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"The Prosperity of Mexico with the Free Coinage of .Silver," by Judge Walter Clark; "The Telegraph Monopoly," by I'rof. Frank Parsons; "The Bond and the Dollar," by Dr. Uidpath; and "Why the South wants Free Coinage of Silver and More Money," by Senator Marion Butler. The magazine also contains this month a full page line steel engraving of Senator Butler. In fact ho is given the placo of honor in this number of the magazine. Send 25 cents and get a copy of the March number. Address, The Arena, Boston, Mass. This is one of the few great maga zines that the greed power and the monopolists do not control. It stands 8iuaro for the cause of the people. Don't fail to Bee a copy. Shew lag Wfcv He Ceald et u4 IMd Xet Call MmIIii of ik State Confute. After some trouble, the Chairman Of the State Uenublican Executive Committee called a meeting at Ral eigh on Mareh ISlb. Some members ot that committee then asked Sena tor Butler, Chairman of the People's Party Committee, to call a meeting for the same date. Tbe following letter gives and explains the result of that request : Wamiikgtov, D. C. March llitb. lb. lion. A. K. Ilolton, Chairman Re publican Sta'e Executive Com mittee. Draft Sir: Your letter dated March 10tb just received. Tbe post mark on the envelope containing your letter shows mat it was not mailed until yesterday, tbe 12th. Thia Hoe not irive me time to call a meeting of tbe State Executive Com mittee. On last Monday when Con gressman Settle, Congressman Pear son and Senator Pritcbard called to see me with reference to this matter, I told them that I would call a meet ing of ourjcomroitlee for March 18th, if the Chairman of the Republican State Executive Committee request ed it. Mr. Settle said that he would write to you at once to that effect. I called his attention to the fact that a full meeting of our committee would be necessary, and that a num ber of the members of the People's Party committee did not live at a telegraph office and that some of them did not get daily mail, and that, therefore, I WQuld not have time to call a meeting of the com mittee if be should wait to send a letter to you and get your answer. I told him that it would be necessary for him to wire you and ak you to wire your answer. This he said he would do, but instead your delayed answer has just reached me, which does not give me time to call a meet ing of the State Committee. Yours respectfully, (Siirned) MARION BUTLER. The national Congress U itUfcoed Pros First far. Heaa. Fourteen pension bill were introduced. The House sped tb tfar In diacoa- ning the poatofllce appropriation bill. THC HA DAT, MAKCH 12tb SKATE. Four p-nion bill were introduced. Tbe Cuban resolutions came up into and were the uoject ot a too a n l wearjior debate. Tbe Senate renumrd tbe considrra tion f tbe rraolutiort reported by Sir. Mitchell at Oregon from the Com mittee on I'riilege and Klections, February 1, Inns, a follows : I, ibat Henry A. Dul'ont is entitled to a seat in tbe jSenat from tbe Mate of lelaware for tbe full term commencing March 1 lrt5. Mr. I'rttcbard spoke in favor of tbe report, and Irt speecn was weu rc-ct-ived and much complimented. lleeee. Thirteen pension bill introduced. A contested election cae from Ala bama was tbe chief point of interest for tbe day. lUiuhfd, That Gaston A. Kobbins (I)em.) wm not elected as a member of tbe Fifty fourth Congress from the Fourth district of Alabama, and is not entitled to a seat therein. Knotted, That William F. Aldrich (Hep.) was elected a member of the Fifty-fourth Congress from the Fourth district of Alabama, and is entitled to a seat therein. In the discussion of this case some of the most outrageous frauds ever in vented were shown to nave oeen per notratott hv tlii Democrats. Mr. Moody speaking on the contest showed, along with many other instances of the same kind, tbe following: I take up next the Kiver beat, be cause it is one of the worst. I want to five you samples of all these beats, n this beat tbe vote was 276 to noth ingin favor of the Democrat, of course. There were 15 or 16 white peo- ole at the outside in tnat neat. tioa of the gwrerSBvl. lis scorrd urMirt rArlikl ia itraer uraA. It. .ntUl t. tm klUjgae,t of tb eo04iUonaxistf acericr to 173. tar ih ran Mr rould not be WOT off than it bad b sin- the perpetration of tbe crime of 171. Bl-SMtallism was do exDrrimeat. haviec wm in from the time Abraham marched ot of Cbaldea until Great Britain drove i 1 vr from urn ' I n riinr to it country Wooce more declare iu Independence and prrooane ior iw equality of gold and silver, or el a ntnj. Il tnamdnra nnoa (treat Brit ain, w bunt it baa twice defeated, and auk ber to take it under ber avaririou and ertfitb guardianship and protection ttt bould.' be declared, "haul down Old (ilorj. tbe tarry banner whirb has waved over the power and freedom And indTMndnr of the coantrr. and hoUt in its atead tbe gold sUndard banner of Great Britain and cry out. I .fin live the oueen of Great Britain and tbe Kmpres of India ' Hei Tho PAIME'S CELE(IYC0:.1P0UH0. Dost Remedy in the World It Makes People Well. The rnntMted election case of Al drich vs Kobbins, from tbe fourth dis trict in Alabama, came up and was warmlv discussed. The fearful fraud nf tTi iwiinn in that State were at ill further ventilated. Tbe House voted In Unhhirm llrlll) m l to SCSt Aldricb (Uep) by a large majority. Mr. Aldrich anoeared at the bar of the lloues and was sworn in amid great annlanae. Seventeen pension bill were intro duced. Mere Abaat Keatacky. ThA Kentnekv Legislature ad jonrned on Tuesday without electing a Senator. On the lounn page or this mnr w ill bo found a summarv of events there. Later conditions became bo critical that the Governor felt called noon to call out the mili tary to preserve peace. The military stood truant at me Poor soil &RiNocd and rhautn! tVLU whkh wrrrr wkc rluctir can aatn I-- rui!c profitably fertile l) a prxtrr n.atii t.( crfA ani ly tnr tntrllint u t4 frrtnucrctntainin4 high per centage of Potash. i Strikinjlv .nw'.tatiic rru!t-. ihac licm cltainci l y btlUtw tni t. Svt 1 l!U- 'k.tll 4 r a rwm T J t I v- I a wmm ... t fm0 t It a ' t -m r. U K a mt mt a a ki I r.SROTJTtH CUAMO CO Ch'n P. P. State Ex. Com. FIVE HUNDRED FOR SILVER. days and nights. The Democratic Senate passed resolutions censuring Gov. Bradley for calling out the sol Aarm hnt tViAv h 11 H thn A paired effecL c a I nie uuuiue i u wist u. i j r Almost every man there was a negro, They preserved the peace, and when and every negro or almost every ne-1 violence could not be resorted to, growas a KepuDlican. ine eviueucei hoth th old nartv canes ot legisia tnrs dA(.ilnt not to elect a Senator and adjourned and have gone home in disgrace. The legislature aia ao- solutely nothing ti. nna trim inAi-iri for diseases arising from impure blood and a AU-uavaovuvvrBw - .IftViilitated nervou gv.teai. and th.t is Paine s celery compound, so gen- .f. Lrau nrAorilAl hv nhvAieians. It is probably the most remarkable rem- capuoi ior iwo -' ir- J"' .'R ' - nt ha nr.wlaeed. Prof. F.t.ard W y lil&b iuc Kiruiiu i dvmii. " - j t v Pk.lna Xf T) D of Dartmouth College, first prescribed what is now known the world ovr as Paine's celery compound, a psitiv cure for 3 : . in, nnmn miiT.iiiinri ir v raamiiiam. h i nprruas U VBDOPfl i uinvunuv-i n i v.r---. ' ' - diseases and Kidney irounie. rr iao inrr, jiuc inn j iuiu-uuuu. succeeded again and again where cverytnmg eise nas iauea. Old Dominion Guano Company, llKANTII (K TIIK VIKCIM -t I:1.I A t HKVICAI. n. NORFOLK, TJ- IaiitifitoltirHrai TIIK CKI.Kl'.UATKI A Great ConTntlon at Morganton All I'arttoa Uaclara Kor th Whit Metal Tkt HlUer Fore Mean Hoalocaa-Mo Support ForOoldbofs. Special to The Caucasian. J Moroanton, N. C, March 17. Five hundred free silver men of all parties met to-day at the courthouse in Morganton, and declared for the restoration of silver to ita position prior to 1873. AIUKIUK BUOOOUOP J I - . ,. vis, J. fit. uudger, ana voi, . o. Pearson. ThA UN nr declared bis purpose to support NO party that was not for the free and unlimited coinage or silver, which sentiment met with the heartiest applause. The silver forces in Burke mean business. The convention was pro nounced to be the most representa I tive one of the farming class ever been in the county. nil particulars will be sent later. 1. iarlfar. Tbe noil list is taken up and l'J names are selected in the first place who especially swear that they did not vote; or some of them swore to that. Not all of them could swear ; be cause of that 19, 5 were fictitious men who had no existence in the world, 7 were dead ; 1 of them had been dead twelve years, and 1 of them was lynch ed about a year ago, almost within aiirht of the nreeinct where these Dem ocrats voted him the year after. Laughter. Mr. Linney, of North Carolina, took part m the debate and made a speech spiI the interest of every body. His denunciation of election fruinl was of the most vehement sort. "Fraud upon the ballot box," he said, w t.ho rpd-pvpil daughter of high- treason? It was, he said, the one great republic, xne report oi the minority itself, he said, snowea that in one county Bobbins received 3,177 fraudulent votes. whv air the like of that cannot be found on earth or in the heavens or on the north side of the east corner of hell" Laughter. Why sir, here is the oath which tbe oflicers in that township took, 1 want you gentlemen to listen to it. " You do solemnly swear that you wdl hold this election according to law to the best of your knowledge and belief, so help us over the fence." Laughter. Mr HartlBtt of Georgia. Will the gentleman allow a question? 4ille Candidate. The Washington Post savs: Sec retary Carlisle is a candidate for the Presidential nomination at Chicago, and & public announcement to that effect will soon be made by one of the Secretarv's close friends in the Senate. This announcement, how ever, will not be made until f resi dent Cleveland has formally stated his purpose not to permit his name to be used in the convention in con nection with a third term. ANOTHER "BOODLE" CANDIDATE. 010 DOUINION" and "FURUERS FRIEND " nuM r Ainnioniated Fertilizers & Acid Phosphates . .i . t: .1. t.. ......... - i vf aeii more Rxia in .oriu ihui ".""''' CfnfXt&&C&C PlAI 1 yCi This clearly demonstrate the high cbarartrr and tS- umrr. at.fac to luppl) the trale, and ak that l fore bun t ,u i!l -t -nra fr- our agent. lo-attl at all prouiineut railway a'ations an I n''-.' ! ! ings in North Carol ins. Seed Corn, FOR SUE. ears to the stalk, with f ul white meat. Price () rooeechee Proli ia a in t productive variety, producing to 5 small rob. Makes beau ti- nthAr fA silver States. But at this same time the New lor lrioune and other Eastern goldbug papers lx Von I.Ik fraah Ofatars and fr'Uh. Mnauri). J. L. Pate & Co. who for somo time past, have done business in Ooldsboro, have moved their headquarters to New Berne with a View to Demg Deiier noio iu mock t- i . " l; . the wants and demands of their are praising McKinley for taking a friends and patrons than ever be- stand for the gom stanuaru u u o fore. Their new location enables speech at Chicago recently, lhis is them to know with what exactness the same bunco game ioh the they can fill orders. They can com- Democrats worked on the people 3 , " . fl.t, Knnt f! AVAland in 1S92. It Will be an.l nvtr market in the State, and remembered how Mr. Glenn said that Mr T.innev. I will hear the gentie- Last week the Kansas State Jour- man. nal published a speech made by Mc- Mr. Bartlett of Georgia. Does not Kinfey So to try to prove that the gentleman, who is a lawyer, know reiojs sira to the gold standard. We expect to tbeei. ecuoi am c what . i .irummu I ill I ' see mis sauiu bcuouid ouuuif" their extensive business connections will give them a great advantage in the matter of supplying the most delicious food at the lowest prices. Messrs. Pate Co. may De renea upon'do everything possible to please Their hnsmess motto is v MM w , a w tn ct a. customer and then hold him by dealing openly, promptly ml Knnarelv. As long as the sea and rivers contain fresh fish and oysters, just so long may Messrs. I'ate & Co. be trusted to supply these foods of the most delicious quali tiesto people whose orders maybe sent them. Address J. L. Pate & Co., New Berne. Mott Is aiovlog. Washington Tost.! Ir. J. J. Mott, chairman of the Na tional Silver Committee, said to a Post reporter yesterday : "I am on my way to Chicago and Denver, where I shall meet in confer ence active friends of silver. We are pushing our missionaay work in every portion of the union, anu snau nave 2,600 delegates at the silver convention in St. Louis in July. Every State and Terrioory will be represented. We expect more than 200 from Washing ton City in attendance, including the delegates, and intend to make special railroad arrangements to accommo date all who want to go." Cleveland was for silver and claimed that ha had a nArsonal letter from Cleveland to that effect. (But Mr. Glenn would not show the "confi dential letter" then and has refused to show it since.) When Glenn was making these speeches in North Car olina there were other speakers in the North swearing to the bankers that Cleveland was a gold man. The people will not again be fooled by such methods. The sudden coolness of the Senate concerning those Cuban resolutions is a mystery. The benate was tne first to take up this matter and de clare in favor of Cuban freedom. It did so with warmth and enthusiasm. Tint when resolutions of the same spirit, but differing in language, were passed by tne nouse, ana sem to tbe Senate, we see some members of the latter body trying to stave them ff. What's the matter! We'll tell you. Cuba is a sugai -producing country. The American sugar trust has larsre dealings there. This trust thinVa that PnhftTl in would not be best for the trust. The trust is "projeckm" with some of the Senators. Oo you seet We can't prove this statement, but it's so, nevertheless. sortofoath is administered to them, if they honestly conduct the election, the votes honestly cast can and ought to be counted? Mr. Linney. Well, I see you do not lmrvarnii thn law. TLaughter.l Mr. Bartlett of Georgia. Well, that may be, but I will never learn any thing from you anyhow. Laughter. Mr. Linney. No, sir, I am satisfied that vnn win not. You will never learn from anybody. Great laughter and applause. Iet me can your siiueuiiuu an other thing. It has been alleged that dead negroes voted in this election. Well, gentlemen, that is hard for us to believe t rot'ar tn this nlacing in the ballot box of three thousand and more fraud niont unto and in addition to that, In many instances, hyena-like, robbing tbe grave, making the tombs perform the dastardly office of an appearance at the polls, to be counted as one Dem ocratic vote. Laughter. I will not read all this testimony, ior n While Morton PnU up His own Cash, Mc Kinley Calls on tb Protected Manufact urers to Meet IU We showed, last week, how Levi P. Morton, the New York candidate for th Ronnhlinan presidential nomina tion was running a "boodle" campaign. The "boodle" was doing good work and McKinlev had to do something to nnunteract it. II is proceeding is shown by what Senator Chandler, a straight coldbuff Republican savs : Here it is "To invade Senator Ouav's State (Pennsylvania) with demands, oral and written, that the Pennsylvania manufrtiirpra are under such obliga tions to Mr. McKinlev that they ought to furnish cash contributions with which to secure the election of McKin ley delegates to St. Louis seems to be a most ul-aavisea proceeding- lei iue evidence seems to be clear that a sys tematic, widely-extended levy . upon the protected industries of the country has been projected and is going for ward, to what extent remains to be discovered. Ever since the movement for McKinley began it has been ru mored that Mr. Mark Hanna, now one of the Ohio delegates-at-large, has been Axnendinsr monev in Mr. McKinley's interest. There has been an unwilling ness to beleive tbis and a disposition to attribute Mr. Ilanna's exertions to ainoprfl and disinterested friendship for Mr. McKinley. Nobody now is so charitable. It is beginning to be oe liovAd that the McKinlev movement is tn h a hondl canvas from the start to finish. This belief will be injurious to jar. jncnauiej , it wm ue bmh muic in jurious to the Republican Party, espe cially if Mr. McKinley is nominated. "ThA iaaiiA will be made bv our op ponents whether we are to have a Pres- ident who was nominated oy -iawrj' ing,' by the money millionaire manu frt.nrpri) an d is to be elected bv si mi lar corrupt methods applied to tne sui- Per Per ADDKE88 peolc, OOa busliel, 82.00. OLD DOMMON GOANO COMPANY. BRANCH. Norfolk, Va 0CC0NEECHEE FARM, DURHAM. N. C - $ 4.0,(KK) 00 2.(K; 00 f war frit would take me too long, but I will read ' - some oi it. . i w"ui uikuvxo . Q. Do you know William W. Callen? frage in the States." . ir ' :. I i-iaaA tn Iihhw him. He I i es, on , v " - is dead. Q. llow long has he been dead? A. Seben or eight months. They put it down "seben," just as the I nnnr I1POTII stated it. Q. Was he a colored man? A Yes, sir. O. lie died before the last Nevember election? A. Yes, sir. it nn vnn know anv other man by the name of William W. Callen living STATEM 15XT SHOWING TOR CONDITION OK TUB Hanover Fire Insurance Co. AHHi-tH Dee. Ul. 1 !". Value of real estate and ground rents owned ny Company (less tbe am't or encuniDrances mere An V Loans on bond and mort gage (duly recorded and being first Hen9 on the fee-simple). Account of stocks and bonds of the Lnited States, and of this and other States, also all other stocks and bonds absolutely owned by the Cnmnanv. Stocks, bonds and all other securities (except mort gages) hypothecated to the Company as collat eral security for cash actually loaned by tbe Company, Interest due and accrued on stocks and other securities. Cash in Company's prin- a a l cipal omce ana oeiong ing to the Company, de posited in bank. 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Now let the Charlotte Observer go to Mexico and Drove that the facts are not eorrect or have the decency to shut up. There is nothing that equals Ori noco Guano for producing tobacco of the finest texture and color. the last November election? Wnf that I bnnw of. Q. Does J. II. Burns live in River beat? A. No, sir; I do not know of any such mau. Q. Does Joe Green live there? A. lie used to live there, but he is dead. TT.aiiO'htH.r.l Was he a colored man? A. Yes, sir. Q. llow long has he been dead? A. About seven years. Laughter. Q. Do you know Starke Ilunter? A. I used to know him. u. Ho w long ago? A. It has been about twelve years ago, I think. Q. Has he moved out of tbe country? A. He was moved to the cemetery. Great laughter. , II ilOW lODK u stance were revealed by a photograph taken witn ine rays, vonceruiug the operation, Dr. Finney, who per formed it, said : "Th nneration was entirely success ful Tho npeative showed exactly the itwat.inn of the blade and enabled us to make a definite diagnosis of the cause of the trouble before operation. All we could tell without the X rays was that there waa some irritating sub stance in the and. It is certainly a OToat thins' for sHrtrerv. and we shall use it as occasion arises at the hospital . . : it- ill !! ii a n If the Baby Is Catting Teeth, Be sure and use that old well-tried remedy, Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic and is the best- remedy for aiarnoea. - $1,315,702 51 - $1,000,000 00 - 1.590.180 22 - 1,357,680 34 ltiilne8 In Risks written, Premiums receivea, Losses paid on risks ta ken. Losses incurred, - J. REMSEN LANE, President, , v ice-.f resiuenr, 712,365 00 1 13 682 33 9.493 41 ! 9.421 80 Wood's-Packets of Vegetable and Flower Seeds Contain more Hlgh-Grade Seeds than anv other packets sold. Don't buv half-size, poorly- filled packets and commission Beeds. which are not to be com pared, either in quality or quanury to wooa 5 rat&ci actus. If vniir merrhant does not hnu Wood's Hltrh-Gradc Seeds send vour orders direct. We eav the postage, delivering TMf-fcft minrfs and auarter- pounds of seeds free to your post-olnce at catalogue raws. stfsncscilDtive Catalogue and Guide to the Farm and Garden mailed free. Write for it. T.W.WOOD & SONS, Seedsmen, RICHMOND, VA. iPAlRVIEW FARM STALLIONS -cSeason of 1896 Franklin Chief, No. 3,1 17, Morgan Stallion. Moondyne, No. 1 1,230, Hambletonian Stallion. Currituck, No. 25,871, Hambletonian and Korgan Stallion. Thpo stallions will serve maree tbe flmt two for $2iMi earh, and " at. tcck for $25.00, by the insurance. Money due when ite fart i rtind .r when the mare is diipiMHi oi. aaon io cumramrf ain " The breeding ana inuiviauaiuy w ihw minium .hui --" - -where. Come and look them over. llorses of all kinds are advancing in price, i 1 .! 1 iiBRiDTRii nit. SUllioo fee are low, and yoa do out Lave to fj any thing until your mare is with foal. 33. IP. 'WIT.T.T A TVTSQ35T. T?.AT,-F1TQ-ST 1ST. C IPATJS TABULES. with slight fvmtomJ. which neglected increase in extent and gradually growa dn-roua. 1 ben S." S." BATCHELOR, Gen'l Agt., Raleigh. Farmers Bone ia the best round Fertilizer made. Good all crops. Farmers Bone is the best round Fertilizer made. Oood I all crops. r We try to minimize the cost of keeping the people inform ed on the great is sues. If all our peo ple will devote a little time to trying to max imize the circulation of our papers, we will win sure. It is your fight, reader, your ihdi v 1 d u a l fight. Not somebody else's fight 1 Send a club under our special offer. all for all fo There is nothing that equals Ori noco Guano for producing tobacco of the finest texture and color. niS aDOUB 1U ma jf.. I ) - A. I think it has been about twelve j Twenty-five cents a bottle. years. Laughter. "Well, now, he must have been a faithful Democrat, because he stuck to the party not oniy as long as ue nveu, but voted for the party twelve years after he died. Great laughter.J 1 take it that he is not a Jetfersonian Democrat, but an "Organized Demo crat." Renewed laughter. Do you know anas Jacasonr I did know him once. Well, what is the matter with I U1IU a He was moved to tne cemetery four years ago. Laugnter.j o. Do vou know James Wilkins, in that precinct? I A. xes, Sir; mere uscu iu mc uu there by that name. Wnat Became ul uiiui Th. last time that I saw him be was swinging to a limb of a tree. Great laugnter.j He was lynched. That was some time in 1893. Friday, March 13 Seaata. in.. foat-nM nf t.hA 1v in the Senate was a speech on the financial question ID, nr. ucarcii, ui four hours long. Ho argued that every I government ooiiganun wiu u exception of gold certificates, was pay- I aoie in gcia or ui tr STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, Office of Secretary of State, INSURANCE DEPARTMENT, Ralkiqh, - - - 189 -t ,.fflni;.i.M nrith 9 of "An Act X LA VU...buw ' - ,n .nnsAiuiit. the Insurance laws nf Vnrth Carolina" I certify that the above is a true extract from the .a.h Btatamont of the Hanover Fire Insurance Co., on December 31st, 1895, now on file in this depart ment. C.M.COOKE, Secretary of State. ASK YOUR DEALER FOR W. L. Douglas 3. SHOE "Voklo. wee I a OVER IOO STYLES AND WIDTHS, Q Ir toc SUFFER FROM HEADACHE, DYSPEPSIA ob INDIGESTION Ir toc abb BILIOUS, C0NSTIPATE0 ob have a DISORDERED LIVER Ir tocb COMPLEXION IS SALLOW, ot SUFFER DISTRESS AFTER EATIN6 if n n 84toM for shoes, ex amine tbe W. L. Douglas Shoe, and see whit a good shoe you can boy for T R1PANS TABULES A R1PANS TABULGS K RIPANS TABDUS sr Alt- E RIPANS TABULtS Farmers Bosk ia the round Fertilizer mada ail crops. beat Good all foi DR. HATHAWAY & CO. v 1 oowac fU BKllABLB SPECIALISTS Ardor OrafaUt MetBcb. Atifrttajt tU 8taU. lUHatlaaainaiilitlai Mniailainilirir 1 "- - -. - aattwgiiilii'aWnrTUltuil ir -r.. - trini. I lull aaiaaartctly Seminal Weakness and Sexual Debility aiatorragaaampoiafy)caoaeQOyroomiHi wubw -y j MAa perrootiWloaieV, pUnptea aod blotcbta 00 Ua fact, mbm oodtotbe bead, palaa ia taaWceoofiwed Maaa Pdfonctfol. aAikftolaaM. avanam to aodacv. loai of assoat vowar. loaioi aMav hood, ateearad for Ufa. We Cao atop atetkt loasea, laatofa Mat ataaaj ml va ana an wai 70a At W lliiim that amtble aieeaaa. lain lw fgnpaaag -t. rerun. eooaPMaoonc.aKia. - J A na.area.Ouar rbcai Wet. tM an onrTm":'im wTiTr. L-.-r-J Ladies, 32S!to Itssivl D.tlATtlAWAYCCO. I coll I CONGRESS, VOTTOX. and LACK, aaado In all kinds of the brat elected leather by skilled work men. W make and ell more f3 Shoe thftM 1BT 1 other manixfactarar in the world. None genuine unless name and price is stamped on tbe bottom. Adr toot dealer for or t)5. tH,, ttSJH. atS-AO. SS.S5 Shoes; tttMt, ana W)i..a ior dots. TAKE HO SUESTTTUTL If yonr dealer cannot supply you, send to fac tory, enclosing price and 36 cents to pay carnage, sme unu, 01 toe leap or puwii width. Our Custom Dept. will fill our order, bend ior new lllus- Catalogue to Box r. W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, MMS. Executor's Notiee. Hayine Qualified as executor of tbe 1.. riii and ttsmfnt of Ren i am in King, deceased, late of Wake county. Kortn Carolina, mis is to nomj m harinr claims arainflt the t- tmtj. nf th aaid Reniamin Kine. de ceased, to exhibit them totheunder- m nrhu attorneT. on or oeiore tk. 90th da nf Jtnnirr. 1897. or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their) 11 :4aktl f a aaid recover j. iu pcnvu - estate wiu pieasemaae immegiaK yj ment. Wtatt M. Axitold, Executor, MorriiiTille, N. C. Tt C. Ttaa-wiTH. AttOTBeT. Raleigh, N.C. 6t Fob 0FEENSIVE BREATH DISORDERS OF TNE STOMACH Kipana Tabulei act gentlj bnt promptly upon tbe liver, itomacb and intestine ; cleanse the syateia effectually ; enre djMT'f itual constipation, offensiTe breath and beadacbe. One Tatule Uken at the first indication of indigestion, biliousntaa, ditxinw, distress after eating or depression of spirits, will surely and quickly remove the whole difficulty. Ripans Tabnles are prepared from a prescription widely ud by the best physicians, and are presented in the form most apfro-t4 by modern science. . If given a fair trial Ripans Tabules are an infallible cui; by contain nothing injurious and are an economical remedy. ONE GIVES RELIEF. A quarter-gross box will be sent, postage paid, on lecripl . of i0 cents by Ripant Chemical Ca 10 Spruce St, New Yrk, X. l. Iel Dragrta Every where Will 8aely the Taheleeir e.w tm tm mm. THEY ARE EASY TO TAKE, QUICK TO ACT AX! SAVE MANY A DOCTOR'S RILL. r.cHo It will oar ro to lelaaee Celebrate rAM UTEL for terracing. A simple and reliabie inatruaacnt. Unrrersally dorsd by all who ose tt. Pries tS, with target- Band for drcolar or P. O. order to l.lSW.VerajthBa, Attests, I (S FREE! I 'y aeeeo. t,.tw, everafa. '' ' I

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