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CLINTON, N. (., J A A. L'J IVJi.
foiccu uili, di;ai.
Senator fiJKall is quoted as
Faying tliat the rreat blunder
of his life was voting lor the
tariff bill. No it wasn't. The
grf-at blunder of his life was
tcing born. Wil. wtar.
A New York club in discus
sing the question, -'How would
you make thin world a
better world?" Why, jst bury
the Republican larty, scatter a
lot of quick lime on it, aiin
cover it up well. Wil. Star.
"This is a government where
the will of the people is the
law of the knd," naid Grant.
"The people bf-d-d," ays Hoar
ami Ufpn. "When they don't
vnin to suit us we will fix them
s-o they must. N. Y. Wold.
Tim Protectionists are on the
inn. Keep them running Give
them no chance to rally, be
fcftivf atreressive. persistent
liifhters and the war on the far
mer will iiot end uutil he has
obtained the final victory. N.
Y. World.
For extravigance, the record
of the second session of the
riftv iirpt Conkres is unsur
passed. The appropriations vol
ed a'ready teach ?1G0,000,G00:
while only three appropriation
bills have been put through.
N. Y. Star, Dem.
Porter's census returns show
one hundred and forty differen
religious beliefs in the United
States. The varieties are -urn
pie sufficient but the stock o
religion on hand might be larg
ly increased with profitable re
tults. Rural Heme & Sentinel
For the fit st time in nearly
forty yeai s the Democrats wil
have a majority of the Repre
sentatives from the Northern
States. That is a fact of espe
cial importance in elminaling
sectional agitation. If the Force
bill should fail that chapter o
our political history will be
closed. Pittsburg Post, Den.
The leading financial and in
dustrial papers of the country
predict a continuance of pros
perous times and easier money
market. Everything points to
improvement. The general
movement toward development
and prosperity will culminate
next year m the election of a
Democratic administration.
Norfolk Landmark.
Whether the uniform practice
of legislation in thd Senate for
100 years shall be intermitted
or not in order to pass the Force
bill, their will be no difficulty
in fixing the responsibility for
tliis damnable piece of partizar
rascality. No political organi
zation that has existed in this
country ever yielded up its life
to the accom fan i merit of a more
disgraceful and ignable death
knell. Phil. Record, Dem.
Many a person talks-, too much
and finds when too late that si
lence would have been goldsn.
The Mongols have a story on
this wise :
The geese, when about to start
southward on their autumn mi
gration, were entreated by a
frog to be taken him with them.
On.e of the .jeese expressing
their willingness to do so, if a
means of conveyance could be
devised, the frog produced a
stork of strong grass, got the
two gtese to take ii , one by each
end, while he clung to it by his
mouth in the middle. In this
manner the thrae were making
the journey successfully, when
they were noticed from below
by some men, who loudly ex
pressed their admiration of the
device, and wondered who had
been clever enough to discover
it. The frog opened his mouth
to say, ''It was T," lost his hold,
fell to the earth and was dashed
to pieces.
Do not let pride induce you
to speak, when safety requires
you to be silent. Christian Ob
We don't want the bloody
scenes of reconstruction days
repeated. We now have peace
within our borders. The whites
of the South are developing
their own resources.The negroas
are being slowly prepared for
the duties of citizenship. Every
thing is moving along serenely
and the promise of the future
is brighter than, ever ' before
We have no wish, to exchange
that condition of affairs for
chaos. As we would not for
a moment tolerate the inter
vention of 1 ederal troops in
New l orb, so we declare tha
troops shall not be sent t
Richmond or Charleston. We
can take care of our own Stale
affairs and stand ready to tel
Mr. Harrison or any other
President to keep his hands off,
There is no reason why South
Carolina should be treated other
than New York is treated
Therefore Democratic senators
and a few among the RerJubli
cans are trying to render the
passage of this bill imposible
If they fail, after having done
their utmost, they will stil
have the consciousness tha
they did what they could
avert the inevitable disaster.
N. Y. Herald.
he had
Regular Correspondence.!
Washington, D. C, Jan. 2G.
Senator Gorman is proving
i nisei f mora than a match for
the republican Senators, and he
is still confident that with the
active and determined support
of democratic Senators and the
moral support of the conserva
tive masses of the country, the
Force bill and its revolutionary
ore; un tier, the gag-rule, can be
defeated. He fairly and square-
y outgeneraled the republicans
when they attempted to wear
out the democrats by a continu
ous night and day session of the
Senate, and now he is winning
mw parliamentary laurels by
he manner in which he is
blocking the republican at
tempt to force a vote upon
Senator AIdichN gag-rule re-
He compelled Mr.
to acknowledge that
made an erroneous
The republicans have
but one hope of succeeding and
that lies in Vice President
Morton making an arbitrary
decision in their favor, and the
probabilities are rather in favor
ot his doing so, although it will
be because of the great pressure
brought to bear upon him and
not because he wants to do it.
Even if the Senate adopts
the gag-rule resolution and
passes the Force bill, there
will still be grounds upon
which to base hope for its de
feat. The amendments made
to the bill in th3 Senate will
make its return to the House
unnecessary, and there the de
mocrats can renew the fight,
which the nearness of the 4th
of March and the eud of the
session, may make successful.
At any rate the republicans in
the House will nave to nave a
quorum of their own members
in order to pas9 it, and that's
more that they have had for
three successive days during
the session.
Czar Reed as he nears the
end of his power shows a die
position to resume some of his
tricks of the last session. By
the denial of a request that wis
right and fair, he, this week,
provoked Mr. Mills into an ex
hibition of t mper that is very
much regreted ty that gentle
man s inends; not on Keen s
account, he deserved all that
Mr. Mill's said of him, but on !
account of the effect that it
may have upon the candidacy
of M. Mills for the Speakership
of the next House. "You are
perpetrating a fraud upon the
House," shouted Mr. Mills, ad
vanceing down the aisle, and
shacing his fist at the Speaker,
"and you know it." Mr. Mills
then intimated in language not
to be mistaken that the Speaker
was not an honorable gentle
man. A minute or two later
Representative Kerr, of Inwa.
had the bad taste to call Mr.
Mills a "traitor." "Yon are a
traitor yourself," retorted Mr.
Mills, "to the constitution and
the laws. Yon are trying to
surround the ballot box with
bayonets and to deprive the
people of their right of repre
sentation." This was followed
by a scene hard to desciibe.
I he democrats cheered Mr.
Mills loudl? and the republi
cans hissed. Representative
Perkins of Kansas said "Dut
he dirty loafer (Mills) out,
"and in a moment he found the
big fist of Representative Mar
in, of Indiana, in close proxi
mity, to his no, o and was in-;
ormed that if there was to be
any "putting out" he (Martin)
proposed taking a hand in it.
That was the last heard of Per
kins. In the mean time the
Seargent-at Arms trotted out
with the gold head mace, the
emblem of authority in the
House and quiet was restored.
The Dockery resolution pro
viding for an investigation of
the Congressional Silver pools
is bearing fruits. Senator Vest
has testified that Senator
Cameron told him that he had
made some money speculating
in silver bullion, and Senator
Cameron has acknowledged it
claiming that he hid ar inuci
right to speculate in silver as
in corn, wheat or any other
product. How is that for cod!
audacity? The chairman of
the committee, Representative
Dingley, of Maine, is accused of
having adjourned the commit
tee from last week until Wed
nesday of this week in order
to prevent Senator Vest from
testifying nntil after the Pen
nsylvania legislature had r
eleted Cameron to the Senate,
although Mr. Vest had stated
his willingness to testify . It is
believed here that Cameron
would have been defeated had
his connection with the silver
speculation been made public
before his re-election. There
are other big republicans who
will be opposed if the commit
tee does its duty without fear
or danger.
I he latest scheme ot Reed
and his henchmen in the House
to force the s.lver republican
Senators to vote for the Force
bill is outlined in the announce
ment mat the House commit
tee on Coinage, before which
the free coinage bill now is.
will not report that measure to
the House until the Senate
passes , the Force, bill. It re-
mains to be seen how the silver
republicans in the House will
take this. Thy will be given
an opportunity of voting with
the democrats to discharge the
committee and take the bill up
in the House. Representativn
Bland has already offered a
substitute foi a resolution to be
reported from the committee on
Rules to limit the debate on
the appropriation bills, makii.g
the fiee coinage bill a continual
ordei after January 27.
Later: Thj Democrats in
Congress have made a noMe,
heroic, and able fight against
that infamous measure known
as the "Force Bill," and were
crowned with glorious success
on last Monday by postponing
the bill by a vote of 35 to 34.
This practically means the
dath of the measure.
Alliance Department.
Our Farmers' Column.
"There U no material progress that is well
based and permanent without ajrrkultural
Different kinds of soiLrequire
different management both in
plowing and cultivating And
many fail to secure the best re
sults for no other reason than
a failure to treat or manage the
soil in the manner best calcula
ted to secure the best result.
Too many use the same kind ol
a plow and manage both the
preparations and cultivation
in the same way no matter what
the kind of soil.
In a light sandy or loamy
soil, the soil should be turned
flat so that it will pack togeth
er. Naturally the soil is too
oose and the plowing and pre
parations should be in a way to
pack it rather than to loosen it
up. Fayetteville Observer.
1 liBffl(i
. JL .KS o
The Caucasian' was adopted an the official
Orjjiin of the Duplin County Alliance at the
January lnpeting ol 1801.
Jofokd, Duplin Co.,
January 20th, 1891.
At a meeting of the Union
Alliance, composed of Rockfish,
Concord, Magnolia, Piney Grove,
Carr's School-house, Chinquepin
and Island Creek Sub-Alliances,
a resolution was unanimously
adopted that payment of taxes
should be a necessary qualifica
tion to suffrage.
lhe necessity for this arises
rrom tne great numoer ot our
colored voters going South in
the Spring in returning in time
for the election, and having
evaded taxation by being ab
sent at the time of listing tax-
ables, but are sure to be here at
election time and claim their
absence was only temporary.
It was ordered that the fore
going resolution be sent to The
Clinton Caucasian for publica
tion, and that the Progressive
warmer copy tne same; also we
would be pleased that this ques
tion should be discussed as to
the constitutionality ot such a
law. Jas. E. Ward,
Secretary of Rockfish Alliance,
No. 846, Sec'y of Union Alli
ance, pro. tern.
To our many friends for their kind pa
tronage during the past year.
Farmers, above all people,
should avoid store accounts, as
a single crop failure is liable to
make such a debt become very
burdensome. If ready money
is not obtainable the store ac
count can often be avoided by
growing something that can be
exenangea tnrougn tne season
for such things as must be
bought. A little space and
time devoted to vegetable
Our efforts the coming year shall
be to serve them faithfully and satis
factorily. Our large store-house will
chickens, bees, fruits, etc., will be kept filled With Well
C4- . r t t I
iuicu pxiive ui wucxi inure va'ue
than the mere amount of money
derived from the sale of the
products, oy enabling one to
avoit a debt.
These things may be exchan
ged at the store Qach week, in
small quantities, answering the
same purpose as casn. a -one-crop,''
larmer is almost always
in debt for three-fourths of the
year. By a little attention to
II A I 1 .A 1 A 1 I
smaii maueis oi mis SOU lie w;n "U 1
would be in a much more in- OUr priCeS Will De lOW.
dependent position, and eventu-
Selected Goods !
To suit the wants of everybody, and
any nna mucn more
his work. New Era.
profit in I
A mixture of acid phosphate,
cotton seed meal, and kaiuit
will make a complete fertilizer
The Landmark again dips its
sails to the Farmers' Alliance.
It achieved a signal victory at
Raltigh in the matter of the
senatorship. It did not defeat
Senator Vance but it did what
auswers its purpose quite as
well, it Instructed him. It in
structed him to support the
principles of thu Ocala plat
form and that means the eub
Tieasury plan. If the resolu
tion does? not mean that it is a
pretence, and we do not believe
that it is a pretence. The
Landmark does not believe in
the justice, wisdom or practica
bility of the sub-Treasury plan
but it knows victor when it
sees it and it has to congratu
late the Alliance upon having
won a clean, decisive victory in
this case. Its forces in the
Legislature were well handled
and the whole history of this
movement to instruct Senator
Vance and elect him afterwards
is a history of good general
ship. Statesville Landmark.
Those who owe us accounts now
past due, are expected to prompt
ed ot moderate cost is ueed in hy pay them and save us the trouble
of asking for same.
Thankfully and respectfully,
tne iouowing proportions to
form a ton.
1,200 pounds Acid Phosphate.
600 " Cotton Seed Meal.
200 Kainit.
lhe acid phosphate should
run 12 percent, available phos
phoric acid, the kainit should
contain 12 per cent, potash, and
tne meal should contain 8 to 9
per cent, of ammonia. This
mixture will yield 8 per cent,
oi puospnoric acid, per
cent of potash and l.Ois per cent
of ammonia, arhich is but little
lower than the average com
mercial fertilizer selling for
25 and 30 per ton. The in
gredients and the mixing of the
above formula should cost nnt
more thau 19 per ton, and
possibly less, if the ingredients
a,'! carefully purchased.
r.i , .
iou may nave to masn up
Wm. A. Johnson.
a Single Line of Business.
some lumps in the kainit, but The Only 3tore in Town Devoted to
uulu auiu puospnate and meal
are always in fine condition for
mixing. Ry mixing with hoes
on a smooth floor the whnln
may be rapidly and easily mix
ed. H. B. Battle
On last Tuesday monning
Judge V. A. Peffer, editor of
thb Kansas Farmer, was elected
by the Alliance caucus as their
candidate for U. S. Senator.
The vote in the Legislature
was as follows: Tn the House
Peffer, 96; Ingalls, 23; Blair, 5.
In the Senate Ingalls, 35; Pef
fer, 2.
Peffer was declared elected.
Also Ex-Secretary Vilas oE
Wiscooson has been elected to
succeed Senator Spooner.
Or you are all worn out, really good for nothing
H Is general debility. Try
It will oure you, and Rive a good appetite. Sold
by all dealers in medicine.
01 ICE.
cution in my hands, issuing
from the Superior Court of Samp
son county, in tne case ot state on
relation of M. J. Pearsall, plaintiff,
and W. II Thomson, guardian, and
E. L. Faison and J. It. Beaman, Sr
sureties, defendants, I will, at the
court house door, in Clinton, on
Monday, 12 o'clock in., being the
23rd day of February next, at pub
lic sale, to the highest bidder, for
cash, all the interest, title and es
tate of tho deiendant, vv . II. Tom
son, on the 8th day ot May, 1890,
that being the day on which the
judg lent on which the said execu
tion is sned, was docketed in this,
Sampson county, in a certain tract
of land jituated in the county of
Sampson, in Turkey township, and
bounded as follows: Beginning
at the bridge across the Mdl branch
and running the various courses and
nistances fully set out in a deed
made by W. -:Thomson and others
to V. 11. Thomson, on the 20th day
of September, 1889, and registered in
the llegister's office of Sampson
county, in book 70. pasres 233 an
234, as on reference to said deed and
Its registry will fully appear.
Sheriff Sampson Co
This January 22nd, 1891. 29-4t
Devide a heaping teaspoon
lull of tartar emetic int eight
or ten doses. Break off the end
of an egg, empty a patt of the
cimtems ana stir into tne re
mainder left in the shell a dose
of tartar emetic. Confine th
dog in a room, or tie him, and
give nim tqe dectored egg. In
an hour ho will be trvint' to
turn Himself inside out. As
soon as he is over the nausea.
K-ive mm a. per.ono egg ana a
third, if he will eat it. When
he refuses to eat the eetr. and
lets it lie ny him for several
hours untouched, pry open his
mouth-anl force the eutr down
his throat. Afterward vnn mav
trust him in your hou?e.
The object in trying the doss
Is to let him erot uothinsr else
eat while he is undr treat
ment, or he may think it was
the last thing eaten that made
him sick.
The idea is to convince him
that eggs no longer will lie on
his stomach. Gazette.
I have made a departure in the mercantile business by de
voting my entire attention to a single line or Goods. Here you
will find a complete line of goods and will he sure to see vhat
you want. The following outline will give you som idea of our
large stock :
Nails, Hinges, Screws, Locks,
Bolts, Saws of all kinds, Files,
Axes, &c.
Crockery I
Dinner Sets, 120 piece decora
ted Tea Sets, 56 pieces, decoraUu.
Table Seta, decorated.
And all kinds of Crockery by
the piece.
Farming Utensils!
Shovels, Spades, Ifoes Rakes, I Glass and Tin.
x Wi, xiwwb, i:ns, Anvthiliir VOU want in Glass or
lrace-Chains, Clevises, &c. Tin Ware. Come in and see.
In addition to the above classes of goods I have, and will keep in stock,
Cook Stoves Heaters and Oil Stoves; Sash, Doors and other Building Ma
terial; Glass, Tin and Sheet Iron ; Sausage Mills and Stuflers; Pot and
Wood Ware of all kinds; Cutlery and Carpenters Tools of all kinds; Farm
Bells, Guns, Pistols, &c.
In short, just come and wc can eive vou anvthin?? in this lin vnn -n,t
just a3 cheep as it can bo bought in the State.
Who was interested in finan
cial questions three years ago?
Certainly the farmer gave him
self no concern about tho money
system of our government. He
would scarcely have read an
article on any national question.
iNotBthe difference I The far
mers are taking great interest
in such matters. They are
thinking and learning. The
Farmers' Alliance has educated
the people I. an interest in
such, matters. The people may
have some crude ideas about
such matters, but they will
learn. When tbey learn what is
right they will do it. Kinston
Free Press.
In the Old Stand of J. A. Ferrell,
Tff lin. Rook o ne
V S?? winha II K.M.W001.rJKY.M
Cheap cash: store
For our Family Supplies.
Jnst received, a large lot of Glassware, Sugars, Coffees, &c,
which, are to be sold at astonishing LOW PRICES.
- Give me a call and be convinced that I am heaequartees foii
low prices. jan22 tf
BBjra era
of bima rmmi ta nu Tu..
!, HMht MM2 - --- tm
all th Wrld tbere is bnt one eure,
. Ir. Ilalnes' Ooldea Specific
j.1 t iren in cop of te orcoffe witboat
tM knowledge ot th peraon taking it, effecting
pdy and parmasent eara. whether the patient i a,
niodarate drinker or aa alcoholic wreck. I faoaaaaUa
drankaraa haYe beaa cured who have taken tha
idia-8?".1-1' 2ff that ttalrk" wl!
ewa Irna will, ho harnfut effect raaultS fn ...
iBuatatratioa. Caree rurutiwi m.i Y-IT
The entire stock of winter
D In U k
Is to be closed out.. The prices are
below anything1 ever before
We have hundreds of odd Suits, odd
Pants, Coats and Vests and they have
to be sold before we go north for our
Spring Stock!
All goods to be sold for Cash.
King Clothier and Hatter,
UM !
The col.lest and most inclement part of winter in
yet to cotne. Some merchant feel that the
best part of the winter's trade past because tho
Holidays hava come and jjoae. Not so with us.
We believe that the time to sell goods ia all, the
time. Acting on this belief we announce a
Of SEASONABLE ARTICLES at prices that will
insure their speedv taking off. Don't fall to step
in and i? quire the price of anything you way want
in the way of
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!
When people want anything in this line they know
thai we alwas have the Lino est stock, the best
goods and lowest prices.
To be bo understood and are determined to keep up
our reputation.
In this department we call special attention to our
stock of Spades, Shovels, Pi tch Forks, Briar Hooks.
Boxing Axes, Grub Hoes, Plow 1 ,5nes, Back Bands,fce.
Don't fail to get our prices on these goods before
l B J . ' A K IT A E "F
Takes his plaejin the mythology or the present,
in H we look back with pleasure on the successful
year just closed, and 1 ok forward with hope to the
Z?.V0 C?me hivemade many new friends
?end n78 JP u o W ones. To them all we
- the l.appy
KE9 than ever
... i .

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