Thi ha mad" special ar- tsiin me most Mjlish, accurate -n4 frrfect nttlnaT pPr Patterns that ar- wart-, br which we ran prwnt la our lad? .'.... tl f the trf newest and choicest pttt-rn. of garment for la di, ml- and children for 10:-r.t. Full and explicit direction ft f put ting tojrrther th- irarm-nl each pttf rn. Tor-- drip' Ion and tin pattern th-irMelv-a have in art j note! and praetkal frrur-4 pre t-ntrd by no other patfrrn made aril whirl, render tb-m a simple for ih tvirn ...!,-. r. tii nrorrii4ioriai or-- maker. AddrrM all r,miiiinic.tion to the fat'-m D-ptrtmnt.Tfia Cat' Yon mint in- the oupon prin.nJ below (which it our order on the pub liaher), otherwiflf tbe ptUr-rrn wil cost jou .. rent. rectiona about the pattern will be found on the envelope in which it 11 nclascJ. DR. HATHAWAY & CO. 'A Casbiaara Ursa. 'I - S X 3 .9 as u : v. : - : s- u o o H o : a 53 o at X 3 w . a o a is - X 3 (m C v.tJ : c te v. e : .: A M ? - -! : J 2 lsi.c'5 : a 2 u :u gx : o ft fe : a s - i fl.2 : f I; "3 5 . 5 M P Seminal Wcsicsesa sad Sccrl DcUlty of Mn4 fw M l ro I .Jt.. ira r tbow clvw 0wr pmllw u r aex, a taUICd vonrrm tune wiutoo tiMUumcutt. Iacn4 mam CPHtry yqn grwf a, ltrnrrM o. Mm(9aMMlMMtKM OiW gq HW Wnwi DR. HATH A V AT a CO I HONESTY !X So. Broad St. JLTLA5TA, GA before the Inter-SUte Commerce iom miftsion are Inadequate for that por- poee, that thej male reeomseaoauoa to the General Aaeemblj of amend raeota to exiaUof la we, to the end that low and fairer rate ma j be Ub liabedT both In the State and Inter- State jorisdicuons. Ke$olTtd, That we recommend a con stitutional prohibition of the pur chase, lease or rental of parallel cr competing-railway line. . rui roasts. We faror a law forbidding: the g i- I ing of free pase to public official, ana lorDiaaing ineir recnuui same. BOBtn caaoiixa eailsoad ijiabB. We condemn the lease of the North Carolina Kailro&d to the Southern Kailway Compuny for ninetj-nme rears, not only as 1017 FUAXCINE FUOCX. heavy ribs of dark ccbr opon a groundwork of a lighter tone. The Ottoman mo?t m uemana 1a a brown upca a trrouadwork of tan. iThe shrvdea of brown and pale green are combined, acd alao greca and black. Many are the combinations to bs found in ottomsa. An ottoman cloth dre3 in two ghade3 cf rrten, dark stripe and made as a a Daa ousmess transaction in which the interests of the State amounting to the large sum of $3,000,000 inrested in gooa paying property yielding an income, were sacrificed; bat we also, in most em nhatic terms condemn the hasty and shonld connt only for one elector, not-1 secret manner in which it was. done J cub our deepest ymrthy in tLeir heroic withstanding the evident intention I sereral years before tee xormer nuriy trugg xor ponucai wwm wa loafn- ure3 place McKinley'a plurality at "P1"0 , .1, .'1 . r.,o I people cf toe Mat to the 1 : ti.i &n Inveati iration through the m r. lw. Hizmlor oanu iu u-ars. .. ht ffroutldworv wa3 The little frock iimauawu w w . v. - ... , atitchinff 01 S r) -3 -1 . u . n 2 o on f 'It o a. cs 5 o a cadet-blue cashmere, trunnitd Vpith rows of narrow, black velvet ribbon. The straiiiht, fall skirt ia liniahedat the foot with a deep hem and ijai,a- ed with 103 cf the velvet. It is gathered to the waitt, and on each side cf the front several tucta neau ed bv rows of velvet are run down live or tiii inches, the velvet bands ending in loops. The lower, close fitting parts cf the sleeves are trim med to match, and so is the square arouud the hem. The waist was cu very tight with the shortest baaqne. For the street a coat cut to me ex treme length of the winter style wsa fastened down the front with invis ible clasps. The lining cf the suit was a pale tan and tan giovei were worn with it. A hat of tan felt, sailor ahape, had an immense bow of green velvet erected at the back of it. 'ihe lm inj of thia bow was bright red taf e A Smart Tailor Oowd. D "J SrtlAv bertha. Ihe waist is the regulation f - introduced tbe oniy full "bahv" stvle. held in tdace bv a . ,1 r.t j j - a I arutfr ri frinv 111 i.iit- I'.tini.ii inn. .... a.i -1 T ' l I I'-'v-'. vi vv v httcd lining, ana tne voice id 01 insa i a 1 1 M0f. r in.-iinMl tn h Innaft point lace; velvet or lancj r b,ik can .q frQnt and tbjs hun altn08 but htted ahv a.1-, fhft lumk- The sides had - 1 -j - tnld IUOUel. Lien o cmiff efftdt orivincr thp f rtflt a A apecial illustration and full di- u hn timnirli rectsona about the pattern will be . Kqv Snifa nf found on the envelope m which it xa thig kind bg much WQm with UJ4 VI Oil A1UUO Vi. A. LA A be used for this, if preferred, iancy strai ht fr0Q1 the neQk, or piam woolens may bo used for u ft, the back Tj NEEDLE AND THE PIN. Pollto Aspersions a Overheard From Woman' Work-Haskt. I'etticoato From Harjier'a Eazar.l lVtticoata are a mo6t esstntial fea tare in every costume, and it ia quite aa neceasarv that they should lit and hang well a3 that the gown itself rrom Jiousenoia words. 1 should be well cut. Acain and A Tin and Needle, being ne'gh afrain a costume is seen which, in bora in a work-basket, and both be o - ' 1 . . 1 itself verv smart, vet looka somehow ing idle folks, began to quarrel, as exceedingly dowdy and nuite lack- idle folks are apt to do. . I ,.-r 1 -1 i-i 1 t 91 1 11. ingiu style. Just what the trouble "1 should liKe to Know, earn ine ia it would be at Erst difficult to Pin, "what you are good for, and say. Apparently it ia well cut and how jou expect to get through the veil hunsr, and the materials used world witnouc a neaar are of the brst, and jet it will not "What ia the use of your head,7' have the same appearance of being replied the JNeedie, rather snarpiy, in stvle aa will some costume that "if vou have no eye?'' I . . r . . . m 1 "What ia the use or an eye, saia the Tin, "if there i3 always svme- tberefore tbe lead abooJd not be moaopo l"K3rillx. axd other corporatiosslB exceae of their actaal dkkIi aboaki by Uwful means be recialm d by the gorernBaent and held for actual ettlera only, and priTal land JfW "f well aa alien ovnerahip aboold bm prohlfr- X We eoadeaia the franda by which the land grants to the racific Railroad compan ies hare, through coani ranee of tbe Interior department, robbed muiutsdea of accoal tonande settlera of their home and miners cf their chum, that we demand legislation by Congress which will enforce the exemp tion of mineral land from sach grants afier, as well as before patent. S. We demand that bonaSde settlers on all public lands be prorided free homes and bm proTkied for In the national Ilomeatead law, and that no exception be made in the coe cf Indian reaenrattona wfcea opened for settiement, and that all Uns not now patented come under this demaDd. o niasor LxauLATio. 4. We favor a system of direct legislation through the initiatiT and referendum un der proper contitational aafeguards. sbkkbal rpromos. 1. We demand the election of President and Vice-President and United btatea Sena tors by a direct vole of the people- 2. We tender to the mouc pec-i'le or j T, ti r I uroper legal channels, of this tranac- Deae Editok: Please inform tfon, which waa 60 uuiversaiiy cun- your readers thar. it written to con- demned by the press of the Mate and niiPTitial I v. I will mail in a sealed all classes of our citizens, wnen 11 nrsi - ' - . - I I XI-. . V, AamanA letter tha plan pursued by which 1 1 P5? . ,, 7,7:Zh". f..n,; r A x t ..hi that the next tjeneral Assembly fully wa3 permanenuy reewreu to i.caitu . w Mt,t. thi transaction, and to and manly vigor, after years of suf- the eni that the interests of the State I ferine from Jiervous Weakness, IjOES I may be fully protected as far as it can aasnming to impruon cit'zcns ror indirect nf Manhnrvl Lsirkof Confidence etc. be done, such legialative action shall contempt and ruhnK by lnjunctioa, aliouM Ot iaanhOOd. ijaCKOr onuaence, cu . tn ntmet. as far as be prevented by proir lepsiaUon. when the United States, the reat lieputhc if the world, should recognize that Cuba ia and cf right ought to he a tree and inde ln dent fclate. S. We favor home rule in the Territories and the District of Columbia, and tr-e early ad mix ion of Territories as Flate. 4. All public salaries should be made to correspond to the price of labor and its pro ducts. 5. In times of great Industrial depression. Idle labor should be employed on puMic works as far as practicable. i. me arbitrary course 01 ii.e co'.na in a ea a sinnpniiA naaa. GREAT BOOKS UY hOUS ill) I HUB! lbs Best StKdzrd Yorks cf F,ctS Yit tij fcsi t! U Each Book Consists cf a Handsome Octavo Volatre of 64 Large DouS. Pace. Neatly Bound In an Attractive Paper Cover. tack 00. af the U ZaiiJb2V!iS fm if U.e mo- fBK weeks ee p are VT T " Bovk cffcxeJ : . , a !. t - Vis. aA I rr IK wtmrn rmm. r m k. w . I have no scheme to extort from anv one whomsoever. robbed and swindled br quacks un til I nearly lost faith m mankind. 7. We favor Just t-ensiens for our duablf 1 Union soldiers. 8. Believing that the election franchise KIM oval or cases. I and untrammeled ballot are eential to a ThP rmnval of cm from the State government of. for, and by the people, tbe uavj ... th unwiaa and secret trass I WHS I f t Inn LI V .IP UVtt( IV. . . . . . . - . . but thank heaven, I am now well, courts to the Federal courts for trial SiStlto - 1 A I B.....w -. r. .lA,ae. aa-a a, ... .Ma) I VlffOrous and Strong, and anxious XO ""eiu i""' . Btates as un-Kepubhcan and undemocratic, makp this rertain meana of cure sons and defendants rich foreign cor- and we declare it to be the duty of tbe sev- maKe this certain meana or cure porati()ng on appiiction of defend- eral Bute legislatures to take such action as known to all. Having nothing to ants, ia a growing evil in North Caro- will secure a full, free and fair ballot and nr.H nr arrtd fl. O. T) . T want Tin Una anil in it nractical nnftr&tinn an honest Count. While the foregoing propositions con which its organization will maintain, we recognize that the great and pressing issue of the pending campaign upon which the present Presideutial election will turn is the finan cial question, and upon this great and ste cilic ifsue between the parties, we cordially invite the aid and co-operation of all orran iniions and citizens agreeing with us uion thU vital aao-tion. .it -r . rr . i - i Mn;4 ..r it a i . ti uiie me iunncuiiiK uroiwi; money. Aaaress jab. a. a i" - "."Ti,::.. Uitate the platform Wri which P.0X 81 5. Uelrav. MiCh. apSQlV c... i . ::r.. stands and for the vindication of ' a- ai w Tirii: III I IBB) IM I I I I I Hill I I HII H llflliailll. I DAAWaaal V W a. w a" a,a va " therefore, that the next General As PKOPLE3 PARTT8TATB PLATFORM, aemblv shall pa.s such a general stat I nta An t Kij si as tit t a Iraa fpflTli The Peoples Party platform of North Llir.u r;w '.4,.;,. i,.inae. in rlaaAlitia n AAniranriAft w) x SBrt K I AA t tar I " . . a. V'" " this State the priviifge or carrying on ? k sj i T business in North Carolina, and with- G, hereby reamrms its unqualified air drawin the proteoUiin of the State leeiance tiotineprincipjes oi m5 parij,i f ti- i.,..;.ic :r th.r and hereby approves the platform of igt in escaping the jurisdiction of the Peoples Party adopted at its Na- ur court!j when claims are sought to aionai convention neia in m cmy M be enforced against them therein. o" - "j we advocate euch leiriilation as will insure a just listing and taxation of all oviriatiAaa nf flAhr inn mtlra an We hereby reafBrm our fixed oe 1t:rAkia f11affnant tha Km.jAn nr termination to support and maintain atioll between the debtor and a a iree uaiiob anu a iair cuuuu iu an elections held in North Carolina: and the election law passed by the Gen- bkduction of 6alarik3. eral Assembly of 1895 meets our hearty in oruer to Keep our puunc servants endorsement and approval: and we I in thorough touch and sympathy with hereby pledge the Peoples Party to the! the oppressed uiasne., and to check to policy of upholding the principle of I some extent the srraiiihie tor oliice, free and honest elections provided fori we aemanu a reumiioii oi sniaries un til such time as turouirn di- increase of the currency the price of property and products will justify the present 1010 YATKS II A! QUE. Sizea for 3t, 30, 33, and 10 inches bust menaure. :. Nf A smart tailor gown, the Yates" bnaque and "Carroll' skirt com bined'. The baEqne ia very short, simply llaring over the bipfl, and pointed In the basque aa well aa in the front, or el bo cut with a shert postilion. There ia a great variety in the arrangement of the fronts, which may open to disclyoe a waist coat, and chemisette and tie, or be finished high in the neck to wtar the favorite stock collar, braiding ia the favorite trimming for thf-se gowns. Our model gown ia cf plum-colored melton cloth. The waistcoat is of lavender faced cloth, fastened with email pearl buttons 8moked pearl buttons at4 locpa of black cord finish the froats of the basque, and the re vera are trimmed with a cord. The high puffed sleeve ia becoming, and of conservative iae, a style which is to be the favcr ite this season. A special illustration and full di rections about the pattern will be found on the envelope in which it is enclosed. 999 CARROLL SKIRT. Sizes medium and large. A popular design, having five breadth", and is of conservative width, measuring four and a half yarda around the bottom. The fa vorite finish for the bottom of the akirt ia a deep facing of haircloth or canvass and velveteen binding. Silk, cotton, or woolen fabrics n:ay be chosen for thia model, nnl it may be worn with any style of coat, basque, or waist. A ipecial illustration r.d full di- has cost a third of the monej. The real reason for thia ia that the petti coats worn beneath it are not well ;ut. Women who are really in other uya reat never seem to realize how much thought and care should be besto--d, npou this particular article of drt-sj. The i.o atyles in petticoats are bewilderingly prettj; better still, they are eminently sensible in inate-j rial u&d cit. Silk ia the favorite material, and as there never was a time when silk could be bought so che;ip, it ia quite possible, even for the wonuu who has to cou3uit econ omy, to have several. Fashion re quires that the linings of the cloth suita thi3 year p.hall be of contrast ing silk, ad one cf the newest fads ia to have a petticoat to wear under the gown made of the same color as the gown itself, but just a shade or two lighter. All thesy ars fuller thau they were, but the f alnes3 is gathered into a small space at the back, quite like the skirts cf the gowns, and the fit over the stomach and hips ia carefully attended to. A deep Spanish flounce h still the fashicn, but the skirt itself extends nnc!er the llounce now. One or more rtt files to trim the flounce, and juet as many inside ruches or little flounces as can be put cn, are added. Lace insertion is very much used black lace cn the flounces of petti coats to wear with street gowns, white lace ou those to be worn with light gown3 in the hoaee. In all the petticoat! there is some attempt at wiring, either with a feather-bone run through just above and jut be low the llounce, or the dreea-extend-ers, which are really capital, put inco the back breadths bo that the petticoat hanga cut full and wide. The objection cf ten rais?d that silk petticoats are too cold fr winter wear 13 quite done away with by lin ing them with thin flannel aa Jams the knee; this does not add to the weight, and yet gives sufficient warmth. go in said election law, and warn tne voters of the State against the threats which have been made to repeal the same. SEND YOUR ORDEKS FOR Books & Stationery TO NORTH CAROLINA Headquarters thing ia iu '1 am mere active, and ; ui through more work than u cap, ' j said the Needle. "Yts; but you will not liv lung, because jou have always a ku .-ch ia your aide," said the V n, "You are a poor, crooked turf," said the Iseedle. "And you are so proud tha jou cannot bend without breaking vour j back." "I'll pull your head off if you in sult me again." "I'll pull your eye out if you touch me; remember, your life hangs on a Bingle thread," said the Pin. While they were thus conversing, a little girl entered, and, undertak ing to sew, she very soon broke off the Needle at the eye. She then tied the thread around the neck of the Viz, and, attempting to sew with it, she soon pulled its head off, and threw it into tbe dirt by the side of the broken Needle. "Well, here we are," said the Needle. "We have nothing to fight abdut now, said tne I'm. "It seems mis fortune ha3 brought U3 to our senses." "A pity we had no come to them sooner," saith the Needle. "How much we resemble human beings, who quarrel about their blessings till they low them, and never find out that they are brothers till they lie down in the du3t together, as we do!" RIBBED SUIT FOR WINTER. Ottoman Cloth Comes In Two Colors, a UarK KJb I pan a Light Grouidwcrk. Ottoman cloth in two shades is a rovelty in outdoor goods. It has The Ladies" Manual. Twelve Bocks Combined in One ! Thk tAnirV WijcrAt Is a Un mToma of 1st lars thr. o. iinu M-mrti raw neVly houaJ ia attract; ci.lorVl u.nm- 1 ' a m j'l iii I rail life! i : lull! ISfS : mi W" nil' II! I .i '.T , . , :l'i I', lui i- 'll'llll'l i i 1 l'" I 5sw ass'asa.. Mtfcmr ii"' . ' : i " L a t.m. a . 'i i m'" u. '1. i.klWP..KW "rl ' : IT j, '"" "" uiuiwraTionvsiKI ts lthut jvor iml.linl.fMl and sold l.r t:,o lm prutof twi-ntv-flve i'mt It i raully fWi. hKla roMlH.ic.1 1 on nl iH forth pri.-a of cn. l..r it coutainn tho uijterial nsua'Iy .old in tw.We iup to !. a thrr toi,.ir fin- Uruty-Jlre cU. It ii w?th"ot douM ;:; or mo.r ustful and valuable booka for ",,1 iea ver pnW;li(.,l, coninli!s a rreter aiuouut and more exti-n" it :uit f ot cj.ful inf..n.,atio wan tnr bpfore ratb ercd tnj.-s-.Wand in a airntle Tolmno. Tho follow, lac si Uie cotteuU or Tlis Ladiea' M auual : 'ouow- J. Fnnrjr Work forllomn AdnramonC Iluw t. m.k. tn.U'- 1 nticiil t 'nd ur .-torti'itc lh linmn l. How to Sink!" Paper tlunrrs. Ccmrloe !n,irti,ti. t. I.ntilca I'nury Work. How to U.utirr th. h.m. la ''"l' Pnlnllna;. A .mprehnlT. niMinsl .f air InMrMrilnn ;n till. .rl. . Cinlilp to KcriMawork. Knlttlna and Crorhrt. . Jlnnnil or I'lorlrnlturp. guide to th. enltnr at A to rolHene., and footl lh orffriK anl rnmlllnr notations. pnrw in etininn nw . Parma Hy U. XT. Inrfpllow. wt .iithor'. work ik H. Pomm by John CJ. Whlttlrr. enwrmtn. wntlnn. ...Biff? 7 Atrmd Tennyson. J 1 w w.mto muuiui KI1!. authonhln ot rfertlon. frrwa th Snm. T kit moat " Knorh Anlw," twk- tf oSr Tw.y?2v. M,B- oatatal tteryttong nm b, maU post-paid, po. recaipt Special Premium Offer: aMS: md and Thi Caucasian for one year for only $l.lo. For two yearly abicribert we will tend it free to the gender of club. , The Cartoon ia tho Cainj!ga In connection gith the use of plate matter and "ready prints," the newspapar cartoon has played a more important part this year throughout the canvass than ever before in our political history. The effectiveness of tha cartoon in polit ical warfare has long been recog nized by party managers. This year a great part of the responsibility for this teature m campaign worE has been lifted from the shoulders of the national and State committees by the voluntary activity in cartoon illustration on the part of the most influential daily papers throughout the country during the summer and fall months. The political cartoon department of the Review of Re- viers has borne ample testimony to activity in me ior or repro- this duetioBs oi newspanar cartoons draw from every conceivable point of view. It is doubtless true that the skill displayed in newspaper car toons, to say nothing of the enter prise shewn by newspaper managers in securing the services of abl? car toonists, has reached a point hereto fore unknown ia this country. On the Democratic &ad Pot-ulist side perhaps more use has bee:i made of the newspaper cartoon than on the RepablicaE aide. The turn which Mr. Davenport, of the T?ew York Journal, early in the campaign gave to the figure of Mr. Hanna has done duty in thousands' of newspaper car icatures from the Atlaniic to the raeiSc From "Methods and T tics of the Campaign," ia November Review of Reviews. Kentucky's Electoral Vote Divided. LorsviLLE, Ky., Nov. 6. The electoral vote in Kentucky will be 12tol. Whoever wins, McKinleyor Bryan, the vote will be divided. This results from the fact that a large number of voters placed the cross opposite the name of the first elec tor instead of under the party de vice. The canvassine ' board has ruled in these casta that the vote COUNTY GOVERNMENT. The act of the last General Assem bly restoring to the right of local self government by the election of their county commissioners and just ieesof th peace by the vote of the peo pir? Ii! :!:h respective counties, and the safe-guards therein provided, meets with our hearty approval, and we pledge the People.? Tarty to the con linned support and maintenance of that legislation, and warn the voters of the necessity of preventing injuri ous changes in that act, and of the dar;;- r of electing members of the Gentry A ssembly hostile thereto. LfctiAL TK.MiKS MONEY. ,Wr favor the exercise by the State of North Carolina of the reserved con stitutional power to make all gold and silver GOins of the United States (in cluding the trade dollar) a legal ten der for the payment of debts, and that this right be inforccd by the passage cf an appropriate act by the General Assembly. GOLD NOTES AND MOJITO AG KS. We believe that all money demands should be payable in the lawful money of the United States without preference or discrimination, and therefore favor the passage by the General Assembly of a law to prohibit tbe taking or giving oi gold noteB, bonds and mortgages in this state, and the making: of all mon ey demands solvable in any kind of lawful money of the United States. INTEEKST. We pledge ourselves to maintain the six per cent, interest law enacted by tne last, (jeneral Assembly. PUBLIC SCHOOLS. The action of the Peoples Party members of the last General Assembly has demonstrated, beyond question, tnac tne Peoples .rarty has been true to its antecedent platform declarations miavor or public education. We de mand still further improving and broadening the public ecnool system or tne ntate as rapidly as a proper re gard for the interests of the tax payers and the resources of the State will permit. We also favor such revision of our present school system as may increase the efficiency of our public scnoois ana insure the most compe tent and effective supervision. We think that the committee on Educa tion of the next General Assembly snouiu invite ana secure, as iar as possible, the co-operation of the lead ing teachers and educators of the State in framing and perfecting the school law. JXJDICIART. Our judiciary should be lifted above the plane of partisan politics. RKFOMATORY FOR YOUNG CRIMINALS We favor the establishment of State institution for the reformation of young criminals. PKMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION CON DXMNED. We condemn the Democratic admin istration in North Carolina for it failure to execute the anti-trut laws of the State now on our statute books and call the attention of the people to the fact that official action in this re gard is not in harmony with tbe ultra anti-trust sentiment heretofore and now being expressed by the leaders of tne jjemocratic party. RAILROADS. Wo favor the establishment of such equitable and low freight rates and cnarges ror products shipped from North Carolina as will enable shippers and producers to realize at least a fair remuneration after costs of uch ehip uieiiiia nave ueen aeaucxea. we call especial attention to the possibilities of the trucking industry in Eastern North Carolina, an indus try which, hut for the extortionate tarms ci the common carrier, would lucrease au nunarea ioia, carrvinsr " 1 me gicatcsii prosperity to tnat Vi t 1 - aH .J9 a. ? a. a uiguij istweu sec iion ii nas ever Known. v TIT. XT . '. if c carue&ui j - recommend to our acate itauroad Commission that thv use all the powers they have to brine altst.,.' 1.. . . avuun ouuu icuuuuuiis; ana especially that they nrge before the Inter-State Commerce Commission all complaints of extortion and discrimination with Hucn vigor ana continuity that should they fail to secure remedial action by the Inter-State Commerce Commis sion, all the people would know to place the responsibility for exist ing outrages; and if their facilities far flghtiag th battle of tha people rates. Tbe Peoples Fart j National Platform. Following is the Populist platform as adopted: "The Peoples Party assembled in Na tional convention, reaffirms its allegiance to the principles declared bv the founders of the Republic and also to the fundament al principles of just government aa enuaci- ateu in tne piatiorm oi the party in liwz. 11'. 11 A. j.1 a II ADDRESSl NORTH CAROLINA BOOK CO., Raleiefi, N. C. 22. G, IIAIIR12X..IL., Mai.?scr. We can supply all your wants in vv e recognise tnat tnrougn tne connivance our line promptly and at lowest poa of the present and preceding admintstra- 0;vi " . , . , 1 , tiona, the country has reachetfa crisis in its VbiQ pneea. bpccial rates to teach national nte as predicted m our declaration i era ana. ueaiera. tAtaiOfrues free. luur vcais kku. auu iuai. urumui aou uairi- otic action is the supreme duty of the hour. vv e realize mat wniie we nave pouucai inde pendence our financial and industrial inde pendence is yet to be attained by restoring to our country the constitutional control and exercise of the functions necessarv to a people's government, which functions have PEOPLES PARTY NATIONAL COMMITTEE. raa3an TQ Cf am I TT S11 VTVin fl 01011 rX All rwlthlttfl onva 1 vanta to rirnorata monnrili. Vh inrtn- Wh ,a rk7 hatel, Wssllsjloa, D. C ence of European money changers has been uiuic putcui iu onopiug regisiauun man me voice oi me American iieppie. Mecutive The Naiional Committee will furnish the EvSi; f Campaign Document, at iuf B "T v.. "T " I prices quoted oeiow: rnp npnnl anil nlntvrnntr no. hun n. r thrnnpff nnrm tha niini nf numuirgnr T I 1 TlCe Per l.U'Ai restore tha trove rnmpnt infpn.lp,! hw tha I Facts About Silver 11200 CAMPAIGN DOCUMENTS. fathers and for the welfare and prosperity tll.e,Hr,he ? ancial Pohcy of this and future generations, we demand ler-Agamst Furtker Issue of tne estannsnment or an economic and n- ;";. nancial system which shall make us mas- S.13-. a,1,lp"Je ters of our own affairs, and independent of rat!?n aom 8tatlst5cs European control by the adoption of the IS wrf J?11 t?i er following: Sibley-On bilyer... DCLAEAT105 OF TBIHCirLES. I Tax 1. We demand a National menev safe I Simpson On Silver and sound issued by the general govern-1 Howard The Financial Situation... ment only without the intervention oflStrowd Coin Iledemption Fund ... banks of issue, to be a full legal tender for Teller Revenue Not tbe Itemed v.. . all debts, public and private, so that a just, Bryan On Income Tax equitable and efficient means of distribution Uater On (Join lledcmptiou Fund. may be made direct to the people and Shnford Money of the People through the lawful disbursement of the gov- Bell On the Money yaestion ernm6Dt. Bryan On Finance 2. We demand the free and unrestricted ben Butterworth Letter of coinage of silver and gold at tho present le- Carter The Political Situation gal ratio of 16 to 1 without waiting for the Mantle On Bimetalliom consent oi loreign nations. rettigrew History of Cleveland and 3. W e demand the volume of circulating Bond Issues medium be speedily increased to an amount Uartmau Gold Monometallism sufficient to meet the demands of tUe bosi- Against Bimetallism ness people of this countrv and to restore I Peffer On the Monev Outtlon the just level of prices of labor and pro-1 Stewart History of Demonetization duction. I 'Fathers of Our Country on Silver. . 4. W e denounce the sale of bonds and the I PeoDle Party Platform increase of the public interest-bearing bond "Why the Wage-Earner W debt made by the present administration as Silver. unnecessary and without authority of law I Price ir lOu and tnat no more bonds be issued except -Rryan Large Portrait of..." 2 is) uy (vnuw act oi tonjreM. Watson Larpe Portrait of ... 2 00 5. A e demand such legal legislation as -Bryan and Watsoa Campaign will prevent the demonetization of the law- Button 2 LQ ful money of the United States bv private tinniM p.h nffin'.'i'ilniMn ivi COntraCt. A if nf tSa ahnn ara in franVa.1 6. We demand that the government in ready for maihng, except those marked payment of its obligations shall use its op- thus UO,8i ine 1r Uwiul "Si007 m Sen'1 a'J orders to J. A. Edeertoa, Secre which they are to be paid and we denounce tary Peoples Party National CommiUee, vw pnuun BuiuiuiBUBuuij i asuington, XJ. u of government ODhgations. 7. We demand a graduated income tax to the end that aggregated wealth shall bear its just proportion of taxation and we de nounce the Supreme court, relative to the income tax law, aa a misinterpretation of the constitution and an invasion of the rightful powers of Congress over the sub ject of taxation. . e demand that postal savings banks "ants Free 3 13 50 2 0 1 6 00 0 00 2 50 2 25 1 73 1 75 3 75 3 7 1 7 1 7 3 W) 8 CJ 7 O.) 1 7 1 7 a 2 50 2 50 2 50 l'J m 4 00 2 00 2 75 10 00 10 00 15 00 15 00 Reform Literature. FOR SALE BY THE Peoples Party M Committea The folio wine has been rhnwn hv tha K. li!lil..J K 7 m I Ponnlo. P.rf. K :.. i wy vDiuwmucu WT HAC tcJ V CI 11 1 UC 11 L 1 III lilP I Vl'.v u m. .ill A" BllUUOl V4J1U 111 II Rfl a IMIT1 - J . - . . i . . I 1 , j r . . .-. . , r w aie ui-poKi oi ine savings oi me people I njiLnjt-irauie iibi oi dooks on tne nnan ani to laoui.aie exenange. 1 ciai quesiioc: Peoples Party Campaign Book (Offi- . . " . . aV 25 cents 1. liansponation nemg a means of ex- Handbook on Money (compiled by change and a public necessity, the govern- three expert) 25 ' ment should own and operate the railroads Shy lock, Gordon Clark 25 ' in the interest of the people on a non-par- Coin's Financial School, W. H. Har- tisan basis; to the end that all may be ac- vey 25 1 corded the same treatment in transport- Tale of Two Nations, W. H. Harvey ,25 ' tion, and that the tyranny and political Silvtr and the Science of Money, power now exercised by the great railroad m. M. Stewart 10 ' corporations, which results in the impair- Effects of the Gold Standard, Dr. ment if not the destruction of the political W. II. Smith 25 ' rights and personal liberties of the citizens, The Banker 's Dream. T. J. Proctor.25 1 may be destroyed. Such ownership is to be The American People's Money, Ig- accomplished gradually in a manner con- natius Donnelly 25 ' sistent with sound policy. Seven Financial Conspiracies. Mrs. 2. The interest of the United States in the 8. E. V. Emery f. 7. 10 1 public highways built with public moneys. Not a P.evolt (Campaign book) and the proceeds of extensive grants of land Thos. E. Watson .25 1 to the Pacific railroad should never be alien- Stories of Ancient Home, Thos. E. ated, mortgaged or sold, but guarded and Watson 10 1 protected for the general welfare, as provid- Grover Cleveland on a Tramp, Erab- ed by the laws of organizing such railroads. ster West 25 ' The foreclosure of existing lines of the Uni- Capitalists on a 6trlke. R. T. Bntler.10 1 ted States on these roadsshould at once fol- Senator Jones' Great Speech on the low default in the payment thereof of the Money Question, 1. 25 debt of companies, and at the foreclosure The Bond and the Dollar. John ' sales of said roads the government shall Clark Red path . 10 purchase the same if it becomes necessary The Little .Statesman, K. L. Arm- " to protect its interest therein or if they can strong 25 be purchased at a reasonable price; and the Battle of the Standards, Hnry M. " government shall operate said railroads as Teller .25 public highways for the benefit of the Condition of the American Farmer " whole people and not in the interest of the H. E, Taubeneck .10 few, under suitable provisions for proteo- Brice's Financial Catechism 60 " tion of life and property; giving to ail trans- Ten Men of Money Island, 8. F. portation interests and privileges and equal No-ton : .25 rates for fares and freight Wither are we Drifting as a Na- " 3. We denounce the present infamous tion; T. O. Wfley 50 schemes for refunding these debts and de- The National Committee baa made ar- mand that the laws now applicable thereto rangements to buy these books from the be executed and administered according to publishers at wholesale rates. In orderinz their true intent and spirit. them from us, you give to na the prcht 4. The telegraph, like the poatofSce ays- which usually goes to the retail dealer: end tern, being a necessity for the tranamission this profit Ss at once placed in the National of news anould be owned and operated by Campaign Fund. the government in the interest of people. i' .- - - - V rAjrD. :je of these booka caa 011I7 be eecored 1 Wl " j m. x of this Committee. LrThe true policy demands that thena- - ' tional and State legislation shall be such as Send all orders to J. A. Edgzktov. Secre- will utomately enable every prudent and tary Peoples Party National Cvxnmittea. iaiwMema citizen te eeemre a kerne, and Wernley Hotel, WasUngton, D. C. i ' ' ' if '. i . Ay 3-, y: fra V . ty aa. a, lair 4r. I-I rl a. m awaa-11. a 4 wviitiihii 1M HlacSj Sw r. 1 -r ai. A . lOSw. a a.a x. a ia i w. -ibm sj Tl Niath TaHa. a atrt-u miV 1 amaa. -..a. at. .Xaraa tv4'a MMal'. miv, a . Mrt C raaaaaw. f ' a. , h . aM. A SlaSrU .. ht mi I- . S. air. 4aa Stalav. .ai ( m.mim mi lral l-al' INtatllff. iiii.ii' -iwinw -i s. ' l a. rmf a( Tjr. iiim(w v. aM. Mr. ! ' a4a-a. hf .wfc, l JK a arttt . taara a.a. i mtX tUm mm KiakC t' ai.aaf.. all 1 k lwa- m araMa. tr I t. V.. Hr. Um..'i III. ! a, S a afaatar llar-laaaa. S a S i . a lt- Saarwalaw Sra mS ( SM.ilrs (iatrsaaa. F an . (l.ita. a- f-ia raara - I aj l ata naaMaa .,mv. priinmik, n 7a aaa a aata. aT ai mm t w U a itiii , a k mA fmm .rwata M f m Tw.SsmasS SH mm. m. rlta a a. Illiaai v, Ik lakw !. , ka7 lltlll.M'MIH "lk.rtlb.IM V h-m .n tiraaal rMkM. a aatr. lltf.w a aa A 1ra lb Man. J'lm .... .. .V TBI l'lM,ff latlrr..M ai'vlawl aa aw Maaaaa- Umm.mtUmm fltr. K. ai xa Iraaa mw laiaraa. if . 4 1 ft.... Vaaraa aa. all tl kkM-T Hall. l ra KtMa . all Malta llff Tali. Tl i.w. a. mm arwvwMvw v mww la. av llaanaarf It rrwa . P Via a Uaa TkMl ala l-awaieaaaia. FI an .,. Ka C Itraalr ft laaua. tl t a .tun, , Kac auis-w a -lv-r . Na '44. fmm Kaa llMI "1 trtrir. y Ufa a '. at Aval BMasta. rt IwatXvrrtmiittn t a 4 u. m X S . a a Na. . Na. aaV N j. 'i. Na. m -7. Vv a vt. N. m . Na. a .l mi. 1 r I mil a a.a lav a. IMtr IHaaa'a J'aHa. t t .i.-r,. w (.rata lMra-l. rr mmm M Allaa 4Vaa4rr snaio- r II r.iiMa it.w.,. Kla Ailaar. I; Mlaa u iia4-r a Kaas. - a,.aa, A I la a "a Ml. I U.u.aa Na. av.. Uara laa a aa. I Na a4. 'I ! Trasair Hall. Vf tea ai- 4 " U.w 11,araa " I Itraa4rtraa. Tf af-rl Hltra laa. Irif f Is Iraa IT. If -lata, law. t Mra Aiaiha las- it a riatrarir. rr aa.ras M ar m. U, t-j lata. a a.isaa la saaitWI Uaa.L r lUiliuiiu I l'IH. Tat alai a at la. ratar. f a 4 Mia SMallfc. ff iKtiMt a.aaaa bHilU laksaaa.. I f ItM.t rs.M 1 1 liturai Na. aV n, al ArMkMIM, Tt atit Na. aM Tk. Klarta IHia. if nif ., N .4. Hfi la lt-a I r "1st Inuw So w A liar, rr Mra Aiataauva St aWT l W ar aall Na. aVA. Tka Na. ... Tk4 Na a". C r.alWa. a Un. tiaaaau Na r. A ratal TnaMalla. frmnn a N'V aTs. fka rf Aacaa Aitts r.a No .7 L la. Ma a la llla.a. kt MttlflJ rr... tQia rt.ai4i. raaa Pwria aaaira f HlUM J kia. 71 Tk Mtalrrr tt Oanaaar. f a. vaa Jaaa So.' Utlr 7sirr Ukla. f N T. Tha llaatafk.Walf. art. 1mm My atrry afllaa Dis abovs booVs la othrr editio&s are. aaoaUj soil at 23 eeata saca, bat Rsrl Hnr I Iharal Offer " -r0-1. f V ua !-- UbHM wwa BMMatMa a any fi.f..r rffr f"l by the nuBibers as pirtn rmt-itit of oalf Tt"si (a(a; any fame for Twrsfr-flr Caa anv fn f..r Fiflv Cents. Vf nyin u-a tovks at a tuna yua ret Uieta at aalf kiva. 1'kaaiaMa Any one of the above book will be tent FI1KK to all yearly tabsts bera. For a club of five yearly fubefribera we will tend any ten bookik tee Ecmkr of club. The Standard Cyclopaedia of Usefal Knowlefe 1268 Pages !. 643 Handsome Illustrations REGULAR PRICE, SI. 25. OUR PRICE. 35 CENTS. A firo mlum vrVMU rvrnla. T'fna ia''ti I ?ret twa valaana, ar 91 3S Car Cfca ja Vwl w va tuax totvull SnitUI wtiCaiitar iUa- clui. uta taVil4 m aar hm la tta i tMt r- u f -a s ca 1 1 Mrr . n it 1 rl vi 11 ..tcrjL !wt----,v-. S- -f,'iiiAMi1ui('w- Hlftll 1 1 US-r.l-. r. I . r antaalt, kmk. anUM W V) I f J rll I "JT T. 2AV- tf .:.; II liJor' a4 AhmtImm Lb. III. Ii aa ,1 I I 1 V I IJi v'r- '""---' T Sct I l. a. ' ww.,iaa. I.irtna, rlua aw1 ,m-mf at a a ti 53 I I il t '' fi'i .. an tt krM aalaral mt4 ciar .aa, X m 1 l-1! . !"i (i:iiwiitiiiit.i- lyrii'l ItwO"! . i j I r i4 all t oaantMMi ana fanullar . a M t 'v'MRata r aa tMata' lw vwiaawl la a imatiMa aa aaMa-tuat UM-alni un Iwitfra atlatmaaa. Tl. -fqdia 4 I anlul kwaalaSa a aMMt4a aian.lamn. traaaiaa. frtalaS frwa rmtmt. a imIiU, tria aa a-aS taiaw. BS aaatl I'1ria coWirwa rar It cirttala. t M) 4 1J faa-a aa a iaf Ikaa aal ImVrtmmm Uaaa tlnb. 1 la tmaaaf tl rfc Is mntuaal'la, lac alavn-a all .afeiarta tliasara at taiawa. aat ta Cba aiaa.aa laa aw'ka. aaaatig tlalmttm ra l imxrr, rilutrratilir, autral hmb-w?. im ManamaaaCtMauB, VwanrfUakaaM lacturra. laratMia aa4 Inarwaarf, WraHMa a a na,liw. klin ins. Farakxa I'mSaaia. faau.kat Ma .taiMir, Arrlrahara. Horttrattura. M fcti 1'iM.llr .ful4u- A rrlj txara, 4 w nmmmu I .air.' tatMf Wfva, ltaM llararailia. iaaa Lai Makloa- falaUaK, UatuaamaaaiHmta.ri.aa trr?. TU V k kiua oLe.- mtr.. It ttawrriMa tat aal fHa lia-tw a,a4 tattaia1 araitw ( aiaan a "tf liratratta aal litncTtMitiMa tat tl. ra ,t K-r. anfbara, fMaMa, ,aaa. rl It1., a I ua t aaiaiw twtiutrr ; a i rn. all mtnaai aiKtiMaia tf Waaa ai4 rn luiMMtaa ln4ta-mat4Mi ataia tua wm)mr 4 flraiua. a4 .iaata; Utcllt mum ta tWtwwta aaa auaat taa laaMa in4 nn)r aM ataaatt faiaataa Inr aana aal "" .". .-wrtlaf aliaut a; at talat U. aiai'ir a m a t r. u latantmii mmt Hawwrnt tat awvara ana tlaia-riiwa rS lllaatrataa tlw aiaaf aart4l at Intuit Ital lUlnr Ikib4 at tla latuax U n at aa ,alu. auark ralualila ta4n,lia r-' n- a tat WnJ tnatutra; M aaart iUa aaa lllaatiauw U. mmm 9 a.1 Un varwitts tuftala aat) iithrr anlaiatHaa k a all atMttt tha fTtraib aa4 naKara ( tm'. af aua fraita. tilaoOi. ttea aua arara rrada'la aawfa -t'ki.,: ii "iVtifl. m'-rrnx in4 or nation tv-vn1f Im nnt a4 tha a,ila "jaitaa. alaa tafanliaf aiait li?',t. I.-.'. ..-, i- if ai-. '.. .t..1. ia a. It.iL at wm, w tarta. tWafa aa4 atatiaw ta m inVrou( . rj it t .. iMijMiatit Him. atl aaacinaltaj aa lai ainrt i.aa.iaaj tlr'X t-ri'i. l:ii.4 .-a, in, im nt t,ialiluxf. ttUic k ralaaf. tlalrf tamrtne. IMMtHrf tanua. ka kaia. ..." . i'fl' isil-..iiiK,,eli tiu.i.,ai'a itiwriia fratt ral'af a.4 fmrifumf , n aalil..lH i - Lam anl iwf ou'tii.iliir: ittnutaln. i,u4ral tralaaUia at ia ant b j' . i I i f -r t,.. tf.rr: Ii tni trtrar t. rut all mtntfm atitmaaia tf Uaaa aaat cia t."! ti'f' I rr-i t.'Vi tt tnrtMi i 'l'ot la --lu Ir rrrr ail LltIaaal rl'ftrrra a4 ll'uL tr"i:if .t Ui"t)iiw4ioaa tuhr.Vlf a, aira; i ywn a ta'aai,' inJiaa . rir ralunl'l- a-ll. t lw ttr fa I riiwi an I M'ir nir,i for mm i-r-i. of r :ai k"Mi.,iMi rrKiimai-1. tMiaiuarai miw ..o t1a mmm 1 a rramMI 4 tl .ia. It It a raat atacwMM) at aaatal aaSt inr iirn. M'a mine r.itw mr awaaara t .-ar f trrtfiaar a.iaama. it aa a aora Mt "';. t..n. . n 1 ra,l4 ant rM,iiti. lalmfKa wa laarwtM. kwana. Iwlta aat) aaaawilawa taaf a ill . ' '., Wi-v.v. iHi -1 aailn... t- a 'I. N mmn -4 mm yillwwt til a raat aa4 .alaalila aat. a. all T"e f-T- ntM- ft-!rtt-a or I i"V. Krum;t tf atatl iMa-tau4 aaf attuiaaa afwa "f Titlri -:it. t" at t Special Premium Offer: cScll yfr ar.d the ijov; Hook for $L25. For three yearly eubacriberi we rX will the Kccyc!or.dia free to tbe seeder of clnbu a .UqattUti. n!tm tk ruiaa art fwitfi aaiawtanaof fnf an "'a- -I'm rrm a4 r. artac -t yuttac rnU4ru at4 M aatttaia a at. m" r,d tjUiatinn ana ntli at tnai. 1 w unai uaaa a taa fHaiin. J pxtauv,. and . ariM that n wl4 awt a mtiMr. vttbia U tna. a FORTY 1'" v. -t- , sv. rr.ia .mi aaaaa f UWUacVar ,W 1 U 1 1 I I ULI.IUl A MOST EXTRAORniMAPV or?ri?Di a.a. A. WA'A 111. each lrar la ,!,! ,,., . XiVt r,f7L.Z, ,llJm ,tM "-! bookaoCerctl: ' wrtua aa a ewa ;,. ja, ,r, tka tiiMa U a' aa f tiVri-t JYY l-wrVi aat ffiMMia, , m mr-v. . . , M. W'liwi I . L li wjMii: .... -a wa.a- 4 XrtJ. a N4 , riia. a. " S M er a an HarMa MiL.t '- - ai. i i iLJl r i" r o-t-ft TS aa i n,i,i, i it w " IfaBacs I fwiMr.'. act a . ffn n in aa u 4ifl . m.,,. j.7. aaatwaaar anaatular ! l,, A !... ay a .1 in.. -'.-.- ; 1:. w ta fjrW fe, fwrfc. a , - I ,1 laa a. a. L. raM. itlTrt. o w . ) '--- r.. afcwC ft, ,mrltr m mmrnrn tw..M:--..4rrr.,.L w- 1 at .-vmi . . a ai. sr aha afcaf S aaf laMtaaa,twaa aa4aatllr .a!!." T 4 . a Lr.-t a Ku, St -TV. .. K,Siat taw 1 hut - r-. twi sj, x i tT. ""'1"'T ' awla mr ato. aa.a tr-l "Z r-!.a Ml.ii i.iaa l.'oa i. t-"TrT. 'aao. -T.T "fj'- ar kf aaf ri .1 .-.tra. ,n.j ,,a tatai.a a a .iTaii-? iHiVSTr."' 1 ""r- a araaS t-kaata - trrt-f Special Premium Offer: cT?2 aieendTE CArcAEiAir f v;i..wa aft i . - . . - - -- v a- i-i Murce year ir inusu.w". will Eend the Forty Bocks TREE to the aetvler of club. aAddrcta ail o.dtrs fcr any cf tbe 'above booki to THE A RT A

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