They Defy the Party Lash. ronUnun from firt make a nomination at M. I.oui at all." After tbis warfare twtwen the gold liusr ami the silter na- tor Allen took the floor and on behalf of thr IVople's Tarty Senator oHrei to vote for the lioubliran tariff bill if they would put a fre- iT coinage provision In the iiuif bill. Aftr niak inethe proposition Senator A Urn said : desire to have answer from pome renponnible h-ad of the Kepubliran part j, if it ha one. Will you arrept thin oirr?' Mr. Aldrich (It. I J r-pr-n-ntiin the majority of the ICrpublir-an answered "No, with an mm h emphasis a it in possible for me to use." At the suggestion of Mr. Morgan (Ala.) Mr. Allen a-kfd if they would accept the McKinlejr bill with a free coinage altarhment. Messrs. Aldrirh and Halt answered "No." Mr. Allen: fcVou ha?e lied upon the o,uetion, if I may speak meta phorically, for three j earn to my cer tain knowledge. For three years you have stood in in thin cham ber and have undertaken to make the people of thin country, believe thai you are birnetaliintn and now when you are put to the text you will not take silver with thin tariff bill, and you will not take it with the McKinley bill, and you will not take it under any rircumstances." "Now, to tept your integrity and good faith I otrer this bill. It i your tariir bill, without a Mt" unrroped or an "i" undotted, except in the title. And I ay to you kthat if you are ready to phow the good faith of your assertions for ailver and link it with the tariir bill, we pledge you six Populist votes." Thin proposition was Daily refined by thegoldbug J:epuhli-an w ho con stitute a majority of that party. If there were more Republican) like Teller and arter it would be impossi ble for the old parties to make a sham battle over the tar i IT and to elect a goldbug President next fall. The live free ullver Republican Sen ators who' took a stand on this great iiiestion were Teller, of Colorado; Carter, of Montana; I'uhois, of IiIhIio; Cannon, of I.' tali and Mantle, of Mon tana. They will not support a gold bug Republican for President in the coming campaign. YOU ARE RIGHT, STEWART. vary Man In theoM t'artis In an Knrniy, anil Wa Will Nlioot .n Mght. It la impossible to discriminate be tween the iunocent and guilty of those who are serving the enemy and fight ing the friends of reform. We shall hereafter treat every man who remains in either of the old gold parties as a goldite, because we regard him as more dangerous than an avowed enemy. Jle is a secret foe; if not in principle, in practice; he is recruiting for the en emy ; he is serving as a wort of decoy duck to lead the unwary into the trap of the iniquities conceived by Roths childs and his co-conspirators, who are known to be enemies of the hu man race. If you have no desire to injure your country, come out from among those who support the atrents of s-old monopoly, whether they be gold Republicans or democrats. "Wherefore, come out from among them, and he ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the 'unclean thing; and I will receive you." II Cor. :17. Senator Stewart. Spend one, two, three or five dollars in educating the people in the princi ples of the People's Tarty. It will re turn to you and your children a thou sand fold. Missouri World. $5.00EB1TTS : Electropoise : 5 TWO MONTHS as. 2 No Faith. Only t $5.00 I 0O0O0OO0OO0 . NORTH CAROLINIANS. Kitrama Debility. RaLEIOH, N. C. Nov. 3, 1893. My daughter, who has been usinjr the 'Poise, a little over three, months, has ateadily improved all the while, so that we now feel sure of her en tire recovery. Her was a case of extreme debili ty from a case of dyspepsia, con stipation, indigestion, headache, etc., etc. Yours truly, Rev. Lkvi Branson, D. P. Nuprema Court. Raleioh, N. C, Oct. 14, ISO.".. Dear Sir; The Electropoise has proved its worth in my family. In the two years that I have used it, it has saved its cost several times over, in many instances warding off ill ness by timely application. I can safely recommend it. Very truly, "Walter Clark, Associate Justice, N. C. Supumo Court. Cojrtaldlacj Bowel Trouble. In March, 1802, my father, mother! brother, two flvstera. mvaolf inJ several darkies on the place, took a aina oi Dowel trouble, which was so destructive in its nature and so un yielding that all the medical skill at our command failed to cure a single A Large Book Telling What It Does, How It Does It, and All MORE riCHTING AND DISASTER. Tba ltllaaa Trj tm Coaqaar Um Alla. alaaa-Aad Are l(ttU Wit mt S.OOO Maa. fourteen years ago Italy purchased the bay of Asian on the coast of Abya sinia. I.atr on she gained the Island of Matsowah on the same coast. Vi sions then began to open up to her of a great colonization scheme. It has b-come a sort of fad among Kuropean powers to engage in such schemes, espec ially in Africa, and Italy felt that to maintain her position as a first class power she must sport a coloniza tion scheme as well as France, (ier iany, Spain, and Fngland. The Ital ians have therefore been using Masso wah as a center of operations and pushing inland and southward, tryinf to subdue the natives of the country and become ruler of it by force. For some time the various tribes made no elfort to resist the encroachment of the Italians, but the king (or negus), Meneh-k, of Abyssinia, a: last united the warring tribes of his country in resistance. This king (Menelek) claims to be a descendent of King Sol omon and the lueen of Sbeba. Hostilities began about six months ago and the Italian army has been hav ing anything but a picnic. The coun try is mountainous, the commissary department very costly, and the Abys sinian were found to he armed with modern weapons, including artillery, and to know how to wse them. Twice the Italian army has met with reverses prior to the recent defeat. Inconse quence General Varatieri was ordered back home and General Baidissera sent with re-inforcements. liefore he reached the scene, General Iiaratieri seems to have determined to use one last desperate chance to retrieve him self, and in assault on the Abyssinian nearAdowa, he was overwhelmingly beaten and his army of 23,000 men routed, 15,000 being killed and 00 pieces of artillery captured. The excitement in Italy when the news reached there was intense, and was attended with rioting in all the big cities. The feel ing against Crispi's (the 1'rime Min ister; entire policy of trying to keep Italy in the front military rank, tho' the nation is tottering on the verge of bankruptcy, has increased, and the discontent is something savage. On the one is feared that the cost of continuing the war to a snccessful issue will be too great fur Italy's peo ple to tolerate. On the other hand, it is felt that her honor must be vindi cated and her power manifested, or her standing among the great powers will be jeopardized. It is strongly suspect ed that France and Russia have been aiding King Menelek and supplying him both with ammunition and gener als. Italy's troubles are well deserved. The Abyssinians have as much right to live in peace as any other people, and if they successfully resist this at tempt to conquer and rule them, we shall rejoice. Hill Carry Texas. Sr. Lou, March 4. Col. Nat O,. Henderson, of Georgetown, Texas, ar rived in St. Louis yesterday and reg istered at the Tlanters'. He is on his way home from Washington City. The gentleman is one of the leaders of the Republican party in Texas. Jle has lived in that State forty-three years. McKinley is his choice for President, lie pred cts that the Populist nartv will carry Texas this year and elect inree congressmen. The Renublican State convention nf Mississippi, broke up in a row and two delegations to t he national convention were selected. The silver question is like the Dutch man's fence. It is so wide that when it "blows over" it is higher than it was before. Arkansas Kicker. Take the candidates out of the Dem ocratic party, and what would you have left? 15uzz Saw. Application Required. WE case amongst us. In Jane, 1893, I bought an Electropoise and at once began its use. Almost at once. I began to feel benefited and in thei course of a few months felt like a new creature. In addition to the ehrnnip. Vinarol trouble, I had dyspepsia so badlv that I was perfectly miserable for an hour or two after each meal. Tbis at once diappeared and I ate whatever I wanted with impunity. I tried everything I could hear of, but all to no avail, until, in the kind providence of God, I was indnced to buy an Electropoise, I am sure that if I had not gotten an Electropoise that I would have been a dead man now, instead of being able to say, I am a well man, and thank God and your company for it. I take pleas ure in recommending the Electro poise to all sufferers, and believe it a panacea for almost all diseases. Have not had to pay a doctor's bill since I bought it. Money could not buy mine if I could not get another. It is my "family doctor." Believintr that I have done my du ty in writing this testimonial, I am gratefully yours, W. H. L. McLaurin, Presiding Elder, Concord Circuit. Four Tears' Experience. Wilmington, N. C, Nov. 27, 1893. The favorable opinion formed and ' 1 " THAT KENTUCKY HUDDLE. ftwma ! Talag-a Is Uta right tfca Aarnt-tiip. The muddle in tbe Kentucky legis lature it still there. During tbe pat few weeks some strange thing have happened. Tbe five goldbug I -rao-crata bad tbe cheek to draw up a re quest for Blackburn, who is a free silver man, and w bo has been getting W votes on every ballot, to withdraw in favor of some goldbug. Then Hunter, the Republican, who is a goldbug, bethought him of a cute scheme to capture the two Porn. lints and perhaps some free silver Ierno cratic votes. He got mixed up with a promise to try to restore silver to te filace it occupied up to 1S7.1. A Repub ican charged him with doing this and offered documentary evidence to prove it. This was a dynamite bomb in the camp. Three of his supporters for sook him immediately. Others said they would vote for him uutil he had a chance to clear himself. He could not clear himself. The charge against him was true and he was compelled to withdraw from the race entirely. Tbe Republicans then nominated St. John Boyle in place of Hunter. Boyle proved to be but very little better. It was stated that a short time before his nomination he was bowling around for free silver, though be was nominated as a gold standard man. This created some commotion among tbe Republicans, and while it lasted tbe five (fold stand ard Democrats brought Secretary Car lisle forward as a candidate. When he was nominated a number of the Re publicans voted for him. This shows that the goldbugs are sticking to gether. On joint ballot tbe Democrats and Republicans were equally divided. Then a Democratic member of tbe House died. The Republicans bad a majority in tbe House and they thought tbey saw a plan to carry the day by unseating a member of the House. This was done. Then the Democrats who have a majority in the Senate retaliated by unseating two Republican members of the Senate. Tbis almost caused a riot. Excitement was intense. The legislature became a mob. Pistols were drawn and life threatened. Ladies who were present begged piteously to be allowed to re tire from among these political toughs and rumans sent by the two old par ties to legislate for old Kentucky. This is the result of voting for Democrats and Republicans. W hen will the peo ple learn better? I11 Morgan Uet These Bonds? To the Editor of the World : Madison, X. C, February, 1890 Secretary John G. Carlisle, Washing- ion, u. j. : Sir: I will take three of the propos- ea issue oi me united states bonds, denomination $100 each, coupon at tached, said bonds to be delivered to me through the postmaster at this place and paid for at the rate of $114 each in American gold coin on delivery. John M. Gillaway. This bid was accepted, so published in the World, and 1 was notified by the department. I had and still have the gold coin to pay for them. I ex pect the bonds have been turned over to Morgan &Co. as defaulted. If Sec retary Carlisle objected to delivery through the postmaster he ought, not to have accepted the bid. You will kindly publish this as an item for the investigation committee. I exhibited the gold to the postmaster and had him to certify it under his official seal. John M. Gaixaway. Madison, X. C, February 27th. How to Win The Battle. From Printers' Ink. If you would spike your rival's guns, outdo him in the quality of yonr advertising. 5 aji-!sa a o) KENT THE ElECTEOPOTSP. t.wn mmitlio X bc balance or returned to n. Ti,ta ' eu 11 can De eitner Purchased by paying now" nd take vdvantLe of 7t rT tV .exPe"m.ent' nnd m? be withdrawn at any time- Order THEM? RESULTS tk! g testimoniflls -11 teU -hat it cado. READ I I . my recommendation of the Electro poise alter an experience of six months has been confirmed by its constant use in my family the past four years. It h W -wwa feVVU fortune to receive favorable reports from personal friends in several of the Southern States, whom I advised io try u. Very respectfully, John L. Cantwell, Secretary Chamber of Commerce. Kegards It Aa a Panacea. Littleton, N. C, March 17, 1895. Dear Sir: After an experience of three years with the Electropoise, I am prepared to say that we have found the little doctor an invaluable remedial agent. We use it for what ever diseases that come along and it has fiever failed to benefit the pa tient. It has proved a specific for grippe, neuralgia, colds and ner vousness. Indeed, my wife regards it as a panacea. We have frequent calls for purs and many inquiries as to your terms. Respectfully, J- K. Fant, Pastor Baptist Church. Judge Dick. Grmnsboro, N. C. 1 a much pleased with the effects of the Electropoise. Mrs. Dick has been improved greatly in health and strength by its use. Judge R. p. Dick. GRAHAM & DuBOIS, electric THE PEOPLE WILL UNITE. rwr 4Mb Brt Cmm JKaatraJa Yfeolr Wrath A-ala Their Deatrvyera. We are sorry to r that tome of oar good people are dipoed to critic! Hon. IL K. Taobenerk, chairman of tbe People's Tarty national committer, and to matter suspicions against bim. Tbey mistake bis eager teal for the success of the party for detertioo of its principles. For ourself, we have the oot unbounded confidence in bim. We can never forget bow be stood out alone, in tbe Illinois legislature, when both Dispeople' party colleagues had deserted bim end united with the Iemocrats to eject that single-standard advocate, Senator Palmer, to tbe United States Senate; and in tbe midst of tbe triumphant uproar be Laid bis bead on his desk and wept aloud. That kind of man is no traitor. He may be wrong, but he will be honestly wrong. The conventions of July Jrind will demonstrate that there are honest and earnest gentlemen on both sides; and when tbey have once agreed upon the same ticket, all jealousies will disap pear in one wild whirlwind of loyalty, delight and enthusiasm. The people of tbe United States are going to unite, eventually, in a grand movement to destroy their destroyers; and there is no power on earth can prevent their harmonious and tri umphant co-operation; and that, too, without the slightest sacrifice of prin ciple on either side. Ignaius Donnelly in tbe Representative. A Direct Tote For Senator. Washington, March, 13. At a full meeting of the committee on Privileges anu r.ieciions today, tenator Jlitcbell, chairman of the committee was author ized to report his joint resolution pro posing an amendment to tbe Constitu tion of the United States, providing for the election of United States Senators, by a direct vote of the people. Sena tor Mitchell was also authorized to pre pare the report of the committee. The joint resolution and the report will be submitted to the Senate in a few days. The Vote in committee was five to four in favor of the amendment, three Re publicans and two Dsmocrats voting in the atllrmative, and two Republi cans and two Democrats against. An Important Discovery. A large and partially unexplored region north of the Province of Quebec aud between the head waters of the Ottawa River and James Bay, the southern part of Hudson's Bay, has recently been the scene of a not able discovery by Professor Bell, of the Canada Geological Survey. Dur ing his explorations last summer he traced the course of a large river, hitherto unknown, which drains the region to the southeast of James Bay. The river is larger than the Ottawa, and a great part of it averages a mile in width. The country drained by it is level or gently undulating, and may be generally described as a plateau of one thousand feet above the sea level along the height of land, diminishing to some four hundred feet at one hundred miles or so from the mouth of the river, and then descending more rapidly to the shore of James Bay. The soil is sandy in the vicinity of the height of land and for some distance beyond, butcf brownish clay along the banks of the rivers and in the forests. The coun try is well wooded, and ia fitted to be the home of a large population. From "A Review of Canadian Af fairs," by J. W. Russell, in the March Review of Reviews. (U)T Nervous Prostration. Goldsboro, N. C, Oct. 9, 1895. Dear Sir: In 1891 1 began to have the strangest feelings, inde scribable, and felt as if I were going to die in a few minutes. I employed tke best physician in my town. He told roe he could not do much for me, but doctored me two years, and I grew worse all the time, finally took my bed and could not get up. The doctor told me he had given me everything he know of, but I finally got up again, though could not sleep, being so. restless and nervous I could hardly live. I bought an Electropoise and in three weeks was a new being, have improved ever since. I now, and have for a year past, done my housework. My 'Poise is not for sale. Yours truly, Mrs. L B. Holt. Kx-Governor Holt, State of North Carolina, Executive Department, . Raleigh, Feb. 8, 1892. In reply to yours of the 5th inst., I have to say that I have used your Electropoise occasionally. At those good results. Very truly yours, Thomas M. Holt, Governor. A Book of North Carolina Testi- pny FREE for the Asking. About It SentSFrle It is probable that bo rriw of the current month is so neb in able disc aniens of social, economical and political problems of special in terest aa The Arena for March. Among the subjects treated with rigor, fereefulneas and frankness, we mention: Dr. John Clark Kid path, t he eminent historian' third pa person the history of "The Bond and the Dollar;" Professor Fxank Parson's masterly arraignment of the Western Union Telegraph Com- Eany. Justice Walter Clark, LL. on "The Prosperity of Mexico," magnificently illustrated; B. O. Flower' paper on "A Successful Experiment for the Maintenance of Self-respecting Manhood." (iliastra-: ted); "Why the Sooth Wants Free Silver," by UniUd State Senator Marion Butler. Professor George I). 11 err on on "The Social Value of In dividual Failure," and a discussion by George B. Waldron, A. M., on "Wealth Production and Consump tion by the Nation," illustrated by numerous diagrams and table. Harper's Magazijtk The April Number of Harper'i will contain the concluding chapters of the story of "Joan of Arc," show ing the maid and conqueror as at last the martyr. The frontispiece will be an engraving, by Florian, of the mural painting by Lenepveu in the Pantheon at Paris a striking representation of the execution of Joan. An engraving will be given of Fremiet'a statue, and other illus trations of the closing scenes of her imprisonment and martyrdom from drawings by Du Mond. Harper's Weekly. During March Harper's Weekly will contain illustrated descriptions of the more important happenings in Cuba, furnished by that journal's special correspondent of the island. Other noteworthy articles and illus trations to be published this month are: "The Church of the Black Sheep," a review of the work of the Salvation Army, by Maud Balling ton Booth; "The Chicago Opera Sea son;" Kenyon Cox's decotations for the new Congressional Library; and a double-page hunting picture by A. B. Frost. The Review of Reviews for March presents, in compact farm, the most valuable material yet available con cerning the new process of photo graphy by cathode rays. A transla tion of Professor Rontgen's own ac count of his discovery ia given, to gether with a portrait, a reproduc tion of a photograph of a living hand taken with the "X rays" at Hamburg, Germany, and other illus trations. "10U KNOW THIS IS TRUE." What is it the average man asks when he starts to go West? It is this: ul want the shortest and quickest line with the fewest changes." Now if you will write to A, A. (Jallagher, Southern Passenger Agent, Iron Mountain Route, Chattanooga.Tenn, he will not only give you that kind of a route, but also name you the lowest possible rates, besides furnish you with descriptive matter of State you wisn to go to tree of charge. nr. -i ... PROMINENT MEN. A Bishop's Wife. 2412 Madisox Avk., Baltimore, x , Md., May G, '95. I find the Electropoise almost a necessity. It is, indeed, of great importance to my comfort. I expe rienced relief from neuralgia, which at one time threatened to keep me a constant sufferer. I take pleasure ln.speaking for the Electropoise, and nope these few words will induce those who read them to make trial of this "cure all."; Mrs. A. W. Wilson. (Wife of Bishop Wilson of M. E. Church, South.) IK. W. (trade-mark.) Earle & Wilson, Union Square, Nw York, March 5, '95. Giktlimkn: The use of Electro poise .by my mother (Mrs. A. A. Wilson, of Brooklyn), has been attended with highly successful re sults, and both she and I are en tirely satisfied with it. Yours truly, L. H. Wilson. We are slow to eommnend new dis coveries of any kind, aa bo many of them prove to be worthless, s But we commend the Electropoise at a safe and effective health restorer. We Cost Nothing, But Will Interest You, ' -.'. i ..-v-v. at- .... ' BUILDirJCa ATLAnTA. CEORCIA, Imtmmy Will FeJtow SUa T Tfc Orate. About the worst acortng Jno. Sher man ever get is from Senator Teller, a member of hi own party. In the Senate Mr. Teller wa riddling the goldbugs and their lflh w-.tb the hottest kind of shot and said: "Mr. President, we will not di card silver- It may be that for a time the advocates of the co-called sound money may deceive the people Thev cannot do it long. IftheKe- imbfican party pot itself under the ead of the Senator from Ohio and adops the cold standard it will be a party or tbe past, and the glory ana . ... . .1 plendor of it achievements will t obliterated and destroyed in the in- famy of that transaction, and " here Mr. Teller paused and shaking hi finger in the face of Mr. Sherman, which was ghastly white while his; own was livid with race, he hissed ! these word "infamy will folio your name even after yo are laid in yonr grave." Tbe excitement in thoi Senate was intense, and, to add to the dramatic interest in the incident, the f tllei ies applauded the fierce asjiault of the Colorado Senator. Calient t limmn grhr.ol Hill. M. C at Chapel The third session of the school will begin Tuesday, June 23 and close J uly 17, 1SUC. Twenty courses are offered in Ped agogics, Psychology, History, Kng lish Literature, Civies, Modern Lan guages, Latin, Algebr, Nature Work, Music, Drawing, Vertical Writing, and all the common school branches. Fifteen instructors from the fac ulties of the University, the State Normal School, University of Louis ana. Clark University, Mass., and the City Schools of Wilmington, Charlotte, Winston, lialeigh. Prof. Austin C. Apgar, of Tren ton, New Jersey, the faaions teacher of Science, will have charge of the Mature work. Mis3 Belle Thomas, of the Cook Co. Normal, will have charge of all primary work. Miss Uodden and Prof. Newlands, famous teachers of Chicago and On tario, will give instruction in draw ing and vertical writing. Prof. Newlands is the pioneer of vertical writing in America. Dr. C. Alphonzo Smith, of Louis iana, will conduct the courses in English Literature. Full courses by Professors Alder man, Toy, Claxton, Noble, Graham, Blair, Brown and others. Mr. Ellis, of Clark University, will conduct a psychological labor atory. Free access to libraries and labor atories. Healthful piedmont region. Tuition fee of $0.00 admits to all courses. Board reasonable, from $10 to. $15 per month. Cheaper rates for board and tu ition to clubs For circular containing details of all courses address EnwiK A Aldermax, Principal. Pleaso don't wait. We tell you the 1.TV. i . .. bUAUuuea uao uejjan 10 seaiier land man can be grown fr..m sprout money for sinister purposes. The j fi' 'n way. That, he never Caucasian will talk about these Jjrnnt exo. pt a feu rs for things. Say, yoc, YOU friend, I When the vines run oul a Mcnd can't you send a club of live under 't.ilucof,I,ril,,'r,e,!Kth u' r lo ' our special offer? r 00;.l ffv Simple, Safe, Sure and Wonderfully Successful. 77. I dO Tlftf T.rATAni irk ATnlein L A - 1 !l osophy of its workings, but have realized its beneficial effects, so can speak of results. In rheumatism, all forms of nervous diseases, liver and kidney troubles, catarrh, dys pepsia, disease of the blood, scrof ula, etc., its effects have been re markable. A year ago last winter, we had a severe attack of LaGrippe, which left ns in a feeble state of health. Some years ago. in India, we had a slight sunstroke and from the effects of which we did not en tirclv rflcnvfr A ftt of the Electropoise we have this to rnir. M '37m. k m n I j "ouois wAcii uu meal- cine for the year. (2) All traces of the LaGrippe and sunstroke trouble have disappeared. No symptoms of either remain. At no time have we been better than for the last fifteen years. Tbis notice of the Electropoise is entirely gratuitous and without o hcitation. We do it for the good of the afflicted. From Rev. Wji. Mcdoxald in the Boston Christian Witness. Chicago, February 20, 1895. Gintlemex: I am more and more grateful for the Poise. I have not had so refreshing a sleep for months as last night and to-day; although in my fifty-eighth year, feel about as I did at twenty-five. Almost SWCtT POTATO rlaU 044las a4 -- Oat -MalWii Trrvr Tike ... tie- alt For Ca:xmata;. Hut few. if any. crot-e crew n tatre farm are more va1wab! than ttxt tf the wet polatA. Sn year ar I us a atateoiect In a latst UCk-e Re port wlx-re aa acre fr-jro a E-1J tf ten acre in sweet poratoe1 ti ,.c-tej dug and oured to deride a tt;tb! j icid wa twelve L'iDdrrd liM aut!- els. If fartLrr would gruw talf, r even a tbtrd.of Ibis quantity it aioulJ : v- - be a very proBtaWe crvp. wet p- :f,fl-. uii iih an; mdul: tuili- I rient to aon added, n I t-e-' j liete, give in tbe fail a jui-ler i start than all tbe corn, an 1 at letban j ! baU tbe ct. J to nn. j rrnrure ttrre planks li incbea bro J and 12 feet lng; !j three tubers inche broad, 12 feet long. "ut one of the broad and one ft the narrow plank into length tf 4 feet. Then contrurt a box inasuony ,-aft!, ?.r- jwjd'by driving stale into the j ground. It i not uereary to dig tbe srruund. Then fill tbe box about A inches deep with wheat riraw (oak leaves will answrr if the straw is not handy). Pack down tbe straw well and place on tbe !raw 0 inch es of freh stable manure, pack down well and wet t he manure mod erately with water, which will caue it to beat. TI.e manure in tbe box, when filled, should be letel with the top of I be 1 inch buards. Now com plete the box by adJing the six inch boards, makiog it 1" im-hea deep. Add now 2 inches of looe l.wuu, preferbly couipo;ed in part of eatid. Then place the potatoes, tbe large ones at one end, medium size in the middle and tbe small ones at tbe other end of bed. This is necessary in order that all sizes may be covered to the same depth. The potatoes should then be covered with dirt, not exceeding iiu deep. When covered too deep they produce longspiitdling cprotits, which are not so good. For this climate I be la-t days of March ! a good time to .. d. It may be well not to place the Kta toes until after the bed gels warm, which at most will be only a few days. If too much rain falls, tho bed should be covered. If the bed gets too warm it should be cooled with water. I have bedded according to this plan a i "M ber of times and tievir had the pota toes injured by heat: never foun.l it necessary to protect from rain by ov ering. The principal advantage of a hot bed is that it at orce raije th pota toes to sprout and thu prevent rot ting in the bed. XOAklNU IN HAtM MAl'fclt. I am credibly informed that if the n tatoes be disked in water, pleaoantly w arm, for 3 or I hours before bedding sprouting will be hatened. A portion of the lied can be so treated a an ex periment. " IS (ir J. X. TlloMA, KH KT MOC XT, x.c. Headviseothat tbe potatoes be plat ed on the bed from :i to 4 inehee apart (1 presume 4 inches between th ide and ends none tn iiui.-h) Oat the vines remain on the bed UTjiii ihej run a or 4 feet. That they then h.- ul otf but not -loi.e to the ground. Said vines are then cut into lensti. ea h con t ai n i ng t !; ree lea vo. The cj u i i, Cm aro then set nut in the uziial way, leaving oni- leaf above ground. I bat vines Mi'ixeiit livelM-tter and trodie "-' ----.. inon-i i rum i ne t-nme urawn iroiiiinejKMaioesaiiJ rut into lengths n- aforesaid. The bed may daily I am asked for my opinion and give it frctly. A. 1 Coknolv of Chicago Int-r-Ocean. rrofror Tt ten's fciparl.-br.. Prof. Tct.en, formerly ol Yale, in his work, entitled "Our Race." (vol. 7, P. 228.) write: "But thanks be to Jod ?i-.'r is a remedy for such as le M-k; cue single, simple remedy r.n itiMra-mc-nt called the KJectror.o M. We do not personally know the i ir-Jea who control this instrument, bu: we know its value. Wo are neither agents nor in any way financially interested in tbe matter. 150 5th Avemtz, New York. April 5, lb95. Dear Sir: My estimate of the Electropoise, as expressed in a for mer testimonial has not diminifhd. but on the contrary, bas trreatly in creased; and my confidence in this method of cure, simple, convenient, economical and effective as it is, bas constantly grown with my increas ing observation and experience. YQr iT truly, w-Dmnr, A. M.. D. D., LL.D , Editor of the People's Cyclopedia and several other well-known works. My recent experience has bee n so For Particulars' or cow b talen an and . . piled to other rK.rpjr s, If aetrrsxiy tt ni. Vr d viae that the tope fc- . rK which will reus --,vr . , above tb teevee. Th , . . beretiat abort itit:i Nit one leaf e-b. -; hoa))4 b ! It- TiHtrna de tr;i u. t plan brt. l;a rr p-an i ttrre :rr ., 4 ays two or tLr-r t .,' ground ran b !a(r 'r potato a rati te fr.m ; . Jc'Dfibwro, N. f. - . '1 1 he abotc i tic ;.. lit of :J )ft hj lv. merly of this :v." . Wahicston, I. C. ten and will l- f ju i Urrating atd ir.a:rLv:.k most important sul. ; tiiy rugate the p-.cple at this time. a a I i an rxiraci. We have seen tl.a ,u ytem of the Udj j. healthy condition, i j 4 tinued application of , ,, honest lerislatimi .. la buncle baa been tlrtrl. , treatment adniinttrrr -f i pat 23 years has inrrr.. and depth thereof, i'r . continually rron ,r.. lear oui n.ecariuT.i r.. k whatever tbe cot I v , ," Wf did not tStld 111 t :e. . foreign ration ! . ( we douhtlefvo re-eii..l '. certainly tand m tie. . to remove tbe cart m car will t-e left, bu: the ultimate devtruc; metit. t 1 tl ( eellnr.l i.. w ttthal-e p;oH:on 'o t!:e i .. .. . . i ie .iinrriraii oor . Und aJiiii!iiitrt i..n , the Wet. Mr. .It.tii. H.M grain incrrhan! of r.i'.;. writen to h-.iriTikii .r. the People's Party Katira, reirardin n- -of certain VVtrrn ! . ' i t. "I wa much urpr.e.i lat Ssturdar tour tt. Lm. mm ..11 ... w . . . -"LIT.- tiuk ri 1 ! u,r . Nebraka. and el.o, ,j tall wheai-j rHiu n, . agaitiat the iliterrM of t .r , , ents and in favor of the l;,.! demand, with the i:;,.. prompttiet-4 that th.-j ...,.'. done had they teen In. j,,,, j ,f ' Thev are wi.Imil' t the turkey and feed the Ir n.r".". i... . . . t i Awt tllra. Charlotte le.i V l'aT 1 We often bear peiple nj -VT. tbe world do all the Hie ,..X1., . t.., K..mK m r, fDOUfll u ma Vea lie 111 1, lie fl . i . .- um lioutte li v. Hie areiiter n.u-. aw Cy, the Uiarder make, n... . fly, the dancer make n,,- .. fi" iorkev luakoe tlie l...r. n . . . . - - j,i k-, mak Srmni'li ilr n.. do fly, n Tillman make. 1 "Ji .'iiaii llier lliake "J- Se.ll TIm. ot th in Monday.eut f r it C J ut them on Tuesday, Iv,.. , , fl,r - - ( sit SrlHklal r aTllT t. it .... I tetter. " (at them ,n l riday.cui Ur mm t 'lit fl l ..a, ' . m a ... .... .muriiay. joy t,,,;,, PEOf -E VS. MONOPOLY. n VITV ' " e kauo wit ' .LUtW FOR Ti vuminii CAMPAICN. C5Brtl0ItCagvBlie.i $5 oo RE2sra:s j I Eiectropoise ! THO 3IOMUS. satisfactory that I b.rfulJ Ins iMiimony. it warm tbe blo.!, a vigorates the vital organs and fro cesfcs of the Lody, and qukk cs "if vital forces in a remarkable mv ner. Languor and t'ilionsnef t at its touch, and its nytierw'-' power seems to penetrate and ir meat tbe entire yitf m, rjukkecist me nerves ana atftuticg osture t throw tr dead liraae. llzv. K. P. Ktkon-., Editor Evangelical MeMencr. 2GT Woodland Avenue, Cleveland Ohio. Methodist Prolert aiit, 1W. C. J. DtXAXEV, I'oblitL r. Baltimore, Mi... Jan. 21, l5. Dear Sir: A number of rsbri hers in this Ktat ni Vnni, furs . : una, wno bare Lpn a-nffrra Ua jere, nave purcnased Ibe r,letr- pois tnrouga reading your advir tisements. and we bare tha tfti tnosy that they hav, in riumeri cases, be;n tent filed and enred. A merchant in this eily says he wou.J tot becrndre Jjl.fXO fzr the irhtra- ment on account of benefits re ceived lours truly, Wll. J. C DCLAKET. k Book of Testimonials front Prominent Men FREE for the Askiag. Information. Address 0?oJ

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