Dr. Thompson and tbe Church. (Continual from Ut paf-) war iinee the fall of tbe Roman empire. We know that these bouts war composed of men inflamed by bigotry and unrestrained by discip line; that they provided for all their wants by tbe sword, liTin at tbe eipense of tbe country, and seizing; at their pleasate both tbe harvests of tbe peasants and tbe merchandise of tbe citizens. More than three-fourths of the landed proprietors bad been des- roiied of tbeir fiefs and castles, n hundreds of villages every inhab itant bad been massacred. Since tbe sack of Rome by the Vandals, tbe European world bad never mourned over a national disaster so wide in its eztent or so fearful in its character." Such was the spirit and work of tbe Church. If the free spirit of Christ and its moral influence had spread equally with tbe theology of the Church and its ruthless power, tbe Church would have aided instead of retarding tbe progress of human freedom. ''While the religion of the world underwent a total change," says Milman, "tbe Church rose of the ruins of tbe tem ple and the establishment of Pagan ism became gradually extinct or suffered violent supprexsion: tbe moral revolution was far more slow and far less complete. While they swept in converts indiscriminately from the' palace and tbe public street, while the emperor and the lowest of the populace were alike admitted on little more than the open profession of allegiance, they were satisfied if their allegiance in this respect were blind and complete. The common, vulgar incentives of action were infused into the ex panding Christian body. Men be came Chmtians, orthodox Chris tians, with little sacrifice of that which Christianity aimed chiefly to extirpate. " Clovif, King of the Franks, for in stance, was converted in 490. "His conversion made no alteration in the policy and conduct of Clovis: he re mained the same mixture of cun ning and audacity, of cruelty and sensuality." There followed the wholesale conversion of his people, who carried through their baptism into the Church their heathen super stitions and their barbarous notions. In the midst of times reeking with corruption, the evils framd vn cited by Godly men as evidence of . 1 . ... ... mo amne aispieasare at the de bauchery of the Church; whose con dition was such that it was found necessary to prohibit in successive Councils the most heinous and un mentionable crimes committed both by the laity and by the clergy. And this degree of immorality continued and was not lacking in th C.h nrnn atati me when the Church was not only the most powerful, but the only powerful organization in the civil- ized world. From the closing years of the 9th nnui tne middle or tbe 11th century. ccoruiag io u. .Newman, "no exaggeration is possible of the de moralized state into which the Chris tian world, and especially the Church of Rome, had fallen. The tenth century is ever known among Protestants as par excellence the KM-rutum aotcurum, and Uaronins ex presses its portentous corruption in the vivid remark that Christ was as if asleeD in the venaAl nf tho Plinvnli The infamies prevalent among the ciergy or tne time are to be alluded to, not detailed." Read the history of some of the popes. In the time of John XII, "the Lateran Palace was disgraced by becoming a recep- taolo for COOrtt zana; ini. (Want females," says Bowden, "were terri- neu irom pilgrimages to the thresh old of the Apostles by the reports spread abroad of the lan-1 PR imnnri. ty and violence of their representa tive and successor." The papal tr??"7 wa Plundd by Boniface VII, who skipped, like a modern bank cashier, to Constantinople. John XVIII WOll'il hum anM ha ... cred office to the froiperor Basil for sum oi money. Uenedict IX, con seerated Tope while a mere boy, "became notorious for murders and adulteries." He sold the popedom iur a iare sum and consecrated the purcnaser as Uod's vice- crerent and Head of the Church. "The world." am oi. uruno. "Jay in wickedness, holiness had disappeared, justice had perished, and truth had been buried; Simon Magus lording it oyer the Church, whose bishops and pnckts were given to luxury and for- The condition in tbe 15th centurv was no wise improved. Indeed, it consiuereu tne darkest period of papal vice and Borgia purchased the suffrages of iu mgaesi dignitaries of the Church to become Pope Alexander . puuing to nignt those who dared to oppose his election. By the infa mous Vanozza, the wife of a Roman eitizen. he had th f aa tnm nH nat urally enough permitted clergy and laity to keep concubines, saying that it was not forbidden, since the life of priests and ecclesiastics was ucu inat nardly one was to be found who did not kn a. MnnUn. MAU ecclesiastics, from the greatest m me least, nave concrbines, and that pnbliclv." nnn(, TaSna. ; God binder it not, this corruption wwi ymma m iaB monas and religions orderr; althoagh, to confess the truth, almost all the monasteries anyone to speak against it." Such immorality the Church DermittArl and indulged in. Yet its devotees eanea it tne Church of CKritt; and it wa not prudent to criticise its con duet, as a brief view of Wyeliffe, Je rome of Prague and TT.. )!.. rol, Luther and other Reformers win aounuanuy prove. Ctrus Thompson. Rkh LilERATURE FREE. C'irt ulate all the reform literature pokfible. Education ia word. We have the goldbugs on th run For ten cents (10-cts.) in rv.u-p,, jrour name will be placed on tie Iteform Presa Circula tor List and ihe leading reform ta- r..m v. uuuea states will send yon sample copies free for distribu tion among your neighbor. Get on the list at once; yon will receive lota of good literature and are rare to be mor than satisfied with the inveat mf Writ your name and address ptoAnly. Address your letters to Box A, Fakhxss Tubuxx, Pes Moines, Iowa. Aie you helping to spreal tt rir. f nUtioo cf tis CUucaiiaji- THE HEAVENS IN OECEBBEH. Xarj latoreatiac mmm 111 Vmcf mm Aatroaoaay Written IiyrwlT far lUm Cmmm mm laa Lanar Hum Tho Astrana aalaaj WHUr, mgmm mm tmm Zlst-Estrav-fwJaary Boaaty af tha Wlator Sky. Tbe moon's phases during tbe month of December will be as follows : Full on tbe 2nd, latt quarter on tbe Mb, new moon on the 16th. first a flirt r on tbe 2-llb, and foil moon again on the 31st. I . . a a a a ? - UI an tne neaveniy Doaies toe moon, next to tbe sun, is tbe most Important to us. Tbe moon is not a very large body, Us mass being only about 1-66 that of tbe earth; but owiog to its proximity to tbe earth it exerts a con- .MvaM I n fl tim nn n ruin th lit tr. Tbis Influence manifests itself by two important phenomena, viz: tne tiaes and the precession of the equinoxes. Tbe power of the moon to raise a tide Is to that of tbe sun as the ratio of & 3. If the moon and sun are in a straight Una artth th oartli nr tn ua th lan guage of science, when they are in con- JUUlyllUll SHU Vpv9UIVU SVVsv eiusl to tbe sum of tbe lumar and solar tides. Tbete are known as the spring tides. When tbe moon is at the times of the first and last quarter, each of the two attractions raises a tide at tbe expense of the other, and these are known as tbe neap tides. On the 9tb the moon will be in peri gee, and on the 23rd in apogee. It may not be amiss to remark here as to what is meant by perigee end apogee. That point in the moon's orbit nearest to tbe earth, is railed her perigee, and that point furthest from the earth her apogee. There is a conjunction of the moon with Neptune on the 2nd, with Jupiter on the Gtb, with Venus on tbe 12th, with llerscbel and Saturn on the 13th, with Mars on tbe 11 th, and with Mercury on the 15th. The Astronomi cal winter begins on the 21st at 88 minutes past 8 o'clock p. m., at which time the sun enters the sien Capricor- nus. The sun at this time seems to stand still for several days, he has reached his bou thermos t limit, tbe win ter solstice is now taking place, after which he will again turn his face northward to bestow his light and heat upon those livingin the northern hem isphere. Although the dominion of snow and ice is now shattered it will be weekH and months he fore the rhnirp will be perceptible in our latitudes, but t eacn succeeuing ween win ormg us nearer the time when spring and (low ers will hold full sway. With the oldest heathen nations of the earth, their year began at this great natural epoch, when tbe sun had reached its southernmost limit. It was to them the time of dancinir and tbe making of offerings to the various gods tney worsnipped, and on whose power they relied with the greatest confi dence. The difference between appar ent and mean time, or better known as the Pnuation nf time ia at ita minimum about the time of the solstice, and there is not mucn cnange in the time or sun setting and sun-rising; but by tbe first of Januarv there will hiv hn an in crease of day light amounting to a little SIVA f kvaa minnfaa AvtaaAi:naaM v ut to uiiuu ICO, j, u3 CAtiaUlUHiai Jf spienuor oi tne winter skies has at traded the attention nr mankind in every age, from the time the Pharaohs h.M ,t. - t i i i uciu iuc tuuurcu ui .Israel an uunuage, and Rome levied tribute c the world to our own present time. When upon a coiu, ciear nignc one looks upward at the magnificent panorama spread out before him, is it not enough to excite a feelinc of amazement? f'nn nr vnn. dertbat the science of Astronomy has been cultivated hv mankind in all araV For it is at once the most interesting the most exact, tbe most sublime, and a. a. m m m . . . . me most useiui oi an tne sciences. When we consider that many of these stars and Dlaneta are mnrh Inro-pr than our own world, how can we think that mey were created simply for us to view? Are we not almost forced to be lieve that many of them are inhabited? Some, no doubt, by mortals, like our selves, and others by the immortals. During1 this month Venus, Mars, Jupi ter, D&turn ana .mercury are all morn mg stars; an occurrence by no means common. The Kingly Jupiter will rise several hours after night fall, and shine the balance of the night. lie is distinguished from all the other plan ets by his enormous magnitude. His volume is more than 1400 times that of tne eartn; in shape he is very spheroi dai. and his brilliancv renders it n easy to distinguish him, as he outshines all his surroundings. Can we Wonder that the Romans called Jupiter the god of the air? Jupiter, at this time, is in the constellation of Cancer. Last year .Li. .! 1 . . buia nine ue was in r.ne rnmta it nn vteuuiii, nu next year this time we . , . . . . . nave to loon for him in the constellation J-eo. Jupiter requires about 12 years to make one revolution nhnut ih. o.. so that he dwells about a year In each va iuc incur; t.iinai.Hi ijai,ifiria riv, t nn Zodiac: Are. a. Tanma P.omini nnAA. Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, vauiiuuruus. Anuinna and Jupiter is much distinguished for the remarkable manner in which his satel lites or moons are situated on the Doruer line which divides the objects visible to the naked eye from those which renuire the aid of a tel w- w. m.,kJwa Some have stated that thev have seen tnese moons with the naked eye; but it seems a little strand that, aith lUDiter has been a familiar Ki- ,n n aaawBauu&U the unaided eye for thousands of years j-w v- ponuiica were IlUb UlSCOVereO until Galileo looked at them through his newly-invented telescope. baturn can be seen in the east for several nours before daylight during tbis month. Next to. Tn the largest of the planets. It is like wise attended by Satellites. But a still more strange appendage is its Ring, i-i-ci wuicu encompasses the nlaimt .r a .1 : - O v.. ..uui IV. Saturn s svstem in on an grano scale, hut owing to his great dis tance from us. something like nnnono. . - . ' ""'JJ 000 miles, we are unable to ohtnin tha same ciear views or his phenomena as We do for th nhennman. nf T. - - v. ouiiarr. Warn w& a IT a a m ouru buu enus Will ne in nnninnn tion on tbe 22nd, being not quite a de sree m uecn nation apart. The beau uiui V enus rises about 3 o'clock in the morning. She is in perihelion on tbe 11th. We know less about Venus and - - ...... n BIIUW or manv nlanets that are at a mK ner onvsicai condition than . 1, greater distance. This is because of her proximity to tbe sun. The diame ter oi enus is about 7.705 miio. it iias oeen recently established that she . . ' 1, . i - .Avcub auu density have not been vet at.Ki;K u iu abinosDnere? nnr. its .Tt.nt Jiars rises just before daylight in the morn in sr. The dn red onin. r ,. renders it particularly distinguishable iiuiu duo iiieu siars or Otner n anot. . perbaps.ofall the planetsJtf ars possesses tne most interest for us. Tbe time of its diurnal rotation ia hmif tk u mat oi our eann. Mars fs also n,. rounded by an atmosnher lik our. it also has land and water, tnnn and ram auu CIOUuS. All th. Biances conspire to make Mars parti cularly interesting to us; and it is not Unlikeiv that it ia inhihit. k. v-.-: ilka nnn.lvA. O Of th cnnatallatlnn. I r . , vvu.iiiianuu, U I lie OOiaC. Gemini and Tinrm ar r - uiicvnun, the most magnificent of all the heav enly constellations has come into full View. Whoever lonka nnnn k: 8teIlation and learns its name will al ways remember it. Tbere are 78 visible stars in it. When it, s on tbe meridian it ia viaihio ,1 entire habitable world. There are three B.ar.oi me second magnitude together in a straight line which constitute tbe Belt of Orion. Thoca ih..t... - - ..owub tit a iv e a line exactly 3 degrees in length. Tbev ar mm. tlm.. 1 1 a . t- - m. . J w tnun vaucu 1 ne ji.il ano xard. In Job thev ar railed iha p... - . .vctuua VII urion: and th ancient, hn.u.j- ' HHDVBUUU1CU some times called them Jacob's rod. In ;22Lhfn the reat Napoleon bad thrilled the world with bis fame, tbe University of T.inai. m v name of Napoleon. Tif CArflaaLUT, li)0 pr jWf TH0IIPS011 S. SHAW. Some Extracts From the Brief In Which Thomoson Presents His Claims. SOME OUTRAGEOUS FBLUDS Sack m Oalr Ilrtj. OlirtpalibU Daiee- rmr Waald Attranpt mr ToIrl IJt lK FacU Wklch Clear I 8h XtbrUu MathodaUaIlt-lom Stomas Galcr. - We have been favored with the brief of Dr. Thompson's connsel in the contested election ease of Thomp son vs. Shaw, from tbe 3rd Congres sional 'district. We have not had the time to give it, which its import ance demands, but from the exami nation which we have given it, the fraud alleged by Dr. Thompson is clearly established. OXSIjOW CUtJWTY. In Onslow county it is shown that at one precinct the registrar kept the registration books up to the night before the election, and then rode twenty miles to Jacksonville to rt- tign and SURRENDER HIS BOOKS to the clerk of the court. This was done of course to 'prevent any elec tion being held, as this precinct Sumersill was largely Populist, and to give the county returning board, a pretext to "throw out" that vote; at Jacksonville precinct, Dr. Thompson was allowed thirty-two votes, while one witness, Mr. Bar bee, testified under oath that he SAW FIFTY VOTERS cast their ballots for Dr. Thompson. At Swanaboro the election was held in the vpper .lory of a Iricl ttore, where it was never held before, and no au thority was had for holding it there, except the arbitrary will of tbe Dem ocratic registrar and judges. CRAVEN COUNTY. In Craven county, at Riverdale precinct Dr. Thompson received eighty-one votes, while he was al lowed only twenty-four. At Fort Barnwell precinct, while Dr. Thomp son received mnety-six votes, NONE WERE ALLOWED him by the returning board. JONES COCNTTt In Jones county, the precinct chosen by the county returning board to be thrown out, was Beaver Creek, where Shaw got twenty-five and Dr. Thompson one hundred and tixtcen tote The vote as cast gave Dr. Thompson a clear majority of seventy-six in Jones county. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. But it was in Cumberland county that the crowning infamy and frauds were committed. In one precinct it was proven that the Democratic judges in counting the ballots were seen to call out tickets voted for Thompson for Shaw; and when this was objected to and denounced an other Democratic judge so placed himself as to PREVENT ANY ONE SEEING THE JUDGE who was callincr out the votes this was clear fraud, and here they were caught in the act, and this evidence was not contradicted or denied by bhaw or bis friends. In tho townshio where Favette- ville is located there was only one election place, the township having a population of 6,012, and Fayette ville 4,222 according to the United States census (11th), while the local authorities of Favetteville claim a population fer it, of bttween 6,000 aiA a anu 4,vvv, and yet only ONE VOTING PLACE for this entire territorv. rf - Clerks wero appointed by the chairman or the Democratic county executive committee previous to the election, to hold it. The Demo crats had one sido of the building for their voting place while the other side was for the Populist and Repub licans to voto. Tho Democratic clerks HELD BOTH SIDES, The Populist and Republican judges were not allowed to "place the tickets in the proper boxes at the request of the voter" as the law di rected, but they mutt go into the hands of the clerks appointed by the Democratic executive committee. A large n umber 300 01 more, of itepnbiican and opuhst Congres sional tickets were FOUND ON THE FLOOR, behind the counter, on which the ballot boxes were placed,' where the at a cierK sat who held one of the Con gressional boxes, and this too, on the side where Pormlist aarl Rsniih. lican were made to go through the form of voting! No tickets were allowed inside the polline place other than Demoerati. tickets, except such as the voters carried in their bands for the. pur pose of voting, and this fact makes it interesting to know where thos ticKets came Irom that were FOUND ON THE FLOOR. A guard was placed at the, door nf the building where the Republicans ana .ropunsts were to enter to vote, consisting of two or more stalwart men, WITH OPEU KNIVES!! No Populist or Reonbl iean wsi al lowed inside the voting place which was a veritable "Buil uen" of an improved order, except the judges iropuiist and Keoublican on nf each, and thev were shorn of their authority, and could do nothing but iooa ana tney were even DENIED THAT PRIVILEGE, for they were taken into a room. away irom the polling places for the space of an hour, while, th hr.n. were under the sale and undisputed wjuiroi oi ue cierxs and the chair man of the Democrat in vviuiV committee who, with a number of his confederates were sworn in as deputy sheriffs lor that H there was n disorder attempted or threatened! The Populist judge was told to "SHUT HIS MOUTH," when he was trvinr to stnn i,t.. from placing his ballot iu the wrong uux. One of the D would ro behind the Poimli fit irifiiyo as he passed up the line of ballot boxes, and olaee his Vi the "iloi" or opening of the box and the Populist judge and voter, while one of ttu clerks would hob! of c aid-board so as to obscure the box JUST, voted in. fr attmmttffl to lu so done acd the clerk thus screened would DO AS HE PLEASED. PeirSOOa on the ontsida v.tn fcVM anil taw th? hoxps ItAintr sinn? on.l Republican, and Populist ballots taken out, and a number of wit nesses white and colored, of good character testified to it. At the Fayetteville precinet it will not be surprising to know that the ceutU gave Dr. Thompson but JlfUnf while bhaw was eiven (term kvndrrd end twenty rcte$f A number more than fifteen of voters, testified that they voted for Dr. Thompson, while Bhaw did NOT ATTEMPT TO PEOVt his vote at all There are many more circum stances and acts of positive fraud shown, which we have not time or space to notice. It is not surprising that the Popu list and Republican judges REFUSED TO SIGN the returns from the precinct. bumcient is shown here to stamp this as one of the most glaring and outrageous frauds of the age, and it is no wonder that the people rose in their might to stamp out SUCH INFAMOUS PRACTICES. .Never more will such proceedings be tolerated or allowed. This exposure of a shameless fraud was msde by Col. Thomas II. Sutton, connsel for Dr. Thompson, and to him is due the credit of turn ing the light of day upon this nefa rious transaction, which is a blot and a stain upon American civiliza tion. THREE OF A KIND. This one issued by an agent of London cap italists to tne new York capitalists la lSbi The Hazard Circular. Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power, and chattel slavery de stroyed. Tbis, I and my European friends are in far or of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborer, while tbe European plan, led on by England, is for capital to control labor by con trolling the wages. 7a can be done by controlling the money. The great debt that capitalists will see to it is made out of tbe war most be used as a means to control the volume of money ; to ac complish this the bonds must be used as a bankiuer basis. We are now wait ing for tbe secretary of tbe treasury to make tbe recommendation to Congress It will not do to allow the greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot con trol that. This one issued October 9, 1877, Dy New York bankers to the "atloiial banks. The Baell letter. Dear Sib : It is advisable to do all in your power to sustain such promi nent daily and weekly newspapers, especially the agricultural and reli gious press, as will oppose the issuing of greenback paper money, and that you also withhold patronage of favors irom all applicants who are not will ing to oppose the government issue of money. Let the government issue the coin and tbe banks the paper money of the country, for then we can better protect each other. To repeal the law creating national bank notes, or to re store to circulation tbe government issue of money will be to provide the people with money, and will therefore seriously affect your individual profit as bankers and lenders. See your congressman at once, and engage him to support our interests that we may a. 1 1 1 . .1 comrui legislation. This one, issued March 12, 1893, by Bankers .association to ail .national banks The Panic tetter. Dkab Sir : The interests of Nati nnnl bankers require immediate financial legislation Dy congress, silver, silver certificates and treasury notes must be retired and tbe National bank notes upon a erold basis made the onl v mnnev This will require the authorization of from $500,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 of new bonds as a basis of nirnnlAtinn You will at once retire one-third of your circulation and call in one-half A a -a- a . 01 your loans, ae careiui to make'a money stringency felt among your patrons, especially among influential business men. Advocate an extra ses sion of Congress for the repeal of the purchase clause of the Sherman law apd act with the other banks of your cuy in securing a large petition to vougress ior us unconaitional repeal, per accompanying form. TTsa nersonal influence with congressmen and par ticularly let your wishes be known to your senator, xne iuture Hie of na tional banks as fixed and safe invest ments depends unon immediate ant.ion as there is an increasing sentiment in iavor 01 government legal tender notes . -a -; 1 auu miver coinage. Harper's Weekly IN 1896. HARPER'S WEEKLY is a journal for me wnoie country, it aeais witli tne events of the world that are important to Ameri- In carrvins' nnt Hie nnl Ralph visited China and Japan, and journ eyed through the West; Richard Harding Davis took a trip through the Caribbean Sea,- the evolutions of the new navy were described and illustrated by Rufus P. Zog baum; Frederic Remington presented stud ies of Army and Frontier life; Poultney oigeiuw aiienasa tne opening of tne Kiel In 1896 like attention will be riven every notable happening. The chief events in an, literature, and music and tbe drama will be aitistically presented. W. D. How ells, in the new department, Lifk asd Let- lana, win uissuusH in his interesting way books and the social questions of the time. E. S, Martin' sprightly gossip of the Busy WORM) will he lYlnttniioH TK. t the Transportation Commission around the 1XV 1 3 . 1 1 -. - vona win oe ionowed, and Caspar Whitney will conduct the department Amatbhr Swiot of In 1896 will occur a Presidential election. In its editorials and through ita political uuMJuua me k r.crviji Will continue to W an independent advocate of good goveru ment In fiction the WEEKLY will be especially Stron?. 11. Will miKliali tli. AnU the year by W. D. Howelis. and a stirring serial of a Scotch feud, by 8. R. Crockett, The short Stories aeleotert am nf nnniinal , - " v uuUdUAA A - cellence and interest In everv resne.i HARPER'S WEEKLY will maintain its leading place in the illustrated journalism of the world. The volumes of the WEEKLY begin with the first Number for January of each year. 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"In the compilation of these Reports we have ascertained that the nature of these physical agencies, as adapted to remedial purposes are at easy com mand, and we have no hesitancy in saying that after a careful investiga tion, at the hands of trained represen tatives of our Secret Inquiry Bureau, that these remedial methods obtain their development and achieve their greatest results through using Im proved Oxygenor, Nature's Own Meth od of Freeing Herself from Disease CARDINAL CURATIVE COMPANY Department 415, 21 Quincy St., Chicago, III. NAVASSA GUANO COMPANY, W - LJ - ilCIlSrGr - BEEN IN BUSINESS LONGER COMPANY, AND Make the Best Fertilizers. We Manufacture Navassa Guana, Navaasa Universal Fertilizer Navaesa Cotton Fertilizer Navaasa Complete Fertilizer Navassa Root Crop Fertiliz-r Navaasa Special Trnck Guano Navassa Fruit Growers Fertilizer Navassa Guano for Tobacco Occoneechee Tobacco Fertiliz.-r Croatan Tobacco Guano Navassa Acid Phosphate High Grade Dissolved Bone I'Lca. 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I rrmm. easaat uaaau-ai rwrrw m m w u of u M Kllvetataxre At bemlnal Weakness and bexual uebiiity Sprwaiorrk3a and fmpottmef) caused by Toothful follies and excesses, prodoolng nerrousness. losses, pimples and blotcbea oa tbe f see. rosbea of blood to tbe bead, pains tn the baca. confused Ideaa and forntfoi aeaa. baihfulness. aversloo to society, loaa of sexual power, loss of avae bood. etc cored for life. We can atop night I oases, restore lost sxvi ana oreio power, etuarto aaa aueogtaea vest art ior marriage. aerrlble disease, la all tta foraw and aateaa eer4 -"j aaaaaa. f or ute. Biooa foisofiinc. Sara Dueaace. uiceta. aew nags. Soros. Oononboja a Gleet, and all forma of Private Paaaaea trntrnC CtfrtftMparmantly eared wltboetcaeeUc eeuioc. Neeeia. ,fcul io expoture, PsUest eaa ce tbe treatment at baeaa. I arllpe wo curt those delicate disease peculiar to- year at a SjrfClM IvOl tftn. rtwn hnma arlLhnnff in.' mm. nr. Winn rmrma . rxmm take else a. Send autement of ease. I wt . 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JW, at 40, Jtrcigh 170 and an iv j n't f faith. tvcharethetitfidcrfulriniUM tf tuini Swamn Am jv.t .t cjtr iuo yoit utn cry fyrr.furr.$j titratt t.cved VirmMho, 1! ut tie uittdifc ir.tn tf the ucrld, or.d all the health boar at ttU lir.y i.tt rjc. v (d tJe jtllic flat tivittrjtkn. or.d tie mcii malignant anJi tvl cutint,yttt tevtid and j reduced Vy living Iveit, germt or microlrr, J tlm Ji.'c.rr.ittd lo frd a r-nm ermierile lillcr. 1 thenlought and trtU-i t 2'l cit.fUn in tofejir tftcol trlvllet, hrtncKiol offectient or cxmrumj, tin. J avid ntfr.d a ir,m cr ipicrile lilh'r in the inlire let tfrnrcHnnrr J thr. tat v.ii.ttd to ojfiinut.t uith nofhlhol, and produced a mrjnr.' ov.ilor in it(h tf JJciTCf hthcl. While t,y medicine ma very ttrot-r. tt, J avia g' . L J t,U viU r. Lul the mcit uxmdcrful Uang wat that iu vi ep uxuhl r to-'t. lill nullkns cgcrmt cr.d micrcUe, lul would t'mW lilt cty ktgc ihntt. Jncvudthit nmtdy JSvowp Angel JJcdtcine in l-r-i f tin .vLt,.p Arrtl eaven, a gun rcry destructive to trumiet lul It'iim'- .o us firo:y,usjrunas. J.un to. tsuamp Angel Medicine drtlroy V Vu r ret ?i ::, llic cause of hurr.on dUcatc Under heat, thit medicine J V, t n.fo ras, air, and can U irJtakd directly into lungn, thcrlj Ll' i 7 f. n lit ol d mitrcl'i life cnlhchcoroant. Jjilr linlJnivtrt .; mr,,,, ,,,,., cue v-'ll i v f-h ihrou-jh the elin, anaftherrfore Lill any acfuc or pain frum ''"" 'icthochco a tirere nurlgia or rheumatic pain. Every fatm'y rl.culd hove a Lvillc. Qui cut Oic Held on thit page and net one 5IO 3'-WARu: r r cv iv inr f u I ft you tmy Lne after "b.t.in lit m with traramp An;ei Mctlicin". 1HE TOALRCHE. May need v'tnting. If bo, tLera U medicine equal to : lie Sw.mp Anjtl Kem- Vip. Are jou.ffvcteJ: With natjsca? Aie you c it. live? Lo ycu belch op ra? !your lifal dlzry at timeC I)xjon- to-ue coat over? 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RIPAXS TALLLLS w RIPANS TABLLES tie RIPANS TABLLLn promptly upon the liter, aiotnv w effectually ; cure djifa-pa a. iuU indiretuon, biliontnra. !L-i,,ll of spirits, will surtlj an J au k:, from a iirrsrrirticm iJrlv . . Tabnles axe an Icfalht!' ur.. an economical mocxly. o sip pj tkf Tskslrs ir rrtr Mri I WONDERFUL PROGRESS r on nocv .... LETTKKKO FlJCGF.E-fcOAa X aa! f OUT Mcrt- Autohan. Zllbrra. rtcabh h price. Write it will y yoa. m-mT . . page and gel WHITE, BDATJTirUL TEETH' So woman no pcaon ran In- -) beaotiful without pretty Kith. Ixa Inr food on the Wth pridn l.tl. 1 -pcrtna or microbes. Kill tlnae pn.i-. they will dtrtroy your tt.Ui. 1 1- r Anel Soap U made from pr i!J l oiU and bark cfUojirai tr Ma- -lately i are. It it tuw Li!e an J i. . mke teeth enow whit. It ftj V . harden tie ruma and kill all tul'-i.i. the moaih which produce bad tfiiv Oepoaul bar at era ur, I')"---. by mall, 30 cents. 1 dorn br ij-r one dollar. Swamp Ael Mel araahlnjnn. I. ' Liver Pill sl! Swamp Antl Lirer VIM act witli tb urtMiest raae and the hast IrritaUon. l sore yoa take oo substitute. ma3 box 10 cen!s, larre box 2i Wt. no unrtmt. ratirr. ' I " a . ,.I . . ..... . . ... i .. . I .A Half nt SaraaaD Anel lied, f r t Or J pm. tor I Ta Piaass' atBiatrr- S dozen half vu toe , pta, !M, 1 doz pta. -' ' Addrieaa lit or any wbolcaale 1 tiz compaay. Swamp Ansel MtC Ct Waalnstoa.D. C. -1 m. I Sk IK rn t .fas.

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