THE CAUCASIAN UT1UECAICA8I ia'Hl.IMJ IU t---MAItlO iu;tlkk. I'rfefcUwt. UXt, AIKH. - Maaaglo Editor. H. C. Ill VMi. - Mgr. SUBSCRIPTION DNE VK!i BIX MONTHS T K I! Y. K MONTHH RATES. looks like Mckinley. KnUriotkei'ort Office it Baleirfb, N ;. m fiecoud CIam Metier. Incomplete Keturcs Received So Far Indicate a Landslide to the Republican Candidate. DEMOCRATS STILL HOPEFUL. . I . . . T i. l Grata n brinir out a ljure Tote. lie turn ctaie cast nave electee, iu conctae we . j VlHTs 7l-ZtVZZZZ in ,nn nrftmntlT ieiq i u urci.uusiccx.uwu v uw.wuiw w t Ttrvan 7 5C9 Palmer J5 1 . J4TCno tuw iu hue ouiw wm mj" 1 ww-w - - Kepublican plurality 30S0S; majority 3XJO to 4J00G. He claim, only tbe Coo- to match the mum. to guard fint SS ffi Gasmen from the First and Second the possibility of mistake intentional u'w T!f 'Jooiii ri.,.i..rfiu 3.tri.t. I or unintentional. PUV" 2J noon.tte follow ng State am con- '. more for the pre-i, declined w. x Be FrmBO ceded to McKinley, in addition to toe I i .,,,. that he could rite no ?Pto"J.? 5.2J1 I ?oI dispone. : California, in me ,w I Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mamp- I 'i. or outline his intentions until the percent. McKinley' plurality in the 1 6 Bryan the following: Colorado, Mlehiran haT voted for Mr. Bryan, I and II either baa be to elected. (Signal.) -Jaa.K. Joama." State will be 40.000. The previous mgn MiMOurf Montana. Nevada. Utah watermark m Dluraliucsior rresiaen. w...v vffwnrnina. - ,mr. - 1 I WW IM7U lUBk WVAAa. W WSA , 'I II will be the lat iurrjb-r of Tiirj :ICAIAN t. 11. Oft? whir.ubvri- bed nndr our ten wtl campaign offer. We would b p!eaed to have all rrifW their uhcriptioii and font ince rfteivirig 'In Caica hia.n. Corgre" wili coi.ver.e in Dert-mber ar.d lb- Mat Legihla tore in January and our yt(,pe will wnt to post fd on tle d'jirr oflhe'r r jirpsf-ntati t8 in N'Htiona! 'orn:rs nrid tli 'ntf I.jii-laturi'. Tnr. Catcahi an will kv f'iH rt-portao. botli. K- new tt one and !u,"t miM 8 f-in- Klecopy. A .K 1MI lil.tOIS!'. No inatt r wbht wx in Mtr f-r VVil liam Jftmirjn l'.rjr.M in l.arg Kiublien FlorallUc la AH tn Kitcri4tt Iiiocrtlc Ixmism Sooth mtU YVl In Doubtful Btt Iiitilcti Jlcutd From Hfaow Kcpubllrmu Oalna I North Carolloa Co;for I!rjn. 'I lie returns uptotbe btur of going to rrc-e are hIjII incomplete tus tr:ougb ar in to indicate that 31c- McKinlej'a election is beyond doubt. wa .-iOwVl. riren to Grant, in 1872. The State will hate a solid Kepublican del egation in Congress. PeBoajflraBl. Philadelphia, Nov. 3. Keturcs from Pennsylvania's counties are coming in verr alowlv. but tue neures receiveu indicate a plurality in tne Mate ior i California McKinley of nearly 300,000. The 2x Colorado .... Congressional districts heard from onnecucui . show the election of 20 Republicans Egf""" and 1 Democrat. With the two Con- 1 In doubt : Tennessee. anoke cheerf uUt to all. but it became ev ident towards the latter part of the day, thai be was growing leas and less hope ful. Be was especially graunea s uw result in XebtasKa. uurtng ine aner The electoral Tota of the serenl States I noon Mr. Bryan attended the funeral of an old lriend,ana ne speni tne even ing with his callers. will be cast as indicated below: Electral States. Alabama ... Arkansas... West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland gressmen-at-large this gives theKe-hdabo mnsidered doubtful publicans TI congressmen ceriaiu, Illinois wiin cDances oi me most, oi iue re 'l'111'nlaj'.i i.lortd bi and Michigan States can now be added to the Mc Kinley column. Arkansaa. Little Hock. Ark., Xov. 3. Five counties complete give JJryan a plu rality of 4,300. JCcturris iroui over ine tate indicate fusion ticket carried by H.'.tOO majority. In Llawire. Wilioirigton, Del., Xov. 3. Keturns frcm this city and all over tne btate are very slow. Those received from a few precincts in this city show slight Kepublican losses in the l'resjueniiai vote, compared with the vote for Gov ernor in l.yji, when Marvil (Hep.) had majority. It M believed, how Indiana ... Iowa Kansas..... Kentucky Louisiana.. Maine Maryland.. maining eight districts. The Kepub lican city committee has conceded Crow's election for Bherilf. Idaho. Boise Citr. Idaho. Nov. 3. Returns come in very slowly and there will be Massachusetts no ucurea nhtainah let until io-morrow. "e"- The btate is conceded to Bryan by 15,000 to 20,000 majority. Borah, sil ver Kepublican, it is claimed, is ahead for Congress. No reliable estimate can be made yet. Connecticut. Ilartford, Conn., Nov. 3. McKinley has swept the .State by about 00,000 Dlurality in a total vote of 130,000. LorinACook, of Winstead, RepubH Minnesota: Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire.- New Jersey New York North Carolina. . . North Dakota.... Ohio. I ..-. a 1 Jill i mm J V UUD wa. MT 1 liar r i.j I'artii rt iya ria j 1 1 nn 1 - . 1 v T.ssM..nd.,..,gl.f hehad writti-n arefecs 'bf least Kepubli- ftSSl ,hnan.pintl.ebistoryifMir ruunlry lfm IIiajority. Tunnell (Dein.) will Liin J III lhSll Rhode'lsland!... as one of the moat rrn.arkablu tner. of probably be elected Governor and ". South Carolina. . hisdyamlg..1eratio,.-asoneof the Handy, free silver Congressman, is Teffi enneSS?:: greatest potentialities in Armr.can politioi. lie deii.orstrated that t.i iMiwrrn of i-hYMcl eodurar.ce which provi d simply Hiarveloti- are only ex relied by Ms mental ar.Mvity and ahil ity to grafp and assimilate r.ew idea?, and that hi geniui for finding and piercing undtr any and all rircinn stances thf weak points in th armor of hi'i, in only i uaUed by his irrenisfibln 'personal magnetism and bin burning t-loqiier.ce. No man in any campaign ever traveled a many miles, made a many fpeechec, slept a little, drpw a large audience to hear him speak, an! wa- nibjected to so manv cxritinr sceiuM and incidents calculated to bring v.'rar and tear upon mind and body. Yet he camn (fit of tho ordea! com paratively fmh, phj nically, hiiirering indeed, no inconvenk'nee except hoarseia-Ks, and wit hi.- mental fui'ul ties as acute, ns uu-rt, antl as vigorous as the day ho electrified the Chicago convention. What is nion-, came out of the ordeal compelling the ad miration of Hi bitterest political op ponents, having vindicated in the eje3 of all jtiht men his sincerity nd con siifntioiisnexj, and without charge against hia personal character. Truly, William Jennings I'.ryan 1.3 a public man of whom the ration I as rr;i.ou to be proud, and we venture nothing in predicting thnt the tune will come when all political parties will make that acknowledgement. alo probably elected lorld. Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 3. 70 pre cincts give Bryan 4,7'2; McKinley, 1 171. Net Democratic loss, as com pared with State election 410. Jacksonville, ria., ov. .i. Davis and bparkmau. Democrats for Con gress, are elected. Jacksonville, 1-la., Xov. 3. l wenty- ty tix precincts out of 032, in Florida, give Hryan and bewail 1,2G2; Bryan and WatHon, 77: McKinley, 5.0; Pal mer. 107. This indicates for Bryan Means, 37 Democrats, a majority of 192 Texas., on ioint ballot. Al 1 :30 a.m. reiurun uian rrom 157 out 01 me io iowus m mis btate give the following: McKinley 82,710; Bryan 45,594; Palmer 4,327. Ohio. Columbus, O.The returns so far re- ceived indicate that the Republican plurality in Ohio will be slightly in excess of that given for Bushnell for Governor last year, 'inat was 91,000. Watson, Republican, has been elected to Coneress irom tnis Vote. Bryan 11 11 K 8 9 9 4 4 0 3 4 4 13 13 3 3 24 15 13 10 10 13 6 H 15 14 y 9 9 17 17 3 3 H 8 3 3 4 10 30 11 11 3 23 4 4 32 4 9 y 4 4 u 15 15 3 3 4 12 12 4 4 6 12 3 3 447 175 MKiny 13 12 Vermont Virginia Washington . . . West Virginia. Wisconsin Wyoming Totals 447 175 272 Still in doubt, though placed in McKin ley column. KEEP CUUHIN6 BRYAN. Jobm Mays He's BecUd-Tbe Ckataaaa GItm Oat Am Explicit BtaUaseaU Chicago. IIL. Not. 4. Senator Jones issued the following statement to night : "I have counted from the "rng as the States upon which we rctteu tur Mr. Bryan's election, the Southern States, with 1.VJ votes, and the State west of the Missouri, witn bi voles, making a total of 217. I have hoped that we would carry Indiana. Micbi gan and Minnesota. I believe that we hare carried all of the Southern States except Maryland, and that we have carried all of the Western States here tofore counted on, which leaves us, not counting Delaware, which I think we bave carried, ana wnicn 1 nave noc heretofore calculated on. 308. totes One vote we certainly hav e in Del ware, and probably tnree. But count ing only one vote, which we have be yond doubt, it leaves necessary to a ohoice fourteen votes. Ether Michi gan or Indiana would give us those fourteen votes. Tne reporcs reoeiveu by us from both those States make en couragement and lead us to believe that while both States are close, that we have the. better chance to win each and that we may probably carry both. "There can be scarcely a doubt of our getting Indiana. Under these cir cumstances, it seems to me, hat we are entirely justified in cuiunug the elec tion of Mr. Brya", which I do, and be lieve that the tcrni-er 01 tne people is such that they will not allow their choice to be deftaud by tricks and frauds. The statements made in city papers today that I have given up the A . A. - Z A. A I WJ T -M The V. 8. Con-reaa, j , . .... . ... 1 nrwirnflrflnninr inpmHsirrpiKNH uiinnrr.PHr.nni hii mi i nr. i.rvnii i h f i 1 ..i..i:i,.f niKKii. i.r. 1 iiiitrit norpATin? 1, ontz. iree silver- 1 --.-. , . 1upn,Cu1Mu,1i1J m 7ZV' ' n TTi7Q Metric it ;a the reports regarding the Legislature feated is a deliberate purpose on the Mail'. 1UT' . . . . . I." r-hnson in th various States that elect narf. of th r.aneiM. an well m tho Ro. A report cornea frt m New Berne, whic h Kives the information that a meeting of the stockholders of the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad lias oeen caueu iur ne-vi jioiiuav mi the purpose of leasing that road to a syndicate already formed. The State owns a controlling interest in this property, and it is due the people that this step he not hastily taken, but with due consideration, and tnai tne people should have a voice in this matter. It neems like another secret deal, and if consummated will be an outrage. If it is best to leae the road let It be done publicly arid widely advertise for biijs for the lease of said road, and then they should bit submitted to tho General Assembly for acceptance or rejection Democrat.' want tiia earth and every thing else thrown in. They are never satistled. A few well meaning l'opu lists are supporting some Democrats in the btate, simply for reasons of their own. But wherever a Populist refuses to support a Democratic noun nee, Democratic papers, especially the News and Observer, bave abused and villirJed these Populists. Whenever a Populist endorses a Democratic nonii nee be is a patriot and man of prin clple; but if he adheres to his party's candidate then at once he is denounced as a traitor and accused of selling out to Mark llanna. Great is Democratic principle. While the .News and Observer has labored with great pains to expose the trickery (?) of the Republican and Populist parties in the btate election, anu most or ine3e are visionary scuemrs 01 us own diseased imagina tion, it evidently lost sight of the many glaring deceitful ell'orts and frauds the Democratic litelers intend ed to perpetrate upon the Republican and Populist voters. And still it harps on principle: 31 a j or (.utiirie, in ms it "aJvi.cco" renders as an excuse for iublbhing his address in Democratic papers, the Met xuat me I regressive Farmer and other papers had got to press for last week before he gut his address ready. ll'l. . . 1. ..... . ... ! - i. . m 11.11, 111 1 ne uiuriuer 01a ne wane lo issue sikIi Progressive W . I J1..a I . aT a in! vmiurie prepare nis nuaress in time that it could be published in the IVoples Party papers of the State be fore electit' Illinuli. Chicago. Nov. 3. At G :15 o'clock in dicationa are McKinley will carry the city of Chicago between 00,000 and O.j.000 majority Chicago, .Nov. J Ihree hundred and forty precincts give McKinley 151,250; Bryan, 107,221; Palmer, 1,2'J'J; Levering, D7C. Chicago, 111., .Nov. 3. One thousand, eight hundred and eighty precincts give McKinley 182,510; Bryan, 13332; Palmer, 1,54; Levering, 1.2.0. Chicago, Nov. 3. 150 precincts in Illinois outside of Cook county, give McKinley 31082; Bryan, 24,258; Pal mer, 203. bame in 1802 gave liarri son 25,703; Cleveland, 22,'J'JO. Chicago, Nov. J. If the present ratio of Republican gain is maintained Illinois will give McKinley a plurality Of 100,000, Chicago, Nov. 3. At 8 o'clock Vice Chairman Payne, of U13 Republican National committee, made the follow ing announcement : We have Chica go by about 50.000. Returns from Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, indicate that those States are safe for McKinley. Iowa. Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 3. Indica tions here are that Iowa will give Mc Kiniey a plurality or SO.000 or 100,- 000. Kentucky TniiUviile. Nov. 3. Returns from city and btate coming in slovrly, but indicate Republican gains, especially in Louisville, which will give McKin ley a majority of probably 10,000. Louiglana. New Orleans, Nov. 3. Indications point to Bryan carrying the State by 20,000 to 40,000. Maine Portland, Nov. 3. A general falling: 011 or about 2; per cent, of the total vote compared with that of the State election. Probability that the Repub Iican plurality will be 40.000: State election it was 48,000. Baltimore, Nov. 3. Chairman Rusk. of the Democratic city committee, con- ceues liaitimore city to McKinley by 15,000. It gavo Cleveland 14,500 in 18'J2. benator-elect Wellington, Chairman now thought that there has been but two free silver Congressmen elected, in the fourth and in the seventn. Chairman Kurtz, at 11 p. m., claims the btate for McKinley, on returns so far received, by 102,000. Columbus city, usually Democratic gave 4,000 Republican majority. Iowa. Des Moines, Iowa., Nov. 3. Iowa re turns to 9 :30 p. m., are chiefly from ru ral precincts. They indicate uniform and great Republican gains. Ihe Re publicans claim the btate by 100,000 and the Democrats still refuse to make a statement, declaring that returns are mil .1.(1. ni n ti (In .1 yi I 1 . 'I1,.. COW however, that the situation is against them. Indications show that the Re publicans elected all eleven Congressmen. Indiana. Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 3. McKin ley has in all probability carried In diana by a substantial plurality, al though the Democrats still cUiiu it. C. W.Fairbanks says the plurality will be 35,000. South Carolina. Charleston, S. C, Nov. 3. U is im possible to-nieht to give tin? correct total majority cast for thf I:r; a?; elec tors, as many of the r- ciuct. away from teleeranh licet The n. .-: con. servauve estimates, nowever, tlx JJry- an's majority at 40,000. The election was a regular iree sil ver landslide, ine goia j.'emocrsts had an electoral ticket out, as bad also the two separate factions of tbe Ke publican party, but the Bryan electors go in. Kentucky Democratic. Chicago, Nov. 4 The following has been received at the National Demo cratic headquarters : 'Louisville, Ky., Nov. 4. Kentucky surely Democratic; not less than 3,000 and hourly increasing. 'J?he opposi tion has resorted to every political con trivance to keep out the returns. 3 "11. 11. Sommkrs, "Chairman State Committee." Senators, after March 4th, will proba-1 publican managers, to create false im bly stand just as it does now on the 1 pressions in the minds of the people silver question. and to lead them to believe that Mc- The hfty-hfth Congress will be Re- I Kinley's election is accomplished and publican by about tne same plurality 1 acquiesced in. as tbe fifty-fourth Congress. The free "I bave not, for a moment, acquiesced silver element win possiDiy DetinMr. McKinley's election, and will strengthened from the West. how Mckinley heard the news. Would Not Receive Congratulation Until Certain of Victory Serenaded by HI Townspeople. Canton, O., Nov. 3. Major McKin ley received tbe returns in various parts of the house. Early in the even ing he sat in bis study where he heard the news of his nomination. After dinner he moved into the dining room and sat in an arm chair near the head of the table which had been converted into a desk for the filing of returns. Major McKinley beard the news with his usual calm demeanor. He sat quietly while the first news of the great battle came in and smoked his after-dinner cigar. He became inter ested as the news became more copious ann oennite ana Kept up a running comment on tne subject of tne report. 111s siu 'y was given over to tne news paper correspondents and the returns Eau oeen scannea oy tne major, -con gratulations began early to be shower ed upon him, but he refused to take anything for granted and said he would not assume he was elected until the actual returns were all in. He de clined to let telegrams of congratula tions be sent out by the newspapers, though he felt absolutely certain of election, ior tne reason that he did not want the senders of the congratula tory messages to feel embarrassed in case he happened to be defeated. At midnight as the bells sounded, not until there is a material change from existing conditions. "As I believe, Ludiana and probably SUTLER DCE5 MT 6IYE OP. 7a Ca try WLInn Vw H mm Ta. w a a it t lara. n. t' Not. 4. Chair-1 n.n TtntUr Afthfl Pooulist National! Committee, is not ready to concede tho election, but says : "tvery rrprrwBi- mtlwm from thm baek districts U IB Our favor. This is especially Uuooibouui nknf whieh mm have c&moo. anu in KMitnrkT- which IOOSJ mOTO ISTWiow h later returns. Oar D aisrxiOM r in the ronntr-r and WO cannot tell bow larre our vote win do until 11 is all in. Secretary Edgerton aid : -wo nave carried every Southern State, with the exception of Wert Virginia ana Mary land and noaaihlv Kentucky: also every State west of the Missouri river, with the excADtion of California and North Dakota, and returns are being received which indicate thattbev may be placed In tbe Bryan column. In the central west reports are oeins; ncciTw from Indiana and Minnesota, which mir add them to the Bryan vote, and give him a majority. We are making rains in Congressmen and will have ISO silver men and to Populists in tbe House. We concede nothing on President, but await reliable Informa tion from tbe districts not jet report ed. The Peoples Paper. tlbis la tna complaint of thousands at this season. They have no appetite; food does not relish. They need the toning upol tho stomach and digestive organs, which a course of Hood's Ssjssparllla will give them. It also purifies and enriches tho blood, cures that distress after eating and Internal misery only a dyspeptic can know, creates an appetite, overcomes that tired feeling and builds up and sustain the whole physical system. It so prompt ly and efficiently relieves dypeptic symp toms and euros nervous headaches, that it ma to have almost " a magis touch." OHQ Sarsaparilla Is ths b3t In fact the One Tru Blood Purifier. &. B8llf MBMeoMIBf . The leading Reform Paper of North Car lina, a champion of popular rights an, honest government. P&OSPECTUS FOR 1897. H corps of able contributors and siKtiJ Lr correspondents will be employed. c : Every department will be improved new ones added. IP IP f rit are the but arter-dlBner flOOd S PHIS pill, aid dlgastlon. ao. The great battle of the people against plutocrat, of the maaaea arnar at.. 1 a ami a a t a in ciaaae, i on. is win never ena vin ine propie iriumpu and!! cause of justice is fully established. During the year of 1S97, THE CAUCASIAN will Hand iBu forefront of the battle. In arousing and educating the people, in vocating the principles of the reform movement, in expoaing tnut and corruption THE CAUCASIAN will be vigorous. frarWa ait uncompromising. The principal features for the paper for the coming year mj w outlined as follows : Political News. SUCCESSORS TO C.A.SH ER lb & CO. Especial attention will be devoted to political new. All irrpur ant events in the progress or decline of parties in the United Mah will be chronicled. Especial attention will be taken to keep the rrti ers of THE CAUCASIAN fully informed on political ev-Mm transpire in our own State. We will give when possible tbe new ! Li the partisan papers suppress. Prices the Lowest ot Any! State Legislative Reports. THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OK NOUTU CAROLINA will U in session in January and the people will desire to be informed of it work of that body. THE CAUCASIAN will present Its reader witt a full and non-partisan report of its proceedings and will not upir the truth. Awarded Ihe Palm. The prudentially advised and carefully informed after a painstaking com parison, concede the fact and enjoy an impelled conviction, guided by an uner ring judgment after surveying all the dry goods stocks in the oity, that onr Prices are the lowest, nu&lltv considered of anv and all. however mnch onr wwurn any Dump tnemseives to tne contrary. 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Phi::;;' " iVr;VV r. , "I' from the shouting enthusiasts almost r r '8Uie J" wceivea from our rnanufacturers. . Cleanliness next to Godli- ManTSinnt ie. aVe- mote from drowned .the report of the rifles. S.wSJ v"??"?? !'MoMo rft At midnight, and not a second be- " un u" aanep uosoms patent stays, reinforced, nilM re, Major McKinley admitted pub- "sual price 7oc our no competition price - - - - - JUU licly that he felt assured of his elec tion. He made no announcement of the fact that be believed he had been chosen by the American people to the highest office withirrtheir gift, but he 10 dozen Gents' Cambric Muslin Night Shirts, embroidered fronts waw WW M. M United States Congress. THE CAUCASIAN has secured the services of one of the fur most writers, and be will send weeklj letters containing all the inter, estlng news of tbe Nation's capital. In addition Senator Butler ill contribute weekly articles besides editorial, thus making irJ wuarwiDDai report iuii ana intereatin;. Letters From tho People. Subscribers will have an opportunity to exchange informiiits and opinions on all topics of interest through short letters publialrf under this bead. World's News in Brief. Under this head every we. k ee-n give you therream f the news. We give you each wea'i a Lrief compact and chr ment of what has occurred In tbe worl J aloce our last issue. 25c The Alliance Department. REPUBLICAN CLAIMS. Many counties are remote from relays anil t.pi0(7rAr.h nnrl rotnrTia o,a alrtnr of the State Kepublican Committee. At this hour, 3 :45, we believe we have J.u"' ftaiu .J aumiiiea pun says McKinley's plurality in Maryland advantage of 3,000, corrections and re- WUl reacn o0,000. vision may cuauge inis sngnuy. Michigan. &AM. J. KOBEETS, Detroit, Mich., Nov. 3.-Chairman mairman ep. otate uom. Ferry, of Kepublican State Central South Dakota Safe. ywuiuiifciee, K'vea uie 10 lowing : 1,1 o gioux Fal,. -r, Xov. 4. To M. 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The seven canamaies ior congress (Dem.) are elected by majorities ranging from 1,WU lO 0,UOU. Nebraska. uuiaba,eb., Nov. 3. At 9:30 the indications are that the State of Ne- nn the Presidential ticket will be exceedingly close. Seventy-three iiictiutisuii'siue of m,h. and Lin. coin give I-lcKinley 10,000; Bryan, Both candidates are makine hie trains over the vote of 1804. The sains ahout (Signed) "J. A. Bowler, "Chairman Dem. Cen. Com." "West Virginia. -They Are Going Fast.- 103 pairs of Bargain Shoes left, worth $2.00 to $3.50, take your choice at $1 50 done to clear tbemout quick. ' nun is ims r One case of ladies' full seamless, fast black HOSE direct to congratulate him when they passed about him. They offered him congratulations early in the evening but he gently put asiue tne pieasans woras ana in sisted that he could not accept con gratulations until it was more decisive Mr. McKinley made no dsclaration of I QriV CrVWT-. TTa mavalvanM a fs-rrr nrnvila I famm wn m -a A. a Wheeling, W. Ya., Nov. 4. Incom- TXUYmI j -auuiacturer to consumer, to oe ciosea at only Be a pair. plete returns show Republican gains The cheering was deafening. The "V" "u c8 uu.a"Ke ' surrounding country poured its inhab ii i irin a ii iriiruu in i r ihhi rtnira nrir aiii.. - i X-jtI J "j 1 itants into Canton and they came by "'R??ubiLc5 nearby cities. At 1 o'clock Kicsa ore miuuuuieui v eiecieu DY in-1 U mn. a.tin,.tH a- AAA J ri " . ViV:; people gathered in the vicinity of Ma for Governor and the entire Republi- for McKinley's home. rau Diam iiueii is eiecieu anu botn 33 l-3c 50c Discussions of tho Issues. Bargain Prices Bring the Business. SHERWOOD HIGGS t CO. branches of the Legislature are Kepub lican. The gold Democrats voted the republican ticket. Alabama. Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 2. The vuie cast in ine ntaie, irom tne pres ent outlook, will be much less than in HOW BRYAN HEARD THE NEWS He Read the Telegrams With &ra. Bryan Looking Over Wig Shoulder Foil Asleep a Little After Midnight. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 3.-Mr. Bryan - W. H. & R. S. Tucker & an address for, anyhow?- offset one anoother, however. In the August this year or November, 1892. received the returns It his resided" .Farmer. Or why did rot arger towna of the State McKinley ,s no separation of names in this evenine Ha had .i-t Zlu rVZt leaas liryan, and in the smaller vil lages, liryan siigntly leads. On the theory that Bryan will carry the larmervote tbe present situation is favorable to him, since no returns of importance bave yet been received luusDiuui uiairicts wiiicu nave re Thf Peoples Tarty came exist ence fn North Carolina on the fellow ing issues: Frte silver, a free ballot, ported do not bear out the idea that and county government. The tarty the farmers are votine for Brvan. Tn stand j squarely on lhcs great issues rural precints have! reported showing to day, and tii-ve wlo vote the ticket about the same ratio which obtains in straigbfi from President down to con stable, will vote for jus-t what every I'opuusi ins auvocait'U siuce the or gauizition of the party. Mercury. me smaller towns of the State. This meaus McKinley will carry Nebraska ojr u sman vote tuougu tbe silver men do not concede this. ! Llncon, Nov. 3. The Seventh ward Deraocrits are long and loud for the of Linpiu complete, gives McKinley eradication of party prejudice so Ion ooe majority out of a total vote of G81. a the eradication will give the Demo- 1 wo J1,8 ago it was carried by the cratio party votes, but when the tables i "P"oucaus oy z are turned other wcy, "boodle.' and the voter slide the tb?y turn the cry to FIGHT IN W.NSfON. An Cdltor Strikes an Otllcer VV.tU Ills . Cane. WinBton, N. CL, ov. 3. There were several fights over the electi'vaa here to-day. The first was between Editqr J. W.Ellis, of the Union Kepublican," and Dopnty Sheriff Frank Martin. The latter met the former and questioned him about attacks made iu tne Kepub lican against the deputy sheriff. The editor struck the officer with his cane, knocking him down. When Martin arose, he knocked Ellis down with his cane. In the scuffle Martin's pistol was fired, the ball going through the lapels of ths editor's coat and vest. To-night Lawyers E. B. Jwnes and J. E. Altxandir xot into a dispute over a Joint in the election law, Jones nocked Alexander down, ar.d was beating him when friends separated them. The Fifth ward of Lincol Kiuley 813 and Bryan 614. At Demo cratic neaaquarters it is claimed to- night that McKinley will carrv the city of Lincoln by not more than 1,000, but they say that will be offset in others parts of the county, and cnances are that Bryan will carry Pan- uisier county. New York. X m - j-ievv lorn, iov. . ua3ea upon re- ruo iroui une-iourtn ot tne election districts above the Harlem, together Alabama, but everything on a straight ticket, making the count slow and te dious. Bryan will have the State, but by a greatly reduced maj ority. Clark, sound money candidate for Congress iu iu seconu aisiritt ana tne Demo- . a- : j ? j x . a. i ... . crane canuiuate in me tnira are making strong runs, with even chances for success. Georgia. Atlanta, Ga. There is no doubt cn the election of each of the eleven Dem ocratic nominees for Congress in Georgia. Their majorities ranee from 2,000 to 3,000, the a ggre gate Democratic majority oi the State being about 30, C00 for Congressmen andannroxi. mately the same for Bryan and'Sewall. Many Populists voted for McKinley ine jraimer anu isucKner vote was in significant, participants in the inde- penaent goia movement generally Macon, Ga., Nov. 3. Every county in the sixth consressional diatrinr. gives a majority for Bartlett (Con gressman; ana jjryan. uryan's ma jority in this district is probably 3,500: oincivo uiajui.ijr yiujjauij 4,UUVI. Bryan Will Win tn Kansas. 'I orsEA, N ov. 48 :30 n. m. At this hour the situation in Kansas is about this evening. He had slept well most of tha afternoon and felt much re freshed when the news began coming in. Two Postal telegraph wires had been run into Mr. Bryan's residence, one connecting witn democratic na tional headquarters in Chicago and the other for regular bulletins. Both instruments, an operator at each, were placed in the library, while in the ad joining dining room, a Western Union operator received the bulletins fur nished by that company. It had been understood among the friends of the Democratic canaidate that he was to be left alone on election night, and - a a . " as a consequence noneoi line local sup porters or neighbors of Mr. Bryan gathered at the little D. street resi dence. After supper Mr. Bryan put on a veivet uouse jacaei ana went up stairs to the private 'office he had es tablished since his nomination. Mrs. Bryan remained witn bim there dur ing the evening, husband and wife re ceiving tne bulletins fresh from the wire and reading and comparing them togetner. Mr. scnwins, tne candi- aate's secretary, ana a aozen newspa per men occupied the library. The wire connecting with Democratic headquarters was idle nearly all the time. A few dispatches for Mr. Bryan came from. Chairman Jones early in the evening. Their purport was not 1 123 and 125 Fayetteville Street. 124 and 126 S. Wilmington Street. with the nearly complete returns fr-nm this : With only one-fifth of the New York and Kin ers county, whirh cincts in, Bryan electors seem to have made known by Mr. Bryan New York and Brooklyn, the cared the .State by a slight majority. At 15 minutes 9 - f -1 ' 1 ' Vnii.rn.iAi. . . A I Tt.van 1 ..lm includes plurality of McKinley over Bryan in mBomeuiiiew x ora is estimated at 295,000. Virginia. Richmond, Va., Nov. 3. State Chair man J. Taylor Ellyson says: Vir ginia will go for Bryan by half her usual majority. The reduction i i doe to the new system of voting. Vermont. White River Junction, Vt Nov. 3. Beautiful weather to-day helped to- after midnight Mr. I Four fusion Congressmen. Simnsnt i Bryan fell asleep and it was decided R. Rugley, W. D. Vincent and Win. not t awaken him till morning. No Mccormick nave been elected. He. publicans probably elect three Con gressmen C. Case Broderick, C. P. Harris and Chas. Curtis. ' ' They Glre Vp Nebraska, Likcolst, Neb. Nov. 4. The Repub lican State Committee tonight at 10 o'clock abandoned all claim to. the State, except Auditor and Treasurer, which Judge Post says the Republi sh tements and private dispatches will 1 A. A 1 1 oe given om uu morning. A Statement From Mr. Bryan. Lincoln, Neb Nov. 4. Mr. Bryan to night gave out the following in reply to numerous telegrams from all parts of the country : . "The Democratic National Commit tee claims enough States to give a ma jority in the electoral college; brittbe WILL SELL GOODS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER 3e HOUSE. Do You Need. FURNITURE? 0f Any Kind. , If so, write or call on Eoyall & Borden. Our stock is always complete, and our prices the low- ; est. . . ROYALL & BOKDEM, ; Leaders of Low Prices, Raleigh, N. 'C, Money, transportation, taxation, land and other important lire issues will be discussed both editorially and by contributor. Tt nlnhTAuumt0Tthl adT0CECJ of rttorm Farmer's Column. We invite every practical farmer to write for this column. TeH jour experience, your successes and failures so the remainder fw ICbDeflAby il: Tia fa rD1 opportunity for faraeri to exchange ideas with each other. Women's Sphere and Pattern Department. inwj)!" 10 ?kalth, n "Pfcially interesting department. invite the ladies to the use of this column by exchangitr idf -Me.nir,U8eh1 mttUTB- We hTe arraSgemetit. an old and reliable pattern bouse, whose styles are nniver-ally JidJrT'ofT HE CTPc AT Y(:W.heret by Wh,ch we re off'ric l . --17 . T. CAUCASIAN tbe Demorest Cut Paper Pattern! at a nominal price When purchased in the regular way .tbe prrc. cost from twenty cents to fifty cento apiece, consequently our oftf makes every copj of this paper worth that amount extra. Advertising. rlratJ.?.?. kA.YJPASI AN d"ire ? tndle the advertisement of rij nrst-class business firms and we intend to keep out all -fake" aflf h&Ei TfiZViZJUS0 oarder "J honest edvertlM-rs alike. T believe that tbe only way for us to make money bv advertising ' wi ,rf d progressive paper. P Pt . few lincs of old Poster type or a few flrures we ahoald vrd SSSJtSSS Dtil W-eiff tta.tJ.ta r-A?hl1rti'en,fnt hooid 56 "tten carefully and studied so ait catch the publio eye and then be run in a paper that will carrv 1 ;k. l I throwing away money to advertise in a psp dir?i50fc Zch tbt :. d therefore you pay your mo'ry W inouJ PPHcaionPweywnir"ndo. One Dollar Ter Tear -Only. be wifhoSTHE CAVcliV Cf?U week 1 Yoa Dna affwrd i send soiit. and .7 t?1' U yoa c11' "Pare a dollar jest no. rowHlTehe fft - JJ We kn tbe Address, THE CAUCASIAN, ; BAIiEIGH, IT- C

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