t lUarttn Vs.- LocUiart. Continued from let page. THREE OF A KIND. Tbis ooe Lwaed by an agent of London cap italist! to the New York capital! ia TTaa Hur4 Clreala. Slavery ia likely to be? abo)ibrd bj mercy of tbia garjjr of political fir-1 tb war power, and chattel slaver j de hooter. It ia a matter of biatory, well atroyed. TbU, I and nij huropean imn .11 r Vorih Carolina and tbe frienda are in favor of. for slavery is South, that they rejected the returna of but tbe owning of labor and carrie precinct at their will ana CHAXOED 1HE IUCLT OF TH KLrO TIOXS at their pleasure. In tbia Congres- witb it tbe care of tbe laborer, while tbe European plan, led on by Kngland, ia for capital to control labor by con trolling the wares. ih ran t de the moitsu. The great debt I.OVK-IIAlMF.I). KlinU-tli llarmaii, in I.iiiiin-ott'-.J I ran foriv 1 im in ttin wimm1," fli raiil, I li, foli-li mniil : Ami thither we tit he; I'.ut in her t Imiil.tM flu- im-t him everywhere; The very mr I Ureal hed temler wrl Hint I li.nl ppoken it her, TIm joiinjc leaven stroked hercheeW atul heeined to Wimi her. And rail her fair; Hi name alone the flitting wild bird CAtlK, II name alone Ihe irndding Il wer- helUrang; "Ah, no, not here can I forget," -.he paid, l.ove-hautiteil maid. "iVrcli.ince," she aiid, "the riinh of the great town Love-thought wi I drown." And there hh hied her. I'.ut. In I lie i lmiifor of the throiiziil Htreet, The many feet Seemed treading to a measure eoft and low, That he hnd ung to her not long ago, And clear and wert, From Kteejiled hell rang out the (.Id refrain I love thee, Love" ngnin, and .-till again. "I rdiall go mail with loving here," tdie ha id : Oh, wretrhed maid. 'Happily," he moanetl, 'artToine I may find peai;e, A nd calm mirreaM Of tortiiou thought." I'.ut 'mid the garden' subtile fra-gratu-e, 'Neath evening kien, Her heart grew sore with yearning and regret, "Ala," she ha id,' I never can forget. My lleree pride dies. All Hint earth oilers I would gladly give To he hi own. For him alone I livi "A I for thee." Iii voire benidc her Hiiid, Oh, love-hlesed maid. SOUTHERN BEUES. SHE PAINTS THE FLAG t their pleasure, in inis ,oDre-iewUrMint1 sionai aisirici,nowever, in Hie e.cv wwM lnlt eanitalisU will see to it is made in question, tbe frauds of tbe precincU out of ,e war rotIst ugei as a means were so colossal that tbia Conteatee to ontrol the volume of money; to a was not driven to resort to bis Return- comD;jsh this the bonds roust be used in Hoards. Tbe onlceof these Doaras, i . v.b: w. . n iit in our case, was only to count the U Dgfor tne secretary of tbe treasury to ffadulent returns anu aeciare mem. m.k.tll- recommendation toConen. I he provision of tbia law fPv'n. . I It will not do iVallow the greenback, aait is called, tto circulate as money these county returning boards me i . . . i . ? i ii)t I'nrrbUfri Amani imr i ninri i iuwo. v. ...... - A l, .1 liU M snulhrrn Krlaada. ' An original ami enterprising young woman in New York is making a liv ing by making ketches in oils of the Confederate Hag and celling copies to prominent memner oi i ne rMtmiieru nei, in wi.ii eny. In the boine of a Southern matron franchises of the citizen without no tice and without a trial surpasses, in depravity, any legislative or judicial OlTKiGK EVER COMMITTED by an English speaking people. It would have been a blot upon the his- i any length of tl trol that. ne, as we cannot con- This one issued Oetolier 9. lsTT, ty New York hankers to the National banks. TUe llusll Letter. Deab Sir: It is advisable to do all tory of England, even before ex -post I in your power to sustain such promi- laeio laws anu uiiib ui iiwiuun imc neiii uaiiv anu wwmj urwfiiiiurr" This one. issued March 12, 1803, by Bankers Association to all National banks. The Panic letter. DearSir: The interestsof Nationa bankers reauire immediate financia legislation by Congress. Silver, silve certificates and treasury notes must be More NinnrrtMiM Tlnui In lb Nrtli I! riiiiMO M.xil Imrnrrs Am I'ttliter. Ilartier'rt Weekly. 1 Old von ever happen to remark how larure a proport ion of Soul hern Indie are helle? Our Northern idea of belle i of a being in petticoat of Nlicli egregious loveliness and grace that .mm shine eoiiiieuou among her sisters and excite more t han tier reasonable share of maciiline adinirat ion. Then are belles in the North. A ball may have it belle: a reason mat have Us belles ('harming young women wh are special favorites jo society are of ten spoken of a helle even to the northward of Mason and Dimhi'h line Uut wherea wit h u the title i ephe meral, the expresi.n oi a passing sen tiitietit, and carries no very momentous weight, among our soul hern neighbor? it. Meem to represent an achievement of solid value and p riu.iticiice. In UVrMtlticky or Virginia or Oeorghi once a belle seem to always a belli The title clings to its possessor, and long alter t he gaiety of her y out h has given place to sober charms ami tie meanor she i still decrihed a s that erstwhile ttelle whoso dazzled her ran temparorie. Hoes the render remem her that he ever heard of a Kentucky ir r I who wa no' a urea' belle, or read an obituary of a Kentucky matron wlu wa not described a "a great belle i her you thy' There must be more belle in Kentucky alone than in all the mill die States, though not more, perhap, than in Virginia or deorgta. Oixie abound in lovely women, but even her abundant possession of the raw mate rial out of which belles are made seems hardly to account for t hi dispropor tionate development. There must he some other reason for it.and there are ground for the belief that such n reason exist in certain characteristic of the Southern man. It I asserted by women of experience who have been out in society iu the South that, socially speaking, the Sout hen man i a d liferent from the Northern man a men are from women, or fish from llesh. The Northern man i polite (when he i polite), but the Southern man' politeness ruiiMhtn gallantry. A Northern woman who ha been an object of masculine atten tion in a Southern city i apt lore member it nil her life, and to recall it with regret. The Southern women ae belle because the Southern men make them so. That seems to be the secret of it. Northern men may smile at it. but Northern women will take it more seriously, and wish, not improbably, that it happened also l them. A tHMIK A III IV K. IIY TIIK. I.A I K .lost. I'll W. IIOI.HKN. V iiislon Ileoohlicaii. I Mil Km roR : I consider I his imich in Mile poem written by Joseph Hidden, son of (iovertior Hidden, the sweetest gem w hicll ha found it way to the public! for many year. The sad end of the author Mint the pathetic story of hi lite make it more impres sive to those who knew! hi wonderful genius. Tin victim of "women and wine" he barely missed being great. Let. ti hope that forgiveness came Whtb penitence it ml that he found a home 'Mid the numberless star of the -beautiful sky." Oct. 11, ".l.i. l. Sl'IIKM'K. no home for the wounded and i. .- - - I ai til lawn a ii u uiijb vi iv. . lieu i uaiijr aim wtciwj urnpMpi", who reside in New York, the wife of booted out of the British constitution, especially the agricultural and reli- a well-known lawyer, hang one of i;niierB(jch a law and under such an gjous press, as will oppose the issuing these u'tclures in heroic size. It is exectj0n of it, this C'ontestee holds his 0f greenback paper money, and that framed in (Jeorgia pirn and over one geat it i submitted that the moment you also withhold patronage of favors - . f i. .. rn...u 1j f ... I till. . . ... . i i r . .,, corner in in- iiamt- y " we iook at ine law anu looK ai me ins I from all applicants wiio are not win swords of her husband and father, both tory of itsexecution, every presumption in to oppose the government issue o of whom were oiiicers. j arainst those who claim under it Imonev. Iet the government issue the and under the light, or rather in tbe I coin and tbe banks tbe paper money dismal shadow, of this law must be read I of tbe country, for then we can better all tbe testimony in this case. I protect each otber. To repeal the law Contestee s answer indicates that he I creating national bank notes, or to re hopes to cover up the frauds, through I store to circulation the governmen which he holds his seat, by shouting j issue of money will be to provide tbe "Populist" at this Conbf stant, who was people with money, and will therefore . I . .fl " IT - I I i; eiecieu oy a i seriously anecx your lnuiviuuai prou mi invirv (xv thru TiirtiTAAKn. as bankers and lenders. See you h.,iiirinar. thp Pnnnlists rwrnsnse. control legislation in the North and West, there is no fu sion or affinity between them. In the South, the Popnlist party is tbe ally of tbe Republican, not because they agree on doctrine, but because both of them have been persecuted and disfranchised by the Democratic banditti who usurp ed mtvpr in these States. Ttennhiicans i.d l'onulists combine for self-defence. I retired and the National bank note The Populist party comprises white upon a gold basis made tbe only money, men who have been in tbe habit of vot- This will require the authorization of inr nod havintr thpir vnfp r-nonted from $500,000,000 to $1,K0,000,00! of nd uhnlmnnrhnutnthnnt Tn thpsft new bonds RS & basis of circulation. men the I You will at once retire one-tniru oi your circulation anu can in one-nan nf vonr loans. Re careful to make a This Conttstant was supported by the m0ney stringency felt among your Republican party of this district, not patrons, especially among influential because they agreed with him on finan- business men. Advocate an extra ses cial and economic questions, but be- 8jon 0f Congress for the repeal of the cause he stood for their rights and fran- purchase clause of the Sherman law chises and, more especially, because he tnu act with the other banks of your was the opponent of the bandits who, cHy jn securing a large petition to through long years, have persecuted, Congress for its unconditional repeal, defrauded, robbed and murdered white per accompanying form. Use personal and black Republicans. influence with congressmen and par- Accor'dinz to the votes as declared fimilarlir lot" vnnr wishes ho known to water, by the precinct boards and so canvassed I your senator. The future life of na- oy me oiaie reiumiug uoaru, .,ut:- tional banks as nxed and sate mvest- hart, the contestee, had a majority of ments depends upon immediate action, only 44-4, Martin, the contestant, by tbe as there is an increasing sentiment in evidence not only establishes proof of favor of government legal tender notes frauds, miscounts, etc , overcoming the and silver coinage. 444 out maaes out i HONEST MONEY OR SILVER CLUBS. That, while all bitter feeling is dead. sentiment still remains i a fact of which the young woman who con ceived the idea is heartily glad. She ask quite a reasonable sum for her work and she i being kept very busy. Ni,t only Southerners living in New York are ordering her handiwork, but those who live below the line are send- ng for the flag. THE SUPREMACY OF LAW. Thy Will In; Hour. O (.oil! Thou Knownt lint. New York Paper: A little child lay lying in a room in a crowded tenement ioiie. liy the side of f lie poor beu sal a pale faced woman. It was Sunday, nit the poor woman lingers were )iiy with her needle. So long as there was day light, seven day in the week, she must sew constantly on the garment which later would be sold by greedy merchants nt so-called "bar gain sales." The merchant would make hi goodly profit, for the, bar gain" were made possible by the mis erable wage paid I he woman and her tired sister who stitched mother tenements. The little figure on the bed stirred, and a thin little hand wa stretched out toward the woman. ' Mamma!" "What is it darling?" cooed the wo man, a she put aside her work for a moment and bent over her child. "I am so hot, mamma: my head is burning up; give me some mamma." "Yes, darling." The mother rose wearily and went out into the hall to fill a pitcher at the sink there. As she entered the room again she looked out of the win dow into the crowded street below. Many children clustered around the hack end of an ice wagon. The wo man's eyes brightened. She went over to the bed, and bending over the tiny ligure there; said : "Mamma will get you some ice, dear, and that will make your throat conl. I je st ill, and I will come right back." Then, with the nickel which had costlier t wo hours' labor clutched in her hand, she ran down the narrow stairs ami into the street. '(Jive me live cents' worth," she said to t he iceman. lie weighed a piece of ice and wa handing it to her, when a policeman suddenly appeared and laid his hand upon the man's shoulder. "I arrest you," said the policeman. "It's after ten o'clock, and its against the law to sell ice on Sunday at this hour. You will have to come to the police court with me; and you must come too," he added to the woman. "My little girl i very sick; 1 mustn't leave her," cried the poor woman, in distress. "That don't go," said the olllcer; "conn.' along. And she had to go. At the police court t he iceman wa held for violat ing iiieMitulay law. I he woman was ques tioned and told to come back in the morning a a witness. Then she was allowed to go. She hurried back to the tenement where she lived, and ran up stair to lier room. :.!rs. km Gejb, cila cf Ei- O'puty U. S. UvttX Cc'tsbss, Km., tip: of TWINS letA than 20 min ute ami with scarcely any pain after using only two bottle of II fa-V 'tdP- FRIEND" DID NOT SUTTER AFTEBWABP. mrtbr rpwcrifl!.f n!r "'pe4", I. r UI. U "TO MvTilltKo EUlUniLD ECCrUTOB CO., ATUTTa, U. SOLO IIY ALL DUl'OGISTS. (0AniiTrYE! THE WHITE HOUSE. The PopulUts will capture it in x'. Sow thecountry down with Peoples' Party literature. I will nrint vour name and address on the People's Party Kxchange List for a silver dime, and you will receive a large number of leading Peoples1 1 any papers for reading and distribution. Wkitk plainly. J. II. Paimiktt, Iick Hox 410, K n n is, Texas. tf KOTICK. I wi T ererr man nJ woman in the Tilted Slates interested in me Opiom and Whisky habits to ho one vt hi? books on tbee dis eases. Address J. M. Wooiley, Atlanta, Ua. liox 383. and ue will be Mntyoatr CANCER Permanently Cured ! ! ! Iliinie treaiiiiit. Pu to St-ii.l hiiiinp fur hwk. jau. a. lukKU. Purt Panto. Ala. , wm Bit t'l Ml ' f . . .' f "S DUREf0URHAf j5 fii e - v. w v m IGAttnfES W.0utwSmC Mtt-acMTOwcua1 ouwmah. nc. u i a FA my maoc rooH !!! Grcda Tote ASS ABSOLUTELY PURE S A GRAND DISCOVERY ! I irANTEO - 4 li Ml w varan la mn , ! W aril ur " a m Iftl I , m-w" MlUll HiTAL k.aifa. l'..rk. . torvn- mi ali4 Bwtal uhiiW urtkbl 1 offi nil, nvuM hi ir I IIMiumi mil Bim otiartttlHttuf l.rrt ; thrhrafrf 111 MNtiltHtfr mmm twrrvuf.. rmu m tu dtawml for our u!kI MttBlOauoV. w (Ma rr autm mtmmlmr! nxi-r wm , sKOPACaS TABHHL ES.j Iiii coo: no only ccme on with alirht tTXnntoca. whK ceglcctrd incrref in extrct and p-AiiuAllj pow d-xogrwai. m Irtor SUrrCR m0 HEADACHE. DYSPEPSIA eta INOICCSliON !r tor iu BILIOUS, C0MST1PATE0 oiHtti A DISORDERED UVH . Ir tor. COMPLEXION IS SALLOW... SUFFER 0IS1RESS AFTER EATIM6 F.ia OFFENSIVE BREATH n ALL DISORDERS OF THE STOMACH DiniW TM,I ir. 4l4 ,: TIKE me WPAXS TAbULLS j TAKE RIPANS TII.1 I I AH Lt k'; i f Kipm Tabu It j met prnllj but 'nmtlfuron the Ltrr. k and DU-tiu; clean th $j$Um rfTrrtOAllf ; cure -.. tZ itual couatirution, oTotiive brrmth anl braJarlw. u- Ttr- , taken at the first indication of inJirtiori, l4!ioute. , UiftreM afurr tatinj; or dcprtu ( fpiriLt, will ftmlj :.! . remove the whole JiSicultv. Kipans Tabob- are jriuml from a pnacription iJH .. the l-t phvaiciati?, and are irr-ntxl in the form rmt 'ir. nimltTti Krieno". If gi n a fair trial Kipins Tabula aie an icfaUible run contain butbiug injunomand &rr an mmoinical rrtuexli. ONE GIVES RELIEF. A -uart r-groM l-ox will U ent, M-wte jud, dU bj Kip:in Chemical Ca, 10 bpnico SL. Ne Cl' on mtipt ! ftr York, N. . I.tcal drucrbisrifrj-abrrp MllUiFfl) lkf Tikilm If rrvrMri 2 to 4 I THEY ARE EASY TO TAKE. QUICK TO ACT AND 5 oa Xj uai A ilUblUAO iSlLtlr DR. HATHAWAY & CO. The RELIABLE SPECIALISTS Regular Graduate i Medici. AMthoriud if ' State. Six National Banks for Financial Reference, thousands of Cared Patients nil over the United Slates as to our profcsslonlal ability. All business conducted oa a strictly professional basis and strictly confidential. Consultation Free at office or by mail. Treatment scat everywhere tree (rasa obscrvaUgn. No Interference with business while using medicines. awr. . Seminal Weakness and bexual ueoiuty Spermatorrhva and tmpottney) canned by youthful follies and excesses, 1 r ii l ocleTy. lost of sexual Dower. hood. etc.. cured for life. We can stop night losse . restore lost seiaal power, restore nerve and train poer, enlarge and urensthea asl parts and make yon fit for marriage. n . - Crtfilic - that terrible disease. In all Its fonnssnd stare ensai oypnillSf. for Ufa Blood Poisoning. Skin Diseases. Ulcere, li ngs. soras, Uonorrbae oieeu ana an lorms oi trivai unease cars. Qfin ts pertaantly cured without cauaUc of euuing. Nonata, O LI I WIU1 C oo ezposare. Patlant can use the treatment at iw. a oHipc' wo curt those aellcata diseases peculiar to yoar sea. at your own home without instrument. . hUny cre4 aiay root a nthtf tni!npa tisvA fallpil " r"n fflv vrm nmofl Mw-aM ' uvuiiiukwiii cry in me annals oi medicine, oneaoso giret reiiecaiew avav m.nA naln fn 1n1nt iirn la bound In take claca Send atatement of case. RrvL- for both sexes. 64 pages, with full description of above diseases, the effect a4 era. LUUI eealed In plain wrapper free. Read this little book and send for Symptom Blank, Ha. i for Men Vo. 2 lor Women : No. 3 for Skla Diseases i ho. 4 for CaUrrh. . - Take no chances tad obtain the best by consulting, the Leadinfl Specialists to the United State. HONESTY I DRrHATHAVAYXCO. I SKILL I 1 22H South Broad 8Ttrrr ATLANTA, CA. I I his own majority to be 1,675. Judge I). L. Russell and I). B. Sutton, Ksq., are Attorneys for Martin, and without going into the testimony in the case more fully which is, of course, voluminous "show up" show the Dem ocratic "machine metheds" in as clear a light as we have ever seen presented. The Organisation of Clubs Called for by Authority of the Memphis Convent ion. To the Voters of North Carolina: The Memphis convention composed f representative men of all parties who oppose the schemes of the single gold standard men, passed the iol- O VKK-PRODUCTl ON. Coming Nation, Oct. 9, 1895. Strayed. Ilatless and coat less, out there in the J lowing resolution: Resolved, That a committee composed of WITHOUT IL1EDIGIME Improved Oxygenor Cures Disease. Strongest Endorsement Ever Give Any Remedy for the Cure of Uisea-e. U. S. HEALTH REPORTS. Official Endorsement. Vol. XXIV. No. 8 JULY 12, 1895. I'AGK S. street, Thin-clad and feet, Shivering there blast, ' Hut little worse passed. A flaxen haired fed Yes, one of Christ's own, a begging for bread. 4 Oh ! ! Help," he cried, "or we go on the town, For father's no work, the shop has closed down." n rags, no shoes on his in the cold autumn off than many who child no raven has one member from each State, be appointed by the delegates thereof in this convention, whose duty it shall be to correspond with tne representatives and advocates ot bimetal lism and bimetallic societies in the different sections of the Union, and devise measures to advance thecauseof bimetallism through out tne united states. That this committee shall have power to call a national conference of bimetallism whenever, in the opinion of the committee. the cause of bimetallism can be advanced thereby. Said committee shall have power to nil all vacancies. Nature's Own MetM of Freeing Herself from Disease. The committee, in accordance to ne iiuu iiua ciosfu uown, your lamer l- i ? to ' 3 tional committee of one member from each State. Did he drink or no work? And nothing ahead? shirki1 Always at work, a large family you say? Only your father drew too little pay. wnatr lnree hundred hands are idle as well? I A .1.1 t. ...... I. .1 A. I i was wept away and couldn't get r.r,. " Therefore. I now call for the ore -r;;.". Sa,d A ver; d case, though I understand, tion "Honest Money Clubs" J. .. . "i--; ... ! . ? . ? .. It's one of many all over the land. every county m ihe State. u iil ii i j im- miru.t uiru uii iif r I i mi i .1 - llim. Sllf kllflt llVtllf hlfl nml titi a .Tin. tlirtnaa r ' J bVva a a a. j.v VBiwuouiauo uu--iiiai TU. IUIIUUC lIJC I ntartHniiil w Jo. 1 ti ..uM...,i i.n..,i 1...-, 'im..... I ' x 1 stanaara men is: 1 t 1 1 u n 11.111 11 iiiinii 1 11 iivin. it'll 1 ;i i ii wu This committee met in Chicago on July 18th and passed a resolution empowering and instructing the member of the committee from eacn State to proceed at once to organize "Honest Money Clubs" in his btate. tatives of our Secret Inquiry Bureau, am- that these remedial methods obtain jjj their development and achieve their greatest results inrougn using lm- KKM ED I AT. METHODS. Many invalids believe that remedies necessarily imply medicines, and med icines only. This is a serious mistake, for it not only leads them to be content with such limited elfects as drugs are able to produce, but prevents them from acquiring a proper knowledge of the remedial resources which "exist within the organism itself the very agencies by which in health, the vital powers are developed and maintained. "1 n the com pi lation of these Krpokts we have ascertained that the nature of these physical agencies, as adapted to remedial purposes are at easy com mand, and we have no hesitancy in saying that after a careful investiga tion, at the hands of trained represeu- inghyr face, she gazed up with her They're told by the rich, it's nature's dry eyes that yet saw nothing and strange laws l'hat brings this about in every de whispered : "Thy will be done, O God! Thou knowt'st best !'' Her darling was dead. cade, Over-production, there's too much stuff made. gold First. To prevent any further coin age of silver into legal tender dollars at the ratio of 1G to 1, and to bring this country to an absolute gold basis. 2nd. To haye the silver dollars al- proved Oxygenor, Nature's Own Meth od of Freeing -Herself from Disease Without the Use of Medicine. We have fully investigated the Improved Oxygenor treatment and lind that it will cure when all remedies have failed and have no hesitancy in saying it i the best treatment known to the en lightened practice of medicine. We do not hesitate to accord unstinted praise, for we know that the highest praise is merited, and in bestowing commendation, we act solely in the in terest of the readers of these Uki-ohts asking nothing of the Company. Thi investigation was conducted wilhou their knowledge and this report ap pears without regard to their personal wishes in the matter. We have found this to be a superlative system for the cure of disease. 1 he Company lurn ishing the Improved Oxygenor is con i roiieu oy reguiariy grauuateu puysi cians whose experience and practice, covering a half century of time giv this treatment a value and a standing of the most enviable character. Address with stamp, ATTENTION ! yaOBACCO I wish to inform my fri i.l PAMOL'S and WKLL I.K.IITEH ;wil the public tint I will a.-iu rtn :.'r 000OyO .TTHTPTP-R. WYR' "YJCT v "P TTlT-TOTT c V EOCKY MOUJSIT, 3ST. C. 8 Vrtr ciIa ntwl nnmliriu I I." 1 If I'l kit I I " J i . . t...i. aim iiutium v a.!... i.'ii.-iv t0 i aill 111 I"!;) t i - I I t i . i . .... i uuy larceiy ,i una crop, ami am prepare lo lake rare of your n,t i.rt in every retiHiL We liaie more anJ UhriTKi: 1511 YK1LS than , r U- fore, with orJera for all cloak s of tobacco at prioi-s iliat I thii.k ;ll Satisfactory to the Farmers. With an o-tperientrof FlhTKKX i KAKS in the WAUKllOl K ILblMS.S, I claim to U a juile of the wtt and 1 will tve tht pile of toUicco put on my lloor shall SKM for iU VAI.UK n rardl. ai . if who it belongs to. All 1 a.k is a trial. I propose to do my 1 rum nun the floor "WITH BIG PEICES. So when yon start to town with your tobacco, don't for-j.t to !riw- u. at .learey 8, where you will gtt big prices whether he haj first .r Ut tl PR0PEIET0R JEFFREYS' WAREHOUSE. a-flwaav- r-T - I 3 ut I.KTTKKKI I IN;-K-IWKU aaj SIMI-IJKIKIi INSTKI-CTOK. Thr Prcsaiaaa attM-i Instni-nrnts in Ihr worl l ai'i I with uut jrtlrtr.l I iiirr--IVor i, which v. FKKK with rvrry "PREMIUM" ; Guitar, Holio, Danjo or Violin ! Iff It in a won.lrrfiil hrlp to IwRinnfra. anl rntljrt CARDINAL CURATIVE COMPANY Department 415, 21 Quincy St., Chicago, ill. THE TITLE MARKET. Over-production? Ah ! yes. I sunnose. I a-.. S ,na,incIad' Cause to ,nany power, so as to be only token silver irince., "UooIch," ami TiiinBa ,. money to be redeemed in erold, like '... lliKh-t th. Uaughter. of Mo- 1 " --" fnVer, nrter Prrrv. lr'r- Id ii must eat, While store-houses groan, we've raised too much wheat. 3rd To destroy all silver certificates, treasury notes and greenbacks, and to issue ana rasten upon this coun try gold interest bearing bonds to the amount of the money and cur- thus destroyed. The coin is lrokrn, the rye that is Is sad and t' e soul that is home in xoino planet on the heautiful Oh, is there weary. The heart that teary, The muni that dreHry? Oh, is tin re no hitfh. 'Mid the numlierlewi Ptnrsof Yen (lod has nmvided n mar.sion alove. Whose limner were irrown in the garden of love: Whose walls are ns bright u the cheen of the snow ' As the sheen of the fhicld of the sun in its Slow, He hath built me a home in some planet on liik'h. 'Mid the numberless star of the Ixautiful sky. He cave to my fathers a home on this earth. But sin has discovered the tied of my birth, Anil me is a shallow a mist oi the nio.n in That fades from ihe hills with the liht of Hie Uawninir; Yet still there's a home in some planet on nitin. 'Mid the numberless stars of the I eautif ul sky. I know not the orb that will le my abode. But I knw it wm formed by the linger of (loti, That y mansion is empty, and I must nwait. 'Till He shall command me to enter the icate- 'Trll the angel of death in mercy shall come, .. To bear me to dwell in my Ixautiful home My home that is Dm it in some planet on burn. 'Mid ihe numberless stars or the beautiful ky. iioitoljr Mail Have Them. Tbe iec nt marriages of a Vander bilt girl and a daughter of Mr. W C. Whitney to some sprigs of Eng- This over-production does me amuse, hsh aristoctacy has led to an inves- 00 Ina?y Dare leec cause 100 many r.t i. 1 c 1 I shoes. 'r:.YTn7c7:: wool goods to keep tups destroyed. The c " " - j iud them all warm. Donas oi tne government already is aro interesting, oome Americans Sn mnnv mnor f wm r' onil I snarl umII tTian niQa rQTro Vila in j ua xmj w ouaave Jl VIII IUIU ailU I uvva, vv i a.u.a'U W UitVU J JCDJ C V1U 1 U storm. 1 t7nid nnlr. 1 .... I . ID J nous w?vys nave grown "uppish" fray tell me, does plenty such misery 4th. To increase the power of the 1. ...... .1 .j UICCUI Can we produce too much of things that we need? Does the blessings of God on every hand Cause misery and want all over the land? NAVASSA GUANO COMPANY, WIILIITGr-TOT, IDT. C. BEEN IN BUSINESS LONGER THAN ANY OTHER FERTILIZER COMPANY, AND Make the Best Fertilizers. and appear to think that this"blaws- ted" country is not fit to live in. The lollowiug is a list of the American heiresses that have given immense dowcries to titled foreign I ! 1 . I .1 ,.C uusohuus wuuin tue quarter of a century. Trior to twenty-five years ar th-re were very few marriages of this kind, probably due chiefly to the lact that there were not so many great fortuues in this country. Miss Virginia I'onynage 4,200,000 .Miss lire wster '. 1,000.000 Miss Maud I'.urke 2,000,000 Miss Kva Julia Bryant Mackay 5.500,000 Miss Mini t:altlwell Miss Kli.ibeth t'arey.... .Miss Matilda Davis Miss Khret Miss Forbes. Miss Klngler Miss Klorem Oarner Miss I.ita (Jarner Miss tiillender Miss Anna (Sould Mrs. llaiiiinersley MisstHara Huntiiigton Mrs. J. I lyes Miss Jay Mis Constance Kinney Mi's Frances M. Iwre'ice.... Miss Mary loiter....' Mrs. Charles K. Livermore Mrs. Ueorge I.nillani Miss t"ornelia Martin Mis Anita Theresa Murphy.. Miss I'heljts Mrs. Marshall O lioberts Mrs. Cornelia Roosevelt Mrs. Isaac Singer Miss Winnaretta Singer . .. Miss Isabella Singer Miss Florence Kmily Sharon.. MissSirah I'helps Stokes.... Miss KUeii Stager.. i. Mrs. Freiierick Stevens Miss Minnie Steven , Mis lielle Wilson Miss Wheeller Miss Franres Work Miss Yumlerbilt , Over-production I very well know, There is in some things I'll mention be low. The first on the list I here will begin, Over-production of whiskey and gin, 'l' l 111 I lnll t.Ahnn t lltt tf n Ian a -r m v- wuvv,, kiiav a ai naj) a curse ; national bonds by turning over to their management and control the entire issue of paper currency to be redeemed in gold. If the above infamous scheme succeeds the hard times we now have will be made twice as hard and the liberty and prosperity of the Ameri can people will be sealed forever. The object of the "iionest Money Ws Manufacture Navassa Guano, Navasaa Universal Fertilizer Navassa Cotton Fertilizer Navassa Complete Fertilizer Navassa Root Crop Fertilizer Navassa Special Truck Guano Navassa Fruit Growers Fertilizer Clubs" will be to bring together all Navassa Guano for Tobacco men who are opposed to this diaboli- Oecorjeechee Tobacco Fertiliz r cal English olot and who will fiVht And yet there's too much of things J not only to the bitter end to prevent Croatan Tobacco Guano v...,r m.iw, i.g ..onsnmmation nut. 'vls tn j ish bayonets from American soil. tl lino I -.iaiu.uiju 1.".! , . ,, ins consummation out also to re- 2,000,000 v vn-iruuuui iuii 01 KMiis aiiu oi Knaves, Rtnrfi and maintmn an Imr't (!, 3.000,000 There's over-production of willing - f6 ant mam,am an honest linan 5.000.000 slaves. cial system. 1,000,000 There's over-nrodiielinn of rir-ii mn'- The time has come when it is the .'JS5M!!!0. pranks, duty of every patriot of every party Vooo' 000 1 00 ,itt,e noiy and too many banks. I to come together and fight the Eng 5.ooo!oo0 Thr's too many churches, made cloaks lish gold curse with the same unity, i.j,w,owi zeai ana determination that our l:' SogoTOU-s wl'ont,nd so gorgeous forefathers fought and drove Brit- 5,000,000 1,000,000 1,000 000 1,000,000 5 000,000 1,000.000 1.000,000 2,000,000 . H.000,000 . 2,000,000 12,000,000 . 1,500,000 . 5,000.000 . 2,000,000 2,000,000 Navaesa Acid Phosphate High Grade Dissolved Bone Phos. R 1 a a B e a 5" ST 9 & within, I I ui T Qinm n 1. iId.a. .. . I . . dnnr I As soon as a club is organized Hut Dives' pew cost two hundred Gr I sen n tne name aQd, postoffice tof more. I the the President and Secretary of Dives, who U thousands for Christ's your club. picture pay, I recommend that a State conven- with the money he d stole in usur'ous tion of these clubs, as soon as a suf- tj ir , ... . , . I ficient number are organized, hold a IVr" " ""i"-"1'- State conference for the nnmos of 1 1 - IMPORTERS OFKAlNIT, MURUTE POTASn, SU LI HATE OF POTASH, NITliATE SODA AND LL -FERTILIZING CHEMICALS. New Goods, New Machinery, Low Prices. Established Reputation. tion Are the three greatest curses of man. If you would fill your temples, dedica ted to uoa, .,000.000 1 Drive out the money-changers, as did s.ooi.ooo Christ, with a rod. for 1,000,000 7.OO0 0:J0 1 ,010.000 I 5 000,000 A Woman Diver. There is a professional woman diver iwliooo now ,ivinS in Gravesend, Eng. .she 1,.,,'n,,! first went down instead of her ltus- ..13uuo!oui band, who was ill, some years ago, and I this she did with sue.h Rnr Mow t l'r..r. OraiiK onttie. treniditv that she Aftrurarklo r..lRllu.t State conference for the consultation, &c. Marion Butler, Member of National Committee North Carolina. Ajr'jroved. 15. F. Keith, Vice i'resiueut Memphis (Jouvention for North Carolina. GUARANTEED payinr prrcmnN?" . inu wwillUIIU in WKITISf. students' complete course in halk theTi.vtc At. U A D iYt A wnnwao 1 11 w Cover a-half box of gelatine with a inauy engagements jointly with him. placed last month. Address at onre assisting largely in the construct ion of I "OKiiA bus. collkgk, Macon, Ga. an Hour. iaKe the jii'eeoroix oranges, a pier at 'a shipping port. She is not which should measure a pint, atir into a woman of great height, but of con it two-thirds or ja cup of sugar. Stand siderable physique, and is not yet the gelatine over hot water untill dis- forty. She has made as mucn as . solved, then add it to the orange juice in one day, and has chiefly worked and sugar, and when it begins to inicxen stir 111 one pint of whipped cream. Turn into a mold. and stand away t harden. near the mouth of the Thames. She confesses to no unusual fatigue, and one of her boasts is that near the Med- Wiktkd General and Local agents in every county. Good Dav sruaran- j teed. Address with stamp. ISAAC VV. liAMM, 115 Fayetteville St. Jialeigh, N. C. Are you helping to spread the cir- way she brought up $35,000 in one day. eolation of the Caucasian? How to Make Monet. The holiday season, when the purse of the people is freely opened, and everyone feels the general good-will so universal at that time, is close at hand. The shrewd merchant avails himself of the opportunity to present his pat rons with a holiday souvenir, prized for its beauty and elegance, and which will, if in the shape of a calendar, prove an advertisement of his business throught the entire succeeding year, and therefore a money-maker. Thk Caucasian has secured the agency of the August Cast Jtank Note and Lit ho. Co., of St. Louis, which is the largest manufacturing and importing house in the country, and whose fine work- requires no in troduction. The advantageous terms that we have made enable us to offer their me dium priced and fine imported de signs at prices which are unequalled, and as low, if not lower, than prices made by that celebrated firm direct. Drop us a postal and we will give you some suggestions that will enable you to please your customers sure. NOTICE TI11S, TOBACCO UROW EP.S. Polk Coo-sty, Texan, the Rest Coaa try to be Foand. Why ? Because you can buy at low prices and on long time, land that will make either large field crops, or two, (and often three) crope of best quality of tobacco per year. These lands are immediately on the line of a railroad, in a healthy court try where vou can have good neigh bore, chsrch and school privileges. Old tobacco growers cannot be made to believe the yield of tobacot here. For particulars, address. Jar. S. EvANa Liggett, Texas. OPIUM Morphine Habits positively cowl in ten to 20 tin HOME REMEDY CO., 40B Norcrosa B'ldg, Atlanta, Ga. thct.n t ilajr y pircrs la a lew hourv Tie "PnEMXUM" xxibtxixj: ARE THE FINEST ON EARTH. Having received the iti-lit A war! whtrrrrr stvnrn, ai1 ar Qnrl HlfArf frrnn Ihe manitfarlntv-r lolhe ur. Vaai aa OUIU UllBll 3 prr era. Ih Uralrr'a Krtt. OUR I'.r.Al TIK I. I-KKK LATAIjm'.l I', will Irll yum all atxit Ihe I'K KM! I'M " ln4rtimetil anIMir tillrml t-inir r ltirl. We alv rarry a full line .( Autohari'v 7ilh r. ie.. tii b we rt-tail at manuf.1un rs (rk-s. rite it itill mi jr yun. THE UNITED STATES MUSIC CO. Claclaaatl. O. -to. -AU. THE MAGAZINES n OM.- VsJ. vt. . ?. r. ?. . .. T-REVIEW-REVIEW5 Ni Vi United by ALRT.VT SHAW. Om. l- , HE PtVIEW OF FEVIEWS, t$ its Tll:ne imr'i wrvr in , - i . c - readable f.irm fie rer4 Hut jftrars In the'licr QXI' J ik- tl,e world. Rrncrj .i rj- .11 '-r .f are rive MONTHS row $I.OO. '-. V-a. -W.tr V V fcsJ'fl. tljamedatetlutthry pub!iihei A'ith lh tecerA ertnirJinir . fii-JXf. ixrtli of v-tttthy ft rll tlicse card til rl "f. 'J i reviews, summa: urs. Jrwl 'Jons, i;iirig t!e perJical litrn- tur. are al-ne worth the iti.s.r.;ixn prwe. AM.'i le :n t?KSi Jrp2ftmnts, the rd4rul I?? rr:j reviews, uatcwirriow $2.50. Va TMMtK NCCKHT 25 cents. and cotitiXu'cJ features if the f-tvuw c Fivaas are tlternvKii r.-jijil in .-.vvf Vfrra marine. TheEJitor$ "iT'irrrss of tbe WurLHis an irv.' . ..: .- iLr-Miit-le of the lur-peiiincs if tle thirty Jaj-s jicJ r. vrJi j 1. i-.. .s n every pire of the men anJ wonirn V.i l ave maie the hbtryO tiie nvmh. The litems says: "V.'e are ileeply imprervJ from n-nJi t nvmth viththe value of the 'l-tMiv Of Ptvurws. which Is a vrt of EisTfl Touer for the survey of the mth.le field of perKhlc:! literaluje. And yl it has a mind and t.ue of its own. an1 speak; Ait with iec'iiyja and Scnie ta all jpuMic tjjrifS of the hour. It is a singular coml ina!n of tlie rrnntlJy mazarine and tiie coily nixrr2rer. It is daily In its fieihness; it is montl.ly in its method. It is tlie wtld under a field class. SoM ea all News Stands. Si acta Copy, $ crata. Z 13 Astor Place, New York. AaasfafirirVssasssss'aasssss?st's''r'r l r tt'rX A tent find it tbe Host Profitable ilasazlnc v s V a . t r-, . -. r . v r. -. tn ft Loaber Wanted rA Do yob want 10 m Cat Aeearately and r t nu wa km FARQUHAR Variable Friction Feed Saw Mill Wit Oaalck Rm4Ibmc Heavd I BKJcaa. vapacitr 6AW to 1 fi . I 1 I 1 Yon ran easily make ! to ' " now and ."hrmaa aelling iL JaTenile Holiday lkcka -".r n Mir II ftt UttUX. rv trnm - - - . adeJuhia Pa feet, with kiwiBM aad Ba!lra Crona U to 0 HoTM Power. For full deacrlptta-a eatalocrM UA. B. TAROUHAR C0 tti, YORK. PA. TUM CaVCAHIIM. tlJK yrar WAXTEIl: Several trnrtaorU gi titlrtnii or laJirt U txrX 'n Xorth Carolina for Ub!i.Wf rf liable boune. Salary 7s0 nJ penaea. SteaJj poaition. Kdcw reference aod aelf aJdrrSdJ atajw envelope. The Dominion ComafiJ Third FJoor, Omaha llldff Chicafi UL L 1

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