ROEB CIRCULATION THAN ANY TWO WEEKLIES PUBLISHED IN THE STATE THK Circulation of Thx.Cau casiav exceeds that o'f any j two weekly papera in the State I combined. It is read by people ; in every county in the Stale. It ia ; the preat paper of the people and a great State advertising medium. CAUCASIAN A aJ m$entlj ia feoataf IV i aaaoa inform aval j a4 tha tWv alija t' nea ant ta zarosa tssft c it a4 art ig2M& tst L HAS A VOL. XIV. RALEIGH,, N. C, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1895. I I a 1 1 111 ...ii - i.i , . . ..... . - - -WHHiHiM NO. G. THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. t Kt commends the Retirement of Treasury Notes and the Ibsu ance of More Bonds. IT STRIKES AT called greenbacks, and the outstand ing treasury note issued by tbe eov- ernment io payment of silver pur chases under tbe act of I believe this could be readilr ac complished by tbe exchange of these imirs i or CXITF.I STATES BO.NM of small aawell as laree denomina tions, bearing a low rate of interest. They should be lone-term bonds, thus increasing their desirability an invest ments and because their payment COIlIll K DII luuit ruttll tn a u.r!n.l SILVxiR. far removed from present financial ' I I I 1 .... ... uururun auu. perplexities, Wlien, Willi increased prosperity and resources. they could be more easily met. To further insure tbe cancellation of these notes and also provide a way by a. a a a . which goiu may ne auueu io our cur rency in lieu of them, a feature of the plan should be an authority eiven to the secretary of the treasury to dispose ogres last week, is one of the long- I of the bonds ABROAD FOB GOLD, if necessary, to complete the contem plated redemption and cancellation, permitting him to use the proceeds of such bonds to take up and cancel any of the notes that may be in the treasury or that inay be received by the govern ment on any account. The increase of our bonded debt involved in this plan would be amply compensated by -renewed activity and enterprise in all business circles, the restored confi dence at home, the reinstated faith in our monetary strength abroad, and the stimulation or every interest and in dustry that would follow the cancella tion of the gold demand obligations now afflicting us. In any event the bonds proposed would stand for the extinguishment of a troublesome indebtedness, while in the path we now follow.lurks the MENACE OK UNENDING BONDS, with our indebtedness still undis charged and aggravated in every fea ture, lhe obligations necessary to fund this indebtedness would not equal in amount those from which we have been relieved since 1884 by antic ipation and payment, beyond the re quirements of the sinking fund, out of our surplus revenues. lhe currency withdrawn by the re tirement of the United States notes and treasury notes, amounting to pro bably less than f IHK.UOO.UOO, might be supplied by such gold as would be used on their retirement or by an increase in the circulation A ml Make n Appeal t or Mora I'rlvl--r tor the Natioaal tiaab Tha "SO Out VV..rll r Silver" Whlaa I1m hi, mt -A (iolilbug, lloadholder's Plea Irmii llrgninlng to Kad. TIim President's message, sent to i . . !...... 1.1. t . -a ever wnnni, j in jiere conueuseu, l here being little abridgement .however nf its utterances on the chief matter of interest before the people, viz: the financial issue. Elsewhere may be -.en such opinions as the Caucasian hits to ott er on the document. We are informed that the Argentine Kepuhlic appreciates our elForts to ex tend the sale of its wool in this country l,v oll'eriug free importation. t he missions boundary dispute be tween the Argentine Republic and I'.razil, submitted to Mr. Cleveland for arbitration, has been decided in favor of Krazil. Negotiations are progressing for the revival of the United States and Chilian claims commission. It is stated that the resumption of specie payments by Utile is a step of great importance. It is stated that the energetic policy nf our government has made American interests safe in China. Fairer trade relations are demanded with (iermauy.anda retaliatory policy is suggested If our cattle and food products are to be discriminated :i gainst. The speedy adjustment is recom mended of the damages claimed for the sei.ure of liritish vessels by our ves sels in Bering sea. The fixing of the Alaskan boundary line is recommended, and also the Ca nadian boundaries. When something further is heard from the British government the Pres ident will communicate with Congress in regard to the Venezuelan question. The lynching of Italian laborers in Colorado is condemned and legislation is suggested to prevent this growing evil. Strict neutrality in regard to Cuba is recommended. It is slated that every possible pro vision has been made for the protection of American interests in Turkey. The improvement of our diplomatic Hcrvice is urged, and it ia suggested that our ambassadors and ministers shall be provided by the government with ollicial residences. One item of voioxmu inorlniire is mentioned in the following words: "The coronation of the czar of Russia at Moscow in May next invites the ceremonial participation of the United States, and in accordance with usage and diplomatic propriety our minister to the imperial court nas been directed to represent our government on the oc casion." Reference to the tariff is made in which it is claimed that the recent tarill law effected a system by which ixie class or people could not be bene tiled at the expense of other classes. That part of the message dealiug with the FINANCIAL QUESTION 'ives at leiiirth n recital of the three bond issues carefully omitting, how ever, to state that those by whom the bond were brought were enabled by the nectiliar bargain they got to make manv millions of dollars. After ttnLinr information in connection with the bond issues themessage con I in lies as follows : "The foregoing statement of events and conditions develops the fact that after increasing our interest bearing bonded indebtedness more than $102,- nno.ono to save our gold reserve, we are nearly where we started, having now in such reserve 79.33:i.)0ti as against i;.Vi:w.:i77 in February 18U4. when the tlrst bonds were issued. Thouirh the amount of gold drawn from the treasury appears to be very large, as gathered from the facts and figures herein presented, it actually was much lareer. considerble sums having been acquired by the treasury within the several periods stated WITHOUT TUB ISSUE OK BONDS. On the 28th of January, 18S)5, it was re- imrted bv the secretary of tne treas ury that more than $170,000,000 of gold had been withdrawn for hoarding or shipment during the year preceding, lie now reports that from January 1, IsTli. toJulv 11.181)0. aperiod of more j - a ' THAN ELEVEN TEARS, onlv a little over 28.000.0O0 was with drawu and that between July 14, 1890, the date of the passage of the law for an increased purchase of silver, and the first day of December,! 805, or with in less than five and a half years, there was withdrawn nearly $375,000,000, in um DR. THOMSON AMD THE CHURCH. Some Historic Facts Concerning the Relation of the Church to Slavery. FREEDOM AND ITS MEANING y fV their circulaSi Ptna! me in tbe eternal tropics buy of mo gold refined, by fire, that auu ucuuuiiuHuug a . s t. jl 1 ij a i muu ill y coL uuvju 111 Xj i itll , auu wuilo "child of the devil," to think un- garments that thou mayest clothe kindly even of Mr. Daniels. Prior thyself, and the shame of thy naked to that, I had not known who his ness be not made manifest; and eye father was. I didn't know bat that salve to anoint thine eyes that thou he had long since fallen in valiant mayest see." Of the seven Churches defense ot his country or been quiet-1 in Asia, only one, the Church at OK OUR NATIONAL BANKS. Though the aggregate capital of those now in existence amounts to more than $6(54,000,000, their outstand ing circulation based on bond security amounts to only about $1!K),000,000. They are authorized to issue notes amounting to 00 per cent, of tbe bonds deposited to secure their circulation, but in no event beyond the amount of their capital stock, and they are obliged to pay 1 per cent, tax on the circula tion they issue. 1 think they should be allowed to is sue circulation equal to the par value of the bonds they deposit to secure it, and that the tax on their circulation should be REDUCED TO OK 1 PER CBiiT. which would undoubtedly meet all the expense tbe government incurs on their account. In addition they should be allowed to substitute or deposit in lieu of tbe bonds now required as secu ri would be issued for the purpose of re tiring the United States notes and treasury notes. The banks already existing u they desired to avail themselves of the pro visions of law thus modified, cojuld is sue a circulation in addition to that already outstanding, amounting to 478,000,(MH), which would nearly or quite equal the currency proposed to be cancelled. At any rate i snouiu con fidentially expect to see the existing national banks or those to be organised to avail themselves of the proposed encouragements TO ISSUE A CIRCULATION, and promptly fill any vacuum and sup ply every currency needed. Hut there might not be tne necessity for such an addition to the currency by new issues of bank circulation as at a first glance is indicated. If we should be relieved from MAINTAINING A GOLD RESERVATION under conditions that constitute it the barometer of our solvency, and if our treasury should no longer be the fuolixh pnrrfjior of yald fur nation abroad, or for speculation ami noaruing Dy our citi zens at home, I should expect to see gold resume Its natural and normal functions in the business affairs of the country and cease to be an object at tracting the timid watch of our people and exciting their sensitive imaginations. I do not overlook the fact that the cancellations of the treasury notes is sued under the silver purchasing act of 1800 would leave the treasury in the ac tual ownership of sufficient silver, in cluding seigniorage, to COIN NEARLY $178,000,000 in standard dollars. It is worthy of consideration whether this might not, from time to time, be converted into dollars or fractional coin and slowly StlmuU explaining tbe Troth of the Faninaa Keiuark Thotnpaon, Not the Allianre. Keapouaiblc The Method by Which the Cbarrh Can Command the I.ove and Support f the Maaaea. As a matter of justice to myself and to accommodate those who de mand soma proof, I purpose giving to the public in a brief series of let ters to The Caucasian some of the facts that seem to justify me in be lieving, as I said at Cary, on the lC'h of August, that "the church does not comprehend its mission. It stands to-day where it has always stood on the side of human slavery, and not on the side of human free dom." . Whether this "uncalled for," "un fortunate," "foolish," but now "fa mous" remark be true or false, I alone am responsible for the utter ance of it. Tbe Alliance has no more responsibility for it than the Southern Methodist. Church, of which I am also a member. This letter is intended by way of introduction to clear the way for those that shall follow. I have thought it worth while, at the outset, to note the course of misrepresenta tion indulged in, whether conscious ly or unconsciously by my critics, and to indicate again my attitude from the beginning. If I seem only suggestive, I shall follow on to the proof. Of my critics in general and espe cially of the batch in Mr. Daniels' picturesque symposium, of October 22d, I have no unkind words to say. They have all used, no "doubt, all the charity and common courtesy that they could command. We had no right to expect from them what they didn't have. "I have al ways thought," said Lord Falkland, "that there should be as little bitter ness in religious controversy as there is in a love letter, and that the contrary way is as void of Christian character as it is of human wis dom " Wise men never attempt to teach by mere abuse, or in ill humor. When men do wrong, it is because they lack right ideals. Since , we cannot go outside of ourselves in judging othrs, one's harsh judg ment may prove only one's unenvia ble character. Nor can I find it iu my heart, since Dr. Durham's letter came to light with Scriptural references assigning me, witn marvellous generosity, to a nothing of the Church which shall be the Bride of the Lamb. I ttn only saying that an enemy hath sown tares among the wheat while men slept; that the tares choke t4 wheat; that Satan as an angel of light deceives, if possible, the very elect. There is no more painful ev idence of the unhealthy spirit of the Cbureh of to day than that, in pal pit and pew, bo many of the great est fail utterly in the face of eighteen centuries of the Church history to distinguish between tie Church and Christianity, and that prominent ministers and laymen patiently lend themselves in the the Sunday issue of a secular news paper to the denunciation and pictur ing of a fellow-layman as a hell bound infidel, when he had declared with emphasis that genuine Christi anity in all our life is the one su preme need of these troublous times. But such action was not surprising to the thoughtful. It is a very an cient custom, and will be repeated from time to time until no man can say that "Christ lies, as it were, asleep in the vessel of the Church." "Tbe more spiritual and profouud historians of the Church recognize it as a manifestation of this divine Life flowing into human history. But this is true of the organized Church only with important qualifica tions. The Life must manifest itself in an organization; but the organi zation is neither the only nor the complete exposition of the Life." The church has never been assured against the entrance of the elements alien to her, which have influenced and dominated her. Who shall deny that in the first century the pure Apostolic days the Church at Corinth disgraced her self, as Fisher says, by gross moral delinquencies; that the foolish Gala tions bartered the liberty of the Gos pel for a narrow formalism; and that the Church at Ephesus left her first eaJly, Hum. Savonarola, Luther. fox, Wesley, Booth, and all the company f reformers of whatever age were denounced by the Cbureh of their time as emissaries of the devil, nd were made to fee', in pro portion to its power, the crnel and enslaving hand of the Church, which should rather have exemplified the free, peaceable, and beneficent pir it of its repnted Head. In nineteen hundred years, tbe Chnrrb has made! not much progress from those Nn of Thunder who, not comprehending what manner of sp:rit tbey were of, were eager, till forbidden by the ac tual prefence and word of Jesus, to call down fire from lleaveu to con sume an unfriendly village. Simon Peter's attempt in the presence of the Lord to defend r.nd propagate the Gospel by tho sword presents a living picture through eighteen cen turies ef cruel Church intolerance, devilish persecution, bittei rivalry and denominational bigotry, which, more than all infidels and atheists, have denied the world the benefits of a. Gospel of lov and prevented the coming of our Father's Kingdom upon the earth. Still writes Dr. Atkins in the sym posium: 4 A survey of the political field of mankind will reveal theerat ifying fact that the freedom of the populations and the thrift of liberal institutions is in -direct proportion to the prevalence of the Church's in fluence over the masses. Our own nation stands at the head in both respects- thorough Church prevalence and complete freedom;1' to which Mr. Cole adds hi3 amen ia the fol lowing easy-flowing words: "The largest liberty, tho nordest develop ments of character, tbe enjoyment of the largst number of human rights, are iu those lands where the Church has had her saving atd up lifting roiuistry." They reduce the question to geographical determina- Ihey torget, however, the de- DEUOCRACY YS. FREE SILYBR. Why Free'Coinig e of Siher Cas not Be Secured Through the Democratic! Pirtj. RECORDS, FACTS, OPINIONS, Which Shew the ratalty ae4 Hniwrin f Heaaocralle lrefetea aaj l'i-forae-Tbe View ef the feoele mm tee Ueeetlon ef the Day H bal ?hjr fcaew aad What They Thlah. Under this head will be presented communications competing for tbe cash prizes announced elsewhere for the beat article on - Why-the Free and' Unlimited Coinage of Silver Cannot Be Obtained Through the Democratic Party." i A Lady Eatcra the I lata PoWILLSVILLt, N. C, Dec. 7th, '93. Mr. EoIToe: If you will allow a lady to enter the contest for the prizes offered on the qaery, "Why cannot the free and unlimited coin age of silver be secured through the Democratic partyr I will say that it cannot be secured for various reasons. The most prominent of which is this. The Democratic party, as it is or ganized at tho present time, is op posed to any such measure. Bjth the leaders and tbe followers, the big dogs and the little ones, and the "fices" who cannot do-anythinir but yeln WEEK THE BIG DOGS GROWL. And how do I know that they are opposed to it! Loot at the record. Democratic Congressmen have kill ed silver. They helped to demone tize it in 1S73. They have killed all the free silver coinage bills that i i f nave oeen ouereu since tnev were power, with as much tion. love and drifted into the wildest b.irucuJin 01 au "f10111 m Palestine, speculative errors! So great, indeed, ia f11"?,1' .anU Greece where the wa thA dmora.li7.tmn xpHViin Y Church did its first work, and the fircr nfitltnru that Kt .TMiw "Ko n Hicacui cuuuuiUU I RU me KUSS a8. roefAroH tn. in the Spirit on the Lord's day" and a.nd ,Ataly aE! Portugal, and Spam avidity as if the bills directed to "write the things which weaome or. the Church's most per- had beev rattlesnake- are and the things which shall be enginery, and the American ,p AJ i"" n hereafter," became under, the im- ates south of us where the masses mediate voice of the Glorified Son are completely dominated by the h9V repealed the Sheiman act, ftieChurcv! elf The lilerty-lands are Jather Z"!? " n : rp. those that have develoDed and fn. favor of coining the seigniorage. In he could say of the Church at Sardis, for instance, 'which had a name to live but was dead,' was "thou hast a few names even in Sardis that have not defiled their garments;" of the Laodicean Church he said: "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold or hot; I would thou wert cold nor hot; so then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew the out of my mouth. Because thou shyest I am rich and have gotten riches, and have need of nothing; andknow est not that thou art the wretched one and miserable and poor and bund and naked: I counsel thee to tered magnificent revolts from fact tliey navo sllown- animosity to Church prevalence and crushing ec- . times and under all con- uuions. And now about the followers: A majority of the rank and file of the Democratic party are against free coinage of silver because they have lately so declared in their conven tions some of them going so far as to demand the RETIREMENT OF THE GREENBACKS also. And those who are too small to attend the conventions, are howl ing for "sound currency," "an hon ly gatnereu to nis tamers. 1 was surprised to find through Dr. Dur ham that Mr. Daniels' father was still living. To have such a father, and to have the world know it, is punishment, enough to satisfy the most vengeful against your valiant, volunteer defender of the Church. Of the spirit of Dr. Kilgo's letter, I desire to express my appreciation. By the word freedom. I understand the fullest possible preservation of natural rights and the concurrent development of the individual and the State; the condition for every man which lay in the mind of the framers of the Declaration of Amer ican Independence; that happy mean which lies well between anarchy on the one hand and monarchy Philadelphia "brotherly love" re ceived praise without censure, Nevertheless, the men and the press that have seen fit to write very harshly of me, have all based their criticisms upon the assumption that the Church and Christianity are one and the same. Against Christianity, e'esiasticism. Then, too, if freedom seem to be coterminous with Church prevalence, so does also drunken ness and the liquor traffi c "Chris tendom vs. Saloondom," said John G. Woolley: "and ninetv-fi ve tier cent, of male church members are on tho nay roll of the drink as gaugers, ci Hectors, store-keepers, or rilenci-lxepers." What can one "saving and uplifting ministry" in North Carolina say upon this point! What the world knows of Chnsti- est dollar ";"monfiv irnod in F.nrnr. " anity it learns from the Church's il- Ko. ... . . . . i iustrauon ot it. Mohammedans, for Manv of them do not fcnnw whth instance, do not distinguish, any er Europe is at the North Pole or more than certain nominal Chris- the South Polo, or in th hnttnm f nans, between Christianity and the the sea. All thev know is to cry vuuruu. a recent writer in tne aloud as their bosses tell them to quarterly Keview claimed that prog cry Ever pince the Democrats have had "a chance," it has been cotntac- tion, contractidn. CONTRACTION". And they are yet clamoring for ube same, ihis record shows that they are bitterly opposed to it. Would you expect that any man, or set 01 men. would errant vou anv- hal ! ft 4 ' t, ress, material, moral, and intellect ual, is everywhere coterminous wilh Christianity. Ameer Ali, a British citizen and lawyer of ability, writing upon "islan and its critics "in the September Nine teenth Century, arravs the hoarv . " . . abuses and crimes which have cars- i J i'll . y-i l - - ea, ana suu curse unristendom, m such way as to leave the impression that if Christianity is not directly terrible persecutions of tHe Church; the extermination of native heathen races by "Christian" nations like the United States and England; the ruin of African nations by gin and rum by Christian nations for V I a fed - t . t - . . . . ha Tpd tL of p-tn!) Sod d:f honor IB tho ahr-'ud f o. hioo, atl botitdit oa cht ti beano of all 4-ret mm atJ woiero, tetrr n"r to t rr re!ct tutil iSriT trap ball and dc'.rirc that "tint hall W Kr ti rra, n.l .hrr th might W tnbtbitie-l, it i attfilr iojpoat l.V to an the frr a&d unbtnited ftMOage f ilrr tcrocrb tbe )ui. ra'ie irtv. And cow Ir. Kditi r, if yen will pardou a little digrM, I .11at that th oulr ay tr rure tb fr coin ; of ilver i. thai all the f'w Jrtrmi of stiver ITXITE VXi'lKOM tlANXKB, irrespective of party, and -td t. l.Yngr turn wbu il!y intaJ to repeal the lavs that bar plaoed the Lotted rMatts on a void bai; men who will not only rttor i'v rut money nifta), but wi l tbake it tb nnit of r!u . Let us bar, yoan tare; mti who are interr-ted in buuditg up ai country, br cause they bpe to livr long and ENJOY THE FRVtTS OF TI.EIR UTokS men of wtth an 1 integrity; such men as Butler, Pn'tharJ, Skin ner, lhompaon and -thrr. Tben will we have free eoit a; of ilv-r. and some other laws that are actely needed, and may the time coin quickly, speedily, tapidly. Mrs. Sarah h. Jlm Hii.u. SUNDAY SCHOOL WORK. Au Interesting l;ort of tbe Plate In ration at .(.ol.Uhotu What Ha llwi DoLe and What Merda To Ite ta. The Fourteenth Annual Convention of the North Carolina Sunday rv-hxt! Association ws Ik-I.I in tbr r irt Hap- tist chun b. of ii!iliro. un Novriu- b r J.Mh, J'.lli and JXih ultimo. That it was a tnont interrMing -otivt-ulioti undrrthi pwwt-r of the llolj spirit all wno know Him win attt-t. On Monday -niiig the 2.lh I'rf. II. M. Ilamill, i ll i-f International Field Worker, gave a un-t delightful addret.: "Sunday .v-Ihh1 Idea" and it is safe to eay that rvrrj on who mlfiifl to Mill could (! there la work to do and a plenty f it for each of u. "I am the vine and je are the branche-. lie mat aiiKiewi in me, and I in turn. the same bringeth forth tnuc-h fruit. lor without me you ran tiotlitii. 'luesday tiiormng l'rof. r. S. Itlair, of (.milord College, preoeiited as au object tdiidy, I lie AftHociation s sun- day School mail, homing tbe Sunday School intrti,of the State by rotintir. Kvery county Uiat it organized with a President and Kxecutive Com mil tee is indicated by a Mar. "So we labored in the work 'till the Mars appeared Would here like to say, that any tun or wornst-mlio H out and out forChritit can have his or her county hining with a ftar by the next State conven tion in 1 by organizing their count j fortius work, and this ttar rwiintu to the fact that Jesus Christ is born iu your county. This map reve.Is the-t fcts: Thi State's population is l,il7,UI7. Population between an', il, 5hU, Sunday School attendants, JUl,t:;i. Aoii-aLtendantc, ZM',.4 ,k. With these facts we beard His voj' "He thou diligent to know the utate of thy flocks and look well to thy herd l'rov. ar-2, Don't hi us trannhtte "thou" to mean txir raotors. My friend, it means On tlv subject of T.elter ways of working" 1 r. J. I Xii IioIkui, of Kick lauds, read a most intending paM-r lie Hays mat it is not tx-tter way that are lacking but more wiilirigiieB to 'A. H. STEVENS ON SILVER. thing which he, or they, are against, I obey the word of ;od and very positively that the Church andj Christianity are not the same, and I purpose showing that they have not been throngh all these centuries. Christianity is the very genius of human freedom, while the Church, in so far as it is un-Christly (and that may be to an astonishing de gree), is always its enemy. I believe with DeTocqueville, that "Bible Christianity is the. companion of lib- "WHICH THEY ARE OPPOSING with all the strength that in them lies! Another reason is, that should there be a free silver bill passed. in both houses of Congress, we know that we have a Democratic Presi- gain; ana tne drunkenness and pros-1 dent, who is "bigger than his party. titutiou in "orthodox" cities of I whose backbone is s6 larcre that he Christendom, leaving the sad im- would veto the bill, and utterly ig pression that Christianity has little nore the little swarthy party that on the other . By slavery, I under- erty in all its conflicts, the cradle of stand tne condition ot subjection to jts infancy, and the divine source of the will of another, and the conse- -lts claims." I will reverence Christ quent destruction ot rights and the and His teachings, as the founda- tauure ot individual development of tion o all that is good in our civili- ine masses, unurcu is a religious ,ot,on. T mnst not h evnfic.tftd. however, to reverence a Church which, not being His, masquerades rather in His name a gilded latter day illustration of the Jewish Church in Christ's own time when ruled by the Scribes and Pharisees; who be ing careiul of the outside or the cup and the platter and of the tombs dtt hIXnu, ?CT influence. In every ap the pulpit anau uneleauness. im...mui, ,ioIU u -..v. ... ... - i3 necessarillv the controlling nerve t. is::, for the retirement of the United States notes. Nearly $327,000,000 of the gold thus withdrawn, has been paid out on these I'nited States notes, and yet every one or the $:564,0OO,0O0 IS STILL CNCAXCKLKD and ready to do service in future gold depletions. More than $70,000,000 in gold has since their creation in 1800 been paid out from the treasury upon the notes iriven on the purchase of silver by the government; and yet the whole, amounting to $155,000,000, except a lit tle more than $16,000,000, which have been retired by exchanges for silver at the request of the holders, remains outstanding and prepared to join their older and more experienced allies in future raids upon the treasury's gold reserve. In other words, tbe government has paid in gold more than nine-tenths of its United States notes and STILL OWES THEM ALL. It has paid in gold about one-half of its notes iriven for silver purchase without extinguishing by such pay ment one dollar of these notes. When added to all this we are reminded that to carry on all this astounding finan cial scheme the government has incur red a bonded indebtedness of $95,0OO,' (MM) in establishing a gold reserve, and of $lu2,3ir,100 in efforts to maintain it; that the annual interest charged on such bonded indebtedness is MORE THAN $11,000,000; that a continuance in our present course may result in further bond issues, and that we have suffered or are threatened with all this for the sake of supplying gold. for foreign shipment or facilitating its hoarding at home, a situation is exhibited which certainly ought to arrest attention and provoke immediate legislative relief. I am convinced that tbe only thor ough and practicable remedy for our irouDies Is found in tne RETIREMENT axu cancellation . of our United States notes, commonly autre. What is attempted snouiu neenterea upon fully appreciating the fact that bv careless, easy decent we have reach ed a dangerous depth and that our as cent will not be accomplished without laborious toil and struggle. We shall be wise if we realize that WE ARE FINANCIALLY ILL and that our restoration to health may require heroic treatment and unpleas ant remedies, in tne present state 01 ourdificulty it is not easy to under stand how the amount of our revenue receipts directly affects it. The important question is not the quantity of money received in revenue payments, out tne amu 01 mouej we maintain and our abillity to continue n sound financial condition. We are considering the government's hold- nfi-s of arold as related to tne souna- nessof our money and as affecting our national credit and monetary strengin. If OUR GOLD RESERVE had never been impaired; so it no bonds had ever been issued to replen ish it; if there had been no fear and timidity concerning our aDinty to con tinuegold payments; if any part of our revenues were not paiu iu goiu, and if we could look to our gold re- ceints as a means of maintaining a society or institution, a tocus or a Christian belief, Christian morality, and Christian view of this world and the world to come. The aggregate of various denominations of the time constitute the Church, and just as Christ is known upon careful study by the character' of the life He lived every day among men, tne prophets their fathers had slain, so the Church is known to tbe wot d Unnn ikn wa Annm-nA mnvrei by the operation of its major senti- houses and boasted of whited sepul men's These is necessarilly the controlling nerve "hvnocrites." as the Master called c i i L- i i' ... : i i - . priest, like people," is a very old more indeed, than they did the afda8e teaching of Jesus or Isaiah. Yet The power of the Gospel was due upon them our Lord poured His in the beginning, as through the most withering denunciation; while centuries it continues to be, to the they in return, leaguing themselves fact that it is the history of life that with worldly authority for advant- livtd up to its teachings the age, crucified Him, that they might or nothing to boast of. editor of the Christian .Standard thereupon remarks. "Such attacks will serve a good purpose, if they arouse Christians to the responsibil ities resting upon them to exert themselves more and more to estab lish the Kingdom of God and his righteousness Not the Church and its glory; the Church and its do minion; the Church and its theolo gy; but the Church, and its RIGHT EOUSNESS. This Moslem writer triumphs over U3 iu his magagine encounter as the enemies of Israel triumphed over them in the days of Israel's wickedness, and for the same reason. Christendom is not keeping covenant with Gcd; not fal lowing loyally and -bravely the Great is dis Tuesday afternoon Prof. Ilamill gave a most instructive liible study Irom the Old Testament. Tbe Old llibl contains .':.) books, and be divided them into 17 Ilistonc.I Prophetic and -v . ' , 1 ... ' . . I . isoctruiai ooin converging io '.,nris who first came to Isratl and lhn be sends his Apostles to other nt'n.r There were many instructive letson in this study. lhe Home Department wa delight fully but most practically presented to the Association by our talented young friend. Prof. Ifermon II. Home, lie it a Sa thai Ccsxrcts Street II Wis a Grot Emer. t i b lao at TV The wise passed it, like an elephant stepping of rhe State University. over a mouse. a i . anu nere is another reason: The Democratic party, throuch Cleveland and Carlisle, have sold this nation to the Rothschilds, in England, and their coadjutors in crime in Europe and America. They were enabled to do this by the Uni ted States being placed on a gold basis. - in no other way V . 1 a - - could tney nave succeeded in issu ing bonds in times of peace. Now we know that England reaps a ncn harvest 01 interest from the United States yearly, by this means. And when did England ever release her hold upon any country, that onee came under British control ! Church life, "lake Ui, ionKtlnaa lnrf thir Chnrc.b p"""" uemocratie congressmen are re- Then followed the reoorts of a I aa v a v w v v I aam M TaH TV th ft ATI Am XT If TIT A tal !L1 . f a 1 -fta! .1 ... rv old I mnva iryAaA fUn v,o-cr a tA tho l? i sponsioie ior tnis, and tnev cannot erent Gt!icer TCESDAY KVEXISu President John C Kilgo, of Trinity College, delivered a most profound ad dress subject: "Man making." I would that it could be published and placed into the hands of every man and woman of North Carolina. Tbe possibility of our evoluting this State and nation by taking tbete neglected children into our Sunday Schools and holding up to them Chnt instead of poor weak man is a serious otition for every loyal citizen of this state to pray over. I'reMdent Hugo would have us seriously reflect that it 11 tne cbildren wbo are soon to take our places and shape the destiny of thia nation. WEDNESDAY SIOBXITti l'rof. Ilamill presented the practical workof the county olilcer' conference?. the l;f- not glorying in our shame, we aie glorying in torgetfulness of it." Cyrus Thompson. COMING EVERY DAY. was lived up to its teachings the age, crucined mm, that tney mignt Attorney Kd. l. comm, onawa. iow, onlv character of life that men could I hear no more of their short comings. I Joins The .Popaiuu. believe in and love. The church in This same spirit has dominated the I Sentinel, Onawa, Iowa any age, will command the love and Church for more than hfteen centu- Ed. L. Conlin, a prominent attorney support of the masses of. men only tries until now, the spirit that de-1 of Onawa and a life-long Democrat, in proportion to its comprehension Imands for release "not Jesus, but has left Democracy and will hereafter and exemplification in practice of the thoughtful, popular conception of the Christ-life. That it has fail ed so signally for nearly nineteen centuries as the organic executor of the Masters will in tbe regenera tion of the world is sadly due to its failure of appreciation of His char acter and practice of His life. Only fools and fanatics should claim that the way the cnurcn nas lived is a definition of Christianity. When, since Pentecostal days, have Chris tianity and the Church gone coupled and inseparable? That there are now, as tnere nave always been among both the clergy and the laity Barabbas." Yet says the N. C. Presbyterian: "The Church cannot exist without Christ. You cannot divorce the Lamb from His bride; you cannot sever the Head of the Church from its body and Christ is the Head of the Church. There is no such thing as a Christless Church." And the Chris tian Advocate, in this day of noble aspiration, and affiliate with the People's Party. Mr, Conlin, like thousands of other good Democrats, realizes that it is an impossibility to get any reform through the Democratic party ; that it is wedded -to a single gold standard and the only relief is through a new party. The fact tnat a iree silver res olution would not even be given a hearing in the county convention con vinces any onetbat tnere is only one party iu this county that is working undo what they have done, and coin silver free, for if they should, the cry of bonds, more bonds, would cease, and they would lose prestige with. THEIR MASTERS IN EXOLAXD and elsewhere. Another reason is, that even the professed "friends of silver," who II a-1- a- m . . a can tnemseives uemocrats, te'i ns that they are in favor of the free and unlimited coinage of silver: but we must have international agree ment." Now can any one tell us what that means! All Europe and and Asia, and the two Americas mnst agree to it- And if that were done they would want to kn w if Mrs. J. I. Cox, of Kedalia. reports. rather slow work among tbe jkr Mission Aid other report were very favorable. The afternoon ses.-in was made in teres! i ng and plena 'it by Prof. Ilamill a ftndy from the Xew Testament. It was a black-board exercise and wonderfully i.e!pful in Lis who "wrote when written, where written, to whom written, what tbe subject, and where was it writt'-n,"quetion. Tho who beard this study were greatly strengthened "in their knowledge o? tbe word'oi OoO. WEDNESDAY EVEXIXO Prof. Ilamill addressed a crowded house subject: fcOur Sunday S-hool Need, and this i a subject for every Christian man of this country to take T1 -rr WX" (r i a iia.e rr m. IiUmmIi ih auttMii .Mltiidt l Umm a. r rt4 W that row: ti when lb wopL. ball fap tm rti be rutirwur f it a4 lb sMe bat will bttlrvly rr la settlor atd lltrir mam t "" a fr-pcte. h and ltt. a tm koaaaa. ll-r lilnUiavtrr) UlUilrf ant- ro ly .lrader II. Mfare, f iria. IbirWH trara ir-, bir contain mm lnler-tia( wattev. It a lot lorn ; Nations! Hotel. Wabtctva. It. Jtnuarj M, l-.i Mr. Ii. Itarewwa. .-e Anrelra, I al. M j I tear tut : Yar leltrr of tbe lUb inatattt witb rnilmil hp, aae recrUrd tbia etealaf. AL o tne to tlianb log for it. TW tab. eel te of tbe era eel tltat mam m. u piea the attrolton of Caree aa1 I be thitiirg tarn tbro. ghoul tte I'ai. e Matea. 1 be reaaoa that all t rt bol- loo baa tiren deprertatrU eiaxv !; a In eountrv I that l urrrM ia b. mart . l7i. vtrurk ailtrr trom tbe la!a of tuourT of tl t oiled Matea The nioiuent tlat tbia act of (Varreaa aa ard El! S made the waly lenl atandard of valora in tbia rwwalrt. That wa a great error att4 a'f e4 ed with itifluite titia birf In tbe I'ailr4 Statea. In IZ'JS Mr. IUniltonsndtbepairiwii' tateuieu of that day rvg-aiae4 a our ro.iiafe the LiuietalUr aiaf sa wf money ; that ia, br and thet rerraUe4 aiher a money a well aa fold at the ratio f about aiatcen taru f atlter a rquivalent to one of guld. t'tedef hi regulation and cot nage we aer properoua in l.a. nttra ailtrr was Uepmed of Ite debl-a) ing twister aa an riui talent to gold at lit ralU Latrd. eilvrr iu tbe tnarkrU ut the world un at a pretniutn oer gul4. It ia uteleM to go into rraeone why tbla cbaiige waa adopted in uir ayvtraa or by what unneen itanda a was efTrcte!. I he true tolicy ot thia ruwntr ia let return to tbeayatem of ir fathers. If I le government Immj14 nw( as il ought to, retrace ita atepa and ruil lor I lie ir-e coinage oi aiirrr as it doea of gold and make 4IJ't graina of at snd ard ailter rtii.naietii to --teaili graina of cold, l brit ai her would luiaie- diately return toils original dignity in tbe markets uf tbe world In Durrhaa- ing and debt-paiinr Hiwrr. This is the real f unci bin of money and In tbia country tin niuality Iu this function at the ratio stated should be maintained. l he debt and bond of tbe I'nited State provided for payment is gold or ilver coin st tbe then standard talue; it was a great wrong Io lhe taxpayer on w bom reeta the payauent of lhe public debt to strike ailter from the list of money as was done in !?X It was that blow which changed the values of tbe property of the failed State. More than half of the money of the world was at that time silver. The whole auioont in the world in 173 wasUmaW-d at ,Ii0.iMi,UiO;uf the IO',uio,:hm were silver and M1. ihmi.oimi were gold in nttnd numbera. Tbe ruinou couiaicea which at tended thia bad act of administration were ren in tbe failures ul merraulllr botiaea and buineas men amoonliwg to more than half the public debt of the In i ted Matea wit bin the lal nine years. Now. I am for the free ooinace of silver bullion jut aa of cdd. lol4 and silver should le put utn a per fect equality aa of yore in the ratio of 1') to I. This would no only add to the value of real ettate and a1! aorta of property in tbe I'nited Matea, but it would greatly en courage and stioiulst the mining of silver In this country. In uiy view all the gold and silver that can be produced to our saints suouhs be coined alike. Tbe coin should be kept in lhe vaults of the treasury and certificates of it givea in all rases w here cert 1 flea tea are preferrrd. Thee coin certificates should be the curren cy of tbe country ; It would be the beat in the world. In ILia age we do nut ib to burden with the weight of either gold or silver in ordinary buai- nes transaction extending to distant places in tbe country, but we do want a paper currency which ! redeemable at tbe will of tbe bolder ia coin dollar for dollar. Hank bills which arc so common in use are only promises to pay in coin and are often issued In amounts of two and somet i me t o t bree for one of coin in tbe vaults; hut ua- Cer the plsn advocated by me tbe cer- l locates would in no case represent au) thing but dollar for dollar. I hsveii t time to say more to )ou now. 1 will barely add tnsllne pres ent depreciat'on of silver bullion and of tbe silver standard dollar arises solely from the drgrsdsiioo of silver by act of Congrcas in 173. isrt '4HM grrsa declare, as it ought to. I hat ilz'c grains of standard silver is and shall be equivalent Iu 23 a-10 grains of gld in it iHircbaaing and deU-psying power and inatantty silver will be on a par. il not above par. rots s red wnn To IfK-reaae the utjanltiy oi silver in the present dollar of iti graina np to "l grains !o make it equivalent to tbe present current value of 15 H-IO grains of gold would be a great wrong to tbe laboring maasea In the union whose taxes have to meet the public debt: tbe holders of the public debt at the tiir e they received the bonds re ceived tbem under tbe express ti no tation that they were to b paid fa I'nited Mates coin, gold or silver, at its tben standard value, and all that Is wanting to make gold and silver equal. thought and noble aspiration, and fora reform in our currency system widespread disregard and oppres- and that is the 'People's Party. Mr. sion of men, serenely snys: "It is Collin will take the stump and will tell important that we should have a the people why he can no longer atrnrttrar snirit of Tftvernnc.fl for the with the party ne nas worked Church and her institutions. The nearly twenty years who goes about the country ceipts as a means oi maintaining a fiu T " ' man wau uea BOUUt luo unurv far' rtiiTHFRN nFLEGATr; have free coinage safe reserve, the amount of our reve- many thousands of thorough-going and cries out against the Church 110 MEY F0R SOUTHERN DELEGATES. "J" sSfs Esanimuax and Hottentots-Lanland. an active interne era and Finns. Samoans and Indians w concluded by had consented. And when answered in the affirmative, they would be gin to enquire if permission had 1 . . S il -a a oeen requested or tne eannibais in slay I Central Africa; and finally, if with I sit i v a vn wto Tuva in nades bad given ns the right to nues would he an influential factor in the problem. But unfortunately all the circumstances that lend weight to this consideration are entirely lacking. In OUR PRESENT PREDICAMENT no gold Is received from the govern ment iu payment of revenue charges, Christians whose lives lift them .a destrovs tho confidence of the above abuse and ersticism, I gladly public in her leaders is an enemy to confess. Such men and women are mankind an emissary of the devil, now the hope of the race, as in Even if those who are in authoritv , .a a ... . .a I " 1 J.a J W UbU .aAv iUIOOIOaiLFUt WIV1 -a. past ages they have constituted the ahonld sometimes make mistakes, no n.naBmn in ennveraation with' a one helpful human factor in identi- eood man will blow a trumpet to I eentieman of Washington Court fymgthe wheels of time with the nnbliah it to the world. The eaeer-1 House. Ohio, said in reference to Sena progress of civilization and liberty, ness with which, men in authority. I tor Sherman's book : ttThe only money A Colored Repnbllean of The Baa" on Jno. Sherman. C,.nUi.i.j I rthin " Vnr 9Q ..Tnn i,ven if tbose who are in authority R. Lynch, the Mississippi colored ex at or suver in If that is a iet'a Tbe cat oat I friend to silver, what does it take to constitute an enemy, and how long before its friend would coin it free! And still another reason is, that we shall not have any Democratic party to pass coinage laws, for the Democrats are hopelessly divided. in. I he meeting "closing word' from many visitors by short peecbe expressing tbeir gratitude to od and to tne noDiiam v oi me atixki peooie of fjo!dsbro for their generoity. l'rof. II or ne, of tbe I Diversity was elected President of the Association. There were many pleasant and in structive discourses that space does bot permit us to enter Intoin this limit nor would there be ifthe revenues were They are the salt of the earth that wh in Chnrchlnd State are sul that I know of being used in the South " Jioaae dirided against children in every counl increased. The receipts of the treas- loses its savor-God 's seven SLFl' ri.i wilwAoSr to draw State delegations to the sup- itself cannot stand." And last but and 11 1 him with tbe urywhennotinsilvercertiflcates,con- fhe'ndS!n ,t do w bow thn W .ect bcism MeB no f or l J candidate for the Bepub- not least, the Democratic party ean- Wn,?,e treountj ,f iTntt.rf ffiii nnioa inH trpimrv thousand that do not Dow tne lenee anr conntrv." This last a notation. r , s r .- la State Convention is ii 4.u i ; . i I lican jrresiutjuitiai uvmiuativu nu uvtuiTc us ura ouiuage ui Biiver, auu ospuuiniijf mo lasi, wuwuw that which was used in tne interest oi it, will bear reading twice. What John Sherman's candidacy. Although spirit penned that utterance! r eot none of it myself, 1 know In like, manner it was said of I monev having been used in that Jesns, "He hath, a devil." So logi-1 rection sist of United States notes and treasury notes issued for silver purchases. These forms of money are only useful to the government in paying its current or dinary expenses, and its quantity in Continued on Fourth Page. to Baal. t If I criticise the attitude of the Church, I am not condemning "the mystical body" of the Church, whose head is the risen Christ; I am saying of di- to make 111', grains of silver equal in the markets of th world to X ft-IO gold, is for ( 'on grc to put silver hark on the list of tbe moneys of the I'ni ted States aa it was in I8TJ I have lately made a report to the bouse of representatives upon our coinage, ia rhicb I urge not only tbe resiorsuon of silver to its debt-ps) ing power, hot also tne adoption oi metric rwaifr applicable alike to gold and silver, f nil sena you a copy oi uiitissiev days when it comes from tbe press. Yours truiy, Alkxaieb II.tirKrwExa. To CMf Excbaore.1 Sav.are you a merchant? All right. If you were running behind flOuadar you would soon be a bankrupt, wouldal your Mire; r en. uaoer ine manage ment of alleged eminently wise "states men" this country is running; ben i no manv million dollars a month and ssal against children in every county in this State I rrady bankrupt. Do joa know bow it i be H"iy spirit K I came about, or are yod such a -good for tne bext a merican" that Toodoal care? State Convention is tbe prayer of I . .t i - t I miiia a in evenit would. It is out of power ' - - U. j. FaIsob. rrom IMaWlL . and I I . . . UUM un evaat. ed report of Ibis convention, but I trust this may bring to tbe eyes of many good Christian men that God is work ing in our State and may be used of Him to remind tbem that tney have not fully obeyed His command: Ye shall be, witnesses nnto me at home. abroad. and into the uttermost parts of tne earth. May God raise-up some oneof His LIKELY SO TO RE iAIX. It has run to the end, of its rope. It Are yon helping to spread the cir culation of the f Urn ARIA wr i people's t beyhavel When And thev Tben aot'sthawad ta:zoai taoireyo To snow toesa where tney owgai to boy.

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