UK CAUCASIA i i, ii, n '., abbm. li'isyrf. A K ft COUNTY. HMIH AT 1 UK I.AHM.. , ;r i:i-r. I' not look for ,. ,.p ny more. We have ;,-t iii mailing type. Your ..n fi printed label with the y.iir nubseription expires. m nl your renewal (if yon At - V ... I. .... ,iT iinouier Vfti; ai iv.nxi your mib.seription ex- 1 i' re 1 i friend of good govern :i elub for Thr Oalta- WAKE COUNTY LOCALS. of cotton nt season in I'aleiph up to date ; oeo liab'H against 24.000 the name tin.' last year. In papers fall Hat- ni "luueh ado about not eon- perpetrator a i ii memoi'ial fund now n t;M". Mr. Jos. ; ,1' I'-'li, i treasurer, and , m.d ak no wl de all ' , in-.. , arid M eollee the Ber- ., --n 1 snriety hit beeij or- r. 1',. Williams is president; ! ivli .me, viee-piesident; A. .i ietfiry; S. K. Asbury, 1 1 !. A. Benson, ' n of ''apt. i m ..ii, of Kaleir)i, has taken . stand among the oHi'-ers . ither bureau servico over , Mv. Mr. Benson heads the -.ii. -nil flieimey. Hithpoit Bender, Hi eing the Uiieigh is moving in Ihe . ,f providing a suitable i.. the I'nited States eruisei ,, lets ii ml-rt k n to raise a i iiiml to raise the necessary In-iliegun on an extension i :o . t , t hreo Ktories high, of . ii.'h hosiery yarn mills. It i iiMipli ted, and maehinery r I v August 1st. The ma ,, imlihling 7,000 additional , has heen purchased. I. imi.' statue of a (nfederatf i to mi lias been put in place top of the monument here, i in- is nine feet ten inches high l ''." D pounds The pose . ilaily lino ami the appear- I tlie si at tie is striking. The ' t lie monument is now eov v, ih hundred yards of it is to bo unveiled on .May i',. I. Stanford, who was eleet- !u cilii e of State librarian by . . lature, and whose election is .i Ity the State Democrceic ad i 1 1 imi to be vo'.d on necoant of 1 1 ; -.' of "no Uorum" voting, has ii nit for the otlice against the ni incumbent. The ease will i at the April term of the nullity sup1 rior court. . i reeks in this vicinity are it ii higher than they have been ii- The bridge over Crabtree, M .rnsvill", has been washed Sheriff Page say a Crabtree i . i than he evfr saw it. His one is about l'-." yatds dis- Th A'lntnrBt AM. For the Caucasian j ! WiuTAKKkX K. C. April 8.-Not! one word by way of paliating the j crime which ha foiled thi din- turbing quest! n on the public atten- i tion. It in a crime to contravene the ! iii.oi ine people, especially iit such when perpetuated by fraud,' and fraud here in M glaring that the felony would he compounded were it PohmiMm that this law hel.l. Willi hold f I think not. If it hhi.ll hold', the decinion of the Supreme court as to it application will hold, so in any event the lt at crv or ine Jlemoeratie results as usual nothing. " Whatever may be the future of this act. it is not my province to con H'der it further. -ne thing ct rtain I will oone a wrong, be the political friend or foe. Had the late legislature duly en acted into luw this bill with its present wording and the construction plac d upon it by its denunciator had In Id. w ho would it have most hurt! Who did the howling "gniiistit? Win it the farmer! have not heard a "word from him. Was it not "Shyloi k" the money lender the fomeuter of strife the rohber of 'vidowt and orphans, who sent up this howl ! From a farmer's .stand point arid from a bitter experience, I give it as my deliberate judgment, were the entire mortgage system stricken fiom the statute bo ks, 'twere a (Jod send to our people. Of hum thing I am assured; if this system is to be continued there i neetl of amendments to existing stitutes. H the party to whom I mortgage my horse is allowed to take my hor?e by restraint, then by no fuither grant or constrained construction should he have ie course on my ox or my ass. Let the law be so altered that "the pourm ot llesh'' shall satisfy. Tis too bad; it works too great a hardship to yield "the heart's blood," (Jod pity the debt-ridden, the oppressed of our distracted country. M. J. I'attle. P. S. I do not class all money lenders in the same category far from it. It is the avaricious, over reaching to w hom I refer such are not. content wi'h legitimate gain, are ever ready lo oppress, to take advan tage of a fellow man's misfortunes. This is the class who kicked. M. J. 13. Thousands of Women Caffer tmtold tnlrt from vo cacr titer cucot ovcrcoxo. ORADFIELD'S fij aritjr t wrtkr mnUm aJi kcr MTUS Female Regulator, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC. It cauaea heajth to bloom. n4 Joy to nXfn Uirouitaout U frame. It Never Fails to Cure. "Mr wife hi . uii'lr ttatitint nt l-aliriir .!i)rli i:u. Utn-e y-mr. Willi. .ul tvrw r,t. AOt uln ttirr t..tlH of ItrailfteM'n l'ftnale llrrnlatur tt ran au tier umn CjukitiK. miikiuit nl w-ljiik- " bmtav, li-udenrm, Ala. UKUinr i I LEbrUTOB (l., AUaata, fJa. Id hj dracctx at l.O ptr lttl. THE RAIDS iif ROGUES. How Sriiunilr.U tal From l' ami I' Ami Live HIKh. I.A'tIKR. Pa., Thomas M. Gradv, for April many i .1 Mi l 'Hi'.'. Mi - I : i V II nun the hanks and he reports tli water is nearly up to his It is probable that other will go wtieu Neuse river !o I ise. .fones and roster, exten- -iw ) ". growers, of New York, are Iih m i king investigation in reirard i i i . i'i! tiu-nei ii r the cultivation of '."I" .u Slate. They propose to i.i i Is. ei.'i iiiit'r.ts in Kastern, Pied in it ii ml Western North Carol in a .in. I tn tlieii commence the hop in '1 i-'iv "ii ;i larire scale in the section w In ! In ir exp'rimeuta have given tin1 results. i. M'jli the i i pi r i oostotlico I 'ii. 1 ;i a second-class ollice, it s' ! .i of a number of lirst ' l i nili -es in certain matter, and ' nil - it the top with those of the i'i.". I i The Ii seal fear ended t and it revealed a greater iiM-.e I hi ii usual in amount of re I The receipts of this ollice for i1 yea ending April 1st, 1S!)4, ' ' ! i 'iltt. (; the receipts for the i! m -ir ending April 1st, KV.). 1 -' i" . 'i . an increase of .2,G'2." 'JC. 1 1 '' II known lirm of Alfred il imi Co., book-sellers, lias i h .i i i 1 y placed its affairs in the n i nt two commissioner for the 1 I'liipose of settling up the part ' I p Mini estate matters in conee 11 ' '.f the recent death of Maj. e Ni tin Hi: A II iMiioroii Fact AVout Hood's Sarsaparilla it expels bad humor and creates good humor. A battle for blood is what Hood's Sarsaparilla vigorously lights, and it is always victorious in expelling foul taints and giving the vital lluid the quality and quantity of perfect health. 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(irady admits his guilt and says he lot the moiey in stocks. He had been cot ic-cted with the bank for years. The embezzlement was discovered through (Irady steal ing T 9,000 outright. He went to Philadelphia to deposit $25,000, but only dejHJsited $0,000 a id put the balarce in his pocket. Chicago, April '. F. V. (Jrillin, assistant cashier of the Northwest ern National bank, has confessed to defalcations to the amount of $50, 000. He has been in the employ of the bank for twenty years. In a i inbrview Trillin said that the $50, 00 had been taken to help him in stock speculations. New York, April 1. William T, Nolan, who was the confidential book keeper of the Park Avenue hotel, has suddenly disappeared. He is a defaulter. The proprietor of the hotel suid he did not think the total amount would reach $3,000. He ii 33 years old and has two children. Frank C. Marrin, a young Brook lyn lawyer, has been arreetid. He is accused of robbing Mrs. Caroline l.arry, an eccentric but wealthy widow, the amount of the steid being phced between $40,000 and $50,000. A lot of prosperous financiers have I so successfully conducted a '-Baild- ing and Savings association in I es Moines, Iowa, that the receivers find about 50,000 assets with which to nicBt liabilities to depositors amount ing to $2 1 1,000. Springfield, 111., Apri", 3. The postoflice here was robbed of about $10,000 worth of stamps and silver ware to day. The robbery was com mitted about noon while Postmaster Bidgely was at dinaer. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no pay required. It is guar anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cent; per box. For sale by J. R. Smith, Mt. Olive, N. C, J. H. Hill & Son, Ooldsboro, N. C, R. H. Ilolliday, Clinton. N. 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M-e'ti-. in po -sitle i prevent a preliminary I ri al by new.,aIer.', Afseriio i, parlialh g iar lei by qualif yinj; phr-es. suc ii as -it i reKrtel," -tr are mae it fl out ub-ititit ial ba!es of fact, and ar gumeios are based unm these t-liadii' j allegHtions. When a litiga'it, ptung by repeated nii-ri ;reeiitation-, finally rushes into print, p.s-ibly indi-creetly, he makes hiie. elf the target for new attacks. In the issue of this morning the News and Observer speaks of Mr. Kw art '-scouring the mountain trying to lind a judge or magistrate w ho w ill swear him in without a commission." The facts are that Mr. Kwart, after a careful exaiiiiuation of the statute by his counsel, was ad ised not to take the oath of ollice before any justice of t he peace, hut to spply o .Imlge Gra ham, before whom Judge .Jones had already taken the oath. At the time the application was made it wis un derstood that .1 udije intharn would re fuse it, because of his prior action ami the application, therefore, wa purely formal, a rid iti!y for the pur pose of putting Mr. Kwart in the proper position in his contest. The writer will not discuss the mer its of the controversy further than to say mat me election oi Mr. h.wart wa not, (as has been sometime stated) prior lo the ratification of the act es tablishing the court, but four days af terwards; that he was elected on reb irth, in a method and by a vote which his counsel believe to be constitution al, legal and regular. Ihe Supreme Court, in construing a section of the Constitution substan tially similar to this section under which he was elected, long ago affirm ed the right of the General Assembly to elect trustees of the I'niversitv: ind in 1817 lion. Geo. V. Strong was elected judge of t he Criminal 'ourt of Hake by the General Assembly under the provisions of t he very section re lied upon by Mr. hwart. 1 he only question involved seems to be whether the language of art icle I V section :50 of the corstitution, which provides: '-In case of the General Assembly shall establish other courts inferior to the Sup-cine Court, the pre siding ollicers and clerks thereof shall be elected in such manner as the Gen eral Assembly may from time to time prescribe," when taken in connection with section 25 of the same article: ' All vacancies occuring in the offices provided by this article of the consti tution shall be filled by appointments of the Governor, milt'its tilln rn isf ,- i lilii! fm; etc.," confers upon the Gen eral Assembly the power to enact-a law that the ollice of judge of a Crimi rial court created by the act, shall be filled by an election by the General Assembly until an election shall be held by the people in November, !, under the terms of the act. I think it does. I do not care to speak of Mr. Ewart personally further than to say that his action during the recent session of the General Assembly as chairman of the coumrttee on elections of the House of Representa tives, was calculated to create the im pression that he is a man of judicial temperament and great fairness. While I did not coincide with his con clusions in all of the cases (as is per haps natural upon the part of counsel for the losing side) yet every one must admit that in the contests from North amptoii, Edgecombe, Halifax, Wayne, H ilson, Gates, JJerttord. Anson, 3l uoweli and ptriiaps others, is impar tial and non-partisan course retlect ed credit upon him. 1 ask t he press to let the case be t ried upon its merits as a question of law be fore the c juris. It is not a political question. l am not counsel lor ?ir. Cook nor am I the champion of Justice Mont gomery, but in the name of that re spect wich is due to a judicial officer w hile acting in the line of his duty, do protest againsr the unreasoning censure which follows every decision or action of a indue, which does not happen to meet with the approval of his newspaper critic, one perhaps who does not even profess to be versed in the law. F. II. r.rsuEE Of Counsel for II. G. Ewart. Raleigh, April 2, lsi5. ft r i -aaaaaBaaaHBsaBSBaB- The Tobacco Crop requires a Ure amount of sulphate of rvnh. Kxpcn.TKT.t show that the largest yields and the bot quality arc j-roduved truca fertilizer containing Not Less than 12 Actual Potash. Purchase only fcrtiluers containing- this amount actual potah in the form of sulphate. Wc uUl gladly &cnd ou our pamphlets on the C'x of Potash. ra eat tmm. It v31 D0UBLC MUROM IH BUC0Mt. Ihry fMwh;rr to rtmd tfxtn. tad the w"l a c fcfc.jLMA.N- kAU GHk&. ft Maaaaa Suva. N Tack. SI Alt NEWS. HASH. 1 ('Uairrllii t !' !. r. ! lUinlllt( Itvan. A story i told of N Y rkgirl. who, durirg a tay in Knglat J. much a-lnnred hy a ul j.-ct of tin irrn. who jr'poMl l-ut v.a re jected. The girl ha-l a fellow .n tlu Mde whom the chortly aftrard married. Maedi cr.ri.itld t iig to get acrt.s5, treneferred it t' ."'" '. i ui.i passenger,. The north-bound p is. ce court, sy to in, itr h. r Kn , t I . i admirer over there id Loudon, sen-er tra-r, No .In transferred at whit.u a,.cr,,illtf v did and torot the washout, a d -iid not arrive herein alMlUt untll he pit in an appear- uniil rearly :J p. m. The turpen- j aCce at the appointed tin.- to dine, tin distilltry of Mr. Itlue, at Lemou J He dined, euj ved his dmuer, anl Sirmgs, has leen iIelro)ed by tire. next dav st.itted for Imml. tiaviug Several hurdrei dollars loss. : travell-d i$ tlio-and mil tj (.how , ,- , - ! that he eul lnt he outdone i j rout- W Li e Juhug (.ettys and wifr, of j teT ,,y il who kicked Lim -Duncan'is Creek weie at o"k ii the Wilmington S'ar. a. laMrii. A"il 1L! t. S. 1 . Aft l! ft. -Nr i. r uM ff..n U.ttf Ut '.! r. t l.ra : tuvr Ld m JwWSiillOBlfa 1elnrt k Imi ir aa hi td l'ttri Wrt tu .ft.l'j " - B paaa. to tJ t' -X-!. ir ih m. ui.ui foanj la -lr frm9 t t..t. i'h lfMi t ...? h .r ia . u I--I. Vrt wt? tirg t 'e '. r. ! (ii!J ku tra r-1 eOUOt of J'.., If - hm'i troEe to t.!. ii f t n; tL ftrrtKc, ' nd r r j ; -j.n rz L.n. Warn a! v itllJ HAKGMNS IS OCR LINE A special to the New and Obser ver, f-om Sanford, X. C. bavt: A forty-five foot washout on th? Sea board Air Lii.e, four miles south of Moucure, has delaj d all traiua to day, noue havirg parsed over up to p. ni. The south-bouijd vestibule waa delayed bix hour?, tnen not le- held U-t Mond iv evening, their chil-! Jren btiug lift at the house, a mad j .A ,:h'M,e Mnd paper M' r,t.ut, , ,1,,. . i ,, .;. i ., . ii-. this starting ruaark tu ade II iup- uog entered thv'ir house and bit oue f , ..... , , . , . , ., , . , ... ! ton: Wniiun aud h'rs s a-e just oftnechildrHi, aboy abut hveyea!s:ttlikt,f fcJ Mn. ,u old. J he dog carried the child out j m, m. Ti ..ntv -v ...t i . . i. . r. -. i : . . ct l i . . . . . . - uuuer me uouse, uii ui us nose anu ; aiong with them. Lf your strongest gnawed tff the right side of the face j curbs on the fast ones, and lh the ' His. I Ml i III at $r0 per 100 lls. o i" ' V o 1i7r 44 C1 O 'r.i M .1' 'ours truly, C. A. Wilt. i a ms. if.ietuml bv F. S. lioyster, . N'.C, and" Norfolk, Va. Mr tl-l i ' er Forerant. Mowing rivtr forecast was inlay morning, April 8th, by '. Von Hermann, of the '"'i' hiireau: I" avy rains of Sunday night Monday will cause considerable ii: the rivers of eastern and cen N ith Carolina within the next :s with flooding of low lands ii ''o- I Hi-merit of North ('aroliiia. s 'iiv your property ic The Peo itual Fire Insurance (Jo., of nolina. The People's Com "es no business in the busi- .!e I'.MIV I'.'U W iUII I' I'Lv n of incorporated towns; I N detached property only, and ' !" y your risk for you at a very i nt of premium (about one-half '' :,f you now par.) :mt a few reliable men for 1 ' ; "tily those of good mora and undoubted responsibil- upplv. Iteference reauired 11 'nil information, write or a4 M,. li. D. APPLE, (l''n. Agt., Roxboro, N. C. I '.I U103. s oarsapanJla gives great V, Ili'rVli munlql unit ilirroaGvA II til: ('"in'te, simply because it purifies. y-'-.lues anu enriches the blood. r? tmiciiaUu oiiIt l.OO per Tr. )ou't wake up on our account. 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Heing foiled in his evi dent intention to shoot, the unfortu nate hypochondriac endeavored to slash the alarmed proprietor with a butcher knife, but was again prevented from carrying his murderous purpose intoellect,' Henderson next ftarteu to kin a young man whom lie accused of cans ing him to lose his position. V hile on his blood v-ininded errand he met the porter of t he hotel, whom he also at tempted to despateh, but who luckily- escaped. otning more was seen of Hender son until a nou t miunignr last nignt, when he was discovered, gasping for breath, upon the bed in his room. A physician was summoned, who, upon examination, found that the suicide had swallowed four ounces of laud anum. Death ensued soon afterwards. Deceased came to Rocky Mount from Henderson and for some time had been drinking excessively which seemed to have turned his brain on the nigrbt of his death. 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Arthur Bledsoe, 74 years old, met with a horrible death tit. a saw mill in Surry county, lie had just fas tened a saw log on the carriage when his coat w as canght and be wa. thrown across the saw. His left arm was cat entirely off and a gash twelve inchcj loug cut in his left side. Ihe bating of lhr heart could be plainly sren. He lived only six hours after the accident. By invitation of the faculty and trustets of the L nivereity, Mai. II. A. London, of Pittsboro, will deliver au oration at the University centen- tenial on the "I niversity Dunne the War." Mai London was a member of the class that entered the University in 1801 and graduating in 18S5, covering the entire war pe iod. He is a clear, elegant and forcible speaker. A marvelous find of gold is report ed at the Ingram mine, Stauly count During the past few days mituerou? nuggets, the Urgc-st one we:ghing two pounds, the others smaller, hive been dug out, and the supply seems still plentiful. The Ingram is about three mil?s from Albemarle and 1 e longs principally to New York par ties, j For forging an order for 5 cents on the Elkin and Joneiville Bridge Company, Tom Caudle, a Yadkin boy, has been s?ntto the penitentiary for a year. UEWAIJE'OF OINTMENTS. FOH CATAHUII THAT CONTAIN MEKCURY, as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely de range the whole system when enter ing it through the mucous suit aces. Such articles should never be used except on prescriptions from reputa ble physicians, as the damage they will do is ten fo'd lo the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure manufactured by V. J. Cheney Sc Co., Toledo, O.. contains j no mercury, and is taken internally, icting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is taken in ternally, and made iu Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. .""Sold by Drugsrists, pi ice 75c. per bottle. I'p. slow ones like the devil. hort Ji ir:t .'rom J Samovt f ..... i . i uou- rr. aru UJ-.-0. Artre ful -r U . rd thr trrkf vf a niaa i!h ti lif'v ft vt hr thr Loy rrr ht bit. cd thr trarkk t -ut-d ? mi tbrou;h a nVlJ four d J-. Samnfr Lou. d.rid.d ! arit Jruo Sutur.rr. I t ' J r went tu tb huuw and cIr-d bim" np Kru. t Sfliuner. I'u mardrr.l v. a a wn of Jew Sumner. hu t a tirt rou-iu .f .tM StniTirr. th tuau u.-r:t d f lur uiardrr. CLr hf ; -..u ,, J. J. W. t. and lnth fam;.ir vrir i.uLU-r of Sumiirr". It i md that Jom unjnrr ati l n of th Wt b..v live rtcrtitiy ha) a fu. tt-trg? D. iUh-n !ird at th Kniergrtit-y hoK.ital, in Waktiintoa last week from itiiuru-B utinl in the foot ball game kUi-rO tbr tratu of th Ieot grt.-vk a I C 11 erf the t'o'uoib'a athletic clah. uat oi.aI capital, ou Iat Th tTiviug day. WHAT WE OAY. U .. mr,yr, rami U fn 0 Bl for M I'oc t!. rt sur Lmj U' tr.ak lL:r butW THE Ilt STLEKS. loldboro. - - North Carol i iu. r iraiu j I- MV. oK Till. THK C iUUASIAN WILl, SKKK TO IX- POSK KOTTENJiKSS ANU HVPOCKISY t-VERYWHKRE. IF YOU WOl'tD KNOW OK IT. SEND IN VOIR SUBSC1U PTION. mm TO JUSTICES OF THE PEACE Fee Bill and . Catalogue Legal Blanks. The Caucasian $1.00 per year. AV.TH EMPHtSIS we say that Ripans Tabulep, the best and standard remedy for stomach -it i it Mi anu liver trouoies, win cure your headache or bilious attack. One tabule gives relief. Ripans Tabulermay be obtained through your nearest druggist. Price 50 cents a tox. HE ICE'S A HAlil) ONE. eK: EDWARDS & BROUGHTON, plained at hard times, claiming that they could not make both ends meet at the present prices of farm products. But Mr. Leazar comes to their rescue, by informing the State authorities, that the Mate farm is not self-sustain ing. ow n ne, witn an nis experi ence of farming, and with convict la bor, on one of the best farms in the State, gets in debt fourteen thousand dollars in two years, now do they ex pect farmers to live and keep their homes with hired or children labor? The truth is, most of those who make ! the thrust would perish in two months if their rations had to come by their own honestjlabor. There are exceptions to this like everything else, but they only prove the general rule. I C. Political N..tes. Hon. Lyraan Trumbull, of Illinois, who helped Lincoln write the eman cipation proclamation and dram-d the 13'h amendment to the Consti tution, when quite a young man went to Georgia from Connecticut, tauarht school iu Georgia and rea law in the office of Judge Hiram Warner in Meriwether county. I" 1850 he was elected to the United Stages Senate from Illinois and Hiram Warner was elected to the House of Representatives from Georgia. Mr. Trumbull is now a Populist. In East St. Louis last week the Populist ticket, headed by H. F. Bader, defeated the combined Demo- Republican ticket. The Democrats have had control of East St. Louis for live years. The Itepublicans carried Uh"de Island by over 10,00t maj rty. The legislature has only three sena tors and three representatives out of one hundred and seven membe.'s. Hon. Geo. Clementson the non partisan candidate for Justice of the Suprtme court of Wisconsin, was elected last week. At the city election in Creston, Iowa, the Populists elected their mayor and three aldermen. To the different State legislature the populists elected 34G members in 1)2 and G13 in '94. In Minnessota, at East Grand Forks, a Populist was elected mayor Mr. Jno. G. Host, of S'atesvillc, who is now living at Coiinth, Mis.. I sends his home folks rome very old j corn. In au accompanying letter he i says: "I send some corn that uas : taken from a jar found in an Ind au j mouild, where i' is supposed to h.V' been pn? 1.."K) years before the di jeovery of America. It is juite a j curiosity. S.jiiie of it was planted last y ar and made corn. It anyone doubts this corn being found as I describe it, there is plenty of proof." Mr. 11 A. Host, who ree ivel the corn, exhibited it at the Landmark ollice. It resembles ordinary corn except that it is some a h it di- having the appearance of parched corn. Statesville Landmark. The New South is progressitiL' nicely and appears able Ho meet all enu i geneies. Kveu in the matter of a new form of uiamace o n inony a Georgia justice place his State in the immediate lead Hear what this Georgia justice says: Uy the hu hority vt stcd in me as an officer of the State of G oigia, which is some times e-alb d the Empire State of the South; by the tit-Ms of cotton that lie spread out in the snowy whiteness an uud us; by the growl of the coon dojr and the gourd vine, whose clintr ing tendrils will hade the eutiauet to your hnmbie dwtlling place; by the red and luscious heart of the watermelon, whose sweetuess fills the heart with j y; by the heaveu and earth, in the presence of these witnesses, I prou.iunce you man and wife." After all that, the f u should have been iu proportion to the lan guage. The Mosier ordinance providing that all children under sixteen years of age shall leave the streets at the ringing of the curfew at 1) o'el -ek at night has gone into fleet at S ill water, Mich., and is being rigidly enforced. The government pays to the rail roads every fifteen months, for the use of a postal car, a sum of money equ"! to the entire value of the car. and the cost of furnishing lighting and transporting it. Current eiee. A Democratic President has sold in times of peace -tKJJ.tKWI 000 of bonds, under a Republican law. Work your thinker a little, boy, and try to locate the real difference be tween the two wings of plutocracy. The Russian war ollice has decidec to use henceforth exclusively gray horses for artillery purposes, the reason given for the innovation being thit animals of this color have been found by experruce to oe strotgtr and more enduring than the ones now used. There are said to be S,O0O Confed erate soldiers who died at Catuf Chase, t,ricago, during the war, buried there. The southerners living there have erected a monument to their memory which will be u iveiled with imposing ceremouits on next decora'wn day. vvilmington Mar. William Morton Morrison, of Haiti . B 1 - a more, aged ih, nas voted ine iemo ratic ticket long and often, but he now d dares himself a Republican. Only give a Democrat time and he wi.'l get disgusted with his gat g. The emperor of Russia has four separate services f horses ad car nages- rifty horses compn.-e each set, and in one the horses are per fectly white, with blue eyes, and anything more niagni.icent in the way of trappings in their harness can hardly be conceived. FIGHTING THE SENTENCE OF DtATH Cpod Ih tnas Vo eat are still better hiea COLDEH BELT. I'.'j uht, f riio rat. K-utti ana. all IF. S RQTSrER, Tarboro II. C. I Hit i,M l MIIK.IMJTTIIU! Mom HALO FAKir CAWSti FITS AWYCOO WILL TAY FCIl JN ONE aYS W A BBB iss fbrlhey are from QftEaSE ithci arc easfy di gastcJL. or Trin norTentnq and all offoLEKE is better CHUPAS. A liminl "juantilv. l-au an.l mmiikI, T.' i-T k: (2 Jier l.u-'nl lk pljilil-an n-re l one ut k iiiii.) nti. on ar our a r- will lalten I 'm imttvU o! i-ttkn Trv t heni. Als have mixed tuv fr , ine 1a s.11. II. i: Nriiin. Msiiolia, N. '. Kxtra fi.f TuIm- I'iw P.uli. !. a K.lpitil; iitiKli 1i-ht in j'l:tiilili-i l fl press. ure to pleu-e. letCl i PRINTERS & R'NDEliS, lialcifjh, N. C. AVill send postpaid, free of charge, a copy of the MAGISTRATE S FEE BILL . AlTII AAIIP Ma ailU jH I ALUIlUt Ur ISLANRs TO BE rsED, to any Magistrate who will send his address to them. nEMF.MEIt CHARGE. it is FREE OF EDWARDS & BROUGHTON, RALEIGH, JV. C. 1nd jjurzr tKan. Jari. Mali only f N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., CHICAGO ANU 5T. I.Ot IS. Will. tt., niwr I f.A at ll.r ral f VV r .tf..r .mui. KtM iIm-iu aa mmm1 m -. hi wr anjr tlM-r to 1 1 artBa lt i txHu-l.t y ilirjr arr a lie au l f rat mm ! !.! alix-rl front tl. iti ; Veir fruit .:oa t't aiaatr. j I'.la. Ltvrrm ftum rrrym,r. I I iut.-. fvrti aiel l-mia aa t Tvbmi, anl kuuoI with ttim tsatwt at j yur hoiiir. witli'Mjt ton-l Irflp. illl.rili( a U-tter pruM aiirtloijjr elatt jruu caa rat-. T. 11. RANEV. Ajrt.. tu 1.7 2ui Ittalto. N Fertilizers! Fertilizers!! W'r offer forairtlir foiloaririK rll bourn an-! aell trie I rr.lirrrt ou tiip tuoBt rraaa all" t-lfi: I"Toti rro'itic iton Grower, Frank Boyeile, D. D. S. DKXTISTRV. MlU-e over Itizzell I'.ro. X ". 1r, V-sl entre an-l Walnut Mret. .Tt his Tviva t.i tlie tile of !!- I.oro nii'l vieimtv. Kvcrvtiiinit in U.e in of lentisirv done in the ln-"t Myle. Sati.-- f.u t"..:i lianttilee.t. Ifrnit stri-tlv a-h. I'on t a-k me tv from iiiin rule. inch II " 1'r.ditic Truck (iuano, ' FKK iuario, . ,iM' Hijch 'rale (iuano, . " A. i. 1hi. iai ulim r-rtiian Kar-it. i ' llih i.rado Arid I'lHtpbat, :i ln k l.iite. " Salt. Sl-ial ttelucemenlt offrdtj dealers atid lrg buyer. Excellent Two-Horse Farm forM".' Rent cr Lease. rrfm4e,tio8 wdlritMl. II. WF.II. it UIMW. Within two iiii'a- of Iari.ti CoI1v; j;K. oi!; !i-ar inarket; eiK-Jo"! tt-iiir-; . I'(mxI tin 1 1. ! ; D.". titie .Vc ?-e II. M. ' Sloan. Kavilou ullef. or John K.U?e i hariolte. K. I". AlIKINOKlI. ; S-nd 10 cens (i-ilvcr or ttanii ) ! and receive Ii 1 eturn mila nurattr; of monv niakinff receipu. You can! make money easily, rapidly and honestlv. Address, M. U. Tavmh aprl-Otna M andta, N. C. ii.oo i:c(;s. W.L.Douclas CH CUAI7 iiTNCNir. Oka Wl1Ua.riTroAKmo. CORDOVAN, taenia lnwinn tk. VimvkxtHiitmwn 3PP0UCE.9SOCU. 2.MBTC33aLSa LADICS I-i'horn.sat CURE FOR HEADACHE. As a remedy for all forms of Head ache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very best. It effects a per manent cure and the most dreade habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge all who are af flicted to procure a bottle, and give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels, and few cases long re sist the use of this medicine. Try it dhce. Large bottles only Fifty cents at J. R. Smith's, Mt Olive, N. C; J. H. Hill & Son, Ooldsboro, N. C; R. H. Holliday, Clinton, N. C, and all Druggists. SEND US A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE WEEKLY CAUCASIAN. IT WILL TELL A LOT OF PLAIN TALK THIS YEAS. Geo. Mills, a Com Murdrrrr, llran HI loom :.-I Petition for Kiorulit C'linenry. The Mills case is quite a noted one II t A 1 i in ane county, ii was meu m Wake criminal court and resulted in Geo. Mil's iHrins sentenced to dab f( r the murder of bis niece. The case wa3 appealed to the St-preme c iurt and the sentence was aflirnied. Then Gov. Carr issued a variant of execution to occur on the third of May. The warrant wa read to Mills. Ilia manner was very care less. He tfca-iked God he had been spared to fully confess the murder of his niece; that he bad t l 1 the en tire truth, and tvat it was hard he alone would suffer, while the peyle who drove him into the crim went free. Ab'ut eix months ao deputy Sheriff Walters and othtrs walked out in the night with George Mills, who had only ben put iu jail the day before lor killing his niece. Oat into the cemetery they went and there George sat for half the ti ght smvermg, not from cold, but from mortal tear ot lvncners wbo were thought t) be coming to attempt his life. Aow some of these very mih bora and would-oi lynchers of the murderer are putting their names to a petition to the governor to com mute nis aeatn sentence. As is usually the case, ladies are circulat ing the petition and numbers of peo- pie are signing iu ;1.00 Barred and Whie I'lyniouth Rock, r.iiU U chin and Brown M 00 per s-tting of 13. r. B. I'akkeii, Goldalxro, N. '. nclriM H J IwMla an4 lBdialleBi In the'r wortt forms are cund by the nse of V. V V. If you 'are debi'i ated an 1 run down, or f you need a ir.ic to regain JI-eLi and lostaprx tile. strength atid vigor, take 1. I. I., md you will te strong and bealtby. For thatttred constitutions and lost manhood, I. T. 1. frrickly Ab, I'oke Biot and rotassiam is ihe king of nil nudicioes. 1. 1'. 1. is the greatest bld puriher in the world. tor sale by all druggists. CBmridMi A MtSfi l.IV. "She would li a i retty girl but for one thing.' ' Whit's that?' ake.1 Charley. George "Her face jg always cov ered with parple aad red blotches.' CJharley Oh. that a easily enough diapcsd of. ITsed to be the same way myself, but I caught on to the trouble one day, and got lid of it in no time." Georg? "What is it?" Charley "Simply blood eruptions. Took a short course of 1'. r. l Over Otaa Mlllla pMeta W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes All our Mboe are equally tlafftory tarlrf aatHiM Tka Brtora am ail aa.. tiiB a ta t aarr4 anrtrc artliair If yvut Vk cannot nuii t yaa caa. frtM bf HOOD Cl BRITTv (SOLIiSISORO. S. C. THOS. PERRITT, FAISON. N. C. . T- "FT A M". MT. OLIVE. K. a "SPANISH tcirjc, .' j An Imported BUck S?:b J::L fell von. it's the boss bio 1 corrector. The crovernor bad rheumatism so liad j For aa. om Z jmM Jack, oot of lm that you could hear him hollar clear JJ TJ across tlie country every time be ! haa trm irura. meet-'. moved. He trkd 'it, and you know "2 Z?ZSZZ what an athletic old gent be is now. xrr inrtM to stow, ouaraoid ta If somebody would give Mus Uuy 'rfe f",- J ti . i , Kia Jatkoolta. I rota ale a Mtuirr, cue avuiu tuiuk iikiu All the drag stores afterwards. sell it.' :M. to tea moatba rrioea front tlW to t faaajrin SIOOTHRVECIir FOR CAUCASIAH Will Ml n,M Jvki arc all black, with ariuW poinu. aaa wiU crow to 11 and 14 haada. Breeder of FaWi Jacki and Jerary OaU, Jaooo's Fork, pauwtai Cav, . & mcfa 7 4m TB CAVCAMlAM,lJ0Jtr.

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