ni.MXFSS LOCALS. t"i7 "Wan!" nnl Jiu.fni, Notice run x j in- rt J in tlin !umn at t-n rent a lln. "Crtiit bovey. look here I h.ivi' liifii I. (-siring you could IjOCAIjSi To-morrow UN. Val-ntin- ilar. All in th morning twtliw. And I, a inaidat your window, T n your W ntln. lnlij. in Iaui!-l All Through the County. CAPTAIJ5 tmns ISEXFECTEDLY C.UXEP. !rill f SiMi Likt Ufaitrjr. of the KAifimjti i uyScnd u to- flight every SjKrial drill Light Infantry Thursday night. -Tin Shak-i'-.ri m flub will and i l,,'', t !,t nidenre .,( Dr. A. M. L' '- Friday evening. I.;iy a:i i- cart .f gid at (i. I.. Aliii' Leap Stoie ("or about; t .. n nr I hr-- lit!lar, and ' now I he-! : it." So -aid a man after trad, i mu' h Mil in- ti.r th' lir-t time In- was light. I will iMTlo-iiis out for flitt next , --Nearly every one in town ha :. d.-ys, -lliug Men's Suit.-, worth been ick with that new edition of a "; To!aceo, worth 4' , bad cold called "I .a !?rii)tM Two photographers In town. A jgood chance to get a hok at yourself ; crystallized I.j to a i:rpetuity. -Mrs. C. T. JJutlcr, who h;n len i ijuite ick with grip and pneumonia i: -member that I am Killing out ; i-, we are hul to state, improving. - i I ; I ' T I , AT ()ST. i.O!ri(! Ill StlMl J r, - pi ic.'S ami then you will the lill. -ence. 1 1 1 a l is, i charge vou no .'.it, for s t'ir l- eeut-; also everything :n -lurk ai hnnu rates. I te pert fully, O. K. A I. en is. Proprietor of "heap Store the Isl Friday, th day appointed for i the drew itnuk drill of the fianip new from your ...... ...... town-hip for this ro'.unin. Every"" iniauiry ir meumej; ulcritM-r to Tun Caitahiax ha ground, was dU?reably rainy. The aright and is requited to eontrl- j drill took place In the new, elegant bute items of news in he" or hf-r neiiiTo;iixii ior xru-s column. e ? i and comiiK-lious armory. Captain will not publMi your you de-dre il.-fcrt name unie j The Young Ladles' Cluh wore! ; another .-ucress on last Tuesday even- ili'j. this time lit the el . ... 1:1 !... ..11 ,w..lun ;., .. !. I '- , ,,,, ..... - - w-'()f ir- T Atkins lint they eot nie .. A. I'kkkkm.. Were there j ever such fortunate boys as we? i ! We acknowledge the rereipt of Come to the tent on the corner j an invitati m to attend the Second Anniversary of the Hunagoriian Lit erary S(jciety cf Judson College Feb. 21, J. . Alderman, of this county, is one of the Professors of thiseollcge. Mr. Thomas A. Hobbs, of Hall's township, has dared upon our table a Huta JJaga Turnip weighing eight pounds. We have feen several tilooe tuinipH weighingei.'ht or teniMiunds but this is the largest of this variety we have ever seen. Next Sunday will be Missionary day at the Uaptist church in Clinton. I'a-tor O. P. Meeks will preach on "Duty to Foreign Missions" in the morning and at night will deliver a lecture on the "Itise of Idolatry." Collections taken for Foreign Mi.s- sions. His wife and family at War j saw have been seriously ill with the ! grip, but are now some better. --Sometime since we were urging a soap factory for Clinton, stating necessary machinery would be cheap and that urease and turpentine, the principal ingredient, wo had here as home products. Suppose oursug gestion had taken effect, every piece of meat that has been lost in this whole section of the State could have been used at the factory. Are we the most foolish, wasteful, im provident and ignorant r.eoplo in the world, or are we not? ,,;,jii.i!e A. F. Johnson A- Co-'s and lnv your picture taken. F. A. I', !.' II is inClinto once more and v. HiiM be pleased to wait on his old tV;ciiib. All kiiids of work neatly CI-'ltC(l. living in your Peas, Corn, Furs, Hil'-and Feathers. I will pay the . i !i r trade. Lirten at thrso prices. I.mlii Hoes from 7 rents to 10 ch.; ( ;iiif. ." rent-; ( ' ets :50 rts. to $1; I:. I!. Snuff :" rents a pound. I lit 1 the best Flour in thU town. I'mhrellas, inch, price .1.7o. 'o:ii" in. K.-pertlully, !. F. Powki.i,. C me and have your picture tak en. I will l.e in ('Union f'orseeral weeks. My gallery is next Tiik ('Alt ASIAN ef.iec. ). ( '. Owi-.N. P.ig lot of cheap Seed Potatoes for sale also liuist'.s (iarden Seeds; also a lot of Mohawk Ieans just received. All parties wanting call immediately. C. P. Jul I. son. ATTK.NTK )M ! i have moveil from the Hobbs hailding and am now located on lllni street, next to .Mr. Ilichard--on's law ollice, where I am prepar eil to make shoes and do all kinds of I i tit v r ; linn D I. lti(;Y:i:s. Town Lots! Town Lots!! at Tom ahawk, on ('. F. & Y. V. See "ml." i:v, Ski:ds ! Coll ntl and Cabbage, Watermelon, Squash, Cucumber, Peels, Tomatoes, and all other fresh (iarden Seeds at 2-i cents a paper. Turnip Seed at 2" cents a pound, at W. It. Kixr; & Co's. Vane Street. a year ago in Clinton IIONKYCUTTa. We are glad to know that Miss Minnie Koyal, who hsw been sick for Home time, is improving. Mr. Frank Vann is building a very handsome house, xo we expect to henr of another wedding before long. Mr. "Captain" let us hear from you again. "Hii'K liinn." TAYLOIi'K BUIIXiK, Miss Klla Ward, ot Duplin, closed a goKl school at Red Hill on last Friday. We hoje to have her teach for us again. LITTLE COIIARIE. We are glad to learn that Mr. J. M. Sessoins, who has been sick for some time, is now improving; also Dr. F. J. Cooier, who has boon suf fering with La (Jripjie, is letter. We have learned that Mr. J. M. Sessoms Is .shipping good from Wilmington to Itoseboro on the C. F. &. Y. V. railroad. Jtoseboro is building up rapidly. One family lias moved out there and several more soon wi'l move. On last Saturday night the train on the C. F. & Y. V. extension pull ed into the little town of Autryvilie for the first time. It was about 11 o'clock and the'unusual noise waked a family living near. The wife screamed out, "old man, jump up the train is got loose frum dem fel lows and damned if it don't kill the last one of us." :i 1,0(10 good While Oak Staves, for spirit barrels, tor sale. For terms apply to Uxdkuwood fe Povkin, Clinton, N. C. Truckers can get the best 1 leans at W. A. Johnson's. Selected Seed Potatoes at W. A. Johnson's Puist's (iarden Seed and Onion Sets at W. A. Johnson's. LOST AT FA lit. Two pair of Socks. One white pair and one blue pair. They were rib bed at the top nearly a finger length. Any person having taken them thro' mistake will please return them to me so the exhibitor may receive the same. Mauion Butlkii, Sec'y. TAUCKEltS! Leave your oruers with A. F. Johnson & Co., for Seed Peans. They are headquarters for Seeds and their prices are always as low as the A year ago less than there was no such street as Do Vane. Sometime lastsummer the street was opened, connecting College with Kiln street and the rail road. To-day there are three com pleted residences, viz: Mr. McMil lan's M rs. Hardy Royal's and Mr. Clarence Herring's. Also Mr. 11. F. Fennell has a residence nearly com pleted, while Mess. Itich'd Holmes, and William Itussell are making preparations to build. In lots than a year from the openinsr of this street there will be five or six com pleted residences on it. At the end of this street, next to the railroad, Stewart, Hines &, lioaman are put ting up two planing machines and a mammoth double dry kiln. They will fill orders exclusively for the Northern market. It is notin this sec tion alone that there is rapid improve ment, but it is everywhere. It is impossible for a man to go in any part of Clinton without his eyes fall ing upon something new. . - . C. P. & Y. V. EXTENSION. Johnson Wiis drilling the company, Capt. Fium standing near looking on. The order "carry aruw ' . given, just then 3Ir. D.1J. Nicholson stepjttd up in front of Cpt. Fiison and took him completely by surprise by presenting him with a beautiful gold-headed cane, on behalf of the company which he had m long and faithfully served. The fqeeeh of Mr. Nicholson was a gem. The re ply of ('apt. Fain was feeling and appropriate. The company present ed a fine apjearance and acquitted Itself handsomely in the drill. - - - - - Dnplift S. S. fiveitioi. To the Sunday School Workers of Duplin county : At the earcest re quest of the Executive Committee of the Sunday School Association of North Carolina, we, the undersigned, hereby call a convention of the Sun day School Workersof Duplin coun ty to meet in Kenansville, Saturday, February 1-ith, 1890, to organize and to elect delegates to the State Con vention which meets in Wilmington February 2-jth, 2Gth and 27th, ISM. All pastors, superintendents and Sunday School workers are cordially invited to attend. Each Sunday School may send two delegates. Let no Sunday School fail to be repre sented. A profitable and pleasant time may be expected. Respectfully. L. R. Cariioll, Rev. W. A. Forbes, Rev. Calvin Shaw, A. D. Ward, Rev. Peter McIntyre, Je. A. McArtiiur, Jr., Committee. Om mi Xicia KlUr !. j Vhtle in Imlla.' said Mjjruui Ktllar to wme frMl rwtiUy, "I ' uw m&nj thic don by tbe native 1 masters of irgerdem&in tbat con iplrte- f ly MompeJ' m and nunc tc-irntitk 1 tnlloe that will me. Th tna4 wotMlrrful rformanrrs were in j hypnotism. j Frame Cut JwJr-tjLoT. a ndllkniaire I"jirp mcrcLaut, mi of Frinjt Cvra.)v. the fuiil-r of tli liumUiy Intituti? tf Inquiry U-ariuj Sui jtanw, yave mt hit wtd - for tbu rviiiarkabie Ury: "In Uk ijorlli of India was a fasuous hyHititist who jv-wl iImj jver of j hjpitotixing himslf. IIu wife, l. , kix'W bu n-nt, was arcusUnrMHi to re 1 vive liimwlc- MVfr b serriifd thi J exepptkJial jiovier. llv killed a Iimsi j and was at ntenced to execution. S'V- 1 i. . . i fni uars ore uie um lor iie rxe cut ion be hvpnotiied hinuaelf. iJo-s.-anj' into a condition which t all api-ar- auei-j wars di-atii. Sj jn-rfect wa the ' w-ts.Maiie tbat tho LnpU-h fjov rn-' NKW ADVEUT1SKM KNTS. nam pit iciaii! uio w iv callod in of- j ikially ccrUli.d Uuit he a dead uud j tvt thi. 4ixf. t tiM SCROFULA It l till bcrcryy U LS UaeA, ljc, kc eanstuAUr.f U tb gU4 cf tW ftxk. ptv- rii-iM- piisjtsi rsaiufct om ibm im, Vjr. tci. wtica drrrrt aWr ta ttt ryr. it, txa. cflra ratnt hUsaltx c rrrosi growth, or Ui tutaj eOer ixt2i- ttrai&c cpin tb' ciitijk tsd UraUv. lioj lh matt a&de!. It tt tb taost f trJ ct U C'.ezrs or rtMn. tor tcry lew ertctu w roUrcJy tn trorn tL How Can It Bo Py taVlo-j Hood Sir-HkrArCla. vhtch. U rrmirtiU etittt it aa accci!pabl. uflea bcn vihrt aWiclur hate fUl. lu prorn itscU to be a potest u4 prcoIUx SEW ADVKIlTISEM.rW. 1 NSW A D V KKTtSKM EXTS. WE Httl mi Ve vrhr w? boa-tlt hi lrk of rll aft 1 Winter Clothlnif, llati ami Siux-s that h wither wo U x vtrtn .-luring Ute -a---ii an 1 iuik'i -t-H-k lfft omo ir !und. t Kir in j rentory ftinri.--l us yet re CURED thw lmint his wife appeared. She w;is btrk-kf n with jfrief, moaned and wpt until the bcurtn of tlse authritirt were touched. She wan pertiiilu-d U lake away the botly for jrivaU? crtmu tion. Tbei she revived her husband, and together they escaped. Chicago Tribune. htwest. ja2l-lt SOCKS MISl'LACKI) AT FAIR. One pair or Seeks. Knit of very fine cotton yarn ribbed about a fin der's length or longer. Narrow stripe of red at top. Any person vh niay have taken the al ove from the Fair thiough mistake will do ih a great favor by returning them to this office so that we may hand the same over to the rightful owner. Very respectfully, Marion, Sec'y. NOTICE! I have just received two car loads of Marble at my Fayettcville Yard. Also two hundred small five dollar Head Stones for infants. Parties who are in need of work in my line will do well to write or call to see me at my works. Respectfully, Ciias. A. Goodwin. Wilmington will Celebrate the Comple tion. The last rail on C. F. & Y. V. Ex tension was laid last Tuesday. Pes sen'jer, mail, express and freight transportation will open on regular schedule time next Monday, the 17 th instant. Wilmington's live business men have decided to .celebrate the completion of the line by an excur sion and banquet. Committees on finance, entertainment and invita tion have been appointed and they are proceeding actively with their respective duties to make the occa sion a big success, which is already assured by the names on the various committees. Index to New Advertisements. 0 "5 124 2.) 10 20 0."i Comer-Stone Laying. MINGO. Married, Mr. J. R Tew to Miss Mary E. Jemigan, Wednesday; and Mr. J. 1. Jemigan to Miss Cornelia Alt more, Tuesday. A merchant in Dunn shot Mr. win. rowier a tew weeKs since m his store, in a difficulty. Mr. Fow ler died from tho wounds on last Thursday. The coroner's jury ren. dered a verdict, "killed in self de fense.'' Married, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Bright Barefoot, Mr. D. J. W ood to Miss A ma Bare foot, on the 5th day of January, 1890, Josiah Baggett, J. P., officiating.) The attendants were Mr. A. B. Bare foot and Miss Georgia WooJ, Mr. S. D. Jackson and Miss Luphema Bare foot, Mr, W. J. Hudson and Miss Missouria Lee, Mr. Mordecai Lee and Miss Bethany Johnson. Suc cess to the happy couple. Died, at the residence of J. D. Williams, little Erdmoth Floyd, son of F. A. and A. E. Jackson. Little Erdmoth was bord December 10th, 1889, and died February 8th, 1890. Rev. Undeiwood preached an excel lent sermon, from the 8th chapter, 28th verse of Romans, tj a large number of relatives and friends at tha grave. Beneath the waving willow, We laid him down to rent; Tlifl earth is now his pillow. The grass grows o'er his breast. "We mourn because he's left us, So early thus in life ; Rut he who hath bereft us, Hath freed from sin and strife. lie's with the angels singing, The Savior's praise above : Their echoes still are ringing Throughout that land of love. We'll cease from all our weeping. For him we dearly love ; The lost one here lies sleeping. His spirit live above. Sleep darling, sleep! Leon a Mrs. Thomas Williams, of Cum berland county, is visiting sons and daughter at Mingo. Mr. J. T. Naylor is erecting a handsome dwelling in this vicinity, anJ it is thought he will take one of the fair belles home soon. Wiia. south clinton. The Rev. J. W. Turner holds ser vices. Providence permitting, at the Chesnutt schoolhouse on Sunday next, February 16th, at 11 a. m. The schoolhouse is about five miles south east of Clinton, on the road that leads to Kirby's bridge. Compares Favorably With the Best. A Muimoth of an V-tS- The American Museum of Natural History in Central Park, New York, has been olTered an et'g valued ut $30ti. It is a little over a foot in length, its holding capacity being two gallons, and, m round numbers, it equals 150 hens' eggs; its lineal measurement m twice that of the ostrich egg, and its eubic bulk eight times greater. The egg conies from Madagascar, aud was laid by a huge bird now extinct Tho remains of several of the winged mon sters have been unearthed. Boston Traveler. II A KMKT ACK," a lasting and fra grant perfume. Price 2j and 50 cents. For sale by Dr. It. II. IIoi.i.iday, Druggipt. linton, and XV. P. Kennedy, Warsaw, N. C. CATAlilill CURED, health and ksweet breath, by Sluloh's Catarrh Rem edy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Inicctor free. For sale by It. II. IIolmday. Druggist, Clinton. uid W. P. Kennedy. Warsaw, . C. The liev. Geo. II. Thayer, of Bour bon, Indiana, says: "Both myself and wife owe ourselves to MIII.UII'S Con sumption Cure." For sale b Dr. It. II. Holiday, Clinton, and W. P. Ken nedy, Warsaw, N.C. cures arc rcaHy wonderful. If vi mffer from crvfula. I tare t try HuoJ't SirtajonUa. "My d lighter Mary aiSictfd with iwrvf utout nor arc k trow the tun ht m at 3 ni.-clh !d till be Nxaiive it yexri vt fe. Lamr formed ta l.rr &rck. at4 om ! them aftr growing to the cf a 'lfo' f g. became a runnUigporelurcurer three year. WefT her llood't SarsapariUa, hen Ut lump and all Indication ot scrofula entirely appeared, and now the teems to be a healthy child." J. S. Caklile, Naurigbt, N. J. K. B. Be sure U get only Hood's Sarsaparilla Soldbyalldrnirgitu. fl;iiforV Prepare alf by C. I. II OOD CO.. ApeUMrl. iwU. . IOO Doses Ono Dollar DISTILLING AGAIN ! 1 havf started my Distillery ajjaiu and will now keep for sale, at my saloon in C linton, MY OWN MAKE OF rUUKCOKX WHISKY! Remember that hand all kinds of I also keep on An appreciative reader of The Caucasian, and a gentleman of fine sense, writing to us from Manly, N. C, under date of February 8th, says: "The Caucasian of the 6th iust. has been received and read with a great deal of interest, I heartily endorse your sentiments on the Farmers' Alliance, as expressed in both the issues of January 30th and the 6th of February. I see a num ber of weeklies here and The Cau casian comp'iirs favorably with the best of them. The people of Samp son will be guilty of an unpardona ble sin if they do not sustain such a paper, l ieei sure tney win ap preciate your enorts and reward you with a becoming subscription list it they have sufficient sward in their gift." This is very high praise, and if we were sure we were deserving of it, it would be very pleasing to us. Personals. Low Prices T. II. Partrick & Bro. Mrs. Joe Person's Kemedy Mrs. Joo Person. Lifeof Hon. Jefferson Davis Be 1- lord Company. MAKK17LS. CLINTON. (Utported by A. F. .Ioiixsox & Co ) Corn, (new) . . . I'S i'M on, 10 to Chu-ken -ir, to Beeswax .... IS to Vuttr 20 to it?"1? 10 to lder "SSntln., (liar' ; ."J i irgin ana 1 ellow Dip) 2 & 104 WILMIXOTOX. fe i' ' per gallon Tar fe "trained) . 1 13 per barrel Cru'deTrp,H-e(IIarJ) l f T g' ' r.- (Virgin and Yellow D,p) ' ' 2 20 totton w TiniLer. jm r m.. - - - 3 00 to 15 00 Having been granted a dispense tion by Grand Master Samuel II Smith to convene the Grand Lodge of North Carolina in Special Com munication in the town of Cliuton, March 7th, for the purpose of laying the Corner-Stone of the Methodist E. Church of that place, I take this means of inviting all Masons in good standing to be present and partici pate in the ceremonies. J. M. Marsiiburn, W. M. Hiram Lodge. McMillan Gregory. Mr. John I. McMillan, of Lands- burg, Ga., was married to Miss Hat tie S. Gregory, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. J. T. Grego ry, on Tuesday evening. Rev. J. L. Stewart performed the ceremony. Supper was served at Bass' hotel. The couple left for Georgia Wedne day morning via the groom's father's in Bladen. The Caucasian ex tends its congratulations. Attention ! We will advertise tree of charge for any articles that may have been lost, misplaced," or taken thiough mistake at the Sampson Fair last fall. Any one who has lost any article on exhibit will please send us a description of the same and we will try to trace it up. SHI 11 Not Klve up in dei aK We l.&vr our winter al every year before we bought our Spring Stock, ami ycm'W do the m Ibis Tear. We Mian mU ehe-ap. and no effort xrVA tie ?t iml to close the stock. Jf our friends will call and ee how cheap we are felling, th) will surely BUT There are hundred of oM Suit. Cutn. laitU. Venl. Ilatt anl Sin-. They can be tMu;ht for lesn tlian rt. OUR Store is not laixo enough to koM our winter ami Spring stoc Therefore ,verythii!f Wliiskics. Brandies 1 Wines! From a pure good quality up to a fine quality, My clever sale-man, Mil. D. C. Giddkns, will be pleased to serve you at all time?. grThe lover of good winoKhmdd trv our line California brand. C. PAltTltlCK. February 6th, 1800. tf TURKEY. We understand that the County Lecturer has accepted an invitation from four of the neighboiing Alli- to deliver a public address to-day at Beulah. MCDANIELS. Mr. Marion Butler, the Connty Lecturer will deliver a public ad dress at Andrew's Chapel on next Thursday, the 20th, at 11 o'clock. The public is invited to be present. DISMAL. Despite the extreme disagreeable weather on last Saturday, I learn that Mr. Butler kept his appoint ment to speak at Boy kin's Alliance Cotton, WHY WILL YOU COUGH when Shiloh'a Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents. 80 cent? and $1. For sale by Dr. It. IL Holmpay, Clinton, and W. P. lvENNrDY, Warsaw, N. C. 611 ILO IPS CATARRH REMEDY a positive cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria and Canker .Mouth, ror sale by Dr. 1C II. Holliday, Druggist, Clinton, and W. P. Kfnnedv, Warsaw, J.C. List of Jurors for Spring Term Samp son Conrt, February 24th. First Week. W. B. Harris, E. Shipp, J. H. Cashwell, F. P. Sim mons, E. C. Gore, S. J. McCullen, II. K. Darden, A. J. Cooper, R. M. Herring, J. A. Matthis, Chester Hol land, J. A. Corbett, Hanson Honey cutt, M. J. Bradshaw, W. W. Hobbs, David Smith, W. B. Lamb, A. Mc Koy Herring. Second Week. Stocton Tart, H. B. Lewis, W. T. Cooper, J. M.Pear son, A. D. King, W. J. Fryar, J. R. Murphy, Geo. W. Sutton, H. H. Britt, Marshall Lee, A. W. Lamb, Dulaney Matthis, J. M. Britt, G. W. Butler, Evan Page, F. I. Owen, R. D. Butler, O. S.. Robinson. Miss MaUie Lee, of Goldsboro returned home last Thursday. Mr. Frank McQueen paid his friends in town a flying visit yes terday. Mr .F. A. Bizzell, the phoeograph- who was in town several months last winter, has returned. Mr. Frank Holmes, of the express service, who has oeen spenaing a few d;ys home, returned last Mon day. Mr. A. D. Ward, a young but brainy merHber of the Duplin bar, was in town Friday on professional business. Mr. W. G. Rackliy was called suddenly, on last Sunday, to the bedside of his sick father, in Cum berland. Messrs. T. C. Pope and C. M. Hobbs were off from Saturday to Monday on a flying trip, whither we know not. Messrs. II. E. Faison, D. B. Nich olson, W. S. Thomson and E. W. Kerr, of the Clinton Bar, are at Ke nansville court this week. Hon. E. T. Boykin, having finish ed the term of court at Wilson, is spending the remainder of the week at home. He holds court next week at Henderson. Miss Pattie Styron o Durham, who has been visiting the Mis-J ses Patterson, (at Bush Hill, N.; C.,1 near Clinton, returned home last Monday. Mr. and M s. J. Bacharach, of Atlantic City, N. J-, parents of Mrs. Hanstein. who have been in our midst for three weeks returned home this morning well pleased with Clin ton. Mr. A. F. Johnson and family left Monday tor an extended trip South, combining both business and pleasure. He took along samples of the butter dishes, berry crates, orange sides, etc., made at his fac tory, and will introduce them at Charleston, Macon, Atlanta, Jackson ville and New Orleans. He has al ready buen mading large shipments to Jacksonville, but he will place samples on exhibit - at the Florida Sub-Tropical Exposition, which is now in progress. He will strike New Orleans in time for the Mardi Gras. We wish him a pleasant and successful trip. Xot One in Ten Of the people you meet from day to day has perfectly pure, healthy blood. The hereditary scrofulous taint afliicts the large majority of people, while many others acquire diseases from impure air. improper food and wrong indulgences. Hence the imperative necessity h.r are- liable blood purifier like flood's hsirsa- parilla, which ( indicates et-ry impurity, tmd gives to the blood vitality and health. It cures scrofula, rheum, humors, boils, pimples, and all other affections caused by impurities or poisonous germs in the blood. All that is asked tor Hood's Sar gaparillais that it be uivenu tiiir trial. Keep your blood pure and you will not have rheumatism. Hood's Sar snparilla purifies the blood, and tones the whole system. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy SALE FOR PARTITION. BY VIRTUE OF A DECREE of the Superior Court of Sampson county, the undersigned, as commissioner of said court, will sell by public auction, at the court house door in Clinton, .N. C, on Monday, the 3rd day of March, lB'.M), for the purpose of making partition among the heirs of Rebecca Tew, an undivided half interest in the fol lowinsr tract ol land, situate in Dismal township, adjoining the lands of Young Tyndall, J. L.Tyndall.W. B. Honevcutt and others, contain ing about 155 wcres. Terms of Sale 20 per cent, cash , one half balance in nine months and ono half in twelve months, with 8 per cent, interest Irom date of pale until paid. Title reserved until pur chafe money is paid in full. F. It. COOPER, Coni'r. This Jan. 20th, 1890. 4t I Our mammoth store must bn oloed o:it beforo Mil Bring in your Coon,Fox, Mink and Otter Hides. Respectfully, King Hatter and Clothier. MECKLENBURG N' Mr Joe Person's Kemedy will Cure Dyspepsia. I, Joseph Latham, -jf Greenville, N. C, take pleasure in adding a word of commendation of Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy. Mrs. Latham had the dyspepsia very badly, and the use of this remedy proved won derful in its effects, and after using a few bottles her health vastly im proved. J. LATHAM, Supt. Pub. Inst. Pitt Co. M Joe Person's Itemed r will Cure In- digesnon. Raleigh, N. C, Aug, 14, 1889. Last winter 1 was suffering very much from indigestion and general debility, with a broken down sys tem, followed with chronic dysinte- ry. I tried one bottle of Mrs. Joe Person's liemeuy, ana touna so much relief and improvement I con tinued its use until I used the sev enth bottle, which restored me to perfect health, and I am now sound as a sil 4fi dollar. I can cheerfully recommend it as a good restorative, blood purifier and a builder-up of broken down systems. W. B. J RDAX, Rept. for Raleigh News-Observer. For sale by Clinton Druggists and by Wm. A. Johnson, Wholesale Agent, Clinton, N. C. dec5 ly L I F E OK The Hon. Jefferson Davis BY MR. JEFFERSON DAVIS. TO BE SOLD BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. ORTH CAROLINA. SAMP SON CO. In Superior Court, January 7-m, 1890. W. L. Faison, Cashier Clinton Loan Association, Against F. L. Faison, administrator of A. M. Faison, deceased, villiam A. Faison, Vivie Devane, A. C. Dix on and wife, Mollie F.'Dixon; Na than W. Faison, F. L. Faison, De B. 1 1. Faison and A. Moscly Fai son. The above action was brought by the plaintiff to recover judgment on a note made by A. M. Faison, de ceased, and W. A. Faison, one of his surities, the said Abner M. being the father of the defendants, v ivie Devane, Mollie Tixon, Nathan Fai son, F. L. Faison, De B. II. raison and Mosely Faison for the sum of $1,200, due October 2fith, 1S88; and for a foreclosure of a mortgage on two tracts of land, known as the Fortner and Mears places, made by the said Abner M. and W. A. Faison to the plaintiff to secure the said note. And the defendants, Nathan W. Faison and Mollie F. Dixon and her Husband, A. C. Dixon, are hereby notified to appear before tho Judge at the the next term of our Sujvrior Court to be held for the county of Sampson, at the courthouse in Clin ton, on the 1st Monday before the 1st Monlay in March, 1890, and an swer or demur to the complaint of the plaintiff, filed in this action. JAS. S. BIZZELL, C. S. O. janlG-Gt IRON WORKS me 9 Manager. Charlotte, N. 0 ENG1XES, BOILKltS, SA W MILLS, PRESSES, (JUS'S, WHEAT AM) COliX MILLS, REVAJlt WORKS, PIJ'E FITTINGS, SHAFT IN G, PULLE YSand BELTING. dec!9- 3 in On the C F. and Y. V. Railroad. Notice. We are ready to issue certificates for special premiums to the parties to whom such were awarded. Where the premiums were shoes, hats etc., the party or parties to whom they were awarded should send us the number or size desired, . ; Marion Butler, Sec'y. The prospoctus and complete out fit for canvassing will be ready im mediately. AGENTS WISHING DESIRABLE TERRITORY on this great work will please ad dress, as Foon as possible, the pub lishers, BELFORD COMPANY, 18-22 East 18th Street, N. Y. febl3 If Prof. Loisette's QEC30BV DISCOVERY AND TRAINING METHOD In spite t adulterated imitation which inis thg theory! and practical rewrite of the Original, in pite ot tTKroot mwrepwontatiom br eoTHMW would-bo of thefrmtof ha labarMall of which oratrU tt andonbUd superiority and popularity of hig teaching). Prof. LoiMtto'sArt of Nerer Forgetting ia recognized to-day in both Hemispheres as marking an Epoch n Memory Culture. HiTroflMBntpot frm)frnM opfauonaof people in all parta 9 jhownig eftrrwards; that onv ooi ff J reading, rHttuLmmdrnnocured. itc lorfroepectua, txmZ AslMlSETTE, 231 Fifth Areame, N.Y Notice of Sale ! BY VIRTUE OF A bECREE of the Suj erior Court to create assets to pay debts, the un dersigned will, on Monday, Februa ry 24th, 1890, at Clinton, N. C, by public auction, sell the lands belong ing to the estate ol S. O. Sutton, de ceased, in two tracts. First tract of fifty acres, on west side of public road, adjoining lands of W. II. B yette and others. Second tract of fifty-three acres, more or less, being the rest of the land described in the petition, ad joining lands of fc. U. Daughtry, W. A. Boyette aud others. Terms of Sale 25 per cent cash and balance with 8 per cent, inter est, due November 1st, 1890, and title retained. S. R. DAUGJITERY, Adm'r. Clinton, N. C Jan. 17, 1890. ttb? This depot, future tovn of Roneboro, Is-situat-id Ina line section, good fa in'.nx Imd, well timbered, one mile from Owen ville, sixty-two miles frm Wilmington and twenty mlleci from Fuyettcvillc. A place sure to build up. Lots for pale on ieaonabe term.". For fn: tin r particular adrtre", .1 M. SKSSOMS. janlG tf Oweuvillo, N. C. HAILHUAD H0U3-, NEAR THE DEPOT. n.Kiiirxn 1111 UUIVIU NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. , NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTICE! HA V ING THIS DAY QUAL ified an administrator upon t eMate of Neil Watson, deceased, the undersigned hereby gives notice to all persons holding claim against . " , i the sud estate to present them m rhe I are is the feot the market j or before the 1st day of February, affords, whicb is always served in j isoi, or thin notion will be plead in good wholesome style. bar of their recovery. And all per- Hoard, per day, only I &o j WMW indebted to the said estate will SauiidC'RooiiiM and Special Convriiien c for Tra relink Mm. tt .t to canvass for the sale of Nursery Stock! Steady employment guar snteed. GOOD PAY for successful rr.en. Apply at once, staling age. Mention this paper. Alabama Harserj Company,' Hnntsiille. Ala! dec!9-2m-df week. 4 00 month, 12 00 The patronage of the traveling public is respectfully solicited. W. E. BAS.S, sep!9 tf Proprietor For 23 Tears J. T. GREGORY has occupied his same TAILOR ESTABLISHMENT-' : ou Church Street. The great and orignal leader In low prices for men's j clothes .Economy in cloth and money will force you to give him a call. &Latcst Fashion plates always on hand. June 7th. lyr. please make prompt payment. D. B. NICHOLSON', Admr. January 30lh, 1890. Ct. FORTY LOT FOR SALE! At T::akawk, on the C P. & Y. V. Railroad, forty miles' from Wil mington and forty-two miles from Fayettcville. Teiin.n RcaNonable. Apply to W. B. MURPHY fcW 2t Clear Rai.N.o

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