No Man ho puts Country Above Party can Vote In 1896 For A Goldbug Candidate For President. ntOPLE VS. MONOPOLY, MY- !; POCRISY AND FRAUD WILL' DE THE SLOCAN FOR THE COMINC CAMPAICN. THE CAUCASIAN. SCHO It. TOUt ftUSlCSir TIOss. TNI tlCHT o Tut peons va. riuTocatcf l O. OHWMlCMtioi l tog? . VOL. XIV. RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY, FEHRUARY 27, 189. SO. If.. DENUNCIATORY DEMOCRATS. MeEErs. Roed and Craig Borrow Tillman's Pitchfork-and Pitch Into Democracy. THE GREAT LINE IS DRAWN. They Kaor Molt I nun " National l-. ratlr Con r nl lo It falle To Il,.i r..r ller onirr-lltlflf and Mrfk.r. Aie . -.. T ' Tmat - I lift t tit laOn." VV't- htivo noticed a forcible ami el i..jti nt l;lter in the New and Ob totvf r nigmd by two Democrats of Anhevillo Messrs. M. I.. Ueed and f.ocko Craig. It is practically an appeal to thti Democracy of North Carolina to rut loose from the Na tional Democracy, for there in no doubt that the goldbug influence will control that convention. We :iru wondering why theso gentlemen . hould wait or appeal to others to await the action of the National I t inoirntiu convention. If it should leclaro for hilvtr and nominate an llitsttrn or Northern Democrat for l'r Vidtnt, the silver plodgo would liinount to nothing. He would be iv goldbug deupite his promises. It is i in possible to elect a Southern or Western man as a Democrat. Why then wiiit? Why not act nowT Following is a part of the letter: Senator I'ritchard has declared ill at this is a question of no import ance, but it in not in the power of Senator I'ritchard and the Republi can party, aided by the gold stand ard element of the I) hope of federal patronage and the tnolutnrntu of fii -c, TKAIT0K8 7O tVEttV Tltt'ST of citizenship and leadership, actu ated by the motives of the wretch who betrajed his Master for thirty piece n of bi!ver, will basfly desert thveaure of the people, regarding not the voice of duty that must speak to the consciences of all good men. For a little money they are helping to 10b the poor and the weak aLd to drive the iron wheels "over the good and true and beauti ful that might spring from human lives." They go with TUB I'ONTEMIT OF ALL. MEN of all parties. Let them go. Let those who would fallback, fall back. Let those who would oppose, oppose. Everywhere there are those who will rally, and with an enthusiasm that will inspire others, will arouse this country from ocean to ocean, gathering and swelling, like the accumulating torrent that rushes from the. mountain bweeping all be fore it. "Come with me," said Kit-hard Cobden, as John Bright turned heart-stricken from a new made grave, "in London there are women and children dying with hunger, with hunger made by the laws. Come with me and we will not rest until we repeal these laws." The same conditions threaten our country to day. "He who will hear, to him the clarions of the battlo call." M. L. Heed, LOCKK CliAIii. Ashovilie, N. C.Feb. 17. DEMOCRACY YS. FREE SILYER. Why Free Coinage of Silrer.Can not Be Secured Through the Democrat Psxty. RECORDS, FACTS, OPINIONS, Which hUnm lha ralalta- mud llTPocrlay uf Demurrant: I'rofcMlona and Plat furina The Vleaa of the i'avpla en the 'Juration of the Day-What They Knew and What They Think. ( L'nder this head will be presented communications competing for the cash prizes announced elsewhere for the best article on "Why the Free and Unlimited Coinage of Cannot Be Obtained Through the Democratic Party." i which Japanese- watch, I cottons, woolens. were old in the Han Francisco markets. Even bicycle, he said, were beiag imported and sold for 112 apiece. He described how bicycles could be manufactured in Japan for 112 in silver and sold here for $12 in gold. After the gold was converted into silver it could pay the cost of manu facture, transportation, and the du- bt ashes, j eial dan sLa'.l not accpl for tLo.r dibs;I er vices me um kh of r rire If tee wheat, corn, cc-tia, and tobatco growers are cemrllfd to arr.-Dt Eld prices for the. ta !e ae-i the or neesarv to irodare thesa. uiea toe oarui ciaes, wuo are their servants. should be content it L the tame scale of inc. "A word to the aiseis su!.i-nt-" Tie- people who employ and Lave t j pay official salaries are tbiukitir and ty and leave a profit of $4 or fo in silver. The greatest apprehension J moving alone this line. existed on the Pacific coast, he said The increase in the price of silver,! . nniiT tu at he thought, would take from the ADUU I 1 11 A I "SYMPOSIUM." Oriental countries they now possessed was adopted. the advantages The resolution Arkaaaas Populist Convention. Little Rock, Ark. Feb. IS. The State Central Populist committee met here to-day, and tixed July 15 as the date, and Little Rock aa the place -for holding the Populist State Oliver I . . a.., i o- couvemiou to nominate a iuii oiaie ticket and select delegates at large to the National Convention. SOME THINGS WHICH THE WRITERS SHOULD 00 TO ESCAPE HONEST CONDEMNATION. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. Various Mitten on Which Tie Pcpslar Opinion ii Expreisd. All Sections Interested. . . . LIVING ISSUES FORWARD. Will ftot ta v a tUUk( - Tk. t ar ty aa Old IIibmiiI Will ( WHh Kaat Tlaue Hap. la.l alt.r Maa Will t.l T.lklt i Call Sr.-. Swm mt a 1 I alia. '.thug taid oaij ba too rr U-l of lir -tt to Vtt el tie ft ;j t tie sa. rn (Kirf iy stituf is am ai't's-l est (ht tta. i(s. t raw th Hn! &sai. t oar jntfiplfi tsras e-ii, std lt -3t.ra to a. I snee unitt tLe law. I atn yosr fur sarrvaa. A. A. YI.n.w; For TLr I'antaa i Niw LtuUT. Wale "..aty N. " . rtb. A) - I ertaps vo-a wou'v! '.tie to bear soxvthicg frtm eiJ New I.'.ftt in regard to tLe ati&ieat cf tie Bi.mi of the pevpta tunmtitk tta grrat reform tawvaiuaat. The people rrxn to te aimcat a unit for an hoartt, impartial aeJ economical administration of the government , m fact the toi.T i The Free Coinage of Silver "Our Doors Are Open." ANOTHER GOLOBUB LIE. Their Mauder Macblaa at Work on a Sick I'opullat Member of Counrena. (,'oiitmbia, (S. C.) llegister, Deni. The goldbug papers are merciless in their treatment of Congressmen who have the courage of their con victions and vote for free silver. A emocratic rar tv. to divert the minds or the Denti n case in ioiui is meir ireaimeui 01 j r ----- - - -.!, , " . , tiHtu this vital issue, iho principle it' tlio restoration of the money of the people will determine the politi cal alHHations of all men IN TM K AITROACUINH CAMPAIGN. llr that is not for it must be against it. .Senator Butler has truly said that mi this question, "the line of battle will be clearly and sharply drawn from the mountaius to the : t a, and from on end of the I'nion t. t!u other " a a It is especially the duty of North Carolina Democrats to tee that the Howard, a noted Alabamian, the au thor of "If Christ Cani9 to Congress" and other vigorous financial writ ings. The goldbug papers have in dustriously circulated a story that quently now. Howard did not vote tor the tree sil ver bill because he was too drunk to do so. The story as first published was that Howard was drunk, that McLaurin assisted him home, call ing on Talbert for help, which was refused. The Washington Times has sinco published this partial cor rection: "The statement that Mr. Talbert declined to assist Mr. McLaurin in Loinh Stoke, X. Dec. IS. Why SaSartewtt ( b A fatoja anil llflli rat f- wt na of silver le secured through the Dcm-1 SPttvil IY HUINa The Democratic party of to-day is as dilterent from the Democratic par ty in the days of Jefferson and .lack- Kun id dark ililtupj frum 'nrt. In tl.a vHau a . a .J a a r maa aaaaaa a a a w a I early history of this country, and be- Elegant and Forcible FaCtS On iore ii. oecame pouuieu wun ine ior eign aristocratic idea, the Democratic party stood up for the fiKKATEST (io(il) TO 1 HE ORKA TEW! NI M I'.EK of American citizens. It had met British tyranny successfully upon the field of battle, and after that, was in strumental in giving to this country the freest government on earth. The Democratic party grew out of the ne cessity and wants of the people in the formative period of this nation, and so long as it stuck to the fundamental principles upon which it was based, the country PROSPERED AS1 WAS CONTENTED. Never until the party forsook its fundamental principles and began gradually to recede from the teachings of the founders of the party did we hear anything said about a revolution in this country, but we hear it fre- HaaarvatloB Uu Tne I'rarlu-a uf Man When Caught In Knor- Itenallrlarlaa f Old gjatatua Will Defend Thtm In the race of Truth -oni Phlluaoi-h ami Againant. Since Dr. Thompson has given bis nAKKY SKINlNhK Cary, concerning the Church, it is x I : l r . . f . i now in oruer ior lue wrueis 01 luai m KTrat agaiBat the TUlkm vt John Cleviuahd aud.ko tu Shir . .-... a a .1. - " max. inat tbe people are leaviag the I aJandrr atiJ I old rotten ship pttii Law lata I anvtlicc he aal t.. t irom a burnioir oara. Tne t raiwa isn?,andl hall have to know that they have digressed before I rats my baud against them. I would pre fer co-operatii if it could be bad upon just and fair terms, but not otherwise: woa!d treftr tnioc it 'bymposium" to justify themselves alone even if we got beaten I t-hall in entering into a partisan journal not vote for a guldbuc if I know it. when their business was the saving I am a Populist because 1 bvl.eve if of souls, and not the saving of a their principles should prevail we party. We cannot see how they can would be lifttd from the degraded escape public sentiment unless they J povert- that we are now growiug un- came out with an open confession of der. 111 Nut Vuta fur a (, For The Caucasian!. KlKSTOS, Feb. I hhall evrr do what I ran to hold ut tL hands ot The Care am x and Senator Butler as long a. they stick of Smater Butler is ou every truthful to principle, the rt-ople acd patriot-1 tongue, and in eveir honett heart from Currituck to Cherokee. I have teen waiting for a loeg time to find a Cleveland Drmoerat in this section but have (ailed to tind any. If here they are mum. and have their priuriplta hid tar hind the fale promises of the Iku ocratic party. Let the guod work go on. II. K. i Hin ri.. being indiscreet or of not answering Dr. Thompson s arguments. It is I due the public that they do one or the other. As I have btfore e.- Dressed mvself. we do not unect to . 7 r - I iiarry OKinner made an elo- hear from either of them again. Ik lasUta That Pat lie Sarraati SaaaM Rrcdvt tka Rrwaaerttlaa laclatat I'aaa Caaaliiaai Tkr Make Hit Bill to Re4ac Pablk Salaries. c- Proaa to B Paaaliat. Hon I know that the filler .lueftion will not relieve us entirely but will help very much. The National Banking by stem is the most grevious burdeu we have to bear just now; the income tax and quent, ringing speech in the House Men frequently, when caught iu er- transportation are very important on the free coinage bill. Following r0r, pass the subject by with iudig- are some extracts: nation and scorn rather than suffer "We can all agree upon this piv- hnmiliation either from a frank con otal pomt ana tact, mat a ratal mis- fession. or a manlv defense of that take and blunder was made when which they know they cannot de mis government, wun an us re- fend sources and commercial influence. The last letter of Dr. Thompson's consented to the demonetization of in Tuk Caucasian we n eommend to silver in 1873, as all now realize and the notice of the clergy everywhere. also. B. 1 S-AKiiOKuriH. What It W III Do. For The Caucasian. 1 Currituck Court House, N. C. Feb. l!0. Coin's Financial Schind will make any Democrat a bimetal list that is open to conviction. The North Carolina Democratic silver For a political party to do any good, IT MUST BE A UNIT on all the fundamental principles aamu mai ine eneci oi ims legisia- being of sound and far reaching convention will make any bimetal- UOn was lO naive ine price OI ail nhilnRonhv and Christian looie. Wfi list . l..i. iilit tht u .1 nil;t delegation sent to Chicago will stand helping Mr. Howard from the floor come aristocratic. A man can firmly for tho money of the people, is the result of mistaken identity. It Democrat now, in good standing andithatconventioyn, at thf diL was M, Latimer to whom the appeal Honor wrover Cleveland anu wan was mauo, ouu wuu miuscu. ,.Qn-,i ;,. f.Vnr upon which it is founded. One of the fundamental principles of the Demo cratic party (when there was such a party) was the free coinage of both gold and silver, but it has lost its free sil ver doctrine, and taken up the cause of the rich aristocrats of this coun try and England. The leading ele ment of the party, therefore, has be- be a and and news- farm products and farming lands and double the burden of debt, gov eminent expenses and taxes. In asking recognition of the Chair and attention from members to com ment upon these conditions, l am have discovered that of all human organizations whether govern mental, sectarian or partisan, nine in ten degenerate. This is a truth well established by tho concurrent voice of all history. And this de generation is not brought about by ent. "Let the people see both sides." C. B. Math ias, .lu. Hopes All Silver M,n W ill lrt. Ti't'ttitr. For The Caucasian ! Kkrr, N. C, Feb. 'JO. Times are very tight in this section. Demo- A tall fra". K.a Yath Ta I alia Agaiaat Opyraaalaa. For The Caucasian. Marks, Chant Couuty N. V. Feb. I am in hearty accord with the principlesso well advocated by you. I have done what I coo Id for the cause of humanity for twenty years. At that time, and to soon as I un derstood, thoroughly, the drift of events. 1 began to warn the people whither that driftiug would lead them. At that time I thought there would be nothing necessary but to tell the people the TRUTH; that when they began to discover themselves going down hill, they would about face and repeal the vicious legisla tion that was beginning to oppress them. There is where I have been grievously mistaken. Partisan prej udice has been the tumbling tloek over which the American people have lost their prosperity, and over which they will, in the near future, lose their freedom and liberty. Cor porations are already enthroued in power, and the bead centre of these "THE TRUTH WILL OUT." A Surihsg D.ic!ourf Crrttf th CASiga Cf C Clere liJ tit Tocl cf Ker. jv'j. A DISGUSTED H.aiVKAT Valla Waa 1 M .. a.a...t a a. U.l tt.aiaa M a.aae t la SiaaaViUaa Maaaa Saa Kaala. m t..4 .a4.aial Aa A a Ulaawaa aM aanl Nrtatr Til'tta Lai at M. r a i. t ter is vtirb la aaia 1t at.n lie i it . ' . '"' I-rraa. r l u . . titi, . a .r.-. I a . I apult'Citr. Nut otj .! 1!,..,, fc, dared to ray he baa bad. Senator Tillman ft. .,.! thoutand nn thcu.aa-'. .. Ut, from all over th Mnt!t) tbttl c him for hia roartfr in J.o iatn' the "den of th etea ,t a tu inarrutab'.e way Lai cum n eLtre of da'. tonal aSaira. I t ui all ,.lrr the country tLa a. pi tt. t. the man wb. La oj-o. .1 ti ay t Dtfraaaty thsCra ,1 Lut ta-..ft to Vloleorr. SvtU of iLrw I. It.fa ta been giwn out f.t pwtiu alu.ji . AttitoDg tham ia n ff.-ui a ti u c a turd Julian LautfLiiti. .f st loUl. llr ia a 1 tliix r ' . lLt humihata.1 an 1 a at tt.r ti. aid 1 . Ui .l .at ' a .Alt... .1 4. i, - 1 u li:c.i lailvprsilv and th nnnr in this uorl.i's crats ComDlain of haid times and is the COmbmel MoS'EV IiiWEK of uui asuauicu iu uc cia.iaiucu na a J 1 . 71 . I . i i i . - . ,. , , ,, Ponnlist and tn PTnDhaRiT. thfl fact goods, but by prosperity and the money being so scarce, but what me worm wuicu .. outroueu wuony that 1 support the senate substitute rich: hence Thomas Jefferson's ob as a distinct .ropulistic measure. Btftuu luat ucrtuufuiu on that. th ronntrv wnnld not hvfi the common people tor a cuntinua had nresented in this shane exceot tion of our liberties a f c for the presence of the Populist bal It can not otherwise be intelligently and consistently considered, since both the Democratic and the Kepubhcan We also notice another truth well corroborated by all the past, that when any individual or sot of indi viduals point out the mistakes, errors or crimes of an old human or- good does that dot xhe way for them to do, is to show their manhood by walking out of the party of broken promises. They should enlist under the banner of reform. The name is too dear. Bo- cause 'my daddy was a Democrat is what they would say if asked by men who are actuated by none of the sentiments of our common humanity, and who owe allt gieuec to no country or clime. Patriotism and love of country are not among their attributes. Their predominant trait is avarice; cold blooded. phlegmetic avarice, and they will be . a. a II 1 Via I a .a n sti-..t. should sfttatnauL'ht the wish- Talbert says that he would refuse as- m '.n.iar.i h.v. it ti, ance ? Power in tue oenate es of tho overwhelming majority of sistance to no one suffering from ill- will refuse to publish any free silver the rarty, and regardless of tho con- ness, but that it has been his rule arguments hoping to dition of tho country, driven to the through life to act the good Samari- keep their readers in the dark vurgo of anarchy and rwin regard- tan, assist the unfortunate or dis- on tne m08t vitai jssue now before less of the demands and sufferings tressed stranger to a friendly inn, the country. When the Democratic of tho people, should trample upon and afford him every opportunity party bad only partial control of the rrAHavn mtm f a rt ! nrlian t Ita Tamrla TT7 aa uio win oi iuo people, anu anempi o .yv. a ?""V'"fcJ """a "a".." V:-lT-7: "i" kiJi .-a .ll,;l silence, to slav or hum out all onno- to i mai wnne ne nas no particular ac-1 Kumwiaiuuig ui mc uinuinuiuanuii umj, mmiji auuuwwmiMvij w. - - , - - - -- ... - - - . , m:, a...i. .i -..,- ... lul lulu t-c.i .. utuA i r .7 . ... L j I,, .a .wl ". ( n Tl.o nrliv An m tw inontiAn nrnmiitpil tf fnlhitv 1 o vol a n il'a M no. I lines Or trUUl and lUStlCe. but I I 1 : . .1... . l -ii i mi a! l 1 . P I en K to plvdiro tho Democratic partv the suDDort of iroldbucrs. in the in- uuaintance with about the matter. Why should they I only satisfied with the plunder and parties are committed by practice I ganization of any kind, tho bonefi- follow a party after it has deserted subjugation of the people or eartii. and policy in the single gold stand- Biaries 01 sucu u 0rgaaii.s1.10u no rimuni auo iraumsui iui ." . j ard, and the Populists alone of the bristle up to deny or fight, using the party abhor the wants of tho toiling will ever awaken to their danger is nominal organizations xtant stand prejudices engendered by time to masses. I more than 1 can tell. I am willing to The wave of prosperity that was continue to do what 1 can along the terost of a tyrannical plutocracy, our delegation should be INSTRUCTED TO WITHDRAW from the convention, repudiate its platform ami nominees, and de nounce its action as an outrage on Democratic institutions and a me- to live, the leaders said, Mr. Howard, it is but just to state that when the Alabamian arrived at the Capitol he was very ill. Mr. McLaurin told him ho should not have come, but Mr. Howard ex pressed bis great desire to vote on the silver bill. Mr. McLaurin then et A rriarui f TTsttrl tat tolra O 1 ! T- 1 r nace to the existence of the Hepub- 8timulant and lie down. The advice i.e. now couia we uo oinerwisei wag taken and SOOn thereafter the .onu Carolina is ioriree saver, ine rt b to circuiate that Mr. principles and people every where are for free silver Hward was intoxicated. Mr. Mc- "atic, but it hi ana every one Knows imsiaci a nis Laurin then awakened him and is I'omocrauc uocirine, anu u ine fj u:m t.ii,; .n,i apparently out of his head. He as sisted in removing him to a cab, sent him home and notified Mrs. Howard. Mr. McLaurin says that he would perform a similar act of kindness for a sick Fiji Islander. He does not believe Mr. Howard was under the influence of liquor.' of 1G to 1. Their national platform tiivE us the pow er iso declares, meir every oiaie piai- andwewill make your yoke lighter form so declares; their every vote in and your burden easier. both branches ot Congress have been In the 5.3rd congress they bad full given as they have declared, and I power to make all promises jrood, but oVnw that it. ia th nolicv of tha they signally failed and when they are to stand bv this Drincinle and to present the issue to the peo- such things are enthusiastic anar- tion never did come. It was turned freely confess tne outlook is gloomy, chists or heretics or whatever else in some other direction I guess. It There ia only one line of action the people most despise. By this was turned toward the bankers and which can save this country from means the best friends of man have money leaders or Wall street I dire calamity. bether there will been either abused, ostracised, be- should have said. There must be a be wisdom and unselfishness enough headed or burnt at the stake. The day of reckoning in the near future, among our leaden to accomplish writers of the symposium ought to Surely there is a brighter day in possible results, remains for the ru study these things. store for the toiling masses of this ture to reveal. Had I their ton fi- There is another fact equally as land. That day must come, it win uence x woum say uo eYeryiuiup oure of lha at 1 has tidd Le ktiu. mut tuaka tn rr.! a, or atan-1 r.n. grace to Ih.iIi and (M.litir. : Here i a putt .! Mr. Llib's letter: "By on art tr tal.ntL lead as tho foitiuort u .u.l in ( ta tiooal pt.hlica .f thr .'a. . whom tl.r .p!r an 1 k aa itir rbampton 1 th. ir h-tu rt 1 gLt. When yu rp-ak of tie xrnt ti toiy of l'.i u either Li.-a tui than yu iv or )ou ate a t h1 guesser. A standard 1 4..tipat.) uaguate said bea 1 ut.lirau 1 aubrribr.l t a fund 1. ti..iu.ot. Cleveland, aud lLt tL- m ti. y waa put in that Land f Vl..ttMy 11 said: "If we ralle.l ..ti tl ut. 1 can paity to re-al 1).- Menuau law, without ottering anth ti iu its Mead, it would male that pstty unM.pu!ar tLat tt o j. I i.evn to co tue iut jH.a.r again. Wl.ate as, if we could induce it.e Deiuo eratic patty, wLi h atanda f t the party of tLe e.'uito.n pl, to 'o an act which would I ml tho com suon -ople m-te than any th-r art of Congress, it would ! what we consider go.Ml H.htier. In bauViue around for a tuan e hht..! ou Cleveland. He had a wonderful hold on the mat set of Lis patty. TLeyall believed biiu thorousfhl) boneat II was not in touru wi'n ti M.iitt eians. Cleveland wa m.-jo ). .! and found to be available. We fT te l to nomic atr him without sjtiae to Liniself and to make hnn ou of ua " I Which was underst.M to mean a multi-millionaire. In Febiuary, lj:i, the miuk mati said: "The iucomir.g adtnitiirtration is going to Ik embarrahM-d I b r.a tional bankers of New Lav well maintained by experience of the be then that peace and prosperity I honorable to unite all forces op- I drawn fifty millions iu iro! I and paramount question in politics, will bo until is it settled. The demonetization of silver has been a powerful factor to ruin,pau- peiizo AND ENSLAVE OUR TEOPLE. It has humiliated and dishonored the nation. We have seen our gov ernment at the mercy of speculation, driven almost to bankruptcy, stand trembling begging gold from Shy locks. Our forefathers of the Revo lution refused to pay the smallest tribute to Kngland, but we to-day, by the ignomiuious position of our own government, pay confronted about their free silver nenmicna hau 1" rt ti v.r aov f-VSot. i f navn UIOUUOCO AA IS TT a IvAJT OttJ V11UV A W M.M U T V la -a , .a .a a . a . . J waa q pmnprntw rfnctrmP "hPTiirtv yiv nuui uuio w i.iuv umu uuiu i.a 1 a. e i 1 1 nf tViAii- onnrsA fiVi9i.ll ViA rntififtil nnrl -.w n I - . 1 l 1 T a I T 7 I II akak..a Aaaaa mm mm la- TaSW ..a 1 . I V iL.'? T a Tt B T" AA ST I.I II I a Vila 1 II alll II. m.. .-a. all. a. a lnnff nimft. eanctinnAd Viv a maiontv of thp Past; mat wnen any numan organi- wi" Bureau over our lauu. muuiui-" i tuc ufMuii uiu iury u nm '""ft"-1 I 4 j . "... . . - l.i .i . i , I ... n . t. v- w , .. I I n, a h has become the chamDion votes of the country, and therebv zation becomes crystalized and iron- mai every man mai loves goou gov- ia tv v. -Dk,i. iuey une fbiji Twenty of an American aristocracy in this vouchsafe nrosDeritv and hanDiness. bound by age, there is no retorm in ernment coma see me oiu panics s mi or ai.u jm, " ta,i iuve millions to i, tu rover country. Mr. Cleveland is the head of iw t tv,a a naa r,t such a bodv of itself, but all im- we see them. They see, but are I DOLLAR thereof trim a ri or ke- their trarks. We intend to advi Ut .f is no to the entire human race. pressure rather than be supplanted have gotten so far ahead of them, winning card for "IMi. .Shall we unite to issue fifty millions of l. by a new and better organization, In the President's message to Con- our energies for its accomplish- place twenty five in New Yc or the new organization succeeds gress he seemed to have gold on his mentT Martin Marshall. twenty five in London.' the so-called Democratic party, and he has for his followers some of the greatest leaders of the party I Ti. -i 1 from the south ui n is u ciear as crystal, as tne new organization as well as the North. They have their clear as a mamemaucai proposition and 8Uppiants the old. This is logi- mind. Well, we could not expect influence, and they are using it for all can De demonstrated, tnat Doin tne llv t T ld wni fieht. blus- any better. Goldbugs are scarce in it worth against the free coinage of Democratic and the Kepublican par- t - d all cffdrts heavenly and this section, or we cannot find them Qilirup If ia coin thar Q rf a lalin. I I. ..Ii .mvmm n mam n n . I ... . I ""v o t.. .v,Uv. i iv will iiauio Kuiu-oiouuaiu touui- ull cv. C1 thon Ifthlaiacrt than lfl-.l T . . .1 . T" -Jl J I neillSU lO Bl ..... - . - . i iiizijiLer ii. it ia Laiiou vuiioliau jl provement comes by forcible outside ashamed to let us know that we demption monev. This will bo the! the new Secretary of th Treasury tM.bds, to oik and Howard was not drunk, but very the acts of the Democratic party for el.rative old Dlatform; After vour mr.,14 rnlL: sick and is now dangerously ill with the last few years W La. take this action wltIito nrA.A nent the Dress 1 selvcB- i3r lsrwsiij recuguueu f . f . ui uieaiiK&vu iii luuiujisiiu g 10- pneumonia. The treatment the press " v6...- become of vonr silver Drofessionst Vr u I j -r iCavflhim WM hmtal and nositilv as y under the Sherman law, but come or your silver proiessionsr mark Man is but man and frail at gave him was brutal and positively t, Will you surrender these upon the wt hen thfire omes . f om. inhuman. a iitue investigation would have disclosed the truth as to the DEMOCRATS WI Howard's condition, had they de sired to publish the truth. Such President peached. mil ions of unitist the Rothschilds and bondholders own object. of London. If an angel of dark ness had, with the blast of a trumpet why is Not SPREAD WAR AND PESTILENCE .n.i r.mino frX, nf thu Editor Register land to the other, he could have done no worse than did Cleveland when he completed the work o Republican party in the dem zution of silver, thereby conns eating tho homes of millions, par alyzing industry, turning workmen out of employment to raise the red PED IT OCT Or EXIST' ENCK and placed us squarely basis. Who can expect upon a gold them to re- I advice of your party and witness the continued ruin and depression of your country, or will you act the nart. of natriots and nlace eonntrvl , , " ofaM a tW tvill rtot ;t ia" . luc?" l" rr " - "y " "T: Jl aDie or iorcmie revolution as sure trioute to v trace their steps, and do the thing aoove pany ana remain sieaaiasi j ht d tn f0now day . The man A PERTINENT QUESTION. Cleveland liu- . a . a a , a a a I a 1 il . 1 j lf ey are leinng us every aay iney ana true xo ine cause a ox suver, even l ig wige who wiU read the record of wiii nut uu. -cvic tiirj tciiiUK ua tuc i it vou nave o serTe in in livery oi wr.i.'f. rri va 11 a f ran nnino ooV T at a coa t. 1 5 " j a. J "vu MO vv'""& --v.. . j-opuiisnn vur uuors siaua njr; i .m.A;nerxr Every Democratic orator who claims u ' w:u coraingiy. . m m . I bUCV TV 111 ICUiaiU OV XVI. IUO aVWUUblVU , rr. ta a ipaa ailvarira aora tnor fpaa I .... X, J uv u a a v. v. v-a iv a j a hellish to sustain its integrity no out. 1 most earnestly hope that all free silver advocates of both the Democratic and Republican parties will come with us in the next elec- best, and when there comes a com- tion. By so doing we will be sure bination of this frail material "the of victory over the money power. mystery of iniquity commences to So let us unite. The Caucasian work." What is the remedy! Peace- gets better with every issue. K. It. UEV ANE JR. The Part? He Will Vote With. For The Caucasian. Moyock, N. C, Feb. 20. I receiv ed the hrst number 01 your paper the past and shape his course ac- There is another truth which most (Dem.) I am puz zled and am in a questioning mood. I see there are no dissenting voices 'f ffiX ofthe next Democratic platform and oneti- the Secretary of Agriculture to con- 900nforever. The single gold stand fi form to the law as regards the dis- ard Democrats sav that the npxt Dem- tribution of seeds. Why then allow the President issue bonds for gold and use it oea ie suven e aajs ir .1 ,11 rf .11 narties that have a , A. " :7.. iT: i-r"Tr 1 . .r TTVV r .rr coinage must come tnrougn tne uem-". s r-r r . . . j, an nisiory venues wnu iew ecep- August -ua irom a . a. r iora, 01 ocratic party if it comes at all : that he desire or promoting tne Dest inter t;ons ; anv: that no reform springs Tnlls. I read it carefully and found nocrat and will ests ot our common country ana us frQm the t stratum of society; for it to be a Democratic paper of Jef- uepicBBcu. auu iuuuiuk iniriu.uuu. th ev a re self -sufficient and eood-suffi- f rson and Jackson views. I have we neea your leaaersnip: we neea niarti. an;nr:nff tha tat mm to thir . ;t fr tv, mnntho nii'vhi our muucuw, wo uocvi jui hearts' content. So when a reform von Dreach is mv views. I am od is a Democrat ABIDE BY THE DECLARATIONS to to J U t. VI. VU1 1' IV I lUVUfc V 1 Oil BTJ 11AVJ 1CU a, , a ll.-a t s.m tmr hand of riot fnd anarchy, bringing to want to hnmhlA liarthstnna. tat n r ense 01 Pre8eAV1?.? mymicai re- ard Democrats say that the next Dem- we are indifferent as to your tormer comes it iabors under tae odium of p0sed to bonds being issued in the National Committee of the People's ocratic platform must declare for gold political associations so your reso- ie.nohle origin. timof neace. I am in favor of silver Partv. who has established national SZri6 wCco VJJrSJA We do notdeny here that many being restored to its standard equal headquarters at St. Louis, in the i(fn for th- State. ..f 1 1 .. -" " I WUUUJ ill iut uiv uiavuvai luuu- I -a nnlifn ova anlhnoi.ct. I ii. I l.inila M ATA I MTI inal DR 1 OCDUII I II .. ... aIr.n... I.., fnr ffaa Cllvar nra Tint strnnrr inniirh I o -. I ILOU VI VUKluaiu, ci cuviiuon., . KUM EU1U. I v.. . J . UIMIMIWU1, maakUMi., ts You will remember tLat Catlole Butler Eadoraad. I , I..l. .. .1... For The Caucasian. time, and if you notiee.1 thr waiket Woodville, N.J., Feb. 111. I en- reports in the summer of 1'J.lth- dorse Senator Butler's course in the goij came back from Kuropn 10 th.- Senate. He is the truest patriot of original kegs, unopeool. This was North Carolina. When he compared that twenty five million." the wheat and corn obligation to This letter was triv.n out I v Mr. the gold and f Hver ne made a wound 1 Tillman ou the 1 Itn. in the body of the two old parties that will never be healed. Senator THAT SOUTHERN WHITNEV BOOM. Pritchard puts himself on the side of a, a 1 a .al the pie eaters; acknowledges mat neiTB. wriitar iiari u ttpm aa4 ataaiara t-i-i : tl Can I give up laoei ior pnucipie. I on M(.tf . Tralag ta llaf tha aalk. would hate to be classed among the , high breed monsters of thugs, ring-1. Tbe I Southern Whitney I re-iden-...ta tial Boom is spraliug-itself. BICIO OUU BJlTE-VCWIaVvaV 9 ... . - -a a a H I JLT rtilfnat TmaVtStV 1 SI SiV l.laitlt I fs A . t. K. WHEPKEE. I . ' " Vj ing 11. 1'emocrau are trj tng 10 rap ture Southern States for thi Stand ard Oil monopoly go'dbug. And the Demoeratic party is for the peo ple. You bet, or in the name of a Mississippi toeo, "Yut. Dam." A telegram from N-w Orleans tays: Tne Vrhitney I'refidr-n'ial eaw- THE POPULIST CONVENTION. Chairman Taabeaetk Eatabllahaa Ila4- qaarters at a St. Loals Hotel. H. E. Taubeneck, chairman of the uiaiaua. give n at. aNn. AftAi" vnnr rARnAf.tivA pnri-1 a - . a r- 1. .a a- I - 0 i , ti I .: Tii aa :m t. Am I - a. I - I ml mrm.m,- v a., m v v-a. a aaanAhTOte - n OfOTl IO TTt T uTll C f CI Cm I I aa am It TTuO TC SI W 1 Tl fl SA W TTl 1 1 I pnn VMTl I IfllTI IlflL atfU.1V Hill rUUI I want to humble hearthstones, takintr1,81186"1 CV1 ,mlfl.l,ca' re" id atandard divUion Vh.t tw vennona nave repudiated you and v ftd fltnr,h.ticallv denv. thst all f,rm,r. I never have voted anv nosed of 1.300 delegates, with an bread from the mouths of children. ae.mP"on. IUDUTYQy auow ine ,e?- wm bolt if thev can't have their vti 'A yur .8llver. convictions, as they are th enthusiasts, all the anarchists. tiVfit but the Democratic ticket, eaual number of alternate. ' I MAVA aa-a) f my fnn I VnOOIian V"V VI OA W T T I W a I A. A. J A. 1 Z A. A. . I avwaaaw I aa-. . . m I So there is not even the shadow of certain u uo, men we myiie you 10 aii the heretics this land has ever bnt what ever Dartv places their The convention of the BimetaUic hope t. Louis, that we may by conter- Droduced is half so daneerous as the candidate on a platform in fa- League, which will be in session at through this shattered party ence aojust our amerences ana in a f t millionaires who can at a Uor of free silver with eold and another hall at the same time, will practical way devise such action T;mW nnt;fl RtoD th industrial m.aAnhaflrs and onnose bonds, andlbe composed of about 2.500 dele I fr;r. of VfP. Whit ti( v f r. fii earh of will be certain to secure a silver j i .-ji ..j 8.,w .u-I . . .v.... j: 1. - a?. i ' ICStVO aU StUU W 11A UJ I.V AVbVVa AtW -.a.vaa, -w - I Efif), BV aviia I, TJ alw IA UIBg 1 WW V SkTVrVa AaV I yj-J IJlaVWe W B IA 'Va . Door farmers, mat is tne party 1 combine in one convention, as they I The Caucasian said nearly a year ot tne people now. ii ine moneyea i we are faced with a condition, shall vote with. aud WRINGING TEARS FROM THE EYES' of getting the free coinage of silver. I aristocracy of this country is over- retary of the Treasury to use his discretion against the interest of the masses by plying gold only and of the innocent and helpless. Shall locking up the greenbacks and wo endorse this creat conspiracy and -treasury notes wnen tne law directs crime against the people! The Dem- them to be paid out again? Of what ocrats of North Carolina will never use to the people are their represent n.lorsfl it. Th Demoeiatic Dartv atives if their acts can be set aside of the Union will never endorse it, by the executive branch at its sweet thrown the people must lay down par and if any organization falsely pur- will! How much further in this can ty prejudice and unite upon the origi porting to act for endorse it, the peopl n now anil nnrifioil 1 . . . . ... I .i .l.nnilif HdD.1TA 1 mrAO nhm art one that will De m reality as in name uus J. , T ;Z7i: ' TWELVE-DOLLAR BICYCLES. the party of the people, and stand meu wuy - ViiBiODO- f or a government by the people and men and Senators are supposed to for the people that taken oath to uphold the law and WILL F0REVKR SCOURGE gj g these cnangers irom our tempies, narrnrmp.i. Dr. J. B. Huqhet. and Alabama, opened hea lqaart rs this morning at the (Jruifwahl Uo tel, in the banqiet ha1! of to pari r floor. W. S. MeC all later, of Mtsaia hippi, has general eharg of the movement, and will 1.4 a'.ntei iy The wants of the people in the days of i" ..r"!".1"- n eilY?r wheels and Jefferson and Jackson are the wants f0r"iueui ttnu auvw congress want millions of God's poor. 1896. I desire to call attention to the tact tnat 1 nave introduced a meas ure (H. R. 4141) for the reduction of - - - 1 tL. . n L. n .. 1 1 T nu r rHMiiHUL vt on i urn n. 1 1 iiriiHr or I ii 4 1 ririiiiTiiiiM ii I ii 1 1 1 wi ii ii I. 1 1 M 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1. r V I Oil - lTHAIO I D. O m AO 4 t L vam am. . h t a IIIO OariV BUVUIU - - . , , - - - . . . r , L . - 7, . , . I " oaiaun w J)D1 VOUI, IUOI I J in mXAa with ... i.MvA.iimAnrAan ra aotra.i frw" - i cr inpn so in 1 1 r. 11 si rnn 1 11 ana 11a mi ti tKw i : 1 1 ; , i ii i w " e win organize imj.ovuu.u. T . rr r win m & pracucai manner meei me : rt . I 1 .T;T,r. nunnut T ,to I L. PURQASON. b.c: a m. a I irUllS 01 tUlS nmnnraiiv. nn i iwu-uuonu iwvvi n, no uum i - i ueuc.ieucv. -a-i Dresem it seems ine i . rr. . K r cannot, we not a theory that of tyranny, op pression and corruption under the law, and can the learned clergy al and partake of the condition T No, they call upon them, there fore, to study the facts we have ad- B. B. Flora. Fusion on Principle. For The Caucasian. Cairo, N. C, Feb. 20. I endorse the Dosition of The Caucasian. To a. a are confidently expected to do on I ago that Whitney would come to the the second day, the biggest strictly I front as a Democratic randidate. political assemblage ever gathered I lie is of the same kidney as CJe ve in this country will be the result. I land. Uead the article "Truth Will In an interview. Chairman laube-IOut elsewhere. neck said: "We will declare for the aad declare anew the proclamation of the emancipation of humanity. The people of North Carolina are for the free coinage of silver. They are in earnest for it. They must unite for it. We believe they will unite. No Dolitical trickery can prevent them from uniting. The entire elec- Oreenwood, S. C, Feb. 17. "f TVaavlanrlal ramnlaVlllBl Af ttiaw Tti arsalllaali exigency. .,ur,..oofl..lD,rcM1tut. expended for government salaries rost-l three hundred millions. A Mr. Newlands, of Nevada, yester- tion of 33t per cent, is a net day presented, in the House a reso- of $100,000,000 per annum, and free and unlimited coinage of gold and silver at the ratio of 16 to 1. and relv confidantly on the growth of that sentiment under the impetus imparted to it by the efforts of the! two old parties to strangle it, to car- TALK OF MORE WARSHIPS. aaeaakere f tta Hasae ekval Caaaaaitta ritar a I ax-raaaa. A considerable increase in the number of batt'.e-thips for the navy Tes, They Thank Him. Post. I them from uniting. 1 he entire eiec- 8peech. "Some people have said i toral and Congressional vote of this at deal aout the abuse in Till Affairs Committee having io charge the preparation of the naval appro I . a a a a aSM . . la the I p nation lull, ine oiseatsioo I closed a majority in favor of making expenses exceed the revenues. The practical way to meet this w to i "u Pohcy of the pa- ui uuiiu iia: urea mere lain i . Ai true j luc viu oojiuk a,wo uk a i I me people, 10 uoiice me uiuiuuuu; . ... - . . v. . 1 . (ir ffnnnnaant oaleriac I . .r ' . . I U.lf IrkaF 19 OAttAr than Tl O I .la I at I E 1L. I nA.nn n n m n n ,l I UB " . - - rAin. Ul mur,vl revoiunoii auie i , . n it comea to a sacri- two oia parues to uiuib a iw Y1 I number ox Daii.e-tnips ior ine navy sltino, low on the heels of a healthy politi- Jj "u?d ry us through and give us complete ig hkely if the view, prevail of the id wiU cal revolntion whih itJntitetotl control of the Federal government." .nWo mitUie of tl House .Naval lution instructing the Ways and bring our expenses within income, nth Z Tthinrs and either bug" for any office) I for one would Means Committee to inquire what This is decidedly more effective and 8 .7a?Hi5 7 . Dreer defeat. The Democratic pa- affAt tha of wohcra Vw nMtw.l than tha f ,A, MBB on IO me oiu lursaiou-wouipie- a n c.v .inrirt, h lllarh. Tellew wad re-a :zi " ' : tjr - ,r 12 .rr :rz":-ri ted political parties and sin, or r-rz, r n qoJ- rt: : wi.dr cu, la TV WAX UUA OUTWa WtMaiUiei U VWUU I 1T1UVU VU1J lUVlDOOQi UUi UVUt AUU I A V -.a. all 4kat is rVAArl I CalUPaUKU VI A Way I. WAV aatV VTVKVSW I I . a a a m' n ui. . .nt,il, UU.;nai,..nnnnn.,iinf..tnn..;.Jn.. kn.ii I B"tu wim uicLu uci 0.11 iuoi a,ww i -.i.i v-w,.. Kntl fx.: . V,.. io ft, MIM I DrOTlSion 10 ai leasi 1 our, ana pror aui. uivaii ions a mull nuuu uv Uioo u uru um-uuivvuiiuj iuuuo- i wuiuvu. I . J ; -AnAo. Ik. .nnr that tha I llOU maa w vu.j awa w-wa....!, I VU1UWU, A tu. a viuvav( - , , . r v.. ..1 . . l - . Tt al.:- TillmnTi'. I 4mao a, tha TiTiitAH Nt.tAs M- XT I T aUv .fJ.i;A. il.: ouu aaaw mr" ""J ' I 1 .A Vno. th.n Ik.l .L. L l- I ablT SIX. llBC-vi-'j.iwe auil'a. IUC . o nus mlzT' " I; w puse s aem- very, or dare to do for man and ww-B.- . . , i trreaa uttai suum ui aouse iu xin- i vouiiuoivo ui uau i iaiivuBu uau ikvkuo "i 01 v ecouuuucai man. I j. i j -rrr 4. 1 .. , Ul. lit l. i , .....H.niia Vlttl I " . ... . , , ... ... I , .1 . .. ,1 . .1 mi a t-T .... . . I UU AOT UUtti TT B UailUUk OOOSk u i. VJ U.X I - - ..a i! L .rwirrofoT;;: 'K?aL. Z1 TO- llnJr. IZlZ S mt lords and ladies, our million- v"" Tr.. privation of the local weather obeer- Secretary Herbert recommended a .. . . 1 imiuus uio 01 iuo inur niiv. masiiu me miaoivu vm. uiuuuvuj uvui ui auu ri;o ivi uijuiuiKi a am 1 j - 04 t - k.. v... I waicu KaTO ua a invi j " 1 . . - L 1' 1 UaftirM nn. I n.: i :vi u 01 I 4.: i:.u t t,:u : v.t.- : I aires and aristocrats, our panzersi ., l vera. I provision for the enlistment of l.wsJ 6 I caUKUl iu a leirioie ciusu. dud wm 1 vneuiai vouuuies, esueuiauv waoau. 1 lauuu a uigii-uiice uiau, ueueviuK I j ,.- nnmmanH I lory wnere iucio w aa uuiuwvi .. ii, .... . . 1 the sv0RD uas been drawn, having the life squeezed out of her California had already felt the ef- in reasonable salaries, in high prices millions Zt SnSed U-iple because the Populist re-l Black inow yellow snow and I iViaft iil Sk K'th!. .afatl tu ..abWd thrown awav. There bv the Truthless crowd, but not being feet of this competition. He recalled for labor and products. Out of tt " ! blinding cloudi rorable wtwnwai .taken bythesub- " w - " " J - 1 r . , , . 1 , . . . . 1 ..J ...JU:.. - n ywi jusa as kwu auu aa uvuw. "IT, . . I 41 are some who from honest convic- given io proiaue iuKuaKe, ue aepi me inv8iou oi. uw vumeao auu couumoii, in uijr ypmiou, uuwa more 0 j any whom the sun now tions win contend ior tne smgie goiu u.uiea. , . , u f r " r. vJ j B j r : ' shines on. W. K. IiINDSay. ct..i.. t anh if nonooaitv r a. remarked in a very audible tone, 1 which they had attacked, which had I and haDtiiness. But I do wish tol juire at the parting of the ways, we 'Damn She turned round to him led to their exclusion. The Pacific serve notice on the official classes The Thomasrille News has been j polls. This year we have the op-1 an excluaiye Chicago production. will bid a sad and respectful fare-1 at once. jat maua you, auo omu. i coast, ub umu, ws auw uireswucu uui u m duikw Bwauaro u w vuo eauiwi to tne liaviason toanij ponunuj w omsiug uw uui uwa well. There are others who, with I 1 thina, auaeu at. mynu, matai wim me lavasion oi mo piwucw oiinuuo wiu roaioui me poucy oi una i iew8, ana win nereaiter oe issued i to anomer niueoua mwnsier waiuu then that I T;.;td bv the most Binsrular d ti th.r.wacomm.a Ut.Mn pienoenon It Bight 1 .re. t, Hito , torpedo boats to be authorised will number blind prejudices, will cling to dead good many people who ordinarily do the cheap labor of the Oriental government, bringing traditions and a narty name, and not indulge in strong words are say- countries. He gave wme informa- land, products, and lal thfir. rtthar.T7t. who from the intr 'thank you' to Mr. imman." tion regarding tne cneap prices at i is 110 practical reason low prices foi I from Thomasville and Lexintrton. I trotton control of our federal gov- labor, then there I Editor J. F. Westmoreland is still in I ernment, and it seems to me that why the offi-1 eharge and will make a live paper, every patriot of whatever party I committee regarding tu i nese men inrew Ul UlOCUIIUfl vciuvviauv wa-iuiu UK iuui w.j) aa . ..v. - , , . , 1. , l - chine as did the Republicans. Both suburban towns brought the news -VTr .v,; 1t7JJL.t-aZ had suffered by theLr frands at the tt the rari-oolored snow was aot SLJLS Jr"SErSS of $250,000 will be appropriated to- aaJ .Vlaiaa. AASTVWnf lAfl SraF aVflflfl f At YOU CA CNC0U31A6E THE CAUSE OF - . rrenn REFOIta BY 8UISCRIBING TO THE I government, and thus the carnival CAUCAtlAH-il.CO A YEAR. of extraTaganee goes on. i -

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