THE CAUCASIAN PCBL1BIIE0 EVERY THTEflDAT. BY Till CAUCASIA rCBUSHJHO OO. MARIO BCTUCB. - rrmtamU HALATXR. - MfWf B.O. RIVKK.. BtlotMmtw- SUBSCRIPTION RATES t YEAR, 8ix nojrruB, TBBXS MONTHS $;.oo , .80 gntrd In the Port Offloi ai Eleih, K. C m Second CUm Matter. WIIX THK OOtDIICGS CArTEKK TUB VHITKD STATE KNATf Now, since tbmke of th nation eampaifn bu cleared I vJ- dnt that the gild men were not only determined to elect 3lcKfnley and gold House, but that the have made desperate effort to raptore the Senate also. For the last few year the United State Senate has teen the only pro tection of the people agaiftft the fur ther schemes and deiigns .f the gnl men and monopolist. The ant I-bond till and a freo coinage bill loth parsed Che Senate lnt aeation hy a majority of seven. The supreme tlfort of th irold men had tten to rut forward to wins out this ruaiority. To accom nil ih thin ther have centered thei . - force, and spent more money in mail State like Xortb Dakota whic has only thrfe electoral votes, tha tbey have In other States that had two or three times ai maoy electoral totes. Their purpone was, of courne, to Ret a gold Senator from North Dakota. The same thing in true of South Dakota, another email State. The remarkable and tremcndoiu ef forts which they put forward in In diana was equally directed toward capturing the legislature a well as the electoral vote, for in that State the term of the free silver Senator expires. They succeeded and a gold Senator will be elected there. Jo Delaware and Kentucky Repub licans have been instructed from headquarters to vote in the legisla tures lor a gold Democrat for Sena tor In order to get the co operation of a few gold Democratic, members of the legislature in thoseState?. The gold men now claim that they will have one majority in the next United States Senate, and if they get a gold Senator from North Carolina, which they are claiming, they will have captured the last bulwark of the people. Mark IJanna has already arranged to keep open Republican headquarters to New lork until alter the various legislatures have met and elected Sen ators. On last Friday night he had a conference In New York with twenty five of the lichest men in America composed of gold Democrats and gold Republicans, including J. Tier pont Morgan, the American agent And representative of the Rothschilds of England. It is reported that he laid before them his plans for captur ing the Senate, and that they prom Ised him all the money he needed for this purpose. We do not believe that their scheme can succeed with the legislature of North Carolina, unless there are enough gold Democrats elected to the legislature to join in with the lie publicans for this purpose, as they have arranged to do in Kentucky and Delaware. Of one thing we feel sure, and that 1 they cannot control the vote of a single Populist member of )he legislature. Rut let every citizen of North Carolida realize the tremen dous Ifsue at stake. It is not a ques tion of bow much money would be used to capture a gold Senator from North Carolina. It is a question of whether any member of the legislature can be tampered with or not, for the amount of money that the cold com bine would use is unlimited. Let every North Carolinian fully realize that the action of the North Carolina legislature determines wheth er the people will control the United States Senate or whether the gold combine shall control it. If the gold men get the Senate, then they will have full possession of every branch of our government. A gold Senator from North Carolina gives the gold com bine one majority; a silver Senator from North Caroliua gives the people one majority in tlio Senate. Which shall it be? Of the party proved to be strong enough to divide its strength and thus let the party standing for trusts, mo nopolies Ac. get another four year ease on this country. The announcement now comes that Mr. Brian declares he will continue - - - - - - . ... S to fight the battle fcl reiorro. i well, perhaps, that he will do to. He s an able leader, and it iry be inai nnn rati T.r.W h foOLd to I'MUSl fcim. But great events can be evolved within . the rest four years; ana rpeaamg H.. IVon'es 1'artr of V,r!h firolina aod we believe fur the nation, we take the li- Kptv nf ?rxivz notice on Mr. r.rran that if he desires to head the reform forces of the Peoples Tarty In the neat fight, he must do so under SOM OTIIXB K AWE THAK THAT OK DEM OCRAT. That name has become a re proach and a stench among the peo ple, and it will not be supported any more now nor hereafter. THE STAT XJCCTIOW. j It is impossible at this time to give to our readers any official returns of the late election result in the State. Ai soon as the j arc all it! we will pub lish tabulated statement of the vote east for Presidential electors and State officers. At present the estimates are placed as follows : For Bryan electors, abaut 12,000 ma Fcr KosseSI, Governor, about C,000 plurality. The State Fusion ticket is elected by about 40XXJ majority. Congress-fclect are as follows : 1st District Habby Skinsib, of Pitt county, Populist. 2nd District Geo. White, Halifax county, Republican Km BSEvrrcs. Coiled ui Coadn d fr th BtJfi . John H. Inman, head of the cot ton house of Inman, Swan & Co., and a b as mesa man of national rep utation, died last Thursday, of heart failure. He was 53 years of age. Mr. Inman was born in Tennessee and entered the Confederate service when 17 years old. He came to New York in 1SG5 and embarked in the cotton business. His estate is now estimated at $10,000,000. He not pany, was killed this moraine; at his residence by a folding bed. Sir. Ifjfcson arose to see what time it was, aid in getting; back into bed jarred it so that the top fall epos, him, I breaking his backbone. RESTRAINING 0R0ER VACATED. Jostle raixbca DmUm lolut Ed XtoasJd la th riMTlU KUetUa Tb CXvrk.' DsUM ar rwetr ' tarlmU Democrats had charge of the govern ment for nearly four year?, and they played the people fa!e grossly and brutally fat. In the campaign just closed, the Peoples Party joined their forces with the DmocraN, and the D-smocrat again played the people false groKrly and brutally false. There U no v'rtue in them. We are done with them now and forever, and also will, an v nun who seeks to lead the neor.le hereafter under anything that may hear the name, or have th htnirch of the word Democrat on it. 3d District John E. Fovtleb, of Sampson county, Populist. 4th District William F. Stbowd, of Orange county, Populist. 5th District W. W. Kitchex, of Durham county, Democrat. Cth District Charles H. Martin, of Arsson county, Populist. 7th District Aloxzo C. Shufobd, of Catawba county, Populist. Sib, District Romulus Z. Lixney, of Aleianclei county, Kepublican. 9th DlEtrictRiCHMOXD Pearson, ot Buncombe county, Republican. f The action brought by the fusionists of Mecklenburg county to restrain Clerk of Court Morrow from counting only invested in land in the South, j precinct No. 2, of Pineville township, but is beaered to have led in to the I and which was argued before Judge South capital of more than $100,-1 Furches Saturday, was decided Mon UOO.UUU. lie was a member or both Lt.w it m. a-iai in favor of the of the old and the present rapid transit Democrats and again st the f uslonists. uu&ius, uu was a uireviur la ixie Tennessee Coal and Iron Company la rendering his decision, Judge ItOl.TOV.S AtiiUKl CI.A!.. We notice that Chairman Ilolton, of the Kepublican Mate committee, 13 quoted a Haying that he had twelve Populist members of the legislature pledged to support a Republican gold man for the Senate; and when further questioned a3 to whether or not he had enough of them to elect a gold man, he in reported to have paid that he looked after that and fixed it dur ing the campaign. We cannot believe that Chairmnn Iiolton is correctly re ported, for such a fitatement 13 absurd not to tay an insult to every ropuiist member of the legislature. While the Peoples Party has co-operated with the Kepublican party in thia cam paign on State and local matters, yet, it has not surrendered to the Republi can party, neither is it mortgaged to them, and, more than that, we do not believe that a single member of the nartv is Dledced or niorteaired to the Republicans. While there Las been some diller ence of opinion among Populists as to the best methods in this campaign, yet the Peoples Party has always been united and solid on one thing; acd that is that no member of the party would vote for a gold man for the United States Senate. This, the Re publicans have been plainly told, and have clearly understood all tha time In fact, the Peoples Party would have had tli Governor in this co-operation had party been willing to support a Republican gold bug fcr the Senate, That v as the condition and the only one which the Republicans would scree ioVur pert a Populist for Gov ernor. Rut this proposition of the Republican committee was promptly and unanimously declined by the Peo pies Party State committee. In short the only reason that the Republicans have elected their Governor is because the Populists would not agree to sup port a Kepublican sroldbugr for the Senate. TH 1" GE.NKKAL ASSEMBLY. The latest returns from the counties show that the Populists can organize the Senate with the help of only one Republican or Democrat, and that the Republicans are Ebort ten of a major ity in the House. The Legislature will stand : Senate Populist, 24; Republicans, 17; Democrats, 9. House Republicans, 51 ; Populists, 31; Democrats, 34; cne" member (Jack sou county) tied. The Republicans will lack eighteen votes to elect a United States Senator, and the Populists will lack 28. The Populists have it in their power to elect one of their members or some other advocate of the free coinage of silver if they desire to do so. and the Fourth National Bans: of New YGrk city, and a member of several clubs. Mr. TT. H. VanderbUt Dmd. Kiw Toee, Nor. 6. Mrs. Wil liam II. Vanderbilt died at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Cot HU Throat After Surrendering to tb Spaniards. Havana, Cuba, No. C Gen. Aldave, with a force'of troops con- ye j in g a provision and ammunition train of wagons to Manicaragua, in Puerto Principe province, has had an engagement with the rebels un dcr Sera fin Sanchez and Carillo at Alborich. The loss of the insurgents was heavy. The Spaniards had one t nil" mi man Kuiea ana wounaea. steamer Guani Guanico has arrived ber bringing 300 sick soldiers from Furches declared that the Clerk was only a ministerial and not a judicial officer, and recommended that the plaintiffs institute quo warranto pro ceedings to determine whether there had been any irregularities in the elec tion in the crecinct complaint d of The opinion in full is as follows. Upon a full consideration of this matter, I am of the opinion that the restraining order heretofore granted should be vacated, and the motion for an injunction should be denied. But in thus Holding 1 do not end that there bad been no irregularities, intimida tions, or frauds committed on the elec tion in precinct No. 2, Pineville town- snip. It is not necessary tnat I snouia undertake to decide these questions, nor do I think I have the power to do so in this proceeding. f nnini'nn i a rhnr. rocrlsrrara n1 Picar del Rio. a. Muda;es or election should be resi nave r-.r rfoA iVtA chin TT- o o ffna vrkhol 1 " v - 1 -,,. iV-""lare appointed. Rut when tbey are leautrr lima .uazu, wuu iicu tuiicu- are appointed. rocriilrlv rnnintd. flip law nrmimus dertd to the Spanish commander, thpv ar rio-htfullv snnointed. and When the ship arrived here he was that they are resjd.ents of the precinct found dead in his cabin, having cut his throat. Steel Cruisers for Japan. Washington, Nov. 5. It 13 an nounced that the Japanese govern ment has finally closed contracts with the Cramp Ship Building Com- for which they have been so appoint ed. If they are not, the law provides the means by which this may be tried and Judicially determined. "That no citizen had the right to un dertake the matter in bis own hand, and by fraud, violence.iutimidation or other unlawful means attempt to cor- pauy of Philadelphia, and the Union I rupt such mistake, if one has been and intimidations of say kiad. Bat it seems te ne from tue amaavus siea in this proceeding that this trouble flu nrohiblv arisen from the fart that two negroes were appointed registrars in this township. And wcue u is cm for me to say whether they should have been appointed or not, and I do not say whether they a noma or soouia not have been appointed, but I do say that under the Constitution and laws of this Stat the negro it a legal elec tor and is entitled to accept aod bold the office of judge or registrar ofelec- tion, and to exercie ana perionn iuc duties appertaining to the same. And the time has paMed, if it ever existed ) in North Carolina, when be can be il legally Interfered with and prevented from discharging his duties at such officer, on that account. But it is my opinion that the duties of a clerk in tabulating the Tote of an election, and in announcing the result, are ministerial duties. And it is hisdu ty to tabulate and computate all such votes as come to Lim through the reg nlar channel rrecTibed by law. unlet" it shall appear, upon the return itself. that it is in fact not the return of said nrecinct. for which it rurports to be. In such case be should refuse to count it. unless he shall be directed to do so by an order of a Judge of the Suprrlor irftopreme Uourt. Tron an examination of a certified ropy (not objected to by plaintiff) of therttnrnof the elect ion in this pre cinct to the defendant, I cannot say that it contains such inherent and ra tent defects as would have authorized the clerk to reject it under the rule I bave stated; and this being so it was his duty to tabulate ard count the same. "Therefore, the restraining crdcr heretofore granted in t-bis case is vaca ted, and the motion for a permanent injunction is denied. '"That the defendant, J. M. Mcrrow, will at once proceed to cou nt said vote as the law direct, and the same a if no restraining order bad been issued in this proceeding. Thatihe defend ant will recover his costs of theplain ifr, K. McDonald." Immediately upon the delivery of this opinion, Mr. W. R. Henry, who represents the plaintiffs, gave notice of an appeal. The cafe will be argued betore the full bench Tuesday. -The-Peoples Paper. eatcese Beece cccco Tlio leadiug Reform Paper of North Ca$ lina, a champion of popular rights ai honest government. THE NATIONAL VOTF, We give below the electoral vote of McKinlev and Bryan. This vote is about correct. The result m Kentucky may possibly give Bryan one electoral vote and Mclvinley 12; the same con dition exists in Delaware Bryan may have one electoral vote and McKinley only two, instead of three as now given in the following table. Otherwise no change is anticipated. For McKinley. Iron Works, of San Francisco, for two steel cruisers, similar in essen tial respects to the United States steamship Olympia, now flagship of tb.9 Asiatic Station. Each firm will build ono vessel and their completion will be a race against time. Iioccruotlve Boiler Burst. Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 5. William Mann, white, and 'Abe" Ooss, col ored, were killed this morning by made. If this were allowed, tree elec tions and free govt-riiinenis v.iu'.d soon be at an end. "That no citizen had the riiht to un dertake to correct such mistake, if one had been made, by olliciously ruunirfg the township lines, 'and filing his re port with the board,' acting m the discharge of their duties as registrars or judges of election. And if any per son by such acts, or by threats of vio lence or threats of indictment, or other unlawful means, did intimidate such registrars or judges, and by such (a a the explosion of a locomotive boiler means did interfere with them in the California 9 Connecticut 6 Delaware 3 Illinois 23 Indiana 15 Iowa 13 Kentucky 13 Maine 6 Maryland 8 M assachusetts .... 15 Minnesota 9 N. Dakota 3 Total N. Hampshire.... 4 Kew Jersey 10 New York 36 Ohio 23 Oregon 4 Pennsylvania , . . . 32 Rhode Island 4 S. Dakota 4 Vermont 4 West Virginia . ... 6 Wisconsin... . ... 12 ..277 in the boutnern Railroad yards,! "Jim" Kodgers, colored, was serious ly injured. Mann was a machinist and Ucss was a laborer. The engine had just come in from Chattanooga, and was being clean ed. It is supposed that Goss allowed the water to get too low in the boiler and then turned in cold water. OH and Sugar Million. The liquidating trustees of the owtuudiu vii hum uir-i yesi.eiun,y consiaericmyauty to sustain every and r'r flared the regular quarterly technical objection that might be (ii?iu. Li! oi j Bf,r snare ana ner imaueio ine manner or execntinc rnis ebaie additional, payable December law, if r saw that substantial justice 15. This payment was not only on had been done, and free expression of the outstanding Trust certificates. -tbe qualified voters had been obtained, lawful discbarge of th?ir duty as such registrars or judges, they hav violated both the criminal and civil law of the State. And in my opinion, neither the state nor the individual who may have been injured thereby are without remedy. But it in not in this proceeding. "1 am in full sympathy with what I understand to be the spirit and mean ing of the Election Law of 1895 a free and fair election, a fair and hon est count. And while I would not For Bryan. Alabama 11 Arkansas 8 Colorado 4 Florida 4 Georgia 13 Idaho 3 Kansas 10 Louisiana 8 Mississippi 9 Missouri it Montana 3 Nebrpeka 8 Nevada 3 S. ! :uo i- a 11 N Carolina 9 Tu uessee 12 Texas 15 Utah 3 Virginia 12 Washington 4 Wyoming 3 Total -. 170 THK CAUCASIAN VOI XV., SO. 1. IT MUST IIS UKDKU AXOTUE& n ANN Kit. "While the known results of the elec tion are not yet official, they are sufii ciently clear for us to understand that Brjau Is defeated. With this defeat there come regrets of disappointments of an almost bitter character. Dreams of a pure American government and hopes of better times and conditions are nullified aud crushed temporarily at least. But the cause of the people is not dead. It is a cause that cannot die. It is probably idle to go and renew the causes which defeat but tha cbiefest among thera all was the brutal stupidity of the gold bug nominee for vice-President in de clining to retire from the national ticket supported by those forces de claring for reform. It miy not be al together correct to asert that this stupidity is tho sole cause of defeat, but it is certain that many people who favor reform could not be pursuaded to believe in the sincerity of such a man as Arthur Sewall, aod we have rn hesitation in saying thy wxrshigUt we nayeasserceu ueiore mac ne was put oo tha ticket by the scbt-rmrs to defeat it, and we say so now. The cb ject for which he was put up has been accomplished. Another cause of tha defeat was the failure of the party represented by th Chicago convention to support the Bryan ticket.' If that party had given two-tntras as many votes to Bryan as It rfiee fLf f!ftf Jilfl fA fiiiif vsati a an Bryan would have been elected. While large numbers of the ranc and file of the Democratic party may b said to bave favored what Bryan stood for,' , the "bossing And subsidized element' v uii tnis issue the Caucasian en ters upon its fifteenth year of publica tion. It is unnecessary to give a re sume of its career since its first appear ance. Its grrowth from a small country weekly, to a paper of State and Na tional reputation, with a larger circu lation than any other weekly pub listed iu Xorth Carolina, is already weL known throughout the State. We desire though, to call the . attention of our readers and all Populists, that the future success of the paper depends upon the support and aid that you may give it. It cost money to run a sue cessful newspaper, and unless the peo pie rally to its support it cannot be conducted with success. So far the peo pie have loyally stood by it and to them we desire to acknowledge our appreci anons ot tneir neip. we again ap peai tome people to give us their as sistance by sending in their subscrip nous anu also asK our readers to en deavor to secure at least one new sub scriber when renewing themselves. Our prospects are bright and we trust to do our part in giving to the public a family newspaper that will meet the approval of all fair minded peopie. iusewnere in tnis issue we publish a prospectus of Tub Caucas ian for 1S07 and it will be seen from it that it will not only be the equal of what it has been in the cast but manv new features have beeu added which will make it still more interesting, In politics The Caucasian wiJl con tinue its fight for reform and advocate the issues of the Peoples Party plat form adopted at St. Lom?, July 22nd 1S8C, and the platform promulgated at b::k now Kaleisrb. Auerust 13tb. lfcOG. lead to HIS VIEW OF THE TRIUMPH. v Pif-feldent-elett McKinley on tlie Kepubli can Victory The People, Ho Affirms, Have Declared Against Repudiation and for Upholding the Constituted Authori ties of this Great Country. Canton, Ohio, Noy. 5. President elect McKinley tonierht sent the fol lowing dispatch to Mark HaiiEa at New xors; "Your telegraphic message an nouncing the result of the election, has been received. I beg you to ac cept my hearty thanks for your great services in the cause cf sound money and protection throughout the campaign now closed and glo- tiut a proportionate-amount was ce clared on the corporate stocks repre sented by the certificates which had bt i ?. -'-tired in the process of liqui dating 'tie Trust, The U,m original issue of Stand ard Oil trust certificates was $97, 230 000. During the fiscal year just closing there has been 31 per cent in dividends declared, making a total distribution of earnings amounting to $30,149,500. During the same period the American Sugar Refining Company, known as the Sugar Trust, has paid $7,023,920 in divi dends, in addition to these pay ments of earnings to ttockholders. th8 Trust is said to have a surplus in raw sugar, bills receivable and cash amounting to about $30,000,000, Car Went Over the Bank. Richmond, Va., November 7. A Danville, Va., special says: Fifteen miles this side of Rocky Mount, to day, the Danville and Rocky Mount tram met with a serious accident. The combination mail, baggage "and passenger car, which was at the rear cf the tram, was thrown from the yet I would feel it my duty to exert all the powers J bays to prevent fraud Blood Is essential to health. Every nook and corner of the system is reached by the blcod, and on Its quality the condition c f every organ de pends. Good blood xscana 6trong nerves, good digestion, robust health. Impuro blood means scrofula, dyspepsia, rheuma tism, catarrh or other disease. The surest way to have good blood is to lake Hood's Sarsaparilla. Thia medicine purifies, vi talizes, and enriches the blood, and 6end3 the elements of health and strength to every nerve, organ and tissue. It creates a good appetite, gives refreshing sleep and cures that tired feeling. Remember, PROSPECTUS FOR 1897, h corps of oblo contributors and speeia! Lru correspondents will be employed. 0 Every department will be improved anj new ones added. f f The great battle of the people against plutocrats, of the mattei the clas?es, m on. It will neTer end till the people triumph u cause oi justice isiuny eeiaDiisoea. wurinjc me year oi iuk UALuaia. win UD4 iatk loreiron oi me battle, in arousing and educating ine people, it n vocating the principles of the reform movement, in e s po i n g tn and corruptiou THE CAUCASIAN will te vigorous, rearing uncompromising. The principal feaferes fur the paper for the coming year sattfc outlined as follows: . Political News. 3 Sarsaparilla Is the best in fact the One True Blood ptiritto. ww , r-k.ff cure Liver liSs; e;:: to flood S FllIS take, easy to opera;,-, -r.c. State Legislative Reports. United States Congress. ro)rranrn THAT SET THE PEOPLE TO WONDERING !" Highest standard of values at the lowest nrices known in connection with reputable goods. No house in Raleigjv gives a fairer equivalent for money, auu no salespeople are more pauent, inuuiging and obliging. Lowest Cloak Pricss on Record. Quickest cloak selling ever done. Greatest cane house- in the citv. . Our close prices make the business. On Monday we commenced selling off all of our,IIieh Class Coats and Novelty Capes, bought for our Grand Opening and Fair Exhibit at one-third less than manufacturer's price.3. Sale phenomenal comparison invited; every tue 10 ue cioseu oui. inia wees. Domestic and Uome-Made Goods sold without reeard to the S.harn Ad vanee on all lines of Domestic Manufacture. Great Shoe-Trading Center. i i i i m ir&cK dv a aerective ran. ine car riously won. They were most gen-Ki,, "-h erous and effective, and will recei&ITf tWi6' oiii n: km if ms. Tho Caucasian has completed &r rargeraenta with a New York Pub listiinsr Co., whereby it is enabled to offer to the readers of the Caucasian good literature at a very small cost i uese uuoks are oiitreu ai a premium to. yearly subscribers and to those who will try, to secure Kmall clubs. We can recommend the books as being all tey are represented to be. The fol the warm approbation of your coun trymen everywhere. I will bo pleased to have you convey to your associ ates of tno National committee my high appreciation of their efficient services. "The people and their majesty, ignoring party lines, have declared tneir detestation of repudiation and dishonor, in whatever specious guise tbey may be presented. They have with tho same mighty power affirm ed their devotion to law and order and tseir uudeviatmg respect for justice and the courts. They have maintained their unfaltering deter mination io support and uphold the constituted authorities of the coun try, and have thereby given new vigor and strength to our freo msti- a mi muons. Aney nave, maeea, again consecrated themselves to country, and baptized the cherished ordi nances of free government with a new and holy patriotism. Tho vic tory is not to party or seetion, but of and for the whele American people. ".Not the least of tho triumphs of tha election is the obliteration of sectional lines in the republic. We have demonstrated to the world that wo are a re-united people in purpose as in naraa. We have manifested in the great eauso the spirit of fra ternity and brotherhood that should always characterize our common and equal citizenship, and have pioven conclusively that m a country of equal privileges aud t qal opportu nity the insidious doctrine of hate, or of class or stctional distinctions cannot prevail. - i 'Lst us, as Americans, straight way devote ourselves to the upbuild in ir of America: to-the peace, honor. Jowicz are our club offers : The Ladies' Manuel, twelve t-.nnka and gl0y,f our commcn country. rcmbined in one, aud Tug Cavcasian "&rty dissensions should no longer jfr nr oniy fi.i.j. j?or two uivme cr racK ine pnone- imoo; nor for on; yvar for yady subscribers we will send it free io the seuuer of club. Great bocks by famous authors, (see list fourth page) any one of the books will be ent free to all yearly subscri bers. For a club cf live j early sub scribers we will send any ten book3 to lae seouer or club. tho zeal or temper of either side deter any citizen from patriotic de votion to the good of all. Catarrh Mean Ranger. Because if unchecked it may lead di rectly to consumption. Catarrh is Tl. Sr.nd.r rrlr,;o nr...(..i lfttMBCU uj impure oioou. xnis iaCB IS i.' --------- luujr.eBiaousiieu. Aiiereiore. ic is use lis? For rhrp tTWnhi!lv? applications or inhabitants. The true fi-io. or three yearly subscribers we M ,..., . id the Encyclopaedia free to the C,- -w A'V! Kf" sender of club. . . ip" r Pe'c i uiwu jjui luci , uuica vaiiarrii By lis n on t iuu,i! iiai on iourcnnairei. nnwpr tn ririvn out all mnnr t f- and fu OAVCASiASoneye-.r.and the the blood. Thousands of people tes- wi uij ii.u. 1'ui mice vparrv i Tiiiv r.nnr. rne-v txino hun r.rf.if . we wm 8ena ine ortr c:rd of rtrrh hv TTnrnl'a many people. f Disastrous Frosts in Texas. Dallas, Texas, Nov. 9 The cot ton crop of 189G is at an end. . A killing frost has fallen and the fields are as black as soot. There is not a particle of life left in a plant. A few more bales can be picked out, but fully 90 per cent, has been mar keted. There is a small number of bales left about farm houses waiting and hoping for a price nhich the smallest crop in ten years ought to command. Governor-Elect Taylor. CHATTANOOGA, TeiiU., Nov. 9. Governor-Elect Robert L. Taylor, of Tennessee, telegraphed here to dav that he will start immediately on a lecturing tour tnronen the South, to extend from, now till his inaueura- i . ': -r T TT . 11 .1, . nuii iu lutticu. nis laeme win D9 "Paradise of Fools." Weyler Takes the Field. Havana, Nov. 9. Captain Gen eral Y eyler has taken the field in person against the insurgents under Antonio JVlaceo, m the province cf Pinar del Rio, and reliable news re ceived from the front indicates that the Spanish eolumns are approach ing close to the enemy. General Weyler left H&vana on board the cruiser Legazpr, half an hour after midnight, hi3 destination being the Port of Mariel, province of Pinar del Rio. From Mariel. it is understood the Captain General will go fcoutb. by the highway to the town of Atemisa. and Alnno- the. line of the trocha. Strong reinforce ments are being embarked to sup port the Captain General in the op erations now in progress against the insurgents. ;- A Foolish Bet. Little Rock, Ark., " Special to Louisville Courier-Journal: James A." Gray, living six miles from here, came to town to day and instructed a Little Rock lawyer to make him a deed transferring his farm of 1G0 acres, together with all his stock thereon, to John A. Hayes, his neighbor, in payment of a bet he made ;, on Bryan's election. Gray said the result robbed him of a home and left him almost coatless, but that the bet was made in good faith and that he was . not going to repu diate it Killed By a Folding Bed. - Chicago, Nov. 9. Warren D. Mason, president of the Chicago Acetyline Gas and Carbide Com Our shoe department i3 a scene of activity, re-stocked and newly fitted. The display of shoes is a marvel of beauty. About one-half the "bargain shoes," as advertised were closed, only 83 2 1 - ft- A.1 1-1 - VI m 9 . ' pairs itic io ne soiu regaruiess oi cost, price ?1.50 lor any. Acotner caBe oi tnose c&iecratea Heavy double-Ceeced 13-4 blankets, in white and grey, at only - - - - - - gc Have You Seen Those 50c. Kid Gloves? All sizes and colors. ''One case fine curtain scrim to he elod nut. f: 33;- fancy colored etamlne stripes at 6c. Avery day something at off prices, not in sufficient quantities to advertise, uuu euuugu iu create surprises. SUCCESSORS TO C.A.SH ERWOOD & CO. W . H. & R. S. Tucker & O, I 123 and 125 FayetteviHe Street, 124 and 126 S. Wilmington Street. 7 WILL SELL GOODS CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER 3S HOUSE. ESS Do You Need FURNITURE? """lf If If H " 0f Any Kind. If so, write or call on Royall & Borden. Our stock is always complete, and our prices the low- Leaders of Low Prices. -- , Raleigh; O. Kipecial attention will be devoted to political news. All ipmi ant events in the progress or decline of parties in the United bu will be chronicled. Knperia! attention will be taken to keep the rmi ers of THE CAUCASIAN fully informed on political eTfouifc transpire in our own State. We will give when possible the nrwio tue partisan papers suppress. THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF XORTII CAROLINA wiU k in tension in January and the people will desire to be informed d Ik work or that body. THE CAUCASIAN will present its readers va a full and non-partisan report of its proceedings and will notsujijm i lie iruiu. Till. CAUCASIAN has secured the services of one of tlx! most writers, and he will rend weekly letters containing all the istff esting news of the Nation's capital. In addition Senator Butler t. contribute weekly articles bid editorials, that makicr t) Congressional report full and nr. Letters From the People. bubscribers will have an opportunity to exehapgit fnforauw and opinions on all topics of interest through short letten pobW uiiutrr mis ut-au. World's News in Brief. Under this head every week we will rire jou the creaa oft' news, Kire jou racn ww a Driei compact ana clear r inent of what bas occurred - .t worl 'nce our last iue. The Alliance Department. 1 ins department lias b--c t. ?ret extent loat iLt of t& through our Alliance brethren than our ownt and we lrut,tbat a! Hub-Alliances will send such fw and suggestions regard iDglllia work and programs for Alliance meetings as will prove of iateretf k all Alliance men. Send 119 reports from your county andfts-Mf ior mis column. Discussions of the Issues. Money, transportation, taxation, land and other Imno.-tai: is'-uea will be dihcusatd both editorially and by eontributon 1 paper will b made a forum for the advocacy of reform id-M,aa4t ucuiuua vi tue finance. Farmer's Column. we invite every practical farmer to write for thi rclnma. U your experience, your succeises r.nd failures so the remainder efsvl reaaera can oenentuy it. This is a grand opportunity for faraxn Avuau? lucu WHU CACU UlUKT, Women's Sphere and Pattern Department We desire to make this an ef neciallr intrtin lBrtmeat invite the ladies to the use or this column by exchanging i1! experience in household matters. We have made arrangementi an old aud reliable pattern house, whose styles are nnivemlly iW ed by well-dressed 1 people everywhere, by which we are offering readers of THE CAUCASIAN the Demorest Cat Taper rstteraif a nominal price. When purchased in the regular war. tbew pt cost irom twenty cents to fiftv centa anlMT MtnBMiii.ntlV OUT makes every copy of this paper worth ttpt amount extra. Advertising, - THE CAUCASIAN desires to handle the advertiaemenls d urEt-ClfiKS hllinpfc Kraii anil wmm (.(...j 1. .i.Va'y' Using thereby protect our readers and honest advertisers 1 uiteve ma tue oniy way ior ns to make money by advertiwJ: make money for those with whom we deal, and we can do tha-! we have a large aod progressive paper. If ycu think advertlsinir is simply a matter of etlckinf tj ln? k'CW 1,nf? ? "i.P08'' lJP or a few figures, we sbotUf not to be consulted until you learn that this is a mistake. Ing is a science. , J An advertisement should be written carefolir aod studied J catch the publio eye and thenberon io a paper that will rrTO advertisement to the homes and firesides of the people wbe 2"5 your customers." It is throwing away money to advertise ! rC that does n0t reach the masse and therefore yon pay your mlTJ do not talk to the people. Upon application we will seedy'! One Dollar Per Year Only. iXEJfikSf A1111 2 cents a week I Ton cannot afslif. ba without THE CAUCASIAN. If von cant snare a dollar J5 eDa r cenia ana get it for 6 months? We know if too read rstFn you wui never be without it again. , - Address, THE CAUCASIAN, mm im o

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