VA 1 i. ,1ait CAUCASIAN. H;I ,!:. N. C.,MAY 11, '.3. vm: county. ; , KoiH'', of Onslow .f tlx- Kins-y School . . i- viitintf frit-nd-i in vfiit into tin? hack M. Hollow II, a few -v-, ,.1 stolt; two fitur Ij.iiij;- h:it were shut 1 1 1 in a , , ;irktiowlt'ltfes tlii re , , itjitioii-! to attend th; an ,. , ii,-. !n !it.H of Hiim-'s .'iek ,, M:iv 11th, l'Vir Vi'w In" 2, 2. ; i t i I (.'.-irnlor Acad . J.'.ili. ir.wn is piittintr 'lown inoro of avin-r rii:iti-ri;l; this tii.w on . f l.. twc n Walnut and It niiikfsa f'nx: strict ami i !,-,t It is as cheap as any- i , ,- in u-e that is (lurahlc. ., . , ! .i ni l did not use his ,. , . t help carry tin- !. i , ( '!.v-land, whose money ., .' Will the man who .says m l who siiys he knows i- - liking about answer this 'i I'. Hiover who has ,. :, i r the Alliance in the ,,.,;,. into the oflico while on I;., mii- on Friday last. He ' In;,' news from the west , I, ... 4 I ,, -.Wll expression, un j n ,,'' wherever lie has been, lie i . 1 f..r the eastern part or me his WI'CK. i.iv uiornin? was cold enough lire feel comfortable. Tom said he should have had hi.- Kit on if it was not that he was 1 for bean blossoms. Ho Tit it would never do to wear r i oat at a time when he should yd on a linen duster. I felicities are selhnir at ;e a in the streets. If we had the T r r would indulge in that lux far a- .Vc to t i VJiii w; a uart or two would but we haven't it so we orcgo the pleasure of a it till blackberries get in eat them withou lovvn, wife of Mr. Zack , of the northern part of the !jed en Tuesday evening last. i .vn has been a great sufferer la live weeks; her death has lourly expected for two weeks re. She has borne her suffer th christian patience and for- 1 She leaves a husband and i . elv and interesting children rni the sympathies of the en ighborhood and a wide circle i are extended. TLo Jvm.-iins of It. 1. Johnson, of ' '.ilie, X. C. was brought down itcrduv for interment beside of fe i; Willow Dale Cemetery. ' wnion was a former citizen of ly. in fact he was raised here ' I the county- He moved to file some two vears asro. He . tide circle of friends and rela 'I this county- His wife a cr of the late John Hill and ft' Mrs. Jas. H. Wiggs and Ipps of this city died a year or . lie leaves several chil- 1 nf whom are irrown we be- an a man irets the best of a generally attribute it to ewdness, but we have just f a trade made in which one t the best of it, and it was not i t l il 1 . . 11. ss; it was 1UCK II mere is thing as luck A few nights thief went into Tom Par- LOW PRICE CONTiNUES The readers of The Cauca.ian doubtless remember when the Anti Ojtion lill was under dicu.sion in the United Stated Senate, the uK nents of t lie measure argued that, in the event of its passage, there would be a great depression in the price of farm products. The gambling class thronged in . M r lit the Johmes oi ".xHigress, ami me Anti-Option I 1 1 1 was defeated. While it wiw leiiig discussed the price of cotton gradually declined, attributable, as they argued, to the effect that would be produced on the market by the passage of the bill. Were they really sincere in thfcir argument, and in the lelief that the htoppuge of gambling in "futures" would depress the produce markets. Time has proved their arguments to have been based upon a falsi prem ise. The price of cotton has declined to a point lower than when the Anti-Option Bill was before Cong ress. IjisI year the Fpeculator coi tend- ed that there was an overproduction of cotton; and for that reason the price was below the cost of produc tion. This Year, notwithstanding the great shortage they argue that the low price is due to an increased acre age which they fay will be planted by the farmers The question which we can not fathom is: how on earth can the fu ture crop affect the crop of '1)2, when all that was made then will he consumed! And then it was paid that the price of cotton would advance as soon as the strike in England was ended. The strikes was adjusted, the op eratives resumed their work, thereby creating a demand for cotton, yet the price of the lleecy staple imme diately began to decline. It is also strange and singular that just at the time when the strike began in the English mills the price of COTTON" ADVANCED IN AMERICA. This was sometime in Jiovember. The silly, ilimsy argument that overproduction of cotton keeps the price down is all poppy-cock. Organized labor need never ex- as mm mm WRITES US ABOUT THAT ;N ONSLOW. GALA DAY ' UK M.4VS IT MIOKKII l.IKK AX .UI.I ACK KKI -KKKCTIOX HK I .- ikaiu Tin: kkmjkmkp.s hii.i. IOWN TIIK MACHINE, AND I ANXIlll S I'OK C'AIT. COKK TO III KKY IT WITH THAT STATE II A N K. lows ay Skinner made a powerful speech, oae said he like to make bitn crv. I don't know what this all means, hut one thing I do know, if ', "apt. Coke will jat pend us down a! fall I will b- satUfied. and my cry will x hurrah for Cant. Coke. State i-e i itt r banks. Free Silver, Finance, In- eiuci inai no wuaiu nereaiur rt - white nor: cuHr.i Oa Oflcr-krn-.U Ordr Mllht a I'armllvl la tar HUlvr; of Ihr . ra lurot. WA.MttXt.Tos, I. C. Mav, S.UJ. : sued a formal announcement t tl ie come Tax, and the State (maid what captured James City. Yours until death, Simon 1'. I. Jnk. Huw lit- Triril to Kt -. the I;nrjut lieui rrl from IIitrliiK the Kr-li-Tlire an OvTrt uctlon of Alliance Iin ttrr hnt U Would not Eat of ItTtie Mate .uartl liat Capturnl Jaiair Hichlands, N.C. May 4. 1893. Mi:. Hi tler, Deak Siu: I wrote you a letter some time ao about them State Banks Cant. Coke haid we were to have this spring. I saw you printed ray letter in your paper, but I aint fjot no answer ct. I reckon the Captain aint home is the reason; he may be off making Alli ance speeches. So I thought I would write you another and tell you about that gala day these Alli ance fellows had posted up on the trees every where for the 4th of May. Well, sir, it worried me at first but then I thought they did not know they were dead and perhaps that would satisfy them when they tried to have a blow and failed, so day be fore the 4th it rained and mowed all day, and it tickled we fellows to see how serious Dr. Nicholson, Joe llall, and Ned r rancks looked. So we kinder thought over the matter and said to ourselves they won't have over 50 or GO next day and that they had their "gala day ' the ,Jrd instead of the 4th from the way the wind blowed, and we expected it. would be raining next day, but bless your life it was as fair as a lilly. We had the thing fixed up, we had told our ten ants that were Democrat that these Third party fellows said they did not want no d n Democrats to eat their grub, so that made them mad and they stayed home and plowed just like we wanted them to do, and a few of we intelligent fellows went out to see their doings. We scare our boys telling them these party fellows are trying to get another war. So we got out there early to see if anybody did come. So after a while Jim Crvanaugh come up rid ing a little Texas mule, got off and hitched him to the fence. He looked nighty lonesome, and we fellows smiled to ourselves, but it want long before some more come and they kept a coming and then we wished then it had er rained. They began to caucus in Steeds back lot, and first thing we knowed out they come on horseback. I did not see any guns, but I got a little uneasy. They AEHAIUOt-THE Tlil TH. The liak-igh News A; Observer f May 7th said: Marion Butler, the Third Party ad vocate and the apostle of discord, is to hold forth at Holly Spring". But ler is a plausible talker and counts largely on stirring up the prejudices of the people. Our people ought to leave him severely alone- He his always worn a disguise and now goes about as an AHianceman while his chief purpose is to advance third party ideas and organization. We had to light him last election and will have to do it again. Does not the News & Observer want the people to hear lth sides? Can it not trust the reorle. To sav the people are not intelligent enough to decide for themselves afUr hearing both sides is a slander on the good people around Holly Springs. The X. & 0. want3 men who voted the Democratic ticket to stay away from the meetings. That paper is afraid that they will hear some truths that it can't answer. Well if the men who voted the Democratic ticket will read and hear nothiug except the stuff that appears in the Xews & Observer, they will be -pretty apt to vote every time the way monopoly wants them to. It seems to us that the X & O at one time tried to raise a howl and claim that Alliancemen would not hear both sides. We are willing and anxious for the people to hear and read both sides. That is the way tor the people to arrive at the truth. The Xews & Observer is certainly very scared and must have a guilty conscience when it falls back on such a cowardly plea as the above. c-ive no oHee-jk ker at the Whit- IIouo. The notice wan in the fol lowing word": Kxeci tivk Mansion. May i. It ha Iw eoipe apparent, after two months eXieriencc, that the rules heretofore promulgate! regulating interviews with the President have wholly fai!d in their operation. The time under which those ru! was set apart for the reception of Senators and representatives has 1 to plcace iuch men ia iht I gUU f tare, who should hate rt-ftccted bon ior, itiitead of difhonor, on our State, ; irmpectivr of rarty a&Uiatioi, jre not so much furprimi at one Uf the unjust, unholy and Jifrimi ' rating lrplatiou enacted by that ; partisan tody. We thought that : there a eomethinj i!rk Uhiud the curtain that would U rvAealed ; during the tttin of the legislature. It jeais that ccrv Mr Hon of our Kl'ITOK Cai asian:-Iu compliance tale 3 alii to! with haUot-Un witn your rtf-uest to write up our manipulators oar own omul v. C'Aii AslAN for publication, 1 t'nd the following imperfect report: On Wednesday evening in com- JllAHCK JTOgT. U rr erwjr lni. in eTrry Kota ctime of rrI or huraan tat HjLcwitror-n' the ruM ol man. Kn now wotne !iM! er Knthrorw tht wron. t!u th knoe. While iier rrin twi-r sLor. .tii roniioit nt i . 1 1 1 an i. Tar H-t (nauty Me: ling tiro. Mrm Imt i-alk. SrMUEuriCLt, N. i., April -1. tJ, pany with Bc. W. H. Case, our vice President and Li two charming dangbu rs, the wriUr s-t out to at- bet-n almost entitely spent in listen- tend the quarterly meeting of (iuil ing to applications for office which ford county Aliitnce. We stopd have been bewildering in volume, over nijrht with Bro. Phillip Thomas pect anything in the way of relief unless they support their organiza tion, and zealously defend their principles. The interests of urban and rural labor are identical, and there should be more unity, sympa thy and harmony among them. Cap ital is thoroughly organised, and la bor, in order to secure justice and equal rights, must remain oiganized, active and energetic. perplexing and exhausting in their iteration, anol impossible of remem brance. A due regard for public duty, which must be neglected if the present! conditions continue, and an observ ance of the limitations placet! upon human endurance, oblige me to de cline from and after this date all personal interviews with those seek ing apjkoint merit to office, except as I, on my own motion, may especially invite them. The same considera- near Oreeusboro. and spent the time most pleasantly in the hospitable home of this veteran of the great cause of reform. Thursday morn ing was rainy and everything be spoke a disagreeable day. It was nearly noon when we arrived at McLeausville Academy, the place of meeting. Here a goodly number of the sturdy sons of the soil, togeth er with many representative of the fair sex had assembled, in spite oT the rain, (which continued to fall tions make it impossible tor me to during the greater part ot the day) receive those who merely desire to to enjoy the public speaking, the pay their respects except on the days picnic and a geueral good time soci- iind during the hours especially ties- all v. ignated for that purpose. The ladies of McLeansville know 1 earnestly request Senators and now to tempt the appetites of their Representatives to aid me in securing brothers at all times, and they did for them uninterrupted interviews not go ba-k ou their record upon by declining to introduce their con- this occasion. There was plenty stituents and friends when visiting and to spare. In the afternoon Bro. the Executive Mansion during the Case delivered his quarterly address hours designated for their reception, which contained much good practi- Applicants for office will only prej- cal advice and many w ise sugges- udice their prospects by repeated tions which, if followed, would re importunity and by remaining at suit in great good to the order in our Washington to await results. county. Ilou. J. M. .newborn or the ( J rover Cleveland. State Executive Committee waa then The bold and unexpected action introduced as the orator of the day oy iro. i iavis in a lew erj of the President slaggered every body. Congressmen and office-seek ers refuse to express their opinions. They simply say that the action is without precedent. The desire for office makes cowards of men, so they appropriate remarks No words of mine can properly describe the ex cellent address to which we listened for about one hour and a half. It had to be heard to be fully appreci ated. We were carried almost spell bound through a touching and pa will not say what they think. The thetic review of those long and Senator Hoar made a speech at a banquet in Boston a few days since. He said that he had full confidence that Cleveland would protect the all put out up the road, and then credit of the government and keep Ned Erancks he got in a buggy and L, ' , -,, , .,, away he went feeling like he weighed the finauce3 sounL 1 he TeoPle W1 j1 400. It want long before I seed him remember that Hoar is the Kepubli coming back just a tearing with a can senator who fought so hard for all thise fellows on horseback right the Force bill in the last Congress, after him. Somebody said it was A few days since Gov. McKiuley oi WHO PAYS THE PENSIONS? The cost of pensions, we are told, is some ICO millions a year. They say that the money to pay these pen sions is collected from yon under an iniquitous tariff and carried to north ern pockets; that this pension fraud Col. Skinner, so I thought it was the calvary coming, and I come jam nigh leaving the place, but the other fellows told me to hold on, they would see me out, so I did, but by that time the whole village was in a work with people, and I wished it had er rained, so we caucused a lit tle and decided we would hear what days since Gov. McKiuley of Ohio said that he had full faith that Cleveland wound protect the finan ces of the country and maintain honest money and a gold standard. The people know that McKiuley is the author of the McKmley high tariff bill and made that his hobby people will in this connection remem ber the famous order of the Post- office Department a few weeks hence, that no more information was to be given to the public. gloomy years that have passed since the war. e had brought vividly to our minds the evil effects of the un just discrimination against the farm ers and laboring classes in our Na tional and State Legislature, and were brought face to face with the RECKLESS LYING. deplorable condition or anairs xuai I iivits tt n ti jiliirmimr fYtent in Olir The North Carolinian says that beoved count ry to-day. It seems J. C. L. Harris has become a con- to mo that no member of the Alli- tributor to Farmer Maryauu Butler's ance could have listened to those paper, and regards this as an evidence earnest appeals in behalf of truth of the nearness of the republicans and justice, those lucid enunciations and Populists to each other and as of the great pnnc.ple.s of our noble Chowan, hud its share. Mailt of it honct voter who had the ttmrip" to vole &v their cotitieuoe dicta ted, were roblied of their vote. Sme of the wicked robbery occurred under the observation of the writer, who failed not to exposed the rHr trator, publicly, on the qot. We U-!iee the wicked conspiracy to dethrone the Alliance was con ceived of, eveu before our lat county Democratic von vent ion, and that the Democratic "I.ieuteuants" were apprised of the fact, which caused them to make such strenuous effort to nominate odd bugs ex-Conpre-men and many others who were not in sympathy with the Alliance and ... its reform ideas. All honor to you, our noble State President and other Alliauce officer who put in a timely interference and demanded a hearing in behalf of our order. While vou did not get the amendments as you recom memht', that would coer all ex pressed objections to the old charter, we Uliee that you hindered, iu a incisure, the consummation of that centcniptible conspiracy. Wonder if some 'disinterested visiting States man" was not the father of that i!e plot? The action of the I gis'ature did not bury the Alliance in my county, although it was slnttered very much during the last campaign and elec tion (which were enough to demora lize the whole country.) Our Subs, are now taking on new life, many wandering ones are returning to the fold, our prospects are brightening continually. With such UAd and aggressive pajvei s a Til K Ca Uoasi a X and Progressive Farmer circulated freely among the laboring classes of the people, much good will be ac complished bv wav of infusing a spirit of manliness and independence KACLK IWAND THE ROOFING I t84N-aald for Uoa. lUrn. Fac tory or lut bddic. and cot half the pn- of hiujrlc. tin cr iron, tt i rvady for um. and tadjr applied by any one. Sr-nd Mauap fr uip!. and tte tuit of roof. Kt tlMot Pivt A U'-rto Co., I-r;t. 12. l-V Duane St., New York. N. . may! 3tm. nx. Prvthrm have each a irtrat duty to H rform in tin reform tiht. Krry tulo i won, . cry cau r tniu fc I Uiadr t irf by ech individual, whi-tht-r oll.rt r r private in the rtoil. tbing hi full duty. When earh re form rr work a if the ttlrcrmof the morrmrnt dl-nd on what he eiuld do, then f will win. If all lire idle e are hift, if all work, we are afe. Have you induced a frMn to join the Alliance? Have you gotten a ubcrlr fr a reform pajH-rf If not. jou imit! 1. M. P. l I. Ml IHt ( ahirrua Com Ml .lillUorr My Hilt. C.NcokP, S. C., May Ut, IU Mk. Kl'JToti" Pica givo th fol lotting notice a place in your col umn : The Caharru County Alii ance in railed to meet in the court house in Concord on Saturday the KUh at '2 o'clock p in. lK-lrgate are urgel to te pre.,nt. J- li. WiMTr., President, Brother Butler' vtit to our coun ty meeting did u irreat giol ; we had the bet meeting we have had in a long time. The Order i taking on new life throughout the county. J. II. W. I nla CuhhI). (iutisu Creek Alliance No. lll'Ji cu a boom- Six now member have been received recently and ten or twelve more restore.!. We are in a better condition than we ever were hefwre. C.J. BkasWELL. ioi:s mit tt:t: ii A no tim. io. Mi Kinlry Ihr Anlhnr of lHt lllh TarllTlw Kmlor- ( lrrtMt. ( Wahiti-tou PiMt.) Buffalo, X. Y., May .". iv Mc Kiuley, en route to Columhun, Ohio, from ltoston, Btopped in thi city a short time to-dny In an interview publisheil by the Time thi after noon the governor snil: "There i uo danger of a panic or any danger of serious alarms. It i one of the little Hurries liable to come upon the people and an admiuit ration at any time. Ihey come like the thief another indication of the probability of their making common cause next year. Charlotte Observer. It is no evidence at all tor it is a lie out of the whole cloth. Mr. mutual ties that bind us together in one common brotherhood, without being a better AHianceman than ever before. Bro. Mewboin's ad dress closed the public exercises, and the Alliance then went into among the voting jiopulation of our ,n "t). night, people at time create county. The Caucasian is making its mark wherever it is read. Continue to turn on the light, and educate your readers ujvon economic princi ples and all will be well. Fraternally W. B. F EI. TON". a panicky condition of affair, when they is eally no occasion for it. I he most dangerous of it all is the effect it has on the poorer classes. They grow impatient and take then- money from savings banks. These thing are always unionunaie, especially so when there is no apparent reason for it. 4Vi-wt h n I 4 i- o r t V - . - . ! i lAnvi,nn(- 11 it . I in f hA OomTQ1,Ti The wind was blowing right hard ; 111 uuKll" 1U "" """rs- Xow what does this showr Is it not and they had heard we Democrat Methodist were not going to let them nw-tAl v-n ill llMill n Tl H- f r 1 Tl 1 1 smiled again to ourselves. But sir, publicans have been together on the clear that the Democrats and Re- they did not say a word about a house to speak in, they just took the old campaign stand and put it side of the school house and soon every thing was ready, and they tapped thus drains the South and keeps you the bell and the crowd gathered, and noor. Fow if vou buv imported we fellows kinder moved up closer i i j. i 1 i. k Dr. Cy Thompson had got back from ; goods, subject to duty, you pay the , JLt wll 1 h hnA LPI1 to wake.! tariff; otherwise, you do not. But the great mass of the common peo ple, who are hard pressed to keep hunger and nakedness at bay, buy no imports and pay no tariff. Hence, if you belong to this class, you con tribute nothing under the tariff to pensions, "visiting statesman," "pon derous senator," and what not to the the west where he had been to wake up the Alliance, he introduced that Mr. Skinner what was to do the talking. lie riz, he" did and com menced to talk mighty clever like, so I got a little closer. He is a pow ful fine looking fellow, but I had made up my mind I did not care what he said he could not change me, and I did not believe he could any of the rest of us fellows. But let me tell you, he is a smart fellow, for John Mets said so and he tells all us contrary notwihstandiug. The tariff fellows how to do. Mr. Skinner mav force vou to contribute, not up- started off mighty slow, but after he 1, - i i . ii, got warmed up he fairly raged. I on the roreigu article, but upon the hi ma t him 0 Sunday iu.-,.-.. TTitMi innl dnle six or domestic, which vou buy; and your school when he was a boy, fori tell i-ad of cabba-e and left ly- contribution goes not into the treas- you he knowed all er bout Moses 1 , . , - TT ., . c,, , , . - . saving his people, and I reckon he Tpn an uncut head a box con- ury of the United States, but into thinkg he is going to save his people money question all the time and that they agreed together to fight the campaigns on the tariff and the force bill and to keep the people ignorant of the money question. In short the ' money power is running both parties and furnished money to both alike for campaign purposes io keep up a fuss over force bill and tariff to keep public attention from the money question. Xo matter which party won, the gold bugs and monopolists are taken care of! When the reform movement started expressly to fight the present Gnancial system, of course the money power turned its full bat teries on it. Harris has never sent a contribution to "Farmer Maryann Butler's paper" sundown, and coming together again jy determined upon in causus by nor has eveu a line he has ever written ns tua., which "I don't credit this talk about hard CabHi-ruH County. Uinwa Tlii eontO rv linn inn nmnv The Cabarrus County Alliauce in resources and too much money, session at Mt. fiilead feels called up- Besides that, the people irrespective on to make a statement regarding of party affiliations have too much the action of our State legislature, confidence in President Cleveland. with reference to the Alliance They would stand by and hold up private session, holding until nearly charter. A bill having been previous- hm hands in every possible way hi.: v vu our charter should be The President and Cabinet are in continuing until after midiiirht. , a better position to know the cause appeared in as far as we know. This when the body adjourned to meet repealed was orougnc into ine and effects of a stringent money being so we simply state it as a fact, with Deep River sub-Alliance in our y .'" TKe ,,,a" ftn ou"e -fn T? i-Wo ,,.v -;n t, r July meeting. The reports from the hearing before a committee; no They hnve the mean within their 15ut LHE Caucasian win not re- different subs were of the most en- debate was allowed upon it, and it grasp of getting at the true eon fuse a communication from a lie- Ar9m'n nhir tanv Alllaneoa nticaPil ita third reftdintr in a few ditiofi of affairs. If necessary lie was a lie"couraging nature. Many Alliances passed its third reading in a nublican or a Democrat simrdv on in arrear of dues came up and set- minutes. This legislation account of his politics. If we believe tied, some being more than a year going on uot 0Qy without the , - 4 I - - behind. The greatest enthusiasm degire of Alliancemen of the "ud.ur , and pertect harmony prevailed and StaU? but without their knowledge, , we will publish it eKe T!?il,Vtt. lf,K. The bill affected more people than an article states facts and interest of truth necessary could convene Congress for tho repeal and enactment of such meas ures as would give any needed relief. There is no question about acting when he and hi advisors deem it necessary. In my judg ment the duty of the people at thin time is to continue in the even tenor of their ways and all will facts or truth in their statements. l mi. i ti: I JL iic Kfiki aut. iajva uivi v vuwi, i uun But the point we make is that pa- . , , 'v. .? , .. . ... . any other brought before the legisla- pers like the Carolinian and the Ob- to the thought." The fact is we are ture, and was decided upon in . l,.,,- rr..T-t fnr hflff nn mi? to ra v from the chill secret caucus, oarrin-; ail uisuua- BCl t CI OCVTlil. IU HUfYKi 11U Jt,"l I . o " - . . . I . .... w . , . , I it I ' that came over us dunner the last sion. rne Oill was sent to tne come uui wen mm nKuw election eamnaicn. Unon a whole Senjifp. and no doubt would have we had one of the best, if not the been rushed through that bodv at The Monarch of Populist papcra VHOSAYSWE ARE DEAD? best meeting in our history as an A I- once had not our State Prcsi- is The Boa l, a big 8-page 5C-colunin The Populist of Lincoln, Neb., nance, and our sister counties may dentand other friends- demanded a (o platej lllusirated weemy pajer, 1 I Aoiint nnnn old liiiilii Ford to I akft her I . . .r, , . ., ... . I C ..::... .1 .t.:i..... .ru.t.a made a clean sweep, in the city elec- u!7natthe wheel of reform when- tUa, .ot wa? J ! ? , 7 i anu eaiu ino uui viuuiu vo..; v v - -j- -- They refused, to dishes up an editorial column thai firwi-i ' Tn iirrwnincrtrn V is., t.hpv I puat lipr snrvipps urn Tippded. In thfi I "u blxli doubled both thetwo old narties . meantime let us invoke the blessings paw as it was. a iuiu me umsiuLs - '.... ' ..,. I.: il r.h,,, .... f AiJo-hfTT Hn,i n ,,r lat.ors Hnve anv reason except that some """K c...wufe. rM They carried Liberty, Spring Port, and pray for the return of those were afraid they might be respon- $l-00 for eight months with the halcyon days of the by-gone past sible for debt of the Alliance and famous, iu wio.b, nee. when every man was master of his some wanted their money from the I Hend 4 cents in stamps for sample CkvelandOUoforMay;,, The, 3. "Zm CoIoniJo. ' .i 1 4-vr .oxn nt Poll. nrwnnla no fl.A inoltan A V.ln 1 i 1 . P V and Henrietta in Jackson county Mich. They pollel over 5,000 votes in elected city officers in Oakland Cali fornia, makingover 1,000 gain3 since the last election, and yet you are regarded as the inalienable birth- TM:n 10 mfian, tre ,na a . ailf.t ureiureu lei , . , . - The Wilmington Star nay that full set of violin strings the private pocket of the home man- for he told about a little fellow go- M have cost him fifty or sev- ufacturer, be he Democrat or Ilepub- ing ahead of the army with the nag ,,,, ..le- he got the lica. Th,3 the imltlity of the tl Ltll lil U. Li V. LUIO VAjJiuiuu - J - I lJ til O aiiu UU ivm a.xw v 7 I . . . . 1 1 1 Administration whether Democratic bring the men to tne nag and saia as now ne naa uone mai m ma yaiij it may Tom is better off by twenty-five cents. Tom says ir back an d steal another or KepWican, controlled by its noi- and when they called him to come 4ul I-ave the violin he will con- then element, leaves the tariff as back he told them to come to him burdensome as when they found it. He talked a whole lot about sub- if the revenue raised oy tne tarin is - u'k t me he was telling of 4mselr in hick indeed. W!'ir ..I ...11 .. . 1. M i- tol-fl T niiuuiu aueuiin iw 1 (-.Ann fff aaa If iu 1 .. , i : i. i: !, prevented from y ' , I , anA nnr See in another column a washing ton special giving Cleveland's official order closing the White House in the teeth of the hungry office seekers who howled, lied and cheated all, for aiid eao-er for the fray. the dear party's sake last fall. It is a pathetic picture. e extend to jverv subscriber who lets his time them our sympathy. run out and gets marked off, when wivttf aP iTOrv iif i inn L l LLki, Vi. CI CI V1L1 iiCili A" 1 vllilLU ivl - . i J i t t IfpriSIiltlOn. rJZTZVZ 'Z Jff n,or i -r.o am,na.3 worcoffere,! . th. .urpe,ie .,,,. i vor, Ml. bpJiKr h.ld bv those who would have star of hone arise in silver crested the omcers of the State Alliance w hy does not tne mar give an ex- vou believe it that the People's Party beauty, followed by the golden seep- covering all that Fas asked for. planation! It would not uurpris u , , , . . , , tered sun of peace, and the gentle This should have been satisfacto- to hear it say that an overproduc- aie ueau. mc uic uuu I winds nf brother v Invn wi waft to - ...f if n-ao nnt tn i inu uhn even sleeping. We are wide awake, our hearts and homes the unmeas- 1 lit .!".. 1 . -p urea Diessings or nappiness ana pros perity- O. U. IjANE, Secretary. CHOWAN COUNTY' fe. and is only pr I'v others, who said, there was no money and our . i i ii vi 1 1 i it-- 1 1 1 1 r. ii r i u li uv.a uuy . i t are content r i gtuff brings nothing. He talked !v c-ivinir vou noinsr. it crats ueciare, oi in e uuiea mai hniffhtv honest to the colored people, not stand that man in hand by nianfactures protected by the tar- he said the whites were the highest around sat you very uaa, ana "you muo minions or uonars. 11, more- i, mifr, woll TTo tnl.l n ught to grumble much; we over, as the Democrats allege, the about the constitution from way igged you alittle." When if he rulii0us decline in prices and values, back, and when he begun to call up lave had his way, it would the eeneral sta?nation and lack of P'0"? ?S t r 1 . ,1.1 a UUUU SUU ill! . X ttllltlV 11CU1 Y OUU nn murder, now aooui mei . . anA flia otiqqo aiid nnv- I T fnnt T Vtrxrin tn trot tion of turpentine was the cause. I AM STILL IN THE ETtTG. he renews asks us to send him the The wicked Act of ti LegiMiature k-j a prencv and all connected with it i r mi. o...i, T I . I uoHed. I . . - .. vr. rus j-nompbou, ouiie back copv or copies that he missed, t m,,, n OT1. Tlri in jeopardy, and that lor no other Aml Rm uinr Pure North Caro- turer, has sent in an article replying , ,p !,, in doinp-this when e,n ii.Tnrn' i.,.uJ reasou but that they hated tuft ijDa Corn Whiskey a low as tho A a . I lKorin tvamI.1 tir.f have 1 . .!! - ,l . w ll vf., i .....". . I.l-jrorl in d.i tho H;itnpuith a mon. StAfk nf WhiitkieK: Itran- paper would like to hear from thel , .. fr,. . . . h. - - ... - ... ltJY'ffl 'I Hlkt H .41 1 . 1 1 1 1 I... A II 1 . . . . I . - " would destroy our organization. They added amendments injurious in their nature, having nothing to do with the ends they professed to seek. They hae added amend ments which put our Business to Congressman Grady. Tt is crowded out of this issue again. But it is good and will keep. It will surely be in next issue. t man in hand oy nianiaciuiea pruteutcvi uj mc u- ne saia tne wmies were iu uiguci saving, we did iff, the yearly cost of the tariff i s and they must rule, but they ought ij in -it e i n t to give justice to the colored man. 1 bad, and "you 1200 millions of dollars. If, more- ih 5n-.v wpll. He told us tli lobe Stevens, in his justin- avorwa7uovo At rA rhieflv uneasy for I had never seen so many , , , . , - , - v , - people in Richlands m my hie seem t,,it..Ti aii;. v,,aon n. uuv- v,-....v, - ' like. 1 he v said tnere was a tnou- of his course in the legislature , il ll.. 1. 1 1- , .1, I J J T 1 .V. ,1 T 1 ... . . tlieil Llie WIIUIC UUOL UJ. euuu a tanu sanu. auu X iecii.JU luoic naa, ai j. "euig guilty or repealing iue :,,-. thnnht from what our fellows had -r i no ii nnr tit mvm iiimii -i- i i i i ii i iiii ih t - - norm amending it. it ne "7" Z 7-7 said they had buried them i party i - - - I AAa mi ll II I 1111 An Til HIT II U MM II I " . . ave had his wav. the charter vai, w w imu.uuo u.vulu, head-foremost face foremost ana h " I . T t il TV i - I .v 1 il - A it T : iiiavo been taken awav. and may be more, lime uemocrus are every otner way, ana mat me uegis- ' i - ...I., . i i-ii-i ,i 1 1 . lature naa Kiiieu me Auiaut-c, uui I if they did this was resurrection day copies ATTENTION TRUCKERS ! Several hundred of our subscribers will not get the next issue of The Caucasian unless they renew be- The Best line to Ship by A IUer from the Secretary of the Trucker' Association. east. Our manv who do not belong to the order, I join in with reformers of other parts of the btate in condemning tne action of the recent State Legisture (more properly called the partisan Demo- j ISnecial Cor. to The Cavcasias.) t am in reeeint of a circular letter cratic Legislature) in its cowardly tween now and then. It pains us to from the Secretary of the "Truckers and unholy attempt to repeal tfce mark a name off. but we can't run and Produce Association' advising charter of the Alliance liusiness the paper any other way. No subs truckers not to ship by the A. C. D. Agency fund. We have believed, Liine. nis reasons are as ioiiows : for a rood while Past, that the 1-Jem- to the attack This Line terminates at Jersey City, ocra tic part v was opposed U criberof The Goldsboro The Hudson river divides New York Farmers Alliance. Its recent I t t ..,.. rni T : Caucasian will ever get a dun from ".V"-- t,7I " "L .Cl upon its charter is very clear proof is sayiug "what is all the fuss sincere in their professions of solici- f Oh: Tube, you will find out tude for the popular welfare, why -th them for it seemed to me each pi the fuss is about some of Mont they proceed at once, now that one had not only scratched out mm- -dJS- a rinmt." to fnve the sen dui naa aug up iwo mor uu v7u7 rr i - 7- j brought em along with him, and Aorta Carolinian complains pe0ple relief by cutting down pen- wllfiTfhfi Wun to call up those old - abuse a Democratic Legisla- 8ions and the tariff ? An extra ses- men way back yonder and ask Well, when we criticise and r,: p Qoa k in mar and them about constitution my pants be- ' I DIUU Ui sJ112ZlX:oa UTUU xaatw -. rt -r i eC it we give our reasons for not deferred till ftmtember miht ?tlZ itTll i, -it- i . . I : nuuuwviio F"!- "fl " ii -i ue uruiimau wnen " have prevented if built that wayj had I should have lett that crowa f praise that body give some the additional robbery of more than and er "burnt .the wind." After sfr.. -l tt I J .he trot throuffh that, little t . u. - u. now many xcu0 iuuu million of dollars. The people Ko0ce, which is going to get Mr. gve why North Carolina are beginning to enquire whether Grady's seat in , Congress, gave him ftl proud of that body ? these promisors! intend to use their some flowers for the ladies, Mr. Skin- tf- , i. -4. , ner smiled and thanked the ladies. k-E Or EimASflt-Our "chance or to keep it nice and new T-,0T.Ti,0i,.r. innAr. .Tid bless Lekeye Binder at a great to be laid out and buried in. Wait your life they had grub a plenty, -e- Address. and vou will see. ray mouth fairly watered, nut one ot iresV rr.o a , " our leaders said we must not eat wnn 1 - "COAJjJ!.jM. i-ljljlAXsUt,, us. When your time is out the pa- vew York docks, ereatlv to the con- of lts existing animosity towards our - I I IT 1 n ctn If T-rn dnn'f wmt the vpnieree of receivers and dealers, bv hODie oraer. a.. x i.. means of erreat floats. The New We know that the leaders will ad paper io siop, oe sure u, icucw , , CTatuitouslv furmshiD!, mit of their hostility towards the room to commission men to sell this leaders of the Alliance, and try to Truck to all dealers, lhis season lead the unthinking and non .li. t : r .. i,: I . , . . . . mis yiuv reiusco iuuchtci luu uui reading part oi our order, to believe in isew lorK. it we snip oy mis i .i, - 1an (1 , n-r.-a i uauic w line we may expect to pay cartage lua' nc "7. . i T framed the Mecklenburg Declara- - . . m i n rrri rr n uu u.' mi rim u.' iirk i hit iii-!Tk- iiiri theliffht We expect to hear some 0n every package. He advises usto " , 7 ""-:-' " , "t. t v ,Ki A f! T. . thi Ht. 5a fcv wav tneir own sen aggranuizemenu ue or tne mossoacKs wno na.e rau eu - r, -.r; 'A T nin ; have long since learned not to believe I , 1 i. i. 1 I 7 I .. ing at tne goerumeuL trougu aiuei. steamship Company. every thing we read in the partisan W e have an excellent reason to newspapers, nor every thing we hear act treats dies, ine, &c-, at the with contempt every farmer in JOHN O. THOMPSON OLD STAND the State, the audacity of which on Eaat Ciintre street, near the Old may be seen in the fact that ours Market. j uke tLU method of in- is principally an agricultural btate. formjnff my former friends and cu- umjo w nn. n.uiwo, ;w lomers inai i am again in ousme not worthy the respect shown to and inyite them to call and nee mo a railroad or any other organiza- when in need of anything in my line. tion." We blush to fay this was Remember the place, near the Old the act of a Xorth Caioliua legia- Market, Goldsboro, N. C. latnre JAMES D. PATE. Therefore, be it resolfed, that aprl3-tf. this County Alliance den this act of our recent legislature Ld until good are oii. liox conuinmg basest piece of legislation Uamplea and full term to au and deal. A'iEN'TS WANTED. No money reqair m TT it,. T V 10 cents. They reuil for 25 cent-each, ever enacted upon the soil of free Xhis u no humbug. Address, w. ii. cuisi'. fore your subscription expires. Read our WTashington letter. Ilay- seeder "Jonathan Edwards" turns on j America and the most . wicked "force bill" that evei disgraced the statute books of our btate or na tional records, and that we would consider ourselves unworthy the name of freemen and sires who Homestead X. U. febZJ 3nu. No. 304, Bensalem, N. C, ! j them, so I stood off. Some of our Don't fail to renew before your fellows did eat with them and they I - 1 . - r Ta 1 u- .... . I : i. v Bi TTiioo a were treated all rient. mt. caroee '"v;eived. Anheiaer Wash. Kt. nu-c io uuu xuu uiuoi ... , , , v abst Milwaukee Export Beer single copy. Often -we are not able th welcome to it. It was a milr use. at B. Lehman & Co. I to furnish back conies. bisr da v. I heard 2 or 3 of our fel Are you a lover of truth ? Do you adopt this line this season. The one from politicians. w,nf. fn pp instiee nrevail ? Are vou assigned above is sumcient within if the Democratic party has any j r . 7 JL itself , but there is one other that 1 rpRTt for the Alliance whv did its icoul"rvt wt - "-iv one of the people? Then give The U'give as Secretary of "The E. JSfJj Thvp, fn ?ikltaiilifd the Progressive Caucasian enou will do the rest i .aala s-aa-a sftaUgiveas secretary or " x. rPTiresentAtivp-i in the recent Lesris- " umu. y'00 , v gh reader, and we C.Trnckers' A!Sociation,r and that TsW e S harf Farmer' IbliT ? is this : When our Association ask- 7. -ti . , i V A. parers, with request to publish. ed for a fruit train, the omcials of v"a4.lA-- " ., , -. 9 v Respectfully submitted, tV, W. & W. R. R. and all other con- CUSSlOn of its merits Of demerits? If -F" ca ITtm Yon can not afford to be without -nnrt-nf Utias. nr-til w Rtmck that their motives for its repeal were thtt? n r-r a jt a tf Don't, let vonr I Pennslyvania line, were willing and pure and honest, certainly they could j - - l - , i t- .i.j x j: " : anxious ior saiu iraiu. xuv ireuu-1 not nave umecufu to airee uiseusiuu says no, it can't run over our line, of a measure which effects 60' many This same line says no, we will not 0f fit class ot people who bear suet E. C. Palmer. O-11. RiVEjrcaa. A. W. FaosT. PALMER, RIVEHBURG CO., (Successors to O. 8. Palmer.) tion of Imdependence, if we did 1CC READE STREET, NEW YORK, not enter this our protest now. W0,esale rr9fltCe femnlssUl In th'S denunciation we call upon itfrh9Bt all who love f reedom to join, that . . PntAti4M Bd we may wipe off this reproach from .. . . conth ' Tinelr. .lgt our State. I if,.,,- Ponitrv. Corresnondence Resolved further, that a copy Loj-eited. Write for Stencils and Market Reports, which are furnished free on application. Prompt sales and a nick returns. References: Chat- ham National Bank, N. Y.; Thurber- Whyland Co., N. Y'. and ail mercan tile agencies. mh2 Cm S, A. Geier, S, L. Klcttz, Committee. subscription expire. John A. Sims, Sec Notice. The C ASIAN, ard Razor," will be at: Iredell Court May 22nd, 1893. Traveling Agent of TheCatj sr, Mr. J. P. Sossaman, 'Jiich- ' -v tt i mi a deliver gooas mflew lorn. a. imT)ortant cart in the mainten Now truckers ci C. L. says we will. pay your money .Lni'n. - iT T Pitonv v TirVAT' A o.iftti.Ti J that such base and dishonest means Imanv others it needs more medicine, Faison. N. C, May 8th. I were resort. to in the last election more weekly doses ot Trs Caucas- f Cf.l rTTTAri m A7 r- I illll-i III lfll 1 aiua,aja-: I'uiciUllltlllii U u and take your ,r -r-x xt.. nv liiir. XKUtor, wiieu we recall io xaui. More Medlciao and Work If ceded. Bentonsville, N. C Dear Mr Editor Our Alliance at this place is not dead by any means, but like JOB PRINTING! Rend n.e your orders for all kinds of JOB PRINTING. Lowest House ia Ncsth Caeolika oh Paia- TED STATIOHEET. Jf-Kvery B. A. and Secretary should use ' Printed Paper and Envelopes. Wriie for Prices. 1 QUVV BARN, feba-3m Rakish, N. 0, x , t, -

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