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No. 16.
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War, in Advance.
4 ;
now things look from
The Opinion of The Caucasian and
the Opinion oi others which we
Can Endorse on the Various
Topics of the Day.
'eimblican exchange asks,
"What makes G rover Cleveland
so great a man In the estimation
of the Democaats ?" It is be
cause in his retirement he low
ers above any public man in the
country, while it requires the
most strenuous efforts on the
part of I'enjamiu Harrison to
keep himself in the public mind.
New Orleans States.
ji:ffj:kson iavis ox
ii:ksonvi LILI
AN- and they had nothing else to give
us. The cooks
were our own men.
In reference to the report that
Captain Wirz beat the prisoners,
it was certainly unjust, because
his right shoulder had been
Wirz was assured that
The North has never ceased
to howl about th supposed in
human treatment of Federal
orisoners at Andersonvilie nri- broken
son. Mr. Davis' article on the Uf he woul.d 'Pate Jefferson
matter, published in he Janua
Davis with the Andersonvilie
atrocities his sentence would be
commuted. ' To which Wirz le
plied: "I know nothing about
Jefferson Davis. He had no con
nection with me as to what was
dewe'at Andersonvilie.' '
Mr. Davit goes on to show
that the Confederate prisoners
in the Northern prison-pens
were treated quite as badly from
the same causes i. e., lack of
habitual food, over-crowding,
the diseases or "men crowded to
gether, home-sickness, etc., as
were Northern prisoners at the
lias any business aright to
irmw and prosper if it has to get
special legislation to make it do
so, to the detriment and by tax
ing every pt-rson save the one
enjoying the business? You an
swer no, tliat tree Americans
would riot tolerate Anything of
tin kind. -h! but you are mis
taken. How about the protect
ed manufacturer and the un
protected farmer ?
The Game, Fish, Oyster and
Industrial Association FaTr at
New JJerne, which "was sue 1 a
success last year, will be repeat
ed this year from February 21th
to march 1st. The historic and
delightful old town of New
I 'erne never does things by
halves. We expect the fourth
exhibit to eclipse in splendor
any one of the three she lias
formerly held.
See what a high tariff and an
inadequate amount of circula
ting medium has done for the
fanner in twenty years:
The cotton cron of 18G7, which
sej;gi elated only ,097,2.1; bales re
turned to the farmers ?279,35 1,232;
while the crop of 187, which was
the largest ever produced and aggie
gated 7,01(5, S33 bales only returned
We make more each year and
get less for it. Is it not time
for us to think and act?
There are many evidences
that the Protectionists are grow
ing alarmed at the wxtent to
which some of the beneficiaries
of the system are taking advan
tage of their opportunities
Here is the senior organ, for ex
CAPITAL STOCK f 100,000.
Yes, read a book. Who read
aboDk? You, young man. young
woman, boy, icirl, any box. y.
How often do you try reading
a nooK as a nappy means oi
A few days since we heard a
man abusing banks for charging
10 per cent, interest. Yet that
very man last year bought sev
eral tons of guano to be paid
for in the fu.ll. Ho scarcely made
cotton enough to pay his guano
bill, but still he does not abuse
the fertilizer frauds for charg
ing him 100 per cent, and mak
ing him work for them like a
slave the whole summer. What
;t curious thing a man is?
ry number of Belford's Maga
zine, explodes all the former
grievances. He r-ays :
"Andersonvilie was selected
after careful investigation for
the following reasons : It was in
a high, pine-wood region, in a
productive farming country ,had
never been devastated by the
enemy, was well watered, and
near to Americus, a central de
pot for collecting the tax in kind
and purchasing provisions. The
climate was mild and there were
"no recognizable sources of dis
ease.'' Pers: stance on the part
of the United State to exchange
prisor ers "caused so large au in
crease in the number of the
captured sent to Andersonvilie
as to exceed the accommodation
provided and thus augment the
discomfort and disease of con
finement. It was not starvation, as has
I eo.'i i.llM,efl hot. nc rln.tnB.t.inn.
unsuitable diet, and despond- ample, lecturing the Trusts and
ency, which were the potent telling them that they must go
agents of disease and death, out of business because they are
Statements from gentlemen of "at war with tha Principles and
high standing who speak disin- purposes of Protection," the
terestedly are submitted as con- "pledge of Protection" being
elusive on the question of
'quantity' of food at Anderson
vilie prison."
Quoting from a letter, Mr. Da
vis says: "'I can with perfect
truth declare as my conviction
that General Winder, who had
control of the prisoners, was an
honest, upright, and humane
gentleman. He had the reputa
tion of treating the prisoners
confided to his general supervi
sion with great kindness and
Poth the President and Secreta
ry of War always manifested
great anxiety that the prisoners
should be 'kindly treated and
amply provided with food to
the extent of our mean.'"
Again Mr. Davis quotes: "The
Federal prisoners were removed
to Southwestern Georgia in the
early part of 18G4, to secure a
more abundant supply of food."
Quoting from Austin tflint, Jr.'s.
"Physiology of Man," Mr. Davis
says: "'Hie ettects oi saiiineais
and farinaceous food (at Ander
sonvilie) without vegetables
were manifest in the great pre
valence of scurvey. The scor
butic condition thus induced
modified the course of every dis
ease, poisoned every wound, and
lay at the foundation oi those
obstinate and exhaustive diar-
Oflkers ElectedFirst Payments lo
be Made This Week.
that "home competition shall
effectively guard the people
against monopoly and insure ul
timate cheapness."
Now all th's is precisely not
the truth, and the trusts are
simply carrying the idea of pro
tection to its logical conclusion.
The phylosophy of our tariff
system is that the home manu
facturer should be helped by
the Government to obtain from
the consumer an artistically
high pribe for his product.
Therefore, foreign products are
so greatly burdened that the
consumer will prefer the domes
mestic article. It is the inten
tion of the law that the Govern
ment shall make its beneficia
ries prosperous at the expense
of the people.
If it were not for this protec
tive tariff most of the trusts
tha" oppress the country would
not exist. The exclusion of for-
For several months The Cau
casian has been ad vc eating the
establishment of a Building and
Loan Association m this place.
On Tuesday night of last week
a mass meeting of the citizens
of the town and adjoining coun
ty met in the Courthouse to dis
cuss the outlook and feasibility
of such an Association. Commit
tees on soliciting stock and
forming a constitution for the
proposed organization were ap
pointed. By Thursday night over
$1 5,000 had been subscribed
the stockholders met, adopted
a constitution, and proceeded to
the election of officers, resulting
as follows :
For President, W.A.Johnson.
" Vice-President, Marion
For Directors : J. H. Royal,
W. A. Johnson, W. B. Stewart.
Henry E. Falson, J. A. Fen ell,
W. S. Thomson, Marion Butler,
Our Farmers' Column.
Tli, re i no material nrarrrMtfcxt U well
banishing anxious l noughts x nu rTmn-iit about xrrK-tmuru
about something, you know not irif "
what? Well, if you hare not
ried it, the sooner you do so Big Hg.
Uio srvnoi vnn n.111 flnA a rfinP- I 1r Tatiftm Va 1 tn rtf Vn 5 tnn
dy for many of the imaginary kmed two hogs last week, Rd
evils that beset your way. i.,- n an mrmth. nlA.
jiuw uiMMi nave vuu inru ... ...
reading a
ing of lonel
the boy or the young man feels, pounds.
at a time when such iiatifica
Vrin a pa .
for lkth Sexes.
A First-Class Ikxinlimr School
The Bchool U dl tided into 8lx 1 V part meiitu, vU : Primnry, laUTnuill
ate, Acdeauk( lrertory, MediciU od Molc.
lUtea 1b Tuition have bwn mlucot to correspond with the tlmw.
itimary, .... per month, J I oo.
IntermMllAot i Ul !r month, t.2.
i mermen laet, i , , ... . . . trtnn. i-u.
book to cure that feel- weighing 545 pouuda; the other MstGnkle, - - - ir month, f 2.00.
neliness? Sometimes 18 months, old weighing 345 ISndOra.le, . - ir month. 2..
i reiarmiory .-tMir"gmie in o jn'jarv uoya ami Kiri tor ron
xtra charce.
The following itudles will be Uusht without extra chargin Iaun, llltfi
tion is not convenient, that he Mr. Need ham Warren, of Min-1 Matluncatlo. llbetoric. Book-KMlnsri Hotanv. Comtnwlal Arithmetic
needs some association withoth- L0 township , killed Us t Friday nd, CommercUl Iaw.
era . i . . I Music Dkp A -I In cliarco of a first data teacher of experlenco
Have a book to read. This P u i ana reputation (MM viaie uutei). miuon jr mwan, .-oex-
mill iim PMiiplnnolinow When BU 4UO DOUaOS. n vuaigv iw ivwj iiuH.mcuk.
will cure your loneliness, vvnen v Medical Depaktmmt I In chare of Dr.T.C. llnlluck(adltlnral-h
you are reading a good book you Alfro, n..tiu f T.,rVv practical pbyalcian. Tuition per term, fS.uo o extra for n-
are in the very best of company, ir Aurea anieis, oi iur&ey 0r text4ooka in ihUdeixtment.
and you are listening to the very township, killed last Filday 5 Board Board ran be had in irood fauilIU near the whoul, everything
best of language and you are hoirs that weighed 1,472 pounds, rurnuneu, rrom 4.w to o.w per monin.
king the wise thoughts of 4, m we , . .,; r r?ry
The Board of Directors met
Friday, adopted a Constitution
and By-Laws, and proceeded to
the election of a Solicitor and
Secretary and Treasurer, result
ing as follows:
For Secretary and Treasurer,
J. S. Bizzell.
For Solicitor, W. S. Thomson
Chairman Johnson instructed
the Solicitor to have the Associ
ation duly incorporated under
sections 2294 to 2300 inclusive,
found in Vol. II, chapter 7, of
the Code, and to prepare justifi
ed bonds for the officers.
Messrs. W. A. Johnson, J. S
Rizxle and Marion Butler were
the author your own thought",
and, to a degree, you are mould
irg your intellect after the fash
ion of his.
"1 have no time to read a
book."' says the younjr man or
young woman.
What a delusion! You have
more time than anythini
Let's see about it.
How much money have you ?
None at all, you say. How much
lauded property have you to
look after? Vey little, you
k i
sav. llow mucii bauK siock
have you to claim your atten
tion? I hardly know what that
is. vou sav. What great busi
Mr. G. W. Hobbs. of HalU
township, killed 11 hogs that!
weigh 3,200 pounds, an average
of 291 pounds. The heaviest
weighed 304 pounds.
and Academic lXM;artment.
This live and practical institution of tfuirnlog has grown like magic and
it run on a firm. ajTtematlc baM, and receives tho teacher' entiro atten
tion. For particulars in full mldre.
Jai;23 If O. I. 8MIT1I, Principal, Clement, h. O.
An unusual amount of meat
has been lost in the county, but
we believe that there is now
enough meat in the county to
feed the people. In fact we all
eat too much meat. One-fourth
of a pound per day is plenty of
meat on an average. In fact we
do not ea t half that amount per
day, and did not when plowing
and working on our father's
farm. U tins rite 2o,UU0 peo
ple would eat only twenty-two
hundred and fifty thousand
pounds, and there is nearly
double that amount of meat in
eign products removes the com- .ted on a coinmittee to
e"11 a havethe Constitution and By
Mr. J. T. Gregory, of North
else. Clinlon township, killed a hog,
13 months and 10 days old, that
weighed 321 pounds.
Clinton School
Can we afford to raise cotton
to buy corn, hay and meat at any
price ?
REV. J. W. TURNER, A. M., Principal.
MRS. J. W TURNER, Assistant.
Spring Term Owns Monday, December IJOtli, 1889.
Are you making plenty of This Rr.hl in divided into five trades: Primary, Advanced
ness are you superintending il at manure for this year's crop, or Primary, Junior, Intermedial and Senior. Tuition rates accora
claims Vour attention night and will you go in debt for guano, ing to the grades.
day ? 1 only have to look after The farmers who are to-day in Lalin, Greek and French are taught without extra
Pio couungennee is cuarnu. hcid oajji'uiwih, w -
the best condition have used
but little or none of this stuff.
Home-made manure is the back
bone of the farm.
my own daily laoors, you say
What dazzling reputation or
grawing fame have you to nurse
and watcli over closely : 1 am
not known far away from my
own door-sill, vou say.' Very
well. So you seo with a great The way to meet "hard times"
number of the young especial- tQ prepare for it. We all buy
things we could do without and j to take care of the littles
The waste on the average Bouth-
n farm would amount to a I
duce will he received in settlement of bills.
For Rates of Tuition and further information addrew,
aug8 tf REV. J. W. TURNER, Clinton, N. C.
domestic producers.
i .1 a : l, z a in
a:r: a Protec-
.,rnf,nnf inor,' i o thft 11,0 K
IIIJlV1 VllllU'VU 1 11 V 1 . - w
Federal prisoners at Anderson
vilie. "'President Davs had
permitted three of tho Ander
sonvilie prisoners to go to Wash
ington to try and change the de
termination of their Govern-
... ITT . 2 A. - 1 H-tlA-.W AAtJllTI
Ion" as foreign competition iwBynuHJUBuuuim wmu
comes in, the domestic Trust or cates of stock prepared by next
monopoly must die, tor raonop- Thursday.
The Secretary and Treasurer
was instructed to have the Con
stitution prepared for signing
by the stockholders on next
Thursday, at which time the
Board of Directors would hold
another meeting.
The Board of Directors fixed
Thursday, January 23rd, as the
nlv is the breath oi a lTusi s
Protection decreases compe
tition. That is its purpose and
its result, while a Trust abso
ntlv kills coniDetition. Trusts
will continue to fatten upon the
MUKCIIANT PKINC1S OF AU- day for the stockholders to sign
X M X i Mjuxu. r, jli.. n. initio
Constitution, pay
X. X T
'in. nf flAiiT tn tion iees ana receive vuexr uci-
M r i ...
im out over tho CaDe t ear and tificates of stock.
. i - i
ment and procure a resumption Yadkin Valley extension from Fvero- Satnrdav. from 2 to 8
oi eiumuges. 1.110 Fii this city, was shipped yesieroay maa fivoi1 na nfficft r,onrs
1ror nf tlift f5iilnr of t.liPiP -.r.r ' r t m P. n I y. m.,
J nn w ; I at AnSei: " ' " ?tZ for the Secretary and Treasurer,
sonville, and the effect was to! .ntrv the merchant prince of during which time, or before,
plunge the great majority of 1 Antrwille. Messrs. G ire & Co.. the dues of each stockholder
them into the deepest nielau- Lvin in a few days ship two or must be paid.
cnoiy, jiouie-aicKuesa, auu ue- three more car loads of goods xo
spondency. Caut. Autrv. who as indicated in NEGROES WANT VANCE
u-id''j fii-r iitv I l.r Afocun iror'a nvfiolA nn All-
The same Captain Wirz who try ville yesterday, merchandises To o1 ec
trirwi nnrl lmncr murder- on a big Bcale and is engaged in
1 i i.'amantu hnildint? ud around him a town
erwumiiy uicn ui.u.ciuuiw - o
e t.n v.m.oflf r fi.o nniinnnv tnai Dromises LU Ull ui mo
1111 LI1U UVIIUV v ' - ' I .
Let na
tlie county to-day.
saving and make both ends
meet. By doing so in the re
spect of meat alone we would
be healthier, happier and more
prosper.'Uf all except the doctors.
1" prisoners under his charge. most important places between
inontion these facts to show wiimmgion anu x ay v. tie vine.
that he (Captain Wirz) was not Wil. Messenger 16th
During an interview bv a cor
TPsnondent of the Baltimore
- A
Sun, Vance said :
"It is this constant interfer
lv time is about the sjui total
of all possessions.
Now we venture another ques
tion, though auite a delicate
one. How much knowledge
have you? I know so little, you
say, that I am sometimes asham
ed to go into intelligent society.
The writer would not put this
question and answer it thus did
he not feel the very embarrass
ment here described.
The other questions. How
much traveling do you expect
o do in your life ? Where do
you expect to go? I may never
be able to go e 7ond the bonnd-
ry of my own State, you say
You say you have no money,
no land, no bank stock, no great
business to look after, no lame
or reputation to nurse, no great
store of knowledge, no nope 01
travel to gain knowledge.
Now for ttje last question.
How much time have you?
had not thought ot that, you
sa. Suppose we caleulat
little. Every day has twenty-
four hours. The most sleepy-
headed needs only eight hours
in the twenty-four to sleep, (and
this writer is compelled to have
his.1 That leaves sixteen hours
for work and other things
Twelve hours a day is more
tran the average man works,
That leaves four hours for re
creation. Suppose you just waste
two of these honrs as you do
now, perhaps. Then after sleep
ing eight hours, working twelve,
doing nothing at all for two
hours, vou have two long hours
j wr
irood profit iii the hands or a
CI - - - A
yankee, where we get in debt.
Salem Higli School,
IVIVltlOIV BUTL1211 A.. 1$., Kupt.
A Boarding School for Both Sexes.
Spring Term of the Session of '89 and '90 Opens January 6th.
PRIMARY, - - - Ih-t 1110.1th $1 00
f 1st Grade. - ikt n onth 1 HO
INTERMEDIATE, 2 Grade, - ir nonth $1 87J
ininmfin (1st Grade, - . per month f? 25
ACADEMIC, 9nA r.r. - - ier month $ 2 75
The Business course is especially for young men.
Have you planted any rye ?
Are you going to plant any oats?
W 11 you save any hay? You
-w . 1 A. V
answer no ; 1 don i raise mose
4ii iyiitci vmj hut whv don't v .11? id ttnnlr KaeDin?. Commercial Arithmetic
luiiifci;. j. v-vj, - J I ' an.
requisite anu
month 3.50.
3 25
Tho course of Htudy
and RuHinesK Imw, with tho
u m tvut u.l. 1 ia . -vv t""mi . . . . , . . , . . , rr . . 1 1 .
nfllmo filled ui with Mtutiien wiecieo. 1 union ih.t
Are you compelled to do tnis m
yar like you did last? You jtin or French, in addition to the studies Ih nny of tho above depart-
ta ortra nor month.
can raise vuese in uuui t.uu w msuwi ...vUv
your corn, cotton, pea and po- MUSIC DEPARTMENT.
tato crop. Try them ; they will In this department instructions an given w iwm ocai anu 1 minimw
H 3 ta Music. Tuition per month $2.75 each. When the ocal and Instru-
payyou. mental are combined, the pupil gets twice tho amount of time for prac-
lo with a rmlnrtinn uf'Sl.50 ner month on the regular tuition rates, I. e.
A phenomenal yield of corn fine ner month. No extra charge for Instrument.
255 bushels 01 one acre In A class of girls In ELOCUTION win bonarieu at i no 'lH;ng 01 mo
Marlborough county, S. C, by term. Special training in Reading anu 111 ivecnuuo. iu,uu
7, J. Drake, and the growing of VienUnLlt. Club and Philotechnic Lit. Society, .eparat oncanl
eighty bushels of wheat on one MSSfbrtho girls and boys respectively, aroan attractive feature ot
acre by Henry F. Barton, in thAfichooi
T3 O A x U
Good Board, including washing, light, Ac. coi be obtained In good
families, convenient to the school, at t rom G.00 to S7.(0 ir month.
For further particulars address,
G. E. BUTLER, (U. N. C.) Principal,
jy4 tf Huntley, N. C.
Utah, only show what high cul
tivationintensive farming
can accomplish. W il. Mess.
More Grass.
The greatest labor-saving con
trivance of the age is, more
irrass. more pasture. The farm-
grass, more pasiure. iuowhu- . tt 1 0 l 1
er should select the level ground Lumber Bridge lllgll OCIIOOL
of the farm for ti lied crops, and
plant the hilly and rolliug fields Spring Session Opens Jan. Cth, 1890
in gras". irass reeos siock, anu
stock feeds the farmer, noi
smaller farms necessarily, but
more errass. on all the farms.
h.ith biir and little, is to be the!
The Raleigh correspondent of
the Messenger says :
"Saturday night a labor au'ent
told me that Peg Leg Williams
had. since September 1st, mov
ed 16,000 negroes out of the
State. That looks something
1 Hr sn exodus. The agent re
marked, with a smile, 'you ob
serve that we are hustling them
right out of your black belt."
The estimate that 35,000 have
left the State since January,
LSS'J is conceded by the agents
lo bo a moderate one."
We mo.!t heartily concur with
him when h says :
"Let tliH dissatished negroes
go. There slmnld not be a voice
raised against their going.
Those who remain will do bet-
tpr ivork : work with hea t as
well as with hand. It will be
better for the white man as w ell
us for the negro."
We believe that since the war
the negro has been a tax on u,
that he consumes more than he
p induces, as a class.
the monster he was afterwards
represented to be, when his
blood was called for by infuri
ate fanaticism. ..
The facts alluded to satisfied me
that he was a human man.
The real cause of all the pro
tracted sufferings ot prisoner.-
North and South, indirectly due
to the inhuman refusal of the
Capt. Autry
has been a phe-
J . i f. TkT XI
once on ine part 01 ixormeru
, i f politicians, that causes moat of
tenal success, and we expect . , ' amons, the colored
to see Autry yille grow and pros- people of the South. Why, at
per under his guiding innuence. this moment 1 have in my aesu.
letters from colored men in my
jXx x v.. I l?Ii-r
L ciss OTTn.' I I A1AU.
jjiave iisxuis U1C kUDCnu,r. .- iioahn no time
a - I m (1 Bv .mt 9- anm a llUb LUlyl ' www-
THE MOUNTAIN SPINX. itepUDlican oenaior auuu, - . calcula.
of sixty minutes each and every t of rr0snerity to the
day for reading. iaKe ouuuay South ye Gf the Svuth can
for rest and worship, and i"R h.-,ve i?reen gr?s for cattle and
other six days in the week give gheep au te winter through
yon two hours each for reading wint,.rs are mild, with lit
making twelve nours a wee. ow and i,,. With plen-
A thorough, practical, wideawake
p. J H O O 1 ,
that means business.' Location
healthful and Board and Tuition
outte reasonable. Be sure to send
for Circulars before sending your
children elsewhere. Addrew,
J. A. MONROE, A. M.t Prin.
dec2G lin Lumber Bridge, N. C.
Goshen High SchooL
Will Open Spring Ttw Mooday, Jaaa-
arj Ctl ,
TK School will Ik; run under the -same
manngemfcivt ai before," 1
Wo feel grateful for past patron-
ae and trust fr a continuance ol
the 8:imc.
For further particulars address
the principal,
dec2C. -tf Jlobton.N.C.
Uoney claimed tobedue lor po- given y- u j, m u,
In Surray county, North qlitled.ktoanrtb
- w t . m -..HAMtvnlIAl I M v-k An tt TVIXK l llt'Mni X.XXj XX v
Federal government to exchange olina mere s a " to do ty-f our hours of the extra tune,
prisoners of war. naiuxai t--ZTrtV. Y 7 "TS iiean and alloting half as many days
1-1. r i ni I tir moa nV-fl. 111(11111 LO.111 i J tiv "O " - Mr
1 HO glCUiliCBl) UllliVyUltJf O.J J- I
m i .nnna
nerienced in procuring meui-p"-""-. 4, mnJ- aMr,af
... i A x. si ir ii au fx m w i . in i.iin in in WBrH iiniin t-"i i ;i. iiunic v j i
rines and antiscorbutics, mese uewuia. - " - . rr JT"1 -a t.v- in the rear and leave
- - i m -m x. 2 - t il a luii. .a t i sv t n xx mn rir I I I I iimii
11IU.UU i" uu j, - i ; . I r.
nf t.h Federal government. mont plains, ime a SiKn iiui
hours a week.
There are htty-two weeas m . a5S lnerc js not a ay
vear. and that gives you six var ronnd .exceDt when
. . m 1 i UIL wx-xw j v i -
hundred and twenty-iour mmr SUOws covers the grouud, that
wo cannot pasture cattle on
grenfood. Grow grass, farm-
e s. Blue grass, red lop, orcnaru
..,a nnil timothv these are
t. 1 IVv'U
in the year spare lime for read
ified as administrator opon
the estate of S. O. Sutton, deceased,
notice is hereby given all tho creui
administrator of Enoch
Wiln, leceased, tho underfcigned
lurehv notifies all pennons lo.aiug
the best. And native grasses are tors of said estate to present their tt,,ailist the deceased to pre-
- w m I . . 1 1. . .a. I . n j -
good. Rural ( Va.j Messenger.
In J.867 it is estimated tuat
there were paid for advertise
ments in this country $iu,wu,-
from your
lfl.V! in the rear and leave you
--rarB lust even five hundred hours for
ucfctw -'i I - i iiiv.. T - - - . , Av
m rr 1 lira 'o nTn ITl V I Vf. I W 11(1 1 121.1 1 I j.x.v-, . I ' . . . r-r I . v o r 11 ll rn IV I d.U Uri
u Tf in thfl act nf rising. The nut their shoulders to tne nar- juuup V.nw
Ci 3 x.x - w ix , I.-. r w llxlll
colirl rnck. several rison wheel wart me to nen
claims, duly proven, on or oeiore ,nein tm or iefore the 16th day
the 12th day of November, imhi, or j )f jauu.iry, 1891, or this notice wlLT
this notice will bo plead in bar of J jK. pjeaje,! in bar of their recovery,
their recovery. .All persons Indebted to the de--
All persons indebted to said es- j nmt are requested to make prompt
tate will please make prompt settle- Mlynient.
ment. S. R. DAUGHTRY, j1 B. G. E. DAUGHTREY,
Administrator. Administrator.
- - -r . t "1
1111UOV1X OH IX X " m r- I . m 1 I.. AV 1 1 ? . I mm A T" IH I I 11 WT CBtlA U. - ' mi IIU7 Z ri III III 111 U2 Lrvi I 1 "W -w
i an old Wound)and a few fa.tU- Tb, K t tL7r monev. -14 ES this plan, at the end of the a ppj, yoo mlIE UNDERSIGNED HAV-
i nr -arwitvi I I i I I il I I itii l , , vi xxx xawab. i mt x uxx v w w -w ml i m..Aaj-hin I uii i - & x x
Ma trial certain Eederal .wit- ance 1U anV VnteiS: XSS3to , "the Sen- much time ;
?f?fc& SSi Itrt- about 1.500 feet ate, "I am aimost too tender- Andjt.s
Niciioixi.v A Cooper, Att'ys.
January ICth. 1890. -4t
Wirz) killing-certain prisoners
in August. 186 1, when he was
actually absent on sick leave in
Augusia, ueorgia, at to tnuo.
Qouting from the words ot a
Federal misouer. in relation to
the food served the prisoners.
of which, in quantity, there was
no lack, "it was the ordinary
diet of the Confederate army,
gc.iv. - IT ' : , - -, w .. mnct wisftmen
ohnvo iiio ninin. and can do seen neariea 10 ao suuu au ujiuu"-
uuu , v v x j I t
r Aintanfa nf mflnv miles. tflhin niflce of business. in
sionfifi mfriean. I ones tion in my
k;vx x v a
Customer "G Imme
The new Piasome lempie wmcu uu. Ufe . v. a... ttit,Tt thi over Read it must usivo
the Masons of Chicago propose face . with ttJStWUi. scriution. Bi
.reclin. will. co3t ?2,000,000. deb or the poor d a j Nect Demo- physic!,."-
The idea is to nave it compiewu - i - -f
witnm iwo yeor. un.
t can set it down as a dead sure I JL ing qualified as executor to
thing that he nas siock in vui i the last win ana wuu!u . -.
S30 000.000 and is drawing hU H. Lamb, dec; notice U neteby glv-
ou,iw,wv I -ii naHuinA holding 'claims
regular dividends wu. dt. - .r-f M
present them within twelve months
some from the date ' hereof, duly authen-
I no rca,u uuu-" -orilr Url.ikv n I ticateo, or vnis uuw r :
which destitute of money, lands, bank whisky . me.8ir.but in bar of their reeery.;. L
xj "no"- . ' i xii persons maeoieu vj ruu ro
tate are requested to come forward
and make immediate payment.
, j; C LAiiB,Executor.
W. S. Thomsoh, Attorney. .
lecember 190x3-19- V .
the observation oi
that those who
read books are not all their lives
question in my uuuujh wu.v, , , tattnn and Druggist "excuse me,Hii,uufc
willsnffer the most, the .Sen- stoc '"Pto ot Iknow- to purchase any wbl-ky you
to,, upon being bruught face to Sg.l?"it man have a ph?siciao-8 pr.-
But, ahem,
I am a
as administrator upon the
mUU of Rebecca Tew, the under-sizn-d
hereby notifies all persora
Iioldiog claims agamct mo w ;
the said Rebecca Tew, to present
fhem to him ftr settlement on w
before the 15th aay oi January, ox,
or thiB notkre will be pleaded in bar
of their recovery. All persons In
debted to the said Rebecca Tew are
requested to make immediate pay
ment. J. 1 TYNDALLjAdm'r.
NiCHOMOS & CooireB, Att'ys.
This Jan. 6tb, 18909-6t
; 1

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