THE CAUCASIAN I'UBUSHIP F.VRRY THURP.DJ1Y nr Tiicc.trRAhii rwMLinnfiM o. HAIIMI HlTI.rU. - lrMt. MAI. At I K. - . Madn Kdltor. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, I aix months TMRF.K MONTHS . .AO . .55 Kntered In the Port Office at Kaltijch. N. C, 4 8-oni CUm MatUr. TIIK PHKIIIUtM K MfcHHAOK. "Tbe government ha .aid in g 11 more than iiliie ttJiUlm of it 1'piu-d .tat- notes anl Nlill owes them all." -The annual Interest cliaryed on such Uii1-1 iwMtedri i more Ibaci tllJOO,- "In the path we now follow lurks the luemwe of uiipridiiitf br 1U." "It we Rhall l relieved from rnaiutaliiiiitf a poM rwervation, .Vc." If our trrasurv ahouM no longer be the foolish purveyor of 'ol.l for nations abroad." "We are litianrial.'y ill." "In our present prKli::nient,'' "I'rivate holders of roM. unlike the rov ermnent, having no inrfy to maintain, rouM not he rewtraine.l f rotu making he bent rmrvain ponaiMft when h-y f tirnishwi gold to the treasury." "The general nn of our fund, exclusive of Kohl, wait en'irely imiiifiterial to the for eiu creditor ami invesior." "'The disordered ronditioii of our ciirn-n-ry.'' "F're enf ilar-ers tu-ri:if-irig our pro3x ri Tbe alve sentence and" phrases are fouuil iu tie President's message toC'ongr:.o. Whatever else may bo said about them, it cau be asserted that tLej constitute an unqualified and unlimited condemnation of our present system of flounce. Thf y are not seized uion and nrem-nttd in the above form for the pur do8o of distorting and vitiat ing the meaning of the message in full, for they maybe looked out and read in their full connection and yet be found to convey the same mean intr that annears to attach to them aa they tr presented above. We do think it necessary to make a very lenetby effort to illustrate the inconsistencies that appear in this marvellous document. We shall present a few and loave its general character to the annly.-is of those who read it. no sweeping a denunciation of a system as is contained iu the above utterances would naturally lead one to think that the head of the nation cial sytem, in connection with the money power tools who are pat in office , by them, would find no diffi culty in effecting an arrangement by which the bonds would again be redeemed before the expiration of the time for which they were issued, and the depletion of the "gold re serve" could be effected by the nse of these bonds as well as by the nse of greenbacks. We do not say this would be done, but it could be done and doubtless would be done if the money speculators should find it to their interest to have it done. Again the President "complains" that the annual interest charge on the bond ed debt is already eleven millions of dollars annually, yet he recommends the issue of five hundred million dol lars more of bonds. If this should be done and they bore the same rate of interest as the bond now out standing the annual interest charge dicate, all combine to stamp the an- rorc"" septum. thor as a hireling tool of the money The Populist are making a power and an arch-enemy to the straight, consistent and commenda interests of the great mass of Ameri- ble record in the Senate and their can people. I eoarw creating attention ana i se verable comment, xneir action in Let it be carefully read and stad- deciding to stand together in the le- ied. Let the people be sure of its organization of the Senate, while it rninnna imnort. Then let the public may not prevent a speedy test vote, Hon. R. B. Bland, tbe great silver I Vroocrat. recently went to Sa van nab. Gs, to -lector" on tree silver. When be arrived be found that only one ticket bad been sold for tbe event and be quickly snook tbe dut of tbe town off his feet. I. B. Hill, tbe treat Democratic peanut politician, of New York, recently went West to lecture, gons Record of What the People lie didul draw enough money to pay I , aepresenuuTes Are irons- , render its verdiet. The year is coming to an end. Many subscriptions expire this month. If your time is oat and you wish the paper continued, please renew at once. DUTIES Or CLERKS VS kSTABUSHlNG VOTIHO FHECIXCTS. We desire to call the special at tention of clerks of Superior courts A Ini e imnAsa1 Stn With a view to trying may delay the changes which Re publicans are anxious to effect. Sen atorsJPeffer, Allen, Kyle and Butler, ranked as straight Populists,, and also Senators Jones and Stewart, of Nevada, upon whom some of the lie publicans have counted for assistacce in a case of an effort to reorganize, were all present at the conference. There was no dissent on the part of any one against a proposition to stand together on the question of organization and to give no sup port to either of the old parties in the election of officers of the State other party matters. They expenses and be went out of business. And this evidence continues to multi ply tbst people want to b-ar no more of or from Ixmocrat. in nronl.l ItA ihirtv.HT t TTlilHona fit ft- Mars. If this new issue should bear """" . " . " " "- - sus uecmeu 10 uomiuaie meir own ,.n ..iin. present cieany wut iu candidates for the various offices in terest would be twenty-one millions I Ules of dollars all of which the wealth producers of the country would have to pay in some way to those who now hold and speculate in gold and bonds. we have had consultation with eminent legal counsel, includ ing ex-Judare Spier Whitaker and others, and herewith present a con census of general legal opinion. The message leaves or seeks to leave the impression that the much talked of "cold reserve" is a consti tutional or legal matter, whereas in fact that is no kind of law for it whatever. It is part of a goldbug scheme to which we have already referred. It was created by Jno. Sherman and since then has been used as a lever to cause a "want of On the 8th of March, 1895, there was passed an act of the general assem bly of North Carolina entitled "an case the other parties place candi dates in the field. Selections will be deferred until action is made neces sary by the Republicans and Demo crats. In case the Republicans in itiate a movement in this direction the Populists will place a full ticket in the field, and they agreed that with this step once taken they would to revise, amend, and consoli- stand by lheir candidates solidly to date the election laws of iorth Carolina." Section five of the act is as follows: That the clerk of the Superior court of each county shall, within twelve months after the ratification of this act. establish. alter, or create separate places of election in their respective counties, so as to provide as near as may be, at least one separate place r f vitint tf aosrv Yi to4 m nHrotfi anil tiftv confidence" to impose more bonded electors, in every sub-division of their re- ndebtedness never could have been maae enee- winch said action tne saia cierg snail give .. .. ., , , . t- due notice, by aavertisement in some put tive if silver had not been surrepti- Uc iournal' polished in the county, ifany tiously demonetized in 1873. What such there be; otherwise in Borne public . , , . , place within the boundaries of each of said a stupendous scheme these money VotiDg places, or precincts, and at the court- maninulators have established, and bouse door m tne county, the end. The Republicans now lack three of a majority, and will lack one af ter tne Utah Senators come in. oh Lord! how the people have been cheated by it! In this wondrous message tbe na tional banks come in for distin guished consideration. The bald fact is that the plea for more bonds has for a part of its object the perpetua tion of the national banking system. "Tl, AUV Uffa V lv VU1 bta J tJltoJ O IUU President, "of those (banks) now in existence amounts to more than $664,000,000, yet their outstanding circulation (bank notes) based on By section nine of this act it is provided:' "That registrars shall be provided with one registration book for each precinct, and DKJIOCitATS fcUKKKS 1CU THIS SEN ATS TO THE REPUBLICANS. News comes from Washington that the Democrats in the Senate have surrendered without making a fight or even taking a vote on the organi zation of the Senate to the Republi cans. The six Populist Senators stood solidly together and refused to help the Republicans to get con trol or to help the Democrats to stay in. After the silver Senators re r?nn IT I m AIT IT lOD lmilUaimj CONGRESS. The Caccasiav will take especial pains" to keep the peo ple thoroughly posted on tbe wotk of Congress. If you want this information, please renew promptly. ting to Trj to-Do. I FINANCE IS IN rr Sound aod th- great lame. Om million Cto bandrd tbovaand dollars is to bo atailsble nit Jaly. tlto on July 1. 1ST. and jn,,V each year for ten year t he rr alter. ora. 1 House took a rrc pending tb ccaplrtioo of work tn the matter of arranging rotamitter, etc taraanar, ttc.2w Tbere was oulte a number of finan cial matter of interest in tbe Senate. Senator ;allincer (Kep prented a - . : I . t - aft . ff I . mmwIaa Hits LxJkItKnj icexpedient to retire tbe green- barka. Senator Mills (Ienu. intro- , I dared a bill for tbe ruinare of tbe ail- (Ken) presented a ti'.l (money gwd in tua to thm Uvtuiac flraw-1 -jurrup" c beme) for tbe free and un -Ma7 oed ! vr ie atiaer J limited rolran of gold and silver at a railO Oi !' iai urn cuiiiuu, and Grrmanv aliall ra aimllarlswa. The myoiourtn i ongreaa oegaa iiaiBQj m memorial from tbe ijegiaiatnre session witn many new faces in ice i f jj ontsoa renuestmr tbe Ueprreen- Tbe way the "prosperity" howlers are putting tbe situation now is this: uWitu all tbe shrinkage in present bu siness and prices it is encouraging to find but a umall tncrrast in failures. And so a small increase in failures is prosperity with horns on it, ain't it? It is also stated that "after holidays bu siness men look for a larger demand." Humph: Heretofore business men have always looked for the bitrgest de mand during the holidays. Oh trmjmra! Oh more!: The Democrats are falling back-on "drummers," more politely Known as "commercial travellers," to defend their policy and actions. Drummers are "cute" about some things, such as catching: on to jokes and kicking up thunder at hotels, and inveigling phlegmatic merchants to buy big bills, but when it comes to knowing any big thing, they are so green they wouldn't burn in hades. Winston is undergoing a great revi val season. Sam Jones was there re cently and left the town with about $1,200 after bavins' done some good work. Evangelist Fifequickly follow ed did some more good work and got some more good $l,2oo or thereabouts. And now Evangelist Oakes is there. We are bearing nothing about the faithful pastors who work all the year. Both Democrats and Republicans are introducing, bills for the Tree and un limited coinage of sold and silver in Congress. This is a little scheme by which they have been Tooling the peo ple many years. They can put in the bills all right; but when it comes to voting, ah ! lloth parties have been in full power since 1S73. Uoth have voted I many times on this question and there is no free coinage yet. it snail be their duty to revise tne existing registration book of their precinct in such manner, tnat said dook snau snow an accu rate list of electors previously registered in such precinct, and still residing therein, tered anew; Provided, that whenever a pre-1 ing a fight. They know that when :inct, as laid oft by the clerk under this act, nt Vpti thfi.t th Pnnnliat shall not be identical in boundaries with I 1 any existing precinct at the election of one I will put up their candidates and vote inousanu eigm nunureu aim mnety-iuur, fused to acccept the invitation or t i:u .r,;v, When the "99 year railroad lease" ate on silver lines, the Democratic Senators got stampeded and gavo up was made there was a howl of disap proval from all over the State, the Dem ocratic press takingan especial part in . r - "the proceedings of condemnation. Hut ""U,"'J w. tnY the organization without oven mak- whe gt wre taken whicu indicate f , ot Kansas is a . free coinage bill. Senate. In the Uoue of 1 representatives tbe changes were still more marked. One of the features which provoked com ment from tbe galleries was tbe youth ful appearance of many of tbe nw members. Several States bate aent as Representatives men wbo are still in their twenties. Probably two score of others are under forty. In point of age, the present House is tbe youngest known to the history of American legislation. Mr. Liudon, of Michigan, bad tbe honor of introducing the first bill in tbe Fifty-fourth Congress. Tbe meas ure provides for a re-classincation of psstal olhcer!. Under it they are di vided into teu classes. Those of the first class are to receive a salary of $80ii per year, from which sum their salaries are graded up to l.x j-r an num for the tenth grade. 1'rouiottou to be based solely upon efllcienry. Tl'ESUAY, HtCkMllKK 2. In the Senate there was somethiug of j'Pgo proceeding about foreign affairs all amounting to nothing lor awhile. Then by etition, the recog nition of belligerent rights to the Cuban revolutionists was aked by tbe cities of Tampa and St. Augustine, Kla and the affirmation of the prin ciples of the Monroe doctrine was de manded in resolutions introduced by Mr. Lodge, Republican, of Massachu setts, and Mr. Cullom, Republican, of Illinois. Resolutions in favor of the recognition of Cuban belligerency were offered by Mr. Call, Democrat, of Florida, and Mr. Allen. Populist, of Nebraska. Mr. Stewart, Populi&t, of Nevada, in troduced a bill for the free and unlim ited coinage of silver and it was refer red to the linance committee. Then two hundred and seventy-two bills and eleven joint resolutions were introduced and referred. Many of these are inherited from previous Congresses. Due of them, by Mr. Kyle, of South Dakota, provides for the governmental control of telegraphs, tine by Mr. 1 Vf 4 I ' 'I t 4 steps a genuine fight against this deal, noth ing, is heard from this press. What's the matter? rasses or what I would, at least, have attempted to bond secuitty amounts to only about propose some pian tor reiorming it. Hut he who looks for such a thing in the message will look in vain. Some chsnge in detail la suggested, but the President makes a strong plea for the continuation of the principle of the present system which has made uri "financially ill"- which makes us ''the foolish purvey or of gold for nations abroad" which constitutes the "menace of unending bonds" which has brought about the ''present dangers menac ing our prosperity" which has put us "in our present predicament," &:., iV.?. How a man possessing an honest intelligence could make these broad admissions and then plead for the continuance of the system which brought about the conditions men tioned passes our understanding. mi . t r ine message is a piea lor tne in terests of gold speculators, bond- $1U0,000,000." If these banks chose to do so they could iuw $597,000,000. Why do they not do itf As clear an an swer as eould be made to this ques tion can be found in the "Three of a kind" circulars published elsewhere; but we may state that the reason is the fact that the issue and circula tion or a large volume or money would make money the n'rvant, not the master of the people; and it is the plan of those in whom the law now vests the power to issue these notes to make the whole country subject to their demands, and those in power seem to have a care that only such amount of money as will accomplish this shall be isvued. Read the "Three of a kind" circu lars again. But despite the fact that the banks now only issue a third of the circula then there shall be, in such new precinct a new registration." This new establishment of election precincts must be done before the 8th of March, 1896, and should be attended to without further delay, so as to prevent undue haste and confusion. How shall it be done? 1. There should be not more than three hundred and fifty electors in each precinct; and the proper way oiItt f. ti.nm that if iha it appears that tne larger part oitiie I email TitimHui irhn it n . r na I 'nc i men get control that the respon3i- dent's message are Republicans. Re- bilitv will rest at the doors of those publicans only are reported to have ap " l a a a a. a :i e., a piauuea me message wnen it was reau I ill wuuirress. to co-operate with the Populists to defeat tbe goldites EDITORIAIj comment. HAVE IT SET ASIDE. Snapp, N. C, Dec. 10. I am proud to see the article of ".Lex" in your valuable columns defending the The Kentucky Populists nominated rights of the people and the State. some mignty goon men ior tne recent We are tired of being trampled un election, but it is evident that there der foot by foreign corporations. We vw-.-M a rt r rv r r ni vara Tuunnra n v ann t eUiuc buiau ouv; iciivno aiiu want no such deals as that perpe trated by the Southern and Tthe Di rectors of the North Carolina Rail road. Let him come again and turn on the light- Stand by the people and the people will stand by you two of them got elected. Now it is said that one will vote with tbe Republi cans and one with the Democrats. to ascertain this is not to be guided These two old parties are exactly equal ntirolv hvtlrn vntmcr Knnta lat I on joint ballot and a division of the , , .... , , I two Pops, does not change the status. election, dux tne registraiion dooks We have no r ctable filing for this Keep that matter before the people, snouia aiso oe examinea, as mere i stripe oi x ops, auu rejfaru luem as a 9T)(i if nnQtihln havA tht- Hpnl cnt may be electors, men entitled by law aisnonor to me party, i ou won i near aside MosES Stroup to YOte, who did not vote. A voter cause thev can't accuse one Poo. of is an elector, but an elector may having no principle without accusing , . , 41 i I the other one too, and neither side uo,CI uay" vwtou, uu ixio xaw UUhMtn lnso its one Pon. vntP. Tf not more than three hundred and both would vote with one old party. exeat Scott 1 what a row the other old party would keep up about "princi pie." holders and banks, and special stress tion the law allows them, the Piesi is laid on the claims of foreign tares, dent asserts that if more bonds were torn. The interests of home and issued and a little more favor were country have no place in this pon- shown to the banks, he would confi uerous emanation or a boud-syndi- dently expect them to fill up the cate manipulator. The President gaps caused by the retirement of goes out of his way in an effo.t to the greenbacks. Well, perhaps they magnify anu boost the gold standard would do this much, but if they did idea. For instance he vouchsafes it would not put one cent more in the information that "it is stated circulation than there now is, ahd if that the resumption of specie (gold) the President's scheme were carried payment by Luile is a step of great out it would give to the banks the importance; but iu connection with dangerous whole power of contract tins piece of immensely valuable in- ing the circulation at will; and that f.-rniation he neglects to state that power would be used to continu the national administration of Chile ally keep the mass of people the ser- borrowed ten millions of dollars vants of the money power. from the Kosthebilds in the early! part of tbe present year, and that The statement of the President tbe said loan wjs conditioned on the that "Twice in our recent history we issue of gold bonds to that amount, have signally failed to raise by leg fifty electors, not voters. 2. In establishing the voting pre cincts the sub-divisions of counties into townships, cities, wards, towns and incorporated villages must be considered. A voting precinct can not, under the law, be so established as to include a part or a town and a part of the country, a part of one ward and a part of another ward, a part in one township and a part in A Significant Departa re. With the departure of another year when a review is made of the condition of affairs, it is only right that some thought be given to the physical body which enables every one to battle with life's problem and figure for themselves the profit or loss on the trial balance sheet. Though the bank account may be large and each one's material gam Utivrs of that Mate in longrefs to vote axiut and work, against any further issue of bond was presented. M j resolution relatier totbe retire ment of greenbar ks."aid Senator ial-lingrr.-wasmy individual art. I bate not ronaulted with any one about it. but 1 gather from the expressions I hate beard in tbe Senate and from what I know of the public sentiment, that no one except tbe President wants tbe creenbacks retired. It seem to me to be a very unwie thing to sug gest tbe retirement of nearly i.a.. mi of currency. It would bring unWJd ruin upon us. I do not think, either, that the people want tbe debt of tbe government increased to such an ex tent. I feel sure that if my revolution is brought to a vote it will pa by an overwhelming tote." Tbe subMance if tbe bill iutroducrd by Senator Mills is a follows: -Directing tbe Secretary f Ibe Treasury to bate all tbe ilT-r in tbe Treasury ruined into subsidiary roin. and protidin-r that when the retenues of tbe government shall be insuCicient j to meet tbe current expenses of tie government tbe Sevretary ahall iue I non-interest bearing legal tender '. Treasury notes in amount sunicient to rover the deficiency and pay out Ibe t-ame in the rurrrnt etpenditures tf tbe government, and alo that when the gold reserve in the Trraury shall be in excess oflM",,',.,,,' and legal ten der notes are preent-d fr redeiuptu n in roin, lliey liall Im nun-tiea in ; either gold vr silver r.5u at tbe dirre- J tion of the Secretary. 'Ibe bill a No provides that when tbe reserve shall i fall below bi,Mi,ii tbe ?MTrtary ' shall redeem the notes silver. It closes with a declaration fir the main tenance of the pari!) of tbe two tnHals, and a provision for ti. repeal of all laws aiithoriinir tti ixeuanre of inter est bearing bonds." Tin Senate took a rcrVfs until Mon day, December :. rkmiY, im-. Cm. iiih ak. In the House a resolution of con demnation of I he Turkish atrocities on t!te Armenian t lirit;an was in trodured by Mr. Walker, ut Mass. Among the bills introduced were the following : I'.y Mr. Wheeler, ( I lem..) Alabama Providing for the iurrliae of gold and silver ouiuon ami in ir-e coinage: Karr.iDat fairs and vals is gam btlag. 4 rr arsiMj u n are lnW i. rided by tb HQVtrto. . State at IU present .wt1 . , M wall mm.At M . rf- . w lis I . . proacb ef i bri.tita.. be, r. , ! "e tttais and fair are oji ... held. 1 c' j Iluttbereiaeo( , indulged i about IU i, Ua d4ijs.birb tbeeuwrt intt. .; K baa deeded is tot oaut:, T! -shooting for beef." e .'.., keys, where each j artiH; , ; a sboi and th t.t .b. ie, " " In such re tbe rwurt . . , is not rbanre bt aki!l tt.a a : " prise, and tbereftirr t lv bling is not a gtme t tr r 1 court alao deride that -i f.4 euchre" is not gambling In tbia rsMibection it ti,1 m prohibiting gamtJir. t., t , ' l stringent. a-d is rhap'.rr Ijiwaof IV1. It in n," words : -Ttiat it shall b , , person to plaj at ant ttue , i u ,r ' at which tnott), -e jrt thing f talue i trt. "f .'.r.. play and I ! M 1. 1 ti..r be guilty of a mtderurati r " t Bills for appropriations were intro duced calling for an aggregate expen diture of $8,:K),000. Jlr. l'elfer, of Kansas, offered joint resolutions proposing amendments to the constitution providingfor the elec tion of the President, Vice-President and Senators by direct vote of the peo- j dispensing with the proof of loyalty iu Congress passed an anti-trust law some time ago but Cleveland's Attorney-Generals evidently knew nothing ahmit, it. Thev must, know that t.hpp are trusts in this countrv. but neither be great', it would not be surprising Olney nor Harmon, whose duty it has if it suddenly dawns upon many that been and is now, to see if these trusts good health has been greatly im are legal have ever taken a step in this poverished by the low condition of direction. It seems, however, that the the blood. It is in this state that the people in some sections are waking up j ti acid in the vital fluid attacks Ji1!6; tt,BTlrZtnhl the fibrous tissues, particularly the ... . . a nfcniiiau Liir iiiuai.i.n i uni.. aiiu iiiiw i . - another township; but each precinct Jmp oitAjon of New Vnrk ha hmmrht joints, making known the local man must be entirely in the country, city, suit against the sugar trust. These ac- ifestations of rheumatism. Thou- tions are patriotic, out tnese men mav sanas or peopie nave iouna tn as well remember that the highest Hood's Sarsaparilla the great blood court aeciaea in lavor oi tne money purifier, a positive and permanent trust against income tax; anu omer cure .for rheumatism trusts win expect tne same lavor. town ward or incorporated village or If there should be two hundred and twenty-five electors in one ward of a city an,d four hundred electors in an adjoining ward, the new pre cinct lines cannot be so run as to disregard the boundary line between the wards, having not more than three hundred and fifty electors, say, three hundred and twelve electors in one Mr. McKinley, of Ohio, is evidently afraid that Mr. T. B. Keed, of Maine, who is Speaker ot the House of Repre sentatives, will get ahead in the race for the Republican presidential nomi nation if he is not watched. Hence Mr. McKinley has established open headquarters in Washington and has set a squad of men to do some watch ing, ui course tnese two gentlemen Further on the President admits his knowledge of tho existence of a wide silver Fentiment among his fel low citizens, but he does not go out of hi way to make mention of any "importaut step'' in silver using countries. It occurs to us that the President of a people should not make mention of any matter in an attempt to encourage the sentiment of a minor portion of people, and fail to take some account of facts which would encourage the senti ment of the major part. If it was permissible and necessary to men tion gold standard Chile in the mes km g , why was it not equally per uiissilil and necessary to mention silv r Mexico? We ar unable to reconcile the rresKieut recoimaenuatiou tor re tiring the greenbacks with his recom mentation for issuing more bonds. A rrfl8on "given for retiring the greenbacks is that they can be used .... i , to deplete tne goia r(sT' at any time, li'tt it has not been Ir.g since a considerable amount of bonds wefe redeemed before they expired, and a premium paid for them by the government. The mow d purpose of the procedure was to redeem the bonds with currency and thus put more money into circulation; but the real purpose was to pave the way for issuing bonds which would run longer than those redeemed, because long term bonds offer better opportunities for financial manip ulation. In view of this fact we feel justified in asserting that sueh men as now control our flnan- having four hundred electors there should be created two distinct voting precincts with well defined bounda ry lines. islation the value of silver," is misleading-in fact it is fah". It seeks to leave the impression that proper legislation has been had. The "twice" referred to, as will be seen by a reading of the message, means the Bland-Allison act of 1878, and the Sherman act of 1S90. In neither did the law say that 412i grains! What is said as to wards applies of 8ilnr was worth a dollar, but 412 J I also to townships, towns or incorpo- grains of so much silver was worth a rated villages and the country. In dollar. When thi$ government shall other words in laying off a precinct proclaim to the world that it holds always keep within the city, ward, 412 i grains worth a dollar, it will be town or incorporated village. A have as much right as any one else to precinct and three hundred and thir- inaugurate "booms" and keep them t. ' a.1. a.1. u i. xi , . warm and lively; but if tlreywillac- teen in the other; but the ward hav- cept a tip from the Caucasian, we will ing in it two hundred and twenty- suggest that they speud more time in u v.fl fl0toW;i,nJ watching Levi P. Morton, of New . I York, than in watching each other. a vuLiiig pruuinci, anu iu me warn There are indications that there are other matters besides the financial question on which the esteemed editor of the Charlotte Observer is a long ways oemna. tor instance be says: "The Old Furnace correspondent of the Gastonia Gazette writes it of a man 63 years old, in his neighborhood, who a few days ago bought a blue-black spelling book for his own use. lie has started right ; the only matter for re gret is that he has started his educa tion so late." School teachers are right smart folks, and they will laugh at Editor Caldwell if they happen to I Your Ballot (iuiltt? Issue. I Christian dollars built and now own 139,832 churches. Christian ballots built and now con trol 240,000 saloons. Church vows license 1G3.787 minis ters. , Church votes license HOO.OOO owners and tenders of saloons. Dollars annually paid the American pulpit,$20,000,000. Dollars annually paid the American saloon, $1,200,000,000. Christian ballots permit the saloon to earn 60 times more money than the min isters earn. For every dollar that Christians put into ine nanas oi unrist to save men. the church ballots put ?60 m the hands of the devil to damn them. worth it the world over; for no hold er of silver in any country will then accept any less for it. The govern ment stamp on 25 8-10 grains of gold constitutes it a dollar and it will do the same for 412 grains of silver; precinct may have less than three hundred and fifty electors within its boundaries but not more than that number. Small precincts are conducive to see this opinion of his and when this government declares fair elections; and that is, of course, this to be so without limit, other na- what the law contemplates and all tions must follow or go to ruin. We good citizens desire, are sustained in this assertion bv If there am .t nrePmt not mnr And Mr. Hoke Smith has made that gold bug speech before the Georgia legislature, ue tola them what Car lisle told him to say Carlisle having been previously told by Cleveland that there was "only fifty cents worth oi silver in a aoiiar." What a tremen dous brain it requ res to get up such a strong argument sucn an original and overpowering assertion against silver. And in the same speech Hokey said he wished it distinctly understood that the $400,000,000 of silver coined Rince A I)og and a Telephone. Dispatch. In Connecticut a man at Botsford lost a valuable Irish setter some time ago. After a long search the dog was traced to Winstead, and then the trail was lost. Subsequently the driver of a grocery wagon at New Haven had his attention attracted by a ttray dog, or tine appearance, and, calling the dog, "gave him a seat beside him on the delivery wagon. He noticed on the dog's collar "C. I,. Gilbert, Botsford, uonn.," ana wrote to Mr. Gilbert in regard to his lost dog. In a short time he received telephonic communication from Mr. Gilbert at Winstead. While speaking over the wire Mr. Keeley asked : " What's the dog's name?" "Hold him to the telephone," was the reply Mr. Keeley did as requested. Mr. Gil bert called, "Dash!" At the sound of the familiar voice of his master the dog went wuu witn joy. warginff nis tan vigorously, be barked at the transmit ter of the telephone and was quite pie, benator r rye presented the joint res olutions of the Legislature of Maine asking that tbe birthday t.f Abraham Lincoln be made a public holiday. HOt'SE. In the House of Representatives the new blind chaplain, Itev. Mr. C'onden, of Michigan, created a distinct sensation in his opening prayer by coupling with a petition for peace within our borders one that we should be quick to resent any insult of the na tion. This was the sentence : "And so, Heavenly Father, let peace reign throughout our borders," yet may we be quick to resent anything like an insult to this, our nation. May pros perity smile in our land, and peace and happiness come into every home. So may Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen." Mr. Livingstone, of Georgia, offered a resolution providing for a commis sion to examine into the encroach ments being made in Venezuela by England. The basis of this resolution is the "Monroe doctrine" which de clares that any movement on the part oi any foreign government to seize or occupy territory .on this continent shall be regarded a the manifestation of an unfriendly deposition towards these United St&tts. WEDXKSI'AT, DEC. 4. In the Senate there was more foreign business in the 'tiering of resolutions concerning Turaish outrages in Arme nia. Other resolutions of sympathy with Cuba were also introduced. Mr. Chandler presented petitions from various counties in Alabama al leging the commission of election frauds and asking that Congress shall secure to that State a Republican form of government. The special feature of the Senate was the speech of Senator Allen (Pop ulist) for the recognition of the Cuban revolutionists. Among bills introduced were .the following: . By Mr. Gray, (Dem., Del.) To carry into effect the recommendations of the International American Conference by the incorporation of the International American Bank. By Mr. Lodge, (Kep., Mass.) At the request of the Immigration Restriction League, with headquarters at Boston, amending the immigration lawn by ad ding to the classes of aliens thereby excluded from a'misi'n all persons between the ages of fourteen and fixty years who cannot both read and write the English or some other language. By Mr. Peffer, ( Pop., Kan.) Provid ing fur the establishment of postal savings depositories, to be operated under a plan contemplating the sale of adhesive stamps of various values, re deemable out of a fund set apart by the Postmaster-General for that purpose. Deposits are to be free from taxation, and hear interest at the rate of 3 per cem. ii ouisianuinir six montns or petiMoti caes; admitting Oklahoma to htalenoon By Mr. Little, (Imiu) Arkansas and Mr. Ilartman, (Kep.,) Montana Continued on 3rd page W. O. ealaB Is ef Us bast kim BBa la KakefielA, If ass. Oibitir vtaraa sad everybody's trta&a. Csmt. X bad thosanaUsaa aad was la pm baallk long tlaaa. XadlostloM fcWM towards tbe aeesmmlsti et lvjmr: la tbe blood astd garsos ot fllsaaas ! constipated and bad o appniu. I ars dantly sedsd rood blood per sal dlclded to Uke flood "a feraaiari:.. n made cbasgeall tbroaga try sraiaa, gave tne aa eppottte ead wora4 Uvl ea bit blood. X eia sw artot wall, any blood ha boaa ynst la rt order, thanks U Hood's." V7.U.i:sa. Hood'o Sarcaparilla lo- tho Only Truo Blood Purifier FromlaeaUy la the reblls EisTobf Hood's PHI r; yE Believ $5,000 in the Power of the Silver Dollar. SHOES WORTH of the Itet Hand and Machine mad at the Mt of making. the highest financial authority in all than three hundred and fifty electors 1878 is legal tender for all debts, for any Yercome in the excitement of his hap- of goldbug England, viz. djn Financial Chronicle. the We have here presented some ideas which occur to us in connection with the message one that has been more universally condemned than in a township then the trouble and expense of establishing a voting precinct in that township will be lit tle, as the precinct would include all that township, and the township lines having already been rihi, marked and established there conld claim, made so by an act of Congress. noop : ureac is nosey and the gold bugs. any heretofore written. Its cringing be no ttoubt or uncertainty as to the tone to foreigners in matters fin an-1 proper place for each election in cial its utter want of American said precinct to register and vote; character its lack of the elements hut whenever a township contains of broad statesmanship its plea for more toan three hundred and fifty the money power the absolute ab sence of any suggestion for the good of th" people it failure to tell that the country is running heavily in debt under Ibe present administra tion its failure to tell of the im mense profits made by the bond syn- e lectors there must be a survey so as to establish with certainty the boundary lines of each precinct. This will take time, and on that ac count, if no other, the clerks of the Superior court should not defer this matter ov longer. The President left Washington last Thursday on the lighthouse tender Maple on a hunting trip through North Carolina sounds. With him were Dr. O'Keilly, the Presidents physician; Commander George F. Wilde, Naval Secretary of the Lighthouse Board, and Commander Benjamin P. Lamberton, in cnargs oi rne lignthous district comprising tbe sounds. The vessel was well provisioned, and if the weather is favorable the President will probably not return to Washington before tbe 12th or 14th of tbe month. .. The President has nominated Rufus H. Peckham, of New York, for Asso ciate Justice of the U. S. Supreme court to fill the vacancy. Tbe Senate has confirmed the second nomination of M. W. Ransom as minis ter to Mexico. pmess. CoDsreaaman rcaraon, Washington Post' The North Carolina Republicans have united in presenting the name of Hon. Richmond Pearson for assign ment to tne committee on Foreign Af fairs. Mr. Pearson has had exoeri- ence to equip him for this service, as be was appointed by President Grant as Consul to Vervier.s aftid Liege. Mr. Pearson's grandfather, John Williams, was a Senator from Tennesse when President Monroe wrote the famous message, and was shortly afterwards appointed minister to Centrsl Amer ica, and was the bearer of Monroe's comforting doctrine to tbe States of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Lewis Williams, a brother of the Senator and uncle of the ambi tious young Congressman from North Carolina, served in the House contin ously from 1715 to 1842 and was among tbe first to be called "Tbe Father of the House." V i.aaies nongola hhoea at Ladiea' Hand made Sboea at fl-!;, M !.' iln. made Shoes at Men's Calf k in Gaitera at f I.oh, l.i.'ind Mm . COMMON SIIOKS 63C. Six Thousand Dollars Worth of Tailor-made Clothing AT FIFTY CKXTS OX TI1K IKH.LAIL All Wool Cashmere Suits. 4. regular pric flo.oo. Kin lnii Corkscrews and Worsted Suits at regular price 12.m t tl'.'" WILSON SHOE STORE SIGN OF THE RED BOOT. WILSOX - - IVoi'tll Cfiroltllll. The Best Moquette Carpets $1.00 per yd. And no Extra Charge for Making. IV. H. & R. S. TUCKER & CO., RALEICH, N. C. A. B. STRONACH EVKUYTIII.Sr; IN SIIOKS, SHOES! $5,000. SHOES! Xov SliDCN t oxv I 'ritH'N. INot an old pair in the loLJ Anybodv mar advertise shoa af tl rri-i. l.nt t list imi at old prices." The only entire n selections WE OFFER e:oe in the city from which "old 1' v," yT l..sei l ll 1 1 il nniiTniATA npri inniH in th. i..ii..r m 11 By Mr.IVrkiri.S(Rcp.,C'al.-ProvicI- ,.? , 11 1 l?HUI nl until all soid we shall our cu-tom-r-th- ir.g for the appointment of a non-par- 2 '?WhprfI.Ce " Tb,ch ,We boUffht- AU ut " Sr 'T,' commission to collate informa- Ti,,I51 v' lC ll Oentlemen's, Ladies', Youths and M .Tjf tiunand to consider and recommend i$"sin U orking:, Walking and School ,Shoe. Water IW and J'""1 legislation to met t the problems ore- SDO6' J?rJ r Guaranteed as Represented. seiiu-d by labor, agriculture, and capi tal. By Mr. Lodge, (Rep., Mass., by re quest.) Appropriating f 100.000 to any person, who, within the next Ove years, shall demonstrate the practicability of safely navigating the air at a epeed of not less than thirty miles an hour, with a weight of 500 pounds. By Mr. Quay, (Rep., Penn.) Appro priating $25,000 for the use ot Franklin University of Philadelphia, and Pur due University of Lafayette, Indiana, for the purpose of determining the quantity of the so-called 'hammer blows" of locomotive driving wheel in use on American railroads, and the ef fect produced thereby. By Mr. Voorhees, (Dem., Ind ) Making the minimum pension for dis ability (or to widows of soldiers) under the law of 1390, $12 per month. By Mr. Sherman (Rep , Obio) For a uniform system of classification and grading for wheat, corn and other cereals. By Mr. Squire (Rep., of Washing ton) Appropriating $87,000,000 to be expended uipler the direction of the Secretary of War in carrying out the recommendations of tbe Board of For tifications for fortifying the ports of New York, San Francisco, Boston, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Washington Baltimore, Portland (Me.,) Key West Charleston, Mobile, New London, Sa vannah, Galveston, Portland, (Oregon) Pensacola, Wilmington, (N. C) San Diego, New Bedford, Portsmouth, (N. H,) New Haven, and tbe ports on Pu- Jlir.l.. n.l r. r v . ... . . . - . . . 1 '..itf-M .1" trachan.Seal, Silk l'lusb. Melton. Beavers, Diagonals, Bavkt Waf, per cni. cneaper than you can bay e!-i)Tr. GOODS and PJAIDS: Newest Goods Best Values Lowest Prices. IWt takour but compare nrica anrl nnaiitv mA . .:h .,, ,r tm. ..'"tj OTUUM ai C BUIC J V Ml" ' J 215 Fayetteville Street, DRY COODS. NOTIONS A. SHOES. EVEUYTHIXO BUT HIGH 1'KICK.S. Raleigh. . C- u Headquarters (or the Oest, Only TUB FOLLOWING VAUlMTi' toHIWDOtt rm i a ii anlCfetis ffeCavS TBttS5T Light Eratunsa, In&fcn aod Pit Buver-Laced Wyandottea, Vbtts BAST TWO BreJ n asm i III 1 B ' . m - - - "AJyKp. Best Strrin i LSS1 and Fillies, fixe as split tL'k. Yoa Got . EVERYTHING CVAMASTSSD A3 CSTSS OCCONEECHEE 7ABXL DURHAM' C

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