JPCULATION THAN ANY TWO WEEKLIES PUBLISHED IN THE STATE. Til K Circulation of Thi.Cau casian exceeds that of any tu weekly patera in the State combined. It ia read by people in every county in the State. It i th Rfeat paper of the people and i4 reat State advertising medium. ' I US peesle rm CAUCASIAN. JL u4riaem); ia fever cf FV aaactal lief ora mmtt mmmi H and aw feat tfery aiir lm vitk On iorco t-att uiad it adar ftt-ag fa H. VOL. XIV. RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1895. NO. 5. HAS A LARGER DEMOCRACY VS. FREE SILVER Why Freo Coinage of Silver Can not Be Secured Through the Democratio Party. f against ailver which Lave tinee r-ov-ered them WITH EVERI.ASTIN'U I'IfiiRAOK? Is there any sign that they will re form! None. There was fdill toroo patriotism among Democrats in 1SS0. April;), 18S0, (ien. Yeaver got a vote on his resolution to have the mints em ployed to their full capacity to coin I silver dollars to pay off the bonds at CY e If a n 1 1 1 t It s fir. m ftm it KKCOUDS, FACTS, OPINIONS, speaker and leader, had put (.IT the vote rrom week to week, knowing that if his party in the House- were permitted to vote, on it THEY WOl'M VOTE "WKOSO." Hatfield blazed away against the resolution on- April f, and Judge Kelley and Weaver spoke for it. When the vote was taken it was found that Democrats and only two Republicans, with 10 (Ireen backers were for the resolution; while 8H Republicans and Hi) Eastern Democrats opposed it. Space permits only a brief review of THE UTTER IiEMORALIZ A.TION of the Democratic party since Cleve land came on deck in ISM. tools could not see- and knaves denied that tho panic of that year was con lined to Wall street by the fact that we had 400 millions of silver eur- i . . . r r i i rency. Already coacheu iy vvau street through lleudict, Cleveland, by Feb. f, l!S.S,", was weeping and teaming his hair in a letter to "A. J. Warner and others," about the hon est gold dollar leaving tho country LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. ,,, ii Mum tli Flty and HrP'X'rla- i. i,)irrMe rrr-aalna an.l Fliat , ilin VIck ' tli Iople on the ,,,r-tl..n of Hie ly What Tliy Know ,,,,1 Utmt Hiry Think. ; Knder this head will be presented imunications competing lor tne . i h prizes announced elsewhere for t(- best ariicie on - r ujr i IT..Km!( ...1 lftinarra r.niiiot He Obtained , ni' i ratie Party." ICHABODt (lilll tho Free of Silver Through tho II,,. l.lury f th- l)rniiirrar)r lnrt-l. Ilatli !-- A Jeffersonian Populist Who Can't Be Changed By Abuse and Rotten Eggs A LIVE TEXT FOR PREACHERS Something Thfj Can 1 reach I'rom in The I.'.n nf Iutjr-A Viin Man 'a Call to Arllm llm Niirlbnnt ia With la mod W Mnt Win. M i II Kit rilKK rolMAIIK OK KII.V Kit NOK ,sY I Mil Ml 1 1 I II I NO CAN lK KX I I i I K I K ll'iM 1 1 . The strongest proof that I find why any of the great financial re, including tho freo and un limited coinage of silver, cannot be ,,,iiid through the Democratic rt v is in reviewing the financial In torv of that party. In .July of that year the bankers jav 4j1Ra they will be called to vote In spite of all tne noasung oi mo nau poor imio itiannmg so seiirwi or goi.jiiugs . . I I' ...... . I V.a.fttr;.-1 I III lk I. A ft. ...! .Ul I htl U . t . 1 . 1 T17 1 Till ... inimicaii-, ii i.m """iuiivi no uuugm iunnuii.1 wi m Thf f ai'OASIAS is a groat paper, uis silver, anu go. up ui;n ieapui .,, , ,,,. it telU tho truth. It X ... ,.11,..l I ... ., leilipcM rillltu A loiixg Mait'ii Call For Arlioa. For The Caucasian.) Kekk, N. C, Nov. 29, 1S95. Your paper i3 doing a great work, in the interest of the great mass of people Wo only need a few more such jour nals to watre war against tho gold bugs. The true patriots are still leaving the old, sinking ship of De mocracy and joining tho youn e-iant the People's l'artv. lhat is ritrht. ict into the strong, new ship, ami help to land us back to prosperity. -ur aim is to steer this old Ship of State back to where it was in forme r years. Some Democrats are great reform ... - A. II era in this secnou. ua iom us uui nnir since that he would vote tor a " 1 . L- l.. man tor rresiueni .irom auj pan, if ho favored free silver, ihey are called to bo reformers until election nouncement of which event i mae in a telegram to tbeTim this even ing. Years ago discussion between ag nostic and orthodox factio&s lex to a challenge to a prayer test, and history declares that prayer was en gaged in with the view to try lis em- cacy. The results nave w tn iom. About the test which the f.nuea- . i ' vorers make there can ue no mis take. The humoroas and cynical colonel will cither pursne his lively lecture career which is at once amusing and lucrative, or he will abandon his scoiiing and join the En- deavorers or the Salvation Army. It is a wonderful Thanksgiving ex periment, the result of which will be awaited with profound interef t, but one cannot avoid a wish that the Kndeavorers had chosen something easier. THE COMING ELECTION'96. An Event of More Than Ordi nary Interest and Import ancc in our History. in that struetara will l y norc-n i ecle?tel. The contest tKtw.ruthe dinYrr&t patt:e is come to work -periai harm to the Democratic party. a that party will most certainly adopt a platform antagonistic to silver; therefore as a result the friend of silver ia that party can hardly bv re lied npon to vote for a metal they are opposed to. A split in the rank is thus anticipated. Whatever the outcome of the election next year the People's I'arty has nothing to fear. Defeat will not mean failure for it often Wnefits a cause mote than a victory. Let eviry man stick at his post and do hi duty, for af ter the smoke and noise of battle has cleared away, we may be able to say like tho brave Terry, "We have met the enemy and they are ours." J. C. WlSUATR. AS THE SUOKE CLEARS AYAY. vocation,! bey lhm at Vt era-. Lincoln A LETTER WITH AN IDEA. California Points the Way Victory Through Mr. Cator. for The Struggle of '96 Has Cora menc&l Saggesiiom Concern ing Uur Next national Convention. the Democrats were aiway more, iu l;i vor of real currency reform, such m is now advocated by the Popu lists, than the Republicans until the I'.rlinotit-lIewitt-Tilden gang, WITH TIIK.lIt nOMTIK'HU.I I'.ACKINU, trl of the party. Since that i . .. i ..... i . ;u I I no irtvii:i , whether iu or out of ft - tt II power, have oeen seu-uuio. Al the first leaders oi me panj MANNING S PANIC. I5v 18Si tho delucro ot trusts was 7 fully on. In 1SSS the crafty Republicans got Harrison in, and Sherman laid all these chestnuts on tne lire wincn he has had Cats-p.'.w Cleveland pull ing off since 1892. Tho champion The Old Parly Difference ol Tweedie dc-dum and "Tuetdledee dce-The Actual Fixh. Will be Between the Classes and the Manse Shall we say "We Have Met The Enemy and They are Ours?" For The Caucasian. Charlotte," N. C-, Nov. 29. The election to take place in the fall ot '9G is, even at this early date, the subject or much talK ana specula tion. The discussions as to the prob able results of this election are not every true patriot in the Deuioera'ie confined to that part of our popula- THE TIME AND PLACE. flon. Jhm lailt.rKak.. Wrllew If ro llt.tkWI Mill iU- :a4 Wllfe latrl llooar I Thitia J. ar oa. Aaiharal Ilnl raHllt ,fll forni. CoDgrrwiruan J no. Paris. I The local and state election over, and as the tmoke clear away, it is Keen that the lVpulit vote bas greatly increased. Toe out look whu calmly considered, it is exefediugly encouraging. Next comes tho struggle of 1S1H. The campaign has already com menced. Through the winter and early f princ it will be a campaign of ed u cat ion. Then wo mut have an early National Convention, and a m m .1 lie Says That the Kilr Me and the People early p.acw ai iuj utu ui vui auivra iw an p.irtm. suanuaru uearers ior ine rummers toaU ft ad left ff tf. hsrd sat to 2C. How prppbetie at eor ott tine wbea our - a lilrd IWinnrrats and Kepctliran hv cat amm th k rstxrm tx f Jtftion and Ltrt acd arr elinr g to the akirt i '3rtrlad ant Shertn&n and otSr rr-ampioca f tnr idatcM-ratie tyra-. farrd and prt-dtrtsl by the (a,tli.r f t la rvpaldir. Now Lear Mr. Lincoln again on the ubji t of Mr. Jr! ami r.'puKt platform of htituan rgUt: "All Locr to Jefftrn - t tun ho in the eoorret pr urr a trugglt for indrtwrd' ore by ningle pt-ople. had tber.H.Iu, f.i. tut an capacity to introduce in--a merely tevolutionarv doeameti. are I and abstract truth, arpltrabl t "H men and all time and m (j etuii!i it there that to-day am! ia all com ing days it whall be a n buke and a stumbling block to tLe bar ''in era ! re-appearing tyranny aot p r ion.' See I.ini-oiu'a p. .".t j. Hut' Mr. Lincoln did rot ;ead all his breath approving !r. JcfTrtoii expressetl sentiments, lie gave ut lerance 10 uk own naii hdiiicu on 8'ibjecti htch prufand'y aci nnrtv could read it trom now unin I J I the next eleetiou they would vote right. I have never cast a vole, oeeause I am not old enough; but it l ever do vote it will not bo on tho siue oi who devote their time to polities as a business; but all classes seem to feel, more or less, that the signs point to that day (election day Imov. Do) as a day ot more than ordinary sig niilcanco iu our national history. Holding this view as they do, it is but Continue to turn on tho light, and natural that the people should dis- Should Atree oa a Candidate for Presided Should Join Aiainsl the fiuldboi - California Solid Far This Plan. 212, Sansome St., Room 2, San Francisco, 'a I., Nov. M:AToit v m. rKWAKl, Washington, I), t . Deau Siu: The l'eople's Party was born of a great necessity, ir a uroau, genuine reform in tliis nation. Xo per suasion can detach its members from pursuing their purpose. I his is not the time or place to present arguments fur particular platforms. It is sum- . v a I a a cient to say that tne umana i-iauorm is the platform of that party, and that it is beyond any power u prunirc l'eople's Party tate the public mind of t!.- promt time, lie took the trrouu l tt at u-ork and full i-Ii-i't ions. Itut it must I . v. ... : r I ,. - - MUWK IMlll M I nil" IT I I' ITJI. uui I Ul nuuu vui Laiuiatt,ij ui vftjuvA- tiouby being two carlv Some have and deserves much tLehigt: r r.nid suggested February 2J, as being the eration." And. in any c.nrt et l - proper date. This is a good day, bat tween mn anl doRarf , aul. th rather early for our "shirt a etves man before the dollar." party," and men without overcoats. Our preM nt tyrants, on the otln-i There is a better date and as fcood a hand, irt o,uf ntly order the shMtini' day. It is April Ri, of laboring men in or l r t i'M' -i thk niRTUPAY OF THOMAS jKt ran-1 stolen dollar of tie p?u'.K-rMf hON, who wrote the tlrst Populist plat form on this continent. That plat form is very familial aud very dear to every patriot, and runs in part as follows: "We hold these truths to be lf- UARTIll YS. LOCKDART. Ccsteitd Dectioa Cut Frota tlu Sitth Ccraretslotul Dii trirt of N. C METHODS Of THE UACOIME. oi cticallv in favor of govern- bunco stecrer, he has also by riding victory will be ours in 1890. Let us display an unusual amount ot inter i r.f it Unt I .i, t ""1 a vol ;i n it n i - :t nnnunnn f'urVii-against I est in matters political. 1 1 1 1 1 n T motiev IVlOl iuuui v v. . ' " i iun uvmuj innvnij ..... . , ' - i n inn; in uiiu . v .1. ... w . . . r i - - the gaug mentioned repudiated tho ced all these wild Democratic elo- the enemies of our prosperity. We i..iT..rU,.n Madison. JacKsou, in 18'J'J .;. democratic mate con- " ft A t .l.ll'erson Democracy, as ativoctteu hv r.urton and Calhoun. iMark theso points: 1. The first United was tho work ot tho phants into the goldbug In 189'J .'57 Domocrati corral. ventions vnn free SITA'ER. w i !!h who and thus got Cleveland in again. b ederals who . ,. , ,,f irn,.tnr It Of can drive them from our legislative halls, so let us act. Continue the grand work you have commenced, and we will stand by you. 1'oruLisT. an atlirmative verdict upon a reierence of the question to a vote of the people. Rut whatever the course oi me on vention may be in detail it will take no hated government money. oh0 gaja then of tho way tho silvei- The second iu n "a". .. Wton. Ho crave several . : . .., moo i - causes: 1. The Democratic minority in Contrress provod very strong. 2. The sound money Republicans were rruests. :i. 44 Quiet sympathy for honest money" plus post-ofli cos 1 was saon hv unfortunate Democrats wno ua; been sworn in for silver at homo. 4. The editors and correspondents of most of the big papers did splen did work. f. Tho entire Oernian press, xe., .Vc that sweet old story. C. Tho G. A. R. "fought nobly 7. Tho business public and the. most intelligent aud capable among all classes, callings and conditions, x.c. &c Rut whv repeat? 'Tis ever thus. What wonder that in 1893, with 80 majority in the House, the foresworn Democracy elected on those '.M plat- a n mi forms, knocked out silverT ine same men on tho question of coining tho silver seniorago refused to be prosent, and spent a whole week fili bustering TO DEFEAT A QUORUM. Plutocracy completely triumphed. Barbarians watch wrecks for plun some Democratic backing, nut was opposed by Jefferson and Madison. ;;. From 18'-'9 to 18o"2 Jackson fought against the bank, and tried to get treasury notes based upon government credit, and theso not as a war measuro , 1. In ls:i7 tho Democrats issued treasury notes when tho banks sus pended. , ,c ;". In 18 !." they fought tho Mexi can war with treasury notes. t i.. wvr tho Democrats, still 111 power, used 20,000,000 of treasury notes when the banks broke. Many of theso were still out in 1801. 7. Rpto 1S(V2 contrary to the wishes of Jefferson, Madison and Jackson, these notes had been legal tender to the government only, and not to the people. Hut to bo tender to govern ment only for all dues is infinitely better than to be tender to the peo ple only. That is the hole in which tho Republicans put the greenbacks, by putting that EXCEPTION ON TUB BANK, and thus degrading them almost to the point of repudiation. 8. In 1801 no Democratic senators v.iln.l Inr ll.llinnhl OitU&a a. u " It is of course impossible, at this writing, to state accurately the post tions to be occupied by the different parties in the coming conflict, as the national conventions are vet to Via liolil Vint indirinrr from e.p.rtain I r.n hnr-kwnrd ill principle, and the well defined facts visible to "a man sooner this is understood by all who ft o t,.QQ r ;f ;a ,nnva thnr, nrAlwWn intend to act against old parties in lJh A I.I ve Teat l or 1'reacnern. r . I the better There should ne no more that the three prominent parties m the U1L oei. . .. '.. .Tl.a'!,,,r.ninn.l T-VT 7i . Ml J. a die talk. TIlfiUIlieiOrilllMiias .aaacu j , niiiirinui riHT Will VUDUUCL LUC1L VilUl- I . - e , l.oo x.t.iu -v-r ot It . I ami riit IlIIl nr jii iv-u uo ....., West Durham, JN. k,., iov. -.1 , r)airns UDCn precisely the same lines . ....... fi.or nnssps in useless talk '9.'). 1 would like to oner a text ior laid down in uJ2. This means that I silver men and People's Party some of the D. D.'s to preach trom. tho uepublican and Democratic par- mf,n writinr a new platform of narrow The-nre.ach to us about neglect Ot I mi ;nnra mnp.h as no:siVilA L.ii-iarr.ei is worse than wasted. It duty, and truly none oi us come up tJie existence of a financial que to it. To what extent nave tne ps- ti nd win make the tariff the failed in their duty! Here is main issue. The Republicans wi my text: n-zoKtei, vuny. , '"' attribute the hard times to tne re 2G, 27, '28 and 29 "lhe people ot peal of the McKinley bill and the the land have used oppression ana subsequent lack of funds necessary exercised robbery, and have vexed to meet the expenses of tho govern- the poor and nceay; yea mey nave ment. The Democrats will reply oppressed tho stranger wrongtuny, wit1 some arerument about as far and gold gamblers. Speaking d tie gold gatubleis of New York duril ii the war. Mr. Lincoln iaid: "I it. every one of them 1IAT HIS PEVII.lSH IICAI SUT IT' Mr Lincoln. alo. wn a riH 1 National Convention W l.r.1.1 tiv trntlia In , .lf. varman H k.1ru l.,t th utilitii to narrow it toa Silvyr l1.ank' evident That all men are created Red coinage and ue of t-tk t. sentially lessen its demand. me ue i that thev are endowed bv their I monev metals at the rat.. mauds may he made more ueiiiiue, ami - --- . .. I , . . " - .i . ivl be placed in a more abbreviated- Creator, with certain inalienable of 10 to 1. and tipeeted in that wj f,,'rm ir possible that the next rights: that among those are life, lib-1 to pay off tho uation&l debt. It. Convention may declare for the execu- jerty and the T'lruit of happiness, J this he m a true Ppu!it. ion of some of its demand oiny aner that to secure these rights govern-I Un the transportation "i JMH-ii nients are instituted, derivinir their I Mr. Lincoln earned the f amily t iust powers from the consent of the! the railroa I corporations vrvearN m governed," etc. Mr. Jefferson was a truo silver man. He ARGUED VIT1I THE GREAT WASIIISil- TON in advocating the unluuited coin- ago aud use of both gold aud silver. without consultation with foreign nations. On tne monev, bak and bond in his career. In rTy oUic-i and man employed by the tllinoi Central railroad was opposodto Lin coln and in favor of hi Democrat u opponent; and, while Lincoln eouM hardly get a comfortable seat in crowded coach. Dourla wa rr ried to hi" meetings all over V. State IN A SPECIAL CAR WITHOUT rilAki.l s- tends to lead to suspicion anu mwum, questions Mr. JeUersoti was explicit I in mis rxierience ir. i.inciu r i I in.l if kent UP Will prouuee inaiuu ,i TirUitift7 aa . irr,.it Iniulitl iv1 tho treatment bv that ItritHL. - - . -. ,. I . ,..... I ""V. ft' " " - " - - , O -- I - 11 between Silver men aim i eopie a a. ica(er JJe said. corporation wh;ch i unuully mean which is unnecessary and un- ... , . .... i .. a i:... -r .i. - - i - ijanic paper ltiosi oe miuirrneu ureu uui to iiik i u luutia i W. T. Sparrow. From tlie Far Northwest For Tlie (Caucasian. J There is but one basis upon wtiicti tlie People's Party and the Silver men can act together effectively in Iti'.M. It is that already suggested by Mr. Igna tius Donnelly, and which has been fa- from the truth; and so after this voraniy mscusheu , 1 " V."; J fashion the neoole of this clorious !"" Silver and People I arty tashion the people oi tuis glorious, Let us have no struggle over spreau-eagle country will be shown "1.;I';opm . This can have but one end the difference between tweedle-de- ;,. , Tet the National Committee of the parties seo it pat and the circulation restored to the I present time. Li ueotn, vol 2. p, 11- people to whom it belongs." I In my opinion we t-hot.ld hni 'The power to ifsue money should I ourselves by opening our next Pop betaken from the hank aud re-j ulist convention on the birthday t stored to Congress aud the peoplo." I the treat Jeffers-n. It is the "J-riu "I sincerely believe that banking mar' month r the ycai the Ma.'tt establishments are moie dangerous I of renewed vigor, hope and eiiter than standing armies." I prise for all. As to the p rea 'I am not anion? those who fear I beat some convenient rn thai vast territory 'north we t of the 'ui Anm nnd twfifidle-dfi-ilep. as the old i i.v iriv ami tlio ltdirfl the people. Ihey, and not tne rich, u M.v-- T i in i iii" run it n l ui i i . .. . A a ' fny tVin lr,r.f'c: I ...... .. :i ..." .,v.r..rftft..n t ..i.-h :! II 1 hpir Ura our d. tl.T.dCtlce I Or Continued I riVCT. ' WHICH W&.1 tllCl.'lTeO DU Pit .JWO .-. IUV J. v. '-'-' I i! lilt , vri iiaFlII '-aavv. ------------- a -- w - - - - - - W TACOMA, Wash., Nov. 24, 1893. Party, it will be the party of the separate conventions, to sit separately freedom. And t preserve their in- served to freedom bv the .MT rson Your most valuable paper was lain people as usual and will transact at the same city anu ai me NtM - u-w. dependence we mu 1101 lev our ian orutnauco 01 1 i. , ..ftTT.Wlr hv a friend, and after w;r.00 ,f tho samo old stand. The Let each Convention adopt its plat form , rs 10UI ns with perpetual debt." I in Cincinnati, Columbus or lodia i l"J " r" J m -..-.. r . -,. ;fjif ..... . , ..... ,.- ,- ...i : : i: .. .:....!. i ii:..... ... it, 1 consider ik uauua- indications are that tho Uniaha plat- L .... -U , ..i.:- :.w.,.r.;t..t "ruiuowumo --" apoun, ui, iu ihk' a a.. If itolf nn.i.nn it i PfiTisiunr inr, ijauua- inHinntinns orn Ttmr tiio lima nan h.1- ' , . i'D1UD'u" v' . p rv,....r- r,.,.... w i i!fl notiiins: lnconsisieni . n. i :. i i u 1 1 . . i...i I :-..!.. .sian one ot the Dest reiurm p- form will be reaffirmed, and it possi- . Vi,vrm,. bit one will con- country couiu n-u iw mrm u iuiuRu inp uum m an in the otiier. the longest war with her most pow- These are my bumble suggestions. inn nil ii r iriiuun" ..- ene" Then when platforms are completed, ertul enemy witnoni ever Knowing and iet each Convention appoint a Confer- the want of a dollar, without de old ence (Jommittee to confer only on the pendeuce on the traitorous class of -1 inn-si ion oi canuiuaie ior i rcnucni her citizens, wiinoui iiranuK uam p 1 I . ... ft 1--M.I -1 a-'ainst; no representatives ior uu der uur polished savages outm iu ti5 against; and most of them voted wrecking reefs and start the cyclones. for taxing V. S. bouds. The New York Tribune contessed in U T i )eniocratlC VOte OI ioo uu 1S! ; that alter Uieveianu s imeai of bonds and green- the bankers in conterence tele phoned to stop all call loans pos sible. Then at once'hoardincr, May panic, crash, failure of 585 banks, iVc, stoppage of industries, PESPATU AND SUICIIE. The tariff was nowhere. Chicago Tribune of June. 1894. says the .mi , ii. : same, viz.: "uieveianu s pruuiwu an object lesson brought hoarding, on the resources of tlie people or loading the public with an indefinite burden of debt. 1 know notu- imiti pavment backs was :14 against and one for. tn OnW four voted to increase Vnotesin 1870. Their vote was 12 for and five against the bill of 1870, to substitute legal ten der for bank notes, aud again to tVVl l. All voted against the Resump tion Act of Jan. 14, 1875. Truly a righteous, sensiuie Sfiarci;v of money, fear of and run Rut, alas! the good recoru was i . -.--aivVis." Tariff not in . i i . i - . . wiiuo iney WERE OUT OP POWER. Whenever they have gotten in, since then, sharing the rottenness and de moralization of the Republicans, they have sold themselves for pell and power, with a cheerful alacrity. In 187.1 the crash came Democrats were pers that has come under my ouser- Die je made stronger than over. The yation. Ob! that we had with us fight will be carried into the the heroes and patriots wlio so gal- mys country with groat vigor lantly drove back the British at the sufficient damage done to. the vott U nf .PTincton and tnrew over- nortmo tn l-snm ns a nearly com , i ii. . ; lin lmrlinr. Tf i. :c 4. vii-.P-lVesident. If they can agree they were with ns to-day they would Tq h or(Ji obseryer this may J" cand' Juki wJyl'n eSh .l-.ft-r. bn,.lr those same three-ball 1 i t. l I nomniaiiou m ,... . . uui- i srrtii a. liiu.uii n-uii a, ix i w i ,.,.nni win iiipii ii'i, h:icii i .inuiuaii- ut-i . British goldbuga again. And they i xtentthia is tru but un- nV" iated'in each convention simul- mgof my countrymen, -aeo euer would through the reopie s i any , , u t distinctions and tnnemislv. son's worus. re-establish the money of the consti- diffeJrenCeS of political platforms is This is a b'asis for united action On the land, labor, and tax ques tution, free silver. Wake up, you im l)0rtant truth; that truth is onen. effective, with no sacrifice of tions, Mr Jefferson honest tillers ot the bouth tor we or. , . . th t it ig not Republien principle. Now, every silver man to was A TRUE rOPULlST the State of Washington are with ainst Democrats nor Populist whom I have spoken liere-and some aud oa-pressed liimst-lf in a letter to but I'll be dogguned if Kentucky you.andby thor w muu" against both in this great fight; bnt of the ; osc power hasn't gone and done it! will win. v rencu iioui tu instead the line is really drawn , ' a A n n p p d p d t h at t his is a rational "Another means or lessenitg the the European goldbuga our own na- bet--een the classes on one side, and festl inequality of property is to except tive land that we may be treemen the masgeB on the other. The clas- dence in the zeal of Mr. Donnelly for all from taxation below a ceitain once more, bubscribe tor 1HB -AU- geg are ijankers the bond-hold- -enuine reform, and know htm to have p0int, and to tax higher portions of oasian, borrow it, peg ii, way w incudin i! live by the - od judgment; and it is a pleasure to -ir0r.ertv in geometrical progression at you may read it, and vie- gweat q the brows Qf their fellow- know that he also has put forth this a th rige Wherever there are in thev who live in wealth and suggestion, i nave V"" ",V.C': Uriv country uncultivated land and YEA, VERILY! Harry Unit llall-V Kor llar.lla-Itaai For ltrallry, Turra for I'rltit aad I'-w cla I'aar lropht. Mr. Lihtor: Chimborazo may shave the moustache oil the upper lip of the coast of , Ecuador, and Cotonaxi may ra:nt a rci.ection of her irreat searc light "o'er the broad . mm and the deep blue l'aciuc ocean, get it that and the it. Thouch later it was an aggra vating factor. Sherman promised all blessings, including gold from Europe, from the overthrow ot nis bogus law of 1890. Promises all broken. Since 1893 what a mockery uas been our politics. a sham bet ween i protection tory is ours. US Frank Sauvageot. 10th street. men- Ma mm t aaa-l ftm mmm mm Ik MkalniMM IMatta rral It i t Im rrtaanlftrrod tkal ia tk lt rlr. ion. I kbart, tle I r- rlle o.Mt.inrr tr l 'tirr fruaat tk Hi ilk , t ma Martr-l in. Martia,ll-i luh-t tiunainr, ia rtatlBf Ik rirttion. t atlirni t tarlaarW . tri-f in ttMi rf f nxai mltulitlwa lt in ia taWrli : aw, ealla-ftJ elaM li.cfi ie4 m .rt!i l'arliia. a trll ataiJre a I M-rati Um Iim It. ii tu ixarniaaf a a. J in tt ! it rwtl.Mi. VtaaiUI l or I n a ir-rtuai-it 4irar t Um iiiro ( N.rib arolmalMtt l U fax I tint in lv4 Uk-j arwa in rr tJi a(sit it. rt-iHiarti !! rriiMiiaala mum aaai1r4 aid er utrU it, iM-d II fruaat I tart r ta? ule l ..i.-. and HtiilMp4 m mim t ai t ti ai.raai t II, tliaf raaarlii r4.l.r 1..HC jrf, tli Urml mrU mi tfc tatand lnnit-d -n te rvl u.-rpaliult aaMi.Hj, I-f a. MiillOI a all that rlrf fl.rtiriataa-d ia tla riaat ridden rutii, ( rvM.tti Jlaarrtaa. I'. II. i riit.lirr Itriaar tle U-tia r lifbl in I ! rr-iM't vj a tjr4 f fir. r.i.iiina: a.f a rrfitrar .m4 f.ur rlrti..n jtilr. llara adttorr -re pp.-tiit-ftl t) 11m U.ar4tf (watji i ..tiiini--..ii. r l-r liar axMiblj; tlr .in! j iuiui-4nrra rre apHiat4 ,y ai...tli-r UarU . atU J I Im Jar4 a4 Ju-ii f itr a-e (we Ihm raaty. I Jilli. .f la war er - p.inl-ftl luMiiiiiallt I) I brutal lgta iatitr, bul rt-al' b ll.r ..r tti" ut.t j. 1, rrrjr raaaat t la tb air m Iiirraliy ruU-4 4 ran mrf t liii lilllr ha lid .! ramiaa raaMi priv'iij; I lir lo al I irttMarratic earvati ...itinitlrr. if ttturmr lb aatartawl atid tiiran.ot f In rang wa aaaally . U 'ir.I for batrioan. and l irt-all rlltd tb- n llilintlrr and. tbrMiCH II, ll.r r.Hinlj and t tf -le tlarrrof. "1 In ir Mo-aKt-d rlnlutn law, la v4T tupr. Mfr an apiaranoe of drrviarj fr tb purMir f deceit in a; tle ra .r ..I if trra lalr- a.f lb NaartM m4 1 r-t, dir-trl that tlx oonf ( 'aaa n.t !. r alfiibl on lUm ra a in. I tMard, t wo fwr-iH.a f run llae tni Mrif y i llrpubliran r I'upulial aarljf. I Im m 4 .null) .uiMiiinrra,tlaerre. turva and lara ad tlx Itraaorratic . i!i1y 4nimilte, r.mplied, lltia r. -..rd abundant I jr .ra--, by a p point ier lb- itioraiit and krlplraas l rM,n, uua!ly iiiiiraair. mack Ha, t rrpre-nt l b- K-M4bhan an4 Vop ulii art iafk. Sftna-lima-a tlaey apfxainl rd irailora ! were In ) nillijr at I tli liu- ratio ma-binf ( papa Z. l-.U, lr it apw-ara I bat ne J. cbua J. Hill. wit fur tt '-t.rt,.-. ail mil ttiat Im a 1 M latn-rat, pHK- -". o-fttiMi "I", and rrfuM-a tu l-H iaIkoii if l-d tt. aud imj lrre laiii that lie Vd-d laMibliraa car I O'ioo.t .,n,-t inn- tlx) would al i-fftit a .ijl il iriKO I taaitl mi that I lure u!4 Im a vanry fur I be .r--o I leiard in nil taitli a I rao cral. S-e paj; 21-, Vrlxr M I .tucbl i n, I MKM-rat ic a-lrrl ion jadg. alio b It-rn inlutd lar enibrtil- mei.t but a-iiiu-d on a aeroud trial alta-r inoving tbe riw from lite noun! y abrre Ix i ktoiwu. a wilnra fur tb I'on'rrbrr, Ut) f bat I Ix aanntf - iiiift.iotirra Iir-1 apinU-d a tuiaur W i.u:d ion M-rtr, anu torn iuuinbin In-iimm rat iu bi place, and tliia tail om oaid tlia' llary vbould all lie Lea liemocrata.) Sonieti men tliey ia oil i ii-ri'iM .,avicta who wou'd pa for Ki-publirana ! nie ilxy rr- bla k, wlwa taa-re rt-ally traitor in tbe pay of I Ix I armoerataa" iitiiiiuiltr, a iu I Ix ax a,f a.n Taylr paj;Ml. 2U, JU taint admila l wa III l ix iriinriiiiarj giv- anme lame eplatiatiitn,and tatau. while Ix pr.-lri.U- lo Ix a ltraulliraM, waa evidriitu art i or a a itrniorTai ard ia introdura-d by tlx Ikiiileatee to km ear for bitn. In I bi w bde rt-c'ird there doe not luxury procured by mean, other than before ou r jxee un ve.o - unemployed pooF, it is clear that the Abuse and ltotten Kcc Cim't Change HI in. For The Caucasian. Merry Hilt., N. C, Nov. 27, ;93. Sir: t am Gl years old; was bora a and have been their own labor they who derive benefits from society for which, they make little or no return. We all know them to our sorrow. On the other hand are the masses who are the wage-earners country the men wh T.r.i it. ..n.i.,..i n,u ..m. ntr or nroDenr nave ueen so iar It UnanilUOUSli eiiuuiocu -lie oauj-. - r - w . . , approved of my writing to this ellect. extended as to violate natural right. Now ir tuis is to be tne bas's oJ action, The earth is the sooner it is known the better. We GIVEN AS COMMON STOCK should not ffo on in uncertainty anu in . , snouiu uui B vrv. for man to labor on: if for the en- eL- oroutiess uiuiai-. .v.. - -. j i - . , - . i i j th where need the encouragement which couragement of industry, we allow ovrn lately got up o fight the bit- wjn come from the fact that a known, I it to be appropriated, we mnst take I aTe jt!) "njmposiui I'nluckeye, lluckeye. Kent keye. -Bradley's played "hiKh" with your lluck eye. But the Populist coon ha seen the new moon. That will full next fall in Kentuckeye? Tim nfnrc-a-aid rob anoefl ma v rnout their molten lava, and boast of their apxar to Ix a Pf"'"" Vl I IHilurrn fpviufl www a - . a a i a.i ruin ar.. a inin.ia itii r vriaTaV w rm I a-wa iBw-lipuai.i...r,... j - I -.,Itl, ra-trtxnlatioM to not knee-high to a duc.H beside, a "l"r'. ' , " " ' ,i L- th Democratic not so t-r. t i..iiit eonimiitec or leader, aar That old Kentucky crank the I ,PK . -Mi,iiita were eonaulled m Weekly Courier-Journa', who never 1 u, n, n,rn winds any other windlass except hil UIHI mW,vu, kki kkkit inii, a (now 1 1 1 1... f.tM.intrM were booeat mMof Democratic ! m,. . ...i atlti ,.., metubrra ot Ihm T.OUP AOAINST THE UEfUBUCANS as the cause, just a. e Kepnbhcans Nothing but a Punch ate now oud against tnem, as w umounwa f llm nanic of 1S93. .'.'.t.. o thpm a temporary other, screaming I'ftJWl.ICI U- "... "I. 1 1 .L. rhaneoto show their hand-giving rands, wnue man for office tiw .n To maiontv in the liouse ior nanuiea mem, uu 1871 ThSir ftrst act : was to elect pennies from the spectators of the ai a. A A..A1 aa O O If A 1 I C lir. TXT WAS 111 t P O DOS. 1 1 n aa fe tA W O I I QtrDllT. II It II . OiSl O kV - O U w t . ' Wall street stepped right in and RUN THE NEW POWER i,s it did the old one. kua vu w v v i it j it a- -t-v.i rrvi- T.r.Mrii or i i. v.t . oit .diva naais ni im- Kot ii aa i Am n nvmpriT fit i urn- i . m iirrrtr i t rn t n i afan . .t -rwa-a.aiia.Bai mw m since, (that is ot the j ertersoman h men wu0 up instead of de- ion i,as been reached. Work will every- isnfJi to taose excladed from the sp- tne Liackeye ituati-n. I r-ption of one pull-holder is Polktoa oivmu T m an Allianceman. tmei . ..ji. 1. .n,ina i..rr;.i fti-itli tintluisi.ism and de-l t .1 al. fnn.l .. in ..-...l I . , t.. a ,..i. muhl aatui. kiT B and free trade. I""1 ' . . v. n Stroving, anu me meu wuu iuuu vmcici,"' " propnauou. u ouui -u 1 adoqi -u vui 01 errjr ; pr" , , ... - " . 7 ' UU lice . -l TrtTM-ilit. for what De-1 ot "fc' mi . xv.l. :..n,.i. fnrv itnrir. I K v . . .-, .1 at. I . ... . t I ... ;.t . L . ..f tl f 'intMlt. u and Judv show. ulue auu ? as weil as consume. i.ney are iuu immua " . j- dameutai rigui toiaoor ou iueanu tbe ropulists losing grounu anu airaii . V 'Za 1. J... SnTrA. mocracy there m in this country ?s andsinew of the land. They . ery truly yours he unemployed It is Hardin'a election sure by some 2V P- ! rJ lliTtSl Vi; " .i." now is inthe i'opulistparty. xney ., mo.coc Th ara T.abor as IUU"" annn ,ttnn r conntrv to sav. mm If ttov r.t11v didn't mean j I f .''. " 0t Tach o ta, or to .- oPPOo" C-Jui. H. wh. U not T. that Fryman who etojo Hod U.t Ku.r, rAV7.TP-' i l P,ft.i ibof free silver, and will not support any , . . t th Lln.ment. but who can find uneulti-l th. -er forecast a. "not so."" .. t... LJLli. . I I JL f X Luvaaa -' ) I Ti.n- I w i I -w--. -. - I I raw iruirilBI aaia - m wno is not. 1 am op- - ii.iu.j - - , , - .Mt. . tni . m, th.l ... 1. . j. 1 l c -- SSfttftTiii. nd a wan street pianon". time Democrats should have walked out of that convention at that mo . . I1H-UI. IOQO Tl, hAnmirnli( Tllatform OI lOoU was the first, except that of 1870, since 182S, that favored national banks. That of 18G8 (Seymour's nomination) called for quick pay ment of the debt and in paper when coin was not stipulated in the bond; . 1 1 1 1 Vvr..4 r I .. .1 L..A - 1 . 1 1 aaAii iann u rt n 1 ia- aa 1 iiiiri v u -1 - t n. r.iu.ra a .ran a n iro r anu a t iw -. . a 1 1 j : iu: - -tbt it t rr b -. . r. -. 1 v a. lcu j auu ouwa -v ----. - - j 1 inn nob iaa a vvaa nosed to oossism anu ring ruie m uuoiut; . oeutui . . "V JT T nnltiate it. navinc a moderate rent: n..i: nronhet would do well to ivv and every shape. There is no is not hard to say on wuat siue uie poses retormmg tue customs now m 7- : "n to rovide bv u-V.. iK- ..m,U of thfir chief Terence6 (fianciaFly) between the old parties J?t fa at blTJS. hatTO as t Utf tr ile of Iiarr Sd" B7 by so-called Democrats and Republicans, are most undeniably on the side of It 1S understood thai he will intr DOSbfe ghaU be wUhout a lutle por- Sdinr out in Maaaoth Cave and Yours is a valuable paper, out- the classes ana me uu duce a mn m uu W. s - Ilnnnf lanii. The small landhold- fi.hir for evelefs ba! 1 1 1 1 s w;v. if nn h cm I Ti,oi ia nr. Detweeu iu. ntirvm 7:mrr tne nreseni BYSieui. 1 : . . 1 e o. . - any good to bo hoped for McDuff, &c- give it to 'em right, to day. The success o either Th neonle are opening their eyes, means no Detter. conuuous csi way max ne ulS ic .u. - - nmVa Mr. I "t. .u Him i Uf imi w tin-a, 1 1 ... n. IT 7 1 1. i..idr.. would ro throurb tbe taotloa ,f bold ing an election under tbU ao-rall-d eln lion liw. Tbe law reqairr the ballot of varioua fcffloere to tw iteo-iTiu m aKraaaTB oxmm, m La B .. ahO iaa r 0L l one lio le ruie ranauiw w..-... - THEY NEVER DIE. rPhT nll,h : hM unlike the People's "a moro tears. He says that 'Ittese nooie senumenia provo r. take tho prize: Jefferson to have boon a true D -mo- Men May Come 1 "The irreat auestion of the future is money against legislation. My friends, you and I shall be in our 1 unPft.o V10 Vin.ttlo is ...iu " . , 1 tr rave a iuuk uoiuio v taxation of government bonds; one - d d nless our children have . e v.ft tannin the bond-1 euucu . . . 1. currency 101 i" tf-j 1 natiancfl ana courase 1 t . i' 11 n rr rv n 1 1 1 niivH 1 iv-.l in 11 1 nouiers, ive. (Irant, p.ttt was SOLO OUT Kf..o mnnifd corDorHtions. Rich J .-. -rcTifl. TTrn auu mt- j. . . , x xi 4. r. 0 , -. ,v, Democrats, (or at least some or i'arty tney iau 10 u-e tue tne memoers 01 voubic u au.uu ..ii- . tm Ponn list bnt mi Men May Co, it ut Cor- them,) are both wilfully and ignor- root of the tree. The worse the dis- f unerals generally regard them more jrwnt from ami men , rni, !,-.. V.rt cart oi. tho mnrn hemic, the treatment. tho I rrht of DICUICS than Of the now UlUBre-i HKiLu. I a Vj T I y Uilllvla AUvj Alt v j wvuuwv mpmu tuovj .-fcv -----v 1 jiaa a-v ill P,ationaWe Forever. ntU thev have about ruined Let expediency be subordinate to solemn occasions they really should THE present clxvelasd variety. Wendell rhillips. n(i now are trvinff to the Drinciples of justice. Let a pol- be . . I r..i .... var'iatv r f atatma.n. mv - - - -..,"--v 1. ; -" . - 1. a .ft ri I - . t- 1 1: . n.;l, n xuo 11 " . ruin the churches. 1 agree witn nr. icy ne a just one, n"- wuo, oenator reu "0"c"' """" ship in both the old parties is fast in his remarks at all other considerations maj wo great many oiners, iuaiiu-v.ue--?- , . jeffergon'g doctrines ... innrnAire in ATI ir. -v .. 0 n- TtftrtftftftrxarftTi vjyiuo xuvuiuouu, . .1 ... -.,.. ., l- i I o - , . ,- : Cary, and also the sermon of the pensed with, mis is tne wea. metl acCept Dunai .joumeiu u ..uneOBStitutional.w V, r rrfi tho old narties and one which is -p-rerent wav. and enioy themselves u" " . Keep W. R. Henry at work. Send rapidly leading mem to an uiu-ua,.- extensively at tne m-i . him down here to his native country. I disintegration. I pense. . We must look to the reopie s mtherto uncie lut platform of hnfcan equality. of conscience, Party for an honest representation ueen wme uu - ;T, T refer to that great and glorious l'i We need him I am for liberty But there was a second noted Pop ulist who was greatly plei.el with Mr. Jefferson, and, with his Popu- i op- TIIE FIKISH. Tbe Keutncky race track. At ti o'clock last Tuemlay night, Presented quite a comic sij;bt Three men on hoi-eback. All bound for Frankfort, Were ridine. eoiuoing down the (nIe, Like Indians on a scalp parade. Itoys, it was fine pou. Tbe buckeye, Haniin. Bradley, with biscoat-Ud rting biKh Uound to win or elae to die; And l'ettit were a cardtn"! Hardin sat on the tail Of bis horse circus ri kr style, Rradler cot on bis tway's mane the wb.Ie .' . . - r a And 1'eUtt span a gaie. . - Ml m -. rr uu at to eijb boxes aocoramy ttieiiumtier of ofneri voted foraaj particular a-lection. The prodac b-tard. nl-r tbla law, are require Ut ukr the licketa and, at tbe reqoeat m tb toier.pUoelbeoi in tbe rlfbt boxes. t the cloae of tbe poll tbej are U r.niiit I Ik votes and certify tbea teaa .rtbrr if amc called tbe -avaaljror Krturuitig Itara" 01 im oovbij. i" itoard was evmpoaed of one seisber from earb precinct in tbe cwnty. Tfcla roendter was selected by tbe predart board totaketbe precioetrerM to tfce roiinti relorniof board and to be,M- .tt - ...rmhrr of it- It IS UlOS tbat.eeu if tbe FuaUobts bad ! win.' Nebraska Pops. nalace on Fifth avenue.; jt-- with legislatures tuey i the bargain with the Republicans was that (Irant should sign a bill making bonds payable in com to suit the Rosthchild bondholders. This he did, though the much-abused Johnson had They only help to strengthen us. Ouill.l The Populist vote here in Nebraska ' ..a inoronapd and the nartv now has tftnt half the county oillcers. The u wuv ----- - - . . . . ..?! Democrats lost badly and in iuny nan Give it to 'em. Yours for reform, G. W. Cobb, Sr. who eeleeUd a - - v w- a pkrB-.aaiiiaa.Hvr rLL . ai uiuiiuub -a. ar a a a a a. aa .m m- . r a ia-- . 1 .. 1 a . -. t 1 a m. 111 1 in iiucili v - vawv-----'-i i , m i a a i m. -. m. a a. n aw -- - mm w a ann i fti kt. Haauu m jb KArft.a mnntPd COrDOratlOIlS. ilvlCU I ... , 1 , e i. .ul.. t tl.o maccP!' tor I oinris. he K3.VS. DUt BOW 11B Will irv ko I ... . , . T : 1 v --.- I i. ... "... . . . ft -i? .1, I .. , . , -i" ;,v,r, liDertV at tue oaiiot uv.-., .-v- -ix- ' . . ., ' . , '.. , Inmlimulo I unai, men w-, ... , i a I . ..iu. m. tk nMwiart at tho last moment, just ueioio -u men die, DUt oa,u " r people to rule, and all the abuse and under that banner alone is mere any estaonsa e-ommij, - - t-6.-.-- tired o uttering his approval of Mr. I SyinK. ."r V.l-rhll 1 V rrHrr--t.-.- . ..ion nr. bv lieimont anu tuo t-- on(i rauroaa uoioui,iw-. - .- an.m(r nomn. w hone for the wacre-earner direction. T,r.iAi. hi aantimontJL in i i r JT.i fanton Marble's r,M .lipase. In the long run rotten egS- -- - rrT: """ TTilr X colors There are. of course, exceptions to T7--,rr:. luiri. "uim. v- . . I ' w r ., fratte. nartv can t enance iuy viewis. i uu wuiaiugiusu. . i . . , ', . . i j 1000 mr. uiavuiu aaiu. hurun nt retui wire u-iu i , , a. w all reformers will find a cause in this rme, wnen "Tho assertion that "all men are Hcrearter. when Democrats claim nl ""r"LV JZ. common. The rallying cry of the observed, but the generality of con- , f Dractical L- 1111 !,-... maUr thu fwlnrt lioird hi4 ia People's Party is "financial reform'' gressional funerals are too mnen an .acting our separation tramYi coon" and to the class legislation theory of opportunity for a good time. st Oroat Mttia: andit.waa plaeed in "Jtti of from 10.000 to lettiner the bankers control the cir- tor Peffers course is e1"511"? fb Declaration not for that but for inn f?vtMrtM l-abnt i-enerallv .VI" th nrcei-Tct culatine medium, we put forth our proper, funeral trains crowaea witn Iu author meant it to?ZZr J- law it was declared that they mafia Wistation theory of letting congressmen and cnampagne, cru ilrt,-v a, it ia n o nroriae , n.aBT nrr. I ha ladicial power to the government make and regulate parties and general jollity 'are a ms- itgela gt-iw block to all those Tawndale. N. C. Nor. 9. tnine anything tbey pifaeedae U the issue of the currency. The old grace to tne American u.uif . . after time ht Mk to turn - . 1 . T l. i. . B A- m, rv m a na VOVO 1 " parties will snout "intrinsic vain- as roooery o m- t-ayaj-i.. KJiOUGH SAID. IngersoU'a ThaDksglvlnR. Times. PREVIOUSLY REFUSF.n TO DO bo. Democrats ion uauiy u .u v Beyond compkrison the most unique .Tor than is a brief financial his- the .eonntiei .the party did not even run Beyond co p Th& i.t.n. .,-., nr. tn the time I 4 WOeu VJC. i i. . -ill i tl,ot r.orfnrm. tory oi iu- Leiiiu-in. -f - ----- i their bragging of Cleveland's first victory. It shows howinf. fortt,( i...ii, r I tfmorrate. . . .:...., r.or thai rrtarninr r-Illft-. - fc ... n.:. ..n, ar ivtnrBIBr DOBIW Ww-W 1 1 1 1 Ift ft ...j r Here ry of I'lo- ft 11 ln. t.T nt- 1 - - - (wim X itt itl r. . ..r. ft-OrJlt Wlttl! . , J t I 1 .1 "lUt .1. n how they graauaiiy rrom io.uou to -v.wv kndeavorers at iv-,uu, . f ... monev standard. to count what tbey pleaMd, showing I frnm I riotisrajand in common witn ineir la8t year. . announce that they will send QP- " " .7 m nitin.nt 4i,e When peoples earning are depresse twin fraud, fell under tne f j nf govern- ward a lervent ana unitea prayer """"K" --.-j r And Uiey have nuie to invesi. Wall street. Is it any wonder that Let every f?75J.l Jr the conversion of Col. Ingeritoll, I JPopi-Kst platform will natnraUy be Then mre,3 the need to eaten their rrter such a preparation they have ment get up a club for The Cauca- for aeew .nfidel on earBth anl the most promillent, tbe other planks To show them where they ought to Uiu no, inaKe a oig crivinff iestivai wiij hci-1u 1 1 , -r. t--, .,:ii o-citbt 1 heir State ticket and lost ce "of three thousand Christian a tne P-" -".--"ih: .ifiottn anH llhiA -DhA I Willi 14 V T A -- a that thev will send From Printers' Ink.l When people s earning are depressed eye buy. a free people back into THK HATXFUIa PATHS OF DESPOTISM. They know the proneness of pros perity to breea tyrants ana tney meant when such should re-appear I in this fair land and commence their over 61 columns. Prooperity Waa SerikM Gaorcla. Dallv Tribune. Ancusta, Ga. Tho nrosneritT wave has strncK Atlanta heavy. The notice of city marshal sales for taxes takes np returns; and to pitch what mr n--M. Atvcordinjr to tbe iwai provU iona f tbia law, the cfl-MtaUMal r-n-b.-a of tbe eitiieae were at lam mm - committed these innumerable sins J 8IAH

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