Damning Sin And Treac hery (Continued froni 1st page.) the Mine time rob the poor, strug gling bond , millionairet Let them, at the came time, tthow why they favor the enrichment of the OLD MISs OWNER, but so bitterly oppose that of the silver mine owner? I)onbtlenn Wil ton aol Gorman could tell us, be cause they and their Democratic confreres have given the raw mate rial, the product of labor, to the robber barons of manufacture at the lowest prices ever known, while giv ing to these same law-created mil lionaires such ample protection that every hurtling shaft of competition falls harmless from their impenetra ble armor. Doubtless that model Democrat, the Chief Justice of the United States, conld tell us, who de parted so far from the cautious lan guage of judicial opinion to lecture the anarchitts of America upon their (Trowing hatred of men of wealth, because tbt-ne anarchists naturally desired that these law created kings of wealth xhould bear equally with the toiling maHHs the burdens of our present ENOKMOCH AND CNKgL'Af. TAXATION. Again : They say that free coin age will open the uluioe gates and flood this country with European silver, hredless of th fao.t that in every European country an ounce of silver will bay more gold than it will in tne united rttates. liut what man of reason wonld object to the floodt Who would not rejoice if these with ered streams and shrunken rivers of trade and finance (lowed again as full and frte as the boundintr ocean tides? Whv. the raw monT of the . r j Confederacy was a better medium of exchange than this accursed stand ard of gold. There was no hoarding then; there was no wretchedness or want, which money could relieve. I saw men during the war wearing five hundred dollar French calf boots, who to-ilay are WEAK I NO TIIK C'OAR.VKHT HKOOANN, the raw hide in which, it is plain to be seen, is duty free. How this land aroMH in '(." from the ruin and trin ashes of war through the beneficent agency or a volume of money, sound, cheap and abundant, and fully suflicient for all business ne cesBities. No gold, and but little silver, but a LEOAL TKNIfER TREASURY NOTE, for the redemption of which every dollar of the inconceivable wealth of this great country was pledged, and behind which were the gleam ing bayonets of millions of fearless soldiers, no hoarding then in treas ury vaults or coffeis of banks of great citiet: a readv market for every product of the soil at paying price; lucrative and steady employ mentTor every worker in shop or field or mine. No false and lying cry oi tarilt reform affronted the wandering and pitying angels of the air. No cry of overproduction, be neath whose Upas tree millions sat, FuEADINO FOR WORK, BEOOINO FOR FOOD, repulsive in ratrs! No children nre. sed their naked and bleeding feet upon tne irozen bosom of the pity ing earth that the despotism of gold migni De established in sight of Val leyronrt-r Away with the fear of the silver flood! Let it come a mighty, roaring, resistless deluge mai win sweep away forever the false sophistries of these selfish doc trinaires. But Carlisle says the wage-earner wants a sound dollar of nndimSn. ished purchasing power. So he may. oui ne nardiy wants one so sound or so large that he will starve while waiting to earn it. Do these feather brain Solons never realize that their labor has not fallen in DroDortion to its products? That the farmers, who employ such A VAST ARMY OF THEM have done so at an actual loss, hop ing always for a change that has never come? That the time is now here when these laborers will have to accept gold prices for their work or else lose employment and home and drift upon the town as naturally as the tides flow to the sea? Have the towns employment for them? Hare they bread to give them or houses to shelter them? It requires no spirit of prophecy to eoDjure up the appalling.ruin, which will then CONFRONT A HOPELESS LAND! the farm over-grown with weeds, where the harvest waved in glitter ing glory: the town over-run with hungry hordes demanding bread: war and famine and pestilence unit ing their dread and awful forces wit', the destruction of one-half the woild's supply of metallic money, for what? In the name of God I ask for what, save that the few may OWN AND CONTROL THE EARTH. Let Carlisle ask the gaunt and shivering thousands who stood in line, in the great cities, in the dis mal winter of '93, stalwart men ashamed to beg, women crazed with want, children ciying with hanger, if they want this impossible dollar and they would spurn him with scorn: let him ask the million tramps, who are vainly seeking employment in every nook of this vast land, who are without home and hope and they would curse his name with eternal infamy. No! the American laborer is too intelligent to shackle himself with the bonds of this insati ate monster and despite the canning of these selfish pleaders, HI WILL ARISE IN '96 panoplied with a freeman's glorious power, the chains of political bond age snapped forever, bearing his in cense no longer to the vile altars of party but to the sacred shrines of HOME AND COUNTRY AND OOD! Overproduction do they say! Do they wonder at it when the agricul tural products of every silver using country sell for nearly twice as much as those of oar own? swerft nnwirr) upon the great tidal wave of a sound out cneap ana aoundant money final payment to the ninn! of of TMiarAP. vh 1 1 a tYia Amartaan v. 1 r " - f - -.v.vu fvpie, for the enrichment of a few of the most ,selflsa beings that ever lived, are borne by a dark, refluent, barba ric tide TO THE DEPTHS OF RUIN. Do they wonder at it? Let them look upon the millions half fed in this land; let them look upon the millions in ragi and semi nakedness; upon the millions within whose hearts the teething fires of hell begin to burn, and be warned in time. How shall we restore this deposed monarchl That is the question the burning question of the hour. Before it parties and political creeds and individual hopes and ambitions SHRIVEL INTO WOTHIXOXIM. Harris and Morgan and a host of others declare that through the Democratic party alone can silver hope to win; that the Republican party is its great foe: that it demon etized it in 73 and had sinee been its persistent enemy. Without attempt ing to defend the Republican party I emphatically deny that it was any more responsible for the overthrow of silver in '73 than the Democratic party was. I do so with the facts before me; was done it was secretly done; it WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE of the Democrats and Republicans who voted for the bill to amend the laws relating to the mints and coin age, nenator Beck said it was not understood by either House. Grant said be did not know it dropped the silver dollar from coinage; the lead ing and most able members of that Congress declared that they were not aware of the fatal character of the oil!. The Republican party, what ever its position to-day upon the measure, is not iustlv chargeable with the infamous act of '73. It was i introduced and PAShED CLANIjEMTINELY ! by conspirators led by Sherman, Republican, Cleveland's financial prototype, and Bayard, a Democrat, who prefers Europe to America on account of the more aristocratic tendencies of its inhabitants. Again the partial restoration of silver by the act of February 28th 1878 was the joint work of Demo crats and Republicans. It was pas sed over Hayes veto by the votes of both parties. It restored the legal tender quali ty of silyer; it failed only in its free and unlimited coinage. The Repub lican or Sherman Act of 1890 left this quality unimpaired; it exchanged compulsory coinage for compulsory purchase. How absurd, how utterly untenable the hope of the Demo cratic party to escape the certain punishment of its DAMNING HIN AND TRKACHKRY I by charging upon another the com mission thereof. The Republican party with a full knowledge of the at . . i a -a . . tacts degraded silver in 77b and 90, but the Democratic nartv in '03 de stroyed it; destroyed it in face of its solemn promise that if given power it would maae IT EyUAL AT THE MINTS WITH GOLD; wearing always the mask of friend- snip, witn tne smile or lscanot, with tne Healthy tread of an assassin stabbed it to death. Who can trust it any further in view of its past and present conduct? Convention after convention adopting the gold stand ard platform; free silver candidates standing upon them for the sake of office; its leaders boldly proclaimipg that they will go to the Republican? if the silver wing of the partv tri- umpng; ine vaults or the treasury filled with silver and th nnhlinakt increasing because the party had de- i jii . .i . ? ciareu mrougn Cleveland, its head, mat inter luelf must BE REDEEMED IN GOLD. Cleveland will nrnhRhlv fl (ra in Via - j ft'- nominated and around his haughty si&nuara me imperial forces of gold will gather. The solid North will rally around him; the inconceivable a i i ... power oi goio win battle for him; past political differences will be for gotten in the enthusiastic support accorded him: he is the. Inonl date; he is well nigh the inevitable one. Shall we pause for nartv' ul a party, which has so basely betrayed u party rem in twain and pow erless? Are we less bold than they less heroic foi the preservation of our INALIENABLE RIGHTS? Our State led in the immortal Htmo. gle to found this glorious Empire; sue leaus again in tne stern battle for its most hallowed ilafKnca Trumpet toned, she calls her glorious sons away irom party standards to freedom's sacred banner. May Sep tember the 25th be as glorious and as immortal as the 20th of Mm! May it restore the money of the con stitution, arrest thin d W vmwmmmj v -l UCAl h tide, restore these shriveled values. give employment to idle millions, lift this great country and its great people above slavish dependence upon financial robbers, by UNITING THE FRIENDS OF SILVER in every section, in utter contempt of party for home and liberty. In that great battle the Populist Party will be found solid and nimhtVon . the Rock of Gibraltar; alligned with them will be every Democrat and every Republican, who are really for suver; against tnem Mams and Morgan, Sherman and Reed and their slavish followers, who have enthroned Dartv ahnva hnmo anA liberty, trut hand virtue, country and i. a. MCCLAMMY. The Man of 1779. ' UI know not what nnnmt nthan mo.. take; but as for me, give me liberty or s'c ucaiu r-atnca Henrys words in the Hou? nf Rupnuo. ;n pyWLO JU Virginia. "When a train of abuse and usurpa tions envinces a design to reduce the people under a rule of despotism, it is 1 w hiivw uu buuu govern ment" Declaration of Independence. "The bistorv of th is a history of repeated injustice and Usurnation. all havinir in Hit k;.. r O - waa VV V V IS J CVf the establishment of an absolute tyran- ujr uyer vuis people." declaration of Independence. "The God who rave us Iif nv. . liberty at the same time." Thomas Jefferson. Hard to Plea. He (readinsr the nanor it. ii. is very difficult to please a woman. one w nat mases you think so? He Mr. Younsr of Wihtk rsnn locked his wife in the bouse; Mr. Potts oi ream, wris iocaea ms wire out of the bouse, and now both women are suing for divorce. NOTICE THIS, TOBACCO GROW ERS. Polk County, Texas, the Best Coun try to be Feand. Why? Because yon can buy at low prices and on long time, lands that will make either lsrire fipld crops, or two, (and often three) crops mm. ucab 4 unlit j ui booacco per year. xnese lanas are unmediatelj on the line of a railroad, in a healthv conn. try where yon can have good neigh bors, cnarcn ana scnool privileges. Old tobacco srowm'Mnnnt K made to believe the yield of tobacco Here. or particulars, address. Jas. 8. Etajtb, i , - Leggett, Texas, "VYsated ts Buy" Black Eye and Lady peas. Z. M. L. Jutbiys, Goldsboro, N. C. COURT SALE OF VAtCABLt IRON MINING PROPERTY AMD CITY LOTS. By virtue of the decree, and pursu ant to the orders of the Superior Court of Gavton county at the Septerobfr term. 1WS, of itaid court, the under signed, receivers and commissioners appointed by said court will, on the FIRST MONDAY IN JANUARY, 1896, (it being the ttth day of January, 1M,) at 10 o'clock a. in., at the oft"!'- of the Beisaemer Mining Company, in Besse mer City, X. C, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, on the terms hereinafter named, the entire prop erty, real and personal and mixed, and aswets of every kind and description, belonging to the Bessemer Mining Company Corporation, consisting of aoouii u,ou; tteveuieen nunured acres of land in and near the town of Bes semer City, N'.C, lying on both sides of the Charlotte & Atlanta Division of the Southern Railway, and constitut ing tbe valuable mining plant of said eReraer Alining company, macnin ery, tools and appliances, office furni ure and fixtures, ores on hand, Ac, to be sold in a body as a whole. A full, complete and more particular description of sand land, and mineral and timber rights, easements and priv ileges may be found on reference to the several deeds to said Bessemer Mining Company for the same, which are in the possession of tbe under signed, and are duly registered in the office of the register of deeds for the county of Gaston, in the State of North Carolina, obtained by said Bes semer Mining Company from the fol lowing named corporations and indi viduals, to-wit : From the Bessemer City Mining and Manufacturing Compony; the Consol idated Manufacturing Company; the Fidelity Bank, of Durham, X. C, trus tees; J. A. Smith and wife; J. A. Piuchback; R. 1). Ormond and wife; Benjamin M. Ormond and wife ; Jacob Ormond others. At the same time and place the un dersigned will ofler for sale as afore said a verv lar&e number of fit. v Inra belonging to said Bessemer Mining company, located in said town of Bes semer City, N. C, and suitable for nuuaing lots ror residence and busi ness purposes, laid down upon W. K Richardson's survey and map of Besse mer CitV. X. C. which will h dosiir. nated and pointed out to purchasers on tne aay oi sale. Also the "Fire Clav Tract" of Und in Cleveland county, referred to and con veyed in said Bessemer City Mining and Manufacturing Company by the deed registered in book No. 20 (deeds), page tA, in tne otlice of the regis ter of deeds for Gaston county, and also described in the deed tn sid .1. A Smith from R. X. Patterson and oth ers, dated March 24, 1891, registered in the office of the register of deeds for Cleveland county, in Book B B of Deeds, page 223. TERMS OF SALE: One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, and the balance of the purchase money to be paid within twelve months from and after the day of sale, with interest from the day of sale on the de- m .i j. icrreu payments. Possession to be given the pur chasers on receipt by the undersigned of the one-third cash payment on the purchase money, and the purchaser to be thereafter responsible for and lia ble to pay all taxes assessed against the property purchased by him, and the title deeds withheld as security for deferred payments. It will be optionary with purchasers to anticipate and pay the deferred payment oi me oaiance or the pur chase monev at anv time after tha date of sale, and within the twelve montns aioresaid, and thereby stop tbe accruing of interest on the deferred payment. Any further information desired concerning said property and the sale thereof, mav be obtained nn nnnliVa- tion to the undersigned, or to their agem, unaries ij. jawton, oi .Bessemer City, Xr. C. J. S. Carr, of Durham, N. C, E. T. Carrixgtox, of Bay City, Mich., Receivers and Commissioners. Sept. 20, 1895. 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The reason of course U, that in the primitive rocks is to be found the best and, we might almost say. only real fertilizer. Not only does the rocky or stODy field never be come exhausted, but what is more important, the produce obtained from it is far better quality than is obtained from stable manured plains; better in taste and better in live sus taining qualities, but all soil may be made approximately equal by adopt ing tne new system oi Fertilization taught m the book "Bread from Stones;" the writings of Julias Hen- sel ana other tiermau writers. It is rie signed to introduce co the people of the United StateB a subject that is of vital importance to every one. young and old. It is a subject that all should take an interest in. This book is sold by Mr. George Oren- 8 haw, of Henderson, North Carolina, Fnce 50 cents, a book of 150 pages Last summer several farmers tried the stone meal fertilizer alongside or a very expensive manufactured fertilizer selling at 50.00 per ton, and heavy stable manuring on to bacco grown on same field. Recent ly specimens of each were tested, and every one who was present admitted mat tne tooacco raised, on stone meal with no other fertilizer was much superior to the othere; the differ ence between it and. the tobacco raised on stable manure beiDtr espec ially marked. The latter was heavy, oily and very rank smelling, while the former had uo rankness about it, but more of the aroma of a fair Cu ban tobacco. The yield was about the same on all three. If this holds good in tobaceo it necessarily must in all other produce, the quality of which mav be made much better. thereby benefiting the public health by abandoning filth as a fertilizer and substituting: clean stone meal: so it is that in time the stony fields will come to be appreciated, and men instead of clearing them off and piling them up as fences will take hammers and break them up, Each time a stone is broken adds a little to its applicability to plant life, out tne best results of course can on ly be obtained in scientific combina tion of various kinds of recks reduced to powder applied according to the crop desired, v This new fertilizer will be especially welcomed bv all cul tivators of flowere, and it is so clean, that its use in time will free the soil from grub worms and plants from nee, besides growing . brighter and sweeter flowers. 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Thereiora. it is the bin. aim. ply the bugs, we have to fight in cases of consumption. SCIENCE THROUGH THE MICROSCOPE wSSS1786 these sinall germs or microbes eating the live fbre and warm blood-drops of man as with the naked eye you can see a worm in a LTu teti!$ !, leaf- therefore RecTpeSa Istjjays M The only medicine of mature is that which will destroy tha gexnwjW fc 1 AAA RBWARD WILL BE PAID i 1 ,JJJ you to una s bug, ITI Bl n VaU rs dta rr a. a a as wiM'M tv- 1 LT' 6 mill Twai Tlk Cl t CT-ano-wa. Haavosw.t KCIU 7. tJ? one thTt-sucn u rSZSZZXSi d"$ JTdlCU1" Then let BW1X PQrtion of SwamringuScdfcSi rS ? tS s mchef ?r more from a fly and instantly it cotnncesTae ries of giraUona, and soon falls over dead, killed by the poisonous rases of TiJitn Ui tW5TdroP- of SwanKSdnf bTS gar, swallow it, close your mouth, and you can feel liquid fire and eases corner HrUf Jour lungs and passing off through the nrrSTconS !!?.mt 8how you that the same gases which are so deadly to the fly must one lunga """ on 'tabercle bacilli,- tha rfc TarV.iU THE FIRST CURE MADE, i Ifmie l89a.J started from Georgia ta Florida to die consnmp on. The disease ha1 -- . ... -"aHip- . .v.i.t.. a " a skeleton, iao pounds-no digestion, desire to lire. On mv wv 5nth t k his help and advice I invent th. IZZl"1 an oaVoct?r. With I had been using this medicine 7bWt day. Oa my return to Atlanta aft., one of the smartest men in Onroia rM.v. . . . " ,7-"ul H miA '"-BaU. T ,A 6-. ue said Really I don't remember Shavo?011 IwamPISnef the city deUvery for the Lamkr-iTnaln Kg rld e d every day for three months, did t vnn ? ZT. . . fa e drar of XSS7 8trCeW rMaCrn; 9a" I et7pocenMr.?lor HesaidS,frifterIhad ?cedthe use of SUSSZi 1 u, S?rel? yn are not the man who was dying of thai terrihfe aaokTwt lung trouble in the rear of Wing's printiag house? WhTwhenlnaaS Jt room at midm?ht T hMr tv, gj. world."; A,d heouThow up in doing to gain so rauidlv nnri int story. "Swamn Anel vU- ' iW-.,1 reply was the old me a vear a .nn haves rod appetite and the powers, F'uuc w me. wow, let me say to you don't delay if you are not dvin?. Trv OvOT w Mm..V.Vl. -r " J . . , v.w uiwuauupuooaieOSnbtmtklaaa! LJ- C GA TttS-ea' o Atlanta, Ga., deafneS ft t." .Z "ww',?OUI 5 AU. . : - ua remeoies i Medicine has never failed oa a case af-doafaaaa PHBUMATISM CURED. . " - Theadore Fltchi: jv v .Gaf cure1 with the medicine after care4 Wj.h&m .andSeVaS an aaeu a -UmiC mn4 fwrt all r Im Lwtf MaM Cak.tr4 M a e!ntlf i ruli i natal kataM amd atrtetl rjj.l. Trratiau-a)t K-mX rrya tr trwm atl uiaer naiirlw Seminal Weakness nnd Sexual Debility of tVr! to tto kwi. pauu ta th tact, folw Ha aa4 ftnfl oa tuaaioM TvrKtot u -c --. h, of av tual pT. Haa o4 aaaa bKd. tvcL. evvrj tot i.Je Wrqm otrtt am a. nmor tea aamaal oowr. reafcjra Orrra a--l bnaia fer. tu$a a.aj ilfttUi ataaa a-aru and sat voa tt fr ca.rr-.are. Cvnhilic iiiiwmN,:. In 3 Its fon aa4 merewf Jjyiliitat ofl:!a H.oo4-oo.ne. l awa. t)caii.laV I ntA. borf.OooorrtM-a i r,-rrt. r a! f oral c4 IT-.a:a taa cafal St rictt If( T"-s J earo'l a-r.-Suat ctwve omxtme Kaaia. JM IV.4I W aoasf-oaurr. P!hw can um ibv tiraUBvat at aoaaa - a mirl-icut Jatnmroi. Manj cora4 afta uk. mm v. i Cr - tM Uadsc $paluU ta tSa UaiW S!aw. 1 SKILL trr 4VT. NTa, CA. 12, 11. Freeics Herself from Disease. Witlunt the nf Medi.ine. l;ve fully inveigated th Improved Oxygettor treatment and find that it will cure when all remedies have failed and have no heit:tn-y iu saying it i the Ut treatment known tot lie en lightened practice of medicine. We do not hesitate to accord unstinted praise, for we know that the highest praie is merited, and in bestowing commendation, we act solely in the ii. terest of the readers of the-e Hf.pokts, asking nothing of the ( 'Oinpaiij. This investigation was conducted without . their knowledge and this report ap ; pears without regard to their jersonal f wishes in the matter. We have found j this to he a superlative system for the ! cure of dit-ease. The Company furn ishing the Improved Oxygenor is con ; trcdied Ly regularly graduated physi cians whose exKTience and practice, covering a half century of time give this Treatment a value and a standing 1 of the most enviable character, i Address with stamp. Quincy St., Chicago, III. I wavtp-tv ma-, -v av-in in tbe Pmtxi State liitere.-i--i in t' Oi-icm ami VVh'.fk labita to tifu oae cf uit bookc oo tbea dis eases. AuCrces Jj. .VL 'oolley, Atlanta. Oa 5ox 382. aad one will be nt oa trie atiSY PILLSil head. The people aay it is the greatest iiiler earth. It is the only medicine r . ' '- ua ucu 1U1U1U UI We Angel Medicine is the most magical medi- - . warm, bee, spider, wasp, louse, or hu- - 3 V- . ll a UI J v. n2AM.V a.tw - a Zm - can irrc m Swamp AiiFtl uccpmg OB me ror mzteen years. I was no spptite, no ambitioa andno snedal """".w no special fon molThTf- iSToS droSa ?t tt 100 10 Joo.pa.a ..-.uamg lacra, ana eXKBdea BIT atld. you; seems like I have aeea J S? year. SwZ ooo'f thenkl t LV u JT P 7? lwicr w people who knew faculties andnWtions oi2 that if you have mcBtom. mi b .-..1!"" i V S aanianaaVi B cored of nrsfness of fifteen sufferiaw sra SoSST, ATTEfJTIOrJ I I ib to inform mj lhvud$ : FAHOrs aU)d WtLL LXGHTXD For tbe aaie and Dnrchae of QOOaVOailZVlVO'O A JEFFBEXS' WAKEHO'D S g9 O AT r SSOCTBZ-Sr 3VEO U JSl 'J.', 3ST. c.J f - at aaaai 4 m to bcr largely of tbia crop, anil am prrpantl tj Uke crr cf tuu.' ... in every wixcL We have more an I HHlTKi; ISITVKI tha: .V,".. fore, with onlert for all claMrt of tobatoco at prim. bat 1 ilui.k Satisfactory to the Farmers. j With an expcrietieeof FIFTEEN YEAliS in tbe WAI:KHir i BUSINESS I claim to be a ioJge of the wet-d, acJ I will tj t ' ; pile of lobacco put oo my floor bU SELL for iu VALUE rrp.-i j who it belong! to. All I aak is a trial I propoae to da my dn.ttL tt WITH BIG PRICES. 1 So when rou lUrt to town with jour totuoco, don't forget u ,f I at Jeffrey whtre you will gt bg prio. whrther he has tir.t .r ;M- T. IB. JEFFEEYS, PROPEIETOR JEFFREYS WAREHOUSE. gmmmmmmmmmmrommmwig CAROLINA TOBACCO GR017ERS I SH P YOUR COOPER, CREWS, BERGER COr.lPAIIT. g Stonewall !TJ a rehouse, S RICHMOND, VA. 3 r We make a North (Carolina i jpondein years experience r Quick Sales and TRIAL IS aap w v . iiigliest market prices obtained fcEmpty hogsheads shipped if desired.2 Correspondence .solicited. Tventv3 WSl'rSlH lDCthe Tr W,a rheumatJ.m;enred eoPMey. weD I wiwltTJ Bd Prt'T P". cared aoa.a .M Uhi Mr S Medicine in two weeks. The .Wv. people live i. At- S Ti'JlA Bacnn. C-. " crutche. three tnuuCmtu, ,t wasTiV5Lf: T 9 rt r ' " J. P Dodo, Ga., vu. 1801. savs: "Mv ftl,0ne STmp Anf goes ia a hundred cases. Can't name S Sif L5 kEAST8' TUMORS. GOITERS. WENS. AND SWELLING JL ZZJ1- Pe ?ilk. n.rther'a breast will r .Dd ler Swfa.Zf J??mences the mischief. Kill this trouble every .111 r Jffi11!- Go,trr. tamors. and wen. are developing o.c. kiS oreA M!tiSWn,p,AD,?f1 MeJ,,cio- W Ch.pm.n. Sam jocra andoftir fnr' H' P'.. ' AlUfU. .11 cured of Lad c. of t,,r.. hW !:-.5V0"e "" w" choked to de.iL wh a larre r TtLL- .In "ontn wearing a collar and nrcStic. ibet people. Swamp Angel Medicine did the work. CuM add ft laae. if bad K1DNBY, BLADDER AND LIVER TROUBLES " ff7P Angel Medicine acts most tflectirely on the Kidneys. Tbe it u-miu mtU ? " dlcn. Pcu-ly uben taken in large .W G. W. McWtttama, president of the Sub-AlWe st Stbckbridge. G. frouM r.ot P10: AfTlr W Swamp Angel Medicine three .rrk.bfr. .'.S pKK up Ijo pounds. It made him a new man; better tha he had teo ia t.rstv IZZf- Jackson. Atlanta, suffered for years with oUWte.; cared .it. tnalf .iTi"?1 Med,C1"l:- J10-11 Whaley, AtlaaU. cured f tafia. mation of the bladder in one week with Swamp Angel Medicine. ASTHMA AND CATARRH, !2eibT th.bet "'f1. Prts to be cauaed by paraaitr. germ, or microbes, Swamp Angel Medicine never fails to kill tbe La.. M. SmUs. bldlll8'0 1?Lce' Lswrencerille, Oa., bad i ro:.ped vpi x. "thm; , lD a wek ft" commencing the n of 4avamp As fWlSi, " VOX. 6lag btf wn houaework. CouW give jv m.sy if itYSii asthma. Swamp Angel Mtdici.e will care ERYSIPELAS, DIARRHOEA AND COLIC areidl ued by germs, microbe, or pars.ites. John Daniel.. Atls.ta, Jt bb11 VU . A the cheek and three teeth oat KryBlpelas set in. Three days after hu face was a horrible 4ht. S-turdsf mrbt eoneaced with Swamp Angel Medicine. Monday morning ao , tr.,m. U s STrL-i Power Atlanta, at midnight said: "Oh. I Will die befr JjT tSZifti.? stomach- Dr. D. W. Marion pnmped five duae. or iy 2? m urfDileiBin 1 30 """tea. He was up and Valkier about is as hour. N. H. Cheshire, a large farmer of Fultoa county, says' -My male was JfV?J txU 6p. m. I then drenche-l with two Ublespoonsf sf of Swa-s rfiJ .Tff tw'tT ntes that male was ap eatiagoats. Miss EH dower. Atlanta, aava "N An r v .l.u l . . 1 , or cold this winter. At the first svmntiMns of tmnto. ..VJ Angel Medicine." ' THEIR NAMES ARB MANY. Margaret Morton. 45 Courtland 1 SPJIOv ltm one week gei Medicine she was walking around sne wsa walkina? a mila iai tha. fAt a . , . . - . - - j. siiwuia, Meat r.nn, suffered thirty years with throat aad long diaeaaes; cured sound and well -ilk bwamp Angel Medicine. Dora Strickland. DeKalb county, down fa lrd three Dilf 'Vc cofPtnj was walking .lout every here sfter cum mead tt Uln Onaa faff Maurm aaa a A an avaml maTlaI.. . - . - ,--rr lua i deaa' XZl1- DYSPEPSIA AND INDICES! ION. 8rTmpAf I Med,ciae " wonderful tonic, and therefore never fsfls on lyspepsia and Indigestion. This trouble is simolv fermeBtatia. of tbe totnach. Fermentation is regeneration. See yeast working. nd milk mm AiLlZ?11 . mxnP- MaUons of bug. are visible. So with DyspepsU. is dJcstto&, and sow belches; the gastric juices have failed to forre digest: Zfl Medicine put an immediate stop to all fermcBtsOoa tn the stomach, it trill tK-. rZ. . a .1 - T .. J- ai. BornDy, W. G. Gibson, Tha Retail Druggists Say there are few bottles returned. Dr. J. C Cobb & Co., Buchsnaa. Ga.. aarv Three hundred bottles of Swamp Angel Medicine sold aad guaranteed here; ISJfSlfi1 llke dady d perfect atisfioa." It s-JLi w5?ld,a.of McD?00f,b' - J: "SoUl one hundred bottle. Swacp L rfrf .l1' UDd tee. I ha. e had but one cornplaift. o Jotthretnjrnad.'' Bagwell Brothers, Lawrenceriile. Ga .s-ys; "Hare three ult Swamp Angel Medicine here; it gives universal aati facti-a " IT?' CT,ntou' writes: "Have sold over too bottles of Sw.p f-pl Mne; ranteed every bottle and have not had a bottle retamed.- LSC at SOB. Csnwn. (U.. amtaa tl. .-u c- a . . . " ' . mu ou uwun owamp ABgei tJlrll S.niuelS.P.AUanta.Ga.. -ys: J I soldow vooo bottle. Swamp Angel Medne. underTgusrss tea. stavms? troaa two tn ww- .v. . r . . ... - ' swanav raxau price a ? far whaa araaeaUd ta any TiaS TICKET ENTITLES THE HOLDER TO Angel Medicine or 1 pt for SWAMP ABGBL ptsior.... , o g1 lor. 1 Saaines 'or---..-,.............. ......... S aa aad th public that I j LKAK TOR KVltt. 1 .... T0S1CC0 TO specialty of selling bright tobacco. '2 in the business. 3 Prompt Returns. ALL WE ASK. 3 v' irvoncu at imiowi: J . jnora, wif h,a i 11 j..v. el Medicine has Ler fearly arll." S a 7 r street, down ia bed six months with ews- after commencir.g the use of Swamp As and attending nivbt show. In t erka . iir u.r. .a . - mmc rper iraai roiut, tia.1, I. II Tncrsi- "Tood, all U Atlaata, wire euros of and too more ia Atlaata .1-p-ae. -. 11 warn, naa aruc 3 ootlie. ren aac half pints. $a far aiaU. hat drag stare ar this cesspaay for. I 9 .1 oa USD I C 1MB CO., Washisan, O. C.

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