r - THE CAUCAGIAH PTBLIBUCO EVERY THURSDAY. BT Tff S CAI'CSMaM rrnuswiaa CO. M tllOil HI TUCK, rr4U HALATKH. HmhIii MIM. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, B.vE ve-s. r. oo BIX MONTH.. . THREE MOXTIIS Jfi Entered In tbt font Office at Rsib, it. C, as flflrond. Class Mstter. , THE POLK MONUMENT. To Allukckmkk xi Friexihj of Col. Polk: The 1'olk monument is hardly half finished and the money we have collected has all bmi stx-nt. We iiiuttt not lift the work stop here. The nioriiiriKnt tnuat be finished. Some Alliances have not contributed anything. They ihould do so. Hut at any rate let every Alliance and individual that hat contributed Bend in another contribution of equal amount and thia will raise sufficient money to complete the monument Thia monument should be finished without delay. We hope to have the unreiliny ceremonies sometime next spring or summer. lift every friend of Col. Polk go to work ut once and raiae as large a contribution as possible. The amounts and the names of those who contribute will be pub lished in The Caucasian as for merly. Address, Marion Hitler, llaleigh, In. C. Till MKAf III SIN ESS. The National Kxeeutive Committee of the People's Tarty has called the next National" cor vntion to meet in hit. hums uu Jul -'Jad. This is wise to hold the c-onvention after the two old party conventions. The committee aluo passed a reso lution calling on all voters who are opposed to the single standard and the rule of monopoly to meet there at the name time. ' A special committee was appoint ed to go to Wa.shington and confer with the silver forces which met in Washington yesterday, and urge them to call a convention to meet at the same time and place so that all reform forces can unite npbn the same candidates for President and Vice-President. The People's Party has never done anything that was wiser and had more practical politics in it than this There are now fine prospects for the people to elect a man who is an American and a patriot for Presi dent. TUB OH4KKVKK A LITTLK MIXED. ''Home of our Democratic contempo raries are attaching undue importance we think, to the fact that the Populists in the lower house of Congress are vot ing with the Democrats upon almost every question that arises. They f: get that the Populist are against what ever is if they were not they would not be Populists. If the Democrats controlled the House they would be found voting with the Republicans. Charlotte Observer. Mr. Observer you are a little mix ed. We take pleasure in straight ening you. When the Republican party is in power it proceeds at once to legislate against the interests of the people and for the benefit of the gold combine and the monopolists. The People's Party fights vigorously and votes against the wrongs com mitted by the Republican party. When the Democratic party gets in power it at once begins to serve the same gold combine and monopolies. Then the People's Party true to the people takes a stand against the wrongs committed by the Democra tic party. Of c-Mire whir- r old party happen to be out ot puwei pitltuu. to oppose what is beiDg done for the sake of keeping up the appearance of two different parties and to fool the people. Bit mark you, when ever the party in power fail to mus ter enough votes in its own ranks to be ray the people into the hands of their enemies, then the other old parly at once comes to the rescue and furnishes enough votes to commit the crime. When the Republican party want ed to fasten the National Banking monopoly upon the backs of the peo ple, the Democratic party came for ward with enough votes to help them to success oue of the votes furnish ed by the Democrat to the Repub licans on that occasion was the vote of ex-S- nator Ransom. . When the Democratic party want ed to repeal the silver law in the last Congress, without substituting some thing else, the Republicans came for ward and furnished enongh votes to help the Democrats commit the das tardly crime. The ranks of the People's Party is constantly being swelled by votes from .both of the old parties as they realize that there is no difference be tween the two old parties when they are in power. They both rob the people they both tent the gold conspirators. Yes, the People's Party "is against what is" that is, against the infam ous wrongs committed by both of the parties. The People's Party il turn ing a ealcitim light on the illicit in tercourse of these two political pros titutes and criminals. The people will soon, by exposure, force them to get married openly and live together as one. There is no incompatibility of principles and temper between tbem and they could live together in peace and harmony. We hope the Observer understands why the People's Party cannot en dorse the crimes committed by either one of the old parties -in Congress. THE CONVICTION OF M ATT KBM KL AMD HKOWN. The people must have an. honest and intelligent government. Their will has for years been thwarted by cheating at the polls, hut we hope the last election law wiii put an end to that. Hut this is not all. Intelligent and incorruptible men must be sent to the legislature to put into the form of law the will of their constit uents. The bare suggestion that a bill has by wilful negligence or cor ruption been enrolled and ratified, and thus made the law of the land, is a disgrace to the State. At the last Superior court of Wake, the jury declared that in the passage of the notorious "Assign ment Act," the Chief Clerk of the House was guilty of wilful negli gence, and the Chief Enrolling Clerk guilty of wilful and corrupt negli gence. If this be true they deserve punishment! But if there vat cor rupt negligence there mutt be oth'r guilty men. Where did the corruption come frorat Who furnished the money? Who wrote the bill? Who paid the money! WTho did the corrupting! Does it make any difference as to what political party he belongs! Is a Democratic briber less dishonor able or less deserving of punishment than a Populist or Republican bri ber! We do not propose to attack the solicitor for prosecuting Satterfield and Brown. We must compliment him for the zeal and ability with which he prosecuted for the State. But he has not gone far enough. We suspect certain persons who were the prime movers in this cor ruption, but we are not at present prepared to furnish the names and the evidence; and therefore we can not ask him to draw and send to the grand jury a bill of indictment. But in the name of honesty, in the name of the right of the people to make their own laws, we do insist that he have this matter thoroughly in vestigated by the next grand jury. If he will do this we promise to give him the names of certain persons who, we think, can throw light on the subject. Turn on all the light, Mr. Solicitor! Throw out your net in the grand jury room and bring to shore all the fish without regard to political affiliations. If none are caught you will have done no harm. T - . in wnose interest was this assign ment act! If in the interest of cer tain Baltimore merchants, whom did they employ to carry out their wishes! The answer to this question may give you a start. Keep up the work. Don't stop now. The next grand jury will gladly aid you in getting at the whole truth. Don't be frightened at the possibility of catching a Democrat ! ! THE PEOPLE'S PARTY GROWS. Ex-Gov. Gibbs, of Texas, is out in a card declaring that the only hope of this country is through the Peo- rl'a Party, lie has been a Demo crat ail hid lite ana no renouncto the Democratic machine because it has deserted and betrayed every vital principle of Democracy. With the late Senator Vance, he "agrees that Democracy is immortal, and he joins the People s Party as the best repre sentative ot that Democracy. The People's Party is growing very rapidly all over the country. For every prominent man, like ex Oov. Gibbs, who joins the People's Party, there are probably over ten thousand voters who quietly resolve that the hope of the nation is in the People's Party, but whose name nev er appear in the newspapers. MB. W. K. FOUNTAIN. We present this week a plain but eloquent letter from Mr. W. E. Fountain, Mayor of Tarboro. He has always affiliated with the Democratic party, but its policy has beeome so indefensible, that he has reached a "parting of the ways," and he parts company with it. The letter needs no comment. Next week we will offer a biograph cal sketch of this gentleman. While the little collared Cleveland-Hoax-Myth barkers and snappers are snarling at Butler and lying i j'wj.w muu utu voters are getting together and passive resolutions of tnanks to him for hB i . . . uinuij ouunw sua oraye ngrt against Clevelandism, fraud and public thieving. Selah ! . " - . IlTOItIAL. COMMXHrX. An effort is to be made at the pre sent session of Congress to have the Department of Labor, which is at present under a commissioner who is not a member of the Cabinet, made a full-fledged executive department, with a secretary of Cabinet rank at its head. A bill to this effect has been introduced by Representative Babcock, of Wisconsin. .The meas uie provides, also, for the appoint ment of an assistant secretary, and for the payment of both secretary and assistant secretary of the same salaries paid to similar officials in other department. The introducer of the bill argues that the industrial classes are as clearly entitled to have an executive department of Cabinet rank to represent them as are the agriculturists, and that while the heads of the other departments may be friendly to labor, they cannot give questions affecting labor the thorough consideration which a retary specially commisioned to do so would. Allison, of Iowa; Harrison, of In diana; Reed, of Maine; McKinley, of Ohio; Cullom, of Illinois; and Mor ton, of New York, are the aspirants for the Republican nomination for President. Cleveland is. the only man spoken of now with reference to the Democratic nomination. The old party gangs have made a consid erable number of nominations for the People's Party. To show how they will do and what they will do, they recently said that Marion But ler was a candidate. Now ' it just happens that Mr. Butler lacks tnree years of being old enough to be President and this is a fact that he knows. But these old crows never stop to get at facts. Guessing and lying are plenty good for their busi ness. They could not thrive on truth. A banker of Atlanta said that the greatest blessing that could befall me larming class ot people would be about two complete failures of crops. Should thia same banker take his own medicine and suffer the loss of collections for two years, saya the American Nonconformist, there would be Buch a wail go up from the vaults of bankerdomas would reach even the chair of the President him self, and that functionary would "bust his suspenders writing a 'special" message implorinsr Con gress to save "the soundest financial system tne worm ever saw. Mer cury. We desire to say to our friends that the Congressional reports in The Caucasiak are absolutely ac curate as far as they go. They could be, made fuller and eertainly much interesting matter could be presented if we could afford to give it If the people would make some effort they could put this paper in a position to keep the public ful ly posted. If we could enlarge the paper, we would do this; and of all the important matters of the present year, a knowledge of what Congress is doing is the most important. No honest man should permit himself to be misinformed. Now we are beffinninc to "cefc there." By the Democratic schedule the country will be surely run into i naaes it some accident does not oc cur to wreck the train. The Pope of novae nas ottered to arbitrate the Venezualen matters between Eng land and the United States just aa though there was something to arbi trate. The Pope's most holv and in fallible offer may be accepted, but he may just bet his Peter's pence that it will not be until after that $100,- 000 which has been voted bv Cou gres3 for an investigating committee naa an been gobbled up. "The next time North Carolina's Senators decide to annihilate Senator 11 ill thev should noun p. ft nnnn him while he is asleep." Washington Post, When it is so easy to "put" him to sleep aa appears from the Senate colloquy, the North Carolina Sena tors could not be so unmerciful as not to give him all the advantage he can have by being wide awake. Mr. Post, you ought to be better able to aistinguisn between the gapes of an old bu?zard and the swoop of a young bald eagle. Associate Justice Walter Clark is now in Mexico where he will spend some time. He has been especially engaged by the Arena to write on the economic conditions of that country. "The Two Reonblica " an influential journal published in the uy oi Mexico says : "Judge Walter Clark, Justice of the upreuie court, oi ortn Carolina, is spending his winter vacation in Mex co Judre Clark nrnnnspa tn mda trip to the famous ruins at Mitla before returning, ue is one or the most in telligent men that has visited the coun try this season." Mr. R. Z. Linnev ret.Titlv n aria speech in Congress in which he gave 3iuw ugures mat ougnt to be the concern of every voter. See what he said in our Congressional report. Then try to remember what the Dem ocrats have said about the internal revenue, then see if you can find anything they have done about it. The effort of some Democratic pa pers to make it aDDear to thn Twtnnh that Butler is a fool is indisputable evidence that these papers assume that the peeple are fools. This lat ter assumption is something which we do not believe. It does m&t thasa dirtv Jicvanii- -J table little Democratic skunks try to raise an awtui stmt to see a North Carolina Senator taking a high stana, aemanding public justice and achieving reputation. If Senator Butler had said nothing since ne nas oeen in Washington, these eander-brained little demv Mo tors would be squawkincr about . man wno was airaid to -open his mouth. Rave on, ye little Democratic buz-zard-pereh roosters. If Senator Butler . was not being generally "cussed out" bv von. we wonld via him a few rounds ourself . Frank J. Cannon and Arthur Brown are the two U. S. Senator from the" new State of Utah. . Both profess to be out and out silver men; but in the face of this profession they are Republicans. MAYOR FOUNTAIN, OF TARBORO Declares Thit Both the Old Parties Are Fake acd Unreliable Strong Facts Cited As Proof He Declares That All Patriots Should Join The Populists In The Interest Of The Good Of Humanity. Takboho, N. C, Jan. Oth, 185. Editor The Caucaiax : I attended the non-partisan Silver conven tion held in llaleigh n Sept. 25th, 189j, as a business man and a iVmo crat, believing that honest convictions were paramount to party and every other consideration when the weifvre and happiness of the masses were involved. It was my purpose to support a movement which 1 considered j of supreme importance to our people. I had hoped, inasmuch as the call for the convention was issued by leading Democrats, and endorsed by Populists and Republicans, that steps would be taken whereby all advo cates for the restoration of silver could be united, and demonstrate to tbe people that they were sincere and earnest in declaring for tbe free coinage of same. Party paltforms, with double meaning, have been used for the purpose of obtaining power. None of the pledges were fulfilled, and the honest party adherents have been betrayed. Partisanship should no longer control men when great principles, tend ing to tbe relief of the people are at stake. As the financial question is considered so momentous, it was expected that party spirit would be laid aside, and all would unite at the IUleigh convention. After attending the caucus on the evening prior to its assem bling, (in which all parties were represented) and having listened to the speeches of such prominent men as Jarvis, Ashe, Davis, Whitaker, Mott, Harris, Butler and Kitchen, that aroused and kindled patriotic emotions and elicited Buch applause, when all declared that the convention was in the interest of humanity and above party great was my surpriss when some of those present the day before failed to attend and participate in the de liberations of the convention next day. Hence my remark to the News and Observer reporter: That the convention had opened the way for in dependent action on the part of all sincere silver Democrats:" I did not expect anything bui false-playing on the part of the Ransom administration element, but I did expect to see Senator Jarvis, to whom many were looking for leadership, throw himself with zeal into the move ment. His failure to do so, and the subsequent declaration of the Dem ocratic leaders and newspapers to prove their sincerity in support of bi metallism by the endorsement of the resolutions adopted by the conven tion, have convinced me that the game of deception is to be practiced, and party prejudices appealled to. 1 My object in writing this letter is to emphasize the statement in regard to independent action, and to say that -ire are in earnest in our ad vocacy of the silver question, that the time has come for the people to rise above party and think and act for themselves. Selfishness, greed, and bit ter political intolerance have dominated and corrupted the two old parties, and proven a curse to this and the coming generation, by placing upon them burdens too grievous to be borne. We, as freemen, should break loose from these fetters and influences, or they will eventually doom us as a nation. With the dawn of the twentieth century let us achieve greater advance ment in Christian civilization, institute a new order of reforms, whereby burdens may be lightened and mankind lifted, and be known in history as a mighty natioirof the most enlightened and brilliant age of the world the electric age, when touched by Divine love formed a mighty current and man stood to man as brother. Both of the old political parties have shown that they are on tbe side of Mammon. The People's Party was born of necessity. Its mission is to work- out the reforms demanded by the multitude. It behooves all pa triots to join it and aid in promoting the good of humanity. It has been ridiculed, misrepresented and spit upon by politicians and gold-worshippers. Did they do less to Christ ? W. E. Fountain. Say, when you read the Congres sional reports do you observe a very significant fact) You may easily see that Senator Butler has put that professing silver gang in a hole in the Senate. His resolutions have brought that body face to face with the great issue of the day, and it be gins to look as though he will make those old duffers and dodgers show what they mean, And now when they can't dodge without showing the cloven foot, they are trying to steallButler's thunder. Old Mills, of Texas, and old Pugh, of Alabama, have both introduced resolutions of the same nature of those introduced by Butler and are making big speech es on them. But it seems they are in no hurry to come to a vote and make a record. Do you see ? The great bond syndicate has been dissolved. This means an ending of the scandalous secret deals. But the bonds will be issued all the same if something does not happen quick. This is but littls less scandalous than the secret bond business. The men who composed the syndicate have still got the gold, and they will yet get the bonds. They will not make quite so much as they did before, but they will make more in the long run than the bonds will amount to. In thirty years they will get one hund red and twenty million dollars inter est on one hundred million dollars (face) of bonds, and then the gov ernment will have to redeem the bonds as well. Senator Butler put both old parties in a hole when he told them on the floor of the Senate a few days ago that he could pledge either side six People's Party votes that would vote to stop the issue of bonds. He went further and said that either side could get six votes (which would give to either side a majority) now or any hour when they saw fit to of fer or try to pass r.ny measure for the relief of the American people. Neither side can now escape respon sibility for want of votes enough to make a majority. If the Democratic papers that are so persistently "trying" (trying is all) to misrepresent the .North Caro lina Senators, would have the com mon decency and fairness to print some of their speeches, their readers would see what colossal falsifiers these demy papers are. But of all things desired by this disgusting Democratic crew, the most desired is that these speeches shall not get before the people. But they'll "get there all the same ! " The fact that the North Carolina senior Senator is making himself ieit ana aoing sometmng is a source of agonizing annoyance and desper ate i age to Democrats in this State. ne is getting more cussing and more abuse than any ether man who ever held the same position from the old North State, and the "wherefore" from whence this dirty and malig nant abuse eomes is the best evidence that some hit dogs are hollering. It is said that the war in Cuba has already cost Spain $60,000,000, and all she has to show for it is Go mez and his followers giving pyro technic exhibitions within gunshot of Havana. Star. Tha National Democratic Convention. The Democratic National Execu tive Committee met in Washington last week to deeide upon the time and place for the next National Dem ocratic convention. Chicago. St. Lonis. New York and f!ininn.ti all made a fight through representa tives to get the meeting. Twenty nine ballots were held by the com mittee before a choiee was made. and on this ballot Chicago was chosen as the nlaca. Th data YA already been set for July 7th. The silver strength oi the committee was for St. Louis and voted for ' that town, but the goldbngs favored Chicago and won, as the goldbugs always do with Democrats. This vote showed that ZiMii2v-fr oumAcM uj. iMietjaaaonai iemocrauc com- mittee were godbugs, and that twenty-four members of this National Democratic committee were silver men. Its funny, but in any little matter of contest among Democrats it always happens that goldbug Democrats can defeat silver Demo crats. What in the deuce is a Demo crat anyway! CONGRATULATED SILVER SENATORS A Michigan Committee of All Parti De cries an Iaane of Bond. Lansing, Mich., Jan. 17. An ex ecutive committee of nine, represent ing au pontiral parties, was aDnoiat ed at to-day's session of the free sil m ver. conierenee, wno will carry on the work of organization and ed ucation. A disDatch was ordernd sent to United States Senators Jones, Teller, and Morgan, congratulating them on their fight "in the interest of the people and against plutoc racy," and adding that "regardless of party, Michigan is with you against all bond issues, against the gold standard, and in favor of the constitutional money of the coun try." Thanks to Senator Batler. Elizabeth Citt.N. C, Jan. 17. At a regular meeting of Berea Alii ance, No. 1103, held January 14th, 1S96, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Sesoleed, 1st, That the thanks of this Alliance are hereby tendered to our wormy senator, tne lion. Ma rion Butler, for his patriotic effort in trying to prevent the further is sue of interest bearing bonds, and in Irvine to enact laws to tax in comes, and for his efforts to restore silver to its constitutional place as a money metal. 2nd, That a copy of these resolu tions do sent to tne Progressive Farmer and The Caucasian for pub lication; a copy sent to senator Bnt ler and a copy spread upon the min utes ot tnis finance. J. C. Perry. Secretary. Another "Goldbug" Blmetalliat. J. B. t oraker, of Ohio, has just Deen elected to tne u. . Senate by tne i&epuDiican legislature of that State- He seems to be another one of these straddle bugs, or what may ne cauea a -gold Dug" bimetallist. That is to say, while he knows that the demonetization of silver was an infamous crime, he will not try to correct it unless somebodv rav h may. In making acknowledgments oi a is election ne said: "I believe also in bimetallism. (Applause.) I fcelieve the world made a mistake when it demonetiz ed silver. I sincerelv hons iaum safe way may be found for the resto ration of silver to its rightful place aiongsiae oi goia as a money of ulti mate redemption. I shall favor every measure calculated, in mv juagmeni, io Dnng about that re 5 . . . .... sult, subject always, however, to the condition that it provides for the maintenance of the naritv of the two metals. Every dollar of monev issuea oy tne united states govern ment, whether gold, "silver, or paper, must be of exactly equal value with every other dollar. The United states cannot afford to have a cur rencv system or a monAv atn.nAa.m1 less good or less high than the best in an tne world. Democrats Seareo la Colorado. Washington Postl National Democratic HnuimirtAA. man Charles S. Thomas, of DsnMr. who was at the Capitol, yesterday. miu a preoicuon. "The vete of Colorado " he said. "will not be cast in the next election for a single standard man, either Republican or Democrat. If the two srreat narties nominate mn who n on a gold basis, as now seems likely, the vote of Colorado will m to th nominee of the silver party, of the Ponulist Party, or anv othr man who is favorable to silver.7' Have the Democrats hevnn a figure on whom their candidate afaa.11 ber "There are yery few Democrats in our country since Mr. Cleveland has been President." was the reply, ex cept those whov hold the ofieee. Theee offlee-holding Democrats taade an attempt not long ago to organise themselves as the Democratic Party of the State, bet we seriously ob jected, and their effort failed. I don know who we will nominate I am not even certain that it is worth while nominating anybody at all. (RAND LOME A. F. AND A. leeth AaaJ CsmUm-B. X. DAos oer T ra ati Kai t e To Loc Will Bom UMrn WaskUag. Im la I The Grand Lodre of Masons con vened in 109th annual communication in this city last week. The iirand officers present were: Francis M. Moye, Urand Master; Kiehard J. No- a i . a s . we Die, iepuiy urana J aster; oaner E. Moore. Senior Grand Warden; James A. Leach, Junior Grand Warden: William Simnson. Grand Treasurer, John C. Drewry. Grand Secretary; M. L. Winston, Grand ChaDlain: llnrr I. Clark. Snior Grand Deacon; Beverly S. Koyster, Junior Grand Deacon; francis D. Winston. Grand Marshal; K. B. Neave. Grand Sword Bearer: A. J. liarrell. Grand Pursuivant; W. II. Applewhite, Grand Stewart; D. S. Gurley, Grand 8teward; Robert H. Bradley. Grand Tiler. The Past Grand officers present were Horace 11. Munson, John n. Cotten, John Nichols, Past Grand Masters; S. H. Rountree, Past Junior Grand Ward en; Gustavo Resenthal and William II. Bain, Grand Secretaries. 1G1 lodges were represented. The report of the Oxford asylum shows receipts or fZO.VSs, of which thetGrand Lodge gave $2,000. The State appropriation is $10,000. Dis bursements were $19,775. The asy lum is out of debt. Last year Mr. B. N. Dnke. of Dur ham, offered $5,000 for new build ings if like amount were raised, and he extended that oner this year in creasing the amount to $10,000. 190 pupils were reported at the asylum. It was found that $3,100 had been raised during the past year, and during the meeting of the Lodge $3,000 was raised and pledged and enthusiastic arrangement were made for the speedy raising of the balance of the second $5,000. Election of officers for the year were as follows: F. M. Moye was elected Grand Master; J. C. Drewry was re-elected grand secretary; William Simpson, grand treasurer; W. H. Summer ville, deputy grand master; Walter E. Moore, senior' grand warden; B. S. Royster, junior grand warden. Grand Master of Masons Moye ap pointed officers as follows: II. I. Clark, senior grand deacon; F. D. Winston, junior grand deacon; E. B. Neave, grand marshal; A. J. liar rell, grand sword-bearer; W. H. Ap plewhite, grand pursuivant; D. 8. Gurley and J. T. Reed, grand stew ards: B. W. Hatcher, irrand ltnror- Rev. M. L. Winston, grand chaplain. The officers were installed by Past Grand Master Horace H. Munson. A resolution was adopted thanking B. N. Duke for his ten thousand dol lar gift to the Oxford Asylum. The Lodge appropriated $3,500 to the or phan asylum for the current year. J. M. Curren was re-elected a direc tor of the asylum. The .Lodge adopted a resolution that it would participate in the cere monies at Washington and Mt. Vern on, in honor ef George Washington, : T 1 i cinn iii lsecemoer, oj'j. Government Ownership of Railroads. Mayor Pingree, of Detroit, Mich, in a recent address on stated "that in Australia you can ride 1,000 miles across country for $6.50, first class, while workmen can ride six miles for 1 cents, while rail road men receive 1) tto 30 per cent more wages for eight hours ;of labor than they ate paid in this country for ten hours. In Hungary, where the roads are owned bv the State you can ride six miles for 1 cent, and since the roads were bought by the government the men's wages have 1 1 1 Va a . aouDieu. Belgium tells the same story, and, moreover, derives $4,000 000 a year from the railroads. In Germany you can ride four miles for i cent on state roads and wages are 125 per cent higher than under pri vate ownership." As the above figures show, crov ernment ownership of railroads is proving a great success in Australia Germany.Hungary and other coun tries. Passengers are carried for less than one-third the rate per mile cnarged by railroad corporations in tnis country, the employees receiv ing better pay and the tax burdens of the people are relieved by the large income arising from the opera tion ot governments roads. Everv objection to government ownership nas oeen met and settled in favor of the system. Gold for Sis Goats. The remarkable discoveries of irnld recently made in Colorado causes the Denver Road to get off the following: Colorado's eold is measured bvth gold standard. Southern cotton is measured by the eold standard Western wheat is measured bv the gout biauuaru. eastern labor is i j i i . . . j measured by the cold standard Middle States moitgages are aU pay- aoie in goia. - Scratch your ear and reflect. Can't the "silver barons1' of rl orado and the "mine owners' of Col oraao wno fought the free coinage oaiues lor tnese sections, sit down and smile at tbe discomforture of those who haven't eold to sell on void basis prices! The "silver barons" and "mine owners' of Colorado are now all pro ducers OE COld. Tbe hiher i iL. .1 1 1 . uie cueaper laoor is. ana that is wnat we gold mine owners ean stand at the present time. The hiVh- goia is me more ot eastern maehin la T - ery, eastern coffins, eastern shoes, eastern nutmegs, eastern furniture it will buy Colorado can stand it if tne east can. The hieher eold is the ehentwa Col orado can buy her cotton, wool and pork, and the eheaper the mortgage ridden d fools of the middle, west and south must sell us the stuff. Our on tout of o-nld for iRn. w;n k. folly as ereak as onr sa.tar nnlnnt of silver ever was. In 1896 Colorado will produce not less than evt nnn 000 in eold. Ha! Ha! The "silver barons of Colorado greet the ehnekleheaded east and south who oppose "free coinage" be cause it is "Colorado silver mm owners' proposition. If that section or uod's green earth ean stand it. we will guarantee that Colorado ean. Wow! Think of the cart load for six eents on the dollar? Where! or where! is that "intrinsic value" idiot show him to as! TBI CAUCASIAN ClYIt TRt FUIST Alt CSST ACCVlATf s, OF C0MKt) OF ANY PAFM IN TNC 4aUy aesstei a eeesl I eJetaeA ae Sake Ilee4e i aQ gave see aa ai Uvah vis ea amy alesa. less e&,taaaka te BeeVa. wJS! Heod'o CarooporlllQ lo)tho Only Truo DIcod Purlfior try fa tne Faelle STeTeAay sssa ta ViTssflill, Uaea, Cibiew TsisrsaaaAsieuIsstjtMsil Cesaysi U wares ta? aeelatleai eitwexttfae ta the Mee4 aa4 gerrae el Ifcseas I was noasttfatei see a4 stent I iTsfewga sty ijss, teas tmfcss eCee- 1 - '" u 44 aev a ie a v a e w HCCd'tl PUIS Z?,Z5Lr7Z2rlA fl.OO a y:ar. Waste Around the firm there ii at least a A cr tu- .f natciiJ. u !. ... Afc Hen Droppings, Wood's Earth, Marl and other thn. hi.h. it im.rU u Powell's Prepared Chemicals, make fertilizers rub ia Ammonia, Tutash and ITjotjihotic Ana, !... h v.i , quick acting, producir.j large ciop and at the same time tmancnt it-.,, ...... the soil. A fertilizer naJt in thit ti-.ir it trrtJtn, lut cttt t-rrr . t. . about $ij per ton. Mtny thousand (umcti la ud ful) hJ ibn, frt.!.m UU I v iW m. PmmrH 9 t ,t CHcSBkal. CuiuUi giving tnatnxtiun t. miiu, nh inmiwuii ti.ai r.ary avofc 1. . POWELL. FERTILIZER St CI1L71ICAL CO.. IWllovxc. .MJ. 1 CM0UM corapnnY, Branch of te Virginia-Carolina Chemical Oompany, Rorfolk, Ya. The latent built, the laifeest and factory, best shipping lfacilities.-- These adrai nges enable least possible bole and - GENUINE LAUCHTER If you want tl UUAXDS. Norfolk aiil Carolina Chemical Co., Brakch, Norfolk, Va. NAVASSA . mm COMPANY, BEEN IN BUSINESS LONGEliniAN ANY OTUKU FEKTIUZtli COMI'lXY. AND We Uacafactcre Nayasaa Guano, Navaasa Universal Fertilizer Navaasa Cotton Fertilizer Nayaasa Complete Fertilizer Narasaa Boot Crop Fertilizer Nayaasa Special Truck Guano Naram Fruit Growers Fertilizer Nayaasa. Guano for Tobaran Ooconeechee Tobacco Fertilizer Uroatan Tobacco Guano Naraaea Acid Pborohate High Grade DiatoWed Bone Phoa. IMPORTERS OF KAINIT. lfTmi OF POTASH, NITRATE FEffllLIZIVO cr Gs Gcstfs. new C:chi::nf, to tl R1 feney Pis. Hast " ' ne a split aCSj, yM ' -mtrraiSO safZAAs AODR j Cn, C:ly IT ATI. UNO fU IT. f i J s r el PRAttst LHOLlE'ft OOPULAR il MONTHLY 7 esse macs.. M Frrt lira's Ftaib, FOB OOY3 AMD Cllig Siitf Uiatr4 TtaM,"",,' s in: n asi ltstell . t ' 'tiiuUrMunUil 'tfc- was Oiicittjflie Best Deb Otic1 rjr Sj ' wv. n , 1 . flMr..SMlia t.W ft wrrk everything new. most complete us to make Fertilizer! at tbe exclusive manufacturers of tbe HOUSE BONE CUANOS. ! i tee ZT ' naasj Uay w M4 - bestgetSLAUdllTKII HOt'SK HONK sets :: 21 ; Ii IE POTASH. SULPHATE .DA AND ALL ICALS. Mi . Estt!ish:lT.:pctC3. rv AO. COTTTArP.C 1 : ' ',',rl'..',"" " ' .. pC f

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