f llHE CAUCASIAN VOL. XIV. RALEIGH. N. 0., THUB8DAT, JANUARY :$0, 189G. NO. 12. THE NATIONAL CONGRESS. Home Record of Wbat tho Pco pVk Representatives Are , Trying to Do. THK INTERNAL REVJINUK. Imiiieuae liitrmt i f Ci.t In Ailmlol'lcr lug Hums Vlilil Kuiiro ol the Moth lull nf llfirnux onirlaU aal !" llnlrKHiiui l e.ari ullou ""'I .1 nut Ire the lim.lrll. lene l erwttu in. MuMilay .tannery. '.'Ilh Henate. Fifteen pensiou bills were intro ilii'tI. Tho Senate in Keinning to show .ik'tis of trying to doJire the money iK'.-tii-n. Much tl'iBfUMiion of the .lotiroe doctrioeand the Venezuelan i" tudary line is indulged in. All Mi .s "ervt-H to xtuve off the day when ; i,k members of the Senate must come !.icf to face with Senator Butler's n -olution. Despite all their profes .M"iiH for silver, financial reform .vi', t the majority of the two old pritty Senators do everything they . ;in t keep action on the matter hum being had. Hill (I)em-) of N' w York, and Piatt (Uep.) of Con-iK-i'ticut are both very active in fili ht, steriuff tactics. Some discussion was had on Sena ut Pfcfl'er'a bill to restrict the amount of public money for Sena torial funerals, which have been i.sting from sftf.noo to $'21,000 each. It had to "go over" until anothor day. Mr. pRiTClIAki introduced a bill to enlarge tho jurisdiction of Tnited .States coin mission er. Ilou.e. Forty live pension bills were intro duced. The following bill was paused: That the Secretary of the Navy 1 . . and he is hereby, authorized and directed to deliver to the First Kegl ment North Carolina State tluard two pieces of condemned cannou 1'r-roft , That tho same can be spared without detriment to tho service, and no expense is hereby incurred by the t ioverntneut. Mr. LlNNKY introduced a bill to enlarge tho jurisdiction of United States commissioners. Tiirxhtjr, .latiiiar '-flat Senate. Nine pension bills were introduced. Much talk about the war in Cuba w is indulged iu. Several of tho inauy pension bills heiTteforo introduced were passed. A pension bill is never turned down. I'eusion giMl bing business occupied inokt of tlio session of the Senate. tleuae. Fifty-two pension bills were intro duced. What is known as the "urgent de ficiency" bill was called up for dis cussion. This is a bill to appropriate money tor various purposes in which tho regular appropriations fell short of expenses. Mr. Cauuon, from the committee haviug the bill in charge, said: "This urgent deficiency bill rec i.niinends an appropriation in the aggregate of $ 1, il.V.t'J'J.Cl. Tho lar gest item of deticiency is that for l uited States coutts, aggregating ;;.-ji-V.s-j.19. The committee desire to call atten tion to the very largo sum, $3,242, .W2.P., appropiated in the bill for ex penses of United States courts, t.i.iiUb.lHM) of which sum is on ac count of the current fiscal year They append a statement showing tho regular appropriations and the ileilciencies made for the expenses el I'nited States courts for the fiscal years 1SS5 to 1S'J(, inclusive. This exhibit shows, for the period named, a growth in the expenses of this branch of the public service of more thaa 100 per cent, lhe ex penses for fees of United States commissioners have grown from $127, lot) for the fiscal year 1889 to 10,000 for the current year; and the fees of witnesses have increased from $000,000 in 1889 to $1,500,000 for the current year." 'This shows how the "internal revenue" expense has increased since the iiemocrats have been run ning this government. The Demo crats have always "resolved, that we favor the abolition of the inter in the Record a letter from,Judge It. P. Dirk, of Orernsboao, dated Jan. 14th, in which the Judge say : By the activity and vigilance of oflicem the prosecutions becam so numerous, were so expensive, and caused such delay in the court in disposing of more important busi ness, that the circuit and district judges, after careful consideration, adopted a rule of court that commis sioners of the circuit court should not itsue warrants unless the inform ing am. uvits snowed that the per sons accused 'carried on the business of retailing by frequent sales "Iu my charge to grand juries I instruct them not to return a bill a. true unless the evidence before them brings tho cane clearly within the rule of court. I am very anxious to reduce the enormous expenses of the courts incurred iu mese prosecu tions. "The defecdents generally are very poor and ignorant and have large families dependent upon them for the necessaries of life "If judgment is prayed, I am now compelled by law to imprison them at least thirty days and impose a fine of $100, and they have to remain in prison another thirty days before they can take the oath of insolvency and be discharged. "The strict and rigid enforcement of this law does not and never will stop the petty neighborhood retailing of whisky, and I can see no public good that can result from the prose cution of every peison who sells or offers for sale without payment of the special tax." Mr. Lacey, of New York, speaking on the question said : "I remember more than twenty years ago, perhaps twenty-five years ago, I remonstrated with the assist ant district attorney in a casein which I was engaged for bringing a clearly frivolous charge. He said to me, 'My friend, you do not under- JUDGE CLARK IN UEXCO. A Letter io Which Fact With The Power of Great Thunder bolts are Presented. AN INVINCIBLE ARGUMENT la raver of Silver I Shea-a Hy Oar Mete Keeabllc -1 ke lajeatlre ofUaldbas Kek erj The Mecalta4e ef The Pleader Over Twe Hoadreu It till eaa Leet Cat ion Alone Oar Peeple are Patleat. BaS we Will Nat Go Usui. Associate Justice Walter Clark, of the North Carolina .Supreme Court, who is spending some time in Mex ico, has written a vividly plain and instructive letter to the News and Observer in which he says: "The climate is nearly perfect. Strawberries are ripe, and flowers of all kinds brings ten cents a basket. They say it is no warmer her in Summer, and never sultry, as these table lands, embracing 500,000 square 1 the miles two-thirds of Mexico aver-1 whether the church should own the age 7,000 feet above sea level, over country or the country should own tnree times as high as Ashevule. the church. Mexico in spite of cen- and the snow on the taller mountains I turies of veneration for religiouf-au-never melts. I thority and the influence of consoli l his country is developing morel dated wealth and the ignorance rapidly probably than any other on I and poverty of her masses, was able the planet, and could not help being I to vindicate the prosperous as matters stand. The rights of her people. r.r r7. " . UB " What this priestly monopoly was to vu w uibVVU J VUIO fig UVI having BEEN ARTIFICALLY DOUBLED in value by legislation, as has been the case with us. Consequently cot ton is still 13 cents per pound and wheat $1 per bushel, while fixed and a half of a policy as deliberate asd as earafally planned as of the monopolies nod the money power of the United States today, earn to own absolutely one-third of all the property in this eouatrv, and con trolled the balance. The no a use vera kept in israoraac and the lead ers and intelligence of the country were IXTIXIDATEP OK ttOCOHT. But there comes an end to such things. In 1S54 the property of the chnreh was confiscated. The church party called in the English, the Span ish and the French, and the latter gave them an Emperor. But the French have been driven oat, the Emperor has been hot and to-day throughout this great country, four times as large as France or Germany, the Catholic chnreh does not own a foot of soil or a dollar of money. The very chnreh buildings, hoary, some of them, with nearly four cen turies of use, BELONG TO THK GOVERNMENT and services are conducted in them only by permission of the authori ties elected by the people. Not a priest can walk the streets in his of ficial robes. Mexico remains Roman Catholie in her religion, but when alternative was presented, stand the situation. The chief und- charges, as taxes, passenger and er whom I serve is entitled to $0,000 freight rates, public and private a year provided there is business debts etc., remain actually (as well enough to make $0,000 a year. I as nominally) the same. With ns have to make the business, and I am in the United States, by virtue of bringing suits iu order to create bus- the legislation in favor of the bond iness enough so thst he may earn his holders, these fixed charges, while salary.' " nominally the same are, in fact, Tako first the State of Arkansas doubled, as it takes the western district of that State. twice the amount I. :n i .. : i : ... .i. u il - . ii win ua luieresuui; iu me uuusu w or cotton, corn, wheat. tc. to nav learn that in that district the same them. One does not tret a full idea man performs the duties of clerk or cf the enormity of this transaction the district court, clerk of the circuit till he gets here and sees the pros- court, and United States comnns- Iperityof this country and sees the Mouer, lur wuicu u receives mo ioi- i very capitalists who, by securing towing emoluments : as ciers oi me this legislation, have doubled the circuit court he earned last year $J,- value of their United States bonds 'J U. ('..": as clerk of the district court he earned $.3, 701. ('."; as Cnited States commissioner he earned $0,0312.70, making a total of $12,372.80 earned by this one man, or $7,372.10 more than the judge of that court received for the pertormance of his duties. I have introduced a bill making these officials salaried officers, so as to dig up this whole fee system by the roots. The "pernicious activity" of the deputy marshals and commis sioners has done much to increase the expenditures in connection with the United States courts. Self-interest is involved. Wednesday, January '!ud Senate. Eleven pension bill were intro duced. The resolution offered by Senator Pugh which directs the payment of government obligations in silver came up. Mr. Hill, the Democratic peanut pol itician , said it would lead to a long de bate and requested that this be post poned for a while so that Mr.Wolcott could speak on the Monroe Doctrine. Mr. Wolcott said that he would be pleased to have an opportunity to make his remarks to-day. and Mr. Pugh yielded to him but said ; "I feel compelled to yield to the request of the Senator from Colora do, but I am very anxious to have action upon this resolution, and I shall press action upon it whenever Mexico, the money power is to the United States. The multi-miiuon-aires. the bond-holders, the trust and monopolies already own over one third of the property of 'our country and are reaching out for the rest. Many leaders they nominate and elect to office, others they intimidate or corrupt. But our people, while patient, are not ignorant, and if the course of the monopolies and com' binations continues unchecked, they will wake up some morning to find, as the Catholic church did here, that the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OWN THE COUNBTY and all that in it is. The Catholics here venerated the church ruuy as much as we ever did the rights of individual ownership of any species of property, but the welfare of the people is the highest law, and when that becomes imperiled, as it was in Mexico by the money power in the shape of the chnreh, and as it is in the United States by the same dead ly enemy in the guise of multi-mil uonaires and monopolies, the man hood and the brains and the honesty of the people will assert themselves and WE SHALL NOT GO DOWM under the same enemy that destroy ed Borne, and so many other na tions in the past. The world is older and wiser. The gold dollar in the United Peru by Pizarro, all pale into insig- States may well be called a mythi- nificance, compared with the mag- cal dollar. Not one man in a hun nitude and dred ever sees one. It is not used INJUSTICE OP THIS ROBBERY to DUy COrn r neat Or flour, , . a ., or railroad tickets, or drygoods. It practiced upon the seventy-five mil- , f t- ' d th idl liousof the American people in the &tZt rflM mPmeesntan0df high standard, double ,n value their agents and dependents, through the simple device of so controlling bincipal and interest op bonds, legislation, that every dollar of Na- which, on their face, by the contract, tional, State city and individual in- are payable in coin i. e. in either debtedness is doubled by doubling gold or silver. the value of the dollar. Genserio, - In drawincr these lessons from the Ciive, Cortez, Pizarro, risked their past experience and the present lives and had brave men behind prosperity of Mexico, there are those them, and they at least pillagad for- who will say Mexico is inferior to eign nations. But this crime has United States in education, in civili been the manipulation of the tools sation, and in many other respects, of the bond-holders; there has been And so it is and so much the worse nothing heroic and the only great- for the objectors. For if Mexico, ness in it has been in the notwithstanding MAGNITUPE OP THE PLUNDER ALL THESE DISADVANTAGES, investing the principal and interest of their enhanced value in this coun try at old prices, thus securing $2 of property here for $1 loaned the United States Government that is, they will sell $1,000 United States bond for gold, buy $2,000 of silver, which remains at the old value, and invest in $2,000 of property here. The looting of Rome by Genseric and the Vandals, of India by Hast ings and Clive, of this very Mexico by Cottez and the Spandards, or of State snim $160 to bold up a btu ta committee. Geyer is charged with akiog to vote for a bill empowering trust companies to administer tat He asked it of W. F. Bartell. f this city, who is the president of oeh a company, and was prvntia oily in terested in the paee of uch a asure. A LETTER, St. Job. W elaade f1t.4 We etattte 1 W ri f a eoaetry f.r lte we a siaie s' Bet St. JiXm tats t a U. ffaUoa wttee We efle ai beaker in frr tt tlr. Was taeee aae baaler e MtTaTtl T "US tLaftt wbea be eU call tee estra o of Coasrreee. wWe lawk isfk fta.i toruetraet the crray and sake a aukT etnafe felt. aa4 . . " . . . . AN ANSWER. EEC0RDS- N'H;r'T''k" avw .vv k mw rwywmt vi mw rarvvev Whlra lae feUM ae HiMnai f learallr lrf mm ft.!. 'rasa Tae ml lae mm ik DEUOCRACY YS. FREE SILVER. Wbj Free Coinage of Silt er Can not B Secured Through the Democratic Fartj. Chairman Butler Writes to Nu merous Populists-'Outlining the Position of the State Committee. Aal ktkt ler J g ft? Charier Uder Wilts a Iu Clrcaladea St em raMlc-Aa leMreMleg QaratiM Cileiri. We publish below two letters con . ... cerning which some comment will be found on the editorial page: Lewiston, N. C. Jan. 17. 18. Mr N. C. teg elaaae of the tikersaa art And this is the crva4 teat euatrwl the Detooeratic party. T le sere VaeeUea eflke ler Waal Tae, Kaei;r ' ' .--..-. ee4 What Taer Tklaa. I 1 . , . i vmj. v( Mif ri, uai Lnderthis head will t prrerntrd I THniiiiiiihiiiLut. rommntitstioui eompetiag for tLel.i , . , . . . . . rash prises announced elsewber for 7?4 M w'ljr UJ, u m . the best article on -Why the Kr i friv. u-aaae iey ei Oaieiae-Mr. Ae-I . ,- .. , . V " I serve as dov Jacks, to keeb the Cannot Be ObUiued Throaeh th. .IN .T.r lB xU 'tX' Democratic Party." u u iW .i WMt,t I-"w w vviith, easi tawm mm Bland and Brvan could not trevett the free coinage of silrer cAnnot be I the pasASge of the bill repealing the sec area inroacb tbe Imocratic I Aherman a party, l would answtr: Because the Democratic leaders hare sold that party to the national bank. have A U0YEUE1IT FOR union Of all naacial lUformertol lie Coa.lrj-A Orwat tfeelite in WuUt'ba. A CUNVKXTI0S OX JULY 7, ml V Me lk tmw m-m t.. T 0: I I ; , - I I J - - voir oir:-i nave receiveu a cir-.nii PLi,n.l '.rl..l- a cuiar-ieiier irom oenaior JusnoQnA nni. oiiudi, ui wuivu iuo louowing is a eopy: vVashinuton, D. C, Dec. 30, 18UC. Mr. M. L. Wood: Dear Sir: A great deal is beinsr said about co-operation for the next At first glance, it would seim that the Democratic party ought to be' the chief hope of the silver men. No one will deny that the old party founded bv Jefferson gave us free coinage of silver: and the same party under the leadership of Jackson de stroyed the United States banks. Jefferson declared that banks of is sue were more DANGEROUS TO THE I.IHERTIK.s of a free people thaa standing campaign and the lines on which it should be made. One wing of the Republican party is understood to claim that they want co-operation on the State ticket, provided they can have the candidate for (iarnr-1 OI & ner, but that they want three elec- arm,es- Jackson made his second toral tickets. Another wing of the campaign against the banks and was Dartv is understood to want fusion eiecieu on mai issue. As late as on the electoral: that is that one- lsw the Democratic paity in its na- half of the electoral ticket shall be tional platform declared, "That Republicans, and nledtrad to vot Congress has no right to charter for the nominee of the Republican banks; that they are ef deadly hos nartv. whoever he mav be. and the tility to the best interest of the other half Populists. This wing is country, also understood to claim that they dangerous to republican institu- want the nominee for Governor. tioxs i our state committee is not ready and to the liberties of the people, io concede the nominee tor uover- and calculated to place the business nor. But there is not so much a of the country in the control of principle involved in who snail ue coucentrated money power and the nominee lor uovernor, as there above the laws and the win of the is with reference to the electoral people.1' ticket, lour committee is ot the This was a standing plank iu all opinion that both of these plans as Democratic platforms for years. The to the electoral ticket will at least party lived up to its platform prom cause friction if not cause worse re- ises in those days, but in 1800 the 1 . rp I . , i. ui w w uur urrjr uui xvepupiiuau party tamo into power euner oi me aoove pians, every and chartered the national hanks in it is proper to do so. I hope that the which surpasses ail that has ever yet is prosperous and going forward by next time it is called up there will be fallen to a conqnering army in the leaps and bounds by keeping her no objection to its consideration on wealthiest country. standard of values at the same the ground that we are to be inflict- There was no excuse for it, since level, so much the greater is the ed with the old goldbug argument snver, wuea uemoneuzeu, was wonu condemnation lor me men who, m against the passage of the resolu- more than gold, and there has been spite of our great and manifest sn- tion. If we are to suffer that inflic- nothing since to depreciate it. That periority, have brought the curse tion, the earlier the better." silver, in fact, has not depreciated and blight of a long enduring de- Mr. Wolcott then spoke on the n ine e&sl m7 De seen gni nere pression npon us by Monroe Doctrine. His argument Mexico, and throughout the ou,- was directed entirely against the oou.uuu of people living on this hem- declaration of the Monroe doctrine, isphere, south of the Kio Urande, as proposed in the resolutions recent- an wnicn countries xne suver aoi- ly submitted by the Senate Commit- W1" Py lwr tee on Foreign Relations concerning as much taxes, enezuela, the "war scare," &c. but, Us much railroad freight and pas- ln aaamon xo mis, ne Dunressea nis Seneer fare, as much public and pri Populist in the State would have to co-operate with and vote for men who were trying to elect a goldbug for President, or vote for electors who would vote for a goldbug for President. This we cannot con sistently do. In our opinion, if such a line of fight were attempted, our party not only would not grow, but our present party ranks would be demoralized to some extent, while on the other hand it would have the effect of solidifying the Democratic party as nothing else could. i our Mate -committee held a meeting recently to discuss the ques tion. It was the unanimous opinion of the committee that the only way to obviate the difficulties mentioned above, in the way of co-operation, would be to have a non-partisan electoral ticket, like our Snpreme court ticket in our last campaign, and that each man on the electoral ticket should be pledged not to vote for a gold man for President. This would not only be consistent, bnt would put us in the position of co-operating for a great and funda mental principle, and avoid being success! ally charged with co-operat insr for spoils. Certainly our friends who claim to be against the gold standard cannot object to such a line of battle against the common enemy, or otherwise they would be helping the goldbngs, instead of fighting them. Our committee wants 13C3. These banks soon become a power, in politics, and by their aid the Republicans elected their candidate for Presi dent four successive times. This seemed to have disheartened the Democrats and being hungry for potter they resolved to make friends with their old enemy, the banks. Jeffer son was dead, Jackson was dead, but the banks were alive, and "is not a dead dog better than a dead honi" The Democratic leaders of 1878 SEEMED TO THINK SO, for in that year we find a Democratic House uniting with a Republican Senate to recharter the national banks; and at the next election we find the party of Jefferson and Jack son nominating W. H. hnghsb, a banker, for vice-President, in order, as a Democratic Congressman de clared, "toshow the banks that they had NOTHING FURTHER TO FEAR from the Democratic party" Since that time the Democratic and Republican parties have vied with each other in lidding for 'he tvp- port of the bank. See what a differ ence it makes in the practices of the party. In 1873 the Democrats found a surplus in the treasury, and Jack son distributed it equally among the States as a loan. In 1885 the Democrats again found HOW MUCH MAJOklTV would the Democrats need to pas a free coinage actT It no friend of silver be discouraged, however, be cause he cannot secure free rut a age the Democratic party. The Populist party is already in the field, and the free coinage ef silver at the ratio of 16 to 1 is part of the Populist reli gion. Perhaps the Populists bit not be strong enough to capture the country in 18'X. but if not, they siano ready to CO-OI'IKATE WITH AN V rktEVD-or MLVER, whether they call themarlve Demo crats or Republicans. All we aak ol them is to cut loose from the fold bugs. W. C. Wii.Lr.. A GRUESOME RECORD! vtaere iieaierrate Kale Lyea l-a aetf Aearrar Prevail. lhe lyncbings for the rear just past numbered in the United States 17 1; the legal executions numbered 132. So that, as a matter of fact Judge Lynch is executing more peo Jle in this civilized nation than udge Law eieeutes. Of the 171 mob executions 10 were of women. and 112 were of negroes about two negroes to one white. These figures are collated by the Nashville. (Tenn.) Banner, which also gives the nVures by States, Southern States being the scene of 144 and Northern States of 27. The State that stands highest in the record or shame is Tennessee, with 24 lynehings, Alabama. Ken tucky, Georgia. Mississippi, and Florida, coming next with, respec lively, lb, i:, u, u, and 12 each. AFTER CUFFY'S VOTE. a reelee ta , tee Um0im 4-a4ee.ee mmm SI Paiee aaee Veaa liaaii aa4 m I tae W mmm rretert erf ae 4 ae .a Alabama Deeaee-rata Arraecle- wlla yJegreea. Democratic State Lxecutive torn mittee met here to-day and after a hard fight passed a resolution open ing the primaries to all citizens who would agree to support the Demo cratic nominees and principles. This is the first instance in which negroes have been invited to partic ipate in Democratic primaries, and the friends of Congressman Clark, the gold money candidate for Uov ernor, fought the proposition bittei ly. The backers of Joseph F. John ston, of Birmingham, for Governor, controlled the committee. April 11 was selected for the district meet ings, April l." for the convention, and April 21 for the State conven tion, which will be held here. JAPAN A COMPETITOR. Aaaerlcaa Cettea Caaae Beiag Creee4 Oat ef tae Market. Chicago, Jan. mere was a largely increased attendance at to day s session of the National Con vention of American Manufactuters. eeag ea4 atalaee mm tt Sleew A oteetiac ot great t Starve t aad of vat poasibie ttJ troblhe iam pwrtaaee was heU ta WatLieetaa aat week. It a eoafereaee prominent nebT of Uadiar ver orgtLiiatioBB of the euatr. and the mam object wa t eees tw adviae MB method for the al.J anion of all the silrer force a tLe nited Mates. This gathtrtug sa tae re a It f be eootereare Lrtd nCbirtfuttiuiit three weeks ago, of the Pradats of the Asaertraa lt.n.etallie lmg . the attoDai MtmrtaWtr I liwi, bJ the Naliocsl Silver roaa.it,er. ai which it was agreed to ri.!dte under the title of the Afuerwaa Itt metallir I'niua, ah lien. A. J. Warner as President. About one Liisdred men f na tional piomineue lepieeeutleg tie greater number of the State weie in att ndsnce Aoioor them weres It. '. ChaoiUrs, of Utah; es 1W greasuan 11. !. lUrlioe. of Nevada, editor of the liitnetaJli.t; K. It. 1-cbt. of Colorado: J. It Toole, of )4oo tana; Geo. A. J. Warner, of LJ... George Mrlutoeh, of t'tab, Jadg Stark, of Ohio: J. L. Jwhtiu. and Gen. Robert lteverlv. of Vueriaia. Dr. J.J. Molt, of North Carwlisa. Wharton Harker and John II. I.ri mer, ol rennvylvauia: Joarpn list telle, of Vermont; George P. Keeuev; of California. Serretaiy of tLe Id metallic Inion; I.. C. ntrun. of Washington; George S. Nitn. of Nevada: ex Coaicteuio T. J.CIw nie and Georre W. Itsker, of Cali fornia: Joseph C Kblei. f iVai,- sylvania; G. P. Merrill, of Moa'ana; Dr. Taylor, oft'hitago. Judge Mil ler, of Virginia; Judge Col, of Iowa; A. C. Shinu. of Kauaae: Mr. Thomas and Mr. I'atteraon. of Col orado, aud n Governor UicharJ. of Montana. At the Ueetin of the IVo4 . 1 ' . 1 f.l a i-iivrtln D Zw A m r- i T 1 J k. io nowum.naiuiipiwiw delegates to the conference of a non-partisan electoral ticket, Uffam distribute it among the BUtes! L,: - bobbing the wealth producerrs in the interest of the wealth-consumers, through the device of doubling, by crooked legislation, the value of the dollar. And if Mexico with 350 years of priestly rule, 300 of which were also nnder a foreign yoke, and pledged against any goldbug candi- -ot much: ine banks were now in date for President. The committee lustbol tr tms dkuuckatic party, would also be glad of any sugges- and Cleveland and his Democrats tion von can make for a better plan, aisinouiea 'j.uuu,uw nny-nine . Ml' v Since I have been in Washington l muuon oi me peopie-s money among have learned that there is more di- the banks without interest. If the vision in the old parties onlthe finan- nomination of Mr. English for vice- cial question than 1 had supposed, .rresiaennen meoanns sun in aouoi, it. lhey made most outrageous persecution of poor people, and the biggest fee-grabbing that was ever known on earth. Right here in Raleigh there has been a strong illustration of this scheme. At the last two Federal courts there have been hundreds of cases many of them perfectly ridiculous. But nal revenue," but when they had power to abolish it, they did not do p0sitiori witt pertinent Quotations t.ahrLiiiae. fnrmrWi,.4 50 more passed amid international it the basis of the frnm Prosi.lfint MnnWn moss&ifA. i j..-..- j 1 j v. J- dissentions. could assert themselves . . . . ; " , . " l larui urouuets uu isau urmr mi: , . , , . , , . . with a clear analysis of the circum- mn.h . avar vA;h.,- hma ;iA, na throttle the gigantic money stances nnder which those utter- HAnrApijt.t with n. knt i th mill power which oppressed them, what ances were made, and with a review I niia. v,.n un nnKiaui ; I cannot, and what will not, 7o mil of national and legislative history. .!, i,nM lhra nWi Mil uonsot the a vate, taxes, railroad rates, etc., are! foremost people of the earth actually though not nominally donb- be able to do when oatiaiied that He contrasted the conditions in the time of President Monroe and those at present existing, and emphasized the fact that in the whole of seventy every ease urouKui. ieco ""- years Congress had NEVER given nue othcers. 1'erhaps a hundred i formal sanction to the much-dis deputies have been scouring tne CU9sed doctrine ountry to arrest people.on trumped He closed his speech with the fol- up i harges, and tuis iee scneme w lowing eloquent peroration : earned so far that in one instance a rr president, we will protect negro biacKsmitu was arresieu auu our country and our country's inter hauled up before the court ior giv insr a customer a drink of whiskey A certain office which had paid about 2.000 a year in fees nnder led while the produce has to price to pay them. Every farmer who sold a pound of cotton in the United States last year was in effect taxed 6 cents a pound, or $30 a bale, and 50 cents in the bushel on wheat. they owe it to themselves and their be sold at half prosperity to break the yoke which galls them. Much more might be said, and mere forcibly. Walter Clark. City of Mexico, Jan. 15, '95. The est with our lives; but we wage no robbery perpetrated on the farmers wars of conquest This republic I of the South by this legislation pro- stands facing the dawn, secure in its cured by the machinations of the liberties, conscious of its high des-1 combined capital of London and OHIO LAWMAKERS INDICTED. Taree Legislators Charted with Aeeept- tn Bribes Stare Are te FeUew. Columbus, O., Jan. 22. The grand jury of this county created a sensation by its partial report this afternoon. It has been known for Republican administration, has been I tiny. Wherever in all the world the I New York, on the cotton crop alone, made to pay $0,000 by this scheme hand of the oppressed or the down- of 7,000,000 bales at $30 per bale, is a... t A -V I .1 n. AA AAA aa while Democrats have nau n. ui trodden is reached out to us we meet iu,uuu,wu ror i jurse an mese cases lavoneu iuoi; ;n fnnrtlv dusn. in tne Oia worm. I TRinviviin nvisnn it.aki summoning of many witnesses, and where unspeakable crimes even now Tne vt0Rta reaped by the capital-H01116 time that the jury had been the paying of these witnesses with ,i.rken the skies: in the Occident, :nfa v, tutt uii-: hw,k l... investigating charges of bribery . - . a 11 S ' I SSaS W V eeSW IVKIBIBUVU W9 Aa.VAaY AaVSaaaW I - . er r Ae th a i nnnttna id xariimr noai a.1 w Aam i .. . : i .jaatiwa am frvAax kA ua,. a i. : I wn ere oia ajnsuos nrc I doubled the values of their claims "W"OTB Vi iw aegisr Grumblincr for a thousand years, and I ri. nnkiiA .nil ;i;v;nmia :.lUtnr. aw - . . a' I e-V f a.aave aMA MM.m WBM a - .... still bans: together strong in the ac- ,-.tiA.llv Wnn mmnnt.tinn it paruai report given ont this cumulation of infamies; in South Uf-tijrnes the imagination" to eon- afternoon are three such indict- America, where as yet the forms of gi(ier it The wonder is not that! ment8 The aoeused are all ex-mem- free institutions hold onlv the spirit I u.-. a.a ;.AnMKiA I were oi uw oenate. xuey are: u. do not know. I suspect it lies along of cruelty and oppression; every- depression, butthat we can continue "n OI ioimitowb, vr. u. wear, or i ne line or niacin? me l mieu ck wucio uuuu iu oai m n u uu uiis-itn ATist under sncna state oi mines, i rr ... rt. l I . 1 - 1 . , A. I " V . " I I1.M. Ihl. district attorneys upon a hxed salary sion to ameliorate, to civilize, to We e we not tiie wealthiest and rJ,, a-j. the fees for the deputies is what has caused this big increase of expen ses. Mr. Cannon, continuing his re marks, says: "N'.iw iust what the remedy is I nossiblv other officials as well. It I Christianize, to loosen the bonds of may be the marshals ought to be captivity, and point the souls of Salaried officers, and the United men to nobler heights. Mates commissioners, also; but when "Whatever of advancement and of the maximum of a salary of a United orotTess for the human race the cen- Xtutes attorney is $6,000, as a gener-j turies shall bring us must largely most energetic and most patient peo ple on the face of the globe, we would sink under it. It is by no means certain that we shall continue always to be the most patient. The latter represented the Pauld ing district in the Senate, bnt he re cently removed to Columbus. Gear is charged with asking Senator George lien, of Newark, for $250 to vote for a bill to pay him $700, to defray his expenses in a contest for m i uitj wie y are aui w buui uum come. IS my vumivu. iuiuuku uw , , . , .j . . - . ti . 5-v,.i .,i i di n I . j r ri, I Those who have thus pillaged ns, and I hie seat. rrr with., their success Ohl is eliarg with aaking f or a 1) - - , . I u c . I tliM.tan tA .1 fnith HAIItrMt tion I have system in this far, threaten to still f urther.eontrac 1 1 like amount to vote for a similar bill I 1 .l 4 V. at Ilia fail I 1 J -wrrTi HvA I la, leeompesM ex-Senator D. H. m id mis resuev uv.v,ooiuuoiii rvnrn von uuu ouiiuuuuiun nui.i. . r, , 1 i . - ... -rt i i'.n... ....t;..i .nnMulnn in nffioA I a j a .j i. n,vPrf1 I oacs. ana uu iuu more luoroMe i uanmer, ot aneavuie. lie is stuu ?A?I?cU???el01X mffiCe 'r.eed,om y: the value ofthe dollar, may learn a io have been paid thU sum. : He is "0.al. VlMJiVM. . OIWU iB liUWW SM-a- " I laaaAfl llS-.M ill UflwiAA - - - k S.taMAl A MVA -ww--vs.vva iw miWAI VUeUKVU WSVHVWIHSL W KIVV Mr. Settle took part in the debate on this bill, and caused to be printed lOoatmaed oa 3rd lesson right nere in ; Catholic church, by three eenturies ) Senator . 1L Avery, of Cleveland and I believe that there will be large accessions to the People's Party rom both the old parties. Besides, think that the various silver or ganizations will endorse our candi date for President. Before arriv ing here I had not hoped that we could electa People's farty resi dent before 1900, bnt the situation arrows more encouraging each day, and if the demoralization of the two old parties continues as it is Groin? on now. we will have a chance to elect our candidate tor resident in thenext contest. Please consider this communication confidential and give no pnblic an nouncement of our position on this matter till the time comes for us to take official action. Please write your answer on this sheet of paper and return it to me here. Very truly. Mabion Butler, Ch'm P. P. State E. Com To the above letter I have replied as follows; Senator Marion Butler, Chairman People's Party Executive Commit tee, United State Senate, Washing ton. D. C; Dear Sir: I have the honor to ac knowledge the receipt of your letter of the 30th ult in which yon inform me that your committee were unani mously of the. opinion that there should be put in the field a iuu elec toral ticket, regardless of party affiliations, but pledged to vote for tne silver candidate xor rreaaeni; and that while your committee is not yet ready to concede to the Re publicans the nominee tor uovernor, von intimate that vou are willing to do so. I note your silence as to nominees for Consrress and the Uni ted States Senate, members of. the General Assembly, Lieutenant-Gov ernor and other State officers, and Justices of the 8upreme court: and I further note that my advice is not asked as to anything except aa to the electors for President and Vice- this action of Cleveland doubt less convinced them that they had "nothing further to fear from the Democratic party." As the surplus was still accumulating, Cleveland, with the advice of a Democratic Congress, commenced BUYING BONDS AT A TREMICM. The government had the right to call in these bonds at any time; but textile roanuiacturers attended in a body. When the convention had been called to order, a lengthy re port on the competition of Oriental manufactures with American indnv tries was presented by Charles Hn- ber Clark, of Philadelphia. It set forth that Japan was fast becoming a bold and large competi tor in the trade of the world in cot ton fabrics. Ageneies for the pro ducts of the Asiatics were rapidly being established in this country rivaling and crowding out American goods. The report concluded with lution asking the Senate of the Uni ted States to appoint a commission or to direct one of its own committee rather. than exercise this right, and! to inquire concerning this alleged invasion of the home market, and the menace offered to American manufacturers by the products of cheap Oriental Labor, to determine the cause of this menace and what means should be adopted to arrest the threatened injury to domestic producers. offend his banker friends, Cleveland chose to pay out some ttHLOOO.OOO for the privilege of paying these bonds BEFORE THET BECOME bUl. If snch examples as these will not convince the reader of the absolute eontrol which the banks have over the Democratic party, I might men tion the repeal of the purchasing clause of the Sherman act, the issu ing of bonds in time of peace and tne effort now making to saddle a further issue of bonds on this coun try. But these things are fresh in THE MEMORY OF EVERY ONI. Now if we agree that the banks control the Democratic party, then, Mr. tditor, your .question naturally resolves itself into this: Can the free coinage of silver be secured through the national banks? If any Democrat has a lingering hope that the banks may prove friendly to sil ver, let him read THE SECRET CIRCULAR aw third Teach Tlaaee li A Caucasia correspondent writ ing from Macon county, says: "The good times the Democrats have been talking about, have not struck old Macon yet. Some of my neighbors have been hauling apples from one hundred to one hundred and fifty miles, and then they got only about $1.00 per bushel. It takes them from fifteen to twenty days to make a trip, bo yon how we have to do over here in Ma- eon county." Verte Afceat V The constitution of Utah contains several new features. For instance, issued by the associated banks in 1 it provides that juries shall consist 1893, and see how they eonspire not I of eight men instead of twelve, and only against silver bnt against treas-1 that in civil cases three-fourths nf ury notes also. last him listen when I the number may render a verdict. they advise one another through the Another provision is to the effect uneii letter mat wiurnxsn the peo- thml state shall never ro into 1") VLtZrLSZl debt exceeding $200,000, except in and lenders." Let him read also M of inimncUMiMni Xva ta Hazard eirenlar. issneJ dnria guarantees to eTery atuen the right the dark days of our civil war. and to obtain employment wherever pos be convinced that the national bank-1 tible, and makes any interference era as a elass know no God bnt their I with his right a crime. It is greed, and - - I ally known, of course, that snffnse HO COUSTRY BUT THEIR OWX POCKET. I IS glVCO. tO WOfBCU Oil equal Occasionally we find a banker like I with awen. Ex. e e Party national eirrative roaimittee recently held in Mt. !tui. a r-ial committee was appointed to attend the Washington tweeting anl confer with its member. The rtutui!t c constat of in. J. It Wasur, !. J. (2 Field, Virginia: Seiiat'r Mar ion isatler, orth larvlina; I. w Patterson. Colorado; J. t. llrll. (! orado; C M. Watdall. California; J. II. Tnrner. Georgia, and K. U. Brown, Masse burette, aed all were present, as well ns many other torn of wide reputation. All i-diiiml parties were repioeented. lien. A. J. Vtaraer was maJe chairman. Ue said the question as whether they were willing So put t be cause above lueir party ueiieis and for one giv themselves aa oppor tunity to vote for a Presidential can didate who mtjm with tbem. lie de nounced the isu of bonds to main tain a gold standard aa a crime, and added that in aom way th ooaatry must free itself from the domination of rgland, even if it TOOK a WAR TO ! 0. "Wear net fighting th Republi cans r Democrats," he continued, "but the money power. Many di ver men are going to fight in the olJ parties, but they will lose. We are going to open our doors for all silrer men." Senator Butler introduced Mr. Wharton Barker, a prominent bank er, of Philadelphia, who made a brief address. Senator Stewart fol lowed with a stirring speech. The time for action had come, he aaid, and the people IfESEKVEP TO f-E LA1 CS it they did not act. The following committee wet appointed: Keaolutions Senator John 1. Jones, of Nevada; Joseph Kheldoa, of Connecticut: H. L. Bartia, of Cbicaro; John II. Larimer, of Phila delphia, aed Hon. J. L. MeLauria, of South Carolina. Organisation Senator V. M. Stewart, of Nevada; J. L. Johnson, of Virginia; it. Macintosh, of Utah, and Messrs. S'eveas, of Colorado, and II illy er, of Washington- The meeting lasted three days and fall of vim. Sometimes it was spicy and sharp. Editor tiolden, or the cieveiaae. (Ohio.) Plaindealer, raised a little flurry by saying he was a Democrat, and his ancestors had been Dense crats; he didn't think it was neeea a a - an nary to xorsaxe his parry, ana aa ded, as he drew the cap of his long black mister about hiss: "U this be treason, make the most of it." Joseph BatteU. of ermoat. sprang to his feet and, ia vigorous language, gave Mr. Moldea to aa- dervtaud that nobody eras wanted ia that conference who was not for sil ver, first and last. Mr. Skinner, of ermont, cam oat boldly and said it was as leas for the silver men to hope that either the Democratic or Bepublieaa party ould give them any eaeoaragomeat in their coming conventions, ue mad a strong argument ta favor of JOIVIXO THE rOrTUSTS and forming "an alliance to save thin government of ours." Mr. Nties, of Vhio, denounce! what ho termed the Cle vela sd -fiber -aaan-Kothaehild DeanKcaey, and Mr. Bradshaw, of Montana, said they saiarht aa well sro to to bold as to expect air prayer of the two old to provide for I

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