." I wd Kab^mtn." ^ f mUom exeeedt Bra.
penitentiary aulhciritlee in the way of
pralimintry work on the farm.
Ib Japu a hasbaBd U held rwpoaii-
bl* for hi* wife'* gooolp-
rtul that iimbrell:
barrel full of mail iii.atti-r left at tin- of- | inve.iliiin than Iii;.u and tiia
fiee to l>e dirpalchciL Other irrcgulori-| m m first a|»pe*Ted
lies lire aliwi chiirgetl. H-iffmau denies ‘ dnii in the 1**1 cealury
tbe charge and says be is the victim of ii Ivcl h.m from ilie mi
conspiracy j however, umbrella-
Ibrel'Bs teen sometime
veil cle in
u|>oa (be
the «treet-> o: Lon-
killed and alrii
bv a tornado :
TTie fai'i
rere in use by
igu. The uo-
attached to a
seen p.ciured
•all |>ainiiDg* of ancient
A Meh-tnoteJ Girt.
A ecnileman bvlng in AibiriA Drejt
I web-footed, for
five hiindml ilijurt-i
Dait-a, India.
The Riiilingt-in Roi
rale* on freight. Tti. i
the freight rale war.
Til.'city clerk of Rui ynia, Ohio. W. tw.«. — — yd.".! . ii»u
K Welsh, hm liecnarrcsleiluii the charge nineteen •S® viS
of .mbeMlemeDt. ’ Oregon Railway and Naei-
o( embcr-xlemeni. , gaihin. She i* a h*B.isor«* girl, wear* #
O D- Allen A Bnie,, large land and omall shoe, aed, with th* oxceptioB o*
cattle owner* of HarUaod, Ktom*. have tbe w*h» between the te^ ha* M MiBp»
failed. LiabUltics, llOOjtKtt. ) ly * fuel •* *By Udy.
Iml-'pendcnte. who h
fact The girl Un-v"

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