-TIir A I A CI I A T 1 1 per cent." Tbe man brings the goldHin this State was inspired and made 1 He was after making a good bargain l rib. ws-a w wa-awaa-aa,. overnment takes it and pays it ! posaible by a contemptible and rot- for hi company, and be made PUBLISH EU EVERY THURSDAY. BALAfER. Maaaglag Editor. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, 3NK .YE-2. SIX MOSTHS Til RES MONTHS it out to the men who have worked fori seething organization known a the I That wu his basinets. He jnst . Anur . ,?- ,,. and riva the I Democratic party. It had become I twuted the directors sp into eol- bt the caccahiam pt?B ishiho oo. I mn who brought the gold a note unendurable and the people combm- uky little knot and alone them marion BCTUtR, - rraaidaat. I . . lt v, nnm thna. I ad to ovarthrow it and did so. And I around Drettv much as he Bleated. tllllliui . . - I mm . .rtd rlnlUr. and nromiiinfip to Dir Thi Caucasias wants to declare 1 He wm aecond Vice-President of tbia him four Dr eent. for the use of the here and now that it firmly believes I company before he made this deal old. This kind of note is a oov- that the people will continue to com-1 Now, he is Fir Vice-President. His ibwment bOKD. bine to keep that organization under company could not Help admiring the ban of public condemnation as I him for his splendid manipulation Now suppoie a man does one long as such combination may be of the state s interest. thousand dollars worth of work, necessary. There is as much prin- I... m mm m . m mm The government can eive him a ciple involved in keeping tne aamtn- Who are tha thousand dollar treasury note (green- istration of public affairs free f rom -in TH- eet-fr0m the eonle for ,UCn Pcy cannot consistently back) for it and it will pass for that bigotry, autocrsey, partisanism and hettinga railroad manipulate them "UJ .in itbr fhe Democratic o r Re- much money anywhere. But if the corruption as anything else, and this j;k the W8re putt menT We do,t puoiicau parties man who gets the treasury note is a principle wnicu we oeneve we know, but we shall see. should keep it for one year it would people of North Carolina will be worth just whit it was issued tain for one thousand dollars. Bat if Entered In tha Post Office at Raleigh, S. O, as Second CUm Matter. whatever on which to baae toe com- j monly heard objections against gov ernmental operation of the mo nopolies, and will prove to be an im mensely interesting document to those who desire a clear exposition of this phase of the question. The Louisville Courier-Journal (Dem.) says that the place for a man who does not endorse the financial policy of Cleveland and Carlisle is in the People's party. This is liter- I TT . L J J trustees, and what m" "uc tv" " "mu HOQAll SLAVERY MID THE CHURCH. A Vigorous Seraon on a Promi- nent Question by Bex. D. H. Tattle. A REVIEW OF HISTORY THE SILVKB BUS-I CASH FKEMICM OS fKOHLKM. The Caccasiaw In desirous of turning all possible light on the current que- . . l - . 1,1 k. vld t have' for publication, the opinions of the man with gold came along, and This is a principle, however, which , ,. hi. r anv other Htate. the irovernment took his sold and Democratic "machine" papers and Theoractioabilitr of securing the oper- gave him a bond for it, how would partisans cannot comprehend. With atlon of certain principles, now ue- the matter standi The goverment them, anything whieh looks to a con-r-ntd h- the maloritv of the people,! ,nni.i -v nA tn u- x.n I demnation of their methods and a is perhaps the most Interesting Pha,w ad done one thousand dollara worth defeat of their schemes is unprinei of the leading Issue of the Jay. in me work. and at the end of tha vear vled. and this is the sole cause of ' - rf i- - tlia rrll would atill Va vnrth nnlv I their f unous and tie rv tirades and one thousand dollars. But the Hy and are : S. B. Alexander, W. C MeeklenbartF: J. P. Allison. Cabar- rns: Lm 8. OwrmsB. Rown- T. W. and whv we wi I -1 . r i silver man ior t resiaeni Wkkk Oa tm Skaw Taat Dr. Taaaiaai DM tt Sla U Mark la BU Faaaaa rttaraac. Rev. D. II. Tuttle, pastor of the Cen tral M. E. Church In Raleigh, preached a sermon on Sunday night, Oct. 13th, The majority of Here they tbe mer'cn People do not endorse I the financial policy of these men, I 3 .L:. 1 a 1 T 1 I V - i . fa mmia VAtnavk m ia a. . ... is erowme so last all over the coun- 01 ir.vyru luuupwo ill elect a free subject was -i Dev nurcn in in . i relation to slavery. Johnson. Orange: Dr. V. E. Tnrner. 5Uver mu lor Iresiueni ,n AOW' Matthew 2-4 and Oalattans 3-28. Tor Wake: 8. B. Snrnill. Franklin: J. J. eTery 8UTer man aoa P"0 g iJ Cl "u ' , I " " ' I. . i ;n l lOKemer, ana u u win oe aa easy matter to beat the two o'd parties and their geld candidates. Young, Johnston. hope of eliciting the best and most comprehensife opinions, we will offer the cash prizes below. We name the following subject for dliwius sion : MWnr.Tii Fkeb akd Ukliiiitkd f.tvft or Silver Caksot bk S- cured Through the 1'ahty. THIS "RETl'BKIAO PROSPERITY." An honest, intelligent man must be amazed to note the continued dec- snivelling lamentations larations from the monopoly hire- bond oh! The keen fellow who got against fusion in this State. the government to give him a bond for his geld holds it one year and at me ena 01 mat time the ooud is Democratic I worth one thousand and forty dollar t, for the government has promised to lings that "prosperity is returning." It is a lie. We are not pessimistic rth Carolina is not the only by nature but in dealing with con- State in which the people are anven ditions and faets we ought to to "fusion" for the protection of know the truth. .The onlv thin in public interests. We renew in this issue of The Caucasian the Woman's Depart ment. We hope to be able to make an to be borne, anu lay tnem on mens shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one oi their Dn eers." "There is neither Jew nor Greek; there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female; for ye are Uuch slaves as exuietf anioug us It la almnlT Income as a lan, iaai cone under ODsrvatian. Oo4 five facts: be sU tne piciore ot dbbmdiij before us so that as tbe light coxae from Heaven In ages to come the great difference might be plainly eeea la t be splitting of bemanii y. uoaioioeoe rfnnlBg did not teach Ills children to throw off tbe yoke of bondage, bet to submit to it. a gave adtimbi oi rectioos as to bow he should demean himself towards lb aervanis oi ni bouse and promised him great reward because be was faithful. God used bondage, if you may so call it, to Jus- tifv. ta krins? blesaior to His people. . - - - . - m . i . W All tmng" vrors vfrur ior pwu wn Rod and out of tbe sale of Joseph God brought blessing to Ills rboaeo people in all ages to come; ana so we ran pot denv it to be a fact in the patriarcbial asra, and yet we can state that no hlime ran be put upon tbe Fatherhood of God, for in tbe patriarcbial times. be provided roa the Ltia or all, hnth tha bum and bis servants. Coming into Mosaic ages, there is no evidence that goes to snow insi under this dispensation slavery was established, but there is an iue rvi denre vou want to show that It was recognizea as a fact. Klavery that grew out of poverty: slavervthat grew from paternal authority, and slavery for stealing. You have got some of that now. In thi dispensation there was no tin all one in Christ Jesus." The two texts of Scripture represent ! thi .n intftrostincr and nrnfitahla two lines Of thouellt. in tbe Urst 8e- . . , .7 . ... lection ot Jscripture reau.cnrisi is rep- feature of the paper, and would be resenU m9 talking to the Church in ! very glad to have the co-operation of our lady readers. Short, concise communications on any matter Ihevare fusing in which there hasbfieaany noticable L . . . are invited from them, and all such is . . i - vt ir i a j - - Articles are not to exceed lXXlworas -v h:m . thousand dollars for the ew xorato-oay. ror uome yeara improvement in a business Way In length or sbout one column of the aQ(j four per cen a year or the past the politics of New York city hron and that a now 0n the down CaUCAUak. . iBgae of it: and bv this nlan the ana pracucaiiy oi ew xors. oiai grade Here are a couple of samples of this "returning prosperity." New York, Oct. 12. J. B. Brewster & Co., manufacturers of carnages, 489 b lfth ave nue. made an assignment to-day. J. B Brewster, the bead of the firm, is now 80 years or age An artiife Intended to compete for have been dominated and controlled aaa.vwau uiwu s vvaaa aav wuvz s.u v udauu s the prizes must be sent in not later bj a Democratic machine known as j . .. . communications will have the earli est and best attention possible. the age in which he lived. In the second text of Scripture from Gala tians. is represented the Spirit of Christianity, as in Christ Himself. Neither bond nor free, but all are one in Christ Jesus. It is a very unusual thing in our day, too unusual, for the pulpit to dis cuss matters relative to civil govern- poiitical the colored people. Vt hen a man was a slave be could go to another and sell himself for the time, until he could work out his bondacre. If he stole he became a slave to the one from whom the property was takeorcGlrls were sold as maid servants to men with the view not to be slaves, but With tbe view to afterwards becoming their wives: and provisions were mauV un der the Mosaic law which provided a ye.r of jubilee for the releasing of slaves. Coming on to tbe Greeks and Jtomans we find slavery among them, and yet than January 1st, 18J. Lju.,...j j.i, j, 4. Tammany. No State or people was biect and under the vuo lu"UD"1 uvua,i " , . . . . J I j . t ,t . . tat pnronn with a more vicions. l m- joriy extra aouart goes to a man who moral and unutterably unprinci- Ori the above su conditions named, we offer the follow ing prizes: For best article, $25.00. For second best article, $15.00. For third best article, $10.00. One or more of the articles that may be received will be published each week. The name of the writer will be pub lished if desired. The identity of the ment: political matters; PormlA wlirt hftTP nnt rend "fVin'n ideas: as if this exeat denartment of Christianity did - . .ih I , .i i -1. : I nuiuau aaimj, uu iuuuSm,iim SOT THROW orr THEIR SLAVERY. i ... ft... I r ..n 1 nuence auu power, were iu ue .e.t Thi -rt nreached to all classes: Jest at that tisae artiB a. . t a a a mA Itv Wrmmim ft.1..' B" SVaJt-k enjoying and bolding ia)tV6!f 1 muv srrriprmtor it .... of snoleatatioB. Again rontinulnr tK. . Berron says: T5m Ifcrwtiaaity 1 ni did not itrike one lirk of work. The treasury note or greenback, when it was first issued, would pass for a thousand dollars. So would the bond. Let us suppose, now. that it should be necessary for the gov ernment to promise to redeem either Financial School" should not fail to do so during the fall and winter a marvellous revelation of the . His influnod untoucli-! FV1 the highVUssea'and the low classes, finan- the Son f,God'. l s ?,mif5ke to amon the free and among the bond, suppose that a minister of God is f Jlm .k-.! ippose LIMITED BY POLITICAL MATTERS. pled and unscrupulous organization - The fft-re marks an epocn in the history cjai qUe8tlon. It makes a man feel al, ! n TintMAAMs ey Tm vrvi a mv I ft rMavi ncrAKii i lAintr Trp that Ttrowratavra fir I ' 1 ; ; , J almost a century pasL have been the most that he 18 qualified, to dlSCUSS it. lt There is no limitation in the gospel horde, lt literally fed on COrrup- famous carriage builders in the world. The Ai ..n 1 we are sent to Dreach. Commend all tion and vice. It desoised decencv liabilities amount to $150,000. r . . J . . ' . the arood, and stand for the right And here is a real estate item: 1 BIUU VL lL4C ouujwu n c wm uu wnerever tie uuus n, anu couueimi iue i . i ... i. . i. . , . t. -v . - i t' i i. u : i 1 .1 m. i . - . . i wriinif m iirrrvrr 11c rsrrn i l . . - . i.rni.ii. r m tt i it.TwiirmnH i i in u i ir u i k uiim auw ii'.wi j miu i does un; for a Christian is sorry for a ting't0 $500 were isTued yesteVdly , "7 1 n Kvery minfster,of .l should sin while this Tammany gang rev- against Jacob H. Grave, owner of large J? ar or $1-; six months for bUc be a student of political economy. , ,. . Ti tracts of real estate. He is largely interested " Every minister of the Gospel should eiiea in maecency ana aisnonor. 11 m business enterprises in Lebanon, Colum- Senator Ptffer has bought a con- 1 be interested in the government of his hiuitma tnh l atanoh that tha hAt. I uia, cum Der lana ana juoniour counties mi. urrave a upn ine merits 01 iue ariuirn, inn prizes awarded according to their de cision. SOMETHING AHOC r BONUS. one thousand and redeem the bondf forty dollars to j. 11: i j. xi a , .c xi I mtinn hid Stato his rnnntv his fitv liabiUties will reach 1100,000, m tu oc 01 toe "fVu " th hffi'u- V" mf r : A Tn..n : u gned as the " ! , . 7. . regulative l. 1 "c cause of the failure. I nis intention to tase cnarge 01 that not noiu nimseii accountame to uou for the uiscnarge 01 nis duty as a citi zen. writer will not affect the judgment of one in gold. Would it not be easier . . . I for the crnvernnriATit tn crot nnn thrtn ine anicie. " 0- . 1 n i: aa " . - rr; . - .7--.-: ... A competent committee, having no sand dollars in gold to redeem the ' ' j 1 iepreciauon in ine vame 01 reai estate ana xopeKa Advocate, and announces . . . 1 . 1 rc avr I'ovnnror rn aan" t nr t no 1 - jr 1 1 a x- a. . a v 1 a 1 connection with the paper, win pass treasury note than it would be to get purpose 01 overmrowing n anu mat These are inst two samples. The excellent paper in the near future. fusion achieved the same success in t tal number of business failures In an editorial he says vr t' 1 u: j 1 e : l l new xoraas wasacuiovwu uyiuoiuu i.hronhn,.trhA TTn;tfi(1 Rtatfia Tiiam- Henceforth and until further notice the in North Carolina. The Tammany bered 2fi3 rW week against 245 the .L ..e?? every VOte man may cast is a ,, APoA A ;f.l . . . . T- ' .mwmiwi wia HKniginauin. HELP TO VIRTCK OR VK K nana Tt co UQLoatou auu luo iuluiuui 1 1. H.narAUI-. ftLi z nA iir rinnimm nnnno vnt rioriAi ha ana 1 nrtiji 1 " , ... , wwo"- """i ttUU - 1U luo oamo khY h- r As these Questions are constantly to week a year aero. What's the use ot lying about itf rbis gospel of the free was preached to all classes, and whatever rlasa a man was converted in be remained in that class. If he was a bondsman he was taught to b? obedient to his mas ter; and l'aul, when he eiit back a slave to Thileiuon that had run sway, be sent bim back notasatdave not as a servant, says he, but as a brother be loved. He was rerognized as such in Christ Jesus. Then comes negro slavery, as it origi nated in tbe world more than three thousand years ago by the Carthagi nians going into Africa and capturing the poor negroes and carrying them Roeana, aa4 laa ranr, . ' . ' Into a ral atrT aad Cnati,ty Kmte . .w raent iaataad of IU Uoda ratherboad tmrmu . , torn bxranta nnw.'sl waraal -Or. . . 7 a "a. wa avw ITW4HT S3I of bat as mrtrrd a a rt. .. Chnt has liM hero frn,,,., lo W protectioa frota od. lhfu tl1 XL' rood all rrzkoainc. tu . -17 KrfarsaerB. Hal ar rrm. . . work to bm done, llrr ta. ta .V matMu. the work that rrm.i,. . atTsrio r cas r-i:.. aaeniaaripatioo of ta . fal boodaca to lha t.mti tered 1U (nlota ma4 l-r- j GuvOfh ait tba rratarw ot it. tf-wL3 deltrrranca of CbnatiamtT tr.r , 7. ' who imr rorrui4 ur .-IT ua with their anviul W:!u, u'-kT wttox law. Herri . tiialr . .u- . of hunaalty itupnait4 " ' .ft... 1 . 1 uai true wpri A rt, fv in this age. Takina op tbe tbtMjght a. , in tha teat as a Crt illatraTi,.0 ,4 tT thouicht now in hand, the t,ur. l . . .ir 1 f - . 1 . . U uiuriruuj irtiiB iw iril 1 J thrfiuryof the Churrh l ..flr tL,f the 'rw-ltr-r of tha t hurrh tnj Tta? Cbcrch will take th .., t;tt tude before the lt cuniitij; ,.f as she occupied jut t-f. rr tu lfl coming. The Church m "fjn tiody compoaed of men to arrj t tt ideas tif Chrit. If the I. en l perfect it would lr all tt'- tw rrasity of a personal rnut. f .rH( hi ia-i u right tlx wrong i.f a world. Christ, you remember. . t,. tu victim of a heathen nation; 1 r:. u not put on the rroaa by irtr (,f lUiuian government. It valt , that was fouudrd u.n thr in, . &lose: it was the Churrh a ..t,tr.N by lh I'hariaeea aud ?vrit- tt.t-. ruaed Christ of blavphetuj. It CtMirrh that signed hi O.-at ti atrrtu and t ried "crucify bim." ;..B soldiers were nothing but iti.truutt. iu the hands of tlwJrai.t. I. ur.it. cruelty itie.in oiou. Who can for a moment d-ii ufci fact as that. Thi tn tl- Jrn tUi prevailed nithean-ieitt hun h. The other facts uient ioiil tW spirit in tbe modern "hur h. l .4t it to-day. What is the lrr ,.f t- Let us apply this question to the last bond issues. It will be remem- 1 : H 1 ine people, iuuit.uu uU " thV ri" 1" .t " 7 r. TT rascality and villainy which was ex i .Un . Vnahwmsfllves ful- bered that Cleveland and Carlisle . f . . 1CU tS V VIJ f aaw ' ' f y CAN A PATRIOT ENDORSfc SUCH A RECORD. lv informed with reference to all the n& "sued one hundred and sixty- . . i :n: j-it . , , hemes aud plans of the powers that m"on aouars worm oi Donas, be. Next year there will be a mighty we will say are to run for appeal to the people to express their thirty years at 4 per cent, interest, opinion, pro or con, concerning cer- Tnis means that at the end of thirty tain schemes in connection with the yearS the bonds must be paid back, I .a . I S.UU U UUUViV V V mm UU1U1UIU AW UIU I - ' - -mr-m. w m. v umkt mm financial system of this government Q the meantime the govern- had th brazen effrontry to lift its ded over 200,000 more pensioners to n k m mm S- mm. A, - A -. - J .M I I posed by an examination of that Democratic machine cannot be de scribed for it is unmentionable. The audacity of the devil is not more positive and emphatic than added $301,071,594 to the national the audacity of Tammany. It has debt of this crovernment. It has ad- Ile holds himself in dancer of on and trading them with other na- receiving the judgment of God, if he tions. This same trade was taken up passes this by, if he fails to realize that by the Portugese, id the fourteen t ti cciiiurjr, auu uj npaiu iu lur uiiituiu century; and when America was d i it covered, in 1492, a great impetus was triven to the trade, and ttu trad was be settled at the ballot boxes of our encouraged by the Koman Catholic country, he has sinned against God I nhnmh iindr th miwoe nf vhih immediately after the expiration of his offl- and against his fellow men if he does D0th Portugese and Spain existed at uobuuiu ti,at time. Priests of the Catholic The R&leie-h meeting ws no teat x . . J J"1 "cr? Church encouragea slavery, ana thus iliT lIf J C8t tfaat 1 b.elon to no Political party. I the at controlling Church, from the public omce, ne cannot devote any part or nis time to personal wore on tne paper; but it is his intention to return to editorial labor (Continued on BJ imt If they are not informed they will not be able to properly decide on the issues presented. ment must pay about one hundred and head again and step forward as the the already enormous Republican .'.,.. ?, jn ...... ntnrtu-icor minwna oi UOliarS in inter-1 , a ti 3 . ,, - . -i. . . . . " , champion of "good government." pension roll a .? B mi- luree.nu,n"ea The people are fusing again to give This is the party that loudly con- auu ut.jr-oovcu millions OI COliarS Mn Vfa. Mflmn the Rannhliaaw nt f An , II. MIA VT IUV1 ObUUUlUK WlWIfl ". -.j, jua , j W V V Oae plan or scheme of the present P"- out ior tne use oi one hundred publican8 Independents and Dem- ing these very same things and prom- Nobody seems to question the fact . m !. 11 A : I H.TI (1 Ul VTr.fWA m I I Al n Ia a mmr i- - I - - I . - ocrats constitute the "fusion." Used the people to wipe out such that Mr. fcd Chambers Smith and oth It is to be heped that all the life wrongs if the people would give ers called the non-partisan silver con will bej knocked out of that Demo- them a chance. But behold! this vention on pretty extensive author cratic machine of corruption this Democratic party has not only en- ity. Mr. Smith says when that an time. dorsed.the wrongs of the Republican thority is questioned, he will pub party, but it has. added to the wrongs lish the names of those who signed The andacitv of Tammanv will already done. ' the call. tt a 4. i.u . . .. , ofnnblic sentiment as to silver 6 t F p v.." ine great controlling vuurcn. irom i ne Up to date the administration has ."c sentiment as to silver. am no Democrat, I am no Republican, third century up to the fifteenth the 4 auj uu x-upuust, i uj uu i-rouioiiion- church that controlled the destinies of JBut it was a test of the sincerity of ,9C- lu otner woras i am not a poiiti- I r I i -i 1 r . A i v ciau : a uuiu mjreii jusi wuere i oe lieve every Minister of the Gospel should hold himself; independent of all parties; he can hold himself IN NO OTHER POSITION as the representative of Jesus Christ the Democratic leaders on the silver question. They are not willing to say, and be put on record, that they will not vote for a goldbug for Pres ident in 1896. mankind and held the gospel within its irrasp encouraged slavery for all these ages. No intelligent man will undertake to refute this statement. And coming on later the established Church of England recognized it and national adminstration is the retire- an(1 sixty-two millions of dollars. ment of all treasury notes and silver Hw is this money to be gotten? It certiEcates, and putting in their is gotten by taxing the people di place five hundied million dollars in rectly and indirectly. The people interest bearing bonds. Let's have nam pay it an. a plain, simple talk about this mat ter. And to begin wub.let ad I suppose, now, instead of issuing .... t t . I 1 3 1 1 I af a mu tne assertion m iuIOouv- -uulcu.uU bij-iwo miuions probabl yb e equalled by the Demo- This same Democratic party has uuuuicu muu """""" I uvuuo, iu vmio- n-o,;,, manhina in this Ksa novt I Tint nnlV lnPTPflSPfl tha Tiofmlo'a hnrH. I nnmno.n J . L: A of dollars of treasuty notes (green- land had issued one hundred and It will brazenly step forward en of debt, but it has struck down denly recollect that he has an en- party backs) in circulation and one nun- sixty-two millions of dollars in . tnfi narrv f nrno.rU"th silver and contracted the enrrene.v so U i00wV, n. ... .:t.M time to time. Hw w r mmm, mm -. - mm v - m, - w . Km, V V mmm.1 U V WV UVlVl I LAO b OO T 311 V CL 1 . . 1 n s. . II .1 1.11 ! I A.. a. I ..I r Urea ana Illty millions oi uoiiars in ireasnry notes gearing no interest; nartv nf tufi npftniA hnt we he. as to make it harder thn ever for the silver certificates. redeemable in gold in thirty years, iuwi,. naftniaft vnrfi. p.,ii. nunnlAiA nv thnir daiit.. pti .nv M. - - i a aw v v tu v a v vs. v iaa vaiuia mmmMj I tr f "w v SfJ -w a.wa wmu wuj 1tm noies wo"l nave Deen JUSt as hA 15aj nnn tft fArm triot endorse such a nartv a.nd enntin . f T 1 . a . A Ti i i . 1 , . m. i i - wnai is a treasury mni n is guuu muney as me people want, ine B:nn otrftnff onnni, frt omftan tn ne to irive it his annnnrtT Tf there 5 . simply a piece of paper with the faith and credit of the government life out of that corrupt organization, single patriot in North Carolina who government s stamp on t .ruiyiuK wouia nave oeen oenina tnem, ana There'3 no bigger principle before can, we will give him space in the ' that it renresenta so much value, that is all there is behind tha hnnAa. I ., . - ., . . ... I i . m . I otate. - ' . tne people oi tnis tate tnan tnat of columns or ihk Caucasian to give lor instance if the government The government could, within thirty keeping petty partisans and hypo- his reasons, if he has any, for so do- vnoum empioy a man auu agree iu years time, get one nunarea ana sixty pay him one dollar per day for work, two millions of dollars in gold to re wheu that man had done a day's work deem the treasury notes just as easily the government can give him this as it could get that amount of gold I democratic hypocrites justify piece of stamped paper which certi- to redeem bonds, and in the mean- ing themselves by the action ties that the man had done work to the time the people would not be paying of republican hypocrites, amount of onejdollar. , The man can one hundred and ninety-five mil- The Democratic free silver (!) 1'oor and sinful as I may be. and as encouragea itunuerttiai government. erring as I am, I feel commissioned of nd 11 ws not untl1 ",e i M that God to preach llis truth, and there- a single protest was heard against the fore I belong soul and body, from time 8,ave trade. Then the idea was brought and eternity, to Jesus Christ, the King UP. nd bill abolishing it was paed of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and be- in the llouse of Commons, but in the longing to Him, I stand for JJim, sep- House of Lords it was killed; and it arate from all these things, and with was not until 1808 that a law was the God-given right passed in both houses givingtheeman- TO PREACH AGAINST WRONGS "fve tradi " '""fr U" wherever I see it in whatever party Then later, in 1800, come across tbe 1 may see it; to advocate right where- water and vn will fimi (inrr -xit If you happen to be talking to a ever I may see it, and when it comes hng jn this United States of America w uc laBuijg ui a vote, iu uo mat under the Constitution. You find that in iue iear oi uou, ana witn tnat nnthinr n- uiH n.t. it in ih. and for those men from I hnrphM until ikxi th.n th ft as I may deem itLiut Vniinii ri,..t, ..r ;.ir convention to him. best, and for His Kingdom, the and advancement of for the uphold- straight by declaring in tbe General l:nnfpiwnia in cur nrlr ninat !. Certain Democratic papers appear Ln.?' JllrL i55 Com on. nd h. , , sw .COd.U60. uuuc iuii nuiuing tnat tne doctrine of slavery to be having as much trouble in sav- for these eight years, and propose to tha Vinrii tnm "A;.iv follow tnat rule, sug vuv vu. taa. a. a v iu uioi "g? u b Cao they are having in "redeeming" the crites out of State affairs. the management of I ing. A STAB AT THE ALLIANCE. It is well known in Alliance cir- same rule applies to a thousand dol lar note. a What is a bond! It is simply a Warren Washington.. Wilkinson. Black. 223 128 826 861 183 151 5,501 207 262 1,024 624 Watson. 829 443 247 946 832 . 826 923 581 809 1,336 755 The Alliance will be nothing daunt ed. It is able and determined to es tablish its manufacturing enterpris- Totals ". Black's majority 10,193 8,677 1,556 And now we are wondering if there will be any more "symposiums" as the result of the sermon preached by Rev. D, H. Tuttle. The effort tn renair tha nnnlaa. cles that a shoe factory at Cary, N. kickiHg machine seems to be scoring Cto be owned and controlled by a pretty lone record of faUures. can one hundred and ninety-five mil- The Democratic free silver (?) I the Alliance has been in prominent take this note or dollar and ex- lions of dollars to the goldbugs and hypocrites were very much alarmed contemplation. It is known that SiueGa victoria, of England, has change it for something he wants, bondholders as interest. at the action of the non-partisan free the site including building, lot and a pet dog named Cleveland. This is the old "greenback" the silver State convention. The reso- some machinery had been contracted Tha vota for wataon aad Black. kind of money that pulled this gov- Now. consider these statements for lntion nassed was so nlain. straight- for as far as contracts could be Tm Watson, of Georgia, carried ernment through the war, and the awhile. Study the principles in- forward and honest that it forced made. The property, by reason of Tertheord kind of money that paid the soldiers volyed iu them. See how much of their hand and exposed their hypoc- there being minor heirs, had to be rtnma ivIm.ruA- i!;-grie i v. u ti..:. 1: i T.I- , . . . .. . . .... .. , .. , ,- . .... i t,' M.v,uwitiuw auu uvukui - buhco it jugglery, injustice and rascality is risy. These so called tree silver soia at puone auction, Dut tne aiii-i cratic opponent, a majority iu m 1 I I I - goes tor a aouar any wnere now. shown by them, and remember, that Democrats are now anxious to find ance, the heirs and the guardian for county large enough to wipe out TCTli4 llinait la Vift to1 n Vivl: -J - M i i n , ,, ,i . i n I : T j . l I VV.t Ron's mAinntins in ll lha annn. " " j - j lusieau ot wiBning to decrease tne I xvepuoiicans wno win say tnat uey mmui ueirs uuu agreeu as to mei . a r , th f-ith and e.rndit of thia o-overn. ;i . r . j e :i a. u4. ii I Tl . uore u me vuie o oiii) iuo iicKut 'cuiuvcauc a U mill- I aid lur silver, auu iuu oay tuat uiojr 1 f-xvw cuu ictiuo. u jiwyo.tjr w a . n . nmy WAm Am n ri At h n o n I I a a? . . . . I .,, , m i,, m 1 1 i I . J , . m . . i . 1 i,i wo-k. wn ui -- Msmuon iS seeinc" 10 increase it; 1 win vote ror a croianncr. 11 ineir Dartv 1 ouseu ior sate on monaav ine id i oi v.-. J,i Trl I or . w 1 I AJ1UIUU1H. who holds this note has a dollar. He for as stated above, its plan is to de- nominates one. inst. The Alliance in good faith offer OJ0 can hold it a year or two years if he Utroy the three hundred and forty mm ed $4,250, the price formerly agreed jeflersonV.V.V.V. wishes, but it draws no interest, and million dollars of treasury notes now Some Democratic papers have upon with the heirs of the estate. !nJ5i at the end of that year or two years hn circulation and issue bonds in published, with pleasure, a number A capitalist was present, by repre- Richmond'.! Y.V.'.V. it is still worth hut one dollar. Ihe place of them for whatt Tfn- - of such utterances from ReDublicans. sentative. and raised the AllianA janaierro other purpose than to sive these Here is a sample : offer and of course took the prop bonds to the money power and gold-1 "Senator Warren, of Wyoming, who was erty. This was his privilege. - il. . . . i eiectea a stauncn silver man, says ne is a bugs Of the country, and make the Republican first, and will not leave his workinc neonle of the nnnntn nrn-tr I party if it declares for the eold standard." . . a ... A, I " j "-..- piece pi paper witntne government s i0uger and toil harder to pay these We notice that other so-called free stamp on it certifying that it repre- non-working bondholders and gold silver Democratic papers have also sents so much value, but it is issued bugs more money as interest. In greedily published the above about differently. Now let's take a thou- the name of God, what of justice and Senator Warren, sand dollar bond and talk about it a right is there in any such a system? It is evident that these silver hypo littleV Suppose the government want- And we want to ask, in the name of crites- these goldbugs in disguise ed a thousand men to wora one aay "equal rights to all and special priv- intend to vote for a goldbug next their there ed to, give each man a dollar note as a a are some Republican hypocrites who above describe-, and eacn note wouia There is yet deeper rascality and will also sacrifice principle and hang pass for a dollar, for each dollar more flagrant robbery in the schem- to the goldbug pie-counter next would represent a day's work and a ng than is suggested here, but of year. thousand dollars would be exchanged that, more anon. The non-partisan silver conven V. J A A ior wua tuu uui auu tion has nncovered this stripe of II .1 V ' . A - l.iJ I . . I W wouia tuua oe put into circulation. au.r -,umuh." , fellows in North Carolina. It has And this money would be as good as I "Fusion" in North Carolina is a exposed their hypocrisy and shown any mat nas ever Deen usca. it matter ovet wnicn the democratic the people the treachery they in- wui oe tne om green oaca money otate press can get wildly frantic, tended to commit. which everybody knows is good and There is a streak of desperate des- mt,, i ..I ..... . passes every wueie. inenwnyaoes nt painn its frenzied effort to create that railroad lease. the government do thisi ibis is the the impression that "fusion" is a I We have already referred to the reason. Some man who has found compromise of principle. Yes, the lease of the North Carolina railroad. a thousand dollars worth of gold or Democratic press has the effrontery It will be remembered that the di- has gotten it in some other way goes to talk about principle talk about it rectors, to whom this public interest to the government and says: "Don't as a thing which Democracy has was entrusted, p'ractically sold the pay those men who worked for you practiced. vIt seems to be somewhat road to the Southern Railway com in treasury notes. Pay them in gold, anxious to make the people believe pany the lease being for a period I have got the gold nd will lend it that it knows something about prin- ot ninety-nine years, and the price to you if you will promise to pay it ciple. If its impudence in this mat back with INT-KBST." The govern- ter were not so colossal as to be al ment saysi ""'"Very1 well bring the most stupefying, 'it would be piti gold. We will give yon a note cer- fully funny, tifying that we owe you one thou- j" sand dollars with a promise to pay The Democratic papers seem to It back to yon with interest at four have never yet leaed that "fusion" I say this because the question tbat we discuss is a political one; it is a questiou that much has been said about recently. A remark from the Presi dent ot tbe btate Alliance, Dr. Thomp son, at Cary recently, has brought about this question. The people of all parties, all over tbe State, have been m M- m - - . m unurcn oi oa is involved, lt is a question; a vital, question, and one which IS NOT TO BE PA8SEP BT. is one. that if the truth w j equai ngnts to an ana special priv- intend to vote for a goldbug and agreed to pay each man a dollar iiege8 none if the maood of year, and are trying to justify for the day's work, lt could, if it want- America will submit to itt inconsistency by showing that 1 The city of Augusta is in Rich- mvntfl Annnfv mA 1 A II - I W.1V. UU !. I 1 I U o I 'finite 1 .t,- s-1 ai l " ' vo. uiiiiiiai. ucovUOl auu uuuvn- ....t. lonnn T-v Uon cannot swerythe AlUance from! cratic votes. In this last election it its purpose. An organization which I did not cast half that number. 1 i . a - I 1 nostlie legislature in tWO wnoie U la tha Way Thay Lie to Deeel-a the years ot determined destruction -aweary, could not mar. will not be effected bv Topeka Advocate. : i ii. t I Populism in Kansas means frw s;iv- mio iiFtixo u tue auriace. bnt & Marvland th- tt T" "mL3 There is other property in Cary clared against it. Meriden Ledger, Septem- j ii . 1 i ana mere are otner towns tnan a .- for this lease or sale was ridiculously low, as compared with what is paid for other railroad properties of much less value and for less prospects, a . Col. A. B. Andrews represented the Southern Railway in this deal. Cary. There is no doubt but that the executive committee of the Alli ance will select another site and push the shoe 'factory through to completion. In the meantime let contributors continue to forward their stock to W. S- Barnes, Secre tary and Treasurer, Raleigh, N. C. GOVERNMENT POSTAL TELEGRAPH. I That is a mistake you are led into, friend -rather, by relying upon reports in the old party press. The Marvland State tion did nothing of the kind. Topeka Ad- TUU1LC. Yes, we relied on the old party press, but if we are wrong we would be glad to know just what they did say about silver. Will you give us their plank verbatim? Meriden eager, iseptemoer zs. Certainly, with it is: pleasure. Here We condemn both tha nmn-t. tit . , . . , Republican administrations for redeemine We present elsewhere a clear and outstanding treasury notes or greenbacks as strong article by Supreme Court 5 TTl.t E?. a uaiiuo ltd vii uu uurerumeui uioue iui Burer uuteaa oi goia. ine nnan- Postal Teleranh or cmvemment pi-1 qaestion havinc been made the leading r-ostai xeiegrapn, or government issue, we commend a united effort forita ownership of the telegraph and tele- c"1? settlement, and to that and demand phone systems. Judge Clark deals ftJaifflffiwe a .. ... - . . v Kl-. mmmmm . - A.t . 0 WVfc.l only witn tne constitutional and le-1 w ui -y uuier naaon. gal phases of the question. He I xon can now see what inferna Hnan nnt ba ha tn -o--t ... "b iu. viu party scnooiers are in W of g.Ter ISr, ownership, bnt simply presents facts specting the action of the Maryland which show that such ownership is convention. It was manufactured not only constitutional, bnt is also out , whole cloth, just as nine required by law. The present sys- nmf tern of operating the telegraph is who are hired and paid to keep the icgoi. tus i. iivia waves uu gruunu j wires not wim ues or ne character. was right, seceded from the other States. These are facts that we cannot denv. and while it is a fact that the Church has been tbe friend of, ASP HAS KNCOVKAGKD SLAVERY, still thejSpirit of Christ and the gen eral mass oi mankind has been at work, from tbe Quaker movement in Weak TircJ, (lervocs " I was faallag aa miserable as aay cas eold leal, tired all ihe time, maay tl-aa enable to go out ea the etreat eveaafur I had started. It I waot epona Cbtsf Uira I fait ae thoach X ahoold U I bad palpttatlM at tha kaart aad fSrrmi rraaliy with catarrh of the ba4 a4 throat. X finally dacldad to try Baoflf 8araaparlU, and aooa fait battar. I A the third bottle and 1 tbca felt ls a dlBarant uaioa. I bona eiban ta U h kaaUta wiU da ee X did. If yoa u j Hood 'a Baraaparllla and om It fattfefa-y X mm aare you will ba benafltad. I aa else found Hood's Ptlla to ba of ca baoeat aad I alguy raootnmia turn." mtirn JaaHa Fa-uaoar, Saddle him, s. i. H cod'o Oaronparillo lo tho Only Truo Bleed Purlfla fro-dMBUy la tbe pablle eye todsy. nterested in a question, in which the the 16th century, to the emancipation . . . ' I A .. . 2 a a. w- - oi aiatea in ine ntisn .mpire, and tbe emancipation of slaves in Brazil. That has been tbe result of tbe in creased light which spring- from tbe Cross tbe liberty tbat was born in tbe Son of God. In other words, the Spirit of Christ has mingled with tbe intel ligence of the world. One can see that t not is known, prejudices may arise which will be hurtful to the cause of Christ. The Minister of God, even the Spirit of Christ gets in tbe air mpugn ne must acsnowiedge some tne atmosphere of tbe world 's intelli tnings, ana tney are not pleasant, gence, and brings about great re vol u must at all times and under all cir-1 tion in morals. cumstances face the truth and preach! Tbe speaker. Dr. Thompson, who be iruiu. x uu may rest assurea tnat i oseu mis expression, was not thinking God will always take care of tbe truth, of slavery of the human bod v. but ala- even though the truth may seem to very of the mind. Not tbe slavery of have hurtful tendencies. I tbe human body in the sense in which Dr. Thompson remarked that the the colored man was a slave until th Church of God was the friend of hu-1 late war. but humanity aa a stare to man slavery now as it bad always been, other powers: to nolitical nnn I beard his speech; I heard his words, financial powers, to social influences, and am therefore in a position to put a Take your dictionary and atudy the more charitable construction unon definition of slaverv: it mnm an. them than has been put upon it from thing by which one man is given aucb some sources; but there is the state-1 power over another as to control bis ment an .nesame. There is tbat short tboueht or control bis action, or mk sentrence onstung up oeiore us:MThe trot his manner of life, and it fa in Church of God tbe friend now as it always has been.' is this true or is it untrue. In discussing this question, we want you to hold in mind two facts: 1st. Christ, one thing; His Church another. of slavery this sense tbat we think of it lust now. laaetne last several centuries, and MEN WEBB XOT ALLQWr.Q TO TBI5K. Ask the definition of tbe blood v f noni- Christ, the spirit of Christ, tbe Gos- fi. 2 8.pa,n.-.A"k the einioaof thing; in other words that Christ has land and Switzerland and Norway. ine answer is Mcicaiasticai slavery, Just at this point I want t read i selection from Ilerron's for tbe G os pel," one of tbe meltf interesting kik. !. W -. . . . w bitak a utru written in ims age: "But the Church was, withal. In God's way. Aa in institution it bad come to exist ior na own saae. making reuglon tho dim- not always been RIGHTLY REPRESENTED BT THE CHURCH. The visible Church is composed of hu man elements, ana therefore liable to mistakes. The Church is not infallible. Wben we bold these two facts in in our mind, Christ on tbe one hand rr-xr -. .iu.. nr - . tne .nurcn nas done on tbe other " --.-iwn wmormi hand. K? With this in mind, we mieht aav nTdi rThi , , TT ',n XnJT- that the Church has been tbe friend of well nigh ceasing to believe in tbe reality of Diaicij,uu w.iujc o just accusation I 'nuicvuoa ur wjc existence oi trutn. against Christ who came in the an- petter the Church should have been swept nointment of tbe spirit to set at lib- V imcm OI . emrU. than have re- ertv the cantive. and in hnm th- i. consecraioa to aeinsb enda." no bondae. but all are free. If this fact is kept in mind no pre-l TAV'I3kIvT,P-.rT w t n judices will be aroused by any accuse- A A ArVltrr5, A. U"u Fills wreeaiivaria- sx Our New Leader, $1.45. x 1 ao larce that we were unable to rnan turc them as fast as they were order-c This year we have one tnawmoth 1 actwy .a m - -1 1 i V 1 ftf iv tn inttf mnree nran nr iui .a im mmmmmmmmmr,mm .m 0W - I and we are making thia boot In immense quantities that we are a-e u produce a much better boot. . We bave manv new iT-pfotenverrts thh liee: first, It Is made f bea r uine Dongola, solid leather sole and I toner aol; second, it has a leather ,r!ir: v,:u M hm kttt a klrSnced has; third. It has a back-stay 1 fourth." murk care is taken In adect'mff this st- and tn malintr aa la OUT bibT-trC Roods; fifth, we not only warrant but J guarantee every line to be Jurt rrprt tented. Tbe above cut is an exact copy of tbe boot itself. rti- Cmmr t mAmm T W TVmrola ' ton; etyles. Main Opera Toe, Mais Ctg mon-Sense Toe, Upera 1 oe i aiem -.A.I.. T VT mmA VFl 1 tO S. -.. V t mAmm t mAlmm f kn-CI '-A f rOTI Lace, Opera Toe Patent Tip; u E, and EE; aires,.! to 8. Our New Leader Ladies Ttrcofr' ton. Spring HeeL Commoo-Sen U PatcntTip; widths, D, E, and LEl at to 6. . mmtt Any of the arjOTe-deaalbed M J;t nf I.4S. all vtoatare t- tf us. Send for complete illustrated logue ot aa graaes oi doots ebb free. Ilease mention this paper. POSTAL SHOE CO- Box 2637. Boat on. Nov. O, V cmr&cl 1803 : F A I R tions against the Church. Hen have controlled the Church: men have .k. :. : . oua-u i ucsiiuji , out tnis organizeu I . . body, imperfect as it is, making mis- There will be an abundance of choice Agricnltural, Uorticaltnral aaa Ukesas it does, will stand up aa tbe I Household Products. Implements. Ifachiner-- and Lire Stock. Faste Things to Amuse and Instruct all kinds and conditions of Teopic Something New and Novel all thi Time Tbe Best, Most Useful and Beautiful Prod notions of Industry and v - Skill- and everything planned to secure the xiignest uomiort and uonvenience to Eihibiton and JV'isitori. shall come and take the nlace of an imperfect Church in tbe glory of a sec ond advent. But about the question of slavery : Jou dont begin to read the Bible; you ave gone scarcely half through it nntilyou find yourself in contact with it. Tou meet with Abraham and you find him with servants in his bouse, and "born in his house," and "bought with money." You find that Joseph was sold to men for money, and carried and sold into Egytian bondage. But what waa this slavery in patriarcbial times? There is not one word there which leads ns to believe tbat God the Father INSTITUTED OK ESTABLISHED IT. Senator Marlon Butlei Will Deliver Tbe Anaasl Adim-i Tk Aiv. Nov. 7th, l C0L:ET0 THE FAIR O IIEJLl ID. For Premium Lift and Other Information Address the Secretary. WALTEE WATSON, PreeuUni. O. W. LAWREJfCE, fimun Vv

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