New Offer to Meet Demands. Five Copies Caucasian 3 Months For '$1X912 Copies 3 Months $2.00 j .'cvr is the time for.action. The enemy is sowing Ures. Let the I jM-opleBO cool seed. File copies of the Caccasiak H months for 1.00. Twelve copies 3 months f .r iiX'K). Send a club quick. ir.7 " T1 ii. iji luauiaqgwi Evert body pit a tSewUee t K wbeM ow. Tbe goU!, st ? r CAUCASIAN. S-4 H lowing tho eoeatr) Ua itl. th,,? tukSKlief literal a r. L I i meet theea. Sro4 f f -r t I copies; of O CAtXASlA 3 m I VOL. XIV. RALEIGH. N. C, THURSDAY, JUNE 11. 1896. NO. 31. SOME MORE PLAIN FACTS From & Man Who Has Affiliated With Democrats, Bat Now Ac knowledges no Allegiance. A DEMOCRATIC RECORD Nhowlag llf lit piMithem Wine Umii lh Tall .if lli Northern HImj W hat III Party Has Hrn lrltn t lo In L'onaeonenre f Ihli t ' Pointed Jutlntia. For Tli Caininimi.l I'ocoHiy, N. C, May -."- A series of communication have recently ap peared in the Columbia N;ws, tbe object of which wan to i1i'h;um the tioiitical situation, both Hfato aud National, from the standpoint of a sincere friend of flaanciil reform, who has heretofore r.cted with tho Democratic party, ami U till an xious to xee white supremacy unl an economical administration of the rotate government maintained m North Carolina, but. at the present acknowledges no allegiance to any political party. In the discussion it has boon n.s xumed that a large majority of the votern of the I'nited States favor the free coinage of silver, and that in order to elect a free silver President, all that is necessary is to unite the t ree silver vote on the same candi date. The burning question of tho hour is how this can bo done. The real object or the discussion has been to lind, if possible, an answer to that question. Incidentally, the question of the defeat of the Repub lican party and the maintenance of white supremacy in the State of North Carolina has been discussed also. From time to time the editor of the News has attempted to reply to some of the statements and argu ments of his correspondent, lie has displayed considerable ingenui ty in attacking the less carefully guarded points, and, considering how bad a cause he was attempting to defend, has held up his end pret ty well. In fact, candor compels me to admit that he has made much bet ter use of the material at his com mand than his correspondent. But he has grown weary of "giving so much space to a display of Populist and Republican thunder," and "re spectfully declines to bo so generous in the future' That is all right. lie has a riirht to contrel his own columns. But the purpose of this communi cation ia to call the attention of his readers to the fact that the last coin munication of the series, was not Cnblished entire, as it was written, ut was fiadly mutilated and the best part of it left out. I am not com? plaining of this at all, but I have de .. termined, that, if possible, the omit ted portion shall reach some, at least, of the readers of the News. For the convenience of those read era I will indicate the connection be tween the omitted and the published portions of the communicatio i Speaking of the popular agitation of the silver question and following the allusion to tho farmers Alli ance I wrote : "The popular agitation of the sub ject, began by the Farmers' Alliance, was continued by the Peoples Party, the American Bimetallic League, the Silver Union and other similar organizations, Harvey's buok.s per haps accomplishing more in the ed ucation of public sentiment than any other factor. But the Democratic party, as an organization, has nevor claimed free coinage as one of its cardinal principles, or done anything to create or strengthen public senti ment in its favor. The North Caro lina State Democratic convention in 1S!)0 incorporated free coinage, with other demands of the Alliance in its platform: but this was the result of the agitation of the subject by the Alliance; and the Democratic party, even of tho State, as an organiz i tion, deserves no credit for it." Immediately following what is said of the Chicago convention and platform, read as follows : "A recent Washington dispatch quotes a Democratic member of Con gress from Texas as saying that the sdver Democrats in the South were fighting to save the Southern Statos to the Democratic party, rather than with any hope of winning in the na tional election. This; of course, is what we all knew before, but I am a little surprised to find a Democratic leader publicly admitting it. And here I pause to inquire what consid eration of interest or duty, principle or expediency, requires the Demo crats of North Carolina or any other Southern State to continue any longer ia athliation with the (so- called) national Democratic party. J. he rear or negro aommation was the whip that kept us to track for twenty odd years, while we played tail to New lork's kite and patient ly submitted to the dictation of the Northern wing of the party in every thing pertaining to party policy When we ventured to intimate that inasmuch as we furnished the votes we ought to have some voice in de termining the party policy, we were coolly and contemptuously told (not in those words exactly, but virtually) to choose between the rule of the Northern Democrat and that of the negro. It was this threat that prevented a House of Represen tauves wun na Democratic maior lty from passing a free coinage bill It was this that prevented a Demo cratic Congress from repealing the law of lolo, under which tbe inter est-bearing debt of the government has been increased more than 2C2 millions of dollars. It was this that prevented the Southern members from making any determined effort to compel the redemption of the party's pledge to repeal the ten per vent, tax on State banks. It was for this that, after a twenty years struggle for tariff reform, we sub mitted to be cheated of the fruits o victory and accept, in lieu thereof a measure, which, through the com bined wisdom of the manufacturers the money-kings, tbe party leaders and the devil, furnishes a perfect so lution of a very difficult problem to-wit : to increase the profits of the lowering the deficiency in netfiwitate an :: a debt, as a manufacturers rhi!e duties and creating a the revenue, o a? to increase of the bon means of perpetuating the National Uanking system. All this acd much more which time and xjpa- h fail me to recount, we have submitted to, and what hive w received in re turn! The repeal cf the Federal election 1 iw- trio only one of all its promises, that the rational Demo cratic party has ever attempted, IX oooii faith, to redeem. In bo far as the inaintenaui f white suprem acy in tlm South i concerned, I don't m e how the national Demo cratic pnrty can help us nny." The Texas man referred to above ii quoted h Haying tliHt the control of tho national convention by the gold iii?n nicanx Democratic defeat in nt bast a portion of the Southern States, and he virtually adriiitn that the nomination of a nilver m:tn for i'renident mean in the elec toral college. Now Jet me ask, how are we going to promote tne main tenance of white supremacy in the South by indirectly ?:ding in the election of a go.dfjn,? Kernbuviau Piesident and Congress? I can't for my life see. Can you ?" Ihe artici-' as written concludes as follows : "By the way tho tide has turned again ami tho indications now are that tho gold men will have things their own way at Chicago. If they do I don't see any reasjn why any Democrat who favors fre coinage should refuse to vote the Populist electoral ticket. Do you? If you do please tell me what it is. But don't attempt to justify a bolt by claiming that free coinage is, or ever has been, one of the cardinal princi ples of the Democratic party. The bolt is all right, but you must find some other argument to sustain it." Melton Campuell. POLlTICAl PGf-POURRI. Condensed Meon Of What People Are Sa, g And What Parties At i Doing. Bir E;c Vkw f Everts Pktant 17 th Press ti pmttou ( Opiswa y $au Pk Wb Imm AU Sat WIm This Tsct Lwt. -Private" John Allen, the well known Mississippi Congressman says: We have got the gohlbugs whipped in this fight and we'll keep them whipped if they dont buy u up." In thin connection Col Ike Hill, a politi cal Washington City Democratic cel ebrity says: "The goldbugs bought us in Ohio last year. We didn't know how bad they wanted us, and we did n't know wtiat to ask; but if tbey try to buy us up this time they will find that we will come high." Mr. W. F. llarriy, chairman of the national iieaocratic executive commit tee is a "party-bug." lie thinks it of more importance to have two parties which the big money bosses can play against one another and thus blind the people, than it is to settle a great question, lie says: "1 expect to see a sound money pol- 1 do not think icy prevail at jnicago. that when the delegates of the great Democratic party get together in na-1 passed resolutions pledging the IS THIS THE GAME? Cra Vmmty DnMcrats t-!r Bllrr-Ht EJt OtMhtl lMtffSlM Tt For Ac Caoouaan. 1 Thcemas, N. C, June 3 On Sat urday, May 30 tb, we attended tbe Democratic convention of Craven county at New Berne. No tariff word was spokes The old 30 year bsuewasa thing of the past, and "free silver" was the tune of the convention strung on the high est keynote. We stood looking on in amazement, to think how short a time had passed since some of those very fellows were avowed "aound money men" whose voice now rang out in thunder tones for FRZK sil ver. Are they really honest? And is it a fact that they hare changed their views so instantly or have they realized the fact that the great masses of the people are demand ing a change: and to keep in the lead they have just pretended to lay aside their feelings in the mat ter for the present and still LEAD ON, and when the time comes to act WITH PROFIT, they will do aa th great leaders of the Democratic party did at the great silver con vention called by the great Democratic party of the State of North Carolina! The record of that convention is known to all. We will watch and see. As we looked on we began to think "the boys are sincere, and when they del- ruptey whih must follow tne con tinuous sale of bonds to bay gold for gold gamblers is ia harmony ith his ouel nature. His remedy for our debt to Europe, growing an nually by more than four hundred millions, u to tax the sfairu off th backs of the people. His public faith for which he would make tbe people go naked is the good faith of the burglar and the bandit. Has it come to thisf Are the people of the United States to be taught good faith by the man who was the instru ment of the conspirators to destroy one-half of the people money by clandestine legislation! If good faith had been preserved by the rulers of this country, the people would have been well fed and clothed and prosperity would have prevail ed. The infamy of the policy ox Sherman, Cleveland & Co. is dis closed by the declaration of the Chief Conspirator that the last shirt should be taken from the backs of the Amtt. ican people to satisfy the greed of an alien gold syndicate. j RUFUS AMIS TALKS AGAIN. tional council that they will think it a wise or expedient or safe course to de clare for the free and unlimited coin age of silver at 1(5 to 1. 1 have too much confidence in their good judg ment to believe that such a course will be pursued. But under any and all circumstances the party will hold to gether, for the preservation of its in tegrity is of more consequence even than the great linancial issue now be fore the country." CLARION NOTES. Calling All to Art for Their Country's In terest Kegardleiis of Party. For The Caucasian. Kadar, N. C, May 28, '90. See ing the momentous evils that threat en the destruction of liberty's temple, every son of liberty and lover of freedom should be moved above party lines to think well and act wisely in casting their votes in the ides of November next. We as Populists cannot nor will support a man who bas not been tried and found true to the leading issues of the present crisis, to-wit: Free and unlimited coinage of silver at 10 to 1, an income tax, the present system of banking abolished, and the government control of its finauces, no more bonds in time of peace, and if needs be give the peo ple fiat money to supply the present demands and relieve tho burdens that now bring wails of distress from every part of the republic. We cannot nor will we support the Republican party because they openly avow their opposition to these principles and persist iu pursuing a course that will forever make the 1 masses slaves for the few. We cannot nor will we support the Democratic nomineo from the fact that they have been advocating in platform, and every politician from the least to the present Presi dent, the free coinage of silver, op posed to banks, iVc, and as per rec ord we see it all has been hypocrisy, all for sake of party and not prin ciple. Yet they tell us that Cleve land and his imp3 have proven trai tors to the party. I think to-day Cleveland shines in the galaxy far above all his imps for honesty and self aggrandizement from the f act!of his setting forth his position in the There is a strong probability that the Democratic State convention will take a recess when it meets here June '2th. to some date after the Demo cratic National convention is held in Chicago. It is also equally as probable that a State ticket will not be named June 25th, but at some later period after the meeting of the National convention. For several weeks a number of well- known Democrats have advocated the idea of waiting for the National con vention to act. Mr. Chambers Smith, who is in touch with the silver advocates in the various sections of the State, stated to today that he had no doubt but that the con vention would take a recess without nominating a State ticket when it meets here June -2:th. Mr. Smith says that he has information from various sections of the State, which justifies the statement. Kaleigh, Press-Visitor The three great San Francisco dailies are decidedly complimentary in their editorial remarks upon the re cent Populist state convention. The Chronicle (rep.; says : "Taken all to gether what has been done at Sacra mento, well deserves the commenda tion of good citizens -whether they are Populists or not." The Examiner (dem.) rises to remari : "The Popu lists have put enough good timber in to their platform to fit out two or three parties." The Call (rep.) says : "The course taken by the Sacramento con vention may win no cllicers for the Populists in this campaign but it is sure to win them converts." egates to free silver, and no man could be elected delegate until he first stood up before the convention and declared his intention to sup port none others for office but true and tried silver men, our confi dence increased; aud we began to feel like saying, hurrah for free sil ver Democrats of Craven county But when the names of the delegates appointed were announced there were on the list the names of those who are avowed goldbugs, and who have made no profession of a change in their views, and other names were read as delegates who were not pres ent to pledge themselves. What does all this mean! Are they acting in good faith! or are they still at the old game of deceiving the people! When political parties or the lead ers of political parties pledge them selves time and again to do a thing, and then when the time comes to act and they have the power to car ry their pledges out and fail in every instance to do it, what grounds have we for believing they will carry out new pledges! We are speaking of the leaders; we do not censure the masses, because they would have it different if they could, but so long as they follow those who have so many times deceived them, what hoDe have thev to continue in the same old way! G. L. Hardison all the time. If we do not get what we want we shall bolt and that is all there Rilvflr miAstioTi nrerinno tr w m?. is to it" The Senator says the next nation, and M. W. Ransom, J. G Carlisle, B. H. Bunn and on down to the cross-roads politician. Oh! how blatant for silver, but when they ad a chance they bowed the knee to King Grover to kill silver and they llled the party, save a smell of brimstone and Wall street. It might be asked, who will vou support! In response I would say throw party lines down and let 11 the forces, regardless of party. Senator Teller is now out of the lie publican party beyond recall. This is his latest utterance, in the New York Commercial Advertiser: "McKinley will not gain ten votes among the free silver people by the buncombe on bi metalism. We will not let the same yellow dog bite us twice. We shall in sist lor the white metal first, last and election will be thrown into the Uouse. Hon. Stephen P. Shephard, of Ken tucky, author of a very able work on the silver question, and a leader in the Democratic free silver circles of Louisville, has resigned from the exe cutive committee of the Democratic Bimetallie League and writes the chairman as follows : "Hereafter my work wiU be devoted to the. cause of the Populist or People's party." Mr. Shephard is a strong man, an able The Uurnside Item, one of the here tofore leading democratic papers of eastern Kentucky, has recently come out for the People's party. who advocate the principles hereto- wri,tervan one of tUe best posted men f or Ktat,l unifA nnrUr K. in Kentucky politics. nd let that banner be inscribed reformation -and redemption for the aborer and producer in this land of aristocracy, plutocracy and gold- buggery. 1 imagine the world (save bankers and Wall street plutocracy) will burst forth in jubilee song that America is a redeemed and tree republic. Then we will be elated to see the emblem of liberty perched erect with one loot in the beautiful lakes of the frigid North, the other on the Gulf stream of the Sunny South, with one wing touching the silvery waves of me Diue Atlantic, the other flapping the foaming surges of the broad Pa cific, crying aloud in the land of freedom "equal rights to all, special privileges to none." J. L. Banks. II. K. Thurber, the great New York grocer, whose goods are known by every housewife in the land, has re nounced allegiance to the Republican party on account of its attitude on the money question. tbe Consul-General Lee. Havana, Cuba. June 3. General Fitzhugh Lee, recently appointed Consul-General to Havana, arrived this morning by the steamer Mas cotte of the Ward Line. Tho Gene ral was met by a gaily decorated tug, upon which were ex-Consul-General Williams, Mr. Sprin ger, Dr. iiurgess ana &enor .aldo, represent ing Captain-General Weyler; also the agent of the Ward Lin a. The party boarded the Mascotte and ex tended a cordial welcome to General Lee. General Bradley Tyler Johnson and a number of other Americans, and a large crowd of people awaited General Lee ashore. On tho wharf he was received most respectfully. There was no demonstration. A special from New York to Richmond Star of yesterday, says Senator Marion Butler, of North Carolina, who come over from Wash ington with other Congressmen on Friday and put up at the Waldorf, ex plained the situation in regard to silver yesterday. "The gold men don't want to control the Chicago conven tion'' said Senator Butler. "They turns me easiest way to give silver a black eye, is to have the silver men control. The silver men will run the convention with the help and conni vance of the gold men, and the gold men will keep possession of the party machinery. If it should be a square fight to a finish the silver men would win and the gold men would bolt. I expect a dill'erent situation. The gold men will direct the machinery and put up a candidate who will prevent the sil ver men from uniting. If the silver men do not unite effectually so as to make a victory certain, it will be the fault of the silver Democrats who will be hoodwinked with or witfiout their knowledge, in the Chicago tion." In Memoriam. I am sorely bereaved. One of my old time friends is dead. Many blessing have I shared through the munificence of my departed friend He once delighted in befriending the poor. He was liberal toward the dependent. He was a friend to be proud of. There are many who, like myself, haidly know how to realize that he is dead. And it is strange that one so robust as be was a few years ago should succumb to disease of any kind. But recently he be came infatuated with an insatiable appetite for a single standard prepa ration introduced into this country from Europe. I remonstrated and even threaten ed to sever the amicable relations existing between us. But my re monstrance only served to sour the disposition of the deceased. He be came insolent towards these who objected to his course. His infatua tion grew apace. He indulged more frequently and copiously in his fa vorite remedy. Friends foresaw the result that was coming and ventured to urge a different treatment, and for once there seemed to be a chance of recovery. Many promises of re form were made by the deceased and hope thrilled the bosom of inter ested friends. Again the fatal habit asserted itself with intensified crav ing. Kemonstrance was in vain. Our dear friend, on his deathbed, would insult those who once admired and clung to him. I looked on for lornly but my friend breathed his last, abusing his friends for not giv ing him a chance to redeem himself. Now I turn from the grave of my once beloved friend to seek some one in whom I can confide and to whom I can look for succor in an hour of need. My departed friend was well known to you. His name was familiar in many homes. He was named the Democratic Party. A Friend. THB MEETING WAS A "ROUSICATOR" HE ANALYZES THE REPUBLICAN STATE PLATFORM AND SHOWS ITS SNARES AND TRAPS. Plato Talk on a Vital and Intercalate Sub jectA Piece of Unmeaning Clap Trap Entirely Unworthy or Tbe Party- Main Points Clearly Presented. For The Caucasian. Granville, County, N. C, June In a previous article I asserted that the platform, put forth by the Republican convention at Kaleigh, was a vague aud unmeaning piece of clap trap, and entirely unworthy of the party; or word3 to that effect. I, myself, am a ilepublican and would not dare to make such an as sertion without the proof at hand, and it is due to all concerned that it should be forthcoming. The platform says: "We favor the use of gold and silver as stand ard money and the restoration of silver to its functions and dignity, as a money metal." That is to say gold is now the only standard money metal, and silver is not. It is ad mitted that silver has lost "its f unc tions and dignity and needs to be restored. When and by whom! Its restoration" is to come immediate ly after an international agreement. as claimed by all the gold standard Republicans; and everybody, ot or dinary intelligence, knows that such agreement is as far off as the bag of gold at the end of the rainbow Mankind have used gold and silver, equally, as standard money for four thousand years, and there never has been an international agreement with, "reference to these two money metals, except what was called the Latin Union, which lasted only a few years, and was an agree ment between France, bpam and Italy to coin equally, and without limit both silver and gold at 151 to 1. -Sothis profession, with refer ence to the "restoration of silver," W. B. Henry Makes the Welkin Ring in Mecklenburg Like the Fathers of Old. PLEDGE OF 2,000 PEOPLE. Tkey Will Vate for Ne te4-lasele(. reepte-Rebbinc Meaeewly Teel Taey Take tke Pledge ky HvlJIe- l Tkelr KJgkt Heads Kd Het KrwUlissi kV sel? lag Tor Kef era. terst of syndicate, boe. J thieve. I and the g-oll rooa of Wall aad Lombard streets, asd. Whrrras, the Republican ;tty it the declared champion of the aini fold standard, while the IenAcrlie party, that was vnaoarkditr in tbe role of Jeff'raon. a4 friend of silver, after Wicg srtt into power, threw off iu diagui. mod brutally betrayed the prl asd dirgrared the Sac. by pa wrier; our country to a London Jew. and Uad- icg our children, and our children's children, with goIJ bonds, to th car ot Sbylock; and Whcrcaa, tho Roman Kmpcmrt Domitian and Heliogabala. to the disgrace of the Roman State, aivuaed thcoM-lTcs for day and month at a time, the one killing flics, the other Those who attended tbe speaking I gathering cobwebs, and on May 30 tb, at Spurriers, will Lot I Whereas, we have lived to mo an soon forget the pleasure, the mnpi-1 American President, passing his ration, and the educational work ae- time and spending tne people s eoxnplished. At no time in the his- money, hunting and fishing, wLiJc tory of this part of Mecklenburg the country was in tbe throes o! county have the people had a better I panic, millions ot h: ftllow c Uncos day. Ion the brink of ruin, and his party lne crowd was immense: four I hurrying to perdition; and counties were represented. Theesti-I Whereas, this political plague of mated number by most conservative! goldbng Republicans and so called Democrats, Republicans, and Popu- Democrat bas come upon u through LETTERS FR0L1 THB PEOPLE. Varicns Matters on Wlitn Tie Pcpulir Opinion is Exprtta r4 All Sections Interested. UVIKO ISSUES FORWARD. Mere tiiiwuu mt ke aVestoe Oe Mss Sisier Sleg -. reeele Are C te t -, M4lsfrsRs4''kl.MM. is only a ruse to cover up, from Mow You're Right ! Wadesboro Plowboy.l South Carolina, Georgia, Arkan sas and we believe other Southern States have announced their inten tion to bolt the national Democratic convention if it does not declare for free silver 16 to 1, and nominate a free silver man. Every Southern State ought to pull loose from that monopoly-serving Northern wing of the party and then join hands with tne West and run this government in the interest of the American peo ple. If they will do that the Popu lists will begin to think they mean what they say. the casual observer, its base hypoc risy and deception; its authors well knowing that a Republican Con gress will never consent to recog nize silver in any capacity except as token money. "We are opposed to the retiring of the greenbacks, the money of the people, the money fayored by Lin coln." Of course the greenbacks are wanted to remain so they can be kept out of the hands of the people to be used by the gold gamblers to deplete the gold reserve, and thus create the necessity to sell gold bonds, to again replenish the gold reserve. Of course Lincoln favored greenback money because it was then used by the people not only to sustain great armies, but to develop the industries of the country, while now it is only used by gold gamblers to rob the people. The sacred memory of an honored statesman and martyred President is conjured up to conceal an unspeakable vil lainy. "We are opposed to the issue of interest bearing bonds in the time of peace, and we condemn the policy ot President Cleveland and Secretary Carlisle in secretly making the sale of government bonds to a foreign syndicate, on such terms as to enable it to realize the enormous profit of $10,000,000, at the expense of the people." Why condemn the issue of coin bonds payable in silver and gold, by the terms of the Jaw, at 10 to 1, when we know that our Republican House of Representatives rushed rantically to the rescue of Grover Cleveland in passing a gold bond bill which would have robbed the people of ten times $10,000,000! Shall we condemn Grover Cleveland for the robbery of the people to the extent of $lU,UUU,uuu, when our own lists was not less than l..V0 people, Many think not less than 2.00H. Mr. Jno. W. Cross conveyed the speaker from Charlotte to the grounds. By 10 o'clock in the morn ing the surroundings, in front of the neatly and elegantly decorated stand, were crowded with specta tors men and women, boys and girls, merrily chatting and laughing away the time. At half past 11 o'clock, Mr. Henry appeared on the stage. All eyes fastened upon him. Music was next in order by that elegant band from Mount Holly, trained and accomplished through the leadership of Capt. W. F. Hol land, the champion cornetist. A better country band is not to be found. The speaker was introduced by Mr. W. C. Underwood. One could see clearly that he had already cap tured the confidence of his audience, and as he arose, cheer after cheer rang out in tones expressive of the unmistakable appreciation of his honesty and sincerity of purpose. Mr. Henry's first impression on every one was that he had something to tell them and he intended to do it. He began by referring to the fact that his subject virtually concerned the homes of the people whom he addressed. His subject was, "More Money" or, "The People vs. Plutoc racy," which he discussed in a most logical and masterly manner, back ing up his statements by facts and figures and extracts from the Con gressional Record. He declared that he would not have a great deal to say of Mr. Cleveland now. As 15 out of the 17 different kinds of Dem ocrats (which he defined) were call ing him "Old Grover," and "Old Cleveland," &c, it was really not necessary. If there was one fact more clearly shown in his speech than another, it was the utter im possibility of securing legislation favorable to silver through the old parties. He declared that both the old parties had ignored all economic and political laws and were lost in a labyrinth of contradictions. He then a river at blood and tears to blight ti Btlt WTtik Tke t-es. For The t aocaaiaa. WootviU.E. X. C. Jane 3. I en dorse what oar Ma to EiecuttveCw, mittee did in conference at iUlcirh. 1 have always heen p;ee4 tt e.-oi-eratioa wita tLoold tti. ffcta't see how we ran fas m' tattle f "t reforat that don't want f -re. Ii looks I ke r might a well f in partnership with the devil tu turn Christ's charvh. The little pie eaters Lave started our fields, to close our factories, to out to !ry to fooj tfceclt.r4 people, rob us of the products of our 'labor, h don't think it will work s tr to take tne roues out ox the dimpled think. The "true blu-a cheeks of children, to plant our sor row in tbe haggard faces of suffer- lag women, and to add new borders to the backs of brave men, by a con stantly appreciating standard of value, which means misery to mil lions ot American homes, and dark ness to millions of American mind, and agony to millions of American hearts, that four thousand million aires may live in luxury, and dwell in palaces of marble and gold; and Whereas, the siirns that have pre ceded the downfall of ether govm ments are rifo in this government to-day, the chief of which have their origin in a financial system that strikes down one half of tbe metallic money of the country, and resigns the welfare of the people, and the prerogative of government into the merciless hands of the national banks; aud Whereas, we are convinced that the restoration of silver to the posi tion it held prior to 1S73, in our financial system is the paramount issue in American politics, and that its re-establishment will be attended with returning prosperity and a'd new glory and strength to the repub lic; Therefore be it Resolved; First, We repudiate and despise the patronage-braced, bond-stealing, centralizing, silver - discrediting, panic-conspiring, goldbug adminis tration of Grover Cleveland. Second, We will support no man for President or Vice-President who does not stand unqualifiedly for tbe key are eoen- ing from both old pari ire. We raw carry 'be Mate. All have get to d is to keep in tLo middle ef tl load and let them come to m. We Lave got the principles oerss-ary to ran a free government. lt us stick to them. They will redeem this runs. trv from the power of the moneyed icnoence of Kngland. I tear old party leaders say tbey lnt under stand the tnocey question but they will go for fiee silver if tbe people want it. I tell them the old parties dmt teach tbe money question. That is left out of old party politic and left entirely with tbe money thieves. Please doVt mix with tho enemy of truth. K. R. Whimsec. The Oplelea ef a C'elered f rearker. For the tV.iauuan.J Wis fall, X. C, Jane .".Allow me to state that all the people of this section belonging t the Popa list Party heartily endorae tbe coarse of the committee. Senator Uutler and The Caccasiak. with the excep tion of a few office seekers, tu s. espe cially our i.oor kem-er. How ever Butler's head is level. Wo will follow him Go on Rl'TLEli. Yours truly. Rev. W.'ll. Overton. tterklagkaaa A prevra. For the Caucasian. Douglas, N. C, June 3 Tbe fol lowing resolution was adapted at a meeting of the Kxecutivw ( Committee) free and unlimited coinage of silver! of the Peoples Party cf R nkingham at the ratio of 1G to 1, without re-1 county. gard to the action of any other na tion. Third, We heartily endorse the cours. and raCirm.-ojar-olUUji.ce in Senator Marion Butler, who. in spired by the patriotism that fired the tongue of Patrick Henry, and guided the pen of Jefferson, Las stood against the brutal persecu tions of an intolerant, faithless, and UE8ULVED, inat we Tally gre with the State Executive Committee in its action on co-operation with tho uU'Liaa ?arty, co the terms of fered. W. it. Wall, Chairman. T. H. Linisat, Sec'y. called upon all who were in favor of I dying party, like Colossus, battling free coinage of both silver and gold, for his country. 16 to 1, to raise their right hands, Fourth, We place principle above and precisely at that moment every party, and manhood above money, one in all the vast crowd seemed to and recognizing that "The Peoples be right handed not a dissenting Party" is the protest of the plunder vote! ed against the plunderers; we vol- For nearly three hours he spoke, I unteer for the war, in the mighty apparently without effort, to the sat-1 contest of the People against the isfaction of all. Ixo one seemed to I Plutocrats grow tired, but on the contrary each one became more and mora interest ed until the speech ended. The ladies contributed much iu every way to the real pleasure and enjoyment of the entire programme. Misses Lizzie Phealan, Sue Rozzle and others deserve especial mention for their most untiring and efficient efforts. The exquisitely beautiful boquet presented by Miss Phealan was a gem of rare beauty and fra- Populists at the late Republican grance. convention, held in the city of R1 The afternoon afforded au agree- eigh. The Populists of Rurke bad able surprise and much interest by I no authorized representation at that short and "in the middle of the convention, and R. A. Cobb, of road'' speeches from the stage by a I Burke, was there without on r con number of the "Old Guard" Popn-1 sent or approval, and he well knew lists. I that THIS IS WARM! The Populists of Itnrke County Want It Distinctly lod.rntood That Tbey fcVnt N'o Delegate to tke Sinp Convention. For the Caucasian 1 We, the undersigned Populists of Burke county, ask space in your columns to give our views in regard to the action of He Means Basins For The Caucaian.1 Greensboro, X. C, June 2. My subscription was out on the 1 Ith of May. I would havesrut the money before now, but times are hard, and one dollar is as hard to get as two was twenty years ago. Tbero is something wrong. I want to see better times, more tnney in circula tion If the Peoples Party will pnt a good, honest silver man for Presi dent I will vote for him, but I will not vote for a goldbug. The labor ing people and farmers have no ahow at all get nothing for their work or their produce. John G. Moo ice. House, led .by Speaker Reed, pro- Jefferson, Albert Gallatin, Andrew that we repudiate the action of 2.000 For a Monument to Vnce. Asheville Citizen. Mr. Geo. W. Pack, a wealthy citi zen of Cleveland, Ohio, wh o spends his winters in Asheville. .nd has Sherman's Dire Desire. Silver Knight. The Animus of Rothschild! The voice of extortion! Behold the fol lowing language uttered bv the an- conven-1 thor of Hard Times in the Senate of the United States on the 20th day of may, i.oyo, as recorded in the Con Col. Jno. b. Cunningham, of Person I gressional Kecord, Vol. 28. No. 135. coumy, uas ueen namea as a candidate I oyoa. fnw tha Tt Am r..o fin : r I t lt -IT .... ... -""a uuuiiusuuu ior i j. am wmmg io taKe that bill as ?7,r.hile in w"Mngton-re- ht came to us from the House, and " " I it it i s Ti fir CTtm mart aacc on ex, ue bstiu. to De tbe true . "We are for free silver." he said. "A.. !u!cul, V "P?1 ine but we want the ratio tn, h tha nwie8NUJ rYenues, iei us add a tax ratio between the value of a s-old dollar I oa te.a a tax on coffee, or a tax on sa ailtrA r , r I O.Tl VthlTID? ffi?. tLA T Coin AVI Oa AnnAe considerable property m t hat city, not out for the 16 to 1 scheme, regard- occasion, I would vote for a tax on uas sei weauny isortft Carolinians a less of the relative value of the metals, anything; I would take the last shirt wormy example, i esterday be made 1 am connaent that seven-tenths of I off the backs of the neonle of the iuo vuvi vu. if-,wv iur a monument ycuyic ui mj owre are ior me iree to the late Senator Vance the only coinage ofsilver. Stevenson is a very condition named in the offer was prominent caedidate for the Presi that the location of the monument dint,,al nomi.natlon in omr section, and oi,,vi,i f, o I believe he is very popular all over :"::ri,:: v t: : . r south, i think stevenSon . uoclcss j elected, and it now looks to luc. iuo vviumiooivuui) itojjtou lino i mougn tne .Democrats are generous offer. win in the next campaign." United States rather than to violate the public faith of the government." The significance of Sherman's de sire to tax the lastshirt off the backs of the people of the United States is realized in view of the distress bis bound to I robber policy has already produced. his remedy zor tna inevitable bank' can be me as I The following resolutions were he took; yet he may say that he only then introduced by Mr. Henry and I represented himself personally, and were unanimously accepted, save by I took no official action; but we think one undecided voter, who afterwards I differently, and whatever explana tried to apologize "for a1 that." I tion he may make, will not change After the inevitable tete-a-tetes on I our opinions. For be well knew we such occasions, the many happy I bad a meeting of the Populists of hearts dispersed, feeling that the day Burke county in a regular called had not been spent in vain. I convention some time since, and R. resolutions introduced by Hon. A. Cobb was in that convention, and W. R. Henry and passed by the im- he well knew the convention decided mense crowd of over 2,000, at Spur-1 to take no action as yet, but would riers, Mecklenburg county, May 30, abide the aetion of our State execu- 159G: I tive committee and State conven- Whereas the fathers of the repub- tion. lie, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas I We want it distinctly understood Ce-eateratJo Tkla Veer. For The Caucasian. TCLLS, X. C, June 3. Two years certain so called ago we co-operated with tbe Repub lican natty. Ihis year the voters of both the old parties will co-operate with us to beat the "staQog" oat of the office-seekers in both the old parties and by a much larger ma jority. We heartily indorse our Sen ators course in tbe Senate and as we were opposed to the course I chairman of the Pops. P. II. Flor. posed to rob them of more than ten times as muchf Nay, a thousand old more by thus fixing permanent- y the payment of all obligations in gold alone. Rufus Amis. 8ome of Carlisle's Backers. Washington Post The copy of a rather interesting etter was being circulated on the Senate side of the Capitol last week It explains itself: umce or w. A. uryant & uo., wine and spirit, brokers, high class wines, brandies, champagnes, and mineral waters. Fine old whiskies. Send $1 for sample quart. Riverton, Ala.. May 10, 1S96. Dear Sir: If you are in favor of Hon. John G. Carlisle for the next President of the United States, write a letter to the Kentucky Carlisle Jackson, Daniel Webster master! Amos, Gill, Cobb & Co., and we be- builders of Ship of Stata, looking lieve tbey were there for the purpose out upon the mighty ocean of the of attempting to split tbe Populist future, concurred in declaring that Party if possible, asd were there for silver should stand by the side of no good design in regard to carry- gold in our money system, that Con- ing out the principles of the Popn gress" had no power to strike it list party. down, &nd that it could not be We want it distinctly understood stricken down without jeopardizing that we have the utmost confidence the prosperity and perpetuity of the in the wisdom and patriotism of tbe government; and Hon. Marion Butler, and indorse his Whereas, silver, after eighty years career in the Congress of the United roign by tne side ot gold, was de- states and as chairman of our State monetized and stricken from its Con- ex cutive committee, stitutional throne, by conspirators We have an abiding faith in our of the money power, headed by John State convention to meet in the f n- bherman, in 1SJ, and joined and ture, and will abide its action. If aided by Grovei Cleveland and his I we are to have fusion it mutt be band twenty years after; aud I agreed upon and ordered by our Whereas, the results of the de- State convention, and not bv Gill. monetization of silver have been as I Amos and Cobb, who had no author- disastrous to the working men and ity to pass any resolution for tho Tbe Old Lie Co Again- For The Caucasian.! PcRbETTE, X. C, June 3. Tho colored people are silrerites as a rule. They say that anything that will benefit the farmer will benefit them. Very good logic. Xow, 31 r. Editor, I want to say this, and I will expect an answer through The Caucasian. A Demo crat said to a neighbor of mine tho other day that Cleveland was gain ing many friends since be bad 2 dorsed th9 'silver measure. PJeaio tell me where he got such news. E. C. Stilwell. In the campaign of H2 some Dem ocrats claimed that Cleveland had written letters to leading Democrats in the State in Vuich he said be was in favor of free silver. This was alio. It was intended to deceive the peo ple. Any statement now that Cleve land favors free silver is as big a lie as was the Democratic statement of lb'J Cleveland is a rile, abject tool of Wall street, and while ho' has stultified his manhood, be has made himself rich by using his of flie to further their pybey and de mands. Ed. tteeetUrti aad Answer. For TheSCaacasian.1 Greenville, X. Cj, Jane 3. Please answer this Question and' Uub, Owensburg, Ky., and add your farmers of this country as was oronh- State, vet thev dilit. aarl need not! oblige. Does tho free and nnlisa- lndorsement. lesiedbv John G. Carlisle, in 1S78.I tionv I Ot Via- f-sjnA vlIao a aw. I itei ecioaze of silver mean that the when he aaid. ThA eonanmmatinn t I w v,.,.., T a Ti.i. a I other nations of tL world will hare calling for Carlisle to take to the the atrocious crime atrainst silver D. Lail. J. S. Zimmerman. iJ right to coin their ailTer at tho next national Democratic conven-1 .nd the neonl. enntAmnUteH Kb- thai Wail w p p.tiAn t t vl,ra I minU of the United States fre! If . as. - . BT ar ' J mmm w a vw Miss e w m e efc OlkaVaSa W a We e aTLTS AA uullaa Tion. men write two letters, exact I m on nv nnwsr nnl1 n vr r,.l . v I not. what doea the free and nnltra- ' - I aae.wee w J WW Vaaaasaa IIIV1 w M-9m M-A. m DT . KAAWZ 111 a-FW K r ATBCU 1B W IB EIIIIIO -w 11 1111 copy of this letter, to two good Dem- misery upon the human race than all miuee: 8. CL Kirh-r. R. P. kTirh- W ited coinage of silver meant ocrats, and help to nominate and the wars and pestilences and f am-1 P. Morria. W. Al fTlontr. Ktr,.J J. E. BfcOWjr. elect the Greatest American." ine8 that ever occurred in the his- Rodriek ."middle of the road" erae-l Free and onlimitod eoiaaro of Mgn your name to the letters yon tory of the worM: and. I ntive committee; H. fl. rTallr-Hnrtrm I silver mean that silver may b v nT-fex vmiw liri. r -sw x i - - r a a, ar v vh4 0 a. a fcftvaj e W. A. BSTACT. Nobody seemed to know anything about Mr. Bryant, but lie had evi dently had some dealing with a Ken tucky firm in hia own bnsine&s. and r Z ' I . - - IV. ... . f . . V. w UlWUVi, W . MMm I m .m was engaged at their suggestion in I chine goldbug coadjutors, are run-1 Howard, W. W. Kineaid. P. W. Pat-1 ive copidi ot J.KS tuATDCA&TAaT pushing along a "good thing." J ning -both the old parties in the in-1 ton, enairman executive eommittoe. I three mouths for f 1,00 i write. vt nereas, urover Cleveland, John E. W. Hallyburton, H. I. Hallybur-1 orougnt. iron anyvneiw oj anyoooy Sherman. Thomas B. Reed. John G. ton. Hn?h Hall vbnrton. Thnmaa I and ooined at tho mints of the United Carlisle. William McKinlev. Hoke I Halliburton. W. J. Whisnant. W. I States) just ae gold is now bromfkt Smith, Matthew Quay. Matt W.I A. Benfield. D. C. Hudson. 8. A.I""11 anywhere by Ransom. Gorman. Briee. HilL Alii. Rias. nsmW sTsentiws MmmiHAa. eoined at uesa sunts. son, and tneir associate party ma-1 J. W. Avery. R. C. Whitener. J. anybody aad . a 3

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