..If. A i. HUT 4t. S I AN - - r CADGA ut JniitL Voii. xn. EDITOR'S CHAIR. pVOOF YHE EDITOR ON THE ,SSJES Of THE DAY. rj jjKt- we great many Democrats h,o!i'n to be Democrats trom ..jj.lei, vet who will .hurrah for thine duriug a campaign, anu or hol against -that tume thing S .... th. election.- 1 his was the .litien of the Iluleigh Democrats hurrahed for Cleveland and ,TH ervice Reform during the cam- aitn, T't when a close or civn ser- (rrf rm was served out to them xi ta" of the'Italeigh .postomce, ot.j.-cted to -if and' whimpered tar whined about it. i'hey said .v tl i i not know that it meant for theVfct men to hold the offices, for lbeV wanted the little juicy places fr 'their ward-jiolitical henchmen td tn-elers. 4 he same thing is true imi (he tariff. They all hurrahed itfc one nnanirnous' wild chorus for , r$ reform while they were asking fljr vot-s hut now they opjiosed to tariff reform if it tonchet their in- jmtriet. They want tariff-reform f rthe other fellow.' ' Delegations of Iwnvrats from-West Virginia, Vir- jfini, Georgia; Alabama, and from ther stares are trying- to- convince he-ffftv and means'-committee' that -j,pv hnrrahed for tariff' reform" for tht "party's sa-ke,-but' did not mean il. rreh'is one'Of' the results of sfarimrntal' polities in the South: Hit the- f tinniest ' thing about ' this matter, iV that papers' that" hurrahed' for free silver durrrtg'the' campaign; but turned goMbtrs 'as 'Brton as-thJ-rkctimi-'tvas' dver,'"are" hoW twisting thesv tariff inert' for not berrfg willing1 m etitti d by the1 platform. ' Such i !ieterogenious party, 'with " such1 faring ami reVo'tlng inconsistences is Umnd to go.., to, pieces, as the shackles of partisanship are loosened. Thereat pri uc-ipa .of , the People" movement are buundo.win., , , , j Mr. Thurston, the Minister from the Hawaiian Islands, at Washing tun, lias published a Vepiy to 'Cdm niissioiier Blount's report of the Ha waiian affair. He' charge's Minister Blount with misrepresenting the jj facts.' He says MrvBlount evident-1 (Ik wefit- to the'-Islands' not'to' find Itit" facts but to act as an attorney to get up testimony to support -a view 11 L Tl I Unot TT 11 1L 11 1 1 11 1 UVVIUVU ' .fere goings ' He pnores4 that the iwtis overth'rew the monarchy and hat s the4 U.f -8; 'troops U ndet Mi his ter mtia bad-'nothing 1 to do with 'it. He says that the revolution 'com aenced on Satnrday an'd- that ' Mini1 iter teten's'dfd 'not order thd r.'S.' rolps'to land 'till" 'Mbnda'y Evening' iaJ'their'gate theni orders tb simply protect " thfe ' Ih'es ' 'and ' property ' of Ammcari'ritiierrs there1.' " When we Vrbtfe our tirst article oh .hw'qifestkm'' -we' liad' rtad ' only One ideknd'tj'e'rt 'iiclihted lO'tllifik- that President! Cleveland's " nrse' " W right ' For -we' then1 taught' that; thfe 'iaeen had been' 'fdrced ' to '"abdicate erth'ro'n'e'b'fb'rce 'from ou'r troops, j if arong-'agtonw XJueeh'Kaa ieeildone'TltE ' Ca'WXbIaS' thought inu said that it was the honorable and manly ''thing1 for tlie United States to undo the" wrong. A great jovemment like ours could less af ford -to, take adV4ntageiof! a wak ene, 'baa a treng oas yen "But 'it novr Jeems tht n' 'Wrong has-been tvoue 'oat thfe greet; icrong -will 'be 'done President 01evelad : persewrea in' declared ' KsHcy to overthrow tbc people's gavernraent'Of14 the isiand ad ?eeteren iHiworthy Queen.' "u' Joe Ca.dw.lt.the .editor.. .of l i(T'harfttteuPhserser,..greatly unr, 'tiiast PUigence of the iPifcY .AMCft -the .election , fi .Mr. t'taeland,.,which.he.. advocated, and i;ncS. , the xiemonetization , ;f Bilver, xb'Qh.he.also advxxitedj prices hav n gojng;dQwiVi llejadyocatad and kei.thtv.peppLs.ta.vote foraod. eih (Jrse..tiifc .Presideat, and his-, gold policy bocuiise. it would, Jia said, jn creai the. priccof. Jabor and pro , isow-.that prices., have con tinued ta gadowihe.fcMr. Caldwell) Us back on the overproduction eory., Jiesays that is .why cotton H Wulow.-.,'i ljut .there was-less- cotton' made.laat.ypar .tiaaiteiyear .beforei nere' vjIl he .leas' this, jieaci it is es- "mafaa tiua last year yet Mr. Cald - MMs oyeirproduotion. Suck- era "A-ttUl swallow this In evt 7. TTtTT.ni C ' 4.4.1 f-'1 ' l"erJ fttate,.and 4ever.v.coujitv ia. everi:-tUe, and p eery..TOting pre- b ery .countyiw.here;an,.elec-. M"u aw.UeQu held ihif Jail .the Popr st,Jasuie big jgains aVhat does meSf' ? ThRt. hahi, ia.hrjikinir . truth .iewsteadily erain- I D rw " ground. N9W , 4Tery . Popuj aL Put hu shoulder to the wheel T - - j ....... 11 . .. . - . -. . - lix.tiifi.ltttejj.i the"l"ople "5"l'Jt m.j .1 n I lit l, 1614.4 iad4 gains- everywhere il440i4l CHARITY A PARJ OF THE CONSPIRACY. - ) The fato of 'the cifcy of aaoient Troy, whieh ltrayed-Uyept .. wic jjujn uure a a gut irom the (irefcks, has give'u the world for all future ages a warning. It is wije to fear the Greeks bearing gifts, to day as much as it would have, bteu for the Trojans then. The money power is plotting agaiutt the liber ties of tfie people to-day as the Greeks did against the 'people of ancient Troy. The papers and the politicians who are ever ready to ad vocate any legislation that will rob productive labor, are the first to ad vocate some special act of charity or benevolence. They do this to tT? to cover their tracks. They do it not out of love for the people, but to fool them and hold their confidence. For instance the New York World, which belongs to the English Jews and goldbugs, and advocates the t'amna-, ble financial jolicy that Vi.rds the people for the benefit of the specula tors, bankers and stock gamblers, is always ready to get Up u bread fund to feed the staryingMpour, or to raise funds for a stricken section. Had it not been for the bad financial leg islation fostered by the-World and its masters, it would not have. been necessary to raise a bread fund to feed those who are willirg to work in New York, but could not get work. .1 Another case in point was in the LJ...S. Senate the other day. Just after the bill to demonetize sifrer had passed, Senat r Hoar, one of the goldbugs, immediately offered aljlll to vote money for the relief of a cer tain number of families' in South Carolina who . had suffered -.from a cyclone. While this bill was under discussion Senator Stewart; sid i . ' ; "Mr. President, I have always been in favor of extending relief to th unfortunate to the full extent of the Constitutional power of the United States, i. This bill provides for re lieving the suffeiing from a cyclone,' whieh .was a force of nature,, which deprived a few persons of their propy erty anu means oi support; out when we enter opoo 'tui class of legislation we ought., to, retlect that there has recently been a legislative cyclone, which has been muclvmore far-reaching in its effects, nd'has. not only temporarily , deprived a few people of employment and theiriea'tts' of livelihood, but has doomed to starvation and beggary "millions of bur fellow-citizens, who are to-day begging for bread, and who in the coming Winter must suffer, untold misery. If this bill shall become a law, it will furnish a precedent foi;. the appropriation of many millions of dollars if other cases equally Worthy are to be provided' fOi4. ' ' 1U 1 ' "I am notssorry that the Senator, from Massachusetts by this; bill has oalled to the attentiojr d,f the Senate the suffering and -distressful, .-one quarter in order that some'lrealfzing sense may be had of the-Universal suffering which the legislation in these hallshas inflicted, upon the people of theVUoited States. "1 am clad that Hii question of suffering .and-starvatlM is t6je dis cussed. I hope, the 'bill will Ik" re- fprred to the4 committee biu Finance, and that they will colder Ji& what extent it is possible tot congress to extend relief to the sufferers, who must starve during the-c4ming;Winv ter, not on account ot cyclones ot nature, but on aceortift or eyclouWot legislation,, dictated..- and carried through by Executive authority." nThe Senator1 size's" up tliis'spe'cies of hvnocricy,"whtCh ' is part' llof ' the Conspiracy in a ery umciv auu. ul ting taanner., Thei millionaires Ufce Rockefeller, .Carnegie and Arinour, who give large "sums of money to Qhurches'and school "are a"yart' of tne same couspiiacv. , "f . 6i',v,, part'of their ill gotten gains. , to re institutions, tp .get.rhftpr.eacJwrs and e.d,ucatqrs to'Jaud themand. jjihstify their methods. This .bnsinees i -al rpadv norruntinff the church, and J I ,r i t i ."..ill"' gaping the very foundation of our m una tJ.mal ?nkHtutloiiS. ; .The' soon r . r u,41ti u er, the people are aroused to the ,prfW of- this '; deet' -and" daii- gerous1 "conspiracy the' quick a tne fatal cancer, will Wpjucked; from, the heart of. .tne jiation. Beware o the Greeks bearing gifts 4 I H I ii WOMAN SUFFRAGE IN GOtORlDO'. 'r' ' . The proposition to , confer ip'n the women of '.Qol.qradp ,.he same rights as possessed by otjier citizens with regard to 'suffrage' was 'carried at, the late election by haadsome maiority. The act of the legislature CiPUferring the Ji5 follows: ,., ... , ii.ii 1 . -1-.' .f'That every, .female, person; .shaj be entitled to, vote .at all elections, -in tlip same -manner .in . all respects.4s 'mile persons aw or shall be, entitieiL to vote byThe conaaiuiionani,tjo of .this State, and tbesanifrquaUficaw tiofla as.togei:citizeosldp,Bd tima of residence in the btate, county pt, resiuence in city,- ward, and . ptwinxw other qucKtions rerey; Ur, entitle 'male perlcnf lp,Y0 I i. . - be re6uiid to !$.yFfWn tovQl,,..a Ya'" neit election. . ..Xorth Carolina is 'Hot ready yet tofblloW'stii'"4" YES. LiGHT IS NEDEP. . , The mystery abont the election La I w hat becam of . the . Vopu list vote, Perhaps Mr. Butler can throw some light u pou the subject North Caro linian. ' " Yesj Mr. Daniels is right'wh'en he says there" is mystery about the'elec tions in Xorth Carolina and yirginjia. There Is mystery, ubout what . be-, come, of, 1'eople'a. party totes after they,. are. .put in. the. ballot. boxe& Why the county cotnmisionere will not appoint a member of the People's party recommended1 by the 'chairman of the YA: Ccm.' to' serve "on " the Board ' of Judges at the elections is where the mystery commences. ' Jt is a mystery why men who "intend" to count the votes honestlv will per sist in following a course which puts them under suspicion not only with then-political opponents' but even their politica'I friends. '' Why men who have expressed such must horror at' iH'gro ruk," vvho 'ii: 'the. past. have. grown red with rage at the idea of a negro holding an. .office', of position-, payor trust, should 'themselves' ap point hegroes 1 (not ' intelligent or, honesf.uegroes. but. as a rule ignor- ant and disreputable darkies) to1 as sist them in holding an ; election',, & indeed a. great., mystery.. If they wanted a negro, they might take a negro that had the respect .and .gou fideace, .of other negioe&y But they Could find white men of the highest character 1 who' would fill the piafie, butut is a. mystery why they are boD Wanted. Why honest men want to jet m the dark m, dark, hojiii VQtiDg places to oariy ou a electioii1 is also a mystery ' ' W'heiv Cod'' t urjiishes sunlight.lior the contyenjaijce.Qf. nuia-. kind,i why -should- honest ' men build' a "bull pen" toshut'o't the.ligKf'ro their action while they are charged with the great 1 duty of registering1 the will of the people ?', ft "is 'an, astonisning mystery ! hy ua t re turning ' board s-honld'alWaVs find' IV . . . - . l.iV'l ft. cincts that go anti-Democratic, while the1 ' "irregularities"1 'in D'emWatic1 precincts where they did their dirty work can not be seen by thern or are too Ijmall or pr,obabIy,di4 nef(l9CQurJ,.is1in-, deed anothex,greatin)j ste.ry, Why the places, vhere . e,ueh auspicious.. cou4 ductoccura,. ihould gie large Deni-j ocratic. roajorities, 1 1 Where everybody thonght before1 that'' the 'party' 'Was in a'nririority;' t Wutelfef ''steryi If Mr. Butler" had seen' wlijit went 6f behind' the' cuVtairj. jast fal in, North Carolina and this fall in Vir ginia, he could" have thrown' 'tmrdh ight. on4.thausituatku, to the' dw-t conifituneiandichagjriny Hd dmifet,1 of Mr...Diuiielaand4those.iif' 'hi8i inei; ShaJlu suchi thjngs C0Btiue?,l-If! they da that will thenbe-ia"mysteryf that.we will ask' Mr." Daniels 1 to-ex--" rl.jjj. . .' i i,i '.114,1 4'.'- '. .' 4i'4.iUU; S,i ' if "Mr. Daniek1 will-read an -artiek'- in ' lust" issue 'headed Why -S(Mn -A&be"rejoices,"' ' he C-M4ilf tiudusome ' food 'for tlitodght bri the Virginia;sitiatioii '" l" '""' "' iil. .11.1 ! K"i 41 MH-I li;M.yCHiES.T,EfiMJ:D;,..WOWi ;.i The lialeigh correspeindenti of u the CharLotte .Obseryer (Cob F.-Ai' Wlds) iu his, letter, of- Nov. . 20h, sayt? J 4 lievenue Gk)llectorkWhitJe,'Frho1re-'hv'hen tires, iwiw otUcesejctiSiitUirdavj. niaw make lJaleigh his. hpniv .ile, is. iery niucli esteemed here, ; Recently we have been struck with J ,,u r.l.l. it! lU'.ii. the cnarge ot ( attitude $tx , tne ;;qr; Mns'and machine "cuckoos" toward O, (,.,,,, iu 4ii.nl r.i r..'.ii ..".r. 4 1 w i i.i n. ,1 AC?rieil I?..i.iilll'"1T1 '1 1 O ..4... -t 1 -f ' .4l.l - u,.4. same men who,were eausd ,Vfi at' least ignored r sp,pken Jigtly p,fj are iiom.; referred to in coaxing .and, complimentary terms. There is a deep tfmtit' iitiorutt this.' '"We benofir,atic.1bpssfis nQtwithatadingX'For tan'de',' he 'dhafgecT,' 'iii' "effect1,4 their lying and swearing to tte. coin,- that those whoi applanuact "uie Chttrr trary. , know that the. Remocratia -.man of the meeting, Mr. B. S. Gay, ;"..'"(. . r. . A- .1 who is alsO'Ohawnitiu 9Ptho!ioty partys.n a-big minority in.Xar,tk prntive committee. Caroljua. . ,They also k.now;sithat there will be trouble before the peo ple will submit to iisnchi frawdsv as L were, .practicedi1,last .fall ito iper.vrt c'onferieoee oneri.the alarmiag aitua tion. ' They decided that it 'wad lleb- eseary;, .rrilmKe MgTO.wte. Of the JState next tune towin. Tbey- bref erred the 'hegr6; loem 'white "Ke'-' puDijcan j. of. ffvoitafi, tmikw) did not .think. they vconkt get' 'the annnort-of the ihtelHkeniU-hite''Ke- publiqaoj s,' .aii , ftftd, tthjey . thought the negro eoald -be-gotten wettipky- ing a'' fe'ngrb'fach'ers and preach7 ers, $mt, ithe, ..white. IvepwWicanfl woHldidictate lernife befre he'wottld aef, with, tliemv ;iBut. fhej al.ft-J cidextiuyi.ythatiieniecfei xw$ twouia have on the Republican leaders. Orders have3 gone Aoutu rona , head garters to work this racket Col. A,? u-4 ,..i.,i-w-.u,. 'i.m( Tn Yl.t qiisja jJ the will-of' the peopleiliiiTli'hilgh ptlesti; "among oes'jye tgljH ..'a iiw.L...i V"''!'-i'i'i4' i' ' " -ii-i. -L tnatarai viewea irom tne swnapoint -paragraph. Ahen Collector W hitel. A i1'1 v'i V- 4-1 L ' i i, j i i i i. , - -rf bf the Southern Deniocratic bossat .) fhP thin tAffv dislw4l-OHt4o him -t.X 4.44 fi4. it .tic. r ,ii t CL1C ill lllC4 1 ii. ucutc iw ouy i 4l4vUl Ik'l l- '1,'- ' l't.4. Ul'lllliil f. " dread the thin taffy dished-out to him .DViCJOiuVias, n.na:uui6.reiieciecuia feornerte rp, 4jstaRt; rjasti.Aadi fliiin amiloil at trio rlisfrocs nf tViol machine, GpLDSBORO, N. C, -THURSDAY, XOVKMBKlf WHO IS WRONG EITHER SENA'TOR RANSOM OR A CtMO CRAT1C EDITOR 'N H S CC'JSTf ' MISSTATE THE FACTS " ' ' A30UT THAT S;L- VER MEET'NG 11 The (litiraaian Htnt-i tti-uml I.--e llifiu lu t iKhl it Out. ' The Washington corresjMjndent of the Charlottee Observer says 'under date of Nov. 21st: WH A I SEXATOU 1UXSOM .A.Vfv. , "Senator liansoiu is here but ex pects to gu home in a day or two. The Senator, tells his friends that he is pietty well satisfied with that Northampton silver meeting. All except' four democrats, sided with hini. He did not, as reported iu Populist and IleiuiblTcan papers, 'get 'angry and fly off the helve, buf he sent some hot shot into the camp of deserters from the f )emocratic jar- iy, many of whom weit4 at-the meet ing.. They controlled its actiou" "' ' The Senator says is he satisfied With the result of the meeting. T, he fact is he was never more chagrined in his , life, to te censured by, a juevl iug irrespcQtive, of . party of .the.fitiwiu of his. county., ; He. jsay thaLall the Democrats. aided. .with .him Imt four, and that the Populists-control led the mteting.1 -If thfs" is?i tr'ne thtM it is an ltdmisf?oTi: that the PebpVs party is hi it bfgniajority in N'orthamptoi'i.' He 'says he'poured' bbt shot into' the ranks of the "defer ters. from, tlje Democratic party." This is very funny, the gold bug -minority pour ing hot , shot. nto the ran bumf the great'mass of the 'people,1 who know what BfemoeraCy is1 and ref rrde1 to'f ol loW one "who ha's gone'oVer' t'6 the1 mo ,nop6list's"but still masiu'erattes under the Tlag of ''fjembcracy. The Sena- " i-.irri .ii.i.ii . .1 ...... .. ..,..4. tor "poured hot shot" into those who disagreed wjth hjm. , m.cv.&f Jhose.. was ( lr., (,' ay, .the. , chalan.au , ,pf tliie f)emocratit; e&eoutLve.. committee of the county, who was also chairman of this meeting. ' Tlie" Senator says he did nbt'get maU & ''.the1 'Populisi' 'aTidltepublicau' "papers say. '" "Tlie' following'' ediioriaf taken from a Democratic paper, (The Patron and Glearierpublishedin his, 9 571 ooun-i. ty, bears testimony, to tlje.ppntrary. WH4.T! A,.J)E.V.ft(;A'JCW J'A.J'EJi.SAYS-. ' "The call for. tho -meet-in4 which. was. .held. at JTacksou last Muuday ki- v-ited. ,all citizens of . prtluimpton, wlinoui legard 10" uaHjj uiiii:it;juij&? to assemble at Jackson in mass meet ing to express their opinion on the repeal- bill which -was' -undur-disc'us-'' sion...in.. the Senate, at tliei time -the call.vas made; aso, t9h.ai)k,vSpijaUP Vance for his fight for free, silver.. vs we unuerstanu 1 uue iiieeiing was riot to censure anv citizens of this State' Whb'is iiOt 'tor free ' slWer, ii'or ,as itti' neeting' of' ttiambers' of : tin V ope political :partyvliut.o all -parties' who believe m the tree anu unlimiteU coinage of silver,, as .dechu'Kd.iu tht; platforms of the political parlies re presented "Iff thi4''$tafe. 'Senator iiawsoin; whbse'honieTs' ln-turs coitn itv, was present, and as he is pixd to tfit:freQ coipage.of sils.e.adud vot- ed fpr the .repeal bj.lL t that, i has i uojv 'tecome a law, and .whoUian. ardent ittppprtr qf.; Prit6adtJut4.:lUlKvekind4 construed the meeting as aiviniplit-dui.'.. When they finally reach., this, con.- censure jjpftu, his .courae-io tlui Sou atft and early in the day announced. th a t,he , woiil d oniuse tlia reslint ton 6 offered, not becausoof. auy.-daf" ferenceibetveen .luniseli and Senator p 'Vance, but bevuuse he ibeliavedj the .nl.nieeting.iwas to.ilwheku fbnfcbe-ipurt- pqse.of ej.prets.ui; disuppruvaj ar lus voteaj.in the. .fnate, uiiuV thereby showita thei Stateahu4 his own ,eouu ty had repudiated. Iviw, u Maflyf-the4'ig always oh the side of 'the' cofpor Wana tor. a i waa?aaes,t t i-.ien.us wow- re gnetw.thativke.i tpok. wnyupm-t in- the inetiagfoBiduriflgtith heat of the debate on the resolutions the-Senator said pmrnnVApd.Ah'ingSnai'out ibis. eigh&b?ri?.n!v41f,iu.u5):end;. wounas tnac win rase vears to neai. Vhen 'he 'atfswereci'ir flfetidnptilf ' "6' him 'by the 'SeiWftor,4 WereineW&ers ot that terrible 'Gideon's11 Band:"v ' We feel &uri that the 'SeHator-does not- belieye that. any suohioider ex-istu m this Qouiitv,.nofl would heoiextwess 4t4i4nsplf nnnn reflection." . . i Thei i-above editorkv-eeiiseqtfeii tly 1 answers!die:Senytor'stateTneitti' ' ,J-; Ul' -II , ' v - ' ' ':1 H'l i ' 4 1..1 .1 11 ' ' . . -.j.. I li.ll 1 4.411,4 I.. TffEf LIKE IT. ii-Hfiw iln Xmir.hern Uemocrats relisn ,:, ,IU -. I .JfltiUUti tu. he, performance of Commissioner Blbuh'tl'-oF GebfglkMti' JfiV efforts to overture ' white 1 nfaW' 'gbverii m Ml in HawaJii in -order- to1 1 estdt e' &' blaek qm?en ipon a throne? "Washington Kept. "MBe- 0emocratib Asses' ctown; h'ere lOaBfiAtitTL, ,ALl,.- -i,! , .111 1 1I-il "' liriW.i' Y;ii oe pieaseu iviin ims4(iua. .Aire Ptet'yirbbably ''floes'"'!!'!;1 'know 'tka't they afe getting veryllalfect"onate'to-1 iprrfi t nnInroil n hrnt nor onn iw .pCXUO tUV. 1,U1U11.U U.V.111.1 lUU U l. ' ...V ill! .i&il.t, -4il.il lil", Ul.lU I 'll'. getting reaay to form a coparfner- ship with him in the next campaign. The course ' of:' President1 cYefeian'd and prrinjisojiroiJiloiintiia ivery J. . : i if .i 4 1 t this time. J ,.14. 144.1. .14. - r j . ;iuo '..! sutn.i.ij iui4ii ' uThe Nationan atgaHftiUffi4? iwwil 4:U 4'-' 4 1 Caucasian both one year for $1.75, : R R S The Richmond Di.-patch is repou-; . nt;e lor tfie follow iitt: It is said that- the President real- ize4; rhat it is n-eesary to make his ttJcii.iistnition thoroughly lK-mo ra-i atrs and KejnUitives to .tand bt i hiu to a man in carrvinr nut hi 1 jM.licies. There has Uvn a great I deil of lukewarmnet he'-aus-e of th j bIoh- methinls adopted in dealing ont tne patronage TKu ..u-..r, V.,f I.J h.Ve Wn mrnf. nr.. f..r rimn l.nf i 4iv 1 n t i i.i i I aftr-r the annual reports are out of j the way there will be no further ex- j cns', and heads ought then to drop j it; the baiket. so that the Democrats i cau have a fthow at the pubhol trough." . the aboe is one of thousands article- that might be tlipjK-d to show how low and mercenary i. the idea of the old parties as to govern nn nt. Jf the i 'resident will only . e.il out eiKKi.'h "government pie" to Demo- era tic cuniaign "workers, then the bosses will ill I be satisfied. 'This will make 'the administration -'thorough-ly euiocTatic" and the Senators and h'epresentatives should be no longer lukewarm . but .enthusiastically sup port any .-'policy" that the gnat giv 'cr of patronage may propose, 'es-, give-the party workers u ".-how at the public tro.igh" and they' "will then wag " their partisan' tails' wit h great satisfaction' anil s"ay'"ainen,"not in 'a JLukjwar'ni but m an enthusiastic -! - - 1 - .niaun.er to ,a single .gpld stan.da.rd and .uoutractiwi of .the, curreucv.to the i ssuing of . more, bonds and. the nicretismg of the debt and' taxes of th people or Any "policy". that the great' "pie Cothfter'1 'caterer' mat name'. ' These" hieii are Democrats for revenue Ohlv. ' The ' people,' however, are concerned more about the poli cies of linauce and. taxation and the dangerous,,, growth of: monopolies than they. are, about, who guts "gov ern meat pits' .and who does not The people and the. . bosses havgotten to the' forks -.of the road." The "pie counter'-'' 'brigade will Imve 'but little iptluehte' with nh'e people oil the Stuiiip in' the iiext' campaign.' . .. .-t .. , 11 it . . - -- ""THE K'A!SERSS ME'S'sAtE- ' The Oefmah Iieichstag vvas opened by Knip'eror William yesterday with an liddrfcsV in 'which' he'first thanked the ' assembled legislators 'for' their' support of ' his military ' policy, and .then-asked1 them to vote the m cessary appropriations for carrying it out. ' t in -.,,niy wvit wav the y. :" to be raised to cover tne cost of main taining . peace by an increase. in the army, (the limperor dd not stato, but suggested that plans for atrengtheii uig 'flie' financial' system of the gov .ejnnieht ' Svonld "be Jaid" before' ' the IJeinhstag for its. consideration and COUlilUmiOe." t, .;. -.1' ., TJie .peace of Europe cpmes . high, btit a wav is generally found to pay ror tne luxury, anu it win uouotiess be sii itfthe'caSe Of OCl'matiy.' 'What , ,he 'Knieror wants he' generally sne ceeiLsi.m.gettiugy but it ts gradually dawning,. upon, the people that. vast 'military establishments are more of a ' burden ' than blessing and that peace "1' 'h'ardly Worth the having whieh cair only be had by acanstant isappiug of their energies and strain upoiv their slender resources. illusion, "eniierors will cease to be dictators and parliariients' cease to be coaxedf,' c"ajoicd,-- or intimidated to do the impervil 'bidding. -Wushmgton P03t,., i ... 1 1 ; .. ,.i.ll .- ..I 1.. ' We filip.Uie above for two. reasons, first it -.contaius ..a. news item, and second we. m ish .to call attention to the last paragraph. A paper that 'a'tions herej is ahrav-ita-kiifg-the side ,0, the pt-ople'4'in' : foreign' Conntrie3.' Xhis is vi-bbablv ribrie'tw bliifd' and tool 'the people here.' ' 'Tlie ' iebple should' remember that 'tVhe Post stood by. imperial Cleveland aud.the.gold- l lings yhehjliey were coaxing, .cajol ing and i;ntjniiitati,qg cp.ugre.ss to, de sert t he people. ; The .Pt'sL caiiido nothing.f or i ju6,ticq in. ( ' ermany, but if it would ad vociite1 justice aml take the ade-of thepeoile here; it could accomplish great' good. "" ' - '" " 41 'J 41 1 ..l..a i 4 rs 4. ; . uist-dusa uift.uiau lo iciiaii xu .. i.i i. i. -.1 ...... i . A... -..4 old political issue which has passed T4.!4 ........... - ' - ... through twenty years of storm . and strife, fciaid issue has greatly shrunk in'size since its Jast active, service, ........ . . 1 1 . ! ' ' ' . 1 . . ... 1 114 -- ..... 4 - . . . . .1. and if it can not be inflated it will ...II ... 4- i.-iT 4. i.:.i, ...... . .1 be" worthless. It also" needs a fresh . . . ' 1 " ' i-" I'. 11 1 . -11 coal 01 1 paiiiL, a rJcw cyer, aif u 11 jp'rbbabljave to be entirely remod eled. Jlust be ready for use. bv Sept 1st. 1S1U. Address, 1 ji.,,1 in . ... ..... ... .. .1 . , VYM. C. H 1IITXEY, .' r,H.-ii,ir.ii I I' ...... I. . .4 Manager Goldbuj? Combine. 4,.P.'S.'' Uemdcratsantl llepiiBlicans (if joii'are'thei'i'ght'kilidy Mfaiia1 do the sfiHiieiffM'ing4witlr trs:' 'r- (tf."y - .4.14 '.111 l-art - l 14 .1.-4 -. -..t. '''iTSiiLiMia.viioysT- 4 Mis- .strong-- GOOD CEMCCATS 0S1Y TmmdcmV.Ai-.ne.YBr..- eouia.i see ...auvt;AV ti,., t M; f... 4, l. ;i ' i .T particular ra,svqm why the Missiipiia river shonki be called the rather of Water!., Why not the u Mot her . 4 of. waterii .444.414 n.11., .4.. n j.i ui i,: "Mr&iiSiQugBiiiid's Hasb-iBiliJgettirig near ihe doarirrnBeea-useTimy dar,dt jhasrijt the month of an AniazonVljungle with a numerous breed. The- Chicago Tribune. :!(). l3. PROCLAMATION. Try, rr , ,.f Ihr 1'rr.lM . Ttk ' I " jc l'rH UmdUu i;-a 1 1-1 rr a Ihr linn. (a yih 4. I, ,r"r I C Iceland, was inaugurated I redeut ' these L nited Statei. In tllw on iH ee the sjeial interpo-ifitn the divine hand, fn 1V? rmr fvd- ish j-tsle Mere run mad. Vu sent i . ..... a "gaU4 to the city of Chu-aso, nud these delegates in contention as-m- bled; promulgate a I'latfiirHi of f.Kl- ish ideas. , , ,U,t ('- i.M-r Uuu the pet.j.le uui saeu incjii irom in -iiwivw i.v .... 1 ... JI J- L 1 1 having riH' nominatetl a eandi He for the Presidency on said platf i'-ni. The Hople, wise in their own ( n .oeit, but foolish in the light of the lxrd, voted more wisely than they knew and I was elected the chosei instruiii- :. vi '.il t sau tin- pie from themselves. It, is true that i I accepU'd the uouiination and stood on tlie platform; but this wis neet-s s;irv. If 1 had not, I could nbt huve been-elected. I -had to practice this little deception to get myself in pow er to save the people from tln ir fol ly. I Fad I not lent myself to this little deception, the foolish people would hae nominated. and elected some fo.d lU-niocrat who would hve attempted to adininistA;r. t'ne govern-, meut according to tins tl.4orie- eimn ciated by that arch-unarchist, Thom as Jefferson the' same-crank wlifi1, a hundred years ago, wrote a paper declaring 'the peojde of the then col onies, were free' and independent 'of ireat IWitain. 'This was a vaj!d lie. t It is true that the people stirred hp war and suffered much, and final ly achieved politica'.. independence. But the. Lord was kiud and. still willing to save this -stiff-necked peo ple -from their folly, and Taisd up a great man, Alexander Hamilton, who was almost as great a m'afi as I. This man,' by unconstitutional ' legislation' fastened upon this country the Brit ish financial system. You will re ... .... .1 .. 1. ..... , , , . ., member that the wise man, Pit t,, said that, jf. 1, the ..l'nited: .States ; would , adojit the British system of finance,, their Ixxisted hlx'Tty would prove a phantom. - The wise man, A; Ham-1 Uton, instituied and chartered the United -States Xatib'nal Bank1-. This w i sely 'de1 vised ' 1 :i s t i tu t i 0 n" For 1 years 1 -..!.' ',...,,i'i . r .i. ' r .'.J people to their great, good and. the" benefit of Great Britain, This bless ed institution, with great ,rkill, used; the money of the natjon : to .influence- congress to do its .duty audio re-charter . this blessed iostltution. Inuring the year- 1S;U)-1S:5 th'18 bauk generously .'loaued'.'. to meni-' bers of congress the sum of f, 7S1.0O, a sum-greater than' the sala ries of 'all the' members' of both Houses of Congress for (hat live -.. .! . ... ..! - . .' years. These ,. good, cougressiuau, juflu- eqced by gratitude.i to this, .generous institution, and for the-good of the polish people, voted a lV-charter of the bank4. - I Jut 'there' happened' to; be, at that tine in' the drair whidl T nqw h'ouo'r, a Tow' and bad' niati "nam ed Jackson, who vetoed tin's wise njeaspre in, defianct4, of iis, cabinet and ,thp press of. the cop ntay, vhicli the bank in its wisdoju,had bought up for the good of the people. The bank power at that' :acted nobly. It tried to give; the, people.au .object iesr son. " Jt forced a great panic on ihe country" in '1:37. Bwt the f(ohh people did not' lived -the ' lessorr, but amid much s'iffering; eiidorsi-d what th'e calamity ' howler ' 'Jackson" had done. 1 , ... i. . 1 .. 1 " ... liiT There was among the snpporters of. this Jackson, a smart fellow naui- eiLBe,uton,.or 6ome Bimilar name, (1 don't know, iaucli abqut 'those fV- lows. Tliey w ere not- the-'kmd of fellows-'that compose "onr set" of' Sherman, Benedict ' Co.) " Th5sJfel-' low Bthtou' (?) said that Jack son had not killed the British policy that! the wbuhded tigress had beeu'driveh to tha . jungle, but would return with. her whelps.,. It js strauge how felr. tifV- n:lm ,11,1 li.it lil.itifr in '.Mf . CO .un t. j iuA iiui.iuiitiiu. vuiiM 'cduld.u hav'e". so- -much "saiartnese. Things went cm inia' bad 'way under Jack?ort ideasnntil WAV Then canTe a'strbggle 'between the' people a'n'd ''our' ' t e." ' J '"'Our ' set" "was '. smart ...:;l "I I ......i f J'iJ.'J enough to make slavery the. issue in the contest, and the foolish people, though they could not , see, that an other Hamilton had .arisen. .toKbring them back- to, sound, fipance,, erg easily led tjq.oar support, by theory Of dpwn wjth jSlaye.ry,. aM.d. .we..to-. uniphed, ,1 djd flo.t. take, any. iCjhauce Of Vetting, hurt mvself iu that. con ! 0...ITi.i.. ' ' I ii iti. & j oAiiu-.mao , i.,.' i vf Tuiure great thingai 1 .However, I had a vicarious sacrifice, in th fo?-u'Of a "substitutfiJ'i.In ouc.Bet"ttw ht .cow 4.time4had oonw.- The iw.ounded tigre'-- ame" f ronr the national banks were established, ice then th- i.uik Ur Ut n giv-', , ig the ple u ihv currt iKf t!-v i tk lttr ,'t 'hat tllfV COiliU ip'-t ip.c.diatenil at I'i i-r m.L j lv ut furgct la i uuix-iiuU j jihujikful tor tier ufcimlkltl jrv- ferity of tnr U-lovcd cwr.iitru. Ii tnw lU, -jwito-aid of jkct!ui .tr ut!i i nut peje-s ry ry.. Uw. uU t thm; It-opU b.l the iui!iev. til? onild jjtt thin t-ry t !jeip. ..Therr U no nif ferii. auwii,: ,.vt'dv w Uv hate, huJ the foivtiioiiglit aud thrift to itocuoi ulte in.uey. U, ir t.ily the canih that i? NMili-nug, , , . I sir no g.nl in einplovm. ut, e.,' cpt oilieaal employment. ,lilmj Mi rniiiii and I hau-bvn prelUtoli j tinuou.-ly in !!i"-. au.I fin. I that it pays well. We are t.ofh miria i.iires. A the greatot e-, ideiu f i!v in- paiullele.1 prosperity of th.' r .nuiry. ' I liit with prid to t'v groat for-1 H-jtun of .he tilSf- vi,e-:u. l ! of "tohn and me"' vii.-qdv. run mm lated. Whv haven't th-n.mr tci--M'i' etnpliMed wn-tchx-.s a'-i i'rmiJ.irc.l for-11 wIimi t ! mit arrant in tlM t ti !?? If fi. fttiM" tli' tvive .le-1 pi' ' V 'Vrxls unrliTbwXl the hmnbng- " vot'il all their- time and' enn-g v to tJ-iV and domagiigrferv of Vmcni-" lalr ifhtl pividtietioit. itwf.'ad of io'tu-" "flri-e Traders '-"-it vas' 'an1 easv ; acciuimlntioa as ! hit nod tnr""art'M tiling' i"'loi ii;aTate a ' tali It ' Iiill. By ' my frii'tid B iie!ii't .h.-H d.Mic.- ThevJ 11 ""e ii.;'.plicabjc. in.-HTUtahWj Uii,- ,, are tnmken inJlifli id'-av !-- f la' lioin.iln'e, iiifojoicu,, Ktijiicudyiiy tic a well as political ivivuvny. ' -.-'('ewihU-ring mu-takv .the, I euifvv!. 1 Kmemliei' hi yonr pmyei nd I ''. in i nil power. T1: eiuiu atic thank tire coor In-H limt lie o.! iparu is.nou iu u p..siiii.n to nle-ui.. the. f'e.imr.UK i.erts of oor, uotil.- md- j it -pnimiM- and philgi to the Jioaan-ts, to the end ilmi wuh,u.tli.,,.. . r ,,rum;.( jplr, they Just v ar . iluiuW:.'!, jvui-.l-oor r. j, ,m,l(',1Wd if, the IrV Coinfttd of " .. . ,, ' ' 1 tivf-r. It swj.t the colthlrv oh tlie comparatively . coiiilortabU' tor oiut' t r -,... t U...etot.om'4,;,i,BilH-rs;.l',.o;M-if;,,n' f 1''' newspaper n.en'aii ove? tlii.'eom.i'rv H1" ,Vr,,MKl' k The da.tard- hav; from ht-en" helped t. t.-ep't'lu- 'wi.lt ' flie door. An" iu.l.'i.en.leIit t press is Hie' salvation 'of tne' iuitioii; au.l "John and tne" propose to ni:tk ' '.. .1 J r a!. . . . . . 1 . . . ii m.i.-piHiHn 01 thp ;.ein. lenuTiibi-1 h;it tte p'l M iit un',f- alleled prosperity. f thtt rountry in owing to the wis.lom an. I etloit of 'John and me," and tail tint to-re-' nieinbe-r me in .your - prrtvr, id ask the gootf Lord to uphold hnr hands ami enahle us to -i.forre such legis lation as will enabln 'the few CTiter priffing"' to- aeetninihtte" ifttrt their' Uands the w-eahh of the perrplrVwhio.i wealth ' the people" in 1 hi; nature1 of thinprs have' not tho ' intellfgelife nor manhood to keep. J ' ,; ' ! , For sYime VraTs' denia'giiguas have stirred lip 'lIic foolish' people, 'iind told -tllem they 'were slft'ves' to "the biinks." The people lHst year de-ited felloW 'Jefferson An.T'Jaeklson". 'But the Tiord in1 hk Wisao'rti' 'had ' raised up Ri'.s'apo.mle'and ' hunible iollower,' John' Sherman" and ' iiielo confound these: people'.' John aud T'did if with our little money and' patronage.' Let fhe people be unceasingly thankful. Selah !' (KiVKK,"' ... . . - m 'I- ...... -. I , 4' .1 ...... WHITE CAPS tVll.it the r.islin anil Itiirnlii). of (iin ' 1 ' ' 1. I !'.' 4 I Nittional-WatMinutl.t '" ' The Northern and Western read ers ot the Vatclmian doubtless do 1 ..1 . - 1 . .1,.. .-. .1 ....... 1 , not understand the white cap busi ness. It is simply a political ruse of the organized heuiocracy to drive or frighten, the people iback..iuto.tli partytiiius. -iTliere liuve-bcen fewer ius-lMirnt in-the- Hmiii -th-e year,' and all the Mittg-harf Iwrn dotre by the littV tindbr-strapj.ers'io the br).is es' by 'their itistriictioVis " "J "." 1 fie old game was to raise the cry tuat toe negroes w. re going 10 rise. They vvorked tjiat gaiue(til it woyltj work no longer, and now they have picked up the w bite caps "dt -n 'all a nryth, 'iron jn red' jv'ttf tefrify the1 I people;--and" create' the 'ittipressibii that 'the' I'pinists 'aii.'' a set'of an archists, ' Those old political scabs .,..1.1.. . , 1 : .i--ti:,.-.i4Ji die mighty nani. ( .ii i'ri-.,',i'i4.Jiu'i'1" " ' ' V"i Mreeyiut, v,ia...,i., j.4 : m cr,i JEFFLRSGN AND JACKSON WereXOtM?l tit ItanVft 1 o ti " ..... Httito-HUd NitttonaW ' " .'..il- ' AndTevw Jekn it 'wi'-ho4ai'!;'3'w 'if w4irp.wlh1s tb-rrght Hmdt-T the1 eonstittttiotf to isstit paper rniihy, w'an given then! to be tu-eil bji-theirf-seve, not to be delegated H iffdivt ; duals or ban krng crrr'ora,rioti!i.,,i" ' Thos.1 -Jeffer-on' it : -waiT who1 said -i.rri i . t . 'T?ank paper must be suppressed. and the'clt'eulartn'g'm'e-'diunii'mast be resto'redto the nation' to' whom itJb?- lemgs'.'' It is the' bh'ly'fun'd,on'di1icii we ca'ti rely for loan's," it is our otiiy resource wTileh 'can tie ver'fail "us, and .- .j:,.. 4 , ii: 1 .1 e '1 1 I)'..-.. " 1 u 1 1 it is an abunuaut one for every neces- '' ' iJt.l-.jll 144.114... J.ll sary puriiose. T. I.... yl ,' '.''l i" 11 vou oeneve in me uoctnne or tlefferson and Jackson and.1 liave the ma'nbood to back up your Vfclief with ,,, j.,. ...I. . t. til ilt.J ..1 i.e. ..it J yOtir votes, wbat . jrtj jpu, b4e act id g, withto-(ay T ,1MiJU)) 1 1 f 4 AV hen you don t get jonxtx 1 t j. , 1 L. ... 1 1 A . r r..uu. i .td us a postal "cardtppce.ppn-'t Walt j,YiO, or tree., weei,! . Wfi.j'iJi serld you the missing copy and-also investigate the trouble. (tt.) ii.-j: .uivij-tju f.if.,ii.-t..'i mii i.t. 4 -The' '''BernsWicatr ' party bfotfglft -hardttnTCs itf.A theDentocTatie pUrtf is'assiitingl''ih'J'h.akiri'1the, worse. 4 O . i '4 11JE1,IW' i f t d4U4i4UAl jnT $nSjrjVV'iii-dlI IhS 4JkV(ij'I 4.'4kr i t 1 k r-j 'r, .. 4n 1 mttfl Vt.lUf Mrmmm ... 4 ..,.' I t h kH- v i'lLi.) I.r, ah. t t lU "KMiav. , M .!. Tart R-vt1d I Hill Xt arli Vmr Kr. . , (i..rrri,i.i iu Uu. . . " Iii.oN. As. lii. lu.Ukr : inuioiit - w heua.lltiuot ratio Uriff a l4,tfilatik iiMfHiiiiilit -V l""1''" "f that pledge, the. WHI;ton ;Uaynl yf ,tlit' iKxple, In j aroused the indjgnatjon, if- yrath,.. 'and the profopinj coiitcinpt of, (.he.u 1 . . . - - -tMjuHiry, ,cpakr . is . u at,vJ in cpiw- mciji ug ujku the iuofifct,rou ,crjw4i j d 1 . yet it would, Ihj. h ti-'oua jivLakv, i toi sjtaru , the faiturs .orc'-juse- to, ioJ'L.i them up to the ejrut'o-i of t)ip pvo-. ;t jd whose, coidilc:io;,har btx'U Mbwwl,.., and whose in Uresis have Im-cii tio,,., brulally d'btroyed. n ,. t . ,u " rriit i iuMitii:D oauii'h.iiu.Ii.." .... KiMMgh is- knfwfrf J '-prathnMt " ' lo awrt that it will b it rild,'m.lt-'4 1 less, radical, ultra free trade' I Hhio" ' Viatic "nlea-sure. Ft' will 'phM Jthe J ' House substantially 'n ' the-com nrft.14 toe re oris it, and it'wilT ' iV h-ptrU-d '' 1 as 'soon as the "President frtHy' up4-' ' ' ' r 1 . .I4 . f .i 1 . W been 'dictated by the ' President -and "' the tinkerers who fiaye1 bet-rt ctnploy- "' el frf phtting it togctherJ Im'i'e'driljr " p'erformetl jiei'Filnc'toriy clerical 'work." "J It" is" essentially aiib? viitrt-ty'dkM adinWisfratlfjirhiAwari' anil iselear-"'1 ly in' the line of Cleverau1,fl 'WelI'csJ-'"1 tablished wrecking' Kiir6y:'".s4eaki'Us ing of Ihis'pbliey to-day a pfohiifien'r Southern Democratic confcsshian ' poiutcd to the cou)jtioi of things ,jtv. Jjouisiana as a strikwg) illuratiow , , , of L'n. wj'uck 'li'.veJnnd.is uuikln o . i the Di4motiti parly 1 iu. thai State 4. His Uriff jh1k v wliitih -pntB 'lUgar''-4, and' rice on the free -list totter! ."W' " stro-s' these two great ' staple hifltifc-u 1 0 tries' AM Thrown iKoiltukiiltk' of 'pool''' V 1 eo id e o u t ' o f ' e'ni ti h y '111 fc h t 1 ' ' Tt a bsc ' 4 ! .. 1 . ., .11 ! I IJ J- I'-'i 'i'. (' IuU-ly ileslroys the wealth producjugj crops iu tne river.. jwclion .Ul,,u , hVtu,.: In.the kHl . ctiou, Lh jh-mt. j... pie ajv .ild pver. the; recaLo 1 AJk j Sheruwiu law, luul lie tweetiv tlie twoiu .u "iod only known' what ia to Uie'. ,; of us, and- .vnuerime- I "ihmlrt 'thi Jal power -of omn'rtcfeirx'b td"tell,hat',,e ' luiay 'ha'ppen ' jirtifcally' bhe' yeir"" hence luthe congressional elections. ...Wheu you ask trie what wTtl ue tfie, luffi-ct of Clevetanel's tariff policy in IjouifsiaiuL,qaucUdIjiul.i)f LvaiV'l uott 1 intending, to. Ix4.blpheui4ua,.'ihii JUj ;'.. m i... 'Inncb.Ukc ruin, aAwLjfitarvifion.ajni ..u 1.4. , , ' , , A. , I you ftuww ,wuai4.um nieuos to.tne.u.ii. 1 1 k-UKAiKtie. fiarty. roai .what took.iu 4iac two weeks aga.ui mtu cajjv . 4A saving claue waa4dedvud iwiiocnaic a;enurww iiiptno riooth' ji' is'-iuvolvcMit frt .-th-'-'Democr4d -,i Wil 1 carry the . Hoit,- -do" tlie oountiag-adding-drrfaniytc) ruin. .'Coivtiuued the1 Iiomrana dimn "for alLtbat 1 m- Peaoert atod"4'1 J will b found-at heof trt,fu1,'-"i oural irooe6siorr.' Whilt my thoflg4rtiJ1Aui faol4t;ien eland 4l!! bel1pfcfef-tlb-4 " tti ay now." Two or three thought M -are buggeetod: J)m it ocfiHr, to.any u j nd MftV M. Kt . i,q thc ; nocra-. , neoftff mu4.fi1 JWftjii -jdi i.u-ui . &&VbA J?.?er4 4,maclwe. 1UI1U 'snte I90X pppntjatriftac tmti-jzom -menta a. t rrad41e,i and rgjawi Iks wkfuu i ttkjacy of honest methods wiUtiuierir sioh and scorn. I 4" 1 JtU 414,1'. .lUlil Ji.lil C J. ill 441,11 U4 1 , . I ,ij t Democratic nartv is comnoHl nf fh enemies of all that is, desirable in a. iree, government Mm (Continued on Second Page.) i mi tilisiJ

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