CAUCASIAN VOL. XIV RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY, JANUARY 1(5, 189C NO. 10. - -r THE NATIONAL CONGRESS. Home Record of What the Peo ple's Representatives Are Trying to Do. BUTLER STILL FIGHTING. 1 he l.ol.l I' - Krrr Mlvr I'll! Mlr- .l In Ihm nt I l.r..Hr II w fatroNlllir" !.-..- Vt IVm u i. mi.i.i. Will ... . Call Him I'iiijHi. II ( ) N I A V , .UNL ARV f'.TH. The Senate was not in hobbioh. In the IIousu twenty-eight pension hills were introduced. Toeljr. January 7t1i enate. Ten pension bills were introduced. Mr. Allen, d'on.,) introduced a hill direetiuir the foreclosure of the 'iivtrnnu-nt lien on the I'aciuc rail road, and for other purposes; which n u rii:ul twif.M bv its title, and re ferred to the Committee on I'aci Kailroad. Thi.-i road owes th gov ...i,uu.tit nix. at tjno hundred million dollars, and for years past has man 1 ?4lf tl defeat every effort of the uient to collect the claim. keeps a strong lobby at Washington and uses inony freely. The linance conitnitteo, which ha l.utm inRi.l-ririL' the bond bill that th HouHe had passed, reported stTiiMTiTHTK urovidinLT for the free coinage of silver, The substi T4.r...1 tiv tho committee is as follows:' "That from and after tho passag i.Mhm act the mints of the United States shall bo open t tho coinap ..f silver, ami there shall be touted dollars of the weight of grain niv. rf standard silver, nine-tenth linn, art provided by the act of Janu :irv IS. IS:7. and npnn mo nam t..nna and subject to the limitations of law regulating th eoinago and legal-tender quality of gold; and wheuever the said coins herein provided lor shall be received into the Treasury, certificates may bo issued therefor in tho manner now provided by law. Sec. J. That the Secretary of tho Treasury shall coin into standard silver dollars, as soon as practicable, according to tho provisions of sec tion I of this act, from tho silver bullion nurchased under authority of the act of July H, IS'JO, entitled, An act (hrectinir the purcnase oi silver bullion and the issue of Treas ury notes thereon, and for other pur poMos," that portion of said silver which represents tho seisruiorago or i.rol t to the government, to-wn, ine .lifTrnpft between the cost of the silver purchased under said act and iU eoiu&ge value, and said silver tnltira r cdinpil shall be used in end of the fourth year, and ih', after the end of the fifth year: and there after, in addition to the pum of if 110, there shall paid f I for each year's rurtuer delay of presentation. Mr. 1'rendcnt, to carry ont this aw after th'xe Bums of money have bfen depo?it-d in the postal money order otliceH i lit re is nothing to do but fr the Kecretary of the Treas ury to print the postal notes and send th m to the designated deposi tories of the United States. The note during the first year is worth 100; at the end of the first year it is worth -tio;;; at the end of the second year it m worth .IU( 10: that is to say, th interest is compounded; 10 cents is pid for one ytar'a interest on .', and so the interest is com pounded during tho five years $!)..'0 at the end of the third year; $12 00 at the end of the fourth year, and 10 at the end of thy fifth year. If tho interest had not been compound ed the amount would be $113 five times three at the end of the fifth year, but 1 per cent, has been added by way of compounding the interest, and at the end of five years the note is worth IH. Thereafter it is worth $1 for every year's delay of pre se station, and that $4 is 'J1, per cent, interest upon the $110. That runs until the holder of the note shall see lit to realize upon it. Mr. r.UTi.Kic. ill the Senator al ow me to ask him a question? Mr. ('HANDi.r.H. Certainly. Mr. Ut'TLEH. What kind of money do I understand the people are to pay for the postal notes? Mr. ChanlijEU. So far as I have read the bill already, they wouh pay in lawful money. Tho Senator vill heat the whole bill in a mo ment, and then I shall bo very hap py to have him ask me any other questions. I continue t'j read tho bill: Such note may bo issued with the name of tho depositor inserted, or it may bo issued in blank, as above de scribed, and any holder may after wards insert his name in tho blank space. Now I call the attention of the Senator from North Carolina to the next clause of tho bill, which reads: In case any deposit is made in gold coin, tho note may, if deposi tor so desires, bo made payable in irold coin as to tho dollars which may become due thereon This feature ot the system may or may not be adopted, as congress sees tit. but it seems to me that there is gold enough in this country to supply the needs of the Treasury if you will give every man who has $100 in gold, or who can obtain $100 in gold the privilege ot putting it into tho Treasury an J receiving one of these notes and receiving his gold back acain when the note becomes due. Mr. Butler.- If I understand the Senator's bill, it allows theso posta! notes to be paid for in "lawfu person vho DEMOCRACY YS. FREE SILVER. Why Free Coinage of SilTer'Can- not Be Secured Through the Democratic Party. even while his ships" sailed the friendly sear; that the workman be held between bis loved ones and ghastly wantonly charity's pitting CRC.$T, while upon the strange and the cruel highway, far from the home that he had lost, from the heaven and the hope of its lore the hated tramp toiled on, behind him the rain of his life and before him tbe hell of des pair! What nt)i nmAll Th nrnmi- RECORDS, FACTS, OPINIONS, I nent leaders of Democracy say that they will leave tbe party the mo- Whlih Show the FaUlty an Hypocrite of Democrallr Profeaalon 'and Plat- foruii The Tien or the People on tbe Oucatlon of the Day What They Know and What They Think. Under this head will be presented communications competing for the cash prizes announced elsewhere for the best article on "Why the Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver Cannot Be Obtained Through the Democratic Party." Scott's Hill, Jan. S.hj'OG. Your great paper, so widely read and so deservedly influential, desires brief but valid reasons, why the free and unlimited coinage of silver cannot be secured through the Democratic party. There is but one reason, and that is TUE UTTER HOSTILITY of the Democratic party to the free coinage, the compulsory coinage, or any coinage of silver whatever. Of this fact there are many proofs. The party declared in its last platform or the equality of gold and silver at the mints. No friend of silver asks for more than this. Let silver bo restored to its former equal ity with gold at the mints and the i DAMXIKO WRONII OB' THE CENTURY will be righted; the great battle ended; the commercial and mone tary value at once be made the same, (jive me a bright Raleigh child ten years of age to solve this mighty problem, which has crazed the lucid, brilliant leaders of Democracy. If 3711 trrains of pure silver are worth ment it declares for the free coinage of silver. Again bo prominent Democrat, except 8IBLXY AND EBYAN, has said that he would quit the party for silver's sake. Greater than sil ver, mightier than liberty, holief than home, this doubled faced mon ster of fraud, upon whose accursed altars they have at last laid their honor and their manhood. What other proof! A Northern and New England Democracy solid for eold; North Carolina Democrats making a LOUD CALL AND A LOW ANSWER for a silver convention; Hardin play ing a free silver fiddle with a gold bug bow: everywhere either avowed hostility, or that pitiable evasion of a doomed and dying party whose last will and testament bequeaths to financial andtariff reformja measure less legacy of hate and falsehood. How can a corpse aid this living and irrepressible measurer Its great rival went down to a glo rious death; with colors sailed to the masthead; with shotted guns thun dering defiance to the last; its mem ory made sacred and hallowed and beloved by the imperishable declara tion of its immortal leader., "I'd rather be right than to be Presi dent." The Democratic party goes down TO AN INFAMOUS DEATH; confident of their power that tbrj felt that they eould accomplish their purpoje, and immediately afterwards restore the country from the condi tion of panic to one of confidence. ibe account of this meeting is given in the New York papers of April 1S and May 1, and I have never Mn any of these statements denied or even questioned. Tbe .New lork Sun of April 'ZS, page 7, has an article headed "Bank ers meet Carlisle. It says: Secretary Carlisle decided yes terday morning to have a talk with the New York bankers." Tbe article then gives a liat o! the distinguished bank preidtuu Do were present, and says: The conference between tue ?ec- retarv and bank presidents lasted somewhat over an hour. Ine article tuen cives many de tails, and says: The Secretary went over tne cur rency laws of the country and stated thev were in bad hape and needed revision. The article then says: President Cleveland's advisers have told him that the only way to induce the Western and South wes tern Senators and Congressmen to consent to the repeal of the Sherman law is to demonstrate to their con stituents that they are losing money every day that this law is in opera tion. I call special attention that the article does not say that President Cleveland is engaged in this work but his advisers have told him, etc This purpose was sought to be ac complished bv repeated assertions which was printed all over the United States, that the repeal of the aner man law would immediately raise the price of cotton to 10 cent pound and wheat to $1 a bushel. The article then says: The missionary work in that di rection has been started by a num ber of the bankers in the solid com munities of the East. They are daily DR. THOMPSON AND THE CHURCH. Some Historic Fact! Concerning the Relation of the Church to Slavery REEDOM AND ITS MEANING its colors cursed by a traitorous refusing credits to the South, South hand; its guns turned upon its faith- weBt nd West. ful friends, its memory scorned by The New York Sun of May 1 also honest men. But in its shattered ho a letter from Washington, dated and vanishing ranks are countless April 30. The letter reiterates the thousands of silver's friends; stout I purp0se to revise the currency laws, Htatate Kiplalaloc Ike Train mt Itie Faaaoua tteutara -HinipMi, Net the Alllaare. Ker aetble The Me!hie hy Which the Charrh Caa Caeaed the Love aad Sevport of the M 100 cents, what are 480 grains, or I champions of the money of the con- &n& says -. ..i !... i a m aTA, i - one ounce worth at the same ratei stitution; repuaiaiors ot eyery mrui Ans. $1.-0; and what fool, other of treachery, with whom than a goldbug, would sell his pure bullion to a silver smith at Co cents an ounce, when he could have it coined into legal tender dollars at one hundred and twenty-nine cents an ounce? Acain the party declared for the repeal of th Sherman act of 1890 as a miserable makeshift, not merely the purchasing clause, UUT THE WHOLE ACT, to bo replaced by friendly legisla tion. Now the Sherman act required four and a half million ounces of silter bullion to be bought monthly at the market price, and until July 1891 it required -J,uau,uou ounces oualed toltrance aa4 f ace. Ley denounced bias a a ttmilvf te be Church, acd the pren.cbt.fe aeJ pri'feaors bo aipttbiwd witb him they priarcuted. pn-8ed. &d tatmbrd upon aaipicioo of l-- Bir inrti&td to CalTt&ism. And kn they had oTrrrotse Me'hDrh tLon aod his adherent, they com- memorated tbe event as "a viUry orer the Devil and Heaeon. Tnal for mtchcraft, duQfeoD of tort are, and banners at tbe atake ttat prevalent in every PioteeUnt d trtrt. At tbe same time, hower. fteeaiog to neiortn u oia voarrn.i ad: "I bav. no power over eon r. ciences. and mir contJram no I aa. a. ire man's faith." I U t Tbe Calviniata. in tarn, where I iiri ay bMUm.; Number Fi.J I they had tbe power, persecuted not I Tbe Donchaaaaini of the N'.ma As to the matter of rtligiou. in-1 nly tbe Catholic but alno tbe fol-1 aDj Observer baa raaaesl it to axaia tolerance, it would be no less un- 'oers of Arminius. VN ben they Elcfc. its bind lef iato eorrBr!d truthful than unkind if e should bad tbe majority in tbe by nod at ., swollen veics aai featerter say that it is true as to Catholic. D-rt, lGly, they declared tbe fwllow- nor knot. bl tbe t bjtet at which but untrue as to Protestant. In Armimus "herein, mji- it has been kicking drn1 show a tolerance is a defect of unregenerate matics, incapable of preaching or of At. In speaking of Judf UoLimoa human nature, independent of cting as professors or schoolmas- tbie N.andO. paper say: creed. The tenderest of our Lord's ". unless they signed the Heidel- Tb o . rat lh f T disciples once aid: -Master, we berg Catethism and the Netherlands Caicamaji to do ts to aJm.t thai saw one casting out devils in ThrM-onies-wn, wnicn laiu aowu me Jn. ttoKin Ikn.. ... name, and he followeth not us: and bard and fast doctrine that prede.ti .nii.iou. .ad lo AmfmtkA we forbade him. became he follow- nation excluded all freewill on . ... . , . . nM . eth not us." Thu. is the hpint uf hD,l'rt. but divided the human ... -.k. .T both Catholie and Piotestant. "For- race luto vessel of wrath and ve- f . , , . , bid him not' repli.-l the Master, RD selsof mercy without power on their I a nJ a on u bant a macb answer lull ot Ireedt m, uch rs fat- u"u Tri lu uw,u in.t.oial a. a t.., M ,u.A tions have never exemplilkd. -It is creed which Arruinius thought un-1 flJ hU r,eT.on to t, UDch -M not yet generally appreciated," says scriptural and not ac cordant with bluml of th. flr,t mnitud:" a prominent Lniv r?alisf . "what the the eternal mercy of (tod." Uarne- ...,.,., . Reformation was. W art, often veldt was beheaded and T.rotiu. con- " " J--'" " " ' told thai it was a Uittl. for liberty lemned to lire imprisonment lor the i -- V V" ' , , of thought. THere ,s a little truth "Pport of Arminicani.m. I " . I 1 , " T. J ...P. jT 1- " in that, but so httle as to leave the Protestantism m Kngland was f ju fa. ,f b general tat ment a grievous mis- equally tyrannous. The reigns of cwulJ further il( jiu,.,,. take. It was rather a battle for in- Henry Hi, who swapped Churches id. ftnJ BotioB.. jn thi, caJ ,t depend, nt action for a few leaders, for tbe gratificatioa of hi lecherous ha. Inl. ,1,.1 tK. nini- tor the common people there was appetite, and of Mary and tliiabetb. whw worulJ u rrCarJe4 a. aatbor- no independence of action and no are. records of alternate Protestan h wh-n iu uwn DiBioB WollU Bot liberty of thought. The people ex- and Catholic r;ereeuUon and in for CUB.ij0rBll.B ut BBy changed a great master for a small slaughter. And when James I sue- kinJ , fact u Lm, Uf one, but their slavery was not alio- ceeded to the throne, the Church of , r.ra.t,ea1iv .- .t.r t ik. viated. The people oftieneva audlEuirland attempted to repress Inde-1 . Scotland were transferred fro the pendent, Puritan, and Presbyterian. Itead and and tb.a take Catholic to tho Calvinist church, but The clergy, bis creatures, of course ne CfcM they had only gone from the tyranny upheld the monarch, although the of councils to the tyranny of texts, perfection of his policy was so de- . T.Hl CAVCAalASi took tbe trouble The same implicit obedience was re- structive of oopular rights, civil and I lP a 0, ul.Oir .7n h0 nn'iraA nf thorn Anv A ilTnrenro nt Imnio t h tfl.t noitil mtA t Yi liA. I State Who Were in Ualeigb a f nninmn nnv r1 i irhtoat or nroscinn nf ll.o.l , nn f Ki uin n.l .Moocr at I dT gO their Opinion of J udge Itob tua. ia n an crirt cbks mn nf dissent, was nnnished not less se- the hands nf the Commons. Thev I "" 1 UOID 1 l." " . ' - . . . I . . . . .. . ' lllv....... Vl.. .1 N, . . . r . trA tl, nnnnrtiinitu I rsr Iv. 1 M A mithnritv nm cr nrox-lui.1 tahn thA .lirinn I " -w uukv of rlv . ,latA asnossible. which they died and killed was not riirht of bishops and kines. and the Ti00' Jnes and 3Ir. J. n.. , .f la Drl;t lace s-niol ami mtilosa Iti.n nocllir o nnnnutinnini. i.L.J:.niia ArthUT. iDCM geUtlemeD af) XllO ICllOl aioJ Mjo- I " i ' I J 1 r. Tiankers will be exDected to wora, tne oia. neason was no more io oei to uie powers mat ie; ior "tne po nnt in New York onlv. but through- trusted by ( alvinista than by Latho- ers that be are ordained or (tod " ' . I i - m 1 r a T'a a a. . . m .1 1 lies, lnevery nrsi rroiesiani wuo vt hosoever. tnereiore, resisteiu ine intimated that the mind of man ought to be free to think out these great religious problems for itself was burnt at the stake, and cursed as. one worse than the Catholics by his brother Protestants Servetua was his name, and the slow Are of green oak sticks with which brother PEOPLB YS. A PAPER! Rcii Thi ETidt&c cf II tn of Honor &&4 DcqofitioceJ R tpeclibilitt? THEN READ THE SFLUTTER COUNTRY IS MORE THAN PARTY. who will make no pause upon the banks of the Rubicon, but cross in un n ii. V inirinnibla hnctawhiph are rallying now to overthrow the out the country, doing their utmost power of gold. Not through the to pinch business everywhere in the rom,.T; n.vty nrrnnt. ineomrje- expectation of causing a money tent and faithless, can silver or any other blessing come, but from the people rising under the mighty pres sure of appalling ruin and battling as of yore for a freeman's rights. L. H. McClammy. money." but permits a may happen to have a hundred dol- tvmcu i - . - , , , , . , , i - -- - - A the payment of tho current expenses s,ut oco r' thus purcnasea io oecomea mio le- of the government; and for the pur- " auu gei posiiu uuies wuu ai tender dollars each month; at DISTRESS PREVAILED pose of making the said seigniorage i tn in u li.-vtolv available for use as moiiHV. the Secretary of the Treas ury is hereby authorized and direct ed to issue silver certificates against it, as if it was already coined and in tho Treasury. Sec. :. That no national bank nnt hhn.11 1m hereafter issued of a denomination less than $10, and all note of such banks now ing of denominations less than favors attached. But little gold terwards so much thereof as would Over 1 he tfltlfe LaiM would go into tho Treasury under be reauired to redeem the certificates this bill. The difficulty with the ad- nsftd in r,aviHer for the bullion. Now ministration is not that they want when the government redeems those revenue, they say, but because uiey certificates issued to pay for bullion need gold to redeem greenbacks and bought from July 1S91 until Car io pay luo coin ouuijaiioua 01 luc I lisle government. Will the aenators bin ...... y. . I - 4lio4 rrlik ovfinnttrfl i Anflrt. it IS "J rciusiug iuuucj 11, - wui no authority to coin another dollar A , 111 A ' .ioth;r onnstniftion nf the law. not even tor tne exauea, patriotic uua uva vvounwvn"- - - I .1 O e Oi convinciiis tut? laruitjrs As a Re suit of The Conspiracy of The Money Power To Cause a Panic crisis that will affect Congress pow erfully from every quarter. This assertion on the part of the New York bankers that they intend ed to do their utmost to pinch busi ness everywhere with the expecta tion of causing a money crisis, had its effect. The entire world saw that the money power of the United States was to be exerted in demone tizing silver, and that to accom plish this they were to immediately commence withdrawing money from the channels of trade. From that Calvin scorched him for three hours before burning the life out of him was the same kind of argument that brother Toruuemada used to con vince the thinkers of .Spain that thinking was wicked." With the various branches of .Protestantism came successive power, resitttein tne ordinance 01 (iod; and they that resist shall re cti ve to themselves damnation," the same text which our venerable Dr. Yates, in his rather remarkable commentary upon my speech at Cary, nuoted with evident satisfac tion to justify tbe Lhurch s confessed inefficiency. I do not know what attitude Dr. Yates would have as sumed had be lived at tbe time of our Declaration of Independence. I presume, however, he would have religiously sided with the Tories rather than with the I'atriots, since Dr. Adam Clarke, in his com men- well known members of tbe Ashe ville bar, and all attended tbe court there at which Judge Robinaon pre sided. They were unanimous la their expression of their apprecia tion of tbe dignity, courtesy and gentlemanly bearing of Jodf-e Itob inon. Tbey were seen one at a time and not one had a single word of rriticisD to offer. On the contrary they were disposed to expreas warm commendation, and without excep tion they intimated that there was nothing bnt rottenness in the re ports that were sent oat from Gra ham court." criminally violated the law ment of the government says absolutely necessary to pay in gold outstand-1 , ...jf- i, w that M. P,i jt.t ud T om rr.f e nr A PUrPOSe OI COUV1UU1UK sura shall be. as rapidly as practi- . . i.,,f t qv. rt tho Knn.tnr I of the South that the grand old party cahlp. taken up. redeemed, and can- . x-n! n 1: .i ha s. is still turning out the brand-new celed, and notes of 10 ".' larger I , fmm NVhraslc:!. that unless thev I dollars! The Secretary of the Treas dtnoiuinations snau uo mouvu their stead under the direction the Comntroller of the Currency. -- - Sec. 4. That the Secretary oi me Treasury shall redeem tho I nited States notes, commonly called So Says Wittier. The Deancrat He Alia Shawi The Fatally us Depeittie el The Deoiocratlc.Pirty The Recard f Brlfht Proaliet AM Will Became el Tata. In a Congressman took occasion For Ui Caucasian . Pkxpkr County, N, C, Jan. 4. Itt. I thank you for your editorial re time a depression commenced which change of creed; but there came in tary upon this passage of Scripture Mating to Judge Robinson: I have KUOWD uiib nil uia ii ava uuj nuu man a universal favorite. It will be difficult to persuade any one who knows him (without regard to poli tics) that "Bill" Kobinson baa been rude or unkind to any one. 1 alo know Kone Klieass. (a name most hatred. Hence denominations have plaints of 1 uritans, who could not! apropos) have heard him "norate. developed one after another, almost conscientiously conform to the I and if a man can be excused for pok- without exception, the old spirit of murcn 01 t-ngianu ana uesirea a re-1 ing cotton in his ears, and applying tyranny, which lack of power alone formation ot its abuses, James, sur l smelling bottle to htsnose, it is tbe finally culminated in a panic, which j aided very much in inducing Con gress topermanentlyJ demonetize sil ver. Prices fell and distress pervaa i ed our entire land." SILVER IN NASH. none of its forms a chance of unirit lavishes unstinted praise upon the that could withstand the temptation Christian character 01 the tyranni- of nower. A sad fact it is. that re- cal iieorge 111, "who in every re formers do not learn to love their spect has acted," says he, "as the enemies or to resoect their en ual father of his people. riffhts. The more ardent their attach- In the Conference held at Hamp- ment to creed, the more intense their ton court, nui, to consider the com- An Active County Club, Uentied by Mr. W. S. Bailey Tbe rroinlnent Lawyer. The silver movement bids fair to iu 1 . i i .1 c 1,1 1 li w wnn cm us m iiim i i h i uuiiiir aimr a. itv rvr hiontprv n n nnrii is nrtw I iiHvr uccn ... ... proposa 10 ,7 certifl..!., re KTZ ' Utanc. regulir count, org.niMtion, iTKiUd SSZ SSS deemed. U counterfeiter, much .h." 5rs, opportunity the. people to- J-Mgjr recent speech, Democratic take good shape and to win active sup- could withhold from the attempt to rounded by subservient deans, bi&h- man compelled to listen to "Kopw man "VYheeler, of Alabama porters in North Carolina during the reduce Christendom each to its own ops, and archbishops, made his fa- when he is woundup. There was, isionto"rip up" the ras- coming spring. Already silver clubs creed. raous utterance: "No bishop, no not a great while ago, a Democratic "greenbacks," and also the Treasury omlise to notes issued under the provisions of v the act of July 1 1, I SOU, when pre- JJVXh snted for redemption, in standard silver dollars or in gold coin, using lor redemption of said uotcs either gold or silver coins, or both, not at tho ontion of the holder, but exclu . .. .. .. . m ""'") ' sively at the option 01 meirewuij noto .g redeemod. Department, and saiu noios, coiu monly called "greenbacks," wheu so redeemed, shall be issued as provided by the act of May 31, 18 18. iMr. I'ritchard offered an amend ment which he said would be pro posed for the tariff bill which has passed the House. It proposes to restore the tariff of the McKinley act on raw materials of the South and agricultural products. Mr. Chandler introduced a bill (S. HOI) to provide for a popular loan throutrh postal savings notes; which was read the first time by its title. He said: The first section of bill roads: "That any person may deposit at any money-order post-otlice the sum of $100 and receive therefor a re ceipt duly dated and authenticated in th followiner form: "Received of A B the sum of 1 00, for which there is due to him or his : 1 i. : n.: n ;t 7an so. as ine xeiiow wuo uiubs Call Do uu iiniui iu oiiuniu, nvi"" , . , , whn has !)) in irold. or $30 n cold, mexai ana giass uom uy iu to deposit that in the Treasury, and of the moon.. him back within nve in gold in return for gold which he deposited. It is not a caso of long bonds I call the base light Now whabdidthe Democrats prom ise? 1st, To make silver and gold equal at the mints. Orwl Tn ronpnl tho Sherman act had to denounce the demonetization of silver of 1873 was in the election of November. 1874. In the fall of that year the Democrats went before the people promising them silver coinage, and upon that promise the Democrats in Congress were increas ed from 88 to 181. The first time last steps were taken looking to a county organization, headed by Mr. W. S. Bailey, a prominent lawyer of Nashville. He was elected President for the county by a mass meeting which convened on October 7th, 1895. Mr. Bailey is now doing active, pro motive work, and intends, by the 1st, The less strength a denomination has in any place, the more tolerant it will be. It is the weak that seek shelter under the wings of justice The strong love force. The Jews, intifonAa Anna coirl ' mk hovn o 1-. otwI ,l ic 'V1 so pleased with his Majesty's man- die.'' To-day they are a broken and ne nd utterance kt they declared rf scattered nation, and tolerant every where. Even Catholicism is toler- king:" and unceremoniously broke up the Conference with tbe words: "If this be all they have to say. 1 11 make them conform, or i ll harry I them out of this land, or else do worse." His lords and prelates weie Senator s attention to that tact but 7 r ,IJ)JoU n . . iT i" 1 Z -i of April, to evganize active working - ... . Ion1 rcstnrn IliA AnnnllTV hv trifindlV I Ttamnnrafa harilanlnnnnrtnriitir tn I v. . 1 . ? .... a caso ot suort-ume posiai-savings - j uio.ivi-vv.-w-"-,"-,.-. --j i clubs in every townsnn. niese r.iuus notes, which, if the gold is deposited legislation. express their views on this .subject nold monthly meetings at which the for them, we pav in trokl when the uuamm mj in uuuuum fwuwiu nao m iuiu. question oi nuance is uitusoeu, uu ' 1 J " I T 1 1 n.fM.Kiai'tiv Af Imi J 1 il n M n . 1 Z I i i t 1 : ....... mnnov the Sherman act, which alone gave Nation of the Republican party and reformation plan to the administration plan, but I should like to get the inrorroauon I have asked for. Mr. Chandlek- Then, can I put tho Senator down in favor of this bill! Mr. Butler iso. and 1 will ex- tbat he "spoke with the instinct of the Spirit of iod." During the reign of James I "a deep and lasting love of freedom," says Hollan, "had taken hold of every class except perhaps tbe Clergy. Dependent upon royalty. they were aubservient to it. And peculiarity of belief. It is only the are they not always, as a class, sub servient io me source oi ineir sup port! The King, supported by these fawning followers of Christ for the loaves and fishes, prosecuted with of reform, the silver coinage law of Tne practical test of eligibility is the ment as complete, would not their renewed vigor his scheme of con 1878 was enacted. resolution adopted by the State silver bigotry be as cruelT Only recently formity throughout Kngland and In 1884 we elected Mr. jieveiana convention at naicign, uu i'"'' the Greensboro Christian Advocate ocotiand. xnis policy oi intolerance ant and apparently democratic in the United States, while it is intoler ant in South America where it holds the supremacy. ' Who doubts but it wmild Ha tho sidia hern if it liml the . . r i . i " question passea iron one u.uu i.uu- f But thU ig not due to any a . T t? i llr. liUTLER. IWaQl meotuamr .. ,. v:l, ,lnna mAa fntnrA iA - l,vr.n,l, A.fonH thoT I mnpn lirp.tflr his I ... . - . I kvww 0 I . . r ,i 1 nti.ic oo i n v 1 1 iwl iu uu'itiiomuu i- I nnin.rrn tiacci h! a . Wflathiaa.1T Nn tl, . cnK ut onH nnnn thT nlat. I JUeil OI nil uuiiiioi Fl y ' v1 I - : c : Fo..v. . i vjli. tiiia ouujvv., cuv r " I. ..), : onrl nartv nn it i4 ilnpit vipicSMUU ui luwuoo auatuuieui iu form Mr. 'iiiden and a democratic Jntnt.hA nrMniiation. The a creed which is believed to formu w A A J I UUl CUV.l aaw w I - . . A w Mouse oi xiepreseniauves were f I rii aion of tne auest,0n at issue late the only salvation. II 1'rotest- elected. Pursuant to this promise is tne 80ie obiect of the organization, ants were a unit and their attach and a Democratic House of Repre sentatives on a platform which said: We believe in honest money the stitution and a circulating medium converted into such medium with out loss. masters iu all the money-order or ficea of this country can begin to re ceive the poople's offerings to-uior row. All they have to do is to sign and issue a dated receipt Received of A D the sum ot $iuu, but a thousand fold worse; they not only cut off its future hope, they took away, by treason, its legal tender quality by declaring that SILVER WAS TOKEN MONEY to be redeemed in gold! Cleveland plain to you why not in a few words, and Carlisle, the highest officials of 1 am opposed to increasing the inter- government, the great leaders of . i - li. e .1 . . i I .rlAAlo.Afl ,h o t tha nnlv I would prefer to see expenses re- way to maintain the parity of the gold and sUver coinage of the Con duced and taxes lowered. The ben- metals was to utterly discredit sii- ator just now said that the admmis- ver by branding it as a dishonest tration had made a concession in re I coin, as a substitute for money snonao to the wish of the people for as a mere representative ot value to a popular loan. If it were in accord- be redeemed in gold! These nign omciais, inese uemo crats BROKE THEIR PARTY PLEDGE; broke the law they had sworn to keep, by refusing to purchase silver as the law required; spit upon and einnhasized in Mr. Cleveland's letter f .nv organizations that may be m . 1 A I I . I mT spurned the law Dy aestroying ine oC aeceptance, in which he said: effected from all over tbe State, that SY1" "uu ajo . . irrrr"" lecal tender quality of the silver ai- Th a want of the nannle arisine - i r nn-rAMvt v in rriii OTT lr n i I - . . . i amwv - r : i . . 1110 bu v ci umcLii. .u - , coined, and fettered and blast- . j0fi;0,nr, n- imnflrfAt di. canyie i-ropnecy. llA OTnppt ATimich CI, I tft COE1B . .". .. ' t. , it.. "U1U"""""VJ w . ,r .1 Cf... r.,lrU nost- " V ,7 tr, ' C u vinJei " as tne epu oncans never aia: tribntion'of money circulation ought lli?u 3:r h -j- pub: n to the Treasury throucrh his bill to T- :ii i u iriu.uw"u. L " . .J v" 1 .B. th a irrpat F.nirlish author, wrote : dvil take its desnair to oe iniiy ana nonesxiy rocogmu jjepUt,iic west of us will have devil take its despair. and effieienUy remedied. it. trial ,1-10,1. its darkest of all ata inure uuv uiuei uruuia mat wv. v iinmnn.tin Arm inn mr. i . . . the Democratic party is the great Yea, verily I say Judge from a near by county to thi. who, it is said, reached the bench solely by his power to roll bis eye (and they were rollers) keep his mouth shut, and look wise. Mj friend Robinson "got there" because he is a clever fellow, and everybody likes him, and if Willie Allea had to be beaten 1 am glad "Bill did it. It will be a long time before anyone who knows him, will believe any thing else of Judge Robinson, than that be is the .same clever, genial, wholesouled gentleman on tbe Bench, that he has always been on tbe streets of tioldsbo-o. "Fair play is a jewel." Again I thank you. KerpectullT, Rockt I'OIST. JI IMIK ROHIXeOK. declared that "the only way to re form Catholicism is to destroy it' I take this to be an expression of Protestant spirit. All Protestant denominations have a dread of Catb- .1 ! .1 J 1 ance witn ine peopie s uemauu there would be no bonds issued at all. But the point I wish to get at is. does the Senator approve the construction of the law made by the . I ucvioiai Y i. vuvi A tMhJM. " " " - order a postal-savings note drawing wllicn ue redeems the greenbacks in interest from this daiO. trold and pays the coin obligations mere are oniy -o w u 1 u .- m receipt or telegraphic oruer Iru Uoe3 ue expect enough crold to corae the Postmaster-General. The post- . . tae Treasury through his bill to meet the requirements of the govern ment? Mr. Chandler. No, Mr. .Fresi 25th last. A similar movement of this kind in every county in the State would do much toward clearing up a great prob lem for many people, for despite the r;vnmiia ra mnn i crns nf education that hvA hAn made, there is a considerable olic ascendancy, not less lively than nnmhor of neoDle who actually do not I the death-instinct in animals: a tear In 1892 we again went before the I vet know what "ltttol" means; and 80 intense, that the desire of self- people with a platform which said: among this unfortunate class 01 our preservation against the probable We hold the use of both gold and fellow citizens there is a considerable ener0achments of a common enemy, silver as the standard money of the number who are promme nt in eluci- wMle rendering them U a degree . . . , ... t nn, inctitntinna. nnsinpRs circles ana .. CT ... 0 country, and to tneeoinage 01 DOin " ""jMV in"S mutually tolerant, would at any eold and silver without discrimina- e"SJlaVv h. rii tn time more nearly from a basis of .tion against either metal. PPtOPtB from all clubs now in ex- united action This clause in the platform was i8tence and would appreciate reports need of saving it was, on the part of the Church of England a policy it pursued . so long as it had the power that col onized tho wilderness of Massachu- ti. M. rercnaea. Be., ml Wnrnneeilto. Be lieve He Baa Heee nlUreare nlea. To the Etiitor of the Charlotte Olmerrer I bad never met Judge Robinson until he came on the twelfth circuit I first practiced before him at Hay wood court. I am warranted is setts with men who desired the free-1 saving that he was kind and eonrte dom of worshipping according to the I ous to the officers of Haywood, and dictates of their own conscience. I courteous to the bar. He evidently But the Puritans in Massachusetts I had the utmost ronDdenee in the law at once inaugurated a system flyers who practiced before him, eon- government which denied the same sidering them, as well as himself, as freedom to those whose religious members of the court. I feel safe in opinions differed from their own. aying that it was the universal MembershiD in their Chnrrh waa oDiaion of the Waynesville bar that ft,., tho nrAc:n I a Drereauisita for holding of. I he waa absolutely honest, aad in all souls, or the cry that bee or the full exercise of citizen-1 his rulings he was prompted by ef from the hearts of ship. They proposed to limit liber-? sense of right. I never had oceasu foe of silver! there are. One hundred lions OF into the TpAasnrv and puts it on interest 1m mA.1ia.tely. What is to be issued in return for this receipt! Rv.c. 2. That upon the presenta tion of a postal-savings receipt at nv .Wipnated depository of the it.:i. j c.i ,:!,, n tlio where ? . uniieu onics - I to be a and sixty-two mil- BONDS the dent, I believe if we will take gold in small sums from the people of u:a .nnntrv Tif1 nroTnise to Dav for which there is due to him or his , v , ni 1 at anv time after , ,. l lVUA MMMJM. . " 1 .11 oruer pubii-yiuko uid & the first, second, or. miru yuar, auu interest irom mis uaie. ,hf this o-nvArnmemt will eet ' T . . 1 (1 11 . LULkb tUlJ - That cets the money into the 1,1 ;t .t nd that the issued to keep up the gold reserve. r - I H. I LUC aZ.VS4.Vt 1 - . necessities of the Treasury will be to meet the current expenses 01 wholly relieved by the adoption 01 ine government;. 1UB,"W "i v:n the interest-bearing debt in time of IU13 Mill. . . , UM .L ivt- TiTTrrTiro T th nt tho Senator universal peace, wuue iuo vauiwui 11X1. UUlliAU. I - , ... . I i mistaken about that; but if we are the treasury were oursung wuu umu thi muii going to have a loan at all it ought ot suver coin iegai wuiwuvum, .!i.t.infftP.t. But Dossessing every function of money The Democratic platform and Mr. hours. It is traveline the high road Cleveland's letter were understood! to that direful day. And this scourge and explained by the public press I will not come amid famine's horrid throughout the United States to mean stride, nor will it come by ordinary that ai1vAT slinnlrl Vlu nilia OTI Tim- Dunitive iudements. It will come as a sam a tATm o-Ald. and hiatus in statecraft, a murderfous l,ot th. chnnlrl n nrt diaorimina- bungle in. policy. tion aeainst either metal. Upon this platform and pledge we elected -.lied statesmen will cry over-produc w , T-fc a T I . . . .a a 1 a. a tiemocrauc r resident, a iemo-1 tion, the people win goto ine oanoi eratie House and a Democratic Sen-1 box amid hunger and destitution, but surrounded by the glitter 01 sen ruie, powir f, ttid THI and ratify, by their ballots, the mon- POWCK CAUSKD THIS I rnAntinn lit- wl UT lann BUUUa laiscuuw, vy.. .v , PAJllO 1H XOVO. I t-aA Viw mia-stjttaniAn. and Tindica- madfn, -rcWct fmm tha Wri. nf thin. Thev Proposed to limit liber-' sense OX nDu i neTir uau VCCMIUB the oppressed, hungry and wretched ty of conscience and freedom of ar-on the circuit to complain at his the hvine God. throuehout the land, interpreted tbe Bible from their I his integrity, and I regarded hiss as 1 - I i a . I m m a . a m rta,M en n aaai v t : $ rp. standpoint, ana as vigorously arainst I iree irem vuw a lew lavin .u yiwi. iub J , . " . . a I T J f .... .mm, ai IK Uiii.Ii followers of Huss were soon divided oine M uau Ta lu?JF?V "7 IT- T-.:r v r.; ... Ia4Kav nivtinst w ham into contending factions. Thou VV"VV",n ; font. Knt nossessine every iubcuuhui iuuuc v tt0 to the H7th dav oi April. XSJo. I ted bv the same oairot ine iniamous the receipt was issued, there shall be f De0Die can raise $100, and only and in every way the equal of the conndence in the financial situation lie, over-production, thrown upon the i u i r.Di-onf a nnstsl- p J iL.i v. I Knt nnlv this, bnt thev. these I j iu. v,;;o. o rrw nnu. hrmze bv servile editors through a issueuinmeF 'ur,'v" a very tew can raise mat wuu ki. --v, - rr . i nuu "6""" r,w". inn thi. hrinn rail savings note duly autnenucaieu m u If ng to have a democrats enaeavureu i i penty seemea apparent, un mat """h:" the form following, to-wit: opular ioan, i wofid Uke to ask the 500,000,00 0 of J" the banker, and moneyed men JSSi: I ask the attention of the Senate genator whether it would not be bet- certificates into bonds, interest and of New York had a meeting and laid 86,1 anu op2lf ! to the extreme simplicity of the pos- . t ke the gumg sn?aller, like principle their plans to force Congress and Alfred Austin, a journalist, has tal-savings note. the popular loans in France, which payable in gold. , the administration to repeal the Deen appointed poet laureate of Eng For value received the c nuea oiaiea were made gman enough for every at wonder that silver should de- purchasing clause oi ine onerman landj to succeed the late Alfred Ten or America promises io pay iv- r J peasant to be a holder or jgovern- u e value under the assaults o aci mu mus iti .u, uiwwob . W I I II I in tn TXT T III I . T .TiA I -mm m IT 4. l Aen A M AWa Am W III W n A flATITI. I jyxvv x ment securities, in my otaie mere the8e. ;ts friends, who stabbed it loun uie "i, w a in nno TTaJ Q T Trilfll 1LU 1 I 1 m sssc hnt rT O a TTl TI . n I . . . -- i . 9 11. . A. 1S J Aa.nM I fww nsnu siiaii K Mrs IIHLni U11UDU LU uiuuejr iu. j . 7 . are a iew f - death What wonaer mai wuu "j- r. . , - iu. i.,u runniisaer tuc ranee nr $3 interest thereon; and in case oi ne ld piece to a family, and want reveled amidst rioting abnnd- accomplish this purpose even u.tney iuu bitn ,n- vnvs"-v delav of presentation the interesi , an th.. uTa.nT at all it is in i, y,a f.ov fnnnd himself had. as they expressed it, to pincn REFORM BY SUBSCRIBING TO THE paid shall be $6.10 after the end ot f. nid gtockines. and is saved sim- L v' ftl thm Anteous harvest: business throughout the country and the aAP.nnd vear. ffu.u aiier me tmu i . t -.t .ma hititmnt i cause a money crisis. avy were dw or the third vear. 91-.W aitot ----. were so mutually intolerant, that only the necessity of united action, or separate submission under the crusades of the Church their com a muruer ousi 1 ji mr ' "v -& in nnlicv. 11 Will oe Wllril I ucinctu mviuaoiTca. u men ruuic- - . f ml . . I , . 1 . . I 1 . . health is intact, crops abundant and i gies against me nurcn, tney were the munificent band open. Then so-1 brutally intolerant aad merciless. They did not fight humanely, be cause they fought about religion: and in their efforts to force their doctrines eft a 550 convents 100 towns destroyed, priests butch ered, and men and women slain by tens of thousands. Under their one- eyed leader, John Ziska, the friend of Huss and Jerome, they swept all opposition with nre and sword. ine Liutnerans, wnere they ac quired the power, persecuted the Catholics, and exercised their power CAUCASIAN $1.00 A YEAR. With their I attribute the difference between the beliefs and under their temptations! Judge and aome of the members f "of unhindered sway," persecution I the profession ana twfn i um seemed to them not only tbe most I court more to Judge Kobinson s ont- potent weapon, but a duty they I spoken Banner, and somewhat narr owed to Christ r.nd that duty tbey I ousnesa, than any want or courtesy . . ev t I a. w l . a. i a unflinchingly performed." With I on bis pan. i ao nor ueuv ae their first Synod in 1G37, "a theo- parpesely intended U pe logical glacier," says C. Y. Adams, I anyone, tie is a man oi in- "then settled down over Massacbu-1 pulses ana suvug (nubx so ""-setts-a glacier lastinic through a j times made hasty expressions which period of early 150 years." I gave pain, ue is xuu mi numw ua es upon their country, they ley lreMJ ""f1 W uTJlCliT VTrirbt' record of 1 r)00 villain and William, a genuine apostle of civil but he had the manliness to right .i'iffoSt -4 hfWX- heVffeier mucbiat rirAvui r.ri.rt. KtA communicated and banished Mrs. he gave offeuee. 1 Uans. muen max Hutchinson and her followers.. They has bees said ot Jndge noninsoa u whipped, mutilated, imprisoned, ban- the papers might weu naye aeea ieii ished, and hanged the Quakers as 1 unsaid. He is a J odge of the Snpe-. "dreaded hereties preaching aedi-1 nor tourx oi orva wviui, tions and damnable doctrines." I ed by the people, and while he waaU Ihey strangled free thcught and ex- to discipline himseif to some extent pression, and through fear or the I he nas many 7 . devU tare the world an appalline!-10 aonasty or intern- ... . -. . .... . . I a A 1 mm. A mmmmt illustration oi superstitious DondAge, i won, pwiea "V "T: tUUUSM OX new. a aaw ma wau . ... tmnti nr tr. anrl nlnnraul lann. ersaswell. lhe loiiowers of Jjuther I V: rTT." ZJU i:v-j l.;. .n1 nfieiestlv mm. HI I1TW in inn HlFF.IIIIIina aiir na rmm a linaj Maeenn mm m aw - ... Klin I iaotuI ni agsiunnj iw avuvw taaava lIHk A' 4 Z . ... . , . Similar persecutions broke ont his high amfrtuon is to w-kt wu against Quakers and Baptists in lot his coungymem. 1 eanaaana themselves broke into intolerant factions. The "strict" Lutheran party raged against not only the fol lowers Zwingli and Calvin, bnt against their own Melanchthon who Continued on 3 psflaj aad discharge) ear4: 1 I'

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