THE CAUCACIA.H PUBLTRUKD BVKRY THURSDAY BY THK C4CCASIAM MJBLUHISO CO. MARION BtJTLKK, freeldent. MALAYEB. - MMiflif Bolter. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, one tkaZ.. six mostus.....,-. three months 5 Entered la tbs Voit Office at JUleixb, 2. f , m Sceood yias Haa. ., 1 CASH rBKMIl'MS OS TUB SILVfcH rROBLBK. :J v ' Th Caucasus Is desirousof turning all poMlble light on the current ques tlons of tbe day, aod would be glad to have, for publication, the opinions of tbe people of tbii or any' other Stats. The practicability of securing tlie oper ation of certain principles, now de manded by the majority of the people, la perhaps the most Interesting phase of the leading issue of the day. In the hope of eliciting the best and most comprehensive opinions, we will offer the cash prizes below. We name the following subject for discus slon: "Why the Frek and Unlimited Coinage or Silver Cannot be 8e CURED THHOUUH THE ItRMOCRATIC Party." Articles are not to exceed 1,000 words In length or about one column of the Caucasia. An article intended to compete for the prize must be tent In not later than January 1st, lHiXl. On the above subject and under the conditions named, we offer the follow Ing prizes; For best article, $25.00. , . for second best article, $15.00. For third best article, $10.00. One or more of the articles that may be received will be published each week. The name of the writer willbe pub lished if desired. The identity of the writer will not affect the judgment of the article. A competent committee, having no connection with the paper, will, pass upon the merits of the articles, aod the prizes awarded according totheir'de cislon. COTTON UOIsiU UP. Cotton is "going tip." The "yahoo" goldbugs are yelling with glee. "What did we tell yout" they screech. "Didn't we tell you that tupyly and demand regulated" this business I" "Didn't we tell yotz you made too much cotton last yearf" The "old he" goldbug journalist of this State, with immeasurably pious self-abnegation with an in calculably vast amount of patron izing piety says he is sorry for his free silver friends because the fact that cotton is going np knocks the spots out of their arguments. Oo-o-o oh! Wa-a-a-ah t! Um-m-m- phmt!! See how ' we groan and writhe in agony at seeing the foun dation of our "arguments" knocked from under us.' And he is sorry! so SORRY !! The United States cotton crop last year was over nine million bales, and much of it sold for less than five cents. This year it appears the crop will approximate seven million bales, and it is no bringing over eight cents. "Don't you see we are right!" they yell. . "We told you the law of supply and demand fixed the price. Now you see it, don't you!" Do not these fellows I novo hut the very thought of a goldbug's know ing anything is a measureless ab surdity. No, we won't say that ex actly. We will be less severe, and say that the, very idea' of making a goldbug admit he knows anything along certain lines is au absurdity. We have vainly tried to get them into a non-personal controversy on the free silver or money issue. We have even left open little gaps in our presentations with a hope that some of them would Btep in and let us pen them up. We wanted to,, see them get out of such a controversy with out "breaking" out. But they know better than to try that. They are as shy of a controversy, or of anything that looks like an argument, as the old watch crow is of a gun. They won't be caught within range. of one if they can help it. If they should be, they are "just as sure to be knocked "galley west" by . the argument , as the crow is to be knocked over - by the gun, if the gunner gets within range. - . Since we can only get in' sight of them, we wish to put down ..some thing for them to peck at and tup at, and see what kind, of ant ids they will cut up over it. Here it is: . . Cotton is produced by the efforts of men. Money is produced by the efforts of men. . Money is as ..much subject to the law of mpply and de mand as is cotton, or anything else. If the $vppljf of money is scarce, it will require mere work or produce to get it than would be the case if it were plentiful. The supply of money can be altogether regulated by man. ,The supply of cotton cannot be altogether regulated by. man. Conditions which cannot be corn batted by man affect the supply of the production of labor more or less every; year. It is altogher improb able that conditions can arise which can prevent man from regulating the supply of money. Therefore when the earth,, responds 'lav ishly to the efforts of men to , pro dace from it, the necessaries of life, men ought to see that . ere )s money enongh to measure these pro-, ductions at a stable value, and to' facilitate their exchange.1 IJntU tixla is done, there will be no sense of hu manity or justice in our financial system. Until this is done we will continue to be confronted with the, utterly absurd and disgracefully un reasonable fact that the "more a man makes the poorer he gets." Now goldbugs, let ns see you tug at this kernel. What's the use of playing the fool or acting the Har about this matter any longer. If you intend to stand by your present policy, why don't yon eome out 'and say that it if your purpose to make money regulate everything, and that you are determined that the work and labor of humanity shall regulate nothing! Every sensible, man sees that this is your game, and every honest man says so. You are not fooling anybody but fools; and the only question now is whether or not there are fools enough to vote for a continuance of your policy or wheth er you have the power to enforce it. And now, if .'we .could we would persuade every farmer to plant lots of cotton next year. Make twelve or fifteen millions of bales if yon want to. It will not ero down to five cents, no . matter how much you make. Next year is election vear. e The money power would try to cod- die and pacify you by letting loose enough money to keep the price np. This "power' wants you to continue it in power. It will do anything to gain your goodwill, so you can. if you wish to, plant without limit: but remember one thing; you want to get your cotton in market and sold before election. NO A.ONGEU A UUKMTION. And the New York State Demo cratic convention and the Massa chusetts State Democratic conven tion havo met and declared for the gold standard and endorsed the Cleveland administration. The New York convention showed a dash of defiant impudence and arrogant in solence. It demanded the destruc tion of all treasury notes, and the issue of bonds which bonds will be taken by the banks, and on these bonds the banks will issue bank notes and thus get complete control of the financial system of the coun try. Yes; and the Democratic party "is the party of the people!" The Caucasian will give any man who will tell a bigger lie than this in the same number of words $100. We don't make this offer to encourage lying but we would like to know if it is possible for anybody to out Jie some folks who call themselves Democrats We don't think so. Ten State Democratic conventions have been held this year and eight of them declared in favor of the single gold standard. ' Only ono has de clared for silver and one split wide open on the question. Those de olaring for the gold standard are Kentucky, Iowa, Maryland, Ohio Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. The one declaring for silver is Mississippi The split occurred in Nebraska, In that State the silvermen were in i majority at the regularly called con vention and adopted a silver plat form. Then the gold standard gang bolted went off and put up a little h 1 of its own and whooped for the fiery, gold metal. ; ' j In the face of these facts, how how much . sense must a man have to perceive that the assertion that the "Democratic party is the party of silver" is false? Honestly now, don't you think a second-class fool can see that is a lief ' It is no longer a question as to whether the free and unlimited coin age of silver can be secured through the Democratic party. We know it cannot. The past record . and pres ent declarations of the organization constitute a' more .emphatic decla-t tion of this fact than can be made in words. ' The question for every man now to decide is he is in favor of financial to form or not. If he is and intends to work 1 for it and vote for it, he .cannot possibly take the Democratic party into con sideration except as a factor that must beought. , i -" ' ' We. do not believe that the con ventions have reflected the senti ments or expressed" the convictions of the people generally. They have, however, made plain , the policy of whatever and jwhoeter constitute the organized partyism or "machinery" of the Democratic party.' The "party" is therefore ' represented by these conventions. If individuals are not, then individuals who desire and de mand a recognition of their views add principles must seek ' an5' organ nation thwtfgh which their views can be and will be lepresented, or else act the part bf a muzzled cur and collar wearer. AMERICA' FOOL WOMEN. For some years the rich parvenue class of women, in America have made almost n open bids to marry anything from Europe that had a title, and that tad a customary title to wear pants Deoeney, morality, character, have never 'entered , into these deals. Anything that was called "Lord" or "Duke" has been eagetly 'snapped up by the daughters of rich Americans, and the parents of ,the daughters have usually paid immense sums for the grand, privil ege of having those daughters called "Lady So-and-So, pr "Dutchess'! So-and-8o. , i j tJl ".v; '. . ,. One of President Grant's daugh ters was foolish enough to marry an ItaJianeerot. When Grant became WfeT" oolosialiaalure ojt a bn mass with which he was connected, there Was tfOubleV strife, misery and ruin for his daughter, and she tually fled from the abuse, cruelty and brotality of her "titled" lord. Old C. P. Huntingdon paid a Ger man prince three million dollars to marry his daughter.. One of Jay Gould' daughters paid, it is said, about five millions to a French earl or marquis, or something, to marry her. The latest is the catching of an English duke by a female mem ber of the Vanderbilt family who baited her hook with about ten mil- j lions. She landed him by giving a supper that 'cost thousands of dol lars. We are not trying to stop this bus iness. We know better than to argue "agin a fool." But we have cited the above instances to lead up to what a London paper says by way of ridicule and contempt of the American women fools. The name of the paper is "Truth," and it hits a fine maik when it ironieally says: "British mamas and their daughters will soon be clamoring for proteetien if ail the prizes in the marriage market are to fall to tbe American damsels. The mania for titles inherent in the Anglo-Saxon is vain to contend against, nut the matter is some what serious to the Unite! States. That conn try must be a great loser through the accumulations of its wealth crossing the Atlantic. If this continues the I'nited Utates will do well to manufacture the cov eted article at home, for it is a wooden nut meg thai is easily bought. Tbe existence of titles, it is true, ut not in accordance with the simplicity of republican institutions, but in view of tbe heavy drain this might be overlooked, and the parents of any girl might be allowed to buy her a title, say for 1,000,000." SHE WILL HE CALLED A "HOWLIKG . CRANK-" A seventeen year old young lady is creating some commotion in Mary land. She will fall under the ban und condemnation of the gang. She has had the immeasurable audacity to challenge the Rt. Supremely Hon orable A. P. Gorman in open debate. This man probably dismissed the challenge as coming from a little fe male maniac. The young woman's name is Eu genia Cooke. We have nothing to say pro or con as to the course of the young lady in going into poli tics, but we do not think she is a maniac. If she is, we wish mania would become a contragion. The following is from one of her ad dresses. Some of you no doubt ask what business has a young lady in politics anyhow? and some who nave asked the question really oppose and condemn the work that I am doing. To such slaves of nrciu 3 ice I wish to sav that although women in the past have not made a great many political speeches, nor . 1 i i j r .1 . i - i . vuieu, uur ueiu uiuce, uiai riuh xiere on me eastern shore of Maryland thousands of them have turned gray before their time ana aiea DroKen neartea at Deing turned out of their homes because of the bankine sys tem and monopolies that you thoughtless men nave votea into existence through the Democratic and Republican parties. I know of women working from early dawn away into the night, all Dleasure fled from their lives, all color from their cheeks, ugly and old and broken down in middle fife because you cowardly men who laueh at me; their husbands and brothers, continue to obey the dictates of drunken, overfed po litical bosses, who are in reality only the paid agents of the millionaire vampires who fatten on your misery and your f ami- ij a ucaui. When the maioritv of the men of Marv. land who think themselves the Lords of Creation have voted year after year the same rascals into power that have deceived them time and time again, I think the day is at hand when the women should be allowed to speak. JARVIS AS A NON-PARTISAN. Mr. Jarvis says that he went to Raleigh expecting the silver conven tion to be non-partisan, but that when he learned what kind of reso lution would be passed he staid out. Now the resolution simply de clared for free silver and called upon the people to vote for Congress men and a President who are for free silver, and to fight a goldbug wherever he puts his head up. went en the safe and common sense rule of the Irishman as to snakes That is to kill a snake wherever he found one no matter what its name was or what label it had on. If this is not non-partisan, then The Caucasian would like to see the goldbugs definition of what is non-partisan. ' Ex-Governor Jarvis' idea of being non-partisan seems to be to "holler ioua ior silver till, the campaign opens and then to flop and shout and vote for a goldbug. i The people are too intelligent for that game to work. MR.KEITH HITS THK BULL'S E B. Read in another column a card from J$y. B. Keith to the Wilming ton Messenger on the silver conven tion. He says that all who attended the convention, except ex-Governor Jarvis and one or too more, are pleased '. With - the . resolutions. He calls upon the people to read the resolutions and see for themselves what objection any true friend of silver or the people can have to them. He says that the papers that are ridiculing and misrepresenting the convention have but one purpose, and that is to fool the peo ple into voting for a goldbug for President next year. He 'also ex poses in fine style Capt. Cooke and bis bogus amendment. Mr. Keith hits the bull's eye. i THE TARTY HE TRUSTS. ; W. H. Harvey, the author of Coin's Financial School, spoke to an immense crowd of people at Bur lington Junction, Mo., one day last week, and in answer to the ques tion, "What are your politics?" said: "If the Republican party de clares anew the principles of Lin coln, I am a Republican.; If the Democrats declare anew the', princi ples of Jefferson, I am a Democrat but if both the old parties declare in favor of Great Britain and the gold standard financial policy, then I am a populist.? These remarks were greeted, with greater applause than any other part of the entire speech. Mr. Harvey knows where the Peo ple's party stands,' and has declared time and again that there ' was no hope for this country through either of the old parties. He is in the Peo ple's party, where everjr patriot must get before he ean hops) for any return of prosperity. . Do you know that the debt of the national government is 1,126,494, 999, while the entire t amount of money alleged to be available for circulation is $1,000,000,000! On a oasis or seventy million peo ple, this means that there is in circulation for each man, wo man and child about 123.00. But each one owes about $16 of the amount for the national debt. Now, add to the national debt all the bonded debts, State debts, county debts, city debts, private debts all of which must be paid by the peo ple, and if you can think anything at all yon will begin to see what a thundering hard time the people are going to have to pay out. Remem ber, too, that nearly all of this debt bears interest which must be paid. If you want a continuation of this glorious condition of things, just keep on voting for the old gangs. Voting for them brought about this debt. People who. have not read "Coin's Financial School' should not fail to do so during the fall and winter. It is a marvellous revelation of the financial question. It makes a man feel that he is qualified to discuss it. It opens the way to a full compre hension of the. subject We will send this book and The Caucasian one year for $1.10; six months for 60c ' Old church members charging 12 per cent, interest. If you were in hell you'd have the whole country under mortgage beiore the year's out. am Jones. ' What have you preachers been do ing? Shoot Luke, or give up your gun. sam. Jones. This is awful. "The Church of the Living God" and the sacred ministry are being brought intodia repute. Oh, News and Observer; Ob! Democratic political, partisan, pettifogging, putrescent press, why are ye silent?" Come, oh come to the rescue. Smash down the bias phemoua tongue that would thus cast contumely on the church. Get up another symposium. Write to Bro. Durham again, and do it quick. ' Every railroad in the United States ought to be for the free coin age of silver. It would largely increase transportation in the country and the ability of the peo ple to travel, etc. And every rail road that is not owned in Wall street or Europe or controlled by foreign capital is for the free coin age of silver. The railroads control a good many newspapers in this State,,, This is why so . many of them oppose the action of the silver convention. , Elsewhere under the head of "Common Sense and Free Silver," we present some views from the Fi nancial News, of London, Eng., which is one of the leading mone tary and commercial papers of Great Britain. The facts stated by this paper ought to show every Ameri can why the London money interests take so much care and make such, great efforts to fasten the gold stand ard on this country. Study the views carefully. The Kentucky Democracy is nsing every old stick it can find to sup port its tottering frame. ; Ij;ha8 called out W. C. P. Breckenridge who, it was thought, was condemn ed to obscurity in disgrace and dis honor, some time ago, to help, work out the salvation of the party. Breckenridge was the" hero (?) of one of the most scandalous liaisons ever. known in this country. r"' People who have not 'read "Cbin's Financial School" should not fail to do so during the fall and winter. It is a marvellous revelation of " the financial question. , It makes a man feel that he is qualified to discuss it. It opens the way to a full compre hension of the subjects We- will send this book: and The Caucasiah one year for $1.10 six months for 6UC ........... .. . . '., ' The State Silver convention de cided that the time had come for honest people to vote for what they wanted. But a number of the Dem cratic machine papers say that it is not Democratic to vote for what vou want. They , claim that the ap proved Democratic way to get free silver is to vote for. goldbugs. A little rifle diet for the working men would settle their stomachs. New York World. : This is better than the ' idea - of long ago. Then, when the people asked for bread they were given a stone. Now the proper thing to give them is a bullet' Plutocracy is a most wondrously Christian civil izer, isn't it? . , , , Here in the good "Old North State" is seen the marvellously strange spectacle of .Democratic papers rushing to the rescue of the church. In wild and woolly Texas the church pastors' association called a Bpecial prayer meeting to pray for the legislature which is. largely Democratic, ff ' ' ' . . 1 Ex-Got. Jarvis was willing to go into tbe silver Convention if he could control it!' He' acted Very foolishly and childishly. c l ' No Democrat has jet risen to re- k that he did not the call IU7 UK MUI CODTEDUOD. V fact all iJti vidua! tUTer" criis art Tllltar tnspicioo-jtf the gddbogaring aad Wchinf Bjw your necks, ye drivellers; place jthe foot of the boss on yourneck and beg Jor'menry; I art yoor hi fc feel the sting of the party lash and don't yon , dare doj again" before you ack the boss machine. ' , - - i . r Not to show sympathy for Cuba and not recognize her right to fight for independence until she has whipped, her oppressor, may be the Cleveland idea of right and justice, and of his mushy and putty-like henchmen and satellite; but it is not the idea of the liberty-loving American people, and tbe people are letting that fact be known. We note that the Chatham' Citi zen makes a polite request to some Democratic papers to correct a lie to which they have given currency. Bro. Lineberry, don't waste your space that way. There's no use in telling the people about "Democ racy's" lies. They know about them already. , ,. . . , t . So we beat Great Britain, fifen at cricket P We wonder what the Dritiflh can play now-a-days? Richmond Dis patch. They are playing the 'devil with the treasury and finances of this country. When you beat them there you may crow. . ( If I had come here for money, bless your soul, I'd left after the iim collec tion. Sam Jones. i But the "cute" Sam sloped out of Winston with something like $1,200 for a ten day tussle with Winston suckers, all the same. . We will aek from now till the next election why the machine poli ticians staid away from the silver convention and why the machine organs are trving to ridicule its ac tions? ' The" people'.' how have gold bugs in disguise spotted. They can now do but little harm. ' i . Rev. D.; II. Tuttle, pastor of the Central M.'e!, Church, of , Jtaleigb, announcas that he will, on Sunday night, - October 1 3 th, preach a ser mon which will have for its basis Dr. Cyrus Thompson's "famous re mark" on the church. . If the present rate of receipts and expenditures of the government conr tinnes till the close of the fiscal year, the expenses will exceed the receipts by more" than forty millions of dollars. KICKING IN KENTUCKY. A "Sound Mooy" Paper Want The Free . Silver Candidate Taken llowa, . : Special to the PostJ - ' ; Lkxington, Ky.. Oct. 3. The Week ly Gazette, a standard Democratic or gan, that the farmers -of Favette read as religiously as they do the Bible, this week prints the, following: "Down with Democracy in Kentucky is the handwriting on tbe wall, and if the State Democratic manaerers . do not wipe oft" the -names of -their present candidates for Governor, and auditor, we wiu rwaae up on rtovemoer 6 next to learn the .fact that our State has been turned over to Republicans. Only protnpt action and sound monv can didates can save the State. Will ihe State Democratic committee make one more effort- to save, the- State- or let it go by permitting candidates who do not properly represent the sound Drin ciples of the party remain on the track unchallenged? , It seems another case of fiddling while Rome is burnin?." In connection with this the Cau casian wishes, to remark that it does not believe that a single sensible farm er in Kentucky "religiously" reads this gom Dug organ. j ;. ? f. HfcY ! DEMOCRATIC ;PAr?.ER3.: : The Chareh Belc'Broacht Into Dlu The, Caucasian solemnly calls on the Democratic Dress to iam t.n Mica roanua iowe quids come, on. come, before it fPT, whpro if nn't. ho aotnH Caa V 5 I 0 w" V, iJCC iUlO . aa r j : a. t ' - . and 'state, tut I do declare that if the ; I lilt HDL WH Til. T.nO llfllAII T sihuMnh oiiurcn oi uoa aoes. not show, itself in favor of the errant.' mn as well as in favor of the Lord, the uuiewiucome wnn tne church as an institution will be extinct, and Christ will go dowp, again to . the beach, and choose twelve pjain, honest fishermen to come up into the apostlesbip of. a new . dispensation, of righteousness, nanward. And . God ward. Rev.. T. De Witt Talmage1:i ; , ; 'DemocraMe Talk or 'Pie.'' Por1he Caucasian. ' ' The rpost absurd, ridiculous,, disgust ing thing the regular readers' of the News and Observer see is the continu ous, whine, pf "pie-coulter." In the name of. common sense .and reason what has kept the 'Democratic party so fat, saucy,, impudent and "bossy" buteatingall the "pie," nfhile the great masses of the people have fed on. "the crumbs which fell from, the masters' table." If. the. masses are ever, to eat "pie," let them now ere they; die. It does seem to me that common de cency in even as low down and pollut ing a thing as politics, would keep the Democratic party from talking about "pie" except for themselves, " Xifk-Lonq Democrat.'" . . j Worthy Tom Confidence. . The success of HoodVSarsaparilla in conauerinsr screfnr in tiifPTK mk it may manifest itself is vouched for W A-l J 1 ' . ... . uj tuuuiioua woo were severiy aimct ed by this ' prevalent disease, but 'who rejoice over a permanent core by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Scrofula may ap pear as a humor, or it may attack the J lands ofi theieckY4ir 'Steak out in readful running sores on tbe body or limbs. Attacking the mucous mem brane, it may develope into catarrh or lodging in the lungs lead to 'consump tion. Come ae it may; a faithful course of treatment with Hood' Sarsaparilla will overcome it, for working upon the foundation of all , diseases, - impure blood, the system is clarified and vital ized, and. vigor,. strength': and health restored to the body. .. :, .lt .. , r, -it''. . - ) -(-'.; ' . ; A complete list of thp county of ficers of the SUteii-alvery, "valuable part of Branson's Aimaujw for 1896. Dr. Bransoa haa spent:. great deal of labor on this table of officers, but business men generally will tppreci- ata thAHA mm iiiim ttvav wnL " g"K -WW TV Vi IU manjt times thenc.eof-the Alma- naws. uau. vnuHvn hkuhih are WM WOrU preserving jaml, reading many times over;; i:ti' . - j C01JSPIRACY OF- -)M .BAHKERS. Tteh.Poxpsa To HiT8 '4ll the Greenbacks Deitrojed wd , Gold Bonds Issued Instead. "THE PAWO . CIBCULAB" Walck Bea-n Tfco TH tren Har4 Tl f SS3Ta make Want Vle Bn4ro4 . MilUe4 wala InleveM West be raid hf tae releCleelan4 t Haa rroaiee4 lu Washington Cor. CarcASiAX.! Wasbikatov. Oct. &th. Th mtmi. mentarxpnd:turrexreel UarrcvipU. The Democratic tariff law dot not ield ufficint revenue bv mini mil lion dollar to turet the ordinary f MKiM uf the government. Sinr ifa enactment it haa only produced grow ing mommy arncii. jnere u noex pctatiou that its operation will erer reach the revenue point without radi cal chanre and imnroveoient. How Will the admiuiktratton run the rot- ernment without the ain uf the enll peculators in New York and London ? rW L . 1 .2 . . tue irniiioiiiun oi me oona aynairaie contract leaves the government in help Jess and, apparently, inextricable bank ruptcy. The situation has but one so lution. The retirement of the legal tender notes' is inevitable. It is tbe avowed policy of the national banks to ips-reme reiireruent oi toe greenoacaa, and further restrict and contract the currency nearly rio,U.Uf ft). The banks express a readiness to continue the syndicate protection to the gold re serve on this one condition. The ad ministration murt accept the banks' terms or continue to issue bouds, at tbe peril uf Cleveland's impeachment by the next Congress. The national bank policy demand the retirement of the greenbacks and what is known as the Sherman notes. To etlect this a panic was precipitated, an extra session of Congress was convened and silver was demonetized. Tti; scheme was expneed t the time through the unintentional publication of the national banker association "confidential" circular, dated March 3d, 18U3. It is interesting and instructive to recall it now in con nection with the gold policy of the bond-issuing Democratic administra tion. Here is the circular. national banks demand. "The interests or national bankers," says the-circular, "require immediate financial legislation by Congress. Sil ver, silver certificates and Treasury notes must be retired, and the national bank notes, upon a gold basis, trade the only money. This will require the authorization of from $.VK),oo,oo to of new bond a h..i f circulation. You will at once retire one-third of your circulation and call in one-half of your loans. Be careful to make a money stringency felt among your patrons, especially among influ ential business men. Advocate an ex tra session of Congress for the repeal of tbe purchase clause of the Sherman Jaw, and act with the other banks of your city in securing a large petition to Congress for its unconditional repeal, per accompanying form. Use personal influence with Congressmen, and par ticularly let your wishes be known to your Senator. The future life of na tional banks as fixed and safe invest ments depends upon immediate action, as there is an increasing sentiment in favor of government legal tender notes and silver coinage." THK CONSI'IKACY SUCCEEDS. The scheme found au ally and pro moter in the Cleveland administration. Without this co-operation and endorse ment failure was absolutely certain. In his message to Congress January 28, 1895, the President recommended the issue of $500,000,000 interest Waring bands with a view to the cancellation and retirement of $346,000,000 green backs and $150,000,000 Sherman notes. It was further recommended that na tional banks be allowed to issue notes up to the par value of these and exist ing bonds, and to make the bank-of-issue-system of currency permanent, he recommended that the new bonds run for fifty years. Compare the Pres ident's message with t i - panic circular of the National Banking Association of New York, issued tbe day before his inauguration to its 3,756 subordinate batiks. The charge of collusion and conspiracy is unanswerable. The dam ning evidence of Democratic servility to the national banks and gold specu lators is irresistible. The administra tion is in the merciless clutch of these money sharks, and the Democratic party is prostituted to their base, de grading service. HOUR DAMNING PROOF is found in the history of the gold syn dicate contract. Large gold exports in January last were used by the adminis tration as an excuse for a bond issue. The consequent depletion of gold in the Treasury threatened a suspension of "specie payments." "To save the credit of the nation" $62,400,000 of bonds were issued, in deflatma r rv- gress and against the indignant pro- mtoks vi i iie mx payers or the country. A cowardly and subservient. twm cratio Congress saved tbe President irtmi impeaenment. uut at that time the infamous secret contfsfr. with t k syndicate was unknown. The contract was drawn bv Francis I vmu Cleveland's former law partner and the uireu attorney oi tne syndicate. PLAIN, tTNANSWKRABLE FACTS. The facts are plain, and that the ini quity of the transaction may not be forgotton they are now recalled. In just two years, less a week, Demo cratic management, according to the Democratic Chief of the Treasury Bu reau of Statistics, had "dealt a heavier blow to .the credit of the government than it received during tbe civil war " The Treasury, all of whose resources had for two years been under absolute and untrammeled Democratic control, was, according to Secretary Carlisle in February, 1,895, in imminent danger of bankruptcy. Its revenue was insuffi cient, its gold reserve was one-half gope and it faced a run which would have cleaned it out in three days.. Fac ing these results of his own manage ment and of Democratic ascendancy in Con zress. Secretar v Car l i a I a) lAtnmanil. . - f vmaivivj WUIUJAUU" ing a credit good for three per cent. buv wore unuer nig predecessors and by current market quatations, sold, un der threat of bankruptcy, a 4 per cent, bond at 10449 to Morgan, Belmont and .Rothschild. They were able to sell the i same bonds to themsei a anil Ih.l. - sociates at 112.25, and they and their ubuuiloi uivr Hnin rnA c ... a a IChe public at from 117 to 123J. The auiuiuiMxauon part m tne transaction is unprecedented!, indefensible and Im plies woeful ignorance or criminal im plicity., " 1 WHJUCE JHI BAKES COMS IN. ! There are two sets of bankers in tbe syndicate) partnership. The original set who got the bonds at 104.49 and passed them on at 112.26, deducting- a sTiave of $392,362 as three-fourths of 1 per cent, commission, and now menace the country with, another panio to com pel the retirement of all national pa per currency according to tbe condi tions of the "confidential " circular of March 8d, 1893. They offer tbe admin istration $30,000,000 in gold in exchange for legal tender paper money, and the proposition is now under advisement. Will these bankers compel the accept ance of their terms? It is either -acceptance or a big bond issue. Either will suit tne bankers. TH Hio-m k bond issue the bigger tbe profit to them. The Democratic fold policy and mismanagement nnta thn Treasury at the mercy of the' gold cor morants and pawn brokers. Nothing short ei tbe American tax parIat Kundcf fleh" will satiate their borse demand. 1 1 was the purpose of free trade Ienorrau la tbe last Con greas to subject America markets to forrirn dictation and pauper created eoao petition at tbe terrible cost of de stroy ing American Industrie In tbe name of" tariff reform." la tbe name of "currency reform" It 1 now the purpose of tbe iVmocratic adminis tration to establish English gold su premacy In tbl country. Tbv flrst im portant step baa been taken in tbe de SDooetisation of silver. Tbe next aod Inevitable step Is tbe retirement of all paper currency. Only two years aro tbe taxation of legal tenders was a BOAsrsD praotBATir acbicvkiiknt. It was a common boast In the lat State Campairn that "tbe Iemocratic Congress (according to tbe State I e tri or ralic Handbook ) passed a law depriv ing the legal tender Treasury notes of tbe Federal government of an attribute wbichlbe Krpublican Coo greaee bad given then. Tbe Uepubltcau Con gresses had declared that uo town, county or Mate should tax these notes. And these things show how tbe Demo cratic Congress is in sympathy with the people." And what a deroagc-gical Democratic Congress did two years by way of 'sympathy with tbe people," Democratic policy now de mands shall be undone, by way .of "sympathy" with lite gold speculators: or what is tantamount to it the per petuation of the gold standard Id tbi country. Yet in the face of this glar ing iH-mocratic record. and in the very teeth of a roost aggrette gold policy. Son t hern Democrat affect a belief In tbe nomination of a silter candidate for the Presidency and tbe ultimate restoration of silver as a iH-mocratic measure. It seems impossible that any intelligent man should entertain so transparent a delusion. The IVm cratic candidate will be an avowed and unconditional gold man. The administration is actively and zeal ously at work already to secure stu h a nomination. Its determination is ev erywhere in evidence. Its purpose is nowhere disguised. It is under bond to do it. It will lie done in defiance of southern protest, and with the certain understanding of unconditional south ern submission. All the l-mocratic silver agitation is worse than cross roads demagogery. All the talk about revolt and Insubordination will end as did a like epiode in Kentucky. RICH IS Hot'BlfOXISM. Twelve years ago the people of Ken tucky were confronted with the alter native of electing to an important State oflice, a degraded drunken, ob scene wretch who bad been nominated by the leuiocratic party, or of cbooing a decent man nominated by the inde pendents. The signs were that they would do the latter, when the Loui ville Courier-Journal threw it sell into the breach an 1 demanded to know if a man nominated by a liemocratta State c invent ion was to be defeated just be cause be got drnnk, and it tried to ex cuse the besotted wretch's orgies in the public lobby of a Ixuiville hotel by ex claiming:" What if he did think he was a roaring raccoon from the mountains, and that it was his night to bowl?" lie was elected, and had to be kept at home, while a subordinate performed the duties of his office. THE NEW-BLOODED SOl'TH. The Democratic ticket, with Cleve land at its head, will command south ern Democratic support. The ticket cannot be made too often five, but that it will be better, by comparison, than any opposing ticket whatever its excel lence. That is Boiirbonism. The younger generation of Democratic voters may see things differently. Tarty revolt in the impending cam paign will come from that source. Boiirbonism will owe its extinction some day to the new-blooded South. WATSON IS DEFEATED. MaJ. Hlaek Has a Majority mt l.flo Be Face of the Keterna Wntsen Will r re seat. ArocsTA, Ca.. Oct. 4. The official returns in the Black-Watson congres sional election in this, the tenth dis trict, show a majority for J. C. C. Black of 1,002 votes. Black, Demo crat, received 10,312 votes and Watson, Populist, 8,710, making the total vote polled 19,022 in the entire district. The totai vote polled in 1894 was 30.102. In connection with this Tom Wat son's People's Party says the election will be contested by Watson. It aavs further : "We have reduced the Democratic vote of 1894 in Iticbmond county from 13,722 to 5,516. All this in the short space of eleven months. In Hancock, the county which Judge Little says was "consecrated to Democracy" we have reduced the Ieraocratic vote very materially. The stealing of the Congressional election in I8y4 by the Democrats did not dampen our ardor in the least. The theft of the elections in 1894 by the Democrats of Richmond and llan cock counties only stimulated us to the importance of the fight we were making. The frauds committed in this elec tt'JZPSJF0 Tins FAST TWO vtA KSL AT?? "d J"7 Kg Best Strain ljrjdstered Jerser Catde. Koya3y Bre4 Colts apd Fillies, fine sa split silk. Ya Got flgrwod LaWkirr Us BVZUYTHUra GVAMABTBZD JLS MJSPMKaZVXXBk OCCOITEECHEE FAHU. DUEHAM. N C ELKIH I'JOOLEfJ HILLS. Don't dispose of your wool until you liuve seen samples from the Elkln Woolen Mills. w g kt . p- - . . H They have built a bran new mill, and equipped it with the very machinery. . Write for samples and term, to the - . mm Hl.tmU LliHIUIai tion In Richmond ad !W ties aixl be th lw. in other coanties ami '-fiiK rTk I m . . i . r-A test this elertloa bef. tit tw m I . l t . reform at the Aoeth V Yes tbe election la t 7,-.. contested. ' People who bate cot rr Financial School" LoBi.j ViA do so dnrinc the fail ard nil a marvellous rtvelation f tv , rial question. It tnak-a a tc, that be is anali!iel tn .! - l-us ue ii so m taw c-i vwa idm a it a V A 1 1 ytar for six moottg f . Itbasbeen positivrlv -c;! unanimous vote of tLs 2 ; r , tfc tbe Atlanta a:;t opened on Sundaya e Vfofk. Tirrl Hsmrt swssaaf a h MiiWaJ I was fsnTJagas sntesratls as styes iI4 feat, tired an tbs time, msty tlaej ibis to go 0t oa tbs street ereg tm I bad started. If I weat p e f it at stairs 1 felt as tboaf b I bou'.4 fx t badparpttatloa of the bean sud suSrtet greatly wltb eatarrb of tbe hi att throat. I flanlly derided U trr l!ou lareapaiiUn, and soon felt brtter. I tbe third bottle aad 1 then UH u a different pssaoa. I bops hm la u health will do as I did. If Uu Hood's Sarsaparilla and nsett Ultfc'iu;. I mm smre roa will be benefited. 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We have many new impt w en tents h this line: first, k Is made of bearr rr' uine Dongola, solid leather sole and inmr sole; second, it has a leather sot k lininc. which no other but a hih-priccd UA has; third, it has a back-stay fourth, at much care is taken In selecting this sisi. and in making, as In our bigherprkrd goods; fifth, we not only warrant but guarantee evenr line to be Just as rcpr senteL The anove cut is an exact cor of the boot itself. Our New Leader Ladles Donrrda Ti ton; Myles, Main Opera Toe, I'lato C cts-mon-Sense Toe, Opera Toe Patent Tip; widths. D, and KEl sixes, a to H. Our New Leader Ladies DoKgola Front Lace, Opera Toe Tatent Tip; widths, Ii, , and LE; sires, t to 8. Our New Leader Ladies' Dongcla Tot ton, Spring HeeL Common-?rrie Ijs; Patent Tip ; widths, D, E, and LE ; tun, si tod. Any of the abore-drscriVd shoes sent on receipt of $1.45 all postage pi'd ly us. Send for complete illustrated cat logue of ail grades of tioots and shoes free. 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