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Therefore ad virtue ia.a Hjilar paper,
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scribe. ooroy
1 ;
No. 31.
Subscription Price $1.50 per
Year, in Advance.
t s
vvr ii;allen;
Goldsboro, N. C.
Will practice in Sampson county.
iel27 tf
M. LEE, M. D. "
OHicc in Leo's Drug Store. Jo 7-lyr
j Physician and Surgeon,
(Office over Post Office.)
lajrMay be found at night at the
residence of J. II. Stevens on College
Street. Je 7-lyr
Attikxey and Counsei.l
ok at Law.
Office on Main Street,
will practice in courts ofSampson and
.idioining counties. Also in Supreme
Court. Ail bus in en intrusted to his
care will receive prompt and careful
attention. J7;.1!...
on at Law.
Office over Post Office.
Will nrsietiee in Sampson and ad
.. ... -
joining counties,
and faithful to tlit
Ever attentive
interests of all
je 7-lyr
,1 W. KERR.
Attorney and Counsell
or at Law.
Office on Wall Street.
Will practice in Sampson, Bladen,
render, llarneti ana uupun uuu
Mf. Also in Supreme Court.
Prompt personal attention will be
ivcn to an icj-cai ousinuts. ie
1 Dentistry
On last Monday the Rev. Dr.
A. W. Mansrum. of Chapel Hill,
who for some time has been in econi to her family, and third to society to I routine. Fayettevi lie Observer.
appear neat, attractive and to an advantage
in every way possible.
The Opinion of The Editor and the
Opinion or others which we
Can Endorse on the Various
Topics of. the Day.
tiii: income tax.
One of the best and most
needed arrangements to restore
something of prosperity and lift
at least a part of the burdens of
taxation from the shoulders of
the oppressed people is to tax
the incomes of the rich and
prosperous. England taxes the
wealth of the conntrv. The
United States tax the poverty
of thft land, and the men of
colossal incomes go comparati
vely scot-free. Shall this go on?
Who says so? No true friend
of the toilers and farmrs will
say so. We are satisfied that
incomes over $2,000 or 3.000
should be taxed. It is but fair
that wealth should shoulder its
proper share of burden. A
thoughtful Pre by teri&n clergy
man favoring an incame tax,
writes us of a recent date:
"lie lutein, ot the income
its outcome if
Office on Main Street.
OtfV-rs his services to the people of tax bill is, and
Clinton and vicinity. Everything passed W0Uld be, to furnish the
in inoiinu in jcuiiiiy uui.
in tne
West style. Satisfaction guaranteed.
ieyMy terms are strictly casn.
Don't ask me to vary from this rule.
jc 7-lyr
$100 Reward. $100.
The readeis of The Caucasian
u ill he ideased to learn that there is
at least ane dreaded disease that sci- posed is so
ence has been able to cure m all its
i-tages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is the only positive
cure now known to the medical fra
ternitv. Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease, requires a constitu
Government with the tax to ran,
if economically administered,
not so much as now from the
poor farmer and others but from
the richer classes who are most
able to pay it. No bill yet pro-
little Utopian and
offers so great advantages to
the fanners-"
North Carolina taxes now all
incomes over 81,000. It has
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh been doing this for a long time.
It ought to be
amusement and it is difficult to
folly understand how welcome
to them an occasional divers-ion
from an rksome a monotonous
The edict has gone forth
Rev. Thomas Dixon, Jr., of
11 health, died, lie was one of
he greatest preachers of the
North Carolina Conference, and
since 1875 he has occupied the The edict has gone forth Jr-
chair of" Moral Philosophy and revocablf against to arnures,buf. ' J
Fni. i, T,faMfI1M of ; aiQta ties ana steels. Gowns, this " "lutus w
English Literature at the State! - . - , . rhmnMo o.
University, lor four years we extreme perfection of fit and There are thousands of South
sat at his feet for instruction elegance of cut nothing else, era people in New York city.
and know him to be one of the r renenwomen attach great im -1 There is no city in the north in
hiyhpst tvnp of christian mn.n- portance to, grace, and often I which there are so many South-
sacrifice convenience and coin-1 erners-There ar pei haps nearly
UUVU. I m m 11 1 m 1 I 1 '!. -m r
iort 10 iuh uope oi loo&iu: eie-jmree nun area mousana oouu-
gante et eouple. This is the I era people in New York city.
real reason why an ugly and-j North Carolina hus her share.
r: l j useless uiuuc a wcphik xu i i call OUIV u euuuu m wis ici-
' airain that, nf nsLVintr tn stirt. I fa. thvoa ry fnii? tiimoj i-AUArv
lor i,imiiy fce(iH usiueuuow- . onffenouehtotouchtheKroundJim? others for a future letter.
i n x i ii ji I -. . . . . .... I
juK loiiiiuciiuiiiuote, ihiuuhiuu- it is to De tearea tnat soon tue He then goes vra for two col
ed for publication, but under unpleasing spectacle of every I i;.,ft ,,t 0,p00a
the circumstances we have de- lady holding up her dress with w-,f tt vaM
a x m.,--u ..x -u,.,,, oue hand, while sne endeavors Ul " . .6,
emeu to puuiisu it, wiuiuoiuiug , . , , a . , . a n,. r tt j. W. Ohore.
in the other, will be a familiar Dr. W. B. Pritchaid and other
Philadelphia, Pa. sight on the aft moon stroll. xr- noiinon in finthnm
dear friend: i tmnK your The leading couturier es are -
account of the as&assination of introducing a ereat deal of real 1 uriner-ou UB sa'
Mr. liuueroi your town says: lace trimmine in their best n ueeuw smueuow un,aay
"The missile oassed through the LtMQCoa ATt fh havv. rih for a man to leave home, in
. - VUV " J 1 -w .
riht descending colon (one of inf fhnf ia nnlv anifjLhlA oraer to oecome ine uignest oi
the large intestines)' When for middle-aged matrons, but which he is capable. Henry M.
von remember that there is re- .rnaam moiinoa Rnceoi Stanley: the man whose name
ml fcXlO KUgCttilllGl UWAUbt, JJiUxiViU I B - - . . -3
ally only one intestine, and that Lnint. r-hniiilv and noint d'es- w on the lips of the world,
tne large portion (tne coionjpas prit.
es up on therignt side and down Above all it is necessary for
on the left, don't you think you each lady to study her figure,
are liable to De criticised? anu although bustles are not in
jiopmg you win receive tins fashion, tne draDenes on
Our Farmers' Column.
"There is no material iirojfros that is well
bxed and pormauent without agricultural
his name.
in the same spirit in which it is straight, plain skirts that are
offered, I a ji truly,
Your Friend,
kings,pi inces, and common peo
ple, alike doing him honor,
when he was in America some
years aero, was sometimes greet
w -m
ed with an audience as small as
Dr. Deems reflects great honer
i n fon r ar lrf oli ofrtnf nrnmAn
M ah'Bft TO -nrt upon his native state and church
that the effect of a slight bubtle He is a broad gauged man, built
. ,i , on a broad pattern, tnmks Dig
1H , " r". . thoughts and lives them in his
oieeves uivo auuuireu suu- ... ... s4.
enough physiology not to have " J . ; 'T that is no career for such a man
made the above mistake. Wbt"SL ut. '"TJa 7Z T, or there has not been, as yet, a
intTwWi tft ,v , ; ruV" t .u,,ttUU .V-:' least, iii North Carolina. One
j ..... w mutton nas come oaca. again ntt,
a "i. . 4- r. I - . . i c iciuuu. ui uuuiac, ia mov
I 1 1 ; I . ; i r I . an I iih I rn in ir on immni 1 11 iwh 111111 i
e no not proiess to be 'up
on anatomy, but we ao Know
t in
Time for the Farmer to kt I'p and
(Sp.cial Correspondent.)
The paitizan republicans in
Congress are as aggressive and
cjrrupt as was the North Caro
ina legislature from 'G3 to '70,
and if they continue in the
same course assumed bjT re vol u-
tion'st lleed, in ten years the
last vestige of a republican
form of government will have
assumed a form , worse than
an oligarchy, aid all will be
chaos and coufusion. Reed has
made a despicable record for
himself and his coadjutors thai
should forever bo a political
decapitation for all such tricks
ters. Such diabolical doings
are enough to make Washing
ton turn in his grave and uroan
for the downfall of the republic
loud enough to heard through
out the Union. It is the eame
old black radidal 'nigger' party
which is so prone to do evil to
the American democratic con
servative people. Down with
such ii detestable party that has
no tiesund no aims but to iu'e
and ruin! There is no relief
but to elect a statesman like
Cleveland to fill the presiden
tial office, and send men to re
preseut the yovereign people
who have their interests at
hearc, at least the backbone
portion of them. Then it is
high time for 2orth Carolinians
to begin to look about them and
select meu for the State legisla
ture who will legislate in in
terest to the farmer as well as
other professions. The Jeffer
sonian democratic style is to
begin early and work "hard and
late," and never desert the old
snip of state after she is irre-
trievably lost. .None but a
What ITrniipiriii;r nttlio Head
of the Nation.
Itej. Cor. Ca vi'Asi an. I
Washington'. D. C, May 8'h.
The Republicans of the House
held a caucus Tuesday in which
they experienced how vexatious
Speaker's Reed's arbitrary rul
ings are when applied at home.
The caucus met to decid upon
the order of business.- The River
and Harbor manager? tried hard
lo have that appropriation bill
disposed of the first thing, but
Mr. Row! had determined that
the Tariff should have prece
deuce, Then the wanted sec
ond consideration, but were de
nied, or any time defiuite and
wero i xtremely exasperated
The time to be taken up by tar
iff talk was discussed. tpecker
Reed suggested that general do
bate be omitted and the bill
taken up in detail at once. He
knew the bill would pas and
there wasn't any us of much
talking. Mr, McKinley jumped
to his feet and protested vehc
menUy against the iminuation
that no debate was necessary
He declared that the par t. need
not fear to dizcuss the bill be
fore the country; that to cut off
general debate would be an out
rage upon both minority an
majority," ,r- Ruraows created
amusement by saying some peo
pie having made a tariff speed
thought the subject exhausted
for all time to coma and were
uaturally impatient at hearing
other peop.c Ulk. (I his was a
drive at Mr. Reed's tariff speech
two years ago.) The Speaker
then laid down his ultimatum.
There would be fifty more work
ing days this session and the
majority could give whole time
to the tariff if it would, but It
must-be understood that other
legislation suffered as 'twas very
; necessary to adjourn early. He
probably meant public build-
irgs and other little jobs so nn-
ChiUlrens Corner.
A !!)' "fiaita f t alis.
The Iatin language was tLe
language of the Roman people.
It is a dead language by dead
langtugo we mean not ppoken
b any nation. Rut 1 think if
yjti were to go to school with
its for just one Uy,and one day
only, you would think it had
ris u from the dead, r or of all
the Casarj Orgetorlxes, Cata-
lines, Fillbuses, Calus.,Catiest
Lupuses, and goodues knows
how many fr 1 don't of thes
greatshemales and hemaled they
call on in one hour. I ! all these
great popule are dead, and have
not risen, their nameu have, if
they succeeded la dying with
thhir bodies. I know home days
their ears must burn if there is
any truih in the oM saying.
ell, dead or alive, it is one
of our principal studies. I think
every person should know some
latin, if not all of it. It is a
uiighty gocd thing to have, but
a most mighty hardest thing to
get, and uearly as hard to keep.
A real long and hard latin lesAoii
will come as near making you
break the third commandment,
or nearly so, as a stubborn mule;
and just miss three word If jou
dare and you will stay in, and
talk with the professor, and if
you don't '-gee" to suit him,
talking wout be all, for you will
go to walk, and that, to the hur
rah bush, too.
Such knowledge is hard to
get into my head ; in fact a
school boy's life ii a hard one
any way, but we will try to think
that it will all be for the ?est
some day.
Cure is taken Internally, acting ui- jt is too low.
.v. 41, a. l.lnrwl 1M1 lrlllMW Kill I
faces of the svstem, thereby destroy- made 82,000, and less than that
ing the tounuation oi me uis.euse, js taxing a man s living. . oome
ami giving the patient Btreogth Jv men iie and dodge, but honest
building up the constitution and as- . , A
sitting nature in doing its work, men pay the tax as in duty
Tie proprietors have so mucn laitn bound. Y H. .Messenger.
- .a i . f I
tnat iney oi-
in its curative powers,
tV r One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
fcaTSoldby druggists at 75 cents.
- -aaB -
When the factory shuts down the
hands are not likely to shut up.
Ingalls in a recent speech
said: "The decalogue and the
goldeu rule have no place in a
political campaign. This mod
ern cant about corruption of
politics is fatigning in the ex
treme. It prodeeds from the
tea custard and the syllabub
Rev. ThomasDixon replying
puts him to shame, (if such a
This is what you ought to have,
in f.ct, you must have it, to fully
enjoy life. Thousands are search
ing for it daily, and mourning be
im fiml It. nnt. Ttioupands
upon thousands of dollars aie'spent thing is possible) as follows:
annually by our people in tne nope n j havo to say in reply to
tnat tney may attain mis uoou. Aim
vet it ruav be had by all. We guar
antee that Klectric Hitters, if used not believe in purity is impure.
according to directions and the use The who doeg nofc believe
persisted in, will bring you Good .
Digestion and oust the demon dys- in honesty is dishonest. The
pepsia and install instead Eupepsy. man who does not believe in
, F,v lurmiugau luiuiwwiwuw Pnrnlina U a rural state his no
colon that ascends on the right on the shoulder and gradually S1 Aiii-
I. . . lOBi Will ClUliUCIUiUl uwv.
vanishing to point on the r . 7 ' w . . ,wi k
too late, besides several doctors fa"d 5 5?' city. It is useless, for this rea
of this place called our atten- amo rh Ani r mark to h for us to grieve over tue
; ,iri I A i i departure of such men. lne
fcimi iu Itic cuiu iiauiciiiaiciT mi l O lLiia.lLl3 1 lb IK biiatt a. v ci v i - , , -, ; i - -- , .
. "I rTii" development of the modern city cQward will flinch in doin
B,"! . r-r-IVr is to stick portant to can iidatcs tor re
we did not think it necessary to uuuua.uu "v V. V-" Tt i3 the highest work ot the frt fVP tmA men nt "the conntrv. election. The outcome of it all
make a correction in the next ?SSSf civilization of the age, destjied The Alliance want true men, was a compromise that the bill
issue. There ia nrobablv not a t to mightier influence in the dved deen in the wcod. to re-
the "pschutt" thii Spring. Clear eJS ? V"
,."M Lot ,1nnD r.nt ,.nt.1n wWt PTMf.Ml.lf fftr kwn tfilllfl. lUB Pl.OUCU JllWl Will m ,
" -.. i ' l hlv find their home in tliese
t ' alia vntan wirnor tana i
is voted rather fade.
There is a decided change in
present farmers. Why not
speak out now "loud and long"
and work till the polls are
closed next November? Awak
should pass the House and be
in the Senate in a fortnight.
Importers of all kinds that
that put up their money for the
high tariff cindidale have dis
covered their mistakes and are
1. A letlo.-. '1. A film. .i. De
creased. I. One who is steady.
5. A producer. C. Chlded. 7. To
retard. 8. A twig. 0. A letter.
some errors in eacn issue, ana
as for ourselves we never at-Lt Hnnnlnriino- h. savs-. "I am farmers and Alliance men to corrections, nn- x m t r..i i, 1 1 a i . Anr in vonr nntv and be no
r- I mPTiL- 1 IIP. 1.UU1H W.UIKH itrcUCU lieHle 1 ZLLLUUSIi CVCU vaj "t J r ry :u.. r r
. ..... a . " . , , ' - . Vitt flic Milv toniriie Aieans MJimniuw ior iavors
irr nuiiin iiiij ij a. xjkac. iia xrm iinuiuvi j 1 1 1 i i . ir i iiiiiii m-. i . - n rtf if 1 r 117 1111 1 1 - r- m
I o j m 1 kuc j
. . I a. A. I
misrepresented other than our- no longer reign supreme. w gtranded in this big sity.
I 1 . a S-v maIa1
self, and not then unless the ptaoe nu simplv amazing, the number of arft locked UD
Tinkling softly down the lane,
Iirindle's coining home again;
Stretched before the firellgljt'i
Tabby's hinging soft and low;
The post rests, his task is o'er
Who can tell the name he bwre "
error is a
material one.
were to try to
jj gant light Greek sandal, a
longer daily harrasing the Ways and
fnmothinif and relief. 1 110 manutactnres
is but their own selfish aims which of sugar, made from imported
molasses, now insist upon a
in their pocket
charming genre
become popular with
the people. The leading Re-
1 - . . x . t t x i i i. i;i;r.. itnnriTV. 1 ill l tin l ivhsl liii 1 l
irnitrs rnat emiyrata nere irum 1 dook. ".ci, a;i m wtc imus j- -;. 0---
xi. i 9 - rxt tiiia w nresent" ana vote ior no man b"j
I Hie 1UU1 vi ixtLi ni a wx fcrxB, 1 jr . ... , ,
u.UciWnc.uouu mere is no wnnw - r friend. And leta
an errata maKing corrections ior low-neeieu ami ruuuwu, that will teach a man wisdom : s,i n .,.. 1 w
, 3. nointed. or souare-toed. thev in " " . . . .-. , ibvboui,u,u..,..,-
errura iu 111c uictccuiug ipjsuc - - . - in Akflr t an tn tramn aronilQ Ifomord and vntH tor no man
. OVOrV I'M MM KM.VK LI1H 21. 1 1 IV In BA' 1 " J
or instance, in our issue oi . fp these streets for about two unless we are sure
Mav 1st we suppose there were j . an 0r1Qn.Urti.a frvinu tn find work, will do something
at least fiftv tyeographinal er- which should, of course be of . f wa ilnpn rla.PR everv
- - " , . litH lsa than
riTF, uoMiica uiuwt riiwo nutu tiio oaiuo 0utw -'r- I QAV aQG meetin Willi tile Same
. I rpi, nA vi a la vta at avTM I m
the definition oi homicide, I uesa Buuia
iininr irr!i r.R nim iiiiliih hi
lailure. More at another time
the correct deflDi- "'Vi
appearance auu, n xuauo i- u
that he
for ou
relief, many have provea to ue
traitors, lrust
1 . 1 A.
no man unless ue pieiges to
legislate for the agricultural
tt -
interests of the entire country
publican paper ip Minnesota,
the St. raul l'aul rioueer rress,
says, that-if the McKinley tariff
bill pisses that Male will go
Democratic: that all the farm
er s necesar.e-i are greviousiy
taxed and i hat he is given no
corresponding relief. The ses
sion will be a long one. J he
Republicans hav full power to
We recommed KlectriC Bitter9 tor
DvsneDsia and all diseases of Liver,
Stoir ach and Kidneys. Sold at 50c
nnd il.00 per bottle by It. II. Ilo'.li
day. Druggist.
It is said that a man fron the Pine
Tree State may be told by the pitch
of his voice.
A Scran of Paper Saves Her Life.
It whs iust an ordinary scrap of
wrapping paper, but it saved her
llfp. She was in the last stages of
consumption, told by physicians
that she was incurable and could live
onlv a short time; she weighed less
truth is a ?iar. This nation
was founded on the Decalogue
and the Ten Commandments
The men who landed at ply-
mouth Rock landed on their
knees. The foundations of this
Republic were cut from the
tion ot justifiable homicide, which , are in n0 danger of falling
judge uraves meant, in ms off.
charge to the jury. Also we re- Gartere hint it not in Gath
ported Bishop Watson as preach- have given way to dainty siis- Herald the glad tidings to the
- I A ? I . . ... I
hen it Buspeuucrp. four corners oi tire civinzea
i tttq! auw oprjug lasmiiu n uo i world I fro claim u irom tne
"" creed that tne elderly ladies knnca.fnnt that at a. meeting
had known nothing of law, w,e ghH wear hats, Itnd young girls I "Rn-inl nf Education of
would nave known tnat nomi-
HISTOIlIESCOADEMNEl. song, and eloquent harangue
L'stento no politician's synm enact ;iny msure they want
on "communion" wl
was "conversion," etc.
I- bonnets. After all, when one Cumberland county, in this r.ity voffn3r
d corner to think of it a steady, Monday. the following xesolu- ?Vrtat "r2t iots. C
Anmf.irtji.hl a Innkinif hat fasten- ji Ma3IJ. IIS pribuue grcaiuo . . v-
cide was a generic term ( derived
from the latin homo, a man. and comroriaoie loopng nat lasieii- (ion was unanimously passed:
lie vigilant and let none deceive
you. Read political and alliance
papers and educate yourselves
iu the present history of the
r.onntrv. Be active, brave and
humane and make war on no
to assist
How many insects docs it take
to make a l.mdlord?
With what to animals do you
always goto bed ?
Why Is the camel the most
irascible animal iu the world?
On what toe does a corn never
Whv does a man sneeze three
Why is death like a" man
breaking your wiud3ws?
Whv is love like a duck's
No. L Who Am I? The letter
quarry of God's eternal granite. I. . tnM .nMnintr ,imnv ed under the cnin wit., strings, "Ordered that the Superinten-
,i - x ,sa "vtv"' " o rpaiiv suits an oioor nasseeiacei
jr unutui
Its foundation stones were laid
in cement made with the tears
and blood of Christian men and
women. The man who has out-
better than a
Gol den Rule lias outgrown
usefulness in this nation."
than seventy pounds On a piece grown the Decalogue and
of wrapping paper she read oi ur,
King's New Discovery, and got a
sample bottle; it helped her, she
bought a large bottle, it heled her
more, bought another and grew bet
ter tVist. continued its use and Is now
strong, healthy, rosy, plump, weigh
ing 140 pounds. For fuller particu
lars send stamp to W. II. Cole, Drug
iUt. Fort Smith. Trial bottles of
this wonderful discovery free at It.
U. llolliday's Drug Store.
man-killing. If our readers at
tribute all the errors that ap- bonnet, and lends a grace and
pear in our paper to ignorance, dignity to a dowager's appear
we will have to bear their J5vant ance ..
f Ahoiitvnnrl thAfninatinAtliftv oiq ana biiver lureau are
v.. uuta. . . . ..j J 1 . . 1 X.
do us, for in the iush of news- mnpu usu m uuuuei, -nuiuu.,g.
naner work, where one man has .uu OVCiJ' AU1U wu.x
r x , -
wit. I strings,
Pnblic Instruction be
small fly-away s af
mtoH fn fnrhirl the nsc of
Mrs. C P. Spencer's 'First Steps
More Manure and Less Land
Cultivate less land if your ma
nure neap is smau. mere (I Hetx-kriAS nf the i w
United States."'
To use a common expression,
It has been judicially decided that
corn is fuel. The juice of it has long
been known as a great heater. Bal
timore American.
Uneklen's Armea Salre.
The best Salve in the world lor Cuts,
Bruses, Sores, Ulcer?, Saltltheum, Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corn?, and all fcsk:n - Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give per-
tect satisfaction, or niony refunderf.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
Dr. Ii. II. IIoixidav, Clinton, and J.
U. Smith, Druggist, Mount Olire, X. C.
inuMwsi- uu"cl iu ytuciww vt fcuv. resolution umvum,
The reason ascribed by the
opponents of a Railroad Com
mission, when that important
subject was before the last Leg
islature, was that a commission the paper went to press and did used to cover picture hats. Leg-1 about equal merit. Such publi
would be unable to accomplish not read the proof sheets.
any good for the people. The
nvoi'irthincr tn In It ia
v . . , j, 1 js vwia. , . a m n i ouiv ans
ble to prevent errors appearing siuc" 7 ana puis an enu, mr au u,cw .x ,
in tvn. thono-h the i?reat nnm- soma. Daisies, forget-me-nots, to the ill-fated and parti-lia9 " .
J . ' 0 . . lanoadiroll snd toIW rlnvftf 11V1 I l ' ittnn (.nt Sfona In SpreaQ the
per 01 errors in uie issue to 1 k-- . - - wmwu. .x.-.. . -
ui! n.A .Afn. ir ino t.. the. replaced poppies. rose, 1 uues, vnrth . Carolina History, ana
I etc.. though the latter are stilt Unnther trashv publication of
1 At 1 .
acrM Willi llie manure maw
should go on one acre hs iii us
ing a lump of butter ou ten
slices of b ead v her. it will
ouly answer for one. Be.-ddes
akes more la bo : to
pread the manv e on ten acres
than on one. Concentre.e your
labor, concentrate your crops
without lessening the quantity
work done by the Ay cock inves
tigatiug committee in forcing
hon and light Italian straws cations should be as speedily
are coming in and f orm a lovely J expunged from our public
background to a fresh piquante schcols as possible, and our
face. Twisted into every iao.-1 children taught to scorn tnem It is very important to know
The Southern Educational tastic shape, lined with a deli- an tfie'1T authors with con- at once whether you will attend
two railroad corporations to pay Exposition, to be held at More- cate Pompadour -Ulk chiffon, tempt. For the suppression of j,he Alumni Banquet at -hape!
t.v i'o u ctrnniroet nnsih'o hear! fiitv. N. C. in connection I thev reouire little orno irun- on-i, tlm Observer hifl tne 1 Mill. VWrnerlav. Jane 4 h. tn
J3 tlJV wus. V I w - V 7 I W I w'' " I At. A.-m. m. m w W 7 '
n.iit n l?nilmni Pnrt. with the Teachers Assembly, mi ng, and always look suitaoie Droad satisfaction of Knowing
this summer, premises to do a morning, aiiernoon or eveuiug. that it contnoutea is prupor-
Nearly all the or their wearer. tionate shai-e,"and truly hopes
nt.H nr. nit likelv to leave un-
til the app.oach f the Congres
sional elections this fall warns
ihein lo g home and cor.ect
the ideas the lanners are get
ting that the tar'.ff is a heavy
tax. . '
ihe bi natc itepublican com
mittee have abandoned .til hope
of reaching a satisfactory solu
tion of the lvr question Thn
whole matter therefo:e will
biv.; to be dv:iei milled on the
llo ir of the Sa. at. An influ fi
lial tuemler of the FnaficeCom
mittee said that if they desiied
it, tlu free c )inaxi p3 )ple c mid
pass their mea-ure, as the mt
jority of the Senate 11 fa-
vo:- of it. But that the iWfi
dent had imi mated that he
wouldn't app ove a free co'nae
bill and the doubt in tii - in d
of the extreme 8. Tver men was
wheJher they rdioii:d z ahetd
in ssrote of tins iiiLihi I'.i mi. or
whether they shoii!d to
.i . i.i
sunn couipr.i'insf unit uouiu
obtain the rre-idei'-'tg'tur.
2. Beheading: a. A B road.
3 S-P II ay.b.T U-ash.
No.3. A Biddle : The mouth,
with tongue and teeth.
m -W - -
By the laws of this game you
must follow suit if you have
any. On Saturday night a sweet
lady who had been to hear bam
Jones; trumped a club with six
iu her hand. She afterwards
led a club. Up.u her attention
being called U. her faux pas
she could hardlybe convinced,
but finally exclaimed: "Well,
well, I trim p a club with nix In
uy hand. I must have been
thinking of Sam Jones." Char
lotte Xcw.-.
A FKU1TFU Is C.VUSI-: OF "l-'t'SS-
: " : , r, -x. . ox great success
is saaiy neeoea m tuis outte. Bnw ftnallA in fhA Assemhlv Th nwet and most fashion- Lw ir nimtv. from Chero-
1 (son Advance. kn:u:nn !.. An-rw fnr rl. r A.iint. hair isli . x r ...Jil ornt tiio
A-rihita nmminpnt manu-1 iatill ala f!rftnnp. MlTV Andet- tvra Monlnfinn' mi the first
It was said that K. B. Hayes f acturers. publishers and schools sou as Galatea and most classi- M.mdav in June. Fayette ville
was the smallest man tnat ever The art exhibits from some oi cal heads may be ta&en as mou-1 Observer.
Spruce gum costs over a dollar a
pound wholesale, to those who chews
to buy it.
"How to Care all Skin Disease."
Simply apply "Swane's Ointment."
No internal medicine requ'red. Cures
tetter, eczema, itch, all eruptions on the
face, hands, nose, &c., leaving the skin
cli ar, white and healthy. Its great heal
ing and curt tire powers are possessed
by no other remedy. Ak lru
giat for Wayne's 'Ointment.
sat in the Presidential chair, the seminaries ana colleges oi
hnt tu now agreed that his the State will be unusually in
vest would make little Benny Cresting.
Harrison a suit of clothes
enough left for a winter over
Hon. Richard Vaux has been
nominated for Congress by the
Third District Democratic Con
vention of Pennsylvaiiia to fill
els. Small colored ribbons
i wound in and out of the hair
are much worn by young girlfi.
The fringe and bang have be- This is how some one figures
come completely things of - the f j out: From a bushel of com a
past. distiller gets four gallons of
whisky, which retails at $16
a wnmn' r.mpstif. life in a The government gets S3.60, the
small town, even under the hap- farmer who raised the-corn gets
nint AnnAitiona and the mostl 40 cents. th railroad gels ?1,
It is difficult for us to realize
the extent and terribhs results of
the Mississippi flood. Just think . vaMnnr Mn,, hv t.hh npath favorable rirenmstances. is nar-l the manufacturer gets ?4, tne
of it one-third of the State of Lf Samuel J. Randall. Vaux (row and contracted, meagre of retailer $7, and the consumer
Tmiuinnji wn nndAr water. I was a compromise candidate. Inovelty and unfrniUule origets aruuF
order that suiiable prepa-ation
may be made: By spes al -re
solutions of the Alumni associa
tion any one is regarded as a i
4AlumnU9 who has been a
student or a trustee Please
address, W.T. Patterson, Bn sar,
Chapel Hill, N. O.
State papers plea? e cpy.
Faytitteville would have bean
well pleased to welcome and
entertain the delegate.' to the
nominating convention of this
Congressional District, which
has been called by the executive
committee for July 23rd but
Clinton snits us very well.
Fayetteville Observer.
Postmaster General Wanaina-
ker h.s defeated theasp ratiou-.
of a Republican in Pennsylvania
because be 'cusses 1 ue psl
iua.-ter general oiiuht to bear in
mind that thL national ad minis
t ration ha done more for the
j cause of "cusshii' than any in
our history, and he should be
indulgent. Mi. Harrison will
be in sore need of the "cussing"
members of his parly about two
years from now, and would do
well to cultivate them a i.tue.
North State Rep.
It wiU be remembertd that
wh n be apologized for declar
ing that the Mecklenburg De
claration of Independence was
;i myth, Siui Jt nes said that he
ha - been impo-ed upon by the
Philadelphia people and when
lie went there ajain he would
jstainp the feather off of them,
or some such expression. 1 he
people of the Quaker city got
mad at thi?, and the Ph.ladel-
h:a Times say that If Sam
w. 11 bring Fome North drolina
Ur along with him they will
show him homething not down
on the programme. Raleigh
CATAKllIi CUIiKIi. heaius auu
sweet breath, by Sliiloh' Calanu liem-
edy. PnceJ0 ccutr. Saal injector
Frte. For sale Uv l. ll. iioiJ-iiav,
Drucglst, Clinton, uid W. r. Krxneuy
Warsavf, . C. .
To me Editor l"eae inform
vour readers that I Itave a j ositire
remeiy for the above named dkeac
By iu timely use thousands of hopeless
cases ha t tern permanently cured,
t fcliall be glad to send two bottha of
nsv remedy free to any of vour " read
era who have consumption if they will
send me their express and post oCtee
address. Uespectfuly.
11 Pearl sU, New York.
! 1
f ?
! t
1 1
V 't ('
, I,
I 'I
1 t
4 i
. H
i i
i '

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