'I'll i: i'canian THE C AUG AS i i 'i'ii i rm: i vJr mt-rifarcn-a M i:titM iu:a ii Tim i,i:aimn. wi:i:ki, St;tL bnirv VOL. XIII. RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY, AI'RIb 1 1, 18S.",. - I IAN s --'"V C ..ii i n - Hum . J No. -S:. PROBABLE PRESIDENTIAL (.' iMli'I.ito For the Peoples' Party in '00 A Strong Patriotic and Interesting Character. HON. JOSEPH C. SIBLEY. si I r of runner' A III. no t- Tui.-t- i s . m In- r il t nil m t -- - . l all nf VV . nil Ii i ml I' 1 1 in I -1 nun I lie liiile mill Mill I llir l-mnlr - l.il.r In I lie Iftttlle 1 1 1 1 I I Ii l. ! I. w II.m. .Jo t p!i (. Sibley h:n fie Mi!l l Ml MM".', (1 ilH 11 Hliltahle , , mi tu be Hir'jMirN ! fi r I 'resident . by all wltt low country hi tli hi tliy l.v party, by all ,mm un' opposed to the ";olil trtiht in 'I who will ot.-u.ii n.it it. Whether . i t he candidate for I'rerfident or ', i-t a n iiuukable man and a i in'ercsting cliaiiicti r. tl ; for' ,. will ojw; lh' leaders of the 1 i , -I A N a cketch of hiri life: ll' m ju.-d, fortv-live yeat oh', ! hft'ii lorn February Is. I ."U, i, wi 'irii Ni'W York, at I'ritnl- !,!i, Alli!iauv county, a dne-i iiil. from the I'eun.sy Iv.inia line, il. was educated in the I'liruon , ! ml , and in I he Springville and I ;n MWiip academic:, and, with .so til i Ii iiltivation of a .sound mind ,n ,i -mind hod v, he started out, a . i ,nr' man w it lion t a dol lar, to make mm way and build his own for i .hi . I r w up at. thf 1 1 f ii of tlif oil i id mi i.t in western I 'ennsyl vania, ;,i il it once devotiim lii iii 1 f to the i I Kit -in :', hf laid tli' foundation .il .sh.it i n w a very cot. s'cVrable I i M ii i '. II" li (Miiif, and htill is, a i s la rev munnfacl urer of Inbri i ,ii in iiii'l sii'"al oil', and his ctun I i 1 1 1 s furnish railroads covering I In .! -foui t lis of tin mileage of the i .iiintr.. llf is also engaged in vari- othi-r nianufacturin enttrpu In so, sifter al vcurs of an . 1.. i' iiurlv ii-tilii riliuitii I I f Ilia i;iti!lv active nnsineas Hi1 e. HIS 1 tit tt I i tt mi' somewhat impaired .h to demand, for a time at least, partial n t irt nu tit from Ihediily itith'. Accordin-'lv, he boueht u ' i i in in wi stern I Vii tisv l van i;t, ant; i i t-.ii..-. i.m..., , r , i i ti lie i.iiiini ui iiu Rimini ir-in ui, iw Ii is l.eeii for inanv v ats the largest ' . , 1 ., . i.i- : i . . i his people U9 a congressmati in the I ii in. i -ami stock raiser in that part; ' 1 , n, . , , . Wl , I. i ,. . . ;, . next two vears, he refuse! renomina nt 1 1 " Mate lie has been president .. . . . .. .. . . . . . , : .. ton, d'clinel to enter the district . i ,ii' S'ate dairvmen s association; , .' , , , r . ... durinsr the camnaiirn. and. intact. i .i I.... .i i .-.it i in s tin ric.'in 'ii. i I. il., is ,t .ii .-.ntier of the Stat' board .'I J ii iilnire, ami a din etor of the n iti. M il asscciatioii of trotting horse l.in d is. He takes a lively in! c 'est in the Farmers .lliaii3e ar d the St tle ti range, and is an active mem I. i tf U'th organ . itiuis. II- has tiin.t t' . f mi n ir cm tj in I'1 i-ii II L I 1 1 1 i i t i n i (it I T 1 .ii'a in i i m: niin " .iiaiiiTo ,.ijtv, 1 eiiiisvlvania, ami . . - . in s.'i ni ivi.f nt tiu'rirv. u nii'ii r of ... . .- u ...- ... v... j , - - - is I he onrv tillice. xcepl inai 01 , ,i. ..e ( ingcef sinan, for which he was ever a i .iiiiliilati Mr. Sibley raia I a 1' publi- t in. and ontliiil.l t) belong to that ; ... ... , r ,i nil t until a snort time before the 1 f .. ... . I icMileiitial campaiiru of ISM. A , , , 1 ,i . : ,t I course of slu lv at:d r lletu.n, at- , ii- ., t c I , , e ... . t r.lnl in the retirement of his farm, I ,,, ,. .. . , , I s hit Ii close attention to busine."' had i 1 1 : I I htm theretofertytinvinct d him lli:it the financial piiUiran party was w ut sr. ha h;e am ... .1 ...i.....l ft...... niilil'ii IiiijIIIliJJ IMI It'lllT li ll'lll lh 111! IIUOUH , , , . , f . n bt'.'an i he close stutly of cono- ,. . ,- . i inic MiiestMiis he would most prob- , i .i r .... ii'i v never have made this discovery. l lifving that the D niccratic uitv, if in power, could come nearer it;imliiig by the financial measures of Andrew .lackson and Abraham Lincoln than the Wpublican party tli'l, he voted the Democratic ticket in isL It is easy today to s-e what lie feels anil thinks when he sees levcland and Sherman conspiring toe-ether to make the financial cjndi tii'ti, worse than ever. In ls'.- the Democrats of the ...greMK.mil uistriet a..j uiung n.s . i. . . i . i . ovn . nought tney saw a cnance r cle.ting a Denioi-rat to Congress if t 1 1 v st 1 rt'd the right . . i i.., me r.gui. man. i i. t, composed of Crawford and j counties, was lpublican by a !i-ti' l;:-i. iMticriiuie inn joriry, anu, uiier looking it all over, they determined t . t russ the hue into the next dts - ti ;et and ask Mr. Sibl y to become i If I ui ir candulate. ne was averse wf 1 1 IIOHIl lllll IOI1, IMIL t flUllillM VVilS opiiusetl t makin ig the race in a dis- tnct in which he did not live. 11, In.wever, yielded to repeated and 'I' LT' iit appeals, entered tlie Held and p'i'MMially canvassed the district from end to end. Ilia recoul as a ptivate citizen ami man of business was thrown open, and an official in vestigation of hi. treatment of labcr in his manufacturing enterprises was in i'le by the Knights of L-ibor. The '1'strict gave Cleveland 1H,7"" votes find Harrison DJ.OtO votes, a Ilepub b' an majority if 2,ol vctas. For 1 ' mgress, on the same dav, S.bley "vivnl IT.Ss; votes and Flood, I publican, 14,00 votes, a majority f ::.:'ST, Sibley rn-n'ng 4,DJ2 ahead of I. vehititl and Flood L'ettiiKT 1.570 . - - o o - l' -s t hati II trrise n. 1'iit t'.iis was not a Democrs..tic victory, for no man standing by the p ilicies of driver Cleveland could have lieen elected. It was a Sibley vie' 1 1 "y it was a victory for the 1'i'iiieiiiles of the Alliance and Knights of Labor it was a victory ""r the financial principles of the 1 ''"pies Party. Mi M'tly after the election, Mr. W. - H irrity, chairman of the national detimeratic committe, sent out to Jt in icratic corigresjinen-elect his t'.-lebrated circular asking how they stood on the repeal of the Shermau at 2t, winch it was known Mr. Cltve- l n I was ndavonng to se ure. .Mr. S bley aiiSAt-rctl the question prompt ly ;;nd empirically. He t-aid that he regarded tin- Sherman act as a mak --shift, and that be wo ill vote for its re real, providt-1 the fne c tin: y of oilver was f-.ubmittcd m 1 1 M pliKf, ar.d not ctberv ie. He was shrewd enough to ae that (Jleve lainl'ri ohj et was to rejxal the silver la ami put nothing in its place, lie also knew that this was the ob ject of the men who wrote the Dem ocratic platform. Wli-n the repeal bill was up in the home, on August IK, 1. -.'.'.', Mr. Siblt y voted for "the free coinage ofcilverat lb- d'ffont ratios, th n for the tMibntitution of thf l.land-A Ilison act, aid tii.allv against thf bill When tin- bill can t b.ick to tn; house with a senate aniendmenf, changing its veibiage or Iv, .M-. N t.l-y ' ott d to re couunit with iiirttiuctions to report back a fief inage bill, and, this motion failing, then voted against the sen ate anii-ndnit nts. This is his silver record. In the seHHton of corgr".ss just closed, he voted,' on .January Uth, agaiii.tt ordering the previous ques tion on the tiit, ( li veland ( 'ai lis!; bill. On F. binary Till, he v -ted against nlerii g the third reatli' g of the s'Cond ( levelarnl Carlisle bill, ami, on I'Ybruarv 1 Ith, he voted against, the gold bond resolution. This is his greenback, banking and bond record. On February 1, ISDJ, he voted for the income tax amendment to the tariff bill, and then against the tariff bill itself on the g'-ound that he did not believe in the iveent mugwump I ) mocratic doctrine of free raw materials invented for the benefit of astern manufacturers, ami to blind the wealth producers of the country. He was absent ami did not vote when the amended senate bill parsed the ll'llc'. On June 0, ls'.rT, he vo'ed agairst the bill repealing the state bank tux, believing that tiVre should be no banks of issue, state or national, but all paper money should be issued by the government. lie stood by the doctrine of Jefferson, .Jack--oii and Lincoln as express d in the platform of Vonle on ' s I'iirl.v. 1ms is his I'll l I l'l:l' V I'l I l. ... i J " - I 1 1 is course to all these 'piestions i running counter to Mr. Clevelaid, ! heat once found himself out of fav r at the white house, and, feeling that i.i , f .... . i i ..:,. ... left the state. Nevertheless, the re- i -i ' formers of the district kept him in n initiation and supported him last N'.vember. For governor, the vote was-: Singerly, d -mocattc, Hastings, republican, 1 U,'.xi; republican tnaj ) itv, 7,'78. For congre.-.: Siblev, 13(15; (iriswold, . . . . M ii- Kiittn ll mo ti I ' . (! romi Klimin -niti . . ' ., , 1 ,,,, toritv. 2.J.i4. Siblev ran 1.1 14 votes j . j ' aneau or ii is i i r i ticket, while (iriswold ran 1 votes b.hind his, aul would have been easily beaten by Sibley ! Iinil flip htH.pr pntreil the dist.rie.t. .u, j maUe a ranVass. , , , , 1 r. Sibley s record in private and ... ... .J ... . pic he life is peculiarly his own . . . . 1 , . , , hash; en mutated by few and can be , . J . , surpH.s-ed bv hone. In the early , . :. . . , . pari of t he hrst session of the last 1 . , , , , .1r,lin'. . ... ' Hf k ti iTi i ' 'V'V" in :m1 I'll1 n;i tiuiio vvj iii-.-' . . I i rim r i , i I ! f ir riPini ni'n rinns l n , . ...... , his uistriet 10 am in ine ouuumg or I 11 l.l i 1- C I'L a ha ami the fo ruling of a library , , ,, ? J, tor each or these organization?, anu , . , & i i the money has been snexpended. Al- . . . J . . , - tnougti tie nas oeeu an employer 01 labor to a very large extent for more than twenty years, he has never had to face a strike, nor ha3 he ever re sorted to a lockout. In all that time, he never reduced wages or ex tended the hours ot labor. All his employes have a'wavs been allowed a yearly vacation with pay, and no person ever drew lss than half pay when sick, ind hopeless invalids have been carried on the roll at full pay for yea's, and until they died i"j A& ,m ilulividuai or as a partner in V!lti m3Iirui exteuded oaterpr'ses, Mr. s.hley hts never appeared in court, And in all the controversies of a b ,iftlj he haa never been piaintilI defendant has never sued or been '8IH,a nia jj is invested in his j farm .U1(l manufacturin2 enterprises, ! Ho never owned bouda of any sort, : aml never cut a COUpon tor himself. So far Joe8 he carrj U)is 1Klicy) tnat .es ue cany tins, oouuy, mat he never cnarges interest ior a loan i i. . l r l of money. On every stump during his mar velous race for congress in a repub lican district, in which he did not live, he made proclamation that if he ever had a dollar in his pocket which belonged to another, he hoped no man would ever vote for him for any i tlie ; if it were true, he would nevvr b3 a candidate for popular support. No political opponent could be found to inake any charge against him. Air. Sibley is of handsome appear ance and charming nunners. Tall, well shaped, athletic, his strong- featured, clean-shaved face speaks of the honesty, kit dncss, iib:olute trood faith and, at the same time, resolute will and determination of the man himself. He is pleasant and agreeable in conversation, hav-j ing read much and seen a great deal of men. No one who knows him ( a t fail to respect and admire him. He has a heart full of loving kind ness, and his great aim in life is to do good for his fellows. He is wealthy, but is and always has la mi and always will be one of the people. No better man culd be selected to carry the banner of the people and storm the strong holds of the shylocks and gold bugs in 189G. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. Various Matters on Which the Popular Opinion is Expressed. All Sections Interested. LIVING ISSUES FORWARD. f'ontr iiii( anil ICiili.-ule tt the Dt-iiMK-ratic i'rei. sorrow ut th i-Kr.u i n f IIii.i.ii raryT Mtamr. for the Man Who Mtl.-lt. It Old .'ulrM J as It. For tli 'auca"ian. 1 Sm'THFIKLD, N.C, April 1. Your last wek's issue (Match 2 S t b ) is grand. It exhaust the DouglaeS matter. Very ttulv, r. T. Masskv. For thf Caucasian.! Skmoka, N C, April Can't loLitU,s of the vpnal I ) -mjiriitie press without it (The Caucasian.) It. is the only paper in the State that gives the truth. L. 1. fccorr. For t lie Caui'asian.l CoN:KD, N. ('., April . I could have sold many Caucasians of March ysth. Send rne worth of same date. It is a clinch r on the rotten I mor racy. For tlie Caucasian. J i.oualCou.e C April Your explanation of Fred. Douglass resolution ia perfectly satisfactory to your friends and all reformers. (Jive the Democrats the every time you can. W. Ii. Henry's letter is interesting reading. I). II. (Jill's sentiments in regard to the News arid ( I liapr vt nninfiilp uith all l'onn lists. I 1 ... . .. x .. i should thniK tue uemocrats tnem selves would become disgusted with their press. Very truly your., THOS. P.. liCSSELL. I'in.' for it I. irly Month. For the Caucasian. f 'iik-chimi X. (!.. Anril 'A Dear sir: I have read Mr. W. It. Henry's long letter to Hon. M. W. Kausom. This carried me back to 1 8S4 when I asked the Democrats of Cabarrus county for the oflice of register of tleeds this, too, after losing 4,000 by the war, all the money I had, and I a cripple. I did not own any real estate. The Democrats kicked me aside and kept in office a uounq mhii who had not lost a cent by the war, and had been in oilice six years. Gratitude among Democrats is a lost jewel The same party trea'e la one-armed soldier, J. 11. Moore', just as bad. Lay on McDuff, &e. The Caucasian of the 28th is a Jin miner. Financial poverty is all that prevents me from ordering a lot to circulate in Cabarrus, as an anti- dote to the poison disseminated by whether jold or silver, should be such such papers as The aud as would be accepted by the civilized 1 1 r,,. , world, and every paper dollar issued ' ne ' nses such shotiltl be of equal value because re expression abcut the legislature as deemable in coin of indisputable "compost heap." value." Such sheeis will sooner or later Now, it will be seen that Col. Mc- lind their 1-vel. The can live Clure takes the absurd position that and abuse the good people of Cabar- the coins of the government must r us as long as he remains postmaster, have the same intrinsic value as at a salary or $1,000. All the work money value. Let us see. in the p isteifhce is done by two The government takes ten cents' young ladies for $450; the post- worth of copper and coins cue hun-tnaster-editor spending all his time dred cents out of it, worth $1 in in the publication of The . money. It takes twenty cents' worth The government pays the postollice of nickle aud makes twenty live-cent rent. J. W. Mehaffy. Only Ciiieiiliiifj Them. For Tlie Caucasian- Louisi'.UKc, N. C, April '-. En- closeel I send vou . 4 want as many copies of the Caucasian of March -8th date as the money will buy. Mail to me at Louisburg, N. C. I want to thank you for that issue. It is plain and strong facts boiled down just what we want the people to know. The course that p.intemntible sheet, the News and Observer, has taken is not damatiusr the JVople's party m Franklin countv. it is onlv cementing th m. J ' If. It. Harris. Majority r 50,000 in Sli. pn,iui'.,..u;,..i . ..v v.uui-u.-.u... j r i. 4 f the money famine was not on l . v i I t our people with a heavy hand I con d send fevera names with the . . . t., fl,Q c.T.or.vr i,en,J '" - -------- "-' wolf is at the door, aud it takes all our power to keep him out. I see the boodlecrati? ssscs keep ,,,:,. u: , 'i i r a. i w hl li r i irniv v . ii i i ,. . . " i t no rrnnjjr ii n i pi i i rim ir t m Thev remind me of the man who tookaninch of snuff and sneezet . . - . nnt he became exasnerated. He r " then said to his nose: "Sneeze old fe low: vcu'll sneeze vour brains out nresentlv 7 y .. . So let the asses kick. Thev II LiU- tbpir brain a nut. nrespntW if aI they ever had any, aud nobody will get hurt but themselves A word O to mv Ponnl st and llei.uhl can friends: Lt the bravin? of the Democratic asses solidify you in the crnnA work- nf unitv An il (rnnd will- drive the enemv into the last ditch and bury them so deep in '96 that (Jabriel's horn will never call them to a resurrection. Jet s roll up a majority next year of 50,000 ovfr our enemies of boodle fame. Take my word for it, if the so called Denio oratsever get full control of the State again you have cast your last ballot. If thev had earned the State in '14, all illiterates would have been done voting for all time, without blood shed. Take warning in time. This writer has been a studiou and zealous follower of - what I thought was Democracy. I fol lowed them through four years of fire and blood from '61 to '65. I nm now sixty-three years old and Can't Stay in this earthly sphtrel m'jch longer. '1 hunk tiVj! I lav. no children to 1 -ave h hinl when I am one. nut how is it with manv of you'' I implore vou to lie j-l ur of the 1'berty that a lHueathed t-o you by the blood of grandre. Liberty, once lost, will never be re trained short of a blood v rt volution. I say to all, in the name of (Jod and Immanity, to j in hands and ca3' your hallo's against ymrs and my common ei emy. 1 advise as many of vouasciiu to subscrde for the Vk I'CArfiAX the poor Diau's frier.d both white and colored; and again I say, take warniog! before it 13 t0 late. Yours for the right. J. W. Kenniiiv. 111-Ui.tril. t.lr. For the ('aura.Miin 1 Aphevim.e, N. ('., Apn! '2. I want to ci ngratulate the public on the contents of the Caucasian ot the "iSth. ult. l)u-iiig the set-sion of the legislature and i;iCe th ad joutnment of the s; nie, the e h:-8 been no restiainton the lying pr. pen- They lied without stint or apparent fear of contradiction. It may In- degrading to one's pride to say to an adversary that you lie, but some times it becomes absolutely ntces- sary to say unpleasant thing. I have made it a rule of my life to strike bac k. It may not be 1 ke a Christian to exact an eve tor aa eye and a tooth for a tooth, but it is comforting when you are smitten on one cneeK to return tne o:ow. jlvx 11 i ii r -tllhltn, &mi to be the only safe way to deal with an unscrupelons euetnv. Democratic papers have lied un til they sem to think they have a prescriptive right to do so. Oppo sition papers have maintained a re spectful attitude uutil the Derr.o crats come to the conclusion th it they could lie with impunity, and esptcially is this the it titutle of the .News and Observer. I declare, I have read the common falsehoods of that paper until I have become dis gusted with its productions. There seems to be a common understand- irg between the several Democratic l,:lI'e,s 1,1 the state l, chew truth altogether, and resort to falsehood instead. It is unparalleled in the ms-OIT 01 journalism. 1 nope the -'A HVA 61 A iN W1U conuQUt Uie g',ca work. The II tshoiiCKt Dollar. For the Caucasian. Ualekui, N. C, April 2 Col. MtClure, editor of the Philadelphia Limes, has been traveling 111 the South lately, and while at St. Augus tine, Fla., he wrote a letter to Mayor D. W. I'ietcher, of Jacksonville, in which he said some very foolish things on the money question, from which I make two or three short ex tracts, as follows: "A coin of the Union, whether silver or irolu, must possess tlie intrinsic. value and not a promise to pay, ami every dollar issued by the government, piet:es cut of it cash value $1. It takes hfty-three cents worth of sil ver and converts it into ten dimes, which pass for $1. The dimes are seven per cent light. Acw, let us put these statements in another form, so lhat they will be understood and appreciated by all: Intrinsic value copper. lOcts. money value, f 1 nickle, 20cts. " " $1 silver, 5.Jct. " " 1 Total, 3cts. ?:' D fterer.c? between intrinsic value a -ow, every one must know that tms dilttrence is the result ot law. T " . .1 I 1 I.X. in view oi tneseiacs, wnar.i asK, is Col. McClure's intrinsic value , -T ... l'"-uM """'"ft r l ii l i ti ijet ua uetr Ltie coionei on auoiiier , , , , . . , , i yj i KsLi ul mo om' prut auu otv; uun , i i - JA, . n nnn na u niuu on mar " " " "the boiitnern htate that nrst plants itself unmistakably on the platform of abSolutelv honest money will be fore- most of all in development, in credit ami in respect in our own anu other countries, etc." Ttiprpitu' Th.nwi MnM not. i - - -- aVV help touching on tne "honest money i.-i. mi 1,1 l racket. j.uese goiu uugs aie eo y i . .i. i.i prenensive timi. some poor laooiei, yu knw maY be raid a dishonest dollar. 1 llTL-l .' IL. ct L .1-11 .1 A vv iiai is me uoueat uoiiar, aooui I 1-1 ! . 1 . wnicn we near so mucn: It IS a Conceded lact tnat Our T. 1 t t I 1 1 present dollar (any of them) will buy- Pu Per cent more 1,ow ot tne ro" I 1 a. ' 1 IL . il. . ...1 1 .1 .1 "ucts in general man tne gmu u 11- Mar would in IS. 3. That is, it has goue UP that muC.b m purchasing power. And this is what is caned the "honest dollar If ifc had gotie UP 80 that ifc would now buy five times as much as it would in 1S73, would it still be the honest dollar," and would it Le fiye tim-s as honest, or wha? If there is any limit in this gaiie Pf appreciation, will not Col. Mc- Clure or some honest man tell us where the line is drawn beyond which it .would not be honest, and why? But, suppose that instead of go ing up 50 per cent, it had gone dawn 50 per cent, would it ..till be the honest dollar? We all agree that it would not; but it certainly would be i li'sr as houeet as the dollar that ' went tip ou per cent, ir nor, wny D0,:'' Thpy are both dishonest dol- 1 Continued on Fourth Fage.l THE NEW SCHOOL LAW. 3 tlamlnrr of I'ul.lir Ii on ' Tea. h.r to Aonuiili . uinlr...I l.c out . Mionrralu Mr.t In Jul, ai.1 J...u. l..r llil'r;i- of tt ..line l-Mrlallj to rhl Mi-.r ..only urrlili itrnt of I'ni.ltr I tii rur Km. , lolih,.l. Th act j hr- ! by the last 1-giela-ture amt.tlir the getteral school law of North C.rolit a is as follow: I'ir (t't tirni! .!.- in1'! .." y.rlh ('"- 1 not ibj .'wit ': Srction 1. That section 2,)4j of 'he school law be and the ea ue is hereby rejiealed. Sec 'i. That the tlli -e of conntv board of education is hereby abol ished, to take efT-Ct the tiict M uiday n .June A. D, ls-.t.'.. All the powers 1 J duties of s;i"nl countv liouid of lucatiou shall devolve upon ami be tl'scharged by vhe beard of junty commissioners of the several coun ties of the Slat ; and, for the part - . f a'tending especially toschu 1 mat ters, the said board of county com i.isaion r shall be required to me- hi the tirst, Tuesday after the tiret Mot day in .January and .July in tach ear, sa:d meeting not to continue 1 uiger than two days at each of saM meetings: 1'iovided, they may attend to any matter pertaining to tchool inter fcts at any of the regular mett tng' of said board as provided by law, but the expense of all such meetings shall be paid out of the general county fund of the count v. Sec. 3. That sectit.11 2,"'4f is here by repealed. Sec. 4. That the e llice of countv sup Tint iident of public ins'ructioii is hereby abolished, totakeffect the tlrst Mitidav in dune, A. D., 18'.t.", and all the duties providt d by la to be performed by the said superin tendent as secretary of the board of education shall lie perft 1 nied by the clerk of the boarel of county com inissionets. Sec. 5. That the clerk of the Su pe; ior conrt of the several countits in the State shall, on the first Moti lity in June A. 1)., lS'.i.), and an nually thereafter, appoint an exam iner, vvhes duty it shall be to ex amine all persons elesiring to teach in the public schools of the said county, in conformity to law. Thre shall be a public examination at the court house, to commence on the first Monday in July, ls'..", and annu d;v thereafter, to continue from d iv to day until all the applicants are ex amined, and th; crtiticate issued shall be gocel for one year from the date thereof. All such applicants shall pay to the examiner, in advance, a fee of one dollar for such examina tion: Provided, that the examiner may examine applicants for teache rs' -.. . . , certit.cates at any other time or jdace, j but when so examined the applicant shall nay to the examiner, in advance, a fee of one dollar and lifty cents for such examination. Sec. G. That section 2,55. " be amended by striking cut the words "county superintendent of public in struction" wherever they appear in said section, and insert in lieu there of the words "chairman of the board of county commissioners." Sec. 7. That sections 2,5G7, 'J,5i;s and 2,50'.' are hereby repealed. Sec. S. That section 2,570 be amended by striking out the words 'county superintendent of public instruction, in line one, and insert "the clerk of the board of ccunty commissioners. Sec. '.. That section 2,571 1 imeuded by striking out the words county superintendent of public instruction" wherever thy occur in said section, and insert-in lieu tin re of the words "chairman of th board of county commissioners." Sec. 10. That section 2 572 be amended by striking out the words county superintendent of public instruction, atiel insert m lieu there of "county examiner." Sec. 11. That section 2,57: be amended by striking out the words "county superintendent of public instruction, in line one of said sec tion, and insert in lieu thereof the words "clerk of the beard of countv a commissioners. Sec. 12. That section 2,574 be amended by striking out thew)rds county superintendent of public in struction, and inserting in lieu thereof the words "clerk of the b l.ird of county commissioners." Sec. 13. That sction 2,575 be re pealed, and the following be inserted in lieu thereof: "That for all Mich clerical work as shall be performed bv the clerk of the board of countv commissioners, he shall receive such coir pmsatiou as in the discretiou of the county commissioners may be deemed just aud right: Provided, the same shall not be a greater amount than the am tint allowed by law f r similar servces performed by said clerk as clerk of the board of county commissioner?: Provided further, that such clerk shall rerd-r an itemized account, under oath, for all such services and the same shdl be paid out of the general county fund when approved by the said board of commissioners. Sc. 14 That section 1,579 b- amended by striking out the words county superintendent of public instruction" wherever they appear in t -; i :,,... : i: ' i oniu otrii'ju, anu luscii iu lien lilt i c .l. ...... . oi tne worus -cterK or tne uairu oi county commissioners " Sec. 15. That section l,5Sb' lie amended by striking out the word county superintendent of public instruction" wherever they appea- io said section, and insert in lieu thereof the words, "clerk .of the b a d of county cammissioners." Sec. 16 That all laws and clauses of laws in conflict with this act are hereby lepealed. Sec. 17. That this act shall be en forced fromad after its ratification. In the General Assembly read three times and ratified this the 13th day of March A. D., 1S95. WHAT RANSOM HAS GOT.1 a Liuue nccord ol the h Ha His SccojKtl For Bt-insr a Clevehii:.! Cuckoc. a yuAiilhK 0i A MILLION ; ! .'jt Ihr ll(urr -Hnu I. ,.r . I lll. tl..-, V1m.11 .Hh.i V.... 4fc,l. III .... t 1 1 ... Hwl. fill, ...iai. .il.iu alt, I N i l;. l.l ,,. Aprd Alt.-! n arly ..u.- in .nil It-lay i utr ttie n. w 1 'f lirt-r fir Mefi-aa linn -t. r j in. I'kI 4 r 1 a 1 1 1 ? 1 Mr. M W I." .f. ill (iMrriri I : - 1 a , t-piaret .-t '..-".. ,. w ai f H:it. d tl 1 o 1 in tt-r.-iiff tl. tt ,iui, l-uiii.-.u ,t. K tt. hi.- p.r. V tliin an ln.-iraft.-r the a Ij t'irr.riit ut of the S.-vnV, Mirth 4th. not. 11, ;,. qualifi. 1 as minister to Mexico and the n-i tb.n of ut Willi; ou the pay n lU w.i th iit-htfully brief. It whs the lirt time in twenty three years, but th. increased sa'ary incident to the dip lomatie aip..inttii.-iit hiiii.lv .-..in p Iisated th- loss of the on.. Iit-Aihi eritiufv slow hour consumed in tr.u eli!i;-friu the Capital to the S.att Department. A I'lilNCKI.V AO I MI'I.MI'.S-. Up to the expiration ot his sena torial term he had received in salary, inelu lini: the 'alary grab,' tU'i, 00 .('; for clerk l:ire-a faiiulv -nap ll't.OOO.tMi; tor .stationery 7."! T teij tiirures are within the limit. When his ministerial function en. Is M tu b 1th, lMI,, he will hav re etivediu alaiy 'Jl.'i.tiiHI. lis sal ary as minister is I7 ." annual, ai tl that of his son who aet-omp ini.-s him as private s.eretary, .'r.'!,.".i0 Tiiis sum reprt sents a princely -enuiiilatiou. It mi;ht suirJ.-st a w:llitit;tess on his part to ive M.ine botly else a chance, but not so. Il is his present intention to Tl t i 1 IT K X H'S t.l'll- i TI1K STA'I t. MAClilXE, in initiate a machine can.lidite for i iveriior in lS'.Mi, and send a '111.1 cl.iiu,"' delegation to the next nati mull I tuoeratie eonveutiti. Thf party iL.i' hiut ry in the State is a 1. so lutely iitnler his control. He eoti trolied in lsjtj-j 4. and lt; intfic'.s t. etitil it 111 Is'.Hi. If a cotnrarv o iniou is entertained it iniy be di-iiuissid at unci' as a debi-i u. Tlie pipes have ah ad y been laid, ar.d it may be doubted if the most u L.rt u tul iitfirriiwicii fk.B.j.itt..a. - t . .-.- , -1- Wl'inlUUll Villi ,i,.l t.rtt tb bvllt.,u,. t,;. illlllM..laU. legatee, controlling the. State p itr nage 111 Washington, is e-('oni;i ss- 111 in Henderson, ami the indiealioiis all point to him as the ' mud. in. candidate ler the (.'ill mat trial in initiation. 1 lenders.. n is a man ot lean, methods ami it is rather puz zling to undetstantl the nlTitiity . ... i - . . i . .. i wee ii uiiu aim me i.aiisoni ma chine."' The explanation of his eati- dntaey may bi found in the det rmi nation ot tne machine" to d.-tt at the nomination of .Julian S. tlarr ti .... - ine tapers nominal ion, tin "ma chine" asserts, would he disastrous on account f the Holt hostility and the 11 rt will be made to kill him off on that ground. The Carr nam ha not the soothing fiVet of "hiotini-hthii cocktail" on the hiss's re-habilitated nervous sy IT .. leui. ue reirarueu niia Carr r nomination iu IMI'J as i (Treat ca lamity," ar.d ever .inee behind evtry Carr ho sees a Toiii" .larvis. If hf eau help it, no man by the iihiiim t 'an will be th Democratic eandi date for (Jovernorof North Car lina in lS'.Hi. THE MACHINE MANAt. Kl in his absenee is ' jlleetor Sim in ms. With Hendersim etntrtdlin; the Fetleral pationae here ami Simtiiotis lireetiu thts 'maehine"in the State, the prospects of a Kan-oiu comj it st twoyeais hence are not liseourag.ng. There was rnie exneetation that I in State' membership on the nati-.t.al Deniticratic committee iniL'ht be tnnietl over to Simmons, but it is understood that Senator Gorman advised against the change. An important diplomatic fund Mili ary, aud atM'-ieut circumstances will add prestige to this committee con ned ion, ami that menus iutlaeuee in uireciint; campaign iiukis. ue .1 - a win not irve up tne national com mitteeship not yet. WILL. THEV SU1SMIT? Will the young Di-mocats' in the State who hate the Ictusoui mth ods submit to further bossis:u J" 'Why ye.-!" answered a in tfd "t'Ufktii;"' the ery of uij;t-r rule .t.U bting them iuto line. The text StAte eonipatfrn "eontinuetl thf boss's Uiouih-Mece' will be the bit terest ever known in the State. I'result-nTia! eandidates ami natioaa' is?Ufs will eut po ligure whatever. The liirlit w ill be made on State lnifs and the. one objt-et will be the elce tiou of a Democratic iovernor aL-1 a Democratic legislature. Th hiift. , l)fitn.,Ht will be lashed into rank jor ku.kt.,i iuto the . 4..Hm.M j Xu triiuming will be tolerated. Th, i will be drawn ami everv reea'eitr.int iniumiuir win ue toierate.i. j ne issue w 11 b white Mipreiaaey. Th-re ts no expectation that a DeuioTati' presnieni can ue -i;-cei, u-.i a mighty and d f-ptrate etf-rt nil be I"-1 to !iilv-;.l-1.e tat hii 1 elct a Democ. atic I Ditd Srat-.-s ?e n tt r. - . . . ., , . See h'jvv th D-n erati: pres it. the Siate has ignored Wa!'. r llen-y's letter! That is notic-i to Democrats of the Henry Kidney to surrender unconditionally."' There was more of this blatter ou the same line, but enough of it is given to indicate what brutal methods may be em ployed to stop th revolt agniost ''machine politics' and Hanson domination. There may be men who will be deterred by such in fluences, but their accession to ant party or movement would not possess the smallest significance. ABOVE THE PALTRY BRIBE. Speaking of Mr. Henry's If-tter : - j ;t r t . 1 reindict is lu&u iu 11 10 Jir. 11 . A. Gudger'a appointment in the De- Mr - - - : : r. -, r . ... A ' ! tr -'I i rt uri !ruu.r.ir : Ut 1! ?: .J r. l.-.i!is .1 1 1 arm - takttiof ht. -r--r ' :tit .-i'ii -li I. S I r ti.'fj t.. ,V t ! -? . . ; . Htje t! 1 ..-I i-.. .f x tl. .1 i...t ''I 1 ' ' t:. . !; I tr" l.-wr.r. t. i t: ui! pu'a 1! t Mr. ,u !,-,r "u,vr ,hf- i r-...f j i' t-. n 1 tt it . ti. r . r r l.t ! 1 1i tn-.-tti. "n i J. i:. H. i t 1 l-.ll, I'a.ali. I ... 1 m. I hat at, W 1 I -- I lit, r ill. Ia.lt. 1 It:. i. I u - pt. v i.i " -I d. prt1l.ll a: .1 f 1: 1 r ii. t: if . uetl 1. tl 1.1... l.liOf t t lie -.i jiinu .tj.ilnl iii'.i.t- i.i i f..!i,. v.iy u.ju.nr top-it fief.et.t.f th. I'll .I'l t the tt' I'm id, j t r.i.UTie J.r, ,.t.Ts tt. ,r ..t I I i- 1 . .. ; : I lutiin, di-j.j.ii; the actiul -. .ult i I a r.av.n.tt.U 1, i,t run. i . i ih'l tie hi ay n . .11 tri. tiu: A 1 1 l J ll ON inn. t I'.V ..(if .,' ..f , . I-; i- I.i t.;,rf. 1 ! .'if 1 .4 i II Im.iI ...HI,. t . ."I'l I'll k.-.- n.tii 1 .1 I I pair !... t I ! 1 Ml It . !! I.. 1 I 'II I'll .ir.-- ..tt. ri -. I .'.iM.'li . t-l ,i 1 I . ..i 1. t i "tl l'..!1.:!!!..- 11 re W" li'id .-: 1 . that in j Mj,. f ctifoii it i I t h ic a I. ill at t ti li pr. i!i-.g p:i . s an I I ft n eaipl i. f l; in S.5 the bal.- i.av. :h, -atiic bill at pr. p. tit pri at A the farm, r is hai't.v to t arn I., in.- j;:5: What was tlie relation of -.;. li. ! oth.-r proja -rt v in h u i..t. ton Mai 15 cents? What is tht- rela tion of i'.i 75 Ui oth-r i r..i.. rtv i...t.' In the f. -iiner it-ril th.- t.tst naui.tl surplus on sale of one hale of o.t.i.n ver thf bill n-nd, red, would have l'-ti abb to take a man 7'- milt i by rail; now h-ran trav 1 125 ur.U for Hi-mrpln on his one bah ; tie n le o'lbl have paid f. I :5.'"l fet t of Ituula-r with bis sin phis: io lie in "ot pay f..r ne i;. than loo f, w.,.j4 his Mirpliis. There is this.ttlifr r-a a tl vital iMlt-relMV in the two in-tied - t.-li- i .... mat d niton a iiivi. r-i il l..-.i. t.. it: in Jauuarv, 1 s; ;j, inonty . I' tive atel afe .111 t he mark.-:, at, d I le vol line of the ctrrii-y was ii irculatit ii: n vv ni ney is ij-it t.ti the general mat ket at all, ft- r:ci lot row at at any rate, and the dunie of currei.cy i' hitiant amll tcL'tl in lh lank fr Kifetr. S.i much fir the b.mk. r xr-u- Ill-lit that tll -rt- blesMtJ tiff. of .iK pric'-a buiire pl-.tv fr all! The Himl toiling in. rtle- Kvi- ie' f th- I'.ritish gtiird, has "ph"-ii. tv,'" but what is .!ei,ly iu his case ? O.ily thne t lifj-:i fM f(,r a hty"-wnk: tivly thin sMipai;d gru I f-r diet, at.d a pair of c-arn- cotton trtfUbt Ti for rallle flU The die, the raiment at:l th-wjgtsi netve nj a The b.inki r"s ni 'ti.-v iii.iet.f the product of lab ir a itiot t y oni.-s sear- ami laly.tvra inultiply iu the li -M. "AIRlIE" BURNED TO THE GROUND. 11 a ttilf i.t I llf I Ittt af lluttara itt ( t.t- Jtal-. N -ws hasUt ii r.-ccive.! at Wt ldii that the tine rti.iitry r e'fh tu - of the late (t.-a ral Uavil Clatk, kfjown is 'Airlif," in this -'Minty, lim Ifvn l.tini'-nl to tht grout.tl. 1 his was one d th- finot ountry hoUM-fj in the State.-, ami was iVfore the war a famous idace. It was the l iiu' f Sujtrfiiif ( ' turt .lu-le Walter Clark, ai.d of Mr. A. T. (,'lark, of this place. The bulling look lire ou the loof, and when lie c v r 1 it h t'l mad- -.'ich liealav that it was iiuxM-ible Vt save it. There was no iiisiira-ic aid hut little of ih furniture wo av-J. Mr. Th ortie of ciipiej the Iiuse at the tine the lire tu-curred. DEMOCRACY AT A DISCOUNT. Tl.f c" "I I hf 1 ;,. l ..rt ! It) Itttrut t: trtil.. N'.rf:k Pilot Tiie news from the elections of the pist few day eleiw tint the j-t-ople ire still tira g-l again"t thdti:.li- Icily anl iiicoinji-tfi.cy of the I.-uio- ; 4 ic lea iers. i ne gnat western crt -i at.l feta'cs har tit?- or- whfltninglv for the l!-publican at.d I J.leetileiit cauditlAt,.,. The thytsttT p .litici:rjj Mir the iodlc--Jog jr h jf the Hetii'icratic I'rty miy yell t:d w hi e against a return to ll-publi canisni ami .the horrors uf 'I tieiW as much a-, it pleae-4 them to do, but tlie p!ait, co-nmin ma-s-y-s of the country lelieve nothing in those political iK'ssibilitieg cm le wor than Detu .cratic ubseriieny ti the goM bug tnoneycrata of the nttion. No ptrty that this 'tiritrj rver rust-l bo mad? to frightful a bitch f governnieut and lej'-ltiou a t' e CVvelaud I eai'xr-"y. Its record is ind -fen a ble the res-jlts of it ui re d-5eiate than thi of war, peatilet.ee and famine. It is little onder, then, that the bluest iLde- pT.dent I mocratic voters have r-ne I taj t oth-r pirt:;-e ar.d a.l aace-s Tnat ia the drift of the tiin- and will continue until the Dtmorracv again espouses the cauee of the great jieople. Iu Yirjr'ti'a there are abur..ant s'gi'a that the tame fate a nits th rum-ruled and trust-f addled Democ racy of the Statttg If the arty man agers will continue their pretent cours, therefore, they need not be l irtti.- r ' Hi;') t nuts." T' sat priced when the jople tally and! put an end to the jower of an arro gant I) r mocratic ring! S1 QO THE.WWLY CAUCASIAfJ '"THE FACTS ARE HADE KNOWN. 3'Zt7CZ DlTlI Did "ct W.r ffsulf Kwirt Whfa He HIS CAFTOR TELLS TEDTH. I lr. aa KIIU4 la tka tH M tH M a ,.!. a.li.iaa I ka M talltva a.aiiaiaa - .. Iaaaa 11 I a. I4 ''fCft.l H.ntj l!m.!rti. ttr .rr th. t a-, o toy bo itart4 J f . f f. t: ! 1. T ai.lt bt u tt.t('..Gfs1 r . v "ti 1U Lt tati.V rtMtltJ , 1 i"!i tt.f n itniDtin - n.Bn..i.. ... 1. . . ... ..f that .!.t ,n th- T,tk.maura Lll..1,ll l.lll t.a.a.l. "tt " "'' I f f aidrtit I .!. lU . .. . . ttir Lfu 1 r.urst ,,r U.U d.v l.t.ak I.t ti I rrt rsl Liiu. au.t h.id a wotuati'a ..ut h,. .Vioiil It r- Thf ft. -I I-H.t L.m. t-kifta 1 i it irt It !! ' Ttit-n fit ut t al Hart dm, .Lu - '"1-1.''I t" thf 1'ift.t Wiarofiaia cff lf . told h..t If CiUfti l.n .t k . -I 11 t-t fl.f tj e!t,fO t.fdffa tt t p'uie Mr. lUtia. Tht y rt!t ifirt lochta fl;d Ifff ! taitltout feat. lla- r tuit- . tu. ) to. r Irw'ti viJlf. Imiut- 'Uiitv, in. Jutl It f..r thf t MitUtf, Ixlv t.f Mrliratl - lry t.ti i ftiiuiaf t t,rt' it lot- atid i.lieral 1 1 t lid. tt'a fitt-n ftdl.dfd. lit I.t fn-ufl 4ti l.t or flirt-- tura ti t jtht-r aide tat-ff klllt-J fetid m tiiitul.. t woutidfl It 1. tt- it af..uaJ .ut Iht-y Wrtf fflt-U.la I u Ira I t.f t tlf tlllt-S. "Wlit-fi 1 itarh. .1 th- Iat ia rtwj., hf t-oiititiuftl. tLf lirt ttiau 1 M.k to wao the Tt f. ut It ttidti, fjttw -uator wl... I..14 tut. that tlf 'ta Ma thf tttrt lliattrr iftirra .f the lt.fitf.it ratf Sfa-ta. lr-a.lf lit 1ji was Mttu ut-ar l.y on a. hg with a tdiMwI. I i. atiuif ti tiff'. "W t Lis sh.iuld.-r. aa it a a -tu tii.tr nil. i ."' "Horn .lid tht- t-t.try irrt out that he bad on .lit i f a il litoi.? akti lb. fottt r. "Wfil, tabefj I tat-fit tt Matt.U uj r. jw.rtf 1 tt il.-tif ral Wila.tu, my uM-fitr t.f'iet t, hf i.a I ihf trjr tt-It-e a'dit-.! out a 1at art 1 tttkr. Mild thf wotuati'a !.ll I -- me rl-acr1.-l ttit.t ltin.lt. at tiff. In t t.f t itt no tit he may halo ftnautl t! tt.i! to.-, or tl.f t.f af ra t-MfTftatt-tl it. 1 bavt tn.i f..r 4-at t. ft.rt tt thf ttfy, l.ut iia- l-ti utmliif to i t-o t tit it t y . If S -ry liatd for truth to o t-f takf a lir. In ii and Artny t-'sta ali-n I attt tu.t to t t.lain it, I am notii t iruf a hiftafd. Il the wtiteroi liifttify itt-ta it ir .-ulatftl tor lututr eftjeratiotif, I ball feel U tter. 1 . I .a. I Mat -t Ibr t-lr-al .B Ata. t.if.i..r. I'atrt.4 J It may not i i;iitrally ktiou that North Carolina furuiat-tv thf li-t nl Ust bravf rnfn tUat laid down thf ir litfn in .l.ft-tiaf ,f ib l.st I'lUHt, Th lirst 4'ttuftlfrat -.Idi.-r k llfl iti tl.t- war wa natnt-. Wjatt, a tuftuttfr .f lb fm..u I l'tfttii-f I'uarda, fotutuandf.1 l.y '..'. Uu.'et-fa. 4iir fflftid. I. N. WtM-.ll.utn, t.f TaU rtiat-lf, l.roirLt to tht- I'a'tiot t.flief I hf t,thr day a lett.k pritited iu 1II, wLieh La4 lt iu ln iaiuiiy Jor v-r thrt iiartt it ttf a t ftitury, in thi ba k of wlio h ia t.asttd tLf fttll.tminc rlitt- pi-iir. i jiL. a Ir.ttn itif North Car ini I'rtvfbytf nan thortly aft-r lb tliM-tif tU wir. It rivfa tht iar- tieulara t.f thf tie a1h of thf laat man kilhd in lit. f duty lt ftr iLwrlotwi ttf th. itc.-t tuf ruorablt atrupj;! in thf world-, liistorx. Th fatLfr f thf o Mier wan Ufr. iltl.abf, L fortiiftly .ffaebfI ia t rftilttr, and who will If r-rne tnlfrl by tnany t.f our t.hle r citir-n. Juir Vfbatif. t.f K'M kioUam. anotbrr wtj of UfV. Mfban-, waofjt of tb you ripest t-nlislfl men in tb wrr if . TaJr. llataillfaia). Tt faa t'laat4 ftaal tOa.. lrM U.r I t - l ItMJf. KllltMl. MM;4Mjf, Kj April 3 Mor gaubotj is iu fver of riciU-iuent o.er thf .nurder which o urre4. t I o'clock this tiiorriing, of Major fi. M. Ilamiltmi, thf famous origitiator and fiutxr of the ncjip from L bhy Prison in Im;. Sam hjirij t r has l-eii arrefcU-d and plaot-d ic jiil with evidence against him. AI fred Ilkliftt, bo was with Sjnor, ays Sjteticer it the man Lo tir4 the i-bot. JIfjtr llaunltous tiame is famous throughout thr owuntrj and hr U&i roei;-d mtjj ootioe from the mag.zin.-s iu the United States. 'I'hf?'j- of Maj-jr Hamilton and his 140 ai-st iat- I rem the faoiouf oid prison, is one of tbv moat intrr- eolit.g incidents vf the war. M- i r Uanultou wai of th rwelfth Kentucky cavalry, vnd with him were ccnliiift Captain James John-t-ton, of the EMecth cavalry, svuJ hJ ward Noble of the First cavalry. Uith only a few crud implement they made their tunnel. Diggioz for 4. nights they taw daylight, and with the 140 other oflioers made their eacie. The oflioers tuade their appearance ia Louisville on the uiht cf March 10, IbCt. The ten r.t; 1 was 07 feet long aod S feet in diameter. Many of those who cajied were recaptured, however. THi; C1 C AtlA WILL MAKKir MOT toK RIHI:tt OI KtrilKtf ALL THIS n-m. ir t it w it ri m nr rxwreu l RKMIItM fS-OKK. tZU II tUCK NAT4F. rR A - A tabb trn and diatirrf-aMc aab oCiTlal in th interior department rcfuaed to audit an aecount in which More Smith bad charged op to tha tai-pay ers a aet of barnesa. Tb a ze of tbe bill for th barnvas would -ndirat that the obligiajr dealer oat bare thrown in a horrt-s or two aJons; with tbe barneu. Current Voice. FO" CAUCASIAN WUI totWtat

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