THE CAUCAOIAU PUBU8UKD EVERY THURSDAY. BY THK CAUCASIAN rCBLIltHIHO CO. MARION RCTLKK. - - Pre-Id eat. AL ATBK. - - Managta- dltr. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, one ye. ::jso BIX MONTHS. .60 THREE MONTHS. .35 Entered In the Post Office it Raleigh, V. C. second-class mail matter. CASH MtEMll'MS UN TUB SILVKK PROBLEM. The Cai'Casiah is desirous of turning til poaaible light on the current ques tions of the day, and would be glad to have, for publication, the opinions of the people of this or any other mate. The prtcticability of securing the oper ation of certain principles, now de manded by the majority of the people, It perhaps the most interesting phase of the leading issue of the day. In the hope of eliciting the best and most comprehensive opinions, we will offer the cash prizes below. We name the following subject for discus sion : "WilY THE KrER AMD UNLIMITED Col AO e or HlLVEK Ca.ixot be Se ccreo Thkocoh the IlEMOCKATIC l'AETT.n Articles are not to exceed 1,000 words In length or about one column of the Caucasia. An article intended to compete for the prizes must be sent in not later than January 1st, 1HM. On the above subject and under the conditions named, we offer the follow ing prizes: For best article, $25.00. For second best article, $15.00. For third best article, $10.00. One or more of the articles that may be received will be published each week. The name of the writer will be pub lished if desired. The identity of the writer will not afreet the judgment of the article. A competent committee, having no connection with the paper, will pass upon the merits of the articles, and the prizes awarded according to their de cision. TKH Ck.NT Officii WITHDRAWN. Our ten cent offer is withdrawn. We cannot find words to express our Appreciation of the active kindness shown by the friends of the paper in securing subscribers for it. We will do what we can to show it by trying to make the paper acceptable and profitable to all who have be come readers of it. THK SILVER CONVENTION. The silver convention, held in Ral eigh last week, will constitute an epoch in the history of political and economic movements in North Caro lina. Facts which it emphasized and inferences which it must inevit ably suggest form a subject for the earnest and serious consideration of the people. The mere profession or declara tion of favoring a principle and the refusal to make, an active effort to secure the operation of that prin ciple are separated by a spanless chasm. Not to practice what is pro fessed or preajhed is the most un qualified and damnable hypocrisy. It is the effort of the demagogue to deceive those who listen. Justice will permit us to say in fact justice demands that we say this convention" was not called by any political "machine." An ex tended canvass was had by corres pondence and otherwise among those who called themselves "Democrats" as to the advisability of calling a silver convention. The proposi tion submitted was that a conven tion be called and attended by those who favored the free vnd unlimited coinage of silver and gold at the ra tio of 1G to 1. irrespective of party and without tegard to international agreement or the consent of any other country After the approval of nearly one thousand Democrats had Veen secured by personal signa ture the convention was called. mm For years past the organized De mocracy of the State has professed friendship and loyalty to the cause of silver. Its platforms have de clared in favor of it and have de manded it. On the strength of these professions, declarations and de mands it could seem but natural that Democrats should initiate a movement designed to unite all forces which favored the free and unlimited coinage of silver with a view to concentrating their efforts to secure it. It would have been natural for the Democratic press (the silver part of it) and the Demo cratic organization to have approv ed a movement begun by nearly one thousand of their supporters and members. V But behold! Democratic papers and the Demosratio ''machine" arose in opposition to an active movement looking toward effecting what they so loudly declared for and demand ed, and they fought the movement from its incipiency to its material ization. They advised and urged Democrats to stay away from the convention after Democrats had called it. It may not be just to as sert that the great majority of (those who approved 'and advised the call were influenced Or scared by the frown of the party "machine" or the twang; of the party lash, but as a matter of fact when the con vention was called to .order on Betpember 25th there were (according to the count and report of Democratic papers) only twenty seven Democrats present, though nearly one thousand had approved calling it. Three hcndred Popu lists, representing every section of the State, and a number of Republi cans responded to the call. They ex pected to meet a large representa tion of the "Democratic party" and make and receive pledges to unite their forces in an effort to undo the "crime of 1873." They were disappointed. They learned and they now know and will forever hereafter know that they ned not expect any assistance from the Democratic party in the matter of securing the free coinage of silver or of securing any reform in the present national system of fi nance. Doubt as to the sincerity of the Democratic party in declaring for silver has been resolved into a positive knowledge of its falsity and hypocrisy. It has extended and emphasized its record of deception. Ananias has been discounted and this party must suffer his fate at the hands oftLe honest people of North Carolina. The Democratic "machine" will make its professions again. But what if it doesT All men who are not dominated and blinded by a petty, party spirit all men now in the ranks of so called Democracy who honestly favor the free coinage of silver, and who have the courage to subordinate party to principle, must perceive that a "parting of the ways" ha been reached. This truth ean no longer be obscured. It is not ours to try to drive or pull them either way, but it is theirs now right non to discover the right way, if they want the right way, and take it. By common consent it has become a custom for the rank and file of the Democratic party to expect their leaders and more prominent mem bers to represent them in conven tions. A large number have doubt less put faith in the declarations of the "machine" and believed them sincere. But the mask is now torn away. The hollowness and hypoc risy of Democratic demands and platforms are exposed. We believe the rank and file Democracy will see this; that they will become dis gusted with their leaders and the machine and that they may be counted on to votey against gold- bug nominees for any office. The report printed elsewhere shows that two or three prominent Demo crats attended the convention de spite the opposition and advice of the Democratic press and machine. Others who made the strongest pro fessions and whose prominence was such as to cause a wide heralding of their purpose to attend "flinched" and fled when the test came. Among: these were Hon. T. J. Jarvis and Capt. S. A. Ashe. We do not wish to appear as questioning their sin cerity. But as a matter of fact and truth it must be stated that, though none marie stronger or more elo quent professions or gave stronger reasons for the cause of silver than they, when it became apparent that the convention intended to act- when there was a strong prospect that it would adopt resolutions which would pledge the members not to support any man for President, Vice-President or the Congress of the United States who did not favor silver, "they forsook the cause" and did not go into the convention hall. Verbvm tap sapient. DO THEY FEAR TO UO QN RECORD? We have heard no objection from from those Democrats who signed the call for the convention to the publication of their names, but some of their friends seem to be verv sorry for them, and are begging for a suppression of the record. The Charlotte Observer says: "The Democratic signers of the call for the silver convention are doubtless nearly all sorry about it now, and the Observer is confident that Mr. Ed. Chambers Smith will not do so foolish a thing as to publish the list." The Raleigh correspondent of the same paper says: "A prominent and thoughtful Democrat said to day: 'If I were Ed Chambers Smith I certainly would not publish the list of people who signed the call for the silver convention which were sent to the various counties, aor would I let The Caccasiak publish it. It will simply aggravate mat ters. Of course the signers are, as one newspaper has said, 'Democrats under sus picion,' but why parade their names?" ' This is peculiar talk. The plea of mercy from a Democratic goldbug paper for silver Democrats is only one step behind the colossal absurd ity of a defense of "the church" by anincongruouslot of partisan politi cal papers. If the "signers," who claim to be men of stamina and con viction, can stand this thing, we are sure the public can stand it. "Dem ocrats under suspicion"!! That's lively. Must every Democrat in the state wno oid not sign the call rise to remark: "I didn't sign it," so that the cloud of "suspicion" may be lifted from him? Explanations are in order, gentle men. Not quite a thousand mem bers of your party signed that call; but they are not known. Are you one of the signers! You are "un der suspicion." , MR. COOKK'S AMENDMENT. The amendment offered to the sil ver resolutions was practically a plan to form a "fourth" or silver party on the single issue idea. Snch a plan has proven to be a failure more man once. Last sprinsr about thirty men issued a document from Washington city calling on the sil ver forces to organize the silver plank party. We do not believe that party has gained a dozen mem bers. A number of so-called "sil ver leagues" and " bi-metalho unions" are now making an effort to create interest in a single plank silver movement, but the effort is not re garded as worthy of comment oi criticism. Simple mention is ail the notice it receives. It does, not ap peal to the people. They want and demand complete reform, and are determined that these little plans to divide them into factions and thus increase the power of the goldbcgs shall not prevail. The convention did not meet to weaken, but to strengthen the silver movement. It did not meet to divide but to unite forces; and the inevitable result of the adoption of such a declaration as was offered by Mr. Cooke would have been misunderstanding and confusion, and a further division of the silver forces than may now ex ist. The convention, which meant straight business, very promptly and properly voted it down by an over whelming majority. THAT HOurti.iliL ACT AO UN. It begins to look as though there will be a full veutilatiou of the pro cess by which the fraudulent assign ment act was smuggled into the laws of the last legislature. The grand jury of Wake couaty has found a true bill against Chief Clerk Satterfield, of the House, and Ea rolling Clerk Brown. These gentle men have no objection to the finding. In fact thev express tnemselves as being gratified that a full investiga tion Jwill be had. The Caucasian predicts that this investigation (if it shall be held) will develop some marvellously interesting facts, and that .some Democratswho seizged on to the occurrence in the hope of making political capital out of it, will meet a boomerang that will strike them with paralyzing force. It is amusing to see the Charlotte Observer (a rank goldbuer DaDer) pulling the silver Democratic papers up to the question as to whether or not they will vote for a goldbug for President. It has pumped an answer out of the Raleigh News and Ob server, and is now working the pump-handle on Webster's Weekly. This is one case where a goldbug paper is doing the cause of silver and the people a great service. The open goldbug is not dangerous in North Carolina, but the hypocrite claimiug to be for silver is. The News and Observer has confessed that it will support a goldbug The non-partisan silver conven tion voted down Capt. Cooke's resolu tion to confine the fight next year to the silver question because they d'd not like the sing issue silver party idea. Capt. Cooke may not have meant this, but such was the im pression made. The friends of sil ver want the National Bank ques tion, the bond issues and the income tax to be prominent issues with free silver in the next campaign. The Charlotte Observer (goldbug) congratulates the silver Democrats who did not attend the non-partisan siver convention. It hopes to get all such Democrats to vote for "a gold candidate for President." This eold organ also sets a standard for Democrats in the same issue, and pro nounces sentence on all who at tended. This gold organ party judge says they are discredited with all true Democrats. The telephone monopoly continues to collect out of us $60.00 per year, as rent for an instrument that did not cost $5-00. All due to "special privileges." In Sweden, where the government owns the telephone sys tem, the charge for a telephone con nected with every city in the king dom is only six dollars per year. Speaking abont a "beautiful mess." just look at the clippings from pa pers presented elsewhere. There are gold Democratic papers, silver Democratic papers, "Bill" Street Reform Club Democratic papers, and other kinds of Democratic papers. My God, Abernethy! But ain't it a "mixtur V . We wish to call special attention to the fact that in some instances our friends have ordered papers to be sent to postofiices which are not known to the postoffice authorities. We would be glad to have all such mistakes corrected at once. The News and Observer says that no single issue fight will ever win in this country, and then in the same editorial praises Capt. Cooke for offering a resolution at the silver convention favoring the single silver idea. If The Caucasian's anonymous correspondent at Statesville, who signs himself "Alliance," will be come a reader of the paper, we think he will conclude that he is a fool. although he may now think, or tttink he thinks, to the contrary. We note that some Democratic papers continue to beg the Demo crats to drop the silver question. A live issue is dynamite for the Dem ocratic party. It is at home only witn something that is dead. The silver resolutions are strictly non-partisan. They could not be more so. Those wno assert they are partisan are politicians who know their party will nominate goldbngs. Leading Democrats can beat a brass band blowing for silver, and they can discount a sand-fiddler in running backward when the time comes to act. Is not every true friend of silver ready to take the position that he will not vote for a goldbug for Pres ident in 189G f i THE COMMIT?-' -UESOLtTTTOVS. The conference committee of nine, (three from each political party) which was mutually agreed opon to frame resolutions to be submitted to the convention, was composed of the following gentlemen: Populists Senator Butler. Spier Whitaker, W. A. Guthrie. Republicans J. J. Mott, J. C. L. Harris. J. F. Westmoreland. Democrats E. C. Smith, S. A. Ashe, Jas. C. MacIUe. The members of the convention committee on resolutions were: M essrs. B. P. Keith, B. S. Gav, Spier Whitaker, Marion Bntler, W A. Guthrie. John R. Smith, J. J. Mott and V. S. Lusk. Of the nearly one thousand Demo rats who signed the call, only the following attended the convention: Governor Carr, B. C. Beck with, Judge MacRae, E. C. -Smith, N. B. Bioughton and C. M. Cooke. DEMOCRATS CONTINUE TO LOSE. Mr, Leander M. Secreet, Who II aa Bnii Ufeloag Democrat. Ktn.uncM The Cue Mr. Leander M. Sheerest, of Union county, who has been a lifelong Dem ocrat writes a letter to "Our Home" in which he renounces the party of "per tidy and dishonor" and joins the Peo ple's Party. Among the charges he makes against the Democratic party and his reasons for leaving it are the following: It has been known to readers of the press that the great battle cry of the Democratic party has for years been tariff reform. Is the present Demo cratic tariff a fulfilment of that pledge? One of the leading Democratic repre sentatives from the State of New York has said it was a more radical protec tive measure than the McKinley law. Is the Democratic party in favor of pension reform? The Secretary of the Interior says the pension roll has in creased 300,000 in two years. Is the Democratic party in favor of the free and unlimited coinage of sil ver? It has defeated 11 free coinage bills in a less numter of years and that too in congresses in which the Demo cratic majorities ranged from 42 to 148. Does the Democratic party preach the doctri ne of toleration? I f so, what meant the rotten egging of Mrs. Lease in Atlanta and the rotten egging and cheyenne peppering of Senator Butler at Monroe? Was not Monroe a Demo cratic town, and did not the perpetra tors of this outrage on Senator .Butler go unpunished? Can we expect reform of any kind through the Democratic party? No, not till icebergs are strung along on the equator like corks on a gill net, and the blue birds will build their nests on the north pole at Christinas time, and the arctic seas will turn to ice cream and the tropical waters to Democratic liquor. Senator Vance said that if the Sher man law was repealed unconditionally that the greater part of the Democratic party would deliberately walk out of itself. This has been done, and the walking has been going on ever since and will continue till all the patriots shall have walked out. WILL THEY FIGHT IN TEXAS. The Governor of That State Calls a Special Session of the Legislature. Prize fights between two sluggers or thugs have become immensely popular in these days of "advancing civiliza tion," and it has actually gotten so that the "leading" papers of the land will send more special correspondents to the scene of one of these fights, give more space to reporting it and present more pictures about it than they will give to the report of a national election. Two thugs, both of whom claim to be the champion sluggers of the world, are now practicing and training to meet each other to see which is the "best man" of the two. They want to test it by seeing which can knock the other down the quickest. These slug gers and their managers have announc ed that the fight wLl occur in Texas. There has been a great to do in that State as to whether the fight there would be legal or not, and the discussion has led to the following ac tion reported in the press telegrams: "Austin. IVxas, Sept. 27. Governor Culberson last night issued a procla mation calling i special session of the legislature for Opt. 1, that will be re quired to pass a law that will knock the Corbett-Fitzsimmons prize fight into a cocked hat. The governor issued the proclamation at midnight last night, after a lengthy consultation with his cabinet, and gives the Associ ated Press correspondent as the reason for his action that in the present con dition of the law the fight managers are liable to pull off the fight while the courts are rowing over it; that the chief justice of the cout' of criminal appeals has ruled against the State, and now there is a mandamus case pending in the supreme court that may go in an entirely different line, thus raising a conflict between the two highest courts in the State. In order to settle all possible contention, he issued the call tonight, convening the legislature next Tuesday, in this city." This telegram shows that the courts of Texas are "split up" on this great question. The courts of Texas' are Democratic. The present legislature is Democratic and consequently the chances are that this legislature will fix things easy for the sluggers. The last North Carolina legislature, which was not Democratic, passed a positive law which absolutely prohib its all such disgraceful and barbarous occurences as prize fighting in this State. DETERMINtD GEORGIA POPULISTS. They Guard the Registration Books to Prevent Farther Fraud. Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 30. There are signs of trouble in the Tenth Congres sional district over the special election for Congressman, to be held Wednes day, October 2d, Tom Watson, Populist, and J. C. C. Black, Democrat, being the candidates. A special from Augusta to-day says : A party of Democrats, including two expert registry clerks, who went up to l,iucoiii county 10 examine the regis tration books returned this morning. They say that as soon as thev arrived that runners were sent out into the country marshaling armed bands of r-opuusis, wno muraiaated and threat ened violence to the committee at everv steo. Thev were nnt niimroH n see the books, and were told not to touch them, nor to assist the registrars in expediting the votes. The efforts of uie committee were rruitless. The Democratic registrars have thrown out a number of voters, but the Populists openly and boldly de clare that every man in Lincoln county who wishes to shall vote, registry or no registry. The frauds perpetrated there by the Democrats are an outrage on law and order, and even upon de cency itself. And Make Money At It. If you only knew it, the trouble is with your digestion If that was good you would sleep better, wake better, work better, and make your money at it. How can one "get on" when the whole system is sluggish? Bnt people don't realize what is the trouble. A box of Kipans Tabules makes life worth living. At druggist. Kipans Tabules may be obtained thmno your nearest druggist. Price 50 cents a box ECHOES FROU THE COHYEHTIOII. Views and Opinions of Prominent Members of All Political Parties. THE MACHINE PRESS WHINE Aste asd Jsnto ate 14 Oat mt tae Caatlea-Capt. Cm ka's - Foaria " Parly Aaitatit-r. Peels' View ml tne Party-bag and Cold baaa-la P.I lllrlaaa t'aeas. WUit TUE PAPERS RAY. Very few newspaper in the State favored the holding of the silver con vention, and Kill fewer of them favor the resolutions passed It is safe to say that SO per ceut. of the people of the State favor the resolutions. The newspapers as a rule are owned and run by cliques and corporations. Some of them wfm to be owned by Wall street. We make the following clip pings. leuaaeralic Iuiarerlty Abont Silver. Charlotte Observer Gold Dem. J "Nothing better for the Populist canse could have happened than the res-alt of the free silver convention at Kaleiigh yesterday when the Democrats had to go out of their own meeting. The Populists have always attacked the Democrats in this State on the grouujLl of their insincerity as to silver. Some of them were put to tbe test yesterday and could not stand it. What in there now for the Populists to do except to point to the outcome of this convention and say : 'What have we always told you '." " The Piebald Gathering-. Wilmington Messenger Nondescript Dem. J 'The meeting at Raleigh was a magnifi cent fiasco. It was a Pop crowd with a very small sprinkling of Radicals (nine) and enough Democrats i twenty-seven) to guar antee the piebald character of the uufor tunute gathering. "If we bad been there when we saw the Pops on top and having it all their own cut and dried way, we would have felt as the fellow felt who sang in painful remem brance of an event not happy : " 'Once I caught a little bee, V hich was much too warm for me." "The meeting really amounted to nothing. It reflected the views of tie Populists who were there, and the twenly-seven Demo crats merely represented then. selves. "It was well that ex-f-enator Jarvis and Capt. Samuel A. Ashe two able men held aloof from the Populist gathering." Not Knipty Platitude, but a Purpose to an End. Raleigh Press-Visitor Silver Dem.J 'The silver convention has met and ac complished itt work. The resolutions adopted are no empty platitudes, but ttiey convey a purpose to carry into execution the requisite method to compass the end aimed at. If the convention had met and adopted a resolution alone declaring in favor of silver it would have meant nothing. But the convention went further. It calls upon the people to support such men at the polls as will carry out the policy it favors, and to support no others. The work of the convention has gone beyond the pale of ad monition. It has passed into the arena of execution." Democrats Who Love Tbeir Party Better Than Silver. Raleigh News and Observer "Hoke Smith for President" Dem. "The resolution was adopted in the shape that Butler insisted upon because that crafty politician determined to separate every Democrat, who fully endorsed it from his party. He knew that in its terms it ex cluded Democrats who endorsed it from their primaries and conventions, and put them out of the pale of their party. That was what he wanted to do, and that is why he would consent to no amendments. 'I am a good silver man',' said a Democrat, 'but 1 will not vote for anything that will tie my hands and prevent my fighting for silver in the Democratic ranks. That was Butler s trap, and I declined to be caught in it.' This expresses the sentiment of nearly every silver Democrat in Raleigh who at tended the convention. It was this delib erate purpose to tie the hands of Democrats in order to make political capital for the Populists in a 'non-partisan' conference that honest Democrats resented." Had from a Party Standpoint Wilmington Star Silver in Party Demo crat. "From a Democratic free silver stand point the convention which met at Raleigh Wednesday was worse than a failure; from a Populist-Republican standpoint it was a signal success, and hence the gentlemeu wao are getting tne most solid satisfaction out of the outcome are the Populis' tii-pub lican leaders and associate manipulators of that convention who played si v and cun ning and completely outgeneralied Air. Smith and his co-operators. "We don't like the way the thing panned out, but we are neither surprised nor disap pointed, for we didn't look for anything else. "It is all over now, and as far as the party is concerned, instead of accomplishing any good, we are in a worse position than we were before." No Credit for Bolting. Statesville Landmark Gold-Dem. "Whatever advantage there was in the meeting will redound to the benefit of the Populists. They and Senator Butler domi nated it. There were few Democrats pres ent. There should have been none. But those like Capt. Aohe and Governor Jarvis. who aided in getting up the convention and then refused to go into it, can take no credit to themselves for not going in. The mis chief had already been none.'' A Monumental Bust. Rutherford Democrat Silver Dem.) "The Silver-Smith-Cooke-Ashe Jarvis con vention met in Raleigh Wednesday. There were about 3U0 delegxtes present, of whom more than 250 were Populists, and the bal ance Democrats, who have a powerful hank ering for office, and Republicans. It was controlled by Populists, and as a 'non-partisan' meetitig it was the mo-t ridiculous spectacle the State has ever witnessed. "The most amusing thing about the whole farce was the crawfishing of Jarvis and Ashe. And the State will have infinite fun for the next two months watching the gym nastics of those who favored the convention before it met, in their effort to make the people believe they opposed the meeting." Iooks Like a "Boat." Winston Republican Gold Rep ) "At this distance it looks like it was a 'bust." Verv fpw Rermhl j va vaavwuv smntMtM7A and between the Ed Chambers Smith Dem ocrats ana tne Populists, the Populists easily ueiu uuutrui. "Jarvis, Ashe. Carr and such Democrats reiusea to Darncinate in th mnvonr nn - , c v wu . wu. They could not accept Butler' resolutions." They Couldn't Ran It Wouldn't Attend. Keidsville Review Silver Dem.) "The silver cnnvpnt.irm hM at T?aTo;v. Wednesday was in many respects a big dis aDDointment to the TVmnmti Th. D..., lists were in a big majority and ran things mending voters to vote for no one who would not declare themselves in favor of free coinage were adopted. If the Populist stick to this, fusion between them and the Republicans will be impossible, as the latter is the gold bug party. A number of Demo cratic leaders refused to attend the convea- tic n wnen tney saw that Butler would dom inateit." " Korth Carolina Xot for Silver. South port Leader "Bill" Street Reform Club Dem.) "The attendance, resolutions and make-up of yesterday's convention clearly indicate !.. T . T . , .. "i xeuiocracy or aoiu uarouna will rcuu ilo meui-v, our countenance schemes of politicians whose aim is only self aggrandizement. "The sma'u attendance at this convention, if non-partisan in character, shows the flimsy pretext of the free coinage advocates who say that North Carolina is overwhelm ingly in favor of a silver ratio of 16 to 1. "The Raleigh convention has buried the free silver craze." Dancer to the Democratic Part. Mt. Airy News Silver Dem.) "In our opinion its call was a great political blunder. fran?ht with APrinna HnM . u t o - .. Mwugv, w tut; Democratic rvartv The rlH shin ha x -I . i.i n cu red many a storm and will yet outride the outuod niiiuo ujm siuiuuuu ner. More Danrer to the Party. Smithfield Herald Some sort of Dem.) "The silver convention at Raleigh Wednes day was not what its friends wished for. Tbe- were a rood many rn at. hot out n Urjr a crowd s Mr. Bmilb expected. There art many real fnetxla of tulw lath State who were deterred from attending for rood r oua. twatoftiM ablest Iteaao crmu In the but who favor free cotDac do not uina aoen a coo vent too coakl accom- puaa an yt bin it rren wbea partxi paled in only b Drmocrm. KoC onrr that: the fear it might tend to diropt and divide toe Democratic party. There are other who favor vilTer convention held by Demomu oniy. iney muae to amiiate witn a con ic Vomeral ton of KadK-als and Pofabta. " WHAT PBOM!KT VEX AT. The follow! or; are some opinions ex pressed by prominent men of all par lies as to tbe resolution raed and tbe result of tbe convention : t)See44re AfraM. N. B. Brouchtwn "I think it was a very wix-iiauiv wuj. newer it was coo if)irunn f .r IK - - A nr-i h t am not able to say. but it certainty was coo- . . - - - i i . f .. bearuly endoaee tbe resolutions. Tbe .on- venuoo did what I expected it to do." Jat the Verv Tnla. Treasurer V orth ' It's just tbe very thinp if we believe in silver, as we profeaa to do. why, let us show it by our works. It was a nice, harmonious convention " A a ladea te Pa bile Opiate. B. S. Gay, of Northampton "I think in st. u is an index or the opinion upper mwt among the plain people, at d shows a ui(uimu hi attain uie great end enunci ated in the resolutions, even thourh a errat aacriiice will Kmc t.- , .. shows that the people are more anxious to -V r-kt Bin few an . v"lu muowunu, unancuu legislation than to see tbe success of the r nartv at the com promise of principle. It is better to aacri- n.e any party than to sacrifice the people the old Demnrrstu. ,.... the people against the roldbuir or get run ; , juuuu m-niocrau mi i not be lean Dy party fossil." A Bigger Fanloa for Bother ParfxM. n.-VVKi.1 ?' Lu 1 hnk it is all riirht n e nail f union lt . . . . ivi m Kmi I '1 1U- nple, and now you see a bigger fusion of .umiirr Kni pnncipie. Xot UlvlDg Pledges. governor Jarvis"! don't think it has eioeu or nun tne democratic jrty or any ouy rw. or any party. It was negative. After I saw thev km .!...-...;..- a . . . resolution to bind the ieople 1 would not r . , " iuiu n was a booy winch imu a ngui to make or require any pledges. i waui ui oe ireeio act. 1 am not giving pledges at this early day. When the time comes, and I hin is, . .. ; ... do what my conscience and my judgment Went Off All Right. . -Mrsf,bt"'n. of Madixon "I think i i V . W11 1 think it accom- posucu wuai it met lor. A Victory for the PmbI. Mr. H c. ReckwithYea, I -igned the ui ii. i aiso went into the convention and voted for the resolu tions They are on the right line. 1 think " victory ior the American people, Carohna0' lhe ,,00r peo'le ' Nortn Ha Opened the Way fr Sincere Sliver Oeinoerala. ..-ri" Founlain. Mayor of Tarboro The convention has opened the way for oiucoenueiu action on the part of all un cere silver Democrats." It Will Carry the State f.r Silver- t na,?r owler. of Sampson Think everything ran on all right. Think it is what every silver man should desire, and think it will carry the State for silver as a result of the dav's work ." A Ilia; Stepping-stone. John Urady, (iates "I think it is a vi ury ior tne masses or the people. I think it is one of the stepping-stones to overthrow Koiu-ougism in the United States, and if j yropre ui in is government. Would Hate to Vote for a f.-iAU C.apt- 8-A. Ashe "Yes, I signed the call and went into tha mfAM.n - - ... , , --"tuvT. U man is stronger for frx t " ..v. tuau a mil a i hi no 1 r r , . onj to vote ior a go Mlnnr. but I don't t h nt .;. i r r: l... t "iii'iiueni, Bliouiu have been put to my resolutions at this The Party-hug Only Crippled. . Mr- w- J- I'eele "I think tbe resolution a. ln th,e. riPht direction. The goldbug is whipped in this convention, but the partv- i . v 't"cu- now tnese party I --uvi.iuiiuj iu oe strong ior sil ver, are hesitating to say they will vote for ; silver. Thon m ,- . . . ' .V " . "" 10 vote against . ,i, ' , , ,, i'"""" "uuiaie one. it the people follow the old party-buKS thev H1C gviuuugs. May Klect a Silver Pre.ldn. WBSu,ter of of S-mp-son) "Think it will result in the eleirtion fta 'vw ticket in North Carolina, and in all probability in the election of a National ticket, if tho nthsF Wtotju. L u.i i -. F mac Aioiu OI it. Wanted to Go Further. Col. R. B. Davis, of Wilmington "I en dorse Senator Butler's amendment to Capt. Ashe b resolutions. Thiinn...i;.. : - " . vunuu WUUU1 be a farce if we were uin,ri. ... tions in favor of silver; we must say at least that wa n-ill t . . ... ..ui iuk iur a pni i' tig, no mat , ter who nominates him. ! ior one. am I ready to go further than .Ntnaior Butler's amendment goes. We must get down to 111 111 t Oh:! if aA AwnMne. A . - . . w.a.o, x. we vrAvn:, lAJ win 111 13 light. ' Capt. V. H. Kitchin--The resolutions ought not only to declare for silver, but ougnt to point oat the way to get it. This convention shows who is willing to stand touraged I the call of this convention, and then used their influence to prevent silver Democrats from attending it. are a art of dirt-eaters and slime crawlers; and that their treatment of Ed Chambers Smith and others was absolutely disgraceful. I fur ther think the Democrats lost the opportu nity of their lives in this State for giving a powerful impetus to the restoration of sil ver. ' Mr. Keith Talks Plain. Mr. B. F. Keith, Jr., Wilmington "This is a non partisan convention on the line of the Memphis non-partisan silver conven tion. That convention passed strong reso lutions for silver, but did not point the way out. It stwms to me that any man who is a true friend of silver ought to take a square position against the goldbugs. The only way to beat the goldbugs is to vote against goldbugs This is the first convention that has frightened the goldbugs, for it means busiues 'I was in favor of the convention going further and appointing a committee to cor respond with square silver men in other States looking to a union of all the silver men of all parties all over the country." .The People Will Mot Be Tt tiled With. State Senator Hamrick. of Cleveland. Said "I am mu-l tileased with Ik. ,..i. the convention. It will tend to an , v"' unes. i am ior silver in the .j v. uui ot . ine people will not be It Shows Where Man s.. ..tG.1?" ? ?unt cierk of court ot Davidson- tutu uie worg oi tne convention will re suit in great good. The eoldbuM in din. guise did not get in their work. It shows wufjic iii c ii Diana For 8llver and Kothlng More. Secretary of Rtata (n...i tr r , ... can't tell now what will be the effect of the wuvcuuou, uui as iar as i can see It has not aocomnlishnd mnsh i. .. . hoped, and I don't believe it has done any 7" v , J '""iuura was a test, 1 UUnk. of the value which the majority of the con. vention attached to silver. It was in no rcuac a movement ior a new party. In my speech I expressly said I came to the conven tion as a Democrat and would leave it as , MJ view was mat it was tbe saf est wav to extend minam.n 1 .l . . - ... " - o. wiu uavc uie oesi possibility of accomplishment. The Demo crats to a man voted for my resolution and i,otPuh!?SVeted,aKai,ut iu They were not willing to abandon some of their other Opposed to Cook's New Party Resolution. opier wniiaxer "i em well pleased. It : , . wc uvuuu to OD- pose Cooke's resolutions to be for a new r"V,l- ""unot minx ne so intended A Good Eay's Work. .iSiJ-.J' MttT''The convention did a good day's work. We must not only "cuss" eOldbues. bat we mnit . ; -... .1 If men of all parties would stand together , . r ,. - outer presi dent next time. ' A Triumph for the Populists. Harry Skinner "I am very favorably im pressed. The reaoliitinn. J servative and yet very declarative. Every man in the convention is personally boun i to support a free silver candidate. The Democrats made a ma n.k.:. . . . uuaia. ui 11 in p( tending in large numbers. The Populists ,cored a signal triumph." What They All Get. KaL Cor. WiL Star. One said tiut in . t - iu BuuiiuiUK UD the fun, that the railroads and hotels got the money ; tbe Populists the elory : the Republicans tbe experience; and the Democrats the black eye. PAHTYISa VS. STATCSOAalSNIP. A PUeaanlsa ee the With the AU fa Below will be found a diaraesion by Mr. IVsrle of Kx-tioveroor Jarvis' claims to statesmanship published some weeks aft-o. It falls new with tbe jrveatrst weight since tbe (iov ernor's conduct at tbe silver con vention. Tbe tet of tbe usefulness of parties and politirans Is tbeir ability to give tbe people relief. As leader of tbe sil ver movement toternor Jarvis has shewn himself a failure. He is so "fearful and unbelieving" that be is afraid tbe truth will lead hint w here he does not want to r. He not fooling with the silver question for be sake of silver but fur l he sake of himself and bis party. Tbe Itemorratif prres ridiculed and belittled tbe silver convention of last week, but it raised enough wind to tear the lion's skin clean off of two old politicians-Jar is and Ashe They may bray silver but tbey will never vote it any uure. Many other politicians bate also showed the tip of their long ears. Tbe party racket is the ouly thing that the machine politicians can work. I and he baa gone back to it. Is Jervts e Partlaaa or a Miutau Cor. of the lorTeasive Farmer. Ctovernor Jarvis had an interview oft himself published Mtiue weeks ago in which, after elaborating a god deal about his friendfthip for silver, he! branched oif on the main issue. I.ile! a woman's postscript, the last part oft his interview was the key note. 1 I gather from it that he hues the par y to which he tielongs, or which' used to belong partly to him, ; SOKE TH AX HE iH.gS VRKg SIIVKU or any othe. Htlitical principle. Thej tiovernor says that the key note of tlte next campaign is the mistakes of the fusion legislature. Kverj thing mut j he subordinated then to presenting the j election of 1'opuliMs and Kr publicans I to the offices of this Mate. 1 under! stand this to mean. therefore. that the Governor will drop the free silver issue whenever the TARTT HaKMOXT MMIKIXI IT. This is all that Kansorn did when lie forsook the people at t'leveland's com mand by voting for the repeal of the purchasing clause. Nobody knows bet ter than the Governor that it is uus.l for politicians to give "party har mony as their excuse for forsaking principles which every party ought to liol d dea r. The r i I v er f trees a re d i v i d ed now. All the weak, the ignorant, the partisan, as well as the ambitious and the avaricious advocates of silver, lie long first to some party, and such sil verites will sacrifice the silver itie for THE INTEREST Of " I HE TAUTf." Governor Jarvis, who, I believe, it a late and halting advocate of silver, will start his campaign, then, by abusing and denouncing one-half of lhoe who believe in silvtr because they also hap pened, at the last election, to have voted for the co-operat ion candidates. So this old political General starts out in his campaign by publishing to the world in the beginning that he is going to divide its friend into two great armies to fight each ot her, and he starts the fight. Any cause under such lead ers mp IS FOREItOOVED To DEFEAT j TWwa tia raallt itui,.!,. t , ! ... . I l I - - " " " J . IIIUIBTII SUp- posing that he is much or a friend of silver? It may be that he docs. Jut he is fighting the fight of tbe goldbugs all the same. He is doing, through sheer want of statesmanship and gen eralship, we will suppose out of char ity, all that Wall street could ask him to do. lie Will he doi tie- som's 117tfK) a year, more thanlCan- boih vu now uo 10 uiviae tne silver forces. It isa little kiirnifl-. r.t ih.i both Jarvis and Jtansoiu, one a stronir Biiverue aim me oilier a strong gold bug, should have DECLARED TOR THE SAME SIXXIAN and keynote in the next North Caroli na camnaifn. Itmuim biw.w. ti.....i. Jarvis seems not to know, that the ef- icci oi sucn a slogan Will be to keep the silver for jes divided so that Wall street can win the vi-t.r n. or the other parties through which it is accustomed to win it. 1 cannot see in Governor Jarvis, as photographed by this interview, anything higher than the ordinary partisan politician. mm-., uowever, n is an error or Judg ment to sunnoaethst ih mi.t.L the fusion legislature have sunk as DEEPLY IXTO THE HEARTS of the State op nstinii t... i - -- -- me uii.iat-ii of Grover Cleveland.of Hoke Smith. of Tatrsea '..l!.l A s ..a ' m . JO,,n oherman.of m. i. iuosani, ri m umnt grunm. If tiovernor Jarvi ramiin. ... the cardinal doctrine of partisan poli- ..c in now ooiigea to stand forth and declare in the face of this genera tion and all coming generations that he cannot consistent! v i j mvc . urn whom I have named above, because thev are members if tUm .t.-.t - . - irwilLlt-ai organization with himself. 1 heard vForeruor jarvis speak many years ago. .feaiuni uiuj men as a bitter parti- ISKJSKDi TiW Mammoth 5,?5d J" TigK Beat Strrin lmatered Jerser Cattle. XotaDt Bnsi Colu aod Fillies, fine as split silk. Yen Getr.lgrwws Ua m. ntiitrMw ELKin UOOLEN MILLS, Don't dispose of your seen samples from the Elkin Woolen Mais. M 0Q a o o o 2 w w H Ther hare built a hrn flPW tnill.' saVfatfl if Wef? f Yl the TuTT best a 1 - - -mrmr w machinerj. Write for samples and an.poaiblr aaaltrat,t . nates, sis poj'tical ete ' . "v am office that be 1( jTr. by much be same tuv n. t change say opinion t, do not believe jo rin " . Into old bottle or Uvh J." tricks. The man t, In .;-. light of this day and cl J' now nee the sins .f tr, t V country leaaur tru J t pen to belong or n t.. V ' same political ceginitat, r fj srlf rtBlMH lM i. ....... "la. Uofonlfe4df6ilr H t, lory will ao write Li in o. , levity will so rrars,Wl . ; r- agogwewill fit bim. ( ',Jr the People's party 1. t! . . , fusion legislature. iU te Ik I l-lnrr.l if 1 ... " - urn, Tll-l. MORE tH Akl t of tlrover Cletelarxl t.t vi. . . TWill be hate tl,. e..urI pie and drmKiti imin,,' , . diiidual ra- alit j The two trt ! ..f tt,.. . in every Mate m f h re t y t , Jority, are alrral d. olhr in the smt gloaiti t, . Sbylc!.s and tr. ed. If thi. thing rati , tlieir f ctit is won. ...... t TW It. suea aill if f.Mind MT ritii 'i -. . each Vjtr. Iwal -.., . will otiacutr tie n aiti , iiutrrintr Jirtit 1 1 1 . he w ill add hi voii-e " I I', a ' 1 US .a A ( mm ml t.llla liasette. t'reliKll urv. lul An eichotre tr!ls a s j that a I raid ihro'lr ' . . - ! e.i - S latner ani imi'iu-r !iut :rtt t3 find for their ta u who, Lt the m wre ir . J. t- Uecidetl that I lie latti.r b.a!J tbrtit. After rotitig m ut m,,1 . ing no tiatiim tliat ttartK . , r i , t TJ detcrnrnt-U lo etij tle ,;r:u f, mirij and rtr-l thnt -Ks'." At St. a . a a I.4t IltiplU-aV. I t the vrt.i v auothr .r of turns ram-. L f '). T his as tl- huMit,:, Ot ltortllUI'V t L'rt .f. .,,! vaiiU-tl lii aife trnris i. t!,., Imagine h Ie-litr tti it- eronedsv tol him tl,i ... named the Ujs -lVte at,-! -i;. j.k.,. THE WMiTF HOUSE.-If 1 :tl a . a win tapiure ii in v. 1 1. . i tr. dtl with '.ile Tar 1t.T'ur. I will triiit tour itatoe si.d .i r..u lhe People's Pari I vcIimhi?.- 1 ,.i 1 a silver dime, and j.mi will t.-..,ir are iiitniiM-rot iaiiti IV.. j.;.-. ,n, la)M-rs ir reantic anu ii.-r:1 m i,,t WKIir ri AIM V. J.H PM,f-lt, .r, I'wtx ii., r.ntiio. r , ti A worK 15 never done It Is eowstaat rnaaa ef ease sn4 tot from which there Is no escape. ( swnt kl, than, ara baattb and yet srith how many women tbew sre al together lacking. They are tired sil Ait and una bU to sleep at eight. lattteus ditioa tbe yauas will aooa break aaa. ItwSterw tfis) Strength, overcome that tfrad fsellnr, baUd tfiU system by tbs uss of Hood's fsarssferllli before It la too Uta. This great b-Jk :k Is exactly what orerworked wotnes tis4. makes pure, rich blood, creates as jr paviva, gives airength to the tier is. Hood'o Saroaparilla la tho Only True Blood Purifier Prominently ln tbs publ!e eys t'-cs? HWw1At Dill Ss-o-l. srt '.- wu 4w m mmrnm mm aVil4rgKMA. truth ar no respecter , Cofrrmv Jarvis mean, ti . ,.."? mis'.akes of tlte fuin I- . ' that tbe people ill tw-1 i,, thanthnaeof the nw-n, U r. . . , tvirtT ihuts niniMi tu "! mm Headquarters forflie Oest, Only. - KS OF FRiZJi VTIKSERU OF FQJMW1NG VAMUiim&i Bronze and White IToILukI Tarter, Dam- nowiiins FlymoeUi Rock. Brown and VMiite Lrgborw Light Brahma. Indian end Ixt Game, Buff OthiiM, Silver-Laced Wyamdottea, Utite Guinea. Pekln VoOo. adnacovj Dock, Pea Fowl and Faa-Uil Tigcona. Fowl3 zni Ec-3 Fcr Sula at An Tiset OCCOITEECHEE FARIL DUEHA1L N C wool until you have " f SJ VVW W SSJ W a - -f terms to the WaAae- - f .-...) Lri

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