THE CAUCASIAN. rcBUsno svebt tiiceidat UAlHON BUTLEIt, Kdltor & Troyr. Entered in the rost-OEce at Clinton K. C, as Second-Class Matter. Show this Paper to your neighbor and advise him to subscribe. Catesrlptlon Trice $L00 per year in Advance, CLINTON, N. C JAN. 10, 1893. ABDBKW JOHNS02I DKMOCItACY. Bhall the currency of the country le legal tender issued and its volume controlled by the government, or shall it be non-legal tender issued and 9fdrolled by banking corpora , i a it i The Democratic papers Imve We hareordered a press, it i . , thn Prtnn!ut rote will be to pay for by Feb. 1st. been puwwuns EDITORIAL BRIKFS. Renew your subscription to Tub Caucasian. The National Watchman says that Washington is filling up with lobbyists for the Nicaragua canal steal. Did you turn over that new leaf on Jan. 1st 1893? Did it Btay turned over ? If so, what bonit? Gov. Elias Carr was inau gerated yesterday. It cost the tax payers" of the State $500. yesterday to go through with the operation. Just think, The Caucasian from now till January, 1894, foi one dollar. Don't miss anothe: copy. Send us your name at once. Note how promptly the Leg islature noted down that bill to make the railroads pay ior stock killed. The railroad lobbv is of course on hand. The People's party carried every township in Wake county except two, yet the machine politicians managed to count a majority for themselves. Thj develment was done in Raleigh. Senator John Sherman says that he endorses the silver plank im the Democratic plat form. This does not surprise haven't raised enough nfon er yet to foot, the bill, .but it must be" done inside of the next two weeks. .... If you are due anything, please send at once. I f you are not please try to get us up a club." Let every body help. Cv "j v The truth "shall be told and when the people kndw the truth then justice, will be done. The Caucasian will turn on the light. Be sure your neigh bor reads it. Help 'us : to push its circulation into every neigh borhood ; in North Carolina. Get us up a. club and help us and the cause of reform at the same time. , . The last Legislature com menced certain corporation re forms, but did not get through. In the last campaign the Demo crats claimed to be in favor of all those reforms. , They have now at least a good working ma jority in the Legislature. They have now a glorious opportunity to show whether they are for the people or the railroads. The Messenger had some thing to say -a, few days since about the scarcity of Alliance reformers in that section. For the information of the Messen ger we will state that we have idded 198 new subscribers on our books during the, last week, and that even twenty of them .vere at the Wilmington, N. C. jffice. 000. When the returns vert? open ed in the Legislatnro last week it nno LOUCKS doing good womc. Cfce of the first fruits of Yrml lent Loacks exce nublscan-cvery mother's son tf of actions again puDHcan j miard I panics for the mt- ' thorn and put none "n llent management T . . rt ,,r Fnrmprs Alliance i was 47,810 not a single DemraticccsoiAitonof the Nebraska State them and put ... lbn of a d but ..tuose -win j - 1 Mr. Norton, when the party needed mem. paper in the State has commented j 4l. witb iha v. F. X and I on. the fact. How many raoro tj . ThLj U onlv Western State thotuind votes were actually castj - to this time has not been we will never know. Sec in i organized with the N. F. A. and L efcir litter this week whetv the ,Tep ;j,nl LoucU is to bo con- EIoceo voted down a bill reaai"nSltulatea in hu success. nocso mteliigeut and comietent juogea of election. The machine wants a chance to do some more coanting two years from now. The man who will steal your vote deserves more to bo in the penitentiary than the man who steals chickens from your hen roost. . The National Alliance meet ing at Memphis advised subor dinate lodges to use educational exercises in their meetings. This is a good idea. A series of less ons beginning on the "Powers and Functions of Government," onrl hrnnrhinf Ollt HltO at - " f5 is a nrowmg There sentiment that Bro. Loncks will ably and impartially fill the place of Bro. Polk, and that the AlHanca made no mistake in his selection. YES THERE ARE A FEW WHO BKLEIVE IT. No sane man believes that Cleve land's great vote was du i to his in creased personal popularity nor to any improvement in the Demo cratic platform oyer that of 1888. The votes weri negativa. They were a protest against the party in 1 1 power and not an indorsement of fko Tipmivratie candidates or plat- thoughtful study ot government; , Democratic candidates or pi economy, would be a valuable j Qrm jjad the millions who voted aid to the reform organizations bjinJly in protest against the con of the country. We are glad to tinuatioa of the Republican party know that L. K. Taylor, Na-ier believed there was any tional Secretary-Treasurer of the Farmers' Alliance and In dustrial Union,' will devote his to this work for the T T ' f . 1 1, next year, liis editorial wur on the Toiler, and his campaign book entitled ."Clevelandism vs. Democracy," shows him to be capable to give the subordinate lodges some good thoughts. He proposes to make his les son leaf to Alliance lodges and reform clubs just what the In ternational Sunday-school lesson is to the country. The lesson mr will be clasified under four heads, "Subject Matter," "Points for chance for the People's party their ballots would 'Jiave been cast for Weaver and Field. Thev didn't want to "vote in tho air." Now thoy are doubting the wisdom of their choice, and if the People's party is true to .its. If two years hence all doabt will be removed, and the discontented millions. will We especially desire that those fellows Uio feel themselves above speaking to colored men should they visit Washington, be turned out. Turn them out and put in colored men here who voted for your party." Now would it not be well for George Herring (col.), of this county, to give a little timely ad vice like the above to the Demo crats ? He worked hard to give them enough Negro Domination' to save the Democratic ticket in Sampson, and they ought to lis ten to him. He has a right to advise, and a right to be obeyed by them, RALEIGH LETTER. The Doings of the General Assembly. (Special Correspondent) Raleigh, N. C, Jan. 17, '03 Very little has been done by the General Assembly since I closed my last report on Tuesday night the 10th. The following are some of the more in The Alliance has forced the Democratic party to admit that the conditions we complain of axist. The Alliance raised the point of money famine and de manded an increase of the cur rency. When the Democrats offer to try to increase the cur- Discussion "Practical Points," rency and breafc the monopoly Questi0ns." a 1 m r- 1 1 I control 01 it oy starting state These lessons will be issued a 1 J 1 .JA. !.. I oaans, tney are admitting me twice a month and will be sent facts we state and the justness of tQ subordinate Secretaries thedemands we make, but just bundles of fifteen I 1 L 1 -I ? I "I line a a.uoDorn emit,, wueii you Subordinate Secretaries or in tell it the right way to do a cHviduals desiririg these lessons thinr it insists on doing it an- f distribution, should send L. other way. We shall see who is K. Tavlor, Washington, D. C, Mg '. ten cents, which is to pay the When the JJemocratic elec expense of enlisting and printing tors of New ork smet last their names. The lessons will us, for we can't see how any week, after going-through the 1 cost you nothing, every man in gold bug could object to it. red tape of casting their vptes your neighborhood should have We have sent a statement to fr Cleveland ; and Stevenson, one if fifteen is not en0Ufrh every subscriber on our books, j they passed a resolution endors send two dimes and get thirty. jvery onewno oweus anyming mg Edward Murphy lor .sen- stamps will not be taken. iiw vn0v iirnr riu vrnnfiu . J I ator. Cleveland went out of ins t Dltfinn wAmif of nnna I M k nn 1 ..IX I. I mrrnxr CI -fCkr HoTTQ 1 fTrt M DOT. f h it I . ---. nAi. mrmf, ho hrouftht to a rash I " "v otV" ViA 1 injiton, U. U. ".f - MvV v . Trw- rt . rv K -v 'M CH r. r I . iTxuipujr waa uut iui ocuu- Enough space will be given tor, and tne electors went out advertisers to cover cost of :ssu of their way to give Mr. Cleve- ance. Send for a bundle for your land a black eye. It's only a friends i m i I racKet oetween xammany and Leam to Labor and to Wait." in advance basis. Since the opening of the 52 Con gress there have been three deaths in the Senate as follows: Plumb, of Kansas, in December, 1891; Bar- i r,t TjAn ; To-t iqqo. I Wall street. The reonle don't nsiwnw nf Tnni.-A in rm take sides, thev are airainst The world moves slowlr W 1R92 both machines and both ma- Many men become discouraged . I i.;, " zjis ' - 'ii because thev cannot trinsr all TitrA iir..lrc orrn ' 'ill? IUit t c. tUUlCS UJLC UiiaillSL Lilt; ll.UUlti- -J - nv or in nn fHitnnnl tViA For when it comes to a contest 4h-4 XT kr Xi. 'waxrM aa'w true inwardness of this "good between the 'people and plutoc- road" racket. The reform uress 7 tneir maenmes act togetn of the country is taking up the j er matter. The National Watch- Mr. Fairchild, Secretary of man, published at Washington, the Treasury under Cleveland, D. C, in its last issue says : in an the rest .of mankind to see as they do. If such men would reflect, they would see that the very thing that they complain of is the safeguard of all perma nent institutions. If society IMPORTANT BILLS. In Senate. Mr. Leather wood, a bill au thorizing railroad companies to grant passes to persons traveling for orphan asylums in this State and to orphans going to and from these orphan asylums. Al ter the bill had rjassed its first rally around its standard in 1-96. reading Mr. Sherrill offered an National Watchman. amendment providing that the Yes there are some men who same provisions be extended to are parti v informed who believe it. the Soldiers' Home. Mr. Day Ed.T introduced an amendment pro- viding that railroad companies 1 11 1 11 1 L L THE INDUSTRIAL LEGION. snouia De aiioweu 10 gram passes to the members. He is wfe hfl?fr o rnilrnnrl ntfrrrfr nnrl This new organization was h- arntnAmtn ; rlnnhf in. made oy some oi tne leaamg tended ag a feeler; we will watch ixi t tno x cuic uxi vj whh interest to see ifthe members at iNiempnis, last lNovemoer jte during the meeting of the Na- Qn Wednesd the , , th Maj. tional Farmer s Alliance. AU Wi,son re.efected chairman -F 4- 1 r-k ni -m r r ity wr rv r-v rv t- n r ui pax ties, wxxu tuyiv Paxu of the Raiiroad Commission by lr- rv s -r-r r n - r r T--1 rx -fc TV -v fin I uiuiv uiguuauuu io n t vote of both houses. wnose past course, as workers a unranmn"t5n-fcenn fnr in the great reform movement, the inauffuration of Gov. Carr was is aoove reproacn. ruc noc- nflccp(1,r,f Tirdnr. The in- withstanding this fact, a few .. . tv nlnr. t. of our Alliance papers in the! w Prohahiv :f will ;nter. south have been disposed to I cf mnr At UmV fnr - a mi VOW VUl -wM.w w 4mw w condemn the Legion. This is ha rposes this money will be wrong, ine ooject oi tne ue- used. The items are as follows: gion, is to make the organiza- Band of music $150, for rent of civiA i iai- 0 a nan ijioo, carnage nire 50, to compact. Tne enemy we have pay expenses of State Guard tu to fight is well organized and conduct the Gov-elect to Raleigh perfectly united in every move IOO stationery and postage they make, now if we would $5Q, (pretty big unless they in jom them m successful con- tend to tv'rite and invite the Peo- flict, we shouli hail with ap Dle's Dariv folks servants 8?o. i . T .i i r r j - provat every measure caicuia- jf were Governor I would ra- tod to give us the strength of lher have this 500 added union. I col We cannot afford to con-ner demn the efforts of any man, Mr- Cooper, a bill to give jus or men whose object is to pro- tices cf the peace jurisdiction in mote tne growtti and strength cases Gf cruelty to animals. rvr v rt rv mr r-w r - -, -w w w a-. k - . U1 tuc A CU1J10' P1 1U Senate bill refrardinfr issn nr TTnitpd -Rtalfis.- In thntis nnr .f .....i 0 . , 0 . auaenments wnen actual ser- nope ior tne luture 01 tne re public." The Truth (Tex). n v. i a 3 ... fr If ...... ..-f v ; ,n crimeof b-ganu . By snmt-, i, a 227, laws of 1,750 of the Code .. L ' . uce 10 lenmnate U-ndan -Mr. Daniel, hili to -Jl ter 20 laws of 1S91, public roads of ty. Mr. Clark, to amend 2579 of xhcm Code, so as elude married persons rents of il!ei?itimntr r nit j - 0 ,-"'ur the benefft of the public $A If the State reconi2?v;j legitimate child as a V should it not be educated: A bill was passed to colored State Norma! from Warren ton to FranlV6 Bill prohibiting the ;) commissioners from anrjj ignorant and incompetent of elections was offered, C Houso refused to consider- .-M. .1 t 111 . laDiea dih at once does this mean? Can it me? the House is in favor of I 1 s ignorant ana incompetanti of elections ? Were the enough men in the bodv: in favor of fair elections tc the bill or at least to have f od the yeas and nays 011 j the people could see hci members stand on this H tant question? Probably the members were aware a fact that they would now I home if there had beet; election in their respective: tics. Bill to amend chapter 3: of 1885, relating to killing by railroads was offered k promptly tabled. This K some bill to protect stock z provide for the speedy pa; of the stock killed shoi passed. -it Could be easilv moved bv the : ,t 1 j f nitcx vxcw u, xevv uuvs since I .,1 3 i r ..mi ttt 1 i i-i . 1 i -. - -j .-.. i.-. i. r 1; . .1 1 - "ine watenman minKs mere aiu tuai i uujtjunou w uie nr . coll rlace r or, is crtmci rnnrpn pn nhiprt in thp 1 i1oth cilt'si Vvtil i- I interest that has so suddenly de- lower the price of silver. SI0n 'ould 00 take the Pla veloped in good roads. Let ev- This is the most bold faced and So"ety can only be ery one oeware ui lucks wnen j . , meeting are held in the cities artless demagoguery- we have . i i . t I -.-. linn. TV i -V. t .-. . e ir. to Duiia gooa roaas in tne coun- cv tl "caiu- L11XJ uujwi ui xur. try. The leopard does not easily Bland's bill is to 'stop discrim change its spots. ination against silver so the J. H. Williamson (col.), who publishes a paper called the Ga zette, in the last issue says that "The Third party is dead and 1-i4 -.... 4.1 .-! . . 1 . ju;u uui iu cuui srrerrnpn nn the cooling board of public in-1 It is telegraphed from St. Louis that Grover Cleveland is in a syndicate to buy the street railways of that and other cities. Dan Lamont, William C. Whit ney and other "ref orm" Demo cratsare also in it up to their necks. They are associated of course, with a lot of Republi cans of the same kindey and here again we have illustrated the truth that there is no poli tics in plunder. It doesn't make any difference which party is in power as the trusts flourish as well under one as the other. price will stop falling. Mr. Fairchild's real objection to the Bland bill is that it would tend to bring silver to par with gold, or rather to lower the premium on gold by taking from the yellow metal its "spe cial privileges" and tend fo bring it to a par with silver. Mr. Bland says do for silver what you have done for gold, but Mr. Fairchild is like the Irishman in court when he said tothe JudgeP'By the .faith and the .Jesus,, j ustice is .wh a 1 1 a m afraidof." slowly moved by great, general causes. Great reforms result from the pressure of great evils. This pressure drives all the peo ple affected by it to think and act. All that reformers can do is to assist in arousing and di recting thought and action. If the great evils of which we com plain to-day are genuine, their pressure will continue and in crease, and the reformer who "possess his soul in patience," has not many years to wait for the reward of his labors. McElree's Wine ot Cardui and THEDFORD'S BLACK- DRAUGHT are for sale by the ioiiowmg mercnant ; Dr. li. H. Holliday, Clinton, N. C. vice cannot be had, has passed its third reading. Mr. Morton, of New Hanover, the democrats should have a bill to extend the charter of the them. Cape Fear and Yadkin Vail a v Railroad Company. In House Mr. Kitchen, a bill to estab lish State banks and increase the currency Banks and curren cy. Mr. Allen, a bill to define the dignation dead, dead." That duties of the judge and jury in sounds so much like Kingsbury, certain cases of negligence. O J fTM I'll . Jernigan, Ashe, Caldwrfl & .ine same a mil concerning Company, that if their faces son" of unsound minds P were blackened "one could not Chairman Allen, of the Judi be told from 'tother." Has Wil- ciary Committee of the House of liamson joined the "Negro Dom- Representatives has given notice ination" fraternity, or is the 1 . DU1S Delor said committee LaboveeditoriaJproductionsimply V the result of the training the 2' Democratic machine gave him committee in the Supreme Court auring tne campaign, -when he norary. was running for Congress as a , .Mr- Watson, of Forsyth, a Democratic side show to hlo ! Pr-ect prisoners confined . " r m lail nnA. V... r : liunn beat Stroud ? In the same ATw. 1",' paper Williamson assumes the a jy ' r 1 "ieu D aumoruy or probably he has By same, a bill to incorporate the riffhtV to ffivp fVio n, I t tit! . . ,. " ' . "10 inston aajem and Charles- crauc party some advice. He ton Ra.lrnnr. rm, says: "Now the Democrats are By 0le same, a bill to orovide u, . mem turn out every Re- a uniform rule for the limitation Notes. While the bill to appro::? 500.00 for the inaugural Gov. Carr was under co: ation. the member irot. mance remarked Uvete n certain element in this Uad would be glad to &ee Got.; Carr ride mule-back froi farm in Edgecombe coustr hook his mule outatthec:! of Capitol Square, and up and be installed into like a justice of the peaceo: Sheriff of a county. Mr. Self, of Chatham. m a to Known there was tol?. dancing, said" he was a Methodist opposed dancir.I did not think that 8I5O.OO4 people's money should hi for music; to encourage it. "What?" said a good crat trift nthpr i r!ri . viw , V v. shall not vote to reduce tie: ber of employees here. If I my way I'd eave a good pd posmon ior every around here' 1 our correspondent over tne lollovving convcrstion: "Lets find out who oSerf different bills," says a e r : I 01 a certain committee, Kepubliean offers it lets i it matters not how good it Yes," says another, the same with these Third fellows too." Mr. Quinn, a mexnbcil House frqm Swain coucf first assigned to a seat in ap position. The bosses thoi was a Democrat. Whefl learned he was one of tho hated reformers, the seat tv-i signed to some else, and; placed back in an undesirat-j sition. Whohas the right to! rv A- - 1 r . ) 2 uul me seats lor his pew. time a stop was put to th-i Tonus m. The 31 ost Pleasant Wr Of preventing the grippe, co! aches and fevers k to u-se ttc laxative remedy. Syrup of ever the system needs a p effective cleansing. To be WJ one must get the true remedy p factured by the California 3 Co. only. For sale by all drcgTj 50e. and $1 bottlesr J JKD BLACK-DRAUGHT tecure C -1 run nvsprrPSiAi , Iadljrestlon, and !?tomtcb rfll-i. All dealers keep it, fl per bottle Gef waue-mars ana croesea rea uae -

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