i i DIRECTORY. TOWN OFFICERS : Ma you W. . Tli'U.H4n. Trkahl'ukm J. A. Fcnll. ClIIKF OK I'oMfK- W. J.KInjf. JaiijR ('apt. Jit. II. oMnmi. Commihj-ioxki'j-- W. c . fnoin-on, J. A. FerrHI, W. A. Jirfm-on, J. II. hteveiw, T. II. I'artrick. COUNTY OFFICKIW: Siikkikk J. M. f-JK-II. C'f.KUK OK St J KI'.IOU CoUKT J. i. illzzcll. Tr.KA -t I'.Kr. J. It. Ikauian. Ur.UllY.V. OK I)KKIW O.J'. IIT- Cot .nt Y Sckvf.vor Arthul I?. r t oNKH Dr. A.T. Coojkt. r.iiir or FmvATiox It. It. IJ.I!, . It. Hcirinv nl Warren 'v mi-.-ionkiw Captain V. Pur ine . . . IIoM, J. M. Mandiburn. hi -j'K.KINTKXOKXT OK IlKAI.TH kok ( 'o'WTY Dr. J. A. Steven. Ktasoakii KEr.vy.ii W. K.IJca anan. Suri.lUXTKXOKXT OK ColNTY Faum- J:mi'M Shi pp. Hl'i-i. !' . I.v.htklction Uham ltoyal. LA'. Hubbard U.S. Oiiiiilion er of tl.- lutslfrn District H North Carolina. 1'OST OFFICK: (Clilloti Ward, I'owtmaslei . ) Mail going by rail leaven put fce daily at K:r A. M., and 2:" I. M., rexpi ctivcly. Mail going via I lob ton, Now ton Orovc, Dunn, Heam m's K ltoiul, t tc, leave U:00 A. M. on Mori lay and ThurHtlayb. Mail go ing to J-'ayetteville, via Huntley, Hlocker'H, etc., leave at :)) A. M., on Tuenlays, Thurxlayn and Satur day. CHURCH KS. liaptiMt, I'antor, O. I'. Meek. Service, Id anil M Sabbath of each month. Prayer meeting Tues day at 7 P. M. Sunday school, Sun day, 3 P.M. Probyterian--Paator, Dr. II. F. Marable, Service, 2nd and 4lh Sun day'. Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 7 P. M. Sunday school, D A. M. M thodlst Pastor, C. P. Jerou.e. Service, (at Presbyterian Church) 1st Su'.day II o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. Sunday school (in Lodge) every Sunday at A. M. Prayer meeting (at Presbvlerian church) Thursday night nt 7 P. M. Kpiscepal Hector, Service)-, Sunday, II A.M. and 1:00 P. M. Si:i day Hcliool, 3 P. M. Colored I tptist Second Sunday in each month at II A. M., 'I P. M. and 7 P. M. M ISCKLLAN KOUrf : K. of II. Marion Uutler, Dicta tor, meet every first and third Fri djy night at 8 o'clock. Hiram Masonic Lodge J. M. Marshburn, Master, meets every third Friday at 11 o'clock A. M. Clinton lentigo, No. pil, I. O.O.F., Dr. John A. Stevens, N. (I., meets every Monday night. Library of 1 linton Literaiy Asso ciation over postotliee. Librarian, W. S. Thomson. Clinton Loan Association Presi dent, J. L. Stewart; Cashier, W. L. Falson; Kx press Agent, Kd. Faison. Sampson liuildiugand Loan Asso ciation President, V. A. Johnson, Secretary and Treasurer, J. S. Itizell. Railroad Depot Agent, It. II. Holland, Jr.. Telegraph Operator J. O. Holme:-.. Y. M. C. A. A. A. Uutler, Presi dent. Meets la Courthouse every Monday at 7.30 P. M. Supreme Courts for 4th, (ith and 7t It Jo dirial Districts, 1890. .iuikjks (Resident.) 4th District, Spier Whitaker; Wake. 0th " E.T. lloykin, Sampson. 7th J. C. Mcltea, of Cum berland county. SOLICITOUS. 4th District, T. M. Argo, of Wake. 6th " O. II. Allen, of Lenoir, 7th FrankMcNeill.of Rich mond county. Times fur Holding Courts for 1890. FOURTH JUDK IATi DISTRICT. Spring Judge MacRae. Fall Judge Boykin. Wake Jan. Cth, Feb. 21th, March 2 ith, April 21st, July 5)th, Aug. 27th, Sept. 22d, Oct. 20th. Wayne January 20th, March 10th April 11th, September 8th, October 13th. Harnett February 3rd, August 4th, November 21th. Johnston February 10th, August llth.November 10th. SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT. Spring Judge (1 raves. Fall Judge Armfield. Pander March 10th, September 8th. New Hanover Jan. 20th, April 13th, September 22nd. Lenoir February 3rd. Aug. 10th, November 10th. Duplin February 10th, Aug 1th, November 21th. Sampson February 21th, April 2Sth, October C, December 8th. Carteret March 7th, October 20th. Jones March 21th, October 27th. Onslow March 31st, November 3rd. HEVKXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT. Spring Judge Ilynum. Fall Judge Graves. Columbus January, 13th. March 3lst, July 28th. Anson January 0th, April 28th, September 1st, November 21th. Cumberland January 20th, May 5th. July 21st, November 10th. ltobeson January 17th, May 19tb, September 29th. Richmond February 10th, June 2nd,September 15th, December 1st. Bladen March 17th,October 30th. Brunswick April 7th, September 8th. Moore March 3rd, August 11th, October 27lh. Judsre Boykin holds court this Spring inthe 3rd District, as follows: Pitt January Cth, March 17th, June 9th. Franklin Jan 20th, April 11th Wilson Feb. 3rd, Juue 2nd. Vance Feb, 17th, May 19th. Martin March 3rd. Greene March 31st. Nash April 28th. pw TraoTnitra U.SV3A i. 'MUtf Suajvlfl eiqnHI ..id.n Uumm mi iiuitl Ml DKTTNKEXNESS X.IQUOR HABIT In U the World there la but one cure. Ir. II sines' Golden Specific It fan be siren in a enp of tea or coffee without the knowledge of the peron taking it, effecting a speedy and permanent cure, whether the patient is a Dtpderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Thousands 'ofdrnakards have been cured who have taksa the Golden Specific In their coffee without their knowl dge, and today beliere thsr quit drinking of their own free will, ho harmful effect results from its Miministration. Cares guaranteed Send for clr- cular and full particulars. Address In eonndence, Giuii ertarjg laa Eace Street. Clncuuiatl.O. I THE CAUCASIAN. CLINTON, N. C FKB. 13. 1S90. tiii; ;kaiy mkmokial VOLUM!- The Work In Preparation Noon to In; Published. nid The Henry W. Grady Memo rial Volume, containing the life, writings and speeches of the late Mr. Undy, is now under proces of preparation bv the well known publishing house of Caa 8ell fc Company (Limited) of New York, arm will probably be ready for delivery during the month of Much. This volume will contain an interesting sketch of the life of Mr. Grady from the pen of Mr. Joel Chandler Harris, of The Constitution, and the introduc tion to the wo.k will be written by lion. Henry V. Watterson, ot fiouiaville Courier-Journal. The work la compiled by Mr. Grady's foimer co workers on Tjik Con stitution, and will contain all ot his great speeches, some of his most important letters and writings and many features of interest concerning the lament ed young Georgian whose death is a bereavement to the whole country. The proceeds from the sale of his book, after deducting the expenses for its publication, will be devoted to the beneflt of Mr. Grady's family, a wife, two chil dren, mother and sis' er, who will be the sole beneficiaries of this work. This is the only volume rela ting to the life of Mr. Grady that is published by authority. It Is covered by a copy-right ap plied for by Mrs. Grady. It if said tint there are other volumes in preparation containing par s of Mr. Grady's speeches, with imperfect biographical sketches. Thk Constitution desires to give due notice that the above is the only authorized edition of a work of this character and asks the public to wait for its ap pearance. The book will contain from six to eight hundred pags,p iut ed in three styles, each in good shape and containing four hand some steel engravings. The Southern agent for the sale of this volume is Mr. I). K. Luther, representing Cassell & Compauy. Those wishing toap ply for agencies can address him at No. 68 1 Whitehall Street, At lauta, Gaorgia. Poison Oak. The following extract, taken from a letter written by Mr. E. A. Bell, fully explains itself: While surveying land in '83 I acci dently handled poison oak vine, and in less than three hours (the erup tion usually resulting from such con tact begins in ten days my face was swollen and disfigured, and m hands and arms seriously affected. I immediately began taking Swift's Specific (S. S. S.), and after taking three large bottles I found all signs of the breaking out entirely remov ed. I was led to suspect its return at the same time next year, but il did not, nor has there been any in dications of its return since. My little boy, eight years old, was afflicted with the same poison in '81. After taking several bottles of (S. S. S.) Swift's Specific the eruptions en tirely disappeared. A very slight form of the same eruption returned during the next spring, but we then i churned the 8. S. S., and having taken enough during that season to make the cure permanent, he has not since had any retura of the dis ease. Swift's Specific (S. S.S.) cer tainly effected thorough cures in both these cases, and I regard it as a most effective remedy for all such diseases. K. A. Bell, Anderson, S. C. ItajTTrcatisc on Blood aud Skin Dis eases mailed free. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Drawer 3, Atlanta, Georjjia. A Moimon has been commit ted to jail for contempt of court for refusing to tell how many wives he had. Evidently his misery was more than be could confess: Rochester Post and Express. The Pulpit and the Stage. Rev. F. M. Shoat, Pastor United Hrethreu Church, Blue Mound, Kan., Miys: ''I feel it my duty to tell the wha? wonders Dr. Kinsj's New Discovery has done for me. My lungs were Iwidly dis eased, and my parishioners thought I could live only a few weeks. I took five bottles ot l)r. King's New Discovery and am now sound imp well, saining 20 pounds in weight." Arthur Love, Manager Loves Funny Folks Combination, writes: "After a thorough trial and convincing evidence, I am confident Dr. Kingvs New Discov ery for Consumption, beats Nem all, and cures when everything else fails. The greatest kindness lean do my many thousand trieuds is to urje them t try it." Free trial bottles at It. II. Holli dav's Drug Store, llenular size 50 cts. and $1.00. Rheumatism is undoubtedly caused by lastie add in the blood. This acid attacks the fibrous tissucr, and causes the pains and aches in the back, shoulders, knees, ankles, hips and wrists. Thousands of people have tound in IIoodNa Sarsaparilla a pos itive cure for rhcumatisx. This medi cine, by its purifying action, neutralizes the acidity of the blood, and also build up and strengthens the whole body. Minnie "Mr. Blnx actually proposed to me la3t nijjht. I never was so surprised in all my life." Mamie "You needu't have been. His sole ambition ia to be thought eccentric." -Terre Haute Express. Bucklen's Arnica Salve. The best Salve in the world lor Cuts, Briises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil blains, Corns, aud all !3k:n Eruptions, and positively cures riles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed tj give per tect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale bv n 1 TT UntT-wnkV ,1Jr UOLI.IDA. AN ANCIENT MAN Of STRENGTH. Tfc l'afaNl raU Nrfenaeil bj m Gee M In I be I mM Centarj. Tle firat teatn manajrrr of IV rlin, Joluinn Karl von KckenocT?. a lh no called "man of tr?ngth, bo siiowed himself iiJtriy 2Xi rears ajn. Crt aJi jug-jjkr. then as athlete. Of his lif little is known except as in his carver as theatre m&nagtr, as le was the founder of the nnt fJerlin theatre. He was extcniTtly wnUu of, and an article under the title of "An Athlete of the Eighteenth Century," published some Tears ago and recently uu eartheu, give an interesting account of his prowww, as follows: liy an athlete of the Eighteenth cen tury we do vjA mean the Prince Fred erick August of Baxour, king of Pv laiul, cornnaonly called August the Strong, who coukl knock otf the head of an ox with one stroke of his sword aud besides dLtinguihed LiiuM.-lf in all kinds of resr,ectable perCormauces of strength, but another Hercules who would have wrapped the strong Auguht around his little tingr, if hucIi a thing would have been permitted, lliismau was the athlete Julian n Karl von Eck enberg, who in the twenties and thir ties of the last century showed his productions of strength in public. He was the mott stately of all gymna.sU and was born in the town of Harzge rode, aird out of it-snect to his native town he called himself for a time, on his bill posters, Sampson Hercules Harzmarnn. It borders on the fabulous what his contemporaries related of his remark able exhibitions of strength. He broke an anchor rope as if it were ordinary tii read, iron nails and bolts he turned playfully between his fingers into screws, a cannon pije he carried around as if it were u bubv. His teeth were as strong as iron, lie bit into a Iiieco of oak wood ; then a strong cart lorse was harnessed up to it. In spite of the horso beintr urged on it was un able to pull tho stick out of the juggler's mouth or to pull the athlete from the place where ne stood. A bench made oQAvood, sixteen feet long, he grasped witli his teeth by one end and carried it around, while a trumpeter blowing his instrument sat on the other end. His arm was more powerful than his teeth. Ho spread out his hands, on each ono was placed a bottle of wine, then a rope was attached to each wrist and to each rope thero were three men from the audience who pulled with all their might, so as to mako it impossible for this Hercules to convey the wine to his mouth. All their zeal was without avail, as the arms of the gymnast bent themselves irresistibly and brought the jug to his mouth without spilling a drop of wine. He generally saved his grandest per formance of strength until the close of the exhibition, lie ascended a scaf fold of beams under which. was a plat form of thick planks fastened on strong chains. A trumpeter mounted on a horse, clad as a herald, rode upon the platform and played his tunc. The Hercules then took a place on the point of the scaffolding, held a glass of wine in ono hand and with the other, by means of the chains, lifted tho heavy platform, tho horse and the trumpeter high up from the floor, and for a little while held the whole weight, the trumpeter shrillv blowing a tune, while tho athlete tlrank the glass of wine, at the same time giving a toast to tho magistrate and the citi zens of tho city in which he happened to be btaying. When Herr von Eckenberg became older, his power gradually left him; therefore he gave up the herculean business and became chief theatre manager of Berlin, where he for some time possessed two show booths, which, liowever, did not bring him as large an income as did his exhibition of strength. But when he had this large income he did not know how to save. He had a competitor, Peter Hilferdiug, who had a show booth with privileges and at tle same time was a practical ioker and clewn under the name of Pantalon de Bisoguosi. Provoking quarrels with this man embittered the lift, of the "man of strength." His numerous creditors seized both his booths with all belongings, completely impoverishing the celebrated Hercules, who died in the year 175-4. From the German. An Orator's Tauitr. An orator is apt to be vain. A Yan kee elerrrt'mjin w-lin Vnsw tVio rmtr,i- - .M-w u... v i ktiv v a m iv i a cal nature called at the house of lords, and sent in his card to Lord Brougham. llis lordship appeared in the lobbv, scanning the card, and the clergyman le ave England without hearing or see- ng her greatest orato'a, BrOUffham not milv rrnvn liiiri a coif in the house, but made a speech for ine entertainment or the shrewd min ister. Mr. Philin TTotin i-.--i7-l i liia "Fii. ary" that in 1840 he met at a Wash ington dinner party Senator Preston, of South Carolina: "One of the most cant u-ating men I ever saw. His voice is like muic." The next day Mr. Hone was on the floor of tho senate., ami lionnl rViltAn. den, Southard, Webster and Preston speak. He was delighted with the eloquent South Carolinian, who, after ne uaa unisocu, came to ir. lioneana said : "There, I mudo that speech on pur ose for you ! I had no idea that you should go home without showing you what I could do." Youth's Com panion. ATUotofrraphlc Bat Hei r Luders has patented a photo tographie apparatus that can be car vied in the hat This novel head dress contains, besides the machine, a num ber of prepared plates. In the front part of the hat there is a small circular opening about the size of a small shirt button behind which the lens is fixed. By means of a string on the outside of the hat its wearer, whenever lie finds himself enjoying a pleasant view or in contact with a person whose features he wishes to preserve, can, without at tracting attention, instantaneously take the picture and finish it up at leis ure. St Louis Republic. How is This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Ho ward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by taking Hall's Ca tarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Tole do, O. We, the undersigned, have known P. J. Cheney for the last 1G years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and finan cially able to carry out any obliga tion made by their firm. West & Thuax, Wholesale Drug gist, Toledo. O. Walding, Kinnwx & Marvin, Wholesale Druggist, Toledo, O. E. H. Van Hosen, Cashier Toledo National Bank, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter nally, acting directly upon the blood and mucus surfaces of the system. Price . 75c. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Landlady "What's the mat ter, Mr. George? You look down in the mouth." Mr. G. 'Just so. I've almost swallow ed a feather from that chicken soup." X. Y. Journal. NEW ADVERTISEM-iTS. j SPECIAL r HOUSEKEEPERS! Our (Jr-jcery Department ts ton. Every thiiiif you need you Very Lowest Prices! 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I warrant my remedy to suaa ui, nuisi wuca. 1CTUBD U tilClS nSTfl . failed is no reason for not now receiving a eure. I Send at once for a treatise and a FkebBottlk i of my Infaluclb Remedt. Gire Expreaa ' and POBt Office. It rmtl Vnll nnthina- . I trial, and it will eare you. Address ' H. G. ROOT, WI.C, I S3 Hua. St, New tssi frEW ADVERTISEMENTS. o now tho most complete in Clin can Kt from us at the at,) ot all kind, jtut received. not to be found elsewhere. m I I THE MARKET. from mill?. Maple Syrup. CHARGE. Piso'ai Core for Con sumption is also the best Cough Medicine. If you have a Cough without disease of the Longs, a few doses are all yon need. But if yon ne glect this easy means of safety, the slight Cough may become a serious matter, and several bot tles will be required. IT 9 fl Pfco"s Bemedr Ibr Catarrh la the I I BeK, Easiest to Ue. aad Cfcaap t. I C I I Seld by druggists or seat by maO. LJsoc. K. T. BMseHlna, Warrio. Pa II TMEYTIE NOT ALL WISE. ttaa Mmm Mmf Wmrf t Trmmn. TWy OftM laJl DIM r J The silent man buildrth better tKaa be kooweth. lie aouirrs wealth, rp utatioa mad the oiur of aauwUtr. lus forte U keeping quiet- lie is the orur i&alof tbe poet who said: "Sileace u golden." But 8ir BoTle Rnrhe, the author of thai famous Irih IkiII about the man who put bis lout in it every time be opened h' mouth, plainly outlived the ultimata fate of the silent man. For that U the invariable fate of near ly all the tuen wht entire reputation rrU ou Ue rocky fuundatiott of si lence. lAcky he who has already achieved a xmjn tenet: on the strength of his silence. In nine caw's out of ten lie talks toe much wltrn he talks at all. lie gives himself away, so to peak. He makes a braying dJnkey of himself; his rep utatiou vanihesiiiU thin ar. Eery vi "I always kcew be was s foofr And everybody pm com via cervMy about his bttikiueKs und the late of the silent man is sealed. Nobody can torsive him for Hce havinj: made a fl of himself, lecausc nobody can forgive him ftr havljij made a fool of evcryb)dy elms for many year. And frtili the si 1 tut mau waiitli fat aud pt!nus. He is one of the towers of btreiiirth iu auv commuuity Wlien all the other men have liad their little hay, mow - lcsselotjuently and to tho point, the silent man alone has not skcn. All eyes turn to him for refutation or confirmation of wind has been said. But it is not his cue tc sttcak. He has itis reputation for su (Mrr wisdom to maintain, and hence le keeps his mouth shut. And every 1 . 1 ? l 1 -t A - man aooui uim uiiuks: uat asux'r ior man he is. However, as was rei narked before, there is generally a day when ho is found out. To illustrate: Several years afro a ycinjr man went to the irenend otlicc of one of our Icadiuff railroad companies in town. He was the bearer of strong letters of recommendation from an old friend of the manager iu a small rural town. The letters re ferret! especially heavy to the discre tion "unusual for his years" of the young man, on Ins marvelous camc ity for keejwng his mouth shuL fhc manaeer, who hat! been on tho look out for just such a young niau, at once gave him a berth m his private ollice. He prospered amazingly, for all that was required of him was to exercise his natural talent keeping his mouth shut The manager swore, by him. Other men iu tho ollice caught tho in- fectiou. Every clerk came to look upon Mr. Tytelipps let us call him Tytelipps for short as a phenomenon, as a nioucl young man. Everybody marveled how this country bred youii" mau nau acquireu so mucn wisuom. Thus Mr. Tytelipjw rose, step bv step, and his salary with him. One day he ble position, commanding an almost princely remuneration. For a little while it was all right. He continued to keep his mouth shut. But there was a turn in the tide. At a directors' meeting some information and suggestions bearing on the better working of the department whose head Mr. Tytelipps had shortly be come, was called for. Mr. Tyteliws' as sistant, a man who had grown gray in the service of the company and who knew all the ins and outs of the de partment to a T (but who had the mis fortune to once in awhile talk too much), was sick at home. So Tvte- lipps himself had to respond. And when the questions had been fired at him and the board was waiting to be enlightened, Tytelipps shook his head sagely, coughed and hemmed and hawed. That "didn't go." He had to do some talking.' Then the directors unanimously came to the conclusion that Tytelipps was a monumental ass and ought to be bounced. And he was bounced not long after. At least he was reduced to the ranks. But he couldn't stand this long, ne went, aud when last heard from he was ped dling matches or apples or something. Chicago Herald. Don't Wake 111 in." Forty years ago the leader of flie New York bar was George Wood, whose grave dejortinent and habit oi closing his eyes when in thought gave him an owlish appearance. Otie day a gentleman called on Dan iel Webster, who had temporarily for saken politics and resumed the prac tice of law, to retain his services in a case involving a large sum of money. Mr. Webster, in accepting the re tainer, asked what counsel was to op pose him. "Oh " answered the client, "he is some New York lawyer, with a com monplace, every day name which I forget" k "prVliat sort of a looking person ia "Bather a sleepy looking man." "Is' his name George Wood?" "Yes, that is his name." "Then," reioiued Mr. Webster, with emphasis "don't wake him up!" Youth's Companion. "Thoee Darned Socks." "Walking well is often an affair of boots," says Henry M. Trollope. "These boots should not only be com fortable and easy to your feet," con tinued Mr. Trollope, "but they should be well made. Another very import ant thing to recollect is not to walk in darned socks. I started for Great St Bernard and walked into Montiquy. Mrtfeet were so torn afterward that 1 corfld not put on a boot for ten days. And all from those darned socks !" Gentleman's Magazine. Ancient History. Abracax was another of those old fashioned gods who would look funny in this day. The Persians bad an idea that be was the supreme being No. 1, but the Greeks who used to job lot the gods, marked him down to No. 365. Under either system he got into the 400. He was very good, and had Chi most complete collection of virtues in the universe. The precise date of hit death is not known, bat the presump tion is that he deed yOustjr. New Yerk Baa. Inherited Blood Poison. How many people there are whose dis tress from sores, aches, pains and erup tive tendencies are due to inherited blood poison. Bad blood passes from parent to child, and it therefore is the duty of husband and wife to keep their blood pure. This is easily accomplished by a timely use of B. B. B (Botanic Blood Balm). Send to Blood Balm Co., At lanta, for book of most convincing proof. James Hill, Atlanla,Ga., writes: "My two sons were afflicted with blood poi son, which doctors said was hereditary. They both broke out in sores and erup tions which B. B. B. promptly control led and finally cured completely." Mrs. 8. M. Williams, Sandy, Texas, writes: "My three poor afflicted child ren, who inherited blood poison, have improved rapidly after a use of B. B. B. It is a Godsend." J. R. Wilson, Glen Alpine Station, N. C, Feb. 13, 1885, writes: "Bone and blood poison forced me te have my leg amputated, and on the stump there came a hirge ulcer, which grew worse every day until doctors gave me op to die. I only weighed 120 pounds when I began to take B. B. B., and 12 hot Jes increas ed my weight to ISO pounds and made me sound and well. I never knew what good health was before." SKW ADVERTISEMENTS SWEEPING TTCTmTftTTAAT T In order to rolm-c our iniineiiM sttnk before taking invrU tory.the 1st of March, wo have Marked Down Prices ON Pants Goods, Dress Goods, Flannels, Shawls, Hoods, Gloves, Jerseys, Cloaks, Blankets, Heavy Shoes and 0 cM 3R 2? W B ! And for tho next six weeks wo will olfer our customer some Choice (Joods (no old shop-worn goods) for For Less Than Their Actual Worth ! Call AT ONCE and make your selections. No Discriniiiiation-OiicPrii'c llu'&unoto Kvcrv Nuwr. Respectfully, A. F. JOHNSON & CO. D. R. Watson. to? mi & On Grog Row, Opposite Courthouse. REMEMBER, that we keep a choice link of Tobacco, Cigi-s, Snuff, etc., and also a w-ell selected tock ot Standard Family Groceries. AGAIN REMEMBER, that a finer line of Wines, Brandies, Whiskies, etc., can seldom be found. B-The famous Rufus Weeks Brandy (which all connoisseurs, declare the best ever tasted) ran be bought no where else. Pure up country Corn Whiskey a specialty. 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Five newly patented inventions used la these pianos only. i Call at our store and examine the new Soft Stop which Baves pianos from wear while practising and makes tone inaud ible to all outside of room. A wonder ful Invention. H. MILLER & CO. Gldsboro, N. C NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. A. V. I'KTEItSON. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. BY JusiNe SCLD BYDRUGGISTS AT..SO riaa:.:i5j usoxjir raixTS o Color. i i KKi.rss i u xnnif r i ;fi. f mm mm mm lV?. Smut 'J :'

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