THE CAUCASIAN. lUVigh, N. ('., February 20, 18 90. AT WAKE FOREST COLLEGE. A llfllllaal Aanlrarf -Halag taa ilily l Ir.t tent f lha Kl4 In lha Cal lr( HUlnry Without rrration the Urgent and iimt jijrritif a-nibly of people wliirh rvrr attended the anniversary ferri" of Wtke r'ort College, at temled tlie sixty-Unit celebration on I riday. the I Ith i rut.; and without res- rrvatioti the grnrral verdict of those wh have attended many of Uire cvrtit declared thin one to have been in- iiio-v anu promabie one vithm their memory. The young gen tleinen who participated in the exer cue cohered thenmelve with credit ami honor. tun particulars cannot be staled here, hut Dot to make brief mention would be an injustice to an interesting ami important occasion. "lie uiYiMoti ot the i.roirranime wa .1 drbate of the following (juration : " I:, ., ,1, That the government 'hould own and control our railway and tele- uratdi nvitrmi." 'I tie iif.t.f.rtTH of the nltinuatl ve ide wer. Mr. illi J. I'.rigg.of Hal eiirli. an. I Mr. Albert P.. armady, of iran ille coutity. Mr Micg made a lear, concise and iuite coiiiprrhensive analyit of the uerioti. I lie information he maiii Zested would put to shame many a Kray-heAiled, jh... t-t .-.' intelligent timl well informed man who attempts t dicti tlii subject, lie was master f the moment ami won confidence and empathy by both a pleasant address ami logical argument. Mr. 4'annady, fur the alllrmative, li.indied the iiestion with glove otr nml exposed the evil features of the f recent management, with a ruthless I ,.uhI. He showed unmistakable evi-!-iires of the orator in his delivery, Htul like his colleague, I'.riggs, elicited tvniih of applause. the negatit was sustained by Mr. '.. V Urny, of Camden, and Mr. Kob . rt N. iiin, of Kaleigh. Credit must w'iven them for a remarkably good port of tlieir side. Mr. limy dealt with statistics in a 'nous manner and applied them to - ;-t4in points advanced. Mr. ims was very forcible. He was - I.olarly and connected, and had his .!ii U'inii been one to decide tiie ao ' V. fxte of the railroads, these corporation- would have had occa-ion to 1 1 n i . U. and honor him for a splendid p'.ea for tlx? matnte.iance of the pres ent jteli). At the cKse of the debate, the ques tion was triveti to the audience for a rrdict, and the decision was 18 to f7 in f.nor of f he champions of govern ir. tit:il ownership amid luty and pro loiitteii applause. I n the evening the young orators of the d:iy won as much favor as had been accorded to the debaters. These were Mr. Japer Howell, Jr., of Cald well county, who chose for his subject Thristian and Patriotic Citizenship;' nnd Mr. A. C. Cree, whose subject was "pecialisui." I he gieat pleasure and succtws of : he m-caslon as a whole gives promise i f greater gatherings at the anniver rj celebration of the future. THE NATIONAL CONGRESS. Some Record of What the Peo ple' i Representatives Are Trying to Do. PACIFIC RAILROAD BILL. THE UNIVERSITY. V'itiil Mrftlna of The Hoard uf TruttrM Interrttlcg Imports Ac. 1 he annual meeting of the Board of I rustees of the State I'niversity was hold in the executive otlice on the l Jth inst. The President's report showed au enrollment of .;tO students troni va nous States s follows : Vrom North Carolina, 407; South Carolina. v; Virgina Tennessee, ' New York.;t; Pennsylvania 2. And one each from Maine, New .'er sey, Pistri. t of Columbia, Ceonria and I exas. North Carolina .-tudenWi represent eighty counties. A petition was presented from the fraternities in the I'niversity asking that the law forbidding students to join secret vcieties until January of the Sot homore vear be modified so as to allow them to join in February of the Freshman year. A committee of the fraternities and one representing the nou-fraternity element appeared Saaaa rigar Walraga !! lbCtk aal Raarallt? ( C'rtratla Taa Ciovaraauat Amkr4 to t a rartar to Hlg rr1 - l'rKat IMftrlanrr Bill Ac. Maadar. r.bruir; loih-Saaala. Only two pension billa introduced to-day- Three pension bills were passed. Mr. Allen submitted the following resolution: Kk.solvei, Thai the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, directed to inform the Senate of the amount of coin and currency, and all forma of notes and money of the I'nited States .n existence on January 1, 18, and the amount held as re serves by national and State banks, private banks and bankers, loau and trust companies, and other financial institutions and concerns, and the total a .noun t then in the Treasury, and the estimated population of the United States at that time. Th Monroe doctrine was discus sed by Mr. Smith and the distribu tion of seeds by Mr. Vest. The death of Congressman V. II. Crain, of Texas, was announced. UauM. The coinage bill was discussed all day, Mr. Howard (Pop.) of Ala bama, making a strong speech in favor of silver. Thirteen pension bills were intro duced. Tuesday, February lltb Senate. Ten pension bills were introduced. A lot of time was again consumed by discussion of the Monroe doctrine and the seed bill. The urgent deficiency bill, which ncludes the four million dollars to pay up the "lees, witness tick ets A.C., which resulted from the out rageous persecution and fee grab bing schemes on the part of reve nue officers under the present Dem ocratic administration was taken up. The following amendment was ad led to the bill. "The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to pay to Matt W. Ransom, out of the appropriation for "Salaries of am bassadors and ministers," 1S9G, the sum of $2,S06,43, being the amount of the salary of the minister to Mex ico from July 1 to August 23, 1S95, during which period he performed the duties of minister to Mexico and has received no compensation there for." House. Thirty-three pension bills were introduced tni of government is that every man shall have an equal, fair, antra mo led chance to do busioe, that tbe law of competition shall prevail. Yet in this respect not only the railroads but the railroads throughout this country have purraed aeoerse that has Linger ed and prevented tbe exerciae of tit law of competition between individ ual and between cities and town. If tbe government should own this road and operate it, how different wo:id be the picture wb-n peace and quiet pre vailed, when fair and equal opportuni ty was bestowed upon all the people and all the towns along the line. U.IH. Thirty pension bills were intro duced. IKIDir, FtHKllIT ItTM. The -natf was not in session. Hob.. Twenty-nine pension bill were in troduced and about tbe same number passed. The free coinage bill was killed. Particulars are printed elsewhere in this iniftie. SAT t'lil) AY, KlkCllI 15TH. The Senate was not in session. Twenty-one pension bills were intro duced and a large number passed. REPUBLICANS "KILL IT." UUulrtuU B Wm Cm A Col. F. C. Pierce Uas Marie a Well Clan by Paine's Celery Compound. The Present Congress Does The Same Thing The Democrat ic Congress Did. Wednesday. February 1'Jth-Senate Ten pension bills were introduced. The matter of adjusting the indebt edness of the Pacific railroads is be ginning to receive attention in the Senate. These roads owe the govern ment more than one hundred million dollars and are trying to put otf the day of settlement indefinitely, several men have grown rich so rich that they are worth from five to forty mil lion dollars otT this system and they say the roads cannot pay the govern ment what they owe. Senator Allen introduced a resolution requiring the Secretary of the Interior to, furnish the Senate with full information con cerning these roads. The urgent deficiency bill which in cludes additional appropriations for the scheming, persecuting and wfee grabbing' revenue officers under this ijmfwiti.- administration. Mr. how ll kill Wkiie beeeiaf Is KHena-Oaly Fifty- Mia DraecraU Vet Far ll Ta Peeallsts SeiU Ueal- Ke What An Yea Geisg le Akeat It? The decisive battle for and against the free coinage of silver was fought in the House last Friday, with a re sult differing from the result of the preliminary skirmish on lnursday when the vote was taken in Committee of tbe Whole and the silver forces were defeated 190 to HO. Hoth sides mas tered their greatest strength for the final vote on Friday. J'.very member who could possibly be reached by the whippers-in on either side was on hand to record his vote, uniy ntiy- one absentees were noted, and most of these were paired, Of the 3"5 mem bers 305 voted, and on the question of adontine the Senate free coinaee bill 215 voted no and 90 yes. The question on which this result turned was Mr. Crisp's motion that the House do con cur in the Senate substitute for the House bond bill, the Senate measure nrovidinsr for the free and unlimited coinaee of silver. Twentv-six Republicans voted for the bill, as did also the six Populists The Democratic contingent which vo ted against the bill, was as strong as the combined Republican and Populist vote in favor of silver, thirty-one Dem crats voting no. The Democratic vote for the bill numbered only fifty-one votes. Messrs. Linney. Pearson, Shuford, Skinner, and Strowd and the Demo cratic Congressmen from North Caro lina, voted for the bill. The Democrats in the House are about as badly split up on this issue as the Democrats in the Senate. And vet in a few more weeks the people will hear Democratic stump speakers swearing tnat iree eoinage oi suver can be had throush the Democratic nartv. There can be no hope of reform through either one of these old gangs, Senator PrlUhard In Chicago, Senator Pritchard went to Chicago last week where he attended a ban RiiPt triven bv the Marauette Club in commemoration of the birth of Abra ham Lincoln. About fifteen hundred neoole were present. Hon. Wm. Mc Kinley was the chief speaker of the evening. Other speakers were ena tor Pritchard, Senator Thurston, Gov Hastings, of Pennsylvania, and Gov Cohan), of Wisconsin all Republi cans. Senator Pritchard spoke of "Our Hope in the South." He dealt mainly with the tariff, and wanted protection for Southern interests. He praised the McKinley tariff. He said "It should be the desire of the Re- l handier gavs some ngures io snow llK,; tn strengthen, encour t.vrniiir . that the amount appropriated business in 1SS5 was a little over before the Hoard and presented argn inents for and against the petition. The Hoard adopted the recommenda lion oi uie lacuuy amenuingme pre-, .n, free grabbers t ut, lw :v u aiiv'w ptuutruts v jviu t in October of the Sophomore year and ! forbidding the pledging of students before then by fraternities. A very satisfactory report of the electric plant was made by Prof. Gore, the manager, showing a profit of $31.67 the first quarter, after meeting all ex penses. The President reported that the wa ter supply was insufficient, and the Hoard voted fUw to enlarge it. The President reported a gift of .ioo by Mr. 11. S. Lake, class of lS 'or the aid of needy students, being -V0 dollars given for this purpose by Mr. Lake, and also :to constructan athletic track The report of Trof. Alderman. Superintendent of the Sum ner School for Teachers wis read, and an appropriation of $V0 was voted to support the school this year. All the plans for the school are perfected, and an attendance of 300 teachers is ex pected. 23.000 has been subscribed to the Centennial Alumni Hall. Work will begin as soon as fSO.OOO is subscribed. I.U-.J1 has been subscribed to the Y. M. C.; A. building. The students have given t.0v Vacuity I2.iXX. villagers $700. friends $1. COO. Work will begin as scon as $10,0as is subscribed. inree . j: narttr in th niithern StatM million .Altars, while for the an- - J-V " :r;i:,K v.- ; nrooriation will probably amount to ei?ht million dollars to pay all the - - Honss. Twenty-two pension biils were in troduced. Continued discussions of the coinage bill. There was some amusement at the expense of Mr. Kem. of Nebraska. He is a red hot silver man, but by some error in the Record j hi name anwared at the head of a i rousing goldbug speech. The fun be gan when Mr. Kem asked that the Rec ord be corrected. Other members jocularly undertook to prove that he made the gold speech. Thoraday. Febraary 13th-Senate. and establish a permanent and ring party in 1 and this could be accomplished by giv- Weed's Packets cf Vegetable Flower Seeds CMtala caort lg-Craic UtU IU arr cClsr tm arte at I vt bay '.'fm, e1. trUI paaj aal rraataaa ia. v Lvh are bk4 to m oa parrel. itw la 4 a lit? r axattty u fsan tJktt ict4. If yv mrrr a4 U&l'- n I'a CraJc Ut erraj nr oelrra Jrl c ray t rtcc tieiiw pakra, os.tae and qarwr of art tree V yvMt J-t vTm at tm.xlYa ralra. WlcwrtrtlTt Cautaoc aaj (alic to tac rsrta aaj CarAca mallei rrcc rtu for 1L T. W. WOOD & sorts. Sffdaffif. IUCHA051XVA. Poor soil -r lTiaiLKHVf tart l profitably fertile ! a jnjarf niuii o 4 crvvt ftTt.lucrotAmin hich per ccnlagc 4 Potiish. tkt: l.-rii Uc lr.. tali it rru!t i 7 Arr job fc lpttg U sprssad tW nr. Old Dominion Guano Company, U!:AN 1! OF THK VHHilM -i Ai:!.l 1IKMK . Mnittilf(iottiixkrst $T THK ( KI.KIUIATKP 11 OLD DOUmiOM ' and FARMERS' FRIEND " i;uM At the door of every newspaper office might be posted the general order Rush ! The busiest concerns in the busiest streets are sluggards compared with these newsgathering hives where human fingers and brains are matched to keep up with machinery. The bryit of this fatiguing mental strain, unavoidable in getung oui one of the big city dailies, for exam ple, the Chicago Evening Journal, falls on its business manager in the case of this oldest daily in Illinois, Colonel Frederick C. fierce. Colonel Pierce is one of the busi- ' x . aV 1 est men in Chicago, a city 01 eany and late workers. Brain workers in very profession will thank Colonel Pierce for tne following statement recently made by him: "For several years 1 nave uwu troubled with sick headache, caused by constipation; otherwise I have always been in perfect health, and never sick but for two weeas in my in my life. This sick headache has been very annoying. I have taken a number of different medicines which have been used and recom mended by others, but not until I took Paine's celery compound did I find any relief. "This season I took one bottle and was not troubled with headache for at least six months. Since that time I have kept the medicine in the office and used it occasionally, and have not been troubled with headache since. ucd v w uiouuvu lu o num ber of my friends, who have been benefited as I have. For a person who is disposed to constipation, it is unquestionably one of the best med icines that there i? on the market to day. Vours iespectfully. "F.C. PIERCE, "Business Manager Chicago Even ing Journal1 A black cloud is no surer indica tion of an approaching storm than persistent headaches are of danger- ous debility. There is no one specific that can per- AllUnOniated V 0111 11 Y.CVH tV ACIU I'llOSlillJttt-S irn.s tn tka cil (if th trouble. That trrAat norvn an d brain restorer. ell more goods in North Carol iu than a&v otLrr iua-iufrtnrrra. I 11 ISJ . a a l aa Paine's celery compound, does get I n cieariv uemoostratea tne nign cnaracu-r ana tbe uniftai MUiiar ... 1 1 . 1 - & . , ' . 1 nd 01 them and leaves no enance ior iion wnicn our roooa give, nr arr urivr prriarri ton vr-r iun nrr their return, because the deep-seated to supply tbe trad, and aak that Uf ore tuvisg you will g-t j ricrj frooi cause- the weaienea nervous system our agenU, located at all prominent railway elation, and u-n.b.t Ian 1- at last is suppneu wnu ow n uu w mgj ,n sorth C arolina. saaiy xeit me neea 01. The best physicians in every city in tnis countrv presences i aine si celery compound, where a rapid building up of system is imperative. .as an invigoraior in cases 01 nerv ous exhaustion, sleeplessness and a poor state of the blood it is the main stay of the ablest practitioners throughout the L sited states. A mere glance at the faces of weak. nervous, run down persons aner they hare begun to use this greatest of all remedies, shows how rapid is the nourishing effect of s ctl- ery compound. There are thousands upon thous ands well today because they used Paine's celery compound. OLD D01IIN10N GUANO COtlPANY. BRANCH, Norfolk, Va. 17. H. & R. S. TUCKER & CO., RALEIGH. N. C. Church Work 1b Ralet(b. Denominational church work in Raleigh contemplates extensive mate rial improvement in the near future. The Roman ainoucs are w uunu a handseme cathedral at a cost of nearly f100,000. The Presbyterians will spend 20,000 for improvement and enlargement. An Episcopal cathedral is to be erected at a cost of $25,000. The Christian church edifice is to be greatly improved. The Baptists are enlarging the Sunday-school depart ment of the Tabernacle and pushing forward the Baptist Female Universi ty which will cost $75,000. The Meth odists have just completed a handsome parsonage; all of which is very grati frini7 hot concerning which we are led to observe that the work on build- in and outward show is prooaoiy nntstrinninar the work of jrenuine spir- ituaiity. vt uoiii c iu mc- nf ruxmle annlvine for work grows larger and that beggars do not dimin ish in numner. At New Berae Fair, nt the least among the many attrac tions which willcharacteriietne ew- hrn fair. bftiDDioe Ir ehruary zn, will be tbe society feature. The Wav- erlv German club has arranged a pro- . a ? a 1 gramme 01 pleasure wnicu iuuuuct an elegant german on Wednesday nio-ht nf the week, and a erand oau VT.-.i. 17 . DI A NIT RPn CI flTHC asie uii tut; jd an 11. ... Six pension bills introduced. A resolution was mirouuceu oj intr the people to understand that they were to have their interests carefully protected. The Senator ended his speech with the prediction that with William McKinley as staard bearer, on such a platform, the Republicans would carry North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and perhaps other Southern States." On the money question he said : "It (the Republican party) stands now, as ever, for honest money, and a chance to earn it by hanest toil. It stands for a currency of gold, silver and paper with which to measure our ...i,.nin3 that shall h sis sound as I nio-ht of the week, and a the government and as untarnished as J complimentary to the marshals of the its honor, ine repuoiican pmj uir ontrimjuigui. civtn think of lowering tne a tn enntemn itc Aoter w oiaie nmpriM, .-l.rr . st least a t:n cr Hen Oi-oppings, Wood's Earth, Marl ar.d o:!iei cf materials. ' th:r. 3, which. ii:rh as Ashes, i: i;.i.ed with Powell's Prepared Chemicals, vr.crt vi.l lie ".er.tiv improve - make ferti'.ize"5 rich in Ammonia, Totash and rhosphr.ri: Acid, quick aair. j. prcsiucir. larsje crops and at the tie perma; the s":i'. fc rti!:':,-r- tnctcij thi "zs.ty is v.'.r;'r. l::t t;i about S12 per ton. Many :!ctcsd'J far--rs have i'to falvJi :' the r fr. .-cr t-r S xut ' FC well's f:tpmrr4 POWELL FERTILIZER & CHIT1ICAL CO., BaUraore. Md. Plant Rice, IT WILL PAY YOU. would as Mr.! ior of our countrv i.rf..n,iri.iin.fnrth anrvrti nt inent with patience or wunoui protest aau raBr. J. H. Bobbitt and J. L of five Senators to investigate and re- opposition any attempt to degrade or RAmsev Df Raleigh, have organized port generally all the material facts . corrupt the medium of exchanges Bobbitt Drntr Company with " PP'!: '"ITJhAanAxter in this city. They will iue luiurc F w .u " -i.; K r-F.AFNF.SS CANNOT BK CVHF.D by local applications, a they cannot reach the d.sased portion of the ear There is only one way to civre Deaf ness, and remedies. that is by constitutional Deafness is caused y an in Earned condition of the mucous l:nim?of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets indamed you have a rumbanc sound or imperfect hear- ir,s?. and when it is entirely close! Deafness is the result, and unless the inSammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine caes out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inf.amed condition of the :n"cous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars fcr anv case of Deafness (caused by catarrl.) that cannot be cured by HaTs Catarrh Cure. Send for cir ou'.irs. free. F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo. O. HrSV.J by Druggists. 75c. The New York Herald says that this Cocgress is as tad as the last ar. t w-lfdo nothing for the people. and circustances; connected wnn tne sale of I'nited States bonds in tbe years 184. 15 and 1S96. The Pacific railroad quesstion is coming in for lengthy discussion. The . manipulators are trying 10 iurm '.cheat the government and people. Something may be understood of the proposed scheme irom tne ionowmg remarks by Senator Pettigrew (Rep.) There are 1.900 miles of road, one hundred millions of bonds.seventy-flve millions of preferred stock, and sixty millions oi common stoca; in an. two hundred and thirty-five millions of bonds and stock, or $123,000 per mile. This l.V00 miles ot railroad can be reproduced for $23,000 per mile, and vet the rcvernment of the United States is asled to go into partnership with a partr of dishonest mn and bond and stock the road for $123,000 per mile, and the public whom this road serves is to be called upon to pay interest on this vast sum. That any set of men could come to Congress with any such proposition as this and expect it to be ratified oy tne repre sentatives of a free people is an lm peachment of the integrity of the peo- . . x a. a. a. . nle oi tne l nuea states, out waese mn have so learned the habit of mak ing corrupt propositions to each other among our people. unon in tbe sudpIv our country with the best money ever known gold, silver and paper- good the world over, ALL WILL HtLP. Reeolation of Tha Beform Preaa Aaaocia Hob of Illiaola Adopted .Ftbimary lOth Whxrxas. The Silver party has call ed its national convention to meet at the same time and place as that or the People's Party, for the purpose oi unit ing ana co-operaiing wua us, in lue coming campaign. s And, M HXREaS, J. ne ffuver u press of its own. in which to publish committee meetings, and calls for con vention and conferences, inereiore be it RttcJtrJ : That the Reform Press As sociation of the State of Illinois looks upon the Silver party as a friend and ally m tne . upenumg struggle c tvn the masses and the classes. extsna a superior remedy and a certain con stitutional cure for rheumatism, call ed "Rhenmacide," an entirely new discovery. The proprietors state that sales have already been made in three states, and cures effected in every case. The Raleigh Press-Vis iter savs : i a Si "Mr. Bobbitt is weu Known as one of the best and most progressive rjbarmacists in the state, and is ex- president ot ine ono uun Pharmaceutical Associauon, and tne fact of his bringing the remedy for ward is alone a good guarantee for it. Mr. J. L. Kam.vey will be adver tising manager and has the ability to push the enterprise to saeeess, etc The News & Observer also gives an extended notice, and after speak ing of a number of remarkable eures, THE G0LDSBORO HICE MILLS have been purchased by ' gentlemen living at Ooldiboro, who i are interested in building up a good market for farm products raised in this section. They would recommend their i farming friends to plant all their j avauaoie tanas ouimuieior me cm ture of Rice in thia crop. will be Drerared to tav the hizhest i As vcr daw for otr s, market price for same, for the text J'tuT' harvest Good Seed Kice may be bought of Henry Lee ct Co. and of H. We:l A: Bros., on reasonable terms. . Very respectf ally, ASK YOUR DEALER FOR W. L. Douglas 3. SHOE "VoSIdT" If too par MtoM for shoes, ex- gm j aaune the V. L. Douglas Shoe, and W I see what a good shoe jou can bay for OVER lOO STYLES AND WIDTHS, CONGRESS. BCTTOX. and LACE, mad la all klada of the bt aelected leather by killed work- t roe a. We make mad ell more $3 Shoe than anv &w&t other maaufactarer la the world. Xone Pennine oniest came and They '. price is stamped t-a the bottom. By Yard, Piece or Bale. lowest Prices and Best Grades For The Prices. VI, H. & R. S. TUCKER & CO., RALEIGH. U. C. TttE RO SL'BSTTTUTL If yocr dealer cacaot supply yoa. seed to fac tory, enclosing price and 36 cents to pay carriage. State kind, style of toe cap or plain), size and width. OorCustatn Dept. win nil ecd tor new iuus- voor oraer. rrted Catkie- to Box P. Goldsboro Rice Milling Co. j w. l. douclas, Brockton. m... 1 Stite v vT W A ja cr vine sayst alv Khhitt Tirl l r Ramsey are SEND YOUli OI1DERS FOR Books & Stationery TO Rolrd. That we heartily nf nur naners to tbe Silver party, for the purpose of paoiiamng 1 the very men to pu&n it aetiveiy ana their calls for conventions, confer-1 wisely." ences and committee meetings, ana ao 1 xhe xemedv is said to be entirely what we can to aid in em in uieiri vi- mA ... .iv.k. Tk by whicn thepuWicshaUt plnndered work not fv method of manufacture and ingre and robbed in the reorganiaation of ciplw of or loyalty to tbe People rar different from UJ pri si companies w every tK. rtv I nrietarv medicine on the market I uak iiki - - - nron,ition now in open uaviiRui w . . 1 . ; .m. t mss in nrnKi hpudc me it 1 a matter ior Tcrr 1 ' "I I myw tn .ntwrih. for our na- ana censare tnat iwrnmnv... .iMiaM thm .nAn7 their a. m a a a" b.a A wsaVaTw fl 1 a a uitria I W v titM can be found who will entertain it for nn momenL I uvarary Mr.ALUtx. I should liae to aa tuc THK lOUTH.S LOltPAXlOS Degias 1 Senator another question. 1 mier t.e Xevr Year with several notewor thy ebanpes. whieb inelnde tbe use Books for the Times; 'A PLEA FOR THE GOSPEL" AND "THE NEW REDEMPTION t THESE books seem providentially j K'QpTH CAR0LIN aO prepared for the time through WK1 n WRULIM which we are now passing, iney J a appeal with power to the people and to H Afl H ft 1 1 0 ftPf Q tbe churches to apply tne oospei oi i - - Jesus Christ to existing conditions:; . financial, social, and political. ADDRESS : They show how wealth might siake MnnTU PtDfll III 1 Rntltf hanniness where it is makine misery. HUH III tAtlULlllA DUUIV Every intelligent man Should readj them. Botb books go together fori $1.25; or your choice for 70 cents, post- ; paid. Order of kit. l). 11. IL l l.Lt. PURELY WUT'JAL. ALL D'VOf'SS fA 0 TO POL Cf O.L!L OU(iAMZEl) AMMKTH tMU Ml.471.Ml IA.II POLICY IH)LIi:ilH IU.IHHMHHI. 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