I CA'A "ceruo "' J i errklv pap rain the State !l vinwl. Ilia real by people (:'vc,Hintv id the State. It is! Vtprr,,f the people aod j t ut. udvertiaing rued i am. i ii 'ii ii II ir w t ; 1 n r m i r x i ui . . - 9 1 iM-h. a ,a a a m mmg? - - , , - . t " nrr 1 - - . 1 IETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. j Scheme noiious Ii 'Kill Out the Ob- to Silver Craze" Won't Work- -But tfjME TO THE FRONT, BOYS." Iiur" "' I""""""""' MiDilmtt ltfl"H Hanks -Peo- Fur'J -rwlog In Paaquetaok Never Before Jctaniton 1 r. r '" tu. fill nKtt " lttore the Rights of the I others. Tll, Cau. MM'tn.j o-'THKit'"KI' " vci. i nee -j,v I Inn! to fight the "Bovs .Hue. 1 T" ""J lurV fcjtotlff''' rnP thought I was jjktin '"r H Just cause. They hottfbt tin- iime. I have the Hears 0f thrt"' ;inin's on my oouy, woicu hnWH thHi uguung was no 1001- ' ' ft- . f 1 .1 ! t . .kntfHri. .NOW 1 WHDl lUfUl ll HgUl iiMn)". 1 wan tuein to let s (liutit tir-t tiT in 181MJ, and see if we fu't bit the mark. Our individual uidcifil linemen ar at stake, ami must tik'in. ior tuein. urouiers, .) .l.nl.t it T am frAinv till Uf '.. v. ' 'UJft$ jofigbt for the rights which came to 9sa th' result of the fighting of fort fill hers, until iney are re- I). . WILKIN8. our In Democratic Itank. tMuliln l!rrlii fur Tbe Cum aian. J W a tiT k k , N. C, Oct.. 4.-The 8il rer cunvfiition m Kaleigr on tbe )'th bus not tfiveu Hatimaction to the avfrHtfH I'emocratic voter throughout the country. There is trotthl hn'wing in the Dernodratic joke "h "bosses ' have a liercu .1 t 1 t.i ii &n loo on imnii. r rum mi wn can hc&r tht-rt' will be lively times close to ho"'). Reform ltows apace, and the 0D8 well, they multiply. Un tlu- 2."th ol! September we had Dr. Cyrus Thompson, President or the State Alliance, with ui at Salem Church (Wayue). lne Uoctor was oue t his happy moods, just suited to the occusion. The crowd heard the Doctor on the causes of the tim's and the probable exit of tb country or rather, the people rum the jaws of almost certain ce jtruction I here were between six ind eight hundred present from this acd other counties. Democrats, lie publicans and Populists, all heard the discussion. Mr. Editor, put your best foot to the front and push like blazes. That is the place for such fellows as you to be at just now. J. II. (JALDWELI.. cause is crrowini? in ohl P..nn.t..L All 1 . 7 . l"""""1' w nave lo ao is to atay in the middle of the road nd work for re form papers, and the work is com plete. Of papers, none is better than yours. W. J. Williams. Cmm to tha front. Raw.. for The Caacasisa. BETAST8VILLK. N. C. Oat. .1 T think it ahould be a great question whieh we should all consider -.nrf a..b ourg. Ives, and abo each other, how '""K can we stana lne burdens of taxation uder the present financial system! And how long, oh! bow long, will the government continue to oppress the laborer! My dear sir, we have had enough class legislation and monopoly pi o tection. It is time for patriotism to come to the front, and take posses ion 01 mis country, as it did in the days of old. I ws a Democrat as Ion a- as there was any hope pf that party taking care of the people. When I found the leaders of the party and office holders had no reeard for their promises to the people. I thouarht it time to look for better men. One thing more should cause every wot ker to stop and think. We find the Democrats or a great many of the leaders especially the office holders, who look to Grover for their milk and mush, lendintr and usinar their influence and means to strike down a ereat nortion of the doodI's money. It is time the people should let loose parties the serving of parties and politicians who care noth ing for the people after the election is over. A great number of the pol iticians, with the goldbug class, would gladly strike out what little spark of liberty there is left to the American people, and force the man who labors to incessant slavery, with a crumb of bread and morsel of meat for a living. Yes, they say this is good enough, and too good! We must toil on, and keep our hands on anu our mouths shut; see our wives denied the comforts of life, our children in rags and growing up in ignorance. Come to the front, boys ! There is work to do. R. F. Canter. LAND 0M11G FOREIGNERS LIGNTMINS'S AWFUL POWER. RAN SOB'S ONLY ANSWER Daalatia la Ufca Track mi a Bolt la a MaUkatflat Cfcarch. Tb destructive power of sincle tboader-bolt is greater than it is pos sible for tbe human mind to conceive. tt rm a Last Sunday afternoon lightning HOW lney are bCOOping Up the struck the MetbodUt curch at Qna- Domain- And Lxacting HeaTy the .ervice., and carried desolation in Rents From Americans. A PLUTOCRATIC IDEA Thinking m Never Befora. For The Caucasian. ) Mebane, N. C, Oct. 7. The cause is gaining in this section, and the people are thinking as they never did before. W. B. York. Of What tha A merlcM Laborer Mast Make n Hti Ml ad to do A ad of tae StaUoa la Life to Which t Has Plaaaod 6od to Call Hi as Kak Beat Deflaad. . O. in Topeka Adtocate.1 On page 109 of "Coin Ud to Date" will be found a long list which con tains about thirty names of lords and ladies ol the Ilritiab nobility who own large slice of our territory which ought to have been reserved for homes lor our citizens. From an editorial in in uttawa Journal of May 23 I quot me iouowing : That English aristocrats ahould rale arse dominions in the United Htates. and rule them from London, ia first a difficult thing to grasp. For until it ia borne in mind that peers and peeresses of Great Lritain are lante landed proprietors in our country Viscount Scully alone owns three million acres in Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska does tbe signficance of absenteeism in landlords become apparent." From the figures given the holdings of alien land-owners in this country aggregate twenty-five million acres, and that is constantly being increased by real estate foreclosures. It is a well known fact that most of the money loaned on real estate is foreign capital, and mortgages are now being ioreclosea at a lively rate. Millions are now so frequently poken of that we never stop to con sider how much it actually is; there fore 1 am inclined to believe that many do not realise the extent of he possessions of tboe alien landlords or they would make a more vigorous protest than they are doing. After reading the list referred to, I took my pencil to figure out the exact size of a million-acre tract of land, and was astonished at its magnitud 1,562 square miles almost forty miles square. Now let us compare the Scully es tate of three million acres to Rice county, just to see how they appear, The county is 24x30 miles, giving t From m UoihI Old Fop. ForTlie Caucasian.! (jAKYsui-Kfl, N. C, Oct. 4. The Caucasian is doing a great work about here. There are a few old "hard shells" yet, but most of them are so corrupt that the good old Pops don't want them; for the Bible says "evil communications corrupt good man ners." The old Denis are looking pale about the gills. The Cauca sus 19 doing the work for them. I think if we do not stand up like men tad prevent the future use of "bull peon" we are not what we ought to be. These old Denis are like a mole vorking under ground. They are trying to undermine us in what is right. So, boys, don't let their peat promises fool you again- They fill be nothing new. For many Tears they have promised great things and done nothing. The Dem ocratic Dartv in this county is like i pine forest which a sawmill has been through, and cut out all tbe best timber and left the scrubby growth. J. T. Portress. Long Face In Lenoir. For The Caucasian. Kinston, N. C-, Sept. :$0. I send to-day a club of twenty-five subscrib ers for The Caucasian This is the seventh club I have sent you, mak ing one hundred and fifty-two sub scribers for the best and most widely circulated paper in North Carolina. Every poor man in North Caro lina ought to read it. ''It hews to the line, let chips fly where they may." It goes for fraud, deception and bribery where it finds it. I am the worst abused and ridi culed man in Lenoir county, by the old monopoly ridden Democratic party. Whyf Because I am for party that will give us a free ballot and a fair count; also "eqnal rights to all and special privileges to none." When the news reached here from the silver convention that the "Pops had captured" it, long faces could beea seen alone the streets of Kin- ston. You could tell every Demo crat you met, for his face was about three inches longer than usual. I said to one of them "old Bnndle walked out of the convention with hne mane and he will lead you alright." "No," he said, "the thing is bust ed." A Wounded Soldier. P. In 't6. Johnnton County Will Go P. For The Caucasian!. Smith field. N. C. Oct. 4. I have just been reading a letter in your paper from Smith field, and can com mend it as the truth. Johnston is the banner Democratic county in the State, I suppose, but she is going P. P, in Ut5, notwithstanding we have that court-house ring to con tend with. Our people are reading nd thinkine. and have decided they nt free and unlimited coinage of silver, without any international Mfreeuient or any fusion with the Democrats. The Democrats have got the "confusion." I am a People's party man as 'on as the party is the People's Prty, and no longer. Success to The Caucasian. KnoHKh of Democratic Kule. 'or The Caucasian. J Okinko, N". C, Oct. 4. Enclosed Snd another list of names We now hve people among us who are wil "ng to accept what The Caucasian ys as the truth and who, a year ago, "Aid thev did not believe what a Populist said, especially if he got his ""ormation from The Caucasian The seeds of discord had been wn among us. and we have had ome hard things to take, but the 7oke is now getting easier and the Specimen of Democratic Management. For The Caucasian.). Kinston, N. C. Sept. 30. May you live long and prosper in your ef forts to break up Democratic su premacy the greatest curse to free and independent people. I am a Republican, but I admire your manly enorts to secure tne free and unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1. You can put me down as a free silver man from A to Izzard" call it socialism Coxeyismor any other kind of "ism" you please. I think by the action of the recent silver convention held in your city that the Dems can now see the handwriting on the wall. I just want to tell you how.by Demo cratic economy, we save money in our county. About fifteen years ago there was a court house to build here Bids were advertised for and the contract let. A man in Golds boro secured the contract. The house was built and to-day it stands a perfect death trap, subject to col lapse at any moment, bo say our grand juries for the last two years, and the Judge not very long since told our worthy county commission ers that if the house did collapse and kill anybody, they would be guilty of criminal negligence and subject to punishment. Such is the condition of our court house which cost $13,000. . "Old Sleuth." ite track. Tbe congregation beard a deafening crash, then a tearing sound, and next came a daxilir.jr. blinding 'bite light of such terrible brilliancy that those who saw it have not jet fully recovered tbe use of their eyes. Tbe bolt shattered the church tower, and fused big iron stays. It ran down into the vestibule aod wrought terri ble havoc among tbe frightened people who were waiting for the storm to subside. Tbe lightning struck Mis Minnie Frace, injuring her fatally. It ran from the back of her bead around her body and down ber back and limbs to the floor. 11 er clothing was torn to shreds and completely stripped from ber. Even ber stockings and shoe were torn away and thrown some dis tance from ber. Tbe intense heat of tbe electric fluid fused tbe glass, gold and works of ber watch into a solid mass. The girl's flesh was horribly burned, and turned black. The minister, Kev. Mr. Bowman, narrowly escaped with his life. His clothing was torn off, and he was left with nothing on but a tattereo unaer- shirt, one shoe and one sock. He was badly burned, and still sutlers intense agony, while bis blood has a boiling sensation. Half a dozen ladies and a dozen men were thrown across tne vestiouie Dy tbe shock, sustaining painful injuries. Their clothing was so Daoiy aamagea To tbe Opoo Lotser of Horn. w. BU Beory eowt C Bla Tllltear Tfco Hooehaaoo mm Cleveland omm haldaia eaaaoalhla Ooad Peoplo Goodeaaa tho Mayor m4 Folio. Special to The Caucaaian. CHAftLorra, NY C, Oct. 8. We have beard enough for the pait week to con vince us that It was the henchmen of Ransom and Cleveland office-holders who organised tbe disturbance at the free silver meeting in Charlotte. Tbe open letter which Hon. Walter R. Henry published about Ransom, show ing op bis treachery aod villiany could not be answered, and this infamous conduct was tbe only answer Ransom could make. This disturbance was planned before hand. Every free sil ver Democrat in tbis town condemns it, and also condemns the mayor and police for allowing it. P. - ARTESIAN WELLS Possibility of KeTolatlonlzlBg Kaater North Carolina by Calag; Thoaa What artesian wells have done in rendering healthy the river districts in the great Northwest as well as sec tions in tbe Gulf and other Southern States wherever tried has long been known. That Eastern North Carolina can be revolutionized by them can now be shown by examples nearer home. U. Nachman, Inteudant (Mayor) of Lake City, S.C., juft over our southern border, writes: "Our city has five ar tesian wells, ranging from 1U5 to 200 lectin aepm. xuey cost on an aver 10, 1895. DAUIII11G SIN i neir doming was so o.u., '"8 age t75 each and flow from 7 to 15 gal that several of them did I not have loVper minute. The quality of tin enough left to completely cover them Ladies attired in a hat and a pair of garters, and gentlemen wearing the ragged .remains of their undersnirts, with here and there an odd sock and shoe, darted from tbe cburch and ran frantically down tbe street snouting for help. TO RECEIVE LIBERTY BELL. Grand Demonstration and a Great Oration At Atlanta. e water is the very best. We have bad no sickness of auy consequence since the flow of water commenced All of the wells are overflow and spout up 15 to 20 feet. Visitors come for miles for the water and it is shipped by tbe carboy even to the hilly regions of a t. 1- . i ma a. i ne state, xne waier is as cool as flows from any mountain spring." Dr. W. H. L. Goodman, Franklin Va., just acroes our northern border says t bat bis town now has 25 wells averaging each a flow of 15 gallons an area of 720 square miles, or about amid great pomp and PSant. ..... ' . I Th. militoFw nann0 wis A great programme was observed in I per minute and over 500.000 irallons Atlanta for the reception of the Lib-1 per day. Tbe p ipulation has doubled erty Bell. The day was October 9th, and malaria is unknown. Tbe wells when the committee took charge of average 140 feet deep and the teuioer the bell, and carried it to the Expo-1 ature of the water is CO degrees. These sition grounds, with a military escort, i are all overflow wens spouting up 461,000 acres. Thus you see the entire county does aot contain g million acres, being only equal to about two- thirteenths of Scully's land. Then it wou'd require about six and one-ball counties tbe size of Rice tc be as large as the Scully estate, which contains 4.0S7 square miles, and is equal to a square whose sides tre sixty-eight miles long, or 272 miles around it. We will now consider the entire amount of land that has been monop olized by those foreign aristocrats, which aggregates 25 million acres, or .39,062 square miles. If it was all in one body it would be about four-fifths as large as England about ore, and one-third times as large as Scotland and a bout five times as large as Wales. Thus you see they own an empire within the bound aries of the United States al most half as large as their own own country, the island of Great Britain. It would be equal to a square whose sides are 197 miles long. It would make 156,250 homesteads of 160 acres each. Counting five to a family there are 781,250 persons crowded out of homes, because those aristocrats are allowed to monopolize, and then refuse to sell our birth right. I will again quote the Ottawa Jour nal : "Thus Scully practically owns in Illi inois tbe best part of Livingstone, Logan and Farwell counties. The State in 1877 passed an alien land law directed solely against Scully. To evade it he insisted be forehand upon a clause in ail nis leases The military parade was organ ized with divisions of United States Infantry and the militia of Georgia and other States. On tbe arrival of the procession at the Exposition Grounds, the following programme was ob served : Address of Welcome, by Mayor Pe ter King, of Atlanta. Response, by Mayor warwica, oi Philadelnhia. Music "Star-spangiea Banner, oy Gilmore's Band. Address, by Governor W. Y. Atkin son, of Georgia. Music Exposition Marco, Dy li ra ore's Band. Address. C. A. Collier, President and Director-General of the Cotton States and International Exposition. Music "Dixie," by Gilmore's nana. Salute of thirteen guns to the Lib erty Bell. AN HONEST TRAMP. He Walks One Hundred Miles to Restore Money to Its Owner. Toledo Blade. About two weeks ago Mrs. Jacob Weyning, a farmer's wife at Akron, Ohio, gave a tramp a pair of her hus band's old trousers. It was afterwards discovered that ber husband bad hid den $200 in the lining of tbe cast off clothing. A vigorous search failed to discover the tramp, and the money was considered forever lost. Yesterday, however, Jthe tramp re- four feet above the surface the size of pipe two inches. Tbe water is light and can be drank in large quantities without any unpleasant results. The average cost per well was $60. Tbe Patapsco Guano Company have put in these wells to the decided improvement of health, so they write, at Augusta, Ga., and in Colleton county, South Carolina. They have a 4 inch artesian well, 400 feet deep, at their works near Baltimore which they say flows enough water to furnish a village. The Pres ident, Mr. Grafflin, is now engaged in boring an artesian well on bis splendid farm at Neal, Halifax county, .N.C. Water has also been reached at Tar- boro at 200 feet and in Hyde county at less ueptn. WhPsat some points artesian water may not rise to the surface and will re quire wind-mills to pump it up, there can be no doubt that the renovation of Eastern North Carolina will be brought about by rendering it en tirely free from malaria in this method Walter Clark. is tre cwRtti tnrtss t it was n STASOARS-7 AND TRBACHBRYr- Oore Of the Democratic Party in Try ing to Fatten Condemnation On Republican. FOB THE CRIME OF 1873. lr. L. H. MeOeeaasy rraoaola tho re4a la tho Can-WbUs soaaltsoao De traded It. Deaaoeraie -aUlloa' SUvoe A Rlaclac aad Bloejaoat Apaial-roe tho KostoraUoa of laalloaahlo BUhU. For The Caucasian. J Scott's Hill, N. C. Oct. 6. me space in your valuable Allow o The tho OaMhosja too II Afalaet Carts rlaalty i ooea aod tsanlty. for The Caotewaan-i fcaHAHSVtlXB. X. C. Mr yd, ftL--t read jeur editorial la Ut weekvCAC casiaji, beaded -I. Tho poo aad theOerch." Yoa have doeo rbeCharrb good ervice ia showing mp tbe char acter of the pertioan twvaa and iu aa- iecte in attack log I. Thoeopooa ad in running lo the defense ef tbe Church. In this connection permit me te say that the statement I. Tboapoua nuf iDow tne marra ( (. nnett anil j ) sounds harsh to many, bat It Is i a good time for us to see bow the Chercbsuoda. I ask In all eerioeia. neaa, nor too marcn to-aay live DEQOCMGV AND FREE SILVER. Why Frt Cofoact of Si 1 rer Can not 2 Etcnrtd Thresh the Itesocr&tio Party. REO0RD3, FACTS, OPIIUOJXS, sThivej off B tho raase ralarly itiue iu rwuru DJNU ai IU" on-1 that ho la a fhriti I 111 changing friend of the free and nn-1 that there is a single man who has erit. limited coinage of gold and silver at I icited him, who comes any nearer lie the ratio of 10 to 1. I ing up to theen in letter or spirit. Dr. Long before it became the subject I Thompson is not only a believer in of such general controversy, long traehinge of Christ but be is a before Cleveland inveighed against fTfr f' lb" IT,1 n4tld,'' ;f i, : , principle of rorrecl living. But ir. , '""-'J " . ",lu "uwl j Tbompwin dure not believe the Chore a. Vfc of tho finali oa tho of tho ttaf-W hot They fcaow aad What Yhoy Vfctah. Under thi hoo4 will be preoeat! oosaaiBBieaUoos eomnotiBC (or the eah priaea amaoaaeed elsewhere for tbe beet article oa "Way tbe Tree aad Ualmit4 Cot sage of KUver Caaaot Ho ObtaiaW Taroega the Dosaoeratie Party.- "The I" re and rehashed CoJaafo of hi Iter "can not be obtained through tbe IiemoTatlc party for tbe following boy's gush, long before a great party posing as its friend became by its acts its deadliest enemy, I pointed to its demonetization and to a con stantly contracting volume of cur rency as the sole cause of that piti less ruin, whose riveting fetters the AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST BREAK TO-DAT, or yield themselves forever to slavery ana despair. The reasons for its restoration are too innumerable to permit a presen tation of the affirmative side of the question in a newspaper article. I desire to answer a few of the Bo as an organization. Is living up to the teachings of Christ. This is the question in controversy. Can those who disagree with Dr Thompson abow that the Church, as an organization, is living up to Christ's standard? The teachings of Christ are arrest di vine truths and principles of correct living. rhe Church le si an ply an organisa tion of men. This organization of men claims to work to advance (both by teaching and example) the teachings oi inriau ia men wno make up i nese organizations are the same tne a who are prominent in politics, in bank ing, in inercnandiaing, la farming and called arguments of its enemies, and nearly every other business in our to point out the only possible way for tbe triumph of its friends. First: Let it be stated that the term "free silver" is a misnomer and misleading. A great many FEATHER-BRAIN STATESMEN object to free coinage of silver be cause it would convert the property of the silver mine owner into money at tbe people's expense, and without cost to himself. Free coinage of this character has never been con templated, and has never existed. It is true that under what is known as free coinage, the owner of silver bullion of required fineness would midst. Now when members of the Church do things that are wrong. Immoral or dishonest and the Cburch either silent ly endorses it, or at least winks at such wrongs, is the Cburch living up to the teachings of Christ When prom inent members of tbe Cburch steal votes or steal from widows and orphans or from anybody else through dishon est bank management or in any other way, aud the Church does not severely condemn tbe crime, is the Church on Christ's side or against Cbristr Christ drove,t be money changers and usurers from the Temple, but does not tbe Church to-day cloak and magnify some, if not many, of tbe same kind of men How often do nreacbera receive as many ounces of money as I avoid discussing and condeming tbe he deposited ounces of silver, but the government would not be the loser, beeause it would tke one ounce of pure silver out of every ten for its own use, and put instead one ounce of copper. The difference between the value of the pure silver and the base copper would more than reimburse the government for THE COST OP MINTAGE. wrongs of men of tbis kind in their community, while they get in the pul pit ana preacn against some other wrongs that will not meet with opposi tion from the members of tbe Church. Too often does the modern money changer and usurer, pay the bulk of the preacher's salary ; too often other members of the Church tolerate such men because they put up the money to run the Cburch. Who will undertake to nam. tti PkiiMku t. .... I I The gain is many fold. The world's free from thifJ .in, Wben tbt3 Churc6 The Action of the Silver Convention De fined. Wilmington, N. C, Sept. 28. To the Editors of the Wil. Messenger: I see that most of the papers are saying all sorts of things about the silver convention at Raleigh on the 25tb. A false promise will of course lead to a false conclusion. Any thing by any means under the sun to defeat sea 1 1. j i ui iC K.n,.K- va 1 .u :i : .11 . 1. stipulating that the lessee should pay all wuu i,u jiw wiuo wt . w.c eu- . 1 nmniinr. nw ease mbb 1 r Tiaai n aawn sit hiiuhp bi 4 1 1 i.iiu s-aais 9 accruing against the property leased. I uii amount 01 tne missing caaii. jj, I emies 01 silver want, au me rea result was the creation of a laree and money was in bills, and he had not dis- friends of silver who attended the con . . n . I a m . TT LaJ I a j-i j coverea it ior several uays. n unuivention except uovernor oarvis ana walked nearly one hundred miles to I one or two more, were well pleased return it. The man was given steaay with what was done. employment by Mr. Weyning at once. I Let every friend of silver read the He said his name was Jesse ing, ana 1 resolutions mat were adopted oy tne said his people lived at West Avon, I convention, and see if those who are taxes The solid body of voters in the Scully counties as they are called, opposed to propositions of public improvements Dy taxation." It is reported that the proprietors of these lands intend to enforce the rack-rent plan, which is said to have been imposed with considerable sue cess in Ireland. It is also reported that agents were sent to Russia to -enlist tenants for them, because Rus sian serfs are willing to submit to harder conditions than American citi zens usually are. So far American citi zens have not yet made up their minds to accept such conditions Hertford county, Conn. TOBACCO TRUST KNOCKED OUT. Salt Against Winston Cigarette Machine Users Dismissed In Court. The suit of the American Tobacco Company and Bonsack Machine Corn- cursing out the convention have any cause except tbe continuation of finan cial slavery for tbe masses, and to ex tend oppression by trying to keep everybody in old parties in order that they may be controlled by the ma chinery that has led us into the wilder ness of distress. But I appeal to those who are tbe a . supply 01 ultimate money is in creased; the owner of the bullion receives a weight of money equal to that which he deposited in tbe bul lion; the metal is hardened, protect ing it against loss by wearing; the government makes a profit out of the transaction, which goes to the people themselves, and the dear pa triots are not taxed for the benefit of mine owners, although they are taxed to enrich the owners of wool and cotton factories, who buy the raw material duty free at starvation prices TO THE RUIN OF THE FARMER furnishing it, under the glorious tariff reform provisions of the Wil son bill. Again. A wide ignorance prevails respecting the legal tender charac ter of silver. Quite recently the Wilmington Messenger stated that silver was a legal tender in sums of $0 00. The fact is, the silver dollar is a legal tender in ALL SUMS AND FOR ALL DEBTS, both public and private ; frac tional silver in all sums of ten dollars and under. This legal tan- is it for Christ or is run this way, against Cbristr The influence of such Churches Is to day used on the side of single gold standard slavery and against human freedom and human prosperity, and such Curches Dr. Thompson no doubt had in his mind when be made tbe statement, A CscacH Member. WILL IT SHUN INVESTIGATION 7 Or Will Tho Chereh Look to tha Hi rod Platoeratle Proas to Defend It Agalaet Dr. Thompson's Beaaarks T RcTHEBroRDTOV, N. C Sept. 28. Allow me to thank vr, 1. Tbe Wm cratic party, as at prre. eni eoasUluted. 044 ol tho free aad unlimited coinage of silver because Its bead, the President, bis Cabinet and bis two hundred tbooaaad uffloe- bolder are all gold begs; enough of them (Including tha President) would vole the Republican lira to defeat a letrocratie candidate tf bo Were a known out-epoken free sli ver man like Vance. Iantel. Hatch, Veet, Blackburn, or any other of tbe leading silver teaucral. 1. The controlling puwrr of the Democrat ic party, without regard to its voting strength, is located in New York euy and tbe Kat. and that power bad rather bate defeat with a silver man than victorj. S. The two-thirds rule thai prevails in tbe National Itetuorratic cuaven tlon will prevent the nomination of a friend to silver, known as such, al though tbe houtb and West may send delegations to that convention solid for diver. 4. 'the in or ratio convention, al though the "Molid Jv-utb" and West may send sitter delegates, will nomi nate some euch mar ae KLitney, Mor rison, Htevensea.ur Voorbeee, who will be claimed to be friendly to ailter, but will be satisfactory to the tlast, be cause the East knows that rlsy ore 4 friendly Ut thrr f &. Tbe nomination of Whitney, Mor rison, Stevenson, Voorbeee, .r anj so called friend to at Iter, -1 ikt.r itad. will drive thousands of fietuocraU ia tbe West aod South, either to the Pop ulist party or to the woods, so that tbe Republicans will elect their man, and perpetuate tbe present vat em. 6. If the Democratic National con vention were to repeal tbe two-thirds rule, and by the solid vote of tbe South ern and Western delegates were to nominate an out-epuken silver man for President, tbe delegates from tbe East would secede.claim to be the true Democratic convention, and nominate some Eastern goldbug (probably Cleveland), who would poll enough Democratic goldbug votes to throw all tbe State into the Republican column and elect tbe Republican candidate, ukick would be tAetr l;rf, tbus perpet uating the present system of "bonds more bonds.' 7,. The Democratic party cannot se cure tbe free coinage of silver because, if It were to elect the President, tbe Senate, and tbe House of Representa tives, tbe money power of Ke gland, the North, and tbe East, would buy enough of them to render void the verdict of tbe people. The history of tbe past two years clearly demonstrates that fact, because, having the Presi dent and both Houses of Congress, with tbe sentiment of the Iiemocratle voters all over tbe couotry over belm- r. Thompson,! ingly In favor of silver, every law fa- President of tbe North Carolina Farm-1 vorablej ers State Alliance, for his "famous mark" at Cary. I sincerely trnst that be is mistaken. We are ail ready to admit that tbe Cburch (the only one established by Almighty God at that time) was, at the time Jesus was on earth, on the side of human slavery, and tbe Jewish Church was rejected. We are also ready to admit that tbe Cburch was on tbe aide of human slavery when it burned, as heretics, all who distrusted its infallibility. In our own day we confess that It to silver has been wiped off tbe books by Democratic votes la Con gress. 8. Tbe free and unlimited coinage of silver cannot be secured through the Democratic party because "the leopard cannot change its spots," nor ""the Ethiopian bis kln." U trfy baa always professedly beea in favor of free silver; it has bad the power lo its bands to frame laws favorable to silver; such measures have been re peatedly introduced ; they have been invariably dt feated by Democratic votes lo Coo frees. 8. Tbe free aod unlimited coinage of tbe rwtlr I ha wpfino1 ml Am In nn, dsiut h.rn der quality alone gives to gold, to I states, and should not have defended I silver cannot be secured through silver and paper, the use and f une-1 a system which narted husbands and I Democratic parry because the Le without a protest, which the New pany against w. F. Smith Sons, and friends of silver not to be misled by I tion of money. I wives, parents and children, Ac I crawc ferry ooee not lavor aoy eucn York World said they must do in other cigarette manufacturers of Win- the unfriendly criticism of those who I gut its enemies say it is a dishon- But we hope that at tbis time tbe these words: ston, was decided last week by Judge were not there to see for themselves,! fiat n0ii-r, a 7t eenx dollar: that it ia I men who shape tbe policy of tbe .... . la! . . U TTi.il Uf.t.. Hi.. I K ama 4i a mumt- nirixrk- laH Kr I ' ' T 7 I m - 4 . L. . "Tim Amflrinan lahnrer must m&ke nD Oiuiuuiuu, ui nic u iincu oiauca iw-1 anu woo uc o kimi. "rcu, icu uj .....,. .... - his mind henceforth not to be so much trict Court, before whom the case was what has been written by the enemies . 'uf!i ? J Rllt Hir.rm better off than the European laborer. Men must work for less wages. In this way the working man will be nearer that station in life in wmcn it nas pieasea uoi to can mm, American workingmen, how do you like that? You must remember that bv importing laborers and tenants from Europe and Asia, you are forced to compete with conditions that you refuse to accept, but have voted to sus tain. It is said that an association has been organized to resist the de mands of British landlords. Some American workingmen yet seem to junction against tbe four first named think'they are independent, and have firms from using the Briggs cigarette aomethinsr to sav about what condi-1 macuine. ownea ana manuiacturea Dy tions shall be imposed on them. It tbe Cigarette Machine Company of nrt nerhans the aid of a few regiments I chinist. from making tbem. of soldiers, to cure cnem oi coat ae-1 xne crust cutimeu tuai iue cngs usion, and compel tbem to submit, as machine was an miringemenc on tne an Engllsman wonia express it, To Kill the Obnoxious Silver Crase. For The Caucasian.! LaGranoe, N. C, Oct. 4. While in New York a few days ago, I wan dered through Wall street and drop tho cotton exchange V j I If f3A A IA sww 7 ""den getting lighter, because we 'nd tfte hm, men.11 While in there - more m number. It told bv a bv-stander, that ropulists can tell why they TeWall street wanted to put cotton up ropulinta. Democrats as a ruleLj j,Mnit tin. I asked him why. He said "they thought by keeping cotton up. it would kill out that od nnr nn silver sentiment in tne w .... South " I did not tell him wno was. I found myself in a "deep study" and I did not know when he at i It-o-tai jwiortrau o vo. o in at nnnoaite Unitea Diaies suu r nr. it -a. . : treasury on waii stroet n dangerously near. ntdoit. Why is this! Because 7 Pops have learned something wt Democrats don't know and wn't want to know. ,r Caucasian, do as you have Jooe-slay them right and left. We enough of Demociatie rule. W. N. Lowe. Ad Old Colored Man's Work. 'TU Caucasian. I &IVUTAVT XT ft C 4 V.Tt- eed you will find a list of names t by an old colored man, Adam Bright. He desires to be mentioned n ardent worker for 1896, and looks K. Hlla upon every other colored man ao the same; and with a long pull, ra strong pull altogether, it will found after the next election that Poimlista will ha fnnnrt richt aide with care, and a glorious victory -sieved. C. H. t. v Growing In Pasquotank. 'MTU Caucasian. I Literary Notes. F.i.fiov. James M. Ashley contri butes a timely paper to the October Arena entitled -Should the Supreme Court be Re-organized?" Many recent rlun.iaions handed down from that body have created much discussion aiong this line, and Gov. Ashley's paper wil be read with great interest. A Piece of Advice. Hardware. I rr nmnm a rnstv screw apply a red- hot iron to the head for a abort time, the screw driver being used immediat i. .rroraarrl while tbe screw is still a j at w w- w hot. tried at Asheville in July. In a decis ion filed today Judge Simonton dis missed tbe case, and taxes tne cost, which, it is estimated, will be no less than $30,000, against the tobacco trust and the Bonsack machine people. The suit was originally brought by the American and Bonsack companies lerainst Brown Brothers' Company, w. F. Sraitn & sons, ana tne L.inercy .to bacco Works of Winston; James A.I Leach, of Thomasville, and J. A. Vance of Salem. The trust asked for an in- of silver, though pretending to be its friends. Such papers applaud Capt. Cooke for ottering a resolution aenning tne iree coinage of silver alone as the issue in 1886, but it was easily voted down, as tbe free coinage of silver alone would be but one of tbe three great needs that we need i. e the restoration of silver, abolition of National banks and a graduated income tax. ine com mittee on resolutions offered to com promise with Capt. Cooke by confining tbe issue to the restoration of silver, the abolition of National banks and a graduated income tax; but he did not accept tne oner oi a compromise, estf Is there any property in the United States to-day, from a pin to palace, which it will not buy equally WITH OOLD OR WITH PAPER I Church have learned from the past that God la on tbe side of numamti and not on tbe side of oppression. hope that Dr. Thompson's remark will cause them to place themselves In no uncertain light in regard to this mat- measure. 10. Tbe majority cf tbe Democratic party is without doubt very largely lo favor of tbe free and unlimited coin age of silver, but tbe majority of tbe Democratic party has never beea able to formulate Its policy or ecrt Its choice to office, tor Instance, in our own but Mr. Ransom has for tweaty ter. I r .. n rnn n 1,1. . I oMea tMon a I tomnrnlir Hftii toe ar i tii- Is it not at a parity in purchasing! .u . i..,. ,. ,. ikm. ant beine-tha choice of one thousand power with all other kinds of money f I WDO claim to represent tbe Church, to I Democrats outside of bis kinsmen, tbe mi t l 9 - T . W I mm a a o a.i a. t . wno is wrongea, or roDoea or out- ebun an investigation of the matter I omeeDotaers una toeir aiBsmea; no raged? The people who are paying and depend on the powers of darkness, I for tweoty years tbe Democratic ane these unscrupulous robbers gold for in tbe shape of the hired plUoertUie I Jority baa beealargely fa favor of a is, to aeiena tnem irwn wis aeeaiy i pev wnu ibwito saw, m e-vcrj ra the bonds, which they bought with I press, mav require a decision of the courts, I Winston, and against J. A. Vance, ma-1 and, as I have said, his resolution was express it, "in good form." It will be remembered that the American Kailway union committed that mistake about a year aero. Webster's dictionary aennes racx rent to be "an annual rent raised to voted down, bo"h by tbe committee on resolutions and in convention. Yet some of these papers seem to applaud Capt. Cooke's stand, which, if it naa neen carnea out, wouia nave left tbe National banks still predomi nating over tbe people and country, Bonsack machine which tbe trust owns, and by the use of which it has managed to produce cigarettes at a cost that has given the trust a monop oly of the business. The result of the and thejeorporations the oppressors of suit breaks the monopoly, and if the the people, left to rob the helpless trust and the Briggs machine people without even paying any part of the the utmost, or the full annual value I do not combine, there ought to be a expenses of running tbe Government. nt the n remises, or near it." I su noose I competition for tobacco that will send Time will tell wnose interest these . Vm .nni-,.1 valiMk land ia the vafii nf I f.ha neif.A lin. I an-called friends of the masses are ad buc " ftift. - ... - - - - - i f - . r - i , - . . . , it nrndiic.r.iona iea tne cost oi nroonc-1 : rne trial is renrueu in r instou as i vocatins:. someoi tuese uauers swui uuusi uj iuhb imi wui o iuodo tion. According to that the tenant I the most important one of tbe kind to have a silver net, but tbe people are I honest gentlemen tell as why they should take outthe cost of production I that has ever come up in JNortn caro- finding out who are tneir inenas ana i opposed it in 73I for himself and turn the balance over I lina, and Winston people generally I the paper that reports only in tbe in-1 Again: These doctrinaires lay to the landlord, and pay the taxes be- are rejoicing with the men wno nave tereet or tne goiaougs snowj to ine g-g stress upon the weight of the Willi tUC lUbVI J t A Vvbuuvu iOwo Ca v uvv I atuvf sa c aaw wuaaa aatvuwo n sovaa to say that the decision is a heavy I they (the people) so much need true U1UH Ok tUO M UB. paper at an average cost of sixty cents on . the dollar: the debtor, who finds every dollar which he pays, equal in value to two and more of those which he borrowed. through legislation hostile to his in terest and more fatal to his hopes than "wars and pestilence and fam ine combined," They now oppose it on the ground of its being a dishonest dollar a fifty cent dollar bat was that the ground of their opposition WHEN THET FIRST WARRED UPON ITl It was then at a premiim; a silver dollar was worth more than a gold thrust, in tbe best, or what may seem to tbem tbe most successful man ner tbey can. To deny tbe charge, or to abuse tbe one making it, is no proof. Let as have tbe proof. Tbe Baptists ia this State are not organized into one Church, but tbe Biblical Recorder, assuming to speak for tbem, says Dr. Thompson's remark is not true, so far as tbe "Baptist Church," whatever that may mean. Is concerned. itia tore baa promised tbe enactment of that measure, but it never came through tho Democratic party, and never would have come through that party. 1L AU great measures beneficial to tbe masses, tbe workers, tbe people, must originate and come through tbe people. After tbe assured success of such measuree tbe old parties may adopt tbem; but as at prteent consti tuted, the "Free aod otUmited coia aare of silver" cannot be secured "fui CoiAoa." Now, Mr. Recorder, bring forward I through tbe Democratic party, or tbe tbe proof aod defend us, or bury your I Mepamicaa party eitner. mouth in tbe dost aod keep silent. And in getting op tbe proof do not try to stand on the merits of what our fathers have done, but show bow aod where we stand to-dey. A Baptist. "CeNHSTtwCT." LIFE INSURANCE FAILURE. sides. I understand when such rents are imposed tbe tenant has to' pay a stipulated price, and the taxes for tbe - a a . . a . .11 use of land, wmcn is usually aoout au its products are worth after the cost of production is deducted. That cer- - . a M J1 a - I tainiyisa grana scneme ior imuuiorus Valley Mutual of Virginia Assigns and others who earn their living by 9Kn ai e- 4 omtio ofhn whAMnn'dl taAa. I ammstajm vsu v-j LUC BnCOv Ui dvuiq vus-rcw. fvzb ovu bp aaW but it must be hard on the other lei-1 atomora in nsru varouaa. lows who do the sweating. . I -The Valley Mutual Life Association friends. Their influence will soon be gone, and their days numbered and the sooner the people nno it out tne better for them. B. F, Keith. A Ureek Devil Belief. St. Louis Republic.) coin; they demand twice as many grains of silver for a dollar as is now required by law. Why was it that the "trick" or trade dollar of 1873, weighing 420 grains, bat legal Greed ee Ownership. People's Party Paper. Tbe newspapers chronicle tbe fact that the sugar planter of Mississippi have SojOOUjLMJO gallons oi molasses A Jewel la tho Med of a Ts The State Democratic platform of I Ohio contains the following endorse ment of these good old eouoa cur i rency" times we are having: We con grata late President Cleve land that his efforts in favor of tbe re peal of these vicious laws .Sherman that most be dumped into tbe swamps I law) aad tbe upholding of the credit on I of tbe country nave .been sueceasjui.- to breed foul smells and pestilence. account of the cost of barreling aad Tbe Democrats voted for Grover tender for only five dollars, paased I transportation tbe molasses cannot be I wny ebouldnt they endorse him? for only eighty cents at the time of I marketed except at a loss. Ueoceltl Thai is consiaWul enough. Tbe Greek conception of their devil, If eucn things are to continue in a Qf Virginia, has assigned its assets to whom tbey call Yama, makes that per- its withdrawal, while the standard dollar, containing 7i grains less of pure silver, bat legal tender for all amounts, passed current for 100 most be destroyed. . I But here is tbe loke. la tbe Our railroad system is certeJoiy in i porm wa fl.d tbe foUewing I -.A akaaftO OwKao. raWOStt U lu SKOs I 1 1 a AKS I w- " O . . - I Ua ? llftiuiai eMKitosuv eHwvvu w w oT . . I ojUJUUL geometric progression j as tney u.v j. D. Clothier,, trustee. Dr. P. S. Kid- sonage one oi t ne most saiamo o vue centgf Will the learned gentlemen uoue uunug bucpooi. ji . aeiie ,oi jsnenanaoan, presiaen oi tne i wuoie uem aiiuju6 . . - -n--- ft thole thonew Ml . Ka Tlnn'tmn think that. I V... i. 'I. m .u. j, I : . hlm h. i. 4A mi'laa hirh and I CXPiaia 1U SappOTXOI Uieir ItteOry k n.i.ntinn of Tndenendence and I " wk.i t ....:.t,nn k- th. haiea nn hia bodv standout like I why increasing the weight oi the I every year for tbe same vu awsow- C . I UU lCUua UI tajvj7 oowibhivii uu vuu vuv ef " . la a - I m m . a - . .l,.a the victories at Yorktown ana .New trustee is the associate secretary of tbe I palm trees on a mountain side, ne aouar oiimi re iw, auiiw lw . MnMidltaTe and Orleans will not only be failures, but I association. The property conveyed I punishes the doomed beings submitted DECREASED its purchasing power! I ssjne reason, vt oenu leawut Bugs i n)M debt.' both est, for nice shape when twenty five millions of gallons of good nome mane moisssss has to be poured into tbe swrnsaps be cause tbe freight rates are ao high. Millions or melons rot io tne neias Tons for tbe "Ws view with alarm tbe) large la- crease of indebtedness throughout tbe Stat by counties aod municipalities as artborixed by tbe last legislature, aod tbe increase ia the last few years ia the rate, and we demand economy eoneervausji ia ana who iwu . I aCC au oreuivors are w yau oui. oi i auu ui "-"- -- k"" i ;f- Trf;n t,-. MirnMnfxl ish lion, are lineal descendants of the the funa pro without preference, out their tongues, toe and finger nails its enemiesT w ill these seir-ap pointed natriots wno uarea to sist iiib au-i "Th hai asaara of tne vniiev Mncnai I ana KOUKinK oui vueir eyes, in n vance at Bunker HilL tare about S1L260 and its liabilities tianJKW. in the shane of unnaid death . . . . . I T " - Let every mena or gooa govern- losses. meat get up a elab for Thx Catjoa-I . "The company has many policy hold otam I on in Virginia and North Carolina." heartless old devil of the most devil ish kind and has many other exquisite ' little tortures laid up for the helpless I wretch consigned to bis "chamber of -horrors.'' - i the persons who see the Ufa Gamaliels of finance show how this I taxed oat of their property by freirtt dollar, whieh they brand as a fifty j rates are profoundly convinced that eent dollar, can enrich the silver I government owoezwip oi wwwbsj mine owner, if coined free, and at "gbways i would never do. Paternal- fOotitisned oa 4th I lam. vou know. Bad tblag. la. jutayou nexore yowaaow.Ao.i i nut ondneaa tbe two xmndred mil- Uoa dollars ladebtedaees made by Grover, because be Is a Democrat but tbey "view with alarm tbe large lo tjreeaw ef iuasbtidnsei througbeut tbe gUte," because tbey did not themse'ves eoatrol tbe legUlature aod get a share f too epoUa ' - ' " Aaythiaa Deaaoerne etoes is aU HcMifoRp, N. C, Oct. 4. Our

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