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v., ia the time for action. The
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erf? of the Caitcauab S toe,
RALEIGH, N. 0., THUESDAT, JULY 30, 1896.
No. :ls.
Mr. W.J. OudIm h rll lire A Coiii-
lirl.oit lrn nf Aerlent Hal,, loo bii'I
Our rrrs.nt lire! lltlei-Aftiletjr jt
the ritfifil.. mf OM.n Tim. Hhoulrf
('. I'pnri Them.
The "Shipping ami Commercial
Lint ami New York Price Current
Mnt out to merchants under pre
tense of keeping them ported on
oncea ami intended onlv for their
eyes, lilU uj inoKt of itn available
s ):.. with a "t:i!e f u " alout an
ticipated i I .-t whi'-h will be full
"bu'tru-n intfrt-pt (another r.Miie
for Wall Mr'-1) if tbe'freo .silver
rrsyV prevail m thif. 'letion
1 giv Mow in ealrart oat of a
ropy dated July llh, iH'Jfi, tnt to a
lialeigh iiir-narit. The nly torn
merit I will premixe upon Wall street's
wail in a quotation from Revela
tion, which may have some refer
ence to the corruption of tho great
citit" oT these later time.1 suerin
tluctd by bad lawn and had religion:
"Babylon the Oreat ia fallen and
i beeome the habitation of devils
and tho hold of every foul spirit and
a cage of every unclean and hateful
"For all nations hate drunk of
the wine of the wrath of her forni-
, 'it ion and the king of the earth
have- committed fornication with
(A poweiful portrait ft that class
of politicians, rulers and political
partiea which ncll out the interests of
the country people to tho "influ
ences" ("foul spirits") of the great
cities. ) And the merchants and
shippers who traded also in "staves
and the ouls of men" (or, in mod
ern parlance, used money to
debauch tho ballot box and buy the
conscience! of men), took up the
wail, "Saying alas! alas! that great
city that was clothed in lino linen
and purplo and scarlet and decked
rvith gold and precious stones and
pearls!" (Not a bad description of
the vulgarity of fashionable dress
in the great cities,) "that great
city, wherein were made rich all
that had Bhips in the sea by reason
of her costliness! for in one hour i
she made desolate!"
candidate of a party carrying the
standard of Projection. Lut the Cand
ida of a',1 the iif-o;.!.' who desire to
nee th nft'ion'i" honr and credit
kpt un-po' d by tne htain of repu
diation, arid to prevent the success of
a party whir h, if it 'cured the con
trol ( th' nat'r.nal (Jovernment,
would entry i if'o the wildest finan
fial xt' ri r.i-'r;t ever attempted by
a ciriiiz'd rv.tion. The disastrous
effect of h'.-A.: v. mad venture would
be felt by all dashes f the comraua
ity, an-1 "-ouni -xnd themselves so
fur into the 'oming century that
their full ei? .q'ieu- are beyond
human -::j titration. 1'uain men
must cot 1" out..jt wi'h the fa;r
prospect '.L'tt now exists of prevent
ing Mich a eafMMrojdie. They should
organize th tcsel v. s for f ccial cam
paign work amJ b- or: the alfrt ali'o
as in!i v'u!u;i!j, every man of them
actinrr f committee of one t i:uko
tho defeat f Bryan and Sowall, and
every cn'Iidate running for C'on
grexK I'M tha. tick t, to: merely ur
tain, but overwhelmingly r--i.
.!uri(9 WIht i I irk Answer Home u.-
tloi.. ii'i S.Ir I.ltT M'orthjr of
art fill I. railing-
Some time ao c'rtain citizens of
Thomas vili", dcsiiing information
upon the financial question, wrote to
Judge Walter Clerk, asking several
questions sn reivd totho etiect or
freo coinage upoa the price of pro
ducts and the t ffct of the present sit
uation upon debtors and taxpayers.
His letter in teplyisa clear and sim
ple statement ot the whole question
and is worthy of careful reading.
It is follows-
"Raleigh, N. (' , July 10, 1S9G.
"lear Sir:
"The Superiutf udent of the United
States Miat reported cllicially in the
last statement sent in to Oonirress by
the Secretary of tho Treasury, accom
panying tho President's message,
thai the yield of gold throughout the
world for the year then ending was
$.197,000,000, and of silver $100,000,
000. so yon fcoo the yield of silver is
not keeping up with the yield of gold.
The total stock of gold and silver
throughout the world, by the best es
timates, is a httl-i less than 1( of ril
ver to one of gold. When silver was
demonetized, in 187o, it was 3 per
cent, iibove gold, and it was debated
by tho syndicate which should bo
demonetized. Their object was not
This Scripture is usually interpret-, mflch ag to striko down half the re.
euio reier io ino "oman aiuoiw d tion m o the world, and
.i.urcu, aim peruaps propeny this doublacl the value ot the Nation-
uui i see no reason wi y iv imj uu Sfate &ad others bondg the miI
Micludo also a general view of a .1! lio'naireS had iavested in.
me corrupt nuuences, secular as , 4,Ag tbo principal ase of silver was
weii m rcng ous, wn cn nave luoir ; b demonetjze it woulll bo
nai.uauon," ami uoia in ino , . . valaQ as compared with
great cities. .A ! gold-and it is absurd, after destroy
n is no wiDM mat u Fij cu- , r principal u?e of silver, to say
ies, or rather the controlling infla-, d 'ted. it has only de-
enceain tnem stana as a ami ror m- j iated wheu mcaBareJ ia gold,
creasing ana centralizing ine powers , - . . . , t,i A 0 ,,ce of
silver will buy as muchcottou, corn,
wheat, etc., as it ever did. The ap
parent fall in tho value of cotton,
wheat, corn, filver, etc., is really on
ly appreciation ot gold wmcu is
double its tormer value by oeing
made the sedo redemption money.
Uold will now buy double the former
amount of produce, silver, etc. ihe
W . 1 . . Ul'llll 111 IUI 3 1 "WIVU
oi civu iiDerty in mia country n n ...f t, .Umonf.tizationWo-oId
croaenments oi auieu monopolies in
M . -1
v'lbHUiau ol t.ltct ll-
Uald Tkir CU A Lars K
tktaU Crv4 l Altlne-ll-(ta
Osomb to Ui Vtlu -
The Bertie eoanty Popnlut on
vention met in tne court hoa in
Windsor, on Tuesday the 14th inet.
Uin la Xw Tvrk.
Chablotti. N. C, July 22 - J. P.
Myr, the defaulting' c&thit-r cf tb
Beaboard Air-Line, i to-dy
eaaght by Pinkerton detectives in
New York It will reruemlxred
Iii tt coui.ty Peoples Paity con
venti5".tiie in th town of Ldlin
ton on G-.h day of Joly, lb'JG. Mr.
Z. T. rvivet exiled the convection to
order. H. N. Bizzell, D. J. Senter,
Geo. K. Byrd, Alex Wetand Henry &t 12 o'clock, and was called to or- tht Myers skipped boat tea dsyt
Groom were appointed committer on der by Chairman J. M. Early, wbo ago wilh a woman of shady charae
permaoent organization, and the in a brief and patriotic speech, stat- ter, taking with hiai about thirty-
committeo macio tne louowmg re-ied the obieet of the meeting, unifive hondred of the Seaboard
port: Dr. J. W . I'ipkin, chairman; motion Mr. H. P. Harrell was eleet
W. G. Byrd, Secretary, and A. T. ed chairman and Mr. C. M. Early
On motion of Mr. W. W. Outlaw,
the chairmen of the different town
ships were appointed a conference
committee to confer with the Demo-
of the general government to be
ud for private or sectional ad
vantage, tor controlling the cur
rency within such limits as that it
may be manipulated to affect prices ;
in the interests of monopoly, and
lastly, for the interlacingof American ;
with foreign interests for the ulti-1
mate purpose of using such "en-j
,....): ii: ii il.
MUHUKU1UWBB loqueu me bpil 11 fanil
h - . ill t a.1 Ul'JVVt JL IUU U'.ui,'uiiimo"
mi I I uircit rt, 1 1 at unti t k I-k-kl (ho o n , .
uciuu uyuiu in iU5
' mtll '1 l. inltlrtfil ." W O TT 1 f J
control of tho general government. dg jn Kl the hoIdcr3 oC Jour
So it i the most comprehensive Natiout)il 1debt' WPnH donble thoir
iiKitrc ui suvctu m an rueioiio 11
Arnold assistant Secretary. On mo
tion that each township select its
own delegates to the State, Consres
hioual. and Senatorial conventions.
Tne following is a list of delegates:
Andtrdson Creek Township State,
L. T. West, and M. A. Elmore; Con
gressional, Alexander West, l. J.
MtCorquodale; Senatorial, J. S. In
groom, B. B. W Ft.
Ivansboro State, I. W. Taylor, D.
S. Williams; Congressional, H. N.
BizzelJ, L. P. Jernigan; Senatorial,
G. 1. liodges, W. Y. 'Gatney.
Barbecue State, J. J. ltosser, W.
It. Graham; Congressional, D. T.
Douglas, J. W. S. (taster: Senatorial,
J. P. Kvles. J. W. Lester.
Buck Horn State, A. T. Arnold,
N. T. Johnson; Congressional, Da
vid Wheeler, J. W. Stephenson;
Senatorial, T. E. Smith, David
Ulack Kiver State, John G. Ad
ams, J. P. Iloneycutt; Congressional,
J. It. Youug, Y. Q. Utley; Sena
torial, S. J. Gardner, John Matthews.
Grove State, John P. Parker, L.
M. By let; Congressional, Kev. Wni.
Byrd, It. Ai. Parker; Senatorial, Ali
sou Stewait, J. B. Kyles.
Hestor h Creek State, D. H. Sen-
ter, D. H. Matthows; Congretsioual,
G. D. Spence, J. A. Johnson; .Sena
torial, T. H. Smith, G. B. Johnson.
Mills CrefcK State. L. H. Marks,
II. II. Horner; Congressional, H. fl.
Poe, 1). M. Hamilton ; Scnatoiial, Wr.
J. Enui?, A. D. Bvid.
Lillington State, Z. W. Pipkin,
W. d. Byrd; Senatorial, B. W. Byrd,
W. Ji. Ennis.
Stuart Creek-State, W. A. Parker,
S. L. Parker; Congressional, ii. M.
Allen, J. W. Byrd; Senatorial, G. E.
Byrd, S. N. Parker.
Upper kittle ltivrr State, W. M.
Patterson, J. M. B. Thomas; Con
gressional, W. D. Patterson, F. M.
P. McLeod; Senatorial, F. M. Mc
Kay, Paul McKay.
Delegates at large Geo. D. Spence,
S. W. Parker.
Tho following gentlemen were ap
pointed committee on resolutions:
H. N. Bizzell, M. A. Elmore, J. J.
Rosser, J. G. Brown, S. J. Gardner,
D. A. Stuart, D. H. Senter, A. D.
Byrd, Z. T. Kivert, B. F. Truelove,
W. M. Patterson, and submitted the
following resolutions:
Whereas, That part of the now
existing Constitution of the United
States formed by our forefathers and
ratified by the State of North Caro
lina, November 21st, 1789 that re
fers to money has never been
changed, and
Whereas, Said constitution gave
Congress the solo power to coin
money and regulate the value there
of and unit bills of credit and gave
the several States the right to make
funds. Chief of Police Orr, of Char
lottee, goes to Raleigh to-night to
procure the necessary papers, aa
Myers refused to return without a
Myers took his arrest resignedly,
sorrowfully admitting his identity
cratic and republican committees I and yielding to his captors withont
ho ask for a conference for the I struggle oi Drotest. Twelve hiin-
purpose of effecting fusion or co-op-dred dollars was found on hini. My
eration with the Populists. While
the conference was being held, Hon.
James B. Lloyd, of Tarboro. was in
troduced by Hon. James Bond, of
Windsor, In his usual pleasant way.
Mr. Lloyd then addressed the con
vention with a pointed, pleasant I said
and patriotic speech for one hour.
Your committee appointed to con
sider the propositions submitted by
the Democrats and Republicans,
would respectfully suggest to the
ers confessed bis guilt, but declined
to say what had become of the mint
ing $2,000.
Mrs. Bisonette stood the arrest of
her companion with iron composure.
T " ill rvi vta mg rt fnvm 1 1 n ' iriA
V 1 & K t V AA V JU IV LA OS) V 4A
"Not that I care personally
what might be said about me, but
that I wish to protect my family
from disgrace.
"1 did not know of this embezzle
ment. My friend's arrest has blight
ed my hope and ruined my life. Oh,
1 loved him 1 love him still.
finnvAnfinn that n o i r ntt c u i rt nrrm. I yes.
Ko ActraA mnA a I Otherwise, I should not bo in this
take them under advisement, so that P8ition to-day."
we can act in the best and wisest
On motion, the report was adopt
ed. On motion the convention pro
ceeded to elect delegates to the va
rious conventions. The following
were elected as delegates:
State Convention M. J. Ray
ner, M. L. Wood, H. P. Harrell, J.
M. Early, W. G. Burden, W. A.
Capehart, Geo. T. Bynum, L. P.
H. Liverman, T. H. Pritchard, A.
W. Snell, E. Bazemore, W. C. Liver
man, H. A. Hobbs.
Senatorial Convention W. W.
Outlaw, Ervin Pritcbard, J. C.
Tynes, J. S. Mitchell, John P. Mor
ris, Josiah Early, J. E. Tadlock,
John P. Slade.
National Delegate Hon. James
Bond; alternate, H. P. Harrell.
According to Mrs. Bissocette'sl
story she is the daughter of a physi
cian in Anderson, S C, where the
first met Dr. Bissonette.
Two children were born before the
discovery was made that Ds. Bisson
ette had another wife. About this
time she met Myers, and his down
fall began. Later he confessed to
his wife and was forgiven, but on
July 11th, while on the street with
his wife be deserted her, joined the
Bissonette woman and disappeared.
Cloudburst Caused Sodden Flood That
fKMl fir KmII I tfcj MSMt.KOMBW
Villas T.rM).M4 With tMr.
Um - W mtmmm 4 CfclMrai Im (-
Sunn, Wub, July ;i Kr-i
fires Ul night dtrtj-4 the lofcmr
camp of W. M.CIoihirr t Nn s.1 rr
trsl utAtion of tbe ItelUngbam lUv and
British Columbia Ksllwaj. Thr b.
is estiinsttJ at I Tb entire
country north of brre is in fimr.
The fire is gradually workii'sT toward
Vakcui vse. It. C July Al.n
the Northern Kailwav, beleen W bat
com and iobro,bu.L fires have burn
ed many farm building and railroad
ties. At Viocouvrr iat nifbl ltrrr
were two fires, rauiwd by uparks from
the bush fires, a )iuum and steamer b
inir burned.
I'nless rain comes imo large tracts
of timber along thr I riirr nr will
be drbtroyed. Ien smoke has set
tled down ovf r the seaport town, and
it is with the greatest dittieulty tt.M
navigation can be carried on.
Victoria. It. C' Julj 2X The south
ern half of Vancouver Island has turf
seen clear atmosphere for several days,
owing to the bruh fires everywhere
raging, causing immense damage to
properly, and making travel on conn
try roads extremely dangerous. The
worst reports of damage reached this
city from Alberni !at night. That
city is surrounded by one immense
fire, which nas taken entire posses
sion of Mineral Hill, a wealthy sec
tion. The flames have destroyed tH build
ings in the Duke of York mine. China
Creek, and are now within two or
three miles of town, having burned
numerous camps, bridges, etc.
There were many narrow escapes
from death. Women and children had
to be kept under the piping of hy
draulic mines and dreuched with wa
ter to prevent them from being scorch
ed. The damage to property thus far i
estimated at over half a million dol
lars, and the loss on burned timber
will reach well into the millions.
TVar of Southern KrelgUt 1 1.
Baltimore, July 21. The Mer
chants and Miners' Transportation
Company, which operates lines of
steamships between this port, Sa-
T If r.-U. rort SiImo AWo R4-oo
tW r -t tTrt M tu
t mmlf !, I'swo I ln1
liwM I mtm mw.
Watxj, X. C. Jaly 2J.-W-have
Kreat cause to eosgTatalate
oars Ives upon our political arhievew
meats. Indeed, our grand old Pop
ulist Party, spneginc a few years
back from a mere infant, has bow
grown to be a whale ia Ihe jo!ittal
We Lave l-cn abated atd ridi
culed a&d onr leaders have Wa proe
eenttl, petsecated and even eggtd
and pired, but we have hoen
iaitbtnl and bote c ur trials as true
men should and ss only tru tuea
roall. WLat is the r-salt tt-dayl
Why just IiHk and teho!d! Yoa are
the- atTaits -f this great nation aa
they ate swayed trom the mobopulie
tie pain cf de.tructi. u into the hands
f an Lt tet !odr; teing rescued
fioni tyranny aud placed opos the
road to refoiin and prserity. And
this gnat accotnhabiunt i alone
through the Peoples Party. Jod
IdcFS Ler. 1 rhall contince to sing
herpraiesas lorg aa I am able to
wield a pen.
The prosperity of this great coun
try depends alone upon the princi
ples and demands of our puty faith
fully discharged. These are the prin
ciples of the great Jefferson who his
only passed over the river, but not
dead, for such men never die.
As we have about conquered one
half of the great army of monopo
ly's greed aud they having surren
dered and adopted almost our own
platform, let us art as beconx brave
soldiers and refrain from heaping
too much abuse and ridicule upon
our former abusers, but extend them
a warm, brotherly Land upon our
platform and bid them welcome in
our ranks if they will help us to con
tinue the great battle for reform.
The Peoples Patty is rapidly edu
cating the people. See the result
of the Chicago convention.
If any are so ignorant as to think
the Peoples Party will be dissolved
silver snr.DiKo in ceiico.
MM f ACTS RttAROtftt LAtOft A
tM . a rtoi
Tae newspaper rf tkis e-vaatry
which advoeatex gold sBetahstA,
assert that t ha -rs per it y of Mettew
is da eatirely t tb tart tbat its
earreaey is iBflst. iLat is to aay.
that it is givoa a upwd valao
which in teal-.ty it bas not. aaJ that
it has brought into etitaeo aa ac
tivity which is bat r-rae!
and on a solid fouadaUoa. It ie ai
at all surprising that a tk. rr. c(
a preeidcatial rit;.a. aairh. tr
haps, may W dctde4 ia far of
free einagr of silver, and agaia.t
gold tuonooietalliesB. that the"ad
taobey ptosa should eadecvor to d
eeive tL Aneneaa peopU with ro
gard to tho eoaditioa of affairs ia
Mexico. The follow Inc letter, (clip
ped from tha Silver Kaighflt, writ
ten by a resident of Metioo to a
friend in Kansas, eerta;aly eoatra
diets the statements of the "eouud
money" press in regard toMetuo:
rorta SLr4lBa UkM o4 IUm
trtM. Office of Mexican Central li IV. (
I'M j of Mexico, Mex. June 2.. S.T..
FkANk It. FokkEvT, 1".-.,
Jewell City, Kaas.
DeakSiu: Anssieiieg your favor
of the Kith iuataot. 1 enekiee yoa
a copy of an article, which I have
prepared in answer to many ieai
ries which we receive in reference to
our silver standard. However, as
this article does not answer all tho
(lueations yon ask in your letter, 1
will answer the others as follows:
I would like to call your attention
to these farts: That business fail
ures in Mexico are almost unknown.
We hare no strikes such as ato eon
stantly disturbing romturrrr in the
I nited Mates, huea a thitr
Swept House. Away. Mcouisuifis uciwct-u mis oii, o- . . rvp, , . .uj ww. .r unrui t niteU stales. rUCH a thltg as
T, , , ... . vannah, Boston, and Providence, all I let me say they are vastly mistaken. I Coxer'sarmv is never dreami f
!h..jB,!L.C1V7wA, whih call kt Norfolk and Old A great worlay before, and we 'i.!
cloudburst at Benson's Creek, four
miles from here, resulted in the
drowning of at least ten persons to
day. They were James Bradley, a
five children,
Point. Va., to-day met the cut of 31 are going on with the charge with
per cent, on freight and passenger I our faces to the front holding aloft
trathc bv the Seaboard Air ljiue and our banners. lor tbey niut-t never
Southern Railway Company and trail in the dust. Be faithful, breth-
their steamship allies. Ofiicials of I ren; we are educating a nation and
farmer, his wife, and
On motion, the convention ad-an??' jnr8, "Tani, a wiuo, ana two tne company assert that they will rescueing homes and children from
journed to meet again August the
i ciscs ia m iuo Hiiumsui " competitors.
TB, -. inS u 116 aBa.asQ- As an inducement to travelers to
villa Railroad bridge across it was MfrnBi t.;, Una tha n.i n.
. . uiiivuiiiu tuvii iiui a auv v s va
owojii, awoj. nus. urj.uii Seaboard's connect on announ-
wants it at wages to enable them to
supply all necessary wants. Our
banks are paying from II to 17 pr
cent, dividends rer annum. Mano-
17th, 189G.
H. P. Harrell,
C M. Early, Secretary.
This was the largest and most en
thusiastic convention ever held in
Bertie county. It was composed of
the representative farmers of the
county not a lawyer, doctor or
banker in it.
A Populist
toll-gate near the bridge. The little
toll-house was right on the creek,
and just across from James Brad
ley's. The Conway mill, just above,
was the first to go. Its timbers
must have swept away the Bryant
and Bradley houses.
facturing enterpusoa whose fronts
am Lnm n am Mrin v fmn til il
maoT Env fai n r-T nn in i-nrca r v iimir I iuiiim vnii m rH I r i n it 1 1 1 i nn n.r T n i . .
,;.wtafil,a "vv,"r' . . j pfrwiu, auu invaie concerns wbo
wt. s,u.u I nAm nniiAo I AfldlA VA thsMtl A trill vffsaoifl hWiAfi I . 9 l.i - ...
. I - S 1 t ' M " A I
our piaiiorm auu rrincipjCS IT IX I rtrnnta am knnn ! ti t.e..,..M.
makes the ground tremble. 1 think, as a rule, land owners hor
" IS - a B - -
o e win never turn uaca until our
the divine revelator did intend byi
this ''great city Babylon'' to picture
the mind and purpose which actu-1
ates the great centres of trade, its
unity of power, the oneneds and the
universality of tho havoc and confu
sion which the selfishness of the'
great cities has wrought in modern !
civilization. It is no wonder that :
they feel soma anxiety lest the '
plagues that are written in this Book '
should come upon them; and while i
they are not yet casting any "dust '
ou thoir heads," there is aa unmis-'
takablo plaint in this their lan-
guage: j
Kor the second time in tho history
of this paper a political crisis has
been precipitated upon the country,
which transcends all normal party
property. The swindle is so simple
we are astounded at its audacity.
'Silver, as you see above, from the
report of tho United States Suptr
inUsdtnt of Mint, is not now being
mined as much as gold, and as to
past accumulation of the metals,
there is les3 than 10 pounds of silver
to one of gold. If both were on the
same footing, as prior to 1S73, the
price of silver would b, (as it was
then), a little in favor of silver, as
gold would cease to be a 200-cent
dollar, as it has been artificially
"Tho effect of the present situa
tion upon debtors and tax-payers is
precisely the same as if you bad
promised to pay 1,000 bushels of
wheat and the creditor had indueed
tho legislature to pass a law making
a bushel of wheat 120 pound-?, and
be claimed his 1,000 bushels. Wo
considerations, forbids th indul-! have promised to pay our .National
L'ence of all nartv svmnathies. and ' and individual creditors in dollars,
summons every commercial naoer. i and thoso creditors have procured
every trade journal and everv busi-1 legislation which makes a dollar 200
ness man to the rescue of our threat-: cents, thus requiring double tho
entd financial integrity and com-1 cotton, corn, wheat, etc., to pay our
mercial honor. It is a challenge and ' tax?s and debts
a defiance to the commercial sanity
of the country. It raises more thau
a party issue. It presents to every
intelligent merchant and tradesman
Yours truly,
Walter Clark.
Hyde County P. P. Convention.
The county convention of the
Peoples Party for Hyde county was
called to order on the 20th day of
July, 1896, at 10 a.m., by D. Wahab,
On motion, Dallas Wahab was
elected permanent chairman, and L.
H. Swindell was elected secretary.
All of the different precincts were
the said coins a tender in payment of "Presented except Engelhard and
On motion, C. F. Benson, J. J
McGowan, D. Wahab, W. T. Berry,
W. S. Harris and B. J. Carawan
were elected delegates to the State
On motion, D. Wahab, S. S. Lup
ton, E. B. Cutrett, W. A. Russ, J. R.
Credle, Jas. Hodges, D. M. Cara
S. Jarvis, W. T. Berry, W.
flVlAnf mania lint it ia nrnKaltlu tlint
These houses I a-1 :i I kn.'(ranennrt,;nn ci.t.
themselves must have hit the rail- roonif and two meai8 on cither line
roaa Driage, as no mui iimoers are before m d
nnnti hAlin. TU k.,jl n mo a I .
ces that free berths will be given I demands are enacted into law and
holders of tickets to and from Rich-1 then we will all join in a chorus of a
mond. The Southern's new line to I duty well performed and continue in
Richmond was inaugurated last I our honest efforts to build up the
week. Nothing has yet been said I greatest nation on earth.
away with terrible force.
debts, and
Whereas, Aliens or foreigners,
aided by traitors in this country,
have succeeded in inducing Con
gress, secretly or otherwise, to pass
laws that, in their operation, annuls
the Constitution of the United States,
as applied to money, and given that
right to certain incorporation known
as national banks, and
W hereas, Tho Democratic party
thing about it, iron and all, except
the main abutment, is gone.
All railroad trains from Frank
fort, Lexington, and intermediate
points are cut off from Louisville.
Ten minutes after the cloudburst.
Benson Creek, which emptys into
the Kentucky River immediately be-
was a raging, swollen river,
covering the valley on either bank
and sweeping everything before it.
Slew and Burned In Had Rage
Attica, Mich., July 21. Gorman
wain, a farmer living one mile
south of this place, early this morn
ing killed three of his children with
a knife, set fire to his house, and
Tho SnnttiArn Kfitci PVoirrVit an.1
Every-1 Traffic Association will hold a spe
cial meeting in Atlanta to-morrow
to consider the rate war and devise
a plan for concerted action on the
part of the twenty-five rail and wa
ter lines, members of the organization.
A bad Accldeut.
Washington, N. C July 23.
While crossing the bridge on his bi
cycle hear yesterday James 1. Fowle,
Jr., son of Samuel R. Fowle, failing
to notice that the draw, through
which a tug had just passed, was not
entirely closed, was thrown from his
wheel into the river and struck the
bridge in falling. His body waa
soon found, but all efforts at resns
S. Harris, B. J. Carawan, C. F. Ben- ;l " TJ. ib-1 citation were unavailing, the blow on
-wr w tj t a a:uu I mg nimseli through the heart. kiw .i im.;0
nati aDsoiuie control or tne govern- uT . r, c..., ' owain was aoout rorty-eignt years jv. - m ii
. .1 v aiouuuti jaarns, v. omiesueiry, , . . 7 , , .- ucam. xouukui. x- o 10 ,.. ucoi-
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 i.ii.iH. nil ivH K in 1 1 ti rnriunia i r 1 1 n tti .
Orin Selby. were elected delegates r: "7 L.yr?.r:r ly years of age. The deepest
to the Congressional and Senatorial B",nc.eH- "au, ?, V1 eni rrKl sympathy is felt hero by all for his
bereaved parents and their many
meet of tho United States from the
4th day of March 1S93 to the 4th day
of March 1895 and the Republican
party had sufficient control of the
u.1.i u . county executive committee
r.ja;,rA .nJtn rtnr t tbJ Th proceedings of said meeting
government the constitutional pow-
stances. He had a violent temper,
J c 1 1 4.1 . j 4. u:n I;nna auu iui jooia usu iurcaiiiou 10 mil 1
liuuiouuuiio. 1 1.:. r :i j 1. : i e tt- c I
The chairmen of different town- " " u
uieu ittoi. biiiuk, Mueo wuicu lime
c m : v, n v,nn. c . 1 I
-1 J r ur.v.l. u : c iU I "oiu n vutuuiou i ivuipcr uavo
lan mmmf; Miauviu ui iuc eu Dili -m . . 1 n i I UiCVi ia
ment since the 4th day ot March 1890 1 n Wb., nf fv,tt lwain's outbursts of temper
were put before the house and unan-
Cleveland's II umlllntlon.
: St. I.oin'd Post-DUratijh.l
a tremendous public peril and a duty Mr. Cleveland ha3 been bmmilia
to no uiscnargcil with regard to it. tod
it seems to us that the action of
the so-called Democratic national
convention at Chicago imposes a
duty upon every business man in the
United States to actively exert him
self in defense of the threatened bus
iness interests. The finances of the
nation must not be thrown into dis
order. Our honor as a people who
have always paid their debts in full
in money that was worth its face
value in every market place in the
world, must not bo sacrificed. Our
vast foreign trade must not be disor
ganized and subjected to a long pe
riod of waste and loss, caused by a
11 actuating currency ehanges. Our
still vaster internal trade must not
be thrown into the abyss of inflation
that is always produced by the issu
ing of a debased currency and the
inevitable driving out of gold, where
by all values and prices are first
forced upwards to fictitious figures
which they cannot bo maintained,
with the result that when they drop,
as they must when the reaction
comes, disaster and rniu mark the
path of the recoil from the debauch
of inflation throughout the Union
All these things will come to pass if
the reserve forces of the conserva
tive business classes are not called
intoeffective action to prevent them.
There are, it ia true, gratifying
signs that the cause of sound money
is already in a fair way to be vindi
cated in the pending contest. Dem
ocrats who have stayed in their party
ranks all their lives are coming in
thousands to the direct support of
William McKinley, of Ohio. It is
now peen, with growing distinctness
that McKinley is no longer the mere
in the house oE his friends, or of
those who should bo his friends.
Them was no disposition among
the delegates who went to Chicago
for tho purpose of declaring Demo
cratic principles to condemn the
Cleveland administration in any for
mal or organized way. Ihe party
was willing to extend to Cleveland
tne cnarity ot its silence, it was
impossible for a Democratic conven
tion to approve Clevelandism, but it
was possible to repudiate him by the
eloquence t f silence. . This was the
conro determined upon. It was the
st'Utim: at of every man in tho ma
jority with but tew exceptions, it
was dictated by motives not only ct
party policy, but of public decency.
When the gold minority in the
platform committea placed in the
ni'nority report a resolution indors
ing Cleveland it invited that con
demnation of the President which
tho convention had been anxious to
avoid. It forced the party to spew
out tho bad taste in its mouth which
it had been willing to swallow for
the sake of decency. Mr. Hill's the
atricals made a bad matter neither
worse nor better.
It is impossible not to sympathize
witn JUr. Cleveland in hi3 humiha
turn- He ha3 been disgraced by
those he nas served. He has been
left naked by those whose livery he
has worn. The party which has
heaped honor and emolument upon
him has been forced, against its
will, to brand him as unworthy, false
to it and to the country.
Et tu, Brute?
Are 70a helping to spread the cir
pnlation of the GaucAjbiAJT?
ukiuuicui iu uunsuiuuuua. imonslv accented
,r of controling its money, therefore imonsly accepted.
T 1L il i. ii T I -1.
xvtsuij v J.6L, mm we, ma ireu-
ples Party of Harnett county in con
vention asembled, do declare to the
public that we will not vote for or
assist in me election or. any man in Action of
either one of the existing parties to
any Federal office from the lowest to
tho highest except he be pledged to
use his entire ability for the restora
tion to the government of the con
stitutional power of money as exer
cised before 1873, and not then ex
cept bis words and public record will
bear him out in said pledge.
Resolved 2nd, That while we re
affirm our allegiance to the Omaha
platform and in all its demands,
yet, to show our faith by our works,
we will m the present campaign lay
asida all other planks in onr
national platform except that on fi
been more frequent and of a more
violent nature than eyer.
He had trouble last Sunday even
ing with three of the older children
Fred, aged nineteen; Anna, aged
v . , r . "& "" ,i vi:. ii. y. j i w
vears. He whipped them severelv "o J "muci ...
.rwi v ,aa nA:i,i,nv'a Allerton, after a conference with
honse. He tried to induce them to
friends throughout the Statu will be
grieved to learn of this sad accident.
Republican National Finance Committee.
The roster of the finance commit
tee, which is to have the collection
and distribution of campaign funds
for the western headquarters, was
lie Ulves The I'eople of CI vtlaad Coaily
I'mtent Tbo City UlsbnUi It. Haa
riredth Anniversary.
Cleveland, July 22. The Celebes
tion of the founding of Cleveland, 100
years ago, was commenced at midnight
by a salute ot 100 guns reinforced by
steam whistles, bells, and fireworks.
The national salute was fired at S:30,
and the citizens oi Cleveland, as well
aa 10,000 strangers, gave up all thougbt
ot slumber and turned out to celebrale.
1 be exercises toolL place in the great
armory where the recent Methodist
conference was held. Mayor McKis-
son delivered an address of welcome.
There were some remarks by James
C.lloyt, who is called the Ilepew of the
V est.
,S. J. W. Cowles, of Cleveland, an
nouneed that John 1'. Rockefeller au
thorized him to say tbat be offered as
a gift to the people of Cleveland 27i
acres of land tor park purposes, valued
at more than tiioo.outi. The gift was
accepted, and the park will bear Mr.
Kockeleller s name. The announce-
inent of this handsome gift was rn
tbusiaslically cheered. Kockeleller
l'ark will be one of uncommon beauty.
henator Joseph Jt. Ilawley delivered
the oration of the day. The address I pound; wool from $0 to $7 a arroba
was ncu in Historical data, and the or- of Zo poonds, (or 25 cents per pound).
afrit .' A fiLriaffrfsh a.f t Ii eiaa t ti Ifl - .
-..w. ftU.v soa.ivu va uv s- va I II AY lft DOI IB it AttaViwI
rZZrFuM" green fodder mixed with
ments nd f peopfeof mi&&iZ"h Corn LbU
other New Kngland States. He noted P?r 100 Ionnds. The normal pneo
the fact that Ibo years ago to-day Cleve- of corn U about one cent per pound.
are or a mora intelligent elaas than
the farmers of the United States. As
a rule the laborers are of a leas in
telligence, excej t where Americans
employ ignorant foreigners, in which
case the Mexican labor ia of a U t
ter class and higher intelligence.
I'asaenger conductors are raid a
salary of 1G0 per month. Freight
conductors are paid by the mile and
their salaries run aa Liirh as 1-00
per month. Kogioeers are also paid
by the mile and are paid from il75
to $200 per month, in a few eases a
little more. Firemen are paid about
100 pt r month. The salaries of de
pot agents vary greatly, ranging
from $j0 to f IM per month. Tele
graph operators receive from f-40 to
vl2T per month. Clerks in tho gen
eral offices receive from f25 to tZW.
per month. The smaller salaries are
paid to boys and the largest to tho
chief clerks. I'iviaion superintend
ents receive IXiO per month, divi
sion train master 1175. Carpenters
and joiners from el to fl per day.
uncle masons from fl to (J per day.
Street car conductors tl and drivers
75 cents. The wages indicated
above are given to both native and
foreign artisans. The less experi
enced receiving the lowest figures,
the largest amounts being paid to
tho skilled workmen. Wheat is
worth fll per 350 pounds, (or fl.85
a. . v . aw.
per uuanei;. lotion is c.nta per
return home, but they refused, and
probably saved their lives
M a! tvl, Hi-a nrora aerkiiaA.t .xj ilia
o burning of Swain's house shortly
.. . . . . .... arriir . a'k nnt Into mnrnnir When
the national ban&s ot this city to TV i i .u T 1x1 j camoaitrn f und
protect the Treasury 7old reserva. Lhey reached the place they found campaign tuna
. - n T
Now York Banks Regarding
Their Gold Holdinca.
New York, July 21. In
ance ot tne mtormai agreement
national Committeeman Jamicson.
There are 103 members, bankers and
capitalists being largely represented.
Mr. Allerton is likely to be made
chairman. The personnel cf the
committee is an assurance of a big
several meetings of bank ofiicials
were held again to-day to consider
the situation. Bank ofiicials gener
ally confirm the reports that the
banks are prepared to turn into the
sub-treasury an amount of gold ex
tending at least to half of their hold
ings. It is understood that Presi
dent Tappan, of the Gallatin Na
tional bank, and several other offi-
Frank Swain, sged eleven; Lucy,
aged nine, and Jimmie, aged seven
years, with their throats cut and
their father by their side, dead.
The Dutch, It Is Claimed, Controlled the
Disputed Beglon 200 Tears
London, July 22. The promised
Blue Book on Venezuela was issued
White Metal Hepablieaun of Kinmii lima.
an Addresa.
Oil H- I -1 1 .I 3! 11 - .1 .1 JWV
. . . . - i,.iat.iiflvuL 1 1 iiiii i j 1 1 r. 1 1 i im r in m h i 1 ' - . - n
nnuce, and meet either or both of the Zu a: 7C m " , im8 evening, in comprises o pages,
old rmrtifl if t',lfiv will liVpwiaB ,u. ".F"' tuo j-reasury ae- their contents consisting of docu
f i uiifuis iruiu iijc J7uicu auu uauisu
ine airectors ot tne .National City archives irom 1621 to 171W.
1 1 i a i , -CI . n ai ,
uhuk met mis morniner. ana screen i muuiai
Topeka, Kan., July 22. At the
State silver convention held in thU
city last Thursday a committee ot
Republicans was appointed to draft
an address to the Republicans of the
State in the interest of free coinage.
The address was issued yesterday
and consists of a large array of doc
umentary evidence going to show
that prioe to this year the Hepubli-1 Can nominee.
land commenced its career with a pop
ulation oi four persons.
The Cioldbaga Will Make Ite.pxrale
A Fpecial Washington dispatch to
the iiaitimore nun says
"The Republican Congressional Cam
paign Committee is planning, it is un
derstood, to secure a majority in the
House of Jtepresentatives favorable to
out, owing to drouths in various
parts of the country the Present
price is unusually high.
bite sugar 12 cents per pound.
native brown about 4 cents. Batter
75 cents per pound, eggs 25 ents tier
dozen, bacon, imported, about M
cents per pound, native 30 cent.
beefsteak 19 cents per pound.
ueer cattle Irom about f 30 to 135
I per head. Beef cattle are not sold
by the pound. Hogs, the price) is
sert themselves of all other demands,
on a common ground of co-operation
and work tor the election of
cans of Kansas have been in favor I men in the Cast are to be beaten.
of free coinage of silver. Former! The article concludes as follows :
"ii is Beginning to be seen tbat
souna money, even ii tne free silver regulated by the Kansas City price,
sentiment should defeat McKinley." I ii ,, . r
ri,. Horses, fine carnage horses, are
plan can be worked by a fusion of the .h Pr j?ir aUu1t l,'0Wt or
sound money candidate only in each I to ir300. Common horses about f LjO
district. In the Democratic districUlPer pair. Common mules from elO
the Itepublicans would vote for a Iem-1 to f00 per head.
ocrat.and in the Republican districts! Cows, imported milea cows, from
tne iemocrats wno iavor me gold fioo to 250. Ciood native milch
bianuaru wumu auppyr iue wpuoii- MW lroo mDorle(l lt9ek from GU
au w ass 9 wesBjw a sac vri
gold, 1G to 1, a graduated income tax.
abolition ot banks of issue and all
paper money be issued by the na
tional government.
Respectfully submitted to the com
Dr. J. W. Pipkin,
the bank's share toward replenish- aA!or. .more tian tw0 centuries prior
in th Tr.tnn va,AA tttii ! to i?t) tne uutcn controlled tne tern
ul "-w" -"t oui ior thafr their control was recognized
" f""'1"" ciwwmoui luoio wuuiu I cne opaniarus.
uo uu neea or protective measures
I At the same time the
summary is prefixed, State platforms are quoted, as well
as resolutions, adopted by Re
can legislatures demanding
dispute, and f silver at the rat5t' of
cognized by 1- , ir.
auu lur toe eietuon oi suckbiu. .rtrite;hr,to lonnnnnn ; I which claims that the documents nrove : .aa k I should the Democrats carry both
pledged to free coinage of silver and 1Z "vm.hZ ZZ that for more than two centuries prior tV, Z .i the Presidency and the House of liep- ranches) of the eonntry tt u custom.
to J0, and ordinary range cows I1C.
r arm laborers receive from 35
cents to 45 eents per day and found.
Un the large haciendas (farms or
W. G. Byrd. Sec'y.
The committee insitts that Kaneas
The Standard will to-morrow sav I Republicans, to be consistent, can-
same time the Exchange that if a day is not afforded the Oodo- not snrtDort McKmlev and Hobart
market is very strong, and exports!8011 in "he House of Commons to or a single gold standard.
sir frniii urn v a a w a n a -i . si niwihh vpiiiriii sains i hiihiihihii sis-ni,
Thursday and Saturday to a fairly
large extent.
Strike of Immense Proportions Amom
iew York Garment Workers.
New York, July 22. The strike of
The gold reserve y estei da v stood
at $8,0U3,SUD.
Joseph Weslev Harper Dead.
New York. July 21. Joseph Wes-
And 81111 Oar Land. go.
Washington, July 22.-The
reseniauves, it is ny no means cer
tain that free silver legislation will re
sult. There will probably be a num
ber of sound money Democrats elected
to the next House, and tbey would
not oy any means ieei oouna to sup
port a free coinage bilL With
out a tilver majority in the House a
ary to rive each laborer a small tract
of land for his own use. No charre
is made for this. Owing to tbo fact
that land is held in largo traeU, tbo
owner can well afford to do this, as
it enables mm to secure bis labor at
a less figure and renders it certain
silver Pretident would be powerless to I that they will not leave the place,
do more than to exhaust the gold re-1 Owing to climatie conditions from
tration, she second reading of the Ap
propriation bill will enable the discus
sion to be raised. It is the general te of the interior has anDroved 6erTe nd iD8'st UDon the ue W to 10 a year will supply all tho
P KS! LJ "5" OfP?!ion VUYl lands Elected X.IF A. .AIm of tho ordinary iVrZ laborer
oansuurjr ia voo tiiaitt ana oesicaiing i , , . T1 . i lion oi oeruiucuv oonsaiions." I ; i, . .
in responding to the advance of Secret by raUroads: Northern Paeift-.Rail- The goldbugs may overreach them- l?if. V.7i,wii? ?C ' V' 4
Ury of State Olney. road, 128,002 acres in the Helena selves Unless silver Democrats In-1"- As tha food ration u largely
Tne convention between ureat Jin- ana xsozeman iana aisiricts, non- leist on a rule or ruin policy the rold- """e Vi U1UI sua vegeiaoies.
the tailors for the nurnose of comnel- ley Harper died to-day at his home I tain and Nicaragua for the appoint-1 tana, also 12.4SS acres to the samel ites could be beaten at their own srame. I and due to the fact that Boats and
1 . ." . . . I" AT.- ' i i -11 ... I - A . . . I .... . - " I . . 1 , . . .... ...
mis vny ttiior an uiness oi tnree I meni. oi a mixea commission 10 nx ine i road in the Spokane district: Or eon I -o goia uemocrar, or no one woo nas I rata axe aeinmemai to neaitn in tbis
eumaie, tne expense of living is
greatly red need.
Those who speak scornfully in re
lation to the condition of tho Mexi
can laboring class do so in exempli-
a a . .
neation ot ueir own gross ignor
ance. There is so country on tho
face of the earth where energy, abil-
.arPT$!. L?rl18her? , in 1894 was issued to-day in a Blue company m the Oregon City distnet, ch iu
int. Aiaiyoi waa uuru in urooK-1 Book. I Oregon.
lyn, March 16, 1830. After a prep-1 It was these disturbances that led to . : r
aratorv course he entered Colnmhia. the seiznr of th rvnrt nfrnrinmh.1 ine people wonaer wny unancial
I can tell
nuj5 uuiitraciors to renew ine contracts i 1X1 -'0 u muess oi inree l "" ui ""i uuiupioaiuu tu ui iue road m tne opoaane aisirict; ur gon
made witn tne employees last year con- weeis. He had long been a sufferer I amounts aue irom icaragua to iint-1 anj California Railroad, 17,329
uuiujj me uours oi wors to nicy per irom gout, up to last year he had " DUUJTOfc uiug iW 1UJU acres in the Rosebnrg district. Ore
I' "U 11JV,U . 4,ill3 lilUiUlilg,
and, it is expected, by to-morrow morn
ing about 8,000 workmen in this city
and Brooklyn will have quit work.
There is no question of wages raised.
A big mass meeting of strikers was
held. About 5,000 strikers assembled.
The meeting was held for the purpose
of making definite arrangements for I business, and entered the
conducting the strike and appointing Harper & Bros, in 1869.
a io uomer witu me contractors.
laiiors have no personal grievance
against the contractors but consider
that it is through them that they
have to bring the manufacturers to
The mass meeting decided to close
all co-operative shops at 3 p. m. to-day
in order that manufacturers cannot
gold Democrat, or no one wbo bas
been for the gold standard until the
present time should be sent to Con
l bey cannot be trusted. Call-
egg a good egg does not
change its nature, neither does call
ing a goldbug a cilrerite change his
college, and was graduated in 184S. I an armed British force to compel the Pnic cur 1''eqalfnVJ;
in 1850 yonng Harper started
A Sixteen te One Gavel Presented.
avail themselves of these shops.
Murder Near Franklinton.
Fracklinton, N. C, July 22. At
a negro pic-nic or political gather
ing near here to-day Genadns Jack
son, colored, was killed by being
s true witn a sticK. Jas. a. Moore.
son of ex-Sheriff J. J. Moore, is now
nnder arrest here charge with the
8t. Louis, Mo., July 21. The pre-ity, and capital will produce as rreat
- 1 tV m ., "n. . . I 1 . ' r a .
siuing omcer oi ine tr opniist Jon-1 restuu aa in Aiexieo. ana ner prow-
payment of the damages claimed by "em wny. w ine inieresc or ine
aeat iteitain . tJh.if f nnnaifi I bankers and brokers that they should
tt...i. i n.j i i-. r nmor. ie ii one oi ine tnnriont msth.
nu nH siutu u, vuc .iicr . . k. h , . ., IwAnt nn trill a 1R t 1 nsrit ! a s mr wtm A
ly useless knaves rob the producing. I It was presented to the National I to the fact that we are on a silver
Carlisle Slated For the Supreme Bench I manufacturing and mercantile classes I Committee to-day by 8. D. Walton, I basis. A. V. TEXPLX, Mgr.
nri.; t , -.. -r. I oi ineir nonesij earnings, it is one oi I a colored deletrate from (itnrtn. -a I
rtasuuigion, juiyx. iiavacan- the caief plans by which this infa- Isw t t t .1. oTI.T o government can lonr end ore
cy occurs on tne onpreme bench lmous rinr is rivetinz the chains f I nTL D " , C " : -. I where the tendency of the law is to
dunng the present administration slavery upon the limbs of labor. It is "7 gvei na sixteen upa oi auyer I create a monied aristocracy while the
will be likely to receive the one of the chief means adopted to auf w""ulwlun" " 01 1 masaes are made poor and dependent.
build up a money aristocracy that I "1UM,l B coueci-i 1 nomas w en erson.
ahall in idla Iiitiipt anrl mnju rlia I ed from seventeen States airtiMin I 1
Job printing in all its branches. A I retentions airs of nobilitr Man il I Southern and Western and one Eaat-1 rive copies of Tn CACClfLiS
tnai souoited. 1 Webster. lent State. 1 Utree Booths far ZLDO
Carlisle will be likely
tne appointment.

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