V ii , ! I i ia 1 ! V' it . i 1 .1 i THE CAUCASIAN fUBUHUFJ) KVEftY THCESDAY. HT THB VAICASIAN rCHLlMHIl CO. MAKIOfl MI llJtB, - fr-alaaat. HAL ATKR. - - ! SUBSCRIPTION RATES, ONE YEH, BIX MONTHS THREK MONTHS & FnWM ir tli I'vst Oflir at Ralriflh, N. C, H- "1 la-j Matter. CLERKS OF COURTS ARE ESPECIAL LY REFERRED TO SECTION 5, CHAP TER 159. OF THE NEW ELECTION LAY'. IT PROVIDES FOR THE ESTABLISH MENT OF NEW VOTING PRECINCTS. THE TIME FOR COMPLYING WITH THE LAW EXPIRES MARCH 8TH. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL INVOLVE TROUBLE. OK CO-OPERATION. Tin r".lf' I'artj ro-oitrteil for .rinriplf ia the lst campaign. are In faor of th itmr kind of co-operation agjain; t litre for- we are oppos ed to having an elertoral ticket with one-half of it lodged to support a froldhiitf for rresident, and the other half pledged to support Jut the oppo site. Such a combination would be the moat iin onnitent thing ever seen In American politics. It would be fusion of the niont odious kind, au4 the voters of the Mate would he Justified in repu diating such an inharmonious and an tsironixtic conglomeration. How can auv I'oMiIint cant a vote for electors who will vote to put a goldbug in the White house? liow can anj good man in any party who is opposed to the gold standard vote for such a ticket? One of the reasons thai In I! unwed every man who lelt the Democratic, party and Joined the Peo ple's Tarty was that the Democratic party declared against goldbugs and monopolists in the State, yet voted and worked to elect goldbugs and monopo lists for Presidents. Now shall we en courage and aint t lie Republican par ty to do what we have condemned and repudiated the Democratic party for doing? Again, what a spectacle it would be for n.i to have a State ticket with one half of the candidates supporting and advocating on every stump the elec tion of a goldbug for President, and the other half of the candidates on the same State ticket fighting goldbugs and supporting Just the opposite kind of a candidate. There is no use in discussing such a proposition; it falls of its own weight; it condemns itself; it is absurd. If anything could cover up the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the Democratic party, and make it possible for that discredited organiza tlon to hold together, it would De for the PeopleV Par t ' carri flee i ts pri n ciy u i4. .u . tu ty Uibi t ioii I i K the above. Hut we can have co-operation and successful co-operation on principle if those who oppose the gold standard will stand by their convictions. AVe can have co-operation without any sacrifice of principle, but to maintain principle. The masses of the Republi cans in the Slate are opposed to the British gold policy. They favor free silver and an American system of fl nance. Senator Pritchard reflects the sentiment of the Republican party on this question, and we have only to re fer to his open letter in The" Cavca sun of last week in which he says: "I have proven my loyalty to the cause of silver by my votes in the ben ate. My record will parallel that of Senator Iiutler s on that great and vi tal question. My votes on this ques tion notonlv reflect the sentiments of the people I represent, but they ex press my earnest convictions ana mv earnest purpose to secure an American system of Utiance. Now Senator Pritchard knows, ai d every intelligent rr.an knows that nei ther his vote or anybody else's vote in C'otigress will give the people free si 1 ter or relief of any other kind as long at there is a goldbug in the White house, lie knows that the only way to get an American system of finance is to vote for men who favor such & sys tern of finance for President, lie knows that the only way to defeat goldbugs is to vote against goldbugs, Sow let Senator Pritchard and Lis friends stand with Senator Butler and the People's Party in making a square fight in the coming campaign against the goldbugs and for the principles which we all endorse. The seat of power iu this Govern ment is in the White House. Then let us put up an independent electoral ticket, pledged not to candidates but to principles. Let us put up a co operative electoral ticket pledged against the single gold standard, and pledged to vote for the candidate for President who represents these great principles that the people of North Carolina believe in. Let us vote for a candidate for President who stands for what we want and need. Let us do this and then we can have a co operative state ticket, and co-operation all the way down the line, with perfect harmony and consistency. Then we will have a battle for principle as in the lat campaign when every man to the co-operation was fighting for the . " :. r "' end of the rate to lite oilier. This is tbtf way to prevent the Den. ocratis machine from again getting in control; this ia the way to preserve our election laws and county govern raent ; this is the way to condemn gold bugs and toriej, and at the same time advance the great cause of financial reform. Such a fight would gain strength from start to finish and pile up a majority of over seventy-five thoosaud on next November. Will our Republican friends stand by their convictions and follow such a course, or will they turn their backs upon all of tbs thing In order to Tote for goldbug for President? THE BIO BID TUB BOHDS. We are of the opinion that something will yet be heard to drop in connection with that big bid for bonds. It will be remembered that one hundred million dollars worth of bond were offered. Kids amounting to five hundred and fifty millions were received. And then the goldbugs sent up a wail of Joy so mwh credit! so much gold in the country ! ' There were about 1,700 bids. When the adult population of the country is about y.',f.M),fj00 people, it does not look liou,(L than five thouand bid iodicate a "popular" loan. An inspec tion of the list shows that only 35 were for llxju and less, the others being n larger sums almost exclusively by bankers, bauks, and financial institu tions. Of the bidders making these 3.V) small bids. 241 were outbid bv J. P. Morgan and other Wall street men, so that only seventy-seven ci them will get any bonds, and the total amount slotted to them will not be We think it will further be shown that uiore than half of the bids recog nized will prove to be bogus. There is not as much available gold in the country as the bids amounted to. One man who voted for four million has already found that he cannot get the gold to pay for them. Many others are in the same fix. It is probable that large lot of the amount of the one hundred million of bonds will thus be thrown back on the treasury. And then the bonds will go to the bankers and syndicates for which they were originally intended. The people haven't any gold. Silver! is the people's money. Therefore they want free coinage of silver. Just put these points down. They may come handy in a few weeks. THEY AUK TRAITOKS. There is a rapidly growing senti ment among conservative free silver men in the llonse that the cause for which they have so long fought is doomed. In the affirmative for the silver substitute will be found at least a. dozen prominent Democrats who ex pect never to cast another vote for the free coinage of silver. They will vote for the pending measure because sen timent in their district obliges them to uo so. asnington Post. The cause of free silver has been doomed so far because the people have sent to Congress men, who would not fight goldbugs to the death, but men who sit back and do nothing till they were forced to vote and then voted for silver simply because they had to. J It is this class of Congressmen who claim to be free silver men, but who always advise the people to vote for goldbug for President. They do this when they know, that no free coinage bill and no other measure for tbe re lief of the people can ever pass while there is a goldbug in the White House. These are the kind of Congressmen who make it possible for the gold men to win. These are the men who are responsible for the suffering and dis tress of the people. In the language of the late Senator Vance, the man who claims to be a silver man, yet who votes for a gold man for President "is either a knave or a fool." LINK CP FOR THE PEOPLE. Do you favor a square, honest, une quivocal fight on a vital question? The time is at hand when one will be made. The people against the gold standard, bond-issuing cliques is the tight. If you don't want to give money to bond-holding millionaires In the shape of interest, we call on you to espouse the cause of the people. If you want an American system of finance one that will condemn the theory and destroy the fact that the more you make the poorer you get, we call on you to espouse the cause of the people. If you wish to see our great Union rise above the degradation into which it has been plunged by the Cleveland Carlisle bond contracting company which company has made us a people of convenience and contribution for the banking combine and London Jew syndicates, then come out and espouse thocause of the people. If you wish to escape the doom which must result from a government licensed system of monopoly and op pression, then come out and espouse the cause of the people. Vf El L, U1VE US A MORS APPROFRI ATE TERM. rsow the great question is this: . Is it not time lor the people to declare that these scoundrels and liars (both gauge) are t.t for nothing but "trea on, stratet .us imI spoils," and that they ongbi to be repudiated forever and a day r Caucasian. "Scoundrels and liars !" That is not pretty language. We fear that Sena tor Iiutler's Republican congressional co-opperators Senator Pritchard and Representative Settle, Linney and Pearson will not think it nice lan guage at all and will suggest' to Sena tor Butler that if he did not write it he should put a curb on the bright young man who is in charge of his pa per, in the interest of peace and a good understanding in tbe co-operative family. Charlotte Observer. jo which we have to say that we are more desirous of telling the truth now than of mollifying any member of tbe "co-operative family;" and if the brilliant editor of the Observer will give us a more appropriate term man we nave used by which to designate the controlling element of the two old gangs, the '-bright young roan" who is in charge of this paper wi.'I be very much obliged to him. Col hl.tK SCUKE A GOOll POIXT A few asys ago Congressman Bart- iett was making a speech in favr of free silver and showiDg up the dan gers of the single gold standard. Congressman Skinner arose and ask edMr. Bart let t the following scorch ing question : "If the Democratic National Con vention adopts a gold platform or a straddling platform and nominates a gold candidate will you support the ticket?" "I will vote for any man, replied Mr, Bartlett,uwhom the majority of the Democrats nominate in convention." . Then replied Congressman Skin ner yea are willing to. sacrifice tbe interest of tbe people on tb altar of partyf- Tb bullWye shot weak home and confused the bliad party-bog Coo fresscaan. He could not explain and made poor headway in finishing bis speech. A IITTBUCAX TIEW OfTU SILTEB I SACK. In another column will b found a ringing letter from Hon. Jo seph B. Cheadle, of Frankfort, Indi ana, addressed to the Republican voters of that State. We clip it from the IndianapoU News. Mr. Cheadle is one of the most prominent Republicans in Indiana, was for a number of years a member of Congress from his district. This article, coming from a Republican of high standing and great ability and addressed to the Republicans of the State, is so timely and signifi cant that we reproduce it in fall in order that our readers may see tie drift of opinion of those in all parties who have waked up to the infamy of the British gold stand ard, and to the hypocrisy of the two old parties, with straddling plat forms, but always with candidates who can In relied on to betray the interests oi the American people. Mr. Cheadle sounds a note of warning to the Republicans of the State and the nation, serving notice on them that the people will not sub mit to the politicians playing their old game of nide and Beek. He wants to know where such men as Reed, Mckinlev, Morton, Allison and other Presidential candidates stand. and serves notice on them and their partisan supporters that they must take sides either squarely with the people or squarely with the gold com bine. He says that the time has come when the people must be dealt hon estly with and that there must be no hedging or straddling. The action oi the People's Party National Committee and the action of the silver men in calling conven tions at St. Louis on the same day have inspired hope in the patriots of the two old parties from ocean to ocean. They now see an opportun ity to free themselves by getting to gether for independent action if the parties which they have served so long shall continue to trifle with the people and bow to the golden calf. Mr. Cheadle's address is highly in teresting and instructive. It is a bold, ringing statemement from a man who is a true patriot and we be lieve that the great rank and file of the two old parties are ready and anxious to take the same position with him. EDITORIAL COMMENT. How can a man who sees that the British gold standard is ruining the country vote for a goldbug for Presi dent? See how Cleveland and Harri son have abused the patronage of their administration to defeat every law that would give the people more money and better times. See how they have used this patronage to help tbe gold gamblers, the monopolists and all the enemies of the people. Besides the President has the power of veto, so that no bill can ever become a law, even ii u passed uongress, ii the Pres iftejit is opposed to it. No matter who tLt people send to Congress they can never get relief until they put an American patriot in the White House. It conld have been done before now had it not been for those who claimed to be friends of the people, yet who aaviseame people at every Presiden tial election to vote for the golabugs and monopolists which their party nominated, it is this desertion of principle - blindly follow a corrupt party organization that has caused falling price.-, that has caused a scarci ty of money, that has thrown the peo ple in debt, that has brought a rich na tion to the verge of bankruptcy, and that has brought an industrious and patriotic people to the door of want and starvation. When shall it bestOD- vwyie stop lb now. Mr. U. S. Hall, of Missouri, was, in the early days of the Farmers' Alli ance, one of its foremost men, and stay ed in it as long as he could. When it Decame a political party he quit it, as pretty much all other Democrats have since done. Mr. Hall was electPri tn Congress from the second district of nis state some years ago, as a Demo crat, and is a Congressman still. Very recently he has repudiated free silver and ranged himself on the side of sound money. Charlotte Observer. W e know something about this man mil. He has proven a traitor to every trust reposed in him by the people who gave him prominence. We do not be lieve there is an honest farmer or workingman in his district who would go his security for five cents. He started out as a champion of the peo ple. He has since become a mere tool of plutocracy. In an honest election in his district he could not be elected. When hundreds and thousands of Democrats and Republicans, who are still in their old parties, are daily de claring that they will not vote for a gold bug for a President on a gold platform or on a straddling platform if their parties should nominate such men, would it not be exceedingly strange for any member of the People's Party, who has left tbe old parties, to say that he would vote for a goldbug Republi can for President. Let the People's Party stand for principle, and the best element of the two old parties will come to us. They know that we are right, and they w.'ll not stand the trimming and dodging of the old par ties any longer? Let us co-operate with those who are willing to place principle and the welfare of the peo ple above party success in the election of a goldbug for President. We have denounced the Democratic party in North Carolina for saying that it was for free silver and then voting to elect a goldbug for Presi dent. Of course when the Democrats did this they knew that they were sacrificing the interests of the people and bringing upon them sure poverty and distress. But tbe politicians wanted to keep in close touch with the National Democratic party in order that a few of them might get Federal offices while thousands around them suffered and grew poorer each day. Is it possible that the Republican party in the State will insist on pursuing the same course that the Democrats hae pursued in this matter? If so, can any member of the People's party approve of their course or help them to accomplish it? Tbe p rople of North Carolina will not elect any man for Governor in the coming cam paign who supports a gold bag or star . dlebnf for President. "Next time tbe govwnment makes a loan it will kave to require a check or deposit from bidden aa a guaranty of good laita ana financial atanding. or h overwhelmed with bogus bids. The ease of the New York office boy who bid for 9150,000 of the bomds at a price to be accepted, and who sold out his right for 9C.O00 on as in vestment of 2 jjents; and the case of two impecunious bneket-ahop spec ulators at Boston who figured with the biggest financial houses these in the bidding, and made a small for tune in the same way without invest ing or risking any money these eases, and there are doubtless many more like them, show what was pos sible under the terms of the govern ments recent advertisement, and faintly indicate what may be expect ed if another loan should be offered on the same terms. Then would the French and all other records of over subscriptions to a public loan be buried out of sight' Ex. Congressman McLaurin, S. C: "Instead of referring to Senator Tillman as an anarchist, let my friend turn his abuse upon those who rendered it possible for such utter ances to go unchallenged in the Uni ted States Senate. I was present, 6ir, and witnessed the shock to "Senatorial dignity," and when all eyes turned toward the "David" from New York he failed to produee his "sling" and smooth rocks which have slain so many Goliaths. There are all scrts of anarchists in this eountry; the poor devil shivering with cold at a switch crossing, the maniac in the legislative gallery, and the fat, round anarchist, robed in power, who, by changing the unit of value, has robbed the toiler of his just reward and the producer of the fruits of his labor' Bradstreet and Dun commercial agencies, the great barkers for the gold standard et als, are about to surrender another point. They said prosperity Was returning some months ago. They said it would come with fall trade. They said it would come after the hol idays. They said it would come with good weather. They said it would come with bad weather. They said it would come with the bond issue. Now they say the weather hinders business but Confidence is created." They say there were 321 failures last week against 270 for the same week last year. Next week they will probably say that it will come on the full of the moon. The People's Party cannot co-oper ate with Shermanism any more than it can co-operate with Clevelandism Let us co-onerate arainst both. Sure ly the majority of the people of this State are opposed to both. Then let us draw the issue squarely and give the people a chance to vote against Dotn. me people nave been sacrificed and robbed long enough in the name and for the sake of party. The hour has come for every good citizen to put patriotism above party. Let us vote for what we want. Let us vote to con demn the traitorous goldbug party. One of the biggest Democratic ab surdities oi the season comes from Mis sissippi. The Democratic party down there whoops itself hoarse and red In tbe face for free silver and consti tutional money, and yet leading mem bers of that party have signed a peti tion begging W. C. Whitney, a stand ard oil monopoly goldbug to become a Democratic candidate lor Presi dent. Wonder how much of Whit ney's standard oil dividends these Dems are getting for the caper? It is perfect rot to think this scheme is not being paid for. Llsewbere we give an utterance from Senator Pritchard's speech (at Chicago) on the financial question. It is just about what tbe Democrats have been saying. If the Republican party can be depended upon to supply "gold, silver and paper" money, why did that party defeat the silver bill last week? lne people want action at this time, They are weary of empty words and uro&en promises. Elsewhere we publish resolution! adopted by the Reform Press Associa tion of Illinois. They declare the sil ver party a friend and ally of reform anu pieuge meir assistance and sup port to everv Droner effort ind mnt ment the Silver party may make. We endorse and commend the resolutions and declare our readiness to act in the spirit outlined. One of the ablest speeches, in point of dignity and force that has been - - 1 . i A. I WT . a uiaue. m me nouse on tne coinage bill was made on the 12th instbv Congress. man A. C. Shuford. If indisputable lacio uu ngures couia count lor any thing in that body, this speech would be Dowerfullv effective w present it, at least in part, to the peo ple. Mr. Harlan Hoover, son Senator J. T. B. Hoover, has Washington as stenographer tor Butler. Mr. Hoover is man of thorouch ahifitv in of State gone to to Sena a young this line extended and our congratulations are to both," Senator Butler Hoover. and Mr Dr. J. J. Mott, of North Carolina, chairman of the national committee of tne silver party, hs formally .entered upon his duties fr the complete or ganization of the United States. Dr. Jttott is a brainy man of perfect integ rity and will do his work well. Silver Amgnt. The Populists and Republicans of Alabama have agreed upon a plan of fusion which they say will overwhel mingly defeat tbe Democrats even if the Democrats perpetrate more frauds and steal more votes than usual. Dr. Eugene Grissom, who was form eriy superintendent of the North Carolina Insane A avium mi k.. . been in bad health for some time past, recently attempted to commit suicide I.. ..U.. .LI . ujr baaiug cuioroiorm. If our Republican friends are gold burs then thev nncht tn au f. . goldbug for President; but if thev are guiuuugs men ioey ougnt to vote v. . The fall returns show that the Peo ple's Party in Nebraska east 7,000 A V J a a . ' more votes iasi iau in single hand ed fight than they did a year ago with the Democratic endorsement. Congressman Tom Settle says that the report that be has appointed a ne gro secretary is a lie. The Democrats are getting ready to launch a Carlisle presidential boom. One Banker Among a Taoasaad. The New York World sent tele grams to ever national bank in the country asking an expression of the opinion of the presidents' of the banks on the last pretended popular government loan. Mr. J. Garrity, president of the First national bank at Corsicana, replied as follows- "Corsicana, Tex. To New York World: Patriotic dntv to have nothing to do with an un necessary reserve, uur people have such confidence in the credit of the United States that 'they do not care whether the srold reaervA ia einn $100,000,000. . J.Gaamty. "President First National Bank." Sobseribe for the weekly Catoa SIax $L00 a year.; ADDRESS BY . G0AIRUA1I COTT Of the National Silrer Commit- tee Independent Action ia Cff. HO MORE STRADDLING. H All rrtmm t Pr Ctlup tm St Tthr la la AyiriuMn Cmmpif. ul Rfa ( Baaarrlaa Partfecr Btradl la Ik PlaUaraM ! taa Kapaaltcaa aa4 DrawnUt Parti -Aa raparlal Aapaal ta ta Xarth Cara llalaaa. Mr. J. J. Mott, chairman of the Na tional Committee of the Silver Party, has issued tbe following address : "To the People: "As chairman oi lne .National Com mittee appointed by tbe silver confer ence lately assembled in Washington City to organize tbesilver forces in these LQiiru ataies in me name wuicu is 10 take place for the possession of the government this year, it is thought proper that I should make some state ment te tne people in reference to it. "As tbe necessity of money as a me dium of exchange became revealed to the minds of men the two metals finally accepted as most suitable for money were silver and gold, l his was natural, because they were the two most precious metals adapted to tbe purpose, and were sufficiently limited n quantity. "As mining has developed tbe fact that these two metals existed in the earth in almost certain proportions, a natural ratio of value was adduced. This ratio has continued as arranged by man under the natural order as he found it. It was accepted by mankind as a part of tbe ground plan upon which the world was to move, and ap proved by philosophy and common sense of all ages. "1 rom this condition of regular or der and contentment, contributing to the gradual extension of civilization, and the general betterment of the hu man race, this country and the world has been ruthlessly torn. "It has been done by tbe rejection of one of the precious metals, in tbe in terests of greed, and by this act the money changers have been enthroned, ana the narrowing of tbe scope of mo- nometalism begun. As monetization has been narrowed, money has become scarcer in proportion, and as money became scarcer prices fell in propor tion, and falling prices have been the bane of this world. It was predicted after the demonetization of silver that great suffering would follow. This suffering is already here. From a con traction of the currency we are now in the throes of one of these desperate stages of human experience a period of heartache, canker, and sleepless nights as the foundation of prices has crumbled. Obligations resting upon the supposed firm foundation of a price in ready money have crumbled into dirt as the foundation of the price has crummed. rue country is confronted by a grave emergency. Further theor izing is futile. The agitation of the money question must be settled by peaceiui metnoas mat win give prac iicai results. OLD PARTIES NOT TO BK TRU8TKP. Long, patient, and dispassionate re flection has convinced watt that an in dependent American financial system is absolutely necessary to the restora tion of national prosperity, and tbe establishment of commercial condi tions in this country that will give the common people the agricultural and lahArincr fUfl6Da an a.nat a hftn with capital and concentrated wealth. TT Aa . a . now can ii De enectear uan it oe aone through either the Republican or Democratic nartv aa now .nnt.it.iit.pd9 No. Both organizations are under the blighting influence of the Eastern money power. The recerd of every national convention of both parties for years is piam prooi of tne assertion Aue legislation oi Dotn parties in con gress is proof that it is impossible as i partv Question. "What then is to he dnno? A a pat riots, as Americans who are for Amer ica against tne wona, wnac is our nrst and controlling duty in this crisis? Shall we longer heed the false prom ises of party platform declarations? Shall we longer submit to the acade mic discussion of what bimetallism means? Shall it be another campaign of straddling and equivocation? Or shall the issue be squarely on the free uuiuage ui suver ana goia, ana a resi uem eieciea wno represents thepeopl on that creat niipatinn? -The first step the essential step preliminary to the correction of the picscuv auuses me re-esiaoiisnment of national prosperity and the mainte nance of our national credit, is the 1 AT - M -r-fc - . . cicubiuii oi a r-resiaent wnose Anarew Jackson COUrare and inflp-rihla intatr. rity will defy the influence that pros- biiutea i-reaiuents ana uaoinets, and mases tne administration of the gov ernment a subject of humiliation and A PRESIDENT PLEDGED TO SILVER. "Stronir in character and i as may be the standard bearer of the Republican or Democratic party in the com in? cam oai en. Tt will hardiv v possible for him to rise above influences a .i . . . luau eeuureu me nomination, or tbe environments that must surround him in the event of his election. The one nope of tne people, I am convinced, ia in the election of a President pledged, unconditionally and nnroanrvodlw tn the free and unlimited coinage ofsii- auu gum, bus same as irom tne foundation of our government until 1873, and also unconditionally pledged in favor of a national currency, with out the intervention of banks of issue, and against the issuance of interest bearing bonds in time of peace for any yui jjuse wiiarever. "1 appeal not Onlv to Ranuhlioana in my own State, who can appreciate the . . : a t i j . saciuce i wase in renouncing party obligations on this nnaat.inn in ad vance of party action in the premises, uui w me peopie turougnouc tne coun try, without regard to party, toco-op erate in this sreat nnn-nartisan na triotic American movement to sustain the industrial and financial inHwmi. ence of ths United States in tbe pend- iug irrepreBSiDie COnniCw lhis sentiment influences me to accept the chairmanship of the nation al silver party. I ahall give to this movement my best services and thought, and successful or otherwise, I shall realize the satisfaction of hav ing aone my duty to tbe people and the country a3 I see and understand it. "In my own State I confidently an- wAm I A - 1. n M. ft, 1 M " tnrni iu IC IIUMUU UlE OI DOIQ PaF- ties to support my efforts. North Car olina is an agricultural State, and nine tenths of its people are directly and disastrously affected by tbe operation of the single goM standard. I appeal to them to lay aside party feelings, ig nore party obligations on this social question, disregard party appeals, for get the exasperations of past oartv contention, and spurn tbe offer of piace ano emolument. "We have the example and experi ence of tbe last campaign in North Carolina to show the practicability and safety of men of different parties co-operating to carry out a great meas ure essential to the welfare of the peo ple, where neither of the parties favor- lnar it could effect it alnn TIiam ... a co-operation on one issue, the i&w ana nt fat Wi. T. - vitwiuufc ib ia now ar ranged to extend auxh a nlan thMinak all the States on another vital laaae of even greater importance to thia ooun try. No one party can do thia. hat a majority of the people in all the par- tie want it done, and they ran do it if taey will eo-operate. rsort-S ncsr ivitr t raait. Tlat smtII that saenac tbe pople n the election of a President wbuae administration of tbe gxternnt as perpetuation of tbe preheat fi nancial system, can only be averted by tbe people tbemaelvee. It may be too late four years anr. Tne preeeni ao normal conditions do net warrant be lief in tbe peacefol aubmisaion of tbe people to further oppression and im poverishment. Tbe gold gamblers may deride tbe popular ebullition as a systesa of bans leas "aorialistn. but if tbey arejwiae tbey will beed tbe ad monition and not persist in their greed of accumulation at tbe vxpn of tbe tolling and suffering people. The piaia, patriotic doty oi every A mencan who love and honor his country, who would jealously guard its institution, who would die for tbe principles that bare made it tbe rrealest. the ricbt. tbe proudest tbe most independent na tion on the face of the globe, is to a serf bis manhood and subordinate party success to tbe country' wel fare in tbe impending conflict. "Let us have this metal money re stored and in tbe proportions found in nature's storehouse, and as it exist ed in Washinton's time when the flag ana tne constitution were fresh and God seemed to speak to the people from an open dook. "The men who are for gold stand to gether, no matter what party tbey be long to. They have control of both Republican and Democratic parties. The people in their districts, striking at entrencned power, knock out first one and then the other party, but no matter wnicn turn is taken, rold is uppermost. The gold leaders are keen. determined, and loyal to the eold standard. Are tbe silver leaders less determined, less intelligent, and less loyal 7 if they are equal to tbe otners in tnese qualities, what is the matter with them that they allow victory after victory to be scored A. A .B a.-l against them, and that, too, when tbe silver people in the country are in the Task majority? "The people are enraired and iustlr so. May they say at last to these lead ers, 'Lo! these many years have we sent you ior silver, and you have re turned to us without it; you are un profitable servants and have led us through the bog and quagmire of uisappointment. e like to honor you, but you must take us by some other road ard reach our idol. The men who blazed the way to the silver conference did well. The people see the citadel of their liberties, and are ready for the battle. The Philistines are at our doors. To your tents, oh, Is rael!'" NO SILVER, NO TARIFF. Four Republicans Block tha Way to Tar iff Lcft-uiatlon-And Stand By Sllvar. There mi an vril'rrr in tha CAn ate last week which looks very much like a determination on the part of sil ver Republicans that if tbe House will a,. AY S a a . . uoi pass tne suver Din, tne hen ate win not pass a tariff bill. Mr. Morrill, in charge of tbe tariff uiii, wanteu to Dring tnis matter belore the Senate. Four silver Senators voted aeainst that motion. Thv Mr Carter, of Montana, who is chairman A SL. "VT A. ' a . a ui me .national iiepuDUCan commit 4V . Vi r a. . M . a mv; mr. juantie, oi tne same State; Mr. Dubois, of Idaho, and Mr Tnr of Colorado. If these Senators stick to this position, it will effectually block all tariff leiriaUtiAn in tha Oanata O ... .mv the Populists and Democrats may be counieu on to vote solidly against tbe Republican tariff measure. It is un derstood that the no fmir Tt Senators will thus keep tbe tariff bill lruiu cuuiidk oeiore me senate until ovujc iniuguiiiuu is Kiveu 10 Miver o. Aft. TT J The aienificancp of thia ant; is emnhaaized when itialrnnirn that iU teen Rennblicmn Snatrra hn an proved and signed a resolution in fa vor of silver. The resolution and tbe names of the Senators signing it are nere given : "Resolved. That we are in favnr rescuing the people of the United States from such i mwnil i n rr r1 n ir.r hv removing the difference of exchange wmwu oiu sianuara countries ana silver standard countries by the only method Possible, whieh in tho froa anil unlimited coinage of silver at tbe ratio atra-.. t 1 a. 1 ? a - . oi io iu i oj me inaepenaent action or the United States, and we are in favor oi a win ii wnicn snail be sufficient to equalize the cost of production in the United States and in European and in Asiatic countries, and that the pro tection mciaenc to sucn tariff shall eauallv distributed in pt Motinn the United States, and between the various products and industries of each O . oiai. H. M. Teller. Colorado. "Edward O. Wolcott, Colorado. "Lee Mantle, Montana. "T. H. Carter, Montana. "George L. Shoup, Idaho. "F.T.Dubois, Idaho. "Frank J. Cannon, Utah. "Arthur Brown, Utah. "Francis E. Warren, Wyoming. "C. D. Clark, Wyoming. "J. C. Pritchard, North Carolina. "John H. Mitchell, Oregon. "R.F.Pettigrew, South Dakota. "H. C. Hansbrough, North Dakota "George C. Perkins, California. "J. D. Cameron. Pennsvlvania. UI approve of the above, but prefer w uave tue ratio loft to l." A DcitracUra Flra ia GreanTllla. A verv destriirtiva flra . - t -w - v a-av ovvui a At Greenville in this State last Saturday night, by which nearly half tbe busi ness part of the town was wiped out. a weuiy-tnree Dunaings were destroy ed, including tbe opera bouse, which was valued at 110,000. Ten of these were two-story brick buildings, and eleven were frame buildings. Elliott .eros. toss was fo5,ooy. They carried si7,ouu insurance. LocCd Rod Mood Is tbe Itouadatloa af the Weavderfal Oarm by lnIoodIPG Saroaparilla That It Why Hood's SanaparlTJa girea snargy in plaoe axiiaustion. Tht b Why th tettttntadalsfor Hood's Saimtdlla art) eolid facts. andwinatafbaclcsjrtiAveatigatio .whlto wtker p-npejntfc. of Urn meri have come, held a Utile tem PWTfiaror, and are heard of bo more. rJUL iLYQUJ1 Sartaparllla WWL That It Why Kccd'oOaroaparllla lo tho Only Truo Diced Purifier Big Enough for Three." The largest piece, of good tobacco ever sold for 10 cents .arid Tne 5 cent piece is nearly as farge as you jget of other mgb grades for 10 cents HORFOLK AHD CAROLINA CHEMICAL G0E3PAEIY, Branch of the Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company, Norfolk, Va. The latest built, everything new, the largest and most complete factory, best shipping -facilities. These ad vantage enable us lo make K.rlili.crs at tli. least possible cost. Sole and exclusive manufacturers of tli- CENUINE SLAUGHTER HOUSE BOHE GUANOS. If you want the best gr t SLAnaiTK!: IforSK IMiXK BRANDS. Norfolk and Carolina Chemical Co., Branch, Norfolk, Va. NAVASSA GUANO COMPANY W J.T,"MTlSr(3-TQTSr 1ST n BEEN IN BUSINESS LONGER afA lirtl E3alie the Best Fertilizers. We Manufacture Naraasa Guano, Nayasaa Universal Fertilizer Navaisa Cotton Ftrtilixe; Naraasa Complete Fertilizer Navaaea Boot Crop Fertilizer Navassa Special Truck Guano Naraasa Fruit Grower Fertilizer Naraasa Guano for Tobacco Occoaeechee Tobacco Fertilizer Oroatan Tobacco Guano Naraasa Acid Phosphate Hih Grade Diaaolred Bone Phoe. IMPORTERS OF KAINIT, MURIATE POTASH, SULPHATE OF POTASH, NITRATE SODA AND ALL FERTILIZIVfi r.nvc.ki s. Ilea Gsods, lie tlachinery, Cnlta atul : r J . a aaT-aV 7 LP" u auu iun iiiar a tmrm. wax ; grain immmm i, - "ic, roc aa apui bilk, i ea ai rmmi 1 'KVCRYTntSQ CUAMAMTS3 MM ADDRESS TBt CAUCASIAN CIYE8 THE ef e::t3CF AaY PAra ia tux THAN ANY OTHER FERTILIZE. a WW a . . ?! 9 LotfPfices. Establish! fe;atatic llesdquartors forjiio Cost, Only BZWKDEC3 OF PBIZB XTZffTTBCS OF tun FOLLOWING VAI3TlZ3i TTannaQ Pro awl Train CilshJ TaOaTa. T rsl TTi f nj wtfli B I s Tiuan saal r TjaUJiui il Light SatmmUmml t Osanf SfSSi Surer-Laced Wyandotte. Whit OaatMsa, Ptidb Docfca, Masoory Pucka, Pea Fo-ria atad Paoa fcsona, Fcr C3 d A3 Uses. of Import fired Back VViTT If V.wCff4V OCCOUEECREE PAUH. DUULTAH. J7. C FULLEST AMD HOST ACCUSATE EEPC3TS ctate. taa rca it. tua na tiax f 4 A m 9 a I

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