No Man WD puts Country Above Party, can Vote In 1896 For A Goldbug Candidate For President. ITHE CAUCASIAN. PEOPLE VS. MONOPOLY, MY r POCRISY AND FRAUD WILL DE THE SLOCAN FOR THE COMING CAMPAICN. rco io. tmc riCMT or thi ' Ptortt vs. rvuTocACT it os. on WMICM ftlOt Awf j YOV T I I VOL. XIV. RALEIGH. N; C, THURSDAY, MARCH 12. 189(5. SO. IS DEMOCRACY VS. FREE SILYER. Why Free Coinage of SiWeriCan not Be Secured Through the Democratio Party. RECORDS, FACTS, OPINIONS, liili dhnw tlm ralalt? and Mrp""'" .f It ii ratlr TofMlori ami I'lat f..rm Tim tlena of the roule on thi .,.. tl.... .ril.. liar What Thij Know an. I What The Think Tliin i.roponition i p broad and open 11 1 sudi a wide lield for dia-i-tiMHion, that one would hardly know where to utop, nhoold he begin. - nullified, the answer would ' w very much like a woman a m, sr, "Because!" Iiecauso what? . naturally suggested. Bocause the Ii, rmx ratic party has never origina- n ! :nid tarried into execution that . ii!ictd into law a single great i v.onal principle or issue for the i,. m tit or advantage of the people. II. mis what the Alliance V indi , .-. t'.r has to nay on thitt subject: "A few weeks ago we published : ,. lu inorratic platform in twenty S itt s in lH'M, all favoring free coin of Kilver. 18'J2 came and the li, tuocraiic party gaiueu great w try, securing the President, the ,-, i,:ite, and the House. What was ,1 no for silver' Was froo coinage pi nvided for! hi tin' Houso New York Democracy make na tional Democratic platforms. ew lork Democracy is the um of the Democratic machine. New York hat furnished the Pres idential candidates for the party for years. The New York Democrats recently declared "no free and unlimited coinage of silver." Confirming the foregoing, the Democrats of Massachusetts have spoken out in most emphatic terms. Ab exchange referring to the atti tude of the Democracy of the Bay Htate, has this to say: "The most unequivocal declara tion in favor of a gold standard and a bank currency that has yet been made is found in the platform adop ted by the Massachusetts Democrats at their State convention last week. The monetary plank of their plat form reads as follows: "We demand the maintenance of the existing gold standaid of values, and that the government shall keep all its obligations at all timet) re deemable in gold. We oppose the free coinage of silver and any fur ther purchase of silver bullion on government account." The Democratic platform of the State of New York, upon which Sey- LETTERS FROH THE PEOPLE. Various Matters on Which The Popular Opinion is Express ed All Sections Interested. are dixpUafrtd with the two old Dirties (neither of which will have anything bat the gold standard) and ormg ine suver men ivgrmcr. ah the silver men have got to get to gether if they are sincere in their profession, i ours truly , 11. C. URK.GK. LIVING ISSUES FORWARD. Time For I'atrloU To Take The Itelaa of (iuTerniiient-SLar In The Middle of The lloaU-A Divided Ticket Manna Defeat straight. Clean Cat leaae Wi.M-Uowi With ioldloc. Straddle Liar aad Ru- eale. Mot The SlacU Standard IMp. For The Caucasian. Statesviixe, N. C. March C I am a Republican, but not or. the single standard stripe. I think your paper deserves patronage for tne good it is doing. Yon have my best wishes for success. 8. A. Sharps. Stay la The Middle of lb Koad. For The Caucaoian.l Waynesville, N. C, March 5. I write to endorse your course in the road. "TluirKor Patriots To TakeTf.e Kelna of Government." Kopek, Si. C. March b.l am thoroughly convinced it is time for every patriot to step to the front, and wield whatever influence he may have to take the reins of government CI TCIflM THAT out of the hand of tne two old 1 UOIU11 parties. They have proved them selves wholly incompetent to enact laws to meet the wants of the Amer- seems of hatrtd, alJ uuiLtr taith witei up with yon. and wallowed welt In the dough of serfdom. This. M!ow citizens, would be of all at rritcde the moct,.inenuv!; disfranchisement by either educational or property qualification or otherwise, and at in some other States, a condition more to be dreaded than free North i'aro-; linians have ever drt-amed o'. A ! word to the wise is sufficient. i As for an alliance with a party that has pi oven iUelf to ua at ail) times a faithful ally, I have only ) WHY to say, while it is not my province to dictate it is II my prmU-ge to suggest that uutil they have dis closed mure of tu-achery, M-lli -li nes and infidelity thin we have y. t seen of them, we have no causo to distrust them; hence we are con strained to speak out in the sinceri ty of our love, that we as a repre sentative voter are in favor that THAT 99 YEAR R. R. LEASE. A Plain Statement of Whit Hu Been Attempted and What Hu Been Done. SUIT WAS BROUGHT scic rum rvaisi tale U4. V- i ll !. I ecuio.nn VAn will fit. v in tn. mirlsflM aF rh.1 1 A. M. Ratcliff. WILL "FUSE." i - - i a. I lcn nann A. Ir snoma In mt that mour was maceu ior i resiueni in -r r. v. . . :. 1 ttl - r- sm declared for "the payment of the Chief MaKIstrate and nia Secre-1 I lie lipiniOus OI a MUTcbpouucui l pendant extremity ' - . I a s. nAna Klla.uknBHakAl I . .:t ii the publie obligations in gold, only when gold is nominated in the bond, and in the lawful currency of the country when gold is not specified." Senator Brice, if no more honest than his co-laborers, is certainly more candid, for in his address to the Democrats of Ohio, he said: "A declaration in favor of free and unlimited coinage of silver 10 No, on that question, to 1 made by this convention would 101 Democrats voted have no practical tffect, and it n l 1 H Democrats voted nay. would mean an abandonment and tary have lost all interest in the welfare of this once glorious country, and are trying to bring it down to a state of pauperism. "When the wick ed raw the people mourn. Ibis country has never been in such a state of unrest since 177G. fc,ven then the state or. atiairs was not so bad as cow. "To your tents Oh Israel.7' A state of serfdom is close at hand. But I see light in the near future. I he morning star is rising. God will raise up a Moses to lead us out. I appeal to all lovers On What is Being Said And Attempted. Mthey do anything else on the . sil- disclaimer of the splendid results of f frfe form of govern. M r question.' es. Demonetized your Democratic administration." h support of the Ivi r Kc-enacted the crime of -Splendid results" is a new name free coinage of silver 1(3 to 1 candi- l iur mu pttuio ui ioi J, ujuugui cuvuk I date Tonfirming the foregoing, we hav Co'-operation with either of the '""y ' r n . Cmia 04,6 m" 8 JU'm; u eld parties on a line of principle , soin ot the leading men of that upon the treasury to carry out ,the w0 Jd bo very desirable. Bt it is y.uiy. rscnaior v ear, ol i.uu. American deal, wnereoy iwemy-iour my nonest opinion that we had bet has this to say: . a . hundred millions of silver bonds d own6ailing under our own me. that if we loso Can Matt B Takca Net to Let What Hat Calata-Tbls Craachlai a4 Thcae Ovtrlart Ar I old dilapidated Vessel that Mate Fer SlilHtr Parsew-'Oea'l Take Aay Chaaccs." For The Caucasian. Caby, H. C, March G, 'UO. It is evident that this is the time of all times when it is necessary for the people of North CaroHna to realize the .fusiou that' will accomplish North Carolina which wi.'l cable us, in our next legislature, to earrv forward to perfection that system of reform in our State government which was so well begun by onr last legislature, ever remembering that if for once we should suffer ourselves caught in the political meshes of onr enemy, all we will receive as com pensation for our folly will be the of some poor canine and perhaps a fi:ikni-i.y WHISTLE from the political bosses bidding as follow at their will. We suggest to the presumptuous silverite, dictating Democrat, who has not nerve enough to desert the bis ad vice as to OUR action in relation to fusion comes in bad taste, and that advice is best for Populists when watched closest. In conclusion this article is writ ten in the interest of that kind of fusion which fcses, and will fuse tk Attorney tioneral'e Kail VeM Have Tatlne Alllaaeo In a raleo Clltn -I'rlfiU Stor kkal.1. ra lluk !- -A Plain kltliin.! f a Wry Iaar1aal Matter. KipcewaY, N. C, Much C-Kor the information of the peoplo of North Carolina, the following ae count of the tfforta of the Farmers' State Alliance to Lave the validity of the lease of the North Carolina T :l . .. . L . U t - : 1 I I.I V ...11 li.V. In. I'm.i.UiiI Company for a of period ninety-nine and Tillman for tt-l 'J't- of snh Carohaa hate, ba l .(. years tested in our courts of ju.tice This was aaid after h read the fa- miliUgi tfr fc ..)cml Las betm prepartd. and cui us of mou Tillman speech. I f coui-L. UrtlfUr. Tb Statue eat. La. the fame have been st nt to tie l'ro- had real bible apeeeh deliv.r-d ..u.OM ,Bh m ro...rl,oB tL gresbive Farmer and to the News and at! ary. eletrJ t.ckrt f Nn. Carha a. Uberver- , , L In eonveraaUon with another old tm t,,., The committee, appointed by the hfe-long lemocrat. to whom 1 lent UtruLWtt,,' and ke North Carolina Farmer.' Alliance the CaivaMan m which h. iwad tU Keptt4.rae. ... liat atCary, rtachtd JCaleigh at tven speech of nator Butler, he SAid b. icket -onr.ju.vany rl-dtfed 1. 1!.. T 71 r uer6i "Tf mio twenxy-eign colo-r8 than to make any sacrifice, the fight for hundred millions of gold bonds, and We are fast gaining strength. If my position! the treasury of the United States " 4 So id tic. silver, wnai win ue my posiuoui tne treasury oi tne umiea oiaies u..;( I shall go to the next Democratic raided for gold to make a sinking b f President we, the silver ele- ...iMeuiiou Uu juuu w r; luwm.i w ment, will come out on top lor the free and unlimited coinage bonds. It is a notable fact m tQl8 mote it be." ,1 miver. I l am voieu uowu a deal that somebody maae aooui xwo As for North Carolina she isasU- nmst surrender to a voice oi a ma- hundred millions. "1S was ine nrsi Ver State. j .nty or my party, n mj party gplend id achievement. ' Mr. Editor, I am not a prophet, but u..iuuaieH ifom ow, to wuwiu lu; j w venture to prophesy just a lit .uttiorm, i auaii uuw iu tu v iook ior reneii au ieiuwuawv tl If th Demsand Pubs bring the truth of the assertion that "Eter nal yigilance is the price of Liber ty." When the lion, the tiger, the leopard or even the common house cat gets ready to bounce upon its victim, you will always find him as suming a crouching attitnde, mak ing ready for the leap which is to decide the destiny of his prey and it seems that to-day we nave oniy 10 iook into vue political arena of North Carolina and behold the counterpart of these beasts of prey being illustrated. Not haying the manhood to acknowledge the error of their ways, and the justice and truth of onr position, you never theless see the great Democratic party of North Carolina to-day and keep in existence the same re sults as did the fusion of !. Brother Popnlist9 and friends, don't take any chances. J. Q. Williams HOT FACTS FROM A FARMER He Tells How People Were Kept In Ignorant Slavery By Power. It. fcind mt ril. U.OMH1 and Ata of latOU fa- f ! C.w le I Far Tbe ( a-knecaa ivaiAR. asevo...jiATcin '-This townahtp has heew rn of the t'.roncbokla of tka old moaoooly td dm. treat owned IWcaociacy. Uat eiABy are opoatcg their eyea to tho eooditt& ot the iople aaJ the fov tramrtt. Tre, there la a elaas that ta ae eatdeaed l.y prejitJtce. aad there te aotue ieauaa-sey-daCJy Drmocratt who wos't ate Lear nor think tor tb tneeWea. They Still chac to the rotten "fetk of their Farty which i doosaed to eternal r itical oblivion. The Populutcaaao is growing aad til poll more votes in the sett elec tion than the moat ah re a J ealcalatot ia aware of. la order to lot yon know bow the aeBtineat i antonf thinking Democrats, who think aore of principle than of party name. 1 had a conversation with oeo who FINANCE MUST COME FIRST A (kouiac Amcrkaa ami North Carolinian Take hint ttilh Mr. Piiuturd. tar a I we Tl 1 Alva wtlh tLe Urgy .st mt iulereetiet: reaJiCf ae &.J t Tat Cat 11A. I ass ftJ t aeo S.aatw I'ntthard a letter of tLe XI. I ll to hear froaa tae artta laa4 the frost raak of wtt roeet aaaeat. ia rrpaid to tbetafwtat s that are iaeretta7 tU vlo. Hat I think the Senator ta a.aae hat witr-l is regard to t aa tioea! otoaev pt t lena." M ke tliaka o'clock a. m., August l'ith. The chairman of tLe committee with Secretary Baines went at ourn to the residence of the lion. Ku-hard Battle for the purpose of employing him to secure an injunction. Mr. Battle said be was not attorney for the Southern Railway and was at the service of the committee. But when the nature of the business was made known, he stated at once that he was attorney for a majority of the private stockholders of the North Carolina Railroad and that he might bo embarrassed, lie assured the committee that the directors wo not lease the road without the con sent of the pi irate stockholders, and that there could bo no meeting o the private stockholder within ten days, as he, as their attorney, had advised them not to meet with the Directors of the North Carolina Rail road in older to prevent the surren der of the exemption from taxation, secured by their charter. The irre proachable character of Mr. Battle forbids the thought that he was not frank and honest in his statement. was UeltcbieJ wiin mo peeen anu alo said he wanted Senator Butler for the next President. Another said he wanted the 1'opa list to get entire control of the 1. S. iravernment i.t time. llow do jou think such talk aa that sounds when it cornea from those who were our bitter enemies two years ago? 1 like it because it shows the cause ! Uelorm is gain ing btrength and hypocrisy is losing. Now, I will say a little about the much talked of "fusion" in the nest election. No doubt either of the old nominee of the ht. I.aia Kefatd raa Contention. Doea the Senator uj-that tbo Popuhata of Ntth t'arulitt are all foolaf la to at Ladiy eoataaed a to think that we are o t.lmj aa t vte for a goMtog for i'reeideat WoulJ It be mending In At' era t) defeattog a Dcturratie gwldbag. aad elccting a Uepublican goldhucf hjiu ( have seen tie olj pattie are. aaoing long enoufrh, and e ant that gatu a tooted, lie an a at think that we have fraaten the priariplee taat oe uld parties would be glad of the chance ,L?1 - on- to fuse with the Populists in order to " tack and embrace the .eu atd i get their gddbug henchmen elected, i'gu.t.g f and continue the present financial ""'5 7'. T V 1 ' "", cold standard policy of Cleveland, 1 r"'hard. Carlisle. Rothschilds, Morgan and! Aj;aiu h aa. "the lUputdicaa company. But we Jon't need that j party of No.-ih Carolina will bevor kind of lusion. We had better bole inaent to abandon its oijaaiaaUon very paiticular on the line of fusion I and voto foi a fru silver itiJeend and fuse with no party except it de-lent electoral ticket." clares unconditionally to support no man for auy office vor of the free and rho is not in fa-1 unlimited coin age of both cold and silver at the He has never been blamed by the com- ratio of lb to 1. 1 favor eucu ic.ion on a :it form. I shall bow to the will of look for relief I The Demecratic ' . . ... i . . . . . Lie. lime uuuin aiiu x uua uiiuki . . . ..... i . . o. n ... .i c-.i tu. tluit majority and support xne nomi- party has failed to luinu its promises t standard men for Presi- croucning aown.maaing meir prep- - - - -( ..t ..... .... r,r mi tr nn what a. .,. kn mnnmrmipstinn. . I aralinim tor that Una . ratal I AaicrKaa rtcoie will iae saamiir iac en u n; v i m) i' ifc j f yj ... v . . " -- -1 lv cufio vu .uvmw 1 i dent Xi orth tjaroiind can be carneui - ..i..f,., V.n Dtnn.ta Ttia nrinci nle. I .1 an nnma into nownr . ..' n ... I lean fif Allowed to do so) UDOn the I LHlee Facts Arc Koawa--Lel People t'aile la lit'inocratic orincinle. and 1 now em-1 arrain. Consenuentlv. there can be! T i despised, accursed and already con- Grtai Brwberhaoa. phatically state that no manor set no relief from that source. The Re- congratulating Senator Butler on demned (in their estimation) Popu -ForThe Caucasian. ot men can drive me irom my pany publicans have never promiseu his manlv and patriotic course in ".SV' -a-uu uiwugu uut. .u oUuto.o m - l' il. I l, exna-t-v rT I 1 0 Al I i:A 4 nw. t -n an1 AT I " - m I Aitl rr'T TM1 a VT1TOP TMoA ft K II II 1 K II II I V I . . . or irom my lauu. nn m foj reuei me x uu..uu, the United States Senate. He has v .... : ; , r TV was a slave-holder before our ia- my fathers and my party and I will course nothing can be expected from covered himsel with glory. I also t. raise hl? T,1C6 behal f h.u mented war, and understood the 'not be found out of it." that 30urce. OTfn ,n senator TillmnTi mv thanks friends and allies and warn them to mA,hnj thflt the sioV6-owners re- Burgaw, N. C, March 0, "JG. I i 1 Y 1 a ft Thi settle the uuestion with us and Senator Vest. Commenting on the insincerity of the Democratic leaders on the silver (juostion, the Southern Mercury of Pallas, Texas, says: "Let us see if tho free silver Dem ocratic loaders are honestly wedded to principle, and are determined to contend for it under any and all cir cumstances, and in the ranks of any political patty that advocates it. Their record will settle this ques tion, and should do so, because they voluntarily made that record, and To whom shall the people look for relief! There is but one course to pursue, and that is the course com menced by the Populists to go for ward, looking neither to the ngnt nor to the left, but pressing forward me say t0 you jjr. Editor, you are . my 1 for his "thunder and lightning' speech in the Senate. The Caucasian is an indispensa ble factor in the great reform move ment that we are making, and let to the end The Plaindealer in an elaborate article reviews the action of Con gress from the 4Sth Congress to the present time, showing that the Dem ocratic party had a number of op portunities to pass a tree coinage doing your part well. A. C. Wentz. Stay In The Middle Of The Road! For The Caucasian. Cleveland, N. C, March 5,- bill, or mother words rehabilitate ong as I live I expect to take The "a a an rJ Caucasian. I approve of the course J.l I 111 Villi4 BsvkoawA T- AVTWTT TAA DITIII Tl TX1 M 1 I B V I . . uewoic vi. otcxj f ""k sorted to to keep their slaves in a common enemy. subjection. It was a principle gen Populists know that if there is on eraiiy accepted that the more ignor earth anything Democrats hate ant we COuld keep the negro of his worse than the "Angel of Darkness" raA situation the less troublo we it is a Republican, only I must add, WOnld have with him; therefore it if there is anything they hate worse was decided that all the rudiments than they hate a Republican it is a 0f education should be kept far from ropuiisi. xueu wuy uii uiuuiug i nim. ne was toroiaaen a uook oi Why this making overtures! and any tind in his cabin, and in all why this crouching? It means some- cas6g when one was found it was As silver, and failed to do so every by it they must stand or fall, in the ime t'ne opp0rtunity was presented estimation of all intelligent, honest, and liberty loving people. The Democratic party cannot plead that they have not had the op portunity to enact proper silver leg islation, "for did not the Demo cratic party with 143 majority in the The article is too long to quote entire. It seems to this writer that the foregoing views, expressed by some of the leading minds in the country ought to be sufficient to convince .. .; .;. anv reasonaoie cuizeu mat meic io itv-f econd Congress twice refuse to auJ ., ljoi.f; f,ftm adJpt a free coinage law! Did not kVJSa bave the Democratic par Jy m the "ty- opportunity on more third .Vnffe81,WT01;GSP 'oea the than one occasion, and have failed 7 y It J2f,t, hrSr that to meet the expectations of the peo ouly law on the statute books that M;,tsnM of the Populist increase in tne money r - attributable to the .??"trJ ' "d 'Ui! KoncomingSs 07f the Democracy. . it takes lam for the "middle of the road" neither turn to the right nor the left to gain popularity; but stick to principle all the time. H. Barringer iravo an increase in volume of same time vote down a proposition fer the free coinage of silver at the ratios from 10 to I to 20 to 1 by over whelming majorities?" Let us take a little Republican evidence as we go along. Senator Chandler, of New Hampshire, whose Republicanism cannot be denied, says: "The Democratic leaders the meu who dominate and control its national inlluence, patronage and organization are cold monometal The breach is now too wide to be closed the bridges have been burn lowu With tioldbuga, Straddle Llara And Kascala. For The Caucasian. Reidsville, N. C, March 5. I am a full blooded Pop. I like the course of Butler and Tillman. Tell Butler to ero ahead'. He is right Free silver will save us. Down with the gold- buers and straddle liars and rascals! Stand by the country and liberty I am sixtv-one vears old and am readv to stand for the people. Tel irLr jr-ir; Wa .u,. them to stay in the "middle of the . .r .. ' i imoo a-nA An nn " Priam " nrnpnt on that is to ahead. Secretary Morton, land's cabinet, and one thing. Now let us see if we can tell what that something is. In the first place, from past expe rience we must inter tnai it means mittee, and still has their utmost confidence. The full committee, af ter hearing Mr. Battle's statement, directed the chairman to proceed to Warrenton and employ Hon. C. A. Cook to take out the injunction with out delay. The chairman found Mr. Cook tootsickto act for the Alliance, and at Mr. Cook's suggestion, he tel- If he ia correct on this toint. which 1 doubt, how can he oiport the l'opulia's to abai.dun thi iw or ganization, AM. THKIK l'klV ir-i.c Too, and voti for a pig in a poke, which will turn out to be a goldbug Republican President. He attemMs to c.aioi that lioaa- aa that, becautie it would put none but Populists in office. No other kind of fusion will do in my opinion. Better stand single-hauded and risk I cial reform canto M-cur.-l t&rouich the people to do right. This will elthe Republican party. We claim, a campaign of eddcation with deter-and hold to the trait, that, "ltv fKllTH Tl Mlll.L anoay And aa their fruit baa been mination to free the people and the! tuair eovernment from the thralldom ot I thkm increasine debt. Then let all who graphed Dr. Cyrus Thompson to favor a change for the better and mploy Judge Whitaker. This tel- who oppose the issuing of bonds by e mtrram rpanhprl Dr. Thomnaon abOUt 1 WiO uuuuiooa vi - J ' three o'clock p. m., August 16th, bo the Populists in very unwholesome for anything but goldbugs, we don't want any more of it. .Vhy doea be try to make aa believe that tho KcpuMican party will give us free silver, h n ho aa) a Upon rnther . of Greensboro was employed in ad dition to Messrs. Cooke and Whita- promptly destroyed and he punish ed. Yet, the little white boys of the slave-owners would instruct them to read and write despite this vieri- (and thiz is not mere presumption) lance, and .when the war closed we 1 i. 1 11 is. A no .a i . 1 : .1 i. ll. iui lutsv win ixj t,o uoviTG no learnea wim surprise Luat tuey wem . . r,:,i4j iu aZ 1, inirMnoi ii ,1 ker. As it seemed impossible to find tuoy uuD we 1 poswu uu iuir tru ?uuf tiou, nTsvat(1 stockholders willinir to who connaea in any pieage I and had been waiting patiently ior r-y r 'r",--,'. ... . 1 a 1 - - . 1 nvinir Hnn. .111111711 tiruruua wv an a. aa miffht malcfl. and attempt tO WOrK I lnnw.hnnAH.fnr rAftnlt. (Inr crrat- vl"S ! - T O 111 I f - " - - the utter ruin of our party and the de- itude and thanks are yet due them struction of tnose principles wnicn 1 for tnejr docility and patience, but I every true Populist holds dear, and j can not say as much for our goldbug for which it nas always oeen a uem- an( political oppressors. Ihey are ocrat's sacred pleasure to villify and vet striving to rivet the fetters, and abuse us. I are ravins because the veil of our we may see their oppression their endeavor to I LU a ava. U fc UOb A V A AA a OW I .fjl" ' . . - I t a. At - . i. . la aa aw. sVaAattVl ArT 1.41 . . . t .1. Is . A I that it was impossible for Judge njoi me wrengi wai ua vv-. mauwo um mat ma itrj-oou Whitaker to prevent the lease's be- against them by Demo-Republico can party of North Carolina will ing consummated that evening at and Republico-Demo's of the present never voto for a free silver tirketl Burlington generation of politicians, office bold- Once wore, lie claims that this T. . 1 i , i ct,;t ers and plunder hunters who profess 'oational money problem' is "in- J1 lSFvJ7v If ST. SI to be the friend, of the people. .igniQcant and unimportant.- Can aker that the validity of the lease x am surprihed to read the speeches poasi bio that aVnan f intelh- couiu ue wbieu oy u.. ou .u. of 8o-called iilver Democrat?. 1 do Kence and education can to ,D earn- not consider them worth the paperlmt or is be joking when he makes me or tne tease. thev ar0 pnatd on- If they were iUch . .tateoient! Tha thiuk.ur .Jf.ltxvi friends to s.lverthey would men ot Xorlh Carolina know tLat have the validity of the lease 'tested. I verlheir connvcliwn withlbat dear thi8 moD problem which henator u Ur iv 1 -.X.-.v old party, knowing they do that rritchard would like to Lavo ua brother Alliancemen, J udge Schenckl . nmwmt ... . chance i th- r.r..I.U aK... all slip to "down' silver and they never others that deserves our eartiet at will. To fool the people, keep as tention at this time, and we do not many in line as possible, to strength- intend to be Aide tracked by any aurb en the goldbugs, seems to be tneir advice. was au thorized and directed to ask the At torney-General for permission to bring the suit in his name. Attorney- ftaneral Osborne eave au informal consent, but after a few days re considered and decided to hear ar- aim. Watch them. la AN OPEN LETTER Whlrk Some Matters Pertaining That Leaae Are JlenUoaod. use 01 restrain 1. A Al.:. Csvae Vt rtW f i"V iiA Q H rl dui one luiuK mi , . . t K..c0wa Forward and hffht uivuoot iwuw. b j - luvu a.w In , TTT nrst. e are rig 01 iur. ievc , V. . my neighbors. I want you and every- OUL lis mu0k , tnUnnw influential members, declares that J Our LTiirra. 1 panv 10 iroiu LuououiciitanioLu. - e : . . . . , - .. , . neiuie mo an j .t money silver Democrats may prepare to eat spuPP" at "es" L" ef " f e, larity of the slave-owner and the two "0 General lo bring the Buit and rtd to their dish of crow. President of the United States. 1 whlch were then applied by them to olitical partie3 of this nation, n iniunction aeamst the - 1 . t-. t-r- n-r .-v rian rxaTTAt n r. nrkaru tu in 1 . - j s A a h wavb aa t a i . .a iann f the next national Democratic con vention must declare for the gold standard a currency depending " 1--. I ... .. I.-" i Z-J lists. President Cleveland and his upon gold tor its ultimate reueiup- admiuistration are absolutely in the tion, and that he is in lavor 01 a oe- Unrrrfln I olftratioTi souarelv committincT the AAUUUa VI Allla V A. IVI'VUk I w- 11 A 11 and his syndicate of foreign bankers, party to goia monomeniauism They are against silver as a mata!. and thev are committed pold monometallism." I close with the following quota In an article in reference to the tion from the speech of a distm actiou of the Democratic party in guished orator: Missouri and Illinois, the Missouri "Hon. T. P. Gore, the ablest ora World says: tor in Mississippi, iu one of his "It is true, Democratic State con- speeches used the following eloquent ventions in Missouri and Illinois de- language: "Was Judas a friend to clared for silver, but these were not Christ; wa3 Brutus a friend to Ciesar; nominating conventions and the was Cromwell a friend of Charles I; enldhupa made no ttimv Thxr ignored them. Strictly Gmteau a friend of Garheld; was speaking, they were not conventions Money a friend to Elam; was Mar- of tho whole party. The regular shall a friend of Dinkins? If so, Dominating conventions are the ones then is the Democratic party a that count." friend to silver and, like the Lord, This is in keeping with Demo- whom it loveth it chasteneth?" . ratio nratia and professions all Respectfully yours, . a . I MwrnnT'O 11 AXSIV Oe - . 1 - A. A A- . mi enn thai " l 1 : t J ll..!. 1 CULUUl S IW U1S UUll lli Lliv lueu bkuui o moi dot luvii i nnnrfissioE nas udbu raiseu nuu luon i ? . ... . . . l hope of controUi futur, IjgisH- tI3 ad, m!. TL; STE won in mo Bannwriung l. upon mo ... .u h c,rolin. KlHrol(l .nd ir in .tiiAh wa litLTAl , . THa AlH&iiee petitioned the At- UUI CIDfJtilV'U 1CU TV W TV aaavaa nw - i I A.i h 'avn hnO hOO tnlinil OT1 f i " . we anv t ohieo.t. To ac- A,V"" ","".r:.rrrr0rT: tornev-Generalto allow the ' . . , 7. ,. I LaviQ or linguisi, oi wuicu our otaio i - u: orwmrviieh this thfiv. Iik the lion. . 1 . i t lL .i his name to bring suit rnlhe tiger" and the cat, are only 7t0Ve manto lot ou good the North Carolina Railroad Com ..!,;, .nn mnVincr ovrtnres to Ha"6 5 r 7, ' A . ..LrUiuiT from exercising an assume ht. Nowyouknow ithat ruse to V"--c youdont, write iojmake an opportunity to wipe w out fthd". nd re-ichoed throughout "ancnu, of existence, and enact for us their rCfv"! land of freedom. nas under us cnarier to lu uiuu u .'ii -i 4; 1 1 mis oroaa ianu 01. ireeuoui. r;i-t. fnmnmiv. a norr.oration . " -n, 01 N m American freemen profit r": n.dVr Vhe lawV of Vir- one more uniaur uu 0010 uo. I , e tu a cn p r.tU I - . . . T, ii: I Dy me cause ui iuuuu..ui cinia .for the term oi nmeiy-nine vv nen, my ibiiow uuMua, iD 1 Pfiat nations and come forth in their " ' v;rtnallv alienatintr member for the last f ew years you .,.nd stretn .d destroy the f.r'l.ftV.nrt frMZ have been taunted with being a . . - th-; Rabvlonish Dower. i."JL n.;i..r!..mnantr . . -w- aa MTT 1 W IimUoaJ a a,Wvev - A ' IU KAIU UUUkUlU AVBlinWI J- -rop," a -xiayseeaer, a auij ftr shall we submit and become more rru: firct ntition. was filed ite," and ail sucn names anu epi- d--raded than tte American slave Ratinn rfi. of the Code, . . 1 r l SB M m I UUUul a-r j v aa v a vwar tnets names in wnicn you .uu vAfArA tha war? To show the simi- " ;t th tut of tho At- J. D. Talley. Non-Partisan Co-operation. For The Caucasian,! Merry Hill, N. C, March 5. I favor co-operation with a non-parti-. . i i i j i san boara or electors, pieugeu io a. m w 1.I- IWo I Tka. fArA-atavrsi .f Tl..a fimfifrv A ltv w w a-v. a or wo aa. vvoati I aaaa often been deceived, eonfuncd, and misled by those who pretended to bo I their fiiends, and encouraged to contend with each other at tho lal- I lot-box about Uestions that were of little importance, while such ue- think we had better co-operate in the State and make , our election laws so they cannot be changed, ex cept by the vote of the people. W. A. Capehart. us in derision, now can you bo ir master keDt tUe negro ignorant ,M aa Tho A rtornv-General hav- -r,nr,- .nirmnn in tor oat. VffflT I . Ui icooc. wib. i , ; 1 i ; 1 of his situation oy power, uur pom priue ui uiauuvvu oiiu iuu citizenship as to form any Kisstos, N. C.f March 2, 1S. Jnartnna I)AViKI.g. Eso . Dear Sir Yours in regard to the tions as tnis national money proo- so-called Alliance suit against the lem, wnica ncnaior i rucnara woaia ease of the N. C. R. R. to the ftoutn-l Iiave us uenevo is msignmeani ana ern is received. In reply would ay unimportant was vveriooaed. that the SUte Alliance at Cary or we rememiM-r in years insw anywhere else has never authorial tne poiiucai paaera wouia nw any one to bring snit in iU name j aad sweat while telling m of the against any railroad, bnt Alliance l meanness oi mo ir pany. gentlemen whose action I endorsed, I the evils of Uriff. Uies, ixrtkKAL, brought suit, and since that time revenue, "nigger' role, and tu have seen fit to withdraw it. Ana tnousana oiuer imnga. out tuey . since the action of the Attorney-i.en- not ten us tut mo money oo eral in the matter, I, as an individ- goldbng thieves of America and nal endorse the withdrawal. I sup- Europe, assists uy tao nose that the attorneys engaged the Democratic and Republican par knew and did what was best. Furth- ties were arranging thxik -national er than this your deponent knowelh money problem was to redueo tbo nt . " . . i tu. mail that Lroaeht vour i.. iv,t mo a marked eoov of and paupers on the other, ylTr paper which was headed "Why We mast look well to oor hut. :rr:.fcM-f in which von and county government, but that aav that "The State Alliance has "national mvaej problem- is th. been a law unto iUelf, and at the Uaestion that retires oar unJmded Mn:n ir, Curv it nve stringent I and most earnest attention from A Divided Ticket Means Defeat. For The Caucasian.! ----- Tulls, N. C, March 5. I see with the party that thus honor (?) themselves (as they would say) and jeopardize your political interest for all time to comet Did they not tell you that fusion with .dependent of his situation by power. Uurpolit- . eipressed reluctance to bring mee ung in " tne ,iu-. DOw until it is settled, which I think v SSaJce ical leaders have kept us ignorant by tll 8ui himself. underSection G8G, Mt"10"nt0 Jluuken "onr will be don. next November, would ms strategy and promises. The "tariff" judge Schenck filed two other peti- In this you l are wU1 M 2J. Giujv. would DIS- m. oonatitnt a vfiil. has b..j c: r.n-. inm cunning muendos, pressure, m ana - neKro ouuuiuuu6 i, tion basea onoecuons ooj uu -. i;.i,.i..,;n,t been kept over our faces for the K . and believing that if per- Tr Vllfinea mirtt mUm-.. last quarter of a century. ve "mission were given to bring this E""" 1 OQl ha4 Toa wanted This is a brand new Lineola story. been torn maiaa oufiruuuiw suit. th prayer for asxuloit oi " thA naViol- of the and true, like all of this oeries: a....l,r, 1.1, .iU nn. amnttrnruitAM :LV. onIIVOUr nuow w I r I . ... . .., luona anu i" ws vrumweu n itiouu ui vuonoa i, -.1 :j i . : t tn I u t I iucic, uui -rj 1 thb miKut, 00 "kir,. ic . u.n iff.inil. and ia I 1'rosident Lincoln reacaeu Atoao effort to control was Booth a friend to Lincoln; was a 7r " Ta"X ;f 1" rJlYr" j:.fc.'Tkil s. - irqI and. tne concentration oi inn vt an ISJCXCTIOn- auaisst the wealth, of our glorious country into saDstituted. It Is Dinibled-Barrelled For The Banks uver tho c.ountrv. That there can be no dependence Till Pi.. 1 in tVio nrnmisfia and profes- ti... nnrtir on the Exchange.! -!i i! n .urn in thai TTfinrv Clews, a Wall street silver quesrtiou ia iuhj ' . r " V, ja(o,l TTohrnarv c.n .1 -, T.nm Ranatnr Stow- in his weekly letter dated Deoruary art's paper, the Silver Knight: 15, '96, says: :i-ja "With such a showing the silver "The treasury has very wisely de Democrats, who propose to submit termined to place an imPrtn' Pr; the question of free coinage to the not itMrweMjtwA loM on 1 .. .. ior,K ;nnr. donnsit with the banks that nave ant of the situation or governed by most liberally subscribed fm aolfiah nn sid ration. If. aS I DOnQS. vor it bv all means provided it can I fusion - was dishonorable in 1894? be done a long the line with Butler's And did they not tell you that we plan, and I do not think we will were only a few a mere handful in have any trouble if we do not , cross North Carolina? But has not that the bridge before we get to it. 1 1 handful been sufficient to overthrow think the Republicans know, as well the tyranny of their boasted Democ- as we Pops do, that it would mean de- racy and put to night its despotism? . i? i i i . i I . -i . i ... i i i xwr - leattoput up a aiviaea electoral i Ana now Denoia me spectacle: no the hands of the few have caused us to awake, and at least learn the cat achism of our finances: and we see the deep-laid plan for us to be caught in the same financial trap that now holds England fast, never to extricate herself. , i. , ..J that you were fighting When Judge ocnencs openea wc , an the Alliance. anneal to ii.... . i U.H fT t n il! mil in I LKAbB -v - .i , .,.,: nr FVt.-rabnro-. aoou after thit von were fighting the leasee more a seri:ns battle io w hich abont 2,XX) At .k. iii;.n iconreoeraies weio maoo pinuana. M I Hall S.AATJ3 Alliauvw I . er. argument befoie the Attorney-tjen- You say, " We write earnestly b-1 General Mead, was on ih. rreai- nis enema um rl tnlv that a srreat I dent s jen ana toj. uefg at. ui- Homus m a non-partisan electoral again lettered, ana oecome ine ourselyes iet us join together as a Ior " banker, ticket. The last legislative work tools, the unhappy subjects of the band q rothergJ in the entire inter- ords' for the r. i too . harmonious" for me to be- same party thaf has so long held us Z$u. General respectfully applies the are willing to take any in subserviency. !5 a C 55,1, No! we ean't do it. We left that - a . ) 1 execresence because tne sore naa grown so large that the Democratio doctor refused to maae tne piaster large enough to cover it, and we have long sinee learned tnat to neai was lieve thev are - willing to take any chances of turning the State over to the rotten Democratic party again. P. H. Flora. he stated that I cnuac a-va - . -o- - a . . not desire or expect to vacate the to f Qtnre generations has been gles on bis right, va tneir way w chabtke but only to exjoin thi , one db ecause we are disappoiat- headqnarurs tney roaa to a pomi t.iist. The Attorney-General, at-1 . .l. c.m tm h no desire I where they eould so the large a- " ' ' .- va. I11AL LilLl U UW !" I m . . ... . . . , Oi priavacra. " iui i M prisoners were many coiorea ants and laborers. - -Mr. Llaeoln," said General Meade, "I trness Raireles did not overesti- mate th. number or men eaptareu. Mr..Lincoln checked his horse, do- I . . 11 I CU IU. l"v - , I , , ticket; but why say any more. The are again invited, to "walk back will ydu ,ub. ter hearing argumenyxom aat p, - rf h wrong." .ow.Bro. Joe majority of the Republicans T we would be good to Peu - Osborne, Attorney for w . . r . ' j leave to bring aeuon ia tuo uawo oi leal strife and burst tne ieiieauut . . nrnose of vacat- throw MtojotortiJtonXtStorUToi the North Caro- power, ana esiaoitsu -J - i,-", Railroad, OB for its permission in tne iouowing fl. ..ttj, .officers of the Alliance. v mm silver men contend, bi-metallism lies at the foundation of Democratic principles and is essential to the . r a a aI a Vi rTr oin riptmy oi w7'.."w";" ril.. .;0n Hnllara of bonds: weirtlr .tticle ol it. Th.; bank gets mtereU on . th.t hJ been nublUhed. showing million M. Hear til j Approved, F or The Caucasian. 1 Swawboro. N. C. March 6, I am the sore you must make the plaster lua cu A nf nnr Populist representation larire en6ueh to cover it. Then why SnlddoSS. ItI.Tt ime t Congress, and heartily endorse try that same old doctor againT thAA that are in it. A bank the course pursuea oy our unnea Clews intimated in a letter five or States Senator, Marion Butler; and heartily approve the principles out lined iu your paper. J. M. Bkll. Leadint? politicians may seek to force our people to terms and meas ures, but who - would do this must remember that he is treading on dansrerous srrounds; that; the aver " f. mi tern, purelv American in its princi pies, and in the interest of the entire people. This accomplished, an era of prosperity will follow sucn as never was experienced by any nation since the foundation of tne woria. Farmer. POR STJCH OTHER AS THE. COURT MAY SEE T Oh What a Difference. Advocate. O, what a difference between and this time of the Tear. 1892. . . tm wo Get some "pressure," "innaenccs. "seen a great light" out ot your own eyes, and then you can see clearly m etAriw a ear ar sa n i iruwiv OW""r:i"::; " Vv;;r .Wold- Ubwaul surveyed the field full of ver cox y-- -i - - r-Z . 1 i j a ; m. the (-on ers to the wheel ana onug im Kri oiUu . . - - --- - 7. . ... nml lKnill. And AAld: " I CS U neTAl. nwmir . it.itiki I n ipxc&l viK -. . . - - n.ncDivTVTntPREiiisKS: Andttien .i...L.i..j.Af.Ai.. .ht imim hha nnmber Is her. in black and m.v - , ' , i&ai us leausi. vi ivu -j i . . z. f n v. : nB ovno fn, tho ,hnr an- 1. . . j ..l :. mn I iouow nia i kwvu. v n 1 I to nave perpetraiea, m iu uuiuS w w pucauon wiucu omci iciici ii von maw be or great Digsaitit. to penuone" uuusmiuvu au i e people, yourseix anu uou; to refer to an injunction against Tn' state" THiLiASK. As there are only two I ,tfm,ma AnAa. ttJ1 Suppose judgments which can be given in move in that direction. such cases, the one ior At,iir , Vei rrofkocy Throe Tee Thomas Dixon, tne Ae. now Then I msst and the other for injunction. the "other reiieV must necessarily erv resneetfully. 4. il. JlIWBUKaA. r o . . i - - - . . ? . i . .... - - . i Hin.rnr miei iii a m aw age voter, though humble in life, is you conld hear nothing saia, ouisiue Bav. pomtea to an iajuat-uu. Nation of the' bond swindle he rMl h. J-day well informed as . other of . The Supreme urt i-TAwn bv.i turi Hrii i ikkvi! lu aj 1111 ac aaaA , a ar - I -Dt0H When tne government re- power, inclinations anu P"oor rv. -- - . k gell New York treacber, said three years ago that the 'opulist platform brought to toe front th. questions tnat; Ute the coming century aad that lacy were op for settlement, ana coata ow be pat aaiae oy ine gnoata 01 mt ana tne ciaidi oi iri iiuu . . . trmmn theWO lUCSUOnS ID A DC BaYC. Jf the Democratic party, is one pub- calls its deposit in. t to yo my opinion about to seek for refuge hhed in the Mercury, of Dallas, tototZ'iZi "fusion" in a few words? 'Let us not plaeos than in the Texas. It is too long to publish, but W tor it to par r with f have a mongrel ticket on national is- Only let tiiem onec jg the inves-1 rroaods, and nave suocceded mainly will neglect I by waving the Woody birt and v-or-oh.mM. I iar over tbe old tariff .ear. rww. B I - . . ii .l tbe new laeas are a-mininf; aui we h. "' ". " : I It makes S4U.0UU a year Tu. v i- i. t I tho a rr an crement lasts. iu iew lora ieiuuvraj .u- - o nishes political principles for the Pwty in other States." "Straight, Clean Cut." "J For The Caucasian. t ;j - - ! Jamestown, N."C," March U1U BUSl UVW IT . . . C - L.V1. . Domoeratie ranks. "L ? IZSZZZ'ZZa Vst Raleih. well satisfied with onee more control you I Tmf ini 99 than abnnt the Demo-lease. I rt ..r frimd of arood rorent-land tbe old partiew aw compelled to f k. -AiAif-nt an Und legislate for tou again and yon eP.tic convention which. is set for 1 Within a day or twothe Attorney- . ' - t-w Th Cauda I take np tbe hwuea wbetber tbej will or the arrangement lasts, uonaa " - 1 l-.l6 ' ot- Tbe world is movm Mlo favored by many because mem. a vuuia i wu. " iT",, " ' k. n-.nHit 1, tn h in Chicaeo. Jufv 7.1 Coatinnod on ona " rat-Aiffa. 1 respect and connaence 01 mose wnuipQumauj wiwu .u.M.-,-r - 01 tneao jiiwum long Bonds are

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