THE CAUCASIAN. Kaleigb, N. C., December 19, 1893. respectfully announce t0 OUR SUBSCRIBERS WHOSE TIME EXPIRES THIS MONTH THAT FAILURE TO RENEW BY DEC. 24TH WILL BE REGARDED ASA NOTIFICATION THAT THE PAPER IS NOT WANTED ANY ONCER AND IT WILL BE ppOMPTLY DISCONTINUED. ytnr of the HattU I Virginia. (,rt. Tho. L. Roaner, formerly Com finii'li ngravslr y in the Army of North rru V irginis, will explain the brilliant inl Jtrftjiliic views of the battlefield f tbe Army of Northern Virginia an! tl, rotomac, to he given at Metropoli tan Hall on Thursday night, 10th Inst. Thfy have given the highest attrac tion wherever seen. In Raleigh, the rritertainiitent in to provide fundi to the ladien in purr fi.isi ng grave stones for the North Carolina dead now lying at Winchester; and for the ronfederate liattle Abbey, the great i,l(.inrial of the past. Tickets, fifty tent ; children, half-price reserved eat without extra charge; sheet at VV. II. King A Co drug-store. This n a rare opportunity to see and hear oiieof the iiioft diMtingnijhed veterans i,f th' war. To lri. County Alllanceineti. Kcari!! Crethren of the Alliance. All you who have once been members, wiik ;, arid lets come to the front. By request of our former president, a few brethren met at the court house in Newborn October 2:td, ln'C.for the purpose of de fining some plan to awaken the Alli ance n raven county. Thefollowing brethren were elected to fill the unex pired term : It. II. Perry, I'resident; N.F. Wether ington, Vice-President; . L. Hardi ion, Secretary; C. L. Wetherington, Treasurer; haniel Lai ne,. Chaplain; Council W. llardison, Lecturer; J. C. Moore, Assistant Lecturer; N. f. Weeks, loor-keeper; C.W. McCoy, As sistant Door-keeper; (J. W. Simpson, Sergant-at-arms; O. L. llardison, Ilu oiness Agent; Kxecutive Committee, . Lane, Ceo. 1). Conner, C. C. Hell; liood of Order, A, 1. Whitehead, W. II. Smith, J. II. Wetherington, Irew ixon,J. W. Kennedey. A resolution was passed call ine: for a county meeting to be held at Kiverdale, January 1st, 1!)5, and inviting Dr. Cy rus Thompson, I'resident S. F. A. & I. I'., to he present and help us awaken the Alliance in Craven county to its duty. And also that an Alliance thanksgiving be held, and everybody invited to join us who are friendly to our cause in a barbecue and picnic. It was also resolved that we request all the sub-Alliances to reorganize and permit all ex-members to become mem bers in good standing by payment of 25 cents as dues. Brethren, we hope to see many of you at Kiverdale January 1st, iHWi. We have corresponded with ISro. Thompson and he will be with us. i tiiiir. i uurs imi t-riiaii jr, . L. IIardisok, Hec'y. Ir. Cym 1 horn prom at Klvtr Dal. An Alliance Thanksgiving and Bar becue will be at Kiverdale, W ednesday, January 1st, lHOti. We extend an invi tation to all who will bring well tilled baskets or barbecue, especially the fol lowing persons are invited all ladies Alliancemen, and ex-AUiancemen all who desire to see the Farmers Alliance succeed in accomplishing good, saints and sinners. If you can come under either of the above heads, come. Dr. Thompson will talk for us at 10 o'clock. Come early and hear his address. II. II. Furry, Ch'in. t. L. II aiuson, Hec'y. JUDGE NUGENT WILL WITHDRAW SEN. STEYART 0UILYER. He Was One Who Did Not Know How the Demonetization Act Was Sneaked Through. GOLD VS. SILVER DEMOCRATS Gold Democrat Will Not Vote t ar a ti!v r Man-Hut filler Dm. Will For Any. thin "In lh l-art,"Hopl.n... of Dfinoerntl Krforni-Som HLtorie "r"-"l1 i'e.l Noil and Will Com Together. or The Caucasian. WASIlIXQTO.f. D. C. IlPf If. V ...... t became generally known that silver was demonetized hv tin. mint .... .. 173, the country was near I v nn...... nious in favor of rectifrSn U7 ft n t tar mm then supposed to be a mistake or an er ror, out which is now known to hav been the result of a conenirarv AU.nt the beginning of IhTC, France and the i.aiim niou na vi ng suspended coinage the market for oinage purposes in the United States mi r.urope was substantially cut olf. and for want of such market the price of silver declined. This led to an in- uiry as to the cause, and it was found that LKOISI.ATION A'i AINK I' hi LV KK had produced the unfavorable result. l lie writer of this article, althouuh a member of the Senate in 1873, did not learn of the demonetization of .ilv.r n the bill codifying the mint laws. until ls7f. He then wrote a number of communications to leading Journals. such as he Cincinnati Commercial. Chicago Tribune, and New York Her ald. These papers, and nearly all the press of the I'nited States, concurred with our views and strongly advocated the remonetization of bilver. It was soon developed that the Tbe only hope for silver and far tb country if for all who are opposed to the horror, of tbe gold standard to get together, and no far at I an concerned, if they will riGHT THE COMMOX XX KMT. ii uiey will fight tbe coo. bi nation which conrrols tbe bonded debt of tbe world wbicb now about equal tbe as sessed valuation of all tbe property of the world, f f they will oppose bank rale ana declare in favor or an inifMutr financial policy for tbe United States anu a sunicient volume of tbe circulat ing medium to maintain stability of prices, I care not what else they believe or advocate, because If we cannot have money reform there can be no reform ! wiiaiever, and those in favor of money reform are tbe raiaxDs or the people anu tney are my friends. Tbe South METHODISTS IN CONFERENCE. They Capture Bhzhtth City cai Use the Town fcr tbe Pro tsstka cf (food Work. I phi it hi Wt fiml a Bent Mm la urn tiiiiTaiM ranmnitui in. The fifty-ninth annual session of the North Carolina Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church South, convened in Elisabeth City, on tbe 12th Inst.. Bishop Wilson presiding. About 125 at heart is against cold monopoly. and ministers and delegates were present. i. wouiu say me word gold monopoly would be overthrown. When the South will come forward and say that under no circumstances will she support a gold man for I'resident of the tinned States, that ends the question, Rev. W. L. Cunntnggim, tbe secre tary, was re-elected : assistant secre tary. Key. X. II. D. Wilson; recording secretary, Key. ueo. T. Simmons; stat istical secretaries. Kev. Messrs. Wat son, Davis. M. II. Tuttle. Broom. Glenn - w a.u m uii. i m because there am nanrh ntn iniu na irowson. West to loin them on that k.t. n.i I soperannuatea and supernu- elect a I'resident of the United States I meT7 Prcn". the presiding elders Dy an u iu eiuers on ioe Majeign, iur- overwiielmikq MsJOR-TT. I ?f Ti Te"eT,u' na Kpcainguam there shall be no reform outside of tbe democratic party, which party every I'ritin Artlv 1'ullllrs In Txa III Health Will Not t'ermlt Hint to Lead the l'in Hat Host. For The Caucasian.) Ci.RiuiKNK. Texas, Dec. 12. Speak ing of Texas politics, we have to note with very painful regret tne ,vun drawal of our great leader, Judge T. L, Nugent, irom active politics. Judge Nugent ha led such an irre nroachablelife here that whatever hi nays is accepted as truth by all, and vt-rv few men are known who have such vivid conceptions of political truths as has Thomas L. Nugent. We suppose we shall have to say that he will not be on our ticnei next year as he has withdrawn for failing health and we have good reason to think this will not return in time for him to lead us to victory. In view of the above facts, all eyes are now turned to Maj. Jerome 'C. Kearby,of Dallas, as our candidate for governor next year. He is very able, is honest, a great lawyer; he has all the courage of his convictions, and wields an influence which threatens Texas Democracy with annihilation. a a a. a. J tl. ktntn There is no cioudc oui, u oiaic elections should be held next Monday, our ticket would win by a respectable majority. And there is not much chance for loss, but our gains are al most incredible, In order to watch and keep up with the enemy's movements, we have in each county what is called a Central Club located at county seats. Through this news of any step taken by the ene my can be flashed over the county as if we had a general telephone station here with lines running in all direc tions. May success and honor crown your efforts. J.l. Lockwood. STILL ABSORBING. Th Southern Bittern oiler to l.eae the Ohio River Si Charleston Koad for Five Year. Charleston News and Courier.) The Southern Railway Company, as everybody know:), his absorbed every branch line of road in the country upon which the management could get their hands. One after another the lines for merly leased by th old Richmond & Danville Comnanv have fallen victims to the Southern's love of annexation. This every one expected, but the state ment which Is now made that the Southern people want to get possession of the Ohio River Charleston the old Three C'. is ruther startling. The Yorkville Yeoman is the authority for the statement in the following para graph : NATIONAL HANK.H WKIiK Ol'l'OKKD to any legislation in favor of remoneti zation, and one by one I he leading newspapers of the Itepnbliean party became unfavorable to silvcr. In Con gress the opposition to silver came principally from the Republican party and a few Eastern Democrats. The ad ministration of I'resident Hayes, with wr. Nnerman at the head of the Treas ury Department, was active in oppos- nguivir, anu wiicn a eiiver bill, in troduced by Mr. I'.land. passed the louse of Representatives by an over whelming majority it was mutilated n the Senate by what is known as the Allison amendment, which made it a silver purchasing act instead of a free coinage act. The Democratic party as a whole, was at that time and ever af ter, until Mr. Cleveland's FI1S9T EI.KCTIOX, a free coinage party. In 1831 the plat- rorm oi the Democratic party upon which Mr. Cleveland was elected con tained the following declaration : Wo neueve in nonest money, the cold an.l silver coinage of the Constitution, and a circulating medium convertible into such money without loss." Isut Mr. Cleveland after hi3 election turned out to be a most violent oppo nent of silver and a the money powers. In 18X8 the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION WAS SILENT on the silver question, and the Repub lican National Convention adopted the following plank with regard to sil ver: "The Republican party is in favor of the use of both cold and silver as money, and condemns the iolicy of the Democratic ad ministration in its etlorts to demonetize silver." Uut President Hiirrison s adminis tration wasas hostile tosilver as that of his immediate predecessor. In 1892 both parties straddled, and Mr. Cleve land was elected because Mr. Harrison was an object lesson of the gold stand ard in the White House and attracted more attention on that account than his opponent, who was then in private lire. It was a slow race, minion voted for Weaver, and another million or two stayed away from the polls. But Harrison succeeded in disgusting more men than Cleveland, because his mis con due was MORE RECENT AND FRESH in the minds of the voters. Mr. Cleve land had succeeded in organizing in the Democratic party a strong, ajnrres sive cold party. The banks are with him, the commercial press is with him, the Northeastern uemocrais are wan him, and he has divided the Democratic party and secured, so far as tne govern ment of the party is concerned, more than one-half of it. In the last expres sion of opinion of the Democrats north of the Ohio and east of the Mississippi, as manifested by convention, gives the cold men nearly one-hair or tne juec toral College. With Kentucky and Alabama and the Western States, such as Kansas and Nebraska, the Dakotas and Orecron. where there is no Demo cratic party, but simply an adminis tration I'lB-EATINO PARTY, that Cleveland Democracy can easily have the delegates to the convention. With tbe thousands or banks, me com mercial press, and the leading pohti body knows cannot accomplish any re form in opposition to Northern Demo cracy. I had hoped that tbe Southern leaders who are silver men would have been AS BOLD AND DEFIANT as Northern leaders who are gold men, and would have set tbe pace for a cam paign in favor of the restoration of sil ver; but inasmuch as they have not done so there is no hope except in inde pendent action, and as true as the sun rises and sets, such independent action will come. The Populists, whose hearts are with the people, as their name in dicates, the silverites who are opposed to English rule, and all natriotic Amer icans who believe in constitutional government and a sufficient volume of money to stop the fall of prices, to revive business will unite, aud there is not power enough in the banks, in tbe gold press, in the English agents, in TUB ALIEN ADMINISTRATION, Tbe national Congress iUoaUattsd From First laa. ton Duke, Ksq for the aged ministers and widows and orphans of ministers, was receivea ana t banks returned. Tbe Trinity College Association of tbe North Carolina Conference to pro mote eaucationai interests was organ ized. I'rof. J. S. Bassett was made president; Rev. T. M. Sbamburge, vice-president; Rev. I- S. Massey, sec retary ; W. H. Branson, treasurer. SECOND DAY. The roll-call showed about 175 mem bers present. Rev. Messrs. J. L. Cun- ninggim, David B. Parker, Robert L. Davis, Yancey E. Wright and Hillary A. Humble were admitted on trial. Dr. C. S. Blackwell. Superintendent N. M. Lawrence, Editor P. L. Groome, Dr. John R. Brooks and President Dred Peacock were introduced as visitors. I Tbe undergraduates made their re-1 Deaths of House members during the years mwia T n Ur fill .... -n. . tr ll I 1 (Mtfl . fl irf k. - t i praying for tbe adoption of snHtJ meat of t he Constitution ot th t niied States wring to the woom .f IW several Stairs tbe exefci cf tlx? c!ii sens' right to vote. Several petitions fcr recognising th Cubans as belligerents were prrent-L Among the bill introduced were : Eleven pension bills. Mr. Calf (by reqoett) inUoda -rd a bill to provide for tbe greater safety and efficiency f railway service by re tiring employee after twenty-Rve years' continuous service and requiring payment of annually or pension to be made to them. noes a. The lloutewas not in se&sion. TDCartDAT, DSC. 13 SEN AT K. Several petitious sod memori! were intrduced from citizens in va rious parts of the county asking that recognition be given to Cuba, and that some action or declaration he made in favor of suppressing Turkish out rages on ! he Armenian Chrittian. n this last !.-sttcr If r. Call Jdrt.--d thf Senate, ai.'l in the course of his re marks produced ftome bttnd urdling reports of what wa le;ii.' done by the Turks. Senator Peffer galled up hi hill for reforming the practices now in vogue with "Congressional funerals'" He submitted records snd facts which showed that the expense of l'renident GarCelds sickness and funeral, which was paid out of the public Treasury was $30,713, 01. Of this amount $27,M was paid to six doctors for about two months service. Mr. Petter made no complaint at this, but in his remarks he brought out other facts which clearly show great abuse. He showed that the funerals of fifty Sena tors, whose expenses had been paid by the government, had cost HKV 234.80. From his statement the following summary 19 made: rda after Msrch I , ., to to pai4 la fold coin and repealing all acts isxwa sistont tstrrewit. Tbe Uosnwe c"Uerred t'.ll Monday. Oaa RUtg laalitete co hr fall tern on Tharvdsy evenieg, 1Mb of le snWr witbaBBrwrUteserc!vas4 begins ber spring treat Wednesday, January ii, wilna banqo. giving tbe axadrau a vacation of taelve da a. Tbe year is very prosperous. STAT K CI INT. OrucR Km 1st a or Dicih, Wake Coctt. IUlcigh, Nov. t lftX Pursuant to tbe provisions of Section 713 of tbe Code tbe folio. ing statement, abowinj it ma and nature cf all compensation anJiieU bf the Ibanl of Commissioner of Wake Count j .o tbe members thereof, severally, from December 1st, ly, to November 20th. ISM, both incen tive, U anbtnitteU to tbe public: W. C. STaostACH, CAmn. For SI dsys srrviresasCoin- $, . . lo-j no For a days' wervices on coin- il 0" J. I. Allsk. For 33 day a services as (Vim missioner, at S.(io . For 4 days' services on com mittee, at 13.00, . For Ji miles traveled, at Vn tISJ ui W. II. Hood. For 34 days' service a Cwm misioner,at $3jhj, . . floa u For 3 days' service on com mittee, at $3.00 . . . 'j ui For 33) miles traveled, at .V 16 Ui 18U0 to 1&4. inclusive, numbeml 21 Their obsequies cost the govern ment a total of t2U.7tr2,C7 An average of II ,275, I Daring the same four years 11 Senators died, and the average expense of their funeral eremo nies was ports. Jno. W. Gibson, Edward Kelly and Wesley P. Craven were elected deacons, and Nathan II. D. Wilson, Kenneth l). Helms, L. S. Massey, E. E. Rose, Michael Bradsbaw. J. C. McCall. J. D. Bundv. J. .T. Porter. -T W. Mar. and in the subservient politicians to tin, J. T. Draper and C. II. Galloway keep them apart. A common cause were elected elders. Yancey E. and common suffering are doing their Wright, Francis E. Dixon and Samuel worn., auu in less man inree momns i i,etrer were eipe.rori iai rianna iLT a.!T 5??' ' L;MilIe',of the Congressional J TfT -."T-f: rMp"r uurc'!' was receivea as local Joshua J. Evans. South Carolina. -- icuicuiucicu uiiat an vvuu ubw i nmnnar inn nia nrnFa rnAAontvni hv i u a rw British financial rule and are opposed I his reauest. J. A. R. Kilnatrink dm Charles 8nmmnr. MkutaohiiWiu to public plunder are animated by a I reported as expelled. George Houston, Alabama, Tn K.,ntA.l I .i.ii jann K. Millar I ifnrmg " uuuutcu auu bweuiy uoilars I 7. . . ' were raised for the Fifth Street church, pl1?.' i0!01' " vr v satisu cavaua coocu vutj Women's Parsonasre and Home Mis sion Society. Prof. Bassett, of Trinity College, delivered an address and the Epworth League held an anniversary. R. II. Joxxh. For 34 days' services as Coin. misaioner, at 3.(X), For a days' services $3.00. For 230 miles traveled, at 5c. single thought. Their hearts are al ready won : their actions will soon be a unit. ours very truly, Wm. M. Stewart. IS CLEVELAND FOR WAR IleSeiuUa Special BI rasa re to ConcrNt. Urging Vlgoron Proceed I d against Euglaud. For some timelpast there have been "diplomatic" proceedings between tbe Cleveland administration and the English government. The subject or these proceedings is the South American State of Venezuela. The THIBD DAT. 14,512,02 The cost of some Senatorial funerals has been as follows : Jno. C. Calhoun. South Carolina. 3.10G.47 5,447.02 000,02 541,45 4.IW7.94 1.UG4.U7 3,532.34 2122,55 3,082.75 3,117,50 2,852,98 Carolina 4.43S.60 As something of an illustration of the scandulous wassail and heavy swell sprees into which these Con gressional Funerals have deteriorated, wa-au awu i J a, vt vai tigii Alfred II. Colquitt. Georgia Zebulon B. Vance, North Ca Many reports from pastoral charges Senator Peffer, made known the bill were received. These reports show P costs in me iunerai or t:ongress thatthe year has been a DrosDerous man Chipman, of Michigan. Here It one with the churches. It is estimated 19 : that there have been about five thou- One-half dozen classes lis 00 sand conversions during the year. Special car guo so Aicer a very animated debate lasting rumu":' uuu commissary stauncl, friend of lhe Venezuelans claim that theEng- one hour and a half, Rev. Jno.T. Aber- pPif I 1.,1. v s. I . - -L.' Al t nAALH J !aa. - f A A a m lish people are encroaching on their I nathy was re-admitted into the Confer country and occupying and governing ence i . i-i i ...I fVVi lands to which they have no right. m i 1 1 a a- v, . xaaing tue "Monroe uoctrine" as the reason for its action, tho Cleve land administration made a request or demand that these encroachments of the English be stopped and that a proper boundary line be set. The English government sent back a re ply to the effect that the demand of the United States would not be no ticed. Then on Tuesday, December. 17, the President sent a special mes sage to Congress in which ho almost urges Congress to declare for war. Ho urges that a commission be ap pointed to examine into the matter. Ho says: The Monroe doctrine finds its rec ognition in principles of interna tional law, based upon the theory that every nation shall have its rights protected and its just claims eniorced. Having now been apprised of the refusal, nothing remains but to ac cept the situation and deal with it accordingly. He concludes: "Making these recommendations I am fully alive to the full responsibility incurred, and keenly realize all the consequences which may follow. I am neverthe less of the firm conviction that, while it is a grievous thing to con- Camages. Room, board, porters' fees, and transportation The Conference unanimously passed Casket a resolution statins: its heartv en-1 Embalming dorsemeut of Dr. Kilgo's position on Twenty-four coaches. Christian education. Professor Bassett read a splendid paper before the Conference Histori cal Society. The subject was "Nature ana .Problems of tne Work of the His torical Society." Kev. Dr. Kone was re-elected presi dent of the society. Rev. T. N. Ivey, secretary. Rev. W. H. Moore was elected to prepare a paper on the lite of Rev. Uezekiah Leigh to be read at the next meeting. wnen Kev. u. ll. cage made there- port of Aberdeen circuit, he stated that it was a unique charge, unlike any other that be had ever heard of in Southern Methodism, in that it was rortyrtour mues long and one hundred yaros wiqe. Tne onuron extension anniversary meeting was held at night and was a good one. 200 was raised, making for the whole year, $2,300. It was resolved to raise S3,ooo next year. In the wom en'ssoclety, $200 was raised. The col lection was divided between Fifth Street, Wilmington, and Osaka, Japan. Fourth day. Revs. A. B. Crumpler and E. W. Fox were received by transfer. Tbe re mainder of the preachers reported and passed the examination of character. There was no single complaint against a member of Conference. John W. Gibson, Edward Kelly. Sixty professional bearers.... moral decorations Name plate Hearse Hearse Hearse Shaving Sexton's fees.... Printing Pallbearers' invitations...... Canopy at grave Graye and decorating Soloist and male quartette. . . , Four clergymen's fees Surpliced choir and organist. . Personal services and attend ance of undertaker 492.51 20.00 145 75 550-00 50.00 05.75 19.00 75.00 1000 12.00 10.00 5.00 5.00. 1(V00 3.00 5.00 1U.00 18.01 35.00 40.00 40.00 25.00 template two great English-speaking I Wesley T.Craven, William C. Merritt and William E. Hocut, after taking the solemn vows, were received into full connection. Bishop Wilson's ad dress to the class was an especially able one. Three churches extended invitation people of the world being otherwise than friendly competitors in the on ward march of civilization and stren nous and worthy rivals in all arts of peace, there is no calamity which a great nation can invite equal to that I for the next session, and in a good na wbicii touows supine submission to I tured and enthusiastic contest, the wrong and injustice and consequent I Kinston church won the next Confer loss of national self-resoect and I ence. honor heneath which ia shielded and The financial board reported raised TiVVt V ;V v T, in i ha Democrat in defended a people's safety and great: I0P D,?noP.s V1 aged preacners and """S"V"V :lnLM.i, - i preacners' widows ana orphans rrom party there would be no difficulty in ness." . .nn-a .Ann controlling Uie next AeuiuLia. jo Vuu- . xnis v,auva&ia lias no cruicism Th hoard of -dnnatlnn renortpd Hi Total 2 344.40 Among tbe bills introdued were the following: By Mr. Thurston, increasingall pen sion allowances autnorized under ex isting statutes of the United Slates to all officers, soldiers aud sailors of the late war of the rebellion, and to their widows and dependent relatives Ten other pension bills. Mr. Fry e, an act entitled "An act to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from the Misour Riverto tbe Pacific Ocean, and to se cure to the Government the use of the same for postal, military, and other purposes." Mr. Stewart submitted the follow ing resolution : Jletolred, That the Committee on Fi nance be directed to inquire what effect the difference of exchange be tween gold-standard countries and silver-standard countries has upon the agricultural and manufacturing indus tries of the United States, and report by bill or otherwise. Mr. Call submitted the following resolution JieaolvcJ, That the imprisonment of citizens of tbe United States by a United States court, for alleged con tempt of its order.or process, by the exercise of their right of freedom of speech and opinion as to the right of the laboring people of the United mittee, at Xft, tlii; ui $ VJ On 13 (V 21 ou on com- 127 SO $Urj 00 C 00 11 80 PUMIY WUIUU IL 0TTfK$ Mfl T0 rOL'CT KOI HI. 1MM.1CV IIOIISIIItM tbe peri,-! designated in the foliey, IiUmI any art fa. rire4 I Z part ol the a-aared. Tbis featare will bo foood U.alW. uJt JT cae of lapee when inMraaeo U saosl needed. PAID UP ValUti. CAta VALVtt, Alb LOAM vALKtt All guaranteed. After the sr4 year all polMee are t eateeUaJ. tsl all retrk-lioi.s ia regard lu travel and UpitMrH l -AG ENTS WASTKi, all aevCUo U iu Male, W lereo addreea. 1'. T. HAY 5b BRO. uknkuai. aukst HAIBIill. I. A COURT SALE or VAtrisu IRON MINING PROPERTY CITY LOTS. skxii Yoi;u ouir.i:s Dcolis & Statinncry W. II. H. J os is. For S4 days' services as Com missioner, at $3.00, . For 5 days on ooni mittee, at 13.00, . For 373 miles traveled, at 5c. $119 HO lltrj IS 00 IK 00 $1.15 00 Number days the Board was in session 3G Total number miles trav eled 1370 Total amount paid, . $G41 &0 There were no unverified accounts audited nor any allowance made the lijaru, except aa above stated. I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing statement. J. J. ItOQERS, HrgitUr of Dteth and er-ojficio Clerk Hoard Lunnty t ommutiourr. FOR SALE ! THE National Collection AGENCY, OF WASHINGTON', IX. O, Will dispose of tbe following Judg. ments: NORTH CAROLINA. Hill & Renoy, Aberdeen, $91 71 W. T. Irwin, Asheville, 33 Co R. B. Burden & Bro.. Aulauder, 47 48 ll. r . Mayo, Aurora, C3 40 R. L, Low, Banners Elk, 51 00 J. J. Smith, Batb, 51 K7 Jones & Hancock, Beaufort, loo 00 T.O.Carson. Bethel, 92 85 J. W. Eflrd, Big Lick, 724 75 Patterson & Brown, Brson City, 31 s. C. A. Raby, Bryson City, 203 29 J. T. Wright & Bro Caudor, 89 34 s. . hreeman, coierain, 7.1 7 W. 11. Wilson, Coopers, 27 27 II. D. Craddock, Creswell, 322 72 W. A. Slater & Co Durham, 79 80 Thaxton & Pattou, Durham, 87 h5 Cooper & Swain,Elizabeth City, 172 Ol J. F. Norris & Co Elk Park, 1 ,443 00 R. II. Tunnel), Fairfield, 16 00 J.M. Cbadwick, Fairfield, 90 3d J. U. Smith, Falkland, 130 W J. II. Smith, Falkland. 135 70 Gainey & Jones, Fsyetteville, 19 01 Leroy King & Co., Graham, 41 9 I.T. Powell, Garland, 41 27 T. B. Rice & Co., Greensboro, 345 92 Samples. Brown, Greensboro, S3G 47 By virtue of tbe decree, and pursu ant to tbe orders of Ibe Suprriur Coort of Gaton county at tbe betttessbee term, l5, of said court, tho under signed, receivers and oora misaioner appointed by said court will, on tbe FIRST B0N0AY IN JANUARY, I tit. (it being tbe Ctb day of January, 189,) at 10 o'clock a. at the onloe of tbe Bessemer Mining Company, In Be so mer City, N.C- sell at public auction to tbe highest bidder, on the terms hereinafter named, tiie entire prop erty, real and personal and raised, and assets or every kind and description, belonging to tbe bessea-c Mining Company Corporation, consisting of about (1,700) seventeen hundred acres of land in and near tbe town of Bes semer City, N.C-lying on both sides or tbe Charlotte A Atlanta Division of tbe Southern Railway, and constitut ing tne valuable mining plant of said Bessemer Mining Company, machin ery, tools and appliance, office f urni ure and fixtures, ores on band, Ao, to oe sola in a body as a wnoie. A full, complete and more particular description of sand land and mineral and timber rights, easements and priv ileges may oe found on reference to the several deeds to said Bessemer Mining Company for tbe same, wbicb are in tbe possession of tbe under signed, and are duly registered ia the office of tbe register of deeds for tbe county of Gaston, la tbe Mate of Nortb Carolina, obtained by said Bes semer Mining Company from tbe fol lowing named corporation and indl viduau, to-wit: From tne Bessemer City Mining and NORTH CAROLINA Headquarters AODICIIl Oni CAnOLT.A CC3X CO, rdr, n. c. 12. Ci. HAIIUKI.U Man We can auiplv all font wanls ia onr line promptly and at loet p- aioi pricea. .jai rate to Uwrb en and dealers. CtaWne free. ARE C lOlUCJGISmiTEl t co:nn omcfni VOO Urn 11 C. Daiial tf Lao ati Firci rcvisco and ceaptcif Manufacturing Compony ; tbe . mciaains; Ibe AcU ol Ue last l-g idated Manufacturing Company ; the I islalure in which too Fidelity Bank, of Durham, N.C-trus tees; J. A. Smith and wile; J. A. Pinchback; R. D. Ormond and wife; Benjamin M. Ormond and wife ; Jacob Ormond others. At tbe same time and plse the un dersigned will offer for sale as afore said a very large number d Htv lots belonging to said Bessemer Mining Company, located in said town of Bes semer City, N. C, and suitable for building lots for residence and busi ness purposes, laid down upon W. R. Richardson's survey and map of Besse mer City, A. C, wuicn will be desig nated and pointed out to pure baser on the day of sale. Also tbe "Fire Clay Tract" of land In Cleveland county, referred to and con veyed in said Bessemer City Mining and Manufacturing Company by tbe deed registered in book Nu. 2j (deeds). page 623, in tbe oQlceof lite regis ter of deeds for Gaston county, and also described In tbe deed to raid J. A. Smith from K. N. Patterson and olb ers. dated March 24. Itttl. registered in tbe oilice of tne register of deed for Cleveland county, in Book It B of Deeds, pare 223. TKis or hai.k: ute-ii.ira oi ar itiU-rratl. with this roft-a iOOl, it make any difference wbHlier you have a ropy of the X of lsuft or not. I W. R. Jordan & Co., Greensboro, 15 80 Jonn is. liooaer.iiamiiton, Britt Rros., Henderson, W. T. Cheatham, Henderson, N, R. Villines, Hesters Store, S. I). Stephens, Hycotee, C. F. Wheeler, Knap-of-Reeds, Lay den & Yarboro, Islington, James II. Sanford, Louisburg, R. S. Burrus, Middletown, Wm. Miles, Milesville, Riddle & Johnson, Montezuma, M. V. Mason A Co., More head City, ount vention. liesides the gold wing of the to off er to the message, but we warn endorsement of a plan for endowment States, in the employment of railroad J. V. Mitchell & Son, M Democratic party has great auvantage tke peopie to let neither jingoism and recommended the election of Hon. or other corporations, to organize for Airy, overthe silver wing in its aggressive n0r justice in foreign affairs distract Walter Clark, Dr. W. S. Black, Rev. T. the protection of their righls as they J. II. Cohen, Newberne, and ""P""3'." "nti"aedp-,! their attention from the great ques- A. Bishop and Joseph E. Brown as regard them, is an exercise of power J J. H. Cohen, Newberne, Cle vt Idiid Democrats openly aeciare .. . - . . p , -1,B-J,a- -foo- a t t nHA H.nmin tn tii itoniihiir ni t h ir. t Kmt Volae. 3 2 50 lsl 5U 130 57 114 40 245 'J5 SO 00 Iri 45 303 74 IS 1 172 25 97 13 121 00 With tbi rCRa tCSX yon need no other book fo guide yon In 1 be bnslneas of your offJce. It is tbe only fORa 1081 op to date on tbe market. Piiss, Br Cl, S2.C3. EDWARDS & BEODGHTOII. I'UiiiiMiiasits. HALSIUU. K C, Lend Fcr Z fit 0:2-h:!( its A splendid Roanoke farm of acres near Merry Mount, Warren Csv, V I f lwl f LltaAM a nil mJUi UW the purchase money to be paid in cash, I TtMitiwM. ... t.t. and be balance of the purchase money Temr il -B a-rsee Mice of 17 W l vai wasa-naaa e mwww from and after tbe day of sale, with interest from tbe day of sale on tbe de ferred payments. Possession to be riven tbe pur chasers on receipt by tbe undersigned of tbe one-tbird casn payment on ine Eurchase money, and tbe purchaser to e thereafter responsible for and lia ble to pay all taxes assessed against the property purchased by bim, and tbe title deeds withheld as security for deferred payments. It will be optionary ml in pur-iier to anticipate and pay tbe d.;-rred payment of tne balance ox ine pur chase money at any time after the date of sale, and within tbe twelve months aforesaid, and tbereuy clop ine that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will thev support trfirr men, and on every possible occasion they vote against sliver men in the Democratic party, inereiusaioi goiu lemocrais to vote for silver Democrats gave lven tiukv to the Republicans and has driven out of power many such distin miishf d silver men as uiana. i ne iaci that the gold men will not compromise makes a uniou oi ine uemocraiic party for silver impossible. What is more, a lare-e number of the leading Democrats of the South are constantly declaring that they will support the nominee oi tbe Democratic convention, auuougn he MAY BE A GOLD MAN. In other words, it is party first and principle last with the great majority of the leaders of the Democratic party fairs. Sweeping Redaction In Atlanta exposi tion Kates via Southern Hallway. The Southern Railway will sell, on December 19 to 25 inclusive, round trip tickets from Washington to At lanta and return at rate sf $8.75 for the round trip of 1,300 miles; good five days from date of sale. Rates from all other points in same proportion, which are the lowest rates ever offered for any similar ocoasion affording a aolen did opportunity to visit the Atlanta Exposition, conceded to he second in importance only to tne World's Fair. The Southern Kauway is tne only line operating solid vestibuled trains of Pullman palace cars and elegant first-class day coaohes between New York, Washington and Atlanta with out change. Time, New York to At lanta, 24 hours; Washington to Atl as the traveling secretary of Trinity I liberty of the people, and the Judi- Parson Bros, Portsmouth, uiarv vumiuiiice ui me ociiaic is uerc x vwu urio, x uihuiuuui, i r . . l a. - i'ii . 1 r -wa . r Jt n I c? I . College. Tne board of colportage recommend ed the re-appolntment of Colporteur Gattis. Adopted. On Sunday the pulpits of the vari ous churches of Elizabeth City were filled by members of tbe Conference. THE STATE BANK TAX. m a. 1 m..i. f th atnekliolders of of the South. This, at all events, was the Ohio niver & Charleston Railroad, their position before the last election, lanta, 18 hours. Three trains daily in purpose of trying the State bank tax I of the various districts in the States The People of Georgia Will Tet It Con- tilntlonaJity. Atlanta, Ga Dec 13. The Georgia legislature has opened the way for a test of the constitutionality of the ten per cent, tax on State bank notes. The Calvin banking act, passed at a former session, has been amended so that within a short time some public spirit ed citizens of this State will establish a bank and issue notes for the express by instructed to report a bill to tbe Senate forbidding the exercise of such authority and declaring such impris onment unlawful. Tbe Senate adjourned until Monday, Dec. 16. Hoon. Fifty-five pension bills were intro duced. Mr. Lacy, of Iowa, introduced a reso lution which will wake up the fee hunt ing revenue rascals, if it is carried through. The resolution is as follows : Jtesolredt That tne Attorney-General be, and is hereby, requested to furnish for the information of the House of Representatives a report for tbe last fiscal year or tne expense and emolu ment accounts rendered by the follow ing officers : Cleras of circuit and district courts held at Blacksburg on the 2'Jth ult., was a representative or the ooumern Railway Comnanv. who made a propo sition, in behalf of his company, to lease the Ohio River & Charleston for a nerind of five years. We have been unable to learn w hat rental was offered, but are informed that one of the prin cipal arguments offered was that the Ohio River A Charleston could take the money the Southern would pay for rent snd finish the construction of thejroad across the mountains of Western North Carolina. The Southern is doubtless very anxious to get control of the road, even temporarily, for several reasons, the two principal ones we believe to be because they would get eutrance into a freiarht territory that is at present giv- i ng them a good deal of trouble through proratinir arrangements with other lines, and because it is their intention, t the expiration of present contracts with the Southern Express Company, to muse to renew transportation ar rangements with that company and or ganize an express business of their own that will cover exclusively their own and no prominent man among them I each direction. Christmas Holiday I issue in the courts. has since indicated a determination to stand by silver in the same manner that the gold Democrats of the East STAND BY GOLD. "Even if the silver Democrats snouiu succeed in she National Convention, nothing would be accomplished because t he c-old Democrats of the North would either remain away from the polls or vote the Republican ticKet. under no possible circumstances will the silver Democrats as a jemocraiio wgauim tion remone be restored who are i Democratic leaders are laooring 10 make fuch union impossible. They loin with the liepublican Kauers in denunciation oi me iuuuibw u have left both parties on account oi the distress of the country occasioned by tho joint MISCONDUCT OF THK TWO. Whatever mav be said of the Populists, they are opposeu vo ine Xiiismu guiu Standard ana .tngnsii commercial tsu and Territories; also of tbe courts of parties now being organized. I Many able lawyers who have given I appeals of the various circuits and of rriAbnt. aaiI . j- tm . n flll ..Ann i. fi rv. aj m. . a 1 I . t- n. .t.l a . .11.. m.. a ih,iicwj gwu .u icuiivj uajaiivuiiioq SUDieUV CIOSc BlUU J Bn! COU TlUCcU 1 lUC llBVIIVi UI VUiuiuuia .- l ..M T7. I . a i a " . ... . , .1 . . I. .1 date of sale will also be sold Washing ton to Atlanta and return at rate of $14, December 19 to 26 inclusive, also on December 28, 1895, enabling a longer stay at the Exposition if de sired. Apply to any representative of that company for full information. 'The Common People." As Abraham Lincoln called them, do that this tax is unconstitutional and some of them will volunteer to defend in tbe courts an issue of State bank ! notes. Tbe case will attract tbe atten tion of tbe whole country. BEWARE OP OINTMENTS FOR CATARRH THAT CONTAIN MERCURY, net ize silver. Silvercan only not care to argue about their ailments, as mercury will surely destroy the district, ed by a union of all parties what they want is a medicine that will sense of smell and completely ue- There n favor of its restoration. 1 he cure them. The simple, honest state- lange the whole system when enter- The s Also fee, salary, and emolument ac counts of United States commission ers, marshals, district attorneys, and assistant district attorneys; said re port to give the names of said officials and tbe gross amount of tne emolu ment account returned or reported by each of said officers. Also tbe total amount paid deputy marshals in each district separately, and the number of deputies in each J. E. Haywood, Red Spring, Kice Bros., Ketdsville, A. M, Long, Rockingham, Fuller A Uyman.Smitbfield, W. M. Edwards, Stecoah, L. Ueilbroner A Bro., Tarboro, L. Ueilbroner A Bro., Tarboro, Docker A Garren, Tweed, John W. Mayo, Washington, Eddie Allen, Wake Forest, John F. llardison. Williamson, J. U. Lee A Sons, Wilson, J. II. Lee A Sons, Wilson, Wm. Harris, Wilson, W. J. Harris, Wilson, J. W.Harris, Wilton, King Bros. Pure Food CoM w in s ton, Send bids to The National Collection Agency, WASHINGTON, D. C. This is a miniature copy of Large Sheet in Red and Blue, now used for advertising the above Judgments for sale, on all bill boards. cents per pound. Part of tbe tract. about ui arrra, I capable of producing six to eight bbls. of corn per acre. Apply to W.B. FLEMING, Rtdgeway, X.C Or K. . M. I'AMJH A f-U ocUl-SmJ Merry Mount, X.C A 7-IIoreo Poucr Engino For Solo. A 7-Lorse power Watrrtowa Ea- (ine, good as new, for tale. It was need for a short while to ran Tat 114 23 1 accruing of interest on the deferred I CAUCASIAN press. A gaartifioo baa d,ired Pn tofrtofreriaavraaoa raiea. it is a uargain. appit to Ma no IJctlu, Kaldgh, N. CL, or Dkwzt Biol, Goldsboro, N. C ion jr. I nay menu . . - - . . . r -. I ady lunm-r iniormaiion -r: vA concerning said proierty and the le 152 15 1 thereof, may oe voiainea on apptHv 1.12 20 1 tion lo ine unaersignea, or to ioeir 113 K3 1 agent, Cbarle L. Lawton, of Beaaemer Til 43lJi . , of Durham, N. Cn E. T. CaaaixGT", of Bay City, Mh bu, Receivers and Counuiiaioners. S-pUl.lK95. resolution was adopted. lanee the whole system when enter- Tiu aaiarv rrhw. through Mr. ment, "I know that Hood's Sarsaparilla ing it through the mucous surfaces. I Wm. A. Stone, got in a bill appropriat cured me, 'is the best argument in fav- Such articles should never be used ing one month's extra pay to all the or oi tuts uieuiciue, auu una is wuav many thousands voluntarily say. Hoop's Pills are' tbe best after-din ner pills, assist digestion, cure head' ache. 25c To Avoid constiDation is to Droloner life. - " ..... w Tl .VIM.'... . . . . t . aj ii a . . i a n1 am i n fnvftr nf an itin. our anu as many otner linen iu iuck i urciuovj v , , , , . . . uiuwu. iuiuhwii vi uiu ginsui. - - - , territory as they can control or deal pendent financial policy of the United pan's Tabules are gentle, yet positiye bnyin? HalJ,8 Catarrh Cuje 8ure tionai-bank currency and to reduce eveent on tirese.rintions from rennta-1 officers and employees of the House, bie physicians, as tne damage tney v... . j. -"- enactment into law tne recommenda- Catarrh Cure manufactured by . J.ltions of the President's message on v;neney ec vo., xoieao, v.. contains i finance. no mercury, and is taken internally, I Mr. Bingham introduced tbe follow Ki-1 acting directly upon the blood and I ing bills : miiAong mrfaee..v of tho svstem. In I 10 increase ine circulation oi na with." Nervous women will find relief in Hood's Sarsaparilla, because it en riches the blood and thus strength ens the nerves. States. All hope for silver in tne re publican party has been long since loat. It has been consistently, as a party, in favor of endorsing the inra- mOUS leglSiatlOU Ui loiimuu uiaiiuvuiu- ing tbe gold gtanuaru at an uazaru? . ll ! - a. I L tl.. T Wn I I W.U VUl tV". in enre oi consxioaTion. unenrvuini uio nuuuie. n mm.ou m-i , .... t:.wi 1 it j , fi-i-i rvi I aw niuuu .us wummuuiuk uu.vcu tahnla aivea relief lernauy, anu mauo iu luieuu, vuiu, 8ute8 and Treasury notes witb bonds tabuie gives rener. I Dy p. J. Cheney ft Co. Testimonials inter-at at the rate of s tier Bipans Tabules may be obtained throueh I free. BTDOld by Druggists, price cent, and for other purposes. a - . a. l7f n Kattl0 Ql "' ' RaUHlifitlV ll allltiaW AVI Requiring all duties on per imported 143 90 21 33 63 97 139 00 189 00 37 22 896 12 168 34 iu ia 1SJ 75 121 70 71 07 CS 47 SI 94 23 C7 Do In TTant to Dale $500 ? Wanted to Bay1' lllaelc Ere and Lady peas. Z. M.L. Jhtests, IMdaboro. N.C. Wakted General aud floral agents I in every county. Good pay guaran teed. Address witb stamp. Isaac W. La mm. 115 Fsyetteville St. Raleigh, N C. PAYING POSITIONS OCABAMTKKb IM wniTIwa. Eladenta mmnbl mmiM in MLV tbe fill t MAIM toe Ezrsvaa of otner couecea. z ptaoeo last month. Addrew atone eKOatoaa ssw cult am a. Mmm, am. XfrntUA Ta eorrespond witb You caneasily'inake $280 to $500 between I gtrontr T0un m-h a iibing to he- nnw mil : :hntTnu ! liner nnr KMnhfnl I " ... Juvenile HoUday BooksT Send 80c. to come ropulirt OfaUira wbo are U1 pay express charges on our f4o ontst. Be-1 ing to work bard for Reform OU aa JMlaaa. k. fin in fh. H.M A ' ' I ... fwen a t bbh.iyiupiwv t I nnall salary. Addreaf, adelphia Pa 'I PEOPLE'S SrrtLJ Co., - Box 88, Ualtim re, Md. Wjuximr. sererai trust worth j gentlemen or ladies to traTel in North Carolina for established, re liable house. Salary $780 and ex penses. Steady position. Enclose reference and self addressed stamped am vaI aha 'IKa TVmifiiAn f s '""C: .r I .e Tet aa Ooens Jaa. 1 at. M fctC Third ITloor, umaha nidg Chioago. I r " ' ' III. I Loard. room, wash Inc. etc.. at 7j00 per month. Tuition 12 00 to S4 00 nr month. Kolhaezea. Vaenttr of six teachers, four good bolklinr lf new. Unexcelled fee health. roxtoffloa, daily mail, on tbe rnrands. Stuaenls alraady entexad front t Htates ana so eounues. for FAIRViEYi mSTITUT AKI- Commercial College. Cmm Too MUlkr I want a good milkman. Host be strictly temperate and of good charac- - ""' wra. aso no , Wi.tX apply unless you are a good milker i Yp wii.T'vitP Pa Tl and hare above qualifications. Ad- W- 1 WlimSJLJSv dress,T.B. PARK fcR, Goldsboro, N.C. I Whltsett, N. C THE DECEMBER ARENA. TABLE OF CX15TEVT1. Rjrnaaa T. Elv rroiifhajlses ferae oa I lteoollecUons of Aiertoa Heveo Urn Poata. (Ktrat berta) '1 Rsv. Mieov i. sUvaos L A Mornlns; with Loweil Rsv. Jons W. Cnaatrics II. bnem Fa as B. Saasoas 11L Emerson fa His Hosse Eaa KvsacTT Hals. D. D. IV. Oliver Wendell liolstea Mbv B. CLarua V. John OfosoJosI Whittle Ursatrrr H. Vaaasa VL WUUam CnlJsa Bryant......... Usvav flanum Tbe Wonders of HymoUsas as Bsv eently Iissienatraled by Loading Fieoch Srienttt . XX prof. GsoaoB D. Hssaos OppoftsmKy ortae canras in uae ran- ttOQfaa Cssoisa. 4LS Oovaavnanaa Comoi or ras Tsxa- stlH Prof. Kirbard T. Ely. of the Call aile of Wioaonain JoatioB Walter Clarke. LL.U- of BapreaM lSeocb of Korth Osrsiiaa.... Free Josrn ttoocs UcoulUam HctentificTbeoaovay a ilaxs M.Uaaacaca fthaU Woaea Votc7.....m w Jans L. OovLns Kanauty of UpnortanBT. stow use enie ls......... ....... ...... ....... So Piof. Kaaaa Fasooss Mnnidoal luting.... wm R, O. YutmwM . . Life of H.r Thosass Jieore (a wsg- rapbical fsaascb) . IU Hon. Jons Ivsj . Kapoleeo Bonone tlw .)........ in Bat Li M- Dwao A VMoa US Witx Aiaa ltaDHeooui The Valley rath, (ioanern sswsm of a Mai of TeaaessM Life)........ SS9 views "tlMX Jiorasa's usaflsta 1 1 l Hi t-saslni nf 1 11i rrrtrrr 4 IrytkootUae of UeA-Oot ef Cm fair mttowsd by Haten IL Masflniiw; -A Caw Da tiliiV" twits wad by ina a n.W Tm Load of Ha4a" IS oi hv B. Ii. trttson. A. U 4 Tbe T7 Who Did BotT i-rtvwed by a Omooflv: "WhfeBSt UT. C9C, Uo Ut- lerr'revWdlE.ILWUoa,A.U.

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