THE CAUCASIAN PUBLISHED EVERY THCEflDAY. MT THKCilCitUR rCBUHMIMU CO. AHION Rl'TLKM, - -r.l4eBt. HAL ATM. M...t. Mil. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, NE YEaH :.( BIZ MONTHS THREE MONTHS S3 w ' . z : EnUmt In U t I'ort OffU at IUi-)ch, N. C, at UwoikI CliM Matter. While some cf our people are Anletp, he t tim' in sowing tarn. Her is ad illustration nf how it ia done 'On Tuesday of Ibis we-k thire rni to the post-oflice At Hobton two laryM parkagea of circular entitled "Hound Currency. "They were given out to all, rcardlr ait of political af filiation. 1 got one and am afhamed of the author of auch falff-hooda." Thii ih an txtract from a k-tttr written by Mr. W. A. I'.arbrey, of Hobton. A Time and again we have tried to urge upon tue member of the Peo ple's Tarty the burning necessity of making every possible tffort to prtad our literature among the peo pie. In aorae localities but far too few earneat men have done and are doing acme good work in this direc tion; but from every nook and corner of the State fomen the cry that th "people would, like to take and circu late reform paper, but times are no hard they cannot afford to pay fo them." i en, times are hard. What mad I At . I me in bo t Are Hie people who are Bending out thtHo large packages o goldbug literature all over the conn try to every country postofhee to be distributed free, trying to mak times better for the people T Yes iimea are naru; out they are going to be made any better if the peopl ait still and allow the tares to be aown broadcast all over tho country lea, times are hard. Will the aehemes and plans advocated by this ocean of free goldbug literature point the way to a change T Must the minds of some people be poison ed and blinded without at least, one great effort to prevent it t We must all remember that we are ex-members of other parties. We must remember that wo always ha free literature from both those ol parties because both were and are goldbug partieg. We must remem ber that we are in rebellion against those old parties, but they will con tmue to try to poision and blind a the people as they have been doin for twenty-five years. If the peopl cannot or win not ui'Y this poison, it will be furnished frke in bountifu measure. If the people tako this poison with out an antidote they will become too sick, too weak and too blind to fight ror tnemselvcs. Tho best antidote is the reform paper. There is no other remedy. This antidote cannot V. ..1 1 wr u iutuiiuru iree, we nave never blinded the people so that we could rob them, and then use our ill-gotten substance to keep them blinded. L those of us who see apply ourselves to the task of removing the catar acts and films from the eyes others. . Individual ffort mnst be aggre ",tu i" vuo Krrui general under taking. It boots nothing it avail noi to say times are hard. There is no remedy in this cry. Against such defense as this iurker times will come and como quickly. Work while ye may. This is in all nroba bility the last light the people can ever make peaceably. If they are defeated, it will prove their Water loo. The enemy is sowinc tares Why, oh people! why do you cry "hard times,'' and sleep T Your sal vation is in your own hands now, and n you iau to grasp it, the time wil come when it will be beyond all ef forts yon can make. THAT 09 YEAR KAILKOAD LEASE. In a recent issue we briefly state that the suit brought by the Alii anco concerning the "U'J year rail road lease" had been withdrawn And that we would have more to say About it. We present this week a srAtement from Prof. John Graham which leaves little, if anything, to oe said, it reveals the fact that th Allilnra Via. V : i mcu wuippeu in sti honest fight to have this scandalous deal passed upon by the courts o justice. Who did the whipping? la the beginning of the fieht tin Attorney-General was applied to for perm ssion to bring suit for an in junction against the lease, the only purpose of the Alliance being to pie- V A Tl t illA Itnn Qn n m a 4 : a - . . - y.ucumuiinivu oi me se cret deal at Burlington by which tne Mate was grossly wronged Thi r """iciuscu. j.nen ap plication was made for permission to bring suit to annul the charter of the North Carolina railroad, or such other relief as the court may see fit A - t- I il io oringin me premises. We are not prepared to charge the Attorney-General with wilfully set ting trap here, but whether he in tended it or not there was one, and a very ingenious one. He granted permission to bring suit to vacate the eharter, but left out the clause or "such other relief &c. This per mission made it appear that the Al liance was trying to 'destroy this great State property" Ae. Ae., and something of a one and cry was raised about it, and especially by the Democratic preas. The Alliance never intended any such thing, but there was the application, and the little free pass papers kept np the barking. Efforts were made to find one or more private stockholders for the purpose of getting the use of their stock to bting suit against the lease. Mr. I'. C. Thomas had stock, and the Alliance was led to believe thAt they eould get the use of it. A bond was made ready to indemnify Mr. ThomAS against all possible loss that might result from the suit, and be was tele graphed to bring tne stock to Ral eigh. Hut something "Beared" bint off or got him off in some other way. The neit thing he did was to boom that lease as the best thing that ever happened in the State. . . . Then Mr. and Mrs. I'oter Cobb, ef Greensboro, came to the rescue with their stock. They were given a bond to secure them against all pos sible coat or lota. A suit was en tered in their name. Then they got ' aeared" off. Cobb is reported to have said that some one "scared him to death" (he has only one share of stock) and he signed a retraxit of the suit in his name to get peace. The name of the lawyer who pre pared the retraxit does not appear on the paper. 11 is handwriting is unknown to Alliance counsel. There seems to be still more secret deals about the secret deal. Well, there you are. The Allli ance has been foiled in two efforts to get the uso of private stock to bring suit against the lease. It would bo foiled in many other ef forts of the same kind. However, it is probable that but few efforts of this kind could be made. There are but few private stockholders. Most all the stock has been bought up by railroad magnates and is in their hands; therefore it is quite proper to cry out that the private stock holders are satisfied with the deal. I3utthe people who have an inter est in three-fourths of the stock of the road are not satisfied. The Alliance, not desiring to an nul the charter, withdraw the suit so kindly granted by the Attorney General. If any one will come for ward with stock for the purpose, he will be given a bond to indemnify him lrom all loss, and the Alliance will try to proceed with the suit. What was the cause of the sud den and panicky backdowns of those parties whose stock was to be used for bringing suit to annul the lease Did the railroad intermeddle there We don't say so, because we can' prove that it did; but we have our opinions on all matters, and you juat ought to hear us think about this one. WOT TKl'E ALLEGIANCE TO FIIIMC1 FLE AMOVE PARTY. Tho Charlotte Observer says that it has it from reliable sources that Senator Butler has agreed to a f us ion with the organised Democracy on certain terms. It be a very re-lie-able source. The Caucasian has it direct from Senator Butler that this charge is untrue. Senator Batler says that he had every time stated, when such an arrangement has been proposed or suggested, that in his opinion the People's Party would never fuse or co-operate with 4 1 T"k 1 rr me Aseuiucrauo macnine. lie says that the People's Party will not co operate with those who support the nominee of the Democratic party for President, but that the People's Party is ready to receive into its ranks, or to co-operate with, those who repudiate the gold and monop oly policy of the party of "perfidy and dishonor." On the other hand the Charlotte Observer says that it will not sup port anyone who does not support the nominee of the national Demo cratic convention for President, no matter who the party nominates (even if it is Tt amoh) and no matter what the plaUvrui is. Therefore me ut-strver need not give itself 1 1 "V any concern about there being any iusion between the People's Party and those who agree with and sup port tue policy of the Observer. The Observer can, on the other hand, consistently fuse with goldbug republicans like Eaves, Leak. Cowles, Settle & Co , either under the name of the Democratic or Re publican machines. This would be fusion tor principle, if goldbugs can be said to have any principles. Tho editor of the Charlotte Ob server once fought goldbugs, but nice Carlisle, Sherman, Hoke Smith. McKinley & Co., he has deserted his principles and gone over to the enemy that he and they once fought Ths Caucasian has always stood and now stands for the fundamental principles of good government for which tip patriotic founders of our government steod. These principles are greater than any party. We will repudiate any party that deserts these principles and sells out to the monopolists and British goldbugs. e win join any party that stands for these principles and fUrhts mo nopolies, goldbugs and traitors. The Caucasiak is in the People's arty to-day because it believes in lie principles of Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln and because it refused to forswear and prore false to these principles and follow a Benedict Arnold party. the rtsurr cssotcx or t COLO TSCST. Every man who has been men tioned as a Republican eaadidatef or President is a goldbug. Allison , Reed. McKinley, Morton, and the other persons named in this connec tion are all the same kind of gold bugs that John Sherman is. Sher man claims to be a "true bimetal list" and hie definition of bimetal lism is gold buggery of the worst and moat dangerous kind. The Presi dential candidates also claim to be "true bimetallism;" but adopt John Sherman's definition as their plat form. Every one of these men are perfectly satisfactory to the gold combine, but it seems that they have selected McKinley as their moat available candidate. They do not claim that he would or could serve the Rothschilds or sbylocks any better than the others, but they think that with McKinley as a candidate they could, to some ex tent, keep the money question in the background and get the people to tariff. The Democratic politicians are alao r .;An. ht M.K'.l- ,UBB,U nommaiea, ana xor me same reason. Both of the old Dar- I tiea tn .tr.i. v,o mnnAir t: r:rv Mvvm auu ueceive lue peopi .i :J m th People's Pa tv and i boM tne People larty and its bold stand for financial reform and the welfare of the people. m a. Already the Reocbhcan "party- bugs" are beginning to say openly U. k. .... vunuo mnu 10 me oversnaaowing question. If McKinley should be Bomina.tAl (nA uKn. nominated (and the goldbugs and panyDugs in Dotn parties want him nominated) then the Democratic rmi;t;.i.n. - " . u:v w.t:, , : w. jr v. u.Ku -tcivmiey tarirx, ana try bur0;;:trp :s X om par;y" ' wuj would be again sold out and mort- gaged to the tfoldbuirs. ti,..- i iL rwu.u .now mat me people are robbed of ten dollars by tne gold conspiracy monopolies for every wrongfully taken out bv a hitfh tariff. Vf t; !.: 1 A b "" w wc up auu cummuiBu to the gold conspiracy for campaign funds and for other reasons that they will again try to fool and be tray the people. Let the people be on their guard. This scheme is at work by the politicians on both sides "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." A FUTILE EFFORT. eome papers of the Democratic a:.. ci j i.- . , r--0UuCr luaomne are seeK- out. Let it be heard from the thecommitteeonprivileges and mg to create prejudice against As- sea to the mountains. Let its echoes tions in tne shape of a resolution pro- sociate Justice Montgomery of the Supreme court Tn o oupreme court, in a recent case neara oeiore the court, Maj. W. A. Uuthne appeared as counsel, and during his argument he said he oeueved a million dollars would purchase four-fifths of the papers of me state. Judge Montgomery in a pure spirit of humor, said: "And where would von find the otW fifrM" Now there was nothing whatever in the spirit of this remark, but the .. I slander-machine papers have fixed if r, 4u .a3 . a"nu Wflere, pray, would you hnd the other fifth? i would not know where to go to look for them." We do not know whether Mai- Guthrie intended to say that a m l- - j w , lion dollars was the commernil value of four-fifths of the papers, or whetber w liiuuguua uuuiu uh i bought for that amount. He would be right either way. If you'll rive us a hi- rilrn "I n ! ?J:Vl'?t the influence of four-fifths of tb papers of thi. Sr.t f v, 1 i KuuiioH than a million dollars. ?Vft c.o ia a, V r. " -vu.u wuuuue ig qo me DUBiness just as now. wen as iney are doinsr it 11 11 . . .1 - - - l Bat h.l w wished to v i, tht . ... . , , i we feel at liberty to denounce as false the statement that Judge Montgomery said what is attrihnt to him: and that wht hAA . . . , J -o in a light vein; and that a big effort Uka;n v . i- .7. . I w Deing made by a lot of liars to make it mean something great. Of course the effort will fail, for an at . u tj ir . . uuouogo montgomeryby any democratic paper m this StAta rould be on par with the- attempt of a billy goat to butt a rushing loco- motive off the track. . I what did wk t v a Vr I TIBS Fort Wo notiee that a few Populists c-An-i who seem to be ready to lav terms that the Rnnhli. n, that the Republicans may name, are charging that Thk Cau- casian is not standing by the Omah J platform, because it is in favor of .rtn;n- rV, n :r T AX?& to conlrol -wvvoim WUUiU Dfi aBllPhliXl iorni u iQU. uat lf we cant do that, then we want to cMnAn.. some principle in that platform: We do not want' rlK u Ai " - w w-vyviBkO wiui i " wufc WD wain, to co-operate against goldbugs. If we can not operate w th thA nki: that line, then certainly it is imooa- - I sible to eo-onerate with thm -u out giving up every plank and letter of the platform. J AV MtVUl SliUl I - I ttt 1 - I We are in favor of co-onAratinn Ivnu ran cvMimm . : I ux r ' 1 Zrwl T.'VJ" S 1 eery pnneiple of the Omaia Plat-l form and to support goldbugs to get! it. What did we leave the old parties for, if we did not intend to educate and appeal to the best elements of the two old parties to repudiate gold- ougs ana monopolists, ana come to ai party that suads for the principle. of Jefferson and Lincoln? HOCTLD BB KB AD BT BTBRV C1TIZSUI IN THI KATIOX. A number of the People's Party papers all over the country are pub lishing in full Senator Butler's speech on the bond bill. We make the following extract from an edito rial in tK V cation of Senator butler's treat I speech. It will be concluded in our Mr-1 AUn off"d resolution re next issue. It is one of the ablest il', ottbVU SDeehB ever delivered in th Rn- t0 iTe iatoron concerning; the I?f VLa r!Lt !! 11 Pi Pn earnings of the I'aciflc ate and ought to be read by every railroads. This resolution was agreed EOITORIAIj cojiMENT.I Let it be remembered that the Al-1 nance is tne only agency tbat nas imprisonment or tnited Males citi sought to set aside that scandalous I Ieni WM taken up and referred to tbe lease. It would be well for the News and Observer to try to swal- thi,T " V-7; W TO i "J i j j: w tltner issuance of interest-beer insr bonds out of it, "te low and contemptible in- PMt depthless meaness. Who is trvinir tn k An't hat laartincr "riu1u)m. I in" "tAtA-R.vintr nnr fmm A. I iu: tr7;. r;r" """,Tt tu T terest of the people! This question ed imply because it is not do- mg anything. The talk of "nigger" and "white rum is aireauy oemg siariea again I tin Vnrtli Pimlina f mra I DOse8. a number of nolitic.ians have lived on this kind of stuff for years. TUa U v. :J vlJ , "1U" . ".u" oeirayai oi F"utll'l' cumoine. oucn campaign slogans are absurd when we think of the fact that the colored people compose only about one - fourth of cur nonnlation. Wh.t th ereat masses of the colored peonle rn North Carohna want ig fair'treat- and r ticne and this they ,ught xu-uAAdAn ib iu lavui of tQe pkople's rule. v nv 4J - do some more "symposium'' busi-l AUDiinno a iau v iinnr vrr r hii hi ness last week. Its first "svmoo-1 BiQm wag to 8aye the chnrcQ- and it got smashed so low that a general "ls ir,lu.u 10 sympose" aDout inatrauroaa lease and it got AnocKeu so nign mat the prevalent opinion is that it has been struck Lb7 aVTlocmotive, Asa "symposer Hurrah for Burke and Onslow' They are the first to call the people together as patriots In a com mon cause. Let every county in North Carolina fall in line. Uo men of Carolina! You have always led the way, in dark timas. to free- dom's light. Shall our record cel I Korrnr. U U T: "7 " I 7 V si Aimigniy uw um w,ui jwueeii ine can is I never die till America is again American. The six People's Partv Senator, offered to support the Republican tariff bill in the U. S. Senate if they KePublcans) would put a free T "A Ame is conclusive proof that the British gold policy is the leading principle with the national Republican nartv. The gob nf fn; Mrt :a I which wme-to North Ca x 1 - - I tne ?Id standard-Rosthchild Dem- w" a aecrease in prop- "y vaiaaon or nearly two and a quarter million dollars. How much was your land worth three years aS0T 13 " worth the same nowf " General Prosperitv h A!) Tint vat a v- rived. anH tho Mr.r.o. :.t oW ar tr.r, .I.:! n w ,JiJ BE, CAIIIAIII I riX.1 II 1 because the Baltimore and OMn ailroadhas "busted" and gone into v ! "JL ,a F1: We didn'4 r"" u"l A peruy was com- ini7 nv vAnto When a bi "ilroad like the B. & ' fails. somebody has been stealing TMS wrecked roa'd Sw"e5SS Nrfrt Carged- Uhnnf nnnTu:.L v.r , , ui - . nuicu ueiongea to a I relief association of its nvn em. Plovees. " I T m Kto A.n: -x .1 . v acvj uli vn it i iti rnirrpn t- i tvo pnnw: .., . A?.? IZa : t A",, ,t. fiuvouio lui mis will be an mteiestini? mceti . I siSQ of at returning pros- rn.-;-. ;n mi . 6 r. mT'"1111' running on half nine na mncn woolen mills mA - 1 chinery not runding at all "RX ;nj0i): n,8n I winds" is trade this time. Th m,; . . vorable coa81deration to a plan bv - w 6"imo is givine1 ra-i which a man who fails or rfnCO vote sha11 be fiaed- A STRAIGHT GOLDBUG FIGHT. , Tl. L?tn ex . .u.0raB m me Republican Pari I . . . I ima "et t or Submit. . rmiadeiphia Inquirer. nIi?lihe Repub,.i.can9 f the uffiTJffi. compromise between hnnf sad free aHver Sf;V fn8 -tliat ?"e I boroughs half a dozen of 'which ,bn!r.haTl.nT a population 'u uesmgie city of PhilAd!. ciuuiii;au pariT. I idol that thev CAnnot s..": "tV e which hss the endo,;? X7Z:at !" ProI,lM tb the United JSPff-?t without them! ItwiniiAnaS ?tfVLg somehow, no noStW0 i ... w var i uaturaiiy win see the advia.hii;, or retiring immediately from Vhi co-Uirpanshlp of th? HeSuofSS it MUS1 ommutee. I ijci but. rr i .nn ia r . I 0 PHt, , toke a stand todSJ&S&S nmm - 1 other free silver BepubUcAns "En I i-niuuiwut inr. cause nrith.... i' . . ai REFORM BY SUBSCRIBING TO THE CAUCASIAM-iLOO A Wail THE NATIONAL CONGRESS. g. of pft). . , . . Ple BF"Ut.Te. An I TrjlAC to Do REVENUE FEE BUSINESS. a mu t rM atst4 aurM r r. a. Atfrmmr Mmrhata Am XWmtX Hta rtmtiUM STr t mt Fi Far t Wnlwi Dlatrtct- SM.M9 -OJIDAT, HAKCH Z.-BATB. I Mne pension bills introduced. presented praying for the restriction oi innniaration into mis country. VO. Mr. Call's resolution requesting tbe rresiaens or tne L n I ted hUtes to de- I msna OI tne srovernment of Smin in. formation as to reports concerning tbe co.,n"1 on loreign reiAtions. Mr. Platt. That subject is already before tbe finance committee. referred to that committee. Mr. BcTutR. I do not think there ought ; to be an objection to this biH ?ut.ciej. one. Therefore, K've notice nowtbat I shall make th mnr.nn . ,K InhTngof the tine rn'orning business, to take up the bill for discust sion and action. Mr. Shmmak. If any action is to be uuuu iuc um i, uiu utier d referred to the eommlttM on fininr. Mr- Hakkis. I quite agree with the Be. J Jm . nnxxMAH. 1 mite IOH IDOllOtt Mr. Cbamdlbr. The Senator from orth Carolina objects to its consider anon. Mr.HiiL That carries it over, Mr. Bctler. That motion, it seems to me, would be in order when I ask that the bill be taken np next Wednes- T" 1R9 D, . hort, ZllX. BTU?f S6 ii"' e7 " j any aouot as 10 wnat it means. The Vicb-Pbasidbrt. Objection be- ing made, the bill will go over under una rn ia Mr. Butlkr subseauentlv said : Mr attention has been called to the fact that on next Wednesday the Senator frcm OTegn (Mr. Mitchell has given give full the routine morning business I shall c11 tne mil up, Tne Vicb-1'h KKsiDK.NT. it will be so noted. Hoom. Eighteen pension bills were intro- ?ucea 11118 the day on which the llouse P88" me uuoan resolutions. TUESDAY, MARCH 3. SENATE. ruteen pension bills were intro duced. L ?.enat?r ard introduced eleven b1,nlthe Senate to-day, six of Z"'?, . other w Y..1UU8 IDulViaOAl ClSimS maue on the treasury, mr. unandler made a rennrt fmm JaiD8 ltlM select committee of five Senators shall be appointed to investi- gate the facts and circumstances of the f10" "i State of Alabama on llnSSnwTi government, consisting of a Governor and of a legislature which elected a te"irjJf .!SP!i btate government was accomplished b& fale and, fictitiou8 "turns, or by iu.d"lent or dishonest methods, or by violent practices. "c sud? "u. "canuaious uemo- con The agricultural appropriation bill tttOAO ui uis rcoiiiULiiiii. mscusseu Hon. Twenty-five pension bills. The House Uckled a bill which is in- cenaea to stop u. S. commissioners !D m&r8Iai8 "om trumping charges against people under tbe in ternal revenue system. Durinsr the Present administrations the most dis- tfwmak m aAsv 1 . m Rl men to have neonle rrt.H i,,. " f E VTJ fee to - aiib om unaer consid eration is to provide a fixed salary for these infernal fee-grabbers and thus ?kp their detestable persecutions for tht 8lke,?f ettl.n fees. The bill pro- l.UJ bers made strong efforts to have tie proviaea by the bill for their respective states increased. wkdxesd ay, march 4-sbkate. Onlv three txninn hill- " """J. Aiie v ick-xrksidkkt. Th .h.;. Mays oeiore tne Senate the rsnit;nni .. - xuaa ? J?''"' ."'! tb. rMolutioii uUiuk:u jatsrusF dt nr. Allen AS follows: 3 " Resolved, That under existing laws L?, aPd legl-tender notes are Irdwmahlii in onM ..J . th ith " f ".AT" c?In ?r - "l1 ,u'' present ratK ?i f ne8fl and,.tht "7 discrimina "on between such coin ia in vini.t.-r of the statutes of the United States u iae irauiuona oi tne government. Lu'"r, - ?. -iu" oimeiamsm meaoj tu uuiimiieu coinaee. at nt a 7 of both gold and silver iT money of full debt-Davinsr nn.r ?.tJroK wfT ect equslity, at the S,?"?Air-. Th1 question of such a broad, wide-reaching character Uka . . XS.a ru"V uulc" Bome one Wishes to SDeAk fn ttfk TOtnlntinn. T 111 . I Iv. T V -r """" " "ove io reier Mr. All.n. I prefer to hare the "olutions go over without objection luriu tu iue UOmmittPS nn r n.n... nJJS Aredianuwwrf UJ er7 I wish iKTutioKtSS?. h. To,onf,.k. tTodoeC F 'Un were ,0- Tk. I..MI i . . c UP- . . -carffi f1 of 000, nd the attorney fo? Eh we8tf n J ict $400 perW oaiarm inr niirrmra i" uluer owiies SPnti .Sl'Wf lo 0,uuu 7- LSik" "ch has been v.. vll -""rci.BU1 sucn as . ' au .uis nuui in. give many monev for ' STtS rXiSJ V bad but a few cast! Fmp thi. .b u? 5?i?ns were 135.00. - nvi. w wooia acs a salary of $3,000 annuallv nnd th. huii R! I Wi"1?; IISFV tww. Kumars several cases of this kind. Tbe qweettos) Ufore ttw IIoom Is a knotty ooa, and all bcaos of tb fathocaleM rasrality and fee-grabbiag villainy of Democratic ol9e-boldr daring tbe past two years. Bat for tbeir ontrageoes exoases axainst which tbe cry of tbe people went np. and which iocrvaad lb toCal f o macb as to aatooUh even Ib Republi can Hou, (his troab4 would not have com np. It b ull b rocnbrrrd that tbe "expenAM, under tb Ire gTAbhiog scbvine of WmocrtU, of tb loternAi rvvenae aervice, wm twice as moch last year as they have ever been eodtr a Kcpablican adminitra Uon. Tbe IVmoeratic attorneys and tbe Itemocratic mArvhAls have doneenouch ef this fee-grabbing busin to make tbeir pay amount to at leat ;. a year each. IHCUP1T, M ASCII 5tU. SXATK. Ten pension bills were intrtdured. On January 33rd. Mr. t all intro duced a resolution providing for an in vestigAtion of tbe eAe of K. V. Ieba. who was imprisoned fur an alleged contempt of court. Tbe goldbugs and monopolists didnt want the matter in vestigated. They never do want shAdy actions investigated; so under tbe leadership of peanut-politician Hill tbe follow ing resolution was offered a a substitute and adopted : "liftolrtJ, That the judiciary com mittee is hereby directed to Investi gate tbe law upon tbe wbole subject of contempt of court as enforced by the Federal courts, and report to tbe Sen ate whether any additional legislation is necessary for the protection of tbe rights of citizens; and, if so, to report such legislation. Of course this resolution is not worth the blank space it occupies on paper. Nothing will ever be beard from it. A big batch of "relief bills were passed. Sou. Twenty-three pension bills were in troduced. The bill to provide salaries for 1. S. attorneys and marshals and thus pre vent persecution for fee-grabbing purposes was discuxsed during the day. raipAT, mabch 6tu. Tbe Senate was not in session. Tbe House continued discussion of the bill to prevent fee-grabbing, and it finally passed with the salaries of the attorneys, Ac, as above mentioned. Ihirty-two pension bills were in troduced. 8ATI RDAT, MABCH 7. The Senate was not in session. Twenty-two pension bills were in- troduced. The post-oflice appropriation bill was discussed during the day. WILL MEN BOLT THEIR CONVICTIONS? Soma Interesting History And nn Appeal tm tbe inner Conscience What is Oar Duty? What la Practical Politic? Shall Ws Sacrifice th Country la tho Kama of Party? For the Caucasian. I FlTITTMILII. V. C... Marrli J great deal is now being said about the guv i win tun Truuiuis biiu io quil parties. In this connection a little piece of history may be interesting and instructive. In 1400 the Democrats met in rnn. vention. The whole countrv vc tated over the question of slavery. rn . . . - i utre were two iacuons in tne Hemo cratic partv one that utnteii slavery platform and candidate the nauicu iu nicer virsr ui in is sue. The latter succeeded in naming the candidate and writing the plat- lorm. a ne pro-siavery element assem bled in another convention and put up a candidate of their own, and the Democracy of the South almost to a man supported the bolting ticket. If they were ever accused of bei ng sore heads and office seekers, this writer uas oeen unaoie to nnu tne records. ine issue then was tlm miinmant of the negro. The issue confronting the American peopie to-uay is tne liberty of the la- bonnir nennlo Trwith nhita mnA Ki . an issue of vastly more importance' A 1 A., V . - buau me enslavement or ireeuom or the negro ever was. The question naturally arises in the miflHl Af . Il 1 n lr . I 1 . I uiuimg iucu, win tuese men who once dared to die for a cause they believed to be insr. nnnr in thoir old age submit to a policy which they uaeuuueDinea as tne "culminating atrocity of the are." at the dirtati nn of party? When the Southern Democrats bolt ed the nartv in ISfiO thov tenon, that they would be defeated, but they also a A L A. a. . . . auew uut iney wouia be uereated if they staid in the party. They had no one to ioin with them when ih tott ed. Sut now we have not nnlv greater issue man we nad then, but we have a chance tn inin mith v. ; 1 . ls - jv... ' mt oijici Acpuoucans oi ine est and the na tional People's Party at St. Louis, on July 22nd. We can bolt now and join with others who airree with m nH orin ret victory for both whites and uiacas on next November. If it was natrintic. tn hnlt. in lvcn is more patriotic and wise to bolt now. .ei us join wun patriots everywhere and wipe out individual slaverv. An Old Lixb Jkffkrsoman Dkmo- CRAT. A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY. A Dylnc Mother Sees Her Child Devoured hy Hoc. Geneva. Ala.. Mroh n v.. t-. aen, a rarmcr's wite. in the western part of this conntv. nt Tnnm;n ' u v. JA0. 1U some trash yesterday when a spark a eam auu Durneu ner so that she died. Whila kTia va .nir,.. ing agonies, she was forced to wit ness tnree large hogs devour her tWO-mOnths-Old rhWA -arfiinh .U laid on the ground while she worked. Sun never done fawn which of eare and to9 otether i.MTT'r W tSsWwiuSSS. DraOaS: Rtofw th ttrsMisrth. ens that ssma tMii.. vn . YBtam h- .1 ... - ! rr" tam Barsaparflla 4 . nwojcine a an ap- Hood'o 8aroaparilla 10 tno Only Truo Dlood Purifier tW yblla y today. Tf.l r - JU5T BEEN TO THE STORE SEE WHAT I COT FOR' IO CENTS nSn n n rz V. y The largest piece of ,good tobacco ever sold for 10 cents Tne 5 cent piece is nearly as large as; you sget of other QiSh trades for 10 cents Waste on the Farm. Around the farm there is at le.w a tsn cr fu-a .f materiAl. u h Ashes Mm Droppings, Wood's Earth, Marl and enher thin. Imh. il timed w.U ' Powell's Prepared Cheiniials, mate fcrtilicrj rih in Ammonia. IWash nd Ihj.hic Afid. !u,h quick acun'. producing UrKc crops and at tic umc lime irmanctnly tmiMc the soil. AJsrtilizer tnadc ia this ':ty is c.-rtnH, Jut svr Siill. about $ia per ton. ' POWELL FERTILIZER & CHLTIICAL CO.. BAlUmore. MJ. HORFOLK AHD CAROLINA GHErJIIGAL COCaPAHY, Branch of the Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company, Norfolk, Va. The latest built, everything new, the largest and most complete factory, best shipping "facilities. These advantage enable us to make Fertilizers at the least possible cost. Sole and exclusive manufacturers of the CENUINE SLAUCHTER HOUSE BONE CUANOS. m,Tx-oant theU'8t get SLAUGHTER IIOU.SK HONE Norfolk and Carolina Chemical Co., Branch, Norfolk, Va. NAVASSA GUANO COMPANY, w i 1 1 ivi i-jNTo-Tonsrisr c BEEN IX BUSINESS XUEU THAN' ANY OTIIEU FKCTI1JZKK WJH-AM, A Mi Eaafte the Best Fertilizers. We Manufacture Navasaa Guano, Navas&a Univeml Fertile r Navasaa Cotton Fertilizer Navasaa Complete Fertili Navasaa Eoot Cion Feriilir Navaasa Special Truck Guano Navasaa Fruit Growers Fertiliwr Navasaa Guano for T Occoneechee Toljacci CroaUn Tobacco Guano Navaasa Acia Pl)osi:bat h radeDiasolvwl Bon Tho. FEIM II.T7J vn Hew Eaods, HewIHachinerr. lonVrices. Established Repatation. FOR Tbe Occoneechee Proli fic" la a most productive ears to the abillr ?ti, ,-ii t r f ul white tteai. Price s per peclc, CTOo. I3- tiisl.3l. al2.00-. A x-.v.-.-.'ivCi St v? s o m oS" ar I 2 5 2.H Sf sr m . . m W W Seed Corn, Occoneechee Prolific SHE. f.,. . M,r . ea3tl B wwvvavx.ujxc JTAUX1 DUnilAtL 0. c

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