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1- A. XICJIOLSOJ, Editor and Proprietor.
Pure Democracy and White Supremacy.
SatorrlpthMi rrlcr, ft.SOprr iuan.
NO. 2.
atETnomiTf-Riv. j,"t. kitoau.,
Tiwtor. 8 -nri First Hundavs,
morning and night, &3 aecond Ban.
day night Prayer Mating, XL are
day nigh to.
Maiublb, Factor. Services: Second
and fourth Sundays. Prayer Meeting,
Wejdneaday night.
BAPTIST IUrr. J. L. Bmrurr,
TiMtoc. Benrioet: Third Bundaye
morning and night. Prayar Meeting.
Tuesday nighU.
EPISCOPAL No paatae. Bandar
school at 9 a. m.
m'i tH ami
Onlcie-il at
pri h.
Clocks, Jewelry, Mimical Instrn
Htwiiit: Machine ICiimird arn
short notice, ami at lower t casl
Weekly Caucasian.
The Largest, Cheapest and Best Paper
Published in this Section.
1). A. NICHOJUOV, ruMishor.
Frank Boyettc, D. D. S.,
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vicinity. Kvcrything in the line of Dentist;)
done iii l ho best ttylo. Satisfaction gnaran
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Whether Yonng or Old, having impaired theli
ProcreatlYO Powers
By tho Tmliseretioni of Youth or Fseecne ot
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Scxxial Power
4 P-y the n&e of
Thonrand of eases of. Nervous Debility,
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Toholy and despair havn taken he pi -co of
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A RF.roRtErt of the Nashville I'liinn
took a view of tho Apaeho captives, as
they went tluouli Nashville toward
Florida, and found thorn iutcrestin ,r, ii
not pretty. Thore wore bucks anJ
siju iws and papooses of every conceiv-
ildo size atul every condition of abo
riginal iilthiness. A majority of the
men, however, were fino, stalwart,
broad-shouldered fellows over six feet
ligh, vith L:gh cheek-bones . long.
black hair, and of ligi't copper col- ,
They were rigged out in all styles .nd
modes of fantastic citizens' clothing,
and seemed to have donned whatever
they could lay their hands upon, while
a largo number still wore tho aborigi
nal buckskin leggina and gayly-color
ed blankets. One strapping big buck,
warm as it was, was wearing a chin
chilla overcoat that must have weighed
twenty pounds, and yet ho viewed
things with a stolid indifference tTiut
appeared cool enough for a cucumber.
Some wore hats, though not a few
were perfectly bareheaded. One fel
low had on a battered stovepipe, and
another venerable scalp-taker had a
big red bandana handkerchief wrart-
ped about his head.
Prince Kaeamoko went to see the
French soldiers at Chalons and much
admired the polished breast-plates of
the cuirassiers, whereupon tho com
manding General gave him one of the
bits of armor. The negro put it on
delighted; and then hia face clondet!
and tears came to ms eyes. - nat ia
tho matter?" inonired tho General
"Alas!" cried Karamoko, "as soon as
get home my father will take this from
me and wear it himself." Then the
General gave him another one, and all
were happy.
A. B. McLLETT.ex-Supervising Archi
tect of the Treasury, says that it is a
mistake to estimate the olenco of the
earthquake shocks in Charleston by
the amount of damage done. He thinks
that if 'Washington, for instance, had
been subjected to the same shocks, the
comparative damage would not have
"been more than half, if so much. The
buildings in Charleston are almost al !
together very old, the mortar aid ce
ment used in their construction art
from the immediate locality, and are ol
of a very inferior charactei.
Citowa have been known to free
themselves from parasites by standing
over an ant-hill and allowing the anta
to destroT the troublesome vermin.
-1 am a circus wag - in myself," saia
the clown, as he joined the procesavon
of gaudily painted chartetsoeTexas
Elileo ! The moonlight a-mel lost arms tte
val a;
Tlje i-tar Ixvtrewed the aznre like an arnior'
ht altered Hrah n;
The air of ninht wrre qnkt a the treath of
Riiken Miilx,
And all yonr word were weetr th n the not'
of nightingales.
Illi!w T-garli ! in the gar1en thtr alone,
With, yi ur figure un wl of fervor a the IVyeLc
ccrved of stone,
Tliere came to mo no murmur of the fountain's
nni rtono
So mystically, nim-ir-any mellow an your own.
Yon nhb-jw re-1 low, Iliilco no low tho leaves
were mute.
AikI tho irlioK fait 'red brt-athlrkiily in yonr
vok." vain p-anAt,
A:i1 there died the distant dalliance of the
Heren;td r's lute.
And I h !d you in my Ikkjoih &h the husk may
hold the fruit.
I'lileo, I listened : I 1 Iiev d you ! In my h!i u
What wi re all the worldrf above luc, ilce I
foiiml vm thus in this ?
Iet tin in, ru ling, reach to win nie even
In aven I would misn
(ira!-pin (artlnvard I would cling here,
though I clung by jiiHt a Uiss!
And I Raid the Mar should Blacken in their
pac m through the vaM:
That I lossnins nhould grow Klorless and lilies
nil ughaxt,
Ie yet my loyalty hIiouM fail enduring to the
hist -
Sovo'W'd I. It ih written. It is clkangchss as
the jiast.
Illileo Legardi!
in the nhado your palace
Like the i-ovl a'nout the sin
Lrer at your gilded
port n -i :.
A moan goes with the music that may vex tho
high repose
Of a heart that fades and crnniLles as the
crimson of a rose.
James Whitcomb
Mr. Tlilkins is a most accommodating
neighbor. All lust winter, when Suuire
l'rescott's family were in Europe, lie
went over their house every day to sec
that it was ns they left it, and took such
care of the stock that the so, aire said he
thought it would pay him to atm; awnv.
The squire brought back some additions '
to the farm; among others a tine Guern- j
sey cow Queen'Hess and her calf. The !
latter thev named Princess. The two
were the admiration of the farmers far
n iles around. They had more faith in
this living stock thau in any to be pur
chased olf a broker.
When the Princess was six weeks olci.
the siinrc rcl'.j-.I Ma.Jiiiklns as,-' c-
was passing, and, to his astonishment
made him a present of her.
So along the country road, shortly
after, Mr. Bilkins joyfully wended his
way, leading by a rope the baby of ;
Queen Bess. Sue proved to be very
frolicsome and heiolsUpng', what with i
her jumping, tugging and pulling, her
new master had a trial indeed. j
But although breathless, Mr. Bilkins '
did not lose his patience: triumph ;
beamed from every line of his perspiring .
face. It added to his pleasure to meet
several farmer friends who, recognizing
the royal beauty, asked facetiously if he
was stealing the suujre 3 calf. Mr. Bil-1
kins explained, with becoming modesty,
how he came to be the owner ot such a
valuable bit of beef. So. although at
tended with some difficulty, Mr. Bil
kin's progress homcwa:d was a sort of
triumphal march, with variations ac
cording to the mood of the Princess.
lie entered his own yard with the air
of n conqueror. He ".hastened towards
the great' barn, intending to fasten his
uneasy prize to a post till he couid pre
pare a pen, and thus transfer the strain
from muscle to insensate wood. "
it happened that .Mrs Bilkins was in ;
the barn when he arrived, - and also;
Orrin, the hired man. The latter was j
examining a broken frame on whioh was
stretched Mrs. BilkinV latost wk "of
nrt in rags, a hooked-in mat; The Je- 1
sign was-wonderftri garland of flowers
whose rosea Orrin stupidly mistook
for colored cabbagesin, .the midst of
which a yellow cot reposed. "j
As this masterpiece was to compete ;
for a prize at the next' "cattle-show," ,
Mrs Bifkin's hoped Orrin "oirld repair ,
the frame. He said he could: Indeed, j
Orrin never acknowledged that anything :
was beyond his ability. He had even :
. i . . t. .
taken the old clock to pieces when it
stopped; but assurance would not put
it together again without the aid of
tMinrl nut. laaiirfinr-n wnnlil nnr nnt
know ledge, and he was forced to wheel
it to town. As he lost a part of the ma
chinery on the way, it cost not a little
monejk Mrs. Bilkin's faith in Orrin
never recovered from that shock.
That was why sue lingered, resolved
that he should not get her mat -frame
into a worse cond.on,"ttini why she was
pres ent when her spouse made his hasty
entrance. She shared his delight, declar
ing she didn't kiiow when she'd seen
such a beautiful bossy.
"It orter be!" said Orrin, with his in
imitably profound air. "It's the real
Gun-sy ; wuth a big price amongst any
o' them fancy farmers."
' Mr. Bilkins turned the-Trincess over
to Orrin. And then occurred something
that made Mrs. Bilkins always connect
r v :
. c , . c
mfira For cnmnhnic in tho truncfnr
the calf executed a new manoeuvre, got
away, and plunged into the frame.
There was a crash and a feminine shriek
as the Princess danced off in it. When
at length the garland and the pussy
were handed to Mrs. Bilkins, she had
given all hope of obtaining the prize.
A little pen, labelled by Orrin,
"Gunsy princes," now became the home
of the calf.
She held quite a court there, for every
one who called at the farm must'see the
squire's gift. Experts said she would
make a most valuable cow, a prospect
that greatly helped Mr. Bilkins bear
with the foreigner, as daily her activi
ties strengthened in the wrong direc
tion. She had a chronic habit of jump
ing over walls, and preferred to browse
in a neighbor's garden to the finest pas
ture. Almost daily Orrin cried, "That
'ere Gunsy's got out agin 1"
Then, after a prolonged chase, Mr.
Bilkins would appear in the kitchen,
sink into the nearest chair, wipe his
heated brow, and tell his wife, confi
dentially, that ifhe'd "known that calf
was "going ' to be such ' a pester, he
"wouldn't have taken her for a gift!"
When thig selfish baby was e:ght
months old, Mr. Bilkins was called upon
by a stock-dealer, who was passing
through the town, and who asked if be
would sell the calf.
Tvc thought sfimctlmci I m i zht,"
eid Mr Biikin. ' But anxb-niy that
wants that calf "a t'ot to pay for it:"
1" I if emphasis Lintel at a larje kuh.
He reK-:iu-i the sentence revt r ii time
before he would ive hi figures, ii
naliy he ofTeitil the Prince for n-venty-live
dollar. decUiin he knevf it j a
lar-c mm, but ihe was a real Curnscv.
The dealer departed, saving he would j
hst him know in a few dnv. Vcrv soon ;
i!r. Hilkrns received this brief letter:
"Mh. il i.kish I accept your o'Icr.
Will take ca f at 7j. F. O. B. car,
Tliat 'F. O. B.'' was the subject af
Mr. Iiilkins' freouent conjectures, until
l he found that il meant '"Free on Board''
the ears.
"Who'd a thou-ht it!" exe'aimed
Mra Jjilklnv
Iklnv vhtT the in vkU nous c"ir, 'VVX mum as uc w ntm taking a
vere explained tob'r." Ven,'r4;jfid: with upraiAi "clnb.- He'lelt
acters were
be von
a-troin- to run the resk o' .-ct- j
tin' that "highty-tighty acro-t the city ? ;
j Oirin'll have to go, arid that's au extra
j evpense. '
Mr. IJilkins, having already settle 1
these points, indulged in a little tna-cii-
I line sarcasm, at his wife's expense.
i "He'd lo. k pretty," he said, "wouldn't
he, centering through Host on hanging
on tc that calf ? No. fir! that Guernsey
I was going to be boxed up so she'd have
: to ride as quiet as a iamb.''
Carpenter Simons was called in to es-
I tiinate the cost. He wanted ten dol
lars to make the box in Rhajie, and furr
, nish the lumber. Mr. IJilkins labored
with him, but he would take no less.
"He's jest hl'-cding on us,' paid
Orrin, who saw a chance to cover hini-
j self with glory. "I'.l resk it but I can
! get up as good a box as Simons."
So ( rrin got the job. .Mr. Bilkins
! silencing his wife's miyivings by show
ing her that their hired man would thus
' save them nearly a month's wages.
They now planned a rude sort of cage,
' in one end of which was a door that
could be raised for the entrance of the
l'i incess.
Unfortunately for the plan, Mr Bil
kins let ( riin do the measuring, Mrs.
Bilkins bhould have attended to that
heiseli. Orrin's standard for determin
ing the length of the Princess was the
rake handle. lie carefully marked the
length with his thumb; but while fjointr
from the barn to the box, somerxdy
spoke to him, his thumb moved, a small
circum.-tance in Orrin's estimation; be
guessed he knew pretty near where the
place was. and, re instating the mark,
went confidently to work.
Another small circumstance, tho
nails gave out! But Orrin triumphed
over the imminent prospects of waititicr
he went to the store, by using
he called "butts," or parts of
"Some folks 'd sink right baek'n' do
rothin' 'cause their nails had gin out,"
said Orrin. "You've got to have some
contrivance if you're going to rush
The box b'iing done, Mr. Bilkins pre-
trip. SFVfTiai.'Cj
event, A3 he had not been to Boston for
years. Mrs. Tiilkins got his "stove pipe
hat" down from the top of the closet.
jt was four vtar3 behind the times, but
after being well-polished with her el-
))0W, it covered in her eyes her
husband with becoming dignity. As
fa'r a8 possible,, everything was" made
ieadv for the nicrht before, as Mr. Bil-
kins must take an earlv 'train.
Tn the mnrninrr be nri-nved himsrdf in
nis best before boxing up" the calf, that
he mitrht not keen her waitinrr. As it
i,iUi become generally known that the
VOnng Guernsey was goino- to leave
town, old Deacon Grant and several of
the neighbors dropped in. After a crit-
ical survey of the box, the former said :
"This 'ere Tl be a pretty tight
squeeze, Bilkins; you'd ought to make
this a grain bigger."
It-was set in the middle of the barn
floor, and the Princess led out. Orrin
went to the front and thrust some corn
through to tempt Miss Bossy to enter
the rear. But she didn't like the looks
of things, .and refused, firmly bracing
her aristocratic hoofs.
Mr. Bilkins said he thought she'd go
in if pushed a little. So he and Deacon
Grant attemjted it.
But the calf backed suddenly, sending
both into the meal-chest, and escaped
to the barn-yard, where she cut up many
ndw capers. "When at length she was
caught, the cage proved to be, as the
deacon thought, rather short; for after
Orrin let down the door, and the i'nn-
cess had accommodated herself to
straitened circumstances, she looked
something like a young camel.
"I told ye so!" said the deacon.
"Well, I guess she'll stand it !" said
Mr. Bilkins. "It's only , two hours'
line. lit a liUJiiL: lu luc utnui
i , . , , f b . ;
Orrin he's going to the depot.
i J
Got to get her acrost the city, too! "
A little later Mr. Bilkins and the calf
were travelling together in the freight
car. Arriving at Boston, Mr. Bilkins
bargained with a teamster to carry this
odd freight to the Albany Station. -
" This box is pretty shaky," said the j
man, when they took it oil the car.
air. Bilkins explained that they didn
think the calf would be so heavy, as
they lifted one end of the box upon the
wagon ; " but just then the engine's
shriek frightened the expressman's
horse. He moved despite several fran
tic veils' from the cage-bearers, and
j down it went on the pavement, knock
ing out one end. 1 he Princess began
to back out, Mr. Bilkins and the team
ster tried to push her in, but her royal
will was aroused, she retrograded with
.such force and rapidity that Mr. Bib
! kins was pushed violently against the
. I .
building, and the Guernsey was free in
the streets of Boston!
Away she scampered along Canal
street, every teamster she passed giving
an inspiring cheer. Mr. Bilkins rushed
after, ploughing through the mud, ut
terly indifferent to his best black suit,
cne thought uppermost in his distracted
mind the calf mint be delivered at the
Albany depot, properly boxed.
As Mr. Bilkins dashed along, in his
antiquated suit, high dicky, and beaver
set on the back of his head, it would
have been difficult to decide which
looked the wilder Mr. Bilkins or the
Before thev had eons many rods a
large number of people joined ia the of th experimenOte special reporter
race. The calf ran swiftly on without of iU Melboaree Faraert Geectbw.
a pause, un il sbe met a hoiie-cer. Thi j ..Durin, a thorough inspection of the
was something n : w ; tne Princess stopped j saQJ fcummocks ju. a little before twi-Bnort-
. ' i light ou party only succeeded in" seeing
With a glean of satisfaction in his three rabbits. The cats, oa the other
eye the I have you now '." expression j hand, wee to be met with everywhere,
Mr. Bilkins stretched forth loth i and sStra !e! rabbits, tovaa Btauehtercd
hands to grasp her; but the Prib-css j bVesT! and others dead fofweeks,
dodged him, and was upon the sidewalk w come across ia a'd directima. Tho
and away again. Everybody cleared catVere evidently the complete mas
the track as if they thought a mad dog; tevf the, situation." The writer goes
was coming. ron to express the opinion that there is
The second thing that: arrested thi m, doubt whatever as Jo the-success of
Princets was the brilliantly painted r :j,c ispc imenf. which is, moreover, aa
figure of an Indian holding a tomahawk. 'next ensure as it i au-!saftiljMtaA
Again Mr. Biikins hoped, grasped andj tanUarJ. . . - '
IT ?
inEa-d, the Gncrnscy elodhjj him by
taring a phort coriwr. m w .
fw it cbanced that aa "old frutt
lc4r waweeping around LU stand,
wita bis La k toward them. Tho
1 'nii e brul.ed pat him with her i-
iVMtt momcntuni; bef-TC' ha rcailje 1
whMatruck him l.ethrwphothhaadi
and k-'l apainot the corner of hia fruit
fctaoi, oosettin it.
- ltllkin m.m, it .11 1
L-laicc, aa he pci br after his nroiertv.
wLhad now turned into an alley.
Ifesently he saw a new danger for
thej &luable calf a jKiict man ' at the
entof the passage-way, who, leholdin5
herjapproach with a Khouting crowd in
purtiit, evidently took it t be a case
of b 4rophobia that ought to lc etr
n 'tc4. This fatt t! ashed,-in' o Mr.
thai it woul.l m
fcurelv descend fatallv uiv
" t::e skull of the Princess, and all ti e
gol loc possibilities ot her future would
be i Mit'guUhcd forever, and she lie
vonh only the price per pound of ordi
nary veal.
'Wait: Hold on! Don't spoil the
critter:'' he ehoutcd.
'i he olhcer did not hear, but braced
hini'cif for the conflict. 'Ihe Princess
M-cined to reason that retreat was cut
oil by the crowd, and with a valor
worthy ot herself, charged at the enemy
in front.
!She was too quick for him; his war
like attitude Middenly collapsed ; for a
few seconds he seemed to le riding the
calf backwards, wid e the crowd roared
with laughter, then he fell to the
At the end of the alley was a large
pro ision sto-e. Kather than enter the
noisy street, the Princess ran in there,
making straight for the opposite door,
which was then wide open.
Sic avoided instinctively the rows of
baskets fur customers, containinir meat.
vegetables, butter and eggs, and might
have got out without damaging any
thiujT if an old lady who'was leaving had
not dosed the do r after her.
Little did the good dame think, as she
walked slowly homeward, after order
ing the dinner, what a whirlwind she
let loose in the t(uiet shop by just shut
ingtLc door. For it threw the Guernsey
into a panic of fright; the whirled
about to retrace her steps, heard her
pursuers, and became almostj frantic.
Her hoofs stamped choice butter, and
crushed several parcels of egs, to the
horror of the provision deale., who kept
snouting :
'Somebody's got to pay for this!"
This ended the race of the Princess,
for Mr Bilkins veiy soon secured her,
and was trying to explain matters satis
factorily to the bespattered policeman.
"What does this mean, sir?" asked tho
officer. "We can't have calves running
loose in the streets of Boston!''
"I hadn't no idea she'd get loose.
Why, we boxed her up ourselves, Onin
tfaat's my hired man and me. Calc'-
g fr nnn"here in Boston to carry
acpi and n the cars hadn't tooted ana
n r . nnii if
stti ted, the horse and upset the box, and
there'd been better nails 'stead o' Orrin's
bitts, we. wouldn't a 4een here. I
wouldn't ha$. it happen for a five-dollar
"Five dollars!" said the "store keeper,
"j want that for the damage done
hdre!" ' "
fl can't be responsible for what the
critter's, done."
r'lt's jour calf, isn't it ?" answered
the store keeper. "Course you're re
sponsible, but I'll figure the thing down
fine; I don't want to make anything out
of; you." 1 f
tie hastily estimated the cost aijhreo
dd'ars and ninety-four cents. 51V. Bii
kit was paying this when tho fruit
vender appeared, breathless and angry.
fDot beast smashed mine whole pees
nef t Somepody's dot to pay for dis;
mut have five dollar!'--'
Tjlr. .Bilkins finally settled with- him
for .three dollars: and "also cave the po-
hcijraan two dollars, which so mollified
tlu't worthy, that he assisted in getting
thM calf .into the expressman's hands
! ag fin. - -
'.Fhen is he was secured by a strong
rope, Mr. Bilkins wiped his heated brow
and prepared to consult his ancient sil
ver' watch. It was gone, lost in his
gnat run! He told the bystanders,
mournfully, that he would n t have taken
! fiftV dollars for it, as it was his grand
"What kind of a watch was it ?" in
ouired the officer. "It mav be handed
in. I'll take your sffdrcss, and let you
kntfw if it does turwiip."
."I'll be leeged7knd je shan't lot e
nothing,'- said AlilU; ins', fervently.
"Well, it had a large sit?d '-atLrcr case;
wa an English pinch-back; had one o'
them ring-chains and ornamunt. Well,
good-by, mends, one and all.-'
Ir." Tiilkins lode away. He was not
seen by any of hisv acquaintances fr
two days. . Thj iserf at his own
farm, a wiser nstfTP'Ey'Thas.iraHous expe
riences ho ; had passed through. Thi
rapidly acquired knowledge had cost
ij?Hkresthe-wntcli7lhirty-rour dol
lars and "; eighteen cents,' he
brought home out of the seventy-five
dollars, but forty-five dollars and eighty
two peats.- - - y"
"I can put my finger on the weak
spot In the whole thing," he told Or-
nn. "We started wrong. - It was
thase butts f your'n: It don't do to
use poor nails. -The nest time we sell a
' ? '-- iVTf -- . " s ...
calf, I propose to. have a regular man
make the box, and have no more meas
uring with rake-handles!"' Youth's
RabbiKiir.iig in Australia.
The experi-nent of turning cats loose
in Australia to destroy tiie swarms of
rabbits is reported to have proved emi
neutly successful. In one of ihe worst
infested districts of Victoria 200 cats
bought at Is. a head, inclosed for a time
in a limited snacc by means of .wire net
ting, fed on rabbits and afterward turned
loose in bakches, food having been still
supplied ia a rough building for any
cat which might not at once support
themselves by hunting, Not a single
cat v known to have found its way to
v f-C r.r't fr nal iitA n 1 oa f V r roan 1
the Sunday mm.
ph. T!.M;i: o Tin nmK
ll :0 Or TIIK t ITY.
The Fr la
4 Af alt
Oa All a.
Dr. Talmage dlscounod to a prrat
throng, & usual, Sunday, his text bving:
"And the street of th city hall be fu4
of hoys aud girN piaying in the ticvt
thereof." Zuiharia, viii: .
Printing preast-s and prophets ore now
chiclly busy in describing the condition
of the present tint ; but will it not I
healthful this iiioraiug for all Christian
worker, and all men and women lw
rw trying ak UwwUjL? cr
and there are thousands of them acre
if wc look forwa'd to th? time when our
cities shall be completely revolutionized
by the Gospel of the Son of God. and ull
sin and all sorrow aud all suffering sha'l
forever be done aw ay, '.md the stret ts
of the city shall be lull of boys and girls,
playing in the strecs thereof f The
kingdoms of this wor'.d me going to tx?
come the kingdoms of our Ixrd Jesus
ChrUt. There is a great difference'
whether you are toiling on toward a le
feat, or toiling on toward a victory.
Now. in the time spoken of in
my text, aud which wid come just as
yon are there and I nm here in that
time there will be larger tiuam i:il pros
perities in all the citie-. People have a
morbid idea about the miUenni im. as
thou-h when it comes we will do noth
ing but give ourselves up to ps:i!m sing
ing, und, all so. iety being purified these
will be no hilarity, and as all business
will be purified there will be no enter
prise. My friends, there is no founda
tion in common sense or in the Bible for
such an absurd anticipation. Where not
one :or;une is maae tiieic will lie a hun
dred fortunes made. You know that
confidence between man and man is the
found a ion of all successful business.
Now, when all dishonesty is gone and
all double dealing is gone, and all un
fairness is gone, there will be complete
confidence betwienman and man. Does
not that imply larger business, ricln r
opulence, grander architecture, finer
equipage, grander and more magnificent
prosperity i You know that business is
injured by the infamous stock gamblers
and by the godless speculators. You
know that the worst foe of business in
Brooklyn and New York, and in every
city, is crime, individual and official
crime. Now when (iod shall purify the
commercial code, when God shall thun
der down the last fraudulent establish
ment, when God shall put the keys of
business in the hands of hone-t men,
what will that imply? The purification
of business and more bu iness and
grander business. It is a logical se
quence. When that day comes and I
am not talking about some guesswork,
I urn not dealing in an abstraction, but
there is a GoiTandttiat lie ever present
ed us this Bible-m that time in our
cities all grievous taxation will be gone.
Now business men are taxed for every
thing city tax, county tax, State tax,
Lmted States tax, license tax, manufac
turing tax -taxes, taxes, taxes. A,
business man must make a small fortune
to pay his taxes. e have to pay the
ard of all the villians in our peniten
tiaries. We have to support the orphans
of those who plunged into their graves
from beastly indulgence. We have to
suppoit all the machinery of city gov
ernment, which is vast and expensive
just in proportion as the criminal pro
clivities are vast and extensive. Who
pay for the station houses? Who pay
tor the criminal courts? The tax pay
ers. Ana 1 say tovou Kepublicans and
you Democrats, who are sometimes fat
tening on tlu public spoils, while jou
are doing nothing for the public well
fare, that if you do not lessen taxes, and
do not let the peop.e up all over this
land we will after a while for-n a party
anti excessive taxation, anti rum, anti
monopoly, anti abomination, and you
who are living in luxury now at the
public crib, you shall not have as much
as the wages of a street sweeper. -Sow i
in that time, that time which is coming j
in all our cities, the time of prosperil y ;
spoken of iu my t&xt, we will not have !
to support criminals, for there will be :
no ciunlna s. irtue will take the place .
of vice. No more large sums of money
voted for city improvements, which
monevs often before they reach the im
provements go down into the pockets of
those who vo'ed them. No more im
panneling of juries to try arson und mur
acr andtheft and slander and bh.ckmail.
Criminal courts abolished. Police stations
abo ished. Almshouses abolished. h,
what prosperity that will make for all
the citie; and for all the world. In that
time spoken of in my text the churches
of Jesus Christ wiil be more numerous
and they will be exerting a mightier
influence for God. Now, churches are
sometimes envious of each other i:d1
demoninations collide with ea h other
nd even ministers of religion sometimes
foct'ot their bonds of b otherhood. In
the time of which I speak there will be
just as much difference of opinion as
there is now, but no acerbity, no hyper
criticism, no exclusiveness Why the
churches of our cities could not hold
one-fourth of " the population. The
churches that 'arc 'built, only a few of
them are fully occupied and the average
audience iu America to-day is less than
four hundred. But in the glorious time
of w hich I speak the e will be vaster
churches and they will all be thronged
With Worshippers. Oh, w hat e nthusias
tic songs they will sing! Oh! wh:;t ear
nest prayers they will offer. Oh, what
ieiniom they will preach fn ourcbi-s
now for the most part wiia. i- called a
fashionable church is a place to which j
peop'e come after very careful attention j
to toilet, and they sit down for a while j
ia a pew where they want plenty of :
room, nobody beside them, and then if '
they have any time left from the th k
ing of the stoie or the studying of the
apparel of the person seated before them
they listen to a sermon wan-anted t l it ,
no min's s'ns, or to music the tune of '
which nobody knows, and then, after
an hour and a half of yawning, they go
home lefre-hed I We nil feci better af-!
ter we have had a good sleep : hy,
the music in many of the churches is a
mockery. I have not a cultivated ear ,
or a cultivated voice, but no Talau can
do my singing for ine auy more than he j
can do my praying for inc. I iike ar j
tistic music. 1 thiak the dollar r five .
dollars I Dav to hear soinee.ueen of song
is a good investment, but when on the
Sabbath we ate assembled ia icliglLus
convocation, and the hy ma is given out
and the-angels of God step from their
throne o catch the music t n their
wirlgs do not let us drive them back by
indifference. ; I have been in c)ai:ch
where vast sums of money were paid fT
the muaic, andlt , was ei)ui-ite. and it
was artiatiotS the very last ioint and
:al! er have ti c ouit reaVia o' a
ImkUwooI Met !.! Ut camp rr.cetip;.
Ixt one of thrae arti)i- njthitl
have sometime hoard u.g ia churvh
arrive ia ILaten. a id Low rtx a
it wou'.d !ou' bttidc ono of ti.e
grcit d noUies of the redeem I.
Why, if ore of hoe opursUie
airs that sometimes jrea up fro-n a
church should got three hours' tsrt it
vioiilJ bo ovetlakea and passed bv the
ho;nna of Su-iday chd ehildren.
: hen, in that time I am peaking ef, alt
the haunts of impiity will lw broken
up: all city iniquities will b b,v.ihl
aud abolished. You say by the prr
of cdtnati'n. It wilt not be dono la
that wav. You say by humanitarian
effort, it will not bo done in thtt way.
I wi'.l tell fou how it will be done, br
kL iwmf l tbcwGtMfMd 'J- lb &fajat
toL In that day what municipal gov
ernments. Now I know there la a great
diffctence between municipal govern
ment. But in many of the cithayou
just go down and look around the i:y
11 a'd, and just look where the pohti inns
are and see to what a sensual, lesoftcd,
loathsome, accursed crew city jvdttira
for the most j.ait has lnv n abandoned,
and tec them standing all day long
around some of the City 1.' alls pi kin
their teeth and waiting for some crumbs
of emolument to fall at their feet. Wln
ui- those drunken women taken to the
police station, and then, of course,
thrust into prison i What will be done
with the grog shops that male t! em
drunk! Nothing What wiil be done
with that gambler who last night took
the young in m's $.V0 i Nothing.
What will they do with man who
broke through and destroyed the purity
of a Christian hoaie with an adroitness
and a perfidy that beat the strategy of
hell, flinging a shri-. king soul into
bottomless perdition ' Nothing. What
will they do with tho-e men who
induced a young man to take
sums of money Irom his emplovers
which young man came to nn officer of
this church and frantically asked what
he must do? Nothing. No mercy for
small criminals. If n man steals $10
send him to Bawiioiid street Jail. If a
usau steal ff'.'OU.oiii) kt him g.-t to Can
ada. We punish people because they
do not steal enough! How is it with
the trials in the court r. oms of thi-i
country ? "What are they doing with
these Coney Island gamblers I Where
is the genius iu the American court
room that caii arrest, try and condemn
such scoundrels I Before the iiial is
over, in some way, somehow, nobody
knows exactly, but one of the jurors has
had given to him a pair of gold specta
cles, through which he sees things in a
different light. Punish the small crim
inals by all means, but I have sometimes
thought it might lie a good thing if the
o.ticers of the law would turn out of the
prison some of the ten cent offenders
and the ten dollar desperadoes and petty
criminals and put in their places some of
these monsters of iniquity, who ride
span, going 60 swiftly that iioncst men
have to leap to get out of the way of
being run over. Oh, what damnable
schemes even professors of religion are
sometimes engaged in, until the Lord
puts the finger of retribution in the col
lar of the robe of hypocrisy and rips it
clean to the bottom. But, rny fiiendi,
all these wrongs are going to be riglitcd.
A Glass Mountain.
ITALF A Mli.E I.o:
lot) TO 200
H.Ef IN 111.1' llT.
One of the forthcoming reports of tho
Geological Survey of the lovernment,
will contain a paper by Prof. Joseph P.
hidings upon an obsidean cliff in Yel
lowstone jjftfik. This cliff is nn eleva
tion half a mile long by from l."0 to -0J
feet high, the material of which, Prof,
hidings says, " is as good a glass as auy
artificially manufactured." Its coh.:s
and structure not only make it highly
Interesting to the visitor, but furnish to
the .scientific inwstigator phenomena of
importance. The ciiff pieents part of
a section of a surface flowof obsidian,
which poured down aii'noient slope
from the plateau lying cast. It is im-
ossible to determine what the original
thickness of thi i How was. The dense
glass which now forms its lower portion
is from 75 to 100 feet thick, -while the
porous and pumi; eous upper portion has
suffered Irom ages of jerosian and glacial
action. " .
A remarkulje feature of the cliff is
the development of prismatic columns,
which form its fouthern extremity.
These are of shining black obsidian,
ri-ing from the talus slope, and arc from
fifty to sixty feet in heijht, with diam
eters varying from two to four feet
The co'or of the material of this cliff
is for the most part ,et black, but mii'-h
of it is mottled and streaked with blight
brownish red and various shades of
1 brown, from dark "to light vellowish,
purplish, and olive green The brilliant
lustre of the rock and the strong con
trasts of colors with the black aie vc y
striking. In places the glass in the pro
cess of cooling has been brrtken into
small angular pieces, which have !een
again cemented by the later flow, pro
ducing many colored and beautiful
breccia. In some places the materid
shows a tine sa'in lustre, while in others
a deep golden sheen is noticeable, which,
under the lens, le-o.ves itself icto thin
beamsof red and yellow light. Through
the black and ltd glass arc scattered
dull bluish gray patches and bands, nn 1
round gray and pink mas-es, the effect
of which is to stid further vary the ao-pc-arancc
furl 1 e.iuty of the ro;.K, and
make it tin- iii i-t c ni i and char
ade! i.stic variety of volcanic lava kuowii.
Each Iitctived a I.svjii.
A young recruit recently enlistcl nt
Camp Hanco k. near Athinti. while the
co.ntry was threatening war with
.Mexico, and he intended to make a good
soldier. One clay he was on guarl duty
and wrja slowlv sti pping along when an
officer .-.pproached." After the usual sa
lute the officer id :
"Let me see your gun."'
"iho raw reCTuit ha::del over his
Siu iugfield rit'e and a pleased expres
sion stole over his face.
As the Oicer received the gun he
said in a tone oi dectest disgust:
"You're a tine soldier! You'vo given
up your gun, end now what are you ijo-
mg to do;"
i 'ihe voun Atlantim tsirned pale, and
vet far all rtii-l u I'uriwxc s I would
; rcacliing for his hip jiockct, drew a big
! six shooter and, prepoiiug for busineea,
sid in a voice that cou'.d not L-e mis -
; underateod :
; "(iimrnc that gun or I'll blow a hole
j through y ou in a' palr'r minutes!"
The oliict-r instantly decided not to
; monkey any further with the raWJecruit,
lad the guu was promptly surrendered.
Atlanta tb'Uii t on.
. '
tur. iitE i'tLx run.
trK PHT..TM t Bs4l
I r"i- it- IVlrtsti Fr lYrJ
For the t;rt tim In thre w fowl
r. nth the im mtw-rs, a they a-nhlel
in l'aradiM Halt. f..nJ tr on th
hint d r. There was -onailerall
K-iilatioa m ti the identity f tb
dcaM-d. but n-jonewas irrtata uatkl
Pr tl.i-r Garvlnrr a'c and said:
"My frvns, it lccoi.c tuT painful
!ivty to announce de death ol lbruddrf
Aibutu Kingdom, an l.onorary Diem-l-r
n.;diu in Kentucky, h' pasl
from dis aiith away !' Wednesday
night a:t-r a brief i!lue. He ta heat
at lc annual Ir-cxhun two y'a's aa
won dc tut prize in our game by jum
t.iu," scIk.u feil hik-h. 1 doau' mv dat
1vtfwi.te ATvnnti w tlft tt -
men who brr lived, but I kr?w Jat he
was fair to tiud.t.m, aa' dat's satin' a
h ap for any m?n. In dec da a of Ly
1 oi risy. theft, specula! i n, arwn an'
murder dc itinn who keeps Tar of .'ails
on' Mandv has got t be a Ixtter man
daumoa' people ,iti hiui credit fur !
preacher w bo had charge of Ibuddrr
Arbutuses funeral kinder h'tsmatol dat,
while de deceased was in' a puifrini
t hristian, de angrl ha.', fc'.n Llm rrrdU
in fur a !;oc .-?is.ay arkshuns,
an' dat he wouldn't le rhuckil asy
into the siaiiie 1 in as ho thlrr, bur
clar nn rhi! 1 -.tellers. 1 shall take do
liberty, tin b- half of dis club, to send
bit pieachct itiiiiiev to buy Meif a pair
of fctnga butcs lur .vii-.t-T wear. 11c hits
the bull's eye plumb center, lie an
nounced iu hit fun- ra oraahun dat
Bruddi-r Arbutus hud dc-uttleas rece ixed
ervdit fur
1. S piir' treat in nt of h s family.
'J. Stick'tn' t dc troof a hen he could
hev made u.onev bv lin'
:t. .liudiu' his own blrness fur lifty
huig y'ars.
4. Mrivin' jcee lietwecn all
men, nn' dnin' ns he would le tlone by.
His tongue was free Irom lies, an' his
hands from c-Ttupshun. While lu died
widout hc iu' jined de i hurch, he had
111 cvl up to ull de p'ials which go ti
inuke a Christian man, an' dc ideah dat
he is to be sot off wi l a lot of thieves,
murderers an' blacklegs is sunthin' 1
an't believe in. 'i i;lal to hev found
one preacher who :v de lclief dat lo
I.awd hasn't divided do world into only
two classes tic purfessing Chriatiaus,
who nm to be whooped straight into
lleabcn. an' lie nn purfossing, wh.i am
to be whooped straight into tie odder
places widout refer ace as to ncual
character. De money will be tookcu
from tie trea-uty n.V e hf.'-ged up on da
cash book to buildin' an' repairs, an' de
Secretary w ill ej to it dat de butes jO
off to morrow by express. If tic pre m her
belongs to any erthodox churc h he will
cirtiniy ie exptlicd fur heresy, an' he 11
need de botes to hunt rabbits au' look
fur a j. b."
W iC iCMmrtr..m,. m it. .ill i ,fn
and iiske.l to come forward to the i re
idi nt's desk, and
wheu he had
plied Brother Gardner said:
"Bruddcr Smith, what sort ejf a
mashec ne am dat you v'ar on your
"I tot's a che stnut belt, sah?"
"When you start out o sell chestnuts
you ring dat bell, eh! '
"No, sah. I ring ic hell when any
body g'ts off nn old jot e."
oh, I sec. What elveck docs it hev
on de odder pussonf''
' I I doan' know, suh."
"What elleck doei '.: hev on you?''
Judas Ca s;ir shifted mound uneasily
but didn't reply.
"Bruddcr Smith, ' continued the
Preside nt, "a pussoa - ho nrn fool 'null
to pin one of dose 'hi igs to his west
doan' know un old jo'0 from n new one!.
Dat class of pussoiu -..i octy 'chest n ut "
au' 'rats!' to give de b-'ance of de wur d
an idt ah dat ley am mnart, nm really
deonly c lass widout li.:ins 'mil tokee p
"cm straight in dc roud You walk o'icr
totlat winder an' drup clat bell into do
ilh y, nn' do sooner to? git de ideahtlat
vo l d:in' know inosc'r all le rest ed dc
Will Id put together dc better it will bo
fur you.''
a I.llllf A it v Ire filvrn by a Hank t'lrrk
an Ike Nulijrrl.
Very few otherwise intelligent and
educated people understand how to
properly indorse u bank check payable
to their order, nn l few realize; ihc in
convenience they cause by placing tln-ir
in .orsemcnt in an awkward po-iti"ii
An observance of the following rulei
will enable anybody to place their big
nature in the projit-r place:
1. Write acrosi the back - not length
wise. 2. The top of the back is the left end
of the fa c.
:i. To deposit a cheek, write "For de
posit," and below this your name. A
clerk not having the power of attorney
to stun fir indorse checks, can dejjo''t
his linn's check -i by writing on the top
of the bwk, "For deposit only to credit
of 1" und below this write his
own na:i:c.
4. Simply writing your name e n the
back of a check rignilies that it haa
passed through hands and ia pay
able to beater.
5. Always indorse a check as it ap
pears on the f i'c. For inst.m' c, if the
check is payable o 'G Lead;" if to
"Geo. Head'" .iido-s. "Geo. Head;" if
to "George F. li'ea'.." indrve "George
F. I'ead.'' Ii th'. fpelling of the name
on the face of t'.;chcek js wrong, in
dorse first just us th! face appears, and
Ih.Io.v th; proper ay. For instance,
if the check is iMT'iile on the faee to
"Gorge. Keade,'' indorse "ieor-e
Heade," and bc'.ow t! U indoraement
write what it ahould have been
"George Bead."
ii. h yo n wish .c make the check
payable to sou e i-ari-icular person, write
JjPav to order ol ."
AU straiver presenting check for
payment niut be id?ntificJ by someone
known to the bank.
His Heme rrsi Broken Up.
A manVras arrested for jumping from
a ferryboat at Chatou into tbejfceine to
commit suicide, and when taken, before
tLe police related this storji " I am not
a miserable pauper as you might think.
I have money on me (saowin? a po.ket
book with 00.f. ia, notes, still wet, in
it; I lived for twenty years in the I too
Ciou'.ler. bat the bcuisc has be;n taken
for iniprovemenU and pulled down. My
existcn-e has eince been broken tip. A I
my habits have leen deranged.- Life
ha--t I x-co me a burden to me, and I re
solved to die." The man's "tioire is now
a lunatic asyhim. - 1
Hon?Es eat oat meals.
- 1
4 ,
issBj, r
' V ; t w
s v

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