aa 1 1 r AAIIAACI AMI ple I tt-e making and roainUininK of all THE CAUCASIAN! turn. . and rotes of the AJawrfattoo." blr to qub Die rpfmenir1 What do we care I or won rniwi I'lTHI.'MUKl) EVKUY THUIuJ. f. HI THKUI TAHIVI rt'HI IXMI.IO IX UltltK, - FrlUat. II A I. .UKK, - - Mna(li K1IU. SUBSCRIPTION BATES. dnk y h. ;v SIX MONTH TURKIC WONTHH Entered in the 1W Otlii-e Al Kalr.li. N. '.., Ai Het-ori'M'lluM Matter. A iiiiiAvric kaim:oiti:i mt. A big railroad is a truct in itelf ami its po rsi are broad iirnl dan gerous enough as in bein;,' idiown by lion. I. Srlinu-k in a nerie of ar ticles in TilK ('ATI-ASIAN. Hut now wh rre t- have n trust composed of truMs. Ki'lit or nine of tIo largest nilroad in 11m- country have form- mi n L'iL'.uiilic railroad trust. Tin combination represents three billion dollars of capital, ami .can practi cally I'ontrol the business of the United States. For some time the plans for this stupundoun conspiracy have been un der way and they are about perfect ed. This ileal puts it in tho power of tight or nino men to fix too pas senger ami freight rate all over the ountry. .Nothing that enters into commerce- no article that ruiuins transportation in order to become a business commodity can escape the decree of thin combination. If wheat brine xixty cent a bushel in New York, thia combine can charge forty cents a hunhel frm Kansas to New York, having tho prouueer only twenty cents a bushel, and o with every other article to tho great centred of consumption and distri bution or with any article from the great centres of distribution to the point at which it in needed. This combination is f.irined with out any good reason Mini in open dt Hance of law. Tho big lines say that they are unking this combine to protect ttie small shipper against the larife shipp r, (ireat Scott! lo the ni inati s of tin: land think the people are going to be tools for ever? Tin people may not take Hleps to eiu!h out mieh ,i gigantic conspiracy as this, but they cannot help knowing what it is for unless they per .istently blind tin nisei vi s to it. 1iAiiller or Congress iloe? Notbin illegAl ha teen done. People down At WAtbinjr ton Are making All the f uw, but they will find that their enorts will nave oeen ior nAuht." 'What d we care what Senator Chandler or CONURKtwdoesT'' Good, good, i ry good!! A railroad king defies the Cod gre a of the people- This king know whereof be speak. If Congress doe Rome-thing', are not the court ready to try the cane and declare that omtthinj 'unconstitu tional," junt ae the income tax was declared '.'oftonKt't",'ODa'-" There is only one way to quash doun the tremendous trusts and conspiracies -only one way to pre vent tin in from robbing the people That way in f.r the people to shake off their fool pnrli.-san notions and prejndiccK unite in a common cause and how the railroad kings that the poopl are and can bo supreme. If tli'- people fail to do thin, then the . oplo miikt endure the consequen ce H. ,KK KM WATCHINM KVKMTH? Some months ago The Caucasian made a political forecast in which it predicted that Ijovi I. Morton, cx vice-President and now-Uovernor o New York, would be a candidate for the Republican Presidential norm nation and possibly the nominee It is in strict accordance with theo l. policy that he should be. The Kosthchilds now have an awful stiflinz gtip on the throat of thi country and it is reasonably probabl that they have demanded of the old party manipulator this further dis tinguished iccognitiou of a membe of their race. Nothing has been said :-inee THE CAUCASIAN'S predic tion ab mt Morton as a Presidentia t isibility until this week, when the announcement comes with flourish of trumpets and a blast of ower that Morton will be a candi date. The chsirinan of the New York Republican party is booming him lustily and says that "lie woiil.l have, if nominated, the confi- h-iH 'j of ih business men of the country i n I of that K'eat conservative element in ..j . tW.tttr fr.r (K wlirklA I DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPLRTY run- Oo this CfODfri r and tort castor Ibe leather and Aboe. collar , , . , i CHASED building are several never falling A tannery mnt b tbe Brut comidcra- pople, and no arnment ba ever i.prinr Cowinjr Aouthward. On the tlon. in order that w mav not l at been produced to show that it is or 1. Ksseatlv ceotntti f tt .in- west side and wae further ditant from the merry of the leather trail. Tti n -ii'l . v. . . - . v-i t h luiilittn r email ttrm larfiirH ran h huilt nt ritt fnr nnvntine ti erercan be. Rome Try piausiuw 7 V' 1 1 . r.. IT" " . ; ;r:::IZI argnmenlsare put fonii by money i rct9r Ml oibr tr-priM-iJrnb- this stream is an excellent it for a that it requires money to equip and power minions, and if the premises! ycrsi to madia ci for Mwk. tannery. All tbe property is well ft- run any enterprise. This is no exrep- , t . I M. .... j. t . . voreu ir rsaiure ior me many purposes lion, oauwenave iw inn is j-Mr adrancedby these people be Amu-Ttl Athw, l',rthrm f S.;rthi;r(r ir i, mrtlv encircled enterDn.. We know vou will not ted, their reasoning might have ""' by th Kno river, which Cows on the allow it to suffer. To do so will injure omethin? in it But they iuvaria- On this page you will see ruts of the West, ooutli, and east, and not further materially your own interest. To lo- , , , . . u v,- u,ain buildings in part which we have tiun one-half mile distant at nearest ter and encourage it is to build for oly take the position that wnen tne parci,aMd as per jour directions for point. The drainage is all that could yourselves and posterity. With thi - ... . a ait:. nit r . . . .. . . banks and bondholders are given nmuquinrm oi m- .-iie Aiuinrc be .ieiretJ. iieyond the river, and dl- property as a nucleus the poMibilities great priTnBe, -u-co iine thwarted in our nurpofee to f e- i,,- ,-,, ,,f m-,t -.in. tn1-n ih. . .;tn.i..i u tk mt.i.t r.finKt are shared by the whole peo- cure the factory property at ary after r-emmeecbee' of oak and hickorv timlrr. l.srk for pie. and ia this verj , prop- we had arranged to purchase, it, of Tt;e building are of sumVient ca- tanning, and timber for nianfucture r ' ..... . . I which Ton have bcn anonsed tbrouirh i,.,.;ir m,t -.i i.lllur.i.. u.ir.Ik,u ..f ..;.lit...i ;.....in..nr...;n.u.t usiiiuu - lour oriraii. I lie I'roirressive t ariner. r-...f i..,t r... . l r... . .. .- ... , . n . i... ...i . - - .i : . o. ..r I r w - - - r-r - ' j j it tin a i ujiiti awj ..'lilt a mail- A vs wiu air uii tJ f . I it i. tenners oi tne goiuou - SEN. BUTLER'S SILYER PLA11 FOR RC-0R6ANI21HC THE SENATE ADOPTED BY THE POPULIST MEM- EERS OF THE SENATE. S already divided icto warJ. , , ! charters? JUf gument. We recently mw communication in a Demo cratic paper in which the wri ter attempted to prove something the Lord knows what, and about every fourth word was one of abuse. This is the general argument of the goldbug side. A stockholder in a big western pa per recently asked the editor why he did not stop abusing "Coin's Finan cial School" and use arerument. The editor flatly and truthfully replied: "There is no argument, abuse is the only weapon we can use" or words to this effect. By the way have yon ever seen a goldbug paper adver tising tho great silver debate of Ilorr and and Harvey for sale! Not much. And the reason is that old of thi tet, indeed its ;as.frt I think it does, for tke..r.- tention is to make Totmg :r .(. i Jnijt- -"-- V " ,.7' w w JW r 1. . till Still M in i II mm wvrewv vi w u u xi . it. 1 TTI " J( riny tmm Kilter lkrln I kt Mv4 I rr ttlel rial 141? rrve4 ttwtlM Tka rrlMlrl-A4 Tthi t'l I is W Auiutox. I. - IWh-. 2. The silver 1 democrats and silver I'e puhliran serin to tie willing to throw away their opportunity to rgaaire the Senate and defeat the goldbur. The people now know who are the friend of silver. The lopoIil rauru m-i-1 the fullutr ing invitation tl:e tiftv-two pledged silver Senator : Wms .T's. V.. Novh. Ivtt. Sis- A xnferrn'r ( f-nlr.. fru-inlly to ibe r-!orlKn -f iiter rana a it i-kLotol un). r ih- U of !?. mi'.l l hrld in ttie Marble lam if t!ir isrnare at II cicimi a. to.. Iiiulay. l.v intr I". ailh Ibe view of strrrt-ini: un a Ln t.-t rirxniulKii oftb Srnale mi niltrr l.n- Vou art- r-rrtf nil v ni itr-l lo a! (m l This a signed by all the lopulit Senator-i prreiit. The rr-MiiiM how how many Senators, elected a siher men, were willing to --p.-rale with nilver men to t-rganire the Senate aaint goldbug. The fallow im; rial telegram w-received hy Til ('At'CAtl ax : Vimis..Ttw, i r. w. S. T ilver lVniorat9 aul ttirre lU-tiMx an al len.led ttie hiltr ronfrrrm-e trnUr. in rvue lo the rtiili-.t invitaium. l-r-KSitiutlioii f Hie SoiiAti- ma. liifortnaily cliiiN.'el. No ixiiu-luMoii km rea bed su'l the question b Mill uiulrr ,i h i- im nt. every three hnadred a J tft, tut' a ii mereiorw reiers to'-! , . ions" whether such "sobl1,it'.t4- be in a MTOWxntr..v;uL .i , -, o wm." There is said to b at le; town in the Ute. where ia grC,.V elections the eleetiog fr the est.- township, is. held in tou. one, and only one place. aa4 a IT nicipal eleetions for all the trf, and for the entire ti in j i . That the act was clearly iusr to remedy this, I Lave c. dout t. j the matter onrht to l tt:-!. that the several clerk of tie rior courts may know dcSait,-: to do, and act. Verr l.tt! t.i. , now iet tor tbem r.s it taut W l-fore Msrrh S, 1V.0. anJ tl. t .! 1 tic should at otjce i V.t'4 ... a . t a nutU tnai tutre tuv ti. for omtsftoa it drlty. Tl.r is miH-rt.-iTit. John v. Ili.rr nan ! pip An to aViii;A earlv in , , ... . we.tocarry out your instructions, took u fact u ring enterprise in which we may the greatest through lines of railroad in An Associated lre. diiitatch sat the debate and after that never quit i ,... ,,c;,i,twn .. .n.ui, f i, i ... li ,. r... . .... . . I a n r " . xv'- yfuii Tt Viv isai..A0 niaa All S lllaill v r S V OT a using it. People's party papers all ositions, many of tliem ottering free The long wooden building alone is us that they will do everything in present that nothing could Im dmie at over the country have advertised sites, and some with money considera- more than sullkMent for the operation their power, so far as shipping rates this meeting. Senator IVirer wa of 4. . , - , . tions besides. After discussing and of a shoe factory and we have the are concerned, to encourage our enter- the opinion that party ties were too tho debate far ana wide, oecause examining into these various proposi- other buildings which can be used for prise. Shall we improve the oppor- strong to hop., to organise a silver par- they are willing for the people to tions, we concluded that it would be ollices of the Alliance and for the oper- tunity before us ? We claim, and have ty in the Senate, while -nl..r Allen iha trnth Vnt an with the for the best interest of the Alliance to atives and their families, until it shall a right to expect, your words of cheer said he hoped something micht come .uow me ii uiu. ou " decline thpm all and to rmrrhnsc uron- Iw iiffiiHil fur (hp ntlir nnrnncus Tim , , a j i .... ... . . j'w.iv .7. ' v u..v.a.au....sa, oiii'i'ui v. iic iviiiiu iiiii i iiuiii nun I'iriiiiiiiiai I III r-t 1 1 liar. Koiuuui; iiopcis. " eriji uuingui, su uiai iinurr uu idumu- mjii is to ran ue naiure, witii outcrop- locate at Din one place, and wbile some last thing they want the people to erations would we be hampered or pings of day. A portion, lying near maybe disappointed that we did not , placed under obligations to any per- the dwellings (about acres) is in a locate where they specially desired and uuw' sous or corporation. Alter examining good state of cultivation. There is thought proper, yet your committee. a number of pieces of property with enough wood on the premises to last us weighing all thing for the of tl tins iuea, we eltlleu iuk jiresrni sutr, jor many j ears 10 come. e Have Alhttitce unhu and act 111 IT With their v . 11. . Subscribe for the wek!y Mis f 1 .1X1 a yar. IHKV ST AMU TOGKTUKK. The Populist Senators have de- which is situated on the Southern Kail- paid for this property thirty-live bun- best judgment, have selected this site. .i.Un i.tRa nnitin matters of rou, exactly miuway ueiween jiaiein ureu uouars. ue were enabled to se- .No healthier place can be found in principle, and will give no counte and Greensboro, 10 miles from each cure it at this price through theintlu- North Carolina. .a f f . .. . 7 the par- put u; Hie Itamocraiic arty wlin-b has learned, tliro.i'li Mid exierk'iice that the Democrats are not to In; trusted with ttie Kovernment." there is no violence iu supposing j that a good many "big" Democrats, hticli for iustiun e as thoso who con stitute the f2 William J-tr Reform Club, uouid uiye lh-ir support to Mortou. They aro ts anxious to make inoie dcils with tlie Iiosth- chihlsas any liepublicau can be, acd besides this is the time for Wall Street anfi Co. to get iu a liepubli cau if they can their object boitig to make tho people believe that there nance to a proceeding for orgamz ing the Senate that does not include free silver. Thus Butler and others, who were reported by Democratic papers as having "chosen seats on the Republican side" "would vote with Republicans &c. &c have shown the people that the Democratic papers are still liars and that in no case can the statements made by them be relied upon. Jut now, no siugle party holds a majority in the Senate, and that body cannot bo or ganized by auy one party. Tho bal ance of powei is held by the Popu lists, and thtir del ei ruination to btick to principle may result iu driving to two old gangs together for the I purpose of effecting a gold standard organization of the Senate.; and one mile from the historic town of ence of some of the leading citizens of for manufacturing enterpri Ilillshoro. llillsboro. The price paid is said to be delegates to the last Stat This property consists of 140 acres of about one-eighth of original cost of pledged their counties liberi necessary requisite ses. Many State Alliance berally for this JUDGK HtllhNlK'S AKTICI.K. We print this weok another com- is a genuine ngui always going on munication from Judge bchenek in building 215 feet long and 25 feet wide, dollars to put them in good condition, pledges being met promptly, and noon between the Democratic and liepub- connection with the famous 99 Year very heavy walls built of the very best our committee has ordered the still further contributions. At our Wib l I" 1 V f fh I uriCK, wnicn are iaiu in cemeiii. iear secretary-i reasurer to laite cnarge anu meeting in January we expect lo break VVltU the article OetOie tne I t-.ia luiililincr in ta.'n-sf.nrv piirlit-rnfim tii-iLi. npcptsnrv rvuniN nt nni-o i lii-li trrniinil f rf tl. liniu. I.n .. .. :. ..... liean leaders and that first one party! Lease. wins ami then the other. this building isa two-story eight-room make necessary repairs at once, which ground for the tannery and The pKin truth is that pose or thi combine U to and keep up the charges for btisi ness tiatiKportutioit, and it will take the last cent except the one that keeps the producer from abject pov erty or starvation. I he railroads were doing a more prosperous busi uess than any other factor of com merce before this deal was made The report of the Inter-State Com mission proves this. That report shows an increase ol .-fill a mile iu the average net earnings of all rail roads in 1S!C as compared with the average net earnings for lN'.ll lut lhi. is not enough tor the ..niuiu?? v.,..r wiH h m. that will h i :n : :c and situated upon a beautiful elevation at once with whi colossal rapacity of ,he railroad cor-1 hnw nf " "" :T " and in full view of the trains passing, chinery and begin . . , ,t . ! . l t " v- " l"v wuicu uit) uuuui; ua ueyor vci uocu i J'" : V 7 ,im'u American people. In the name of in pog8ession of. - ' "' decency, respectability and honor reauy taKing more man ine.r snare, not shnt Vftnr in ,,nf ig i:i,itobial, comhkkt. VOTING PRECINCTS. A tlftr I nilrritmllux Waati.l it I-Tie imiy uf Clrikt la AiranEli s Ullnf I'laces I uiltr Nt l.lrrllon 1 Mu Kmtok: Tlure ought to bo a clear understanding iu regard to the election law passed by the late legislature of lb'.i."i. ndatiug ! the duties of the clerks of the Superior courts, under section .", chapter 1-V.i, acts of Ib'J.'i. That section says: That the clerk of the ,Sii riir trt of each ciunty shall within la.-Ur iinuiiba nflerthe r.ttilicali.ni of ihi act fslablii.li. alter or create Sfirte lnva of -1-1mii in their r--ctive iouul:e!. so a to prnvhle an near us may be, at least one sriutrdle pliu-e of volim for every three hnii.irl and lilty eletWs in every subdivision ofilmr re s;etive counties, Hlulher such subdivision Ua ToHNsiiii-. ii.i.v..k. nr ..k wtt.il, and shall pe dm' iioIiiv, t U The a t was ratified M.mL S. 1MLVI 1 - ..... A . i mtius in icn wrn r io 1m' a clear expression of the legislative will, that tho t nfir county, or roimtim, be so sub-divided, . to provide separate voting plr.e. fr every ihu-v li'iudied and liMy vote rs. IUh' the Rich ed (BDood Is lbs Foaadatloa the Wosdsrfal Curas by food's Sarsaparilla That it Why the cures by Hod Sanaparilla are Cv&n. That Is Why Hood'a Faraparl:: cures the MTerrst cases ct ix-rof ola. Salt IUieom and Other blood diacaaea. That U Why ItoTcrcomes That Tired t'cvlmg, urngtLena the nerves, gives energy in place of exhautiiou. That i Why tha testlmonU! t kr Hood's Sarsaparilla are solid ft, ami will stand the closest lavestif ku..u. That Is Why the aalcicf ll-l . Faruparilla Lava Increased year alt- r year, while other preparations tf l . ruerit hive come, hsld a little dm porary favor, and are beard of no more. That is Why JTood'g Sarsaparir.a requirta the largest laboratory in t), world. That is Why Hood'o Sarsaparilla lo tho Only Truo Blood Purifier Prominently la the public eye today. Urn are to get Hood's and only Hood. Hood's Pills Ji'XuT:' land with nearly one-half mile front buildings alone. The buildings, how- purpose. Some few of the pledges have on railroad, and lying north of it. Upon ever, have been neglected, and will be been fulfilled. The advancement of the land we have a three-story brick necessary to expend a few hundred work is dependent upon all these yE Belie v reader, it wer,o a work of superero- brick residence built of same material lie is now doing. As soon as repairs into immediate operation. nation to comment on it It carries a,ia in llKe manner about j;o leet in are suiiicientiy advanced, the olhces of machinery will be ordered and put 4.1 l . a, I . I i trai ui uiiiiii uniA uuuuiii is a nwti.ii i uu uuuc maiK.r tiiii ur it:iiiuiu iu uuaitiuu a. MMii lllrrrallf r as IMlsMlHt .notion i worui ftuuui iweuiy jts own commendation, ana Degms structure one story high about !." feet these ou.irters. Your Secretarv-Treas- It need not be man v weeks before u.. million dollars and with the llostli- to lift the veil behind which corpor- long by 30 feet wide, and in rear of the urer and business Agent w ill he ex- shall he turning out shoes. dwelling mere is auoiner woouen one- pecieu 10 move tneir lamiues anu m.iKe 10 i 111 uir mm M M JhaveitiMit CJC nnil U.UT!I..f M. iw-st lUn, . 1 he shoe OJlUUU atlhe,tofi and put in aww as possible. Indies' lvwirola SI.. i o.. i -.i: it-. in the Power of the Silver Dollar. SHOES I and M hin- uu making. child's money backing can put up a at;ons work. The Jddge promises iweiung mere 1S auou.er woouen one- pecieu 10 move tneir lamiues anu m.ue It now devolves on you, brethren, , , . , atious woik. iuH uuoKe promises gt building four-room cottage, their homes upon the premises not to do vour nart and w4. h- ', lit Vigorous and even successful fight still, further communications, aud There is a good smoke house, ice house, later than January 1,1S!)i;. you to do it. Fraterpally among the blind adherents of par- W)& are warranted iu saviuff that as small barn and stables. Two wells of Tsow, brethren, your committee has . ,, ,:.,.., !ir, i c,:iQ ' , ,. A a excellent water are situated conven- secured for you a valuable property, r . ihleman, ti-atu arm spoils. tutv shai continue to appear they ientiy. These buildings front the rail- and it behooves every one of you to M. Mkwisohxk, Oh! people of this country, the will eeovr more interesting and start- road, and are about ilou yards from it, place necessary funds at their disposal N. F.nci iah . . .... .. ...... ce with which to purchase uia- i' manufacture of f 'HitHtillir. going on. hut like the lire that is not quenched they cry not enough, and proceed to such measures as will enable them iiasthk ruosPKitiTY wavk srftuuK? The O. I, papers are trying to get ut some excitement over a proposition to nominate Cleveland for a third term. 'I'I.itm I m si been much now-wou i tip-1 by combination and mutual agree- , We recently gave some figures to about it some claiming that all the! ra- nnt to eiaet still more. show that the assessed valuation of ditions of the country and party are L ti i opposed to third terms while others are taxable property in Wake county Uwhooninir her un" for Cleveland on I This over-reaching and hiizh- was a quarter of a million dollars the ground that he is a big man big- filif m irsi ia t on1t t i.Iiovqa. I loa ilion ilia oo.c.,v, p iom hrer than is party. 1 his may be so, for , ... , kf i n , ' it would require but a mighty little ter as to arouse the opposition and Nearly, or all this decrease was sus- man to reach those dimensions now. 4i-itest of meu who seldom see any- taiued by farms and-real estate, for Then came a report that Cleveland said 1hiagi wrong in combinations and some dividend paying coloration. .Jif.lljrl..lll!l. I. T .1 V I..in.f. f'l. n.l l.n . ( .. . L. . . I.. n . 1 nn . . I . . . : . ... . "II 1 . ur'ii.n ivn. iiivu I'ciiaivi vuuiiu iu tomua duuhbu an iuvreo.su. ler, of New Hampshire, has been in spired to give out a warning which tinds expression iu a letter to Presi dent Cleveland. Hid letter is as fol lows: Wasiiinuton, 1. C, Nov. '22, 181)5. lo the rremilent: And no t()e pqw-Wow goes on. It will be remembereit that pleveiaiiM said Now comes the figures from the ',e wo"'u"J t'Hve a seconq ierm wnen Mate. V hilo not so bad as in some two nominations after that. He. will other States, they are bad enough, take a fourth one if be can get it." Values are going down, and if the hi another column will be found assessment were made to-dav it would & letter from lion. Thomas V.Cator,of I MWrulA SliflMSai at f .l It-... I ... f w'l f f ii.. .i inade sh.K-s at li-r., Men'H af skin Waiter at tl.is, l,i,d Men'. COMMON' MIOKS 63C. Six Thousand Dollars Worth of Tailor-made Clothing at riiTV (m:ts on thi: holla k. U'iMd :ihmre SuitN regular pri-e fM.isi. l ine c t-nrliM-rews and Wonted Suits at i'..ih-regular tn e 1 1 2.ini .. 1' WILSON SHOE STORE SIGN OF THE RED BOOT. WIISOX - - :Vcitl. Curoliim All a i "I i.vii i i . California, to Senator Stewart point- Sir. I rusks complaint to you Rnd through 1"""-" iuucu ueerease ior iintr th(1 - lMpslt th -nidi,,.-- in you to your inter M;iie tommnee i:oiunns- lb'jj as the figures Bhow for 1894. 18. Mr. Cator is chairman or the a " n. Zr ... VaTS State. People's Party committee of Cal a nini-wMiM r,ii'i-,.a.l oi.nl l i i . t. . . I Th.i trttnl oococcmf vi I nor ii 11. ue f ays iuai mis oiaie is a i v. r -J aa 1 1 it tuc utic i aw ivtiai wooumo UlbalL Ul in.lH.Hlrl I . . w ... . I aiiAilian line conirollin the traltic be-1 i t oi. . I....I k'.jl Yiirk l'ili.,i.ll'hi..l.,m VaiUCB IU IU13 WlttlO lOr lO'JJ WAS -.:""""" -'" . I . ...... - amiinir oruaiur . , ..! 1ml- ll,r.;n o.l a I oiiv;c anu wc saj aaui t,i.u ' v i . .a v. AUlcr- I ,.4- ... n r. t il in iltf QfTaii.fi nnl bv the Iroardor niamwers renreseiitinii all thra an.1 a n,,.,. ;n: jn i. ' ir .l.6r. ;.,V.. their ooinions will have no weight the roads This is a eonspiracy in restraint . uoimra ion uu uyemoer tue iom a..u Fo.mCu whateVer I)on.t be so giny as to try onrmteandcomiuereiiinlerthettctof Julv haone year: and this decrease oo- out practicafly fhe same way to vie- ,. . accpnt sometlune- he thtkik "I I rAev Wj k iinnurotann rhr. tha Vilvar . enrroH in iha tn;,tEf . f o V. :ai " " " -ff y' TOnn't, hivo. vwas-ww m m wmw wiugif VI O U U III III I T . MMn " Kl it tvt an rfl I v - " " f be AKoement provi.ks thut ever rail- $202 79C,81fl. For J80 it foots up against the gold combine. S roml In ilia combination shall make and rf J ,on . . r jjut ler made a speech before the iinauiUm the traiiMinriMtioii rates prescribed - o-'iJj a lOag 0 more than jcan Bimetallic I eague in Wa And still the little Demy papers all over the State are busying themselves more with t he alfairs of the Populists tVmn m is Ik rluiie ti It" tl Q V lk t tmf . . . . i man nun iiicn unn -if 1 j wv, t nan unit for having al patriots to join on u , nff aftairs to ted to tne, same uduiqiu ior x am"n ff theinselves. We "e have told them The Okfreement also nHkeie..rtain th.it .11 v""c" " 1U1U!' vi. a oountliui T,firrt wft3 verv favorably impressed .11 i ..,".7.1..:. "t"" Z' i.. k: j .. ...77 ' r ' I.IMMIX7III.IVII biibii "-; miiiiijuni. uuuve re- i uai vi cvci Luiiiir aun a.r n. limn w in ma man. . I 1 1 I .U I KW I III 111. IlilllUlf ' ' . . ...... r. n I I . The first of the series of articles fo vtini tu mnnnnn t nrcnng ... .. r. . . .. I ht written hv Iir. I vrus lhomnson viiiiuiiik ronu, wini'ii lines are 10 lie Hp- rj ' e nj- As time troes on anu tlie lianUWriC- t,t----t- . . V M for the Sennit cf the other ro.U,. ing that the people were better oft! Ido fate and i de-tln j appears more erTf,h Jn'iSieiu III lVn This a division of ean.imts contrary to . . . i.,Pv nn tho wait the irnnntent anitp of tlje church to slavery will appear in Mention 6 of tbe inteniate commerce law. than ever before. clearly on the wall, tne impotent spite week's Caucasian. We promise Tbi trust slut lOoliiiwr urttnient can be .aiuuhiluleil hs irovile'l ly esplu-it existing aim uesperaic rage u. iuc xc uiWra .c that. thev will he much in- ti.iioa onnaofA T t mppaOBa I hDoa Tv IQ I " " -- y I W,l. -i. . . . I- ui. i:.: i . : I tereSLCU 111 tuc nunc ocuco, uu c: laws oi wiot'iiuen amies, id ny injunction " "iv aiier weeit we are trying to erauie political yimp are uow irjriug . . ,ihprtv nf Warnin critics not ffr.Hu tne cou is, 2, by un order of the In- :ve some iitrnt on iha irna , to make it appear that Butler, Strowd, Jak.e l,e !i!l:Lfn tul aSripa Vam terust-o-uuiercerommion. or 3, by Be some light on the true cause of shuford,Skinnerand company will be i00"?? eTn Irionc. tZ indietiueut ,U in,hv,h,a,s .,gn,g the this paradoxical state of affairs- responsible if the .present Congress ffiftgS rri-Ai I : i . r : i : ltc..i A!s.)esily bo ntoii..il by a vitorous "UB,UW wur reasons are good or us "u l'" """s""- fpP to tread." ai..eal from von lo Mr. J l'ieriHM.t Morgan, not. it wonld annae in U v: np8e gni emen liaye more tnan once r:r ... ....... ....... i.u ........:.. .u ' I ' r r w Kuoi-I ilfi'lirpil tnlhn nennlii that iiinh a law I ... i. r.i.i iiiiie trunk liris la as al)!ute as it was over ncS3 01 every maD-to begin to ODen might not be expected from neither a I T nur a Te.ifeel nil over. He sticks - a. . jjrai sou - - - - - - t he bund syndicate It ninn-t be (imsiblu his eyes and see if he can discover De mocrat nor Republican Congress, rjght by the State of North Carolina. that you int-iKl to lk upoji your adiui.m- u aiscover and ,, to thw time they have seen no uf believes and says that it is the best I V':?'! ' " TmV "77 f "tr" the CaUsed of thls dfic caee n ves. reason to change 1 heir opinions. stS and LcUon on earth-that it has ! vour bur teiie'i umt beloli si iK-ople this, the iVo.,. i . , . . p State ana section uu rai hi uai h ...(Keat trus, tl.f worM ever saw. or that whs Iaw f ntuf d Justice de- T c AN cordial,y con&ratu. the best people the diest women ivmrnpi iii,-iir k tanwi won uiauus BlUUV increase Of V& nP8 l.ti.. t h Kur and Dhieryee on ii me monueiigmiuiuuuaii:, uiriauu- , I rui you to your fresh Aitoriiev-ti.Mier.il, .. ;u - , vaiaes utes the ews anfl MOgerver pp its scerJerv aud everything else, and , y.).ira..niti..fs chairman of ; yoni co -mis' wlth a Kwing population and in- Thanksgiving ootton nl issue, Much spenen anu ee j .1 a rue, a The Daily Sentinel is taking the lead in a movement for holding a big tobacco exposition in Winston inl8!KJ. The Caucasian seconds the motion. If we knew how we could help you in a practical way we would hitch up and pull with you. Dead you say? Tlie last, issue of the People's Party Paper, of Atlanta, (;a., has a whole page full of announce ments of Populist meetings, ' Pve quit, using that chestnut. Vote as you pray. I pray with my eyes shut; I've learned to vote with my eyes open." llev. Dr. Wilson. A ud Cleveland county also got struck by the prosperity wave. Her taxable pronerty decreased $331,201 in lblL See? sioii, or your oitimioieit hanker friend Mill iwmIvx the innii'ty in in inception. Very respectfully. WlM.ltM K. IIMI,KK. Thn gigantic combination, has ao uttir contempt for Coagress. It seems that these roads are so ac customed to having Congress do creasing energy. Perhaps the laws anu annety must .,VB oeen un- o - 67 W1"P we. taws dergone and very great painstaking The Georgij or man are temporarily in the as- work have been done to result in such by the way, is ia state Alliance, wnicn , is quite a vigorous orgatu- cendency and are 'responsible for au excellent achievement. This num- zation of very intelligent men adopted u: . , . Der isa revelation even to Aortn uaro-1 the rtk owintr reso uiion i tuia uneny uureasonaoio havoc and linians who are. in a general war. t.'jl That w ask the 5h Con ' " " B mf I I l V - -r -' well iniormeu concerning tne scape i ress to enact into law the r reecoin approaching rnin. AKOITMKNTVS. AB18K. and its industries. It shows North law of silver at the ratio of lfi to 1, and Carolina to be the Kmpire State of the! the increase of I he circulating medium Some peonle who trv t.. .naB,,J ' ""rinKl" '9P not lton l)er ,,il!ma - - J nvi in fai-t. the lead i iiir SLate in everv hinir their will that tbey actually regard or "reply to" the statements made except a proper support and encour- An earlv national convention -eeuis to be the demand of the PopulUt ail over the country. They are ihe only people who wish their issues fully dis cussed before the lieODle. ):i the ., i mt o-,i;..i;r.iw ii, 4 . iiir un.. oiiiiic oj air oiner nauu nie general sen n mem oi they eommand it to do. Their gen- er Oistinction. J? or instance, we have against free silver. Others claim I hat the Democratic and Republican parties era! opinion is shown hy what the never asserted mat the eold stand- great jtepuonuan victory was an i seems to be for late conventions ana v i . a . r i k . ... m i . president of 'one of the big roads rd was not a good thing for th. Z D ai9CUSSlon3 at eava in the following telegram: bondholders and banks. On thn matters we hud thai in Kei luckv the I We are beginning to hear a little the great law-making power of this by The Caucasian persistently I the State Press. tfoverument as their hired servant, I the vital point of our proposi-1 The Democrat i papers are still ex- ftnd know that it will do whatever t ons. Theyalwavs failtodr. n plaiiiingaway their recent overwhelm. . v t- . i ii K defeat. At. - .1 . A A . 1 rnt ? I AHilliiriVmrinn Ti ' , . - Z a I n . r.. ., kr. ni,in v,w n UrBm..M. tt contrary we have alwv atA T Democrats liiHinuee. ior tiovernor less oi nie siogan -wt -me i copie s goou ior ms oungaiions. w ."It t t'.r ti,. LAke.-Hhor. n u. : t . . . . was a silver man white I lie nominee Party is dying." I he facts in the case ; come to pass that unless the uj ah villi mi wronir in the railroad nresi- . J 81 wnai lDese classes for Lieutenant Governor was a gold- are coming to light. We want to told constantly that he is tliuts' arimiueiit. There are positively no wanted and worked for and naid for I hug. Both were 6oi DemocraU aud I make the prophecy that when the J'eo- most miserable and that u a-roiin Is." Iw says, "whereby any .legal ex- I both erot a uood lickihe. How are the I ples party is dead certain other lioliti-1 government offers him " oeptmo isiut b Uken to the rules embodied J .... Democratic papers going to explain I cal parties will have goto iu ibe agreeuient. Its fundamental prin-1 Our position is that the gold stand-1 this awav. memory of man. . . - ('ongressman R. Z. Linney, has ap pointed Mr. . K, Spencer Jilackburn, of Ashe county, his private secretary. Why should the government loan money to bankers at 1 per-cent, and not to other people? THK FAP.MEU AS AN IHIJtCTi' UFaYU C4TUV. i'iiblicul lUccrutr.J If a newspaper should hint that a certain business man was not prosper ous, most of us would sympathize with him if he entered suit. And yet there are scores of papers which persist in attacking the credit of all people en gaged in agriculture, saying they are cultivating this, that and the other orop at a loss, are mortgaged, and al ways in financial straits. Suppose a paper should announce that the mer chants of North Carolina have only half a supply of clothing and have no prospect of getting more than cost price for t heir meat and other supplies? And yet the farmer has been written up in this way until he likes it. Charlotte Observer. It is a strange thins. Ordinarily a man objects to being represented as a pauper he likes to appear as a Person who can take care of himself and is But it has farmer is of all men nless the relief" he must out of the inevitably perish, he doesn't like it. So welt has the pauper game worked for those who are working the farnurs for the ollice, that we need not he sur prised if some of their special "friends' should propose next that they may he made wards of the nation, as the In dians are. Well, go It gentlemen. But you may, if you will, jot down this little fact. The farmer is willing for the truth to be knowu, and of late he is making something like a demand that it be told full and free. If you. dou"t like this rugged honesty the farmer can't help it. He wouldn't if he could. Journalistic jugglery and llim flam facts are at a discount with the rarmer now, and he is pretty nearly the only man of whom that can be said. Mr. Cleveland Repullico A 1 iuon. tration by UU Chief utthera Agent. Wilmington Disp&tt. Iloke Sxitfi'B paper, tfie Atlanta Journal iu speaking of the recent elec tions says : "Judging from the unanimity with which thev arose and smote the oppo nents of the president last Tuesday the people are still with Mr. Cleveland and against the bosses." If the recent elections show that the people are with Mr. Cleveland as the Journal states, Mr. Cleveland mut be a full-fledged Kepublican. The Ke publicans carried all the Northern States and Maryland and Kentucky in addition. If the Journal is correct in its statement Mr. Cleveland is neces-a-rily a Kepublican. HERt'S SOME MORE PROSPERITY. 1 WU TbaUkBil tmm 1 K M ploTiaent in lhil.l.i..i.i- ruiLADKLPnii, Va.,Xov. 27. All the sugar rel neries in this city, iiielmlit.jf the rranklin.as well as the Met 'aha n shut down to-night, throwing over 2,000 workmen out of employment The Spreckels refinery bad been closed for some time, and the Franklin and McCa han had been running on half time, lhis is said to be in keeping with a similar movement in New York city by orders of President Searles. At headquarters in this city it is stated that the rel! neries close at this time of the year, as the product is nil used up. The Best Moquette Carpets $L00 per yd. And no Extra Charge for Making. IV, H. & R, S. TUCKER & CO., RALEIGH, H. C. A. B. STRONACH KVKKYTIIIXi; IX MIUKS. SHOES ! $5,000 SHOES! Zo-vv 1ioc-m ot Xew I ,rlct,N. (Not an edd pair in the lot.) Anybody may advertise shoes r,t old prices but that may mean -U1 "I - at old prices." ' WE OFFER elVtin,3r "n,ir' n,"W ,"rk iD l,"'itJr froni hili to male 3. .or flllR PflNTPIPTC wr made in the spring when leather at it l.et .1 , 1 1 . " 1 0 n,t unlil dd we shall gie our cuMomeri. the t.rl,t of the low prices at whirh we l-.ught. All of the Newest .Shai-, l.a elties of the it Makes. In ;eiitlemetr, Indies'. Youths' and Ni'. It-. Business Working. Walkimr and Srl..1 Kh.- 11. t.. 1.. t i-r.-.i Shoes. Kvery Pair (;uaranted as Represented CIOAIC XJJWS r . , "'"kets and CajH-s for Ladies, !iM-s, Children and lofanU in l:ou, S trachan, Seal, Silk Plu-h, Melton, l eavers, liagotial, W-ae, !., 1 wenty-tive ikt cent, cheaper tian you rati buy elM-where. Xewit ;u4Mis B-h Values fewest I ri . lK,tit takeoor r.l I ' l.ut compare prices antl quality and we are sure jou will buy of DRY COODS, NOTIONS 8HOE8, EVEKYTHIXH HUT HKill I'KICKS. 215 FayetleYille Street, .... Raleigh, N. C. Headquarters for me Oest, Only BBBBDnXS OP PRJZIf tTDSTPEW OP Tim POUJOWINQ VABMJSTUSOl Wiffrrinotb CsTiMe earl CTrfaa Cegaeal Trim tenrd Light Brahmaa, Indiea mi Ptt fkiiw Duff Ooduns, BUver-Laced Wywndottea. WhifOiilu M.Ptkia Pucka, MuaoefTj Dncka Pea Fowls mtl Vtaiml J prize ft iro.v ran FAST TWO e1kS. Ill Cn CnraSdreaodDot ULOU Kwet br Inxpocted cTInrporteJ Bred Vn a Red Jcrser Pig. Best Strrrn ljegktaned Jersey QCie, BqrnyBrl itrai rii.ies, hne as split silk. V Gat Pslflii Ctaia tf TM Day HVEUVTH1NO CCAUAMTkZKD AB -mm" amm?m' ' ADDHESH 0CC01TEEC1TEE FA1UX DnnnAlX H. C o

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