- ". v ....... . ............ f v. . - I I 1 I I If AUCASIAN. J. C, November 12, 189C. NOTICE ! A tvco All subHcribers in arrears will pl-a renew AT ()M.J.,oiiier wiie we will be compelled to cut , otT their names from our mailing , list, l'lease remit at once. l)niorri " ----- - -- - war two tear Uw.n reported by the Iemecrats t,Mfre the election trial trie ropullstn pre jf,''B' "CK lu 1,10 'cuiui;rBiic tarty ntl in consequence of tbis, that the lemocratic partj was ,rrow- inH irOnffT ruJJnMI. DUt WUIt re the facts? We gire below the jiemo'Tatic tote in Hamp-on in 18'J tnd 1M to show that the Democrati he not only not increased in strength but 'have weakened in;e lay I. The i)(.m(,rrittic vote on Hheriir andJiegis tcr of Ieedi for the last two elections fofMieritr,J.M. Hpell, in 1801 re P.ivfd Ul 1''or HWiir, J. JC. Mrt'hail, i" lMW received i;M)H votes. in K'l received 1,'J.V) votes. For Jtejr i tter of iedrt, W. V. Ueiring, in IH'jH Wtiwi Iptt votes. The above shows that the Democrat ic vote in Harr-pson has not grown as tagKtfd by oi'r neighbor but is on fhc decline- and should the decline continue for a few more elections at the came ratio, the Democratic part in !Sampon will soon he in the same pew with the frog, which attempted to p't out of the well, by jumping up two feet in the day, but tailing back three feet at night, tie was soon out of eight. 'lin Ion Caucasian. Br? Might Kail, R.,. XTom. Wuhlngton rot.J An examination of the figures of last Tuesday's vote retulta in some very curious and interesting revelations. It will be remembered that the Post, from tb insisted that Bryan's chances were gooa, mat at any stage of the cam paign his election was a possibility, and that 3IcKinley's election, al though we regarded it as highly probable, depended after all upon a rery narrow and uncertain margin. As unanswerable proof that we were right in this, we now call attention to tbe following table, showing how a change of little more than '.,000 votes, distributed over nine States, would have elected Bryan, notwith standing his big majorities elserhere: States. f'alifornia Delaware Indiana Kentatky North Dakota Oregon r.-uth Dakota Wet Virginia Wyoming Total electoral votes. CO. Total McKinley majorities. 50.500. V- - i . . . ow, suppose mere nad ben these changes from McKinley to Bryan iu the different States respectively. Electoral Msjori rotea. tit. 0 5.0U) i 2,u Vt 22,000 13 600 a 5,000 4 S.OM) 4 Son i 12,000 California, Delaware ndiana , Kentucky 'orth DakoU. Oreifon South Dakota. West Virginia, Wyoming 2,510 1,265 ll.OtXJ 251 2,510 1,505 151 0,010 101 .23,'JSS Waltkr A. Montoombry, Elected Judge Supreme Court. The Challenge. For The Caucasian. My recent challenge that "The na tional Republican nmrty ha3 commit ted more frauds against the ballot box than any and all other parties that ever had an existence in itiis country com bined," not having been accepted, I beg leave to submit a few remarks for the purpose of establishing the above alle gation. In lNU;i, (during the war) on the morning of the election in Kentucky 60,000 Federal soldiers were distribut ed among the various election prer clncts in said State. They took pos wtston ot the toU and had everything their own way, which gave them an ODnortunitv to "fix" matters before the vote was counted. As a result, Thos. K. Bramlette, the Republican candi date for Governor, was elected by a large majority, and I believe the entire Republican ticket alao. Maryland was also carried at or about the same time by the Republicans, methods similar to the above beingem- Eloyed. (See "Our Country's Crisis," y Amos Kendall, who was Postmaster General under Gen. Jackson. Also, "Object of the Administration in Pros ecuting the War," by the undersigned. This document and probably Mr. Ken dall's also, is on file in the Congress ional Library at Washington.) It is a well known fact that Hayes was a fraud from beginning to end, never having been elected, but simply fraudulently counted in. Consequent ly the word, President, should never be associated with bis name. To elect Hayes it was necessary for him to carry South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and Oregon, and would then have bad but 1 majority. Soon after the election McLynn, the Republican manipulator of Florid-, lost his wife and several children. Be linvincrth&t it was a iudsrment from heaven and probably fearing other di3 Total These changes would have given every one of the nine .States to Bry an, and adding their CO votes to the 1C he got elsewhere, would have made his strength in the electoral college lit three more than fcc needed to make him'Pregidcnt. It is a serious rpllection that the changing of only J5,3'J3 votes as a I matter of fact the change of 23,020 votes would have accomplished the result is all that stood between the election of McKinley aDd the elec-l tion of Bryan. We commend this reflection to the gentlemen who are mrowin up tceir nats ana scream ing tbejiselvcs black in the faco' vith nonsense about landslides and similar absurdities. Mr. Mckinley got tremendous majorities in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois, but in tne iesir ot tue country he had a mighty narrow escape from defeat. CALLS CARLISLE A TRYANT. Judge Fleming KeHeuts Ills DUcharca iu an Opan Letter to The Secretary He Ac- chhos film ofStaltlfjlOK His Oflice.: Judge W. B. Fleming, who was re moved from the position as Chief of tie Law and Record Division of the Supervising Architect's Ollice, Treas ury Department, on Wednesday last, yesterday pent the following letter to Secretary Carlisle : Sir : Our government guarantees to all its citizens the privilege of free speech so that every American has the natural right to express in a proper manner his political opinions, in ac centing the oflice. the citizen forfeits neither his civil nor his religious lib erty. The civil service law was intended not to destroy these fights, but to pro tect them, so that the minor oflicial hould at least be as secure in defeud- PRAISE FOR GOLD DEMOCRATS. KJ. M cKiaUr G!m TKti I rg Credit Tot If 1 K.lc'Jn. Cantos, Ohio,' Nor. 5. A report er called on Maj. McKinley tonight and found him ia hi library chat ting with nnubi of fritnds, who were all feeling in exeunt spirits over the election. lie aaked him- "To what do you attribute Ilenab- lican eccessV' "Ob, I don't eare to be interview ed, but I will say that I think the patriotic efforts ot the men of boti the old parties have brought about the result. Ardent aad devoted as have been the efforts of liDub!icans every where, equally f. renounced and hfilpf ul was the attitude of the feound money DeniocratB. Th-n the r.re?3 of the countrv. taa intelligent and- enthusiastic (fCorts of the gieiit jour nal ot both parti-ts, xaavf: beijn a mihty factor in tbe result and aid to the Republican cause' SQ7JE ELECTION FRAUDS. In Home MaUa tht 1'oi.ulUt Voto Wan Not Counted fur l;ryn Httoru Held Hack In a Keotatky i:rnl,lUu Ill rKt tu (vereoui the llryiti Majority. Washington Post 1 There seems to he little doubt that fraud, at once impudent and ntcn si ve, have been prarticd iu dillerent States, notably in Kentucky, Califor nia aiwl lennea'ee. Yt e hav the word of Hon. .Iubi K. Fellows, of New York, for the fraud in Tennessee. Perhaps some lurtner eviucnre wool 4 ie desir able in this ca?1. The or.ir.ion of a wandering ntun.p ppeaker from the Kast touchiri a pun-ly l.-.cal aSTair in Tennessee it hard J v Vj b? regarded as aoy to Toko asy to Operate Are fttur peenBaT lo Hood's PSSa, ScaaB ta site, Uitet, elSeieot, tbonmL A or a run iru Wl r Pis "Blight Aiu : Vo or'Trr know ytw bare ukr& a put tiS tt U a3 orrr " C I. flood & Co, Tfa oa!j p'Xi to take wia liood'e SaraaarQ!a I COnClUSlVCJy that the USC Oi costs cotton planters more than five million dollars an nually. This is an enormous waste, and can be prevented. Practical experiments at Ala bama Experiment Station show Congre.-i A. C. Shhford, rrsau-elect from the 7tii District. W. II. Worth, Elected State Treasurer. ingthe creed and nominees of his party as would be a Cabinet officer in exercising the same inalienable rights. No objection on your part to my ac tivity in the campaign, which has just rinsed was ever rrade known to me nndiiur the campaign. On the Coal. Still, Mr. Fellows is in earnest in his pretty little cock-sparrow way, and the allegation may be worth look ing after. as for the lraui!3 in KeniucKy ana California, they are certified to by un prejudiced witnesses on botn siaes. Xot only the newspaper correspond ents, bur a majority of the election officials in California, admit that some thousands of votes have been deliber ately taken away from Bryan by the returning officers or certain localities, who insisted upon counting me jopu list tickets in one column and the Democratic tickets in another, thus dividing the Bryan vote and giving a plurality on McKinley it tne two tickets Led differed in anything but the legend or symbol at the top, their division in the count wouia nave neen perfectly legitimate. Tliore was no such difference, however. The tickets contained exactly the same names. Both were Bryan and Sewall tickets, and both should have been eel aowu in the Democratic column. If tne act ot dividing the Bryan vote on tins siiai- low pretext is not iraua, we corneas that we do net know the meaning of the wora. In Kentuckv the chicanery is mere elaborate and more determined. There, if we may believe apparently authen tic reports, somewhat opulently con; firmed by appearances, rne returns from the strong Kep'. blican district, the Eleventh, were held back, pre sumably for the purpose of ascertain ing to what extent tney wouia nave to be padded in case oi a xiryau piuraiuj elsewhere. This is an old and greatly approved political device much. "re sorted to and profoundly admired in the good old days of robust campaign methods and illustrious bosses. We all remember how the re! urns from the Coney Inland district were held up in 2834, and how, for three whole days, the country palpitated with uncer tainty as to whether Blaine or Cleve land had been elected. It turned cut, finally. that Mr. Cleveland had about 1,100 the better of ttrj count, and upon that showhig he became President of the United States. But the "hold-up" expedient is not regarded with favor in these later days, antl as to this par- TAX VALUATION OF PROPERTY. 1 hm Auditor' Htrt Will bow I- rrtu o( 3.C18.?;o. Tfcf forthcoming Auditor's report will how tb value of property in tbe Mat of North Carolina for l;y5 to t $2W,&.l,Ul 84 against $23M79,1 thf year previou. a decrease of $3,318,770. Th rr&2 estate this year is valued at $l53,8&Vt a compared with HV8,0,-UO-l the year bore or a decrease of $l,2ri2.4M). But the personal property shows an iocre&te iu value of $033,710, the valuation this year being $77,025, 517 as against $7;,3Jl,h37 iu WM. There 23,019,71s acres of land in the State valued at $U0,CO!,t53l a decrease of $1.-11 2, &70 sint-e is'Jl when the land valuation was $115,01,323. Town lots show a little change in value, being worth $43,107,131 in 1895 as against $13,02(1,711 in 1804. The iteina of personal property and their value are as follows: 102.010 horses valued at ;14,023; 110,770 nm!"s at $.,0;2,CG1: km jacks and jen nies at $12,5.41 ; 42,510 goats at $h 1,593; 527,131 cattle at $4,423.h'J3; 1,237.335 hogs at $1,785,071; 35(5,857 sheep, 313,- 490; iarming utensil?, $12,002,455; money ou hand and on deposit, $1,135, 7C1 ; solvent credits. $18,J7D,5f,l; stock in incorporated companies, $3,771,731; all other personal property, $19,532,703. The unlisted taxables this year are S9,U0,21. Last year they were only $53,154,27. This increase of $33,731,94 is due to the tax of $10 on lawyers doctors and dentists imposed by the last legislature, from which 01,790 was realized ; the tax of 50 cents on each bed in every hotel and boarding, house which paid into the treasury $2,5C3, and the corporation tax which paid 5,910. The rate of taxation fixed by the laf.t legislature was 21 2-3 cents for the Mate, instead of 22 cents as heretofore ai;d l! cents f r tchools as against 1G cents before. This caused an increase of $o2,(" 0.3,30 in the school tax, and an increase in county taxes of $373,137.80. School taxes this year amounted to $347,578,57 as against $705,510,27 in 1391, and are divided as follows: White polls, $205,990,20; colored polls, $112,019,01; bank and building and loan stock, $0,799,86; railroad property, $45,184,37; generaly property (white), $402,829,05; general property (colored), $11, 743,88. County taxes in 1895 aggregated $1,911,305,56 as compared with $1,039, 367,70 in 1694. The general taxes from counties were $657,408.42, and special taxes amounted to $409,4o8,5i. "Kainit will prevent that dreaded plant disease. A3 About PoiJ h reaok W in bm if rtnjj -prruneu vm tM brat bmt ta tif luifj Saio uM m a Unit U-4 vmch v pabuJi nd wi. t "1!T Uil lrc to aay farau ta Kmem ta iU writ u ml. GERMAN K AIJ WORKS. Suuii Sc., New lud. PLACE FOR BRr AM. A w Voik MrcaotlU Flrtn itTr 111m ti.",OOt m Year. New York, Not. 4. The follow ing telegram was sent to Mr. Bryan at Lincoln today: "Hon. William J. Bryan, Neb.: Von Lave " thoroughly demonstrat ed your ability in the campaign that we would like to know if you would accept an offer of twenty-five thou sand ($25,000) a year to manege a law department in our ftore. (Signed,) "Seigkl.Coopir Co. "Per Henry Seigel, President." Omaha,, Neb.. Nov. C Mr. Bryan todav sent the following reply to a telegram from Siegle, Coopor A; Co.: During tho next four years I ex pect to devote as much time as pos sible to the advocacy of bimetallism and therefore I cannot consider the proposition made by you. I appre ciate the confidence which your offer implies. (Signed) 44 W. J. Bktax." OTHEIl POSITION'S MCLINXD. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. C Mr. Bry an today replied to some of tbe of fers cf employment which he re ceived since election daj declining them on the ground that Le desires to be free to devote a large portion of his time in the future to the ad vocacy of bimetallism He said in reply to questions that he had not ar ranged the details of his plan, but that he would enter upon no line of work which would interfere with his main purpose. He has agreed to address a public meeting in at an early day, but beyond this has made no engagements for immedi ate future. F-r 51cKn!y II. A.Gtt? err. 1 JTJ; Ttf lfubrillrti prtir rrritrU 5 vr 0.Ttic i.'rr WiVi. ! JTO; W. A. .! n. 151: I. I- Uall, 1.2 ,lrUmrl ., tt rfc r--T. W. M.n I II iH-.l,ry,l.i4;C A.Kji- K.f .V'.l i i I'. 14 Krrr.a 11 . ,n r. , a 1 1 W1f"..r'-U I' yr -a. 11 1 : w. ii. v. , .rib. t i. Kur Su(-riti; bJa.i' f Pub In. traetio J. '. tb-ir ngb. I.;?; C. II. MUDMTlr For Atrrj i.nrl F. I. bvror, Uli; '.. V. WaWr.a r.7. Kr Cungrr Frank Thcicpon, ltl; J. K. Fowlrr.SJIv For ih rott II. J. Hire.. 1 riO; If. II. MarhHnrf. I57;i.. II. j:-jt-1t. 2 37-; K X. It-.bi!.a. !en iMusl.'ry. I 2V. J II w, . V ., : r. -; C. II. JmIi-i,J ; i; M V'd i.j.Ur. a,.i. y. r Si rrif- J It. M I'l i 1. I .'. : J. M. Mar.ht.t rn, 2 5 Fi-r ! rio'r nf v. i . i:,r. rir iz. lA''i; O. F. Mrrrit. Fur "ojfi?y 'otiH.jioJ. M. ?ir".l'--'J:J-ib I'.tKrtt. 1271: J. A. Frr-:!,1.21 ; I. 1. lUmrr J hi ; W. II.Th.Mrpon, 2-:; IkC. Mri J.il. hir Coroner A. M. I.ee, 1.2.:1; II. Monk, 2.54X Fvr Surv-ycr .1. It. Max rll, I.iX.; Wm. A. r.trbr-y. 2,Si:2. Oor cartoon tf 'i:oiLcl:ild'a (.m l i nji" ek ir iTcti vely t hr.n anj w"r.1 Fur. 1'icasux may of McKinley' virlcrj. It hov. to tin country whweittorY it l. alo puhhsti hom Kurian pr mm ments on the election Tid &!1 i nprf) great atifn.rti :i at th r-u!t. '1 fc Itreten inui;py v .wrr rrjeicts ipj re preparing to turtt -r dinaV th t.j.an cial policy of ti e lni'.-iS '... GOLD DCST. C0U DVST. 1 1 1 11 l -i ..i overheat. 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STANDS AT TIIKUKAD. . Auir. J. Bogel, the leading drujf eist of Shreveport, La., savi: 1 r. Denver KicK'8 ew I discovery ia the only sS?vw ex WW BRYAN FOR THE U. S. SENATE. They have the lart woolen mill in the State. TLey do It largest custom bukinecs in tLo South, and their good are the Wat you ran I ay for the. money. Write them for Mm pies. BLANKETS SHOULD NEVER BE WASHED EXCEPT BT A BLANKET MANUFACTURER. EXTRA StSSlCN OF CONGRESS. Chairman Hnca Says Mr. McKinley Will Call One After Hi a Iutugoratlon. Xkw York, Nov. 8. Chairman Mark A. Ilanna, of the Republican National committee, said yesterday : 4I have iiad comparatively briet con versations with Major McKinley since his election. Xextweek I expect to meet him in Cleveland, and, as he has bad time to t hink over matters, I pre sume he will have more details than I am at present aware of. But this much I know, he feels that he owes much to the patriotic Democrats who prefer principle to strict party ties. Indiana, for instance, wa9 unques tionably carried against fusion by Democratic votes. Major McKinley will endeavor to thine that cures rr.v couch, and it is the best seller I have.".!. F. Ciimjw bell, merchant of SallorJ, Ariz., writc-s: 'Dr. lvintr'a Xew Discover is all that is claimed for it; it never . cHf you have l!ankita tou want cleaned, the Chatham MTg Co. ill n.. B . q..-. fails, andiaa Eurecmefor Consumr- waaI1 l4a;b, rekoan and bind them in tilk ribbon for -clj One IKjllar m geated an Compromise Candidate. tion, UOUChS and UOldS. 1 Cannot l,r J He J Will IOOK llxC Hew UUirkru. Skattt.t.. WhsIi.. Nov. 0. A boom m enough for its merits." Dr. has been started here for Wm. J. King's New Discovery for Consunip- Bryan for United States Senator ticn, Coughs and Isolds is not aa ex- from this btate. The silver fusion- pen men t. It faai been trie I for a quarter cf i century, tud today stands at the heid. It . ever diap poitt'. Free t'i:'.l bottles at J. Ii. Smith, Alt. Oliv .; II. II. Holiday, Clinton. ists will control the senatorship. The constitution of Washington pro vides that to be eligible to the olliee tbe candidate shall merely be an "inhabitant" of the State at the time of his election, so that the fu sion tnaioritv could fleet Mr. Brvan withnnt anv trouble.- Richard Win- ELECT1IIC MTTEUr r-r .1 T-k - 1 5 ! sor, tor., me i opuusi leaner in Electric Ultttra ia a medicine suit- Lewis, Democratic fusionist and ed tor any s asoo, but paps more wwt nf Cmotm. r rivsi fffnerally neeced when the languid, candidates for the senatorship. and exhausted feeling p-evaile, when the Mr. Bryan has been suggested as a liver is torpid and slcggish and the DD Headquarters fortho Dost, Only, OF PRIZB XTtTTimRS C7 Tilii FOLLOWING VABlMTU&t OateM.FcrdbDKka. compromise. con- asters, he came oat and made an hone3t J trary, I was informed that you held to confession, stating that "Florida hon- tne ,iew that you could not consist- t!.W. If ...ln.lfD - nflina fill- estiy went leraocrano ujr i iajunj. i enny remove aujr man The Constitution says that "No per son holding a federal office ;o! trust and honor shall be appointed an elec tor." At the time of the election one of the electors of Oregon was postmas ter, and consequently could not be ap pointed. Tilden was therefore clearly entitled to 1 of the 3 electoral votes in Oregon, which would have made him Vresident by 1 majority, to ay noth-ino-nf Florida. South Carolina and oflice for exercising the same rights wnicn you yourself were exercising. My remoal from oflice, the first in timatioiof which was obtained from the newspaper? while on the train on my return to Washington from my home, was, therefore, a complete sur prise to me. No one knows better than yourself the long friendship I had manifested for you, the interest I hml taken and the sacrifices of time ticular Kentucky case 11 looss uguer than usual. The'complicaticns, all of them, are to be reeretted. Of course McKinley is elected, no matter what may be the outcome in the State referred to, and thn countrv will be snared the unhap- ninpp.s M" a doubt as to the virtue cf the title by which the next President Louisiana, all of which were doubtless and money made by me in promoting legally and fairly carried by Tilden. your ambitions. liy returns of the recent Oregon elec- in view of all the facts it seems to tion, received up to June 3d, both of me that I was at least entitled to some the candidates of the Teoples rarty warning and notice before neing were elected June 1 to Congress, Van- kicked out of oflice wittout even the derbuoy by a plurality of 1200 andQuinn opportunity of declining to resign, by a majority nearly as large. Their Had I known or suspected that I election was "conceded." At length a COuld not hold oflice under this admin "recount" was ordered. Alleged "mis- juration and at the same time exer counts" and "defective billots" were ci8e the rights of an American free found, averaging about 100 for each man j would have promptly tendered coun.y. Tne result was tnat tne reo-1 you my resignation at tne opening oi Ides Tarty candidates were left and the tenublicans counted in. Much more could be said, but until some other party steals a Presidency I claim that I have made good my alle gation. Frauds against the ballot box lay close to gun powder and should not be repeated. If this earth was a ball of ipecac and was rolled into the mouth of hell she' could not belch forth a more despic able character than the ballot box stuf-fer. Men of America, look where you stand 1 A darkness of Egypt now covers your land. A cormorant swarm, from all points they fly, Like carrion crows they darken the iilcv; Soon the soul of your freedom and laws will be fled, And your children be crying and beg King for bread; Ballot box stutters beware of the day Whsn lustice meets you in battle ar ray. Ollie N.C. Bryan Tysok. Bar to Win. The people recognize and appreciate real merit. That is why Hood's sarsa narilla has the larsrest sales in the world. Merit in medicine means the power to cure. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures absolutely, permanently cures It Is the One True Blood Purifier. Its superior merit is an established fact and merit wins. tha mmnnicrt Inasmuch as other appointees of the present -administration, including many in your own department, have been permitted to take an active part against Mr. Bryan in the campaign not only on the stump, but in the work of organization, without rebuke nr removal, it is evident that the cause of my effending lies not in my actions, but in my convictions. It follows, therefore, that you have caused your great oflice to suppress freedom of thought and action, and lo punish those wno aare to amer irum you a thing msupponaDie m u governmentby terrorizing over the weak urirl humble. For such abuse of public oflice, wnicn is a public trust, you cannot but be held accountable at tne Dar oi puouc opinion as well as by the verdict of msiory. In conclusion I can only say tnat humble as I am I would rather be a discharged employe of the Treasury Department, discharged lor doing my duty as I see it for my people, than to be Secretary oi tne l reasury witn a record oi seir-stuitiucation, such as you have made for yourself, staring me in tne iace. . This much of a protest I deem it proper to make against your treach erous and tyranous action. Very truly yours, W. B. Fleming. mm 4 "Cy." Thompson, Elected Secretary of btate. see .collected a great national party that will give prosperity to the coun try. He expects and hopes that men of all shades of former political belief will be united to this end. I have talked with some of the most influen tial of the old Democratic leaders, and I am elad to fay they are in accord with Major McKinley's hopes. "The first movement he will make will be to obtain sufficient revenue to conduct the government. Further is sues of bond3 would be altogether too dangerous. Business prosperity and stability demand that as soon as possi ble the government should be on a paying basis. "To this end, an extra session of Congress will be necessary, and Presi dent McKinley will undoubtedly call one soon after his inauguration. "Legisla'ion will be required to se cure the desired revenue, and Major McKinlev will do everything in his How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars Re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We the undersigned, have known F. J. 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They alwavs cast a 6tain upon our institu tionsalways mean something odious and detestable. In Kentucky, Cali fornia, Tennessee, and wherever elae there may be suspicion, the inquiry should be searching, rigid and relent less. Tbe safety of respectable com munities is involved. The honor of free institntions is at stake. Personal. Frkk 61 page medical reference book to any person afflicted with special, chronic or delicate disease peculiar to their sex. Address the leading physicians and surgeons of the United States, Dr. Hathaway & Co., 22S. Broad St, Atlanta, Ga. Which the Greater Evil Trust or Brjan? To the Editor of tbe New York "World. Baltimore, Md , Nov. 5, 189G Now that the campaign is over and tho "World is triumphing over the defeat of Mr. Bryan, permit me to ask whether the trusts, which will undoubtedly tighten their grip on the people, are a greater evil than the election of Mr. Bryan would have been? Of what benefit is a gold RtTtda.Td to the poor man, when there is a trust on his left, a trust on his right, a trust behind nim and a trust in front , of him! Yon fought the trusts for a number of years. Is not now all your labor lest? Ignor ant as the masses may be, their eyes are not closed to the greater evil which will result from protection and trusts. I for cno are not thank ful to yon. N. Gorfine. tend to put everybody to work. In all thi3 he hopes and expects that he will be backed -try pamotic men, regaraiess of party lines." Mr. Uanna was asked what Demo crats of note he had talked with on the subiect of the future. "I do not wish to name them all," he said "but I may may mention Messrs. W. C. Whitnev and Abram S. Hewett as examples." ELECTION RESULTS. Will Not Be Canvassed Till ThankFgl vln u Inauguration Sate. There is no canvassing board this year to canvass the result of the vote in this State. The new election law abolished that feature of the old law. The various clerks of the court are re quired, however to forward the vote in their respective counties for state, ju dicial and congressional officers to the Secretary of State by Thursday follow ing the third Monday after the elec tion. This date "happens to be Thanksgiv ing day, the twenty-sixth. The re turns from the various counties will be opened then and the vote tabulated. A number of clerks will be put at work in order that the result of the vote for the various offices may be known at once. The vote of legislative and county officers is not included. The vote received Dy tne presiaen tial candidates in the State will be known next Saturday, rne law re quires that the vote for electors shall be sent to the Secretary of State with in twelve days after election. Governor-elect Russell will not be inaugurated until the 29th of January. Neither will the other State officers perience in caarge. 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