North Carolina Newspapers

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Kdilor and Proprietor.
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Subscription Irioe JjSl.oO pr
War, in Advance.
No. 43.
one the pHpl art- anns to n!.
' ' -
(ioldnboro, S. U.
Will i neticf in Sampson t.ounty.
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M. USE, M. D.
I'll Yrfi:rA,Swu;j;o. and Pkxtist,
OtVu-f in Lei:' Drugstore, jo 7-lyr
1 A. STHVENH, M. J).
(Office over Post Office.)
ioe'-Miiy l found at night at the
resilience f J. H. Stevens on College
Street. j(L71yr
Attouxey asd Counseli,
on at Law.
Office on Main Street,
will practice in courts of Sampson and
adjoining counties. Also in Supreme
Court. All business intrusted to his
can' will receive prompt and careful
attention. jc 7-lyr
mi at Law.
Office over Post Office.
Will practice in Sampson and ad
Kiininir counties. Ever attentive
nun liiiiiuui io im,
('I il'llt.
. a i' 1 k . i. I
interests ot all
Jo 7-lyr
y V. . KEItll.
oit at Law.
Office on Wall Street.
Will practice in Sampson, liladen,
Pender, Harnett and Duplin Coun
ties. Also in Supremo Court.
Prompt personal attention will be
Kivm to all leal business, jo 7-lyr
I DEXTIrfTHY ggag?
Office on Main Street.
OII.m his services to the jicople of
Clinton and vicinity. Everything
hi the line of Dentistry done in the
best style. Satisfaction guaranteed.
loirMy terms are strictly cash.
Don't ask me to vary from this rule.
The weight of an argument doesn't
depend upon the size of the man.
Statu or Ohio, City of Tolkoo, ;
Lucas County. ' '
Flunk .1. Cheney makes oath that he
U ihe ot ir pnstner of the thui of F. J.
(jHKNPTi' & CO., (loin-; business in the
fit v of Toledo, county and State afrc
said. nml that said firm will pay the .sum
carl, and i very case of Catarrh that can
in. I he cured by IIam.'s Catakkii
;u;i;. Thank J. Cheney.
Sworn to before nic and subscribed iu
my presence. IbisGth dav of December,
'.!.. I""- , . W.CJI.KASON,
S I Motarv Public.
IfAuAs Catakkii Citke is taken in
tcniaily and acts directly on the blood
mid unices surfaces of the system. Send
fur testimonials, free.
Toledo, Ohio.
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If the boys don't kisss the misses,
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This is what you ought to have,
in 1; ct, you must have it, to fully
enjoy life. Thousands are search
in;; tor it daily, and mourning be
cause they find it not. Thousands
upon thousands of dollars are spent
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yet it may be had by all. Wo guar
antee that Electric Bitters, if used
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Digestion and oust the demon dys
pepsia and install instead Eupepsy.
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day. Druggist.
Every dog has his day and Sun
day belongs to the growler.
A Scrap of Paper Saves Her Life.
It was just an ordinary scrap of
wrapping paper, but it saved her
life. She was in the last stages of
consumption, told by physicians
that she was incurable and could live
only a short time; sho weighed less
mail seventy pound? on a piece
of wrapping paper sho read of Dr,
King's New Discovery, and got a
sample bottle; it helped her, she
bought a large bottle, it helied her
more, bought another and grew bet
ter fast, continued its use and is now
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ing i4u pounds. or tuner particu
lars send stamp to W. II. Cole, Drug
gist, Fort Smith. Trial bottles of
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w. Holliday's Drug Store.
Age 1 rings us wisdom, but doesn't
give us much time to use it.
liucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best Salve in the world lor Cuts,
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Vcr Soros. Tetter, dimmed ITnnfW ;hil
blains, Corns, and all Sk:n Emotions.
and positively cures Piles, or no pay
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ted eatisfacticu, or money refunded.
1 1 ice 2o cents per box. For sale by
Dr. It. II. IIoLLIDAY. din ton. find .T
K. Smith, Druggist, Mount Olive, N. C.
The Chair of llistorv at the North
Carolina University was established
none too soon. No effort should be
spared to teach the youth of the
rsoutn the truth and the whole truth
aDout the history of the South. It
i.9 easy for the meaning and signifi
cance ot an event to be distortet
through Ignorance, superficial infor
mation, prejudice or wilful misrep
rcsontation. Against all these the
South must protect itself. Charlotte
The Opinion of The Editor and the
Opinion of Others which we
Can Endorse on the Various
Topics of the Day.
Senator Ay cock, of Wayne, agrees
with The Caucasian in condemn
ing the proposition of the Wilming
ton & Weldon Kailroad Company,
that was accepted by the ltailway
Investigating Committee. What is
the proposition? In sulstance it is
about as follows:
That for a consideration of about
520,000 taxes, ti be paid by the Wil
mington & Weldon Railroad Com
pany, that the State enter into a con
tract with said company that it
shall never be taxed more than above
amount and that certain rights and
privileges be granted the compauy,
viz: That the capital stock of said
company be increased toi?10.000.000.
in all resiects like the stock before
issued, that thtt company have the
right to eonsolidate with or buy any
oiner railway or stock of other com
panies or to enter into any traffic
agreement it may desire without
I urther permission or consent from
the State.
In the first issue of our paper, af
ter the proiosition was accepted by
the committee to be recommended
to the next General Assembly, we
said that it would not do. We give
warning that there . was aj Trojan
horse in it. No people can aflbrd to
grant such extraordinary and per
petual privileges for such a pittance
of taxation, and any Legislature that
would swallow the bait would bo
untrue to the people. We are op
posed to accepting a cent of taxation
that comes loaded with such a bur
den. Senator Avcock. who was a
member of tho committee, voted
against accepting the proposition
and we are glad to see him out in a
card giving his reasons. His card is
as follows :
After maturely considering the
proposition of the Wilmington &
Weldon Itailroad Company in the
draft of a bill submitted to this com
mittee, I am "compelled to dissent
from tho action of the committee
recommending the acceptance of tho
proposition for the following rea
1. The powers given to make con
nection, and "the general privileges
bestowed by the bill on the company
are too general and far reaching, the
grant of unlimited powers ot consol
idations being, in my opinion, capa
ble of being so used as to prove in
jurious to the interest of the people
of the State.
2. The valuation of the railroad
bed of tho main track is fixed at not
more than ?S,000 per mile, and that
of the branches at not more than
$1,000 per mile, and the State bound
by contract not to exceed these val
uations for purposes of taxation,
thereby putting the property of the
corporation upon a different footing
from that of the private tax-payer.
I think the valuation ought to be
made under the general law, and
not restricted, as is proposed. If the
State should be bound by such a con
tract as is proposed, the value of the
road-bed might double and treble,
but the tax value would remain al
ways the same.
3. Under the proposed hill the
property of the company, the value
of which has not yet been ascertain
ed, other than the road-bed, locomo
tives, engines, cars ana other rolling
stock, would escape taxation.
4. The bill limits perpetually the
rate of taxation, fixes the valuation
of the road-bed for all time, and
recognizes and approves the princi
ple that one law ot taxation ma-' ex
ist for the property of a corporation
and another for the taxation of that
of the individual.
I thin'. the surrender of exemp
tion should be made with fewer con
ditions, and I believe if it were so
made the company could safely rely
upon obtaining from tho Legislature
such privileges as it might reasona
ably ask, and such as may be neces
sary to it in the conduct of it busi
ness. The railroads of the State have
been trusted hy the Legislature with
unequalled power, and they have no
reason to fear any unreasonable re
fusal of legislation in their behalf.
G. The alleged contract, whereby
the company has always claimed its
exemption from taxation, has been
and still is a source of irritation to
the people of the State, and a con
stant source of annoyance to the tax
ing powers, and I am not in favor of
the State entering into any new con
tract with this company or any other
which shall have for its effect the
suggestion of any claim of exemp
tion from taxation or the curtailing
of the right of the State to derive
revenue rom any and every species
of property within its territory.
In arriving at these conclusions, I
am not insensible of the great bene
fit which will be derived to the peo
ple of this State by the contribution
of so large a sum to the Treasury as
the company has pioposed, which
would yield to the State and coun
ties about $20,000 yer annum, but
seeing the dai ger of such legislation
has led me to the conclusion. thf t
that the proposed legislation would
be unwise.
I regret that I am unoble to con
cur with the majority of the com-
muiee. B.F.AYCOCK.
iet us strive for a reduction of
taxation on the necessaries of life
for a reduction of tho expenditures
of the government for an increase
of the currency and the price of farm
products by the free coinage of sil
ver and the restoration of its full
legal tender character for the ro
lal of the tax upon State banks
for the regulation of transportation
rate's by railroad commissions, and
Ja.-f, but not least, let us earnestly
contend against the spirit of central
ization, which is constantly threat
ening to absorb the local, wdl-gov-ernment
of the people of the States.
Zeb. B. Vance.
NKE. It was eminently fitting that
tho Democrats of the 3rd Con
gressional District should the
other day at Clinton invest
with the highest honors in
their gift one whose life, though
hitherto comparatively remov
ed from public view, has been
replete with valued services to
his fellow-men. A graduate of
the University of his 'native
State, which lie honors by his
ripe scholarship and varied at
tainments, li. F. Grady, after
four years of service to his
country in the field given with
tho self-abnegation and devo
tion to principle characteristic
of thtj man has consecrated
his intellectual vigor and prime
to the great work of a field
where the laurels are unfading;
the promotion of tho interests
of both higher and common
school education. As Superin
tendent of Public Instruction
in his county, in the class-room,
iu the lecture-hall, in the
columns of the press, he has
been always an educator in the
test sense of the word, a soul
ful laborer in the task of free
ing the youthful mind from the
trammels of ignorance, and
elevating it to the broader and
brighter domain of intelligence.
A member of the Farmers' Al
liance, Mr. Grady is a consistent
friend of tho agricultural in
terests, while his liberal and
advanced views ou all imDor-
tant subjects render him a well
chosen representative of every
class of the people.
It is especially seemlv. too.
that the convention by its nomi
nation made recognition of the
past services of Mr. Grady's na
tive county, DuDlin. and cast
about its splendid Democratic
recoil the wreath of victorv.
The "banner" countv of tho
district goes into this fight with
its own gallant standard-bearer.
Fayetteville Observer.
To my friends of the Third
Congressional District: It is no
time for regret. The success of
the Democratic party and the
domination of the white people
in North Carolina is paramount
to all other considerations. You
made a valiant and determined
fight to secure my renomina
tion, from the 1st to the 179th
ballot, you proved tc me your
devotion,loyalty auo" confidence.
I thank you for it I deeply,
profoundly and sincerely ap
preciate it. You are Democrats.
Your first and last considera
tion is Democratic supremacy
in North Carolina. Wit t out
the asking you, I know, will
support my successor, B. F.
Grady, of the noble, true, tried
and patriotic county of Duplin.
As you have supported me, I
ask you to follow me in the
coming campaign.
C. W. McCj.ammy.
Commissioner of Agriculture
liobinson writes that after hav
ing travelled over the greater
portion of the cotton producing
section of the State, he has nev
er seen a 1etter prospect for a
good crop, and the same is true
also of tobacco, another "mon
ey" crop. la consequence of
this cheerful outlook the far
mers are hopeful and in good
spirits. In addition to this he
says that the crops, as fair aa
they promise, have cost less to
produce than any previous vear
attributable not alone to the
favorable seasons, but also to
the unusual economy practiced
by the farmer?. With no mis
baps between nor and harvest
time he is of opinion that our
farmers will have more money
at the close ot the present vear
than at any time in the past
ten years. wi I. Star.
Atlanta, Ga.f July 30. The
convention in the fourth con
gressional-district was held at
LaGrange today, and Congress
man Grimes was added to the
ranks of the congressional
Alliance leader Mose3 did it,
and after a battle which exten
dedover sixty-five ballots Moses
was declared the nominee. Of
course his election is assured.
Th? L?lt rteppe-iinp at Heme and Abroad
Coibcled and Prwented in Terse
ar.d Readable Form.
Ioiueti; Summary.
S.lvcr took a sharp rise during the
pas wm-k.
'I ". hu4ns8 portion of Crcihton,
N l , w;is destroyed by fire. Losa,
Sir. CirnoKif, the Amoricfiniron king,
Ii.k 'jivon $50,00 to Um town of Ayr, in
S- oJail.l.
-Mrs. Tiiom.-is A. Hendricks ami ber
6:s!cr ;ml mow have gone to the White
Tin- oir'tcf of ehief of the foreign mail
ci-v ha I pen vacant for over a year
The s .lary is $3,000.
K'V. lliram Gee, of Ithaca, N. Y., has
givrii SyiMcu-aj University $10,000 to cn
rfo an art fellowship.
'. he Illinois legin'aturo parsed tho
Wnrl. Ps Fair constitutional amendment
ly :n r.ltiiost unanimous vote.
1'ri si Umi t Harrison lia not been regis
t I mid -r .he election law of Indiana,
a. i ! Hi. h can not vote this year.
Alter a s! niggle of 14 weeks tho
strike of the i'hUadel 'iia cloakinakers
en.l.- l in a ietory for the laboring men.
A g. n -ral strike was ordered in New
York of all workmen employed iu pub
lie school buildings, and 1.200 men went
Mrs. A. ll. Palmer, of Philadelphia,
was rescued from drowning at Atlantic
City by Life Guards Lindsay and Wil
liams. It is said that President Palmer, of tho
World'. fait committee, isaroused to the
necessity of no further delay in setting
work iu motion.
The H(U.adron of evolutionunder Ad
miral Walker, arrived at New York last
week, and is now anchored off the
Brooklyn Navy Yard.
The new revenue marine steamer
Winona was launch d by the Pusey Jones
Company, of Wi nington, Del., on
Tuesday of last wek.
Tin1 United St s revenue steamer
Rush hoarded th Canadian schooner
Ari-'l in Dehring S -a and warned her to
keep off th scaling ground a.
The lirst patent .'.anted by the United
States Government was i-sue l on July
31. 179). Tiie eve f. was commemorated
at the P.. tent O.'Hce List week.
The Patrons of Industry, Prohibi'ion
ists, and United Lalmr Party of Michi
gan have united t form a party that
will put a S.tnte tick t in the field.
Hfoi U ;! y n" popii tion, according to
the new census, is 04,377. In 180 it
was r6',Gi3. making t' e increase during
the decade of 237,714, or 41.95 per
Rob its. Davis, representing the Read
ing Riilroad, says the company has dis
posed of its Massac usetts avenue and
ocean front options it Atlantic City to a
syndicate which w id erect a large hotel.
Mrs. Anna S-'iiron, of the city of Chi
cago, a German, ng d 30, was killed by
lightning Sunday hile sitting at the
window of her house. An examination
of the body disclosed a blue mark under
the heart
The bus. of Sidney Lanier, given by
Mr. Charles Lanier, of New York, to the
city of Macon. Ga., will be unveiled on
October 3. Judge Bleckley, of the Geor
gia supreme court, will make the dedi
catory address
Preside:: t Fitzgerald of the Irish
Nation d League of America has issued
an urgent appeal to all sympathizers
with the c uise to i:. mediately transmit
all available funds io tho home ofnea of
the league in Dublin.
George Francis Train has made ar
rangement with the Tacoma Ledger to
make an attempt to beat the record for
a trip around the world. He will leave
Tacoma Augint 7 on the steamship China,
and calculates that he can make the cir
cuit of the globe in 57 days.
It is admitted that all the corn crop of
central Kansas is ruined. No matter
how much rain falls hot winds have
blown for .lavs and stalks are shriveled.
Only local rains have fallen for over a
mouth, a-.d the prairies are so dry that
fires bre.i oat daily. The hay crop is
an entire failure, as well as the fruit
The cause of the collision on the Monon
Railroad Suuday lies in the fact that the
schedule had been changed, and while
the Chicago l.-ound train was running by
the new card, the Lmisville bound train
was running on the old schedule and was
six hours 1 .t , having been laid out by a
freight wreck.
A Worltl special from "Ottawa, Out.,
says: Latest advices from England in
reference to the Behring Sea dispute
state that several important modifica
tions have leen made iu the claim set up
by the United States within the past fev
days which w ill meet the views of the
British and Canadian authorities and
hasten a settlement of the dispute.
While the town marshal of Ruther
fordton, N. C,"was attempting to arrest
a negro named McDowell, Saturday, ho
was set ujxn by a mob of over 20 negroes
armed with stones, pistols, and clubs.
Tho officer was pretty badly used up,
and his prisoner escaped. He fired into
the crowd and wounded several of the
negroes. There is a good deal of excite
ment over the affair, and more trouble is
Peter Letter was found sitting upright
in the rear room of his store in Kansas
City Sunday sfterr.on, with a bullet
through his head and his face almost en
tirely eaten by maggots. - In a letter to
Herman Schmid, he notified him of his
intention to commit suicide' and ap
pointed bin his executor. Seven thou
sand dollars iu United States 4 per cent,
bonds and $752 in gold was found in a
jar in Ii!er cellar. He liad no rela
tives in this country and his money is
all willed to persons of las name in Ger
many. Foraifn.
An epidemic of suicide is raging in the
British army.
There is a general manifestation of dis
content throughout the British army..
Having defeated Gautemala, Salvador
is now willing to arbitrate the difficulty.
The Archduchess Valerie, daughther
of Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria,
was married last week to the Archduke
Francis Salvator.
There is a new outbreak of trouble in
oiitiioa. Mini ilbir Ids in tiu iii,..
point to the failure the j n. v.t gov
ernment to gie satisfaction.
Portugese liutentuitn-:..-d t.. lirit
n African Cornjrnv' laktto:imer, the
James Stephenson, at Chiroita. and nt
the crew to Quilimane for trial
The Russian government ha., ordered
the application of ti e edict . f 1S2
against the Jews. Ihi-c edict.- have
hitherto Uvn held iu aU-j ant e, i he en
forcement of the edicts will iuthe
expulsion of over l.GOO.nno Jews from
the country.
Gas was struck Iat week at Knoxville,
Ontario, at a depth of 9K feet, and the
flw is now estimated at 2f000,000 cubic
feet a day. The roar is deafening, and
when the ein was stun k drills were
thrown high i.i air, and for 10 minutes
rocks and dirt came out There is great
rejoicing at Kingsville. Thousands are
flocking to the welL
Ilarvcy Smith Kill the lirule Willi One
IJlow of a Sled Stake
Harvey A. Smith had a desperate bat
tle at Presipie Island, Me., with a stal
lion. The stallion is dead and Smith
still Jives, but is iu a sadly crippled con
dition. Dining last winter lie drove a
team in the lumlier wtnxls, of which one
animal was a stallion that no one but
Smith could handle. This summer ho
has worked the stallion and his mate on
the farm. Yesterday the stallion Ie
came vicious and frantically attained
his mate wit i teet'i and hoofs. Mr.
Smith uncoupled the horses, when tho
stallion attacked him. He is a jiowerful
and very resolute man, and after a fierce
struggle, in which he was severely
wounded in the hip by the animal's feet,
he succeeded in sulKluing the horse and
leading him to the bam. He hitched
him on the luirn floor, removed the har
ness and was proceeding to take him to
a stall when the vicious animal again
attacked him. The wind, blew the barn
door shut and Mr. Smith found himself
imprisoned with the frantic bruU.
For nearly half an hour he fought him
with no weajion but his fists, but being
often knocked down and fearfully
bruised he found bus stieugth failing
and was just making up his mind that
it was all up with hiin, when the horso
disengaged a sled take from the side of
the mow and Smith saw it rolling to
ward him. Seizing the slake he swung
it with all the strength of desperation,
and, striking the stallion behind the ear,
ho laid him dead at his feet.
lilffht Fatally Hurt In a Collision at Ited-
for.l, I ml.
There was a terrific wreck on tho
Louisville, New Albanv and Chicago
Railroad Suuday morning. About seven
miles north of Bedford, Ind., the out
bound pavsseuger train from Chicago
time into collision with the north bound
passenger train from Louisville on a
sharp curve, killing the engineer and
fireman of train No. 3, and fatally in
jured the engineer and fireman on the
other train, James Tilford, postal clerk,
and Frank Black w ell, express messen
ger. Not a single passenger was injured.
The two engines are totally destroyed.
Two mail cars, the express cars, and two
parlor cars were telescoped. Conductor
John Burns was in charge of the train
going north and was on time leaving
here, but when the train struck lie was
two minutes late, while the southbound
train was six hours late. Conductor
McDonald says that he and his engineer
agreed to run on the side track at Guth
rie three miles north of the wreck, and
wait there for the north bound train.
He went to sleep and did not wake up
until they struck. All the injured were
taken to Louisville, and all that were
able to stand travel were taken on to
New Albany on a special train.
After a Lout; Silence He In Again In Com
munication With the Vnlteil States.
The State Department has received a
dispatch from Lansing B. Mizner, United
States minister resident in Central
America, stating that he was at a place
called Meutou, in Gautemala, and tliat
he was in communication with the com
manders of the United States vessels
Thetis and Ranger. Mr. Mizner says
nothing about the bloody conflicts sup
posed to be in progress between Gaute
mala and Salvador, or the reported out
breaks against the administration of
General Barillas, which are said to be
starting up in several provinces in Gau
temala. He also failed to refer in any
way to the recent seizure of arms on the
Pacific mail steamer Coliina by the Gau
temalan authorities, as to the facts of
which he lias been instructed by the
State Department to report Mr. Miz
ner's silence as to all important particu
lars is thought to signify cither that he
has not received the dispatches sent him
during the last fortnight, or that the
Gautemalan government will not allow
him to give out the particulars of any
of the internal affairs of the country.
The telegram came through Minister
Ryan at Mexico.
Stole $20,000 Worth or Jewelry.
Thomas McAvirey was arrested iu New
York Saturday night for robbing the
jewelry- store of A. D. Norton at Glovers
ville, N. Y., on the night of April 11. He
and his pals, who have not yet been capt
ured, secured about 20,000 worth of
Fell from s Window.
C A. Elliot, a guest of the Morgan
House, at Des Moines, Jowa, was found
dead under his window early Sunday
morning. It is supposed he sat in the
window to get the fresh air, fell asleep,
and dropped to the ground.
Gaateinalaa Army Defeated la a Battle
at Salvador.
South American advices, by way of
Mexico, report the breaking out of hos
tilities between Gautemala and Salvador.
The forces of the former republic were
defeated with heavy loss.
Private telegrams from San Salvadoi
say that the San Salvadorians captured
the Guatemalan artillery tn a battle
which took place on Thursday last. Il
is rumored that President Barillos, of
Guatemala, will resign.
A Venerable Boston Elm.
A Boston telegram mentions that the
monster elm in front of the old Baxtei
mansion in Medfield was taken down by
means of jack screws, it requiring four
days to uproot the tree. The age of the
elm is not correctly known, but it is es
timated to be at least 200 years, old. Il
measured 80 feet in circumference,
The Latest 0o; in the fteid of fedVaJ
LepsUtron and Poitbcs.
The Vrk 1m Cnacrfib
Uiiib-r the !. w- ordvr for tho dipatch
of Uu-ines the Senate meees now at 10
A. M. There are, however, s. hKan more
than 1 Senators present during the
prayer, and it i almost 11 o'clock before
a ipiorum n wTured. Amendments
were made to the tariff bilL Tito con
sideration of the tarill bill w as continued
all the week. Amendments offered by
the finance committee were adopted.
Thore pr sed b the Democrats were
reject-d. Toward the clone Senator
Piii'iib and Paddock U'gan voting with
the Democrats. Senator Plumb made
a long Fjieech against the duties asked by
the manufacturers, to which Senator
Sherman replied. A resolution was
offered to direct the committee on rules
to report some method "of limiting de
bate. It was laidover. The President
appointed, and the Senate confirmed,
Thaddcu S. Sharretts, of Maryland, to
be general appraiser of merchandise to
complete the Iioard created by tlie ad
ministrative customs bilL The tariff
bill will l discussed in the Senate until
Friday, when it w ill give M ay to other
measures. The conference in the
original jackage bill decided to report in
favor of the passage of the Senate meas
The report of the majority of the com
mittee on elections on the murder of
Clayton and declaring Breckinridge's
seat from the Second district of Arkan
sas vacant, i: made public. Repre
sentative San fold, of New York, oilered
resolutions to leave all legislation affect
ing the duties on sugar and molasses
alone till next Congress, and requesting
the President meanwhile to negotiate
with the sugar producing countries for
reciprocity. The conference report on
the District of Columbia appropriation
bill was agreed to. The Senate amend
ments to the sundry civil bill wero
further discussed. The Sjieaker ap
pointed the committee to investigate
the charges against Pension Com
missioner Raum. Fifteen requests
for leave of absence were refused.
On Friday no business could be transacted
on account of the absence of a quorum.
A heated controversy took place between
the Speaker and Representative Rogers,
of Arkansas, over the former's refusal
to recognize the latter as entitled to the
floor. The eonferrees on the fortifica
tion appropriation bill were unable to
agree and so reported to their resjiective
houses. The committee ou offices
and post roo4s authorize Chairman
Bingham to repoit favorably, without
amendment. th: Fvyo (tutai ulily bill.
National Cnpltnl Nolo.
The reduction of t'ie public debt dur
ing July amounted 1 1 $'iZ,'iVMl.
President Harrison is spending a week
with his family at Cape May point
The President has approved the joint
resolution providing temporarily for tho
expenditures of the government.
The conferees of the two houses of
Congress have finally agreed upon the
passage of the Senate "original package"
The President has appointed the follow
ing cadet to West Point: Clyde E. Haw
kins, Twenth-fourth district, Pennsyl
vania. The Director of the Mint has been in
formed that gold bars to the value of
$9,200,000 were shipjied from New York
to Europe last week.
President Harrison 1ms written Gov
ernor Brackett, of Massachusetts, that he
will le in Boston on August 12, to at
tend the G. A. It, parade.
The Lodge elections bill is undergoing
considerable changes at the hand i of the
Senate committee, and an attempt will
undoubtedly be made to pass it at this
The absent Republican members of
tho elections committee liave been tele
graphed to return to Washington, in
order to make a quorum and secure ac
tion ou the Clavtou-Breekenridge con
test case from Arkansas. Breckenridge
will be unseated.
The Postmaster General hn.s awarded
the contract for furnishing stamped
envelopes and newspaper wrapers for
the four years beginning Octolier 1, 1890,
to the Plimpton Manufacturing Com
pany, and Morgan Envelope Company,
of Hartford, Conn.
A circular has been issued by Secre
tary Tracy designed to carry into effect
the provisions of the naval appropria
tion bill for a common store for the en
tire Navy, instead, as heretofore lias
been the case, of a separate store for each
A Steamship With Three Keel.
The steamer Watertown. the onlv ves
sel of that kindfloat, and the lirst ship
ever built at atertowu, Mass., was suc
cessfully launched last week. The
steamer has three k.els, one center and
two side keeb, is 131 feet long, and is
designed to carry 500 tons of coaL Su
perior advantages in shallow water over
other crafts are claimed from lscr pe
culiar construction, it being claimed
that she will draw only eight feet
Murdered by a Policeman.
A private watchman named J. I
Menyleese, Sunday morning, detected
Henry Almond, colored, stealing news
papers from doorsteps in Philadelphia,
lie pursued the thief quite a distance,
and finally drew his revolver and fired,
the ball taking effect in the fleeting
youth's back, death resulting. Meny
leese surrendered himself to the police,
and will have a hearing.
A lilce Famine in Japan.
The British steamship Glenogle ar
rived in New York Sunday from Yoko
hama and Amoy Ching with the first
consignment of Japan tea from this
year's crop. Tho captain reports the
suffering from the rice famine to be upon
the increase. The governnienthas come
to the assistance of the people, however,
and is importing large cargoes of rice
from Siam, Cochin China, and Burmah.
A Liberal Preaeber.
Ltr. Meredith, who is hardly loss pop
ular as a Brooklyn preacher than Tal
msge, has estabiisliod a second reading
room 'for working men on Fulton street,
where no restriction is placed on nook
ing cigars and pipes. He says he would
not object to the church furnishing bil
liard tables and bowling alleys. It k
not likely that the boys would object tc
it. either. .
The ( Wuin railway cumpanira iu$
thoroughly examined Um IluntfftrUo
loao ysu.iu. have declined to introduce
it in Oermany.
Ex-Secretary of State. Thotait K Bay.
ard, will attend the Delaware Demo
cratic Sute convention as a dvletfat
from WiUniugton.
Mm Patty Galloway die. I Saturday
ulght at Baltimore, after having attained
the rij age of llG years. All her fac
ulties remained intact until few da) a
Tho grand jury of lted Fork counly.
Arkansas, fund true Ulla againM 24
cirixens who cut the Bogge Bayou lovw
to lessen the lamago to property during
the late floods.
Mrs. Elizabeth Hands died Suaday at
Baltimore at the age of 101 years and 5
months. Slie had lived 09 years in that
city. Her health was remarkably good
until two weeks ago.
By explosion of fire damp Mouday in
a coal pit at St. Etienne, France, five
miuers were seriously injured. One
hundred and fifteen of th men iu tho
pit escaped uninjured.
In accordance with the orders of the
Emperor of Germany 1,000 sick children
of government employees will bo sent
for a holiday to tlie seaside. Tho em
peror will ix-rsonally defray tho expense
of the trip.
Rev. Father Burtsoli, late pastor of the
Church of tlie Epiplany in New York
city, is said to have received information
from Rome within the last fortnight
which put his case in such a light as to
cause him w send an answer to Rome,
and that pending tho arrival of a reply
everything will remain in alieyance. It
is now lielieved that Father Burtsell will
not go to Rondout, but w ill finally bo
assigned to another parish in New York.
At Reading, Pa., Saturday, the wife
of John Fertig. of Rock Str.tion, pre
pared a mixture of Kison to kill rats.
Later, while preparing dinner, she acci
dentally mistook the mixture for brown
sugar ami put a tablcspoonfitl of it in
some douglu At dinner the whole fam
ily ate heartily of it Shortly afterward
they were taken violently ill, and suf
fered intensely. A doctor wan sum
moned and with difficulty relieved Mrs.
Fertig and her four cluldr. n, though
they are still very ilL Mr. Fertig's con
dition is very alarming.
The hot weather of the last week has
had a bad effect on the crops in Minne
sota and both the Dakota In South
Dakota wheat is almost all harvested.
The hot w iuds of two weeks ago did it
much damage, and not as large a pro
portion as usual will grade Nob. 1 and 2.
The corn crop may be said to be almost
completely ruined, and not over 15 to 20
per cent of a crop is now in sight In
dications point to a light yield in North
Dakota, except in the counties bordering
on Rod River. No liarvoting will bo
done before the middle of next week.
During the last 10 days the outlook has
changed greatly for the worse.
Tlie neighbor of Mr. Ambrose, a
justice of the peace in Johnstown, and
Mrs. Jonas ratten, arc greatly excited
over the marriage of tlie couple. Mr.
Patten is living, but owing to domestic
infelicities has not lived with his wifo
for several months, though no papers of
divorce or separation have leen filed.
Mr. Patten says he will bring alxmt a
prosecution for bigamy, and Ambrose's
neighlxus threaten to tar and feather
On August 15 rival Irish demonstra
tions will be held in Chicago, one under
the auspices of the Clan na Gael, and
the other conducted by the friends of
Dr. Cronin. The anti-trianlers have
adopted an address which so res the
friends of Cronin's murderers, and says
among other things: "This year tho
friends and associates of the murderer j
the men who stand between the chief
murderers and the gallows have de
cided to use the proceeds of the Ogden
Grove picnic for tlie lenefit of tlieir
dupes, so that the tongues tliat would
speak the words tliat would bring them
within tlie grasp of tho law may be kept
silcuE a little longer by delusive hopes. "
What the anti-trianglers intend to do
with the proceeds of their demonstiation
is not given out.
K EMM I.Kit TO l)lr
At Laiit the Unt Victim of Kleetroca
tion Face iJenth.
' There appears to be a good reason that
William Kemuiler s electrocution was
set to take place between Tuesday night
aud Wednesday mornin the 5th and
Cth of August Several invitations to
be present at the carrying out of tho
death sentence were received by vnrioui
persons on Monday the 4th. Tlie hold
ers of the invitations have been very
secretive and state that no time or hour
was named in the invitations. A reporter
was privileged to exa nine one of these
gruesome invitatkms. It was written in
typewriter on an Auburn prison letter
head and invites its recipient to rcjort
at the prison "at 7 p. m. August 5. " to
"diaries F. Durston, Warden and
Whether the execution to k place at
night is uncertain. Jut tlie .conjecture is
tliat soon after the stroke of mid.iight
Tuesday night Kcmmler was to expiate
his crime.
Mortally Wouorfid UN Rival.
Davis Fitzgerald and William Mortley,
brakemen on the Norfolk and Western
Railway, have len in love with tlie
same woman. Sun. lay Fiizg.-r.iM caught
Mortley in comjiany with tl" woman at
Crews, and at once sliot hint, the ball
entering tlie groin, icflicting a wound
that will prove fatal. Fitzgerald fled to
the woods, and a jomso of men is in pur
suit of him. Mortley is a resident of
Peteburg. Va.
'Twaa a Ghastly Find.
Charles Thompson, of Great Chebeague,
fo ronnrta f h4 firulinT on ftoriKA hbllld.
near Chebeague, the remains of children,
fin a ror-fc wim four lumdiund four feet.
recently cut off. A large fire had been
built near by, and among the cliarred
pieces of wood were bones, aa if the chil
dren's bodies had been burned. Coroner
Davis will go down tothescenoof th
ghastly find.
It la PoMlble We May Learn All A boat
the Cronin Harder.
nan. Oouerhlin. one of the Cronin sus
pects now serving lib term in Joliet
prison, is about ready, it is .statou in a
So orrt A inna.trli. to ennf eaa. Ha ia fret
ting himself to death, and is but a shadow
of hw former self, and the prison warden
Im ttiA rHmp an weiorha on his
mind that ho is liable at any time to break
a m a a m 9
down and niaae a run coniession. s
G W. JUDD, "
iNo. l-ir VtHi Strool
Shipim-iiN nf Vtirttabh-i and Fruit
IlEFKitKxor.: North Uiv r Hank,
Now York.
For Stoncll or further inform.!
tion apply to
J. A. OA I KS, Si;.,
iuyl&-3iu ('Union, N.f.
Will flnl it to their intcrot toumVo
all shipment to
Wm. A. Johnson will pay Cau
for all ch( ks WITHOUT 'cli:ingr .
Don't lj tltvvivi! by unknown
w. l. faisonT
Commission Merchants,
laONtOll, JVI 1IKM
Sliipnu nts of Fruit- nml Wgeta
bles HoliritfMj.
Stencil furnishitl on application.
WILMIGTOIU WELDON R. it. and Branches.
Oondonaod Bolicclulo
dated N 0.23 No; 27' . . . j 1
May 10, '90. Daliy. niail. Daily.
J J Daily, ex. bun.
Lv Weldon, 12 30 p in 5 43 pm f 00 am
ArKockMt. 1 40 7 10 "
Ar TrlHiro, 2 3o 7..7.
Lv Trboro, 10 20 "
Ar Wilson, 2 3o
t pm 7 1tim
Lv Wilson, -1 30 "
Ar Se.lmn. .1 4(1
Ar Fayctlevil 0 00 "
Lv GoldHboro, 3 15
t.v Warsaw. 1 lfl "
7 4o pm H .'jam
9 31
M 4o ' j la "
Lv Magnolia, 4 21
Ar Wilminst'n 5 50 " 'J 55 " 11 2i "
Mo. 14. No. 7k.
Daily. Daily.
No. 40.
Daily x
Nun i lay.
i-.vWilmhi'itY. 12 01 am '. (m am 4 i.m
Lv Magnolia, 1 21 10 31 " 5 30
Lv Warsaw o 4S " 5 5H
ArGoldsboro, 2 23 " 11 45 il f. 03
'x 40
11 00
12 10
Ar Selma
Ar Wilson
Lv Wilson
T2 37
pm 1 Hi . in
Ar Rocky Ml.
1 io x IK "
Ar Tarboro
2 3o
10 20 niu
Lv Tarboro
Ar Weldon 4 30 2 45 pm" 9 30
Daily except Sunday.
Train on Scotland Neck llranch leaves
Weldon 3 14 p. in-, Halifax 3 37 1. in:
arrives Scotland Neck at 4 25 p. m.,
Grcrenvillc 0 10 p. in. Jtcturninj; leaves
Greenville 7 20 a. m Halifax lo loa.
m., Weldon 10 30 a m. daily except
On Monday, Wednesday and Fridav.
Local Freight leaves Weldon 10 30 a.
IIalipax 11 3o a.m., Scotland Neck 2 00
p. m. Arriving Greenville ." 10 p, m.
Returning leave 'recnvillc Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday 9 20 a. in., Scot-
1 1-. t r mm- . .
lanuecK i w p. m., llahlax 3 35 p.
in. Arriviuz Weldon 4 00 n. in.
Train leaves Tarboro. a. " via
Albemarle & llalciijh railroad, duly
except Sunday, 4 05 p. 111., Sunday 3 00
p. in., arrive Wnliamton, N. (J., G 30
p.m., 4 20 p. m., Plymouth? 5 3 p. in.,
5 20 p. m. Itcturuiu lcve leaves Ply
mouth, daily except Sunday, G 00 a, in.,
Sunday 9 00 a. m, Williainslon 7 10
a. m., 9 5 a. in., arrive Tarloro y 30
a. m., 1 1 20 a. m..
Train on Midland, X. C, branch
leaves (ioldfcboro, daily except Sunday.
G 00 a. m. arrive SmithficM. 7 30 a. n.
Itcturnins kave SmiUificld, x 00 a. m..
arrive Goldsboro, 9 30 a. iu..
Tram on Nashville branch leaves
llocky Mt, at 3 00 p. m., arrives Nash
ville 3 40 p. m., Spring 1Lhj t 15 p.
m. Kctnruiug leaves Spring Hope 10 00
m., Nashville 10 ?,t a. in., Uocky
Mount 11 15 a. nr, daily, except
Train on Clinton branch leaj ex Warsaw
for clinton, daily, except Sunday, G 00
p. m., and at 11 10 a m; lleturuin will
leave clinton at H 20 a in and 3 10 p ni.
connecting at Warsaw with N 11
and 40, 23 ami 78
Southbound train on Wilson & Fay
etteville llranch is No, 51, North
bound is No, 50. Daily except Sunday
Irani No It, South, will sum only at
Wilson Goldsboro and Magnolia
Tram No 78 makes . clc connection
at Weldon for all points North, daily.
All rail via Richmond, and ilaily, except
Sunday via liay Uue
All trains run solid between Wilming
ton and Washington, and have I'ulman
Palace Sleeper attached
J U KENLY,Sup't Trans, '
TM Kmerhon, Gtn'1 Pass Aircnt
' administrator of Haywood
Boykin, deceased, notice is hereby
given to all parties owing said es
tate to make immediate, payment.
All parties holding claims against
said estate arc notified to present
them for payment within twelve
months, or this notice will bo plead
In bar of their recovery.
J. C. WltlQIIT,
June 19, '90.-Gt Administrator.

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