THE CAUCASIAN. EnUreI acronliti to Ital I.w at Clinton, N. C, a -ou.l la until matter. THE CAUCASIAN'S RECORD. CIRCULATION: 1.682. IM month ago It wan lew than 800 Adverti-wri id ink of this. TO THOSE WHO OWE US. V- believe that overv man, to wh nn we are now ending this 1'ii-T, intends to pay u. If wr did not tliink ho we would mark rf -'ich name bciore thin paper ? .-t-nt out. Rut, while your an-ounta are good, they will n t iiiiHwer the place of money. Wo ran't us your ac count?' t" iay our hands, nor to buyp;pf-r, ink and a hundred other things needed in running k newspaper. Wc know that money is scarce, but a good newspaper we are bound to run, ho let everyone help by paying a part now and the remainder as soon as h can. The Wilson Advance, an ex cellent weekly, has completed its twentieth volume. The Duke of Orleans has been sentenced to ten years imprison ment ) the French (Joveni ment. Firal judirment in the Cross and White ca.-e is seven and five years respectively at hard work on the public roads. Thk Caucasian's congratula tions to the State Chronicle, one of the bet of our State week lies, upon entering a new v d ume. Brother Daniels is a clear headed, fearless and sound wri ter. Next Saturday is the 1 58 th an niversary of Washington's Iliith Day. His two most remarkable traits were probably his univer sal tfrealness as a truth-teller and his wonderful adaptability to men and events. Raleigh gels the Uaptist Fe male College. Other places bid more, but we think the selection of the committee a wise one. Yes, the classic shades of the City of Oaks will soon ho the pet expression of tli- commence ment orator. Thomas A. Edison, the great electrician and inventor, is now in the western part of this State examining the gold ores of the State and experimenting on them with his electric process for separating the gold. He spends some time in Ashcville before returning. The Vish, Oyste-, Game and Industrial Exposition of New Berne, N. C, promises to be a big success this year. The fair is to be held in new buildings, on new ground, all to be light ed by electricity. The last issue of the New Berne Journal has a well-written and tastily display ed advertisement of the coming event, covering one entire side of the paper. We hope to be able to attend. The fair opens Februar 21th and continues to March the 1st. The 55th celebration of the anniversary of the two literary socie ies at Wake Fore3t took place last Friday evening. Query: Should the United States have a Railroad Commission ? Decided In favor of the affirma tive. There are 171 students in attendance at the college this year. The graduating class will number 24. The college is broadening in its work. We are glad to see that the English, the most important but often neg lected department is to be made more comprehensive. The En dowment of the college is now $1G5,000. When we get hold of such speeches as Senator Daniels de livered before the Virginia Leg islature on the life and charac ter of Jefferson Davis, and Sen ator Vance's in reply to Ingalls on the negro question, we wish that our paper was a mommoth sixteen fage concern, so we could publish them in full, but this is only one of the many thousand vain wishes of a coun ty editor. JWe remember that it is hard to make a four page paper pay, then our thoughts turn into an entirely different and not altogether pleasant channel ai.d we forget all about big speeches. Continued from find I'age. four inches hih, if any gran is in the rowrf. hoe them; follow the hoeing with a cultivator ontmnU on credit and never pay each side, thus throwing a little dirt to the young plants. After thi., when the crop needs work ing, do it with a cultivator, Mo not use turn plow.' Fertilize with 300 pounds or more of potatoe fertilizer, con taining abut six percent, pirns, acid and 7 per cent potash. A popular brand of this fertilizer is manufactured by E. H. & J. A M clows. "Pack for shipment in flour barrels, with cloth heads, the bun-el should have four or five holes chopped in the sides for ventilation. News-Observer. Dr. Peyton II. Iloge, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Wilmington. N. C, has publish ed an article in "The Star" on "Funeral Reforms." He says: 'There are three claxwes of iuos tions that MUgKt themselves in re ference to the conduct of funerals: Questions of health, questions of ex penditure, and question of taste or decorum." Ho thinks the metalic case which holds the germs of dis ease for future distribution should never be used, but a case that will allow the body to re turn to the mother dust as soon as possible; persons often stand barehecided and on wet ground at funerals, which is often the cause of another funeral. He calls attention to the folly of expensive funerals, and ap peals to the rich to set the ex ample of common sense econo my. He thinks a profusion of flowers in bad taste, a simple wreath is the proper thing. TI19 coffin should be closed at the residences in the presence of the family only and not open after wards. Apropos to the above the R -ligious Herald has a timely ar ticle ou the undt fensible prac tice of wearing black, "that slrange cus'om of the Church of God." It is a relict of mon archy the days of outward show. Why do those who have griefs and sorrows wihh to so advertise th.m to the public? Friends and relatives need no such reminder and the general public care nothing about them. Resides black mourning is vry unhealthy. The annual statemont of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, which appears on the first page of this paper, shows the remarkable p regress made by this institution during twelve months. The record made by the Mutual eclipses its own best efforts, and doesreally seem to exceed that of any other financial institution in the whole world. The new business writ ten amounted to 151,602,483.37, an increase or $48,388,22a.Uo over the new risks assumed in 1888, and a gain of S2,144,015 over the business 01 1887 showing a continuous and phe nomenal advance. The assets of the Mutual Life now aggre gate $136,401,328.02, indicating a gain for the year of $10,319,- 174.46. The Company has now an outstanding insurance ac count amounting to $565,949, 933,92. Its total income from all sources is reported at 31, 119.019.62. It paid to its mem bes during the year for death claims and endowments and other obligations $15,200,608 38. Up to date the Mutual had 182, 310 policies in force, showing a gain in membership for the year of 23 94J, thus forming the biggest army of policy-holders in any regular Life Insurance Company in the world. The surplus fund was increased $1, 717,184 81 in 1889, and the Mu tual now lias $9,657,248 44 over and aboye every liability. An article has been going the rounds of the papers giving an account of a remarkable yield 1 f corn by a farmer in South Carolina. The vield was 25 1 bushels on one acre, the largest yield on record. We have some of the com on our table. It is of thft "gourd seed" variety, and each grain is three-fourths of an inch in length. The address of the farmer is Z. J. Drake, Drake, South Carolina. The corn was brought to ns by Mr. , representing Boykin, Carmer & Co., of Baltimore, who is just from that section of South Car olina, an I who furnished Mr. Drake with nitrate of soda for top dressing. lie says that the land on which the corn was ra is ed is a porous, dark sandy loam, and naturallv poor until im proved. Old newspapers for sale at The Caucasian office at 25 .cents per hundred. y ontinuvd from firt Fage.J j ' I -I . . - ...1 ..Ana t , tlniltif . Ilk Id white neighbor; gt fo- them; and that is one evi-? dn e he i capable of hlghriv tlazitlrm. The necro did not; Lave MMi.-e enough to cover up h s tracks li. emmie folks. Tlwy i .!. .1 .. i can no mean uiin u.iucr t-jthtr i.f -i)kfta.f!lit'. (ht to cnurcu on a suuuaj, n....- tifi.d and rank in the M soci-. e v: aiiu ii u. .u.iit "uic . part his lips the wh le commit-; inanity will fall on h;m an.l drive him out. I arme:s, if you gee any tl lug that is not right you are not ; aft aid tosueak, bei:tu.s ou rani make your living at home and I nr,t 1. hoLnlflim t , n r, V hod V . Jump on it 'miv' Pi.ovv. Alliance l)i'un1inrnt. j i-ITiiK Caucasian v;ls jil.i.t-j ed as the ofliclal organ of the Coun ty Alliance by lheC.unty AUiantv, January T thf Suli Alliaiicci. I hriDW that it is my duty to j,'o to every Alliance, and espe cially where invited to do so; but it s sometime impossible, and 1 hope that the lodges I am forced to refuse will not take offense but decide on home oth er day. Don't ask me to u'o on Saturday's, I have no one to leave in my ofiic? when at sent. I can leave on Thursday's pro bably better than any other day. Very trulv and fraternally, Marion Hiti.kk. County Lecturer. TJie color of the trade card for this quarter is green and no other color should be used. A different color will be used every quarter. l'INEV mcovK. no. G17. We aie pleased to announce that the County LectPte;, Mr. Marion Butler, has consented to deliver a public lecture at Piney G rove on Thursday, March 13th, at 1 o'clock. The public :s in cited to come out and ln;ir him. COIIARIK, no G-34. Tl e public is invited to come out toCohaiie Academy on Sat urday, March the 8th, at 11 o'clock, to hear a public address by the County Lecturer. Eureka, No. 328, Mrs. S. J. Cooper, Secretary; Post office. Owenville. Ingold, No. 65G, J. W. Green, Secretary; postoffice Ingold. Ryes' Ridge, No. 583, D. W. Tew, Secretary; postoffice, Rea man's Cross Roads Poplar Grove, No. 616, Ii. M. Lewis, Stc'y; postoffice, Faison Franklin, No. 748, L K Tay lor, Sec'y; postoffice, Harrelf's Stoie. Honeycutt's No. 583, R. C. Fann, Sec'y; postoffic, Huntley. Oak Ridge, No. 329, II. J . Coop er, Secretary; postoffice, Clinton Hickory Grove, No. 1,029, D L. McLamb, Sec'y; postoffice, Bass. King's No. 677, Henry Her ring, Sec'y; postoffice, Clinton. Bluff, No. 577, W. J. Craddock, Sec'y; postoffice, Hobton. Newton Grove, No. 357, James Rouse, Secretary; postoffice,Nev ton Grove. Boykin, No. 615. R. O. Autry, Seaietiry: postoffice, Dismal. Snow Hill, No. 1 332, A. R. Her- rinir, Secretary; postoffice, Tay lor's Bridge. New Hope, No. 866, W. F. Ilines, Sec'v, postoffice, Warsaw. Woodland, No. 1,486, J. I).. Rackley, Secretary; postoffice, Way Cross. Mingo Academy, No. 229, N. M. Eason, Secretary; postoffice, Giles' Mills. Mt. Gilead, No. 873, J. B. R. Altrritt, Secretary; postoffice, Clinton. Clinton, No. 579, J. A. Oafes, Secretary; postoffice, Clinton. White Oak, No. 333, Edw. L. Cm in pier, Secretary; poUoffice. Clinton. Boulah, No; 60, J. T. Moore, Sec etary; postoffice, Clinton. Holliday. No. 1318, M.J. John son, Sec'y; postoffice, Dismil. Clear Run, No. 927, T. J. Her riug,SHC,'y; postoffice, Clear Run. Maple Grove, No. 356, J. C. Parker, Secretary; postoffice. Timothy. Six Runs. No. 926, Jno. W. Mc Cal p, Sec'y; postoffice. Clinton Coharie, No. 654, Geo. High smith, Secretary; posiofflce, Co harie. Hall's, No. 618, T.W. Barbrey, Secretary; postoffice, Hobton. Reddick, No. 1120, M. J. Riv enl ark, S&cretary; postoflicp, Magnolia. South Rive, No. 831, S. B. Page, Sec'y; postoffice, Clement. laurel Hill, No. 653, M. M. Killett, Secretary; postofuce, Clinton. Salem, Vo. 600, S. A. Howard, Secretary; postoffice, Huntlev. Straw Pond, No. 580, J. D. Mc Lamb. Baas. Piney Grove, No. 617, A. W. Amen, Sec'y; postoffice, Faisori, Keener, No. 578, J. II. Packer, Secretary; posl office, Keener. Spring Hill, No, 355, J. C. Drauchfn, Secretary; postoffice, Mingo. Ilermon, '. 747, T. W. IS? itt, SToLarv : tio.-dt fiic. LlintiMi. 1 Perdom, No. 832. I. V Wil-i j liams, b'ec'y; TiostoQce, Clement. Bland, No. 872, M. J. Moo e, Secretary: iiostoQf'. Illand. Andre v.s' Char el, No. ."17, II.; R. Owen, Secretary; iatof3c,; . Maillaud. Delta, No. S7i, W. II. llta, ; j Secretary; rio.-tollice. Delta. Red IIin,No.I2 Jno.J. Vaun,; aTO. ,.tfn cMit.fnn rrow.nVR, x0.iSl,J. E. Ilry- ant, Secretary; postofijro, Dob-; bersville. ' Cedar Hill, No. KJO, Fountain H , ; ! . . ' L Pn Slddlt . IV SteVetl Vice-President R. M.Crum jpter ; f SecretaryO. F. Herring; j Treasurer J. R. Reaman, Sr.; Pusiuets Agent (i. A. 'Jlute; Sertreant-at-Arms i'. S. Pe- terson; Chaplain D. . G. V Moseley; Doorkeeper W. J. Faircloth; Assistant Door- et pei D W. I William-; Lecturer Marion Putler; j Assistant Lecturer P. T5. j Joekamy; i Executive Committee J. A. 1 Gates. Chairman : 11. M. Cruji- pler,M. M.Killett,V.K P.gford, C. E. Daniel. Alliance trade card for sale at Tiik Caucasian office at 25 cents per hundred. We are glad to see that Wood row Wilson, the author of the excellent book, Congressional Government, has been elected Professor of Political Economy at Princeton. Wilson is a South ern man and wrote his able work when only about twenty-five. The first through train on Uie C. F. & Y. V. railroad from Wil mington to Movnt Airy passed over the line Monday. The Mt. Airy News says ; "The C. F. &. V. V. railway U completed lioin 3lt. Airy to Wil mington from the mountains to the sea. This is by odds tho long est railroad in the State, and is be coming one of the best paying rail roads in the Kouth. In a lew years the connection with Cincinnati will be made and long trains will go thundering through Mount Airy to all important "points. The business men ol' Wilmington are making ar rangements to entertain the mer chant's excursion Horn Mount Airy to that city." Au Unfortunate Millionaire. A tall, erect niaii of V years strolled along Chestnut street the other day, idly looking at the passers by who thronged the thoroughfare, says The Philadelphia Press, lie wore a derby hat. - a dark top eoat and carried a stick of the most approved pattern. His clothing was cut in the latest style, and his heavy Vandyke beard proclaimed him to be a man of fash ion. For convenience he may be called Mr. Clinton ami he livesinNew York. Mr. Clinton was left an or phan with $(50,oni) income when he was 14 yeur.i old. Since then he has been everywhere and has seen every thing. Yet, as he said last evening, he is the most miserable man on earth, lie never married, because so man girls laid in wait lor his money, thus making hi;:i suspicious. Me doesn't know what to do or how to kill time, lie is by no means unknown as an ethnologist, and is an authority 011 cer tain gases, lie is musical and fond of pictures and books. Uut everything boivs him. Just now he is especially melancholy. Lat summer one of his cousins was taken seriously ill, and a nurse from Philadelphia vjts called into requisition. The uure is a mag niiicent speeii.ien of womanhood, tall lithe- and agile, possessing eyes and teeth and hair tlu.t perfectly charmed young Mr. Clinton, who had Iee!i all over the woi id. Hi r man tiers and conversation ruplivuted him. lie fell in love, projKj.sed and was rejected. Since July he has been getting mis erabler and mi .erabier." so be saws, a'id has proposed twice more to the 1 r u rse. Philadel ph ia 1 Yess. Iiltsi:!l WOI VPS. A curious report was recently brought home by a traveler from Nor way, which, if it be true, will go far to correct the accepted ideas concern ing the wi.loni of exlirpating noxious animals 111 countries where they abound. It is .said that in one of the northern provinces tiu reward oll'ered by the government for the destruction of wolves had resulted in their becom ing practically extinct, and riius far there was every reason for congratula tion. Dut it now appears that, un knowu to man, the Norwegian wolves had been constantly engaged in a pa triotic war of elf defense against the voracious uicks of Russian Lapland ; so long as tneir numbers were undi minished they held their ground, and even continued to do so for some time after they had begun to ho decimated by the misguided hostility of their hu man fellows. It would seem that there then supervened a period in which the Russian wolves assumed a wily Fabian policy, "biding their time" until the hand of man, stimulat ed by government blxl money, had finished its work. At last the ground was clear, but no sooner had the Norse folk begun to re joice th.-.n a fresh incursion was re ported of hu?e hungry wolves from beyond the frontier, which have occu pied the vacant hunting grounds of the slaughtered animals, so that the whole process of "extinguishing" must be recommenced, with no better pmsiHt of finality than the labor of Sisyphus. - Murray's Magazine, liroOM-r Toiu Disconcerted. A ludicrous incident occurred at Killarney cathedral in the presence of Lord Kenmare and all the local mag nates. Burke was p.-eacbing for the Pi-esentatio-i Brothers' school, and his sermon reached an unusual length. The brothers, anxious onlv for a good collection, tegau rattling the tin plates as a hint to tho preacher to stop. The bishop, Dr. Moriarty, frowned from his throne and the noise ceased. The portly prior advanced from his stall and took up his position in front of tho pulpit, full in the view of all pres ent except Burke. The preacher was just then expatiating 011 the zeal of the brothel's. He pictured forth the pale ascetic monk, his emaciated frame hearing evidence of his fastins and vigils. He was surprised in' finA 1 the. audience was smiling. He tried u I ri nz i.tiirefcire, aL4 araio re-rirtf-iJ to ibo rmrliftfd auU ovtrwork d m-nik. Tin? audience rvulJ La nil j f Main UKir tiM-rruiMMit. There in front of lbni u the rutunJ lijjare, tLc twtl yl fa-n uf tf4s prior. Learn ing bin a full t:tnun, visible to oJ I bat th j.rt-ar!t r. ami full v enjoying1 the tH-autiful 'i M Mjiortt f tle aacvlic uiouk. liraUy t!icuticertej. the pmichtr v.(i.-ii'ifj u Qjickivashe eouid. urJ it t L it riirlU. L nkjiIki ihs ro!I.ft:'i hJ i'H t!itaioint the lrau-riit l u;..? i jr. N F.W A I) V EllTLSEM ENI S. NOTICE. By vi urn: of sundry executions in my hands in whicl W. A. Faison U defendant, .r ne of the defendants, I will ex jmm to public .sale, to the highest uid;!er for cash, at the Court hoine door in Ciinton, on Mouday the.Mth day of February, 1SW, the same be ing Monday of February Court, a certain tract of land of the s-iid W. A. Faison, situated in part in the county of hNuhim and in iart in the county of Duplin, beginning at the said V. A. Faison mid Morisey corn?r on the run of Turkey swamp and up said run to the public road leading from Clinton to Warsaw, then with said road toward Warsaw to a stake on waid road, to within one chain of lied Hill Hranch, a cor ner of the land formerly belonging to A. M. Faison, then with the di viding line between said W. A. Ful on and A. M. Faison, a direct line to a holly on lluek Hall, thence with the line of said W. A. Faison divid ing his lauds from the lands of Hoy - etto, Herring, Brown, I'eirce, Black more, Itallaani Hoyette, J. It. Fai son, M. V. Blount, the C. Thomson land and the Morisey land to the be ginning, containing .'1,310 acres more or less, saving and excepting the homestead of tne iaid W. A. Faison, which has been allotted to him out of said tract ot land. J. M. SPKLI Sheriff Sampson Co. January 22nd, 1800. It NORTH CAROLINA SAMP SON CO. In Superior Co cut, ilr: poke thk Clerk. U. K. Bennett, . W. Bennett and others, heirs at l-w of Sampson Bennett, deceased, vs. J. D. Kerr, Jesse K. Jernigan, the heirs of Henry Bennett, the heirs of Harriet Robinson, Itobert II. Bennett and Harriet Cooper. To the heirs of Henry Benne tt and Harriet Robinson, deceased, and Ro bert II. Bennett and Harriet Cooper. Take notice that the above proceed ing has been begun in the Superior Court of Sampson county for the purpose of selling certain lands be longing to the heirs at law of the said Sampson Bennett, and located in said county of Sampson, for par tition among the said heirs at law. And you will further take notice that you are hereby commanded to be and appear before me, at my of fice in Clinton; on Saturday, the Sth day of March: 1890, then and there j to answer or demur to the said pe I tition; and if you fail therein the j said petitioners will apply for the relief prayed lor in their peti tion. J. S. Bl ZZELL, C. S. C, Sampson County. This Jan. 28th, 18U0. 30-Gt 0 v : ? 1 - v T Smut lJtWASH OUT LV Sold bydruggist S ALSO,KSS BROXZE PAISTS - Colors, rKKUMJSS L.4UMI1KY BI.UXO. l'KV;U..KSS lK POWDKBS - Kiadx 7 Colors. I'KKUI.KSS KHOK AM H AKM:SS UBESSISO. If any dealer says he lias She fr. Z Donrtas Shoes without dum and price stamped oa tho bottom, pat him down as a fraud. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Best in the world. Examine his S5.00 GENUINK HAND-SEWED HIIOE. S4.00 HAND-SEWKD WELT SHOE. S3.50 POLICE AND FARMEKS' SHOE. i.50 EXTRA VALUE CALF SHOE. 3.25 WOKKINGMAN'S SHOE. S2.00 and 1.75 BOYS' SCHOOL SHOES au luaue ia ionfrres, Button iu Lae. w. Lm DOUGLAS SHOE LAniRm S3 Best Material. Best Style. Best FittinJC II sot sold bryoor dealer, write w. l, douglas, ekockton. vabm. ' for salt: by M Haxstei.y, Clinton, X. C, and and T. V. Uxdekwood; Newton Grove, X. C. octlO 3in Csreats, and Trade-lf irks obtained, sod all Patent basinets conducted for Moderate i'ees. Our Office is Op posite U. S. Patent Of fice. W have no sab-agendes, all business direct, hence can transact patent business In leas time and at less cost than times remote from Washington. Send model, drawing, or photo-, with descrip tion. We advise if patentable or not, free si charge. Onr fes not due till patent b secured. A boolc, " How to Obtain Patents,' with refe ence. to actual clients in tost State, county, m town, sent free. Address, c. Ae snow & en ; aasalto Patamt OmefclrMMnl. B 1 f Every one is complimenting the improvement of The Caucasian, but we are not yet satisfied. We wish to mako It better still. Will NEW ADVERTISEMENTS SWEEPING IREDUCTIOJN Iii order to reVluce onr immense stosk before taking inven tory, the 1st of March, we have Marked Down Prices Pants Goods, Dress Goods, Flannels, Shawls, Hoods, Gloves, Jerseys, Cloaks, Blankets, Heavy Shoes and , & HP? IP 1? P Q 9 And for the next six weeks we will offer onr customers some Choice Goods (no old shop-worn floods) for For Less Than Their Actual "Worth ! ("all AT ONCE and make your selections. Discriiiiiiiation. One Prieo, the Same to Every Buyer. Respectfully, A. D. R. Watsox. V'.V On Grog Row, Opposite Courthouse. REMEMBER, that we keep a choice line of Tobacco, Cigars Snuff, etc., and also a well selected stock ot Standard Family Groceries. AGAIN REMEMBER, that a finer line of Wines, Rrandies, Whiskies, etc., can seldom be found. jjgy-The famous Rufus Weeks Brandy (which all connoisseurs, declare the best ever tastedt ran be bought no where else. cure up country Corn hisli; a specialty, The patronaee of the public . respectfully solicited. Good Bargains In the line of General Merchandise. Everything we keep is a specialty in quality and price. Before buying be sure to come in and sample and price our tjoods, especially On which our price? have, contracted with the coming, cold weathe . Give us a call, whether you wish to buy or not. Respectfully, w SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENT: . Salem Bigk School, : ESTABLISHED IN 1874.: MAUiOK .V. 1J Supt. A Boarding School for Both Sexes. Spring Term of the Session of '89 and '90 Opens January Gth. RATES OF TUITION. PRIMARY, INTERMEDIATE. ist,?,rad1e ( 2nd Grade, ACADEMIC, -. PREPARATORY ( OLLEGIATE, The Business .course is especially for young men. The course of study is liwiK iveepinsr, uominemar Arunmetic and JiU3ines Law, with month $3.50. 1 Latin or French, in addition to the studies in any of the above depart ments, 25 cents extra per month. ' MUSIC DEPARTMENT. In this detriment instructions are given m both Vocal and Instrumen tal Music. Tuition per month ?2.75 each. When the Vocal and Instru mental are combined, the pupil gets twice tho amount of time for prac tice, with a reduction of $1.50 per month on the regular tuition rate, i e ?4.00 per month. ICo extra charge tor Instrument A class of girls in ELOCUTION will be started at the opening of the term. Special training in Reading and in Recitations. Tuition 75 cents per month extra. The Athenian Lit. Club and Philotechnic Lit. Society, separate organi zations for the girls and boys respectively, are an attractive feature ot the School. 13 O AE D: Good Board, including washing, lights, Ac. can be obtained in good families, convenient to the school, at from $6.00 to $7 00 Tier month For further particulars address. G. E. jy4-tf QSUNKENKESS LIQCOR HABIT- all the World there ia but one cure, lr. Haiaes Golden Specific It earn be given in a cap of tea or coffee without the knowledge of the person taking it, effecting-a needy and neraianent care, whether the patient U a nuMlerate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Thousand of drnakarda have been eared who here taken the epldea SnecilU in their coffee without their kuowl Cfe, and today beliere they anit drinking of their own free will. Mo harmful effect remit, from it. -datiniatration. Onrea gmaranteed. band for cir ca tare nd fall particnlare. Addreea in coandence. HfKUigitti atrect, Cincinnati, oi NEW ADVEUTISEMEXTS. J T F. JOHNSON & per month $1 m per n onth $1 CO per nonth $1 87) per month f ? 25 per month $2 75 the BUTLER, (U. N. C.) Principal, Huntley, N. C. Siraerlop to all Snlistitiites Dlcestible BiMntta. Bread, Tea Cake, Pie MnfSna, Waflea, JokaaxCaketCm Bread, Khart MlAST I i ate, ret nee, vamptiBrs hoi lea rnaainf ana jtack wheat. i neuul cana i rente. Sole hj reentry erehanta. WfW JBiavarMtauriMaTiVwej - . Bel.iTTMORifc MO. A. I? . Fktekson. Ei ESS & m NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. CHAMPION FOOD Cures Hog Cholera FATTMNS liOKSix An-! cure i'.Uc.vm-h ru.tin- i- ., indirection ant! uverwork. Inemw tho yield of milk. t -;l Cows and iuiptoves thcuiulity. Wo have hundred- of certiti.-,.;, from reliable j rns, all ov, 1 t!i( country, to prove above. It i St'UK ! It i Im.M'1.n' ! IT I NO IIl MIVHi! It i. ix v.u.twiiu; to ihk F.u;n ; If you have a dek least buy 1 ;ound and try it. We have three totimoniaU. u. can furnish any number on appli. i- tion to n one of the affent. ArRI S. t, AUiU-t 3r.l. M. r. .1. '. Sti , n-n A; TajW, Wnu,: t.ii. N. '. licit vitk U i' lull! Ihm ii i:ii'k. " ' . hi KinkI" fortwi f tnonlli ami tiin It .l.w-a ull II. .t i. i l lilllnl f.r it. Il llltt'lV. tin :r nvral -inililin 1 tiwW mhI ill -ui lli;M'liolTa. Wo If-d it l "r Uh-V t Isrlv ami wuiiUl iml ! without H. .1. it. .i.i.r.i:o(.', 1.41 UiMU'Kti. N. C. v-t. l"'l. In-. Mi'r. J.f. Mrvtfiwiti A. Tsyior, ,. . Un. N. .: I'Kili Sir : A(U r uiii i- liall f-.r;-. ; "(liainplon FiwhI" piin haMMl of ou w . ,1, n-ntlilv ay that it h.n lulfillol ruty r. j . S4iitutiin ia:i' fr it far n r U it., i it. In n lnManv ha it faihtl t. liuK r-(o k fi-tt on It. Wc ran jwrtit ulariv r. mend it for in iliii ". -alr nul -. 1 1 -Wc rej.'anl it u tin lM-t h-V fHl u i,; 111:11 k t. Sin! u- nnoth r half larn l. oiint Truh . Al.KX. JUcKINNOSA u Wll.VIV.TtV. X. . tM. loth. lv. Mtr. J. t". Mo4'iion Jk Taylor: 4tKMi. VKN : Tin tliainpion Fitl"" -u Mil.l iih Iiuh lr n frivena fair trial, it i a u. re, unit wf an j.rlal to adtl toftintony t it wortli. Wlu-n im1 t oaa horMi- wr im.l 11 aiiU ili.irtinu, t'i'riUra an apiK tilf ul 1 1 auillia! ilHrnvi'iit oni'v; it in a cn-at i ami a trial w ill prmr itt alm-. V . hav f'tl it tt our cow atnl Willi tli tu it ha provfd a Ki-t-ul dlt-Mivv, Im.iIi tin- fl.'.v mid Ok jualitv of tin; milk hat inipi 'I. the m r cental' of IncmiMf vc l aiuml -t lMitiv'ly sUitc. Th- frtoil iln:a all iu rl.iini in tho linr of totH whavc niaii.-; w- Im!I t'ontiniio itx iin' umlaili-o ull tin- omu i- 1 ntH'k to L'iw it a trial. T. J. SOI'TIIKIM.AM'. W. A. JOHNSON, Ak' nt, Clinton, N. C. J.C. STKVEXSOX ii TAYI.011, K't 2t-tf . Ajents for N. CaroIin;i. W. T. WILLIAMSON'S BUGGY AND CARRIAGE FACTORY, IN NEW QUARTERS ON FAYETTEVILLE ST." HOT Round Shaves, Hacks and all Edge Tools made, and Repairing done on uliort notice. I will keep on hand a large lot ol Western Ruggies (ojmmi and top) and Road Carts. They will ejual in quality ami are sold as low as anj like goods in (Soldsboro, Fayettevillc or Wilmington. Respectfully, in cl 1 28-t f W . T. WIL LI AM SO N . DO YOU WANT A NEW We tinhiiiulingy prrrounco tho Ivers Pond PIANO the finest and most rcliaMe in tho world. Five newly patontfd Inventions used la these pianos only. Call at our utoro and examine the new Soft Stop which eaves planes from wear while practising and make tone Inaud ible to all outside of room. A wonder ful invention. H. MILLER & CO. Goldsboro, N'. C. CIDER. HEADQUARTERS FOR RES I PEACH AND APPLE CIDER, (Corner of Elm and R. R. Street.) SWEET AND HARD CIDER always on hand. In addition to this pleasant and healthy drink. I keep Tobacco, Snuff, Flour, Potash, Candies, Soda, and Pea-Nut.- which are sold at lowest pricer for cash. COO Pipes, of all styles and sizes. Try one. Respectfully, je 21-1 yr. C?I-.ITS'rr07S Ilanioss Establishment ! I K-STAULISIIEO IN' 1 S07.J I am now located on Fayettevillc Street, opposite Caltasiax office, j I put up and keep In. stock, or make to order, any style ot Harness, irom $13.00 to $10.00. I also make all styles and grades of Saddles, Bri dles, Halters and everything in this line. Good, honest work &t the lowest living figure3, is my guide and motto ia business. A large supply ot Northern liar ness and a fine line of Driving Whips always kept on hand. Call and ex amine. Ilespectfully, sepo-3ui W. II. STETSON. 611 1 LOII S C AT AUitll UEMEDY a positive cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria and Canker Mouth l'or salt1. by Dr. H. II. Holliday, Drursist, Chiton, antl W. P. Kknxedy, AVarsavr, N. C. - vmMu

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