1 I TIIK C AUCASIAN. Entered a onlnr.' to Postal Ur at a. Kcioiid man Clinton, . matter. THE CAUCASIAN S RECORD. CIUCCLATION : 1,079. is niontl. :ig it 1 thitri S') Adverti-er tJiinW " . INTON. N. C..-1 KU. 1'.. 1W- ST. VALENTINE'S DAY, 1890. T-morrow is Tin r.t' ti! day when youthful heart-. Am- ii-!.t-! Iy lov:'s t.qn r, Win ii i..:i.l i- nlay ex pT-ant parts, And ! i - ninthly cater; The iat. n i li.y, when CnpidN dart Are m.-My made of pajer. contribution to the pd cause, seventy-live centH out of every annnal subscription of two dol lars to the Magazine sent hi du ! r!n Jie next fix month-, hve- ry such wibwriptlon must be ac companied by the wort!-, ,,Fo. Mary Was hington Monument." Tin o.Ter in gem rou and -hpuld meet with an enthusia -tic response. Alliance Dejurtment. ! Atlantic Coast Line MrjTiiK ('aCcasi AN was adopt ed as the offlcial organ of the Coun ty Alllanve ly tlieCounty AU'iHiut-, January r.Mh.jCM NKW ADVEItTOEMKNTT. WILIWICS 4 VEtCOl B. E. ul Bruciti. j IT IS FOLIA There are ii:av 2,o7H Alii n.-e. in the.Stite. Thirtv-flve or f ty Itave been o.'gniz d during t!ie iut month. CoucioiiMocl aclioclulo 'iKAI. t.uiM; sOl'TH. !A ! y.u N..-;. .No. 41. K.i-t iiuii. Daily. Di'iv. ex. Sat . T O Till: CAIMTAI- I WoiiM it not be best io i.A i County Alliance to hold J.v w l-h'u. 12 ' p m What I Transpiring of the Nation I'n.t. Viri'ini , as Priin-i; James Dinwiddio, of .eeeeds J. 15. liurwell :u of Peace Institute. Kfr. ( or. Tick Caii-asian.', Washinoton. D. C, Feb Hth. Ex .Senator Carlisle is the hero (of the hour in Democratic cir cle,-, for the able manner in which he has corny, elled the ! all over tiie State when desired. r 'Mr. i'.v Ti ftri. Ar '.V si-..!!. l.v WV.-.u. ! j i; the ;1 .-e- sion of two days at the next meeting? Tin re-nns fi r th -we think will Misfiret h-elf " the whole inembelSoip. Ar l'a. in v.! C ' The.e is a provision for Com n-; j v Ni, z l!( tv Kartiir r Institute to be held ' l.v War caw. i In j - i pin C On am . T lu .ni i:i:tnt ' : .;n 40 K. .J. I. lly, 7" years or age and one of Fayetteville's m"st Iroininent men, is dead. The foundry of the Wayne Agricultural works at (Joldsboro, N. C., wa- destroyed by fire on Tuesday iii'ht. I'he (.'iiano men complain that there is a falling off in the .sale of commercial fertili zers thi.-. trinir. lad to know it. The Alliance is Kttintf in its work. The Directors of the V. & W. llailroad Jiave elected Warren (J. KU!ott,of Norfolk, Va.., Pres ident, to succeed the late Col. II. It. ISridjrer. Mr. Elliott is a native of North Carolina, and is a kii of Mrs. S. A. Elliott, of Ox ford . We acknowledge receipt of an invitation to attend the celebra tion of Washington's Hirth-Day at Chapel Hill. Mr. S. V. Bry ant (formerly onn of our teach ers at Salem High School) is In troductory Orator. Mr. Henry Johnso: is the orator of the day. Mis. Davis writes to the pa pers that she requests copies of all lettets of iu.porlance Presi dent Davis may have written to any ot his friends, to be furn ished her lev use in preparing the volume now in progress. Her letter will be seen in an other column. We acknowledge the receipt of an invitation from Solon A. Adams, Secretary of the Florida Sub-Tropical Exposition, Jack sonville, Fla., to visit the Expo sition which opened January 9th and will continue till April. There will be a Grand Inter State Drill at the elosiiur. Some time since Fra nce pass ed a decree of exile against the members of the former rojal family, making a. two to five years imprisonment penalty if any head of the family should ever return to the kingdom. Prince Phillipe, the Duke of Orleans, the eldest son of Comte de Paris, direct heir to the throne, was arrested last Friday in Paris and placed in prison for violating the decree. Col. A. C, Davis, the Superin tendent of the Davis Military School at La Grange started a small school at that place in 18S0. In 188-") ho founded the present commodious and hand some building. His success has been unusual. We are sorry to learn that on the oth instant he thought it btst to disband the school until next fall on account of tho meningitis being an epi deuiie among the pupils, seve ral liavintr died. Marion Harland, the friend and helper of women every where, has taken up the work of restoring the ruined monu ment markinu the burial-place of Mary, the Mother of Wash ington. One hundred years ago this venerable woman was interred in private grounds near Freder icksburg, Virginia. In 1833, the corner-stone of an imposing me morial was laid by President Andrew Jackson. A patriotic citizen of Kew York assumed the pious task, single-handed, but meeting with financial dis aster, was compelled to abandon it. Marion Harland pays truly in her appeal to the mothers and daughters of America to erect a fitting monument to her, who gave Our Country a Fath er that ''the ain shines upon no sadder ruin in the lengt. and breadth of our laud, than tbis unfinished structure." The publishers of The Honie- Mulrftr. of which Marion Hat land is the editor, offer, as their majority of the House commit-1 tee on Kules to act in reporting the code of rules sooner than they had intended. The new Utiles are about as one sided and unfair to the minority as they could be, and give Speaker Reed almost as much authority as he ha exercised without them. It took seven hours to get a major ity vote in their favor from the Republican caucus, and from all accounts the discussion was at times extremely bitter. A Dem ocratic caucus also considered tho Rules reported, and although they regard them as so many 'gag-law?, it was decided that if tho Republicans would allow a reasonable time for their debate, so that their injustice might be shown to the country, no unusu al obstacles ould be interposed by the Democrata to prevent their adopti n by the majority, as they only wish to put them selves en record as protesting against their adoption. Economical men in Congress were surprised to 1 earn from t speech of Senator Morrill's that owing to the over-crowded con dition of the puhlic buildings in Washington 3121,700 a ytar is spent by the Government to rent private buildings. The buildings that are worst off ae the White House, the Patent of flee, Post-office and Government Printing office. Th last named is in a deplorable condition,look ed at from every stand-point. It is old, and its walls are in a dan gerous condition; it is un healthy and is in constant dan ger from fire. There is a prettv general igreem nt that it will be cheaper to erect the necessa ry buildings than to pay Mich a large amount for rents. Early action is expected in Congress to relieve this unsatisfactory state ot affairs. The Republicans of the House did not dare to seat Smith, of West Virginia, until they h id a egal quorum of their own mem bers present to vote him in. Had they done otherwise the Su- reme Court would probably have been given an opportunity to pass on ihe ct nstitutionality of Mr. Reed's ruling in the mat of a quorum of the House. The fact that the Republicans wait ed until they had a quorum pre sent to take the decisive vote shows how litt'e confidence they have in the legal status of Mr. Reeds rulings. Representative Mutchter, of Pennsylvania, who is one of the shrewdest Democrats in the House, says ''Reed's rulings have made it a certainty that the Democrats will have a good ma jority in the next House." The United States Supreme Court has decided that the test- oath clause in the constitution of Idaho is constitutional. Tho Blair educational bill, which is beginning to look hoa ry, was taken up this week in the Senate. It willget through the Senate and it may get thro' the House, but it is doubtful. Considerable excitement was created Wednesday by the new s that ex-Speaker Randall was much worse. Mr. Randall has been so deeply interested in the fight in the House that has over tasked his brain thinking of it in order to make suggestions to the Democratic leaders, and it has hat1 a bad effect upon his health. A bill has been introduced in the Senate to admit New Mexi co. An attempt was made to have the Senate pass the bill providing for the organization of Oklahoma Territory this week, but it failed, not because of opposition, but because pre cedence was claimed for the Blair educational bill. The Ohio ballot box forgery investigation was resumed this week. Among the most inter esting witnesses were Governor Campbell and Murat Halstead. Ex-Gov. Foraker attends every sessiou of the committee, and seems to fully realize that he is on trial. Mr. Harrison did not attend the Supreme Court centennial in New York on account of th sad bereavement in the homes of two of his cabinet members. Secretary Tracy is slowly improving. Why not make an effort to get Agricultural Commissi n.r Rob inson to hold one in this coins-! ty? We sugirest that the Pres-' ident of our County Uliance: communicate with him. l.v M.t.iiolia. 4 21 f Ar U i.mhi.'t'ii ." 'A) TKAINS (,()iX; !n i'i: S :Wtnm j Z " 11 2o A W11TB I NEW A1)VE1;TI8KMKNTS CHAMPION FOOD l o K Cures Hoc: Cholera F ATI's NS lloitsi; No 14. So. ', Dailv. I)a:lv OKTII. 4o. Daily x Suiiilav. Eureka, No. 328, Mrs. S. J. Cooper, Secretary; Poslofiic.?. Owenville. Ingold, No. ;-;, J. W. Green, : Secretary; postoflice Ingold. Ryes' Ridge, No. oS3, D. W. Tew, Sec etary; postoffice, Ira nian's Cross Roads. Poplar Grove, No. GDJ, L. M. Lewis, Stc'y; postoflice, Faison Franklin, No. 7 18, L. K Tay lor, Sec'y; postoflice, ilarreU's Store. Honeycutt's No. o83, R. C. Fann, Sec'y; postofiic, Huntley i.vWilMiin'l'i; Lv lr.iMi'.!;a, l.v War.-aw A r ( ioli'sliiii o, J.vTrt'.OViil.i Ar Scliiia Ar Wilx-n J.v WiUon Ar Ml. Ar Tarboro l.v Tar!"ro Ar V!.L-n 1 nl am 0 CM) ant 4 jun i r. 1 is .VI 10 31 10 IS 11 45 S 53 G 53 . w 11 00 - 12 10- 12 37pm 7 47 .iu i s is " .l 45 10 2 am 2 45 pm y ."n "Uaiiy I'Xi t'iil Su!:Ia . T'ain on Si-oilaml X...-k Hr.iaoli K-aves Halifax fr Scotland Nc.-k 2 30 p in; arrivfs Svi.ilaml Neck at '' 41 p. in., Kiverton 1" ). in. !!cKir:ii.i4 leaves Kivcrtun 7 i:''a. in.. Scothnxl Xtvl; at U 2o a in. daily pxi-i-pt Surnlay. Train l:aw- TaiNoio. a. ('.. via Oak Ridge, No. 320, II. J. Coop-, AlOmiale & llaM-h railroa.l. .l.til ; er, Secretary; postoflice, Clinton. I except Sunday. 4 on p. m.. Sunday 00 W 1 fW'l P in., arrive uuuiiimdii, .. i., t su o. y ' i . . ... i ., i,i i.w.. ... 5 10 ii. in. la-tiiriiiii'' h ii'cs liavrs I'lv- JISS. : 1'i.iiitli. dailv i'Xl-i otSuudov. 'i no a. in.. Sundvy s .in a. in. W uliainio'i i "o a. in., 'J 50 a. in., airive Tai! no '.I 50 a. in., 1 1 30 a. m.. iv..... m;,ii...,.i x- 1.........1. Secy; postoffice, Hobtoil. luayes Goldsboro. dailv ex. -ept Sunday, NWtOIl Grove, No. 307, James ; c, w a. in. arrive Sinithlield. 7 30 a. in. JiOUse, Secretary; postomce,Aew- Ueluriun .eaves snnuuieiii. s no a. in., ton Grove. Boykin, No. G15. R. O. Autry, Hickory Grove, L. McLamb, Sec'y; Unless a man keeps what the people want. trying to do at the This I am NEW BRICK STORE, (Adjoining the Old Stand os J. II ROY .LABIUM I have bought cheap, for cash, a Large and Well Selected Stock King's Vo. 077, Henry Her-; ring, Sec'y; postoffice, Clinton. Bluff, No. o77, W. J. Craddock, Seeaetrv: postoffice, Dismal. Snow Dill, No. 1 332, A. R. Her rinj:, Secretary; postoffice, Tay lor's Bridge. New Hope, No. 80G, W. F. I lines, Sec'v, postoffice, Warsaw. Woodland, No. 1,486, J. D. Rackley, Secretary; postoffice, Way Cross. Mingo Academy, No. 221), N. M. Eason, Secretary; postoffice, Gile' Mills. Mt. Gilead, No. 873, J. B. R. Merritt, Sec etary; postoffice, Clinton. Clinton, No. 579, J. A. Oates, Secretary; postoflice, Clinton. White Oak, No. 333, Edw. L. Crumpler, Secretary; postoffice. Clinton. arrive Ooiilsnoro, j oO a. in.. Train ;ii Nashville branch leayvs Koiky Mt, at 3 00 p. in., arrives Nash ville I! 40 p. in., Spring IIoie 4 15 p. in. lietui niiig leaves Spring Hope 10 00 a. in., Nafshville 10 35 a. in., llocky Mount 11 15 a. nr, daily, except Sunday. Train on Clinton branen leaves Warsaw jor clinton, daily, except Sunday, 00 p. in., and at 11 10 a m; Keuirnin will leave clinton at S l'o a in and '' In p in. connecting :it Warsaw with No 41 and 40, 23 anil 7s Southbound tr;.iu on Wilson & Fay ctievtlle liranch is No, 51, North bound is No, 50, Daily except Sunday Train No 27, South, will stop only ul Wilson (Joldsboro and Magnolia Tram No 78 makes close connection at We'don for all points North, daily. All rail via Richmond, and daily, except Sunday via l!ay Line Trains make c!o.-e connection for ah points north via i.ichmond an ' Wash ington All trains run solid between Wilmin '- O U1 B..v Dixie Castings and Pious, A .ics' Spades els', P.teh Forks, full supply of Mechanic's and jSI.ov Tools and Builder's Material ; the celebrated Collins' Axe. In fact, anything in this line you need. I am very sorry to learn that fco ranch of our home msat has been spoilt, but since this is so we will be compelled to buy. 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Mc-Cal- p, Sec'y; postoffice. Clinton Coharie, No. 6-'54, Geo. High smith, Secretary; postt)ffice, Co harie. Hall's, No. 018, T.W. Barbrey, Secretary; postoffice, Ilobton. Reddick, No. 1120, M. J. Riv enl ark, Secretary; postoffice, Magnolia. South River, No. 831, S. B. ! Page, Sec'y; postoflice, Clenidiit. Lau el Hill, No. 053, M. M. vr p x y; y y y o y9 o That can be relied on f o family purposes, I always keep. Pure Mountain Corn Whisky a Specialty. N E W AD V E RTTSEM E X TS . NOTICK. )Y VIRTUE OF SUNDRY J3 executions in my hands, in whicl: AV. A. Faison is defendant, or one of the defendants, I will ex pose to public sale, to the highest bidder for cash, at the Courthouse door in t'iinton, on Monday the 24th .1.,.. 1.' . ,1 . .... 1 1.(1A 11. 1 Killett Sprrptarv nntnflicp ru'nuiu JOU"' oe Kiiicti, secretary, poaonn c, , inf Mond.iy ot- February Court, a llJ,ton- ! certain tract or land of the said W. Salem. No. GOO, S. A. Howard,1 A. Faison, situated in part in the Secretary; postoflice, Huntley, j county of Sampson and in part in k?t....rr ,1 r.ut 1 T T i tllO ('OlllltV lit ii.nrinilinnf ot Lamb Bass i the said W. A. Faison nnd Morisey 'pinev GtWe No 017 A W " ('o,',n0r ('n-t,ho run ot" Turkpy s"amP I int otne, o oj i . . ;uul saiJ rnn t() the )Hc road Amen, Secy; postoffice, l-aison, : it.rt,iing from Clinton to AVarsaw, Keener, No. o78, J. II. Packer,; then with said road toward AVarsaw CONSUMPTION SURELY CURED. To the Editor Please inform your readers that I have a positive reme lv for the above named disease. By its timely use thousands of hopeless cases nave been permanently cured. I shall be glad to send two bottles o rav lpn.edv rRRR to anv of vour read' ers who have consumption if they will send me their express and post office address. Kespectfuly, T. A. SLOCUM, M. 0., Secretary; pes' office, Keener. to a stake on said road, to within Sp.-ing Hill, No. 355, J. C. ! ne ehabi of lted Hill liranch, acor-DraUL-h.m. Srcrfitarv: nostoffiee. ! mr of tI,( ! in'1 l'' nu i ly lu-lor.ging v 7 x - - , . . AI i'.v.,... ,1 :n. it... .is viding lino between said V. A. Fai son and A. M. Faison, a direct line to a holly on Duck Hall, thence with the line of said AV. A. Faison divid ing his lands from the lands ot'IJoy ette, Herring, Brow n, Peirce, Black more, Ballaam Boyette, J, 11. Fai son, M. C. Blount, the C. Thomson land and the Morisey land to the be ginning, containing 0,310 acres more or less, saving and excepting the homestead of tne said V. A. Faison, which has been allotted to hinj out of said tract of land. J. M. SPELL, Sheriff Sampson Co. January 22nd, 1890. It BAILEY you can get it- BROTHER'S TOBACCO when once used is alwas used. Here is the only place Come and buy where you (will be sure to get a no as far as possible. good quality and where your money will My two polite aud cle ver clerks, Miles Jackson and John Turner, will be pleased to see and serve their many frieads. Yours, for our mutual advantage J. H ROYAL. Min;40. Hermon, N... 747, T. Wr. Biitt, Secretary; posteffice, Clinton. Perdom, Xo. 832, D. W. Wil liams. Sec'y; postoffice, Clement. Bland, No. 872, M. J. Moore, Secretary; postoffice, Bland. Andrews' Chapel, No. 517, B. R. Owen, Secretary; postoflice, Mai Hand. Delta, No. 874, W. II. Russ, Secretary; postoffice, Delta. Red IIill,No. 925, Jno. J. Vann, Secretary; postoffice, Clinton. Browniug's, No. 581, J. E. Bry ant, Secretary; postoffice, Dob- bersville. Cedar Hill, No. 830, Fountain Jackson, Secretary; postoffice, Hawley's Store. ORGANIZATION. President V. E. Stevens; Vice-President R. M. Crum pier ; Secretary O. P. Herring; Treasurer J. R. Beaman, Sr.; Business Agent G. A. Clute; Sergeant-at-Arm's B. S. Pe terson; Chaplain Dr. G. W. Moseley; Doorkeeper W. J. Faircloth; Assistant Door- eepei D. W. William"?; Lecturer Marlon Butler; Assistant Lecturer P. B. Lockamy; Executive Committee J. A. Oates, Chairman ; R. M. Cruu pler,M.M Killett, W.K Pigford, C. E. Daniel. Alliance trade cards for sale iat The Caucasian office at 25 181 Pearl at., New York. 1 cents per hundred. NORTH CAROLINA SAMP SON CO. In Supkrior Court, Before tiik Clerk. II. K. Bennett, G. AV. Bennett and others, heirs at lw of Sampson Bennett, deceased, vs. .1. D. Kerr, Jesse F. Jemigan, the heirs of Henry Bennett, the heirs of Harriet Robinson, Robert II. Bennett and Harriet Cooper. To the heirs of Henry Bennett and Harriet Robinson, deceased, and Ro bert II. Bennett and Harriet Cooper. Take notice that the above proceed ing has been beun in the Superior Court of Sampson county for the purpose of selling certain lands be longing to the heirs at law of the said Sampson Bennett, and located in said county of Sampson, for par tition among the said heirs at law. And you will further take notice that you are hereby commanded to be and appear before me, at my of fice in Clinton; on Saturday, the 8th day of March; 1890, then "and there to answer or demur to the said pe tition; and if you fail therein the said petitioners will apply for the relief prayed lor in their peti tion, J. S. Bl ZZELL, C. S. C, Sampson County. This Jan. 28th, TS90. 30-Gt u 11 u J I ill LU EQULSIOH We have a full line of Hardware, consisting of Nails, Hinge: Saws, Locks, Bolts and all kinds of Edge Tools; also Far ming Almost as Pa latable Implements, such as Plows, Plow I astings, Trace Cha ns, Back j go dl , Utt lt cm, Bands, Shovels and Hoes. 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GraTes, Ed'Aor TTu .Mcmptis, ienn. nvt: received a rackaec of Tour Liver Medicine, and have used half of it. It works like a charm. I want no bctttr Liver Regulator and cer tainly co more of Zcilin's mixture. And cure ii--.w r.f u,t! i; u hnliftion niul wvorwoi k, lncrt'.w the yield of mi'.', sr-m Cow and impjove thepia!ity. Wo liavf hiin.'io!' f o r:;:; .1:.--froin reliaMo p. rr.", all over !!,.. txmntry, to prove a'vf. It i- Si i:k ! It 1 I kmm -' It ia n Ilt'MHi t. ! I r i invai imu i:tvtiu: I'vivmi ' If you have a iek U.e! Imy i H)iiml and try it. We have three teMiiiKHiluK and ean furni-!i any numter on Mpjl;. : tion ti an one of the agent ro;t, . Aucut ."?r!. !v -t Vcr. J. M"ritwo A. Taj lr, N thmn.-- tott, n. r. ll tK MK:-Vi' luf Iwll M!if 1 !i.-. J'ill Kmir" ftrtw ir mlilli anil lind t!i.' It il.x all thnl i I.iiiiM il I.t it. Il on;rti -!! v IXTal ci-iul ,t !! t ( k til urt llsr ti"lT.i. i tl it t. ir k t j; : Mill WnUl.l ll( (Id without lt. .1. u. .i.itu:". I. vi invt'i hi.. N. '.. "M-i't. Ktli. Ins-'. Mi'r. J. '. M t ii o A T in '!. tluiuii. tni, V i ',: I'Kiu ii.r u-m,' t ti !i-i!t Iwn! " 'lialilpitHl I i i'i " J Ml! ll.l-l l ( J ll W .111 rtatlily vi tail 11 h.-u. ti:ili'it ry 1. v i 11t.1t ifii in.ttli !r it f.r a n U 1 1 1 ! it. In IKt ill-tiOiro it f.iili tl ! I" ii hi !rl fnlull il. W r c:ill J'.U t i'i!.irl V !" ni- in-nil it for inih !i , c.i1m ;m. Wr r-.'.iril it :i the l -t ! f....l osi t:,. k. l. .vi nil u :.m.tli-r lialt '.rri !. our Tnilv. Al.KX.Mi MN A ... Wii.iM.T.'N, N. !. !"li. '. .. i. . I. m riioii A Talr: litMoms : rh.1 't'h:unl.n K.M..I" soUl u lin ! tt io n u f.iir tri:l. it i a u- -t i . and wo :u.' .'l:id In !! ti t ililoliv t .1 wortli. 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'4.00 soil MI.7K IIOVS' M IIOOI, KIIOES, All Uiade la CoLttresti, Button and Lacs. W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE LADIES. . Heat Material. Kst Sryln. Iist FlUlnt. Ii not olil by y"ur dislrr, write W. Xm VOVOhAS, U1MK-KTON. MASS. FOU HALK 1!V M. Ua.nstf.ix, Clinton, N. C., and Pnd T. W. U. dkkwooIi; New ton Orove, N. C. octlU :)ni W. T. WllilJ A MOON'S BUGGY AND CARRIAGE FACTORY, 1NNEW QUARTERS ON FAYETTEVILLE ST HaT Itound Shaves, IlackK and all Edge Tools made, and I.epairin? done on short notice. 1 will keep on hand a largo lot ol Western I Juggles (open and top) and I loads Carts. The;; will equal in quality ami are sold as low as anj like goods in OohUhoro, 1'ayettevilN or Wilmington. Jlespeet fully, mch28-tf W.T. WIL I. IA MSON. o j m ii. IIEADQUAHTERS FOR PEACH AND APPLE CI DEI t, (Corner of Elm and R. R. Street.) Do you take Tiik Caucasais ? If not, then it is your duty to do so, and help us make the paper better and more influential. SWEET ANT) HARD CIDER always on liand. In addition to this pleasant and healthy drink. I keep Tobacco, Snuff, Flour, Potash, . Candies, Soda, and Pea-Nut." which are sold at lowest price. for cash. GOO Pipes, of all btles aud size3. Try one. Respectfully, je 21-1 yr. CLINTON Harness Establishment ! lESTAULLSIIKD IS 18G7.J I am now located on FayettevilU Street, opjosite Caucasian office. I put up and keep in stock, or make to order, any style of Harness, from $13.00 to $40.00. I also make all styles and grades of Saddles, Un dies, Halters and everything in this line. Good, honest wo-V at the lowest living figures, is my guide and motto ia business. A large supply ot Northern Har ness and a fine line of Driving Whips always kept on hand. Call and ex amine. Respectfully, scp5-3m W. H. STETSON.

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