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; the Republican Presidential
Candidate Bi-metallism
Declared a Sham.
now in
How aro the silver dollar
Use different f
which would be in
we must
use under free ; Jint".r lice.
ftr.i n a r. . 'l L . . . . l . . i
w.uav. xucjr bih 10 iip or me Fame
weight and fineness; tbev arc to bear
the fame stamp of the governtne r.t.
Why would they not be of the same
value? I answer: The silver 0
r. McKinley Approvr the I'latlorm on
Wlilrh He Vn Nonilnatril -CUIiim That
I rea Coinage WouM I'rve a National
llUwater I'leilgea the I'arly to I'rotec
tlon "SoiiikI Money Mle Hard
Tlinm "
;I!anti)N, Ohio, Aug. -. - Maj
'Tilliam McKinley' formal letter a';-
fjtinff th Republican nomination
r JV(kjtiit was jshuciI to-day. It
iken in full abont 7,U0 words.
it 'I 1 . 11
n. i Mowing is an ansrract in which
,. .ilu-rit points aro given literally:
lion, .John M. Thurston, and
.ilit ri. Member of the Notification
( uriiiiiiltoe of tho liepublican Cm-
ni itiee:
nth-men: -In pursuance of tho
rnmiHea niado to your committer
Mi' ii notineu or my nomination as
the Republican candidate for I'rosi
i!t nt, I beg to submit thia formal ac
ceptance of tho honor and to eon
hi r m detail questions at issue in
tint pending campaign. iViliaps
.im might be unnecessary, in view
o in y remarks on that occasion,
uid those I have made to delega-
t uns mat nave visited mo tne
St. Louis convention, but in view of
tlif momentous importance of the
roper settlement of tho issues pre
cntetl on our future prosperity and
tanding a a nation, and cnider-
iii'' only tho weware ana tho happi
ness of our people, I could not be
content to omit again calling atten
tion to the questions which, in ray
opinion, vitally affect our strength
ml position among the govern
ment.! of tho world and our morality,
integrity and patriotism aa citizens
of that republic which for a century
past has been the best hope of the
world and the inspiration of man
kind. We must not now prove false
to our own high standards in gov
ernment, nor unmindful of tho noble
example and wiso precepts of our
fathers or of tho confidence and
trust which our conduct in the past
has always inspired.
For the first timo since 18fS, if
ever before, there is presented to
the American people this year a clear
and dirc.'t issue as to our monetary
pystem, of vast importance in its ef
fects, and upon the right settlement
of which rests largely the financial
honor and prosperity of tho country
It is proposed by one wintr of the
lars now in use were coine 1 nn ac
count f li yi(v rnment and not Tor; has been the
private account .r pain, and the
government Las pokmnly sgieed to
keeptbem : good as the Lett dollars
we have. The government bought
the silver bullion at its market value
and coined it into pilvir dollar.
Having exei'uivo control of the
mintage, it riy coins what i, cau
hold at a pur.ty with trold. The
profit, re pr sectiL. the dlTercmr.e be
tween th corumt reial value of t!u:
silver bullion t-.wl the IV-n value of
the silver dollar, goes to tho govern
ment for tho benelit of t!:e people.
Tho gv rmiicnt bought the silver
bullion contained in the sliver dol
lar at very much Jen than its coin-
agrt value. It p;id it out to its crcli-'
tora and put it in tircuia!it!i nmorr
tho ptopto at its face raltie of ofosie!
hundrtd cents or a full dollar. It!
- - i i . ...
rtijuircu mo jnopie in fecept it Sit- a
le.-.l teudtr and i.-; thus morally
bound t rii.' it t a parity with
trold, which was then, as now, the
recognized standard with us, and
tho most, enlightened nations in the
world. The government having is
sued and circulated the silver dollar,
it must honor and protect the holder
from h5M. This obligation it has so
far sacredly kept. Not only is there
a moral obligation, but there is a
egal obligation expressed in public
statute, to maintain the parity.
Thr.-o dollars in the particulars
I have named, are not tho same as
the dollars which would be issued un
der true ejinatr-1. They would be
mo saiue in iorni, out u'.litrent in;
Debayejut-nt of the currency means
th1 destruction of v&lces. No one
flnff'irs so ranch from cheap money
as thi fanner? and ubuwis. They
are hret to Jeel is br.d tUccts and
the 1'i-it to recover from them. This
uniioim experience cf
a.l countries and l.r. as lsewhere, '
tho poor, and not the rich, are al
ways the greatest eufirc-rs from every
attempt to debase oar niouey
Tho silver question is not the only
issue affecting' our money in the
pending content. Not content with
"'K'-'rj '" lire CM-'Uftje Biier, lis
strongest champions demand, that
our paper money thall be issued di-
, r ctly by the government of the Uni-
I 4 , .1 C . . mi .y . . i
jf .i puiv'b, mis is iiie nieago
: I'etijocratu; df ciarali..u. The St.
The Charleston Chamber of Com
merce Says Wired Bale Consti
tutes a Good Delivery.
juis declaration is that
Col. Bonfan'. iiallant cht for th Cot
ton Farmers-South Carolina AMlaueo
iaeM Sleet tbe CrUl Declare That Tbelr
Cotton Shall He Koand With Wire
Which Can He Purrhaaed at Half the
I'rlceofthe Truit Article.
ottxjn I'laut J
The death knell of the Cotton Tie
and through lawiul
tho govt rnnifcct.'' Th
to tne tree eoins-ri ot
iIe, We . 1 t.
an era of urliri);' -i,
paier cm rt-ncy .
The question whiv-h
out from ISGo to 1ST!) is
ro-op- nt,d, wit.) all its uncertainties
and cheap money experiments of
ev-iry ','..ncc i valdo foviu is thus
foisted upon us. This indicates a
ruo. t i r-1 1 tg rt!MetioL-.r3 policy,
strangely at variauco witli ve re
quiremcnt of s umd linanct; but tho
leclarat ions s!mv iho spirit and pur
peso of. t;;-)Sij wim by c;l;lhjaed ac
tion ato contending for the control
of the government. Not satisfied
with debasement of oar coin, which
follow tiiti free
HI to 1, it would
further du'rade our currency and
the public, honor by the is
n irredeemable paper cvir
A graver menace to our fi-
stscding at,d credit could
and every pa-
bo aroused to
effectually de-
teat it.
is a cau'-e for painful regret
and solicitude that an effort is be
ing made by those high in the coun
cils of the allied parties to divide the
of 1G to 1. Who would then main-i peoplo of this country into classes,
. j la 1 t 1 i 1 t 1 l H
tain tno parity i v nat wouiu Keep ana create oistinctions anong us,
them at par with gold? There would which, in fact, do not exist and are
oe no oDiigation resting upon tne i repugnant to our rorm ot govern
government to do ii, and if there men. Theso appeals to passion and
were, it woald be powerless to do it. : prejudice are beneath tho spirit and
mr na- Frust has been sounded!
The past week every objection or
obstacle to tho use of wire bas been
overcome. A satisfactory buckle
legal tender i r ih" pamont has been made, the strength of the
ebts, private ay.i pu'oiic' and wire has been demonstratel by prac- money bhall te
tfeneral jovernment only, without
i trie lntvrveiitiou of banks of" is-sne.
bn Jull le-ral tender 1 r ih'
be distributed
T t c Till liMn d
.lisburi.cients of
value. I he government would have would inevitably
no part in the transaction, except ! coinage of silver ?
to coin the i.iver bullion into dollars
It would suaro in no part of the
profit. It would take upon itself no
obligation. It would not put the
dollars into circulation. It could
only get them as tiny citizen could j hardly be conceived,
get them by giving something tor j triotic citizen would
them. It would deliver them to 'promptly meet and
sue o!;
those who deposited tho
its connection with tho
thero ends. Such are
dollars which would be
silver, and
the silver j
issued un
der free coinage of silver at a ratio
The simple truth is we would be
driven to a silver basis to silver
monometallism. These dollars, there-!
fore, would stand upon, their real :
the free and unlimited !
coinage of silver at a ratio of lo ;
ounces of silver to one of gold, as
Oemot-ratic party and its allies, the! some of its advocates assert, makes
n'opiBs aim ouoi ooliico i" iuub- ....j """" -. ,,v 111 '- 1 reareci; we are aircaa' esperisncmg
uuuureu coins, auu rue buver uoaar ; tne e2ect of partial iree trade
equal to tne goul aollar, tnen we
would have no cheaper money than
now, and it would be easier to ge
liut teat such would be the result is
against reason, and it is contradict
ed by experience in all times and all
lands. It means the debasement or
peril to the credit and business of oar curiency to theamountof thedif-
the country, a peril so gravo that terenco between tho commercial and
conservative men everywhere are coin value of the til ver dollar, which
breaking awav from their old party is ever changing, the effect would be
associations and unitincr with other to reauce property valu", entail
patriotic citizens in emphatic pro- untold financial losses, destroy con
test airainst the nlatform of the hdence, impair the e-oligatiors ot
Democratic national convention as existing contracts, further ltnpov
an assault npon the faith and honor erhh tho laborer and producers of
of t ho irovernment and welfare of the country, cre ate a panic of un-
urate the free and unlimited coinage
of silver by independent action on
the part ot the United fotates at a
ratio of Hi to 1. The mere declara
tion of this purpose is a menace to
our financial and industrial inter
ests, and has already created uni
versal alarm. It involves groat
the people. We have had few ques- paralleled severity, and inflict upon
tion.s in tho lifetime of the Republic trade and commerce a deadly blow,
more serious than tho one which is Against any such policy I am
thns presented. . terably opposed
The character of the money which liimetallism cannot be secured by
shall measure our values and ex- independent action on our part. It
changes aud settle our balances with cannot be obtained by opening our
peril of free silver i3 a menace to be
partial iree trade. The
one must be averted; the other cor-
j -i m i t i
reettci. ine ltepuoaeaa party is
; wedded to the doctrine of protec-
, tioa, and was neve, more earnest in
its support and advocacy than now.
If argument were needed to strength-
I en its devotion to ''the American
j system," or increase the hold of that
system upon the party and people,
, it is found in the lesson and experi
ence of the past ihree years. Men
: rcaliz i in their own diily lives what
before was to many of them only re
port, history or tradition. They
and know whnt each
Washington, in his farewedl ad
dress, September 1 th, 179G, a hun
drcel tars ago, said: "As a very
important source of strength and se
curity, cherish public credit. One
tical tests, the lost weight has been
secured, and tho cotton so bound
, in addition has been declared a good delivery. worlds Direct self interest will now con-
liter upon elude the battle inantrurated bv ra-
d ecu able triotism.
Col. Duncan left last week for New
, i
was toupht ork to secure the lowest nrieea on
hu:; to be Wire obtainable.
The special committee of
Charleston Cotton Exchange
pointed to be present at the
made with the wire bound bale of
cotton sent to this city by the State
Alliance Exchange, have made their
repoit. The board ef the exchange
met and adopted the following reso
lution regarding the binding of cot
ton with wire.
"Resolved, That the bale received
was tested and stood the strain of
compressinc; that so tar as tne ex
porting of tne cotton bound with
these wires are concerned, this ex
change cannot pass an official opin
ion in the absence of a majority from
the city, but as far as we can see at
present, we think the cotton baled
in this way will be received by the
exporters, provided the cotton is un
compressed and is wired as the sam
ple bale sent us tor inspection."
It is beginning to look as if the
farmers of the State are going to be
winners in their fight against the
steel cotton tie trust, which was in
augurated by the State Alliance.
Certain it is that they are all hold
ing back and are not yet purchasing
Col. D. P. Duncan, the manager
of the Farmers' Alliance Exchange
was seen at the Alliance Exchange
asked about his
trip to Charleston in tne m-
Tbese 3o wire will weich 41 rxabd
and wui cost u to NJ rnt tr baa-
die. This i aeaicst 30 flat iron tin
in a bundle weighing 45 pounds and
costing now $1.4o per bundle. Tbee
30 ties are used to pack fire bales of
cotton. This Is the information I
hare to-day and 1 think in a few
days I will havr the arrangements
completed to furnish these ties in
any quantities."
Col. D. P. Duncan, manager of the
State Allianee Exchange, has return
ed from New York. He was emin
ently successful in his mission.
which was to secure a sufficient sup
ply of wire ties to enable the South
ern farmers to defeat the Cotton Tie
Trust. Concerning his visit to
Gotham he said:
4T t. i :i i
" c ttiiauKt?u wiiu a targe wire i for The e'aacasiin.l
manuiaciuror 10 niase us wire ties.
The tieB will be made of No. 0 an
nealed steel wire. Thirty ties will
be put in & bundle, (the same num
ber as is now put in the bundle of
nat hoop tie?. These ties will weigh
abont 1 14 lbs. to the tie and will
cost 00 cents per bundle delivered in
Cohibibia. The rate of freight i3 37
cents per hundred to Columbia. It
isa little more than that to tome
other points, which will add a cent
or such a matter to the cost per bun
dle to these points of shipment from
the factory.
"Now as to the comparative cost
of the wire and hoop cotton ties: A
bundle of wire ties, weighs 37 1-2 lbs.
ana cost :iu cents, or u.JU cents per
always ttood Vy h to.btc t . i
Come a!I ho lot ro4 r Tuat j
as I
a&d he.p us e!et lirjan v. a .).
Tfc ot I eat th"e fal! t tbj
firt. aed I intnd to to- r h W
have tb ricM a f 'scrt -a
thie diotnrt. Th Hob. Jobs K
Various Matters on Which the tK,'r " p' J'
, ... . I third diftxut in i:t
ropuiar upmion is Lxprsu M iiciMii udoisc a ctrat tk t
M). :.
0?EH lUIlH 10 SHEF1II.
ed All Sections Interested.
reform. Cotiuo- tL cr-od v'-tl.
Sampson is sdtd aed wilt b- foct o
at hr old post. h.h : in the front
ranks. K 11. IK Jv.
KMnNMtit ef The Attl.t alTk.CM.
veaUea-iiooa Feellec he very where
reeple Are CevUf tm t'e hery hedf
for Whlpla( Oat UelebeUam.
A TlrhetThat Will tem4 Te IcterT.
Troy, N. C, Aug. 21".. V are
very well pleased over ht-re in Mont
gomery with the action of the State
convention. I think we have a
ticket that any party might b proud oblige
. m 1 . . . .. .. . I a
Cleeelaee Wee Vm-m le . J
Per The Cauratuia.
Washe not bom in IrlaodT 1". Sv C o-
ttitution Arti-1- 2. Srr..", mii: "No
p rson eie pt a natural brn rit;oa.
or a citizen of th I'stteU Mate, at
the time of the adnl;oo of thi roa
STT CN4KtS hll WilN BtS
CJ0TlC Kit, frtCMlS Ao
twier. M. 1 m4 the e4 -..- m
p e. e - - 4 em.
rnmmm .. Seeee the ...
"''" hlwee4l. The eeeete.
Jv,tati .-tesrt.r4 N,,, j, 4. f vn
toif i r- ,; :: r ., .,s-!t
Mwrmsii. reptj t t,. f-eut
ft n at
of. I feel contideut that Suthrie
and Dockery can lead us to victory.
The Democrats are making a desper
ate effort to side-track us, but we
are not up for sale, but we are up to
keep our heads from being chopped
off in the next legislature, which, I
feel sure, is the biggest object in
view of the plutocrats. Success to
titution shad t eligible to th
tl a -M Waee a
ure oi i rri.ient. ui y a p!o-
answer Intones ir Mrr aioi
iOroverClevrUhil ti bom atl'ald '
wr-ii, J m
descent. Ed.
l.::7. and i, .1 K"i:lisl"
K.t. Ilr. T.lm(. Mli.r.
The U-v. T. DeWut Talni-. vh.
reef utly returned from a long to jr t.f
the Southern States, say:
"If the silver people win. I bb.-ve
The Cat ca.nIan and the party of re-1 there will b such a booming in in
N. 11. SllEI'lltRP.
durtries which ate now inactive n!
such a general hhakintr on .f com
mercial interests that the count rv
will be sure to prosper.
"During my entire tiip I did ct
find more than one or two men ln
were not silverites. The unanimity
was astounding. Toe rentiruent
K. Ilrnry at Uavl.Uoa CoIIckc
pound; a, bundle of thirty heop ties p'o' The Caucasian. 1
weighs forty-five pounds and cost Mt. Union, N. C, Aug. 22. The
$1.45, or 3.21 cents per pound. You Peoples Party had a field day at
see we have. SI cent per pound in Davidson College to-day. Hon. Wal-
favnrof th wirA tirta I tr It. Hnrtrv madfl a fine snenrh of I .
rm t n i .1. - 1 11 u 1 .1. . i . I UOWn
xue resKua i ineu upuu uiu targe I luiee uuuia itrugiu iu a crvnu ui ai , .
wire was to gee ine unuouoieu leasi two uunureu, uui as 10 isemo
strenght because the wire manufact- cratic count, if it had been their
urers said that in pulling the cotton crowd, they would say two thousand,
out of the hold of a ship, the smaller Mr. Henry held the audience, and
wire might give way, bnt this No. G when he spoke of stopping they
they would guarantee would hold, cried for him to go on. We recog
and then we get the weight. Cotton nize in him a great defender of our
hoop ties after this season will never cause. The campaign has opened
be over $1 per bundle again, for the up well in this part of the State. I
wire tie has come to stay. think if J. S. Carr, of Durham, will
"The ties will have a complete keep patting Hon. W. A. Quthrieon
loop on one end and the other end in the back as he did the evening we all
l. - I- nil i. i i. . i I r !!: t .1 I " o l "
uanngw m oerunvnrougri u loop, curno up irani u. igsirum iuBOw ifl, campaign, and it will ill beflt
cent oacir ana ine ena put unaer tne conveniionne w i ao weii me to a strong partisan on either
wire around the bale. In compress section. We hollered out to him to Thefe Qae cbriitian.
iuj it villi ouiy uo uecessaiy lo puui nvcp uu paiuuK uiu vu iu uan
the wire through the loop and run when he was making his speech. He
the end under the wire and the work I (J. S. Carr) said he would do more
is done, and the manufacturers say I for him than any of us to make him
it will hold any kind of pressure or Governor. I thought that meant a
great deal. M. W. white.
pec-ll oj t..l' t L- ' ;
t n'hllitvu.
lie n, i(,-c Mrn., , f
fr...lj n.i.frjtrM,t t f.,m t4 0f
iuoitrg ftrt.r.l ir. from .
..-thwart wS,1'l' vkivJ.m
tl.Kl Hj W rl( i.t'l.-n 4,
-irwart ) h- i tf, .i.jrt.
ehtlj umJ tt c Irfu -K. ,.f ..r ,j-lr-
ti tt w erj r .w.e,-n 1 1. 1 1. , '.
lt :e rl . . .s,
!;i jw I, t.. ,t t,, mi.
II .ell tjii X I r u .i.i.JitJ t.I c't .l nUr," u..lrtJ .. aj.j
tor Ixrnian.
tiat-r .rmirt ttiru . . - ,.n la
bj tr..i.,
nieaf,-e. etc, tlt t' .! s. '.tira-
t ion t.f nl rr i .i t . in' i a.t . .
errtij a .tiiipli.jir !. r.tor Mtrl.'ili
I i liAllrt.J to pml to .irrlr r.l
lirll ItlJrtnl. HJ.1,1 Mr. I. I.
lr'l I -tr rt ' t. T ttl j it, t,
rettrl to toe 1- mun.t l ii.n .t ettter.
ei.t..r N.raart. in ; t v,
the !. t .-. !. i r-cit,r M.r.. i, f
l.a i ii ai iai.t m-4 t,j i.ii ttr vthir u M
riirmi: tl- iViiii.iiii ii:iiii ,.,trr.
"' inch i ).. were l. ti, at
Ihfllll.r. Nil I'lbrr rj.'t.r t . ,.i.
1 1
tit. --r aior
tet-l t!it
II rt:r 1 1 ! ti. , , llir ,Mr.
Crf til tw aiir I l.e IftW ! . 1 1 I tr
litM. ( a CimIiIO t i.l: l Oi a ..ti ili:
(coin ll.e .trparlitifl. at. I t a rraaofi .f
t hia 1 t. r-nitor Ho-ruia'j a at le ti.
-.Ulitii:.! y im!ead I f fi-r."
w iili ..ine w armtlt Mr.Vrairi -y
Senator H.triuatt l:t itie . '.aie
rery llllie be trwar . tMi.r ti.
a) oid u.-bal in win. Ii rfiat. r tr
iiiaii woul'i w ali-l ii( to ip:tn.
Al I'.il O ft Ml .
lli'rad of llteeliri iii. iti t Ii- Jeti
ate and ilet.attir the .j .-.ti..M m tte
u.u.i r) .rna..r -".rair.-p.y
pn lliouaatid uiiV aa ahl rni.r
at" jour Ia1rlnwHl-.
"I Imc ramiti -l witb care jour a-
riuUo attruipta to .'.eteti't )'irelt
asaiti'l Ihe Itarire ihat ton l tti. -.
patriotic men on both sides, and the I tizrd ailver. Tbe onl dt-fet. tltl ,
life of the country and the welfare I yuu make i ti-at .i wrre m i n:vi,t
South is unirerallv fir the
metal. A very large vote
from that section of the totiutrv will
be cast for free silver.
"My associations and training and
my political affiliations of the pant
place me on the side of the single
standard, but I certainly beiieve
that instead of disaster and ruin fol
lowing in the wake of the i!er
movement, the opposite will !e the
"This is a strong nation.
"We are engaged iu a great polit
inUlligenee of a free people, and
should be met with stern rebuke by
those they are sought to be influ
enced, and I believe they will.
Anotuer issue of supreme import- office yesterday and
aaeo is tiiat ot protection. Lhe ropemt trin to Charl
ootii systems,
ii is done for
terest of the wire and flat iron cotton
tie contest. Col. Dancan remarked:
"As the public is aware, I was ap
pointed by the btate Alliance meet
ing held in this city on the 22nd of
July to look into the matter of some
substitute for the flat iron cotton tie,
the price of which has been advanc
ed 100 per cent, by what is called
the cotton tie trust. My idea was to
use a wire and 1 made the sugges
tion to the State Alliance. As soon
as the first bale of new cotton arriv-
sd in Columbia, I purchased it and
had the flat iron ties replaced by No.
10 galvanized steel wire. I found
out by my trip to Charleston that I
had used too small a wire, althoueh
up to this time it had held the bale
all right.
"I had the bale shipped to Charles
ton to Messrs. Sloan & Sons with in
structions to have it compressed and
put to any and all t6sts that the ex
porters desired to make. Monday
"The factory is now at work on a
carload and will be ready to ship in
a few days. I hope to have a car
load here next week.
"I desire to say to the farmers of
the State that I have let no work or
expense stand in the way of getting
this business in such a shape as
would enable them to protect them
selves against those who thought
they had them in a corner. Send us
Democrat Are Terror-htrlchea.
For The Caucasian.
Pendleton, N. C, Aug. 2S. The
Populists in this community heartily
endorse the action of our State con
vention. We feel that Senator Bat-
of its interests will be a great incen
tive to lead men in the right direc
"I havo great faith in the people
of this country, and it is a fact that
the people of a vast Southern and
Western tract are vehemently in fa
vor of silver."
at it while 1 lie inn i p.r.linf. and
you lay all the blame upon t.o and
other Scnatt.ra for Ibe n art !rgiia.
tion, be aue we did nt 11, at
you were dom ii)ttnii dlUret
from wLat jou rrc pretending li !..
lf yon Lave any ..tti-r de?-ne l..r
denmnetiring ailver when the eiH.r in
the filter dollar worth 3 r . rut.
more t bs Ii the gold in ttie fold d liar,
the puhlic undoubtedly will le c!a! !
bear from sou. o far aa I am c .n-
The Uareaa of The C'urreory.
Let the bureau be established bv
leTand TnCArc Congress. . Let every voter inquire -ned, I
their part nobly and well, and much r those wLho are candidates ror Con- STRAIGHT TRl SlLVtR TICKET.
reirret that the Senator has been. Brees in V"
taken from
approaching fall elec
tion as they canvass, th lolJowing
""l 1 i- i i V...
??"!fi?" the fact Uuestiousou the stump and record
A V T "ve" oruor. uucu. h fa u . . d q tnelr answer, ana nom mem repoa-
Orders for several hundred bundles S" m of the wrthditor who W for their proves and tt;ere
of wire ties have already been placed Lhdae" r?Lf shall be no excuse rendered for a be-
with the Exchange and many morel , ' trayal of a public trust, but good
wdlcomein during the next few 11 r srTtnT faith, honesty, truth and integrity
f "J1" tc rth nltional field. The Demol or death, and repeal the pardoning
ft J I t" h aal- f thZZ crat8 terror-stricken at the ticket Pwer OI i resiaent so as 10 get uon
the demand. If the sale of these , convention. Mav it I est representatives and carry out the
ties is sufficiently large, tne price oi T fipi: :t w:n nroVB - terr ' popular will of the people.
(l.omwillnii.lnnMullr rrtT ftlittlo S 1 MlleTe It Will, pTOVe a letTOV f f ' . .
Something About the Secretary
of the
to the end, and in November stand V1 Ane l lU . " t . u
victorious. Let every true soldier to. be Peed. ,at?ce ? col,n. J0?
gird around him the armor of truth u . . &om l "e Wl 1
and fight the enemy until the last
Down with the national
5rd. All money issued by the gen
eral government without national or
State banks gold, silver, paper, sub
sidary and the minor coins.
4th. A law of CoDgressto prevent
Work For . The Saceeaa or The feopiea demonetization of any lawful money fuliy uplit; in fact tbey fioli fct
Party Ticket. of the United States by ontrol of in- The I'opuiia Ut jut lM th-ir
For The Caucasian.! r;,tol M ,nnrtir.n. I convention and alneM eolil on d
Vm-r Oaks. K. C... Ana. 28. Nnw r,ft, n;,nor vitl, ti intrincie tK tt finally, ll-heve, Swt up It.-
redemption feature as
Let every one who is for reform
cavwl Vkv Vi i a AAnviiifiATi o n ft vifitnro
Buzzard's Bay, Mass., Aug. 24 - mU crown Qnr effortg
iresiaent iieveiana announceu to- Beale,
night that uavm t. r rancis, ex
Governor of Missouri, had been
appointed Secretary of the Interior,
vice Hoke Smith, resigned, and that
he will assume the duties of his of
fice September 1.
Ex-Gov. Francis is about fifty that the Peoples Party convention value and
the Oely ee lei ha Vmt t M thel'e.
ptee Partr "tale a4 tleal (
tloba-A til. k.
For the ('i'a.iati J, x. At. 2-. In
thi da) and lin.e ,f irjinc tnm'e
iiula. it iM-c'unra ileeeary lor t!e
ieop!e, in our opin mo, lo dieuUc, by
luutuil -oii -M r.t. atl prej'ido e acain.t
other dennnnnatioi". lo epeaV. We
have before u one of the tmet compli
cated ilitical campaign, not only In
national atfair. but all over the coun
try. In our Mate it eeenia weentmot
get our caudidalea aa we want them.
I mean each -iito-al orcaniiation.
I lie I cmM rat ic m-ctiird ui i, ia
tilled it ia tru, but )"U caneerlM-
doll'l like it; tbey call IbtUM-lvea eil
veritex, but tbey know tlia wnlake,
as they Lave eome.if not all. atrong
Kld etandard men on their to Vet.
Mien th lj.iil(!i(i. tbey are aw-
method of preserving it is to use evomnp- I concluded to tro to the citv years of age. Me is tall, straight, is over it is the imperitive duty oi twin causes and relics ot barbarnm.
it as snarinjrlv as possible: avoidiner vi w,tnP tho mnrpincr mvsolf. with a somewhat dark complexion, a every true reformer and lover of Cth. If sue no more bonds.
oue another and with tho nations of mints to the unlimited coinage of tho ' t'ie accumulation of debt, cot only "T dpire now to nnbliplv make ac- red mustache and clear blue eyes, good government to lay aside alll 7th. Supply the country with irre-j i to b lo.ped.
.1 ii -i 1. : ,.f .,..1.1 4- ., . , 1 r.f c-l-r. , J 1 uiiououun iu jjuuhvij uinno uv i . . . , , . I I r .-i .! I 1 r:iJ l' i -1 . - . . W - . .. It.,
only Mr'A.gtit iree niter, c man
ticket, but tbey didu't liniel. I'lite, t.ut
left a part I t titled by the exe utite
committee, whieti will t.e all riir'it, it
world, is of Hueh primary im- silver of the world, at a ratio of six- shunning occasions of expense, khowledcement of the courtesy I re- While he is not an orator he is a personal favorites and work unceas- deemable United States note, not
portauce, and so far reaching in its teen ounces of silver to one ounce of Dut y vigorous exertions iu time of ceiled at Charleston in this matter Sood talker, a clear reasoner, and is ingly until the polls close on the 3rd to exceed $-"0 per capita.
importance, a to call tor the tnwst gold, when tho commercial ratio is r,eace 0 discharge the debts which U.o the representative of the farmers forcible trom his tacts rather than ot isovemoer tor tto success ot tne Sth. A tana or tluty
pains-taKing invtuiipaiiuu, r.uu i nuum iuny vuMcs ui bh.d 1 unaYo-.(iablo wars may nave occas
he end a sober and unprejiuiiceu one ounce or goia. ,iex;co anu inina 1 loncj nGt ungenerously throwing
a .a a e . "IA1 I A -
judgment tit the polls. v e must naye trieu ine experiment. iuexico ut,0ll poslet ify the bur den which we misled by phrases, nor de- has ireo coinage or silver at a ratio . ouveeive3 ought to bear."
luded by talse theories. 1 ree silver slightly in excess jut ounces ot si i-, rp0 la.cilitatt the enforcement of the Champion Cotton Press had of
of the State Alliance. Oa my arri
val in the city Mr. Sloan informed I
me that while there was no cotton
beincr compressed, the manager of
bullion is coineel and circulate'd j frtWflr,is thA rsfl.vmftTit c? d..btj thorp, tio Co mom. chosen by Democrats and llepubl
fn I I r 1. 1 hoc? hCtr ti T VJ', n IMit . i . i , , i I. " Meaan4a 4-V- a I lwan Avcktn 4 s nil
KMi.xij . wa4 aacao vw u a a - v a 1111151. tlf rfiVflnUff! I iat TO HJlVfi rfiVfi- ! hare i h Ck oYPhftTiorfi morA
- - - - I VVlkJ vr.auwve.vMMe,v ve v w
. . I I .A eMvm ki e . I ttne i a ara I T7 01" T - T1 Ck rr crt I i 1 ! Ti I I TC nt I a r I .y .1 I 1 1 It I . -. .
wouiu uiu. menu mow pii vci uuno,--. i vl fa".v., : tne maxims wuicu ne announced, ne fi-Ari tn oAt. n ta.m tor the nnr-
wore to bo froely had without cost mints are ireeiy open to doui merajs . declared: "It is essential that you P0se of testing the wired bale. Pros-
or taoor. it wouiu menu ui.n. iun i a t iun
freo use of the mints of the United gold
States for the few who are owner3 of as m
silver bullion, but would not make of circulation in these countries,
silver coin any freer to tho many and they are on a silver basis alone
who aro engaged in other enter
. , i ii.
prises. it, would not mase laoor
. , . , . . . in...... .! . . . . ...n i i i r ' '
easier, the hours oi laoor snorter, or to maintain tne gom hi uuaru. : inseparable from the selection of tlemen all expressed their entire sym-
iue pay oener. n woum uui maw n . mo ittu,!uu. auu S1uv the proper of.iects (which is always oathv witn the farmers in this fight.
W e.H lnM I.l..n...ei am vn r-.-w r I o -. I 4-Vir- ewn --av -- r i n I rotliti O ! A . v -. i . . -
miuiiuK lauonuua, ur uiuio o,iU vi. iuV tai mun 'a t hoice ot dillieulties) oueht to be a a thonp-h the oresident of the ex
profitable. It would not start a fae- of t no world with whicu we trade , decisivo motive fcr a candid con- oh an called our attention to th
e 1
on inp-ir:ei
from his style 01 voice. He is a rich ticket put in the field by the Peoples I goods not for protection but revenue
man.". Party of North Carolina. Our very only.
He is of a Kentucky family, as is I liberties depend on the snccess of I mh. Increase th volume of the
his wife. He went to St. Louis when I that ticket; therefore, it becomes the I currency to $"0 per capita.
young and spent many years in the I duty of every man, regardless ofl Are you for the Declaration of la-
commission Dusiness, witn nis Drotner
as a partner. He has been mayor
this he was
We want Iirjtn and VVatoon e!e-teil
for lreident and Vire.,reident ;
Uu'hrie, for Governor; I'owler for
Congrea; tboujrb we bad eet our Mot
to tear a ticket for " " y." 'Ihonipeot.
for "..ngre. We d nt -e bow it l,
but gue the lexdern know tnire than
the private. Now we want a r"d
Senatorial lic.t of M.ut.d I'opawtii' h
: ! -. .. .. . . . . ii-. . . . . . .
past party amuauon?, mai lutes i dependence or ougnt our ancastors we win j.-ui. ..riniTnin
liberty and justice, a free ballot and in 1787 in convention forming a ballot to carry on.luw cunty f.r
a fair count, to give that ticket United States Constitution nkel ,oc lM.r. ." "J-
i- their most hearty support. It is the Eneland or Germany what kind ot "r: .-V!" . -Vf. rLZ?
t III . ru- rn a w ' w - ' ea-re
nue there must bo taxes; that no ent in the city, also the cotton ex-
taxes can be devised which are not norters and a pleasant informal
less iticouvenieut or un- meeting was held and the merits of
intrinsic embarrassment, the wired bale discussed. The een-
an I interest of every man, white or black I currency we shall use!
unexpired term. He served two I in Is or th Carolina, that is not able
terms as Governor. to read and write, it tney value tneir
His first ambition was to succeed privilege aud want their rights and
Senator Vest and later to be the 1 liberties preserved to vote for our
the I standard bearers because our rights
and liberties are safe in their hands.
J. II. For.
Vice-Presidential nominee
Democratic ticket in 1892.
or make a demand for an ad- more largely than any other, eighty
ditional elay's labor. It would not! four per cent, of our foreign trade
create new occupations. It would I for the fiscal year 1S03 was with
add nothing to the comtort or taeigoia standard countrios, and our
I masses, the capital of the people, or 1 trado with other countries was sft-
the wealth of the nation, it seess tied on a gold oasis
(to introduce a new measure of value,
but would add no value to tho thing
measured. It would not conserve
values. On the contrary, it would
derantro all existing values. It
would not restore business conn
After pointing out that the United
States has now more silver than gold
in circulation, Major McKinley con
tinues :
fin a -'Jr..! s .iti-t , .- o
dence, but its direct ctiect wouiu oe bUj aildre l gaid. ,.I
we could
a -w .1 - A - tl. 1.441 4 V. -. w m, rvi mnei 15 ' .
to uehiruy me liwuu mo. iolui. , mtenational ratio, wh ch al
THE chicaoo platform. the leading nations of the world
The free coinage plank adopted at would adopt, and tho true relation
Chicago is that any one may take a be fixed between the two metal?, and
quantity of silver bullion, now wotth all agree upon the quantity of silver
lifty-three cents, to the mints of the which snouia constitute a uonar,
United States, have it coined at tho then silver would be as freo and un-
struction oi the conduct ot tho gov
eminent in mazing it; and tor a
spirit of acquiescence in. the meas
ures for obtaining revenue which
the public exigencies may at any time
Animated by like sentiments the
peopl o of the country must now face
the conditions which beset them.
''The public exigencies" demand
prompt protective legislation which
fact that this was a matter of
material importance to the entire
cotton export trade of Charleston,
and that therefore the exchange
would have to make a very thorough
The Newspaper Men Captivated by
11am J. Bryan.
Detroit INews.l
A New York newspaper man who
test of the matter before they could wa3 in the city yesterday on hia way
act officially, all of which we appro- hnm(l frmn n Wwasto tells an interest-
ciated and return thanks to these 1- . e c w;i
ntlemen for their kind attentions. BJ.U1 LUC .
Voters of North Carolina, will you.
as free men, seize the golden oppor
tunity and insure victory and free-
. rr . l .a T vo uwu
uom or suuer aistrancmsemeuii uo
cide for yourselves.
will avoid the
expense of the government, and re
ceive for it a silver dollar which
Bhall be legal tender for the pay
ment of all debts, public or private.
The owner of the silver bullion
would get the silver dollar. It would
belong to him and nobody else.
Other peoplo would get it only by
their labor, tho products of their
laDds or something of value. The
bullion owner on the basis of pres
ent values would receive the silver
dollar for fifty-three cents' worth of
silver, and other people would be re
u aired to receive it as a full dollar
m the payment of debts. The gov
eminent would get nothing from the
transaction. It would bear the ex
pense of coining the silver and the
community would suffer loss by its
We have coined since toio more
than four hundred millions of sil
ver dollars which are maintained by
the government at a parity with
gold, and aro a full legal tender for
the payment of all debts, private and
limited in its privileges oi coinage
as gold is to-day. But that we have
not been able to secure, and witn
tho free and unlimited coinage of
silver adopted in the United States
at the present ratio, we would be
s'ill further removed from any in-
'ei'uationr.l agreement. We may
never bo ab'e to secure it if we enter
upon the isolated coinage of silver.
Tho double standard implies equal
ity at a ratio, f.nd that equality can
only be established by the concur
rent law of nations. It was the con
current law of nations that made the
double standard; it will require the
concurrent law ot nations to rein
state and sustain it."
The Kepubiican party has not
been, and is not now, opposed to the
nse of silver money, as its record
abundantly shows. It has done al
that could be done for its increased
nse from other gevernments. There
are those who think that it has al
ready gone beyond the limit of finan
cial prudence. Surely we can go no
PopnllaU Did The Blsht ThIo(
For The Caucasian.
KlRR, N. C, Aug. 20. Well, the
aAtejniriia V t A All ilAITla ATT -elf
. LIC 1X1 CIA A.U L LUvll AVlAAVl ditgUUVUO II" T let - f k. A i U I CUliTCUUUUO UQ V V HU vvauv vaa. m I A UC 111 C IJ1a " -
Now as to the compressing of the liamJ' Brvan manifested on the The piig aid the right woods southwest of the city for to
bale. Would the wire hold! Would I tnp irom lancoin, ixeD., to vmcago. i thing when they nominated Bryan weeks, u was nearly out wuen a
if n ri.f "Krvan captivated the newapanerl .-a w..n Wa Vnnw iha nnM An I soutnwest gaie jeuiercaj " lou,J
ub but? uc&KiUK i xvujiu ii w uvug i j 1 x i auu ii i dvu. j - i . -. - :
ei.i ,uuii. . ,i - " , .., Ti :,j vi . ... t i ft went in anon tne town, bwu
iuiLuei ubui uy piuviuiug aucquaio as quiCKiy as wnen compressed Witn men wao auuumpanieu uim. uu wc right, ine iemocrats never cam uw i ..... tne r;tr wa doomed
ix t ' Ai ii nr.n t ne t r r f -c- rr w-i r r , in u i ua. - v i a r -M a.. aa--a A - m bb a. aa.iac mmm a. a. v aa at nM a wai vani a wa e-a,w a
i.o,cuuvo iuo v auduocc vi. .uu iae uai iron net i trio. hbiu. lie. Lie v even buu dui uui iikuu ouu bviucuuis.
government, lhis is manifestly the -"The wire held the bale perfectly mitted their coov to him before fil
i -v r IhMt TP nr rA I Pi ' J . 5 fX a I ... ...
luiuucuiuiit uu-jr . 11 cioviDu siier it was compressea. une or iwoi jnr ir
n .'T i r it . TT ' a 1 C J 'Al - .a . . . . I Tah
rresiuent o; me e nneu otaxes it of the exporters thought it cut the
vvni u iu .-tiui ti viguiuusijf uiu- Daggmg in one or two places, in iL.i n: v: at
. i.w.lh , irom mat uaocr -oaiiiuu muiuvnu
muro miauujsv.iauu go oiuj;io ou- iCls i mmit lUeY miSlaaen, IOr I , , .- , - ,
c.onraoemfinr to the ocbh nations of tV.Q l.oorrinrr n-n Hia vola mac rt o I ior not roasting we
th American neonle which above I wovw nnnr nnolifxr .n Tiro a wao ei.A. candidate. He telegraphed back
X r- I tVA I'VM WUV. (,0 IQIiUVl I . v
: l .i j I . - . i . . ....
accumulation of
mi t a a 1
ing it. ine representative or ine
New York Sun received a telegram
im down'
all else, is so imperatively demand
ed at this juncture of our national
Continuing Mr. McKinley quotes
from Mr. Harrison's last message to
Conp-ess in 1892, reviewing the condi
tion aud resources of the country,
showing prosperity in all branches of
trade and commerce. The message of
President Cleveland addressed to the
Fifty-third Congress, calling atten
tion to the existence of an alarming
and extraordinary business situation
is then quoted, and continuing, Maj.
McKinley says :
What a startling and(suddcn change
within the short period of eight
months, from December, to Au
gust, 1S93. What has occurred? A
change of administration : all branches
of the government had been entrusted
to the Democratic party, which was
committed against the protective pol
icy that had prevailed uninterruptedly
for more than thirty-two years, and
brought unexampled prosperity to the
Continued on Fourth Page.
torn in handling than cut by the tha.t if the Sun wanted Bryan roast- patriotism there is never any danger
wire, ana tnis was tne opinion ex-i eu auomer umu wouiu. uoid t w i oi a mistaae doidk ueu. mu
pressed to me by the superintendent sent to do it. He wouldn't do it. I the wav with the St. Louis conven
of the compress. The superintend- becarrse there was nothing to roastltion. It was composed of men whose
ent of the compress said that we I Rm. tn anA Via rlirln'r. in fonrl fn wisdom waa backed by patriotism
ought to have a larger wire and a i;ft fn, fho'nr. nf ih tbina. Tbp Democrata claim that Mr. 8ewall is
ty, but JOUCSti eee tbeir llja;uier
and tbeir tongue jp wLile tbej try
to atlll fHl tbe ignorant peiple.
fine of tbe leading txeieea aaid to me,
"kinder" continent, you know, a few
dai" go, tb at bi party wa ruining
thenelve. WetoMbiin it w aa already
ruined. -Why,"!! aaid. "tbe idea of
our eojJe iu Qur rian'f convention
turning down Ir. XV. J. Montfurta
county cni in ii oner and putting one
in alii bad received bardly Lai ft lie
vstea the Iir. bad." l;:it Ibia friend
didn't know that we knew tbat lie
wa one of the principle onea to help
do it, tried l' pull wool orer ur eyea
and we tik it all in. lr. Mont-
fort polled J7 votea in our precinct.
alr.Sinmona tbree. primarie.j et
our precinct waa vod for imTnuna
in coa vent ion by the delegate, and
in other p'ae. TLe L ea had t
play a little ture ganiea before tbey
Tl. WfDl In ODOO IDe town, iu uwu iti arm j u
The Democrats never ean do .v.. ... ala I i aa' ir.ten.t to make m tetter an
-Ai WU KFU lU.t Hie y-t.J r. m- I " - - -
DOl I . , namea hid awertt I 1 n ir he balf. tiUtl did want to te!l of
that well. But they come nearer do-tnroiJffn majn part of the city. de- ne mc little campaign lie before I
ine right this year than they have l.troTinr all the business bouac, many I c!oed. IJa: toi:very l'nir-ratic
in a good many years. Bat then the I residences, the match company's mill, I jeakcr sbouli explain to tb itpv
Fopulists were tne cause
never did get the right
form until the Populists
right. When wisdom
- J 1.1 , .A,. . rflirtr.T .if 11 waa a.
. r- I - ' f - -
Hiiminsion.w.J I hut wanted tbe aneakera to lie to the
Two Thoaaaod People at Oataa(a Iaa
Kverythiug-Loea ratlmaled at I.VHl.-
Grekji Hat, Wis Aug. 25. Ontona
gon, Micnn was aeatroyea ny ure una
in a cur oi snout .o"r
population hardly a boue is left
standing. Among the property de
stroyed is tbe extensive plant of tbe
Diamond Match Com piny and Ct),'.M,
000 feet of lumber in their jard. Con
servative estimates place tLe loaa at
M,WO. No lives were lot at lat
The lire bad Deen nurninz in me
v. tl .1 mmm i-l m
di ii. xneyitne water woraa, eieviric hkui un. -
Kind or Diat-1 counnonse, jaii, cc me inruour -.. - .- . - . . .. - - .
made one I worked up tne river lo tne real of tue i irimn rj an in j
: . . I larhat 1 aa w in tbe V.'ilininrton Mir of
is backed by ."T" 7.:. ::: v,i- ..... t.- ;
I at.Ki. a lew -m . nv. ,y., w w
The noble action and!peecbof MaJ.lpp. five tbem tbe wronr imprea
A. Outhrie at St. Ixiuis in tbe Pop- ion;
better way to fasten the wire or he
could not compress tne cotton as
easily as with the hoop tie. He
thought the size wire 1 had would
cut the hands of the pressmen.
i tnmk now we nave tne ques
uliit convention was one that could
have been Incpired only In a noble
man. When tbe convention seem-d to
nrishot of it was that he resigned. 8UTer V .7 J ' he io - , f c!lu na " lLof,;
upsnot or S he is not the kind of silver man we who had attetnnted to be heard were
Men of North Carolina,!) on your
guard! Watch thoae ao-calld ailrer
emo-ratt; don't let tueui lool you;
tbey will d 3 it if tbey can. Tbey bate
done it, and will Co it arain. xina
yo'j vote for Ilryan and Wataon not
liryan ana waii. lie very particular
arm went, to wora. uiuiicumtciy ii want. The president of a national accorded bat little attention, Major
The New York Journal. I v.-w not ant to be a very stronsr I Cuthrie was called to the rostrum and
" The only correspondent who de- friend to silver, neither is a national his very appearance seemed to de-1 -tt Tour ticket. Vote ttralrht and
nlinut t.f Dnnin fairlv vaa fha i L.. . ftVif tVie. I mind reSDCCt. and Pel ore n naa I -m ;m Ke well There la no ticket etc.
buiiu w wcov y uu . j w i uaiilCi ej diuwviv uiou w 1 . - . . . . ... ---
tion about solved if our wire friends renresentative of the Chicaeo Inter national banks. Andrew Jackson poken two minutes km tDou. . pt Bry.n and wataoti, that will give
i - .1 i i i i reatieas DeoDie were aaaiiumc , twir.u tree aiirer-
stanaDyus. Ocean. Finally the other reporters was not a nauonai oanaer, or wc i li.tenln to a President 1 r - r.irw..N
i snan recommena mat we nse JMO. held a rneptinir and decided that be never law aaj aowiuu i u i nft h. -eeateoantxv. U s sreecb was so I .
fi annealed wire, which will hodnnhlal i j i A 1 xL. a nu in tho bankine business. Mr. I n i,rtr.n. in advo-l Eeaeraee flae Ceae-paa Aaalaa.
the size and weisht of the ealvaniz- ,U f rL a rTCl 7?i 1- Sewall's own State (Maine) declared latinr the snnoort of Bryan and the IXtox. Aog..-Tbe Kinereon Ti
. - I muf tb if. Ml tl' M 1 1 11 1 Mill! 1. 11H 1 1 u-r . . . . . I rw - - . . . - . ... m . V jm
; I 1 I I , - .t-nt.vrl eiTi ehn Ath.r Aflh ! or lonl M t JV vwui iwu i , k i mi m "" J m
pliable than it to handle; to use
Ocean was left without a represen-
was nominated for Vice-President he down goldbug ery that ne Inspired l io this city and br ancn rtore. n.
seven to the bale, (all the compresses The boys were charmed with worked up the silver question and those who heard him. And when the
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packing five bales to the bundle. three months for $1,00 Watson, like our Senator BuUer, has that great audience for our Bryan.
to Charles Torrey. James F. Towers.
ogland Jesse F. , Wheeler, all of this city.
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assets in excess of liabilities at tbree
time that amount.
The Emerson Piano Company was
established about fit y years ajo.

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