I Letters from the People ICohttn'HMl From Fird , i .i,,. hira and roblx-re: the one robs IDf debtor and the t.rcxluccr, and the j other the creditor; and I think it la ! ...Hz-ii f u r ritiic to rob ft Ixjr ' man aa to rob a rich man. WYll.th.n, neither of the above .i,.n..,a J-.ln.f mn-Ht. what is an lion- -8t dollar? It irf the dollar that i maintain a eonritancy in purcharfinj; ; power ad near ad may U aa to coin-, moditiea in general that do- not lluctuate materially either way, up: or down. Si.cli a dollar is jtiat and 1 -iuitaMe lw tween debtor and credi- j Ur. To maintain euch coiiitancj j in the purchaiiing ower of the dol- j lar, the aiij.jdy of the dollars must,; of courae, Ix; inerea ed 4 the de- mand for them ia inereaoe.l by the; inr reaed volume of biirineBS of tli'j country. Supply arid demand gov-! erna in the money market, to tix the j volume of money, jii't aa effectively aa it doi H in thVcottrni market to fix , the value of cotton. The demonetization of ailver di ininitthed the oiipply of dollar, while the demand for them kept ri'ht on increaning. Heme the .'.o ier cent, appreciation of the gold dollar of !'.' over the gold dollar'. of x'2t and it became the present lirihoneHt dollar. Miirr ullil lliuri l.v-r. J'or the ruueusiun. J F'A YKTTKVlM.lt, N". C, April I. Our boys are jubilant over the elec tion of their bold and fearless leader, Marion l'.utler, to the I'nited States Senate. The Democrats prayed that he might get left, but "the prayers of the wicked availeth nothing." The people are glad that the legis lature haa destroyed machine politic and place the government in their hands. All the lying the Democrats have lone or ever can do in regard to the Douglass affair cannot aflect the people of this county. They stand to day more solid than they did before the election, and will again be ready for co-operation in '!)(. The Democrats say they don't see how the Populists could ever vote again as they did in the last election. The Populists say if they did not vote that way, where, oh where, would they find refuge The Democratic party is so corrupt and so rotten that its wisest members are leaving its ranks and are falling in line with the Populists. We know several in this community who arc disgusted at the Democratic party and say they will never vote with it again. Tho Democrats havo lied so much that when they do happen to tell the truth the people do not believe them. A party like that is no good and will never get control of the government again while the people are sane. Wo believe the machine is dead ami will stui dmd till Gabriel blows his trumpet. One of the funniest things hap pened hero tho other day you ever heard of. One of our poor white reared "bond-rats" who is a ' bond rat" because a few big "Grovcr guatb" of this section want him to be, and who has been cursing the negro and denouncing the legislature for the adjournment in honor of Fred. Douglass, was seen walking up the street between two biir burly negroes. Ilis face was all smiles and he was conversing very pleasantly with them; but as he drew near the house of his lords.- he gradually fell back and as he stepped from between them he drew a long and tedious breath so as to taku iu all the per fume tht he possibly could. Wo imagine he got a very good whiff. Mr. John Wray, who was defeated by Mr. .1. 13. Dyers for the oflice of county treasuier, has turned the oflice over to Mr. Dyers. Mr. Wray has been holding this oflice agaiust the will of the people since Decem ber. Mr. Dyers was contesting for his ollice through the courts. Mr. Wray saw ho was beaten and sur rendered. Mr.-T. D. Lattimore, a Democrat, who has been holdimr the ollice of Superior court clerk for the last twenty years, was also defeated by Mr. J. 11. (juinn, a clever Populist. It is said Mr. Lattimore will not compromise. Mr. (uinn is contesting for his seat. Tha chances are against Mr. Lattimore. Court convenes in this county April irth. Judge liobinson will preside, tto we will soon know who will be our clerk. The general opinion of the people ia that Cjuinn will get his oflice. Sl'llSCRIlJER. SOME ELECTIONS ARE HELD. And The Democrats Renew Their Effort to rind Out Where They Are "at." The State of Rhode Island and a number of western towns and cities held elections last week. The results have led the Democratic papers to make the almost unanimous observa tion that "the tide haa not yet turned in favor of Democracy." A large majority of cities and townt which held local elections went Republican. As a whole the results show a decided Republican "victory. Women voted in several of the towns for the first time. The city of Chicago, which has been Democratic, went Republican by over 40,000 majority. St Loui, "which has been a Democratic strong hold went Republican by 12,000 ma jority and the Democrats are stupe lied. The Populists and Independents are beginning to turn down both the old parties in the towns. At Albert Lea, in Minnesota, the election amounted to a municipal revolution. The Independents car ried everything, electing V. Gillsup mayor. At Hastings the people took the bit in their teeth, turned down both the Democrats and Re publ icans and elected George l'ur ier, Indejwndent, mayor. The town of Winona elected a Republican for Mayor yesterday for the tirst time in thirty years. In Wisconsin the non-partis in candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court was elected. In East St. Louis, III., the People's party city ticket, representing the law and or der sentiment as opposed to Monte Carlo gambling and race tracks, headed by II. F. Uader for mayor, maa elected by a large majority over the citizens' ticket, upon which Mayor M. M. Stephens was a can didate for a filth term as mayor. THE POINT OF VIEW. Opinion That Orrur From Condition ' tVhlf li I lt- In Western Carolina a boy w -nterjcel to the niterstiary loi , fivp ....... orj,.r. Down ie thf.. r,art! b(1Dk j,reM!-rit. i(.Tt ( tc ? j,,, ,., fre with th t,..rtlinL's of t('or tu-n laid by i cash h a rd r ae or bit to tiieir wi.l w. i a marked iri 'juality in t ealle.l ju-tiec wlii. li makes loose faith in the eourts. Tl eopl ; s lo I -nt i' 1 n t ii pick- !. lit . t-.- should have been t Iira-itn-d or ..f.rrnatorv. ami the ee lis r..nit.ritiarv arid hhoVeU ami on the roads hv 1 for frau aMk'ner.s, thieving bank j r.. and ca-hierx, treaurerf. North Caroliua Iiajtit. The demonetization of silver I. I I. nwif Til tie CoLL'refH and bv the attempt of Cleveland, with a strong support of his party in Congress to issue live hutidred million dollirs ot half et ritury bonds an.l retire the greenbacks anl treasury notes is the eiirne of the last quarter of the nine teenth century,aml should be thought ot every day by all the people. A vioianou Ol Uie ....... w i wuld evidently ie u odsen.i to the "f;-" : . " i Caml adnmii.traTion. Anything i aut V published m the-Times. would be acceptable that would di-j prominent lobbyist remaiktd, vert the minds of the people from ' standing before the main entrance the dismal failure of (! rover the See-. 0f liouse of Hepresentat i ves, "If t i-..liev. them and restore the i neonle knew what was srointr on prosperity of the country, l wot. 1 have ! Snoukimr of nafriotism. we a President who hired a substitute during the war ana som oomi. u . time of peace. 1 lux ia not all, ne fished ! -Current. j I When John Sherman said that the recent secret sale of United States bonds, at nine millions less than their market value, was an honest transaction, ho meant that it was as honest as his manipulations of simi lar affairs. People's Party Paper. The United started out two States government vears ago with the noted gold reserve ot aooui ifiuo, 000,000, the amount which is gener ally kept in the treasury. The gov ernment the people -now are pay ing interest on Ui2,Or,0,000 more debt-bonds than they had to pay on two yeavs ago, and less gold in the treasury than at the beginning. This is nothing short of highway robbery. . . n I i Mlll Monopoly is tho curse that is caus ing all the havoc, but the monopo lists want to direct the public atten tion onto some other matter. They are the cause of our woes. Ameri can Citizen, Boston. President Cleveland seems to be devoting himself now to the effort to find safe perches for the cuckoos who were carried away from the Democratic bird cage by the cyclone of last fall. Cleveland Leader. For as sure as the earth revolves and the moons wax and wane the next general election in America will bring to pass a popular revolution and a tremendous tiiumph for the free silver people. Whether the Democratic or the Republican par ties will, eilher or both, appreciate this popular dift and accede to this popular demand is their largest problem between now and their na tional conventions of next year. If neither of them will exhibit this wis d m and patriotism, then both of them will bo buried under such an avalanche as will sink into insigniti ciinco the Democratic landslide of l.Mt'J ami the Republican tidal wave of IS'.)-! . Free silver is the slogan that is rallying its tent of thousands and hundreds of thousands from one end of the land to the other. Pilot. Folly From the While House. l'hilailelphia item. The President is quoted as saying that all kinds of iire disasters would follow the free coinage Ol' silver in this country in case we coined silver free at its old par figure WITHOUT EUROPEAN AID. He tells about how pensioners would only get half the pensions they now get, that the savings banks weiihl bo reuueeu one-nalt in value, and that such a course would be a repudiation of the debts of the Unit ed States to the same extent; in sum mary, that all the d-bts of the coun try would suffer in like manner; higher rates of interest would follow for the use of money, and the reve nues of the government be reduced. These are recounted as only a few of the "tremendous evils" to follow a free silver law in the United States. The President long ago proved his utter incapacity to understand the commonest iules of linance. His opinions are utterly worthless. He quotes, as he has confessed time and time Again, at the mutation of tho Rothschild "ring"; and he rea sons from the standpoint of interests UTTERLY FOREIGN TO AMERICANS. mere is no truth whatever m his evil prognostications. One and all are the veriest nonsense Free silver, while no solution of the currency question, is aa absolute necessity in this country until the old value of silver is restored; that dune, both gold and silver may be thrown overboard, and be replaced by one form of paper money that shall embrace all the money in the country. One form among other solid reasons in order that the pub lie may become so laminar with it that no deception of the people is possible through alterations of the text on a note carrying features in variable with each denomination; a particular which is the fount of counterfeiting at the present time. Free silver is a necessity in order to stop at once this fearful and un natural competition with silver basis countries. This competition is ruining the country, and threat ens to be worse yes, far worse if free silver is not at once established Argentina now threatens our for eicn meat and cattle trade, in the same way that that underbids us fifty wheat. country now per cent, in But, it is not likely to stop with wheat and cattle. Cotton 31111s in tne booth. The Tradesman, published at Chat tanooga, has made what it declares to be a complete census of the cotton mills, existing and projected, in the Southern State3. It finds the number of those completed and in course of erection to be 372, of which 140 are in North Carolina, CG in Georgia, 02 in South Carolina, 20 in Arkansas, 24 in Tennessee, 21 in Alabama. IS in Maryland, 9 in Virginia, 9 in Texts, 8 in Mississippi, G in Ken tucky, 5 in Louisville, 1 in Florida, and 1 in West Virginia. The num ber projected and likely to be con structed soon is 36. THE GREAT CONGRESS. Tbe P. ti!ar lnion of the "I" part-.!" Body aa pred lT Many People. When the infamou t ifty-thira Conirr ss died, every American pa triot heaved a hitrh of relief, but to 'he professional boodle r it wan a day .f dark despair. Exchange. ome ('. ne'essional debates-: "You tr a th liberate liar and imr.erti n -nt scoundrel." I'reckenridtre, of Keri?ui-ky "Mr. Speaker! Where am I at: - i .. , of Alabama. ' ! f you were a full h"M-ion as of beer you un lerstooil me " Lafe Colorado. "Mr. Speaker Has of compre wouid have Pence, of a mm as drunk as that one, jr t sense enough '-. to make an objection!" Ie Ami-. ml j of Missouri ! "I'ut 'em out! (hie) Put the sn ; of trims out!" Scranton, of V. ' "There should be an extra session of Corjgiesrf to investigate the ue ; fariouH work of drover Cleveland ; and John G. Carlisle."-Ht-nator i Chandler, of New Hampshire. That promised "wave of pro in" to fol'ow the repeal of per the : 'Sherman purchasing clause' rafk - Ikt ,Uli,,(,. in the House their const it uents would Jiang every one of them when they iro Lome." Tocsin. We are all in rags am without b t the i)eUiycrats have had chance amj passe,l jn their checks, NVe are happy over that. I will tell von whst one of our Pons savs. He said he had always wanted to go to heaven when Le died b-it he has changed his mind. Hell has no fear for him now, because he knows that the Democrats will have a majority in hell and would count him out as soon as he got there, Correspond ent People's Party Paper. The banishing of the late Congres sional financiers to their little tot) story law offices is having a good effect on business interests. Wash ington Time. n. . , ii . i lhe municipal election lnuuio ami Illinois on Tuesday show that the Democrats are still suffering from the disremite and disfavor in which ..., c v.m,,.,i.t bv tl, in- competency of the Fifty-third Con- gress. The tide may turn'st me day and the Democracy may be floated back into power, but just now the outlook is very gloomy. And to add to the general melancholy, ht. Louis, which has heretotore been a i'erao- cratic stronghold, elected Republi can city officials on Tuesday. W hen Democratic cities like St. Louis go over to the enemy, no man can say whatthe future will bring forth. Petersburg Ixdex Appeal (Dem.) PRODUCTION SUFFERING. ii Agricultural Products Hiive inclined in Price. National Watchman.! If we take the same authority wbieb baa been uni-ented in nrevions years, the United States Agricul- rural Bureau, for the cron estimates for 1894, we find that if the three great crops of wheat, corn and cot ton could have been laid down in New York on 1st of January, 1895, their arerate value would have beeu $1,178,2-G,938, against a valu atun of $1,253,187,710 for the crops of 1893, and 81,544,719,524 for the crops of 1892. This is, of course, an arbitrary standard, but it is prob able that the New York price is, up on the whole, as good a standard by i i i i i i 1j i wnicnto luuire oi tne relative value of the year's crops a3 any other that can be adopted. H irst, as to prices. The follow- ine table, compiled from the reports of the statistical bureau of the D partment of Agriculture, will give a record of the average prices for prices various staples received on farms and plantations since 1888, compile! from the rates ruling on about De cember 1st, of the respective years: J 'rices of 1' rod nets on Farms Dec. 1 I 1SSS MS! K) I'HODLVTS. 1892 j 1894 Cts. !)2.ti 5!M 27.8 d'J.6 34.1 8.5 Cts. s:5.8 02.9 42.4 04.8 50.0 8.0 Cts. 02.4 54.8 31.7 47.2 39. 1 8.4 Cts. Wheat, bushel . Rye, bushel 49.8 &U.0 32.9 44.3 45.4 Oats bushel Barley, bushel. Corn, bushel... Cotton, pound. 4.9 ine corn price, 40.0 cents per bushel, U C 3 cents higher than the mi. - - . average price for the decade 1SS0 8 i), and is 4 cents higher tran the average of the last four years. The wheat price, 49.8 cents, is the lowest for twenty years, and is 33 9 cents lower than the average for the decade 1880-'S9, and 22.1 cents less than the average for the last four years. The price of cotton, it will be noticed, is at its very minimum. h rom the prices for 1 894 compared with those tor 1892 it appears that, with the exception of corn and oats, prices have declined 20, 30 and even 40 per cent. The most trying feature of this re- duction in price, so far as the pro ducer is concerned, lies in the fact that taxes, interest, and nearly all public services remained unchanged. lhe tribute paid to money and monopoly is as great nows previous to this reduction in prices. There is a manifest unfairness in a system u uauuum tvuuuuiibo n U1L.U pcr.Ul H one portion of its people to prosper on the disasters or another portion The broad principle of equal rights to all does not obtain under such conditions. The underlying cause for this, in our judgment, is found in the money trut, which in its plundering methods operates to a' larga extent through other kindred monopolies. With lhe destruction of the tirst must Leces3arily come the elimination of the others. i A Virginian .feainate(l. j An old gentleunn named Reams, from somewhere in S uthside' Vir ginia, reached Springlicpe, in Nash couaty, Saturday on a collecting tour. Though he had made no col lections, some assassin thought so, and, waylaying the old man, mur dered him on the highway Sunday morning. No arrest has been made. KOl'ICE. Do not send stamps to pay your subscriptions. We are overstocked with, them no. Do not send any MORE, SOME IARSE CHECKS. IlnOwof Mm b Ilraw Thrm I nil Ihc i'aurr laxiirate! by Tarra. I'ntil within the last few weeks the lsrg.st 6uiii of rnonev cIUd for by a tingle check an 1 iu a purely i comuiTcial tranaaction waa ',((i'0, (h o That wsthe fize of the draft drawn hj the late William II Yan derbilt aa part payment for the tranfcfer of th- Wett Jfhore railroad to himself and those inten'.id with him. That check ia tow preserved, j neatly framed, and is occasional I I shown U) those win are f nn .f curi- otitna. At the tune tnat M,r. ati ! dt-rbilt drew the check a number of, capitalists were in hia preeence, and I after the check had been d-hvered one of them said to the president of the bank to which the chck went. 'If William haa not enough ready cash to meet that 1 can let h m hav a million or ao," and when tta". re mark was rejM-attd to .Mr. ander bilt, he amiled and euid: "1 believe the old srentleman haa trot th- money, but tell him I n t need it. for I've )t where I can aa lay much more myself my hands upon it in ready ea&h.' Twelve millions of dollars is an enormous sum even for the grta'r cap talists to have at any one timt 8iitj'ct to sight drafts. Uissell Sage is believed to keep a large) amountof avail ible cash upon deposi' than any oth r capitalist of Nsw York, but he does not kec p so much its that. Mr. anderbilt would not have lockt;l up as much as iil;J,0mt, OUO for any length of time, sinc that could not be done without af fecting the money market to soim extent. liefore this great Yanderbilt check was written it was the common re port here that the largest single check twr signed bf a New Yorker wa3 that written by Jay (ould, in payment for the controlling interest u the iron Almntain railway oys- tem. Mr. Gould actually wrote that check, and did it in his room in a rhiladelphia hotel. iie had no blank checks with him. and there ' fore he tore a gi,pet 0f commercial paper in two and wrote out the draft in lull, it was tor something more tnan,uu",ou. it is very than $2,000,000. It is very rareh that the Government issues check for so large an amount as $1,00,- 000, and so far as we have narratet here, the check delivered last week to Mr. Thomas A. Mclntyre for g12 o0 0O0 antl some odd thousands carried with it the largest transfer of a sum of money by check evei Known in a commercial operation m ..his country, possibly ever known in the Treasury department, and some of our bankers think it may . ave been the largest single check ever is sued anywhere in the world. Phila dtlphia PieS5. Northern's New Scheme, Just as soon as a Southern Gov ernor or Senator gets out of office h( goes to scheming. Here is North em, the hayseed Governor of Geor gia, oetore Atkinson, planning it a . i to locate veterans rrom tne JNortn on It sounds very much like a John D. Gordon enter prise, which we can only Uam i with tne iuiuteiit or v raise. iortn r i was always supposed to be adiscipleof Bob loo tubs, the most famous of Georgi ans, but he must have wandered away lombs was hostile to immigration i 1 from the North. I remember hear ing him say a year before lie died: I never was opposed to your peo pie coming down here and staying a while, 1 wish they would come and stay loug enougn to teacii our peo- Pe their methods and their rascal- ity, so we can cope with them in trade, and keep them from swindling us out of what little they left us alter the war. lint 1 don't want hem to die here, sir! I don't want them to be buried in our grave yards, sir! For when Gabriel blows his last trump I don't want to rise with them, sir! It would destroy all the tranquility of the occasion!" rsew iork Exchange. lied need Hates by Kail. The Southern Hail way has made very low rates on account of the following occasions: Jo Washington, 1). C. and return, for the Southern Baptist convention, one limited hrst-class tare tor the round trin. Tickets to be sold May 7-8th, good for fifteen days. lo Dallas, lexas, and return for the gen eral asseruDly of the Presbyterian church, a rate oi one limited tirst-class fare lor the round trip. Tickets to be sold May 13-15th, t;ood to return until June 3rd. To Boston, Mass., and return, for the fourteenth annual convention of the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor and .National loung reopie s Christian Union, one limited first-class fare for the round trip. Tickets sold July Sloth, good to re turn until juiy 6iax. To Baltimore, Md., and return.'to the meeting of the Baptist Young People's Union of America, a rate of one limited first-class fare for the round trip. Tickets to be sold July lbl.th good to return un til August 5th. lo Boston, Mass., and return for the triennial Conclave of Knights Templar, one limited tirst-class fare for the round trip. Tickets sold August 23-2oth, good to return until beptemb.r 10. To Denver. 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The Observer Charlotte. N. C No Tears In Memory Thereof. i ne Democratic party lias one to its rest, (io dig it a hole in the ground, Where the woodpeckers peck, And the'bumble bees buzz. And the straddle bugs straddle around by mail. Treatment sent everywhere free from while usinz medicines. tnm 63SM1 irry zjt-. 4. beminal Weakness and Sexual Debility iSpermatorrhaa and Impotency) caused by youthful follies and excesses, producing nervousness, losses, pimples and blotches on tbe face, rushes or blood to the head, pains in the bacic, confused ideas and forgetful riess. bashf ulness. aversion to society, loss of sexual power, loss of man hood, etc.. cured for life. We can stop night losses, restore lost sexual power, restore nerve and brain power, eularge and strengthen weak parts and make you fit for marriace. i.cut.i.ucu . SvDhilis. ihaMerr,le dJi';fase' !n ,ls form, an1 sUif ,r 'J"f- Blood l'oi)nm. Skin Diseases. Ulcers.Swei- lines, Sores. 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K.iltimore, .Md. out this a-lvrnix-liielil aii'i -iei n f.-t. ..in .I V w POLK aMONU.MKNT. tKT EVKKV KKt'OKM t'.H ON tKIf.fTfc TO IIUI1.I IT. TakK l'i i'o'.lectloua at Kery SIm-Ihik. The Caucasiax's fund for th non uuicut now stands as follows: Total amount collected tip to March 14th, 1M. - - o! P. P. Kin-ev I ll irris h:iK-l Alliai:.-. No Kow im count v : Oak Ki.l'e Allial.iv No. 1 Korvth fount v Alliance, -M. 1" ' Pi KINDLY ASK A NEIGHBOR TO BECOME i ASUBSCniBER. IF HE WANTS TO KNOW FACTS HE CAN GET THEM, AND LOTS ! OF THEM DURING THE YEAR. Klf. tf.1 Hit- W rul e Ulll. Mir 'HLKTuwx, X. V., March .'17. The Democrats of Amlover, Sussex county, X. Y., have just discovered that a serious mistake was ma le at the recent election. Tey inttndeil to nominate William M. Slatr for ollice. It appears that the tioiniii.e was spoken of as "Hill"' Slattr at the nominating convention. The tickets went to tho printer, and on election ilav wore voted. Tin v road: "William S. .Slater," and Wii liam S. Slater was elected. Now it appears that William S. Slater is a Republican, and his election give j the Republicans control of the totu. NEW PASTRY COOK BOOK l!y MixH Willi-, I'riii. Hal in. ..re f....k inii Sclit.wl. Cut out this coupon and mail it to The Kl'mfokii Chkmicai. Wukks, Providence, K. I., givmtr your ad dross plainly written. A copy will In sent FKK.K. Rt in fool Cliciiiiftil Work, Viixihii?e, It 1 : Please send me a eopv of Miss Willis' Now Pastry Cook P.ook, t which I am etititled by being a r ad-i of the Caucasian. Name Postollk-e County State What is (Brim Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher'a prescription for Infants and Chil dren. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic sub stance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by Millions of Mother . Castoria i the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend. CASTORIA For Infanta and Clilldrci. Do not be impowd upon, but lnlrt oj-on having C atoria, and ce that tbe fac rtmi!e signature of ia on tbe wrapper. We efcall protect ourselves and tbe public at if hazard. Tm Cbwtacr Cowf awt, 77 Murray Street, If. T. PHOSPHATIC LIME! Manufacturv.1 from the l:..n. a nl l'ftrili-J F;i of Ante diluvian Ani inals. t a k e i from the r-ut ly !inruv-rd Coproliie Iif-t-jMts on thf S'orthMi t far J--ar uver, .C A Cheap ani Lastini Manure Founl at la.t: t-ontaius all the Klem-nts tf i lain fool; butainu the crop tiiroughout th season. The 1H Fertilizer for the Money yet ii3jut:reu. FRENCH BROS, ianS rfCt w3nr Hocky Iv.int N." "NO HUMBUG." I have no "private thai rtired rue' Uiveyou. X( C. O. D. FKAl'Ji. 3 II T 1 h""' a cure for Ijst Man - W hood and all the ilN tha ax-..iu .any this disease. And as thm adverti modi nx-x monv. an.l m v M KDIt "1 N K Is have nothinir to trive von ft b E l he proluct of pure North Carolina herbs. Tablets. 50 in a IJox, tl.Ui. by mail, sealed, postpaid. II yo i can l cure.1, this ill tnire. M'rite me staiint! yourcaH. an.l ir fl.no is enclose.!. I wilis-iid medicine and full dire1ion. and will uu iraiitee a cure. If I can do no pood win say jo and return your money. Write io me. JAS. A, SMITH, Dkigist, NEWTOX. N. C. 6 er. ' u TKAIV I.KAYK KAl.KHill. i v ti. .'.-iv-' "Atlanta "- man I't lrr!n.ri; ! I,,.. .111.1 .!lll..-'"II IU Ii - " . . -I f .. 1. I ! . I a r otk. an i ...mt. north . ' " - . l" x i i ! ' 'rr A ?;. i; i o. ii. t t j- hi .i i I .1.! Koanofcr r ' III. . ... k. af.l A ..r... 1 i "I n on. ia.i - r 1I !' r--n. Wr. No-t .k an.l Mi iint at roM-iiio'itti 1 poult and IU 1nu..n- ,l..n -'iflola. I'ort t-rni-li le la!ioli". w ilh l'-v l-n- i"r ' ia lit INoffo'k A U llV !i-!oti .-! ai.iial ll- n. N r v s i: K Iii. for Va.-li:iifclon i of I Iil!a l-'t-hia and l"' li.TTI!. a.i Ml 1 .r : u.ond Wn-hinV'-n lUtuiior. . i n. -l. !oa si.d N. '.. "d ""'" N"k t- . ...... ..... Il'.raixli for .iv-mi..r. o.."" - I i.i . l-i.iii.ui. !.! tot i C af At.a;.t . ...ii.. . to I'O't-lll.X.tll .. -'a in . .iady-"At 'ant S i.i I rVti.an .-t:! for ouU..rn I in.-. Itaf.i.l. l!'TT Wiltnin-toii. M-.nr.-. t har'oit.-. I.. 1. 1 . A'.lnton. . lorn W..-I. A ! Atli.iv W, , ;,.., M.i.oti. Moiittoiu. rv. M..'.iie. N. w Orl.iin- I IijIUIiikW .a-n ........... ;ii..l i-.iiit- i.t!i : li '. t .r..i:.-t -ulin.:iii ll ift.i l.---r Y"'' U'-..'i. I. ..'!" AtUl'ta. o.niMi 1 " ' ttt l-. ...... Atlat.U. wim llii.- ;tIo I uilll.tll .fpll! ijr ri1;.'utli to Monroe ." i..tii .l.niv -h.'tw i i ititoii.t li.irl1tf l li.1.-r. t.! lifc1. At'i. li. .U.I..a ai o all iiit. rni J.;i' t 'I'.ii'.. .nt.iit M-Ui.'ii Atlanta, mill. .livt-rfciii- in-. fu.l man kitt-piii -r I ortMuoutli lo TKAINS AKIMVK AT KAl.Khill : 5 17 a. in.. .l.i.ly "Atlanta jfi.il" !nl' ii. .n Vrt:litle Irolil N- Y.'f. rtola-lf-- i.lna. Ilai.iiuorv. VValn'ilii Ki.Ihii.iIkI lt.tr l.'.n ll. l'..r'.iiiouili. Norton. aiil all :s :i i. in.. li!v- r'i..m I.t 1 n- .t ! a".l iH.mt nortti via liav I.i tie. aim t aiii railroa.l. I't t. r-l uri.-. I.i. Inm.iel an.l Wa-li-intrtoii. ami -.inl-;ii'rtli via At lanl ; vt 1. 'lie: alroi troiu tir.-env ili-. I'lyinoutli. nliintii an.l caMerii atxilina .)lit via Wel-loii. 12. a. lit., .laily "Atlanta Sx tal Pi.li li :in Vextl.tlie. Iron. Atlanta. Atl.-li. Al U ville. titeliwol. liter ali.i il.l M.'ltll. 1 1 .: a. in., daily Fr-tii ' "!iar!oTte. Atlwti. Atlanta an.l int-rtiieiluitetati..iii. Tlie "Atlanta .! lal ' leaving Kaleili at .YJ2 a in. make?. 1. oomieCioti at ll.t:ti-U-t for lni t-tt ill. 1 arlui.-t.ii. liari -t:r arriving at 'liarlton at - in. ' at Monroe lor iiarloUe, Sliril.y mu i l. u lntoii. . for Wilmington aii'i l.H-al .suitionsc t: i: c. Mixel train leavi- JoJniMoti street station for Hetileroii aiel iiiteriiioii.it.- stations at i p in. returniiii: arrinn Joiiiistoi. ftrxet at ! '." a in, Nos VKl anl i' "Atlanta Si.cial" ate :-oli.l I'llllinali YeMiliiile trains. -. n if - i .t mrnili. ient lar tma. Ii-s an-i 1'al.w iia'-iii-r.M.iii KuHet sli'-rs InUv.-cii Washiiii; to'i ani Atlanta uitiioiit cliane oiimi.i. 1. tli.Tc i.s no extra fare eliarcl. For information relative t..i Ik.Ium-s. et.. l plV to ticket aellt. or A. J. .ke. r.A.. KiW'h, N ". JOHN II.WIMM l:. (eneral Mai.a.T. K.ST. JOHN. Yie-rre?-iJelit. T. J. ANIKi:s INT ieiioral 1'as.M nj.er Aent. SrlTD ITn D PRICKLY ASH, POKE ROOT AND POTASSIUM Makes Marvelous Cures in Blood Poison Rheumatism gand Scrofula 5 w afVBBBM Ta V Vk I n ft mm VT P. P. P. f-ariflm Ihv I.I.kvI hnltil.ai. tbn t ii. I l...lit ..t..l. tut. "illicit! .. k... . iu-rt. ri,M-lii lie..'.i;iv.t 1 .itini llili at i.i t.4.,.inM.A TP U"Tn .K l'.r,. ....t.,y f relinks a.i.l liMiiuOit iir-t taiir.. r ITiimry. -c-..u..,r jr aii'i t-rt rr Tiitiill. ..r I.i ,oi T.iur. iut -rifcl I-.! -n . u.l.rt.. Oy-, . i, .,.t In all l.l-l u. tikin !t --. !i- t.l-ht-. i-iiiM'!. . !.! -t.ri..-Irit. r. M-4i.' Im-ki. 1.iI,, rrii i.i., w rn. f lunf n.v, i..tti.Mi f.-nr ..f C-..:r:..1. I...l.,ttj;,t p. f. P. It.l-t bl.Ml t'orifl. r In th- w ri l.ai.d ui..l- vw-tuvf. (esdy aaliM;riuancitci.r- in all catHra. Ij1i . uh vttnii are ..l n.-l and arlKre I.I.mkI .k ic an litjur. ..ii.i tlon. 3'ii to ror-uai ruml Irr.-t i lrri: .. ar fwwjiiarly uilil t,jr iitM " lrfal f.'nic ami I.i.ki l.imini .r- rtl..f p. p. p. -1-rlcaijr A.n. i oka Kcutand Potaanlain. hPRiw.nrLi.. Wo., Auc Utti. I-H. 'I can ppk id tl. h.i..-it im .f ywr mJ tciD. frHo my .ti iwr ...xl im anowlelK I xiiBi.l r. i'l I. -rt lla. ltarir tnl rl.-aniMti r 2)6yar. raa Ircatxl l. ( li x r pbTklclans ano (M-at Lun lrr l '.f .! lar, inl rxrry kwma munlgr itU- out Co'liriK rl.-f. I Un t,l Uilm oca t. .il ot Jur p. p. p.. iq.i (kn cberfull? aaj It haa d.rm n.-tfr, i ruod lhao an tblnic I l.avTr ia'. ri. , , 1 can rwonunn1 )"tirnwlKintaa R1. M. M. MVSlir. 6lrlBg0ell. Croon Coao'.j. Xa. i 400PuzzleSliI RUPTlRl: CUT THIS FICTDEE OUT.; 52 It x.fati- the ra- r.f a fatl -r an time ' !aiiir..ii: y...i e the falh. r. (.. nu- toHnd am. tiii::k you are eMulVd to a re ward. .7i ne iro j.rietors of ih National Hmii T'.lrfr will Kivt. Fi ek M-ven l-au-tiiul .i c t u re eji!! for d-ra-tit'p a homejaKa reward to to miv onewhocHn n.ake out lhe thn-e da JpLters' favs. Thee ilim-s were sutM-rbly ex eonted ix :oi...ki. by a firm of art t'libljvjieit. w h o Utata .1 . 1 . I m h-se hard times The entire t hl by us and what or xitiallr oLo,.. -.ids of dollars will now ,w ,7..' v ' attract atint ion lo our V411l.it? f-. 'L, t 1 'bVit'wet KZ ,."7. riM .f r., " " ' " l"1N litidii.and iu.itkin the three "7 a" A and en wi !iAten iw.v--r.t -tn. rr n., uk ..,,e a, we ,i;4tt; 7 " vonr oMers. We r-rante ,-rfi i j., tMill or l.inn v..f..n.lu.a " . I'l't'u 1 1 ti III ( A.H ; 1 i.r..ii lhe 1 .-rwiii . whose envelo,- beaAi be eaVk rr .?"'.1 ir- 10 u.iM j to foun h i C rnr lo lifth IO and r ui- uext arirn iasy..u h.iouM ai.wer pruuitKlr atl.n. rl. ati.noe with 1.2. Ma'u.w .T"? mill r;.-. ..... 7. . ,aJ'L,1,,, 5 seed, hr ""V10'' I'KXnm au J seeos ty return mail. Addrexs NATION A L KKF.I) Xt Wa-hinpton. I. C SEND US A SUBSCRIPTI0M TO THE WEEKLY CAUCASIAN. IT WILL TELL A LOT OF PLAIN TALK THIS YEAR. i i . ti:in- i.r ' a tn fo a i rrn N a.! . '.! l.l. i At " . t .1. . ....!.. l.T .- 4T J j 3 Ii i :..t ; ! I.i lot i:uf .j:i 1j. a , I I .! ! !.t I ; . .. , ton SI. I v.. !. r i- tux2 .' i..r U.,-r.-. M"I " t.i:n':;v. .-. '.;! Sjl .. ! Il.lli ,1 K i ! w.i.tilV. a: tvT A ii. u - i I 1 - I - ' I JMII. 1. 1!,- ll,,,.., a... '!-... ; t. III' t 1M-1 ..' r... 1 .'..,. i . f t . ..'!llia Ui, ni !..t . r .tl iniK .1 1 "v in .1. !i l. .ro .41..; .. . ' 1 a in ail iii:i' li!.'li-i ' a i.i . -.p i.i ii..t.it... ! . I it at. -I , ii - s P us i iai k " ! p in .oi.1-1 .f .1 I'i;!)tiilti :iT- . K.i' v'' ti. t rill 1 r. !! . : I i.- .t.. :v l.arlo-!.- i . r-ii J !! . m i I.. il . - ; V. A. 1 1 i k. l. 3 M i'i 1 1 I V W II .K, . ... , M'Mi III A GRAND DISOVIC ft1tr t ' t ' M ilJII 1 1 1 . I i t mii ( ; t I ll ; i' 4tiii rut it . Z I'rrr I StiktJJ&UAMu:- w lo) lo) pi) Pimples, Bio.rte 1 and Old Sores Catarrh. Malaria -4(1 and Kidney Troubles A a -a(li I. .mi. .. t I r .in. L vfc.t-.t L ... ! i I't -i Aurrtirrw O . Mf"m. I.i. r I. .1-1. -ir y If I, at ( iv .r.fii lii- r.' 7...iiu-tr.-n-mi.' u' tmuu ll r I. ... i.-a aUM(MVllUl' ' Ib-Mwii. In . J. I. J..I.M..MML. , 1 t. f,r imi il jr v .f I. P. P. t'T I .. f uffr! f.r . nwlii !- ii. i Ii. 1... ... I In. 1 i . I. ... an :iin... i 4 - 1 v a. -I fi. -ut ir. iV. ik ! ( aarrr "t 4. T' tffwfcn from tltt V-iyi ' Hnn. Tr.. J 'i .rv 14 Im . -4 ft . " ... .f.. n m i I. I. P. ..r U- ' ' cn..m t a rkn . m.k . i !n.i', at. I t-.ui. I . ii .(!. iti t. i.. l i. I r r tat i..n lr.t.. - ' j.rv.'i.t at.; r--. t lia v t;.k-i ' - i a.i1 f- 1 -. -tljt.'t.t 1 ' J-. i.i -r. a ..r. Ii ! ' t"a ii1..i . l troui.ioa. Vwiiirn, CAPI ' 1 ' ' 3 jft. ALL l.Jit 'f .I'T LIPPMAN -i ;.l. IT. BROS I-iiOl'PJi.T'.i.f. Llppmna atlM-k.Va .a C OUII,SIBMO.f?!.'uc..iSIt wirpwi) un. tm. vi t t " v.aaiaaaauuaa ' ' . -r - araa kato ml niu POULTRY aa. a- .: .ntm t w ja tin sl! XT' i cat uut lik t - "- raiL.i ' fc .Mfill aitrt,. LtM.tii l'rii..iiiia it wwj A BOOH TO WOMEN AND CKlLE-i . aa.i4 aVaai ra. X aa aat -r ti : r -t a 1 c. a t..i.-. 1 4ta. rr..,t((t r.r.t - r it a. X.Oi. fcaa Afj. iuM.i ill.M..rfhn.m.il. t-"H .lliw. !. 1 ' -4 IW Ilail I a CANCER S mmtf Cu", . r ti . i4 .. r.ir. r laoncr. f HTII a m.n .nil tm ttt TI State iatere.lr4 ta tir OtMBta aad J aaCMLa to hav rf an tmif mm U J fiN. A44rea tt. M. h1p7. A.llii Bos MS. aaaal artll kai aat mwm trmm i Old papen for tale. 25 oti ! tiECESSm . . . : . 1 J MUirl.tf 1 't.'Mic4.f,i.i.- 1 .7; I lor National I ri'Ilnirriiirn. . a;..Mia ' an ir ti ! " I t Si a 1 .-1 hundml, t The Caucasia

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