.THE CAUCASIAN lr.T Z. money-lending and speculating. He said that tbis country could never i-CDLTSUEI) SVEEY TIJtTJ'P.' V. HtTUK CAICAHIJI MAKIOff nlTLT.lt, UALATKK. - I't'Ut.I"lt i fit-.. Stands'- see better timet till that policy was changed and more money waa put into circulation- When be made this speech the goldbug paper a - I l r rnv. tliAH Hm em Vfc.aL nampfu CD u.u-e W SIX MO NT 113, Populist and a crank. e suppose TIIRCKM0STH8 :":M"th9 eoldtues thought that Senator "t:- . 71 T. .Ii.l"Mi'n..Tj!Wi(h. N. C vt intended to vote the way be SUBSCRIPTION BAUS, l a scheme to cheat ila smaller stock 1 put the rote in the different elections holders and especially the holders of showed 4a Populist increase, which common atock The "bead bosses recently announced that no dividend would be paid on the com bob stock, though there was money on hand sufficient to pay it- But, said the business to put tbia money into the est the readers of tee Cccsi Mr , . . , ., I Steele has been a life-long Democrat working capitaL Then there was a . hM r.ndered tLc Democratic party kick and the price ef the stock went way down. Then there was an in- m Karon CU Matter. talked. will Tbis issue of The Caucasus be the last tbat'will be scat to tbose niinni exnire tbis WI1UIW " month A few dava ago Senator Vest came out in an interview in which he said tbat as much as ho opposed the irold standard, tbat if his party nomina ted a goldbug for President that he would rote for him. Presto change Now all the eoldbuc papers are TRE PCTt'lIlT CC3YIHTIC3. i it was well for the Kepnbheacs to I Uke into consideration. x:orroniAX. comment. The zrsnlr declaration of Mr. Ed Steele, of High Point, as quoted by our Washington correspondent, win inier- asswt 9U honorable and 'iistingoisbed serf ice. ue la m successful Business man. nu . . . ..... 1 uas wua; w ww. - . - . . - vestigation and it appears mat me ti0ns. His party identification ceases monnt that these "head bosses I at the point when the Democratic party surrenders it principles, lie is ital was about f 00,000, And now a 1 ocratic party is false to its traditions bie row is on. But when all the fuss and teachings. The expectation that FANTASY. is over the holders of the common stock will find that the scheme of tne "bead bosses77 in not paying a dividend on the common stock ("re- the Democratic party will restore sit ter to circulation is, of course, palpably preposterous. The suggestion of such a vague possibility is an affront to men of intelligence. It is no credit to a sensible man to entertain the opinion. We hope we bave been, at pnnjs Vest and saying that he is turning prosperity" you know) was Mr. Steele is right. "The woods are tially sucrcrf-ful in making a good fellow after all-even the to depress the ralue of the stock- IJiCwe Itast. pit it.. t,t, r acceptable to its readers Republican goldbug papers .i - r.:t vrar. We earnestly p-eaeed with him. Why is this? wLo dtsire its rontii.ua mom tion to send in tbeir rentwals .T over. We would lite to bin tbe i . , mi il- I ... . . . . i are maae h go way oown. luenw-j tnecouraze to louow Air. Steele s pa- I . . . . . . ....I.... " . . J..S I Be- will buy up a big lot of it with this tnoiic rsnrw. his manij r-nunc,.i,. causo as long as free silver Kepubli- w,uw msieaa oi paying uiviuenu ardcein the late State Silrer Conven- cans say tbat tbey will vote for the goldbux nominee of tbeir party and silver Democrats say tbey will vote rith it. Then a fewer men will own . tbe stock than own it now. Then the dividends or tlie "fewei" men tion. Poor Jarvis! Well. An object of pity! .. .. . . ,;. nr..it n with little personal r ..... In fact trouble. Mar worit ami aLiieues are these The old party papers have be&un their campaign of Ijinsrwitn astonish ing vigor. They are saying that the Pooulists have "flunked"' and left the voa eel This trnat and monoooiv I oraranizaiion vi me neuaie iu mc j.c If . . .. .. I miHIinano frprinp' nn nhifiction. etc silver Republicans business is a soft thmg-U. 8. anti- r . that Democratic papers new year with no liabilities, and our for tbo goldbug nominee of tbeir will be more per head than it is friend and our people can put us in party, tbo gold men are afe and will now. Pretty scheme isn't it! Do and nilver Democrats are worth trust laws under a Democratic aa sufficiently heavy witbout tbe addi- raore to the coldbucs than if tbey ministration to the contrary notwitb- ' . . .. .. I . . .1 . i: t onal worry over wnai soraeuu.es I were croldbuzs themselves. They act sianuing. necms to be tbe indifference and Inwners of our frionda. Therefore if lhn Ponulists of tbis State wish tbeir State organ to bo aggressive and vigorous, let it se tbat it is be ing properly backed up and sustain ed; and let tbat backing show mate rial substance witbin tho next two weeks. Tbtre will be no issue of The Caucasian during Christmas week. Tboao who conduct it have been quite severely taxed for somo months past, and a sbcrt respite is both nec essary and deserved. We wish everybody a delightful Christmas, aud hope everyone can see tbe dawning of a better and more gen erous condition of affairs with tbo beginning of tbo New Year. as decoy ducks for tbe goldbugs. Tbey foel tbe silver voters at home into supporting croldbues for tbe Presidency. No one could be elected to tbe Senate from Missouri who was not a silver man, for it is a strong silver State. But it would be better for Missouri and all the remainder of the country to have a silver man for President and a cold Senator from Missouri, than to have a silver Sen ator from Missouri and a goldbug for President. There will never be any relief in tbis country for the people till tbe troldbups are driven from tbe White House. Let tbe people keep tbis in mind when tbey vote for a President next year. CAN'T OK WON'T KEEP THINGS STRAIGHT. That it quite direct evidence which we publish in the Observer to-day. in which a Sentleman, writing over his own signature, enies the utatement of Thi Caucasian that it has no unpaid-for subscriptions, and say ing that it comes to him unasked for. Char lotte Observer. ItfcBl't F NO 1.' KTKIKIMO OI1.IKCT LESSON 4. (NO. 1) About two months ago Capt. S. A. Ahe, wbo is a well equipped journ alist, started a paper in Italeigh called "The State." Capt. Anbe showed cloaily in bis editorials each week that hard times and low prices were caused by the gold-standard chiefly, and that timea would" never be better till we had more money; but at tbe same time be called upon tbe people to stay in tbe Democratic party even if tbey bad to vote for a goldbug candidate for President. Ho said bo did not want more moay and better times unless be could get it through tbe Democratic party. The paper has suspended. It died in a few weeks because- tbe people would not subscribe for it or read it Tbe goldites say tbat this is proof tbat tbe silver sentiment is dying out. Not so! Ou the other band it is proof of bow well informed the people are and bow strong tbeir con victions are on tbis financial quea tion. Capt. Ashe's paper was ably edit ed and if anyone could have made a paper, advocating such an inconsis tent position, elf-sustaining, he could. No paper advocating such & policy can run in North Carolina unless it is supported by corporation or goldbug money. The goldbugs will gladly put up money to run a free silver paper, if that paper will advise the people to stay in the old parties and vote for tbe goldbug nominees of the old parties. We don't know whether the gold men offered to put up money for Capt- Ashe's paper or not, but it is clear that he did not take their money if they did. If Capt. Asbe bad said that he fa vored freo silver and financial ro form and called upon the people to sfand by tbe resolution passed at the silver convention in Raleigh, on Sept. 2oth, and to vote against gold bugs no matter what party nomina ted them, his paper would have been a big success. The people aro tired of being humbugged. NO. 2. BLAND AND HIS LECTURE. Some days ago Ex-Congressm&n Bland started ou a lectutiog tour. His first appointment was at Savan - nab. Qa. He advertised tbat his subject would be. "Why freo silver men should stay in tho Democratic party." When he went to Savannah to speak on such an absurd subject, only en vim went out to hear him. The gold men say that this is proof that the silver sentiment is dying out. Not so! It is proof that tbe people are tired of being humbug ged on this question. It Mr. Bland will advertise that he will speak in Savannah, and that his subject will be, "It is timafor patriots to stand together against - the goldbugs and redeem our gov eminent," he will have a crowded house. NO. 3. VEST AND HIS sriECH. Senator, Vest recently made a speech in which he showed that the goldbug policy of Cleveland and Sherman had contracted the money of this country down to $3. SI per head. He said that this was a ruin 009 -tod Infamous policy. He said It is learned from this morning's Wash ington Hpecial that Senator Butler has had him a silver caucus since he got to Wash ington. It was attended by one Democrat, Mr. Call; three Kepubhcans, one of whom was Mr. Butler's colleague. Mr. Pritchard: and by Mr. Tillman. Tbis multitude of live pronounced his scheme impracticable and this is rebuff No. 1. lie will find out pretty quick that he can't issue nkases in Y ashuiL'ton with the same results that fol low toeiu in xsortn Carolina. A (rood many Jolts await the young man if he under takes to carry the arrorant manner in Wash ington that he does at home Charlotte Ob server. Yes "the young man" will no doubt receive "many jolts" in his fight for Tbe Observer shows great care lessness or eithergreat meanness by Ihe above paraeraph. It seeks to leave the impression that The Cau casian denies that it has no unpaid subscriptions and yet quotes a man as saying "that it comes to him un asked for," intending to make it ap pear that The Caucasian has made a false statement. The errammar of tbe Observer is about as groggy as its effort to put The Caucasian in a false light. To begin with the "gen tleman writing over his own signa ture" does not deny the statement of The Caucasian that it has no un paid for subscriptions. He simply says he did not subscribe Well then, somebody subscribed for him and sent us the money, r nd to save us we could not tell who sent it without a considerable search through cur files. We presume there have been numerous instances in which soma reader of The Cauca sian has sent the paper to an ac quaintance or friend. Do the read ers of the Observer think enough of that paper to do the same thing or thought the Populists would be mean enousn to co-oueraie wiin sui-u misera ble political cowards and scoundrels as the leading Democratic Senators liave proven themselves to be on party lines? The Poplist Sena tors appealed to all silver men, regardless of party, to organize on sil ver lines. Those who were elected as silver men could have done this, but they didn't. They stuck to their rotten, corrupt old sranes. Then the l'opuiists were compelled to oreaK away irora them. They "flunked" just like a clean, decent man flunks when he smells something dead and putrid. lion. Allen G. Thurman died at his home in Columbus Ohio, on December 12. lie was one cf the best and purest of men. His work and actions always evinced a character founded on princi ple, and from that basis be could not be shaken. He w&3 ever a friend of the rvople. On bein informed of Mr. 'ihurman's death the Governor of Ohio issued a proclamation in which lie said : "His illustrious career is a con spicuous example of the possibilities of American citizenship, and is worthy of the study of the youth of ot:r State. The people of Ohio, regarJless of party, will be mourners at Lis bier. Out of respect to his memory, it is it is hereby ordered that thellag be rtisDlaved at half mast over the State Capitol until after the obseqnies." the peoplo atrainst corruption and goldbuggery, but "the young man" not? Try to get things right, Bro. Cald well. It's just as easy to do as to get them wrong, if you know how. has so far proven that be is able to take care of himself against any en- emy or tne people ana good govern ment. No man can make an bon est fight against tLe evils tbat the monopolies and gold trust are fat tening on witbout receiving jolts and bard ones too. But he will also give some bard jolts to the goldbugs and monopolies at Washington as he Judsrc Scbenck's strong articles on the "99 year railroad lease'' bids fair to brine out some stronger facts vet to open the eyes of the people. Morgan, of the Morsran-Belniont syndicate, who, in connection with the Kostchilds, made millions out of the last bond is sue is the main owner of the Southern railroad. Francis Lynde Stetson, CleveHnd's law partner, is the general legal counsel for that road. And hot long since Cleveland was on a big hunt in Virginia, using Col. A. B. Andrews private car. All these men are big Democrats. Democrats sold the Aorth Carolina Itailroad to the Southern, or what is the si me thing leased it for 09 years at a ridiculously low price com pared to what it ought to have been Say.people.do you see anything in all this? Wo say. again thtt w siro not Bond ing out papers unless tbey aro paid for at tbe rate asked. THE PENSION ORAR. Tbe pension grabbers' continue to reach out for all there is iu sight, and has to tbe machine, ballot-box stuf- the people will continue to "pay the 11 . iers ana nypocritcs in lina. uu voiu- i rrftichT." 'I no inimhHr i.T npncinn bills introduced, daring the first week of Congress was pretty consid erable. In fact if all bills of the na ture of pension bills be included the number is immense. In the machin ery of Congress there are varied terms for bills of the same charac ter. For instance an immense num ber of them is presented "for the re lief of" Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so. and while these are not termed pension bills, they are in reality nothing else, for they are intended as grabs at the people's public money. These Tbe facts in tho case about tbo at tempt to reorganize tbe Senate against tbe gold men are as follows Tho Populist Senators adopted Sen- aior liuiier s plan lor organizing the Senate so as to defeat the gold men. lo that end the following vote was sent to tbe fifty-two Sena tors who were elected as silver men Wasiiikoton. D. C. Nov. 30th. 1895. Dbar Sir: A conference of Senators. irienuiy 10 ine restoration or silver coin aire as existed under the Jaw of 1837, will hf Id in thf MurhlA l:nnm nf tho Ksnatu .1 11 o'clock a. ni. Monday, December 2, 1895, bills equal, if they do not exceed, in nUit the so called pension bills o are respectfully invited to attend. Therefore when you read the record naowSucu uji ucuawis owif- oi pension Dins Deiowf you may art, Allen, Ptffer, Kyle, Jones and safely double them if you want to Senator 1'eftVr, from the committee on pensions, has reported back the Senate bill (212) to require payment of pension money to tcive in cases where male pensioners desert or abandon their families or are habitual drunkards or for any reason fail and neglect to sup port tbeir families. So! Such a bill as this is a downright admission that habitual drunkards and bums of al kinds are carried on the national pen sion rolls and supported by the people who work and pay the cost. There are some great beauties about this pension system. There are deserving men on the rolls, but how about "habitua drunkards," "family deserters," &r. It is a aisgrace to tne nation ana espe cially to the G. be. A. It., that such things It appears to us that the Democratic press is trying to fling what little brains it has together in an effort to break up fusion. The absurdity of such a movemeut from that source is pitifully ridiculous There may be fu sion or there may not, but the demy press will have no influence in what ever may occur, bay, demy papers what if there should be no fusion? It won't do you any good. You may make up your minds that the people are eter cally done with your gang. Obstacles much greater than fusion are in your path your own party lying and hy pocrisy for instance. arrive at the truth of the ' gsme. Tbe trusts and combines havcalreadv grabbing" I began to move on Washington to get "protection." The so-called tin-plate manufacturers have made the first 6tep and have organized a "lobbv The number of venrion. not includ- among the members of which are W ino- "rlif" hill inWn T- Orier, president of tbe association :; 7 John Jarrett, Secretary, W. C. Crone in nrst ween is as follows: Tues- meyer, William Bishop, A.M.Marshall dav. Dec. 3: Sen&tn. 44: Hnn. 04 D. B. Jackson and J. B. Neil. Thev W!nc,, tw. a. h- K. will appea lor "bargain" for mere ranff j, on tinplate inbehaif of the roanufac k ouvugu vi oouse, not in session, xnursaav. curers ana tne thousands of workers the silver Senators attended to con- Dtp. 5: Senat. 2fi- Rnnon nnt ? I in their factories." Tiiey will know trol tbe organization, those who did session. Friday, Dec. 6: Senate, not go withdrew and left the Populists to in session; House, 77. Monday. make a straight party fight against Dec. 9: Senate, 32; House, 76. tbo gold men of the two old parties. Some of th hill jn-ofnrini;i7;r.oi I - v m. V A. but a large number of Butler. On iuonday morning December 2nd, in response to the above invita tion Senators Call, Mantle, Tillman, rrteliard and Teller met the Populist Senators in the Marble Room of tbe Senate for considera tion. Inasmuch fjs not enough cf nothing about the ten thousands of peo pie who will have to pay higher prices lor tinware if they get an increase tariff. pensions, And now the leading Demy paper in the State the one which is destined Tl.o ran l10t q. t , :, ... . . co reueem metstate" trie one.whieb Ihe fact that the Senators who them involve the pensioning of many grows frantic over the' possibility of o.iici uivu nuiuu inn vuini i no luncmn a i.tiiu cue tuuitu ucius uruuui nitii uisrf were elected as silver not accept the offer of tho Populist to beat the gold men is not a rebuff to Senator Batler, but it is a rebuff to the people who elected these Sen ators as silver men. If such men as Senator Morgan, Harris, Vest and others who talk loud for silver, had accepted this opportunity to act from pensions $12 00 to $200.00 per range month. We will tdve the number of these pensiou bills hereafter in our Con gressional reports. HE KNOWS AND TELLS THIS I RUT P. At a meeting of the Republican ex- when their votes would count for ecutive committee held in Washing- something, the gold men would have ton "st week, Chairman Carter been completely defeated and the stated smo facts with ginger iu whole organization of the Senate tnem- e knows the people are would to-day be in tbe hands of the condensing and despising olSf party silver men. I machine work, and during a discus sion of party measures be took oeca- pute" prints a letter written by Sena tor Butler in which the Senator Ms approves the policy of fusion in Ala bama, and call) the attention o? The Caucasian to the same. Well. Mr, Demy paper, what are you going to do about it? You condemned Butler for fusion. If be speaks against fusion are you going to keep up your effort at condemnation? What will satisfy you anyway? The letter you produce was puoiisnea in v opuiist papers al over t he country last summer. In an extract given elsewhere under the head of "Heart Breaking Usnrv " will be found some facts that ought to uia&e tue larmerruo nis neaa very slg mucanuy. vve want to add that it i not necessary to borrow from the ban 1 - a . 1 - . . , . . . ..... I w ouuivv,i' iv i-iiia 11 Ciur U JutiS OU If tbis had been doc, the Senate 8 . 10 say mat ne aid not think n pression. The chattel or lien system wi? ior ine ttepuoiicans to be too I uues lue S3a,e ,mr,g, mougn m a way confident. Althon-h it n.,JtIiat wmers wbo practice have i.K. i never ciscovereu that victory was i it wuuiu navo pafseu a iree coinage bill in thirty days. Senator Batler has dope tbo people a great service iu shov ing up tbe insincerity of the men who claim to bo for silver but who are willing for gold men to con trol and rule. Such men are simply decoy ducks for the goldites. They do tho filter cause moro harm than if they were avowed goldbugs. Senator Butler has done his duty. TO II A CCO TRUST DEAL. The American Tobacco Trust has been dictating tbe prie g of tobacco fleeting out email dealers and monopolizing things generally for some timo past. Now it is working cnt that victory was in the air, he said tbat there were reasous w'y it was not well to be options" ic to a degree of carelessness He thought the grave questions before tbe con a try migh; well easse the- Republi cans te pause and reflect. Carter called attention to what "he styled the remarkable growth of the Popu list Tote. Ue said tbat it had in creased 240 per cent, daring the past three years. This great growth had not been developed in the Na tional, Legislature, as there were less Poopulists in the House now Wriun lipmm If Nr Tkt A CHRISTMAS Say, whither fly tbe birds of Nlfbt And wbo may now disrovrr Where guardian Aogels in tbeir flight. At Yole-tlde, haply bover? What embassies f good or ill From glad, or gloomy iKrtaW, Are speeding now to ehef, or chill Tbe pilgrimage of mortal!? Night's Harpies baste to oeUe in II is heart, wbo, fain to smother Tbe good be tees, proclaims the in lie Cndetb in another; Kevivee again the evil tab That no one else remembers. And stoops to fan, lest tbey should fail. Suspicion's smouldering embrrs. Tbey spread tlwir ghastly pinion w br' Phantasmal fears beleaguer. At midnight, in bis lonely lair, Tbe miser, wan and magrr; Or else, where revelry by night Tbe spendthrift heir entices. And press, and pulpit, turn no lifrbt l'pn patrician vices; O'er gilded palaces of sin, Or bells of lower level. Where men tbeir manhood stake to win The image of the ievil. . Knougb of these : say, where are t bry Tbe ministry of Angels? And whither have they borne to-day Their pure and blest evangels? They guard his home, whose generous band - Instinctively uncloses To meet "sweet charity's7 demand, 'And strew life's path with roses; Who wins tbe honor he would wear, Or high, or low bis station ; Whose life of faith and praite and prayer Knows no dissimulation; Whose "hate of hate," and "scorn of scorn," And "love of love" are real His Kins: was in The Manger born The Christ, bis crowned Ideal! to tak irwm lis tkMk for JSi!!4. wwre pa4 by a of y Ilk TIM Md Tfc Vstioaal EsemUve CoaamltU X tbe feopWs rartyhave issj4neall t at IJodeXl Hotel Iewfs, Ma, , i tcMt to n v lk Lin aM place or aoidief atuwui vi - u sitiasi lioa and transact other baslaesa. Tbey I of George M eXailL say it is desirabl tbat tbey Have a ran rtiwnl Alton, ita siduij rrqvt ' to be present. will be perwit td ta rt at nroxv withoat credentials I -lf 1.. Thanl Ul rilMlDT Taabeaerk, chairman; M. tZ Kanala.1" sijr rti treasurer; w. a. i umrr i ma bmomi l. J. Mclarlin. secretaries. I . . com- at iashyiiil POLK MONUMENT. Ynu work r Iter trwct!fl (jfart.i k. W. N. m mm V 4ltf I UTT KV KKY N 4n vi LucTenn-iHM-emWr Mr. W. II. llarvev ft-e three hours beM spell-bound a parked audience at tle I SlaMtstc tbeatre to-niglit. ins sprern was full or facts, reaon,niiory ana force. Silver men are Jubilant. Harvey rbaracteriard I'leveland and Carlisle unnatural sons of lemorraei. lie touched up Josiah lalt-ron. wbkb was art'lauded t tbe echo. Ue told the Itepublicans tbat when tbey Ia dorsed John Miermanisiu tbey indurs ed levelandism. The introduction sf tbe shaker ty Millard Thompson was l beautiful, eloquent. lurcrful and was applauded several minutes. I Cksra a V.t- to atriuti nr. 7m, Mrs. Tall WsaU tk Kallra4 tJUUVm. Among lbs bills introduced in the Senate is one by Mr. Call (Dem) pro- I viding that passenger transportation on all railroad! in mter-btate com merce snail not exceed l cent per mile. It u made lawful for railroad companies to have separate ears for uiuereui races. uaiionaMiies ana kinds of people; sleeping ear charges' are reduced to $1 for each 21 Leurs ' of occupancr; freicht chareea are 1 ordered to be reduced to an amount : not exceeding that seccsiary to pay the interest (not exceeding 5 per cent.) on the present value of the railroads eccaccd in interState commerce, estimated upon the basis j of the cost at which such railroads5 could be duplicated to-day. A fine ' of $10,000 for each violation is pro-1 vided. half of which is to b paid tne informer, or by imprisonment for not more than one year. BLOCKADE KING. Tak t MIiiIIim M Kvary Tas Carcasiaa" fsmJ fr u , nment now stands as follows Total aaaAnnt nlll.1 a. Maxth 14th, 1:. . tsijfi R B Ktaey . Harrwl'ka AtlaM, b lt Kum aa eouatv . Oak kidre AUlaans. Vm. 24, u r orvytk coomv Aiiiaacs. M m Kaak Osnate AlUaaw . . latsvb tiuk-AliiaAcv, Na. 11. a4aWfeaDUatV ftorry eooate Albasww. m IMMKWTUK tuk ALUaltos. 5 MarUa cmiatr ' - IlkA ML AIUsim . aus, furry t m AClloykr. Yauos county m Tired Women See elsewhere an article from Sena tor Stewart, showing "Why free silver can not be gotten through the Demo cratic party.77 The Senator says that he does not compete for the prize, lie says that we ought to give the prize to some North Carolinian, but that be has read the articles on this subject in the Caucasian with so much interest that he decided to contribute an article also. If Congressman Barrett had intro duced resolutions impeaching Cleve land and Co., for unconstitutionally selling out the United States to the Kostchilds, be would have shown more patriotism and statesmanship than be did in his resolution to impeach Am bassador P.ayard, wbo, after all told a lot of truth in what he said. The Washington correspondent of the Charlotte Observer says: "Senator I'ritchard intends to introduce a bill to have a sort of garden or station on Roan Mountain for the purpose of de- veiopmsuie laci wneiner in me iso thermal belt all the fruits and Mowers cannot be raised." Hon. 1). Schenck has been quite busy with court matters for some days past in consequence of which his third arti cle on the t:S) Year Itailroad Lease" will be delayed a little while. When it appears it will be hotly interesting, The Southern Railway is now tryin to enecc a lease or the Ohio JCiver Charleston Itailroad. It will doubtless be able to carry out its plans. Recall tbe famous "U'J year lease" in this State. If you want to read what the boys call "hot stuff," just read ojr report of uuiigressioiim rocf euings mis wees. Senator PetTer just literally rattled the ury nones or the senate. l ress uisparcnes announce tbe ap- proaomng marriage or ex-l'resident Harrison to Mrs. Dimmick, a niece of his deceased wife. There are thirty-two contested elec tion cases in tbe present National House or liepresentatives. HEART BREAKING USURY. One It moon Why tanning lion't Pay. Philadelphia Item. J -A. 1 ' 1 - . most asiomsiung piece oi in formation is given forth by Car roll D. Wright, United States Com missioner for Labor, which reads as follows: The interest paid by bor rowers of money on the crop liens of tne oouth "are a high average rate, how high 13 not known. Numerous and extensive inquiries, many of mem answered by merchants and cotton buyers who hold or have held crop liens, point to the conclusion that the average rate on these liens must bo as high as forty per cent rarely going as low as twent-five percent, and often coiner as hieh as seventy-five per cent, and more." ihe Commissioner estimates that these loans in tbe year 1800 amount ed to 00.000,000, and the interest THE COILS ARE TIGHTENING. FACTS COMING TO LI6HT WHICH PROVE THE ABSOLUTE NECESSITY OF FREE SILVER. Rain Staring ltoth Manufaclnrf r and Pro ducer In lha Face Not to Have Financial Reform Means Itnineaanrable Contu sion and Great Iolatlin Let Uoldbng Organs Answer. Philadelphia Item. A dispatch was lately sent East from San Francisco saying that a Japanese agent bad taken very large orders there for goods to be made In Japan and to be delivered here free of freight and duty at from 30 to 100 per rent, less than prevailing wholesale prices of the same goods; and that agencies for such Japanese goods are being established in tbe principal cities of the Kat. A number of our large manufactured products were described as being in cluded in this competition from Japan; this list of products, however, is sec ondary to the fact, that Japan in con sequence of tbe low costs of labor there, and the 100 per cent, bounty it ha over our manufacturers in tbe differ ence between the price of silver bul lion compared with gold bullion, is now able to undersell any class of goods made in this country. Take a case of cloth as an exanmle. This case sells in this country for :!00 Did a Tkrlvlng Trad la Caalrakand ar ticles Diritg the Cltll Vw-VmOim Very Rick. New York, Dec. 12. Tho Herald says tbis morning that two men wero the only mourners at Wood lawn cemetery yesterday at the fu neral services over the body of Alexauder Collie, a man mho a fe years ago was known in every Euro pean capital. In tbe civil war be was a not td blockade runner and established quarters at Wilmington, N. C. Under the guns of Fort Fisher this "blockade king" carried on a thriving trade in tbe contraband ar ticles of war aud exported the cot ton of the South. Tbe house which he established at Wilmington was an abode of luxury and lavish hos pitality. There the leaders of the s 4 task at aatMUaa. ta4 ta4f StraafU C isty. Chomil stet) ft4 Hat yes tkees Is mm eseaya trsa Iks rovad ef smrsaaiun. Taeyi trsnftk. Saw aaaO H baOdlaa: n tteftr eysftssM , sarletod aa Booaa turn str gib twaaavdaaaali instkSf, Iwgleeaf By i Urt part spaiffle Wta fir tan It wO aaake iksti Us i U ft hei the aervst 9fm t wUl areata aa iaa4tat1fnski ItWWanaUredwosillaaat- Hosd'oOaroaparillQ lo tho Only Truo Diced Purifier lYesalaaaUy la tke yabtto ays 11 leads Us asrvss i yars tl4, tlCCd'0 PUB iCeVaaX'S XM AS cor-1ES BUT OCE A YEAR- lUJTTIIATlNNO IH'.i IAHON WIIV Vt! Miin'if wamtu V4i?it i. i:v. lU'V r.SKKUL AND M? USTA XTI A I I'UKSKNTK. Wc have a sfore full and will make you 5SIICC?I.VI HOLIDAY lKICHN. at ti.ix,tin JACKETS A. CAPES: New and extra values to $5.!jS. LADIES' KID DRIVING CLOVES: fl.OO, worth $lji. Kid ; loves TtteJ reuureu irom f usi. LADIES' KNIT-RIBBED VESTS: 19 cents. rounterpanes, guilts, Ulti.VetsJ IMPORTED NAHDKERCNICft: Fsncy Muslin HematiUbed. U. All Linen llemstiUbed, Kir. Kmbruldered lleoistitrlN-d, c, htr, 15c, ror. SHOES: We Lave the Beat and Cheapest liars of Men's. Ladle' aad kildrea's rboea in tbe State. CMaplete lines Rig Values atU(Wt$l2.l.l but costs the American manufacturer I AT B:FORE 1H RJSE .N COTTON PR rrcunursiiut r. tir.uiuc rmrnu Tb? Japnes? manufacturer buy. J"NS' KRSEYS' OUTiNGDOUESriCS.T.CiCWCS. TC.TC. American looms and the necessarj ma- A. C2' I I CD fltCTm A r cbinery for making this same cloth, -l O I rV-JLM f JE3- and succeeds in making it fully equal DRY COOD8, NOTIONS it SHOES. to tbe American. p EVKKYTIIIXW BUT IIHJII I'lIlCKS. Witbout counting tbe differences in IC Cuftu;iU . . . . M m the cost of labor which are supposed lid ttmM StrBSta HZZl. 0. C. to be offset- whether such is the tkot r ' O ' not, by duties on imports to tbis coun try, tne Japanese manufacturer finds that be can make this cloth for $170 per case in the silver currency of b?s own country. Tbia Japanese sends bis salesman to tbe United States and instructs him to sell tbe Japanese cloth for $100 per case in gold, which is of course one-half tbe Krice that the American manufacturer as been selling it for. The quality being tbe same in both instances, the Japanese salesman drives out of existence all manufac turers of tbat cloth in the United States, permanently closing all Ameri can mills in that line. For the $100 in gold the Japanese obtains for his case of cloth, he gets in tlio Tihnva Tnivlrnf- Orm in .!t.n. ft theca3e of cloth cost him $170 silver.! A" J1 asnmere Suits, $4JW regular price $10.00. Fine Cheviot an be makes a net profit of $30 or 15 perl "screws and Worsted SuiU at $0 regular price $12J yE Believ $5,000 w in the Power of the Silver Dollar. SHOES ORTII of tbe Hest Hand and Marbioe made at the cost of making. Ladies' Dongnla Shoes at 9c, ladies' Hand made Shoes at $L3C, Men's Use! miuipouwiaj, jaens calfskin (.alters at $1.0. Bovs'and Mea's COMMON S1IOKH 63C Six Thousand Dollars Worth of Tciior-ciie Cbthisg AT FIFTY CENTS OX THE DOLLAIL cent. This SInslration of a case of a certain kind of cloth applies with equal force to every clas of goods manufactured in the United States tbat the Japanese are able to produce, hence tbe possibil ity of Japanese manufacturers selling ! . r, .1 : 1 1 I c l- ; a - sum by the farmeis. v: u ... . . . j , ni" it ii iiisa in n iiiiiariii rrra nr t n a st ted States, solely for tbe reason that the United States has no free-silver law. Forif tbe United States had a free silver law, silver being sold like gold to Ihe highest bidder would at once regular price $12J0O to $IUiu. WILSON CHOE OTOHE 8ICM OF THE RED BOOT. WILSON - - ItXoftln Coralliift. paid on this $120,G00.000. Bat he gets his informatin under great difficulties. The actual amount of these loans is unknown, as few borrowers care to advertise what Tv : a I A. A . Lurmg me pasL iwo weess some o ihe biggest tvisme-ss houses . in the country have gone to t-mash and the pwple fetd the ceils of contraction drawing around them tighter and tighter; and jet the O. 1. Piute organs Kr p ;n rindinr out- big words and dealing in iumbtrriag pLrases in an ef fort to iiow that prosperity ia still re turning - And the little Demy papers continue to busy themselves about everybody's business but tbeir own. They are now saying that Pritchard is already siated for a place in Mckinley's cabinet, and that Butler in to be treated "just like a Republican." Well this is a whole sight better than being treated like noness, tear less till hnnMt - foarlcaa man iha than in the Fifty-second Congress,! Democratic party to-day. tbr-v do in this wav: nnssihlv (ln& loans in point of fact greatly exceed I IT,0 J?rii to.tht .Uow.l tor 11 in hi ficm in mm,nt UL r.A i lhc lT"t?d States mint. -The restora tion of tlie old par price of silver com pared with gold, would at once, of course, stop tbe Japanese ruining American manufacturers, except in tbe particular advantage Japan has in its low cost Of labor. But, as above said, this latter advantage is supposed to be offset by a tariff on imports into the United States. While Japan is mentioned in the above instance, it must be remembered that the same condition applies with equal force to every silver-basis coun try, provided sufficient skill exists to make such cloth as good as is made in this country, or make any other class of goods. It must also be remembered, that any of these silver-basis countries can and now do in part, el I in the ssiue way to every olJ-basis country in Euroj-e, and if American manufacturers hae hern selling I heir manufactures tnsuch European countries, any silver-Via.-i.s country ran easily shut out Amerirans from any more European trade of that kind. Of course, all this programme takes time for accomplishment ; but fa. ts it plenty clearly show that thing now rapidly drifting tbat way. It is not an opinion, but a plain state ment of fact, when it is said hre, that free silver is an absolute necessity for the preservation of this Nation; with out free silver, ruin stares every pro ducer, farm and factory, in tte face. If there be a single goldite news paper able to stand such a result and live, The Item would like to know it. his figure in amount borrowed and rate of interest paid, as large as tbat if; double or treble the men tioned sum of amount borrowed at extortionate usury might reach near er the true mark. Think for a moment what this in-ans to Southern farmers. Under such s fystem of usury what else than general poverty among people is possiblel What kind of business legitimate ly conducted is that which will per mit the payment of an average forty per cent, interest for tho use of money to carry it on? This i3 an evil of fearful macrni tad ; it breathes of the darkest days cf oppression. What is more. The Item hannena :i Rut w 'that Southerm National banfcs arc among tbeso lenders ot money at the mentioned rates ofin t rest for st$ use. -It is supposed tbat tbis Govern ment was organized to protect the people; but when such raids as this are tolerated under; tbe guiie o f le gal sanction, what otbtr eonelnaion can be reached that lit becomes an absolute necessity for the' people to take the reirs of power 'into their own hands, and establish a system of Government banks to loan' money at rates thai do not ruin the borrow er to pay. The Best Moquette Carpets $1.00 per yd. nd no Extra Charge for Making. IV. H. & fl, S. TUCKER & CO., RALEIGH, H. C. nw fr rtcva. tun spcujczjizq v&rTxr trojf Tun aso and Red Tenev PW w SKvim Mtm ana Fillies, fine assxaitsOk. Yaa 1 EVERYTHING DOREMH OCCOIiTECUEE 7AHDV DUDTTAIX U.C

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